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1 April 1890, Volume 10, Number 7.

What is Faith?


What then is couched within that wond’rous word
Which opens all the treasures of the Lord,
Appropriates on endless life of bliss,
Endows the soul, in worlds to come, and this,
With virtue, glory, honor, endless peace,
And from all sin and woe its sure release?
Does she, the channel of such special good,
All definitions here on earth illude?
Nay, faith does not in superstition grope;
But she’s the “substance of the things we hepe,”
“The evidence of things we do not see,”
O’er earth, and sin, and hell, our victory.
The Faith we sing is no such stupid thing,
That her warm hands of love no trophies bring
The bosom other friends who give her place.
O blessed is that heart lit by her face.
Faith’s not blind, but blest with gen’rous eyes,
Beholds, and chooses outlife’s highest prize.
Nor deaf. The music of eternal spheres
Float down with inspiration on her ears.
And well she hears the glorious Gospel sound,
Pronouncing all its truth the solid ground.

She hath feet, hence by faith our soul can walk,
Nor should on stilted feelings try to stalk,
Nor soar on wings of ecstacy around,
Without thy feet of faith upon the ground
Of truth, the Sure foundation, broad and high:
Adrift from truth, thou and thy faith must die.

Faith hath life By her life the just shall live.
She only hath eternal life to give.
As hath the Father life upon the throne,
So hath He freely given to the Son,
Who to faith exclusively confined
Us life; but through her wills it all mankind.

Faith is not dumb, she hath a mighty voice,
Her music on earth is Heaven’s first choice.
..o! she speaketh! “Faith speaketh on this wise;
Say not in thy heart, who,ll ascend the skies,
That is to bring Jesus down from the throne.
..r who in the deep for us will go down,
..hat’s to bring up Christ again from the dead,
..ut these are the words kind faith hath said;
… am nigh thee now, — so freely believe —
..ea, in thy mouth and in thy heart to give
..ife, Eternal life, by thy confession,
.nd thy heart believing to salvation.

..ong arms hath faith, and hands omnipotent,
..nd their might to the humble soul is lent.
..h! sin hath palsied all the strength, our own,
..o hand can we lift unto mercies throne,
..ut, saith angel faith, “I’ll be arms for thee.
.. by will, and my strong hand shall set thee free.
..y arm will stretch far up to Heaven,
..nd touch the blood that speaks thy sins forgiven.
..ake to thy soul my hand, and by it grasp
..he gift, — Eternal life — and hold it fast,
The profession of thy faith evermore.
..o the clouds of thy sin shall ne’er obscure.
My hand hath access to the Book of God,
..nd I’ll write thy name with the “precious blood,”
..n the fam’ly roll of the Sons of light.”
And I’ll hand thee down a robe ever white.”
Now behold by faith’s all sweeping vision,
… the center of loves constellation,
… star of beauty and effulgent shine:
..y my hand you may pluck and call it thine.
..ulike the Moon’s pale beams that soon must wan,
… is an endless Sun in the soul of man.
..s name thy blissful heart will ever bless,
..he glory and “beauty of holiness.”

Poems of Grace and Truth.





THERE are only two texts of Scripture that are-supposed to teach that women must only take a silent part in the public worship of God. They are the following.

Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to preach, nor usurp authority over the man, put to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression — 1 Tim. 2:11-14:

Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. But if they will learn anything, let them ask their husband at home: for it as a shame for women to speak in the churches. — 1 Cor. 14:34, 35.

The silence enjoined in the first of these texts, is not said to be in the congregation. It simply forbids the woman to usurp authority over, and teach her husband.

To understand the restriction of the second Scripture, you should read the whole chapter, and learn to distinguish between ‘prophesying” and “speaking in the Church.” The former is speaking in divine worship, the latter in business etc. The former is thus defined: “But he that prophesieth unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort.” — 1 Cor. 14:3. This includes all speaking in the Church in the form of public worship.

This New Testament sense of prophecy was foretold in the Old Testament.

And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions. And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in these days will I pour out my Spirit. — Joel 2:28, 29.

On the day of Pentecost, Peter quoted this prediction, and said, it was there being fulfilled. See Acts 2:16-18. Now if the women had all kept silent on that glorious occasion, Peter could not have truthfully said, this is that spoken of by prophet Joel, namely, “I will pour out my Spirit in the last days, and your sons and your daughters shall prophecy. What is the record of that meeting? We are told that after the ascension of Christ, the disciples returned to Jerusalem, “went into an upper room,” etc. These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication, with the women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brethren.” — Acts 1:14.

And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting. And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. — Acts 2:2-4.

Both men and women were there assembled. All of them were filled with the Spirit, and began to speak with other tongues. “We do hear them speak in our tongues the wonderful works of God.” — ver. 11. So the prophesying of the sons and daughters, servants and handmaids of the Lord began on the day of pentecost, and consisted, in testifying of the wonderful works God had wrought in their hearts by the glorious sanctified they had just received. This prophesying in the Spirit, by both men and women, having begun, on the day of Pentecost, was to continue throughout the Holy Spirit dispensation, and to be one of the marked characteristics of this dispensation. For the “last days” embrace the whole period of this last age. It cannot be supposed that the inspired Apostle would forbid women to do the very thing the Scriptures say they shall do in this dispensation. No indeed. Therefore, in the same chapter in which the above restriction is found, he says, “I would that you all – i. e., all the members of the Church – spake with tongues, but rather that ye prophesied:” — ver. 5.

This shows conclusively that every member of the body of Christ, both male and female, had liberty to “speak unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort:” for that is just what prophecy means, as defined in the same chapter. — ver. 3.

If therefore the whole Church be come together inter one place, and all speak with tongues, and there come in those that are unlearned, of unbelievers, will they not say that ye are mad? But if all prophesy, and there come in one that believeth not, or one unlearned, he is convinced of all, he is judged of all:” — 1 Cor. 14:23, 24.

The whole Church may speak with tongues and prophesy. “All prophesy.” These words are very clear and positive. In the light of these words, women can only be excluded on the ground that there were no women members of the Church; but this chapter and all the New Testament history shows the contrary to be true.

What then did the apostle mean by his restriction in verses 34, 35? “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. And if they will learn anything, let, them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the Church.”

Observe that the Apostle now changes his form of expression from prophesy to “speak.” The former relates to the worship of God, the latter to business matters or by way of interrupting a speaker. This is evident from the fact that Paul would not say, “ye may all prophesy,” and in the same chapter forbid the women to speak, if by prophesy and speak He meant the same thing. Again the reasons assigned, or rather the substitution given for that speaking, proves that he is not talking of speaking in public worship to God. Instead of speaking out in the Church she is required to ask her husband at home, But no woman can ask her husband at home anything that would take the place of confessing Christ and His salvation in the assembly of His saints. But if she were inclined to interrupt a speaker to ask a question, she could avoid that breech of womanly modesty, by asking her husband at home to give her the desired information.

‘Let your women keep silent in the Church.’ Why? Answer: “If they will learn anything let them ask their husband at home.” So it is only when they would speak to ask for some information that they are required to keep silent. This kind of speaking is forbidden, because “they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law.” Godly husbands are usually capable of teaching their wives who are the weaker vessels. And for a woman to arise and speak out in the assembly, and ask to be taught would be dishonoring her husband: because it would show that she was not subject to her husband, hut repudiated him. The Apostle’s restriction was also according to the law. Now in the synagogue worship, a man sitting by while another was speaking, had a right to interrupt the speaker to ask a question, or to put in a thought. But this privilege was not extended to the Israelite women. And the same rule, the inspired apostle thinks good in the Church of God.

So just before his restriction he says, “If anything he revealed to another that sitteth by, let the first hold, his peace.” — ver 30. This verse clearly defines what kind of speaking the Apostle forbids women to indulge in. This, and the fact that she was to be subject to her husband, and ask him at home, all show that the prohibition only refers to speaking out to interrupt a speaker, or by way overstepping woman’s subordination by making herself too free, and conspicious in business and ruling affairs in the Church. The custom in the synagogue would naturally be the people’s standard of female modesty, and to depart from it, would expose the Church to unnessary reproach. It is very clear upon the face of the whole chapter, that the speaking which is forbidden, is something outside the several parts of spiritual worship to God, and is wholly of an intellectual, govermental, and business character.

Of “Philip, the Evangelist” it is recorded that the same man had four daughters, virgins, which did prophesy.” — Acts 21:9. Four daughters that speak unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort. — see 1 Cor. 14:3.

“And I entreat thee: also, true yokefellow help those women which labored with us in the Gospel, with Clement also, and with other my fellow laborers, whose names are in the book of life.” — Phil. 4:3.

“Would any one imagine that the Apostle would take with him female helpers, and then put a vail over their faces, a gag in their mouths, and command them to keep silent in the Church? No, he declares that they labored with him in the Gospel, even as other Clement brethren did. Then Paul was not opposed to holy women using the voices and the talents God had given them to preach and testify the Gospel of the grace of God. Therefore let no man, or false doctrine silence the voice of woman that is inspired of God, to praise and glorify Him in His sanctuary. It is a fact that the Spirit of God leads redeemed women to prophesy in the congregation, and bless them in so doing. So every person that opposes them are either willing or ignorantly an instrument of satan to destroy their souls; for to quench the Spirit brings spiritual death. And any interpretation that conflicts with the Spirit of God, is erroneous; for the Word and the Spirit agree.

There are then no Scriptures that forbid woman using her sanctified voice, and talents, in all the several parts of public devotion: to God, preaching not excepted when called of God. In all things there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” — Gal. 3:28.

Confessing Christ before men is even a condition of salvation, see Rom. 10:10. Again, “If we confess Christ before men, He will confess us before the Father and the holy angels.” Are the sisters cut off from this great blessing? By no means; for God is no respector of persons. Therefore, O ye daughters of Zion, having the glory in your souls, “keep not silent;” but “lift up your hand in the sanctuary and bless the Lord.” “Rejoice and be exceeding glad, for thy Maker is thy husband. Therefore lift up your voices freely to tell of the love of God, and show forth the praises of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.” “Obey God rather than man.” Amen!

Shall Women be Ordained as Elders, and Deacon?

We have been no little amused at some dear brethren who have written on this subject, when noting the Scriptural qualifications for elder, have emphasized with a very large “MAN,” “HIS,” “HE,” “HEAD.” As if they were much afraid God might in some locality see no one better qualified to rule Israel than some Deborah, and that would detract from the glory of great big


Dearly beloved we should not forget that God gave His holy book to creatures of reason and judgment, and He intends we should not only interpret His meaning by the aid of the Holy Spirit, but also by our good common sense. Without which men, run into rigid nonsense. And, though doubtless in all good sincerity and honesty, this has been done on this very subject. Brethren have very emphatically contended, that according to first Tim. 3, and Ti. 1, no person can be an elder but a “MAN.” A married MAN, having but one wife. And he must have children too, or he cannot be an elder in God’s Church. Now while the divine purpose in these directions are wise and good, an arbitrary interpretation involves superstitious conclusion. To say that a man cannot, be an Elder in God’s Church without having a wife, is ridiculous. By such a stiff interpretation, if an Elder’s wife should be called away from him, he would have to be supplanted by some other man who had a wife. And no matter how much he may be gifted of God, he cannot be an Elder, if in the providence of God, he should be without children, which is utterly without reason. Now as God knew men had common sense, by which to grasp His meaning, let us use the same. It was a fact that both Jews and Gentile sinners had slack laws and customs respecting marriage. Hence there were frequent cases among early converts where men. had more than one living wife, and in some instances this would be an embarrassment and hindrance to their usefulness if made an Elder. Hence should be avoided, the restriction, “the husband of one wife,” read by enlightened common sense, simply means that he must not have more than one living wife; “Having faithful children.” simply and wisely concludes that it a man know not how to rule his own house,” be does not exhibit government tact, entitling him to the office in the Church. The point weighs against a man who has children, and cannot govern them, but has no allusion to such as have none.

All God’s ministers are Elders. Hence says Paul, “Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially they who labor in the word and doctrine.” — 1 Tim. 5:17.

All elders have ruling authority, but all do not labor in Word and doctrine,” i. e:, do not preach. Likewise says Peter, “The elders which are among you, I exhort who also am an elder and a witness of the suffering of Christ. Here we see plainly that ministerial elders, and local elders are all equally ruling elders, of the same rank. John, the Beloved disciple was accordingly an elder. He thus writes.

“The elder unto the elect lady and her children.” Jno.: 1.

“The elder unto the well beloved Gauis.” — 3 Jno.: 1. There is no hint in the Word of God that John was ever married, nor proof in history. But Fleetwood’s history says,” John seems always to have lived a single life.” Paul, Barnabus, and others of the apostles who, as well as Peter and John were elders, were never married. And should one say that a person can be a ministerial and traveling elder without a wife, but not a local were a ridiculous discrimination. God shows us there were elders without wives, therefore the strenuous interpretation of Pauls language in Timothy and Titus, that a single man cannot be an elder is erroneous.

Because the directions say in 1 Tim. 3. “One that ruleth well his house,” “for if a man know not,’’ etc dear brethren think that a woman is utterly Excluded. Have you not observed the term “man” is used all through the Bible for both man and woman? “The free gift came unto all men.” “Led captivity captive, and gave gifts; unto men.” “Present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.” “Who will have alt men to be saved.” “Except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

Except a man be born of the water and of Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom.”

Are all women excluded in these scriptures? Such expressions are very common and we know they include the women just as much as the men. The Hebrew word Zakar, And the Greek word aner, Are used whenever man, especially in the masculine gender is denoted. The word Anthropos, is the one from which the words man and men were translated most frequently in the New Testament, and that word simply means a person, whether male or female. Then there is the Greek word Tis which is defined by Young’s Concordance as meaning “some one,” “a certain one.” That is the word quoted above in John 3:3, 5, and you find the same in Jno. 14:23: “If a man love me, he will keep my words,” which includes woman as much as man. The same word is rendered man in John 15:6. And when you turn to 1 Tim. 3:1. it is from tis, some one desires the office of a bishop, would be a correct rendering. The same word is in ver. 5th.

But when it says, he must be the husband of one wife,” does not that prove that only a man can be elder? No, no more than it proves that an unmarried person can be elder, and we have proved that there were unmarried elders in the apostolic Church, and even some of the apostles, who were elders were without cone wife.” The Author of the Bible honored man, by judging us capable of concluding that either a man or a woman should be without more than one companion to be ordained an elder. Since the man is used all through the Bible to denote either man or woman, and since a female overseer would at any rate be but rare exceptions, it would not be that the language he repeated in all application to both sexes. “If any man,” (tis) ver. 1, which denotes either sex, bad already made that plain enough. But we fear some of you dear brethren who like to put in a great big MAN, in your manuscripts, and are so terrified at the idea of God constituting a female overseer in a small flock in the absence of any one more competent. I say, I fear that you are yet kicking. So let us look a little farther.

Two communications before me contend that the words, “husband of one wife,” is positive proof that only a man is allowed to be elder. Now we find the same qualifications required of a Deacon, in the same third chapter of 1 Tim. verse 12 “Let the deacons be the husband of one wife.” If therefore these words in verses 2, respecting elders, excluded the sisters, they exclude them equally from deacons. And if I can prove by the Word of God that women were acknowledged deaconesses by the apostles, then we overthrow your theory concerning woman elders excluded, — The word deacon occurs but 5 times in the New Testament. They are the following instances. Phil. 1:1. 1 Tim. 3:8, 10, 12, 13. In every instance it is translated from diaconos. Now turn to Rom. 16:1. and read, “I commend unto you Phoebe our sister, which is a servant (deaconon — deaconess) of the church which is at Cencfirea.”

Dodridge renders it servant, or deaconess.”

Rotherham translates it a “minister of the assembly.”

(Continued on 4th page.)

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Holy and holiness often denotes moral purity.” 1 Samuel 6:20. “Who is able to stand before this holy Lord God?” — 1 Pet. 1:15. “As He who hath called you is holy, be ye also holy in all your conversation.” — James McKnight.

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THE Pauline plan of labor, as seen in the following Scriptures:

“And I entreat thee also, true yokefellow, help those women which labored with me in the gospel, with Clement also, and with other my fellow laborers, whose names are in the book of life.” — Phil. 4:3.

“Greet Priscilla and Aquila, my helpers in Christ Jesus.” — Rom. 16:3.

“Now when Paul and his company loosed from Paphos, they came to Perga in Pamphylia: and John departed from them returned to Jerusalem.” — Acts 13:13.

“And the next day we that were of Paul’s company departed, and came unto Caesarea; and we entered into the house of Philip the evangelist, which was one of the seven; and abode with him.” — Acts 21:8.

Namely in companies, as the most effectual means of gatherig souls to Christ. Holy Saints of God, by continuing in the work together, acquire a powerful concentration of faith, of such a joint use of the several gifts of the Spirit possessed by them that God can work mightily through them. But there should be great care that no companies be self-formed. It is God that mustereth the host to the battle. When He joins persons in the work, they will be without the appearance of evil, and so long as they all keep in God their deportment will be blameless, so that all men, save perhaps the most devilish and bigoted, will acknowledge God in them. Some sisters would do very well to go forth two or three together. Two or three brethren can work together well. But it affords a decided advantage in the parts of music for companies to be composed of both brothers and sisters, when it is practical and the Lord so leads. But in such cases there should be at least one married couple in the company, or an elderly mother with the sisters. No one man or more should presume to go about with one or two sisters, unless under some such God-approved circumstances as above mentioned.

Bro. H. C. Sharpnack desires one or more good singers and workers to labor with him in permanent field work. Address him here if any one feels led to join him. Sister Emma Johnson, of West Plains Mo., who has been preaching the Word, desires to work in company with some experienced minister, under circumstances that would be proper. If some Bro. and wife are in the field, desire her assistance, address her as above. Many workers are needed. O let all who hear the voice of God commanding, go forth.



THE following report of one of his children, followed by the testimony of one of God’s children, needs no explanation.



“The particulars of this peculiar occurrence were received from Sweetser Friday loo late for publication last week: “One- half mile north of Sweetser lives William Bragg, who together with his family, are ardent and faithful members of the Church of Christ or Holiness faith cure baud. Tuesday the 8th inst., Mrs. Bragg, while milking, was kicked by a vicious cow, and the larger bone of her leg was broken just below the knee-joint. The family immediately called in some neighbors of the same faith, and they proceeded to the “laying on of hands,” and the next morning Mrs. Bragg, with the aid of one crutch, was up doing her own work. Every thing worked off all right for a few days when her condition grew rapidly worse and the limb swelled to thrice its normal size, and those who saw her say that it looked to be almost in a putrefying condition, yet the unfortunate was not known to complain in the least, and to all inquiries would say she was better, and thought she would get along all right. Wm. Burge visited the family and endeavored to have them call a physician, but to no avail. She is yet suffering horribly with the broken member, but still refuses to call medical aid.

Much indignation has been expressed in the present case, but it seems to be a matter that will permit of no legal interference.” — Xenia Journal.



Sweetser, Ind.

Beloved in the Lord: — I feel the Spirit leading me to write my testimony. I rejoice to know that I am saved just now, and can say as the Apostle Paul said, “For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.” — 2 Cor. 5:1. “For the Lord is my light and my salvation: whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” — Psa. 27:1. I praise the Lord for the salvation of my soul, and for the healing of my body. I was kicked by a cow and my limb was broken; (we sent not for an earthly physician) but for the Elders of the Church, as the Word teaches, and by prayer and laying on of hands the pain was all taken away, and I began to amend; and next day I walked about with a crutch, bearing some weight on my broken limb. This caused quite a stir among the people, and the devil got very mad, and caused a falsehood to be published in several newspapers, which the people read and came for miles to see what great harm had come to me by trusting the Lord: but, praise the Lord! to their astonishment they found it as the people did in the case of the viper fastening to Paul’s hand. Acts 28:6. No harm came to me: for God both set the hone and healed my limb, without even a bandage, for which I give Him all the glory.

Your sister in the body of Christ.

Matilda M. Bragg.

This is another manifestation of the deep hatred in the hearts of men in these last days. The Xenia Journal falsehood was sent to Kansas, and republished in different papers. It is a sad fact to consider that whosoever loveth or maketh a lie, will have their part in the lake that bums with fire and brimstone. O that men would fear God, and not impiously presume to fight against the Almighty. We have before us a letter from another child of God from the same community, who was an eye witness of the sisters healing, and who corroborates her testimony.

No matter how often the slanderous reports against God’s children are proved to be lies, such as hate God and love darkness, are always ready to swallow down the next lot of false stuff that satan serves up to the relish of his children.

However it is also a fact that among honestly disposed men of the world, such aspersions proving to be false, have a tendency to drive them to the faith of the Gospel. And so God makes the wrath of men to praise Him. Amen!




In this life we are all subject to temptations. The enemy of souls is lurking around seeking whom he may devour; trying to deceive and lead astray as many as possible. He is very cunning in his devices, and tries many ways to ensnare the righteous. His attacks are most frequently made when he finds a person passing through a great trial, or when the physical or mental powers are weak. Again he lays a snare, when least expected, for those who are strong in faith, either to depress in spirit or push them ahead and puff them up with the idea that their faith exceeds that of any one else. Just under such circumstances is where so many make a failure in their Christian life; make shipwreck of faith, without using the Bible means at our command, to drive away the tempter.

In the 4th chapter of Matthew we find a good example to follow at such times. When the tempter came to tempt Jesus; in every case Jesus met him with the Word of God; with what “is written.” Bat as one writer has truly said: ”satan can quote scripture to suit his case,” so he began to quote scripture; finally Jesus said: “Get thee hence, satan;” and let him understand that He would serve none other but God. If every one would do this, the devil would have a poor show. The trouble with some they neglect to pray. The Word teaches us to pray lest we enter into temptation. “Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed least he fall. There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able, but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it. — 1. Cor. 10:12, 13.

Then if there is always a way made for our escape, and His grace is always sufficient, why need any one be overthrown, or backslide, or continue in sin? It is not God’s fault that you do not stand firm, but your own. And should any one be overcome by the evil one, the Lord is only waiting to receive them back again.

There are some who are trying to serve God in a kind of a haphazard way, not knowing half of the time whether they are really saved or not, sometimes feeling blessed, at other times cast down. After you have made a consecration as best you can, and feel the Lord accepts you as His, then in the future something comes up to try you in some way and you begin to doubt whether the Lord does really receive you or not, and when you pray, your faith does not seem to take hold of the Lord as it should, nor as you would like. Dear reader, is this the case with you? if so it is high time you are finding out just were the trouble lies; and see whether you are in Christ or not. If you have not been living just as God would have you live, then offer yourself to Him, and ask His forgiveness, and when you do this just take God at His Word, and believe that He does it; for He can be trusted. And He says that if we confess out sins, He is just and faithful to forgive us. Well praise God! we can count that much of the work done, because God says so.

Then comes the next step, — the cleansing, — or having the evil nature destroyed; ebing made pure by the sanctifying power, and filled with the Holy Ghost. When we are converted, we are in a justified state with God, made alive in Christ; then we are commanded by the Word, to offer our bodies a living sacrifice unto God. To do this we make a covenant with God that we will do His will even unto the death.. that we will be passive in His hands to do anything for Him, or be anything or nothing for Christ’s sake. When the agreement is complete that you will do this then God will fulfill His part of the contract, and will sanctify your soul, which is His will ”even your sanctification. And just as quick as you have fully give up all, and claim it and accept it as your, you are then sanctified. Why? because you know all is on the altar (Christ,) and the altar sanctifies the gift that touches i..

Well you may say, yon do not feel th.. you are sanctified, yet you feel all is give.. up to Him. Now that feeling part is not.. of your business. Take God at His Wor.. and believe that He does it as He agreed t… Again you may say that you thought … the time that the work was done, but som.. thing has happened since that you did n.. think of at first, and you did not have th.. in your prayer, or contract, and consequently do not know whether the Lord coun.. you sanctified or not. Now for a consecration to be made complete, you consecrate all you have; all you know of an.. all that you do not know, and should any thing come up in the future, and the en.. my would try to accuse you for it, just say.. Lord that was in the contract; that was a.. counted in, and is on the altar. I am sti.. on the altar, Lord, .and I know all tha.. touches the altar is sanctified; and th.. devil will soon flee away with his accusations. Take such a stand for God at a times, and He will fill you with His glory.

Sometimes the Lord permits His children to walk by faith for awhile at times and without any exultant feeling. Then is when it tries our loyalty to God. Ye the promises are just as true as when ou.. souls were filled with such deep feeling.. of love; the peace of God still remains. The enemy of our soul tries to make ou.. feelings the standard of salvation; but he makes an utter failure of it with those who have learned to believe God’s Word … for when we have the evidence in our souls of our acceptance, and know all is on the altar, it is no difference how out feelings run; whether feelings of great joy, or whether calm and serene, His promises are ever the same. And He will keep us from falling. Glory to God! then it is safe to trust Him, and take Him at His Word believe that He does just as He says He will do.

Too many try to consecrate for sanctification before they are justified, or else wait fill they fall from a justified, state and then try it again, and thus flounder around and make an utter failure, and bring a reproach upon themselves and the cause of Christ. Are you seeking for that freedom in your soul? then be sure that you begin at the proper place. And when you learn to believe God, and walk out on His promises without a doubt that He will do just what He has promised regardless of your feelings about the matter; when yon have learned to do this you will be able to grasp that faith that will not shrink though pressed by every foe, and you will be able to resist the devil so he will flee from you. It is then that the joys of salvation will be in your soul as a flowing river, as a fountain of water springing up an to everlasting life. And salvation will be around you as a wall of fire to protect you from the attacks of the evil one; you can hear the still small voice directing your way. This experience can be attained by every one that will walk according to the teachings of the Word. Dear reader it is for you, if you have not yet obtained it. Will you have it?

E. E. Byrum.

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Albany Ill. March 14 1890.

Dear Saints: — We closed the meeting in the town hall at Dysart Ia. on Sunday afternoon Feb. 13, and in the evening met with the saints in an ordinance meeting at Bro. Wm. Gnagy’s where fourteen were made happy in humble obedience to the commands of Jesus. Prejudice is great against the truth at Dysart, and vicinity but the cause is prospering in spite of all the opposition, and the little ones are standing firm upon the immovable Rock. Many wore made to acknowledge the light, and we pray that they may walk in it. On Monday evening Feb 24. Bro. Michels started for his home at South Haven, Mich. and next morning at 2 oclock we left for Manchester Ia. where we arrived the same day at noon. There we found that Bro. and sister Daniels of Union Grove Ill. had arrived a few days before, and were ready to join us in the work. Manchester is the County seat of Delaware Co. Ia. on the C. C. R. R. about fifty miles west of Dubuque. The directors of the public school building gave us permission to use the upper room, where we commenced the meeting the evening of the same day, we arrived there. This building is situated in the west part of the City, which is settled by the laboring class. The people soon became interested in the plain way of the evening light. Sectarians began to oppose, and endeavored to prejudice the people against as, but God over ruled all to His own glory. One evening after meeting as we were about to retire for the night, there were five souls directed to the place where we were staying, and at about eleven oclock … M. they all surrendered to God, and were ..ade happy in the knowledge of salvation ..y the remission of sins. One of this number was father Turner fiftynine years of age, who had been a sinner all his life. The interest continued to increase, and the truth kept tightening its grasp upon ..any hearts. During pur stay there we ..eld two meetings in a Baptist meeting ..ouse, about ten miles from Manchester in ..e Baptist settlement where we received ..ome severe scourgings of the tongue ..om the preacher, in charge who roared … a great fury against us, and we were ..appy to suffer a little reproach for this ..lessed cause. Many honest hearts were ..ovinced by the raging of Babylon, and ..e calmness in our souls, that this is the ..ospel way, and we are confident that it ..ill all redound to the furtherance of the ..ause in this vicinity. We are glad to re..ort that there is a glorious opening for ..e Gospel in Manchester. There are ..any souls there who are yet. halting be..een two opinions, and we believe they ..ill yield to Jesus Altogether there were ..ghteen consecrations, who all with the ..xception of one or two received the de..re of there hearts. Bro. Kenny of Earlville ..outh Dakota, was visiting in the city at ..e time of the meetings, and was greatly ..trengthened in the faith. He asks for ..ne evening light in Dakota. Who will ..o? Address Bro. Silas Kenny, Earlville. The meeting continued nearly two weeks. We left there on Monday March. 11, when there were many tears shed because of our departure. May God keep through His own name all those who have taken the stand for the truth. Dear saints pray earnestly for the Church there. May the Lord reward dear Bro. and sister Turner and others whose homes were our shelter while we labored there. All are anxious to have the Hedrick tabernacle come there this Summer. The Church at Dysart is also patiently waiting for the tabernacle. Our prayer is, Lord send it with a company of qualified workers. We are at home at present, and making preparations to leave all, and lay our whole lives upon the Gospel altar. Pray for us; Yours in the commission of Isa. 41:10-16.

J. W. & Jennie Byers.


Gresham, Neb. March 6 1890.

Dearly Beloved Saints: — God bless you all. To night as I meditate on the great love of God, and the glorious work He has done for me, I am full of joy. I have written my testimony to the readers of the Gospel Trumpet several times in the last two years; I can say it is getting better, and better. I am going down through Canaan’s land; the more I see it, the better I like it. We have had some severe trials here of late, and our lives have been threatened, but the dear Lord has taken care of us, and keeps us through it all. I felt in those trying hours, that God can give, or take away, and His grace is sufficient. So it will not be a very hard thing to die. I feel that it has done me good, and sunk me deeper into His will. The mob came the second night of the meeting, intended to take Bro. Haner, and while I was carrying on the meeting 8 or 10 masked men started in the house to take vengance on me, and some others, but the Lord permitted no harm to befall us. The work is moving on in Neb. There are many honest souls in this western country. Bless the Lord, it is just wonderful. I have left all to follow Jesus, and the Lord is paying me just as I go along, We have just returned from Kenesaw Neb; Closed meeting there, an the fourth of March after Bro. Haner left. The Lord raised up His Church there, and the seed sown for a great harvest of souls. We ask the prayers of God’s children every where for the Lord to spread the Word more in this western country. We expect to travel this Summer with the tabernacle, the Lord willing.

Your Bro. sanctified wholly.

James Willis.


Kilgore, Pa., Mar. 5, 1890.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — As our report of the Mariasville, Pa. meeting got lost through the mail, I will just state that God most wonderfully helped us in preaching His truth to the people, which had effect in hearts and minds of the people. The meeting continued one month, and during this time there were many dear souls made free indeed through the blood of Jesus. Eight followed the Lord in baptism and came out of the water shouting the high praises of our God. When we entered we found the people who were sectish real mad against the truth, but at the close of the meeting, some of them were with the people of God, with the fulness of joy in their souls, and in their testimony would expose sectism. Praise God! He has a blessed little church at that place who will hold to His name and refuse all sectism. The meeting closed with ordinance meeting, altar services and healing of the body of those who were afflicted. We are your Bro’s in full salvation sanctified wholly.

S. L. Speck & A. J. Kilpatrick.


Meriden, Kan. Mar. 11 1890.

Dearly Beloved Saints: — Our meeting at Blue Mounds was a blessed, one, attended with much good. The Lord helped as to draw the lines between the Word of God, and antichrist and doctrines of devils. Hallelujah! Each taking the proper side. Our dear Bro. Orrick from Enodra, Kan, was with us part of the time. The brethren were much oppressed by the terrible element that surrounded them, but the dear Lord very much strengthened them in the truth. 2 were gloriously sanctified. Praise the Lord. We leave a little Church of about a half dozen. May the dear Lord bless them and keep them from all pernicious spirits and doctrines of devils. We came to Meriden last Friday and found our dear Bro. J. P. Haner here; had meeting the same night, which Bro. Haner had already appointed and had a blessed time. Also a real pentecost on the Lord’s day. We go from here to Huron this week if the Lord wills.

Our testimony is that we are saved and filled with the glory and kept by the mighty power of God, who healeth all our diseases. My wife’s health is improving. Praise the Lord for His healing power. Amen.

Wm. N. & S. J. Smith.


Chesire, Mich. March 18th 1890.

Dear saints and readers of the Trumpet: — We are happy to report to you that we are still saved in the blood of Jesus, who is able to keep us unto the end if we trust him.

Since our last report we closed the meetings at Bro. Joseph Smith’s. Comparitively, little was done in rescuing souls, but some were made very happy in receiving Christ. We were blessed much in speaking the Word to the people. It seems that the Lord has gathered all into His garner that He can reach, at present, in that place. The people in that place have known the Lord for years, and have rejecte the call of God so many times, that His spirit has been grieved away from them, and they are left in a dormant state, resting in carnal security. May God bless those who are asleep on the brink of eternity.

We went back into the vicinity of the log meeting house, March 9th and baptized 9 who gave their hearts to the Lord during the meetings at that place. A number more desire to follow the Lord in the ordinance of baptism. We are now staying at Bro. Tripps holding meetings in a new place, 3 miles south of the Marble school house in Cheshire. Good attendance and attentive listeners.

Pray for us brethren that we may be humble at our Master’s feet, developing in His Word; and the capacity of our hearts more enlarged, that we may be better qualified to do His will in the future, and win more souls to Him. Amen.

B. E. Warren.


Henderson, Pa. Mar., 18, 1890.

Dear Brethren:—I thank our God that I can yet testify to His faithfulness to keep from evil, in peace, unto salvation, ready to be revealed in the last time; and we feel like ascribing power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honor, and glory, and blessing to Him, through whom we have a complete victory over the powers of darkness, for He is worthy. Praise our God for His love and mercy toward us!

From Red Lion we went to Mechanicsville, Pa., and commenced services in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, and it was soon manifested that everything was not what it should be among the saints of God. As the meeting progressed, the dear ones were convinced by the Spirit and Word of that which was not right among them, and they were willing to drop and confess it, and the good Lord then blessed them; and we have reason to believe, that they will be wiser in future, than in the past, and we pray God to keep them blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ During the meeting there were 4 or 5 professed forgiveness of past sins, and many acknowledged the truth of the Word which was preached. After the protracted meeting closed at Mechanicsville, we held ordinance services at sister Raysor’s in Barkeyville, and there were eighteen of the saints who were participants, both of the ordinances of God’s house, and the joys of the salvation of Jesus Christ.

Your saved and sanctified brethren and sister.

A. J. Kilpatrick
J. A. & A. J. Dillon.


Urbana, Kan., Mar. 16, ’90.

Dear Brethren: — May the God of all grace, bless you all, abundantly. May God keep you all pure and free in your souls. Rejoicing in the love of God, with joy unspeakable and full of glory, standing on the sea of glass mingled with fire and blood. Having the golden harps of God, singing the song of Moses and the Lamb, having God enthroned in your hearts, giving you the victory over the world, flesh, and the devil. O hallelujah to God, who giveth us the victory. This is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith. Glory to Jesus I feel the fire in my soul. Oh hallelujah! My soul is on the forward move for heaven and immortal glory. Praise the Lord for the weight of glory in my soul, lifting me fast toward heaven, with the flaming love of Jesus in my heart. Glory be to Jesus, I am saved from all sin.

Well beloved, praise the Lord, I am at home once more, found all well and saved; and advancing in the way of holiness. Glory be to Jesus! We returned home the evening of the 14th, having been gone from home 50 days. The Lord was with us in mighty, saving, and keeping power Quite a number of dear souls were made happy in the saviour’s love. Some converted and sanctified, made free in Christ Jesus from all sin and confusion. Hallelujah! As we reported in our last new, we were at Wymore Neb., and found the way completely hedged up against the truth. No way opened, so we could get at the people to preach to them. We were glad to meet Bro. J. S. Cole, (The father of dear Bro. Jer. and sister Mary Cole.) and Bro. Beals. They were very anxious to here the truth preached. God bless them both, and bring them out clear and clean in their souls. Feeling and seeing the way closed against us at Wymore, we came on to Meriden, Kan., where we met with dear Bro. and sister Smith, and Bro. Daugherty and the saints at Meriden. We were much refreshed in our Spirits meeting with them. I remained over the Lord’s day with them, had several very precious meetings with the saints at Meriden. We came on to Vinland and stayed with the saints 3 or 4 days, had 3 meetings with them. God was mighty power, convicting and saving a few souls, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost. There were 10 consecrations, 8 for sanctification, and 2 for pardon. We baptized one in the name of Jesus Christ. One was anointed in the name of Jesus, for healing. May the dear Lord wonderfully bless the dear saints with whom we have had the glorious privilege of meeting with, in Neb. and Kan.. This has been a very fruitful trip. Many souls have been enlightened by the preaching of the Word of God, with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven. We would have been very glad to remain longer at several of the places where we preached, think many more souls would have been saved from sin; but circumstances were such, we had to come home. We will probably be at home now for some weeks. Then be ready for the battle again. Well it is well I came home when I did. The next day after I came home, Bro. Newburn and I went to Chanute, and came back about three o’clock. As we drove up to his place, there to our sad surprise we found his house all in ashes. Sad, sad is the loss. The house burned about 1 o’clock P. M. March 15th. 5 years ago our house burned down with nearly everything of this world’s goods we possessed. Bro. Newburn, (my wife’s father) opened his house and gave us a lome there fever since. Our things were in the house, and the house was nearly burned down before anyone came to help. Bro. Newburn’s loss was great, amounting several hundred dollars, leaving Bro. N. in very adverse circumstances, as well as ourselves. We are trusting the Lord in this as well as all the trials of life. I lost nearly all of my books, some very valuable ones. I had saved all the back Trumpets for 5 years, they were all burned. All of my letters were destroyed, with many other things, amounting to about $50.00. Yet we can say as the one of old. “The Lord giveth and the Lord has taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord! Pray for us. God bless you all. I remain your free Bro. Sanctified wholly, kept by the mighty power of God, ready to be revealed in the last day. Oh hallelujah to our God, for the sweet peace we have in our souls.

J. P. Haner.


South Haven, Mich., Mar. 11, 1890.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — God bless you all. Amen! It is the burning love of God in my heart toward you all that prompts me to write. Since my last report in the Trumpet, the Lord has kept my soul in perfect peace. The meeting with the saints at Dysart, Ia. was profit, able to our souls, sinners were converted and the Church edified, many were under deep conviction and asked us to pray for them. Oh how I enjoyed the labor with dear Bro. J. W. Byers, of Ill. God bless him and use him mightily in the salvation of precious souls. After closing the meeting at Dysart, Ia., I went to the Lord in prayer concerning His will, whether to return home, or go to Hedrick, Ia. The Spirit bade me go home. I would have enjoyed a visit with the saints in southern Ia., but the Lord directed otherwise. His will he done. As soon as I came home the Lord hade me commence meeting in my home neighborhood, which I did in the name of Jesus and the Lord is blessing our labors. Last Lord’s day we went to South Haven, where we had a real victory for God. We ate our lunch and then went 3 miles in the country, where we met a little group who were called together for a meeting by Bro. Merwin. After a short explanation of the Word and a few testimonies, we gave opportunity for the people to bow at the mercy- seat, and there were 7 prostrated themselves at the feet of Jesus and cried for mercy. Praise God for the way the Lord is moving. When we returned to our home, we found dear Bro. J. Storrer of Owosso Mich., who is an earnest searcher of light and truth. God bless him and lead him out on the clear sea of glass.

Dear saints I feel led to dovote my time to the tabernacle work this summer. The many hungry souls that are in the cities must be reached, and that is the best way to reach them. God bless each one with an earnestness. There are many places open for a tabernacle meeting. I am not able to buy one alone, but if anyone feels like contributing of the Lord’s means in your hands for this purpose surely will be rewarded.

From your Bro. saved and sanctified.

S. Michels.


Ganges, Mich., Mar. 14, 1890.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — We came to this place 2 weeks ago, and set the battle in array against the enemy in the name of king Jesus. Oh what wonderful victory God has given us from the first. We began this meeting at the Bowles school-house March. 2nd. The crowd was so large the first night, that there was not standing room for the people. So the W. M’s opened their meeting house and we moved the meeting there the next evening. Large crowds have been in attendance every evening that the weather was practical. Surely the time has come that God has sent a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, or thirst for water; but of hearing the words of the Lord.

The third night of the meeting, we set out the altar and invited souls to come to Jesus, 7 dear honest souls responded to the call. Since then the work has been steadily going on. Many souls that have been shut up in the darkness of sect, babylon, and stupified on her wine (false doctrine) have been enabled to see the light of the glorious Gospel of Christ, and are walking in the same. God has established His Church here in the salvation of many souls, against which the gates of hell shall not prevail. We expect to close Sabbath evening, and go to other fields of labor wherever He leads. Truly the harvest is great and the laborers are few. Who will help to save the lost? Calls for the Gospel in every direction. Truly the King’s business demands haste. Holy Ghost men are in demand. Oh may God send out the gleaners to gather the ripened grain. Dear ones pray for us. Your Bro. and sister in Christ.

H. C & Ida M. Sharpnack.




Erilla Thomas was born Jan. 16th 1862 in Venango Co. Pa. where she died Feb 27th 1890. Aged, 28 years 1 month and 11 days. She was joined in matrimony with Samuel Lawrence, July 12th 1882. She leaves a husband, 2 children, father, mother, 5 brothers and 3 sisters, who have the blessed assurance that our loss is her eternal gain. She was afflicted for a year. She passed away trusting in the Lord. She said all was well with her soul, that she was ready to go when the Lord was willing to take her home. A few hours before her death she lifted her voice to God in prayer and singing. Bless God! She is happy in the arms of the Lord.

“And she is gone, dear Erilla’s gone
To dwell with Jesus evermore.
Did not the spirit’s previous tone,
Toll in our bosom wonderfully?
The thought, she left this mortal clime
And we shall see her face no more,
Until we pass the bounds of time,
And meet upon that happy shore.”
The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.
Blessed is the name of the Lord.

Written by her sister.

Emma Thomas;


New Pittsburgh, Ind.

Sister Mary L. Emery departed this life, March 11th 1890. Aged, 21 years 7 months and 9 days. She leaves a husband and 2 children to mourn their loss. One of her children a little boy, precedes her to the better land. She also leaves a host of friends. Sister Mary, a few days before she died, called for the saints to come and pray for her that she might be saved. She accepted the Gospel truth of the evening light, and God for Christ’ sake forgave her sins; feeling that there was yet something more for her, she a short time after this sent again for the saints to come and pray and teach her the way of sanctification. Praise the Lord! She received the faith and stepped across into the promise land, and professed Christ in sanctification, and so continued until her death. Often while suffering and struggling she would cry out and praise the Lord, and was anxious for the angels to waft her spirit home. Mary was an affectionate companion and a kind mother, loved by all who knew her. May the Lord bless the bereaved husband and save him, that he may bring up his children in the way of the Lord for Jesus’ sake. Amen. Funeral services by the writer Your Bro. in Jesus.

H. C. Wickersham.


Bro. Samson Christey of Kendall, Mich aged, 63 yrs. 4 months and 28 days, departed this life March 14th 1890. Bro. Christey was called away very sudden; received a stroke of paralysis so that he never uttered a word; but for several hours before he received the stroke, he sung God’s praises and was earnestly engaged in reading the Bible. Bro. Christey leaves wife and 7 children to mourn their loss. We believe their loss is his eternal gain. God bless the dear family. Funeral services by the writer

S. Michels.

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Conybear and Howson translate it’ ‘‘ministering servant of the Church, and render it deaconess in the foot note. H. T. Anderson, James McKnight and Dean Alford, all three translate directly “deaconess.”

Here then we have the very apostle who said the deacon should he the husband of one wife, “commending to the Church at Rome, a sister deacon from Cenchrea, who was doubtless about to visit Rome. This settles the matter of female deacons, and as the same qualifications in this respect is required for both elders and deacons, it proves that females are not absolutely barred from either. And as both elders and deacons were ordained by the laying on of hands, Phebe had undoubtedly been thus ordained.

A Bro. writes, “There is no scripture for ordaining a woman as elder from the begining of creation to the last of revelation.”

Open your Bible at Judges 4th chapter and read about Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of Sapidoth. She judged Israel at that time.”

It was rather an exceptional case that the best person in all Israel at that time to judge the nation was a woman, and yet it was deemed the case. And so great was her influence that Barak, her chief officer, said he would not go forth to the battle unless she went with him. And she did go, and the Lord was so well pleased with her administration that He delivered their enemies into their hands.

Now I must say that this whole matter should not trouble any-one, nor should there exist the need of taking this space, if only every body would live in the Spirit of God, attend to their own calling. The New Testament asserts that in Christ Jesus there is “neither male nor female.” There is absolutely no favoritism on the mere fact of sex. Whoever in any locality posesses the best qualifications to take the oversight of the flock, God holds the prerogative to choose, and it is no body’s business whether male or female. It is nevertheless true that men as a rule possess the best qualifications to the office, and it is only a rare case where a little flock is not blessed with one man to assume the duties, and yet some good mother in Israel can be a blessing as an overseer to them. And surely if God could cosistently place at the head of the whole Jewish nation a woman to be their judge, men ought to he ashamed to rake up a jangle and contention, now in this far more woman-favored dispensation, if the Spirit should make choice of some holy sister to labor with Paul in the Gospel, or be an ensample to some little company of the Lord’s sheep.

I wish to add a word of exhortation to all who are contending against women preaching, etc, that there is a cold, hard, legalistic tendency in your course, that has sapped many a soul of liberty and power in Christ, and lead the soul away into emptiness, and the life into fruitlessness. O beware of going into law, and losing the sweet, unction of the Gospel of Christ.

The fact that the word requires subjection of the woman to her husband, and forbids her usurpation of authority over him, is urged as an argument against her being an overseer in the Church, lest if he were a member she should have ruling authority over him.’ But the Word also forbids elders “being lords over God’s heritage,” which is just what a woman must not be over her husband. An elder is to be an “ensample to the flock,” to advise, persuade and admonish them, all of which she has a right to do unto her husband, at home, and so, if he is saved, he will also appreciate it in the congregation. O brethren keep out of the rigid cold regions, and do not through the hardness of your hearts, invest God’s law of liberty, with the rigor of the old abolished law. Amen!



Wayland, Neb.

Dear Brethren: — I am saved and all on the altar, and coming up through much tribulation. Praise the Lord for persecution; it makes us strong in the Lord. We are living in a hard part of the country, and it seems as the devil is determined that the truth shall not be spoken here any more. The last meeting we had, a mob was raised and they desire to take the life of some of the saints. But praise the Lord we still have the victory. Your sister in Christ.

Eliza J Hoffer.

Humble, Mo.

Dear Brethren: — I feel it would be to the glory of God for me to add my testimony. I am praising God for a full and free salvation. I know by a blessed experience as well as by the Word of God, that whom the Son maketh free is free indeed. Jesus is all and in all to me; He keeps me day by day. I know His precious blood, that flowed from His pierced side on Calvary’s rugged cross, was shed for me. And through His blood, His precious blood, I am from sin set free. Oh bless the name of Jesus! When I heard the Word preached as it is in Christ Jesus, I found that I was like the disciples which Paul found in Ephesus, which had been baptized unto John’s baptism. They bad not so much as heard the Holy Ghost taught. The sect preachers all teach John’s light as far as repentance and water baptism, and when I heard sanctification taught, I began at once to search the Scriptures, and in the 17th chapter of St. Sohn, I found the dear Lord had prayed the Father to sanctify us; prayed that we might have this grace to keep us from the evils of the world. I then made a full consecration, and oh what sweet peace came to me; it was then a new song was put in my mouth, and I was made a new creature; and am still living in the perfect newness of life. Jesus is my physician for both soul and body. I know He who created, and can heal our wounded and broken spirits, can also heal our body. The dear Lord has manifested His healing power at different times in my family. Oh bless His name forever, for what He has done for me. His mercy endureth forever. Pray for me; there are no holy people in this neighborhood. Gross darkness seemingly has swallowed up the people. May God’s richest blessings be with you all. Amen!

Maggie Madison.


White Cloud, Mich.

Dearly Beloved Saints: — This morning finds me saved and trusting in the Lord. Although adverse winds may blow and I am isolated from all the dear saints, yet the Lord is with me and keeps me by His mighty power. Praise His holy name forever! I am praying every day that the may send some of His Holy Ghost ministers here, to preach the everlasting gospel to the people. Your saved sister in Christ.

I have been somewhat afflicted of late, and ask the prayers of God’s people that he may heal me of rheumatism and kidney complaint. I desire an interest in all your prayers.

Mrs. J. E. Stockwell.


Bay View, Mich.

Beloved Trumpet Readers: — I would join you with praises to God for an uttermost salvation, and the power of the blood that cleanses me from all sin. I am learning precious lessons at the feet of the Master, of His Word and will concerning me; gladly listening for every whisper of His voice, that I may obey Him in all things. Your sister.

J. Courtney.


St. Petersburg, Pa.

Dear Brethren: — I feel led to testify to the honor and glory of God. He sweetly saves me, and fills my soul with His love, which is a well of living water in my soul, springing up unto everlasting fife, for which I praise God.

Yours, wholly sanctified and sitting at the feet of Jesus.

C. Smith.


Bailey, Miss.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — I do realize at this present moment that the blood of Jesus Christ God’s Son cleanses me from all sin, and the very God of peace, sanctifies me wholly, each day and hour of my life. Bless His Holy name forever! May God bless all the dear saints everywhere is my prayer. Pray for me.

Your brother in Christ.

J. J. Jones.


Grovertown, Ind.

Dear Saints: — I praise God this evening for salvation that saves me from all sin, and sanctifies my nature. I do enjoy His blessed evening light and I praise Him for showing me the true Church. I would ask the dear saints to pray for me and companion that we may be restored to perfect health.

Your sister saved in Jesus. Hallelujah! Amen!

Florence Blue.

Covington, O.

Dear Brethren: — God has blessed me wonderfully since the last time I wrote to the Trumpet. I realize when the Lord forgave me my sins, He gave peace in my soul. O I do praise God this morning for what He has done for me. I have been much pressed for the neccessary things of life and many other troubles, and when I take it to the Lord in prayer, He makes my soul rejoice over them. I give myself to Jesus. Thy will shall de done, oh God, not mine. I do praise God for the victory I have in my soul. I have a great many persecutions on account of coming out of babylon; but I thank God that I can overcome them all for Jesus’ sake. Glory to Jesus for the love of God that I have in my heart! My prayer is that God will send some Holy Ghost ministers to this place. My soul is thirsting for good Holy Ghost preaching. I have not heard preaching for over 2 months. There is nothing but sects in this place; O may God show them the true way. I intend to go on to perfection until the Lord sanctifies me holy.

Mary Runnels.


Sweetser, Ind.

Dear Brethren: — I praise God for salvation full and free, and for what I feel in my soul this moment. I know my soul is pure. God says in His Word, “blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. I praise God for this promise. I praise God to know that we are free to do whatsoever he has commanded us to do in His Word. I praise God that whom the Son maketh free, is free indeed. My feet are on the solid Rock Christ Jesus, and the storms of this world cannot move them, and the false doctrines of men that are in the world does not move me. The Lord is saving souls at this place. Pray for me, dear saints, that I may ever be found at Jesus’ feet.

Your saved and sanctified sister, tried, and made while.

Margarret E. Bragg.


Vandalia, Ill.

Dear Brethren: — I am a boy 9 years old, and I can stand up a witness for Jesus. He is my Savior. I am saved and sanctified. I was saved the first of last April, and was baptized. O praise God forevermore! O how I love to read the testimonies in the Trumpet I am a fatherless boy, but the dear people who gives me a home is very kind to me. My dear mother is living yet, and I have a little brother some-where in the world, I do not know where. My mother and sister are unsaved. Dear saints, pray for them, for I want to see them saved too.

Your saved Bro.

James Burton.


Stockton, Kan.

Dear Saints: This morning finds me sweetly saved in Jesus. I do praise God for a blessed plan of salvation that keeps me sweetly saved and reigning in this life. I rejected the fight for three years, then I stepped out upon God’s promises and I am free in Christ Jesus. Bless God! I can take the whole Word of God now, it is sweet to my soul. Praise the Lord I am free from babylon. I ask an interest in your prayers. Your sister saved and sanctified.

Sarah Bagenstos.


Burbank, Ohio.

Dear Brethren: — I am saved, sanctified and kept by the mighty power of God. I do praise God that he saw fit to bring me down at His feet and saved me, and I have the love of God in my soul and I am happy in the Saviour’s love. Praise the Lord forever!

John Moore.


Vinland, Kan.

Dear Saints: — I praise the Lord for what He has done for me. Praise His holy name! He saves and keeps me day by day. I praise the Lord that He sent Bro. and sister Smith here to preach the Gospel. Praise His holy name forever and ever.

Your sister in Christ.

Della M Price.


Vinland, Kan.

Dear Saints of God: — I praise the Lord that He has saved me from all sin, and I am saved this evening, Praise His holy name! Ho has done a good work for me.

Your sister in Christ.

Susie Price.

Huron, Kan.

Dear Brethren: — We are praising God for full and free salvation, that saves, and keeps me each day. We have been striving to serve the Lord for many years, but having been taught by sectarian preachers that we could not live without sin, and while we ever desired to live nearer to God, and be more perfect in His love, we did not realize and know that we could live free from sin in this world. About 3 years ago our son R. M. Haynes then a minister in the M. E. sect, was sent by the conference to southern Kan. While there he at tended a holiness meeting, and was sanctified, and came out of the sect. He wrote to us and told how wonderfully the Lord had blessed him, and led him out of darkness into this marvelous light, and liberty of the rightousness of the Lord Jesus Christ: and while we rejoiced to know that he was living nearer to God, and enjoying more of God’s love in his soul, we could not understand why he had left the church (as we called it then,) and was grieved and mortified and did not know what to think of such a thing, but when he came home, we soon saw he had more salvation then we ever had; that he had an experience, we had never attained. We had been seeking after that light ever since, until this fall, the Lord sent Bro. Haner here to preach for us. We just praise the name of Jesus that we too are enjoying full and free salvation, saved and sanctified and kept by the grace of God. Pray for us that God will keep ns humble low down at the feet of Jesus, that we may ever be led by the Spirit of God doing His will in all things. We are praying that the Lord will send other holiness ministers in here to preach life and salvation to the people.

Your Bro. and sister saved by the power of God.

S. M. & L. E. Haynes.


Huntington, Ind.

Dear Readers of The Trumpet: — The Lord picked me up, and took my feet as it were, out of the mire and clay, and placed them on the solid rock which is Christ Jesus. O such glory and peace in my soul as I never realized before. While I was attending a meeting at Roanoke, I felt that I did not have what God had in store for me. But I praise the Lord that He made me willing to cut loose from the cares of this world and get hold of Christ

After I felt the Lord had sanctified me, satan tried to make me believe that I had not received the blessing; but I praise the Lord he did not succeed. I feel like saying as the psalmist David: “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear; The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

Your sister in Christ;

A. M. Shaw.


St. James, Mo.

Dear Brethren: — I am saved just now from all sin, and all the works of the devil. Praise the Lord! God keeps me from all evil. Praise His name. The devil has tried many ways to keep me from serving the Lord, but we have power over the enemy through Jesus name. We have trials and temptations, but our God is mighty, who delivers us from all the works of satan, and keeps us. In Him will we trust. May the Lord bless you all in the love of Jesus. Your Bro. saved and sanctified and kept by power Divine.

T. E. Ellis.


Adrian, Mich.

Dear Saints: — I do praise God just now for full and free salvation in Jesus. Glory be to His holy name for ever. I do thank God that I had a willing heart to forsake all for Jesus. We are having glorious meetings in the name of King Jesus, souls are being saved, and sinners are convinced of the truth, and many are convicted. Pray much for the work in this place. Glory be to Jesus; Hallelujah to God and the Lamb forever and ever.

Your humble sister sitting at the feet of Jesus.

Abbie Wright.


Chanute, Kan.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — As I have never testified through the TRUMPET, I feel this morning that it would be to the glory of God, for me to tell the dear ones what God is doing for poor unworthy me This morning I am fully trusting in Jesus. Praise His dear name, for saving a poor sinner like me. My soul is continually running ever with the glory and praises of God. Bless His holy name.

S. P. McCully.

Burbank, Ohio.

Dear Saints:: — I feel led of the Lord to write my testimony to the Trumpet, and I am glad to say that I am saved and sanctified. He has cleansed me from tobacco, and has healed me. I can give God all he praise.

If you will turn away from sin,
And give him your heart to-day.
The Lord will make you pure within,
And take your guilt away.

H’ell show you all His matchless love,
He’ll make you heirs of light,
And gives you grace that you may prove,
Still faithful in His sight.

He’ll lead you in the pleasant way;
Of holiness and peace,
And guides you thus to endless day;
Where sin and sorrow cease.

Your saved Bro.

John, Moore.


Webb Ont, Mo.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — I rejoice this morning because I know that I have pass- from death unto life. One thing in evidence of the fact is, that I love the brethren, and then God’s Spirit bearing witness with our spirit. I am so glad that God has a tried and true people, who are not on the line of compromise. Hove the Trumpet because of the pure doctrine advocated through its column. There are very few here, but what are on the line of compromise, and yet professing holiness

I am saved out of babylon, adopted into the heavenly family, satisfied with Jens, sanctified wholly with heaven in view.

Your Bro. in Christ.

R. H. Spencer.


Almena, Kan.

Dearly Beloved Saints: — Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Since Bro and sister Smith were here, and preached the pure Word. We gee more plainly than ever that babylon is fallen, and will further say we are completely rescued from the burning city, — And perfectly satisfied with the entrance into the Church of the first born, whose names are written in heaven. Praise God we have found the door which is Christ, where we go in and out, and fin.. pasture. Amen! Hallelujah!

Yours saved and sanctified.

Elbridge & Clara, Barham.


Vinland, Kan.

Dear Saints:—I praise the Lord for the blessing wherewith He has blessed m.. He sent His ministers here who earnestl.. contended for the faith once delivered … the saints, and my spiritual eyes have been opened, and now I see clearly. Although I had come out of babylon, I was yet i.. the fog. I thought it .was not necessary to obey all the ordinances, and it might h.. possible that we did not have to obey any I hate every false way. Praise God the blessed evening light. I am saved and sanctified through the blood of the Lamb. Praise the Lord.

P. M. Price.


Carthage, Mo.

Dear Brethren: — I feel like writing m.. testimony to the Glory of God. Oh I d.. praise God for this wonderful salvatio.. that saves me just; now. I do thank God for a peace that flows like a river in my soul. He is keeping me each hour of m.. life from sin. Oh it is sweet to trust God a.. all times. I ever expect to put my tru.. in the living God. My prayer is that H.. may save poor souls from the burning pi…

Your Bro. saved and sanctified.

George Chambers.


Churubusco, Ind.

Dear Saints: — I have victory in my soul over the devil and all his works and can say to the Lord, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven. Oh the sweet fellowship I have with all of God’s saints. The GOSPEL TRUMPET, is a welcome visitor to our home, and my prayer is, that God may keep it pure, and that people who have means will give to its support; that others may see the blessed evening light

Henry Smith.


Hedrick Iowa.

Dear Saints: — We are living for Christ, and do praise God for saving our souls. We do feel, and know that we are saved and sanctified, and kept by the power of God. We do ask all the saints to pray for us that we may keep low at the foot of the cross. Your Bro. and sister in Christ.

I. G. & B. E. Gillstrap.

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