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1 April 1891, Volume 11, Number 7.

Jesus My Deliverer,


I was wandering and weary
In a land of sad despair,
And my heart was lone and dreary —
It was darkness every where.

All was auguish, woe, and terror,
All the world a barren scope,
I an alien from all Israel,
Without God and without hope.

I did flee from some grim monster
To encounter one less fair;
All the land seemed full of demons —
It was demon every where.

“But the wind blows where it listeth,”
Said a still small voice to me,
“Why the Spirit of God resisteth
To the arms of Jesus flee.”

In my anguish I looked upward
And my soul cried loud for peace:
Oh blessed be the name of Jesus,
Suddenly to me came release!

It was as the day was dawning
When this gentle spiritual Dove
Came and filled my heart with gladness —
Came and filled my soul with love.

I was walking along the highway,
All the darkness now had fled;
All the demons, too, had vanished,
Heavenly hosts were in their stead.

Every bough sang sweet music,
And my soul joined in their song,
Praises to the Lamb of Zion
Shout Him praises, every tongue.

I will ever look to Jesus,
Yield my every power to Him,
Knowing He can keep me safely —
He can cleanse from every sin,

Chas. E. Orr.




“COME out of her, my people. * * * Even in the Romish church God has a people; but they are in great danger; their only safety lies in coming out of her at once. So also in every apostate or world conforming church there me some of God’s invisible and true Church, who, if they would be safe, must come out. Especially at the eve of God’s judgment on apostate Christendom: as Lot was warned to come out of Sodom just before its destruction, and Israel to come from about the tents of Dathan and Abiram, so the first Christians came out of Jerusalem when the apostate Jewish church was judged. * * * The harlot is not Rome alone (though she is preeminently so), but every church that has not Christ’s mind and Spirit. False Christendom, divided into very many sects, is truly babylon, i. e., tonfusion.”

From Critical Commentary, by Jam..eson & Co. Rev. 18:4, page 593.


It is remarkable that spiritual or mystic babylon stands out so conspicuous as including all formal, world conforming sects, that even those intellectual lights who have studied the Bible, and given comments on the same, are forced to confess the tact, even though they are not fully illuminated of the Spirit, and even though the admission exposes their own fact to the reproach of being a part of great babylon, the mother of harlots. ‘‘False Christendom divided into very many sects is truly babylon. i. e., confusion.” This is so plain that any intelligent person who has any proper conception of the harmony, unity, and symmetrical beauty that should characterize a divine system of religion, can not fail to see it. And any peron who can reconcile the existing schisms, conflicting creeds, and rivalry, with a divine Church, must have a very mean conception of God and His work.

This commentator also foresaw that God would judge this apostate sectish christendom, and upon the eve of His judgments upon her, all true children of God must flee out of her, just as Lot fled out of Sodom, and the primitive Christians were warned of Christ to escape out of Jerusalem, before the destruction of those cities. The judgment of God is now being visited upon babylon. Accordingly, we read in Rev. 16:19: “And great babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of His wrath.” That is, God determined to visit her in judgment. In 17:1, ‘One of the seven angels, which had the seven vials, talked with John, saying, come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore, that sitteth upon many waters.’ He promised to show him the judgment of her; and what did he show him? First her description, “a woman arrayed in purple and scarlet color, decked with gold, etc., full of names of blasphemy” — all the sect names. “And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.” Thus while Rome is preeminently babylon, having the most prominent name, all the sects are embraced in her, for she was full of names of blasphemy. The beast upon which she rode was her civil power, and governments. “And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigned over the kings of the earth.” — Rev. 17:18. This can only be papal Rome. If an earthly king ruled over other kings, they would not be kings but satraps or subordinate rulers under his sceptre. But the pope did control kingly powers at his will.

The next chapter really describes the judgment of the whore. God’s heaven commissioned messengers (called angels) enlightened the earth with their glory, cried with a strong voice, babylon the great is fallen, is fallen. That was a bold blast of the trump of God, declaring the corrupt and fallen condition of the sects; it fell like a stroke of judgment upon her. “Another voice from heaven said, come out of her, my people, etc. This was an awful stroke of God’s judgment hammer upon her; for He gave evidence of the fact that He had moved out of her, and pronounced her utterly unfit for His children to live in. They obey His voice and flee out of the midst of her, thus delivering every man his soul. Last in the scene of her judgment as shown by the angel, God’s saints by His own commandment, rejoice over her, shouting their victory over her shooting at her with the Gospel bow, i. e., executing on her the judgments that are written, exposing her nakedness, emptiness, and corruption, and thus preparing the nations against her. See Jer. 51:24-27. All this has been done during the last eleven years, by the authority of the Holy Spirit, and in the light of Bible holiness. This done, what follows? “And after these things I heard a great voice of much people in heaven, saying, Alleluia; Salvation, and glory, and honor, and power, unto the Lord our God: for true and righteous are His judgments; for He hath judged the great whore, which did corrupt the earth with her fornication, and hath avenged the blood of His servants at her hand.” — Rev. 19:1, 2. “And again they said, Alleluia,” — ver 3. Thus we see in the 16th chapter it came into God’s mind to judge her. In the 17th the angel said, he would shew her judgment, which proved to be her exposure, God’s people coming out of her, rejoicing over her, and shooting the piercing arrows of truth at her, and when this is done, it is said that God had judged her. Namely, He judged her by having faithful witnesses execute His Word upon her.

“I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them; until the ancient of days came, and judgment was given to the saints of the Most, High; and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom.”

“But the judgment shall sit, and they shall take away his dominion, to consume and to destroy it unto the end. And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven shall be given to the people of the saints of the Most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey him.” — Dan. 7:21, 22, 26, 27.

Here we see that the Anti-Christ power prevailed against the saints until the ancient of days came, namely, the Lord Jesus came in power through the glorious sanctifier in the evening light, and “judgment is given to the saints of the Most High.” This was after they came out of babylon, as we read in Rev. 20:4: “I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them.” Now to sit upon a throne is to reign, and “they which receive abundance of grace, and the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one Jesus Christ.” — Rom. 5:17. “But the judgment shall sit, and they (i. e. the saints) shall take away His dominion, to consume (by the fire of holiness), and having triumphed over all the powers of the beast, and gained the harps of God on the sea of glass that is mingled with fire, here is our glorious portion:

“And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the Most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey him.” — Dan. 7:27.

All glory to our King. Amen!




FULL salvation means something more than a profession. It means love, peace, joy, hope, blessing, and everything that comes from God which is good. People were never bound down by form so much as they are at the present time. It is becoming a popular sin more and more every day.

Look back a few years, and there we will see God’s people assembled, whenever a chance affords, to seek after the truth, whether it was Sunday, or Monday, or any other day. There we see rich and poor, old and young; whether dressed in broad cloth or covered with rags, they were with one accord, using every means pleasing in God’s sight to save poor sinners. What a difference to-day! Sunday comes, and no matter how many poor men that lawyers have robbed, or how many homes that saloon keepers have made miserable, or how many poor men that merchants have duped during the week; but there they go all in line, Masons, Oddfellows, and above all, they all have, perhaps, a prayer book and hymn book. They listen to the sermon, and they help sing. The pearlier prays and they bow the head — it seems to be too hard work for them to kneel; it is out of fashion with them. They go to church because it is fashionable; carry the book or Bible because it is respectable. As we look at them we are led to wonder what will become of their souls. What is going to become of these people when Sundays on earth are over, when they will have to stand before the great Judge, and there give an account of their stewardship? Some, we fear, will vanish from God’s presence to be lost forever, all because formality took the place of salvation and holiness.

Let us now look at ourselves. Do we attend meeting on Sunday because we are anxious to see souls saved? Or do we go because a new minister is visiting the place? Do we go just because we want to see if we cannot find some fault with the preacher’s straight talk? If that is the case, depend upon it, there is a spot of formality left in the heart, which you say is the Lord’s. Be careful, dear soul, this is a weapon that the devil has used for a long time, and is using it to-day with great success in hindering the work of God. In Isa. 48:1, we read: “Cry aloud, and spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and show my people their transgressions, and the house af Jacob their sins.” So, my dear reader, that is just what we must do, cry against these sins. Remember we are in a real war, and we must face the enemy; and by the help of God we are to be real, if we expect to have areal victory over sin, the flesh and the devil. Why, brother, if you have a darling little idol, lay it on the altar. Cry aloud, not as Ahab, but as Elijah. Sister, if you are troubled about that dress, that hat, that bustle, tell it to Jesus. Come out from among them and be ye separate; take up the standard of salvation, and whatsoever you do; do all to the glory of God.

E. Stillwill.

Binghamton. N. Y.



Loogooter, Ind.

Dear Saints: — I humbly request you in the name of Jesus Christ to pray for the healing of my bodily afflictions. I have been afflicted for one year, caused by La Grippe settling on my longs.

Your humble sister in Christ.

Annie Cannon.

Dawson, Ia.

Dear Saints: — I am saved and still on the Lord’s side, doing the whole will of God. Pray for me that I may continue in His love. I pray that God may send some of His true ministers here to preach to the people in this place; they will have a hearty welcome at my house.

E. B. Sisco.


Dixon, Miss.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — I am still praising God for full and free salvation, bless the name of Jesus. I am glad the Lord sent Bro. Warner and Co. to the South, they have been so much help to me and a great many others. Oh glory to God for salvation! Pray for me.

L. V. Strickland.


Munson, Mich.

Dear Saints: — I feel led to tell what the Lord has done for me I am saved and sanctified just now. Glory to Jesus! How good He is when we obey Him, and can save when we let Him.

Your saved brother.

F. Howard.


Mermill, O.

Dear Brethren: — We are well and praising God for perfect victory in our souls, and are saved through the blood of Jesus which cleanses us from all sin. Praise His holy name forever. Amen.

From your saved Bro. and sister in Christ.

W. D. & S. A. Brown.


Hessel, Mich.

Dear Saints: — The Lord has cleansed me from all sin and healed my body of heart trouble. Over three years ago He pardoned my sins and afterward sanctified my soul, and since that time peace and joy has been in my soul at all times.

Your sister in Christ.

Tirzah Hutchins.


Poplar Bluff, Mo.

Dear Saints: — This morning finds me sweetly saved in Jesus; rejoicing in His love. I do praise Him that He ever saved such a wretched man as I was. We meet with much persecution, but the Lord delivers us out of the hand of the enemy, and helps us to give the Gospel to the people. Remember me in your prayers.

Your brother saved and sanctified.

Chas. D. Brown.


Hessel, Mich.

Dear Brethren: — I must confess that we must live a holy life here on earth. Three years ago I heard the Word preached in its purity, but would not accept it, but have now stopped my wicked ways and come to the Lord and He has forgiven my sins. Pray for me that I may go on to perfection and be sanctified. We trust that some one will come and preach at this place,

Your brother in Christ.

James Hutchins.


Blendon, Mich.

Dear Readers: — I can say this morning that I am sweetly saved in Jesus, and walking in all the light He gives me, and I know that He saves me from all sin, and helps me to glorify His name. I do thank God that He ever sent the dear saints to this place to preach the true Gospel. It is four months since I received this glorious evening light, and I have found it precious to my soul. Before this I was a professor, but I do praise God that now I am a true coild of God.

Your saved sister.

Melissa Emert.


Bellvue, Mich.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — I am still praising God that I am saved from all sin, and am at the fountain drinking. Praise God for a free and full salvation. My soul is basking in the sunbeams of His love, and standing on the Rock Christ Jesus.

Yours in bonds of perfect love.

Chas. B Wood.

Edgar, Neb.

Dear Saints: — I feel led of the Lord to tell you what the Lord has done for me. One year ago last June Jesus forgave my sins. I began seeking for a pure heart, and on the 25th, of Jan. at family prayer the Lord sanctified me. Praise God forever and ever! Oh, I tell you, dear saints, it is sweet in my soul; it, is glorious and grand to be drinking at the fountain that never runs dry. It means much to be a real Bible Christian. I know that Jesus has power to keep us from all sin, and to heal all manner of diseases. He healed me of a disease of four years standing.

Your sister saved and sanctified.

Addie Jenkins.


Moscow, Miss.

Dear Saints: — I am still praising God for full and free salvation in Jesus. The Lord saves and sanctifies me wholly, and He keeps me each day and hour from sin. It is so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take Him at His Word. I thank and praise His holy name, that He saved a poor sinner like I was. I have been saved about 17 months, and I am still happy in the Lord. Pray for me.

Your saved sister.

Jeanna Talbert.


Odon, Ind.

Dear Saints: — I do praise God that he ever showed me the true way. The Lord has promised to lead us into all truth, and He will do it if we are honest. I for one can truly say, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.” “The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of tremble; and He knoweth them that trust Him.” — Nah. 1:7 What glorious promises to them that believe. Pray for me.

Your brother made white and tried. Amen.

Wm. E. Moore.


Moscow, Miss.

Dear Saints: — I know of a truth this morning that the Lord does save and sanctify me wholly, and the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses me from all sin. After I was born into the family of God, He called me out of sect babylon, and I was baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. There are a few of us at Ever Green that are willing to follow the meek and lowly Jesus.

Your sister in Christ, ready to do the whole will of God.

Sallie Ethridge.


Moscow, Miss.

Dear Saints: — God bless and abide with you forever and ever. I am saved and free in Jesus. The very God of peace doth sanctify me wholly, praise His name. Oh, the wonders of salvation, it is being revealed and unfolded to me more and more each day. And I know that the blood of Jesus cleanses me from all sin. I have been walking in this evening light for nearly two years, and am not tired of the way yet. I had the blessed privilege of meeting Bro. Warner and Co. May God bless them in their work, and keep them true to Him. Pray for me and the church at Big Oak.

Your sister in the love of Jesus.

Mrs. Katie Gibson.


St. James, Mo.

Dear Saints: — I feel led to write my testimony this morning, to tell what the Lord is doing for me. He saves my soul from all sin, and has placed my feet upon the solid Rock Christ Jesus; and the very God of peace sanctifies me wholly, each day and hour. I am 17 years old. I have two litle brothers at home, and two brothers away from home older than I am. They are not saved. I want you all to pray for them. My Father and Mother are saved. Pray for us that we may stand firm unto the end.

Your saved sister in the love of Christ.

Lilie M. Salter.


Kenesaw, Neb.

Dear Brethren: — I feel it my duty to tell what the Lord has done for me. He has healed my body which was afflicted for over ten years. I am sanctified and kept by the power of God. Praise the Lord.

Alice Eberline.

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It contains 148 songs. 90 with music About all new. The pages are some larger than Songs of Victory. When sang in the Spirit of God, these songs will be found, glorious. They hymn the precious present truth, and the Gospel standard of salvation.

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A conversation between Bro. Light and Foggy, giving Bible proofs that we must live free from sin. This tract has been enlarged to 48 pages, and is now ready. All who love to read the truth, send for them by the hundred.

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Holiness Bible Subjects by H. C. W. 100 subjects with Scripture, a concordance, and definitions to subjects. Setting forth the true Church, its doctrine, it-ordinances and its fruits. The fall of Babylon and the coming in of the evening light. Illustrated. 376 pages neatly bound in cloth.

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A New Tract, By Wm. G. Schell,

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Lucinda A. Rogers, N. B. Moore, Andrew Byers, M A. Marcee, Otto Bolds, Wm. G. Shell, Marion Welch, Wm. E. Warren, Samel Powell, A. J. Kilpatrick.



Odon, Ind.

Dear Brethren: — This afternoon finds us saved and washed in the blood of Jesus, free from all sin and sanctified wholly, ready to do the Lord’s will in all things. Blessed be the name of the Lord forever and ever! Amen. Our child, Bertha, has been sick at intervals for over two years, and is now sick. Has fever every third day. Think it is caused by worms. She has had hands laid on and anointed for healing by different ones, but she is still suffering. Our oldest girl, Stella, is also sick with fever. We have given their cases over into the Lord’s hands, trusting His promise to take away all our sickness and heal all our diseases, knowing that the dear Lord is as good as His word, and that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord. Pray that the Lord may heal both our children, and that they may give their hearts to God while children.

Your saved Bro. and sister.

O. P. & S. A. Allen.


Manchester, Ia.

Dear Saints: — Having been afflicted with deafness many years, and knowing that God is able to do all things, I ask you all to pray that I may be given my hearing again, and if God’s will to hear and answer in my behalf He shall have all the praise and glory.

Yours respectfully.

Mrs. H. C. Saunders.


St. James, Mo. March 20, 1891.

All the beloved saints and especially Bro. Warner and Co. are requested to to pray for the healing of sister Lula Lamb of Conday, Dent Co. Mo. of Consumption. She is 18 years old and motherless, her mother having died with the same disease. She is the oldest of six remaining children. Has filled a mother’s place in the family for 4 years. She and her father are saved, but need to be more settled and established in the truth. All therefore are requested to pray earnestly to God in their behalf on the 10th day of April.

Your saved sister.

Julia Myers.


Pray that the Lord may heal the little four year old girl of Ara Evans of Blandinville, Ill.


Sister Belle Coston of Black Lake, Mich Writes: “I am greatly afflicted with chronic Catarrh, that will doubtless terminate in quick Consumption, if the Lord dues not interpose. My will is in perfect subjection, however, either way. Praise the Lord.” She desires an interest in your prayers in her behalf.


Bro. Isaac Prill, of Chapman, Pa. sends a request that the saints unite in behalf of his wife who has been in the hospital for some time, that her mind may be restored.


Pray for Bro. Edward Mosher, aged 21, who is afflicted with Lung trouble and Catarrh of the head. He desires the saints to take his case to the Lord, and believes that he will be healed.


Bro. Newton Ayres of Wilton Junction, Ia, desires some of the brethren to visit that place to preach the Gospel. Also an earnest request of the same kind comes from brother James Pine, Mesa City, Arizona.


Bro. Wm. G. Schell writes us that he has collected about 200 sects of Christendom, and he wishes us to note such as we find in our perusals of history. Let other brethren note the same, and let us see how many can be collected. It might throw some light on prophecy.


Since our editorial notice of March. 1st about making the Trumpet a weekly, we have received a number of letters with earnest requests that it may be speedily made suck. A few dollars have been soul in for the purchase of a new press. Also the office is being flooded with an abundance of good testimonies and articles more than we have room to publish.



Bro. and sister Frank and Julia Patterson write us from Bunker Hill, Ill. that the little church of saints in that place are prospering and having good meetings, but that they are very anxious to have some of God’s ministers visit them and preach the Gospel. They have been left a long time, and should have a Gospel meeting. Who will go and visit them?


The work we have been writing on Daniel and Rev. on the cleansing of the sanctuary and relative subjects, we wish to say to the saints, has been much retarded by our tour South. Circumstances have been so unfavorable for writing that we could barely get our editorial and letter writing accomplished, hence we have done nothing more in this department of our many lines of work for the Lord. We have, however, made a good beginning of that work, and have been continually equiping ourself more and more with Biblical and historical matter. So that we are far more thoroughly prepared to execute the same by our delay. It is wonderful how history comes forward in exact and abundant confirmation of the two great epochal periods of A D, 270, and A. D. 1530, to which we were first led by the Spirit and Word of God. We have also received much help of late in seeing the harmony of the several periods of time mentioned in Dan. 9:24-27. Namely, the 70, 62, and 69 weeks, etc. All these periods of time most wonderfully work out in harmony with the incidents associated with them, and with the fulfillment of the 2300 days of Dan. 8:14. in 1880. From this time we expect to devote more time to the prosecution of this work until published, which will be finished at our earliest convenience, but as yet we can say nothing certain about the time.


As soon as the above work is finished we expect to apply ourself to the publication of a teachers New Testament, with plain type, pronouncing signs, references under each verse, a dictionary of Bible terms, and readings from manuscripts, the Greek text, and from all other translations on every verse in the New Testament that is not rendered correctly or sufficiently clear. That will give us the Common version and benefit of about one dozen translations on every needed verse. We expect also to greatly enlarge and correct the references, and we ask all our brethren who are students of the holy book to note every reference to parallel Scriptures in the New Testament, or between the Old and New Testament, and thus aid us in collecting the important helps of copious find correct references



Hyde Park, Ala. March 17.

Dearly Beloved Saints: — Our meeting closed near Hartsells. Ala Sabbath night Mar. 15th, having continued over six weeks. Throughout our stay there God was very precious to us, and the people were very kind, every house was a home for the pilgrims who had come to the place with the wonderful Gospel of God, and a standard of holiness that all confessed had not been preached in the community before. O how our hearts shall ever praise God for sending us to that place. After having labored in the regions where outlaw and wickedness stalks abroad, and where beastly spirits crave for some pretext to wreak the pent up murder of their hearts, we were prepared to appreciate a community of comparatively good moral principles, and where law and order prevail. There was very good order all through the meeting. The professors of religion of different sects listened to the Word of God with great interest, and though the faith once delivered to the saints necessarily demolished the faiths that have been evolved through the apostasy of the dark ages, all seemed willing for the fire of God to consume every thing combustible. And though the standard was lifted above their present ability or readiness to grasp, about all confessed it Bible, and desired the prayers of all that they may reach the same. Many have expressed themselves determined to walk in the glorious light of the Gospel, who showed a noble honest heart, and much love for the truth. Only a few really got saved during the meetings. Three were buried with Christ in baptism, and came up out of the symbolic grave praising God with the blessing of His good Spirit. Others are anxious to follow the sacred example of Christ at their first oportunity. The whole country is filled with the doctrine of God, and it surely will bring forth much good fruit in the future. Though we judge a large majority of the people “had a name to live,” there was not salvation enough to mantain a weekly prayer meeting. About every three months they had a testimony meeting, when there were usually two or three that had something to say. Thank God! A few witnesses of entire sanctification are left there, and other little ones willing to confess Christ before men. They purpose holding two weekly prayer meetings. May the Lord bless and prosper them abundantly. If any of God’s ministers in Miss. feel led to go and visit the church there address Bro. Wm. H. S..all, Hartsells Morgan Co. Ala. The community has a good sized house of worship, which can be used by the Church of God every first and third Lord’s day, or any Sabbath in the afternoon. We never met a people more eager for tracts and Trumpets; they would rush up to the stand and take papers faster than three or four could hand them out. The great number of Trumpets, etc., we scattered are still preaching the Gospel there, and the leaven of truth is at work. We also send twenty two papers into the country which will continue to flash the glorious light of Heaven, We believe the Lord will raise up many there to walk with Him in holiness. We shall never forget the kind people of that place God bless them, and reward all their labor of love toward His little children. The dear people did what they could for us by way of financial aid. Many would like to have done much more if able. The Lord bless them. We were invited to Hartsells and other neighborhoods, and many expressed an earnest desire for us to return and preach the Gospel unto them. It will surely be a great pleasure for us to do so, if permitted in the kind providence of God, and we believe we shall be.

Our call to this place was through a family from Randolph Co. Ind., who heard us and other saint preachers there, but the man opposed the doctrine. After moving South he became concerned about his soul, sought God, joined a sect: but as he read the Word he was convinced of the present truth, sent for the Trumpet, and was ready to give himself wholly to God. His wife also was fully saved and healed. The Lord keep them by His power.

Yesterday we bade them all farewell and came on to this place, which is near the north end of the state. Here we met two families of Longs, from near Beaver Dam, Kosciusco Co. Ind., in whose homes we are almost led to think ourselves back in Ind. We expect to remain here only about one week, and then go on North it the Lord will. We wish to thank the dear saints in O. for the aid they have sent us, and hope they will not think hard that we cannot all come that way. The rest of the company will call at as many places as possible. It seems to have been a financial necessity, as well as the order of God, that we should leave the company and go via. Tipton Co. Ind., where the Lord has opened up the work, to some extent without any ministry from abroad, but now, other help is much needed. I will go from here to Curtisville, Tipton Co. Ind.


Apalachin. N. Y. March 19, 1891.

Dear Saints: — This date finds us well and rejoicing in a full salvation that has done a complete work. Praise the Lord. We are doing the Masters bidding in this little village. The Holy Spirit is working mightily with this people. We commenced meeting here on the 7th inst, in the Free Baptist meeting house, which has been closed for the want of a preacher. It is now however passing through an unusual strange experience. Services every afternoon and evening until a late hour, souls are being saved at almost every meeting. The devil is terribly stirred, but glory be to God, Satan’s kingdom is falling and the Lord is having a new people raised up. Hallelujah! And still they some. We are looking for a grand victory in this field. One man was saved here who has been a hard drinker for more than twenty five years, and is now rejoicing in God. Another young man came through at the close of our evening services on Thursday night, and is the brightest convert I ever saw. He also was a drinking man. Many others I could mention but space will not allow, and time is too precious to dwell on that part of the subject. As we walk along the street we see men gathered in two, threes, and fours discussing this great question of salvation. God is surely shaking this wicked town. We are looking for greater victory, because ..e has said, “What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them. I have Bro. Frey and wife traveling with me. They are in the evening light and are happy on the way. Any one wanting meeting in this part of the country may address me at the above place for the next four or six weeks.

Yours in the holy war.

Edward Stillwill & Co.


St. Petersburgh, Pa. March 18, 1891.

Dear Saints Greeting: — We are glad to report from along the Alleghany mountains of Pennsylvania that victory is on the Lord’s side. Prejudice is rolling away in great clouds, and souls are flocking to Jesus. From St. Petersburgh we with dear brother Martz started for Ewing, Armstrong Co to commence meeting in a hall at Gosford two miles north of Ewing. But after our arrival we were informed that the hall was shut against us. We looked to God for wisdom — Jas. 1:5. And the gentle voice of Jesus said, commence meeting in private houses, which we did in the name of Jesus. Held two meetings, then the brethren got the old store room below the hall, which had been vacant for some time. They commenced seating a with powder kegs, store boxes, and fence boards. Hallelujah to Jesus! Friday, March 6th we came to the front with the Gospel in hand, and in our souls, which enabled us to preach to a large congregation of attentive listeners. On Saturday sister B. E. Fink came from Pittsburg and enlisted in the great battle. Father gave us a glorious meeting that evening, and on Sunday morning heaven seemed to open. The power of God came down and shook the place from one end to the other. After the afternoon meeting (as we had come to stay all day) some of the gentlemen to whom the hall belonged came to us and said that we could have the hall for the evening meeting. We thanked them very kindly for the same, moving our cannons from the lower to the upper room. At 7. 30 P. M. the hall was filled to the utmost capacity. We came to the front again and sent another volley of God’s eternal truth upon them with good effect. One dear soul raised her hand for prayer. On account of my health I had to leave the dear ones and take a rest for a few days. Leaving brothers Martz and C. W. Koonce to hold the fort, while wife and I, sister B. E. Fink find M M. Shellhammer took train on Monday morning, the latter going to their homes. We visited our Father and Mother for live days, returning home on Saturday. Sunday morning at meeting one dear soul was saved in her seat during the meeting. She shouted the high praises of the God she had found. Monday with Bro. Martz, sister B. E. Fink, and a number of saints we took train for Perryville, which is 3/4 of a mile east of Parker, to hold meeting in a private house. The house was well filled, and good order prevailed. The power of God came down, and shout after shout went up, and souls fell at the feet of Jesus. Hallelujah! God has planted a nice little church of six in that place, full of fire. The prospect is that there will be a greater work done in the near future. The Lord willing we start for Mariasville March 19th to hold up Jesus. Jno. 12:32. Dear ones, pray much for us.

Your humble Bro. and sister.

J. A. & A. J. Dillon.


Wymore, Neb. March 7, 1891.

Dear Brethren: — God bless you. It is wonderful bow God leads and cares for His Church, while the devil is raging. Praise His holy name! God is working here, five sanctified, others under conviction. Pray for us. Dearly beloved Bro. June came

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yesterday morning all the way from Iowa, to labor with me for God Reports good work opened in Iowa, where we perhaps will go soon to finish the work in righteousness. We found nothing promising here but God is fulfilling His promise. Praise God!

Yours saved.

G. R. Achor.


Altona, Ind. March 20, 1891.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — God bless you is our prayer. We are kept from all sin and confusion. Glory to God forever and ever! We are at Altona yet holding the light before the people. There was a good meeting last night with wonderful victory in our souls. Dear Bro. Jacobson was here from Auburn, also Bro’s. Miller and Lahnum. The people are glad to hear the Word of God. He keeps our souls in perfect peace. Pray for us. God bless you all. There were two down at the mercy seat. Praise the dear Lord.

Marion Welch & D. P. Cross.


Loomis, Mich. Feb, 2, 1891.

Dear Saints: — This morning finds us about forty miles noth west of St. Louis, well in body and saved with an everlasting salvation, and with a sweeping victory in our souls over the world the flesh and the devil. We came here to this place Jan. 31st. Had a precious meeting in the home of brother and sister McIntosh. Only seven in number were present, but the King of kings was with us, and our souls were refreshed while waiting upon the Lord. Last night we were blessed with the privilege of preaching to a large and attentive congregation in a log school- house. O how our souls were filled with joy and gladness and praises to God for the liberty and utterance He gave us to preach the truth to the people. While some of the sectarians mockingly laughed at the truth others were benefited and quite a few acknowledged that it was Gospel. The Lord is my light and salvation: whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? I am ignorant, but Jesus was made unto me wisdom. I am weak, but Jesus is my strength, and He is able to carry me through. O praise His name forever and ever! Amen.

Your humble sister in Christ.

Elizabeth Walter.



Dear Saints: — May the Lord bless you with all the fulness of God. As often has been quoted, the harvest truly is great and the laborers are few. We were reminded of this many times while in the Indian Ter. telling the old story to perishing souls. We found many who were hungering and thirsting for the bread of life, which the sects failed to supply, for they are dead and following after the world. They do not want any one among them that has any Holy Ghost fire about them. We found a good many of the people sick. And it being bad weather some of the time, we failed to reach as many of them as we desired. We had to hold meetings mostly in private houses but we were enabled to reach some that had never heard a holiness sermon preached, and they admitted that what we preached was the truth. The people here have become disgusted with sect religion. They see plainly that the sects have not the life nor the power of salvation; that they are living a dead empty profession, and that their lives are not any better than that of the sinners. And the preachers show plainly that about all that they are after is the membership and the money. Resorting to church fairs, and donkey shows, and various deceptions in order to raise it. One M. E. preacher went so far as to tell his congregation that unless a man would turn his pocket book inside out to him (to the preacher) he did no consider that he had any religion at all. Thus you can judge the condition of sectism in the Ter. The people are truly hungering for Gospel preaching. I talked with a number of Indians who seemed to be anxious for something better than what the sects were giving them. I will relate a conversation that I had with an Indian near Chelsea to show about how they regard the sects. I asked him if he was a saved man. He said, “No: the Methodists have my name upon the class book. I wanted them to take it off but they would not do it; and have chosen me for their steward to collect money. I do not have any religion, and make no profession, All they want is money. It is money, money, every time they preach.”

I asked him about the spiritual state of their meeting. He replied: “We do not have any more good meetings,” and went on to state that every thing was dead, without one ray of life or light. This poor Indian felt the need of more spiritual food than the sects were giving him. When I knelt in prayer with him he buried his face in his hands. I could see that he was deeply touched. I distributed quite a number of Trumpets and Shining Lights among them. They seemed to be quite eager for them. The sectarian preachers seem to be holding the people in as much darkness as possible. Sister Armstead who had lost the blessing of sanctification, was enabled lo make a complete consecration and thus received the experience of that glorious work in her soul again. Two were baptized, and a general interest was being manifested when we had to close the meeting. The last night of the meeting quite a number of unsaved persons rose to their feet for prayers. The people seemed to be very anxious for us to stay longer. This we could not do as our time was limited. Meetings in the Ter. are needed very much; and we feel sure that tabernacle work and grove, meetings would be highly appreciated by the people, and much good could be accomplished in the salvation of precious souls. Many were the requests for us to come back and hold grove meetings for them this coming summer. I am in the hands of the Lord to go wherever. He leads, and am ready to labor in that country if it is God’s will. Help is needed, some brother filled with the Holy Ghost to go there will need indeed a deep consecration, perhaps more so than to labor in the states as there will be all kinds of inconveniences to meet. But in the face of all this who will be a missionary to the Indian Territory?

Your Bro in Jesus.

G. W. Cary.

Derry, Kan.


Williamston, Mich. March 11, 1891.

Dear Saints: — May God bless you all and keep you filled with all His fullness for Jesus sake. I am here in the name of Jesus holding meeting. The Lord is working. The saints are clearing up grandly, some coining out of babylon, conviction on sinners, large congregations and good order. Since I saw you, Bro. Warner, I tried to make something at my buisness, but God did not let me prosper, and I came to the place where I could go no farther. My body became so weak that I could do nothing, and God showed me that if I did not obey the call to go out in the Gospel field, I would become helpless. Bless God, I did yield all into His hands, and He is wonderfully helping me. I held a meeting in Dimondale, Mich, and the Lord restored several souls. I think there will be a good work done here. I will stay as long as the Lord wills. I have left all in the hands of God, and I will not draw back any more. He fills me with His love, joy, and peace in the Holy Spirit.

I am your Bro. in Christ, saved by the blood. Amen!

T. J. Cox.


Muskegon, Mar. 1891.

May the blessings of God rest upon you all. Amen. This evening finds me saved and rejoicing, in the knowledge of God. Having no bad report to bring, the glorious news that God is bringing precious souls to Christ is glorious news to me. Praise His holy name. About forty have sought and found the Lord precious to their souls. Some have been sanctified. Praise His holy name forever! The ordinance of baptism will be observed in a short time. One glorious feature of the work is that old sinners the heads of familes wore brought to a saving knowledge of Christ. Fathers, mothers, and children are coming back to Father’s house, where there is bread enough and to spare Praise God for a salvation that saves people from their sins, and causing them to make right wherein they have wronged any one. This truly has been a glorious winter to me. The meetings have closed, but the work goes on, and new fields are opening. Oh truly, the harvest is great and the la borers are few! Let us cry mightily to God that He will send more laborers into the field. Let our prayers ascend the hill of the Lord as one prayer. With this one purpose in view many precious souls would he saved who are going headlong to despair. It seems to me oft times that we are not as deeply interested in our neighbors eternal welfare as we are about temporal things. Let us work while the day lasts, for the night of death will come when no man can work.

Your Bro. saved in Christ.

W. B. Crall.

Pelham, Ont, March 9, 1891.

Dear Saints: — “Grace be unto you and peace, from God our Father and from our Lord Jesus Christ.’’ I am singing from a full heart this morning. Saved to the utermost, I am the Lord’s. Is it not wonderful, and very blessed to be His, and to know it, to feel it in every moment of time? Oh my Jesus is precious to me just now! Several weeks back the dear Lord sent me to St Ann’s for a meeting. The people there are a peculiar people, not in the blessed sense of being peculiarly the Lord’s. But I found them a people where one needs to act upon the words of our Lord: “Be ye therefore as wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” Not that I have failed to declare unto them the whole counsel of God, but nearly every where else I have found people who had something like a clear idea of the plan of salvation, but here it has been different, and I found them in no condition to receive advanced teaching but had to begin with them at the very A B C’s and now they are tossed between the teaching they have always had and these new things so strangely different. One backslider took a new start, and two, a man and his wife, started for the first time. These do not sound like great results, from a work of more than two weeks, and yet I feel that it has been a very fruitful work, for I have left many of the people restless and dissatisfied with the sect religion which satisfied them before, and desiring, yea hungering after such a salvation as Jesus has given me. I am to go back as soon as the roads are settled, so that people can get to and from the meetings; and then in addition to the evening meeting, shall have an afternoon Bible study for such as can get out, and I hope to win many from babylon to Jesus. Pray especially for the people there and for me, that the dear Master will keep me bumble, low at His feet, and that He will give me wherever I go, souls for my hire.

Your sister saved and kept.

May R. Peck.


Auburn, Ind. March 19.

Dearly Beloved Saints: — Feb. 28th I took train for Antwerp, O., near which place we met with the church and commenced meeting the next day in the power of the Spirit. Bro’s Cross and Welch arrived there the same day that we did. They remained with us over the Sabbath, then started for Auburn, Ind. We were glad to meet the dear brethren. Several were pardoned and also sanctified to God. There were several cases of Diving healing. Meeting closed with a precious ordinance and testimony service. The 18th. we took train for Auburn, and met my family once more. Bro’s. Cross and Welch had begun meeting in a Union meeting house five miles west of this place The next evening we met with them and preached the Word to the people; Two cane to the altar. April 2nd we expect to go to Brushy Prairie, Ind., thence to Angola, Ind., Antwerp, O., and Woodburn, Ind. Pray for us.

Yours in Him.

F. N. & S. A. Jacobson.


Elnora, Ind. March 10, 1891.

Dear Saints: — I want to say to the glory of God that I am saved and sanctified wholly. He is moving me out on His promises by faith. I went near Shoals Martin Co. Ind., on the 28th. Obtained a school-house, and opened up fire on the enemy in the name of Jesus. The dear Lord helped us to preach His blessed truth to them. It stirred the devil so mightily that they threatened to give me a whipping, also to have me arrested, but praise the Lord, He just kept me sweetly resigned, knowing that all things would work together for good. So it ended in three precious souls taking a decided stand for God. One Bro. A. Moreland and wife ordered their names taken off the M. E. class-book When one dear sister came to the altar her husband gathered the children, went home and closed the door on her, drove her to the woods, and ordered us never to come across his place again, claiming I was trying to separate him and his wife. Well praise the Lord! He just wonderfully delivered me out of the hand of unreasonable men. We returned home Mar. 3rd, and on the 7th we went to Vincennes, Knox Co. Ind. where we met quite a number of saved ones yet under the power of Free Methodism. They were full of praise and amens to every thing except when we would strike their sectism a lick with the sword. One person laid aside her coffee, and another her pipe and tobacco, and the Lord’s power was wonderfully manifested in healing two dear afflicted ones. We left them very anxious for our return. I think there is a grand opening there for the true Church of God to be established. Pray God to work mightily on their hearts. We expect to return as soon as the Lord wills to stay some time.

Your Bro. in Christ.

R. Cloe.

Columbia City, Ind. Mar. 10, 1891.

Dear Saints: — This morning finds us saved, bless the Lord. We left the Wiler school-house Feb. 3rd 1891. Went to Lake Centre and commenced a meeting in the name of Jesus and had glorious victory for the Lord. There were five converted and seven baptized, and more expect to be soon. Bro. Durr helped in the meeting at Lake Centre, and at present is helping Bro. Rothermel in a meeting at Little River, five miles east of Huntington, Ind.

From your Bro. and sister, saved and sanctified.

J. F. & E. A. Pence.


Prism, Miss.

God bless the Gospel Trumpet. We ever receive it as a messenger of mercy sent of God, fraught with words of truth and encouragement; making glad our hearts and home, confirming the strong, supporting the weak, and calling sinners to God. And last week it came to us with a supplement, which is evidence of an increase of business and success of the truth of God. It also calls our attention anew to the dear sainted hearts, hands, and souls who have left all, for Jesus, and are toiling against the tide of persecution and babylonish confusion for God and true Bible holiness. We first should turn our eyes to Heaven and thank God for such Christians who can give up all desires for worldly honor and all hopes of worldly gain: content with food and raiment, and with willing hands and glad hearts consent to a life of ceasless toil, that poor dying men who sleep in darkness may have light, and poor blind sinners who are plodding their way through sin’s wilderness of darkness to a devil’s hell may have their eyes opened, and be turned from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God. We feel this morning like praising and thanking God for such consecrated souls. Amen. Then we should never fail to pray God’s blessing day by day upon them. And as we read the Gospel Trumpet, each number should remind us of the tired hands and devoted hearts that toil over the press and in the office to send us, not only consel and encouragement which we receive from ministers of God in the different parts of His vineyard, but also the precious fruits of holy hearts and lips from a cloud of witnesses for Jesus. Our hearts were made glad to see the testimonies of so many of the witnesses of Jesus in the last number, and several from here, some dear consecrated souls with whom we have toiled for Jesus, and we believe they are shining lights for the Master. God grant that they may ever be faithful. We are much strengthened by dear brother Warner’s visit to the South. All the saints who heard him are greatly benefited, and many of us are praising the Lord for sending him to ns. We desire the Lord to send us more help soon, and send him back to us again this fall. I hope the saints will continue to send in their testimonies, for it is written, ‘we are His witnesses,’ and a witness without a testimony is not worth much. Oh, dear brothers and sisters, if we all only knew the value of our testimonies to both saints and sinners, you would send them in from every part until the Trumpet would be crowded to a weekly paper, just what we believe it ought to be; and we are praying to the Lord that it may soon be, as we desire it to be a weekly, and believe it is the Lord’s will We believe it will soon be obliged to be a weekly for God is spreading the holy fire all over the land. Glory to His holy name! We should then feel more and more for the already almost overworked saints of the Gospel Trumpet family. Yes, we should feel for them in our heart’s, and send up our earnest prayers to God that He may give them strength of both body and mind, and keep them by His power prepared and thoroughly furnished unto every good work, and that He may send more such consecrated souls to help them. Then let us feel deep down in our pockets for them, and as the Lord has prospered us let each one according to his several ability do all we can for them. Dear saints, while some of us are too poor to give money we can do what we can for the circulation of the paper by putting ourselves to a little trouble for Jesus, who bore so much for us. We can get others to take the paper, which will prove a blessing to them, and to the cause of Christ, a help. The Lord, no doubt, will bless you for your labor, for He that said, go into my vineyard and work and whatsoever is right that I will give you, is true to His promise. And while we who are toiling as ministers of the Gospel ought to do all we can to get subscribers and work in every way the Lord would have us for the spread of the Gospel, I do not think the saints ought to depend on us entirely to take subscribers and work for the paper. Well many are already working, that is helping to spread the Gospel by getting subscribers for the Gospel Trumpet. I hope that all will soon take an interest and lend a helping hand in the work. We thank God that some dear saints ever sent a copy of the Gospel Trumpet to our home. Dear saints, may God bless us and help us ever to do all we can for lost souls to lead them to Jesus. Amen. Well let pray, and toil for Jesus. Pray that the Lord may grant us the press and whatever is needed to carry on His good work. I am ready to do all I can for Jesus. I am poor and have been sick nearly all winter, but glory be to Jesus He has restored me to health. I am in the work of the Lord again, and desire to say to the saints here who are writing to us from the different parts of the country for help that I am willing and even anxious to go to them, but those desiring us to come will have to help me, that is pay my way, for I have given up all for Jesus, and expect to give my all to Him Having been afflicted also, my means to travel on are very limited. I am so thankful to hear that in spite of the powers of darkness the truth is gaining ground. O glory to God forever and ever! Amen. God bless you and help you, dear saints. We will ever remember you in our prayers. Pray for us.

Your Bro. and sister saved and sanctified wholly and under the blood.

W. W. & N. J. Bradley.




175 Susq. St, Binghamton, N. Y.

To The Readers of The Trumpet: — I praise God this morning for a full salvation that saves to the uttermost. Jesus says: “Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen thee.” Truly, it has been so in my experience. For several years I lived a cold formal life in a popular church, but when God converted my soul, I came out from among them, and joined myself with a company who indeed were filled with the Spirit. About six months ago, I felt the need of a deeper work grace of in my heart, and sought for the blessing of holiness; but when I saw in order to obtain a clean heart, I would be required to lay off my style of dressing, and the ornaments I had always worn, and also give up my business, which was at that time cigar making, I said, no, Lord, I will not: I will not make myself a laughing stock to my friends, by wearing straight up and down dreesses, and a bare hat with only a band of ribbon around it. And I went so far as to shamefully ridicule people who did dress in that plain way. I also saw that I would be obliged to give up the one ambition of my life, that of being a public singer. My object in working in the cigar factory, was to earn money to buy a piano, and further cultivate my voice. But glory be to God! how He did confound my ways. God moves in a mysterious way sometimes, but He moves, and this time He moved on an unconverted man, who sat next to me at the shop, to talk to me and say things that sunk down deep in my soul as nothing ever had before, and turned me “right about face.” and set me going for God with all my soul. Had the same words came to me through a minister of the Gospel, or a friend I should not have heeded them. He said to me, “If you are a Christian why sit here working for the devil? If you belong to God, why are you doing the devil’s work? He says, I do not believe in such Christians. I am a wicked man, but if I professed to be a Christian, you would not catch me at this dirty business.” Oh, how those words went home to my heart! What conviction I had then there. I tried to roll another cigar, but could not, it seemed to burn my fingers. I burst into tears, and gathering my hat and coat I left the shop, and praise God, have not been there since. I consecrated myself to God, soul and body, time, talents, and voice to be used for His glory, my heart became greatly burdened at once for the young man who reproved me, and since then he has been seeking God with all his heart, he and his household. All my stylish dressing was soon given up, with my jewels and feathers. My wedding ring was the last given up. But glory be to God, I count nothing too dear for Christ now. I am stripped for the race. I have died to the world, the opinions of people, its vanities and show. “Henceforth I live, and yet not I but Christ liveth in me,” and whatsoever I do, I do all to the glory of God. God is calling me daily to go out into the field to work for Him. my heart is burdened for dying souls all about me. The harvest is great in this city, and God is honoring the work that the little band of workers is doing. Souls are being saved. Praise God! I am glad I am saved. Jesus is mine and I am His. Glory be to God!

Yours for Christ.

Mrs. May E. Frey.

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Odon, Ind.

Dear Saints: — I feel led to write my testimony that I am saved from all sin just now and sanctified to do His will. He says in His Word “Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for His seed remaineth in Him, and he cannot sin because he is born of God.” — 1 John 3:9. The Lord keeps me day by day from all sin by His mighty power. O praise His name forever and ever.

Your Bro. redeemed and washed in the blood of the Lamb.

Henry B. Moore.


Sigourney, Ia.

Dearly Beloved Saints: — I can say for the glory of God that I am cleansed in the all atoning blood and that the truth makes me free. I know that He does abide in my soul. Pray for the healing of my bodily afflictions, and for my unsaved relatives. O I am so glad that we can stand on this sea of glass mingled with fire, having the harps of God.

Your brother in the Lord.

U. D. Todd.


Vandalia, Ill.

Dear Saints: — I realize that the blood cleanses me just now. How much I desire some of God’s true ministers to come here and hold a meeting. We are praying that the dear Lord may send brother D. S. Warner and Co. through Vandalia. If they are led of the Lord to stop here, they will be well cared for. We are not worth millions, but as the Lord gives, we give. Praise His dear name forever! I do sincerely desire all the dear saints to pray for my unsaved sister, she is very bad with convulsions of some kind; some times it will seize her when on her feet: other times in her chair, and throws he to the floor. Two physicians have been called to no avail. She refuses any other healing but by the power of God. She was saved once, but has backslidden.

Jacob & Mary Hall.


La Fayette, Mich.

Dear Brothers and Sisters: — I want to tell you how the Lord is working here. About one year ago our meeting-house burned clown. We do not know how it caught fire, but God knows all about it. Since then we have had our meetings in private houses until about four weeks ago, we were offered the school-house in the adjoining district, where we now have our meeting and Sunday school. Over thirty children take part in the Sunday school, and we have a large Bible class, and the Lord blesses us in our labors. The children enjoy reading the SHINING LIGHT. Pray for us that we may ever keep in the order of the Lord.

Your sister in Christ.

Adelia Kenneth.


Bracken, Ind.

Dear Saints: — God bless you one and all. I want to write my testimony once more. Four years ago I was saved; two years later I was sanctified by a second work of grace, and spoke as the Spirit gave me utterance. Acts 2:3. But I am sorry to say that I have nearly been in a backsliding state this winter. The power of God did hot altogether leave me, but I had but little enjoyment in God’s Word. When dear Bro. and sister Rothermel came here I confessed my faults. I was willing to get right with God. The next day I enjoyed the meeting, and received sweet peace and rest in my soul. O glory be to Jesus! I have been happy in Jesus ever since. Pray for me that I may do the perfect will of God. — 1 Thess. 4:3, 4.

Your sister in Christ.

Clara Beaver.


Kenesaw, Neb.

Dear Saints of God: — I feel led of the Lord to write my testimony, to tell of the wondrous love of God manifested to me. He forgave my sins and sanctified me wholly, and healed my body of disease with which I had been afflicted for several years, and the doctors failed to do me any good. I do trust the Lord in all things. I was a member of the Evangelical sect for fifteen years, and never experienced anything to compare to the enjoyment that I now have in the evening light. I do feel to praise the Lord forever and ever! I want all the saints to pray for me that I may be kept at the foot of the cross.

Last Saturday I stepped on a nail which pierced my foot badly, and caused me great pain for several hours, until meeting closed and my husband called Bro. Achor who was holding meeting in the hall at this place, for I was determined to follow the Word of God in all things. He came and found me suffering great pain, and anointed me with oil in the name of the Lord, and I was healed immediately and went to my work. Glory to Jesus forever and ever! We have been having glorious meetings here, and great victory, souls have been saved.

Your sister sanctified wholly.

Johanna Shultz.


Odon, Ind.

Dear Saints of God: — My testimony is that I am saved from all sin, and sanctified wholly to do the Lord’s will, and He keeps me saved all the time for which He shall have all the praise The Lord has been showing me some of the Devil’s tricks of late, and I have found Him to be a bigger liar than I imagined He was. He would often accuse me of things that I was not guilty of, and I often believed him and trouble was sure to follow. But praise the dear Lord He has made the way plain now, and I am resting on the Word, knowing that He is faithful that promised.

Pray that I stand firm and be true to God.

Oliver P. Allen.


Dixon, Miss.

Dear Brethren: — Lord has saved me from all sin, and from all filthiness of the flesh; from the use of tobacco, snuff, coffee, etc., and He has delivered me from sectism, Freemasonry, and all things that are not of God. I rejoice in the glorious freedom of His love.

Your Bro. saved and sanctified.

J. B. Strickland.


East Jordan, Mich.

Dear Saints: — To-day I am saved sanctified and kept by the mighty power of God. It is almost four years since the Lord first saved my soul, and soon after led us to hear the evening light preached. Praise God that was just what I wanted, and to-day I love the way better and better, the farther I journey the brighter it grows, although satan tries every way to persecute God’s little ones. I have sweet peace in my soul for my trust is in God, and He is my salvation. He has promised that He would not suffer us to be tempted above what we are able to bear. I praise God for good health which the Lord has given me since I was saved. I know my name is written in the Lamb’s Book of life, and that if I prove faithful unto the end I shall wear the crown of life. Pray for me that I may ever be kept low at the feet of Jesus ready, to do His blessed will.

From your sister in Christ.

Emma Healey.


Syracuse, N. Y.

Dear Saints: — I am rejoicing because I know I am saved from all sin, bless God, and have real victory in my soul, enjoy full salvation, and the blood keeps me clean and I can never doubt my dear Savior again. I have no desire for this vain world; I am not living for self, I am living to please Jesus, the one who saves me just now. O He has done so much for me. I am happy. I never knew what true happiness was, until I gave God my heart, and I find such comfort in trusting Him. I am willing that He should lead me; my soul is at rest. Bless God!

I have anchored my soul in the haven of rest,
I’ll sail the wide seas no more,
The temptest may sweep o’er the wide stormy deep
In Jesus I’m safe evermore.

May God bless you all is the prayer of your sister, who is saved and kept.

Eva M. Simonds.


Archbold Ohio,

Dear Saints: — God bless you all with all spiritual blessings, in wisdom and understanding. I am led to write my testimony and experience. I have been hid with Christ in God for six years. No wall save Jesus. I do appreciate my freedom from all sin, and know that God will rule all things to the good of His obedient children; even when sick, His grace is sufficient. Glory be to Jesus forever! He says: “The words that I speak unto you they are spirit and they are life.” I have in Him found a full and complete salvation. “For by one offering He hath perfected forever them that are sanctified.” My experience in the holy land, is that we must not be too anxious about Father’s business, or that we are not enjoying enough of the fruit of Canaan. “Wherefore let them that suffer according to the will of God commit the keeping of their souls to Him in well doing, as unto a faithful Creator;” — 1 Pet. 4:19. Father has three holy lamps in this place, and glory be to Jesus, He keeps them burning, and believe in due time He will send His reapers. Oh, pray to God that He will keep us firm.

Your sister saved, sanctified and kept by the power of God, through faith unto salvation, ready to be revealed in the last time. Glory be to Jesus!

Clara A. Kinney.


Tampico, Ind.

Dear Brethren: — Glory, hallelujah! The Son has made us free. Bless the name of Jesus. We praise the Lord for sending dear Bro’s Wickersham and Roe this way that He through those dear servants of His, might lead us into the holy of holies. We are sanctified throughout, perfect in love to God and man. All glory and praise to our Lord. We feel that He keeps our soul and body each moment. He gives us such sweet peace, and makes us realize, glory to God, what it is to love the Lord. He has called us out of sectism and made us free. And we are willing and anxious that He rule and reign in us supreme.

He cleanses us from every sin,
Our souls doth now His image bear,
Perfect in love and peace and joy
Ready to meet Him in the air.

He has scattered His life through every vein,
He has filled us with love for His holy Word;
We join the saints in the glad refrain,
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord!

God bless the dear people every where, and keep their souls in peace and love for Jesus’ sake. Amen.

Chas. & Minnie Orr.


Anthony, Kan.

Dearly Beloved Saints: — I know the fire of God’s love is burning on the main altar of my heart this morning. Praise God for such a wonderful salvation. I do feel so thankful that God has been so good to me, and has permitted me to live to see this glorious evening light, wherein we now stand and rejoice. Dearly beloved saints, I see so many requests for prayers, and some confessed to having had hands laid on them several times, and received benefits which only lasted for a season. Now dear ones, have you considered as David did? In Psa. 119: David says, that before he was afflicted he went astray, but in verse 71, he confesses that it was good for him to be afflicted. Now dear afflicted ones, turn to 2 Cor. 12:8, you will see by reading the 7th verse, why Paul saw that it was necessary for him to have this thorn in the flesh; it was lest he should have been exalted. Now in the 8th verse Paul says, for this thing I besought the Lord thrice, that it might depart from me, but in the 9, verse he tells what the answer was: “My grace is sufficient for thee; forty strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in mine infirmities.” Paul still goes on glorying in the 10, verse. May God help the dear afflicted ones to take comfort from the above truths, and not become discouraged, but submit yourselves to the will of God, knowing that all things work together for good to them that love God, and keep His commandments. Pray much for me, dear ones that I may be kept very humble.

Your brother saved just now.

W. B. Sorrels.


Bunker Hill.

Dear Saints: — I feel that it would be to the glory of God to write my testimony. I had a vision on the 13th of January, saying: “Except ye live holy and upright you cannot see God’s face in peace; he says: my name is Michael, stand right in the presenc of God. I came to bring you the word, that no one can get to heaven unless they do live holy.” I thought I would not write my testimony, but the Spirit pressed on me so, that I thought I was so weak; even as a little one, and did not feel worthy. I think I feel about like David did when he was anointed king. I felt there were so many, more worthy than me, but God worketh through whom He pleases. The Lord chooseth the foolish things of the earth to confound the mighty. I had made up my mind before this, that I would never depart from this path that I am now on. I shall always continue to preach the Gospel on this line, that is holiness. I want to say to the saints, press forward to the mark of the high calling; which is hidden in Christ our Lord. I wish some of the brethren would, pass through Bunker Hill and preach to us. We would make it as pleasant for them as we could. Nothing can separate us from the love of God. I did desire to meet some of the brethren in a meeting, but it looks like the way will not submit, but as soon as the Lord prospers me, I will hope to see some of you soon. I remain your Bro. in the Lord. Pray for me that I may tie strong in the Lord, sanctified wholly.

David Comer.


Battle Creek, Mich.

Dear Saints: — I am praising God for a real Bible salvation, cleansed from all sin and sanctified wholly. I am so glad that He that dwells in us is greater than he that is in the world; for if we love the world, the love of the Father is not in us. I realize a river of peace flowing deep in my soul. I praise God for this perfect love that I have through a perfect Savior, and that this world has no charms for me, for Christ has set me free. I am all the Lord’s, resting and trusting in all the will of God.

“Amazing grace, ’tis heaven below,
To feel the blood applied,
And Jesus, only Jesus know,
My Jesus crucified.”

He keeps me saved and healed, and I am impressed that the time is drawing near when through Father’s overruling providence I shall be permitted to meet with God’s people more often.

Your sister.

Emma Miller.


Oktibbeha, Miss.

Dear Saints: — The Lord saves and sanctifies me and keeps me by His power. I used to persecute the saints of God, and would not go to hear them preach, and did not want my family to go. I persecuted my husband, but that made him pray the more, and at last I went with him to hear Bro. Bradley preach, and did not go for the good of the meeting, but just to see and be seen, and thanks be to God I was seen and did see, I saw that:

“I was far away from the Savior
And as vile as a sinner could be!
I wondered if Christ the Redeemer
Would save a poor sinner like me;
I wandered on in the darkness,
Not one ray of light could I see,
And the thought filled my heart with sadness,
There’s no hope for a sinner like me.

But there in that lonely hour.
A voice sweetly whispered to me,
Saying Christ the Redeemer hath power
To save a poor sinner like thee.
I listened, and lo! ’twas the Savior
That was speaking so kindly to me,
I cried I’m the chief of sinners
Thou wilt save, a poor sinner like me.

Fully then trusted I in Jesus
And O what a joy came to me;
My heart was filled will praises.
For He saved a poor sinner like me:
No longer in darkness I’m walking,
For the light is now shining on me;
And now unto to others I’m telling
How He saved a poor sinner like me.

Pray for me. Your sister in Christ.

M. A. Slater.


Elnora, Ind.

Dearly Beloved of God: — May God bless your souls with an abundance of grace to help you in all these perilous, trying times, for truly the devil knows his time is short, and O the many deceivable ways and snares be has set up to deceive the people! and if it were possible to deceive the very elect. O may God help us that have named the name of Jesus to thoroughly examine the sacrifice daily, seeing that we have all on the altar daily. The devil has in the past had my hands ..ied so that I have done but very little for the Lord, and my heart became troubled on account of my debts, and through my earnest endeavors to get free, the Lord woke me up to see that the grace of God was leaking out of my soul. He has shown me that I must go and snatch poor perishing souls from the awful burning, then all things would work together for good to them that love God, and to them that are called according to His purpose, and I do know it is the Lord wishes to use me in preaching His awful truth to the world. Well praise the Lord, I have consecrated my all to do the whole will of God in all things, and leave the consequence with God. So the Lord is opening doors abundantly to me and moving me out. Praise the Lord. We expect to go to martin and Knox counties Ind. and remain as long as the Lord wills. Pray for me that the blessed Lord may use me mightily in setting forth the pure straight Word in such a child-like manner that many dear souls may be completely saved in Jesus Now I want to say I am ready to go any where the Lord opens the way to work for the Master. Praise the Lord!

R. Cloe.

Manchester, Ia.

To all the Saints Greeting: — The Lord has led me out of the sins and follies of this life, and planted my feet on the solid Rock Christ Jesus. I first gave my heart to God when I was only nine years old; I tried to live as near right as I knew how, under the difficulties I had to encounter. I praise God to-day for a christian mother, I feel it was through her influence that I kept from falling. Eight years ago last July I joined the Free Will Baptist sect by immersion, then when I was married I joined the M. E. sect with my husband. I was not satisfied, but felt “a house divided against itself would not stand.” Two years ago the 23rd of last April, my Mother was healed of Heart Disease, of which she had been a sufferer over 17 years by complying with James 5:13, 14, 15. This opened my eyes to the power of God. She then sent me her Trumpets. I praise God as the light began to dawn, I began to walk out into it, and from that time until the 17th of June 1889, I prayed that I might be healed. The devil would try to make me doubt, but the words would come to me: “The Lord is longsuffering.” I praise God tonight that through the prayers of God’s little ones, and faith unfailing on my part, I gained the victory. The July following I went to Union Grove, Ill. to visit my relatives, and to receive a deeper work of grace. I felt I was justified from sin, but it seemed there was a veil between my Savior and me. I heard Bro J. W. Byers preach two sermons, and saw a sister healed; that convinced me. I consecrated for a second work of grace and felt I had received it, and it seemed the veil was removed from my eyes, then the light came to me on the church plainer. I felt that I wanted to be immersed again to make me free in Christ. As I walked down into the Mississippi River, at Albany, Ill. it seemed as though the bands were all broken; it seemed like paradise all around me, I was happy indeed and in truth. I came home feeling that I was wholly given up to the Lord, and I can say now I am sanctified and satisfied, and with all the temptations He makes away for our escape. I ask an interest in all your prayers that I may stand firm and true. I am dead to this world and its pleasures, my affections are centered above. I have taken the Lord for my physician.

Your sister.

Mrs. C. N. Turner.


Meriden, Kan.

Dear Ones in Christ Jesus GreetinG: — I feel that it would be to the glory of Cod for me to tell what He has done for me; blessed be His name. Five years ago I joined the M. E. sect. I knew I had no salvation, but thought some time in the future I would get saved. But I do not think the devil was pleased with my profession, for it kept me from doing some things, and then it haunted me. I would go to some place of amusement, and often would be troubled with the thought that that was a “pretty place” for a Methodist to be. So my profession kept me from serving him to the fullest extent, and it seemed he thought to get even with me, for my scrapes cost me the chief joy of my life, and left me to the ridicule of those around me. But glory to God, He called after me through it all. Two years ago with a heart hardened and bitter against His saints, I went to a holiness meeting held by Bro’s Kilpatrick and Speck, and God wonderfully convicted me of my condition. I remembered how I had put off getting saved, and how the years had stepped away, and oh how much I now wanted salvtion! For nearly three months I sought for rest and found none But at last all worn and weary, I threw myself out on the promises, and God spoke peace to the troubled waters, and I can say to night, glory to God, that I am saved and kept by the mighty power of God. How it fills my soul with joy to tell the wondrous story. What a blessed thing it is to be a child of the King; how He supplies all our needs in Christ Jesus. Not very long ago I very much desired some papers to send away, and one day it seemed as if I could not do without them, and did not have the means to send for them, I prayed that I might have some papers to send, and within and an hour a roll of Trumpets, a gift from the office was placed in my hands, and I know, hallelujah to Jesus, that He put it into the minds of the dear ones there to send them to me. Surely, “before they call will I answer.” How glad I am that I belong to the family of God, and have an inheritance among the saints in light, and how I longed to help when I read the earnest calls for financial assistance, but I only have my earnings and a portion of them for the Gospel, still I can write and tell all my kindred what a wonderful salvation I have found, and even those I knew in childhood. Any way, praise the Lord, so the things are sent.

For mine is the duty the seed to sow,
Trusting God to make it grow.

And to night I am determined with the asisting grace of God, to go through. Pray for me that I may never ..ab…

Your sister in the bonds of freedom.

Georgia Cook.

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