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1 August 1885, Volume 7, Number 10.

The Good Shepherd,


By Lodema A. Lyon.

Jesus Christ will lead us,
We have naught to fear,
He’s the blessed Shepherd,
He is always near

Cho — O glory! glory!! glory!!!
How He fills my soul,
At the feet of Jesus,
He doth make me whole.

Jesus is the Shepherd,
And He knows His sheep,
And we all will follow,
We love His voice so sweet.

We belong to Jesus;
He careth for His sheep,
He will never leave us,
Close by our side He’ll keep.

He leads us in rich pasture,
And will not let us roam,
He fills us with His goodness,
And He will lead us home.




DEAR BRETHREN: — Once more I write for the glory of God, the good of my brethren, and the advancement of the holy kingdom of my Master and Savior Jesus Christ. Praise God forever! God bless you my brethren: how I love you, tongue cannot tell: words cannot express the love I have for Father’s children, and what great sympathy I have for all deluded, sect-bound brethren. O how I do pray Cob my Father to shake old babylon — sect confusion, make her tremble with a real cyclone of spiritual power. May she, the great sect whore tremble for fear of of her great loss. Bless God she does shake and quake, Well, I said may Cod shake her with a cyclone of spiritual power. Praise God! the sect harlot has been judged, and “I heard, and there followed another angel saying Babylon is fallen! is fallen!” Rev. 14:8—11. We t..n to Rev. 16:21, and there fell upon men hail – holiness preaching — out of heaven, every stone about the weight of a talent, and men blasphemed God — at the holiness preachers — because of the plague of the hail. How men do curse and swear when Cod gives them the hail straight from heaven through His embassadors, how tile sect-devil quils himself for light when the had begins to come. Glory to God! let it hail! Read Rev. 11:19. “And the temple of God was open in heaven – the Church — and there was seen in His temple (1 Cor. 3:16, 17.) the ark of His Testament and there was lightenings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake and great hail.Glory to God! a great spiritual earthquake. Glory to God! babylon will sink. Amen! Now read. Rev. 8:7. “The first angel sounded, and there followed a hail, — holiness preaching ..nd fire.”   Just so is our y… u.. him without the fire of the they ..st. Glory to God! pour on the hail and fire, mingled with blood.” The hail wakes them up, the fire gives them life and heat, and the blood makes them clean, — 1 John 1:7, 9. Amen! Let it come Lord. Glory to God for full free salvation, for freedom from the sect spirit, and from sects. Glory Hallelujah! and from all sin. Some may ask, do I call sects sin? I answer, they are the fruits of sin — carnal mind. — And the fruit of sin must be sin also. Read 1 Cor. 3:1, 5. You will see that sect divisions are among the worst of the fruits of carnality. So we must infer from the reading of the blessed Word of God that where sects exist, carnality must necessarily exist: for sects are the fruit. Then those who hang on to their sect, and say they will not come out, are yet carnal, although they may be professing sanctification. And those who are entirely sanctified cannot be sectarian; this is a positive fact or the Scriptures cannot be understood. I do bless God that by the aid of the Holy Spirit they can be understood perfectly. God help us be true to Him, and His Word, though all men may forsake us. Oh my Lord, I will follow Thee. Glory Hallelujah! Salvation! Dear Brethren, leave the poor old stranded wreck — sect — and pull from the shore, and into the abyss of God’s infinite love. Read 1 Cor. 8:1-5. Again I hear one say, I am a Methodist, I am a Baptist I and a Presbyterian. I am a Free Methodic, so on down the line of almost 700 sects. How does this harmonize with St. John 17:11, 21—23. Now Brother, does this look like oneness that Jesus prayed for in John 17? Now with spiritual eyes open can we fail to see the great need for spiritual oneness all over these lands? Get thoroughly sanctified and away goes sectarianism. Glory Hallelujah! God help us to leave the old carnal minded paths of spiritual death and destruction, sapping the spiritual soul that is in her. O God! my God! is there no help for Thy people? I answer yes, through Jesus Christ my Lord. Rom. 7; 24, 25. Now turn to 1 Cor. 1:10. What do we find? Behold we are to “be perfectly joined together in the same mind, we are all to speak the same thing.” Praise the Lord! “Hallelujah! Salvation! Perfectly joined together! Sanctification will do this perfected joining together. Jesus prayed that they all may be one, as we are one: did we ever hear of any divisions between the Father and the Son? I answer, never. Well bless God, we are to be joined just the same way all are to be one: there are to be “no schisms in the body,” the Church. See 1 Cor. 11:18, 19; 1 Cor. 3:1-5; 12:25. We read the body is one. Glory to God! Rom. 12:4, 5; 1 Cor. 10:17; 11:3; 12:12, 13, 20, 27; 2 Cor. 3:3; Eph. 1:22, 23; 3:6; 4:12, 13, 16; 5:25, 26, 27; Col. 1:18, 24; 2:17, 19; Rev. 21:24; St John 17. “That they may be made perfect in one.” If we are perfect in one, there can not possibly be any schisms in the body, the Church. Glory Hallelujah!

We are one where ever we be. The Jew and the Gentile, the bond and the free.

Jesus says, “One body.” Carnal man says, give us 700, more or less.” Man says, “we will open the door of the church.” It is not so; for man has no power to open the door of the Church. The door has been opened over 1800 years ago, and no man can shut or open. Glory Hallelujah! the door stands open wide and we enter that door by the way of repentance, and regeneration which is the Cod-life infused into the soul by the Holy Ghost. Glory Hallelujah! Amen! I am free-born. Adopted and our name is in the Lamb’s book of life. Glory Hallelujah! I belong to that Church, the family of the blessed God, my Creator. How foolish for man to say, “we will open the doors of the Church.” They mean, we will open the door of our sect and take you in and impose on you, rules and laws that nothing but the devil could invent through man. My record is on high; my name is written in heaven, with the pen of fire, by the Holy Ghost. Amen, and Amen!

I just returned home from Nevada Mo. Was in Tabernacle meeting with Bro. J. W. Mc Inioch, and Bro. and Sister Alis. Glorious time. Souls were saved. Hallelujah! They will go to Eldorado Springs Mo. Send us the TRUMPET; I love to read it. Cod bless you, I am saved just now from all sin. Bless God forever. Pray for me.

John P. Haner.




I feel led of Cod, to give some of my experience in the TRUMPET. I can say, that for several years I have known something of God’s grace in my soul, but for lack of proper light, and an unwillingness to walk in all the light I had, I did not make much headway; But the good Lord has home with me, and gently led me to the land I hold to-day. Glory to God! I am free now, free from all human yokes and creeds. I must say that this way was a little hard for me at first, yet I always felt down in my soul that it was the truth of God. I was not entirely free from the carnal mind, for I felt a longing for the flesh pots of Egypt, (babylon.) I heard much said about the free way, and looking at the faults of some who held this way, I was finally induced to actually take a step back into babylon. I praise God that my husband could not be induced to go back into a sect, although his Spiritual life was almost crushed out, by lay indifference and coldness of heart.

But, praise God, our ways are not God’s ways. Through a train of His providence I was brought to see my mistake, and renounce the second time the bondage of babylon. And by His grace have declared myself free. Glory to Jesus! free from sin, free from sects and free from the carnal mind. Yes free in Jesus, free! free!! free!!! I am saved and sanctified and kept by the power of God, ready to be revealed at the coming of’ Christ.

But I must relate the circumstances that were so blest of Cod in my deliverance from the cold and backslidden state into which I had fallen. This spring, about the middle of May, my husband had a call to come to Michigan to assist Bro. Fisher, who is one of the editors and publisher of the GOSPEL TRUMPET, as he is about to make a new song book. My husband was called to assist that. I must confess that I rebelled against it, and did all I could to prevent him from going, not knowing what the Lord had in store for us both, for the sequel of it all, has proved a cleansing process that has removed the dross and revealed the pure gold, in my experience. Glory to Jesus! Soon after my husband went away, I gave my name to the M. E. sect, on six months trial, but glory to God. I was fully satisfied in less than six weeks, and can now say that the six months trial degree of the sect of babylon called the M. E. Church, was in this case a good thing, for it gave me time to try them sufficiently and also kept me from having the yoke put upon my neck.

My husband kept 0n writing to me very kindly, although he could not approve of the step I had taken. He wrote of the good meetings and of the many prayers sent up in my behalf, until the good Lord showed me so plainly my mistake in allowing my name to again be written on a sect book, that I determined to be free again at all costs.

My husband desired me to come to a camp meeting at Bangor Mich. As the time drew near, I grew anxious to go. The Lord opened the way for me to go, and I shall praise Cod all through time and eternity that I did go. I appreciate it more than I would a mountain of gold; for it was there that I found the gold that shall endure in all eternity. The good Lord helped me on my way, I traveled about a hundred and thirty or forty miles in six hours, and was not delayed on my way. He caused all to be kind to me on my journey, provided conveyance for me from the depot to the camp ground, and there I met my dear companion, filled with the Holy Ghost. My heart was also full of gladness, for I too had found the Lord while at home, and was enjoying a justified experience, but did not enjoy perfect freedom, as I found during the meeting.

I must say to the glory of God, that I never saw such love manifested among any class of people as I saw there. They all seemed in be this family, and they are. Glory to God! they are one in Christ Jesus. Free from all human bondage, sanctified and made meet for the Masters use. I never before saw such power as I saw there; in saving sinner, sanctifying believers, healing, and even casting out devils in the name of Jesus. I praise the Lord for what I witnessed at the water where 25 souls obeyed the Lord in the ordinance of baptism. Some of them had been baptized before, but felt if their duty to be baptized again to free themselves from the last taint of babylon. Glory to God! I and my companion were among the company. The power of God was wonderfully displayed at the water, some were so under the power of God that they lay as dead on the bank of the river.

One of the number was in a trance for some hours, and was permitted to view the horrors of hell, and to enter into heaven, and as she left the beautiful angels she bade them farewell. The hardest sinners were moved at her wonderful testimony.

Well the meeting closed, and I am now at home a different woman than before, sweetly resting in Jesus arms. The Lord is stirring up the devil through our testimony. I have declared my freedom from the sect, and am taking the lone way of the cross, rejoicing that I am counted worthy to suffer with Christ, for while we suffer, we are reigning with Him. Glory to Jesus! I and my husband are the only ones here that stand free in Christ, that we know of; but we feel that we are fully able to stand, and shall conquer through the blood of Jesus. Victory is our motto.

Wabash Ind. July 10th.



AS soon as we got out of the village of Switz City Ind., in buggy with Bro. Aleshouse, we heard a strange hum that attracted our attention. As we drove on it still continued. So we asked what it was, and was told it was locusts. This, said the brother, is locusts year here. Just 17 years ago they were here, they reappear every 17 years. This is a strange and wonderful fact. It appears that they select a tender sprig 0n a tree, inflict several stings in it, depositing there the eggs. The sting kills the limb, so rotting and falling to the earth, the eggs remain 17 years, and then another generation of locusts come out of the ground. This is a good figure of the resurrection of our bodies. Praise God! we may “know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His suffering, being made conformable to His death.” As we sit in our room in meditation a solemn train of thought passes through our mind, suggested by the locusts, wailing cry of pharaoh pharo pharo. The sound is like that of a person standing upon the banks of the Red sea, calling in distress upon Pharaoh, who has sunk to its depth. It would seem indeed that God sends the periodical visit of these strange insects, to warn men of the awful presumption of hardening their hearts against God. Over three thousand years have passed away since the judgements of God fell upon that wicked king, and still he is tormented with the rich man, and all who have rejected God, in the tartarus of black despair, while the doleful sound of the locusts still fills the land with the memory of his horrid doom.





To the members of the Free Methodist Society at Corsicana, Texas:

Dear brethren and sisters, I am trusting in Jesus for full salvation to-day, and I realize that His blood cleanseth me from all sin. Glory to Jesus! Praise the Lord for His goodness. I will take the narrow way with Jesus. I will go forth to Hint without the camp, bearing His reproach. I esteem the reproach of Christ as greater riches than any earthly pleasure. My will is the will of God, and I want to glorify God in every act of life. Praise the Lord! I here-by withdraw from the Free Methodist organization, being fully persuaded that I am led of the Lord. I do not withdraw from you, but simply from the Free Methodist organization. I am in love and christian fellowship with all God’s children, whether they belong to a sect or not. I love the Ford Jesus Christ in sincerity. Glory to God in the highest, peace on earth, and good will to men.

Oh, for a thousand tongues to sing
My dear Redeemer’s praise,
To spread through all the earth abroad
The honors of His name.

I will not preach any more as a Free Methodist, but as a Free Man for God. I am God’s man. I am all sold out to Jesus. Of course I will have more reproach by taking this step, but all truly sanctified souls, who know me, will love me, and the Lord will be with me. I know there is a great idea in the world that a man has no right to preach unless he is authorized by some sect. The people asked the Saviour by what authority He did His works, and Paul said he did not receive authority from man, and that he did not confer with flesh and blood. The Saviour prayed that all His disciples might be one, and Paul urged them to unity, saying that God hath set the members in the Church as it pleased Him, and by one Spirit, are we all baptized into one body. I am joined to all the living. Bless the Lord. Oh my soul! Pray for me. Yours saved.

W. H. Richardson.

Good Way.


Isaiah 13:3.

“I have commanded my sanctified ones. I have also called my mighty ones for mine anger, even them that rejoice in my highness.’ “Sanctify them through thy truth, thy word is truth. Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their words. John 17:17, 20. O how thankful I am to God that I can realize the fullfillment of the above scripture. It makes my heart leap for joy when I remember that Jesus prayed for me, that I might be sanctified through the precious Word of God. Hallelujah! Let us be glad, dear saints, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and His wife hath made herself ready.

Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is, for this is the will of God even your sanctification. Now sanctification is a Divine work of God in the heart of His children, through faith in the offering up of the Son of God, and the sheding of His precious blood. Then God will have perfect praise, for when we receive this precious cleansing, we are filled with the Holy Ghost and power, and we will be enabled to sing praises to Him who hath redeemed us, and washed us in His own precious blood.

Some may say, if we were so holy, we should be unlike other people. I answer I know it well. It is just what I want you to be. Christ’s true servants always, were unlike the world around them; a separate nation, a peculiar people; and you would be so too if you were saved. You may say at this rate very few will be saved. I answer I know it. Jesus said so, eighteen hundred years ago. Few will be saved because few will take the trouble to seek salvation. Men will not deny themselves the pleasures of sin and their own way, for a season, for this they turn their back on an inheritance incorruptible, undefiled, and, that fadeth not away. Ye will not come unto Me, says Jesus, that ye might have life. John 5:40.

I would just say to the dear saints and readers of the TRUMPET, I am sweetly resting in Jesus to-night. It will not be long till Jesus will say it is enough come up higher. Your brother in Christ.

S. M. Smith.

Silver Lake Ind.



DEAR BRETHREN: — I am saved just now. I praise God for His love, and power, salvation and glory through Jesus Christ. I praise God for sending Bro. Warner and Bro. and sister Fisher here last winter. They brought glad tidings to my soul. Through their preaching I was saved. I was a lover of tobacco for twenty years. I used so much of it that it became a great evil to me. I saw it was dragging my body to the grave, and my soul to hell. My system was so filled with the poison, that my body would feel numb with the effects of it. My nervous system was all deranged. But when these brethren came and preached the pure Gospel, I stepped out in this good cause of Christ. I asked God to help me to lay aside the tobacco, and so He did. I praise God for it. If tobacco is not filthy I do not know what filth is. O glory to Jesus I am set free through the blood of Christ, and I stand upon Him the solid Rock. Though fierce waves and angry billows roll over me, the foundation of God standeth sure. My soul is saved and kept by the mighty power of God. O glory to God! Whosoever will believe the Word and receive it into his heart will find salvation in the Lord. O praise God! I feel happy in Him to-day, for His love and peace in my heart.

We had a Holy Spirit meeting the fifth of July. We had the victory in our souls. Bro. David Leininger talked to the people awhile, and God sent the power into his soul. The Word took good effect. After services we went to the water and three of the dear saints of God followed the Lord in the ordinance of baptism. I am saved through the blood of Christ, from all sin, all carnality and all the works of the devil.

Pray for me that I may abound yet more and more in love and in faith. Your Bro. saved through the blood of Jesus.

N. G. Bryant.

Beaver Dam Ind. July 6 ’85.

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Sent Forth in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ
For the Purity and Unity of His Church,
the Defence of ALL His Truth,
And the Destruction of Sect Babylon.


D. S WARNER, and J. C. FICHER, – Editors.
J C FISHER, – Publisher.


All matter for publication must be sent to D. S. Warner.


TERMS, $1.00 Per Year In Advance .

All business communications, moneys etc., must be addressed to the GOSPEL TRUMPET, in order to insure credit; otherwise we will not be responsible.

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A tract containing scriptural proofs that Christ Himself is the Church, and the Church is Christ.

It is doing a glorious work. Many write favorably of the light it is shedding. Orders are increasing; send on your orders.

Price ………. 10 cents.
One dozen copies ……….. $1.00
Fifty copies ………. $3.50




WE Publish the following list of Camp and Grove Meetings, and Assemblies, which is as well as we can lay out the work at present. If other meetings are desired, we will do the best we can to fill in between. Some of the following may, in the Lord’s providence require variations.

Payne O., Grove meeting, Aug. 7—16.

Sandy Lake Pa., Camp Meeting, Aug. 21—31.

A Grove Meeting will be held near Custards, Crawford Co. Pa. Sept. 1—7.

Also another at Harthagig Mercer Co. Pa. Sept. 6—12. By the grace of God we expect to be there,

Joseph & Daniel.

Jerry City O., Assembly Sept. 16—20.

Williamston Mich., Assembly, Friday, Sept. 24—28.

Beaver Dam Ind., Assembly Oct. 1—5.

Hunnewell Mo. Camp Meeting Oct. 9—19.

Mt Pleasant, Iowa, or vicinity, Assembly, beginning Oct. 23.

Joseph & Daniel.





BIBLE Proofs that the change from the seventh, to the first day of the week, was made by the Lord Himself.

This tract contains 64 pages: the price is 25 cts.

God has enabled us to set forth the subject in the clear light of abundance of Scripture. So every reader of the TRUMPET can glorify God in sending your orders for this Tract. This will also be a good financial help to spread other matter for the Lord.



We are now prepared to furnish beautiful Scriptural tract envelopes and cards 50 cts per hundred for each, on receipt of orders.



We would call your attention once more to the tact, that all business, and communications not private, should be addressed to GOSPEL TRUMPET, and not to D. S. Warner, he having nothing to do with the receiving of such matters, being in the field most of the time.



We are requested to announce a camp, or grove meeting at Deshler Ohio, from September 4—13th 1885.


AS many as possibly can are requester to bring tents and provision, as there are only a few sisters in this vicinity, that are able to do any thing to relieve the wants of the people. If there are any who desire board teats built on the ground if they will send the means to Bro. Edwin Farrah at Sandy Lake Pa. they will build them for you, and those that cannot bring provisions can obtain or purchase them at the village or vicinity.

Let there be a general turn-out. We expect this will be one of the most glorious meetings ever held on the ground, attended by the power of God, in healing the sick, and the salvation of sin sick souls.

God is moving. Mighty signs and wonders are wrought by His true people, in the name of the holy Child Jesus.





THE hand of the Lord has set us in oblivion to all sect compromising holiness, therefore we have not found time or space to mention the big golden image convention at Chicago. We know that all sect adhering, and sect excusing holiness is backsliden from God. And therefore expected nothing but cowardly conservatism and truth gaging there. If there be any justify able grounds for such a convocation, it is to meet, squarely face, and scripturally consider the great Bible and present fact of babylon’s fall, and the imperitive voice from heaven, saying, “come out of her my people, that ye be not partaker of her sins nor receive of her plagues.” But this living issue we knew very well the leading spirits of that convention dared not meet. When men drop back from the onward march of God, and refuse to walk in the light of His present truth, their conventions must lack the glory, prestige and authority of the Spirit of God, the martyr spirit of true reformation. And such meetings must be of but little real good. Now since the long agitated interbabylonian assembly has passed, we will give our readers a few extracts of reports given by persons that attended.

The Vanguard Editor says: “The venerable and very conservative editor of the “Guide to Holiness” was appointed to preside, and the people professed holiness in a gushing way with gold, diamonds and fashions upon them, as they do in the Palmer Holiness meeting in New York.”

“Under the circumstances the world looked for the clearest and most forcable utterances against sin, especially sin in the various religious sects. So far as we know there was no expression even intimating that there was any excuse or cause for a “holiness movement” in the defected, world conformed, frozen, mamonized and general God-forsaken condition of the prominent sects. Consequently there was no real crisis reached. There was much indirection, and in our opinion very little of importance came to pass.”

Bro. A. M. Kiergan of Mo. speaks of the Convention as folows. In Good Way.

“A committee on Deliverances was appointed of” – six preachers.

“It will be observed that there was not a free man on the committee — not one — all of them believing in, and advocating the existance of sect divisions in the Church of God. And what heightened the difficulty against any thing like freedom in the meeting was the passage of a resolution requiring that all papers intended to come before the assembly should be referred to the above committee without debate.

This had, from the tied-up standpoint, a desirable effect, it forestalled papers that doubtless would have been presented, while it, in fact, settled all questions passed upon without proper consideration — it really throttled discussion. Thus the whole affair was tied up to an ax- grinding business. But it was not until Monday the ax-grinding fairly began.” “A good deal of the holiness on the latter occasion was bejeweled, hanged and bustled, on the other hand cloned with kid-gloves and stove pipe hats or that which enorsed such.”

“The assmbly allowed itself to be stultified and bulldozed by the M. E. Pastor in whose meeting house the covention was held. This man with his second, E. Davies from about Boston, made a “cat’s paw” of the president and his colleagues. He led the way against the Holy Ghost and freedom with vehemence and enthusiasm. In two speeches he showed the whole assembly the door, and if he did not exhibit the carnal spirit it is an impossible thing to know the tree by its fruits. This dragged down and prostituted the assembly to the whims and interests of one man and his sect, and thus the whole thing was belittled and dwarfed.

“It was meet for the brethren to see a few things. And they saw them, or ought to have seen them. 1, That sectarianism will never work in harmony with any thing outside the sect it advocates. 2. That the so-called eastern holiness is sectarian to the bone, compromising and worldly. 3. That now the lines are everywhere clearly drawn between sectly, worldly, compromising would-be holiness, and the real Bible sort. 4. That it will be useless to attempt, hereafter, an assembly where that element is allowed do assume the front. 5. That there was much real division among the various sects represented, although somewhat restrained in manifestation by a common self-respect.”

These words need no comments; they show the shoddiness of sectarian holiness.

We take the following from the “Christian Harvester.”

“Brethren from California sent communications recommending the general establishment of independent holiness churches. It is very true that these rejected papers ought to have been received by the president, and referred to the committee on Declaration. The Assembly doubtless was averse to the position of those Pacificers, but that was one reason why they should have been heard; and especially since they were within the scope of the Assembly’s official call.”

Yes the official call of the convention was to free discussion of all holiness workers, in and out of sects. But the fear-the- light spirit that is always characteristic of idol worshipers was manifest in rejecting these papers that came from without the wall of babylon. Let all who have come out of babylon not return, to “take of her a stone for a corner, nor a stone for a foundation,” but rather let them “set up a standard in the land, blow the trumpet in the nations, prepare the nations against her.” — Jer. 51:26, 27. All that are “clean escaped” out of sectism, must not attempt to splice on those that are in fellowship with the “city of confusion.” There are still some good people in the sects with whom we have a good degree of fellowship, but all such are not in good standing, nor in love with the sect.

It appers from the Harvester, that the committee had no little trouble to select words that all could agree on, and that would avoid the appearance of a bigoted sectarian devotion on the one hand, and that would lay the fears of the sect devil, and retain her favor, on the other hand. The following is the article they presented on the Church.


“The Church is the body of Christ, having many members, Himself being the Living Head. He has redeemed it with His blood, and engraven it upon the palms of His hands. The privilege of membership therein is very precious, and to be highly esteemed. Every saved individual should be connected with the organic church. Holiness is not a disintegrating, but a conserving force; it is not intended to tear down, but to build up; hence professors of holiness should not voluntarily surrender their church privileges for trivial causes. But if an oppressive hand be laid upon them in any case, by church authority, solely for professing holiness, depriving them of the privileges of communion, they should then adjust themselves to circumstances as required, in order to the continued enjoyment of the ordinances of our holy religion.”

This item is a subtle weaving together of truth and error, to deceive the hearts of the unsuspecting. “The Church is the body of Christ, Himself being the Living Head. He has redeemed it with His blood.” This is all very true and scriptural, but what fellows is rediculously inconsistent with it. “Every saved individual should be connected with the organic church. What does this mean? Is the “orgaic church” here, identical with “the Church,” defined above as “the body of Christ?” Either they are, or are not identical. If they are not identical, then by the latter they doubtless meant the organized sects; and these holiness priests wrote guile and desception by representing the sects by the same name they do the body of Christ, indiscriminately calling both the Church, which is blinding the minds of men, by applying the sacredness of the body of Christ to human sects.

But if they did mean the same thing in both epressions, they should be ashamed of their ignorance and confusion. “The Church in the body of Christ.” “Every saved individual should be connected with the Church.” Who is so blind as not to know that the body of Christ, the Church, necessarily embaces all “saved individuals?” But the latter saying clearly implies that “every saved individual” is not necessarily in the organic body of Christ, but “should be.” Every saved indiviual is connected with the body of Christ, and that, those men knew very well. Christ says plainly, “I am the door by me if any man enter, he shall be saved.” Salvation and admission into the “body of Christ,” are coincident. Yea they are indeed identical, meaning, in substance, the same thing. Would it not be a good thing for these professed holiness representatives to come right down to the Bible language, and true honesty before God? “The Church is the body of Christ,” and “He redeemed it by His blood.” Then all who are redeemed by His blood, constiute the Church: but all who are redeemed, are the same as “every saved individual.” All such have been in the body of Christ from the instant they were saved. Hence there is no sense, or Bible reason for saying, such “should be connected with the Church.” But why do they qualify it by the “organic church?” It looks very much as though these sect blinded men would teach that the body of Christ is not organized. That it includes all that are redeemed by the blood, but men must organize it, and when organized, the members of Christ’s body may, or may not connect themselves with the “organic church,” but should do so. All this is gross confusion. The body of Christ is organized in the very act of the members being brought in. The members are inducted by salvation, and their induction is their organization in Christ. All of which “worketh the one and the selfsame Spirit.” But to measure these professed holines representatives by the Word of God, and show them their crookedness, and perversion of the Scriptures, is regarded by them as gross unkindness in us, and uncharitableness. Speaking of the independent churches in the west, the Harvester editor says, “They are substancially free from the uncharitableness of Warnerism.” God will judge this wicked thrust and false charge of ism. We only pity and pray God to forgive the same. The living God knows, and the Holy Spirit bears witness that we are saved from all isms, and adhere in, and teach nothing but the body, the entire “body of Christ.” which this same editor, as a part of the Chicago committee, says is “the Church.” Now we invite our sectarian friend Doty. to prove in the columns of the TRUMPET. if he can, if there is a single element of ism in all that we teach. Ah, it is a poor consolation to men in the isms of babylon to cry ism to such as have “clean escaped,” Guilt always seeks to soothe itself by trying to believe all others guilty also. But what is the great unchaitableness with which we are charged? It is simply this: we make those sect appologizers so much trouble by continualy straightening them by the Word of God. Is this such uncharitableness? Charity is love. “Love worketh no ill to his neighbor.” But should we not suffer a wrong upon our neighbor if we did not “reprove, and rebuke, thus with all authority,” every evil way in them. Does not the Bible require us to do this? Is the Book of God uncharitable? Nay, God is love, and His Book is love. Yet it has no charity, nor yet love for that which “subverteth and sinneth.” Neither have we. But we do love God, and all men enough to lift up the holy standard of the Blessed Bible.



Belleview Mich.

Dear Brethren in Christ: — My testimony is that, I am saved and sanctified in the blood of the Lamb. I send you — for the TRUMPET, and will pray the Lord to prosper me, so I can send more. The paper is food to my soul. How I love to read the testimonies of the saints. Your sister in Christ.

Angeline Hibbard.



By A. C. Beaudette.

My father, and all my ancestors were Catholics. I was brought up strictly in the faith of that great mother of all the harlots, and abominations of the earth.

According to her creed I was sprinkled when a couple days old. How utterly opposite to the Word of God, this infant sprinkling for baptism. The Bible demands faith before baptism: the infant cannot believe, Also Scriptural baptism is a simple immersion in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; but Catholics change to sprinkling, cross with oil; and put salt upon the tongue of the child;

They also have god-fathers and god-mothers, who become responsible for the soul. The language of the creed is, “soul for soul.” Thus they take the obligations upon them to see that the child is brought up right, or loose their own soul. What blindness, and wicked presumption.

These god-fathers and mothers must pay the priest for his sprinkling service; the poorest $1,00 and from that upward. Then in about nine cases out of ten, the parents gather a lot of their friends and have a drunken spree over the supposed benefits derived by the child.

As early as the child can comprehend any thing at all, it is taught lessons of superstitious devotion to, and trust in the Catholic sect. It is strictly forbidden to believe any thing but what the priest and catechism teach. The idea, that all out side their own drunken, filthy, abomination, must be forever lost, is very deeply planted in their hearts. The wicked sect, is all their children are taught to trust in.

Christ and salvation, they never learn any thing about. How can any one be saved in Cetholicism, which is a stench of drunkenness and tobacco, and is filled with profanity, blasphemy, and all manner of filthiness.

After taking the first communion, they are admitted to the confessional, which is a snare, and deception of the devil, especially corrupting to females, through the baseness of the carnal priests. The character and influence of the system of confessing to the priests is truthfully described in Bro. Chiniquy’s book, “The Priest, the Woman, and the Confessional”.

I would recommend that bood to all the readers of the TRUMPET.

Purgatory is another money making devise of satan. They teach that all after death go directly to God, and pass a kind of judgement; the good are permitted to enter heaven; while the guilty must return to purgatory, a half way place, where they are detained until their friends pay the priest to perform mass and offer prayer for their release. The priests charge for these services for the dead according to the means their friends have. The rich pay pretty dearly, the poor less. If this purgatory delusion were not a mere myth and speculation, the poor would have a slim chance to get to heaven. Very short services are said for them that can pay but little, while great, services are gone through for thr rich. The priests do all things for money, and they perform just according to the pay.

In Canada the papal law is that cousins cannot marry without paying the priest $100. Second cousins $50, and third, from $10 to $25. Thus the more sin, the more profit for the priests.

I was often convicted that the immoral and intemperate Catholic fraternity could not be God’s Church. I also saw that all the salvation in that sect depended upon money. Though I was unable to read, my judgement and the inspiration of the Spirit taught me that the salvation, and Church of Jesus Christ must be as different from Catholicism, as God is from the sinfull world.

My native language was French. In 1875 I was led by the good Spirit to the French Baptist meeting house on Sherman St. Detroit Mich., where I heard a good earnest discourse on the subject of prayer.

I saw at once that the “vain repetition,” and recitals of mere forms in Catholicism were not prayers to God at all. I returned home much enlightened. I was deeply impressed that I must no more depend upon the Catholic Church, and the prayers of the priests, but that I must pray my self, must actually call upon God to save my soul. I did so. I cast old forms away and called upon God in the name of Jesus Christ for His mercy. That night I had a vision: an angel came and told me that in older to be saved I must leave the world and follow the Bible. I tried to seek the Lord, joined the Baptist sect,

Page 3

was persecuted by Catholics, God seemed lo bless me with peace, at least I felt better. The little light I had received was so precious, compared with the great darkness of Catholicism, that I thought my self now a Christian. But all this was still without salvation.

I heard of a people in Williamston Mich, that had the Holy Spirits power. On Sabbath, Jun. 11, 1885 I came to their meeting, Bro. Warner preached the Word. O what light it was to my soul. I saw that I still had no real salvation. I went forward in the precious light, and in a few days I received the evidence of the Spirit that I was an accepted child of God.

During those days I had a great conflict. Satan greatly tempted me to make light of the holy people at Williamston. O how hard he tried to make me say, “I will not back again.” But God held on to my poor soul and I got the victory. Glory to Jesus, how I do love to meet the dear saints.

In April I went with some of the holy brethren to an ordinance meeting at Dimondale. At that glorious feast I received the grace and witness of entire sanctification. On Sabbath night I had a glorious vision, I had just had a precious season of prayer to God, and lay down to rest. While yet awake I saw like a beautiful large park. In the midst was a great four square temple. Its stones were of a bright purple color. The architectury was very beautiful, unlike any earthly building. Its light was wonderful bright and glorious. About a half mile off, I beheld a beautiful river. On both sides were many people, walking along singing sweet songs of praise to God, with uplifted hands. About four weeks later, I saw about the same vision again. The Lord has gloriously kept me ever since. I am filled continually with perfect peace.

Since meeting the true Church and people of God, I have seen wonders and miracles of God’s grace and power. It was my happy privilege to attend the victorious camp meeting near Bangor, in June. I will ever praise the Lord for what I witnessed of God’s mighty saving and healing power there manifest. I have traveled over 23 states and much of Canada! but I never witnessed such wonderfull works of God in my life. Doubtless there were not less than 200 souls sanctified, and many converted. Every day there were miracles of healing wrought by the laying on of hands. One old brother had been entirely blind in one eye for twelve years. By the anointing, laying on of hands and prayer, he testified immediately that he could see persons and objects with the other eye entirely closed.

Sister Curium of Dimondale Mich., was taken violently sick on the last Saturday evening, and seemed approaching the very gates of eternity. Elders were called, she was anointed, and hands laid on her with the prayer of faith, producing instant deliverance from all her suffering. After a short sleep she awoke, and the Lord told her to arise; she arose and went about the camp praising God, and telling about the wonderful goodness and power of God.

Bister Hardenburg from Battle Creek, experienced a wonderfull healing of chronic bodily diseases, and very bad eyes.

She told me her eyes were deficient from her birth, and that she never could bear to look at a light. After healing by faith, she showed me the wonderfull change, opening her eyes wide, and looking into the bright light of a lamp praising God.

I wish also to add my own testimony to the healing of my eyes. For 20 years my eyes had been so impaired that I could not see to do fine work, or read ordinary print without glasses, but God has touched my eyes in answer to prayer and now I can see to do the finest work and read any print I have looked at, without glasses. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. He is my physician forever.

I wish to say, I am a witness to the wonderful trans in last TRUMPET, of Sister Ida Shaffer. The glories of heaven, and horrors of hell she saw, she talked about while in the vision, just as she has described them in her testimony. It was indeed a solemn and wonderfull experience. As she talked with Jesus, the angels and her own brother in heaven, we could all realize to a great extent the reality of the scene, to the eyes of her soul.

The entire camp meeting was under the mighty power of the Divine Spirit. What a precious and lovely croud of saints, a heavenly “cloud of witnesses.” O what pure love, holy fellowship, and precious union. All governed by the Spirit of God, without human lords, or leaders.

Bless God! my testimony is, that I am wholly saved by the blood of Christ, and ‘‘kept by the power of God.” And I give all glory to Jesus, my blessed Savior. I have enjoyed all the pleasure that a considerable amount of money and travel could afford. But I never found true and solid comfort until I gave myself wholly to God, and realised the gloriouc cleansing blood, and sanctifying Spirit. Hallelujah! I have found the mighty Jesus and His perfect salvation. Pray for your humble brother.


News from the Field.


Odon Ind.

Dear Brethren: — I feel impressed by the Spirit of God to testify that the Lord has completely saved me from all sin. Bless His holy name for what He has done for some of us here. We praise God that He ever sent Bro. Warner among us. God blessed the precious Word preached by him in the salvation of souls, and the work is still going on. It is a little over two weeks since he left us, and the Lord has saved four souls in this time. He is still a mighty wonder-working God in our midst. The devil is terribly angry, and is trying every way to overthrow us, but God is with us in mighty power every time we meet, and that is two or three times a week. They laugh us to scorn when they hear us praising God on the streets and wherever we may go. If we were to swear before them, we would be all right in their estimation. But bless God! He has put a new song in our mouth.

Last Sabbath, while we were convened in the Spirit of God, in prayer and praise to His name, some “good old shouting Methodists(?) gathered about the door, out side, while one of the oldest paced to and fro by the door. God was with us in mighty power, and loosed our tongues, and gave as words filled with fire, and we are not any wise careful to keep our voices from sounding out by the door. Glory to Jesus! We expected somewhat an attack, but when we closed the meeting and went out praising God they fled. God met with us again in the after-noon in mighty power. Tears flowed from eyes that were probably never thus affected before. Some longed for holiness. Praise God oh my soul! There is a mighty work to be done here. We all feel it and are determined to stand steadfast, unmovable in Christ our living Head.

One of the babylon priests says he is going to prove that we are of the morman faith. But God can stop his mouth, as He did prevent the appearance of one last Sabbath on such business.

God bless you all. All saints pray for us. Your Bro. and Sister,

R. Cloe & Wife.




MANY are eagerly waiting its appearance. It is greatly needed. God has blessed us with some of the most precious songs that have ever sounded His praises The book would meet a very rapid sale, so that the cost of publication could soon be obtained. $250, are necessary to get the book electrotyped, $25, to begin the work. In the name of Jesus, we feel that the book must soon be published, May God move some dear saint to lone or furnish the publisher the amount, or at least $25. to begin with.

Who will help to start the loud, sweet praises of God in the earth.

“Songs of victory sounding,
Go forth to all the world,
From shore to shore resounding,
With Gospel truths unfurled.”


Mt. Pleasant Iowa.

Dear Brethren: — God bless you. I pray that God may wonderfully display His power at the camp meeting and many souls be saved. O I long to be in such a meeting, but I will wait the providence of God. I trust we will be permitted to go to the meeting at Hunewell Mo. We are in for the war here. The enemies of Christ are doing all they can; hut praise God, one of His saints shall chase a thousand, and two put ten-thausand to flight. I know God will take care of His own wherever they are, and we expect victory in every engagement. From your sister saved to the uttermost.

Laura E. Smith.


Covert Mich. July 9.

Dear Bro. and Sister Fisher: — I feel this morning like telling somewhat of our hand of workers: I should say God’s own hand. There is not a drone in the hive: all ready and willing to do His own good pleasure. In the prayer meeting last evening at Bro. Beals, one that had never made any profession, came out firm for Jesus. He said it was your sermon last Sabbath afternoon that gave him the light. Your sister.

Sadie M. Walters.

The Holy Church of God.

By D. S. Warner.


Church of God, Thou spotless virgin,
Church of Christ, for whom He died.
Thou hast known no human founder,
Jesus bought thee for His Bride.
Sanctified by God the Father,
Built by Jesus Christ the Son,
Tempered by the Mighty Spirit,
Like the Holy Three, in one,

O Zion, Fair Zion, beautiful Church of the living God,
O Zion, Fair Zion, beautiful Church of the living God.
If such joy and peace are given
To thy holy pilgrims here.
What will be thy bliss in heaven,
As we round the throne appear.
O Zion, Fair Zion, Eternal glory thine.
O Zion, Fair Zion, Perfected beauty shine.

God Himself has set the members,
In His body all complete:
Organized by Jesus only —
O the union, pure and sweet —
Church of God, the Angels marvel,
At the music of thy song,
Earth and hell in terror tremble,
As thy army moves along.

Church of God, “Beloved City,”
Thou art of celestial mold.
Lo “from God,” and “out of heaven,”
Came the City of “pure gold.”
Stones of Jasper, clear as crystal,
Is “the building of thy wall.”
And the Lamb, thy light forever;
Jesus! Jesus!! all in all.

God’s own holiness within thee,
His own beauty on thy brow,
Glorified, in His own image;
This thy wo drous portion bow,
In thee dwells the Triune fulness,
Blessing all thy pilgrim days;
All around thee His salvation,
And before thee gates of praise.

Church of God, in heaven written,
Thine the risen life of Christ.
And the treasures to the given,
Never, never can be priced.
Far above this worlds confusion,
Walking close by Jesus side,
Leaning on His loving bosom,
Is the Church, His chosen bride.

No one is allowed to re-print this song without permission from the author.




Jerry City, Ohio.

Dear Brethren: — I praise God for full and complete salvation. Glory to God, for complete deliverance from all sin, and all babylon sinners, and I have no desire, or drawing back to the old flesh pots.

We are commanded to stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage. — Gal. 5. Glory be to God for the glorious light of my Lord and Savior. He is able to save me from all false spirits, glory to God! That Spirit which bears witness with my spirit that I am His child, also bears witness against all false spirits. “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. — 1 Timothy, 4:1. And “for this cause God shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie, that they all might be damned, who believe not the truth.” 2 Thess. 2:12.

The Lord has called me out from among them. Glory be to His name! and I have not found in the Bible where God ever said go back. But He has said, “wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing.” — 2 Cor. 5:4. Read to the end of chapter.

Now I am not just called out, but I am commanded to stay out. Some say they are saved, yet go to the sects and take part with them. Now they that can do so are not separate: they are not abiding in the vine: they are cast forth as a branch and they are withered, and men gather them. — John 15.

They have taken Esaw for an example, he who for one morsel of meet, sold his birthright. For ye know how that afterward when he would have inherited the blessing he was rejected, for he found no place of repentance though he sought it carefully with tears. — Heb. 13:10, 17.

I dare not go to the sects to worship, as one of their number. God showed me in a vision the corruption in the sects, and her loss of the Spirit.

Dear brethren in Christ, my testimony is that I am saved and sanctified, and kept by the power of God each day. Glory! glory!! he to God, and the Lamb for ever and ever. My love to all the dear saints, and God’s blessing on all His dear children. We are having good meetings. Satan is trying to tare us all to pieces; but I do praise God that some have built on the Rock, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against us. O, Hallelujah! for complete victory in my soul. Your Sister saved in Jesus.

Sarah Smith.

Willmathville Mo.

Dear Brethren: — the GOSPEL TRUMPET; through one of my neighbors I got your paper, and I must say, God bless, and preserve, and prosper all such papers as the TRUMPET, that are out on the straight line of holiness, carrying the glad news of free salvation, and holding up before the world a crucified and risen Lord. That is not holding up sect, but the Body of Christ as the Church, which is the Church according to the Word of God. It gives me so much encouragement to read the blessed testimonies of God’s saved ones, it causes me to shout praises to God, to know that His kingdom is built up, and building up on the earth.

About eight and a half months ago I received the second work of grace. Praise God for the light, He is the light. My will is to do the will of the Master. I seek to know His will. Of my self I am nothing. I am an unlearned man, but I know the Word of God, the Holy Spirit unraveling to me the deep things of His Word, that are bid to the world, as Christ says in John. 17:16. “They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.”

Glory to God, we can know that we are not of the world. Brethren I am poor in this world’s goods, but rich in the love that casteth out fear. There is a little hand of nine at this place, we have prayer meeting every Lord’s day, at three, P. M.

Pray for us that we may be faithful and true, and be increased in number until all in this part of God’s heritage, may know the true Christ.

May God ever bless and keep you is my prayer. I am still saved, and sanctified wholly. Your brother in Christ.

G. G. Arebart.


East Jordan, Mich.

Dear Saints in Christ: — My soul does rejoice to-day for the love of God that is shed abroad in my heart, and for the glorious privilege of writing a testimony for Jesus. Yes it is a glorious privilege to sound forth praise to my Lord and Savior, who has done so much for me. Oh I do praise God for the cleansing power that takes away all things that are not of Him, and puts new songs on our lips and makes us a new creation. Glory be to His great and holy name! From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh these words.

Oh blessed blessed Jesus,
My all to Thee is given,
Oh keep me pure and holy,
Till I reach my home in heaven.

Oh that sweet joy and comfort,
I find in this good cause.
Oh Jesus blessed Jesus,
Help me tell it all abroad.

Praise God for His salvation,
That keeps me every day,
Upon the sure foundation,
Where I shall ever stay.

May the Lord bless you all, and keep you, comfort your hearts, and stablish yon in every good word and work. Your Sister saved and kept by the power of God.

Julia A. Crowell.


Union Home. Mich.

Dear Brethren: — God bless you all, with eternal salvation that saves to the uttermost. I am saved just now in spite of the devil. The saints around here are well and growing strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might. They are having good meetings here and at Bridgeville, Bro. Henry Lyon preaches there.

Your brother.      

F. P. Smith.


Deshler O. July 4.

Dear Brethren: — God is with us today. Praise the Lord for the blood that cleanseth us from all sin. O I am thankful to God for spairing my life until I was brought to see the worth of my soul, and the way of true salvation. There are but very few that think of their soul, and eternity. Glory to God for such a precious Savior, who shines so sweetly in our hearts.

We had an ordinance meeting last Sabbath. The children of God rejoiced and praised the Lord together in the Spirit. Some of the brethren came from Jerry City. The devil was stirred when his children saw such a great praise going up to God. They laughed at the saints; but God was with His children in every prayer, song, and testimony, and in the ordinances. One of our sisters was cured, and that caused a great excitement. I am saved in the blood of the Lamb. Hallelujah to God. Your brother in Christ.

O. Larcumb.

Deshler O. July 8.

Dear Brethren: — I am still standing- alone for Jesus. Praise the Lord! I am under the blood of the Lamb. The Lords is wondrously blessing His dear children. We had a glorious meeting. The saints were filled with the fire. How it makes my soul leap for joy to think how God does bless His little ones. Praise God for full salvation. I am walking it the light, free from sin, and out of all babylon sects. Praise the Lord! I am going out in the ocean of God’s love. 0 what joy and peace to have the love of God in the heart by the Holy Ghost. The devil is still raging here; but glory to Jesus, the gates of hell cannot prevail against His Church. Pray for me. Your sister saved, and kept by the power of God, sanctified just now.

Luella Larcumb.


Palmyra Mo.

Mr Dear Brethren: — The Lord bless you, and all the dear saints in the Trumpet Office. Amen!

We cannot praise the Lord enough for what He has done for us; in saving and strengthening our own souls, and part of our family through your instrumentality. Praise God! we still have this glorious hope, and we testify that the Lord is keeping us saved and redeemed in the precious blood of our Savior, every day and every second, free from all sin. He purifies our nature, because He wants His people holy. Hallelujah to His name! He has given us a true map in our heart of our inheritance, even the anointing Holy Spirit which abideth and teacheth us of all things.

When we read how many saints the Lord is daily adding to His Body the Church, we praise the Lord. Thy Kingdom come. O how we would enjoy so much to he where the saints meet to worship in the Spirit, and where all is light, and not cloudy as in this part of the country. We are getting some persecutions for Christ’s sake, from some sinners who profess to be christians, and don’t believe in sanctification. O I pray God to spare your lives to come back here again, and show this people the true Gospel. The Lord is with us all the time. Psaise His name forever! Love to all the saints in the Trumpet’s sound. Pray for us. Your Bro. and sister

Chr. O. and Barbara Myers.


I want to stay with Jesus,
He is my King and priest;
He purifies my nature,
His love a constant feast.

I want to love my Savior,
Because He first loved me,
To me He showed His favor,
His precious blood I see.

I want to serve my Jesus,
He done so much I know.
He gave me blessed freedom,
Because He loved me so.

C. C. M.


Maple Rapids Mich.

Dear Brethren: — I rejoice to hear that you have such victory in your souls. O praise God for His dear Son that abides in our hearts and makes us rejoice in every-thing, even in trials and persecution and leap for joy “for great is our reward in heaven.” O praise His holy name! I have got complete victory in my soul this morning. Praise God! The severe trials I have recently past through has done my soul good. I praise God, and will praise Him forever. O glory to God! I am saved eternally. I am on the solid Rock and cannot be moved. I am dead indeed to sin, and alive unto God. O my soul is full this moment. I have the glorious artician well in my heart which never stops flowing. O praise His holy name, my soul is full and running over. O what a dear blessed Savior we have. God helping me I never will forsake Him. I must press forward, and do His will. I cannot lose my soul, no I never will give up, not if I am bound to the stake. I know the Lord would give me grace to stand it Praise His holy name! I am sanctified to God for evermore. Pray for me. Your sister.



Mt. Pleasant Iowa

Beloved in the Lord: — I suppose you are having a good time at the camp meeting . I would like to have been with you, but I could not. Well I am just saying, the will of the Lord be done O I would be so glad, if the dear Lord would enable me to give my whole time to the work of saving souls. But I will do what I can, and abide the Lord’s time.

It does appear as though satan has tainted everything about here; but I do praise God that some are free from his snares. If we are able here to hold our own until the effects of the poison has worked off, we will do well. God is taking care of His own. Glory be to His name! Your Bro.

C. Z. Lindley.


Annandale Pa.

Dear Brethren; — I send you — for the Trumpet. I love to read it very much. I praise God for the testimonies of the redeemed saints, and that their are so many that testify to Jesus’s mighty power to heal both soul and body. I praise God, He is fitting up my mansion, which eternally shall stand. I have my feet on the Rock Christ Jesus, and I fear not death, hell, nor the grave. He has saved me out of all sects and creeds. Out of all my trials and temptations, Jesus continually delivers me. And He says my grace is sufficient for you. A little company of God’s saints from Sandy Lake came down and held meeting with us. We had a glorious time together, with Jesus in the midst. They are good soldiers for the Lord. I belong to the Church of the First born, whose names are written in heaven. I have got the foundation of the house built on the solid Rock, and I know I shall abide. Your sister saved and sanctified, and washed in Jesus blood.

Nancy Cunningham.


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During the absence of both the Editors, a letter came here from Sunday Lake Pa., containing a testimony of salvation, and signed by both J. M. and M. M. Owen. It was put in with the correspondence, in TRUMPET of July 1. There is a mistake somewhere. Either the letter was written by some one else, or the first name was wrongfully added. The Lord knows how it is, we do not.




AS there are certain that have asked us to explain why we place the little note below the songs printed in the TRUMPET, for the information of all concerned, we will give a brief explanation.

In the first place I wish to state the songs printed are for the benefit of all the readers of the TRUMPET, and the glory of God. If we had not desired the saints to have the benefit of them, we could have withheld them. Again we in the providence of God, expect to print a new song hook. We now have 50 new pieces ready for publication, and will publish the book soon as possible. These songs we expect to put into the book. We also made choice of some songs published by other authors. And asked permission to publish some of their songs. One author said could publish those desired, for the sum of $5.00 each. I wrote another, he replied, I sell my music, and when I wish a peace I buy. I sell from $5. to $25. each for music, and from $2, to $5. for words only.

So for the protection of the songs in the TRUMPET, we insert the note that none may garble them for to make money out of, and rob God of what He has given for the benefit of His people. And we feel justified in so doing.

J. C. Fisher.




SOME good sincere souls, who have gone along in the usual education that the sects are the Churches of Jesus Christ, have their feelings of reverence for these societies wounded by the teaching of the TRUMPET, and the preaching of God’s holy “hail and fire mingled with blood.” Satan at once suggests to you “that must not be a good spirit that so vehemently assails even our “beloved Zion,” in which my father and mother lived.” But dear brother and sister before you allow satan to thus judge, please stop and think a moment. Consider that your feelings of reverence for what you call “our church,” are the same feelings that poor heathens have toward things, their education has rendered sacred in their minds, when assailed by the Gospel of Christ. Beloved our objects, and feelings of devotion should all be tried by the Word of God, just as much as our actions. The conscience of men may be educated to regard as good that which the Bible is at war with. In all such cases he that preaches the Bible, must necessarily disturb your peace, by reprobating that which your education leads you to revere. Who then is to blame for the spoiling of your comfort? Is it he that preaches the Word, or you that have elements in your heart and mind that is contrary to the Word? Answer before God. Is not every minister of Christ under a solemn charge to “preach the Word?” Yes but you think there is no use preaching about the various churches. “Why not just preach the Word of God and let others alone?” Such talk we have offer heard. Did it never enter your mind that, that is an impossibility? Surely he that preaches the Word of truth, necessarily assails every thing not of the truth. The pure Word of God itself directly attacks every thing that is contrary to it. While you think it is unkindness for an embassador of Christ to strike with the hammer of truth your cherished idol, another has an equal excuse to demand that his dear little god be also undisturbed; and so every feature of sin and anti-bible practise and doctrine puts in its plea, which, if conceded by God’s preachers, would entirely close our months, except that we might preach against such sins as no one present were guilty of practicing. But this were wholly to miss the object of the Gospel, namely to apply the remedy just where the disease is. To make the crooked places straight, and the rough places smooth, by the Gospel leveler.

What saith the Word concerning sects and divisions? Why God has “tempered the body together, that there should be no schism in the body. — 1 Cor. 12.

All schisms, either humanly organized, or mere clanning apart, are the fruits of carnality, see 1 Cor. 1 and 3 chapters. And Gal. 5. How when we know the truth must we not preach it? As the Word says, “There is one body,” and we are all baptized by one Spirit into one body.” And that “one body” is the Church. For “the Lord added to the Church daily such as should he saved.” With these, and similar Scriptural declarations, can any one be an intelligent, true preacher of Jesus Christ and His Word, and teach that there are several hundred bodies, all Churches of Christ. And that preachers can open the door and take a person into the Church, and that it is all right for Christians to be organized apart in the same locality. As preachers must we not preach as the oracles of God? The Word and plan of God is right. Besides, no one possessing the light of God’s Spirit, can fail to see that the awful sin of sectism is the “destroying mountain that has destroyed the whole earth.” – Jer. 51. And if a man is time to God, must he not lift up his voice like a trumpet, and warn the people of their sins? What good will it do to withhold the Word of God, when both preachers and people will have to be judged by the Word? Be assured that if there is any thing read and preached in God’s Word that makes you feel bad, it will make you feel a thousand times worse in the day of judgement.

Do not count as an enemy, the person that tells you the truth, for he is your best friend. Obey the truth, and the truth will make you free.





DEAR BRETHREN: — I thought I would write to the TRUMPET and tell some of my experience. I was born in Ohio and moved to Indiana when live years old. My parents were very wicked, and I was not taught any thing about my soul’s salvation, until the age of sixteen. There was a Revival took place one mile from our home, I went one night, and whispered in meeting so much that, the preachers wife talked to me; that set me to thinking, and the next time I went, I saw that I was great sinner in the sight of God, and I arose for the prayers of God’s people, but my parents declared that I should not make a fool of myself, so I only went to meeting a few times in two years, but at the age of eighteen I left my parent’s house to seek the Lord. Shortly after I attended a revival and sought pardon from my sins, Glory to God! Then the work began. I began to pray for my parents, and in one year and a half, my mother was converted and baptized. Praise God! In the Spring after I saw her die in the triumph of living faith. I then married an unconverted man, and began to pray for him, and the next winter he gave himself up to the Lord. We then joined the U. B. sect, and as they did not teach purity in this life, we did not understand the second work of grace. We lived in a zig zag way; some times up, and some times down, until five years ago, when Bro. Fisher came here, and preached the cleansing from all sin; which I was glad to hear. I plunged in and was cleansed. Glory to God! Then and there I presented my body holy, acceptable to the Lord. I promised the Lord that I would do any thing be fold me to do, then be told me to preach His Gospel, but I thought it was the devil, for I was so ignorant and unlearned, that I thought I never could teach others. But when He showed me in a vision, that if I did not obey, I should lose my salvation, I then asked the Lord to give me light and understanding, and I went to work, and this winter the Lord blessed my labor in saving souls. We held meeting three weeks; there were twelve made a start, but some of them turned back, and walked with us no more, but the rest of them are strong in the Lord. Glory to God forever! We had an ordinance meeting last Lord’s day; the brethren and sisters came from the Zimmerman neighborhood. There were eighteen followed the Lord in washing one another’s feet, and taking the Lord’s supper, and there were two baptized. Glory to God for salvation full and free. Glory to God! the Lord is mine and I am His. Dear saints, pray for me that I stand fast in the liberty wherein Christ has made me free. God bless all the readers of the TRUMPET. Your Sister saved through the blood.         

H. E. Drowley


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Table Rock Neb.

Dear Brethren, and saints in Christ; weave alt well, and I am saved through the precious blood of Christ. I am trusting alone in Him, who is able to save to the uttermost all them that come to God by Him. O how I praise God for this wonderful salvation, “this abundance of grace, and gift of righteousness, where by we reign in life by one Christ Jesus.” I live above the cares of this life. Glory to God and the Lamb! How sweetly Jesus saves me this morning. I can see more and more that the hand of God was upon us, leading us to come to this western home. The Lord is already blessing our labors. The first week we came here, we gave out meeting at our school house; we kept up our prayer meetings, only three or four to take part, but God greatly blesses and cheers our souls. We have generally a good attendance of young people at prayer meeting and sabbath school. O how much We do thank God for the TRUMPET. It does do us so much good; it seems to get belter all the time.

We are trying to get subscribers, and now send you one. May God bless and keep all the dear TRUMPET family.

Your sister in the Lord.

Elizabeth Carmichael.


Three Rivers Mich., June 21.

Dear Brethren: — God bless you all abundantly. Glory to God! I am free. I can now claim every true child of God on earth, as a member with me in the one body, the true Church of the Firstborn, who are written in heaven. For we are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.” We are all one in Christ Jesus our living Head, sanctified wholly through His blood.

I have not one cent to give, only for the truth, the pure Gospel of Christ. “If there come any unto you and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God’s speed.” — 2 John 10. Christ says. “My sheep hear My voice, and they follow Me.”

Christ is our way, we walk in Him. He is the truth, we embrace Him: He is our life, we live in Him. He is our Lord, we obey Him. He is our Master, we serve Him. He is our teacher, we walk in His footsteps. Glory to God and the Lamb forever! Let us be faithful to Him and follow Him while we live in this world. Yea, “let us not sleep as do others, but let us watch and be sober, looking and hastening unto the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” Glory, glory be to God for His wonderful loving kindness unto the children of men. It is glorious to be saved from all sin through the blood of Christ. Your brother.

Leroy Burden.


Wasco Oregon, June 26.

Dear Brethren: — God bless you, and your coworkers. Amen! We have been having refreshings from the Lord. Another camp meeting has just closed 25 miles from here. There was a wonderful manifestation of God’s Holy Spirit unto His people. There was a, gloriously saved Methodist preacher preached there. He preaches against sin in good earnest, and the majority of his sect people are fighting him, and accusing him of being disloyal to his church. But hungry souls are blest through his preaching. There were about 30 converted, and about as many sanctified. To God be all the Glory, Amen! Again I say God bless you.

Your Bro.   

Martin Myers.


July 6 1885.

Dear Brethren: – Enclosed you will find $1.00 for my subscription, and 21 cts. to be applied to TRUMPET fund. I want to do more as soon as I can. All well saved and sanctified through faith in His Word. Praise His name forever! Yours in bonds of perfect love.

Wm. Moore.


West Plains Kan.

Dear Brethren: — God bless you all. How glad I was to receive the GOSPEL TRUMPET. I had not seen one for three months. I would not do without it. It is precious food for my soul. I am saved to the uttermost, cleansed and sanctified by the precious blood of Jesus. Glory to God for the witness, of the Spirit in my heart just now. Hallelujah to God for complete victory in my soul, O glory, glory, glory to God forever and ever.

I have attended one sect meeting since, here. The next day the Lord sent me to see the preacher, and tell him the truth. O how God blest me while I showed him the way of the Lord more perfectly. Glory to God and the Lamb! O hallelujah to Jesus, for the wonderful love He pours into my soul. I went to see a man that takes the Stumbling Stone, I told him that, that paper is utter darkness, and I would not have one of them in my house.

I Send you a dollar for God’s use. May God bless you all. O how often I think of you all, the dear GOSPEL TRUMPET family. Your sister saved just now.

Leah Miller.


Oakland Ia.

Dear Brethren: — I feel led to write to you. This morning finds me gloriously saved, through the blood of Jesus. Glory to His holy name! I bless God that the true light of the Gospel has shone into my heart, and has shown me that through faith in the blood of Jesus, we may be saved from all sin, and sanctified to God. The blessed Lord has kept me nearly four years, and I know He is able to keep what I have entrusted in His care.  

Mary Wright.


Onarga Ill.

Dear Brethren: — God bless you all for Jesus’ sake. I feel led to send for one of the Church Tracts. Please send me one, for I feel the need of one since I got home from Camp Meeting; enclosed find pay for same. Tell all the dear saints I am still kept by the power of God. Bless His holy name! O, I am so sweetly resting in Jesus: one week ago to-day He so sweetly took me in His arms. Oh, Glory to God for such sweet fellowship with Jesus! He is so good to me, I cannot help telling it; He did so much for me one week ago to-day. Oh, Glory to His holy name! Your Sister saved and kept by the power.

Sarah N. Wells.


Nelsonville Wis.

Dear Brethren: — I am a lover of the cause of the Lord. He is my Shepherd and it is all I want. Should like to meet all of God’s dear ones and clasp glad hands on that blissful shore. Shall we know each other there? God is my helper, He keeps me, even me; He is mine and I am His. All glory to God forever!

You will find $1.00 enclosed. I mean to help to shed light in this sin-cursed world: the light is in all of God’s true people. I do crave an interest in your prayers. It is cheering to read over the list of witnesses for Jesus. I intend to send something more to that office soon. I want that little sheet to go to those that will read it. I love truth, it makes me free. All glory to God forever! The blessed Jesus is my keeper. O, how sweetly I am kept. Hallelujah!

H. R. Morrison.


Allegheney Pa.

A few weeks ago I was taken down very sick, and all that saw me thought I would not get well, but the Lord raised me up in a few days. Praise His holy name! I don’t know how to thank Him enough this morning. Dear Brethren, we are still walking in the truth. Our back is prepared for the burden. The servant is not above his Lord. Jesus says we shall be baptized with the same baptism that He was baptized with, and drink of the same cup. Praise His holy name! May the God of peace and comfort be with you all. Amen! Your Sister saved and sanctified through the blood of Christ.

Maggie Truxel.


Geneva Center Mich.

I praise God this afternoon, dear brethren and sisters, for the wonderful love of God that I feel from day to clay in my heart; it keeps me from all sin, and the way grows brighter and brighter each day. I am so glad that God sent true men among us to preach a second work of grace; am I am glad I loved God enough to hear His Word, and accept of it, and was cleansed, and am still sanctified once for all. Amen! Oh, Glory to God! I am ready to work for the Lord. Yours saved and sanctified.  

Orpha J. Beebe.


Sandy Lake Pa.

Dear Brethren: — Grace and peace be multiplied to you in abundance. The GOSPEL TRUMPET came to us this morning. I took it and went in to the room and began to read About the first thing I read was Bro. Gildersleeve’s letter. When I read that orders were received for Bro. Warner’s Bible Proofs that could not be filled for want of means to pay the publishers of the book, I could not forbear to weep. My daughter heard me and came to ask what was the trouble. I told her that I had to weep because the cause of Christ was suffering for the want of means to spread the true light around. O, how my heart was pained to know that there is so much money that is spent unnecessarily. O how glad I would be to give a thousand dollars, if I had it to give. O dear Trumpet readers, let us all do what we can to help Bro. Warner get those books out at work and Bro. Fisher to spread the TRUMPET. God bless those dear brethren in this great work. O, I do bless God this day and hour for salvation. Praise the Lord oh my soul! Glory to His excellent name! I pray God to send Bro. and Sister Fisher, and Bro. Warner and all whom He will to our Camp Meeting. Your Sister in Christ.

Mary E. Farrah.


Sandy Lake Pa.

Dear Brethren: — Bless God the giver of all good. This leaves us well soul and body. The saints are holding a meeting at Hendersonville once a week, and some are receiving holiness truth. You remember how one of them said last summer at the C. M. that their holiness would not mix with ours. But thank God, some of them are getting their eyes open, and come to our meetings. God’s will is being done, and His enemies are awfully stirred. God is sending out. His children to tear down all He has not built up. If the Lord wills, some of us are going down to Annandale Saturday to hold a meeting. We have been up to the Beach, and had a good meeting there. The little ones are doing welt up there. Two of them were over here last Sabbath, had a glorious time, they are looking forward to their coming Camp or Grove Meeting when they expect to see Bro’s. Daniel and Joseph, and Sister Fisher.

In the providence of God, we have lost two of our firmest sisters, Sister Carmichael having moved to the west, and Sister Knapp, the Lord has recently taken home.

Well dear Bro., we are living to please God in ail things, the best we know how. We send our love to you all, wishing God’s blessings upon you continually. Your Bro. and Sister in Christ.

Wm. & Maggie J. Frost.


Mt. Pleasant Ia.

Dear Brethren — I am well and saved Praise the Lord! God is giving me such a blessed experience. I do praise Him for all He has done for me. Your redeemed sister.

Laura E. Smith.


Latty Ohio.

Dear Brethren: — Glory to God! He saves us by the washing of regeneration, and the renewing of the Holy Ghost. Hallelujah! we have victory over the world, the flesh and the devil; and are “kept by the power of God, through faith, unto salvation, ready to be revealed in the last time.” We received the Sabbath tracts all right. Glory to God! for His Spirit that leads into all truth. We are not children of the bond woman, but of the free. Not under the law, but under grace. We ask all the Dear TRUMPET readers to pray for us. Your Bro. saved and sanctified. Glory to God! for victory over the beast.

J. M. Howard.



As we might expect in these times of satan’s wrath, the enemy has been making some desperate efforts to overthrow the faith of God’s elect. Some were affected, and somewhat crippled by his subtle devices. But the Holy Spirit who searches all things, revealed the condition of things, and the searching Word of God has been brought to bear with the Holy Spirit sent down from heaven, both publicly and privately. Glory to God! the result has glorious. As at Corinth, there has been a “clearing” of the saints. Several who lost the Spirit reconsecrated to God. Some bocksliders have been restored, sinners converted, and the mighty power of God fills the place where we meet. One poor man who refused to give himself to God fully, and give up tobacco, was taken with violent heart trouble, was nigh unto death. God wonderfully raised him and healed him and saved him, which was followed by the salvation of two members of his family.     Praise God!

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