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1 August 1891, Volume 11, Number 15.

Yes, yes, yes.


We will tell you, that we’re pilgrim’s;
And we’re wholly free from sin. 1 Jno. 3:9.
We are flashing light around us,
And we’re witnesses for Him. Acts 1:8.

We have made a consecration
Of ourself and earthly store Matt. 19:21.
We have died to all but Jesus,
And His will for ever more. Matt. 12:49, 50.

We do love to read the Bible,
Feel the Spirits holy fire. Luke 11:28.
We do measure to its standard,
And its beauties we admire. 2 Tim. 8:16, 17

We will gladly tell the story
Of the Saviour’s wondrous love. 1 Pet. 1:8.
How it fills the soul with glory
Pure as Heaven’s light above. Matt 5:8.

We do think and talk of Jesus,
More than all the world beside. Luke 8:39.
It does give a holy comfort,
In Him only to abide. Jno. 14:15, 16.

We are seeking out the needy,
leading sinners to the blood Psa 51:13.
Thus oh pilgrims will we ever
Live and work alone for God. Rom. 14:8.

Clara Beaver.




We often meet with persons who say they are trying to be a christian, doing the best they can in their weak way, making many crooked paths, doing things they should not do, and leaving undone things they should do, and hope to hold out faithful unto the end, and at last gain a home in heaven, have you not heard just such testimonies? It is not saying too much to say that such ones need an introduction to the Lord Jesus, and the teachings of His Word. To such ones, it is a great cross for them to stand up for the Master, they are strangers to the real joys of salvation. Lord, help such ones to see the need of real Bible salvation, and then get it. Christ tells us that His yoke is easy and His burden is light, and He also says: “Come unto me all ye that, labor, and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” Some people by to carry their own burden, the burden of their friends, and even think they must carry some of the burdens of the Lord, and thus have so much care upon them that their lives are made miserable, and they miss the pleasures and joys of salvation. The word says: “Cast your care upon the Lord, for He careth for thee.” True, it also teaches that we must bear one anothers burdens, but that does not mean that we are to take upon ourselves a weight of care continually, that will drive away the sweet blessings of the Lord. We may help others along wherein they need help, whether financially or spiritually, and thereby be strengthened ourselves, instead of weakened. At times we may be so burdened for souls, as to groan under the weight, but at such times we know God is placing a burden upon us, a responsibility, and has a work for us to do and desires us to act at once. What do we do at such times? flee to the Lord in earnest prayer, for wisdom and grace and faith to walk out on the promises of the Lord as soon as made known unto us. The eternal weight of glory comes by doing the will of God. There is a great difference between trying to be a Christian, and being one. A person may try all the days of their life and then miss heaven in the end. Come to the terms of the Bible, and be a real Christian, through faith in Christ and live what you profess; measure up to the teaching of the Bible and you will not have to be trying always and never knowing whether you are right or not. Some claim to be followers of Jesus and yet say a person cannot live free from sin in this life. Dear reader do you belong to this class? if so, shame on you! you are out on the barren plains of sin yet, and a stranger unto salvation, no difference how much of a profession you are making. Paul says: “Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein? Rom. 6:1, 2. “He that committeth sin is of the devil,” 1 Jno. 3:8. This places you in a pretty had condition. A person cannot be a child of God, and at the same time be wilfully sinning against Him. Jesus says: “Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect” Matt. 5:48. “Without holiness no man shall see the Lord.” Rom. 12:2, teaches us to be not conformed to this world. That is, not to follow after fashions and ways of worldy people, just to be in style; or to act and follow the ways of worldly people, in any way contrary to the word of God. When you see a person conforming to the world in dress, just enough to keep from receiving the sneers of the worldly people, and yet not wish to be rejected as a child of God, you will soon see other outcroppings besides the pride that is already in the heart, such as light frivolous, talk or covetousness, deceit, etc. such persons are not what are called a power in the hands of God; but are generally having what they call “A hard time of it, and so many trials,” but their trials do not come from their holy living. If we are buffeted for our faults, what doth it profit us? But if we are persecuted for the sake of Christ then we shall have our reward of love and His favor and blessings upon us.

Every true soldier of the cross must pass through the fire of persecution, wade the deep waters of oppression, and fight the battles of faith looking unto Jesus as their great deliverer at all times. God will have a tried people, and a peculiar people, separate from the world. When a child of God is called to pass through some severe trial, there need be no fear: “For God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape that ye may be able to bear it.” — 1 Cor. 10:13. The one who has never met with any trials or temptations; nor had their faith tried, and their loyalty to God tested by some trial, opposition, or persecution etc., along the christian warfare, is not as far advanced as God would have them; they soon become dwarfed, and their spiritual life-blood becomes coagulated, as it were, and they know but little about what is going on along the front lines of the battle. These tests of faith are what drills the christian soldier. When these trials and tests come, keep the shield of faith up and though the enemy may shoot many poison arrows, they will not strike you. Put your shield down while in the thickest of the fight and you are sure to get hit; yea, wounded insomuch that it will be very hard to raise the shield and face the foe again, and yon will be tempted to leave the field of battle, or fall dead upon the spot. O, for more tried and true soldiers for Jesus! O Lord, send them forth. It is a glorious warfare. Our weapons are not carnal weapons, but we fight the fight of faith. Let not your faith shrink when persecutions come, for if you live a sanctified life and do your duty, persecutions will come, for the Word says: “Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus SHALL suffer persecution.” — 2 Tim. 3:12. But your soul will be richly rewarded if you endure it patiently.

Dear one, have you been praying, for a long time, for more power and do not receive it? if so begin to make a thorough investigation of matters, and call on God to help you in the same, and see if there is not something about you that is not just what it should be. See if you are not in some way conformed to the world; if your conversation is such as becometh a child of God; if you are dead to the opinions of the people, reputation, etc.; your tongue bridled from speaking evil, and talebearing; see if you have given up friends, property, and all for Christ, and are doing all you can for the spread of the Gospel, and above all things see to it that you are consecrated to do the will of God, and then do it, as fast as He makes it known to you Do not be looking at some one else, and trying to get just such an experience as they have; or drawing back on account of the crookedness of some one. Look to the Lord; study His Word, and see what He has promised unto you, and upon what conditions it is to be obtained, then move out on that line and you will soon be rewarded with the power that cometh down from above, and you will find that you are sweetly kept, instead of having such a time trying to keep something you did not have. Launch your boat out into the deep waters, and let the tempest come, and there will be no danger of running on sand bars, or dashed against the craggy rocks along the shore. Sail out into the ocean of His love, and enjoy the sweet heavenly atmoshpere where you can send up fervent prayers, and songs of praise out of a pure heart.

E. E. Byrum.




Dear Saints of the Most High God: — I feel that it is to the glory of God, for me to give my testimony of the healing He has bestowed upon me. About six months ago in the evening I felt a pain in my left side, and it was getting worse and worse, so I went to bed thinking it would leave, but could not lie in bed, and in less than an hour I was so bad that I could neither stand, nor sit down, so I was rolling on the floor and moaning for the pain was so great. My family gathered round me, and all were weeping. I gave up, and was sure I had to die, and that very soon; so I commended my children and all to the Lord, and asked Him to take care of them, and then called on my wife and children to take my case to the Lord, and we all called on the Great Physician to heal me, and in less time than it takes to write this, I was healed. Oh glory to God! for the mighty healing power of Christ. Before we called on the Lord, one of the boys went for the doctor, although I did not know it at that time; but before the doctor came I was a well man again, and so the glory is to the Lord for the work was all done by the Lord.

Well, dear ones, it is now almost two years since I accepted this salvation, and I would not exchange the past two years that I have lived with Jesus, for the world and its riches. Oh, praise the Lord for salvation in its fulness! Amen.

S. B. Heeter.

Turkey City, Pa.




Dear Saints: — I must tell you all what the dear Lord has done for me in answer to prayer and through faith in Jesus. About three months ago, I was deeply impressed to trust God for my healing, and requested your prayers in my behalf. I had always been a great sufferer from Catarrh, which after the LaGrippe, threatened to run into Quick Consumption, but I was able to go about the house, and my faith was too weak to lay hold of God’s wonderful promises. I said that if I was brought down to death’s door, I was sure I could have the right kind of faith, and I was brought there, by a second attack of LaGrippe. I do think no one could have failed more than I did in that week. My parents had given up all hopes of my recovery, but the Lord sent dear sister Stowell to us, and after a terrible day of suffering, she said: “I do not see why, but I do not feel impressed to lay hands on that child,” and coining to me, she said: “Sister Belle is your consecration complete? are you prepared to die, if it is God’s will?” I told her I would be glad to go. She then, asked me if I would be willing to live, and leave father, mother, home and every thing to preach — I did not wait for her to finish (for that word had been ringing in my ears all the afternoon) but said No, I could not preach. Oh! she said, there it is, I thought something was wrong with the consecration. After a severe struggle, I said I was willing to do any thing God wanted me to, and then I received the blessing. It seemed to me that medicine was being poured all through my head. In a short time I was up and at the table, ate a hearty meal and have been getting stronger ever since. The sectarians are not willing to give God the glory, but are being forced to in God’s own way. Praise His name! I am saved and sanctified by a second work of grace. The dear Trumpet comes as a herald of light, and we all love it so much, and intend with God’s help to do what we can to increase its circulation Pray for me that I may always be true and faithful to God.

Yours in the love of Jesus.

Belle Coston.

Muskegon, Mich.


Decatur Mich. July 15, 1891.

Dear Saints: — I am still free and out on the promises under the blood. I was once a “Pentecoster” with fear in my heart but since I followed the pillar of fire from Pomeroy, Ill., to Bangor, Mich., which was the 9th of June, and to my surprise I heard the truth there that I never heard before. I would have left the Camp soon after I got there, but the way was all hedged up and I was soon lost in wonder, love and praise. Yes, lost. Soon all fear left my heart and I felt that the chains that hound me down severed. And I went free. By the way I never saw a people that seemed to love one another as that people. Planning and praying a way open for me to attend the Beaver Dam, C. M. I expect to get another wave of glory in my soul for I feel I know but little of this way. The sun-light of heaven is shining in my soul.

Mary E. McCormick.


Binghamton, N. Y.

Dear Saints of God: — My heart goes out to you all in great and holy love each day of my life. Yea, and many times a day as I labor with my hands — much of the time in extreme weariness and pain. I send you all greeting in the name of the blessed Master. I am praising God in these days for a great and strange and varied experience in the past, and for a protracted experience of the same. I know that God has been working many years as only God can work, to bring me through into the light and liberty of His blessed Holy Spirit While I know that God never compells any one to love or follow Him, I cannot help but know that God has, through force of circumstances, compelled me to come out of babylonish confusion. When I remember how Jesus suffered for us, I can sing:

“All hail reproach and sorrow,
If Jesus leads me there.”

For many months we stood alone, true to the Holy Spirit within, and then our pent-up soul was made to rejoice, to know in God’s own way, that we stood not alone, but that He had a few more true children scattered abroad in the land. Jesus was the most perfect man, and yet a man of the greatest sorrows. Now, this thought encourages my soul at times. I feel impressed to give a little of my experience of the past winter, as under present circumstances I must work with my hands, and not for God, as it seems that I must do sooner or later, or lose my soul. Alter knowing of the evening light people, much good work was begun. But alas! where are the souls to-day? joined to their idols, tobacco and dress. They withheld a part of the price willfully and died the spirit death, according to God’s Word. Others have gone after strange gods, “Christian Science,” etc. Others would not go to work with their hands, and be self supporting, as Jesus and St. Paul taught, by precept and example. No, no, popularity and money without work, is the object of many more than the full and free salvation from all sin and unrighteousness. A few of us are standing firm and true to Jesus. We find that to do so, is to be greatly misunderstood, and misrepresented, because the real life and practical teaching and works of our blessed Savior, has almost become a dead letter, and if endorsed must be lived out. I spent much time and money last winter to glorify my Savior, but the devil has sworn to rob Christ of His greatest glory, that of saving souls to the uttermost, and is constantly inventing new, and the latest improved method to do the same work every where, and attract minds from Jesus and His wonderful power to save. I feel increasing divine pressure upon my spirit daily, but it is not so much for public work as it is to go from house to house, with papers, tracts and truth, prayers, and encouragements and words of warnings. I am not fitted for a more popular work by education. How little of somebody’s consecrated wealth it would take to care, for my family in their most rigid economy, and to equip me with necessary tracts and papers to do that which they ought to do, and cannot or will not do. Will God hold me responsible? Mean-time I must work. Debts contracted to help others live light must be paid, while they live on in idleness. When God opens up the way before me, I am ready. Until then, I shall endeavor to keep myself unspotted from the world in every way, and God helping me, try to go on unto that perfection which God commands. Pray much for me dear saints, for I do not have as much enjoyment of the Spirit when working with my hands, as I do when using my experience among so many who know not the way. On the Sabbath day remember a few of us being in my home keeping the day in a manner pleasing unto God. Now the children enjoy a day of singing, talking, reading; and praying and worshiping God in a right spirit and manner, a real delight I sometimes think it is too good to be true, that God has in these last days raised up a holy people. We cannot tell professors on the Sabbath day from other people. It is their dress or bonnet, business or crops; anything but God on the Sabbath day in their conversation. After years of disappointment, am I to really see and know a holy people — saved from all worldliness, especially on the Lord’s day. Dear saints, if we can do nothing more, let us pray much for each other, and encourage each other through the TRUMPET and by letter. More practical religion is what the world is in need of to-day. Let us pray, and work more to make the TRUMPET a weekly paper, and then we can speak oft times to each other, and if we axe very practical upon all important points, some one will receive help and our blessed Saviour glorified. May the ball be kept rolling. It stirs all within me, as I read of the glorious camp-meetings, may it be God’s will that I can go to some of them in the near future, and know more of the dear saints, whose testimonies so encourage my soul as I read them. My heart goes out especially to those, who like myself, are isolated or shut in with God and no Church privileges, because we cannot mix in with, or endorse their worldliness. I should be pleased to hear from such ones. May God keep us all under the blood, and by power Divine, is the prayer of your humble brother in Christ.

H. B. Marsh.


Norwood, Mo.

Dear Saints and Trumpet Readers: — To-day I am saved and sanctified to do God’s will. Oh, praise His holy name for the highway of holiness. What a glorious blessing and privilege it is to enjoy the fulness of God’s love. I believe when God said: Thou shall love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy might, He meant just what He said. And I believe when He said, Be “ye holy for I am holy,” that He meant for me to be holy. God is holy, and heaven is a holy place, and if we are ever permitted to enter the shining portals of heaven, we must be made holy by the precious blood of Christ in this world. God is our eternal friend when He commands us to be holy; this command is equal to a promise, it is as though a millionaire should say to a poor man, be ye rich, and at the same time stand ready offering him a million dollars to make him rich. When God says, be ye holy, He stands ready and pledged to make you holy, so it is a privilege as well as a duty And again we learn in God’s holy and uncompromising Word: “Without holiness no man shall see the Lord.” We need more true holiness preachers, that will preach holiness and then live it. I am just a boy starting out for God, and I want all the saints to pray for me that I may ever be humble and useful in God’s hands.

Your brother in Christ, saved and sanctified.

Ostis Wilson.

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Sent Forth in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ
For the Purity and Unity of His Church,
the Defence of ALL His Truth,
And the Destruction of Sect Babylon.




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E. E. BYRUM and SMICHELS, — Publishers.


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It contains 148 songs. 90 with music About all new. The pages are some larger than Songs of Victory. When sang in the Spirit of God, these songs will be found, glorious. They hymn the precious present truth, and the Gospel standard of salvation.

Send in your order for Anthems from the throne, and start the songs of praise anew.

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A conversation between Bro. Light and Foggy, giving Bible proofs that we must live free from sin. This tract has been enlarged to 48 pages, and is now ready. All who love to read the truth, send for them by the hundred.

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A tract on the True Church, 50 pages, 10 cts.


A tract on the Sabbath, or which day to keep. 65 pages, 10 cts.



BY Bro’s Kilpatrick and Speck, is now ready to send out. It is a very thorough work giving the Bible readings or references on about 100 subjects.

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Address: — Gospel Trumpet, Grand Junction, Mich.



Holiness Bible Subjects by H. C. W. 100 subjects with Scripture, a concordance, and definitions to subjects. Setting forth the true Church, its doctrine, it-ordinances and its fruits. The fall of Babylon and the coming in of the evening light. Illustrated. 376 pages neatly bound in cloth.

Price, (Per single copy ……………. $1.25.
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A small tract of 32 pages, setting this subject before the people, in the clear light of the New Testament.

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A New Tract, By Wm. G. Schell,

Setting forth the Ordinances of the Scripture in a clear light, showing which are abolished, and proving that the three ordinances instituted by Christ are not of the Old Testament, but of the New, and are still in vogue.

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Refuted by the inspired Word of God.

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As persons have frequently written to us for Bibles and Testaments, we have purchased a few New Testaments with the References in figures, directly under the verse refered to, which is very convenient. It also contains a key to the principles of pronunciation and has a Dicitionary, and Gazetteer of 47 pages.

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An interesting paper for the children, illustrated. It should be in every family where there are children. Only 25 cents a year.

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We now have the Tobacco Tract ready to send out for free distribution. It contains 30 pages, with a neat cover. We will send these tracts to any one sending us postage at the rate of one cent for three tracts. We make no charge for our work of making the tracts. Always state just how many you wish sent.



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Pray for the Healing of Bro. Wm. E. Williams St. Louis, Mo. of nervous prostration and deafness of one ear. Also for his aged father, brother and sister who live in England.


Pray for sister Hannah Hoover that she may be healed of Catarrh of the head.


Pray for the wife of Bro. J. D. Barnes, that she may be healed.


Pray for sister H. L. Cuthbert who fell from her door step the 15th of last June, and dislocated or hurt her left hip so that she has not been able to move her left limb since. She is in a great deal of pain and is obliged to keep the bed ever since, and wishes the prayers of the saints.

J. Reed.


A Book on Divine Healing.

For some lime we have felt the Lord moving us to issue a work on DIVINE HEALING, containing chapters of instruction, showing the teaching of the Word of God on this subject, also giving a large number of testimonies and experiences of persons whom the Lord has healed; showing to the world the wonderful power of God to save the soul, and heal the body; and also giving an account of just what points of consecration of salvation had to be met before the work could be accomplished; and of the dealings of the Lord with each one before and after healing. We are convinced that there are thousands of persons lying helpless upon beds of affliction, who, if such a book would reach them, they would be enabled to exercise faith enough in God to arise and take up their beds and walk. Now you who have been so wonderfully healed of the Lord, and desire to glorify God and aid others to obtain the blessing of health and salvation, send in your experience. We would like to have all sent in soon. All such must be addressed to E. E. Byrum, Grand Junction, Mich. Have all manuscripts carefully prepared, and plainly written with ink. If a letter of business is sent, let it be on a separate sheet.

We wish to issue this work and send it forth only for the glory of God, and desire to send it out as near cost as possible, that it may reach thousands of afflicted persons. Let us hear from you soon, about what the Lord has done for you.


Since inserting the above notice in the last issue we are almost daily receiving wonderful testimonies of healing. If you have not yet sent in yours, please send it in soon if the Lord directs, and thus glorify God.

E. E. Byrum.




Respecting the preparation of flour, O. S. Fowler writes: “Two egregious errors are committed. The weight of the stone, and its rapidity of motion, both crush it so fine and heat it so hot, as essentially to impair its nutritive properties. Hence flour is often said to be “dead,” much of its “life,” or nutrition having been destroyed.” “Grain is ground thus fine that it may be bolted the more closely, so as to become the whiter. But shall looks be allowed to impair quality? The bran left in greatly improves its nutritive capability. Else nature would have allowed us to separate it from the flour without grinding it to death. Its presence also promotes digestion. Its absence facilitates that torpor of the digestive organs and consequent constipation, which paves the way for those stomatic complaints. Give fine flour to hens, cattle, horses, or any other animals, and it will soon disorder them effectualy and breed disease. And unless man were stronger constitutionally than any other animal, it would break down and bury all who eat it. Indeed, it is now effectually consuming its comsumers by hundreds of thousands; not suddenly, but gradually by impairing digestion and thus inducing other diseases to which the death is ascribed. All who eat coarse and unbolted flour bread will thereby obviate half their sickness.”

Dr. T. L. Nichols. Author of the “Diet Cure,” and many other valuable works on the promotion of the health and strength of man. Bread is the staff of life — bread audits equivalents, and bread in its simplest forms. Probably there is no better bread in the world than that which is made to-day in Syria just as it was three thousand years ago. The women grind the day’s supply of wheat between two stones. The sweet, freshly, coarsely ground whole wheat meal, with all its rich, sweet, mucilaginous bran, is wet with pure water, kneaded into thin cakes and baked before the fire.”

Dr. M. L. Holbrook, of New York who is devoted to the writing and publication of health works, in a very excellent Book Entitled, Food and Work, “says” the whole wheat stands foremost as a nearly if not quite perfect food. Made into bread and eaten with milk or a little butter it is all that can be desired.”

Thus we could extend our testimonies from all truly able and scientific writers on the subject. Superiority of the whole wheat bread is a fact well known by all who have given the matter thought and investigation. But many have said to us, “we love it, and know it is far better, but we cannot get a good article,” as it is a fact that many mills impose on the public graham flour ground from damaged wheat that would not produce good flour. Another trouble is this, the whole wheat flour does not keep well, and after a little old, will not make good bread. We are happy to inform our readers that those difficulties are obviated by the purchase of the Wilson Bro’s, little $5.00 grist mill, which will enable you to grind your own wheat, save your toll, get 60 pounds of flour for every bushel of good wheat, and have it fresh as you wish to use it. When we saw the advertisement of this mill, we thanked God, as we had seldom been able to get good graham flour. We sent and purchased one a year ago last Spring, and we are glad to say it has proved a perfect success. It has saved us more than half our flour bill, and furnished better flour than we could get otherwise. On relating its merits to some farmers in Ind. a few months ago, they expressed no small gratitude to God to learn of this escape from the extortion and waste of present day milling. We have been informed by the people in different localities that the mill give their customers from 25 to 36 lbs, of flour per bushel. That is an utter waste of about one half their wheat. No wonder farmers say they cannot stand it. Such boasted advancement in civilization and invention is a curse to society, compared with the non- progressive simplicity of even the heathen. Not so much, however, on account, of the small quantity of flour received, as in the quality. Robbed of even the germ, and all the most nourishing, bone and muscle material, there remains a mere baker’s nibble, to feed and satisfy a puny race in their perverted ignorance of their food.

We have desired to inform our readers of this little friend of humanity, but waiting until testing it by hand power, as the one we have in use is run by steam. We have now procured another, and at first trial ground out by hand seven lbs. in twenty eight minutes. It will furnish good exercise rainy days, spare moments, etc, and if persons live several miles from mill, and have to make two trips for one grist, perhaps less time would be lost in doing your own grinding. While the saving of your wheat, with the blessing of good nutritive flour, are blessings of no small consideration. Indeed our observation demonstrates the fact, that for strength and ruddy health nothing will compare with this natural food of man. The mill can be adjusted so as to grind coarse or fine. For graham mush, a food most blessed for children and for all, especially for supper, the flour need not be so fine, and is all the more sweet and healthful. A natural appetite will always relish it and for this purpose alone the mill is worth the money several times over.

Dear Brethren and readers, we have secured an agency for this little mill, and would love to sell them by the thousand. We receive a commission which will furnish us some means to send out the Gospel to others. So while you are providing yourself and children with the real staff of physical life you are at the same time helping to feed hungry souls the Bread of heaven. Where several order from the same neighborhood they can be freighter together, and thus make you less cost in shipping. Price $5. Take it to the Lord, brethren,, and send us orders, for the good of you and your children.


List of Camp and Grove-Meetings.


We have made arrangements for a grove meeting in Bro. Kimble’s woods, three miles east of La Paz, the Lord willing just before the Beaver Dam camp meeting, Aug 7—9. Bro’s. Warner, Michels and Palmer are wanted, and as many more as can come. A precious time is expected as it comes just before the Beaver Dam camp-meeting, we hope many going from the north will take it in. A new R. R. will take you from St. Joseph directly to La-paz. Trains leave St Joe at 10 a. m. and 3 p. m.

Marshall Kirkley.


A GROVE MEETING will he held, the Lord willing, near New Hamshire, Ohio., just over the line in Logan Co. Aug. 5-9 Persons coining to this meeting via. of the C. H. & D. R. R., stop at Wapakoneta, Ohio, and notify Bro. Jesse Spurlock at New Hamshire, Ohio. Those coming via. the C. S. & C. R. R., stop at Huntsville, and notify Bro. A. Focht, Lewistown, Ohio, and you will be met at the station. All wishing to get good are invited by the saints there, and will be cared for.

D. S. Warner and Co.


The Beaver Dam Ind. camp meeting the Lord willing, will be held on the old camp ground, beginning Aug. 11 and continuing until about the 20th. Persons coming from the South on the Lake Erie & Western R. R. come to Rochester. Notify Bro. David Leininger, Akron, Ind. All persons coming on the Chicago & Atlantic stop at Akron, notify Bro. R. N. Gast, Akron, Ind. Persons coming from the North or South on the Cincinnatti & Wabash stop at Silver Lake, notify Bro. S. M. Smith at that place. Coming on the Nickel Plate stop at Mentone, and notify Bro. Fletcher Stoner at Beaver Dam, Ind. All bring tents that possibly can, or at least do not fail to bring some bedding.


This assembly will take place, Lord willing, Aug 21—30, on the pleasant ground one mile east of Deerfield Randolph Co Indiana. Saints from all parts are invited to come and tent on the ground. If you cannot tent, come any how, and you will be taken care of in the name of the Lord. All coming on the Bee line from the east stop at Union city, and those coming from the west on the Bee line stop at Winchester Those coming from the west on the Panhandle R. R stop at Deerfield. Those coming from the north or south on the G. R. I. R. R. stop at Ridgeville. Those coming to Union city address Bro. Fletcher Byrum New Pittsburg Ind. Those stoping at Winchester, notify Bro. Peter Whitsel Union City Ind. Those stoping at Deerfield or Ridgeville notify Bro. Samuel Grow Deerfield Ind. Please notify in good time so as to be sure to have some one to meet you at the station. Every body that loves God and wishes to seek Him is invited. Any information desired concerning the meeting address

H. C. Wickersham.

New Pittsburg, Randolph Co., Ind.



Will be held, the Lord willing, at Fair Haven, Carroll Co. Ill., commencing Ang 21st, and continuing as long as souls are willing to be saved. Bro’s Palmer and Dillon and Co. are expected, and every body invited.

Your brother in Christ

H.W. Hechler.



Will he held on the old camp ground near Rockland Station, Venango Co., Will begin Aug. 26th, and extend to Sept. 3rd.


There will be a grove and tabernacle meeting on the farm of Bro. H. M. Cook, four miles south east of Tekonsha, Mich. Aug. 20-23.



The Lord willing, a camp meeting will be held near the above place in Wright Co. Mo., beginning Aug. 21—30. Brethren write from there as follows: “We invite all saints that can, to come to the help of the Lord against the mighty. We have a good large tabernacle. We want some of God’s Holy Ghost ministers to come and carry on the meeting, as we are not accustomed to holding camp meetings. We expect Bro. Bolds and family, and any other preachers and companies the Lord leads. Such as need help to come, please correspond with us, and we will aid, if the Lord will, what we can. Let all the saints pray for us, that God may abundantly bless the camp meeting in the salvation of many souls.

Norwood is on the Kansas Ft. Scott and Memphis R. R. Persons coming on the line, change at Sprigfield, Mo., and come from Frisco directly here.

Any one wanting information can address

W. M. Wilson,
Wm. Gausvener,
Peter Mc Kinley.

Norwood, Mo.



We think best to begin Aug. 25th. This will enable Bro. Palmer to get there, if the Lord wills, after closing the Fair Haven tabernacle meeting. Bro. Wm. N. and Sister Smith, and Bro’s Achor and Stover are expected to be at that meeting.


Prism miss.

We wish to announce a Camp meeting at the Enon Camp-ground near Watkins Neshoba Co. Miss. beginning Friday before the third Sunday in Aug. We pray the Lord to lead His saints as many as can to attend the meeting, and that He will send out the unsaved to hear the word. We beg the saints every where to pray for the success of this important meeting. The Lord bless yon all. Amen!

W. W. Bradley.


A CAMP OR GROVE MEETING IN CANADA will be held at Candasville, Ontario, beginning Sept. 3rd and continuing about five days. Persons coming from the West on the Mich. Central R. R. stop at Perry station. Address Bro. James Blanchard at Candasville, Ont. Those coming from the South and East address me at Welland, Ont.

G. T. Clayton


A GROVE MEETING will be held the Lord willing, near Brock, Dark Co Ohio, Sept 2-6. Persons coming by R. R. come to Dawn on the C. C. C. & I. Bro. B. E. Warren expects to be there, and others are wanted. Address Bro. S. J. Holsapple.

Brock, O.


A GROVE MEETING will be held, the Lord willing three miles north of Lewistown Logan Co. Ohio Sept. 8—13. By R. R. parties can come to huntsville on the C. S. & C. on the Sandusky Division of the Big Four R. R. B. E. Warren and others.

Address A Focht

Lewistown, O.

Page 3

A Grove Meeting will be held the. Lord willing near Tampico, Jackson Co. Ind Sept 3—9. Every body invited, especialy all saints in southern Ind. Bro. J. N. Howard will be there, Bro. H. C. Wickersham is desired, and whosoever the Lord leads. For particulars address Charles Orr, Tampico, Ind.



The Lord willing there will be a Camp meeting at the above place in Daviess Co. Ind., beginning Sept. 10-15. The Lord is working in wonderful power in this country, souls are beginning to get awakened out of their sleep. We have secured a grove of about ten acres with abundance of water. We have a good large boarding house near by with six large rooms in it, and have plenty of lumber, to build a tabernacle and board tents, and the Lord has blessed this country with abundance of crops, there is plenty of feed, and eatables of all kinds; let all that can come, and as many as possible bring tents, and bedding, and most especially we want the ministers to come. We are sacrificing all we have. The word says let him that is weak say I am strong. All coming on train both east and west on the E. & R. R. R. stop at Odon, notify Wm. E. Moore Odon Ind.


We are happy to learn that Bro. Howard contemplates going to Alabama after the above meetings, and he wishes a true yoke mate to go with him. May the Lord select some one. There is a very promising field open in northern Ala. The truth we gave the people near Hartsells, has taken deep root, and they are very desirous for another meeting as soon as practical That call must not be neglected.


Meeting at Carthage, Mo.

Bro. Carter writes: “The saints desire a meeting here, and will expect the brethren to come here directly from the Frisco, Ark., meeting about Sept. 10th, and we will assist them on their way. All are invited who are interested in the wellfare of their souls, and the souls of others. Any one coming from the east or west can come on the S. L. & S. F. R. R. From the north on the Missouri Pacific, R. R.”

Yours in Him.

Thomas Carter.


A GROVE MEETING will be held, the Lord willing on Bro. Cupp’s place near Six Points, Wood Co. Ohio, which is four miles from Prairie Depot to which persons can come by R. R. via. of Fostoria or Toledo, and will be met at station if they will notify Bro. G. W. Cupp at Six Points, O. Coming to Trombley notify Bro. Wm. H. Miller Jerry City, O. B. E. Warren and others.


Grove or camp meeting, Frisco, Ark

The Lord willing there will be a grove or camp meeting, at the above place, Crawford Co. northwestern Ark., Sept. 1—9. Persons coming by R. R. get off at Porter station. There is a good prospect of doing good if some one will go and preach the pure word. Address.

D. H. Kilman.

Frisco, Ark.



Dear brothers and sisters in Christ: — To any of God’s ministers whom the Lord leads to work in Iowa this summer and fall, I wish to say that I very much desire a meeting at this place. Come if the Lord so leads. I am saved, and earnestly contending for the faith once delivered to the saints. Pray for me.

Yours in the love of Jesus.

Jennie Dunlap.

Dysart, Iowa.


The saints at Manchester, Ia. also desire a tent meeting this fall.



Highland, Kan., July, 13, 1891.

Dear Saints of the Living God: — May the richest of Heaven’s blessings rest upon you all, and grace and peace be multiplied amen. We are happy to report that we are still saved, and filled with glory, and Holy Ghost fire with victory over all the works of satan. Hallelujah! Since our last report the dear Lord has wonderfully blessed our souls, and also our labours. A few more captives have been set free, that were in bondage with the old galling yoke of sectism upon their necks, and mourning for liberty, and some better way to find than the one that had deceived them, and the one that is leading so many poor souls into eternal destruction, “bitter remorse and woe”, but when they saw a way of escape, heard God calling, “Come out of babylon and deliver every man his soul,” they stepped out upon the sea of glass. Rev. 15:2. And with the harps of God, harped the sweet songs of deliverance and “victory over the beast,” and nine dear souls were buried with Christ by baptism. Many people were out on Lord’s day and witnessed the scene. It was a solemn time to us, as we looked over a large congregation and saw some making sport of us as we followed Jesus down into the water, and even those who professed to preach the Gospel, or exhort men to follow Christ talked in a way unbecoming to a professed sinner and they claim to follow Jesus. O may God have mercy on the poor lost souls of such. There are several more dear ones seeking freedom from sin, and we believe many sheaves will be gathered into the kingdom of God at this place. We expect sister Mary Cole and Co. here soon the dear Lord willing, at which time we expect to have a glorious feast and a refreshing from the presence of God, we have much opposition as we always have from the hosts of gog and magog. A U. B. priest came out to fight God’s Word but made a miserable failure. His armour was good words and fair speeches by which to deceive the hearts of the simple. Rom. 16:18. He came out in the name of D. B. ism. we in the name of Jesus Christ. He tried to refute the second work of grace having never attained this blessed experience or the salvation of God, he came speaking evil of things he knew not. Jude 10, 16. Neither had he so much as heard us speak one word, and coming to light what we preached; he said, all the two works there are, is regeneration a work done in us, justification, a work done or us. Oh, may God pity the poor blind leaders (preachers) and help the dear people to realize that paying these sleepy fellows will not save them in eternity, and that holiness means pure in heart, not only in practice as they teach, but glory be to God, for the salvation of Jesus and the wisdom of God, that puts to silence these confused babylonian teachers. Hallelujah! for victory in Christ and over the beast, sectism. May all the dear children of God work with willing hands to lead lost souls to the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world. Time is short and precious, so let us have our loins gird about and our lamps burning, and always preach and talk so no one can gainsay nor resist, having on the whole armour of God, and a two-edged sword in our hands, by which we can execute the judgments written. Praise God!

Yours in the love of Jesus, saved to the uttermost, and sanctified and kept by power divine. Hallelujah! Amen.

W. A. Haynes.


117 N. Fifth St. San Jose, Cal. July, 6, ’91. To the Saints of the Most High God Greeting: — Since my last report the Lord has been blessing His Word through His servant. I arrived here in San Jose, June the 24th, and soon found my way to the Florence Mission, where they have meeting every night. There the Lord has enabled me to hold forth the light of entire sanctification mostly in private conversation. Preached last Wednesday afternoon in their consecration meeting, eight at the altar for sanctification. There has been about seventeen consecrations for sanctification, three for justification, and two have been healed according to Jas. 5:14 and more to follow. Some are already leaving babylon and their shepherds do not seem to like it very much. But the prophet says, “Let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream.” — Amos 5:24. I opened Swedish meetings the first Sunday I was here, and the interest has been increasing, and I trust the Lord will gather out a little flock here. If the Lord permits and sends means, I hope to be able to start independent work in the English Language in Santa Clara, three miles from here, a city of about three or four thousand inhabitants. Pray much for me and the Lord’s work here on the coast. The harvest is great but the workers are few.

Your brother on the Gospel Altar.

Ludolf Schoder.


National City, Cal. July 21, 1891.

Dear Saints: — We have begun the siege here with our new tent. It is forty feet in diameter, and will seat three hundred people. The dear Master has already sent in $59. toward the the tent debt. There are yet $61 back and our faith is firm for the amount by the time it is needed. Pray dear saints, for an overwhelming victory here We expect to remain as long as the Lord wills. Let all contribute toward this debt as the Lord has prospered, that the work may move swiftly on over this Pacific Coast. We are kept in perfect health and the Word of God is in our hearts as a burning fire shut up in our bones, and we would become weary with forbearing and cannot stay.

Your humble servants upon the Gospel Altar.

J. W. Byers & R. A. Cannan.


Bro. James Mcbeth, from Augusta Ga. writes: “We desire the united prayers of the saints. A white man down here who is not backed with a sect government and will associate with the colored people, to preach the Word, has a hard road to travel. But the grace of God is sufficient for me in all trials. I have been raised here, and I tell them I am commanded to preach the Word to every creature, and with the help of God I am going to preach the Word.

[The brother has been laboring for the Master in some of the southern states and cities. Let us pray for the work of the Lord among all classes in this southern field.]


Bangor, Mich., July 8, ’91

Dear Brethren: — Grace, mercy and peace be with all the Israel of God Amen! After the Bangor C. M. we went to east Decatur, Mich and held meeting over Friday, Saturday and Sabbath. God was with us in presenting the Word and we trust, some good was done for God. Friday the 26th we arrived at Bro. Kriebels and commenced meeting the same evening in the door yard, (the tabernacle not yet having arrived) the tent came and was pitched, and meeting held in the evening the people were very attentive and interested in the preaching of the Word, We stayed until Monday the 6, of July. During the meeting there were 38 at the altar the most of whom received a glorious experience, (our son Bert among hem) Brethren rejoice with me. On Sabbath ten were buried with Christ by baptism, and in the evening 23 partook of the ordinance of the Lord’s supper and feet washing, we had a very impressive and solemn time. Bro. Adelbert Bixler was ordained elder of the Church at Gardner, Ill., and Bro, Jonas Kriebel was ordained elder and Bro. John Knipe deacon of the church at Reddick Ill. God’s mighty power was manifested at all the meetings. The real slaying power. Two or three times the people would drop on their knees and begin to beg for mercy while singing the first hymn so that we could not get a chance to read the Word or preach. Well praise the Lord we just let Him have his own way about it, and he did the work to suit Himself. O how thankful we are for God’s goodness to us in giving us souls for our hire, we are also very thankful for the financial help we received which far exceeded our expectation. Monday the 6th we left the dear ones (which God had so closely united to us by His love) for home. Bro. Dillon and Go. stopped in South Chicago to work for the Lord a few days, we to our farm work for a few days after which we take the field again.

Brethren pray fo us.

A. B. Palmer, J. A. Dillon & Co.


Sidney, Ohio., July 18, 1891.

Brother and sister Jacobson, wife and left St. Louis, Mich., for Muskegon, Mich. July 3rd commenced meeting the 4th. O what a precious time we had and how the dear Lord did bless our labours there in “word and doctrine” to the salvation and establishing of many precious souls. We praise God for all good accomplished; about 15 or 18 consecrations were made, some of which for sanctification, ten for pardon. A number did not go on to perfection whom we trust ere long will become thus established in the Lord. A number were also gloriously healed of long standing diseases. To Jesus be all praise given. Amen! Brothers Messer and Miller were ordained deacons, and sister Emma I. Coston was also ordained elder or overseer of the church of God in that vicinity. God bless her labors in this capacity and constantly qualify her for the solmn responsibility under which she must labor in this sacred office and keep her meek and humble pulling the perishing ‘out of the fire.” May the lord help the church there to do their duty by prayer faith to assist her in the great work. Oh what a solemn time, at the ordination of these dear ones! We could truly, but thus recognize their call. God bless them for their kindness shown in supplying all our needs.

Your Bro. and sister.

B. E. & N. M. Warren.

Grand Junction, Mich.


From The Northern Peninsula.

Trout Creek, Mich.

Dear readers of the Gospel Trumpet: — You will no doubt be interested to know what the Lord is doing in the northern Peninsula. Here, God has placed wealth upon and under the ground, minerals, timber, and productive soil. Here is a new state to be carved and established May it become God’s and not for the devil. At present the powers of darkness control. I preached the Gospel, for the first time in many towns. There are but few that attend the meetings as king Alcohol rules and leads them on to ruin. But not all of them rejoice in that way of living; some pray for God to send them ministers. My heart was made glad by visiting, and talking about our Lord, and many did what they could to encourage me in the work of christianity. As I was about to start for home on July 4th I was earnestly requested to preach a funeral, north of Paynesville eleven miles distant. I started out on and was richly rewarded to see the old husband, and children thanking God for a minister to comfort them, and tell them of the teachings of our Lord.

The deceased, Mrs. Daniels, was 72 years of age, and was an earnest devoted, noble christian, and requested that I should preach from 1 Cor. 15:15. This text had increased force, because she was an invalid tor 17 years, and for years a great sufferer. It was a very solemn occasion. The noble pioneers who are so heroically struggling to establish civilization, gathered for miles, prepared, and seated a beautiful grove, dug a grave, and after service, here in this primtive forest, a thoughtful people gathered around the remains of one who was, in a spiritual way, a great power. I rejoiced to tell those pioneers of their great need of Christ in their noble mission to establish proper institutions, and to comfort them and enable them to live in unity, and finally enjoy the rest in heaven where there will be no sorrow and pain.

Your Bro. in Christ.

John Storrer.


Marion, Miss., July 13th, ’91.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — We wish to tell you what the Lord is doing for the colored people here. He has sanctified people here who are increasing in numbers and are following Him in all the commandments. On the second Sunday in July we had a glorious meeting about three miles from here, and the Lord sent a Pentecostal shower of the Holy Spirit upon us and the saints were made to rejoice. We are going from house to house preaching the word of God.

Your Bro. sanctified and kept by the power of God.

C. H. Harper.


The work of the Lord in Miss.

Dear Saints: — I wish to write a few lines in regard to the work of the master in this country. The harvest is truly great and the labors are few, pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest that He will send forth labors into His harvest Matt. 9:37, 38. O we do need more Holy men and women in this field to lead anxious souls to Jesus. O Lord help us; we are worked down almost, and cannot fill all the calls. Brethren help us to pray the Lord to give us more laborers in this white harvest. The Lord is wonderfully blessing us now. Sinners are being convicted, and saved, and the sick, and afflicted healed in the name of the Lord, to whom be all the glory. I have visited Watkinsville, High Hill, and other places of late, and find most of the saints true to God. At Watkinsville we had the blessed privilege of meeting with Bros. A. L. Creel, Jesse Nelson, O. Stewart, M. Sistrunk, James Ethridge. At High Hill we met with dear Bros. Jas. Strickland F. M. Willamson all doing all they can it seems for the glory of God and salvation of souls. Let us pray the Lord for the power of heaven to accompany their efforts for God, they are all out for God, and are lovers of the whole truth. We only preached twice or three times at High Hill but we believe good was done Many offered themselves for prayer and we are still praying for them. I was sick while at that place, and in answer to prayer the Lord raised me up. We had a few days meeting at Watkinsville, God led the people out notwithstanding it was a busy time for farmers, the Lord also gave us access to the hearts of the people, and give power to the truth and we believe much good was done in the name of Jesus; some were led to the Lord, and a goodly number left seeking Him. While at this place I visited the Enon holiness Camp-ground where the holiness Camp meeting will be held beginning friday before the third Sunday in Aug. It is indeed one of the most beautiful places for a Camp-ground that I ever saw; it is in beautiful shady grove of Pines and sweet-gum that seems to weave with their branches a thick roof over head, on either side is a sloping hill. In front is a long narrow valley. In the back ground a small stream of water supplied by a spring of cold water, sparkling as clear as crystal; only a few yards below the arbor is a beautiful clear pool or small pond of pure water where a goodly number have been buried with Christ in baptism. The Lord led us to call it Enon as we thought of the dace where John was baptizing St John 3 23. We visited Sion church last Saturday and had a meeting at the water, and seven of the Lord’s children followed Jesus in baptism. On sundry morning near Ft Stephens six more were baptized. From there we came to Bock Sprngs where we begun a few days meeting in the name of Jesus. We find the saints at this place in, good working order. God is blessing His word. The saints here are going to build a meeting house soon. Pray for us.

Your Bro. & sister saved and sanctified

W. W. & N. J. Bradley.


Black Ash, Pa.

Dearly Beloved Saints: — I wish to report that the saints held meeting in this neighborhood the 11, and 12, of this month. Bro. Z. R. and Silas Powel from near Cochranton were with us and assisted in the meeting. On the sabbath about twenty souls obeyed God in the ordinances of washing the saints’ feet and partaking of the Lord’s supper. During the ordinances of feet washing the power of God was gloriously manifested in our midst. Several were convicted of the necessity of obeying this ordinance. We believe there was seed sown that will spring up and bring forth fruit to the honor and glory of God. The meetings were well attended. Seven persons were baptized. Pray for us in this place that the truth may spread more and more.

Your sister saved and sanctified.

E. J. Billig.


Burbank Ohio, July 7 1891.

Dear Brethren: — we are praising God for full salvation. Meeting closed July 5th with the real praises of God in our souls. Hallelujah to Jesus! Bro. W. H. Miller from Wood Co. O., Bro. Guiss and Bro. Rosenbery, and many others were with us. The power of God was manifested. One soul was converted, two sancitfied. The healing power was manifested on the last evening of the meeting and some of them healed of their diseases, glory be to Jesus how willing he is to do just what we ask.

Your Bro. wholly sanctified and kept by the power of God.

J. H. Moore.


Auburn, Ind., July 20, 1891.

Dear Saints: — Our last report was written from St. Louis, Mich. We had long desired to meet with the dear people of God in those parts. After this camp-meeting, we in company with Bro. and sister B. E. Warren, went to Muskegon, Mich., where we held a meeting about six miles south of that city, with a grand sweeping victory for God in the glorious display of His power. Perhaps no strict account was kept of those who consecrated, but the souls saved and redeemed are recorded in heaven, which were a goodly number. In the evening of the 12th, and 13th, we held two meetings in another school-house four miles distant. The truth had its effect; one sanctified. The 15th wife and I took train for Kalamazoo, where we held two meetings which were precious in the Lord, because of the presence of His power and glory. Three sanctified, others were convicted, the church blessed and encouraged. There have been several consecrations here, a few healed, the church edified, quickened and strengthened. After the Beaver Dam, C. M., we go westward to Ill.

Your brother and sister in Him.

F. N. & Susie A. Jacobson.

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“Let be dearly understood that we can and do make it hard for Christ to confess us. For as the devil of old came into the presence of God accusing Job, so now the devil in a sense enters the courts of heaven, accusing us before the Father. Here is some poor trembling faltering sinner, who walks unworthy of the vocation whereunto he is called. The devil comes before God, and says; ‘Oh, yes; that is one of yours — who promised to serve you and be faithful, and yet see how he is living.’ Christ’s reply is: ‘Well, he has confessed me before men, and I promised to confess him before my Father. Yea, he is one of mine, and I am hoping that this and that will remove every trace of evil. “It is a hard thing for Christ to confess us in the face of oar many inconsistencies.” — GORDON. From The Home Work of D. L. Moody. Page 108.


  1. ‘It is hard for Christ to confess us,’ says Moody. Oh, what blindness is seen in the above statements, all of which are for the want of salvation in the soul. Jesus says, “Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart and ye shall find rest unto your souls, For my yoke is easy and my burden is light,” — Matt 11:29, 30. It is not hard for Christ to confess a real child of God; but I do believe it is hard for Him to confess any one like the above mentioned characters. He has not agreed to do such, neither will He.

“Out of the abundance of the heart the month speaketh.” The language of a christian (Christ-man) is: “His (Christ’s) yoke is easy,” etc., and the delight of Christ and angels are to acknowledge such. It is not hard for an earthly father to own his children, neither is it hard for God to own His. But it is hard for God to own sinners and confess them His children — born of Him, etc., when they are not; therefore it is absolutely impossible for Him to confess them to be such: “For He cannot lie.” Whether they be professor, nonprofessor, or preacher, D. D., God is under no obligation to confess them, until they first give up their sins, and confess Him the salvation of their souls. “I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance.” — Luke 15:7. Notice from this scripture, that God confesses the sinner just as soon as he repents of and forsakes his sins. Then he ceases to be a sinner. If God can confess and own the penitent, surely He can the nintey and nine or those who need no repentance.

A Christian will talk Bible and christianity, but a professor — and not possessor — will talk a jungle of confusion: “Ye shall know them by their fruits.” “If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God.” His children do, and those who do not and will not talk thus, we are to mark them, says the Apostle, and have no company with them, etc. “To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.” — Isa. 8:20. Christ said He would confess us before His Father and the holy angels, but He did not say it would be hard to do so. After He has died for all, He anxiously waits to confess to His Father those who will come to Him, and be born again.

3d. ‘The devil entering into the courts of heaven accusing us before God.’ Oh, what darkness! The devil nor nothing unclean can ever enter heaven; if they would, their enjoyment could be likened unto that of a serpent on hot coals of fire.

3d. Here is some poor trembling, faltering sinner walking unworthy of the vocation whereunto he is called,’ etc. God calls His people to walk worthy of their vocation, etc., but not sinners. No sinner can walk worthy of their vocation (occupation,) for sinning is not a worthy business; yet it hits like a sledgehammer the heads of the majority of the professors, and preachers included. There is no such a thing as a sinning christian. But Moody is teaching in the above quotation that God is obligated to save and acknowledge those who “belong to church,” if they do sin about all the time “in word thought and deed.” If D. L. M.’s statement was true — about the devil going into the presence of God accusing, etc. — The devil has a right to accuse sinners, whether professor or preacher, and if such he is well pleased. The devil knows better than to accuse God that these professors (sinners) are His. Satan knows they belong to himself, and he is doubtless proud of them. Hence the devil tickles to see the blindness of such preachers. God says of such: “They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.” — Titus 1:16.

4th. ‘Yes, he is mine, says Moody if he does sin.’ But God’s Word says: “He that committeth sin is of the devil,” and “he that is born of God doth not commit sin.” — 1 Jno. 3:8, 9. You cannot be of God and the devil at the same time — no neutral grounds can be found in the Bible on which you may stand. God says, “Your iniquities have separated between you and your God.”

5th. ‘Hoping that this thing and that will remove every trace of evil,’ Moody says that God says, but we say with the Bible, No. Nothing but a complete surrender of self into God’s hands — a cessation of sin, and an application of Christ’s blood to their hearts, will ever save them. See Heb. 9:26, for proof, and not ‘this or that.’

6th. ‘They have many inconsistencies says Moody, and God is faithful to His promises.’ God’s people do not have inconsistencies, neither does He acknowledge or promise to confess people that are knowingly guilty of such. He has however promised to save from such things, if guilty parties confess and forsake them, but He never will according to the Bible, palliate sin in any one, rich or poor, small or great. When will intelligent people stop letting the preachers (hirelings) slime over and daub them with untempered mortar, acknowledging them to be all right, and their hearts full of sectishness, pride, and ‘sinning every day in word thought and deed.’ If they freely bestow their money upon them, of course they are duty bound to please them, and nothing is certainly more pleasing to the flesh and devil than to acknowledge an individual a christian when he is an abominable sinner, under the cloak of religion. But a true herald of Christ’s Gospel will “lay judgment to the line, and righteousness to the plummet, and the hail (of God’s Word) will sweep away the refuge of lies, and the water (of truth) will overflow the false prophets hiding places. See Isa. 28. “Then shall be brought to light the hidden things of dishonesty.’. You cannot hide yourself from the pending judgment of God. Are you ready to go to the bar of God now? “Be ye also ready.”

“Search the Scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.” — Jno. 5:39. Amen.

B. E. Warren.



To All The Saints Greeting In the perfect love of Jesus: — One year ago I did know the people who are out in the evening light, as you all know who. read the Trumpet last winter. Last year I was strangly led to write, “Out of the Depths” and more strangely led to write it out in just the way that I did, not knowing why God held me to it, in such a manner. In it, I spoke of writing, Above the Fog. To all who have read, “Out of the Depth’s” I want to say, that at present, I see no need of another book, for the Gospel Trumpet blowing the spiritual fog all away where ever it is earnestly being read. While passing through my strange experience some six years ago, I was somewhat in the fog, as to just what it all meant, and why I was so misunderstood and persecuted. One day as I was out riding God led me unto a high hill overlooking the entire city: it is called South mountain. It was a bright summer day but as I stood upon the mountain top I saw a thin mist or fog, slowly crept up and completely enveloped the many houses. Then and there God came and stood with me and I was lost to every thing but the revelation being made to my mind. At that time God lifted me far above all spiritual fog, and keeps me lifted into a large place with Himself. Bless His holy name forever! As I came down from the mountain top into the valley, the sun was still shining, but I had been above the fog, and I knew it was there and others could not see it. Dear readers, so clearly, and steadily, and so brightly, does the light of God’s Holy spirit shine in my soul and light up all within my entire being I do not know how to show forth all my love and praise to Him. I suffered much in spirit from that time although unknown because of the great spiritual compassion that I saw and felt all about me. How I do praise God that He came to my rescue through the saints of God and that they are telling to the thousands that which I did not see how I could make them know. O, I know that it is of God for He took such great pains to let me know of them. The blessed Holy Spirit of Christ, never clamors to he heard as does some of the Anti-Christ, spirit of the present time, but seek out its own and bring them nigh through the blood of the Lamb and they learn of, and know each other although they never meet on this earth. I must give God the glory, for a rich blessing upon my soul on the morning of the 6th of July. I spent the 4th in working for Jesus not mingling in with the world. On the 5th we had a blessed day because of the presence of the Holy Spirit. On Monday morning the 6th I received a package of tracts from Bro. E. E. Byrum. They were Anti-Christ science, and Worldling questions and Christians answers. As I opened them the Holy Spirit came upon me in great power and I trembled under it the whole day. My soul was filled unutterably full. Oh dear saints how I long to know more of you all and be better known among yon. I will send “Out of the Depths” to any address. Oh for means and strength to go, from house to house with papers and tracts and talk and pray. God’s will not mine be done. Be faithful dear ones and go on to perfection. Do all that you can to encourage the dear ones at the Trumpet Office. The wicked are rushing the world to an end just as fast as they can in every way. Shall we not lay aside all maimer of worldliness and hasten the glorious coming of the resurrection morn by doubling our energies an hundred fold if need be in ever way to win souls to Christ. O let us not spend our money or our time in that which is not for the greatest glory of God in the free and full salvation of all souls from all sin, and unrighteousness. The devil does not care for souls but has sworn to rob Christ of all His glory in saving souls to the uttermost. O, for the space and time to encourage thousands. God has held me a long time faithful over a few things. But on courage dear souls and drive this battle on in Jesus might. I hope to hear from all the discouraged ones.

I am ever His to the end.

Mrs. M. Lane.

52 Carroll St., Binghamton. N. Y.



“Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.” — Psa. 119:129.

Elk Dale, Mo.

Dear Brethren: — I am saved this morning and feel the real glory of God in my soul. Praise His dear name forever! Oh, what joy, peace and happiness we may enjoy, if we lay all on the Altar. I can realize what Paul meant, when he spoke about “the eternal weight of glory.” Oh Lord, let me forever remain dead to all but Thee.

Yours in Jesus.

John G. Neff.


Albany, Ill.

To all the Saints Greeting: — May the riches of God’s blessings rest upon you all is our prayer. As we have never written our testimony, we thought it would be the honor and glory of God to write. We are rejoicing in a present salvation, and praising God daily for the sweet peace and joy, that flows like a river in our souls. We are dead to the world and its pleasures, our affections are centered above. Our company here is small, but we have some precious meetings, and have the promise, where two or three are met together in His name, there He will be in the midst. God is with us in mighty power, establishing His little ones. Though satan as a roaring lion is around seeking whom he may devour, but as long as we trust God, and have the abiding guest in our souls, we will come out victorious. We meet with many trials and tribulations, but find God’s grace sufficient, for He will not allow a burden to come upon us, but what we are able to bear, for His grace is sufficient for us. Oh, how necessary it is for us to stand firm though all men should forsake us. If Christ be for us who can be against us? The wealth of this world cannot buy the hope we have in heaven. “For what would it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his soul. Heaven is cheap at any price. Our sincere desire and determination is to make heaven our home, and to live up to the whole Word of God.

Your brother and sister, saved, sanctified and kept by the power of God.

J. N. & A. Rummel.


Dawson, Ia.

Dear Saints: — It has been about a year since I met with any of the saints of God, and I hope that some of His ministers can come and hold a meeting at this place, for I believe there are honest souls here, and would obey the word of God if they had the light. If any one can come, let me know and I will aid in opening the way, as much as I can. I am saved and kept by power of God.

Yours in Christ.

E. B. Sisco.


Fairfax, Mo.

Dear Brethren: — I first sought my Savior about fifteen years ago, and united with the Christian denomination at Leavenworth, Kan., and I remained a faithful member of that little sect, until last Oct., when brothers Kinzie, McDaniels and others came into our neighborhood, and began to let the evening light of holiness shine so brightly that I could not help but see the error of my ways, and suddenly I turned therefrom. Blessed be our God! Therefore, dearly beloved, I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision, but began to seek for full salvation, and while there at the altar the Lord spoke peace to my soul, and now I am saved, sanctified and kept by the power of God from sin every day of my life, and ready to be revealed in the last great day. Glory be to God! I know now that I am a CHRISTIAN in spirit and in truth, because I have the Spirit of God, bearing witness with my spirit that I am a child of His. Oh, I am so glad that I have been delivered from babel confusion at last, and now I realize that I have come unto Mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem and to an innumerable company of angels. I thank God that I have my spiritual eyes opened, and now I can see clearly. I know for myself that my Redeemer liveth, and I have passed from death unto life, because I love the brethren. I know there is therefore now no condemnation resting upon them who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit, am thankful to God for His wonderful healing power, I have been afflicted with that terrible disease Catarrh, from childhood, but since I have been trusting the Lord for good health, I am nearly healed; I almost forget sometimes that I ever was afflicted in this way, and last winter He healed me of a severe cough and cold. And this spring I had the Lagrippe very bad and was confined to my bed, but I took the case to the Lord, and He sent His healing power upon me, and it stayed on me nearly all day, and I was well enough to assume my work the next day. And on May the 22d I was attacted with inflamatory Rheumatism, and was so lame in my left limb that I could not bend it without pain, and it kept getting worse until the 24th or Sunday, and I was superintendent of a Sunday-school, but just how to get there with my Rheumatism hurting me as it was, I scarcely knew, but my wife suggest that we pray to the good Lord for help, and while kneeling in prayer, He sent His healing power upon me, and I was well enough to walk to Sunday-school, and by Monday could resume my work as usual. I used tobacco for fifteen years, and He helped me give it up, and took away the desire as well as the habit. Praise His holy name! My wife’s health has been a great deal better since she began to trust in the Lord, and He has wonderfully blessed our children.

Your brother in Jesus.

W. B. Payne.


Louisiana, Mo., July, 1891.

Beloved Saints: — May the richest of heavenly blessings rest upon all is my prayer. I am saved to the uttermost, by the blood of my Jesus. How I love Him. I am wonderfully saved, and healed of blood poison of more than four years standing, Catarrh with which I have been afflicted for at least twenty-years. O praise the name of our God, that he has given His children a believing heart. I am sanctified and kept by power divine.

Your sister.

M. R. Angle.


Dixon Miss.

Dear Saints: — I am praising the Lord for His wonderful goodness in saving my soul and keeping me from sin. I have been in this blessed way about three years, and find it a blessed way to travel. Praise His name! it is sweet rest to my soul. Let all the saints pray for sister Vance, who is on the bed of affliction, that she may exercise faith in God for healing, and be enabled to arise and walk once more.

Your sister in Christ.

Bettie Strickland.

Frisco Ark.

Dear Trumpet Readers and Saints of God: — I praise the Lord this morning for salvation that keeps me from sin and with no other desire in my heart but to do the Lord’s will. I have met with many trials and temptations and find many opposers of the truth, and I know that we are often scorned and scoffed at because of the truth, but praise the Lord we love the truth so well that none of these things move us. O, how our souls did feast on the deep truths of God as Bro. Bolds unfolded them to us. We realize that the little church here was greatly strengthened by his coming. Oh, the power and glory that filled the house when we partook of the ordinances on the last eve of his stay here. The Gospel Trumpet has been a great help to us here at this place. We love to read the deep truths and testimonies of the dear saints that comes to us through its columns. Pray for me.

Mrs. E. Reed.


Anker Miss.

Dear Readers: — Our testimonies are that we are saved and trusting in the promises of God, and we realize that He is all and in all to us. Praise His name! We think the people here would be anxious to hear the Word preached in its purity, and hope some holy ministers will come to this place. Yours in Christ.

J. & M. E. Hinson.


Pink Grove, Mich.

Dear Saints of God: — I feel led by the Spirit to send in my testimony and tell what the Lord has done for me. He has cleansed me from sin. Praise Him for His mighty healing and for His keeping power I do sincerely desire the prayers of God’s true children that I may be kept low and humble at the foot of the cross. Your Bro. saved and kept by the mighty power of God.

Jacob Gruber.


Denver Col.

To all the Saints Greeting: — May heavens richest blessings flow through your souls to the glory of Jesus the Messiah. And may you all be strengthened in soul and body by the Holy Spirit for this last great battle with Satan and his host. Beloved brethren pray definitely for the people in Denver who name the holy name of Jesus, that they may be brought together in fellowship with the peace and love of God reigning supremely in their souls and the power to preach the truth of the evening light to the people. All glory to the living God for the obedient and holy life that He enthrones in the hearts of those who leave all sin and follow Jesus only. I am your brother in the patience and kingdom of God’s dear son. Here, (in this kingdom of love and truth) are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. May the Holy Spirit abide in you all for ever more. Amen!

J. E. Wright.


Petoskey, Mich.

Dear Saints: — I am rejoicing in salvation full and free. Praise the Lord! This is a narrow way, but I love it His commandments are not grievous to me. A few Sundays ago I heard two sermons by one of God’s holy ministers, Bro. Grover, the first I had ever heard the truth preached in its true light. Blessed be God, while listening to the last sermon my soul was filled with glory. Heaven seemed near, for by faith I could see the Angels praising God with us.

Your sister in Christ

Augusta Smith.


Sidney, O.

Dear Brethren: — This morning finds me still saved and sanctified and trusting in Jesus. Oh, praise His holy name forever and ever. I have that sweet peace in my soul, and I am determined to do His blessed will in all things while I live here in this world. He says, be ye holy for I am holy. I ask you all to pray for the people in this city, that there may be a mighty work done here.

Your humble brother, washed in the blood of Jesus. Amen!

Charles Mendenhall.


Hunnewell, Shelby Co., Mo.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — We feel thankful to God for all His goodness and mercy to us that has followed us all the days of our lives. It is wonderful as we are now about three score and ten, can testify that we love to read the truth and the Gospel Trumpet, and rejoice to know that we are saved by grace, through faith, and kept by the power of God, in whom we trust and not man; waiting until the Bridegroom comes. Amen!

Your Bro. and sister.

Jonathan & Eliza Rogers.

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