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1 December 1892, Volume 12, Number 48.

Heed the Ser.. ….


Have you made your peace with Jesus,
And been cleansed from every stand?
Have you died to worthly honor,
And been made with … to reach?

If you’ve not, … and come,
For the time they ..dtly by,
Do not let the clea.. … you
For ..im..th stan.. … nigh

If you feel his gentle Spirit
Knocking at your sinfel heart,
Then admit the ..ins
Savior ..e fa.. you he should depart

Do not try e’en for a moment Jesus’
Spirit to resist;
It may be his last ..ntr..ment,
Calling you from dark’ning m…

What an awful two ..ts you
It you die while in your sins!
You’ll be cast ..shle forever
From the fact of him who reigns.

Then accept a loving Savior,
Who will ever be your tried,
And will guide you safely onward
Till your time on earth shall end.

N. H. Byrum.




For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them. Eph. 2:10.

IN these last days of perilous times men are so filled with their own ways, and cold formality has taken the place of that true Christian purity and godly veneration that used to adorn the doctrine and life of apostolic Christianity, its simplicity and humble devotion has long since receded before the tide of selfwill and pride.

The true object of Christ’s death is seldom discerned, and a genuine experience of salvation that raises the life to a Bible standard is seldom obtained. Our great Preceptor is also a great example, his life proving the power of divinity to keep humanity. The word is the testimony of this life, in which we behold our condition a remedy for every deficiency and a promised reward for every obedience.

Moralists have made great efforts to attain to a standard of good works that would claim justification; but every exertion has been followed by an equal failure. Reform, too, has claimed the attention of many minds, but without any success or lasting results. The longsuffering, temperance, humility and obedience, combined with the ability and authority that marks the ministry and daily life of our Savior or his devoted followers, does not come by reformation, neither does morality start its crystal streams to flowing. While reformation is necessary to, and morality the consequence of salvation, neither possess the life-giving property, retaining the power within itself to appropriate the sufficient grace of God that is necessary to maintain a practical Christian walk.

The word says “we are created in Christ Jesus unto good works.” God’s word is his revealed will, and a compliance with the divine will necessarily demands a knowledge of his word. Faith is the agent that makes an effectual personal application of the power of the word (Rom. 1:16), and the word is the source, of this faith (Rom. 10:17); and without faith it is impossible to please God (Heb. 11:6).

When Christ preached the gospel those that believed received remission of past sins (Rom. 3:25); and the preaching did not profit some, be cause they believed not (Heb. 4:2). But as many as received him and believed received power to become sons of God (Jno. 1:12). Hence we con- dude being created in Christ Jesus is attained by faith in Christ, based upon a knowledge of his word, witnessed to by the Spirit of adoption. It is the first resurrection, or spiritual life from a spiritual death. Eph. 2:1. And we are made conscious of the fact, and know when we pass from death unto life. 1 Jno. 3:14. By creation man is in Cod’s image. Gen. 1:27. By generation, in the likeness of fallen Adam. Gen. 5:3. This is the condition of all children that are born into the world; and as soon as they come to the years of accountability their actual transgressions caused by the fallen nature, inherited sin, brings condemnation and consciousness of death in sins. Hence the necessity of following Christ through regeneration (Matt. 28:19), which brings back to childhood innocency. Matt. 18:3.

The cause of sin is yet in the heart, but all its past effects are now removed. The word also makes provisions for the removal of this cause as well as its effects. The regenerate man is yet carnal (1 Cor. 3:1-3), and commanded to go on to perfection (Heb. 6:1); belongs to Christ, Abraham’s seed, children of God by faith, and heirs according to the promise (Gal. 3:26-29), which is the Holy Ghost (Acts 2:38, 39), or the kingdom. Luke 12:32. We, receiving a kingdom that cannot be moved, let us have grace whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear. Heb. 12:28. And they that receive abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one Christ Jesus. — Rom. 5:17. So they that are obedient serve the Holy Ghost, and they that receive the Holy Ghost receive the kingdom that cannot be moved, and they that get the kingdom get the abundance of grace to serve God acceptably, and they that get the abundance of grace, get the gift of doing right, and this gift enables us to reign in life by one Christ Jesus; being created in Christ Jesus unto good works we are enabled to walk in them as God has ordained. Being sanctified, meet for the master’s use, prepared for every good word and work. — 2 Tim. 2:21.

This Christian perfection is offered to man. — Heb. 13:21. Authenticated by the divine will, revealed to us by Christ through the word, a Bible doctrine, easily comprehended and anxiously sought by all whose present experience in justification is clear and definite; and any failure in any effort to live a practical Christian, or a Bible standard of salvation indicates a lack of this offered perfection and promised grace, which denotes either willing ignorance or willful disobedience. “For the grace of God that bringeth salvation has appeared to all men, teaching us that denying ungodliness and worldly lust we should live soberly, righteously and godly in this present world.” Christ gave himself to redeem us from all iniquity and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works. — Titus 2:11, 14.

The professed Christians of to day are going hand in hand with the world, all because they failed to attain to this perfection and obtain the rest remaining for the people of God. Infidels are challenging the veracity of the Bible, and burlesquing the present condition of spirituality, all because men have failed to obtain the grace of God that would enable them to live a practical Christain life. Every intelligent Bible student knows that the doctrine of perfection, holiness, sanctification, and heart purity seems to the ultimate object, and crowning point of its teaching; and the humanity changed from glory to glory by the Spirit of the Lord (2 Cor. 3:18), receiving the purity and holiness of Christ (Eph. 3:24), the object its mission, Christ is the example, the power, and the glory, and if we say we abide in him we ought to walk even as he walked. 1 Jno. 2:6. Amen.

A. B. Stanberry.




“And I any also unto thee. that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Matt. 16:18.

THERE is probably no text in the word of God that has been quoted or preached more than the above. Everybody is well aquainted with it, by hearing hundreds of preachers use it as their text, and with this as all other scripture, men and women form their ideas, or opinions, without searching the word of God to see if their views are right, they not only form their opinion, but teach it to others, until the world is now filled with the opinions and leaching of men, instead of the word of God. There are several views regarding this text; one is, that Jesus meant himself, another, that he had reference to Peter, others think it was his confession, and some think it was the faith of Peter.

Now if we were just to take this text, and read no more we would of course have to form our opinions of it, but let us now take the word of God, laying aside our former teaching, our opinions, and views, and see how the word decides it.

First. What was the object in the conversation? It was Christ. He asked his disciples who the people said he was, and they answered him, telling him the different views the people had of him or his mission. Then he asked them what they said about it, and Peter being always the first to speak, answered saying, Thou art the Christ. Then spoke Jesus the words of our text. Remember that Jesus or Christ was the object, and not Peter.

Now good common sense ought to teach us that the foundation that Jesus spoke of here was not Peter: for he says the effect of his building on this foundation, was that the gates (councils) of hell should not prevail against it, and we know that they did prevail against Peter and he fell, therefore if the church was built on him it would have fallen, but thanks be to God, he used a more sure foundation.

The Catholics claim that Christ built their church on Peter, which is false. First, because the Catholic sect was not built or instituted until nearly three hundred years after this conversation. And second, he says emphatically that he will build HIS church, not a Catholic or a Methodist or any other man-controlled sect, but his church. It could not have been the confession of Peter, for we read that shortly after this he denied him. Neither could it have been Peter’s faith that Jesus used for a foundation, because this was the very Peter whose faith wavered, and he began to sink while walking on the sea. I know that it is taught by a great many Protestant ministers that the faith of Peter was the foundation used, but it is a mistake, and simply formal teaching without one text in the word of God to establish it.

Faith is not a foundation, but by it we get on the foundation or in a standing condition. Read Rom. 5:1, 2. We do not stand on faith, as some teach, but simply by faith we stand on Jesus and his gospel.

That Jesus is the rock spoken of in the text is clearly proved in the Word which we will read. First, it is necessary to find out what the church of Christ is, or the church he is to build. He is to do the building, so it can not mean any of these sect churches gotten up by man that we have all around us, for man has no part in his work. Now let us see what the church is. Let us read Eph. 1:22, 23 — And hath put all things under his feet, and gave him to be head over all things to the church, which is his body. Here we see that the church is the body of Christ. Now let us see what the body is. Now ye are the body of Christ and members in particular. 1 Cor. 12:27. Here Paul is talking to saved men and women, and he declares that they are the body, or constitute the body, or church, and that each one was a member of the body (the church). Now if Christ was to build the church on the rock, then we are to be built on that rock, for all saved people make up the body, the church, as we have proved above.

It was not Peter that was taken for the rock, because he was part of the church, being a member and therefore would be built upon himself, neither was it his confession, for he would be built on his own confession; or his faith, for he would be built on his own faith, which would be ridiculous to teach.

It is just as reasonable to teach that the church is built on Peter, as to say and teach that it is built on his confession or his faith. Paul declares that we are the body, the church. Now let us see Eph. 2:19, 20: Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints and the household of God; and are built upon the foundation of apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone. Here Paul says that we are built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ himself being the chief corner stone. And as we have read before he declared that we made up the body the church, so then it is clear that the above foundation, was the one the Lord used.

Therefore thus saith the Lord God, Behold I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure founaation. — Isa. 28:16. Here we see that the stone used, was to be a tried stone, a sure foundation, one that could be relied upon. Now let us see what Paul says regarding the foundation. For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ. — 1 Cor. 3:11. Here we see clearly that Jesus is the stone, or foundation, and that we (all saved people), constitute the church and are built upon him. Oh that all men would lay aside their former teaching, and their own opinions, and receive the pure simple word of God. I do thank God, with the poet, that he has taken me from the mire, and the clay of sin, selfishness, and former traditions, and has placed me upon the rock Christ Jesus, and I am persuaded that as long as I continue to trust him and do his will, there is nothing on earth, in heaven above, or in hell beneath, that is able to prevail against me but I shall be kept by the power of God through faith until his appearing.

W. J. Henry.



Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.
Psa. 119:129.

Energy, Miss.

Dear Trumpet Readers: This morning finds me still saved, sanctified and kept by the mighty power of God. Bless the name of Jesus! I do feel more determined than ever to serve the Lord.

Georgian Turner.


Neosho, Mo.

Dear Beloved Saints: I want to add my testimony with my brothers and sisters. This leaves husband and I saved and sanctified. There is deep peace in our souls, which we can not express, and the world can not understand. I have been sanctified four years and my husband three months. God has called him out to labor in His vineyard. Pray for him. God has wonderfully blessed and added to our little band here. Praise God for a band that knows no defeat. And we can truly sing. My Savior leads the way. Pray for us all that we may keep low down at the feet of Jesus.

Mattie and W. D. Murphey.


Dotham, Mo.

Dear Trumpet Readers: I feel led to write my testimony for the first time. Oh how I do love to read the testimonies of all the dear saints. This evening finds me saved and sanctified, down under the blood of Jesus, to do his will. Praise the Lord! He can keep us free from sin and can heal all our diseases. We are in great need of a meeting here, as there are but few saints here. May the Lord send some of the brethren here. I have many trials, but the Lord delivereth me out of all of them. I want all of the dear saints to pray for me. Pray for my dear unsaved husband, that he may get out of darkness into the light of Jesus.

From your sister, in Christ Jesus,

Cornelia Booker.


Kenesaw, Neb.

Dear Saints: God bless you with the riches of his grace. I am so glad this morning to know that I am saved on the Bible line, not decieved any longer as to the true church of God. I have made my escape out of Babylon confusion and am walking in the light as he is in the light. Oh, the beauties of salvation! — nothing on earth is to be compared to it. The word says, Be not conformed to this world. Rom. 12:2. And again, Let your moderation be known unto all men. We are to make our clothes comfortable, plain, and neat, and then when they cry, Fanatic, slovenliness, etc, it shall be false. The devil would like to throw us over the other way if he could, but there is victory in Jesus. Bless the Lord! Let his Holy Spirit guide in the ways of all truth.

Your sister all on the altar,

Mary Heldenbrand.


Dear Saints: This evening I feel led of the Lord to write my testimony to the Trumpet. I am saved and sanctified to do the will of God, I feel more determined to live for God than I ever did before. I praise the dear Lord for his keeping power and that I do realize in my heart that I am one of his children. I praise him for what he has done for me. I have been healed three different times. The last time the blessed Lord healed me, I had Erysipelas in my face, and always before when it would come on my face we would go to the doctor to get something done for it; but this time I just went to the Lord for healing, and I was healed without medicine. I will leave myself in his hands. Praise the Lord! There are only a few sanctified souls here at this place. I would be glad if some one of God’s sanctified ministers would come and preach the true gospel again for us. This town needs the word given to them straight, that they may see their lost condition before God. Now dear brothers and sisters, I ask an interest in your prayers that I may live true to the Lord.

Your sister in Christ,

Rachel A. Shaw.

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The excellent work on this subject, written by Brother Bradley, has been reduced in price to 20 cents. It is a review of a tract written against this ordinance. A lively exposure of the false teaching of the opposer, and a very thorough vindication of the sacred ordinance of Christ. It contains 84 large pages, and gives much light. Price 20 cts. $1.90 a dozen. Order of the author, Bro. W. W. Bradley, Watkinsville, Miss or from this office.


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100 subjects with scripture, a concordance and definitions to subjects. Setting forth the true church, it doctrine, its ordinances and its fruits. The fall of Babylon and the coining in of the evening light. Illustrated. 316 pages, neatly bound in cloth. Single copy $1 00 six or more 80 cents each. For this book.

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This book contains 148 songs. 90 with music. About all new When sung in the Spirit of God these songs will be found glorious. They hymn the precious present truth, and the gospel standard of salvation.

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A New Book,


This book is just fresh from the author’s pen, and a glance at the contents is enough to convince any one of its interest and value to those seeking a more thorough khowledge of the Divine Being, and his dealings with people at the present time, as well as in days past.

The first part of the book very plainly marks out the way from sin unto full salvation, according to the teaching of the sacred word.

It presents the gospel truth in such a way as to throw a gleam of light into the pathway of the sinner, and enable him to see that there is hope beyond, through the mercies of a blessed Redeemer.

The BELIEVER is led to see the beauties of full salvation, and the joys in a life of Christian perfection.


constitutes the second part of the book. This consists of twenty-six chapters on doctrinal subjects, exposing and overthrowing false ideas and theories concerning the healing power in these last days, showing when, how, and under what circumstances and conditions God heals the sick and afflicted at the present time.

It gives a history and testimonies of healing from the time of Abraham, through the different ages, up to the present time.

The third part of the book consists of the


These are wonderful testimonies of persons who have been healed within the last few years by divine power; such as being instantly restored to sight after having been blind for years; the lame throw away their crutches; broken bones are instantly healed; invalids who have suffered for years immediately arise and walk, after the prayer of faith is offered, etc. The author is personally acquainted, with nearly all the parties who have herein given their testimonies, and gives their names and addresses in the book, so that persons doubting the truthfulness of the same can write to the parties themselves.

It will be a precious volume to those who are afflicted in either soul or body. The chapters on faith, and also other subjects, will strengthen the faith of the reader, and aid in a closer walk with Him who is the “giver of every good and perfect gift.”

It contains 248 good-sized pages; good, plain print, on heavy paper. Neatly bound in cloth, $ .75. Library (half morocco), marble edge, $1.10. Send two cent stamp for special terms to agents. Address,


Grand Junction, Mich.




Bert Harrison R. A. Vernon. D. J. C. Thayer, … F. Macbeth, Jno. Staples. J. E. Roberts, Chas. Bowers, S. M. Olemon, Adelia Kennett, S. L. Catlin, Otto Bolds, G. Schelling, Benj. Freyer, Eli Grice, A C. Drumm.




Rising Sun, O.

Dear Saints of God: Please pray for the healing of my body.

Your saved and sanctified sister,

Anna Wollam.


Bladen, Neb. Nov. 23, 1892.

Dear Trumpet Readers: I feel led to ask the dear Trumpet readers to pray for me, so I will be healed of cold in head and on my lungs, and of Malaria. Pray God to send a Holy Ghost minister here to save poor sinners and lead them out of darkness into the glorious salvation of Jesus Christ.

Your humble brother in Christ,

D. P. Kimmel. Webster Co., Neb.




Greentown, Ind.

We would like to have some Holy Ghost man to come to our place. Cannot Bro’s W. G. Schell and B. E. Warren, or A. J. Kilpatrick come? But we are no respecter of persons. Any one that can come will be received. Write me at Greentown, Howard Co., Ind. and I will meet you there.

Clarkson Burns.


Bro. J. N. Howard, Payne, O. writes that he received a very urgent call to go to Buffalo Island, Ark. to hold a meeting, and lost the letter before it was answered, and did not remember the name of the writer. If the writer of the same should see this notice, please write to him.




Bro. Warner writes from San Diego, California, that the work there is moving along in the name of the Lord, and souls are being saved.

Let earnest prayer be offered for the salvation of precious souls everywhere.


Bro. Dillon and Co. are now holding meeting near Rushville, Ill. Any one in that vicinity or in Central Ill. desiring meetings, correspond with him at once. Address him at Rushville, Ill. The dear brother is in need of some one led of the Lord, to assist in preaching the word, and who is also a good bass singer.


The cheap edition of the book “Divine Healing of Soul and Body” will soon be ready for the bindery, and if nothing prevents will be ready to send out by Dec. 20. 248 pages, paper cover, only 25cts each, $240 a dozen. Send in your orders.




The outlook is now favorable for us to soon begin the German work. We have been in much prayer over the matter and feel that the time is not far distant for us to begin. And as soon as the Lord opens the way and raises up some consecrated brother to do the editorial work. Brethren, pray over the matter.


Bro. G. R. Achor expects to start next week on his Eastern tour, and after stopping a few days with his mother in Jonesboro, Ind., Dec. 9-11, expects to stop with the church at Praise Chapel near New Pittsburg, Ind., Monday night, Dec. 12, and will probably make another stop in Ohio, then go on to N. Y. city: where he will set sail Dec. 21st for the foreign field. Anyone wishing to write to him before that time can direct to the above named places, or to No. 17, St. Mark’s Place, New York City.


Bro. F. Husted is now at Champaign, Ill., ready to begin the work of the Lord in much faith and earnestness, and writes, asking if some brother or company cannot join in the work there. It is a new field, requiring men of faith. Who is willing to correspond with the brother and go forth at once in the strength of God to assist him there? Address him at Champaign, Ill., in care of Rufus Whiton. Write first in order that arrangements may be made for a continued effort.


The Missouri covenant writer takes exceptions to what was said in the article, “Discerning the Body.’’ Nov. 3d, concerning him and his views of Christian union. He denies that there is such a thing as inbred sin in the soul, or two works of grace to be wrought.

In pleading for an earthly record, or class book (perhaps thinking in that way the Lord would be better enabled to know his own) he writes as follows: “Now any impartial mind can see that if our names are written in heaven as Paul says, it is also certain that our names should be written in earth.”

The prophet Jeremiah gives us a little explanation of the matter, and says, Because they have forsaken the Lord, the fountain of living waters, their names are written in the earth. — Jer. 17:13.

E. E. B.


At Praise Chapel, near New Pittsburg, Ind. Will begin Dec. 8. and continue as long as the Lord wills. Bro’s. J. N. Howard. Schell and B. E. Warren are expected. All are cordially invited. Union City, Ridgeville and Portland are the R. R. Stations.

Address H. C. Wickersham.

New Pittsburg, Ind.


There will be a general assembly of the saints of Phelps. Crawford and Dent Co’s at the old Merrimac Iron Works, six miles south of St. James, Mo. Dec. 10-12. Let all the saints in reach be sure to attend, and especially those who are anxious to be baptized, as there is a beautiful spring there, and some expect to have this ordinance attended to. We should be glad to meet all the brethren in this part if it is God’s will, as we will take our leave of the dear ones directly after this meeting. We expect the Lord willing, to go to Doniphan, Ripley Co., Mo.

Your humble brother,

A. B. Stanberry.


There will be an assembly meeting at the saints’ house of worship, three miles west of Beaver Dam; will begin December 15, and continue as long as the Lord wills. Bro’s Grover, Howard and Schell are all expected. All are cordially invited. Those coming to Rochester notify Bro. David Leininger, Akron, Ind. Mentone, F. Krause, Beaver Dam, Ind. Akron, R. N. Gast, Akron, Ind.



Dearly Beloved: I received a letter last night from Bro. S. A. Sharum who is at Watonga, Oklahoma. He went there a short time ago with a team of oxen. They both died with Texas fever and now he is in destitute circumstances, without work, having six or seven small children and wife, and no shelter but a wagon cover and few quilts to lie on, and out of provisions. Dear brethren, I know he is worthy, standing straight out for the whole truth. May God move on the great depths of your hearts to send relief to the dear brother quickly.

Your brother saved in Jesus,

R. Cloe.




Lapaz. Ind., Nov. 25, 1892.

To the People of God, I pen these lines to make known to them the desire of my heart. I have felt for a longtime that God intended I should be instrumental in his hands in gathering in precious sheaves of golden grain. I have no rest, for this is continually before me, my unprofitableness before God. Now he knows I only want to do what is well pleasing in his sight in all things. Would be glad to work with some experienced company of saints. If any one desires my assistance, please let me know.

Yours and Christ’s,

Phebe Kimble.




THE fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the holy is understanding. — Prov. 9:10. Wisdom is the principle thing, therefore get wisdom, and with all thy getting get understanding. — 4:7. For the Lord giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding. He layeth up sound wisdom for the righteous: he is a buckler to them that walk uprightly. He keepeth the paths of judgement, and preserveth the way of his saints. Then shalt thou understand righteousness and judgment and equity, yea every good path. When wisdom entereth into thine heart and knowledge is pleasant unto thy soul; discretion shall preserve thee, understanding shall keep thee. — Pro. 2:6-11. Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding. For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold. She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her. Length of days is in her right hand; and in her left hand riches and honor. Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace. She is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon her. The Lord by wisdom hath founded the earth; by understanding hath he established the heavens. By his knowledge the depths are broken up and the clouds drop down their dew. My son, let not them depart from thine eyes keep sound wisdom and discretion; so shall they be life unto thy soul, and grace to thy neck. Then shalt thou walk in thy way safely, and thy foo.. shall not stumble. When thou lies down thou shalt not be afraid: yea thou shalt lie down and thy slee.. shall be sweet. Be not afraid of sudde.. fear, neither of the desolation of the wicked, when it cometh. For the Lord shall be thy confidence, and shal.. keep thy foot from being taken, —Prov. 3:13-26. My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings. Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the midst of thine heart. Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. — 4:20-23. For whoso findeth me findeth life and shall obtain favor of the Lord. — 8:35. Hallelujah! Amen.

M. M. Grimes.




Anthony, Kan., Nov. 16, 1892.

Dear Saints, Greeting: Lo.. peace and joy be unto you all. Amen. I came to this place in the name … Jesus. God is owning and blessi.. his word as it is preached with pow.. sent down from heaven. We a.. holding meeting near Bro. Prous.. in a school house. We have la.. congregations, and deep convicti.. is on the people. Some have be saved, and others have manifested desire to be saved.

Your brother fully saved in Jesus,

Wm. A. Randolph.


Union City, Mich.

Dear Trumpet Readers: We … happy to report that the church … God at Girard, assembled at … home of Bro. and Sister Heath … thanksgiving day. Most of … brethren were present, also so.. from Johnstown. Coldwater a.. Litchfield. The meeting was glorious throughout. All of one acco… The ordinances of God’s house w.. observed. One soul sought pard.. and several were healed of div.. diseases. Ground, stone, sand, lumber, work, stove and $200 cash w.. pledged for the building of the hou.. of worship. It was truly far about that which we asked or thought.

Yours in him,

F. W. Clifford.


Eubank, Ky., Nov. 21, 1892.

To all God’s Saved Ones: Pray God! We are here pulling souls … of the fire. The truth is having its ..fect; fighters are giving up; souls a.. getting saved; many convicted. Pra.. God! The whole community … miles around is all on fire. The Holy Ghost is burning up the wood, … and stubble, and God is bringing … the pure gold. We know that G.. is going to have a pure church established here on the rock. Strong hea..ed men and infidels are compelled ..melt down under the mighty pow.. of God’s holiness. Glory to Jesus. Dearly beloved, pray earnestly f.. us and the dear people here.

From your brothers in the h.. war for life, saved and sanctified,

R. Cloe & J. Cannon.


Willshire, O., Nov. 20, 1892.

Dearly Beloved in the Lord: W.. are happy to report constant victo.. for the Lord. We closed the meeting at Bro. Young’s house six and half miles from Decatur, Ind. last night. Truly this meeting was a wonderful success. God did wonderful bless our souls in preaching the gospel and laboring for the rescue … perishing sinner. God wrought pow-

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erfully by his Spirit upon the people, and unusual conviction rested upon all throughout the meeting, and the glorious result was, about fourteen souls were saved, some of whom were backsliders; others had never been saved before. We left many souls deeply convicted whom we hope will soon yield to God and be saved. Dear Mother Cook from Girard, Mich. joined us in the gospel work at that place, and was much used of the Lord. All join Bro. J. N. Howard in the battle at Willshire, O. to night. Which place will be our address until further notice. Pray for us and the success of the gospel to the salvation of souls.

Your humble brother and sisters in the Lord,

Otto Bolds & Co.


Doniphan, Mo., Nov. 24. 1892.

Dear Brethren: May grace and peace from God ever be upon you. It has been some time since I testified or gave any report through the Trumpet, but we have been out in the field battling for the Lord, and we are glad that we can report victory through Jesus Christ our Lord. From the Norwood camp meeting (in Aug.)

I traveled with Bro. Bolds and family until we went into Ill.; after a few meetings there, the Lord led us to come to this place. We came down Oct. 26th and commenced meeting which lasted five days. The Lord wonderfully blessed in giving his word, and we think that much good was done. We then went to the West Point school house and held meeting eighteen days, and the Lord did wonderfully work with souls. Eight professed justification and three sanctification, and four were buried with Christ in baptism. Had an ordinance meeting, in which eighteen took part. It was a glorious feast to our souls. Some have a blessed experience of justification and are seeking a pure heart. May God put them into the grace where they can stand.

Your brother saved and sanctified,

Ostis Wilson.


Little York, Ind., Nov. 24. 1892.

Dear Saints and Trumpet Readers: May the peace of God rest upon you all in the name of Jesus. Amen. I am truly glad that I can report perfect peace and victory in my soul and in the truth. I left home the 10th inst, and came to Crothersville, Ind., and found Bro. C. Orr of Tampico waiting for me at the station. I was taken about five miles from Crothersville where meeting had commenced that night. We found quite a few gathered to hear the truth, but as the train was late we did not get there until time to close the meeting. At this place we found a few dear saints who were won to the truth last Aug., through the preaching of Bro’s G. W. and J. N. Howard. We held meeting nine nights also had some day meetings which resulted in much good. The meeting closed with a most precious little ordinance meeting which proved a blessing to our souls. We are now about five miles from Little York, in an M. E. meeting house named Mt. Hebron. This is a new place where the truth has sever been preached. May God help us do our duty in the fear and strength of God. There are about seven or eight preachers around here. I hope they will turn out to hear the glorious evening light. Pray for me and our success in the work.

I am your brother all on the altar.

S. L. Speck.


Stenger, Pa., Nov. 18, 1892.

Dear Saints, Greeting: May the choicest of God’s blessings abide with you all. Since our last report, the next day two dear souls followed the blessed Lord in the ordinance of baptism. How wonderfully God’s Spirit does witness to them that obey him! On the evening of the 16th the dear Lord did wonderfully clothe Bro. Miller with power in declaring the awful word of God. It was preached in the demonstration of the Spirit, had a good congregation, and there were people there that never saw their condition in that light. If they do not obey, that word will stand against them in the great judgment day. The next morning held a meeting, and then went to the water where three more dear souls were baptized. From thence we went to Bro. D. C. Beltz’s house. God bless the dear ones for their kindness to us while among them. Bro. Beltz’s son brought us to our present place. Held meeting last night in the St. Thomas school house. Oh, pray for us, as last night was the first time the true gospel was ever preached in this place.


Since our last report we have held two meetings. Found the minds of the people covered with gross darkness. Can not account for it in any other way, than that it has been through false teaching, that the dear people have gotten into this blindness and delusions of sin. Some of the professors seem to know no better way than to chew and smoke and sin more or less every day. From here we go over to Amberson Valley and will remain there as long as Father wills. Dear ones, pray for us, as we do need all your prayers in this benighted country.

Yours in the holy war,

F. Rosenberry & Co.


West Point, Pa.

Dear Brethren: We are here holding up Jesus to the people. Souls are getting saved. People are hungry for the truth, and many homes are open for us. I was never in a place where there was a better opening. While in Washington, D. C. God showed me a great field of labor there. There are people in that city from every state in the union, and continually there are people from every country on earth visiting the great capitol city.

In summer you can go on the market at any time from six in the morning to twelve at night, and by singing a song and commencing to preach, in five minutes get a crowd of from five hundred to a thousand people around you, from statesmen to bootblacks, all eager listeners.

The city has the best police force I ever saw, and the best of order prevails. We preached there several times, but it was so cold that we had to give it up till spring. We have been looking to God for a tabernacle to pitch in that city, and we have just received a letter from Bro. McDaniels from the West, stating that he had one in good order, 40×60, with poles and lamp all complete, which we can get for about $60.00, freight and all, and as he needs the money for it now I feel led to ask all the saints that have the cause of Christ at heart to help purchase this tent. It can be used here in the summer, and in S. C. and Ga. in the winter. At this place, West Point and Lambertville, N. J. the way has been opened for tent meetings. Also there will doubtless be a camp meeting here on the coast next spring. We are praying God to send Bro. Warner east next spring and summer. Now, all that can help us in this work please send the money at once to Bro. Byrum, editor of Trumpet, or to myself at this place.

W. J. Henry.


Portland, Ind., Nov. 25, 1892.

Dear Beloved Brethren in Christ: May the Lord bless you and preserve you to the end. We are still rejoicing in the love of God, having complete victory in our souls through Jesus Christ our Savior over all this world of sin. Wife and I left home Oct. 28, for Adams Co., Ind. three miles east of Berne to set the battle in array against the enemy of all righteousness in a union meeting house that had been built by some three or four men that made no profession, and opened it for all that would preach the word. We arrived there Oct. 29, and expected to begin meeting that night, but as the stoves had not been put up and it not being circulated, we postponed the meeting until the 31st. On Sunday went to the Campbellite meeting where they kindly invited us to preach. We responded with gratitude to God for the blessing of proclaiming the gospel to this benighted people. Though some seemed a little surprised, many seemed willing to accept the truth and requested us to preach for them at night, and at night preached to a well filled house of attentive listeners. But as we enlarged a little more on the word they were not quite so ready to receive it, but the minister was ready to criticise, for he could not swallow it all, though we had scarcely touched on their idols, it being a new place. The meeting lasted ten days. Bro. and Sister Hockenberry, the dear ones with whom we stayed while there, made good their escape out of the Campbellite sect, he being delivered of his tobacco. God enabled them to shout the high praises of God. Also one brother escaped out of the Methodist sect; and many more acknowledged the truth, but were not willing to pay the price. The Lord willing, we will soon return, there being much seed sown which will bring forth fruit in the future.

Any one desiring our labors, address us at Portland, Ind. as we are now ready to go any where the Lord leads, and work for the salvation of souls. Oh how much we see the need of laborers in the field that are wholly consecrated, yea even to the chopping block for Jesus and perishing souls! Oh fall in line and let the trumpet’s blast be heard.

Your saved brother and sister, washed in the blood of the lamb,

B. N. & Ella Longerbone.


Grand Junction, Mich.

To all the Saints: I have by no means been idle since my return from the South. I enjoyed grandly the holy association of the assembly of the saints at the camp ground. During which I in company with Sister Fink preached a sad funeral at Kendall, Mich., of a woman who shot herself under the intoxicating influences of theatrical vanities. O may the Lord open the people’s eyes to see the evil of such ungodly things. After the assembly and the needed arrangements for my family, in company with dear Bro, Butler, Lammers and wife, held meeting at Blendon, Mich., which was a hard battle against the powers of darkness and unbelief, partly through crooked living by professors. But God helped to preach the word in mighty power, defeating the adversary; and several souls were saved, mostly reclaimed backsliders. Prejudice largely broken down. It was victory for Jesus. After which we went to Tallmadge, Mich., and commenced Friday night. Prejudice was awful, but on Sunday night in view of leaving, we gave them the word on the “church of God,” which stirred things; yet some acknowledged the truth gladly. Monday, feeling the mighty hand of God wonderfully leading, Mattie and I started for home to get ready for the foreign trip. Realizing the ponderous weight of the responsibility upon us, we bow low at His sacred feet, confessing our unworthiness; but in his name I sincerely ask the united prayers of all God’s people.

Yours humbly,

G. R. Achor.


Ward, Kan., Nov. 20, 1892.

To the Saints, Grerting: We closed meeting at Pittsburg on the 15th, with victory for Jesus. Praise the Lord! A number were saved during the meeting, some justified, and others sanctified. Six followed the example of the Lord Jesus in baptism, testifying to their death to the world and resurrection to walk in newness of life with Christ Jesus. In the days of Job the sons of God came to worship, and Satan was there also. So likewise at this time Satan in his to and fro march up and down the earth, had not much trouble in finding plenty of agents, ready to do all his bidding. But praise God, he found some who had sold out all for Jesus, and stood true to their integrity, and had no compromise with Satan. Praise the Lord! One man, wife and daughter were saved and sanctified, who had been driven into infidelity by false professors. Praise Jesus forever and ever! Some professed a readiness to walk in all of the light of God; but when the light shone forth in all of its brightness, it discovered their sins and filthiness, so they drew back into the dark, where they might better hide their filthiness, rather than to choose Christ and his salvation. Choose the gods of this world rather than to eat that which is good (Isa. 55:2), choosing to feast with the worm on the tobacco weed. May God have mercy on them. Others of the Dunkard family seemed to like the truth, but when the second grace was presented for their cleansing, they rejected it and drew back into their holds. Of such God says. My soul shall have no pleasure in them. Heb. 10:38. Much truth and light were given the people. Our dear Brother Houghton did much good work for the Lord. Also Sister Rena Carmichael from Table Rock, Neb. came to us at this place, having a very bad cold, and worked valiantly for a few days and nights, after which she was compelled to take her bed, having a very bad attack of typhoid fever, from which she is recovering slowly by the power of God. Pray for her speedy recovery, for the King’s business requires haste. I also have been attacked with a bad cold, settling on my lungs, hindering me much in the work. Pray the good Lord to heal us soon, and equip us for every good work; for souls are perishing all around us everywhere, and our hearts’ desire only is to live that we seek the lost and work for Christ. We begin meeting in Cedar Valley this afternoon in the name of Jesus.

Your brothers and sisters saved in Jesus, counting not our lives dear unto us; kept by the power of God,

Wm. N. Smith & Co.


Willshire, O., Nov. 21, 1892.

Dearly Beloved Brethren: After a long time of silence I greet you again in the name of the captain of our salvation. We are praising the dear Lord for his sustaining grace and keeping power over me. I began meeting at this place Saturday night in the name of Jesus, and shall continue as long as the Lord wills. We found some in a very bad condition spiritually. A few at the altar last night, and I expect to see the crooked made straight, and the rough made smooth, and precious souls delivered from the power of Satan and saved in Jesus. O how my soul was grieved within me to find some dear ones captured by the devil, and like Sampson of old shorn of their power. O may God help all his saints to beware!

Since we moved back to Payne, O., we have been working some with our hands, and while not thus engaged I have assisted in the work as follows: in the West Liberty, O. camp meeting, the Sidney, O. tabernacle meeting, and the Dodge, Ky. tent meeting. In the latter meeting up to the time of my departure two professed pardon, and the saints were much strengthened and much encouraged to go forward and trust the Lord. I pray God to bless and preserve them blameless, and greatly reward them for their kindness and hospitalities to us. The meeting at this place continued with increased interest and victory. I will just say for the consolation and comfort of the saints who have heard of the sad misfortune and overthrow of Sister Stetler of this place, that God did wonderfully reclaim and deliver her soul on last evening and the glory of God filled our hearts and the place where we were assembled. Pray for me, all ye redeemed ones. My permanent address, Payne, O.

I am as ever your humble servant and Christ’s,

J. N. Howard.


Franklin, Pa., Nov. 22, 1892.

Dearly Beloved Brethren, Greeting: May heaven’s blessings rest upon and abide with you all. Thank God, we can still report victory in Jesus’ name in our souls and in the precious work of the Lord. We are still fully saved in him, redeemed from all sin and confusion, sanctified wholly by the Holy Spirit, and kept by his power. Hallelujah! The meeting east of Greenville. Pa. was truly a sweet and very precious feast from first to last, with precious victory and the divine seal upon the meeting. We left many friends for Jesus and his precious cause. Two were wholly sanctified by the Holy Spirit, and a few glorious cases of divine healing. The Lord abundantly bless and reward the dear people, who treated us with great kindness and respect, and supplying our wants. From there we went and spent two weeks in Trumbull Co., O., and held meetings at four different points with a good effect for the precious cause of Christ, especially in Burgh Hill, where the pure gospel of the evening light had never been preached. Also held a few meetings in the Corinth meeting house. The beloved saints were much edified and strengthened in the present truth. The Lord truly bless them all for their kindness to us. From there we returned to Greenville, Pa., from which place we were conveyed by R. R. and by the dear brethren to Congress Hill, four miles south of Franklin, where we are now holding meetings with good interest and conviction. God is working here. Three consecrations for holiness yesterday. Praise the Lord! The 30th inst. we begin meeting at Red Lion, to continue ten days or longer, the Lord willing, thence to Clintonville. There will be a general assembly meeting at Hendersonville, to begin about the last of Dec. or the first of Jan. to continue as long as the Lord leads. Dear Bro. A. J. Kilpatrick is desired to be at that meeting. All will be welcome to the feast. Let all pray much for us and the success of the Lord’s work in the East. Amen. Address us at St. Petersburg, Pa. Much holy love to all.

Yours in perfect love, sitting at the feet of Jesus,

F. N. Jacobson & Co.




Died in Geneva, Mich., Oct. 13, 1892, little Ernie Belleville, aged two years, three months, and twenty-two days. May God bless the dear parents, brothers and sisters, and comfort their aching hearts. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away; blessed be the name of the Lord.

Funeral services last Lord’s day, by the writer,

Julia Crowell.


Ida Ellen Wall departed this life at her home near Hamer, O., Oct., 28, 1892, aged 22 years, 9 months, and 14 days. This sister was saved about six years ago, and in that time she fell from grace. Still the Lord strove with her and again she gave her heart to God and died in the triumphs of a iving faith. She leaves a husband and little babe 8 months old. May God bless and save the husband.

W. J. Smith.


Died, of Black Diphtheria, Martha Frances Thompson, Oct. 13, 1892, aged 3 years, 7 months and 20 days.

Eva Snow Thompson, Oct. 15, 1892; aged 5 years, 6 months and 16 days.

Wilber Lee Thompson, Oct 24, 1892; aged 1 year, 10 months and 28 days.

Such is the sad history of a few short days, in the bereaved family of 3rother and Sister Thompson, of Jackson township, Sumner Co., Kan. Within two days two sweet little sisters passed over the river of death, into the blessed land of eternal life, and in one week and one day more, baby followed. Jesus wanted these tender buds to transplant in the heavenly land, and bow in submission to his will; as the mother had three warnings, by dreams three nights in succession, answering to the two little girls and baby just before the first took sick.

“Darling loved ones you have left us,
But you’re only gone before,
And in heaven we’ll strive to meet you,
Where death and parting are no more.”

The above children were grandchildren of Brother and Sister Annis.

D. T. Rose.

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IT is a sad truth that in the life of the average modern girl, temptations to impurity have more to contend with in her pride than in her moral nature. Everything in her education has tended to increase the former and dwarf the latter. Her parents have taken her to the theater fair oftener than to even the fashionable church on the avenue. From the latter she carried away more about dress than anything else. From a child she has been familiar with the French school of morals, as taught by the sensational drama. Society, that will turn a girl out of doors the moment she sins, will take her, at the most critical period of her unformed character, night after night to witness plays in which the husband is. made ridiculous, but the man who destroys purity and home happiness is as splendid a villain as Milton’s Satan.

Parents themselves familiarize their daughter’s mind with just what she is tempted to do, by taking her to plays as poisonous to the soul as the malaria of the Campagna at Rome is to the body. We unhesitatingly charge many parents with the absolute ruin of their children, by exposing them, and permitting them to be exposed to influences that they know must prove fatal. No guardian of a child can plead the densest stupidity for not knowing that French novels and plays are as demoralizing as the devil could wish them to be; and constantly to place young, passionate natures, just awakening in their uncurbed strength, under such influences, and expect them to remain as spotless as snow, is the most wretched absurdity of our day. Society brings fire to the tow, the brand to the powder, and then lifts its hands to hurl its anathema in case they ignite.

But parents sin even more grievously in permitting men of besmirched character to haunt their homes. If one of the lambs of their flock suffer irretrievably, they will be as much to blame as would a shepherd who daily saw the wolves within his fold. Fathers are familiar with the stories afloat about the well-dressed scoundrels who visit their daughters, — familiar with their character, or rather their lack of character. Some of the worst villains in existence have the entree into the “best” society. It is pretty ell known among men what they are, and fashionable mammas are not wholly in the dark. Therefore, every day, “angels that kept not their first estate” are falling from heaven.

It is underminding, unhallowed influence of such associations that makes the young girl so weak in her first sharp stress of temptation. Crime is not awful and repulsive to her. There is little in her cunningly perverted nature to revolt against it. She hesitates mainly on the ground of her pride, and in view of the consequences. And even these latter she in no sense realizes; for the school in which she has been taught, showed only the flowery opening of the path into sin, while its terrible retributions were kept hidden.



When the food is not properly chewed the necessary amount of saliva is not used up, and, this, remaining in the mouth, decays the teeth. The teeth fastenings are also hardened by chewing the food well: neglect of this loosens them.

The condition of the spirit has much to do with bodily health. People have died with grief. Worry and fret are very depressing to body as well as soul. A clear conscience, courageous spirit and faith in God are wonderful health factors.

Do not sweeten your sour fruits with baking soda. The excessive use of soda has made the American people a race of dyspeptics. A healthy person can digest considerable sugar without injury, but no one can long stand the effects of large quantities of soda.



God’s remnant “are now returned unto the Shepherd and Bishop of their souls,” acknowledging the government still resting upon his shoulder, find the gifts of the Spirit as essential now as in the days of the apostles.

Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant. 1 Cor. 12:1. Follow after charity and desire spiritual gifts, 1 Cor. 14:1. But covet earnestly the best gifts. 1 Cor. 12:31. Even so ye, forasmuch as ye are zealous of spiritual gifts, seek that ye may excel to the edifying of the church. 1 Cor. 14:12.

By means of the possession of these gifts, men were constituted apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, exhorters, workers of miracles, helps, etc. See Eph. 4:8, 11; 1 Cor. 12:8-11, 28; Rom. 12:6-8. God does not bestow these gifts to be kept in a vault nor to be held in reserve, waiting the decision of ecclesiastical courts to be limited to stationed charges at the will of the creature, or verdict rendered not called, etc; but to be used by the power of the Holy Ghost, according to the proportion of faith. “The ends of the earth” are the bounds of its usefulness.

Among the gifts are the gifts of healing for the preservation and restoration of these mortal bodies, which God has said. “I will dwell in them, and walk in them.” Not immortalizing them, but “bringing health and cure.” This gift cannot be obtained by a few dollars of a Christian scientist (anti-christ). God says to all such, “Thy money perish with thee; thou art in the gall of bitterness, in the bond of iniquity; thou hast no part nor lot in this matter.”

Many have undoubtedly concluded that they were in possession of this gift because they firmly believed these promises: “Who healeth all thy diseases.” “The prayer of faith shall save the sick.” “These signs shall follow them that believe.” “Ask what ye will and it shall be done,” etc., and their conclusion is confirmed by a few getting well over whom they prayed; while the facts are they have not received the gift at all, only the foundation for it; viz., faith. Though we frankly confess that the gifts are obtained, retained, and used by faith, and can prove the same when necessary, when a person has the gift of healing (1 Cor. 12:9, 28) and it is in God’s order for them to use the gift. The “anointing,” or “quickening” of the Spirit will be consciously realized. This is true with all the gifts.

Every one that possesses any of the gifts knows what I am talking about. And whosoever lays on hands for healing and does not realize the anointing of the Holy Ghost does not possess the gift or else is out of God’s order. In the mind of a novice the gifts of healing, a bottle of oil, a sick person, and a word of prayer, and success is bound to follow. But alas! some linger, some die; the ministry is blamed, the cause of holiness is slandered; poor souls stumble down to hell over it. The innocent saints are blamed, the weak ones are overcome, few survive the shock; the world is so prejudiced they will not attend the saints’ meeting for years. Instead of a soul-saving institution it has driven many into despair, and become a stumbling for all. “How is the faithful city become a harlot?” The poor novice consoles himself by saying, Bro. — laid his hands on so and so, and he was not healed, and all must die some time: others are chosen in the furnace of affliction, etc.; and to make his conscience still easier he says, “We went according to the word, James 5:14, 15,” and thus blame God with a failure. Shame! shame!! God hath said, “Be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.” — Eph. 5:17. And again, “Lay hands suddenly on no man.” — 1 Tim. 5:22. “Wisdom is profitable to direct. “ And the meek will he guide in judgment.”

“Who is blind but my servant, or is deaf as my messenger that I sent.” “The ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master’s crib: but Israel doth not know, my people doth not consider.” When will people learn to not “lean upon their own understanding,” or depend on “man’s judgement” or be led by the wishes and sympathies of others!

Why did you lay hands on such ones? Well they insisted that!! should. Why did you ordain such ones? Well they wanted to be ordained. My very soul suffers when I think of these things. You that have done these things, may God help you when you read this, and do not toss it to some one else, but let judgement be laid to the line. God’s kingdom is not a cob-house nor the gift of playthings for babies. “Quit you like men,” be strong, know God’s will, then act. O that “the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him: the eyes of your understanding being enlightened.” “Till we all come in unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ.” “By knowledge.” yea “in all things approving ourselves as the ministers of God.” Giving no offence in any thing, that the ministry be not blamed. 2 Cor. 6:3. Let not then your good be evil spoken of. Rom. 14:16. I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain. Jno. 15:16.

And there sat a certain man at Lystra, impotent in his feet, being a cripple from his mother’s womb, who never had walked: the same heard Paul speak, who steadfastly beholding him, and PERCEIVING THAT HE HAD FAITH TO BE HEALED, said with a loud voice. Stand upright on thy feet. And he leaped and walked. Acts 14:8-10.

In order to discern whether a person is in conditon to be healed, it is not necessary to anoint them and pray over them, then wait two or three days to find out. You should know God’s will in the matter before anointing them and laying on hands, and when thus you know God’s will, and know there is nothing in the way, you can say with authority you know the work is going to be done. You proceed in the name of Jesus Christ, and the result: — healed! Hallelujah! No failure any more.

It is just as necessary to examine the condition of an applicant for healing as if they were seeking justification or sanctification. Many times their bodily ailment is, caused by spiritual depression and when the cause is removed they are soon well. Many present themselves for healing who have never told God they were sick, nor asked him why they were sick, and never asked him if he could be glorified in their recovery. Do not know anything more about God’s will than if there were no God. They want to be anointed to see if God will heal them. God pity them and the preacher that would anoint them before laboring for their spiritual recovery. O that I might thunder this into the ears of every preacher and professing saint. “Be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.” Then soon “a little one shall become a thousand, and a small one strong nation.”

Yes, but says one, We have asked the Lord’s will but he has not shown us. What shall we do? Take heed therefore unto yourselves, then to the flock. Preachers sometimes gets out of proper condition, and need to examine themselves. May God use these words to stir up your pure minds by way of remembrance, who know these things, and to enlighten those who know them not, is my prayer. Amen.

Geo. L. Cole.




Hartsells, Ala.

Dear Saints of God: I feel it would be to the glory of God, for me to write some on this subject. We find a great many to day that profess to be saints of God, claiming that they are dead to the world and its pleasures, and yet they go on doing as before. Dear readers, if this is the case with any of you, let me ask you what you mean. God is not mocked.

“Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.” — Rom. 6:11. Dear saints, it does not mean that we should go on in sin as before. “Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin.” — Rom. 6:6. When we come out for the Lord and claim to be his saints, and say that the old man is crucified, it means that we are dead to the world am every thing of the devil. The devil has many ways of getting up things that are all of the world; such as barbecues, socials, shows, etc. This is all of the devil and when we go to one of these we do what God commands us to not do. “Be not ye therefore partakers with them.” — Eph. 5:7. Now if you are going back into the world and taking part in the things of the world, you are not letting your light shine, and you will become a stumbling block to some that are trying to do right. Oh, let us do what the Lord has for us to do, proving what is acceptable unto the Lord. “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” — Eph. 5:10, 11. “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the father is this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.” I do praise God this morning that I am dead to the world and its pleasures. O dear saints, put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. — Eph. 6:11. And when you put on the armor, keep it on and do not go back into the world and partake of her pleasure. Praise God that I have perfect victory over all that the devil can get up. Salvation is just wonderful if we do as the Lord bids us do. In place of trying to please men and the Lord at the same time, we have to forsake all for Christ’s sake. We have but one time to get ready to meet God, and that is very short at the longest.

I have written this for the young people that have come out for the Lord. The time of year is coming when the devil sends out his agents to get up socials and balls. Dear young people, we have no time to spend in the service of the devil. God commands our whole time to be spent in his service. Then how much for the devil? None. The Lord put us here to enjoy salvation, and to praise him. “Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. Quench not the Spirit. Despise not prophesyings. Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. Abstain from all appearance of evil.” — 1 Thess. 5:16-22.

Your brother, saved and sanctified,

D. P. Sharp.



Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.
Psa. 119:129.


Banister, Mich.

Dear Saints: I feel that it is the Lord’s will for me to write my testimony. I am saved just now. Praise God! I am walking in his light. I want to say that I have a Bible salvation, one that keeps me every day.

Your brother, saved,

Deforest H. Morrison.


Granby, Mo.

Dear Saints: I want to say this morning I am saved and sanctified and under the blood. Oh! the river of peace is flowing through my soul. I have just returned home from Pierce City, where we had a good meeting. The saints were built up by the preaching of the straight word of God. God is blessing the true saints in this part of the country. We have a prosperous church four miles south of Granby.

N. H. — I want some of the Trumpet readers that live at or near Winslow. Arkansas, to give me their address by postal card.

I am saved now.

F. E. P. Britton.


Ft. Wayne, Ind.

Dear Brethren: I do feel it my duty to write my testimony to the Trumpet. I am saved from all sin and sanctified. Praise his name! And I praise the Lord that he has so wonderfully healed me of a cancer on my face that has troubled me four yean I am trusting in him for all things. He is my great physician.

Your saved sister in Christ,

Ann Darby.


Robinson, Kan.

Dear Saints: I am led of the Lord to give my testimony that I am saved and kept by the power of God continually every day and hour. Jesus’ blood cleanses me from all sin, and by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, I was led out of all sectism, worldliness and ungodliness; and now, glory to God, I am all on the altar, sanctified and kept. O I do praise God that I ever heard the evening light preached. I was a wanderer in the wilderness (sectism) so long and was so lean in my poor hungry soul. I have so near lived out the three-score and ten years, that cannot express the peace and great joy that it gives me to have this privilege of serving God in the beauty of holiness in these last days.

I am led of God to speak of the great famine there is in Oklahoma territory; not a famine of bread, or water, but of hearing the blessed word of the Lord. Amos 8th chapter. May God send a score or more of Holy Ghost men and women to that territory. God has a remnant down there and he has blessed the people with plenty so that God’s ministers can be amply provided for. Would be glad to correspond with any dear child of God in regard to the country or people and the needs. I found in Oklahoma a fine country and a hospitable people. Now may the good Lord bless the Trumpet family and all the dear saints, with his very richest and best blessings. Amen.

Your brother saved and sanctified, and under the blood,

J. M. Marcum.


Elk Dale, Mo.

Beloved Saints: I am saved, oh, so sweet in Jesus. I have the real joys of salvation in my soul; no anger, pride or enmity in my heart, but it is all love. “Oh, this love, this winning love divine!” How wonderfully God is leading me into the mysteries of his love. I am so glad that God ever situated me so as to come in contact with the glorious evening light. It is glorious far beyond my expectation. How wonderfully he saved me from tobacco and from coffee, though I still used that beverage for two years after God sanctified me. I could not see any harm in drinking coffee, but at the Robinson assembly meeting, the Lord put it on a brother to tell me that those who still used coffee would grow lean in their souls. And I just began to examine my experience. I knew I had not such a sweet glow of the Holy Spirit then, and for the past six months, as I used to have. I began to think that the way was not bright on before. But I thank God that he showed me what was in the way; I quit coffee, and glory to God, the sweet filling of the Comforter has again filled all my soul. For the last six weeks I have had the real glory of God in my soul. I praise the Lord for deliverance from all sin, and all superfluity. I am free indeed, for Jesus made me free. “If we walk in the light as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son gleanseth us from all sin.” Beloved, let us manifest a willingness to walk in the light when we receive it. Amen.

Your saved and sanctified brother in him,

J. G. Neff.

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