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1 January 1891, Volume 11, Number 1.

The Way.

I see a shining pathway,
That leads from earth to God,
Where in the by-gone ages,
The pure in heart have trod.

The way is very narrow,
Just room enough for two;
I, and my blessed Savior,
None, satan, none for you.

But he’s lurking in the by-ways,
He watches every step;
If I step from my Master,
Quite close to me he’ll slip.

He’ll whisper softly to me,
“You’re very good indeed,
You’re strong in mind and body,
No Master do you need.”

He hangs up golden apples,
So near and tempting fair:
He shows me his possessions,
And whispers, “Journey there.”

I speak the name of Jesus,
And he i.. made to wince;
He remembers that “high mountain,”
And “Satan, get thee hence.”

O bless the name of Jesus!
It shields from every snare,
To man there comes no trial,
But Christ will help him bear.

I see a shining pathway,
There walked the saints of old;
And by the help of Jesus
I’ll trace it to the Fold.

Chas E. Orr.





WE frequently receive letters from persons, who ridicule the idea of sanctification and just ideation being two separate and distinct works of grace ..ught in the soul. They, claim that ..en they came to the Lord they offered themselves a living sacrifice, and was converted and wholly sanctified both at the ..e time; and say the Apostles were ..t converted until after the day of Pentecost. Others claim that no one is sanctified in this life, and think when we get … good that we do not sin any more, then ..e Lord has no more use for us here on ..rth.

We may respect, a person for their be ..ef if they are honest in it, but we dare ..ot drink of their unbelief, or uphold them … it, when we know they are in the wrong … order to win them over on the side of truth. But they should be shown the truth … the light of the Gospel, and when made ..ain to them, they do not dare reject the truth, for the Word teaches that we must … walk in the light or go into darkness.” Right here is where so many lose the grace of God out of their souls; they see the ..ight, and will not advance, and walk in it, and so they are left in darkness. True, it is ..ard for many who have not had their spiritual eyes opened, or have been steeped with false teaching; to understand the teachings of the Word of God. But in about all such cases, you will find a selfish, stubborn will of their own, which refuses to be brought into line and subjection to His will; and as their will is to a greater or less extent, set in opposition to the will of God, they find great difficulty in under standing the deep things of His Word even though they may hear it preached or explained in the plainest possible manner. Then the way to discover and possess the rich jewels and treasures of the Word of God, is lo get your will in line with His; let your heart be fixed upon Him, be willing to walk according to the teachings of His blessed Word.

We do not hesitate in making the assertion in the light of God’s Word, that justification and sanctification are two separate and distinct works of grace wrought in the soul. The first is the forgiveness of all actual transgressions; the 2nd the cleansing from all unrighteousness, having the evil, inherited nature rooted out. This is taught all through the Bible. Christ and His apostles preached repentance before the day of Pentecost, and while Christ was with them, His disciples baptized many persons. Surely they did not baptize sinners; for the command was for them to repent and then be baptized. Neither were the apostles sinners, for He says, “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves.” — Matt. 10:16. The scriptures here represent the “wolves” as the people who are sinners, and “sheep” as the saved ones. It would be absurd to think that Christ would send out a number of sinners to preach the Gospel, heal the sick, cast out devils, etc. No, indeed, only saved persons are His ministers. Thousands of people at the present time are trying to preach the Gospel, whom God has never called nor commissioned, conseqently they become false teachers, and darken the understanding of their hearers, thus causing divisions, strife, etc “having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof, from such turn away.” The minister whom the Lord commissions and sends forth, is endued with power from on high, and his teaching is in the demonstration of the Spirit, and in accordance with the Word of God.

You remember in Luke 10:17-20, that when the 70 returned, they rejoiced that devils were subject unto them, and Christ told them to rejoice because their names were written in heaven. Surely the names of sinners are not written in heaven; if so, it would be useless to preach repentance. We read of some who come humbly to Christ, and He forgave them, and said, “Go and sin no more.” This was before the day of Pentecost. The promise of the Father was the Holy Ghost, which was not given before the day of Pentecost as an abiding Comforter.

For a sinner to go out to preach the Gospel would not be in harmony with the Word, because the first teachings of the Gospel, was repentance for the forgiveness of sins. And if His apostles had not been converted when they went out to preach the people would have told them that they had better get saved themselves first. To be a follower of Christ one must be a believer in His Word, and to be a believer one must obey His commands; and to do’ this will bring about a conversion of the soul the first thing. Consequently all who believed on Him according to His Word, were converted. A mere religions inclination of the mind, or head religion will not suffice, but it must emanate from the depths of the soul. “For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

To settle down upon good resolutions and a religions inclination without a change of heart, will save no one. The Word teaches that only believers can receive the Holy Ghost. “I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another Comforter, etc. “And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.” — Jno. 14:16, 17. Here He says the “world,” (sinners) cannot receive this Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost; but His disciples “know him,” and he shall be in them. In Jno. 17, we find Jesus praying for the sanctification of His disciples, and those who believe in Him. This prayer was answered, Acts 2:1-4. And the promise which had been spoken of was given.

Paul in illustrating the condition of a person with this inherited nature, says “When I would do good, evil was present with me.” But as we read further on in his experience we find him “crucified with Christ,” abounding in His love continually, free from all the sinful lusts of the world. Acts 19:1, 2, when Paul came to Ephesus he found certain disciples, and he said unto them. “have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed? f And they said that they had hot so much as heard whether there be any Holy Ghost. So it is today, many do not even know that there is a Holy Ghost because they have been under teachers who taught them not the words of our Lord Jesus Christ. Others believe that they received it when converted. Well, that is contrary to the Word, to have the Holy Ghost as an abiding Comforter at the instant of conversion.

Now let us see how it is to be obtained. When a sinner comes to Christ he offers himself “dead in trespasses and sins,” and is made alive in Christ through the forgivness of sins, or actual transgressions, and that act, or work of grace, gives access into, a deeper experience; into standing grace. — Rom. 5:1, 2. Read Rom. 12:1, 2 and see how this second grace is attained unto. Remember he is speaking here to brethren and as they have already offered themselves “dead in trespasses and sins,” and been made alive in Christ, now he command them to offer their bodies a living sacrifice etc., which no sinners can do because they have not been made alive in Christ. A sinner cannot offer himself a holy sacrifice, but must meet the requirements of the Word, through repentance before he is in a condition to even make the consecration for perfect holiness of heart.

Does a person not grow into sanctification? No. There is a growth in grace, but not into grace. ‘Through sanctification we receive a moral change of our nature, therefore sanctification is not effected by growth, as growth never changes the nature of anything.’ After we get into grace, then we can grow in grace. We must get into a room before we can roam around in it, growth, changes the dimension, or size of any thing; but a work of grace changes the nature.

Continued in tract form.

E. E. Byrum.




I am a native of Prussia. Have been in America about 21 years. In 1882 I was suddenly taken with a vi..ent pain and o.. it cast helpless on the ground. I was carried into the house and was greatly afflicted for four months, unable to ..ve ray bed. I had been converted to God eight years before, and was trying to live the best I knew how in the Baptist sect. I was only able to draw the Bible to me on my bed and read. There God convicted me, I was no right. His voice said to me, “U.. ..s you do the will of that book you will not recover from your sickness.” I begin to seek God with all my heart. I was very poorly. Dr. and friends had but little hopes of my recovery. But in a few days God blessed and accepted me, and healed my body. And when the people expected I would be in my grave I was going about well, saved and praising God.

Last February I heard sanctification taught, and thank God, accepted it. And one night in my bed at midnight the very God of peace sanctified me wholly. O praise God for full salvation.

About two months ago, the Lord showed me in a vision that there were four of His servants coming to this state in a company and that His mighty power was in them. The Spirit said, in the vision, read Matt. 10 and you will see my wonderful works that shall be performed through my servants. The Lord said, also, you must go and hear them, and take the New Testament with you. The next morning I turned to Matt. 10, and was much impressed with these words as descriptive of God’s coming heralds. “As ye go, preach, heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, cast out devils, freely ye have received, freely give.” “And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feel. Verily I say unto you, it shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of judgment, than for that city.” I knew some one was coming with mighty power and authority. At that time I had heard nothing of any one from abroad coming to our state. A mouth later, I heard of a general assembly of saints to be at Watkinsville, seventeen miles from where I lived. I was impressed much to go to the meeting, not having heard who was to he there. I went to the meeting, and saw fulfilled what God had shown me in the vision. Bro. Warner and Go. (four in all) were there. I saw persons come forward for healing who were in great, suffering, and they were instantly healed before the eyes of the people. And the healed were made to shout aloud and give God glory with the witness of the Holy Spirit that the great work was done. And the mighty power of God even filled the house. After some had been thus healed on one occasion, I was impressed to arise and tell what God had shown me in the vision, which was there being fulfilled. But testimony not having been called for, I hesitated to rise, when a similar pain ..ruck my body to that which so prostrated me before, though not so severe. By the help of the Lord, I arose and delivered the Lord’s message, when the pain instantly left.

And now I will speak of another thing which I saw in the same vision. The ordinance of washing saints feet has been much spoken against in this country, and I had prayed to God to show me His will in the matter. At the same time of the vision of God’s four messengers coming to this state, I saw a book which had songs with notes, and I saw in large figures the number 101, which the Spirit said I should turn to and there I would find an endorsement of that ordinance. I was eager to find what this all meant. I looked into my Bible and found only one hook that had that many chapters, and that was the book of Psalms. I read the 101st Psalm and it was very pecious to my soul; but I found nothing on the subject I was to get light on. I then took the Good Way hymn book and read the 101st number, a good song, but nothing still bearing on washing feet. So the matter was a mystery to me. But when I came to Watkinsville to the meeting, I saw the saints had another kind of song book. I also saw that it had notes, as the one I had seen in the vision had. So I was very anxious to see the book and read No. 101. I did not get the privilege the first night, but the next day I took the book and turned with intense interest to No. 101, and there read:

“Not enough to wash my feet,
Let the cleansing be complete;
Full salvation, Lord impart,
Wash my hands, my head, my heart.”

This verse naturally carries the mind to Peter, when he saw that if he rebelled against Christ’s command he would have no part or lot with Him, he was willing to have not only his feet, but also his hands and his head washed. Though the washing in the hymn is spiritual, it endorses the literal washing upon which it is based, and is a wonderful answer to prayer to my soul. Perhaps not another hymn in that book brings that ordinance to view, but the 101st No. which the Lord showed me in the vision. Praise God! I feasted on the glorious Word of God in that meeting. I am sanctified wholly by the Spirit of God, and kept constantly saved in Jesus, and His love in my heart leads me to obey all His precious commandments. Amen.

Ernst Voight.

Coose, Leak Co. Miss.





A few weeks ago I was requested to visit an invalid sister who was a member of good standing in the U. B. sect. I was impressed with the sincerity of her heart, and believed she was walking in all the light she had and honestly desiring to do the whole will of God. She had laid aside all medicine and was hoping it might be the will of God to restore her to health. I felt that God’s hand was upon her and was led to visit her often. I questioned her very closely as to her present experience. She said she felt fully justified and clear in her soul, and shortly afterwards consecrated her all to God, and willed to believe that He accepted the sacrifice. She also received the anointing for healing and God answered prayer in making her very comfortable most of the time. I soon saw, however, her faith was very weak and wavering, and her body likewise was failing with extreme weakness. I noticed also that the fruits of the Spirit were not manifest as I had hoped to see. Her countenance appeared restless, and as time passed on I failed to see any evidence of real spiritual life. Finally I said to her, sister L —, I want to see you get an experience that will give you the joys of salvation and the fullness of a living Christ in your soul then you will have faith and assurance from God so as to receive according to your need for both soul and body. “Well said she, I am wholly ..iven up into his hands; I do not know else I can do.” I felt her, feeling myself, quite depressed in spirit. As I returned home I was so burdened on her behalf that I felt sick at heart. I seemed to have no demand for food or sleep, and I was soon led to determine before God that I would fast and pray until He should reveal to me what her real condition was. The next day while waiting upon God and asking for an understanding of her case, I was directed through His Word to the 1st Epistle of John 1:9. — “If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” The Holy Spirit revealed to me in a moment that there was a work of confession for her to do, before God could forgive or become reconciled to her is His child, and that she was indeed void if any salvation whatever. I closed my Bible and said, “Lord what about her body, are you going to let her die or what about her failing strength? show me through Thy Word, I opened to Isa. 30:15 and these words were applied: “In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” Here the Holy Spirit showed me that after confessing her sins, God would be reconciled and this relation would restore her confidence toward Him whereby she could ask and receive all needed strength. The burden was lifted from my heart and I began to feel very hungry; yet to make sure … said again, Lord, need I fast any longer, or is there anything more that I should understand? show me again through Thy Word. I opened to Prov. — 28:5 “They that seek the Lord understand all things.” That was enough. Praise God! I felt in my soul like flying to this sister to tell her what the Lord had showed me; but my judgment said, probably not to-day. I was so anxious to be instant in season that I closed the blessed book again and said, “dear Lord, bear with me once more, I do not want to be too fast, or too slow; Oh tell me if I should go to day.” I opened again to these words: ‘Be not in haste.” how sweetly I rested as the day passed away, and on the morrow I was led very plainly to go. On entering her room I found her comfortable in body, but getting weaker every day. She said she had a dream the night before. She thought she was in the village and looking down the street, she saw some one whom she thought was me with rolls of white cotton batting in my arms, spreading them along in a straight narrow path and calling her to walk on it. Just then she was reminded that she had not dressed her feet yet, and she returned to dress them before she could go. I then told her all the Lord had revealed to me, and that there was a work of humility (confession) which she must do before she could start on that narrow way. She reflected seriously and then said, “I do not know of anything to confess outside of my family; but I have been irritable and fretful at home. I thought God knew how weak and nervous I was and He would make allowance for it.” I said to her that for one to claim to be a child of God and then to scold and fret was making them a hypocrite, and that we could not do so and keep saved; that such a life was sinful in God’s sight, and brought reproach upon His name. She quietly reviewed the past and then said, “God has sent you here to tell me these things, I did not see it myself.” I told her to call her family to her bedside and make a full confession, and as their forgiveness, and tell them that with God’s grace enabling her, she would henceforth live a holy life. She said she would. The same evening she called them to her, one by one. She asked her husband to kneel by her side, and then in humble confession she called upon God with all the strength of her being to forgive. Then she turned to him likewise. She then asked for letters of confession to be written and sent to absent ones. This being done, she said, “it is finished, I have done all now,” and a heavenly sweetness was manifest in her looks and manner from that time. A few hours passed by when suddenly an inspiration of praises filled her soul. She shouted praises again and again with uplifted hands to Him who had redeemed and saved her soul. Then the dear Saviour appeared by her side, and while enraptured with His glorious presence, she exclaimed, “Is this death? oh how sweet!” And continued praising His dear name till the last whisper was lost to the listening ear in her transit to the heaven above. God grant that all who read this experience may seek to possess the fruits of the Spirit, Gal. 5:22-26, and so live that their every word and deed may glorify Him, and thus make their calling and election sure.

J. E. Courtney.

Bay View, Mich.

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God bless you all with a happy New Year.


Another year has gone by, and what have you done for the Lord?


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Pure religion includes keeping yourselves unspotted from the world. Popular religion goes hand in hand with the world.


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Dear Saints: — I feel led of the Lord to make a short statement concerning the Gospel Trumpet home. All who have eve.. called there know that there is a large family, besides the great number of visitors that stop there, some for light or relief through prayer, for their spiritual depression, and others for a visit, and all are received with a welcome and freely cared for without a thought of charging anything for expenses. We all know that there are so many that the table expenses are great.

About a year ago Bro. E. E. Byrum saw fit to purchase a cow for the benefit of the Trumpet family. She was a choice durham weighing over 1200 lbs, which he bought of me for $35. which he paid out of his own money, and donated her for the use of the Trumpet family. I had been offered $40 for by other parties. Dec. 23rd the barn in which the cow was kept, caught fire and burned with its contents; destroying the cow and winter’s feed, etc., to the amount of about $75 00. Dearly beloved let us do our duty in sending in means to restore the loss.

S. Michels.



Dear Brethren: — Our testimony is to to day that we are saved from sin and trusting God’s promises, and we are bound by the sustaining grace of God to do His will. Pray for us that God may ever keep our feet on the Solid Rock Christ Jesus.

We learn that some of the ministers who desire to go and work for the Lord, are hindered on account of having to provide lor their children. If any of them have a little girl about 12 or 13 years of age, and would like to find a home for her, we will be glad to care for such a one, and it matters not how poor they are, they will be cared for. We feel it our duty to take one of the children for the sake of perishing souls, and send her to school. Write to us at once.

Your Bro. and sister.

Daniel & Elizabeth Earl.

Dushville, Mich.




Beech Springs, Miss. Dec. 19, 1890.

Dear Saints, and all readers of the Trumpet Greeting: — We are reminded that it is time we should prepare a few words for our New Years anniversary to the glory of God our Saviour. Having a trip of twenty seven miles to make to-day, we rise before day and grasp the living moments. Praise God! We are all well and blessed of God with a thousand mercies. Surely Thou, O God! crownest the year with thy goodness. This has been a very glorious and prosperous year to our soul, and in the spreading of Gospel light and salvation. Not a moment has passed without complete victory over all the powers of sin and hell, through Jesus Christ who has loved us and given Himself for us.

And now, reviewing the year we call upon our soul and all that is within us, and upon all the saints to thank and praise God for His great love bestowed upon us, your humble servant.

There has been a great increase in the circulation of the Gospel Trumpet during the year, and many thousand tracts have none out preaching to the ends of the earth, and the light of present truth is last making its way into every corner of this vast country, and also making some inroads across the sea. The number or consecrated witnesses for God and His great salvation are greatly increasing, and they are running to and fro, from sea to sea, and from North to South. O what self-denial and sacrifice the true heralds of the cross of Christ must endure. If we have approved ourselves the ministers of God by 2 Cor. 6:4-10, let us glory in the cross of Christ. A great host of warm and true hearted saints have shown their consecration of self and means to God by the support of the pure Gospel; but on the part of a large portion of the body of Christ there is yet far too low a standard and too small faith in the matter of devoting means to the glory of God and the promotion of salvation. And because of the poverty of the consecrated and the slackness of others, the Lord’s “oxen” frequently have but little “provender.” But a little that is clean is better than a feast of unwinnowed. — Isa. 12:20; 30:24. Last winter a brother came to where we were holding meetings, who had been out working some time in the Gospel field, and he seemed depressed in spirits. Knowing he was a poof man and had a family we judged there was financial pressure on his heart. Accordingly, our heart was also burdened; for they who are in the fellowship of the Spirit “serve the Lord with one shoulder,” i. e. all shoulder the burdens of each one. We went to God in prayer for all the dear ministers, and while in deep sympathy for their privations, the Lord comforted us with this thought. That if it be deplored that to many come short of their duty in giving, God even over-rules this to a blessing, in that it cuts off all temptation for selfish and impure men aspiring to the ministry among the saints in light. No one thing is more essential to the purity of God’s church than a pure self sacrificing ministry. And surely none can be induced to embark in this line of work for “filthy lucre.” But we trust that as the church more universally advances to her normal state of thorough discerning and judging, so that the sword and hammer of God hangs threatnening over the head of every hypocrite and orcerer who would attempt to “join himself” to the ministry of the saints, the churches will heed the command of the apostle Paul in 1 Cor. 16:1, 2, and the wants of God’s true ministers will be easily met by the weekly deposits of the church in each place all the year round. In all the financial schemes and systems of babylon there is nothing so simple and wise as the New Testament polity. On every first, or Lord,s day, as the saints meet, for worship let each child of God quietly drop into the Lord’s treasure as He hath prospered him. This is in harmony with the principle laid down by the Savior, “When thou givest alms let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doest.” No one need to know how much you deposit, but God, and He will reward you openly by blessing the liberal ones. This also avoids all public efforts of money gathering. It is also the most practical manner for the church to meet all financial demands. By all giving every week as the Lord prospers them during the year, the result is, first, much of the Lord’s means is thus devoted to Him which would otherwise slip away in unworthy and unnecessary outlays. Second, by accumaluting weekly what can be spared, when a meeting calls ministers there, or a house of worship is to be built or repaired, the means will be on hand without any strain or burden on the church at the time of need. Third, by this divine policy there is an equalizing of the burden on all, and not compelling the few to bear the burden who happen to have means at the time. Fourth, when God’s poor preachers come to you in the name of Jesus, they will not have to go away empty while their needs press upon the hearts of wife and children, simply because most of the brethren “are sorry to say that they just happen to have nothing to give at present.” God only knows how this comes to the poor man whose family may be needing the necessaries of life. But or course his feelings are hid in his affectionate heart, where that grace abounds which counts all things as working together for good to them that love God, and who are the called according to His purpose,” and who therefore are “exceeding joyful in all our tribulations.”

To all the beloved in the ministry we would say, if you know you are wholly sanctified and that God has called you into the field, then remember that God has “ordained that they who preach the Gospel, shall live of the Gospel.” Therefore only trust Him and do His will, and our God will supply all your need by His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” As God is true and you do your whole duty, you shall “live of the Gospel,” if it be on fasting, or on bread sent by angels or ravens. Bless His holy name! Of course many who are chosen and called of God into the work need the polishing touches of furnace trials to fully qualify them for the work, and such will find trials good for their soul, if they will endure all things for Christ. God wants a suffering, patient, self-denying, holy ministry to preach and exemplify His sin bearing and dying Son, and to demonstrate the power of divine grace to rejoice and praise God in all the privations and sufferings of life. And if He cannot bring it about any other way. He will use the nogligence of brethren, but by that slackness brethren make their souls lean; for that is the “withholding that tends to poverty.” A scriptural view leads us to look upon the matter of giving to the Lord and His ministry, as a privilege and not a mere duty; as the very best investment instead of a sacrifice. God bless His people with great grace and love.

We are very thankful to the Lord, and to all the beloved saints for their cooperation with us in publishing the saving truth of God in the earth. Many have done much for the Lord in this way with your means, we are persuaded the Lord is blessing and rewarding all such richly. The good work is increasing in every way.

A children’s paper is much needed and trust will be started in the spring. The Trumpet too should be made a weekly. May God soon bring it to pass for His names sake! We have the office capacity and the Lord will increase the number of workers as needed, and all we need is a few thousand more subscribers to be able to publish weekly. And as about all our readers are anxious to have a weekly, we humbly ask you all to do what you can to enlarge the circulation. The true way to do this is to work for the salvation of souls. But this brings us to a work that must be inspired by a ..gher class of motives than the circulationa Gospel paper. This can only be … ..th he direct motive of glorifying God and delivering souls from sin and hell. Nevertheless, the Trumpet only increases in the earth as the Church of God does, namely “by the increase of God.” Salvation increases the paper, and the paper increases salvation.

God bless you, dear brethren and sister and all readers with a happy New Year and may His grace be upon you all thro.. out the year. This may be our last ye … let us all work for the Master, what … hands find to do. God bless you especia.. dear brothers and sisters in the great gospel field. Pray for us.

Your humble servant and brother. Amen.




“O Israel, trust thou in the Lord He is their help and their shield — Psa. 115:9. “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.” — Psa. 118:8. IN TROUBLES. We should “Call upon me (God) in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee and thou shall glorify me. Psa. 5o:15; TEMPTATION. “Watch and pray that ye enter not into temptation the Spirit indeed is willing but the flesh weak.” — Matt. 26:41. “There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man. But God is faithful who will not suffer you to be templed above that ye are able: but will with the temptation also make a way to escape that ye may be able to beat it.” — 1 Cor. 10:13. Read 2 Pet. 2:9; Jam. 1:2-4, 12. W.. I have a desire for any necessary thing .. go to the Lord in secret prayer. Read … 6:6. “And this is the confidence we have in Him, that if we ask any thing according to His will He heareth us. And if know that He hears us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of Him.” — 1 Jno. 5:14. The Word of God tells us “If any of you lack wisdom, let him (or her) ask of God, who giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not, and it shall be given him. We must ask in faith. “I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with m.. eye.” — Psa. 32:8. The Comforter and tea..er of the sanctified is the Holy Gh.. Read what Jesus said in Jno. 14:16, 17, 15:26, 27; 1 Jno. 2:27. May God h.. us to trust in Him for all things, and at … times. “Trust in Him at all times; ye people pour out your heart before Him: God is a refuge for us.” Let us trust in … Lord whether we feel or not. “The just shall live by faith.” — Rom. 1:17. “Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher our faith.” — Heb. 12:2. I have not he..ing faith yet as I am deaf, but I am trust.. in the Lord, and casting all my care up.. him for He careth for me. “Godliness with contentment is great gain.” — 1 Tim. 6:6. Read 8th verse. I want lo tell you … dear saints, that I only went to school … three years. Left school at eleven ye.. of age on account of becoming deaf; … the dear Lord has opened my spiritual ey.. and gives me a good understanding, … which I give Him all the glory. I pra.. Him for salvation that saves from all s..

Your saved sister.

Clara Beaver.

Bracken, Ind.



Wymore, Neb.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — God ble.. you one and all. My last report was fro.. Beloit, Kans where we held meeting fo.. about two weeks with glorious victory. And several persons were made free, and happy in Jesus. Many were deeply convicted, and one night about twenty five o.. thirty held up their hands for salvation, bu.. when it came to making the consecration they drew back, being bound by the letter … of sin. There is a grand opening in and around Beloit for the Truth. May the Lord send other messengers there. From Beloit we came to Wymore, Neb. where w.. are having glorious victory in the meeting.. We started from Beloit to Manhattan, and after traveling a day or so it was so cold that wife and the three little children took the train for home. My heart was moved for the poor little dears, as we traveled along they would cry with the cold-. Then I thought of the home for the children, talked of in the Trumpet some time ago. I believe such a home would be of God. When I was at Beloit Bro. Willis wrote to me that he was going to take or send His wife and children home, and desired me to send mine home too and we could travel together.


Manhattan, Kan. Dec. 22, 1890

We came to Manhattan and expected to find Bro. J. A. Caldwell and family there, but were disappointed. If anyone can tell one of his whereabouts, please let me know. There are some honest souls here who love the Truth and are willing to walk in the light of the Gospel. There have been four or five consecrations for entire sanctification. Pray for us.

Your brother.

J. P. Haner.

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Coopersville Mich.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — We thank and praise God for this wonderful salvation. One poor backslider was taken sick and brought very near death’s door, but the Lord rescued her soul and healed her body and she arose from her bed of sickness giving God all the glory, leaping, shouting and singing praises to God. We meet with the little church at Nunica every two weeks and enjoy the blessings of the Lord Bro. Louis the blind boy, comes to every meeting. He says his faith is constantly on the increase, and he is getting stronger both spiritually and bodily. To God be all the glory.

Your Bro. and sister in Christ.

Wm. & M. A. Stowell.


Deshler, Henry Co. O.

Dear saints: — God richly bless and keep you all in Christ Jesus unto the end. After the Rising Sun assembly meeting, with and I took train for New Washington Crawford Co. O. where we begun meeting in a rented hall in the name of the Lord Oct. 31st, which continued until Nov. 10th, closing with victory for God. The town being well poisoned with prejudice against the way of the Lord, and the hall bein: above the dram shops where the powers of hell were assembled, rendered our labors there in the Gospel more difficult, but in the name and strength of Jesus, we faced the conclaves of darkness, and the Lord sent forth streams of light on the people. A degree of prejudice was broken down and some who had been at enmity against the Truth warmly and friendly embraced and confessed it. Here we had some very precious interesting children’s meetings in which two of dear Bro. and sister Rosenbery’s children were saved. Bless the Lord! The meeting in town closed with a joyful and very precious ordinance meeting. On the 11th we went about four miles west of town intending to hold only one meeting in dear Bro John Nighs house, bid the Lord kept u.. here about two weeks. In the first meeting as we were about half through with the discourse, we were called upon … pray for the healing of sister Nigh’s child which was suffering greatly with a burning fever and pains, but the Lord healed instantly and the fever departed. Six penitent souls gave their hearts to God. Salvation work continued in which seven were saved and about six consecrations for sanctification. We closed with many under deep conviction and interested in the Truth. We held two meeting also in the English Reform meeting house at Richville where God blessed the truth to the people. We believe that if a series ..o meetings could be held there, much good might be done and souls saved. We returned to New Washington and held a few more meetings which were very fruitful especilally to some. Sister Hostler was wholly sanctified. During our stay i.. those parts there were about seven glorious cases of healing by the power of God. Our beloved Bro. and sister Basore, from Merrill. Mich. who are visiting friends in that vicinity, attended the meetings and were a help to us in the work. The family o.. brother Nigh, consisting of eight children all of whom have reached the age of accountability, are now saved. This is certainly a beautiful sight. We hope an pray that household salvation may be speedily realized among all the families of the saints. On our way home wo stopped at Tiffin and held one meeting in sister Huffsey’s house. One came and consecrated for sanctification and was blessed of the Lord: We hope to return to that city in the near future and hold a series of meetings. We are now in our humble little home in Deshler, trusting God daily to supply all our wants for He knows our needs. Love to all the holy people. Remember us in your prayers.

Any one wishing to purchase D’Aubignes history of the Reformation, of the sixteenth century can get them of me for $3.50 in 5 Vol. cloth. Address Deshier, O

Yours in Christ.

F. N. & Susie A. Jacobson.


Fleming, Mo. Dec. 25, 1880.

Dear Saints: — God bless you all. We have just come here to hold meeting, i.. the name of Jesus. There is but one Bro. here that is fully saved. Pray that many souls may be saved. If any one near here desire our labors, you can write to us at this place.

Your Bro. and sister fully saved.

Otto & Lillian M. Bolds.

Gresham, Neb Dec. 19, 1890.

Dear Brethren: — We closed meeting Sunday night Dec. 14, with vicotry on the Lord’s side. It lasted seven weeks during which time a number of souls were saved; we do not know just how many, but there are 40 or 50 saints at this place now, and they desire to have a minister to preach for them. There is a glorious opening for the truth in this country, and for laborers who are willing to endure some hardships. One sister, 14 miles west of this place, who had been almost blind for years, was healed, and the way is open for a good work in that neighborhood. Sister Cole and Bro Geo. Cole started to Wymore and from there to Huron, Kan. I have returned to leave my wife at home during the cold weather, and Bro. Haner and I expect to I labor together this winter the Lord willing. Bro. Greene and family, whom the Lord used to open up the work at Mahaska last spring, have moved to Oregon to prepare an opening for the work. God be with them. We expect to see them again the Lord willing. I expect to move my family to Minton, Ia. to make their permanent home.

James Willis.


Dunningville, Mich. Dec. 23, 1890.

Dear Brethren: — Our testimony is this morning that we are saved in Jesus. From Columbia we came to Hoppertown where the Lord blessed us much in preaching the Word. There were several consecrations, and the church much strengthened. From there the Lord sent us with our little company, (Bro. and sister Wm. Warren and Bro. Wm. Randolph, to Ganges, where we remained about two weeks, and had a previous meeting. A number of souls were saved. the church built up and strengthened. The first part of the meeting I was quite sick, and could not attend the meeting, but the Lord healed my body, and I have been able to work for the Lord since. Praise His holy name! Seven were baptized. From there we came to Hamilton and found that Bro’s. Butler and Lammers were commencing a meeting at Dunningville, so we came there and the Lord … with as in much power. A good interest … taken in the meeting quite large attendance and good order. Two have presented themselves to the Lord for salvation, and the Lord gave them the desire of their heart. We expect to go soon to Hesperia, Mich.

Your saved, redeemed, and healed Bro. and sister.

Wm. N. & S. J. Smith.


Union Grove, Ill. Dec. 12, 1860.

Dearly Beloved Saints: — Last evening we closed meeting at Fair Haven with good success; there were a few converted, and some sanctified, and the church wonderfully encouraged. To night we commence meeting near Union Grove. Yesterday Dec. 21st, 1890, Bro. Andrew Byers was ordained to the work of the ministry by the laying on of hands.

A. B. Palmer.


143 State St. San diego, Cal. Dec. 23, ’90

Dearly Beloved Saints: — May the richest of heavens blessings abide as your continual posession. We are still pressing the battle on, here in this wicked city. Have opened a hall in which we are holding meeting. We were rejected by the sectarians who at first showed signs of receiving the truth; but after we preached two or three sermons on holiness from a Bible standpoint, they had no more us for us. The devil professes holiness here, out soon is driven from his intrenchment when the grape and canister of the whole truth are fired, and the two edged sword vigorously applied. The Pacific coast is cursed by frauds and the true cause shamefully reproached by counterfeits innumerable. We do praise God for the genuine, and that He gives the power to discern the profane from the holy. The work is steadily advancing. There has been some glorious cases of healing. Some justified and sanctified, and four dear ones were baptized a few weeks ago. There will be baptismal service on Christmas day, the Lord willing, where we expect a number of others to follow Jesus into the watery grave. We are all well and happy with the blessed assurance that we are in the order of God, saved sanctified and kept.

Your Bro. and sister on the Gospel Altar.

J. W. & J. Byers.


Jordan, Ind.

Dear Saints: — The saints begun meeting Nov. 22, at Willow Chapel, in the name of Jesus. The devil had been hard at work trying to destroy the saints at that place, but praise God! the devil was put to flight, and the saints wonderfully built up, strengthened and established Brethren from Praise Chapel and other places were there to help in the work. All hearts were made to rejoice on Thursday night Nov. 27 by the arrival of a consecrated force from Sweetser. There were 12 consecrations during the meeting; 6 for the pardon of sins, and 6 for sanctification. The meeting closed Dec. the 7th, with victory on the Lord’s side. The next evening the saints held meeting in a school house five miles from Willow Chapel, near where Bro. Martin lives. Some appeared willing to receive the truth. From there the saints started homeward willing to “do with their might whatsoever their hands find to do.”

B. F. Roe.



Gardner, Ill.

Dear Saints: — I am glad to give in my testimony, that the Lord has saved and sanctified my soul, and healed my body. I was saved six years ago, and since that time I have been a member of three different sects, I went from one to the other expecting to find food for my soul. But for the last year I felt my need of a clean heart. I read the Trumpet often, but could not understand how to receive sanctification. I kept driving my convictions back until sickness and trouble brought me to see that I must obey the Lord or be lost Nov. 14, I started for Grand Junction Michigan. I attended meeting held by the Saints at Columbia, and obeyed Rom. 12:1, and I was sanctified. The Lord took all desires of formality and babylon away and gave me sweet peace. Oh, it is good to serve the Lord. My friends, if God’s Spirit is calling do not reject the offers of mercy He desires to make us pure and holy that we may have peace and joy here in this life, and life everlasting in the world to come. May God bless the dear saints who treated me so kindly. I am continually praying that God will send some Holy Ghost minister here to preach the Word to this sin stricken people. May we live low at Jesus’ feet and give Him all the glory.

Your saved brother.

A. M. Bixler.


Vandalia, Ill.

Dear Brethren: — I praise the Lord for salvation full and complete. Before the evening light shone in this place I was in the Free Methodist sect, but oh, how I do praise God that I ever heard the voice of the angel, “Come out of her my people But I was a little like Peter, I did not want my feet washed; but now if it were necessary I am willing to have my feet, my hands, and my head washed also. I always love to read the Gospel Trumpet.

Your brother saved through the blood of Jesus.

Jacob Hall.


Altamont, Kan.

To all the Saints Greeting: — I am saved and walking onward in the heavenly road to fair mansions in bright glory where I shall see my Savior as He is, and when I appear in His likeness I shall be satisfied. Praise His name forever.

Mary Brown.


Fee, Pa.

Dear Saints — I feel led of God to write my testimony. I am saved and trusting in God. Pray for me.

Your sister in Christ.

Anna Eakin.



East Jordan, Mich.

Dear Saints: — I feel led to write my testimony for Jesus. I am saved just now with complete victory in my soul over all sin, rejoicing in a perfect salvation while all the fiery darts of the enemy are hurled about me. I have sweet peace in my soul and am kept by the power of God, ready to be revealed in the last time. Glory to His name! He healed my body as well as my soul. Last spring when I had the Measles they left we with a cough, which my friends thought would end in Consumption and advised me to doctor for it; but I took it to the Great Physician and obeyed the command in James 5:14, and praise His name He healed me, and I remain entirely free from it. Pray for me that I may be kept humble.

Maria E. Moore.


Berrien Springs, Mich.

Dear Readers of the Trumpet — The Lord has saved me from all my sins and from babylon. I tried several years to be a child of God in the Methodist sect, but did not succeed very well. I was nearly all the time on probation, as I was poor and had but little money for them. But I praise the Lord that I have found a more excellent way where we are all one in Christ Jesus, and all carnality taken out which enables us to walk blameless before Him. About three years ago the Lord saved me and since then I have had no desire to backslide.

Your sister at the foot of the cross.

Hattie Robinson.


Muskegon, Mich.

Dear Saints — May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen! I praise the Lord this morning that I am saved, ready to do the Masters work, to labor in the vineyard of our Lord; feeling that it is of more importance than all this world’s goods to me. This morning I am drinking at the fountain. My heart is lull of joy and peace, at the result of a family altar service last night, in which a mother and daughter were gloriously saved. Dear saints where the true Word is taught good will be done. Yesterday afternon I opened up the Scriptures in its true light, and God’s Spirit was upon me; family altar services had been abandoned for years I expect there will be a grand opening here if a suitable place can be obtained. If a suitable room can be procured, I want help, if not, I am ready to go where ever I am called. I came to this place with 3 objects in view not knowing what I should do, but it has been decided, and the Lord is wonderfully blessing me. I expect my earthly possessions will go, but as I feel them slip away from me, I feel the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, taking the place. I am growing stronger in the Lord daily. May the Lord keep us one in Him, and our feet be kept on Christ the chief Corner Stone. May our prayer go up to the Lord as one prayer, our thoughts as one thought.

Your Bro. saved in Jesus. God bless you all. Amen!

W. B. Crall.

44 Ottowa St. Muskegon, Mich.


Belloit, Iowa.

Dearly Beloved Readers: — Through the abundant grace of our heavenly Father and by the multitude of His merciful loving kindness, I am a member of the “household of faith,” a branch in the body of Christ I was ingrafted into the true Vine fifteen years ago, when I repented of my sins and believed with my heart in the effacacy of the atoning blood of Jesus Christ. Glory be to His holy name. I have for some time had the pleasure of reading the Gospel Trumpet, the testimonies and experience of the saints and brethren as recorded there have done me much good, and as I am one of the family and wish to share the joys and burdens with the rest of the children. I thought perhaps a little of my experience and testimony would edify and cheer the heart of some fellow pilgrim. As I have already stated, fifteen years ago through the operation of the Holy Spirit I was cut off from the world and ingrafted into Christ, a new creature, a temple sweat and garnished made fit for the indwelling of the Spirit of God. At that time and for years after, I was taught to believe that I had received in regeneration the promised gift of the Father to His children. Luke 24:49; John 15:25 Acts 2:12, 34; 18:26 I have since learned by a blessed experience that while the temple was built through the creative power of the Holy Spirit, it was my duty and in my power to as a free agent to present or consecrate that holy building to God in order that I might receive he Comforter, the sanctifier into my heart to dwell there forever. Such is God’s plan as revealed to us in His precious holy Word. And when I saw it and complied with it, the promise of the Father was fulfilled unto me. “For faithful is He that calleth us who also will do it.” — 2 Thes. 5:24. Now I have no time nor space to enter into details in regard to the way in which my heavenly Father led me to see the truth, by which I was made free and through which I was sanctified. Perhaps some time if I am permitted space in the Trumpet, I shal give you my experience in full. It does my soul good to declare what God has done for my soul. I overcome him (that is the devil) through the blood of the Lamb and by the word of my testimony. In conclusion I wish to say to all the saints of God, “hold fast the profession of your faith without wavering.” “Stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free and be not again entangled with the yoke of bondage.” My companion in union with me greets all the holy brethren.

Yours saved through faith in Jesus.

S. N. & S. E. Sorenson.

Dear Saints of God: — I once more ask that some holy minister may come to this place to the rescue of perishing souls, and also to lay hands on my little daughter who is afflicted with Eresipelas and other bodily afflictions. Pray for her that she may be healed. There are a few here who are willing to come to the truth, and are hungry and starving for want of spiritual food.

Louisa Williams.

Tulsa I. T.



As there are so many calls for workers I wish to say that it is not best to send means to defray expenses to those you know nothing about of your own knowledge, or through some one you know; for there are many false prophets gone out. We have known saints to be imposed upon in this way; do you remember the man who answered a call from Denver Col., and had $40, sent to him, who used it to his own account. And now I know of another call in the last or Dec. 1st paper, which has been answered by one who is not out in the evening light and is therefore not qualified to leach on that line; he may be an honest soul, but it is not advisable for the saints to pay out their money for any teachers that are not yet out of Babylon. It as best to write to some one who knows whether they true workers in the field on the “evening light” and fire line.

A. B. Palmer.

Fair Haven, Ill. Dec. 12th. 1890.


Tullahoma, Tenn.

Dear Saints: — This morning I feel the Lord is leading me to write to you. I want to be led by the Spirit of God, and do His will as near as I know how. I am far away from all the saints, but I believe you are the true children of God. I would like to be with the dear saints, but I hope the time will soon come when the people around here will be saved. The devil tries to make me believe, that I have gone wrong, and that the saints were all wrong, but thanks be to God! He gives me the victory over all the snares of the devil. Thanks be to God for a just now salvation! I know that Jesus, saves me just now, I have the witness within. I think there can be good done here. Some of them say they would like to have a saint preacher come here; they would like to hear him preach. They know that they do not live as they should. We would like to have you come around this way if the Lord wills. Your sister in Christ, sanctified wholly.

Barbara McConnell.



Dear Saints: — Pray earnestly for me that I may be wholly sanctified, and healed of all bodily afflictions. The Lord has pardoned my sins, but I feel the great need of being purged from all sin and made entirely free in Him. I have tried often to consecrate all to God, but am unabled to grasp the promises. Pray for me.

Jennie Dunlap.


West Mecca, O. Dec. 20, 1890.

Dear Saints: — I have been confined to my bed room for 4 weeks, and have been very sick, and trusting my case with God. He removed the pain Wednesday night. I am 74 years of age. It it is His will to raise me up. Pray that it may be done.

J. L. Webb.


Jerome, Iowa.

Dear Saints: — I desire your prayers in my behalf that the Lard may heal me, and that I may be enabled to do the labor which it seems necessary for me to do. I have a sprain in my left side and can only work with great difficulty. I am trying hard to rid myself of debts with which I have been burdened for a year, and want to begin in the spring to spend my time wholly in the Lord’s work. I am resigned to any thing which may be the will of God to me. Praise His name for perfect peace.

Your saved Bro.

R. M. Haynes.


Mrs N. A. Eaton of Elizabeth, W. Va. who is troubled much on the account of the condition of her soul, desires the prayers of the saints that the Lord may receive her into His fold and give her the joys of salvation.



Fee, Pa.

Died — Nov. 18, 1890, George Edwin Eakin, aged 12 days. “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord.”

W. A. & Anna Eakin.


Died: — Dec. 5, 1890. Nancy J. Carris. Aged 21 yrs. 1 mo. and 23 days. She was the eldest daughter of Bro. and sister Wm. Miller of Jerry City O. A husband and three children are left to mourn the loss God bless the bereaved ones.

Phillip Spackey.

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TO ALL THE SAINTS GREETING: — As we travel a great deal over the country from state to state, brethren have frequently written us for information as to the best place for a poor man to get a home. We have tried by private letters to give such information as we could, but until the present tour we have found no place where land could be bought cheap enough for a poor man to venture. But for the benefit of the thousands that desire homes of their own, and for the benefit of this southern country, it seems to be our duty to say something about the surprising cheapness of land here in Mississippi. But before we surprise you by a statement of prices, we must give you some causes, or else you would drop the paper and say at once, the land is good for nothing.

First, this is a very new country, only comparatively small portions cleared. And we are told there is yet government home stead land to be had, whether good or not we can not say. It is true this country has been somewhat settled for a good many years, but is, nevertheless, new and chiefly in nature wild.

Second, there is not the spirit of labor and ambition enough in the South to develop the natural resources of the land. This may be somewhat caused by climate, but is evidently far more the result of the past system of slavery, which made hard work very unpopular and almost disreputable. The white people were not muscled for labor, and the slaves having been set free, imagined they too could live without hard work, and by far too much indolence has left the country undeveloped. We have seen thousands of acres of land that were left to grow up into timber for the want of men to cultivate it after the war closed.

Third, a general idea has prevailed in the north, that northern people could not live safely and peacably here; hence home seekers have generally gone every when else but south. But this notion is only a notion, and a mistaken one. Men who traversed this country in the union army haw come right here after the war and procured homes, and are just as well treated and as much thought of as their neighbors of southern birth. And, in fact, they look upon the northern people as having had better educational advantages than themselves, hence esteem them as in advance of themselves. Therefore many of the saints here have expressed a great desire that men would come from the north and teach them how to improve their condition. We find scarcely a lingering feeling here in the south toward a man that has come from the north side of the Mason and Dixon line. All seem to have dropped the past into past oblivion, and good brotherhood feelings bind all together under the banner of Christ and the flag of our country.

Fourth, what is a real and great drawback to the country is the scracity of railroads. We are now over twenty miles from a railroad south, and over forty miles to the east, and we can not tell how far to the west and north, perhaps a hundred miles. On this account there is no sale for limber and lumber. Which makes it as hard for a man without means to pay for a home here at $3. per acre, as to pay for one convenient to railroads at $20 if he has to make it out of the place. But this is no great difficulty in the way of a person who has a little money to pay for the land, and to live until he can raise a crop. Yesterday wo took dinner with a good old brother who has a very pleasant place, good comfortable frame house, and quite a fine orchard for this country, both apple and peach trees. It was areal pleasant place to live. Out of curiosity, we asked the brother what he would take for his land. And to our utter astonishment he replied. $2.50 per acre. After sufficiently recovering from our amazement, we remarked. “Its no use talking, I can never get you a buyer at such figures. If you had said $10. per acre, I think plenty would have jumped at the bargain; but $2.50 is so cheap the people would run from it fearing it were haunted by some kind of a dreaded “spook.” Well we have indeed got into a new world down here. This brother has two hundred and sixty acres, about seventy five acres in cultivation, come of which is, what is called here, pretty well worn out. But northern farmers would put it in clover, and soon have it ready to crop again. But there is but little fertilizing done here.

Another brother has one hundred and sixty acres of land for which he asks $450. He has two log residences on dfferent parts of the place, with log stables. About forty five acres cleared. He raised five bales of cotton this year on thirteen acres. This year cotton brings about $42 per bale, some years it is a little higher. On this place there is a good unfailing well and two springs. Perhaps thirty or forty acres of good rich bottom lands that is excellent for pasture or corn, running water for stock and a thrifty small orchard.

A few days ago we rode out with brother James Watkins of Watkinsville, Miss. The brother is what some would call land poor, having too much woodland only paying tax. He has over ten thousand acres for sale. A good chance for a colony of saints to come and settle. His land ranges from $2 to $10 per acre. Some of it, the $2 per acre, is pine timbered and if a railroad should come any where near, the timber would be worth a great deal more than the price of the land, and the land produces cotton. Most of his land is woods, and large portions of it are good rich corn lands, while the poorer highlands will all produce cotton. He has also many places with some cleared lands and cheap houses, ranging from $2.50 to $5 per acre. On most his places there is some wet land where rice can be raised, and some reed-brake the best of corn land. He is axnious to sell, and can furnish places to suit any person, much or little land, woods or part cleared. It would be very pleasant for a lot of saints to come and purchase all together, and run your school and God-service all to suit yourselves. The land is rolling uplands principally clay, but mixed more or less with sand not very rich, but with fertilization much of it will produce corn. It produces cotton well. The hillsides are much inclined to spoil by washing. But if the land was seeded down to grass part of the time, that could be avoided. Cotton and corn are chiefly raised; oats, rye, and potatoes do well. The irish potato is but little raised, the people all prefering the sweet potato. Wheat is not raised. But flour is not much dearer, if any, than it is north. The ribbon cane produces from two hundred and fifty to three hundred gallons, of molasses per acre, and sugar, home manufactured. What fruit trees we have seen are much neglected though they look thrifty as if the climate agreed with them. Straw berries and grapes do well when cultivated, the land abounds nearly every year with wild black berries, grapes, plums, and persimmons. I think fruit properly cultivated would do well. One thing we are happy to say, at every house we find splendid water, pure and clear and often quite soft, and there seems to be no lack. From what we can learn, crops are about as sure here as any where. Some seasons too little or too much rain cuts the crops short, but they never fail entirely. The climate now (Dec. 33) is like our October or the latter part of September. Sunshine and just cool enough to make a person feel comfortable at work, some days a little warmer at noon, nights cool and frosty, and a few times we have noticed a little ice in the morning. The people here think it seldom gets hotter here than our warmest days north, but of course the summer is long. For that reason we think this would be a great stock country, cattle and sheep get their living here in the woods from the first of April until this time; … and this is certainly a great hay and pasture soil, if it was sowed to tame grass. On such pasture fields stock would graze all of nine months out of the year. Upon the whole, a general prevalence of slackness and shiftlessness is the greatest trouble, which salvation is doing much to overcome. Land has been recently raising in value here, and with prospects of railroads is likely to advance.

[We feel that a word of advice would be in order here. While it is true that many do well in migrating to some other part of the country, it is always best to sit down and count the cost. It it is not natural for a person who moves to a new country “to live on wind,” until they can raise a crop, if they have spent all they have in getting to their new home. Where favorable chances to secure a good home are extended a person who is a good manager and industrious is likely to be successful, but a person who is lazy and shiftless in the North is likely to be the same in the South, and merely going South will not better the condition of such a one. When great advantages and opportunities are given to procure cheap homes, generally a “boom” ensues, and people rush to the spot from every direction. And, as is generally the case, the majority of the people are soon left in a worse condition than they were before. The rush for gold in California, the stampede for Kansas lands a few years ago, and the recent Oklahoma boom should not be forgotten. While many have returned having spent all their living, others were not able to leave; yet others secured comfortable homes. Before jumping at such chances, coolly consider matters as to whether you can be really benefited or not, and much unnecessary suffering will be avoided]




“According as He hath chosen us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love.” — Eph. 1:4 “Without holiness no man shall see the Lord.” All through the Divine Word, God speaks of himself being holy and antagonistic to sin and all wrong doings. And He endeavored to impress upon the minds of the children of Israel the one central fact, that as He was holy so must they be who would love and serve Him. This teaching He also gives to us through Christ, the prophets, and apostles. As God is holy it would be contrary to His nature as well as throwing a blemish on His moral character to have a people and not make them alter His own image, which is “righteousness and true holiness.” The Psalmist says, “Holiness becometh Thy house. O Lord.” Again. “Righteousness and judgment are the habitation of thy throne.” God can not and will not approve of sin. Therefore to be holy we must be without sin. To be pure is to be free from impurity, and to be full of light is to be without darkness. Holiness signifies oneness, and is a unit. Where true holiness exists, divisions will disappear. Sin brings division and strife. As holiness is oneness in nature, purity in quality, there can be no co-operation between the two opposite extremes. Hence the reason of the two antagonists. viz. holiness and sin. The nature of holiness is to purity, to cleanse from uncleanness; to drive away darkness and bring forth light. Holiness is bright, shining, transparent. The very nature of sin is to hide itself, to cover up what should be brought to light. It is dark, lowering, gloomy, and its very name signifies filthiness, and all that belongs to the powers of darkness, while holiness is clear, light and open. Holiness is commanded in the holy Scriptures in both the Old and the New Testaments. When Abraham was ninety nine years old the Lord appeared to him and said unto him, ”I am the Almighty God, walk before me and be thou perfect.” — Gen. 17:1 Perfection or holiness was, then, preached almost nineteen hundred years before Christ to Abraham who was already a child of God. Nor was this the first, for Enoch is spoken of about sixteen hundred years before Abraham as walking with God. — Gen. 6:24. And so close was his walk, so perfect his love that no fault was found with him. Of the children of Israel we find the same requirement. “Sanctify yourselves therefore, and he ye holy: and ye shall be holy into me.” — Lev. 20:7, 28. Thou shalt be perfect with the Lord your God. — Deut. 18:13. Jesus did not lessen the obligation in His sermon on the mount. Neither did He teach it in less expressive terms, and yet so plain is His teaching that all who sincerely, desire the truth can understand. “Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” — Matt. 5:48. And when talking to the young man who came to Him for instruction. He said, “Thou shall love the Lord thy God with all tin heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind,” — Matt. 22:37. To the Hebrew Church the apostle Paul wrote, “Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection.” — Heb. 6:1. And in the same language that the Holy Ghost spoke to the people through Moses and the holy prophets, He speaks to us through the apostle Peter and others, “Because it is written, be ye holy for I am holy.” — 1 Pet. 1:16. All the above passages of Scriptures not only teach holiness but implies a direct command for holiness of heart and life. God will not have an impure people. His very nature is holiness. The habitation of His throne is holiness, and they who would be saved must be holy. Those who can best serve Him must be holy. Holiness is beautiful; it stands for something heavenly, significant of a sweet, and pure atmosphere which is free from all malaria poison, in which a soul is free to crow and expand in all the wisdom and knowledge of God. Holiness is significant of power. Where holiness exists God abides; and where God abides there is divine power. “God is love, and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.” Where love abideth God exists or dwells. If love is perfected in the soul fear is cast out, for fear cannot exist where God dwells. As love is opposed to sin and all the sprouts, hatred, malice, pride, anger, etc., and holiness is purity, light, and love, the soul that is made perfect in love has holiness, for holiness does not exist where God does not exist. Without holiness no man shall see God.

G. W. Cary.



God bless the children.


What a cloud of little witnesses forth Lord. Surely the angels in Heaven rejoice at such a sight.


The letters are still coming in from the little ones. We did not have room enough in this issue of the paper for all, some will be published the next time. Let us hear from more of the children.


Let a prayer go up for the children who are not raved. Each one of you pray for them every day, and pray for one another often.




WE read in the Bible about a good little boy whose name was Samuel. When he was not more than two or three years old, his mother “lent him to the Lord,” and took him to live with Eli, the high priest. He was brought up in the Temple; and one night the Lord called him, but Samuel was only a small boy yet and did not know the voice of the Lord, but thought it was Eli calling him. But Eli knew that it was the Lord, and told Samuel what to say. So the Lord called him again, and told him what would happen, to Eli and his sons, because of their wickedness. He became a great man and was a prophet of the Lord, and judge over Israel. And when it came to pass what little Samuel had said would happen to the sons of Eli. and they were killed in battle and the Ark of the Lord removed from Israel, it was such sad news, that Eli fell off his high chair and broke his neck.

Samuel soon became known all over the country, as a true prophet of the Lord, and he had great faith in God. At one time when the people had gathered together, the Philistines came to fight them and were ready for war, and Samuel prayed for the people, so the Lord heard his prayer, and sent a great earthquake, which split up the earth so much that most of the Philistines wen destroyed. Samuel also anointed Saul as king over Israel; but Saul did not obey the Lord, and another king was chosen, and next he anointed David to be king. You see by reading this that God sometimes calls little boys to work for Him, and has great work for them to do; but He only wants good boys. It you are not good now He can make you good, and will help you no His will, if you will only trust Him. It is very likely that some little boy who reads this piece, will be called of the Lord to go and preach His Gospel. If so, the Lord will give you faith to go out and help to save sinners, and lay hands on the sick and they will be healed, and do many things in the name of the Lord. The Lord also wants little girls to work for Him. Let us all try to be as good as little Samuel was.




“Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. Honor thy father and thy mother, which is the first commandment with promise. That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth.” — Eph. 6:1-3

Now children, the Lord has said this for you, and tells you here what He wants you to do, and wind each one of you must do if you are saved and go to Heaven when you die. If you want to do what is right you must do what your father and mother tells you to do. And the Apostle tells you that I his is the first commandment with promise. Do you not think that the dear Lord cares for, and loves the children when He gives to them the first commandment with promise, and such a good promise too. What is it? That it may be well with you. And it you obey father and mother, the promise is yours; yes, it also says, “and thou mayest live long on the earth.” I praise the Lord for His love and care for the children. Do you not also praise Him? Now since He loves you so, do you not think you ought to do what. He says for you to do, and ..n this way show that you love Him. See wind Jesus said in St. John 14:21.

I hope that all the little boys and girls who read this, who are not saved, will get saved; and you who are saved, remember that, you must obey father and mother in order to keep saved. If the Lord has forgiven your sins and you feel something in you that makes you so you do not want to obey, it is the carnal nature, and when you get sanctified the Lord will take that out.

Your saved brother.

J. N. Howard.

Letters From The Little Ones,

Geneva, Mich.

Dear Saints: — God bless you one and all. I feel like praising God for His goodness to me. He keeps me sweetly saved. I am eleven years old. There are four of us in the family besides Papa and Mamma and we are all saved. Praise the Lord forever.

Your saved sister.

Bertha Doty.


Geneva, Mich.

Dear Saints: — My testimony is that the Lord saves me from all sin. I am nine years old. Jesus says, “Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of Heaven” I am so glad that Jesus loves little children I intend to love and serve Him as long a I live. Pray for me that I ever stand firm.

From your saved sister.

Edna Doty.


Geneva, Mich.

Dear Brethren: — My testimony is the Jesus saves me from all sin. I love Jesus for saving me. I want to be a good little boy. I am seven years old. I love to g.. to meeting and learn about Jesus.

Your saved little brother.

Walter Doty.


Geneva, Mich.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — I feel led write my testimony. The Lord keeps … sweetly saved from all sin. I was down … the Trumpet office and the Editor said … some of the older ones would send in m..ey that we would have a paper of our o… Some folks think that I am too young … live for Christ, but it seems good to live … Jesus. I am nine years old. I want … prayers of you all that I may ever sta.. firm.

From your saved brother.

Sidney Warner


Dawson, Ia.

Dear Saints: — I feel led of the Lord … evening to write my testimony. I a.. girl 15 years of age. I have no father … mother, brother or sister, I live with … grandmother and two uncles. I am sav… The Lord saved me about a year ago. … am here in Iowa, where there are no sai… This is a very wicked place. I would … for some one to come out here and pre.. the Word to the people. I like to g.. meeting, but there is nothing but … meeting here, and I do not like to go … them. I ask all of the saints of God pray for me, that I may live faithful.

From your sister in Christ, saved … sanctified.

Elnora White.


Vandalia, Ill.

Dear Saints: — I am a little girl se.. years old. I thought while Papa is wri.. His testimony that I would write some … I am not saved but I need to be to m.. me a good girl. I know people have to saved before they can get to Heaven. … feel bad sometimes, and have to cry w.. they have meeting. Pray for me th.. may feel happy instead of feeling so … Sometimes I feel cress and ill. God … save me from all that, I know.

Nannie Hall


Vandalia, Ill.

Dearly Beloved Saints: — I though … would write my testimony to the Trumpet office, as the Trumpet said they wan.. children’s testimonies to fill up a colu.. in the paper. I am justified but not sanctified. Pray for me that I may he sanctified. I know God is able to do all thi..

James Burton.


Payne, Ohio

Dear Saints: — I am well and sa… Praise the Lord! I have attended children’s meeting and some got saved. … have children’s meeting nearly every Sunday and most every one have vers… When Papa asked if any wanted to be sav.. several held up their hands. I am o.. nine years and seven weeks old. The Lo.. first justified and afterwards sanctified … by the mighty power of God. And I a.. saved yet, praise the Lord. I think … would be to the glory of God to have children’s meeting everywhere. I think the … would some get saved. There were fo.. saved at Antwerp.

Your saved Bro. in Christ.

Ray Howard.

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