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1 March 1891, Volume 11, Number 5.

The Home of the Soul.

Thine eyes shall see the King in His beauty; they shall behold the land that is very far off” — Isa. 33:17.

There is a land where all hopes are thronging —
A land forever free from care and ills,
Beyond the radiant-glow of day’s glad morning,
And far beyond the purple evening hills.

Where tempests come not, but a spring supernal,
Where sadness falls not, nor the mourner’s tears;
But joy and gladness in their reign eternal
Are counted not by sorrow’s fleeting years.

From beds of sickness, or where friends are dying,
Our faith looks up where death can come no more;
And like sad exiles for the home-land sighing,
Lift longing eyes to Heaven’s far off shore.

The way is long, but in a pleasant dreaming
We catch the shining of the Jasper wall,
And the great tree of life we see in seeming
As o’er life’s shining stream its branches fall.

We catch the gleaming of its crystal waters,
We see its waves pour softly ’neath the throne,
And on its hanks earth’s ransomed sous and daughters
I see, and love, and know as I am known.

And golden streets reflect the matchless glory,
And many mansions lift their heights to heav’n;
And angel’s harpings tell the wondrous story,
Jehovah reconciled and man forgiv’n

Still is each day succeeded by its morrow,
The river floweth onward to the sea.
But from my faith and wondrous joy I borrow,
In dreaming of the gladness soon to be.

F. M. Frey.




Give us: —

  1. One text that commands us to observe the first day of the week as a day of rest and worship.
  2. One text stating that it is a sacred day.
  3. One text showing that it was ever observed as a sacred day.
  4. One text in which the first day is called by any sacred title.
  5. One text in which it is called any thing else than “first day of the week.”
  6. One text showing that secular work should not be done on that day.
  7. One text showing that secular work was ever regularly suspended on that day.
  8. One text in which Christ, Paul, or any of the disciples gave any instructions as to how the first day should be observed respecting rest, labor, or worship.
  9. One text defining the penalty for its desecration or non-observance.
  10. One text in which any one was ever accused of having disregarded that day.
  11. One text showing that the disciples ever had any dispute with the Jews about which day should be kept.
  12. One text showing that Christians worked upon or disregarded the seventh day.
  13. One instance utter the resurrection, in which they were ever accused of having disregarded that day.
  14. One text showing that the Sabbath commandment has ever been repealed.
  15. One text showing that, the law of God, or the commandments of God have been abolished.
  16. One text showing that more than one religious meeting was ever held by Christians on the first day of the week.
  17. One text showing how first-day observance can be obligatory without a direct statement or command of Divine authority to that effect.
  18. One reason why any thing more than baptism is needed to commemorate the resurrection of Christ.
  19. One reason why the observance of one day in seven can, in any way, fittingly commemorate an event at the close of the ministry of three and one half years.
  20. One scriptural proof showing that such observance would commemorate that event.
  21. One text in which any divine change from seventh to first day is intimated.
  22. One authentic instance in which any historian or ecclesiastical writer previous to A. D. 194, applies the term “Lord’s day” to the first day of the week.
  23. Tell us when and by whom first- day observance was instituted.
  24. Tell us how first-day observance could be brought into the new covenant after it had been confirmed and ratified, in the fight of Heb. 9:15-17, and Gal. 3:15.
  25. Tell us why you keep Sunday.

W. A. C.


1st. In Matt. 28:1, Mark 16:2, 9, Luke 24:1, and John 20:1, 19, are six times where the day following the seventh day, which was the first day of the week, is called Sabbath in the pure original Greek text and in the German translation. As sabbath means rest day, this day is set apart in the New Testament as a day of rest and worship.

  1. Just answered in number one.
  2. “And upon the first day of the week when the disciples came together to break bread, Paul preached unto them, (ready to depart on the morrow) and continued his speech until midnight.” — Acts 20:7.
  3. Answered in number one. The German, which is an older and actually better version than that of king James, and translated by better men renders, Matt. 28:1, “The first, holy day of the Sabbaths.” That is a sacred title.
  4. Answered in No’s 1 and 4.
  5. Answered in number one.
  6. Acts 20:7, and texts in No. 1.
  7. 1 Cor. 16:2. Collections were to be taken on that day, hence the regular day of meeting to worship God.
  8. The New Testament does not annex penalties as the law did. But a “sorer punishment” than that inflicted by the law awaits the transgressor in the day of judgment. See Heb. 10:29; Acts 3:23.
  9. First, prove that any Christians did disregard it.
  10. The Jewish and Christian Sabbaths were not ascribed to the same covenant. Hence there was no occasion for disputes of that kind.
  11. Give us one text proving that they abstained from work on that day. Early church fathers said they should not refrain from work. See Sabbath Tract.
  12. Can you prove they were not accused?
  13. Gal. 3:23-25; 4:22-26; Rom. 6:15, 16; 2 Cor. 3:6-18; Heb. 7:12, 18, 19, 22; 8:6-10, 13; 9:13-20; 10:9, 10; Col. 2:14, 16.
  14. 2 Cor. 3:13.
  15. John 20:19; Acts 20:7.
  16. The day being several times called Sabbath, and the example of the church recorded in the New Testament together with the leadings of the Holy Spirit, is sufficient for Christians.
  17. Baptism symbolizes, but the Christian Sabbath commemorates the resurrection.
  18. The Lord’s day is not given for that purpose.
  19. Answered in No. 19.
  20. See answer to No. 1 and Heb 4:4, 7, 9.
  21. Rev. 1:10, Ignitus and other early writers. See Sabbath Tract.
  22. See answer to No. 1.
  23. It was brought into that covenant as the whole written New Testament was, according to Christ’s provisions John 14, 26; 16:13, 14.
  24. Because I am a Christian and not mere Jew or Adventist. And because I am “not of the bond-woman, but of the free;” “not under the law, but under grace.”


Now, Mr. Saturday keeper, we will give you something to do. When not expressed, the following points are confined to the New Testament. “Tell us, ye that desire to be under the law,”

  1. One text in the New Testament, enjoining the seventh day Sabbath upon the Church of God.
  2. One text in the New Testament forbidding labor on that day after the crucifixion.
  3. One text enjoining that day as a day of public worship.
  4. You acknowledge one meeting of the primitive Church on the first day of the week. Give us one text proving as much for the seventh day.
  5. One text showing that Christians did not abstain from labor on the first day of the week, after the resurrection of Christ.
  6. One text proving that the “law of Christ” was a mere supplement to the Sinaatic code.
  7. One text proving that only a part of the law of the Old Testament was taken away by Christ.
  8. One text modifying the 4th commandment, so as to allow its professed observers to drive a team to the place of worship, cook victuals, etc., on that day.
  9. One text proving any other “change of the law” but that spoken of in Heb. 10:9. Namely, the taking away of the first, and establishing of the second, or new covenant and last will of God.
  10. One text proving that if a person is under the law at all he is not under a curse, if he continues not in all things which are written in the book of the law to do them.” See Gal. 3:10.
  11. One professed law keeper that keeps every precept of the law.
  12. Thou that sayest a man should keep the law, dost thou keep it?
  13. “Thou that makest thy boast of the law,” and “restest in the law,” though breaking the law, dishonorest not thou God?
  14. One text showing the perpetuity of the fourth commandment, and removing the penalty of death for its non-observance.
  15. One instance in which modern Saturday keepers ever stoned a man or woman to death for violating the ancient Saturday law.
  16. One text proving that any other covenant was given on Sinai, but the ten commandments. Deut. 5:2-22, Exod. 34:28. Deut. 4; 13. 9:9, 11. 10:4. Heb. 9:4. 1 Kings 8:21.
  17. One text contradicting the following positive statements that that code was abolished. — 2 Cor. 3:6-8: Gal. 4:21-30. Heb. 7:8, 9.
  18. One text proving that law keepers are children of the free woman, and not of the bond woman. Gal. 4.
  19. One text-proving that a person can be under grace, while under the law. See Rom. 6:14, 15.
  20. One text proving that a man that is “led of the Spirit” of God is under the law. See Gal. 5:18.
  21. One text proving that a man can be “married to Him that raised from the dead” (Christ), and yet be under the law. — Rom. 7:1-4.
  22. One text in which the apostles enjoined any part of the law on the Church, save the four things in Acts 15:29. See also verse 24.
  23. We find in the New Testament, “preach the Gospel,” fifty times; “Preach Christ,” twenty three times; “Preach the Word,” seventeen times; “Preach the kingdom,” eight times. Show us one text which says, preach the law.
  24. One text proving that the law was made for a righteous man, and not for the lawless, disobedient, ungodly, for sinners, for unholy, profane, murders, whoremongers, liars, etc. See 1 Tim. 1:9.
  25. One text proving that any of the characters for whom the law was made are in the Church of God.
  26. One text in the Bible proving that the seventh day was ever commanded of God, or kept by men, from the creation to the exodus, from Egypt.
  27. One passage in ancient history clearly proving the same.
  28. One text in the Bible proving that the ten commandment law was ever enjoined upon any other nation but Jews, their proselytes, servants, etc.
  29. One passage in early history where any other day is called the “Lord’s day” but first day of the week.
  30. One text proving any other law giver for this dispensation but Christ the Lord. Isa. 33:22 ; James 4:12.
  31. Is the “law of liberty” — James 2:12, identical with the covenant made on Sinai which “genders to bondage?” See Gal. 4:24.
  32. One text proving that men under the Gospel will be judged by any other law than that of James 2:12.
  33. One clear proof in ancient ecclesiastical history that God’s Church abstained from labor on the seventh day, and observed that day as a day of worship, or any other weekly sabbath but the first day.
  34. One such historic proof that the primitive Church performed common labor on the first day, and did not hold their weekly assembly for worship on that day.
  35. Who is the Adventist preacher that will undertake to prove in discussion that the fourth commandment of the old law, once written in stone, is in force under the Gospel dispensation.



1143 State St. San Diego, Cal.

To the Dear Saints of God: — This morning I feel that God wants me to write my testimony to the Trumpet. There are so many dear brethren and sisters who read the paper, and I just feel as if I was writing home. Truly the sweet fellowship of the saints is blessed. I am so glad to say this morning, that I am saved and gloriously kept by God’s power. I do realize more and more every day, how necessary it is for God’s anointed ones to be bid with Christ in God — Glorious hiding place.

Since we have been here on the coast where sin and wickedness abounds, I do not wonder why the Lord purged us before we came. Oh, the powers of hell and darkness are great. There are so many that have the profession only. Holiness seems to be popular here. Men and women will testify that they are saved and sanctified, and dressed in gaudy fashion. I do praise God that sanctification takes these things with the desire for them right out of the heart. I am glad to say that God is wonderfully leading and keeping us. It is glorious to have the presence of the Lord around us continually. While here away from friends and home, we realize and appreciate the nearness and presence of God so much more. We do not think of getting homesick, because we have the Lord and His children with us, and that makes home.

The Father has given me some mothers in Israel in answer to prayer. It is so blessed to make our wants known to the Father, and know that He cares for us, and supplies all our needs. He knows what we have need of, and all our needs will be supplied if we trust in Him. Praise the Lord! we want nothing only what is His will.

God has wonderfully enlarged our faith and trust since here, and we praise His holy name for it. We are trusting Him for all we need and praise God, He supplies them, and that still increases our faith to trust Him more. While we were at home we depended a great deal on our means, but now since we have launched out on His promises, we have no lack. Bless the Lord! we are standing on His promises. We ask all the saints to pray much for us, that we may lay “judgment to the line,” and show the “clean and the unclean.” that God my have a holy church established here on the coast. We do feel your prayers. We know that many are praying for us, and we do know that we are willing to do the whole will of God, and work and live entirely for Him. The glorious work is going on, sinners are coming to Jesus, believers are being sanctified and healed, and many are being taught the way of God more perfectly. Satan is raging, but the mighty under current is carrying its course. Our health is perfect, and God keeps us well. Our promise is that “there shall no plague come nigh thy dwelling,” and we believe it. I have such a glorious promise that I claim is mine. It is this: “Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night, nor for the desruction that wasteth at noonday.” Often when husband is gone in the work, and I am alone with the little ones, I have that sweet promise and oh the perfect peace and rest I do enjoy and the wonderful presence of God. Bless the Lord, all fear is banished, for “greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world. The presence of God fills all and is all and in all,

Your saved sister, and on the Gospel Altar.

Jennie Byers.


Bear Creek, Mo.

Dear Brethren: — I have been feeling for some time that the Lord would have me write my testimony to the Trumpet. Eight years ago this winter God pardoned all my sins. I had a justified experience most the of time for about five years, when about three years ago the Lord sent some of His ministers to our Co. to preach holiness. I first went to the celebration, as I had been accustomed to doing, then commenced attending the meeting. I soon found that they were preaching the pure Word of God, and had something that I did not, and the same that I had been hungering and thirsting for so much, and did not know what was lacking. But praise the Lord! As the light come He enabled me to walk in it, that the blood might cleanse me from all sin. I was some days making my consecration, but when it was complete; as I was on my way to meeting, the Lord showed me that His children had done all they could for me, and I must settle the matter with Him. I got down and commenced asking for the blessing. Then I realized I had a little doubt of this blessing being for me. I then remmbered the words of the Savior: Ask what you will in my name. So I just asked the Father in the name of Jesus to remove that doubt, and it was gone. Praise the Lord! I then asked in the same simple way to give me faith to believe and receive it right then, and praise His name forever! the faith come and the blessing with it, I sprang to ray feet, and shouted praises to God with all the power of my being. Well this has been over three years ago, and I can still say to the glory of God that I realize the all cleansing blood of Jesus flowing over my soul. May the dear Lord bless and keep us ready to be revealed at the last time is my prayer.

Your Bro. in Jesus.

F. F. Craig.


My experience at the Galesburg camp meeting Oct. 29, 1890 until this time I was seeking sanctification. But, oh, how the enemy of souls tried to persuade me that there was something wrong with these people. Oh says he, there is nothing here for you. You go home. These are impostors and blasphemers. I felt great fears come upon me, and oh how strange I felt. I harkened to the strange voice and went home and prayed to God to give me light. After retiring I felt afraid and saw distorted faces around me which showed me this was the spirit of the devil. I arose and went back to meeting. Hearing the word preached in the wisdom and power of God by Bro’s Palmer and Lundy, I was awe stricken. Now sister Lena Sheofner talked and prayed with me, and behold now came down the Holy Ghost, yes, the refiner’s fire and fuller’s soap, and I was clean. Praise the Lord! I am saved. O how glad we are for this salvation that saves to the uttermost, with joy unspeakable and full of glory. Now I ask the prayers of the saints for me and for the neighborhood in which I live I am alone here three miles from Galesburg and cannot meet often with the saints there. O what pearls of greatest price to dying souls is this great salvation. But how many sleep and do not wake. How alarming it seems to see a houseful of professors meet and not hear a word for the Lord. Their conversation is all about the world. Pray much for us that we may stand firm for Jesus. We pray for means to make the Trumpet a weekly. May God help us so we can cast in our mite.

Your sister saved and sanctified wholly.

Sarah Darr.


Watkinsville, Miss.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — I feel that it would be for the glory of God for me to write my testimony to the Trumpet. I do know that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses me from all sin and the very God of peace sanctifies me wholly. Praise the Lord! I am in the narrow way that just strips me of all the world. I have been in this blessed way for two mouths, and I get happier every day. I lack 18 days of being 16 years old. I do praise God that I accepted salvation when I did. I love to go to the prayer meetings and tell what the Lord is doing for me. Bless the Lord! I want all of God’s children to pray for me that I may ever be true to the Lord.

Your Bro. in Christ.

Andrew Watkins.


Rolla, Mo.

Dear Sants: — I have been living for the blessed Savior over one year and have found that He can take care of all that is trusted in His care, and His grace is sufficient; in every time of need. Pray for me that I may be true to God.

Mary E. Denton.

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Sent Forth in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ
For the Purity and Unity of His Church,
the Defence of ALL His Truth,
And the Destruction of Sect Babylon.




D. S. WARNER, — Editor.

E. E. BYRUM, — Office Editor.

E. E. BYRUM and SMICHELS, — Publishers.


TERMS, $1.00 Per Year In Advance.



Entered at the Post Office at Grand Junction,
Van Buren Co. Mich., as second class matter.



A commission of 20 percent will be given on each new, cash subscriber, to all who will labor for the Gospel Trumpet. We make this offer so as to help the brethren that are in the field, as well as the circulation of the paper.

Parties desiring papers to canvass with should notify us regularly of their whereabouts.



All business communications, moneys etc., must be addressed to the Gospel Trumpet, in order to insure credit; otherwise we will not be responsible.



How to SEND MONEY: — Remit by Post Office Money Order or Postal Note Where these can not be procured, send by Express Order, Registered Letter or small amounts in one and two cent stamps.

Changes of Address: — Subscribers wishing their address changed, must be sure to give their FORMER, as well as their new address.

Missing Papers: — It occasionally happens that numbers of our papers sent to our subscribers are lost, or stolen in the mails. In case you do not receive your paper when due, after waiting a sufficient length of time, write us a card and we will gladly send one in place of the missing number.

When you write, be sure and give your FULL ADDRESS, NAME, POST OFFICE, county, and STATE.

Should there be a mistake at any time, write to us at once, and we will gladly rectify the same.

Address all letters to Gospel Trumpet Grand Junction, Mich.




It contains 148 songs. 90 with music About all new. The pages are some larger than Songs of Victory. When sang in the Spirit of God, these songs will be found, glorious. They hymn the precious present truth, and the Gospel standard of salvation.

Send in your order for Anthems from the throne, and start the songs of praise anew.

PRICE (Manilla . . . . . . 30 cts.
(Cloth . . . . . . 50 cts
(Per. dozen . . $3.00 & $4.80



A conversation between Bro. Light and Foggy, giving Bible proofs that we must live free from sin. This tract has been enlarged to 48 pages, and is now ready. All who love to read the truth, send for them by the hundred.

Price, (Per single copy . . . . . . . . . . 2 cts.
( “ Doz. …………….. 20 “
(“ Hundred. ……………. 1.50 “

A tract on the True Church, 50 pages, 10 cts.


A tract on the Sabbath, or which day to keep. 65 pages, 10 cts.



BY Bro’s Kilpatrick and Speck, is now ready to send out. It is a very thorough work giving the Bible readings or references on about 100 subjects.

Price, (Single copy . . . . . . . . . . $ .75
(Per half Doz . . . . . . . . . 3.30
(” Doz . . . . . . . . . . . 6.00

Address: — Gospel Trumpet, Grand Junction, Mich.



Holiness Bible Subjects by H. C. W. 100 subjects with Scripture, a concordance, and definitions to subjects. Setting forth the true Church, its doctrine, it-ordinances and its fruits. The fall of Babylon and the coming in of the evening light. Illustrated. 376 pages neatly bound in cloth.

Price, (Per single copy ……………. $1.25.
(“ 1 doz. ……….. 95 cts. each
(“ 2 doz. ………… 85 cts. “

Address H. C. Wickersham,

New Pittsburg, Ind.

or Gospel Trumpet,

Grand Junction, Mich.


M. M. Stover, Marion Welch, S. B. Heeter, C. Z Lindley, Elihu Bragg W. A, Moore, Ray Howard, T. A. Phillips. George Embery.



Pray for Willie Belle Borders, of Peters Creek, Ky. that the Lord may heal her body. She says she is 15 years of age, and is justified but not sanctified.


Sister Josie Adams of Caldwell, Kan sends an earnest request, for us to pray the Lord to send some of His messengers to that place.


Pray for the 15 year old son of P. A. Thatcher, who has had his right leg paralyzed since he was 4 years of age. Ask the Lord for the restoration and right use of his limb.


Louisiana, Mo.

I ask all the saints to pray for me on March the 20th at 9 o’clock A. M. that the Lord may heal my afflicted body; and I believe He will answer.

Your sister in Jesus.

Maria K. Angle.


Mrs. M. J. Douglas, of East Union, O. who has been much afflicted for a few years, sends a very earnest request for the prayers of the saints, that she may be enabled to receive the Spirit of God, of which she feels she is destitute.

Manistiqe, Mich.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — I have been very much afflicted, and ask you all to pray for the Lord to heal me; also that some one will come here and hold meetings.

Your Bro. saved and kept from all sin.

James H. Fletcher.


Dear Trumpet Readers: — I must write for the prayers of His children, for the removal of what has all appearance of a cancer. I have all faith that He can do the work, if it is His will, and His will be done, not mine. I have put myself in God’s hads, for Him to do with me as He thinks best. If He wants me to suffer, I can say amen! Praise His holy name. I am willing to be any thing, or nothing for Him, but I feel just now while I am writing that through the prayers of the saints of God, and for the love that our blessed Savour has for His children, that the work will be done.

Your sister in Christ, sanctified to do His will.

Fannie L. Hosier.



Do not forget to offer a special prayer to God in behalf of those who have requested your prayers.


Bro. C. L. Kaumeyer, of Chippawa, Ont. writes that he has several thousand leaflet tracts, which he will send in quantities free of charge to anyone wishing to distribute them to the glory of God.


Our last letter from Bro. Warner and Co. stated that they were expecting to soon go to Hartzell, Ala. Persons desiring to write to them should address them at Grand Junction, Mich. and the letters will be forwarded.


Are you taking the SHINING LIGHT? It is an illustrated paper for the children, and contains interesting Bible stories, and little testimonies of salvation. All who subscribe for it this month, will get it one year from now, and also all the back numbers for only 25 cents.


God’s Church is the Body of Christ. — Eph. 1:22, 23; Gal. 1:18, 24. Therefore any article sent us for publication, that calls the the multitude of worldly institutions falsely called Churches, the Church must be corrected, and if the doctrine and sentiments is based upon the false assumptions, must be rejected.


On account of the large number of testimonies and articles on hands, we print a double issue of the Trumpet this time. Many of them have been on hands a few months, and for want of space only extracts were taken from many of them. Although this issue contains about one hundred testimonies, we did not have room or all.


The articles on “The Great Tobacco Sin” and “Questions for Sunday-keepers” will be printed together on supplement sheets, and a few thousand sent out. And we also wish to print them separately in tract form for free distribution, as tobacco users seldom have money to spend for such things, we should ..ees to it that each one is presented with a copy of the tract. Who is ready to help send these tracts out free?



An appeal comes to us from Dr. S. A. Rutherford, and others, for aid to erect a building for the above institution, at Lumberton North Carolina. He says, “This institution is to be anti-sectarian. We have 75 acres of land paid for, and now need the building,” etc. We have known nothing further of these parties, and the character of the proposed school, hut feel a concern for the freedmen, and hope they will be furnished the needed means. If any Bro. or sister has means to spare for this good work, send as the Lord may direct.



Since in this far off land, where mail gets around so slow, over long private conveyance routes, we feel as never before the importance of having the Trumpet made a weekly. We wrote to Bro. Byrum about the matter, and he replied that with the extensive tract and bock work, and the addition of the SHINING LIGHT, our press is kept nearly all the time in motion, and that by doubling the work on the Trumpet, another press would soon be needed. We are aware of this fact, and yet we are led to pray God to hasten the weekly issue of the Trumpet. It might possibly be done for a short time with our present facilities; but it is eveident that we shall need, and in fact do already, a more perfect press for first class book work. Therefore we are constrained to ask God for at least, one thousand dollars to purchase a new press, and for the weekly issue of the Trumpet, for Christ’s sake. Let a thousand saints go to work God, and do what you can both in giving us God leads, and especially in procuring subscribers, and the means will come to hand. This and the completion of our book bindry, which will require about two hundred dollars more, will pretty thoroughly equip the Lord’s publishing house. We set no times for the Lord, but feet assured in His own time and way we shall have the outfit. Blessed be the name of the Lord who has hitherto done wonders, in the publication of His everlasting Gospel. Amen!


Often persons who visit us remark that if the saints only knew of our pressing needs, many of them would willingly send in means to help along the work. This we do not doubt; and if some were to take our place for a few hours only, and see what a call there is for Gospel work everywhere, and realize the great necessity of the spreading of truth, we think they would be constrained to even give their farms to spread the Gospel in some way. But does it cost much to run a printing office? Well, yes. It takes a few thousand dollars a year to pay the expenses in this office, and in larger offices it takes more. We will give only a few of our expenses. During the year we pay out, for paper, about $500. Ink $40, Type $100, Repairs $200, Taxes $60, postage $300. Book and tract work, $400, wood $200. These are only a few of the many, expenses that must be met. Each month from 200 to 500 dollars cash must be paid even if the money must be borrowed. There is also yet a debt aghast the office that is unpaid. As to the Trumpet, we send out more for free distribution than to our regular paid subscribers, although our subscription list is increasing. And as we have now added to the work the publication of the “Shining Light,” it has become necessary for us to purchase a new and more speedy mailing outfit, that is an outfit to print the subscribers names and mail the paper. A firm in Chicago have just offered to furnish the mailer for $35, and altogether including the type etc, will cost $351.50. That may seem like a great expense, but it is an unavoidable one, and until it can be bought, we shall be obliged to work under great disadvantages in that department of the work, and do many hours extra labor. We have spoken nothing about the expenses of living etc. All the workers live in one family, and when all are at home the Trumpet family numbers fourteen; none of whom receive a salary, or ask any pay for their labor, except board and clothing. The Lord has called them from different parts of the U. S. to work for Him. Of the large number of visitors who call on us all are made welcome, and received as one of the family. We do not make these statements to boast in any way, nor to dun anyone for money, but for the glory of God and the benefit of our readers.

34 Hayes, St. Binghamton, N. Y.

Dear Trumpet Readers — The Lord is leading the little band of workers here on to certain victory. Souls are being saved daily. We feel the work upon us more and more. God’s leadings with me is to go out into the highways and hedges, and compel sinners to come in, to leave my home and little ones, and go forth and warn people to set their house in order, for perilous times are upon them. In order to do this I must have homes for my boys, aged eleven and fourteen. They are active, smart children, and belong to God. Now I would like to know of the readers of the Trumpet, if there are any among them, who are true Christans, that would like to take my boys. I want them to have separate homes, where they will have good Christian training, and be made to work and pay their way. If there are any such, please address your brother in the Lord.

H B. March.



Columbia Cite, Ind. Feb. 16, 1891.

Dearly Beloved Saints: — We held a meeting one mile north of Roann, in which there were three converted and consecrated for sanctification; one came out of the U. B. sect and consecrated for sanctification. We ore saved in Jesus, the Lord is our shepherd, and we shall not want. Pray for us.

Your brother and sister in Christ.

C. E. & Flora J. Rothermel.


Bangor, Mich Feb. 17, 1891.

The meeting at Gardner, Ill. resulted in the saving of a few souls, the establishing a little church of holy ones and paving the way for future work. Father Petr.. was with us and filled with the Spirit, having (I believe) severed himself from all sectarian elements, and is no longer editor of Mrs. Woodruffs paper. May the Lord ever hereafter keep him uncontaminated from all sectarian confusion is my prayer. Amen.

A. B. Palmer.


Woodburn, Ore. Feb. 8, 1891.

Dear Saints: — The blessings of the Lord and His grace be upon you all. We arrived here the first of the month and found brother Green and family well and busy in the work of the Lord, and all things were ready for the meeting and the work is going on, and souls are coming to God. There is a great opening here. Sectism is almost dead in this country. The people are very kind to me and I feel perfectly at home. We have a good large meeting house, and it was full last night and all anxious to hear the pure Word of God, It rains here almost every day, they have to go through mud and rain in the winter season. Let all the dear saints pray for us. We would love to hear from saints scattered through Oregon and California while we are in this country.

Your Bro. saved and sanctified.

James Willis.


Edgewood, Mich. Feb. 12th. 1891.

Dear Brethren and Saints Greeting: — May joy and peace be unto you all amen. This morning I am happy to report to you all once more that we are still saved, and trusting in Jesus. Since our last report of Nov. 25th, we have been working for Jesus, who has abundantly supplied all our needs. O we are so thankful to those who shared with us the necessary things of this life; may heaven’s blessings rest upon them. We are now at this place, having good meetings, and the Lord is settling His people down, and adding to His “Church such are being saved. From here we expect to go to Lake, Co. (D. V.) in the rescue of poor lost souls. We hope the Lord will send some of His ministers to help us in the work there. The meeting will commence about the 10th of Mar. Let all the saints pray much for us and the work in that place.

Yours in the love of Christ.

Wm. E. & A. E. Warren.


Bailey, Miss. Feb. 6, 1891.

Dearly Beloved of God: — I believe God would have me write my testimony, and make a request. I realize God saves me to the uttermost. Praise God that I am in harmony with thus saith the Lord, and none of Jesus’ words are hard sayings to me. Thank God, His commandments are not grievous. My soul is longing to get out in the work regular (for truly the harvest is great and the laborers are few) but I am so situated financially, that I will have to stay at home and grow a crop, so I will net get to labor, in the vineyard of God as much as I did last year. Yet under the circumstances and in my present condition, I know I am in the order of God. Praise God I can preach on Sundays. Amen

Dear brethren you that sent in your subscriptions by me and have not paid yet, please send it in very soon to the Gospel Trumpet Office, Grand Junction, Mich. and you will oblige me, and it will be a benefit to the office.

God bless all the household of faith. Pray for me.

S. H. Bozeman.


2355 F. St. Sandiego. Cal.

Dear Sants: May grace and peace abound for Jesus’ sake. Amen. Since our last report we can truly say the Lord has bestowed His blessings upon the Scandinavian work. We can rejoice in that the Lord has added unto the Church two precious souls, and that one dear soul received a deeper work of grace. It is wonderful how the devil is going about his business. Surely, when he sees the Lord’s children sounding the trumpet he always puts forth a last effort to deceive. He is going up and down the earth looking after the Lord’s children, and so here last week came two Lutheran preachers calling aloud to gather the Scandinavians together to make them a little more secure in their sleep, “Crying peace, peace, when there is no peace.” But glory be to God, He takes care of His own work and it is bound to prosper. I do rejoice and praise God for the victory in my own soul.

I remain your brother on the Gospel Altar.

Ludolf Schroder.

Norwood Mo.

Dear Saints: — I feel that it would be to the honor and glory of God to tell you that am saved this morning from all sin, and the Lordis keeping me sweetly saved. Bro Bolds and sister Mattie Bolds have been hero with us for a week, and we are having a glorious meeting. There has been five or six converted, and two or three consecrated for entire sanctification. Several backsliders have come back to the Lord, and those who were saved have been greatly strengthened by the Word. I want to ask all the saints everywhere to take my case to the Lord. I was financially broken up last year by leaving my business in other hands. I have, I think, enough property to pay my debts if I can get sale for it. I know the Lord has a work for me to do, and I feel that it would be to the honor and glory of God for me to pay all my just debts, and I do not want to leave my business until it is done. So I want you to ask God to make a way to get all the bands loose that hold me from His work. I often have calls to go and preach. I desire to go out into the work soon.

Your saved brother.

W. M. Wilson.


Burket, Ind. Feb. 4th, 1891.

We commenced meeting in the saint’s meeting house, in Beaver Dam, Ind., Dec, 27th 1890, and continued till Jan. 25th, Oh hallelujah to God! This meeting was truly a feast, to all our souls. During the meeting there were about 35 made free indeed through the blood. Some lost sinners who never lasted the goodness of God, same and were pardoned of all the past, also those who had lost their first love came back to Father’s house, and were made happy in the Lord. The helpers in this meeting were Bro. and sister Rothermel, from Columbia City, Ind, who continued about three weeks with us, then went to Roann, Ind. to hold meeting. Bro. Bell from Ohio, also attended this meeting, and preached a few times. The last week of the meeting Bro. and sister Grover from Geneva, Mich. came to assist us in the battle, and of a truth, it was much strength to our souls to hear Bro. Grover preach the Gospel of the Kingdom with power. Bro. Bell is nowin Mich. and Bro. and sister Rothermel in Roann, Ind. But Bro and sister Grover remained in these parts, and are now with us in a meeting in old Bethel near Burket, Ind. The weather has been somewhat against the intrest of this meeting, but hope for better weather in the near future. We send much holy love to all the dear people of God, and ask all to earnestly pray for us.

We remain your Bro. and sister fully sanctified.

S. L. & A. L. Speck.


Welland, Ont.

To all the Dear Saints Greeting: — Grace be unto you all, and peace be multiplied through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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This has been a blessed winter in Canada. The winter has been mild, yet the frost has never been out of the ground. The ice has bean about one foot thick. Sleighing part of the time. The meetings have been well attended, and the Lord has been present in mighty convicting, converting power, so that souls cried to the Lord for mercy, and most of them were delivered. At Fenwick there were 10 or 12 consecrated, but the work was not as thorough as we would like to have seen it. One of the great troubles we have found here, as well as other places some one gets out of the way, and misery always seeks company. They never resist until they find some weak one to join them in condemning some of God’s true children in order to justify themselves. O may the Lord awaken all the saints to see that this is the devil’s strong hold in these last days, and give all His children discernment enough to detect this awful device of the devil. We have been out in several new places, and nearly every place the people received the Word gladly. The Lord has blessed us here with good workers, and some good singers, but I fear some of them stay to near home. Bro. and sister Buchantan have moved to St. Thomas, and have commenced meeting there. Pray for ns. It always takes new faith for new victory.

Your humble saved Bro.

G. T. Clayton.


Binghamton, N. Y. Feb. 20, 1891

Dear Saints: — God bless you all now and forever more. I am saved and sweetly kept by power divine. Hallelujah! This war is all my soul’s delight. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge, and my fortress and my God; in Him will I trust, Praise His dear name. The very God of peace doth sanctity me wholly. I am saved from rum, tobacco, snuff, tea, coffee and fleshly lusts. Praise God! In this city are many beautiful churches and sweetly toned bells in towering spires, but no Christ. The writer was led out like Abraham not knowing whither he went, thus come in contact with a little band of workers who are the Lord’s alone, out in the evening light and rejoicing in the fulness of Christ; left babylon with its confusion of creeds and isms to labor for the salvation of souls, and they are the children of God. Many souls have been saved under their labors. Some from the very depths of sin and degradation. This class of Goa’s little ones were not aware that there were any more of His chosen ones called out from the Devil’s den (babylon) until some Gospel Trumpets were handed them. How their faces lit up with joy after hearing how God was calling His children out all over this great land. The writer taking part in their meetings finds indeed the Lord blesses those who are His. Praise His dear name. The devil is stirred here and all sorts of things are brought about to confound the work of Jesus; but blessed be God He doth give the victory. Hallelujah! Two souls were saved here who worked in the cigar factory, earning from twenty five to thirty dollars every two weeks. But thanks be to God all is left behind for Jesus. I am so glad there is a satisfying portion found in Him. I expect to go to Scranton from here to push the battle on. The Lord has said as many as are led by the Spirit of God they are the sons of God. Glory! Glory!!

Edward Stillwill.


St Pettrsburgh, Pa. Feb. 24, 1891.

Dear Saints: — We are glad to report that the battle at this place has been a glorious victory on the Lord’s side. Hallelujah. On Jan. the 31st, as it was stated, God our Father brought us to the front, and enabled us to send forth volley after volley of God’s eternal truth upon the adversary, which caused thirteen to fall at the feet of Jesus for pardon, and eight consecrated for sanctification and testified to the same. One M. E. class leader came five miles to see the excitement, and what it all meant. Jesus showed him by bringing him low down at His feet in the dust of humility where he found Jesus in all His fulness, opening up his eyes to the evils of sectism and enabled him to expose the same. The place was shook from one end to the other. Prejudice was rolled away, and a grand feeling was manifested for the truth, The ball was filled every night to the utmost capacity with attentive listeners. And as the poet says: “It is wonderful, It is wonderful” to see the people of this wicked oil town brought low down at the feet of Jesus. And the gay clothing and gold and diamonds that cost thousands of dollars thrown off for Jesus, who enabled them to “adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with braided hair, or gold or pearls, or costly array, but that which becometh saints.” We are looking to our Father to move the camp meeting from Rockland to this place (St. Petersburgh) as it is the most central place; the P. & W. R. R. run through the town, and people could get in from the East or West, North or South without much trouble. Dear taints of Penn., look to God and see how He hath prospered you in this world; and if you have any of the Lord’s means to remove the camp meeting you can send the same to Bro. Jno. Morgan, St. Petersburgh, Clarion Go. Pa.

Yours in Him.

J. A. & A. J. Dillon. & Co.


Hamilton, Mich. Feb. 19, 1891.

Dear Brethren: — We are happy to report that we are still saved, sanctified and kept by the power of God. Glory to Jesus! I believe our last report was from Dunningville. From there we went to Hesperia. Here we found brother Hammond waiting for us, and very anxious to receive light and we believe will walk in it. We found some professors, but destitute of the Spirit of Christ. False doctrines had crept in and some were clinging to them. God was with us in much power, and some were saved. The sect spirit was much stirred, and the devil stirred up some the baser sort and thought to drive us from the place but the Lord helped us much. Praise His holy name! Several were joined together to break up the meeting. While quoting to them some law one evening, one man took off his coat telling us to attend to our own business, and he would keep order His brother arose saying he would go out and went out swearing, when he came to where we stood, stopped, drawed his fist and said he would whip us and Co. They kept their threatenings, pounding the school-house on the out-side, throwing corn over the house, jumping out and in the window. But by the help of the Lord and fear of the law they were soon settled and order prevailed once more. From there we went to the Sattin school-house and held one weeks meeting. We had good order, and the Lord helped to give them much light, which we believe is like bread cast upon waters, which will yet bring forth much fruit. One backslider got back to the Lord during the meeting, and several convinced that this is the Bible way and that there is no other. From there we went, to Gowen and found sister Cory saved and glad to see us come. Held meeting in four different houses. Several were converted and also consecrated for sanctification. We pray that they will never stop until they reach the fulness of God. After the school-house was denied us, Mr. Holland opened up his large white house for meeting, and also keeping us. We held a few nights meeting and a couple consecrated themselves to God. Receiving a letter from dear brother Fox to be in readiness to come to Texas soon, which we expect will be the first of March, we have made ourselves ready. We expect to commence meeting again tonight at Dunningville, Allegan Co.

Your brother and sister in Christ.

Wm. N. & S. J. Smith.


Galesburg, Kan. Feb. 14, 1891.

Dear Saints: — Grace, mercy and peace be multiplied. Amen. My soul is rejoicing in a complete salvation and victory over all the powers of darkness. Our last report was from Mahaska, Kan. From there we went to Huron, Kan. and visited the church at that part and found them in a good condition. We had a good meeting and a precious seed sowing time, and the saints were edified and much strengthened in the Lord. From there we went to Lincoln, Mo. and visited my mother for a short time, then came to Windsor and held a short meeting. Some of the saints were greatly helped and strengthened. The church has been in a discouraged condition, They have no place to hold meeting, the saints living some distance apart. Dear ones, pray for them that the Lord may open the way for them in Windsor to have regular meetings. It takes zeal and a real go through for God to do our whole duty, and have regular meetings and not neglect the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; and short of that the church cannot prosper in any locality. Some saints have not, got out of all babylon ruts yet. They think because they have no preacher to come every Sunday and admonish them and do their talking for them that it is not necessary for them to have’ meeting. See the precious promise, where two or three meet in the name of Jesus there He will be in the midst. You see the true saints have the promise that no sectarian has, for they meet in their sect name so they have not the promise of the presence of the Lord. But praise God we have. We held a weeks meeting about 18 miles from Windsor in a new place, where holiness and the evening light, had never been preached. The Lord gave us great liberty in delivering His Word, and sectarians were astonished and said they had never heard the whole truth before, and a number of them said they were determined to come to the Bible standard of salvation, and several raised their hands for prayer for the same and acknowledged sectism was not of God. While others, when the light was turned on them said it was a hard saying, who can hear it? and went away sorrowful. Oh, how sad it makes ones heart to see such just because their idol was touched. I trust there will be an abundant harvest for Jesus in that place in the near future. We came to this part the 11th and commenced meeting the same evening, and the dear Lord is with us in power. Pray for us and God’s work in this part.

Your Bro. and sisters saved and sanctified.

G. L. & Mary Cole & Lodema Kaser.


Springfield, O. Feb. 18, 1891.

Dear Saints: — God bless you all for Jesus’ sake. Amen. Our last report was from Bellefontaine, O. We remained laboring in the meeting one and a half miles south west of the above place to the close. A few souls came to the altar and some of them received the desire of their hearts, and we do hope that the others will not stop short of a definite experience in their souls. The Devil stirred some to make threats of closing the meeting-house (Blue Jacket), but praise God He softened their hearts and they were kind to us and invited us to their home. God bless and save them if possible. Meeting closed with victory on Israel’s side. We (Bro. Schell and myself) went to West Liberty and began a meeting about two or three miles north east of town. But being called by telegram to Payne the next day, we left Bro. Schell to carry on the meeting as the Lord willed. I will say here that after a few days with us in the meeting near Bellefontaine, Bro’s. A. J. Kilpatrick and Geo. Howard went to Round Head, Harden Co. O. to hold a meeting where they continued a few days, but had to go about eleven miles to and from meeting; so they closed and went near Lewis Town, Logan Co. O. where we found them, and Bro. A. J. Kilpatrick in the midst of a discourse to an attentive congregation. After the discourse. We handed the telegram to brother A. J. which bore the sad inteligence of the death of his sister, sister Laura Kigar. We went home together, and returned the Monday following, he to Lewistown, and I to West Liberty. I would just say concerning the meeting, near Lewistown which was at Beech Grove S. H., that quite a few acknowledged the truth of the Gospel; and a few consecrated for pardon ana sanctification, and we trust that God will in the near future establish a people in that place zealous of good works. The meeting closed at West Liberty Wednesday night, Feb One was sanctified. The meeting at this place was some hindered by rain and bad roads.

Your Bro’s in Christ.

J. N. Howard, & A. J. Kilpatrick.


Eagle, Mich.

Dear Saints: — It has been along time since I have written anything for the Trumpet. But I am happy to say that the dear Lord saves my soul, and keeps me by His mighty power. Oh, it is so sweet to trust in Jesus and abide in Him, and to feel His love in my soul.

I went out in the name of the Lord about the latter part of last October, to work with Bro. and sister Grover and Co. They were then at Kendall, and when we were through there, Bro. G. was not feeling very well, and they returned home for a short time. Bro. and sister Sheldon and myself went to Johnstown and commenced meeting. There we had a very inconvenient place to hold meeting, and I took a severe cold which settled on my lungs, to which I kept adding more until I was unfit. for service, but still continued going to meeting and doing what little I could. Bro. and sister Grover came, and we came on to the township of Hope and held two meetings; several souls were saved. From there Bro. and sister G. went to Ind., and Bro. and sister Sheldon returned home, and left me alone. The Lord put it in my heart to go to North Eagle to visit the dear saints, where my husband and I labored 9 years ago, with whom I had not met in nearly 6 years. We have had a glorious time here, the Lord has been with us, and souls have been saved. Owing to the condition of my lungs, I have been unable to have meetings only on Sunday, I came here to visit and rest a while, but the dear faithful few that are here have been standing free and uncompromising with babylon, and were very hungry for the Gospel, not having had an opportunity of hearing it for some time. They have been praying for the unsaved. Two weeks ago yesterday which was Sunday, we had a glorious meeting, the power of God was on us, and three precious souls were gloriously saved. One of the three was raised a Roman Catholic, but she had married a protestant, and of course was excommunicated by her sect. She received a bright experience in justification. Yesterday they consecrated for sanctification and received a clear witness. Another dear soul consecrated for pardon, she too had been raised by Catholic parents, but had left their faith when she was young. We are still looking for more, there are others under conviction.

One week ago Sunday night a U. B. preacher came to the meeting, and undertook to contradict some parts of the discourse, but we took the Word and explained to him his error. But he said some things that he was ashamed of, and came next day to apologize; and we talked about two hours and a half, and presented the evening light and I think he went away convinced that it was useless to fight against God. Now dear ones, I want your prayers that I may be healed and be able to work for the Lord, for I love the work of saving souls.

Your sister saved in Jesus.

Allie R. Fisher.


Norwood, Mo., Feb. 21, 1891.

Dear Trumpet Readers:—May the rich blessings of God be with you and keep you every moment. Amen! It has been some time since we have sent in our report but we have been out in the field most of the time. During the first part of this new year, I was in the work with dear sister Lena Shoffner, four miles from Ft. Scott where we had nearly every kind of crookedness to contend with, that is found among professors of holiness. Very few of the Good Way (so called) creed attended the meeting. They carried on a meeting at the same time we did. All kind of flying stories concerning the Trumpet Editor had to be meet. We lifted up the Bible standard before the people, and the Word of God cut off all crookedness on every point. The people who came to the meeting have no excuse nor cloak for any kind of delusion. We left a few straight ones to be true to all of God’s word. God keep them in the midst of gain saying people. It is astonishing to see the slander and scandal the teachers of that creed try to bring upon the Word of Jesus and His followers. My father was then near Nevada, but we came to this place together Jan. 23rd. We held meeting 8 nights, 7 miles from Norwood. The meeting was a grand victory from first to last. We found but very few saints there to begin with; every day and night God gave wonderful victory. About 8 or 10 were saved, beside 4 or 5 dear souls found out by the straight Word that they were not living by it, confessed it, and made every thing right with men and with God, and were made pure in heart. The people are finding that it takes perfect holiness of heart and life to get into heaven. The meeting closed with a very blessed ordinance meeting in which 16 took part. It surely was as glorious an ordinance meeting as we have ever attended. The glory and power of God was so great that sinners wept. O praise God for His goodness and mercy! The Lord willing we will visit the precious little Church again soon. Since then we have held three short series of meeting in which some dear souls have been saved, for which we give God all the glory. Some places we find babylon raging and we find some preachers even professing sanctification who chew tobacco and are contentious, and say the people they preach to can do as they please about using tobacco. We find so much sect holiness, so many people profess to be sanctified in the same moment they were converted. The pure Word is outshining every thing else here; opposition walls are breaking through and falling to the ground in spite of babylon. We will now begin a meeting in the hall at Norwood where we expect to meet the saints from all the points where we have held meetings. We want to see the dear ones so settled that nothing will move them. Holiness is here to stay, and stand in the midst of the people. O praise the the Lord for ever. We believe a good camp meeting can be held here some time in the summer or fall. If the Lord will send some one here, or some company they will find a welcome among the saints. We are fully saved, enjoying health, for which we owe our great physician much praise. Your sister.

Mattie Bolds.



Died — in Breedsville Feb. 11, 1891, of cancer in the stomach, sister Anderson aged 76 yrs. 5 mo’s and 11 days. She died in the full triumph of faith. The funeral was held at Columbia.

A. B. P.


In Cheshire, Allegan Co. Mich., Theodora E. Merchant infant, daughter, born Dec. 20, died Feb. 6th. Aged 1 mo. 17 da. The funeral was held at the Markle school- house in Cheshire township.

A. B. Palmer.


Carthage, Mo.

Louisa Rebecca, wife of Benjamin Holloway, departed this life Dec. 24, 1880. Her age was 21 yrs. 7 months and 8 days May God bless and comfort her husband and friends in their sad bereavement.


Oakwood, O. Feb. 23, 1891.

Edmond Newton McClure little son of Isaac N. and Lilly J. McClure, departed this life Feb. 20, 1891, aged 5 months 28 days. Funeral services were held in what is known as the McClish meeting-house, by

George M. Campbell.


Sister Gildersleeve, wife of Pro. A.

B. Gildersleeve, died at her home on Ridge avenue Pittsburgh, Pa., Jan. 13, in the 45th, year of her age. She leaves two small children, namely Herbert aged 13 months and a little girl Lamilda 5 years of age. Her death was caused from heart trouble, was sad and very sudden. She met with the saints at Sandy Lake, Pa. in 1884, and accepted Jesus as her Savior.

A. B. Gildersleeve.


DIED — A son and daughter of A. H. and Ella Weston, of Mariasville, Pa. Lillie May Weston was born Aug. 27th 1890, died dan. 24, 1891, aged 4 months and 27 days.

Albert Henry Weston was born Nov. 9 1887, died Jan. 27, 1891, aged 3 yrs. 2 mo’s, and 18 days. May God bless the parents of the children is our prayer. Funeral services by she writer. Text Matt. 18:2; 3.

S. P. Gilger.


Ella Eberline was born July 21st 1880. Departed this life Jan. 7, 1891. Aged 10 years 5 mo’s, and 16 days.

Phyllis G. Eberline was born June 7th 1888. Departed this life Jan. 21st 1891. Aged 2 years 7 mo’s, and 14 days.

These departed saints leave a father, mother, one sister and many friends to mourn their loss. We praise God that our loss is their gain. W. F. and A. M. Eberline, the father and mother of the children, are both wholly sanctified and happy in this evening light.

Milum Young.


Sister Laura Ann Kigar died in Payne,

O Jan. 27, 1891., Aged 63 yrs. 2 months 11 days, Sister Kigar departed this life to be with Jesus. She will he missed by children and friends, and in the assembly of the saints. Sister Kigar was a sister of our much beloved Bro. A. J. Kilpatrick, and was the mother of sister Nannie Warren. May the dear Lord bless all the bereaved, and help those who are unsaved to get ready to meet in her home on high The funeral was attended by a host of triends and citizens of Payne, and all gave good attention to the Word.

Funeral services by the writer.

J. N. Howard.


George Harp, Aged 15 years 4 months, and 25 days, son of John and Mary E. Harp, who reside 6 miles south east, of Cedarvale Kan, after about four weeks of severe illness fell a sleep in Jesus. Feb. 11th 1891. Only a few days before his death, he confessed his sins and God wonderfully blest his soul. He often raised his hands and testified that he was so happy. He patiently endured his afflictions, never complained or murmured about his suffering. He had three little brothers who died in infancy, and he rejoiced in the thought, of going home to meet them. Shortly before he died, he called his parents sisters and others, and bade them farewell, and requested them to meet, him in heaven. And not long afterward he gently passed away from earth to his home above.

Funeral services conducted by the writer. Text, “I shall go to him, but he shall not return unto me.” — 2 Sam. 12:28.

A. Markwell.

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1350 South Water St. Denver, Col.

To ale the Saints Greeting: — I feel led to give my experience from death unto life. I was born June 11th 1832 in Randolp Co. Mo., and married in 1854, my wife being a professed christian. But I must confess I was a hard and wayward sinner, and seldom ever went to hear the Gospel preached; but continued to grow harder in sin, until I was 55 years old. Then my conversion came about in this way. My wife was attending a revival meeting here on Feb. 1st, 87, and after several attempts she prevailed on me to go with her, and when they called for sinners my wife went up to have me prayed for. I thought then if I was hack home I would never go with her again, and came very near leaving the house. But while prayer was being offered up, I did think over my past life, and could see nothing but sin as far back as I could remember; I said to myself, I would like to be a christian, but I want to get it from God, and then I will not be mistaken; I will not come back here but I will go to God in secret and seek forgiveness for my many past sins, and I was down before the Lord from Feb. 1st until Apr. the 15th., I had been a hard sinner, and did not have the faith to believe that God would pardon a vile sinner like me. But when I saw my lost condition, then I cried to God in faith. And He spoke peace to my soul, filling me with peace and joy. Oh, what wonderful love for God. But, in a short time I found I could not please the Lord. I had a desire to do worldly things, which are not pleasing to God, and the Lord would chasten me and I would repent, and the Lord would restore peace to my soul again. I lived in this experience for six months, living up to all the light I had. If I had been asked, are you living without sin, I would have given the old answer, no. I wanted to please God but could not. About this time I went to Heppner, Ore., and spoke of my trouble to my friends, and they sent a baptist preacher, Charles Baily, to talk to me. He says, you have had a change of heart, what more do you want? Come and join the church and you will be all right. I told him I could not do it, I did not have what I wanted. Some days after this went with a party about a half mile to a horse race, and when I started away, I will never forget the voice of the Lord, and the chastening I had. I think this was the last of August, I felt so grieived that I could not please God. It had now occured to me that I yet had the inbred sin, the carnal mind in me, which is not subject to God. So on the 17 day of September, I fell on my face before the Lord, and asked Him to baptize me with the Holy Ghost and with fire, burning out every thing, cleansing the tabernacle for the habitation of the Holy Ghost. For God will not dwell in any unclean place. Then it is that we have the witness that we are born of the Spirit of God. Then it is we know that we are not of the world. Then it is we know that we can live without sin, because the old man, the inbred sin, the carnal mind has been crucified and put off, and the new man Christ Jesus put on; now the new man lives in us, and there is no sin in the new man. This is the second work of grace, or the second benefit, and it is for every soul who will seek God withall their heart to obtain it. He that hungers and thirsts after righteousness shall be filled, This is the work of the Holy Ghost. He is the cleanser, the purifier, and the sanctifier. I want to say I was baptized by immersion Sept. 19 1887, and joined the Baptist sect But since the true light has shone in my soul; I am now free from all human organizations. There is but one church, and Christ is the door. I am a member of that body. No man can join it, and every soul that is not in that church is lost. There is only one way to get in the church of God, you must be born into it, or you cannot be saved. Dear reader, are you in that church, if not, get in before it is too late. I rejoice that I am in that church, living without sin; observing all things that Jesus both taught and did. Ready to be revealed at His coming.

Gideon A. Wright.


Chicago, Ill.

Dear Saints: — God bless you and keep you all. I am filled with His glory, kept by His power, doing His will continually God is wonderfully using us to His glory here in spreading the glorious evening light, that is shining so bright at this present time. Since we came to this place; we have had many trials and difficulties to encounter. Sectarian powers to confront, anti-Christ, and deulisions and doctrines of devils of all sorts and descriptions; but praise our God He has kept us through them all. Truly, “Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and a hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. — Rev. 18:2. Truly we have arrived at the time when they will not endure sound doctrine. Oh it is awful! Oh, dear ones, pray earnestly to God to raise up and send out more true messengers, to spread the news of this glorious salvation abroad through the land. Companion and have been called to work among some of the worst in the city; but praise God He has wonderfully blessed our efforts. Souls have been saved, and God has been glorified. We find a great many who would fellowship us, if we would accept their doctrine; but we are standing on the sea of glass mingled with fire, having the harps of God. Dear saints, let us live low and humble at His feet, not conforming to the world in any way. Let us love one another with a pure heart fervently. I do discern the body of Christ, and my place in the body, and our continual prayer to God is that He will keep us humble, low down at His feet, and that we do His will at all times and in all places, Pray continually for us here in this dark place, the Sodom of America.

Yours in the love of Christ.

Martin A Eliza Miner.


Carthage, Mo.

Dear Saints: — I feel led to obey the Spirit to give some of my experience. One time I told a Bro. that I would come over to holiness meeting. At that time I was a member of the M. E. sect, and also a member of the young peoples society of Christian Endeavor. This Bro. that I promised, had a good deal of wisdom from the Lord. Now I expected to go over there in the morning, just get full of wisdom, and in the evening I intended to go to the Y. P. S. C. E. meeting, and just astonish and amaze them with my wonderful knowledge. I expected to get this and use it to my own glory. Well of course I was not benefited at all. I did not go over any more for some time, but the next time I was fully convicted and justified the same day, at night, I made the consecration for sanctification. Here I was greatly troubled over feeling, and lived without feeling for some time, I then learned the secret to live by faith, and just praised the Lord I did not have any feeling. Well I am just getting down into the deep things of God. Oh praise the Lord!

R. L. Berry.


Oakwood, O.

Dear Sants: — I feel like giving God the glory for His mighty power in the healing of my family. I had three children sick this winter with something like Scarlet Fever, and praise God He rebuked the disease and raised them up. I have the victory in my soul over the devil. Glory to Jesus forever and ever! I am saved and sanctified and kept each day from all sin, by my trusting in God; If we do the trusting, God will do the keeping. I pray that it will he His will for some of the holy baptized ministers to go to Starkey, Cal. to preach to the people in that place. If the Bro. that is in San Diego would go, my mother is there and would love to have some one come.

Your sister saved and walking in the light.

Mrs. Spillman.


Rio. Miss.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — I am praising God this morning for salvation full and free. He sanctifies me wholly and His blood cleanseth from all sin. I do praise God that He ever sent Bro. Warner and Co. down South. I thought I was sanctified until I heard them explain the Word and I knew then that I did not have a pure heart, and bless God I confessed it, and He did take away all sin and made me free, and I have ever since felt the Savior’s abiding presence with me. Glory to God I am just wholly given up to the Lord ready to do His will at any time. Pray for me that I may remain humble at the feet of Jesus.

Your sister.

Tina Philips.

Omer, Mo.

Dear Saints: — I can say to the glory of God that I am saved and sanctified, and cleansed by the blood of Jesus. Praise His holy name forever! I sin so glad that I can trust in Jesus, and take His Word for my guide, and rest on His precious promises; it gives me such sweet, peace to my soul. I trust Him for all that I have, both spiritual and temporal. I take Him for my physician; He is all and in all to my soul. I love God and love to keep His commandments. I would like to meet with the dear saints of God, we would be glad if some of God’s ministers could come here and preach to the people. Praise God! I am so glad that I received the light of holiness as a second work of grace.

Your sister under the blood.

Sarah A. McCain.


Elk Dale, Mo.

Dear Brethren: — I want to testify through the Trumpet that I am under the blood that cleanses from all sin; that I am saved and sanctified wholly. I have much opposition from those around me who profess to be christians in holding up holiness standard of salvation. I am the only one in this community to hold up the pure unadulterted Bible Christianity. I love to read the testimonies of the saints, it does my soul good. I am so thankful that God called me out of the cold formal way that I was living, that He let the light into my heart, and I was not disobedient to the call of the Holy Ghost. I cannot praise Him enough though I praise Him day and night. I thank God, and praise Him for this glorious evening light. Glory to His name.

J. G. Neff.


Cherry Box, Mo.

Dearly Beloved of the Household of Faith: — I am impressed to write to you of our thankfulness to our Heavenly Father, for calling us by His grace to believe on His Son. Being justified by faith, and through consecration sanctified by faith and kept by the power of God. Being filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. Thanking Him for all things that pertain to life and godliness. And hath raised us up together, and hath made us to sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Glory to God! We rejoice with joy unspeakable. The grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with all who love His appearing.

Yours saved, sanctified, and kept.

E. C. Blaisdell.


New Washington, O.

Dearly Beloved Saints: — I do praise God that I am sweetly saved in Jesus just now, from all sin, and have fellowship with all His children. Oh praise God, how I do love the saints of the most High God; while they are persecuted by poor blinded sectarians I love them all the more. Oh glory to God for this evening light. Dear Bro. and sister Jacobson held a meeting here, and several precious souls were saved.

Your saved Bro.

F. Rosenbery.


Bristol, Mich.

Dear Children of God: — The Lord is near and dear to me and keeps me by His power. Although I have a good many trials to pass through, I always find my Savior with me, leading and directing my ways. I am glad to know that there is a paper being published for the children, and I feel that we should be greatly interested in their welfare, that they may come to Christ while they are young. We took the little Guide as long as it was published, and was always glad to get it. We trust that some minister will come this way to preach the Gospel.

Your sister in Christ.

M. Heyd.


Watkinsville, Miss.

Dear Saints in the Lord: — I feel led of the Lord to write my testimony through the Trumpet. I am happy to say that the dear Lord saves me now, justifies me freely and sanctifies me wholly. Praise the Lord! I have been in this way for about two months, and the way gets brighter and brighter. Praise the Lord for this evening light. I realize the power of God in my soul as a burning joy. I desire the prayers of all God’s children.

Your Bro. saved through faith.

W. O. Williams.

Deacon, Ind.

To all the Saints Greeting: — I do praise the Lord for this evening light. He saves me and keeps me by His mighty power. There are a few of God’s children here in this part of the country, and we have our prayer meetings every week, it helps to strengthen us. I do love to praise my Savior’s name. I am going to take up the “Morning Watch,” I think it would be a help to us. I do praise God this evening for free salvation.

Your brother saved and kept by His power free from all sin.

Thomas Tolen.


Rising Sun, Ohio.

Dear Brethren: — This morning finds me saved from all sin, and my heart filled with the love of Jesus, praising God for salvation. Oh I do praise God for what He is doing for me. I realize I have the peace that flows like a river. It affords me great joy to obey Jesus, and keep His holy commandments. By His grace I ever expect to be true and faithful to Him. My soul says, praise the Lord forever and ever!

From your saved Bro. under the blood of Jesus. Amen!

Jacob Roush.


Attica, Ohio.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — We have been here surrounded by sectarianism, and have also had the privilege of testiying to the people about the wonderful power of God to save from all sin, and of perfect holiness, and the Lord wonderfully poured out His Spirit upon us and blessed our souls. We have seen precious souls born into the kingdom of God this winter, and others wonderfully healed of bodily infirmities by the power of God,

Your Bro. in Chist.

M. H. Basore.


Montgomery City, Mo.

Dear Saints: — We love to read your testimonies, and are made to praise the Father of all blessings, as the Spirit in us answers to the spirit in those blessed testimonies. We say to-night to the glory of God that we are willing to walk in all the light that we have on His Word. And praising Him for showing us the narrow way, and enabling us to walk therein.

Your sister.

Dannie Robinson.


Middleton, Mich.

Dear Ones in Jesus — I can say for the glory of God that I am saved and kept, and always triumphing over all the works of the devil. There are many traps set for the way and those who do not take the word for their guide get caught in them. But I can say, praise the dear Lord, His word is sufficient to keep us when we have the light which is Christ. Amen.

Your Bro. in Christ.

T. P. Knight.


Aurora, Ill.

Dear Saints: — I feel led to say a few words to the glory of God. Tonight finds me saved trusting in Him for all things He keeps me both soul and body. The Lord is my Physcian. I realize that God saves me from all sin. Praise His holy name! I am all consecrated to Cod, ready to do His will at all times. Pray for me. Your sister in Christ.

A. E. Brown.


Cadallac, Mich.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — About two years ago I accepted the truth as it is in Christ Jesus, and walked into the light of His Word. I was a member of the M. E. sect, but praise the Lord, I am free from sectism now. I moved here a year ago, and have not met any saints since I came, and I hope some of God’s ministers will come to this place. I desire your prayers.

Yours in the love of Jesus.

Mrs. Catharine Beach.


Baily, Miss.

Dear Saints: — God bless you all. I know that my Redeemer liveth, and I know that the blood of Jesus cleanseth me from all sin and the God of peace sanctifies me wholly; and I am walking in the light as He is the light.

I am going forth in His name telling people of His goodness, and power to save.

Your sanctified brother.

J. J. Jones.


Merrimac, Ia.

Dear Saints: — I praise the Lord that I can still add my testimony for the glory of God. When I tell people that the Lord has cleansed me from all sin and from all desire of sin, they say that I am a fanatic and they start falsehoods about me, but it does not move me for I have an experience in my soul that the Lord Jesus gave me, and praise His name, I am giong to tell it.

Mrs. M. A. Newville

Riceville, Ia.

Dear Saints: — Our testimony is we are free from all sects and sectarianism, free to worship God aright. Belong to the Church of the first-born, whose names are written in Heaven, saved and sanctified and kept by the almighty power of God.

Your Bro. and sister.

E. & C. A. Barham.


Fremont, Ia.

Dear Saints — We do praise God for His keeping power. Of a truth we realize what it means to be a child of God and to stand on His blessed promises with Christ enthroned within. We are glad that we started in this way, and are walking in the light as He is in the light. Glory be to Jesus.

M V. & M. A. Alderman.


Everest, Kan.

Dear Brethren: — I thank God for redemption through the blood of Christ my Redeemer. I am saved and kept by the mighty power of God, and I ask the prayers of all the saints that I may be kept humble low down at Jesus feet, doing His will in all things.

Your saved Bro.

S. H. Fisher.


Dushville, Mich.

Daer Saints: — Our testimony is that we are all the Lord’s, and He is ours; knowing and fully realizing that God doeth all things well. We can praise the Lord today for full salvation, which is five to all who will accept it.

Your Bro. and sister.

Alpheus & Cora Pierce.


Dear Brethren: — I want to testify to the glory of God that Jesus saves to the uttermost, and I am kept by the mighty power of God through faith unto salvation, ready to do the Lord’s will at all times. Pray for me all ye saints of God.

A. B. Brown.


Ganges, Mich.

Dearly Beloved Saints: — I praise God for His saving power. He saves me just now. Glory to His precious name. I do thank God for an every day salvation. Glory to Jesus! Dear ones, pray for me that I may be faithful.

Your sister in the Lord.

Mrs. A. NewCombe.


Frisco, Ark.

Dear Saints: — I am saved and walking in all the light that God gives me. I do love the truth, and have obeyed all the ordinances and am just willing to obey anything that the Word of God teaches.

Your Bro. in Christ.

Rees Ballen.


Freeny, Miss.

Dear Saints: — I do praise God this morning for salvation that saves from all sin. And I know that of a truth I am growing in grace every day of my life. Pray for me that I may be faithful to the end.

Your brother in Christ.

R. H. Owens.


Sherman City, Mich.

Dear Saints: — Tonight finds wife and I saved and glorying in the cross of Christ. Glory to Jesus! We love the narrow way. Pray for us that we may keep low at the feet of Jesus.

Geo. A. Whipple.


Sandy Lake, Pa.

Dearly Beloved Saints: — I do praise God for salvation in Jesus, and for the peace and the many blessings He doth bestow on a poor sinner as I was.

Your sister in Christ.

Lola C. Owen.


Willshire, O.

Dear Brethren: — I am saved from all sin; justified and sanctified, ready to be revealed in the last time. Glory to Jesus! Pray for the unsaved of my family.

Belle Stetler.

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