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1 May 1889, Volume 11, Number 4.

Speak a Word for Jesus.


Have you not a word for Jesus?
Will the world His praise proclaim?
Who shall speak if ye are silent?
Ye who know and love His name;
You, whom He hath called and chosen
His own witnesses to be;
Will you tell your gracious Master,
“Lord, we cannot speak for Thee?”

“Cannot,” though He suffered for you,
Died because He loved you so?
“Cannot,” though He has forgiven,
Making scarlet white as snow?
“Cannot,” though His grace abounding
Is your freely promised aid?
“Cannot,” though He stands beside you,
Though He says, “Be not afraid.”

Have you not a word for Jesus
Some, perchance while you are dumb,
Wait and weary for your message,
Hoping you will bid them come.
Never telling hidden sorrows,
Ling’ring just outside the door,
Longing for your hand to lend them
Into rest for evermore.

Yours may be the joy and honor,
His redeemed ones to bring,
Jewels for the coronation
Of your coming Lord and King.
Will you east away the gladness,
Thus your Master’s joy to share,
All because a word for Jesus
Seems too much for you to dare?





AND being assembled together with them, commanded them that they should not depart from Jerusalem, but wait for the promise of the Father, which, saith He, ye have heard of me. For John truly baptized with water, but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost not many days hence.” — Acts 1:4, 5. This is the language of Christ to His disciples the very last time He was with them, before He forever sat down at the right hand of the Father. He had been with them for the space of three years, or thereabout, and yet we see by the language of the text that they had not yet received the Holy Ghost, the Sanctifier; for such is the Holy Ghost, says Paul to the Roman Brethren. — Rom. 15:16. But were these disciples converted, or regenerated when Christ gave them the promise contained in the text? Let us turn to the Gospel of Matthew, and hear what he says. “And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, that ye which have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit on the throne of His glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.” — Matt. 19:28. Here we see that these disciples had followed Christ in the regeneration; or, as the Greek text has it, “Followed me in the new birth day.” So they had been horn of the Spirit, and had the Spirit in their hearts. For Christ speaking to them at another time and place, said: “When they deliver you up, take no thought how, or what ye shall say, for it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of the Father which speaketh in you.” — Matt. 10:20. They were in possession of the Spirit, and He it was that should speak for them; and “they were not of the world, even as He (Christ) was not of the world.” — John 17:10. For had they been of the world, the promise of the text would not have been given them by Christ, because the world (or sinners) cannot receive the Holy Ghost, or sanctification. So said Christ to the disciples: “If ye love me, keep my commandments; and I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another comforter that He may abide with you forever; even the Spirit of Truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth Him not, neither knoweth Him: but ye know Him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.” — John 14:15-17. Now this other comforter that Jesus speaks of is the Holy Ghost. “But the Comforter which is the Holy Ghost.” — John 14:26. And the world (or those who have not received the Spirit) was not to receive Him, but the disciples were to receive Him because they had “followed Him in the new birth day.” — Matt. 19:28. And again Christ in making His petition to the Father in behalf of these disciples said: “And now come I to thee; and these things speak I in the world, that they might have my joy fulfilled in themselves. I have given them thy Word; and the world hath hated them because they are not of the world even as I am not of the world.” — John 17:14, 16. They were not of the world (or sinners) because they had followed Christ in the (new birth — Gr.) regeneration, and they also had their “names written in heaven.” Luke 10:20. And Christ had already given them the command: “preach, saying, the kingdom of heaven is at hand heal the sick,” etc. — Matt. 10:7, 8. And these disciples were as “sheep among wolves.” — vr. 16. Who can fail to see by these blessed Scriptures that these disciples were converted and in possession of the Spirit, and were “kept in the Father’s name?” — John 17:12. And none of them were lost but the son of perdition that the Scriptures might be fulfilled. But those who fight the second work of grace stand up and positively declare that the disciples of our text were not converted until the day of Pentecost. In the face of all the Scriptures to the contrary, this they have to do to make their doctrine of any account, and by so doing they make the “Word of God of none effect” as also the Jews. — Mark 7:13. There is no Scripture to substantiate the idea that the disciples were not converted before the day of pentecost. Christ’s words to Peter, “when thou art converted, strengthen the brethren,” some take a stand upon and say that the disciples were not converted. — Luke 22:30-33. Now if Peter had not been born of God and translated from the kingdom of this world, why this wish? “And the Lord said: Simon, Simon, behold Satan hath desired to have you, that he might sift you as wheat.” The Greek text has it, “Satan has asked for you.”

If satan was actually in possession of Peter, why then should he ask the Lord for him? And again: Why would satan desire to sift his own? Again: “But I have prayed for thee that thy faith fail not.” Here we see that Peter had faith, and was a believer. Neither did his faith fail: his courage only. “When thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.” Convert means to turn, and though it is used to represent the sinner’s turn from nature to grace, it is here used in this text to show Peter’s turn of mind after he had passed through his overwhelming temptation and denial of his Lord; and Peter thus understood his Lord for he said as soon as the Lord was done speaking, “Lord, I am ready to go with thee both into prison and to death.” And Christ told him that, “the cock shall not crow this day before thou hast thrice denied that thou knowest me.” So by reading the Word in its connections all is made plain. Peter’s conversion in this text, Luke 22:31-35, was based by Christ upon his fall and restoration, which took place shortly after; for “he went out and wept bitterly.” — vr. 62. Therefore it is an indisputable fact that the disciples were horn of God and adopted into the family of God before the day of Pentecost. If all of these second work fighters enjoyed as high a state of grace as these persons in our text, Acts 1:4, 5, there would be none of them opposers, and many passing through the pentecostal fire, and made clean and sanctified wholly by the Holy Ghost. Read Luke 24:50-53. “And continually in the temple, praising God.” And He “commanded them not to depart from Jerusalem, but wait for the Holy Ghost.” — Acts 1:4, 5. He did not command them to repent, but wait in this place until the Sanctifier had come. What kind of people waited? “And in those days Peter stood up in the midst of the disciples, the number was about a hundred and twenty.” — Acts 1:15. Not only the twelve waited, but others who had been adopted into the heavenly family through the apostles’ preaching, and on the day of Pentecost as they were in this place, “praising God” (Luke 24:53) “there came a sound from heaven as of mighty rushiug wind, and it filled all the house where they were they were sitting. And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost.” — Acts 2:1-3. They were not pleading for forgiveness of sins, but were praising God when the Holy Ghost, or Sanctifier came. Now the second Comforter had come according to Christ’s promise in John 14:16- 26. So we see plainly by the Word that the disciples were born of God, adopted into Father’s family, and God was their Father (Matt. 10:20) before the day of Pentecost, and on that day received the Holy Ghost, or Sanctifier as a second work. But again, says the second work opposers, the apostles did not receive the Holy Ghost until the day of Pentecost for the reason it was not given until that time. And the Scripture in John 7:39 has been quoted to prove that point. It is true that the Holy Ghost was not given until Pentecost; but let us see if the apostolic way is the true plan of God’s redeeming Grace to man, or was it as some affirm, a special miracle bestowed upon the disciples. If it was not the true plan of salvation, then it would follow that others who receive the Holy Ghost or the Sanctifier after the Pentecost, would not have to receive it in the apostolic way. Let us appeal to the Holy writ and forever settle this question, for God’s Word says: “Let God be true and every man a liar.” Christ said in His prayer to the Father after He prayed the Father to sanctify them: “Neither pray I for these alone, but for all who shall believe on me through their words.” — John 17:20. So this sanctification was not to cease with the apostles, but was to be sure to all who believed on Him through their words. Bless the great Triune God! Every one who comes to Him in faith he lieving, will receive the promise, the gift of the Holy Ghost, or entire sanctification.

Paul in writing to the Corinthian brethren said: “In this confidence I was minded to come unto you before, that you might have a second benefit.” (Gr. favor) — 2 Cor. Now favor is grace so the apostle wanted them to have the second grace. He himself had experienced the same, and he now wanted to lead them into it. Let us turn to Acts 8, and consider Paul’s experience. He was on his way to Damascus, from Jerusalem with letters from the high priest, to bring to Jerusalem, bound, all whom he found of this way; (the saints) and when he came near Damascus, there was a light from heaven shined around him, and he heard a voice saying: Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me. And Saul said: Who art thou Lord? And the Lord said unto him, I am Jesus whom thou persecutest: it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks. And he (Saul) trembling and astonished said: Lord, what wilt thou have me to do? He was willing to turn and forsake his wicked way and obey the Lord. He was not only willing, but did it. And the Lord said unto him. Arise, and go into the City, and it shall be told thee what thou must do. And he arose from the earth and opened his eyes, and saw no man; he was led into Damascus and was there three days without sight, neither did he eat nor drink. And the Lord said unto Ananias, Arise, go into the street that is called straight, and inquire at the house of Judas for one called Saul of Tarsus: for he prayeth. Paul had accepted the Lord and obeyed His command, and reached the street that was called straight and was praying. Ananias went his way and entered into the house, and putting his hands upon him said: Brother Saul, — You see that when Ananias saw Paul, he saw his condition and called him Brother Saul. Ananias then laid his hands on Paul, and scales fell from his eyes and he received the Holy Ghost. And again let us turn to the 19th of Acts and see how the disciples received the Holy Ghost. “And it came to pass that, while Apollos was at Corinth, Paul having passed through the upper coasts, came to Ephesus, found certain Disciples.” By reading the Scriptures it seems very plain to us that these disciples were some of the Jews whom Apollos, while he was at Ephesus, had convinced that Jesus was Christ, and they had given up their Jewish belief and had accepted Christ, and had been baptized; for they said they had been baptized unto John’s baptism. And thus Paul finds them. “And he said unto them, Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed?” Mark, they were believers, and had been baptized; now Paul, questioning their experience, asked them: “Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed?” (not when, or at the same time, but since). “And they said unto him, We have not so much as heard whether there be any Holy Ghost.” And after they had heard these things, they believed and “Paul laid his hands upon them, and the Holy Ghost came upon them.” — Acts 10:1-7. Again when “Philip went down to the city of Samaria, and preached Christ unto them, * * * and when they believed Philip’s preaching, and the things concerning the kingdom of God, and the name of Jesus Christ, they were baptized both men and women. And when the apostles which were at Jerusalem heard that Samaria had received the Word of God,” — that is, had been converted from their unbelief, accepted Christ, and had been baptized in “the name of the Lord Jesus, they sent unto them Peter and John, Who, when they had come down, prayed for them that they might receive the Holy Ghost; for as yet He had fallen upon none of them. * * * They laid their hands upon them and they received the Holy Ghost.” — Acts 8:5-18. So was the Scripture fulfilled in Eph. 1:13. — “In whom ye also trusted after that ye had heard the Word of truth, the Gospel of your salvation: in whom also, after that ye believed, ye were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise.” And once more let us turn to Acts 10, and consider the experience of Cornelius. He was “a devout man, and one that feared God with all his house, and gave much alms to the people, and prayed to God always.” vr 2. Now this devout man who “prayed to God always” did not have the Holy Ghost; but when the Lord appeared to him about the ninth hour of the day in a vision, and told him to send down to Joppa for one Simon whose surname was Peter, and he would what he ought to do. vr. 3-7. So he did as the Lord commanded him, and when Peter had come, and while he was yet speaking the holy Ghost fell upon Cornelius and all that heard the word. — vr. 44. So we see again that it was the apostolic way that these receieved the Holy Ghost, or Sanctifier. — Rom. 15:16. And God is no respecter of persons: (Acts 10:34.) thus we see that the way He gave the Holy Ghost to the apostles was by a second work, and it was the true plan of salvation. And not only they received it by a second work, but all of whom the Bible gives an account, received it in the same way as we have herein proven. And besides all this, there is our blessed experience of the second work; the reception of the Holy Ghost subsequent to regeneration. Bless the name of Jesus! If the Word of God had been silent on this point we could have testified to the glorious work wrought in our soul by the Holy Ghost or Comforter, by a second work of grace.

W. B. Grover.




WHOSOEVER therefore will be a friend of the world, becometh an enemy of God.”

“Or do ye think that the Scripture saith in vain, The Spirit that He placed in us jealously desires us?”

“But He giveth the GREATER GRACE; wherefore He saith: God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace to the humble.”

The above is a beautiful rendering of James 4:4-6, as found in Dean Alford’s translation.

The following very good rendering of the 5th and 6th verses is found in the marginal reading of the new Revised Translation.

“That Spirit which He made to dwell in us, yearneth for us, even unto jealous envy.” “But He giveth a greater grace.”

The pronoun “He,” in “He placed in us,” and “He giveth greater grace,” must necessarily refer to God in the fourth verse, as both “He’s” have the same antecedent, and it cannot be said that the devil “giveth the greater grace,” therefore it follows that the Spirit that “yearneth for us,” and “jealously desires to have us,” must have been placed in us by the Lord. These Scriptures most forcibly teach the two works, and two measures of grace. The word “grace” in the above instance is from Karin in the Greek; as also is the word “benefit” in 2 Cor. 1:15, where we have “second benefit.” Correctly rendered in the margin of both the common version, and the late Revised Translation, it reads “second grace.” The Emphatic Diaglott which translates that word “favor” in all other places, renders this also “second favor,” which amounts to the same thing as “second grace”

The word grace occurs in the common New Testament 128 times. “With but one exception, it refers to the Divine gift of eternal life, and that instance is James 1:11. “The grace of the fashion of it perisheth.” Here all can see that the word grace does not mean salvation. In all other places it is from Karin, the same as in 2 Cor. 1:15. and James 4:6. Then there is a “second Grace,” which is a “greater grace,” which clearly shows two works and states of Divine grace in the soul. The disciples of Christ “followed Him in the regeneration.” — Matt. 10:28, were chil- of God, — Matt. 10:20. “Were not of the world, even as Christ was not of the world.” — John 17:6, 16. They were the Lord’s, — John 17:9, 10; Mark 9:14. “But if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, lie is none of His.” Rom. 8:9. So they had the Spirit of Christ, and were “born of the Spirit.” This is one work of grace. And after they had followed Christ in this condition, and He had even sent them forth us lambs among wolves to preach His Gospel, (and surely He would not commission unconverted sinners to bear this sacred message,) He prayed the Father o sanctify them. — John 17:17. He also promised to send them the Comforter, the personal Holy Spirit. — John 14:15-29, 26; 15:26; 16:7; Luke 24:49; Acts 1:4, 5. These promises include the same thing as the prayer for their sanctification; because the Holy Spirit is the Sanctifier. See Rom. 15:16; 2 Thess. 1:13. This entire sanctification was not merely an infilling of power, but primarily it was a complete cleansing of the nature.

“And God, which knoweth the hearts, bare them witness, giving them the Holy Ghost, even as unto us; and He put no difference between us and them, purifying their hearts by faith.” — Acts 15:8, 9.

Here we see that God saves both Jews and Gentiles in the same way. Both received the Holy Spirit in the same way, which we see in Acts 2, was an instantaneous experience, and as was the case with the first disciples of Christ, they were all regenerated, or born of the Spirit before receiving the Sanctifier. And we see that the reception of the Spirit of God wrought a purification of their hearts; and as Peter testifies that God “put no difference between us (Jews) and them, (Gentiles,) purifying their heart by faith, namely, when giving them the Holy Spirit. It is here proven that the 120 who received the Holy Comforter on the day of Pentecost were thereby purified in heart. This harmonizes with the Savior’s prayer for their sanctification, in connection with the promise of the Spirit. This twofold salvation is the order, and uniform process of God’s New Testament salvation.

“Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost; which He shed on us abundantly through Jesus Christ, our Savior!” — Titus 3:5, 6.

This proves the fact of salvation by the two distinct works of grace. That’s the way He saves us. This settles the question. All who have been fully saved of God on, and since the day of Pentecost were saved just that way. First the washing of regeneration, which removes all our sins, and implants Spiritual life in the soul. Second, the “renewing of the Holy Spirit,” which purifies the heart, from inbred unrighteousness, and restores the holy image of God to the soul, which Adam had before the fall.

“That ye put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts; and be renewed in the Spirit of your mind; and that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.” — Eph. 4:22-24.

“And have put on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of Him that created him.” — Col. 3:10. “Grace and peace be multiplied unto

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A. B. Palmer.


THE Chuch of the Living God in Denver Col. has purchased a tabernacle, and desire some one to come there and preach the everlasting Gospel to that city. A glorious work could be done for God there if some one would go and stay six months or a year. The saints are free hearted, and you would be cared for. We found many souls there who were very favorable to the truth, and by visiting the people, and taking Christ there in their homes, as well as in the public place of meeting, a good harvest of souls can be gathered. The weather is mild there, and a tabernacle an be used 9 or 10 months in the year, there are precious chosen vessels of the Lord there called to His work that heed some experienced brother to encourage them. Bro. G. T. Clayton thinks some of going. He has had a good deal of experience in city work. Should the Lord not send him, I hope some one else will hear His voice.

Write Bro. R. W. Swinburn,

1818 Larimer St., Denver Col.


AN IMPORTANT MATTER. — We held meeting at a certain place where our success was the smallest of any place we had labored for some time. A sister remarked, “I do not see why the people are so hard. Not a great while ago the Lord seemed to be moving upon their hearts very much, and they sat in the meetings weeping.” Be astonished O heavens when we say those convicted, weeping sinners had not one invitation to come to Christ and be saved. There the saints met three times a week to sing, pray, testify, and exhort sinners, God working with them, and yet nothing was brought forth, because those dear saints did not have the wisdom or courage to designate a place to kneel, and invite those souls to come forward and seek God. So in time the convictions passed away.

At another place where we made a short visit with the church, a sister remarked of the husband of one of the saints I that of late he had been very much convicted, “and,” said she, “I think he would come out on the Lord’s side had he received an invitation. But I do not think he is so much moved upon lately.” We enquired “was there no effort made to have him seek God in the meeting?” “No.” Now the man was absent from home during our short stop and he is yet unsaved. O we charge the Church of God in all places in the name of Jesus, that you labor directly for the salvation of souls. God’s church is an institution of perpetual salvation. To be in a constant revival is her normal condition. To us it is a very strange thing that saints can meet together and praise God for salvation, and let convicted sinners go away without an inviation to come to Christ. Not only should they be publicly called to repentance, but in the name of Jesus go to them privately and “compel them to come in.” “Knowing the terror of the Lord we persuade men.”

Here is a beautiful picture of God’s church.

I will be as the dew unto Israel; he shall grow as the lily, and cast forth his roots as Lebanon. His branches shall spread and his beauty shall be as the olive-tree, and his smell as Lebanon. They that dwell under his shadow shall return; they shall revive as the corn, and grow as the vine; the scent thereof shall be as the wine of Lebanon. Hosea 14:5-7.

Glory to Jesus! they that dwell under the shadow of God’s church shall “revive as the com and grow as the vine.” Amen! It is an awful trick of the devil to defer efforts for the salvation of souls until some preacher comes around. Shame on such babes! We are thankful to God that such a custom is not very common in the churches of the Living God. Let all learn the importance of striking while the iron is hot. When God is working, that is the time when you must work. There are “set times to favor Israel.” Hearts are soft, the spirit is moving; and if the occasion is not improved, when a preacher subsequently undertakes to draw men to God there, he will find them harder than before their hearts were touched. There should be invitations given, even when there is no special visible appearance of conviction; at least occasionally. But when God is seen moving among the people, then double your diligence. Yea, in such seasons of refreshings, and divine impressions, you should hold meetings about every night, and when there seem to be no more visible prospects for salvation work, drop back to the regular weekly meetings. Pay no attention to preachers, but keep your eye on God, and be ready at any time of the year to make a special rally for souls. Again we admonish you by the mercies of God and for the sake of blood-bought souls, do not wait for the preachers, hut work at all times for souls, and so much the more when you see God is working. The whole world lies in gross darkness, God wants to keep his preachers rapidly moving, for the time is short, and let the church be his instrument in the salvation of souls where the light is already established. And since God has so much flying abroad for his messengers to do, let the churches refresh each other by frequent visits. It is more reviving to the saints to have a couple wagon or sled loads of brethren come 8 or 15 miles and spend the sabbath, than to have a preacher come. Again, whenever all hearts seem closed for the present in your neighborhood, not only visit and strengthen the children somewhere else, but also go into the dark, unoccupied territory around you, and open up new fields. Let this scripture be fulfilled by the churches of the Living God everywhere.

“So that ye were ensamples to all that believe in Macedonia and Achaia.”

“Let the weak say I am strong,” and let many run to and fro. God bless his holy people everywhere, and use them to send forth the light and truth. Amen!




After a severe illness of nearly three months, Brother Worden “fell” sweetly “asleep in Jesus” at his residence on Howland street, Battle Creek, Mich., on the night of the 29th of March, aged 66 years. Funeral services on Lord’s day, March 31st by Bro. Eldridge, who preached from the text — “I am the resurrection and the life; he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.” — Jno. 11:25. The scripture lesson read was from 2 Cor. 5:1-9. Bro. Worden’s disease was pneumonia and dropsy, from which he suffered intensely most of the time. During his illness his mind reverted to the Lord, whom he sought with his whole heart for a more perfect assurance of his acceptance, and we believe he has gone home to be forever at rest. He leaves a wife and three daughters, who are sustained in their grief with the hope that “it is well with his soul”

Anna K. Thomas,

Battle Creek, Mich.


Charles M. Pool, aged 31 years, 7 months, on Feb. 22, ’89, was called from earth to dwell with the angels in heaven. His disease was consumption. He having strayed from the Lord, was reclaimed, and about two weeks after, was gloriously sanctified And when the summons came he said. “Lord, come and take me, I am ready to go.” And as he passed away waving his hand in triumphant victory he said, “I’m sweeping through the gates.” Oh praise the Lord for victory in death! Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord. God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain, for the former things are passed away. Oh what glorious promises to cheer us by the way! though it is hard at times to part with our dear ones; but praise God forever and ever, we will meet them by and by.

Mary Bool,

Derby, Kan.


Died, near Breedsville Mich., little Alvie Merchant, aged two months; The little one has gone to live with Jesus. Funeral services were held at the Swamp School-house.

Your Bro in Christ,

Marion Welch.


Died in Wheeler, Gratiot Co., Mich., Feb. 11th ’89 little Frankie, infant daughter of Bro. John and Sister Emma Wilson, aged 10 months. Jesus said “Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Praise Jesus forever and ever.

Little Frankie thou hast left us,
And we know that all is well;
Thou hast gone to be with Jesus
In that clime where angels dwell.

Yes kind parents you did love her
More than mortal tongue can tell;
But I pray you to remember
Jesus’ love doth far excel.

Died in Merril, Saginaw Co. Mich., Dec. 21 ’88, Frankie, son of Edward and Martha Tenbrook, aged 6 years, 3 months, and 9 days. “The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away; blessed be the name of the Lord.”

How short, dear Frankie was thy stay;
How soon from earth you passed away;
How soon you left this world of vice,
And went to dwell in Paradise.

In Paradise, that land of love
Where God and angels dwell above,
Where all the blood-wash’d throng shall be
All happy in Eternity.

Services held by the writer.

C. E. Reeves.

Near Henderson Pa. on the 9th of Feb., ’89, it pleased the Lord to call to his heavenly home, little Floyd Henry, small child of Mr. John and Sister Mattie Owen. The Lord bless and comfort the parents, and bid them at last to share the happy rest where now their child is blest with Jesus.

Funeral services by Bro.

J. S. Perrine.


At Anandale, Butler Co., Pa., Sister Nannie E. Miller left her earthly tabernacle Dec. 14, ’88. She died in the hope of a glorious resurrection. She had given up herself and all that was dear to her, and the Lord blessed her soul with great peace. She would frequently ask us to sit down and talk to her about Jesus. Had she lived till March 25, ’89, she would have been 25 years of age. The Lord has taken her home, blessed be the name of the Lord.

Your sisters in Christ and under the blood.

Rachel Denbar & Nancy Cunningham.




St. Petersburg, Pa., Apr. 17, 1889.

LET all the saints of the Most High God with us give thanks to Him, that salvation is yet held out to this wicked world. Since our last report we have been making short visits among the Churches. Before leaving the Red Lion neighborhood, we assembled with the Church by the side of a beautiful little stream in a deep evergreen grove, where several of the saints were buried with Christ in baptism. It was a glorious time. O how the Lord did bless the willing and obedient souls. About all came up shouting the praises of God with the joyful baptism of the Spirit of God in their souls. We then moved over the river westward, to Bro. H. Latshaw’s neighborhood. Here we remained a few days. Bro. Clayton and family were with us there, having just returned from a successful winter’s campaign in Armstrong and Butler Co’s. When we were here one night last fall, we found the enemy stirred up and let loose against the saints. A throng of young men made a pretty complete exhibition of fiends from the infernal pit. But the Lord gave Bro. Latshaw grace to humble them with the bare-handed law, costing them about $140, and since then the fiendish powers have been quelled, and the meetings undisturbed. But the sect leaders who infused the wine of the wrath of their fornication in them, now exert their influence to keep all the people away from the meeting they possibly can. So we found babylon in a sour strike in that place, all remaining in their dark holes. But they cannot suspend the operation of the campaign of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who continues to run a thousand trains in every direction in spite of all of babylon’s contemptible strikes. A few souls sought the Lord here, one for pardon, and two for entire sanctification. The Lord has raised up a little Church here in spite of all the desperate opposition. God bless them and add to His Church such as shall be eternally saved.

From there we came over to Mechanicsville, where the dear saints have a comfortable house of worship. Here we remained eight days, preaching the glorious Gospel of salvation by the power of the Holy Spirit sent down from heaven. The house was well filled with hearers, and many endorsed the the truth. But this meeting was crowned with the least visible fruits of any effort we have made for along time. One sick woman at home claimed Christ as her Savior, and was blessed in a little meeting held at her house. One young man surrendered to Christ, and received pardon of his sins. O that God may preserve him from this present evil world, and the beast powers that stand ready to devour him. There are dear good saints here, strong in the Spirit of the Lord, and could the meeting have continued some weeks, doubtless other souls would have been added to the Lord. I hope the Lord will send some of His ministers there to make a thorough effort next winter. Nest we paid a short visit to Henderson. Had three meetings. Found that babylon had had a sham revival last winter, and gathered in about 60 slightly awakened sinners, many of whom have already ceased to make a prfession. We soon found that the results of this shoddy work the of devil, was three-fold more dark ness in the place

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than before. The M. E. sect here, a few years ago had a general fall out, and split up. They had a sect trial that lasted all day and night; each party had a Methodist preacher pettifogger who showed no small wish to lay off their reverend coats and test their muscular logic. During the disgraceful affray about 40 split off, and soon after took upon them the Wesleyan Methodist name of blasphemy, cast away the restriction heretofore in that sect against secrecy, and are taking into the filthy cage all manner of unclean birds, and secret baalamites. Their preacher, with “fair speeches and flattering words drew over seventy into his net over a year ago, at Hazzard, of which the class-leader told a brother that none at all of the young folks made any profession, and but one or two of the old folks were holding on to a profession, but groping in the dark. Last winter his protracted meeting there was an utter failure. So false shams and babylon booms are short-lived. That preacher knows in his heart that he is not preaching the whole counsel of God against popular sins, and for personal gain and hypocritical friendship, he is winking at the works of the devil, and the woes of the Almighty are upon his soul.

On Saturday evening April 13, quite a number of the saints came from different points. O what a precious meeting we had that night! The Spirit of God filled the place where we assembled with shouting, leaping, and holy greeting. The house was crowded, and though the two nights previous there was some disturbance by the wicked, the mighty power of God that night, held all hearts and eyes spell-bound to the Word of God for about two hours and a half.

The next morning the saints about all went over to Hazzard, a little coal-mining I own about seven miles away, where the Lord has a glorious little church. The Lord gave us a beautiful day, and a most wonderful, glorious meeting. Truly we sat together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. How sweet it was to preach the precious Word of Life! There were some present who were of the pure little church we met on our first visit to Pa. many who have been saved out of the world and out of babylon since then. There were six who had come over 30 miles, from Chappensville, who, with a few others in that place had been brought to God last winter through the labors of Bro’s Peter Griggs and J. S. Perrine, and sister Frost. With the exception of the few who brought the light to them, they had never met the saints. It was truly a great blessing to them to meet with nearly a hundred saints, all filled with the Spirit. We magnify God for their deliverance, some out of the world and others out of babylon. The fire is burning with them, and they desire God’s ministers to come and preach the Word there, that more souls may be added unto the Lord. Our prayer to God is, that the dear saints who were instrumental in their salvation, will not be permitted to stay at home very much, while honest souls are groping in the dark, and perishing for the true light. There were a great many joyful testimonies, and two souls came to the place of prayer and were sanctified wholly to God. There was meeting again in the afternoon. In the evening the saints took Mother Smith and myself to Henderson, where we had a glorious testimony meeting; about 50 souls praised. God for perfect freedom in Christ Jesus. The little ones bad a meeting at the same time at a private house in Hazzard, and one soul was saved. We returned to that place after meeting, and the next morning we all had our curiosity satisfied by going with some other saints into a coal mine. We enjoyed seeing the workmanship of our Heavenly Father in the dark, deep places of the earth. How manifold are thy works O Lord, in wisdom hast thou made them all. The heavens declare the glory of the Lord, all upon this earth shows forth his love and wisdom, and his great goodness toward the children of men. And even deep under the earth hath he laid away stores to supply the needs and engage the industries of his busy little human beings. “O that men would praise the Lord for his goodness, and for his works to the children of men.”

In the afternoon we had a meeting at the brother’s house who was saved the last night, and the glorious Lord was in the midst. The woman of the house and three others came to the Lord and were saved. That was a time of rejoicing in heaven and on earth. In the evening we had meeting again, and two received entire sanctification. One was a sister who lives five miles away. She had been much afflicted. But her husband, who is in Christ, urged her very much to come to meeting, and through much persuasion she started, and walked the five miles; the farther they went the better she felt. That day and night she was pardoned, healed, and entirely sanctified. So there were seven souls saved in two days’ labor at that place. God bless his dear little ones there. If a good protracted meeting be held there next winter, a glorious work can be done, and we hope the Lord will add souls to his church there from week to week. They also desire Bro. Kennedy to come there and teach singing. By a little musical drilling there could be a very precious singing force there. We have now reached St. Petersburg, and will stop here until Sat., April 20, then go to Blanco, Armstrong Co.; also to Cochran’s, Mills, that Co., and about the 29th, start to Beaver Dam Ind. and probably May 6, reach home if the Lord will. There are other calls that we are sorry we cannot respond to, but other duties and business in the kingdom of of heaven call us home. I hope the Lord will soon send some one over to Petrolia. Since the urgent invitation there we are very sorry indeed that we cannot go there. Who will go?


Helena Mich., Mar. 27, ’89.

Bless the Lord! we are saved, and raising God with all our ransomed lowers. We triumph over all the works of the devil in the name of Jesus.

Just closed a meeting in this place with a glorious victory on the Ivina’s side. Hallelujah! O how the dragon power tried to overcome, but the pure testimony cut its way through. The two carnal preachers who so warmly opposed us at the first, and resisted the truth, withdrew and forbore to fight, fulfilling the scripture: “The mighty men of Babylon have forborne to fight, they have remained in their holds: their might, hath failed; they became as women; they have burned her dwelling-places; her bars are broken.” — Jer. 51:30. There were five precious souls delivered from the dragon power in this place, and the whole vicinity mostly convinced of the awful truth of God’s Word. Come out of her my people.” There are many honest souls in this vicin- who earnestly asked us to return as they desire to hear more of this holy way. As soon as the weather is suitable for holding an out-of-door meeting, we will hold a grove meeting here, as the people desire it. O bless the name of Jesus for the manifestations of his Spirit unto us! Our hearts are made to rejoice at the blessed work of salvation in these parts. On Lord’s day we went to the river and live more souls went down into the water and were buried with Christ beneath the wave. O what glory, flooded our own soul while we were in the water. Truly it was heaven come down to the sanctified wholly.” O what power, Divine glory, peace, joy, and comfort there is in “following the Lamb whithersoever he leadeth!” There were four dear souls immersed who had come out of the F. M. sect, having their robes washed in the blood of the Lamb. May the God of all grace keep them in the secret of his presence while the F. M. sect is foaming. The Lord has wonderfully visited this sect here, and delivered his people out of her. There are only three left who are in full connection with her. There are a few whom they have standing on the threshold (probation), but some of them we understand are willing to step out free and clear for God. Truly the time has come — “at evening time it shall be light. And it shall be in that day that living waters shall go out from Jerusalem; * * * and the Lord shall be King over all the earth; there shall be one Lord, and his name one. — Zech. 14:7-10.

We expect soon to blow the Gospel Trumpet in the little villiage of Bellaire, as the town hall has been procured for us. The richest blessings of God rest upon the many kind hands and hearts that have administered to us so kindly and willingly while we have been here; and may their reward be many stars in their crown is our prayer. Amen. We ask the prayers of all God’s elect that we may bo kept humble and obedient srevants of our master Jesus Christ.

Your saved Bro. under the blood.

W. B. Grover.

Six Mile, Ind.

Dear Brethren: — Grace, mercy end peace be multiplied unto you all. May you be filled with all the fulness of God, and rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory. O Hallelujah! My soul says praise the Lord for salvation and victory over all the works of the devil. We came here to Six Mile Jennings Co., Ind., began meeting the night of the 7th, in the name of Jesus Christ, to continue as long as the Lord willed, which closed last night with victory in Jesus’ name. Glory to God! The Lord wonderfully anointed us to preach the awful Word of God with the power of the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven. The Word is quick and powerful, slaying sin on the right and on the left. A few souls were slain by the truth, and made alive in Christ. Two were baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. God anointed us to preach on the evening light; we preached three hours with power. We start to-morrow, the Lord willing, for New Pittsburg, Randolph Co., Ind. Pray for us. God bless all the saints everywhere. Your free Bro., saved to the uttermost.

J. P. Haner.


Poplar Bluff, Mo.

Dear Saints: — God is with us here in power. We are having a real stir in this country on the Bible line. The children of God, and honest sinners are all mightily stirred up here in the belief of the truth. Several have accepted the truth, and many more are counting the cost and no doubt will soon step out on the promise of God. On the other hand the sects are awakened and scared, and the city of Babylon is taken at one end.

Bro. A. B. Brown and Bro. John Obry, a reently converted French Catholic, have been with me and held some stirring street meetings. Two were saved yesterday in the meeting. I never saw more wide spread interest than is being manifested for miles around Poplar Bluff. God so wonderfully helps us in the work that the whole community seems interested. We would be glad if some one could arrange to hold a camp-meeting here some time during the summer or fall. There are a great many people in this country, and many could be reached in this way. We think God could use Bro. and Sister Cole here. May God send them is our prayer. Pray for us.

Your Bro. saved and sanctified.

John D. Ashhaugh.


Hazel Green, Mo., Apr. 14, ’89.

Dear Brethren: — We started from Ill. the 28th of March. Stopped the first night in Vandalia, where we had held meetings a few months before. Our souls were made to rejoice to find the dear ones so wonderfully filled with faith and the Holy Ghost. Praise the Lord. In their prayer the Lord wonderfully made Himself known unto them as not unto the world. Glory to Jesus! They were on the forward move for God. In nearly every meeting one or two were saved. God has chosen an elder, a deacon, and a deaconess, who are faithfully doing their duty. The last night we were there, the power of God was so wonderful that shiners could not stand in the congregation of the righteous. The Lord saved a soul, and when we left, the Church at that place was in good working order. The Lord keep them eternally true. We came on to St James Mo., where we stopped a few days, and had a precious meeting with the saints. Hallelujah! Most of them had been standing true to God, but some have turned away from the Lord. We pray God to bring them back again into His covenant! Well, praise God! He saved some, and wrought a precious work in the hearts of the people, for which we give Him all the glory.

We have just returned to Hazel Green where we find a few that are taking Christ for their all, and others that seemed to forget that they were once purged from their sins. We will only be here a short time. Praise God to-day that He is so wonderfully blessing and keeping us every moment of the time. We are in the fountain to-day and all the time.

We wish to say that owing to the instructions of Bro C. C. Kennedy, the- people in the neighborhood of St James do the best singing we have beard during the past year. He has been teaching for some time; has a good reccommendation as a teacher. He has been using the “Anthems from the Throne.” He is consecrated and ready to answer to calls made by any parties who wish a school of this kind. We urge upon every one, especially the saints to seek an opportunity to learn music. It is a good way to praise God.

Your sister saved and walking in the light, in all of God’s blessed commands and ordinances.

Mattie Bolds.


Jerry City, Ohio.

Dear Saints: — The meeting in Auburn was very interesting; quite a number of saints were present. Several believers sanctified. Truly the Church was very much strengthened by hearing the Word preached. Some were very much stirred, confessing this is the only true way, while others, like Thomas, saith unto Him, Lord we know not whither thou goest and how can we know the way, Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth and the life. No man cometh unto the Father but by me. — John 14:5, 6.

Sabbath the saints came from Garret and we held an ordinance meeting. The house was filled with the presence of the Lord. From there we started to Ohio. The first night stopped with the saints at Antwerp. The roads being very muddy we could drive only 30 miles a day. The fourth day we arrived at Jerry City, at Bro. Miller’s. Our hearts rejoiced to meet the beloved family. O what a blessed Savior we have to keep us from the wickedness of this world. We found a meeting in progress near Six Points, and the Lord led us to tarry one week. Bro. William preached the Word and the Church was encouraged. Several were added to the Church before our arrival. Some were healed instantly. Had an ordinance meeting Saturday evening; the saints gathered from different parts, and the meeting was glorious, and the power of God was manifested greatly. Many praised God with leaping; everything glorious. Lord’s day four followed Christ in the ordinance of baptism and were buried in the watery grave, and came forth praising the Lord. Meeting closed Sabbath eve. The Lord willing we start to-morrow for Medina and Wayne Co., our home from which we have been absent two years.

I am saved and sanctified, abiding in the true vine.

Jennie Smith.


St Louis, Mich., Apr. 11, 1889.

Dearly beloved Saints: — May the richest blessings of God rest upon you all.

We have just returned from Oceana Co. where Sister M. A. Stowell held a meeting in the name of Jesus. A number of souls were converted, and truly a great work was done in that place. She hearkened unto the words of the Lord: “Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost; teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and lo I am with you, even unto the end of the world.” So the converts then wanted to do as the Word taught, for the hearer is not justified, but the doer of the Word. After going to the Lord in prayer to know who to send for to come and administer the ordinance of baptism, they were impressed to send for me, which they did, the Lord having impressed me in the same way: and in a few days I was on my way to White Cloud where we took the stage route for Hesperia, a distance of 18 miles, at which place we found Bro. Snow waiting to convey us to his home, about eight miles north west. O how the Holy Ghost did flood our souls as we entered the house. The next evening we were made to rejoice as we met with the little Church with their hearts filled with the love and joy of the Lord. Praise God for His wonderful plan of salvation to unite souls together in Christ.

We preached six discourses in the Russel School-house, then went to the neighborhood of Mr. Harris Lattin, where we were warmly received and made to feel at home. Here we held meeting in a good, well furnished School-house where we met a number of saints and we were all greatly refreshed by our coming together. The Lord helped us to preach the everlasting Gospel to the people, which they received and came and bowed before the Lord and received mercy at His hand. One dear Bro. was laboring hard to give up the use of tobacco, but could not get the victory over it; so he called on us to lay hands on him, which we did, and he was healed and the appetite left him. To God be all the glory and praise.

We delivered three messages and Sister Stowell one, and on Sunday held the morning meeting at the house of Bro Snow. At two o’clock we met at a beautiful lake near by, where the brethren had put up a large tent. Fifteen dear souls were buried with Christ, by baptism, and came out of the water shouting and and singing and praising the Lord; some leaped for joy, while sinners on the chore wept for sorrow. Dear Bro. McMan brought us here; his father has been a Roman Catholic for 45 years, and the salvation of Jesus Christ has now reached His soul, and he came up out of the water shouting in honor of Jesus Christ. In the evening we held an ordinance meeting, and again the glory of God filled the place while twenty of the dear ones wore washing feet, and partaking of the Lord’s supper, after which some of the testimonies were giver, and one dear soul was made to rejoice in a Savior’s love. May God ever keep them walking in the ways of truth. Praise the Lord forever! Amen!

A. J. Shelly.


Tustin Mich. April 20, ’89

Dearly Beloved Saints: — May God abundantly bless and keep you all saved in Jesus. The meetings began at Bristol Apr. 3, in the name of the Lord. Good interest was manifested, and there was good attendance, especially on sabbath evenings. There were a few consecrations. Four young men asked to be prayed for. May God enable them to come to the knowledge of the truth as it is in Jesus. The meetings closed the 18th. I hope that God will soon send to Bristol some Holy Ghost minister, full of salvation and wisdom. I am now holding meeting in the Mud-Like School-house near Tustin. Good attendance, praise the Lord! Pray for me that I may be strengthened, and qualified for the work, that many souls may be saved.

Your bro. fully saved in Jesus.

F. N. Jacobson.


Elnora, Ind.

Dear Saints: — I am saved through the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ, having complete victory over the devil and all his combined powers. Glory to God! Dear Bro. Otto Bolds and wife, and Bro. Carter are with us all filled with the glory and power of God. We expect to commence a meeting in the name of Jesus at a School-house near by. Pray for us, that souls may be saved. O how the Lord has laid the worth of perishing souls on my heart .and He is so woderfully blessing me with both Spiritual and temporal blessings. Since dear Bro. Haner was here the saints have remained in a gloriously saved condition. Three of my family were saved from their sins, but one of them has since allowed the devil to ensnare his soul. O may God yet bring him to a completeness in Him. I am walking in the glorious light of God, and the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses me from all sin, and the very God of peace sanctifies me wholly just now.

R. Cloe.


Edensville. Mich.

Dear Saints: — May the dear Lord bless and keep you sweetly saved in Jesus. We are praising God for salvation through the precious blood of Jesus. I feel impressed to ask some of God’s chosen ones to come to this place and hold meetings this summer, as soon as the Lord opens the way, as there has been none of the saints here yet to preach. Bro. Roe has a large barn we can have, or the School-house, if you, have not tbernacle. O who will come? don’t delay, in the name of Jesus; we have been neglected here, without a preacher. Let us know as soon as convenient, and we will make arrangements, and meet you at the station. Those coming from the south or west will stop at Sanford Mich.

Your free Bro. and Sister under the cleansing blood of Jesus.

Wm C. & May Flegel.


Chanute, Kan.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — I am praising God for a salvation that saves and keeps us from all sin. Glory be to God for the continual victory in my soul over the world, the flesh, and the devil! “For this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.” Praise God for faith that just takes Him at His word. Glory to Jesus! I am rejoiciong this evening for a complete deliverance from all the works of the devil. I am standing aloof from babylon, by God’s grace I do not expect to compromise with any thing that is not of God ..gn it come in the form of an angel of light. I am saved and I fear nothing, for perfect love casteth out all fear. He whom the Son makes free is free indeed.

Your sister saved and sanctified by the precious blood of Jesus.

Mary E. Lambert.

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you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord, according as His Divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him that hath called us to glory and virtue: whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises; that by these ye might be partakers of the Divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.” — 2 Peter 1:2-4.

Here the Divine nature, the image of Him that created us, and righteousnes and true holiness, all mean the same thing. Being a change from our sinward fallen nature, to God’s pure and holy nature, it is a second work of grace, a stupendous miracle wrought in us by the sanctifying power of God, and through the efficacy of the cleansing blood of Christ.

This glorious second work of grace is taught all through the New Testament. In Romans 5:1-5, it is to be grasped by faith, after the soul has entered justification by faith, and this renewal of the Holy Spirit is to be obtained by an entire consecration or “living sacrifice” of all to God, after we be “brethren” in the household of God. — Rom. 12:1-2. The Corinthians were babes in Christ, yet carnal. — 1 Cor. ch. 1 & 3. They had committed offences in the sight of God and had to repent and have their justification cleared up — 2 Cor. 7:8-11. Having done this they were urged to the complete purification, — 2 Cor. 7:1; even to perfection. — 2 Cor. 13:9, 11. We could trace the same two steps of salvation in all the Epistles. But we pass on to 1 Thessalonians 1:2-9; here is a dear record of their regeneration, and good account of their faithful life. 3:6—9 shows clearly that they had not lost salvation up to the time of the apostle’s writing, and yet he urges them on to another work of grace. — 4:3, 7; 5:23, 24. This is perfect purification and spotless preservation of soul, body and Spirit.

John says that Christ was “full of grace and truth,” and then testifies, saying: “Of His fulness have we received, and grace for grace.” — John 1:14, 16. The fulness of Christ’s grace and truth is the sanctifying grace, and “all truth” into which the Holy Spirit, the Sanctifier leads us. Grace for grace is correctly rendered from the Greek in the Emphatic Diaglott, “favor upon favor.” That is entire sanctification, the fulness, on top of justification.

This glorious gift which establishes the soul, and is the “righteousness of God,” is from “faith to faith.” — Rom. 1:11, 17. Namely from the justifying faith, to the second grasp of faith which brings entire sanctification.

“But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same, image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.” 2 Cor. 3:18.

In the above three quotations we receive the “fulness” of Christ, the “righteousness of God,” and the glory and image of Christ, by two successive steps of faith, and in the lust we learn that while faith is the condition on our part of receiving the greater, as well as the former grace, it is wrought in us “by the Spirit of the Lord,” who is the Sanctifier, while we are looking into the glass, which is the Word of God, by which comes faith:

But why is the “second grace” denominated the “greater grace?” Justification and regeneration is a marvelous and glorious experience. It is a change from guilt and remorse to innocence and pence; from darkness to light; from death to life, and from a child of the devil to a son of God, having the witness of the Spirit in heart to our Divine acceptance. A great grace indeed, as is implied by the comparative “greater grace.” But, great as the first work is, it does not make us perfect, but the “second grace” does.

“For by one offering hath He perfected forever them that are sanctified.” — Heb. 10:14.

To give us this greater grace was the crowning effect of the Savior’s death on the cross. — Heb. 13:12. Regeneration is life, but the second grace is “life more abundantly.” Regeneration makes an end to serving the devil, but entire sanctification is the real qualification to serve God. The first removes sins, the second destroys the “old man,” or the sin that was born in us. The first sets ns back into the perfect innocency we had in infancy, before we knew enough to commit a wilful sin, but the second goes back of our existence on earth, and makes purer in moral nature than the infant. The first puts us on the race track, but the second removes all the weights and the sin that doth so easily beset us, the “close girding” or inbred sin, and qualifies us to run with patience the race set before us.

The first work chains the old man, the second destroys him. The first grace makes us an “heir of God, and a joint heir with Christ, ’’but the “greater grace,’’makes us as actual possessors of God. “I will dwell in you and walk in you.” “I will be YOUR GOD, and ye shall be my people.” So we may boldly say, the Lord is my GOD, whom shall I fear.” The Lord is the portion of my inheritance. The first takes us out of Egyptian bondage, but the second brings us into the glorious land of Canaan. The first gives us a ticket that entitles us to heaven, but the second is a qualification to enter heaven, and without securing the white robe, even our legal right to heaven will be forfeited, not having the moral condition necessary to the enjoyment of heaven. “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” Nothing unclean shall enter there. Therefore follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord.” The first experience is a “light that shineth in a dark place;” the “greater grace,” is the “day-dawn, and the day star arisen in our hearts.” The great grace glories in the Lord in fair weather; the “greater grace” glories in the very cross of Christ, leaps in persecution, and is “exceeding joyful in all our tribulaton.” Within the first vail is the holy place, hut within the second the holiest of all. To enter the first, removes the outgrowth, and fruit of sin; but to enter the second extracts the whole root and bent of sin. The first is a great deliverance from our actual transgressions; the second a greater deliverance from the inward cause of our transgressions. The great grace of regeneration brings forth “much fruit,” the greater purging brings forth “more fruit.” The first is holiness begun, the second, “perfecting holiness in the fear of God.” The first is Divine love in the heart; the second is “love made perfect.” The first gives us manna in the wilderness; the greater gives us the full vine and the old corn of the land. The first grace makes ns as pure as an infant, the “second grace” “pure even as He (Christ) is pure.” The first makes the sinner as “white as snow,” — Isa. 1; the second makes the believer “whiter than snow.” — Psa. 51. The greater grace is preeminently such from the fact of the full equipment of all necessary power, wisdom, and heavenly gifts to constitute a person mighty through God to shake all the shaky elements on earth, pull down the kingdom of darkness, destroy the works of the devil, pluck up the things of satanic planting, “bruise satan under foot,” and pull men and women out of the fires of hell, and turn many to righteousness.

O let every child of God be filled with the almighty dynamite power of holiness, and grasp the Omnipotent lever of faith by whith the world is overcome, and the powers of hell are driven back like smoke before a mighty wind. If the Lord wills we will soon follow with another article on the beautiful figure of James 4:5, as rendered by the above quoted translations Amen!


Geneva Center, Mich.

Dear Brethren and Sisters in Christ: — I praise the Lord to day for salvation that saves my soul to the uttermost. O, I find it so sweet to trust the Lord; He is a very present help in every time of need. O praise the Lord! He keeps me through every trial. O, I am so glad that He has indeed become my salvation; I am satisfied with my experience, for He supplies all of my needs, and keeps me sweet in my soul each day of my life. I do love to follow our blessed Lord, for all His paths are peace. I desire all the little ones to pray for me that the Lord may continually have His own way in me.

I remain your humble sister in Christ.

Susie Reeve.


Augusta, Ga.

Dear Brethren: — Feeling led by the Spirit of the Living God to write testimony, in the fear of Him I obey. Praise the name of Jesus! I have the victory over the beast, and his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name. I realize that I am added to the Church by the Lord Himself, saved, sanctified, redeemed and ready to be revealed. O glory to God for what I feel just now.

Yours in the cause of Christ forever.

J. P. Kendrick.



O what a wonderful being God is! Indeed He is to be reverenced and feared; for He is a consuming fire to all those who do not obey his commands. He has all knowledge, wisdom, and power in heaven and in earth; He knows the thoughts of every heart. When He made man, He made him morally free to choose life or death; and He saw very soon that he would turn away from Him and all that was good, and cling to this world. This was manifested in Cain and Abel’s first offering. Cain was a tiller of the ground, and Abel was a keeper of sheep, and they both brought an offering unto the Lord. Cain brought of the fruits of the ground, and doubtless his heart was fixed on the offering more than on God. He saw that it was not done out of a pure heart, therefore He was not pleased with it. It was brought like the common religion of the world (there is no god but the God of this world in it), and that offering resulted in his brother’s death. And so are all the religious socials, fairs, festivals, concerts, and carousels of the devil; and they result in the death, destruction, and damnation of millions of souls. Bishop Foster of the M. E. sect says: “Spirituality is frozen to death,” and he is speaking of his own sect. Oh what an awful judgment is awaiting these hireling preachers! It is an awful truth that the world to-day has turned in disgust against the sect preachers. The prophet Ezekiel foresaw and prophesied against them in the 34th chapter. Isa. 56:10, 11 says: His watchmen are blind, they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber- Yea they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand; they all look to their own way, every one for his gain from his quarter. How plainly this describes the sect preachers! They are depending on their big salaries and fine meeting-houses; they are looking after their own interests in the place of poor perishing souls. What an awful day is awaiting these preachers. In Isa. 47:14 the prophet says: “Behold they shall be as stubble; the fire shall burn them; they shall not deliver themselves from the power of the flame; there shall not be a coal to warm at, nor fire to sit before it.” And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee, and the voice of the bridegroom and bride shall be heard no more at all in thee. — Rev. 18:23. O what a deplorable and lamentable condition — a house where all the inmates are silent in death; no voices to be heard, no light to shine; where all is darkness, and there is not as much as a coal to kindle a fire. This is just where the many hundred sects are to-day. Their spirituality is buried under the dead, formal religion, and the abomination of their ungodly works. Now we want to know when, and in what age and generation this shall come to pass. We will show by the Word that the present generation shall not pass away until all be fulfilled. One sign is, God’s people shall be hated of all men, i. e., of all such men as have not the Spirit of Christ, and we shall see the love wax cold in many, and the falling away shall be great. Have we not seen this come to pass? I have seen the time when the different denominations had spiritual fire; they lived devoted to God, and separate from the world. They did not mix with the world, in dress, nor in their daily fife and conversation. I well remember how, when they were converted they would lay off all the pride of this world. Alas! I also remember the time when they became lukewarm; and then is when God said “I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot; I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth.” God has spewed them out, and He does not dwell among them at all any more, and spirituality is frozen to death. They have nothing to worship but the gods of this world. Is not this one of the many signs that the bible speaks of? So we know just where we are living, for God says we are not in darkness as others. “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers or her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” — Rev. 18:4. “For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled.” The sect preachers know that if their members would wake up to see their lost condition, they would give them some trouble, and escape out of their fold.

In the sects are some who never draw a spiritual breath; and they are buried under the pride and ungodly fashions of this world, to their own destruction. “For there shall be great distress in the land, and wrath upon this people.” Now we want to find out what people this has reference to. But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. — 2 Pet 2:1, 2. Now by whom is it evil spoken of? Is it not by every man that denies the power of God to heal the sick, save from all sin, and cleanse from all unrighteousness? The world to-day is cursed with this abominable doctrine of pleading for a sinful religion. Some teach that we cannot be saved till after death, and that we will not be perfect till after the resurrection. So these deceived guides deny this scripture: — And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us * * Herein is our love made perfect that we may have boldness in the day of judgment; because as he is, so are we in this world. — 1 Jno. 4:16, 17. We are not only to be like Him after the resurrection, but now, in this world. Christ does not keep us in sin until death. Praise God! He came to save us from our sins. Read 1 Jno. 3:5-9. O may all God’s holy children stand firm in the faith which was once delivered to the saints, for the enemy knows that he has but a “very little while” to do his work against the saints.

Sarah Smith.




Dear Saints: — I am led of the Spirit of God to write a few words for my blessed Lord and Master. I praise the Lord for salvation, and victory over the devil. I want to tell you what an awful condition I have been in ever since I was a child. I am now sixteen years of age. I was possessed with devils, and grieviously tormented every few days. Sometimes I would be attacked, and would lie most of the time for from three to six months. They would cause me to jerk, froth at the mouth, pull my hair, bite, and fight; they would attack me while at my work. At one time I ran three miles, and was caught by the neighbors, taken home, and tied with ropes. Sometimes my friends would shut me up in a room by myself. I was under the care of a doctor for five or six years; in the last two years it has cost me $75. The devils would attack me at any time, or at any place — even in the meeting-house. The case in Mark 9:14-29 represents my case exactly. Praise the Lord, I am free! the evil spirits were cast out by fasting and prayer. This salvation strips us of all the works of the devil. I thank the Lord for ever redeeming my soul when I was in the pit of destruction. The devils have taken their everlasting flight back to the pit from whence they came. Our God is a living God. Bless the Lord! I am saved and sanctified wholly, doing my Master’s will in all things. I have a clear title to heaven just now. The Lord has done wonderful things for me.

Pray for me that I may use all my strength to honor and glorify God in all things. Your sister under the blood.

Laura B. Benn,

New Pittsburg, Ind.

The above statement is true, of which the saints at this place are witnesses. The devils were commanded to come out of her at five or six different times — three times in the public congregation, and apparently with complete victory; but to our disgust they would return again. But when the saints began fasting and prayer, the devils were compelled to take their everlasting flight. Praise God for salvation that saves me just now.

H. C. Wickersham.



Allegan, Mich.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — This morning my soul is humbled within me as I think of the wonderful goodness and power of God. I praise the Lord for salvation, and for the healing power. It is about two years since God in His pardoning mercy visited my soul and blotted out all my sins. Soon after, I consecrated for entire sanctification, and claimed it by faith. I sincerely endeavored to live a righteous life, but soon found myself overcome by the enemy of my soul. I will not mention all my struggles and sufferings before I found the Lord again. I remained in this condition about ten weeks, and during that time I may say with David “The pangs of hell got hold upon me,” and the adversary of my soul harrassed me with this temptation: “The day of grace is past, and now it is too late.” In the midst of the conflict I said in answer to this suggestion of satan “I am determined whether I am saved or lost; that while I have breath I will never cease crying for mercy.” The very moment I formed this resolution Christ appeared to me, and God pardoned all my sins, and again set my poor captive soul at liberty. The Spirit now bore witness with mine that I was a child of God, and never shall I forget that happy hour. Praise God forever and ever for His infinite mercy. What I now wanted was a pure heart. Among the many promises I found in the bible that showed me it was my privilege to be saved from all sin was this: Then will I sprinkle clean water upon you, and ye shall be clean; from all your filthiness, and from all your idols, will I cleanse you. A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you; and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you a heart of flesh. And I will put my Spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes, and ye shall keep my judgments, to do them. — Eze. 37:25- 27. So I saw clearly that it was the will of God, even my sanctification. Soon after, while in secret prayer the refiner’s fire went through my soul as a full witness that the blood of Jesus had cleansed me from all sin. Praise the Lord oh my soul! Well might the prophet Isaiah say: “Cry out and shout, thou inhabitant of Zion; for great is the Holy One of Israel in the midst of thee.” The Word of God never before seemed so beautiful. Truly it is a light to my path and a lamp to my feet. Praise God! I have proved Him to be a Rock and strong Tower against my enemies. He has taught me that it is by faith, not joy, that we must live; and I can truly say that I am kept from all sin and the distracting cares of this world by momentary faith in the blood of Jesus.

Your brother tried and made white.

Almon Conant.


Noble Mich.

Dear Saints: — We realize that many of you are praying for our little daughter Sarah. That evil spirit seems to be gone, and her mind much better. But the fits are still as before only not so hard; we feel very thankful for so much. The good Lord shows us how exceedingly pure we must live; as if continually standing on holy ground, and we just love that war. O how few realize the purity of God and the Gospel. Now beloved, continue to plead with God for her complete restoration, for we cannot believe that it is the will of God that she should be thus afflicted. What do you say brother, — sister?

John O. Smith.


New Pittsburg, Ind.

Dear Saints of God: — Praise God for salvation that keeps me saved, standing on the sea of glass mingled with fire and blood. I have perfect victory in my soul, and I will give God all the glory for saving me from all sin. Praise God for full and free salvation, and that He is able to keep us forever. Your sister saved and sanctified.

Della Wickersham.


Derby Kan.

Dear Saints: — The Lord bless you with all the heavenly graces, and keep you filled with the Holy Ghost that you may discern the body of Jesus continually for His name’s sake. I do praise the Lord just now that Christ the hope of glory dwells in my soul, and for the cleansing blood, and for the blessed evening light that lights up my pathway. And I also praise Him for His wonderful power to keep me saved every moment. Oh the great and wonderful love that he bestows on his little ones. In sorrow he is near, in tribulation he upholds us by his mighty hand, and in bereavement he consoles and comforts our weary hearts. O let all the dear saints praise our God who is Lord of lords and King of kings. Your sister in Christ

Mary Pool.

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