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1 November 1891, Volume 11, Number 21.

Saved By The Blood.


Saved, by the blood of Jesus,
Yes, I am saved at last;
Saved from inherited sin,
And saved from my sins of the past.
My comfort and peace this moment,
Is worth far more than my life
Ever was, in this world of confusion,
So full of envy and strife.

Cleansed, by the blood of Jesus;
Filled with the Spirit of love;
Prepared to be used for the Master,
By the Spirit which is from above;
The same that proceeds from the Father,
Yes, from both Father and Son;
The Trinity takes full possession;
God’s work in my heart has been done.

All glory to God, my dear Father,
And honour to Jesus, his Son;
In him, just now, I am boasting;
For by faith the victory is won.
My life, as a sweet smelling savor,
Henceforth, shall be given to God;
Each day I will live in his favor.
And walk the same path he once trod.

His grace is sufficient to keep me
While on “this foundation” I stand.
Praise God for the joy of salvation,
And the glorious way he has planned!
The way, to my feet, may be thorny,
And the work of my hands quite as sore;
But my soul will rejoice in its Keeper,
Both now and forever more.

Emma I. Coston.



A year or two ago we wrote an article exposing the crookedness of the sectish holiness in Mo., that supports the Good Way. We spake of some things we had met, and other facts received from well known and truthful brethren. To this article the Good Way editor replied under the caption of “Mud.” Though he could not deny the real facts, he found some incidental points on which our informants may have erred in memory, nothing, however, that materially weighed against the charges brought against them. But because lie picked some technical flaws, he pronounced our article “mud.” At the same time he published some of the worst lies and slanders the lather of lies had ever cast out in worldly papers against us. Such ridiculous stuff as setting up a dead body and pronouncing it alive. Said he did not know whether there was any truth in these things or not, and yet he consecrated his type and space to publish for the father of lies. Now if he could denominate what, we received directly from reliable sources as “mud,” because there were some slight errors, as he claimed, was not that which he raked up from the devil’s shop worse than mud? We never answered the above mentioned article, because we deemed it too thin and obviously evil to need a rejoinder. But recently, brethren write us from the South, stating that the Good Way patrons are trying to prop up their young, sickly sect by the use of Fisher’s wicked aspersions upon us. A professed holiness people have become pretty low down in the scale of extremity when they take up the filth that is cast out of the heart of a reprobate from God and holiness, who now denies holiness as a second work of grace, falsifies without the least scruple, put away his legal wife and now lives in adultery with another man’s wife. Surely the Good Way folks are dealing in worse than mud. But a bad cause is necessarily driven to had means for its maintenance and defence. That editor showed that he was much straightened in himself to find some evil to say of us, when he accused us of putting the Babylon prefix Rev. to our name in the Jacksonville convention, when he, as secretary, so entered it himself; and God is our witness that we never robbed Him of his glory in our life by attaching to our name what is only ascribed to Him, as the Good Way and all Babylon sheets do. See Psa. 111:9. He also contradicts us for saying that we were clean out of sectism at the time of that convention, because our name was enrolled as a member of the Church of God, which he falsely said was the Winebrennarian sect. But we had been cast out of that sect about three years before that, and only belonged to the body of Christ, denominated in the New Testament the Church of God.

We never expected to reply to the falsehoods published in Satan’s Sword of last May, as we feel ourself above the reach of such aspersions, and in fact, of anything coming from such a dark source. But as brethren in the South have earnestly requested us to notice these things, lest some weak soul might be crippled by this sword of lies, we will condescend to do so as briefly as possible; and all saints who are strong, in the Lord and have your senses exercised to discern good and evil will bear with us, for we know you do not need this item, while we clear our soul; for thus saith the Lord: “If when he seeth the sword come upon the land, he blow the trumpet and warn the people; then whosoever heareth the sound of the trumpet, and taketh not warning; if the sword come, and take him away, his flood shall be upon his own head. He heard the sound of the trumpet, and took not Warning; his Mood shall be upon him. But he that taketh warning shall deliver his soul. But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people he not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s land.” — Eze. 33:3—6.

So to clear our soul we will blow the trump of God, and warn all men against this work of Satan, which, though it be dead, has found one small sect that is low enough to have use for it. We will only notice a few of the man’s falsehoods. He charges us with impartiality because we published his ungodly deeds, and did not expose the failings of his lawful wife. But he knows that if any person confesses and repents of any sin, and God forgives that person, that it were a wicked spirit that would still hold up and publish abroad those sins. And he knows that right, in his presence the poor woman did get on her knees, confess with tears, ask his pardon, and seek God’s mercy, and was blessed and restored to the favor of God. And now he growls at us because we did not publish abroad her wrong steps. For not every woman has grace and firmness enough to see her husband lavish his affections and courtship upon another woman right in her presence, and not get overthrown and say and do some bad things.

Poor doomed man! We waited more than one year with many prayers and earnest exhortations, in hopes he would really recover himself out of the snare of the devil. And how we would gladly have thrown the mantle of love and charity over all his bad deeds, and never published them had he loo returned to God and brought forth fruits meet for repentance! And right here where we sit writing this article (Henderson, Pa.), where the saints have erected them a large house of worship, and the cause of God is prospering to-day, and where Fisher’s awful corruption was well known, when we come here three years ago we were informed that the whole work was just ready to die in reproach, had not our article come out in time to save the cause. In fact, we had hoped for restoration of the man, and held back judgment until both saints and sinners were about to lose all confidence in us.

This awful enemy of Christ, who confessed to ns after he had obtained his bill, that he did not believe his lawful wife was guilty of the chief crime he had alleged against her, and when pretending to get back to God, asked her pardon for all these wrongs, and wrote us a letter, which we yet have, in which he stated, “I confessed to Allie that I was not fit to return and live with her again,” and who accused the saints for not taking him back into confidence, inasmuch as be bad asked his wife’s pardon, now comes out accusing her more than ever. Such is the Egypt the little Good Way, or Ft. Scott sect goes down to for help. A man that sold stereotype plates to the Trumpet office, and the right to use them, and afterward sold the copyright, making no reservation of the right already sold, and then had the brass to notify ns that he had done so, and that we would throw ourselves liable to fine if we used the right he had sold us, — this deed we have never mentioned because there were always too many black things in his life to speak of. He confessed that he was living in adultery, and now complains that the saints demand separation.

We are especially requested to give the facts concerning the affair of L. Rice. We will do so in the fear of God. My wife and a man by the name of Stockwell, of Ada, O., were holding meetings in Medina Co., O. A Mrs. Booth of that Co., who was then claiming holiness, had a vision concerning a thousand dollars she had in the bank. She came to Stockwell for an interpretation of the same. He told her that the vision meant that God required her to give the money to us to relieve our debts. She had some struggle over the matter, but was thoroughly convinced that it was God’s order. She gave up the money to them. Much of this occurred in the house of Bro. Wm. N. Smith, who can be addressed it Grand Junction, Mich. The woman wrote ns two letters at Bucyrus, O., where we lived, assuring us that God had led her to give the money. But in the third letter she had given way to the tempter, and was in great distraction of mind, and wished the money returned immediately. Now S. had never given us the money, save the last thirty or thirty-five dollars, having disbursed it himself to liquidate office debts. So we wrote the woman that the money had never come into our hands, and was expended, and we had no-means of returning the same, but was willing to do anything that, was right and was in our power. Some days later, suddenly came into our house Mr. Booth, a lawyer, the M. E. preacher, and another man with several legions of devils. B, who was a Methodist, was foaming mad, and charged us not to say an inflaming word, lest there would be blood shed. The lawyer was filled with the spirit of B., and began at once to accuse us of every thing base. Presented two notes for $500.00 each, with two months time. They demanded of us to sign these notes, give mortgage on office to cover one, and get security for the other. I requested time to counsel God. Glory to Heaven’s grace! He kept our soul in perfect peace. They would not give us time to consider, nor even a chance to withdraw alone with God, doubtless, fearing we would consult a lawyer, and learn that no person could by a legal course recover money thus voluntarily given to a religious or benevolent object. But we had no thoughts of seeing a lawyer. The attorney then suggested that prayer might be offered if we would do so there in their presence. Booth consented on condition that he should do the praying. We had no objections. So we all knelt, and that madman offered a little prayer, inspired, of course, by the devil in his heart. But when all arose we were not through. We continued in earnest communion with God, wishing to know his will. The only scripture that came to our mind that bore on the question was this: “Give to him that asketh.” We resolved to do so. Though we prayed in silence, the lawyer, who stood near by us, was deeply affected; and when we arose the devils that Booth had blowed into him had all been cast out. His voice and countenance were changed; and before we gave our decision he remarked, “I perceive, Mr. Warner; that you are entirely innocent.” Nevtheless, he urged us to sign the notes for the relief of Mrs. Booth, who, he said, was on the verge of insanity through the loss of her thousand dollars. We told him God had led us to do so, and the notes and mortgage were signed. We learned afterward that Mr. Booth bad been in town with the lawyer some days. They had worked up the case, and laid their plot to scare us into signing back the gift which no court in the U. S. could, according to law, take from us. But, thank God! we were not scared to do what we did.

The next day the lawyer and my wife went to Ada, O., to get Mr. Stockwell to endorse the other note not secured by mortgage. S. took them to Rice, who had a comfortable share of earth’s effects, and had been talking for a year or more of helping us. He once came to see us on that errand at Cardington, O., where we had last lived. Instead of signing the note with ns, he gave his own individual note to Mrs. Booth for the amount, with one year’s time. When wife returned and informed us how matters were transacted, we asked her upon what conditions Rice had given his own note; and these were her words in reply: “All he said was, that if the office should be sold under the mortgage, he wished a chance to buy it before coming to a public sheriff sale.” This the lawyer promised him. I then asked what was done with the other note, if it was destroyed; and she said, “I believe it was.” I often thought I should ask the lawyer the same question, but never did so. I called frequently at his office, but he never told me that Rice held that note. I went and visited Rice, staid all night with him, and he never said a word to me about holding that note. As God is our witness I knew nothing of such a thing. We told his lawyer some days before moving that we had sold the office to Fisher and Horton, and would move to Michigan. So all can see that we were not trying to go away unbeknowing to Rice.

We sold the office to the above two men; moved to Mich.; and then drew up papers to this effect as near as we can recall it: that we had transferred the office to them for the payment of debts against the office, which was some over the $500 mortgage note. How much, we do not remember. But with moving expenses and all, we think it was between $800 and $700. It is true the office was worth more, but having suffered such awful trials we cared for nothing of this world, in fact preferred to be blessed with nothing, so as to cut off care. All we did care about was that God’s truth should be published upon the earth. Therefore we bound the two men to continue publishing the Trumpet, which, if they failed to do, they were to forfeit $200 to us. We think the paper also stated that the Trumpet itself, or rather the subscription list, was ours.

We had barely started up in Williamston when one morning the banker in the place came in and presented a note of $500 with our signature. We were perfectly struck with surprise and could not for a few seconds determine whence it was, and what it meant. I told the man how it was and that I could do nothing at that time. He talked with Mr. Horton, and concluded that the office had been sold for about all it was worth, and sent the note back. We wrote Rice reproving him for not having informed us of the note which we had supposed was destroyed, and instead of which he had given his own note, and also for not presenting his claim to us as a brother, and not through a legal channel, or through a stranger. He wrote some apology, and we assured him that we would do what we could, and as soon as we could, toward paying him. But immediately on the presentation of the note we did change our papers so as to show my household effects included in the sale. This we did, knowing that should he close in and take it, it would much hinder the work there and bring him but a trifle; besides, I knew I was willing to do much better than the small proceeds of their sale. The acts of the matter were, Booth had no legal right to come back on us, and Rice had given his note on a single condition, from which we were perfectly free when the mortgage was otherwise canceled than by a public sale of the office. Therefore we felt free to do as we did until we could make a turn. Whether Fisher or ourselves first suggested the protection of the household effects we cannot now say, but his conscience was very ready to do so. In fact, he frequently said that if Rice had him to deal with he would never get a cent. Rice also wrote a letter to some one in which he said that if Fisher had the office in his hands, he did not expect to get anything. This Fisher frequently mentioned with much complacency. And now that enemy of all righteousness hypocritically says, that his complicity with us in an act of defrauding, was the beginning of his downfall; He is evidently hard run for something evil to say of us, when he must condemn himself in so doing so. He also says that we wanted a share in the office, after we moved to Williamston and put it in his name. This is false, as he knows. For we asked for and had no share then in the office. But turned over more than they had bought.

Mr. Horton soon proved an unsatisfactory party in the business. And was bought out by old Bro. Carpenter from Iowa. This then good old man invited Fisher, his wife and ourself to his house, and told his desires to buy out Horton. He asked what the office was worth, and some material having been added, we judged it worth about $1500. He asked who held the stock, and found that Horton had put in $500, and Fisher some less than $300, and no one else held any share. He knowing that I had suffered years of privation and sacrifice for the truth’s sake, wished us to have a share, and he was the man that proposed to divide the stock into three equal shares of $500 each, between us three. But at that time Rice’s note to Booth had fallen due and he refused to pay it, upon the ground that the law clearly provides that a gift to a religious cause cannot be recovered, and his note was given to repay a gift. Of course he had not the chance to defeat Booth as we had, had we refused to refund. And yet it was a doubtful case whether he would have to pay or not And the matter was pending in court, when Mr. Carpenter bought out Horton. So Fisher suggested that I could put our share in his hands until the matter was settled between Rice and Booth, and I could settle with Rice. This was satisfactory to all, and was so done.

Finally Rice and Booth settled upon the conditions that Rice pay one-half the note, i. e., $250. As soon as we beard of their settlement we wrote Mr. Rice asking what re would settle with us for. He offered to take our note with security for the sum of $300, and wait on us 2, 3, or 4 years. We gave our note for $300 on three years time, with security, to recover his $250 outlay, no which however was counted some expenses that he had been to, perhaps in all nearly $300. So J. C. Fisher published a positive falsehood and he knew it, when he published in the Sword that “Mr. Rice compromised with Mr. Warner by accepting his note for $300 with security: thus he took advantage and swindled him out of $200 of the principle and all of the interest.” The wretched man knows very well that we never put our stock in his name to defraud Rice out of one cent, but only to have it secure until Rice and Booth settled so we could settle with Rice. He knows that we said all along that we would indemnify him as soon as we could do so, notwithstanding Fisher’s saying, “If it were me he had to deal with be would never get a cent.” And in fact, viewed in one light, one might feel justified in refusing to pay, because he had given his note to Booth upon no conditions that held us to pay him. He gave his note however with the expectation of helping ns by helping himself. The office he knew was worth all of a thousand dollars. He saw no hope for us meeting the mortgage note which only had two months to run, and so he would buy in the office, pay the mortgage and his own note, and lose nothing financially, and accomplish his long desires of possessing himself with the Trumpet and office, which we can now see through in his frequent talk of helping us, and never doing anything. He was evidently feeling about and watching a chance to get hold of the business. But God knew he was not right in his sight, and defeated his wishes, while at the same time enabled us to pay him in full all or more than he was out, and settle on the terms he proposed, so as to have his cause clear from all evil report except it be falsely for Christ’s sake. And the same God delivered us from Fisher after he gave himself up to sin and Satan. He is however base enough to charge us with having defrauded him, when he put in less than three hundred dollars, and in three years demanded $1000, which we had to allow him in order to get a settlement. He first asked what was equal to $1100, but shamed down $100. The office was only worth about $2000 at the time he sold out, instead of $3000, as he published.


Carlisle, Mich.

To all the Dear Saints: I am sweetly saved from all sin just now, and have sweet fellowship with all the dear children of God. The Bangor camp-meeting was the best meeting I ever attended in fifty years experience. I belong to the church of the firstborn. Fray for me.

Your saved brother,

J. S. Smurr.

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Requests for prayer.

Dear Trumpet Readers: Will you pray that the Lord may heal my afflicted body and strengthen my mind which has become weak by afflictions and nervousness in my head. Pray earnestly. My afflictions are of long standing. The Lord saves and sanctifies me by a second work of grace, and keeps me by his power.

Your sister in Christ,

Mary Plunket.


Sheridan, Ok.

Dear Saints: Pray for the healing of my two little boys. They have the chills. I know that our heavenly Father can heal them. He has healed me at different times. I am willing to bear the scoffs and sneers of the world.

Your sister in Christ, saved,

S. A Rutherford.


Morton Park, Ill.

Dear Saints: I want the sanctifying power, the healing power, and to be valiant for God and for souls on this line of purity. I am afflicted with a disease and wish to be healed. Pray for me.

Pray for my mother and brother, that God will bless them in soul, mind and body; and pray for my husband, that God will bless him with divine wisdom and courage.

Maria C. Caldwell.



E. A. Vail, a Union Mission worker in New Orleans, La. desires the prayers of all our readers for the blessing of God on their work. Pray God to help him and co-workers to rescue many souls; and may he be able to advance from union to Bible unity; from the association of discordant religious elements, to the “discerning of the body of Christ,” and its glorious divine unity.



Please make plain to me what is meant by the “thorn in the flesh”, that Paul speaks of.

Your saved brother in Jesus,

Chas. Bowers.



Would it be wrong for one to use glasses to aid in reading or seeing?

Yours truly,

Asa D. Hancock.

No; it is not wrong for Christians nor for any sinner, but it might be wrong for a fanatic who judges by the standard of his own extravagant whim, with no reference to the word of God.

A brother writes us from Frisco, Ark., asking information respecting the proper order of the ordinances of washing the saints’ feet, and the Lord’s supper, supposing, from the words, “and supper being ended,” — Jno. 13:2, that the passover and Lord’s supper had already been observed before the Son of God rose from supper and washed the disciples’ feet. He believes that this latter should be observed last; but a careful examination of the word clearly shows the opposite order.

First, we observe the first three verses of Jno. 13, are an adverbial element, defining when Jesus rose from supper. When did he rise? Answer. — “Now before the feast of the passover,” etc., supper being ended, Jesus knowing that the Father had given all things into his hands, etc., “he riseth from supper.” The expressions, “Now before the feast of the passover,” and “supper being ended,” are put in the same grammatical relation to his rising from supper to wash the disciples’ feet. Therefore, if we interpret “supper being ended,” that the passover meal was eaten, it would directly conflict with, “Now before the feast of the passover.” As he only washed their feet once, it could not have been both before and after the meal. But now we pick up nearly all the fifteen different translations that we have, and the apparent contradiction is solved. “Now before the feast of the passover,” stands the same in all. But “supper being ended,” in verse 2, is generally rendered, “and supper having come.” This, we see must be correct, because it harmonizes with the plain statement at the head of the chapter, “Now before the feast,” etc. He rose from supper; namely, from the reclining position around the table, where they were while the preparation was being finished. Some other translations render ver. 2, “during supper,” but not one of them that we have seen follows the common version.

But besides this we have positive proof that the washing of the saints’ feet preceeded the Lord’s supper. Of the four evangelists, only two were eye witnesses of the things they record, i. e.. Matthew and John. Luke’s gospel has been styled by some the gospel of Paul; and Mark’s, that of Peter; because these writers were the companions of Paul and Peter, and doubtless prepared their gospels from the preaching of those two great apostles. The first three gospels record the Lord’s supper but not the washing of feet, and John records the latter, but passes over in silence the former. But they all record the exposing of Judas as the traitor. Hence we we will take this event as a corner-stone to survey from, to find the relative location of the two ordinances. John narrates the washing of the saints’ feet, and clearly shows that immediately following this, Judas was exposed, and he then went immediately out. Read John 13:1-30. There can be no mistake in this matter. For he couples his words about one being a traitor right with the close of his words about the blessing that attends the proper observance of this lowly ordinance. See John 13:17-21. This then is clear in John’s record. Now read Matt. 26:19-30, and Mark 14:16-26. In almost the same words we are told by these two recorders of the Lord, that the passover meal was prepared, Christ and his disciples came and sat down to the table, and the first thing said at the table, was, “One of you shall betray me,” just as John says the Lord spake, after expounding and enjoining the ordinance of washing the saints’ feet. And after Judas was exposed, he gave the bread and wine, and instituted the Lord’s supper; and this was immediately followed by their singing a hymn and going out into the mount of Olives. This shows no room for washing feet after the Lord’s supper, for this latter rite was given at the close of all the long passover feast, just before leaving the house. So we have the order given by the two eye witnesses. John says feet- washing occurred before Judas was exposed, and Matthew and Mark say that the Lord’s supper was given right after that occurred. So we have the order: washing feet, first; exposing Judas, second; the Lord’s supper, third. And as we have no more use for Judas, we drop out the middle, and have washing the saints’ feet, first; the Lord’s supper, second; singing a hymn and closing meeting, third.

Luke must be regarded as simply giving the events of the night, and not particularly the order of their occurrence, or else he would be regarded as contradicting Matt, and Mark on the order of the Lord’s supper, and the exposing of Judas.


Bro. W. M. Wilson of Norwood, Mo, writes us for publication an exposure of the ungodly works of one Wm. Gausvener, who had tried to cloak himself under the profession of a holiness preacher in that country, and who has reproached the cause of Christ by making debts, and never trying to pay; getting innocent men to go security, and leaving them pay; borrowing money wherever he could and lying to men he owed. He finally has left the country for parts unknown and proved himself an unscrupulous rascal. This announcement is made that his deeds may be cut off, and the impostor exposed elsewhere.



The Christian Banner says, “Instead of the saloon being licensed, drunkenness should be made a crime, punishable by fine or imprisonment.”

We would just modify a little: instead of drunkenness being made a crime punishable by fine or imprisonment, the sale ant manufacture of all intoxicating drinks should be made one of the chief crimes known in our statutes, punishable by the heaviest fines; and if repeated, imprisonment, yea even for life. If a poor sinner becoming crazed by liquor, and killing his fellow creature should be shut up for life, were it not more in keeping with justice am good sense to imprison for life the demon in human form who made and sold him and a thousand more the murder-creating and society-cursing stuff. Would it be right for the cause of our land to tolerate a man, not to say license him, to set up a business that will lure men down from manhood to slaves, and create in them a thirst for the poison of hell, and then thrust the unhappy victims into jail because they are destitute of stamina to pass the cursed bait? O that the wrath of the Almighty God, and the indignation of a professed free people would arise and blot out of existence the wicked business that is breaking innocent mothers and children’s hearts, cursing society, creating murderers, thieves, and every kind of abominations on earth, filling hell, and in fact turning much of earth into a hell!




Wooster, Ohio, Oct. 13.

The above was a glorious victory for the cause of God in Pa. The saints at that place have a large, neatly finished house of worship. After a long campaign of outdoor and tent meetings, the easy singing and speaking within the high walls of their new house was quite a luxury. The saints have surely done a good work for the Lord here in the erection of that house. The people seem also to appreciate the favor, and all seem to respect the place of divine worship, and observe good order. In the confidence and respect shown to the cause of present truth we could see a marked improvement in that place. God bless the community. We must commend the young people for the good order throughout the meeting. There had been a lack of real sanctifying glory in most of the saints in that place, and our prayer to God had been for one year, since which time this meeting has been in prospect, that it would result in their perfection and establishing in true heart and life holiness unto God. Praise God! our earnest desires were largely realized. Day after day the long altar was nearly filled with earnest seekers of God in his mighty saving and sealing power, and about all who sought, found. Some backsliders were also reclaimed and filled with the joy of the Lord. On Lord’s day, Oct. 11, we had an ordinance meeting. All of sixty saints took part, — a happy pilgrim band, following the Lamb whither soever he goeth. Blessed be his name! About eight years ago we first visited this community. There was then a precious little church of only about a half dozen. Two of them have gone to glory and the rest are on their way. Since then the work has spread to Venango, Crawford, and other counties. And last winter some of the saints went from here to Trumbull Co., Ohio, and published this great salvation; and some were obedient to the faith once delivered to the saints, and received the saving grace of God Several of them came to this assembly meeting and enjoyed the feast of good things. May the Lord spread the fire everywhere! At the camp meeting Brother and Sister John Ruppert, and Sister Mary Sours confessed their call to the work of God, and consecrated to obey God. Oh! may they not be slack in doing so, lest darkness come upon them. Brother C. W Kuntz and his wife and sister, and Sister Creager from Md. expect shortly to labor in the vineyard of the Lord. Bro’s Martz and Gilger expect to devote their time to the gospel field as soon as fall work is over. O may God bless them! Brother Zack Turner and companion, and Sister John Turner are also called to work for God, and expect to obey the Lord. Bro. Job Perrine, the elder of the church at Henderson, has in the assembly meeting, reached a more perfect establishment in holiness of heart than ever before. He also feels that his labors extend beyond the care of the church at home. Some are called into the work at Chapinville. Bro. Gibson from Ohio, is with us here in Wooster, and after this meeting will locate in Pa. And as Bro. Schell also expects to pass some of the winter in Pa., if all obey the call of God, and labor in the omnipotence of faith and the Holy Spirit, here is a great prospect for a wonderful extension of present truth, and a harvest of immortal souls in this state. O may God move them all out and equip them with the whole armor of God! Amen!

Bro. and Sister G. W. Howard accompanied us to this place, where we have begun meeting in a large hall. Bro. and Sister Schell and Sister Miller remained to labor in Pa. God bless his faithful workers everywhere. We go next to Burbank, Oho about Oct. 23 or 26.


Meridian, Miss.

Dear Saints: The Lord bless you all. I feel led to write a few lines in regard to the work in Mississippi. While in the southern part of the state I was led of the Lord to close an interesting meeting and come home, feeling that the Lord wanted me here in this part of the state; and after a few hours with the loved ones at home, we were strangely led by the Master to High Hill school-house, near Beech Springs, where we found why we had been led so hurriedly through to this place. Here we found a Campbellite preacher and a Kierganite preacher engaged in sowing the seed of their truth-perverting and Bible-disputing heresies. Alter a private interview with the Campbellite we found him to be a conscientious, honest man, who had been deceived; and as he had been with dear Bro. Creel and others, and having received some light from them, he soon renounced his “ism,” and surrendered to the Lord and was saved. He is now with us, and is doing a good work.

But we found the Kierganite unwilling to allow his heresy to be tried by the straight edge of the truth. They twist and work on the straight edge until they make it fit the crooked timber, and then call the timber straight. But such straightness will never fit God’s building. God wants us to work on the timber and try it by the straight edge until the timber fits the straight edge (word), and then we will not have to call it “straight”; it will be straight and everybody will know it, glory to Jesus! So this man refused to give us a chance to expose his heresy in the house where he was trying to explain away the plain word of God. We went out one night to hear him in his harangue against the ordinance of feet-washing. He seemed terrified or excited at our presence, and had a great deal to say about contention over words, and told how unpleasant his task was (that is, opposing God’s truth, of course). To every child of God who was walking in Heaven’s light of truth, and who was present on that occasion, it was evident that God bore no part in his truth-disputing harangue. We do not doubt that his task was an unpleasant one; for it is indeed a dreadful thing to take issue in controversy with Jesus Christ, and teach the people that they should not and ought not to do the very things that the Lord Jesus says they ought to and should do. The end of such work is more dreadful than the beginning. Acts 3:32, 23.

The Lord led us to preach at High Hill in the same community to a large congregation on this same subject (feet-washing). The Lord gave his word in power, and the truth of Jesus went home to many hearts and on the same evening a large congregation filled the house in an ordinance meeting. Quite a number of saints were together and took part in the service. Oh! I am so thankful to see God’s little ones obeying him in all things. Glory to Jesus! The people are finding that there is a difference between Bible holiness and this Bible-disputing straightism, or Kierganism. We went from High Hill to Watkinsville where we met a large congregation in the name of Jesus; and from thereto Edinsburg,

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where we found the saints strong in the Lord. Great power attended the meeting. Several were saved, and six went down into the water and were buried with our Saviour in baptism. From there Bro. Stewart and I went to Carthage in the name of the Lord, where we held meetings a few days to the glory of God. Here we met many of the saints. From there we came to the Crawford school-house, nine miles from Meridian, in company with Bro. W. C. Barnett, where we met dear Bro. A. L. Creel from Watkinsville, and J. Cole from Michigan, formerly of Mo., for whoso help and presence we are praising the Lord. We go from this place to Spring Hill. Many precious souls are being led to the truth in Christ. Several have recently been delivered who had been decoyed into the Ft Scott or “straight” sect. Oh, may the dear Lord deliver all his little ones and lead them to a knowledge of the truth! Amen Pray for us.

Your brother, saved in Christ and under the blood,

W. W. Bradley.


Vandalia, Ill., Oct. 16, 1891.

Dear Saints: God bless you. Amen. From the Vichy camp-meeting we went to Bro. James Pinson’s, about eighteen miles south-east of the Vichy camp-ground. Here the Lord gave the saints a glorious victory through Jesus Christ our Lord. There were several backsliders reclaimed, a few sinners converted, and about, nine believers sanctified. On last Monday we went to the Merrimac Spring, and there Bro. G. E. Bolds buried four with Christ in baptism. And on Tuesday the Lord gave us a glorious parting service, which reminded us of his doings at Cana. We are at Vandalia, Ill., ready to fight the fight of faith. All remember us and the meeting at Vandalia in your prayers.

Your saved brethren,

A. J. Kilpatrick & G. E. Bolds.


Dear Saints: This morning my heart is full of joy as I write, for I am so wonderfully redeemed. After the close of the meetings in Canada, Bro’s Warner, Martz and myself started for the assembly meeting in Pa., but while on the train I felt led to come to W. Va. I stopped a few days in Pittsburg, Pa., and found that the truth that was preached there had lost nothing. While they are standing clear of the sects they are greatly cursed with the Russel, or Millennium heresy. Here I met my brother in the flesh, who used to travel with us in the work. He is still holding on for the truth. Then I came to Washington, Pa., where I met Bro. John Best, whom I have known for years. He is wholly consecrated to God, and notwithstanding his immense business, he finds much time for the work of the Lord. Still pressing my way southward to Sunset, a small town on the W. & W. R. R., I met some of my wife’s uncles, for the first time, who are anxious to hear of the more perfect way. The next day we resumed our southward course to Waynesburgh, Greene Co., Pa., which is the end of the railroad. Here I was an entire stranger, and the people more so to the whole gospel. We feel the Lord is using us this time in opening up the way for more effectual work. Still pressing our way southward we came by conveyance and by foot nine miles to Spriggtown, at just about sundown. Told the people that if they would announce meeting we would preach, and men went out of town on horseback and published the announcement and the people soon gathered in. The next morning I resumed my journey and came to Blacksville, W. Va., where arrangements had been made for meeting to continue over Sunday (four days). The interest increased at every service; but as the people had been taught that they could not live without sin, our time was devoted to the clearing up of this error. Some became warm friends of the truth. We now turn our course westward to Barton, W. Va.

Your humble dependent brother,

G. T. Clayton.


Nishnabotna, Mo., Oct. 14, 1891.

Dear Saints of God: We are still saved and under the blood. Since our last report we have been having a very precious time with the Lord and with his saints. On the 4th we began meeting at the Walnut Grove house. On account of bad weather the congregations were small, but the church was strengthened. On the 11th, five dear ones were baptized, and in the evening nineteen participated in the ordinances of God’s house. We expect to go to Elk Dale, Mo., to continue meeting as long as the Lord wills.

We remain as ever, yours in the love of God,

C. W. McDaniel & A. A. Kinzie.


Grand Junction, Mich., Oct. 15, 1891.

Dear Brethren: God bless you all. Amen. We left the dear ones at Cottonwool Ill Sept. 27, and took train at Morrison, Ill., to attend the assembly meeting three miles north-west of the Trumpet office. We arrived in Chicago safe. The same evening at 9 P. M. the steamer Glenn left the dock with us on board for South Haven. But we only got out a few miles from the city when there arose a great storm, which lasted until morning, and it seemed for some time that our grave was to be Lake Michigan. But our faith was strong in our God, who landed us safe at St. Joseph, as we could not get into South Haven, the storm being so great. At St. Joseph we took train for Grand Junction, found the consecrated family hard at work, but still in need of means to carry on the work of the Lord extensively. We next greeted the dear ones at the assembly, Oct 1st. Fire was opened up the same night on the enemy. Souls fell at the feet of Jesus, and our hearts were made to bound with gladness to see in eleven days about filly consecrate their all to God. Amen!

We are now at the office taking a rest for a week. Then the Lord willing, we will take the field again. We expect to labor awhile in the state of Mich., and then go back to Ill. where we intend to make our home, as we feel led and impressed of God to labor in Ill. and Iowa.

Address us at Grand Junction, Mich. for the present.

Yours in him,

J. A. Dillon & Co.


Albany, Ill., Oct. 13, 1891.

Dear Brethren: May the riches of God’s grace and glory be granted unto you all graciously for Jesus’ sake. Amen. After our visit at Chicago we took train for this vicinity Sept. 9, and were met at the station by our brother-in-law, who took us to Father Drury’s home. They treated us with respect and received us kindly. Thank God! When we arrived we found that Bro. and Sister Dillon were holding a meeting, with whom we joined in the work for a season. The people turned out in large congregations and listened to the gospel preached in its purity, which was received with interest and respect. Previous to this meeting, prejudice ran mountain high against the straight way and the holy people, but God so blessed his word that the prejudice and powers of darkness were broken down and a great deal of it removed, and the people convinced of the truth; which we believe will result in a precious harvest for God in the future. The church in this vicinity was much edified and strengthened in the faith of Jesus. The meeting lasted about ten days, closing with a precious ordinance meeting, held at the house of Father Byers. Three were baptized by dear Bro. Dillon on the 19th of Sept. In Co. with Bro. D. we commenced a meeting in the Cottonwood neighborhood, which lasted over two Sundays, closing with a precious victory for the truth. There were several who reconsecrated themselves to God for the experience they had lost by disobedience and by yeilding to the enemy; but all got the victory and received the desires of their hearts, and some got into a clearer experience than ever. Indeed much good was done in both meetings. The 28th, Bro. and Sister Dillon started for the Mich. assembly meeting. The Lord bless and keep them humble and use them to his glory evermore. Amen! At the close of this meeting wife and I went to hold a few meetings at Cedar Creek, which were indeed blessed of God. Bro. and Sister Bunn and Sister Thompson of Kingston, Mo. came over three hundred miles to attend the meetings. Bro. and Sister B. came expressly to hear the truth and get salvation. Accordingly, at the first meeting they found peace with God, and went on to perfection and received the victory of sanctification. Sister B. had been quite sick before coming here, but she at last got strength from God to take the journey. They return to their home again happily redeemed, and the sister indeed healed of God. May the dear Lord ever keep and use them to his glory. Amen! On Sabbath we met at the river and two were baptized by our dear Bro. White. There were four consecrations in all. Others were deeply convicted by the Spirit of God. Hallelujah! In the evening we met in an ordinance meeting at the house of Mr. John Brubaker. It was indeed a precious time in the Lord. The glorious presence of Jesus was in our midst. Twenty-four saints participated. A few were also healed of the Lord. We remain here a short time and then go wherever the Lord may send us. Love to all the holy people. Pray for us that we be kept humble and be useful for him. Address us as above, box 37.

Yours in him, sanctified wholly, healed and kept,

F. N. & Susie A. Jacobson.


Hayden, Ind., Oct. 24, 1891.

Dear Trumpet Readers: We greet you all in Jesus’ name. We are all well and saved to the uttermost just now and kept by the power of God from all sin through faith, and realize that indeed the harvest is great and the laborers are few, and feeling much the need of a fellow laborer in the gospel, especially help in singing. We feel like saying through the Trumpet. Who will consecrate themselves and their service this day to the Lord, to come to southern Ind., and help us in a few meetings and as long as the Lord wills, perhaps all winter? Can Bro. S. L. Speck, or Bro. W. G. Schell and Bro. Geo. W. Howard, or whosoever the Lord wills to send, come and help us? We expect to begin a series of meetings in Seymour, Jackson Co, Ind. and then in Little York, Washington Co. about the first of Dec. or sooner. There are many calls for the pure gospel all around us. Who will come and help us in these parts? Wife will not be with us much in the field. Pray for us all ye saints of the living God.

Your humble free brother and sister saved in Jesus,

J. N. & M. J. Howard.


El Cajon, Cal., Oct. 19, 1891.

Dear Saints: Meeting at this place closed last evening, having been continued over four weeks, during which time the pure word was constantly held forth. The attendance was good, and the order excellent. A deep interest prevailed. The truth was acknowledged by the majority and accepted by a number who bowed at the cross and found Jesus precious to their hearts, some in pardon and others in sanctifying grace. Some backsliders reclaimed. Seven new subscriptions recieved for the “flying roll.” This meeting was one of unusual interest to ourselves because of the many nationalities, kindred’s and tongues, and people. At some meetings there were four of the five different races of the human family represented. Oh how our hearts were melted in gratitude to our God for the sacred privilege of presenting the word of life these to different races! To us it seemed like the fulfillment of the command, “Go ye therefore and teach all nations.” While some of these nationalities were not permitted to remain until the series of meetings closed, yet there were some who recieved lasting impressions of the truth; and as the Indians, Chinamen, Negros, Mexicans, and various casts and colors return to their homes, they carry with them the precious seed of truth, which we know shall in not many days spring up with eternal life in the hearts of some. We are glad to report that during these meetings the last dollar has been paid upon the tent, thus giving us a neat and commodious house of worship which in this climate can be used about eight months in the year. All glory and praise to God who has sent this precious gift right down from heaven! By his grace it shall be worn out in the glorious service. Many thanks to the dear ones who have contributed of their means toward this sacred gift. We now return to San Diego where we expect to remain the rest of the tent season and shall probably go into winter quarters there, just as the dear Master leads. There is much yet no be done in that city. Pray on dear ones, that we may “cry aloud and spare not.”

Address us at San Diego, 358, 10th St. until further notice.

Your humble co-workers, sanctified and sacrificed upon the Gospel altar.

J. W. & J. Byers, & R. A. Cannan.



“Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.” — Psa. 119:129.


Union Home, Mich.

Dear Brethren in Christ: This morning finds us saved in Jesus and walking in the light day by day. Praise the Lord for ever, for his loving kindness. O the joy and peace and comfort we do feel as we are walking up this shining path! I am so glad that I did take heed to the light that shone in a dark place, until the day- star did arise and shine in my heart. For I was once far away from the Saviour and had an evil heart full of sin and wickedness, and was doomed to eternal punishment if I did not repent. But when I came to Jesus and humbled myself under the power of God, he did lift me up, and I realized I was a child of God born into his kingdom, redeemed by his mercy and purchased by his blood. Praise his holy name! Was not this enough to make my heart rejoice to have this heavy load of guilt removed, and to know that God for Christ’s sake had forgiven all my sins? O praise the Lord forever for the glory that filled my soul! Then I could sing the high praises of God. I walked in all the fight I had and made straight paths for my feet; and four days after, while pleading at the altar, the power of God came on me so that I was numb and cold: I thought I was dying or going to leave tin’s world. While prostrate on the floor, a sister asked me if I was willing to give up everything. My will was all given up. Then the glory of God did fill my soul till it was full and running over.

But as the devil’s angels have traps set to catch men, or the dear children of God, I was caught in the Free Methodist cage of unclean birds. For they had it well baited with the word of God, and I thought I could eat and do all they said, and it would do no harm. But I found out there were many things I could not do. The minister read the first part of their discipline, and thought it was all right. I was captured and when one of God’s ministers came along and preached the pure word of God, I was so drunk on her wine that I thought he did not have charity, and I would tell them so. But the dear Lord is so merciful. He showed me the pure river of life, clear as crystal; and I was willing to plunge in and be made whole. His word says, “Come out of her my people,” and I heard his voice distinctly and came out. Then he said, Go not after her, neither bid her God speed. I also saw that all that stayed there would have to suffer the plagues that are written in the Lamb’s book of life, and finally die if they would not obey. And God tells his children to double unto her double. “In the cup which she hath filled fill to her double. How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her; for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen and am no widow and shall see no sorrow. Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death and morning and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire, for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.”

And we realize she is dead now; for there is no life in her and her light has gone out, and the water of life has all leaked out of their cisterns, and she has become a dry and parched wilderness, and a habitation of devils and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. Oh! I do praise God that I am free from babel, in the Spirit. Free to worship God aright: joy and gladness we’re receiving. O how sweet this evening light!

And we love to walk in the glorious light of the gospel and eat of the bread of life which is the pure word of God. I have fellowship with the Father and his Son Jesus Christ, and with all the children of God. His blood cleanses me from all sin, and the very God of peace sanctifies me wholly. I love to do all of his ordinances, and his commandments are not grievous. “There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flesh but alter the Spirit.” Praise God! we hate every false way. God bless all the dear children of God.

Your sister, saved and sanctified forevermore. Amen.

Lodema A. Lyon.


Grand Junction, Mich.

Dear Saints and Readers of the Trumpet: I do praise God that he saves me from all sin and keeps me filled with love and gratitude for his healing power. I was sick when I come here to the hotel, and sent a note to the saints. Bro. Byrum came, and I could not walk to his house which was but a short distance away, I was so weak. They prayed for me, and by the laying on of hands God healed me, and I rode three and a half miles to meeting and back at night, every day for a number of days. Now I am well and hearty, praising God for salvation full and free, for friends and all he has given me, and for the loving kindness the saints have shown me here at the office. God bless them all.

Your sister, saved and trusting in Jesus,

Mary E. Allaway.

Birdville, Texas.

Dear Trumpet Readers: I feel it would be to the glory of God to testify to his healing power. Our little girl that had the chills so long, he has healed and made her sound and well, and she is getting fleshy for which I give God all the glory. Oh! I do praise the good Lord for what he has done for us. Pray for me.

I still remain your saved sister in the love of Christ,

Nancy A. Sharum.


Poplar Bluff, Mo.

Dear Saints: It is a feast to my soul to think that God has spared me to testify of his goodness through the Trumpet once more. Peace and love be multiplied to you all. Dear saints, I am happy to report victory over all the power of the devil and his angels. It is no new thing to see the devil’s ministers transformed into angels of light; but thanks be to God who giveth us the victory over all of them through our Lord Jesus Christ. We desire some one to come here with fire to join us in the work of Jesus. Dearly beloved, pray earnestly for us.

Your sanctified brother in Christ,

Chas. D. Brown.


Madden, Miss.

Dear Saints: It has been some time since I wrote to the Trumpet. I still realize victory in my soul. I know of a truth that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses me from all sin, and the very God of peace sanctifies me wholly. Praise the Lord! The way gets brighter and blighter. I am now growing in grace every day of my life. Pray for me.

Your brother,

W. O. Williams.


Hawthorne, S. C.

Dear Saints of God: I feel led to testify through the Trumpet that I am saved and sanctified wholly. Glory be to God! for full and free salvation and peace in my soul. I am saved from coffee, tea, snuff and all filthiness.

Your saved colored sister,

Beatrice Sapp.


Gig Harbor, Wash.

Dear Saints: My blessed Jesus is my healer for both soul and body. I hear, see and feel more beauty in this salvation from sin than I can find words to express. It is all glory in my soul. Praise His holy name forever!

Peter Stineman.



Bro. Sherman L. Austin was born in Cheshire, Mich., March 4, 1867. Died Oct. 21, 1891. Aged 24 years, 7 months, and 17 days. He leaves a wife, mother and two brothers to mourn his departure. God bless them in their bereavement, and save dear Charley from his sins. May he serve the Lord and meet the departed one in glory. Funeral was held at the Marble School-house, Oct 23, 1891. Text — Psa. 89:48.

J. A. Dillon.


Kennard, Ohio.

Died. — Sept. 23, 1891, Clarence Detweiler, little son of Jacob and Fanny Detweiler; aged 2 years, 5 months and 18 days. After the short illness of only a few hours he parted this life to live in heaven with the holy angels. May God help the bereaved parents to so live in this world as to meet their boy in heaven.

Pure and spotless as the lilies,
Free and happy as the birds;
Little Clarence soared for heaven
With his brother to rejoice.

Services by the writer.

Simon A. Yoder.


Teegarden, Ind.

Died. — Perry Adolphus Sheets, Sept. 19, 1891. Aged 1 month and fifteen days. God in his infinite mercy gave this little one just long enough to become settled in the affections of the family and then took it home to heaven. God bless the father, mother, brother and sister of little Perry, and prepare them to meet him in heaven.

Funeral service by the writer.

Samuel P. Strang.


Hayden, Ind., Oct. 24, 1891.

Died. — In Tampico, Jackson Co.,Ind., Oct 10, 1891, Bro. Gustave C. Zimmerman. Aged 30 yrs; 9 mos; and 13 da. Bro. Z. was the husband of the cousin of Bro. D. S Warner, who spake of meeting Sister Z. in his report of the meeting; held in that place last spring. Bro. Zimmerman was one among the number that accepted Christ and the pure gospel in the evening light; and as far as we know, kept the faith to the end of his life. He leaves a wife, two small children, one brother and many friends to mourn their Joss. Sister Z. was resigned to the will of the Lord. May God bless and comfort the bereaved wife, children and brother for Jesus’ sake. Amen.

Jesus called our brother home
To dwell with Him on high;
If faithful here, He’ll let us come
And meet him by and by.

Funeral services by the writer.

J. N. Howard.

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“Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.” — Psa. 119:129.

St. Louis, Mich.

To all the Saints: I will now for the first time in my past experience testify to the healing power of God which I have the witness of right in my heart and can tell it of a truth to saint and sinner. One year ago last December, my infant seven months old and myself were taken very suddenly with the La Grippe. At the request of my daughter seven years old, I got down on my knees and prayed to the God of heaven; and before I got through, the child was healed and asleep. Praise God for immediate answer to prayer. I became very sick afterward, and in answer to prayer the Lord also healed me, and my body was free from pain. The Lord is still my physician and present help in time of need. My name has been in the Lamb’s book of life ever since three years ago last July.

Your sister in Christ,

Mrs. James T. Strong.


Rio, Miss.

Dear Saints of God: I will for the glory of God write my testimony. I am praising God for his goodness to the children of men. Oh! it fills my heart with love when I think how God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son to redeem us. What heart can withhold such love? I know that I am redeemed by the blood of Jesus. Glory to God and the Lamb! The Lord is any physician for both soul and body. He has healed me of a lung disease. I had the Measles and Pneumonia about 14 months ago which left my lungs very weak, and I continued to be weak, and I suffered with my lungs. I had an hemorrhage of the lungs. I then laid aside medicine, and determined to trust the Lord for my healing, and I can say to the glory of God that I am healed. I am wholly the Lord’s, ready to bear the cross for Jesus. Pray much for me that I may remain steadfast in the faith.

Yours in the love of God,

Tina Phillips.


Bracken, Ind.

Dear Saints: I am led of the Lord to write my testimony to the dear old Trumpet again, that all may read it. I am saved and sanctified to do the will of God, as he makes it known to me. Oh praise his holy name! One year ago last winter I had the La Grippe twice; I prayed the Lord to heal me, and glory to God! he did; and I have not been sick in bed a whole day since. Oh how sweet to trust in Jesus for all things! His healing power is not past; for he is “the same yesterday, to-day, and forever.” I am still deaf, but I feel perfectly satisfied to be healed or remain deaf. I feel that God is using me to his glory in my present condition. I give him all the glory. I cannot express in words the sweet peace and joy I have in the Holy Ghost. The Lord blesses me, soul and body. I am living alone for Jesus, and in him I find a satisfying portion. I am praising him every day. Even when alone at home I do not get lonesome, for Jesus is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. I send much love to all the dear saints. Oh! be faithful unto death. — Rev. 2:10. Pray for me, all ye saints of the living God.

I remain your sister all on the altar,

Clara Beaver.


Rio, Miss.

Dear Saints: I feel led this evening to write my testimony for the Lord. Another day finds me still saved and sanctified and kept by the power and love of God. In August of 1858 I was born into the family of God, and I set out on the highway battling with the carnal mind, and by the help of the Lord, I held my ground for 30 years. In September of 1888, I heard sanctification preached, believed it and consecrated my all, and praise God! he did sanctify me; and I acknowledged it. I have ever since enjoyed sweet peace which the world can never give. Hallelujah! At that time I was paralyzed and had not walked any in fifteen months. From that time I began to be healed. By faith and the power of God, in six months I was walking, praise the Lord! But in about twelve months the Measles took hold of my large family of children, and from fatigue and other troubles I became helpless again; but the Lord doeth all things well. In January last, the angel of death visited my family, and took away my beloved husband, and left me unable to walk. Bro. Bradley with all the saints at Evergreen Bethel are praying for my healing, and I desire the prayers of you all for the Lord to give me faith to be healed instantaneously, if it is his will for me to be healed. I am improving gradually. I had the happy privilege of meeting Bro. Warner and Co. I trust the Lord will send them back to us. May God bless them with power to cry aloud and spare not, and keep them firm to the end. Pray that my children may all be saved.

Your sister in Christ,

Mrs. Callie Phillips.


Arcola, Mo.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ: I feel led to testify through the Trumpet of the wonderful love of Jesus to me. He keeps me sweetly saved each moment, praise his holy name! Our number here is small, so we have no prayer meeting. I am trusting in God for all my health and strength, for both soul and body. Dear afflicted saints, just remember that God has all power in heaven and earth and we should all submit to his will. Glory to God for his healing power! I know that I am all given up to the Lord, and he will take care of his own children. I pray that the Lord will send some of the dear saints through this part of the country to preach the truth as it is in Christ.

Your sister, sanctified and kept by the power of God,

Sarah McCain.


Edgewood, Mich.

Dear Saints: May joy and peace be unto you all for Jesus’ sake. Amen. My testimony to-day is that I am saved in Jesus, and kept by the mighty power of God through faith, ready to be revealed in the last time. My soul is exceeding happy in the love of God. I am glad that I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. “For it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believes.” God is with us and helping us to send the glad tidings of salvation to poor lost souls. Since the St. Louis C. M. God has been with us in mighty power. Hallelujah to our God for ever! That meeting was a feast to my soul, and I realize that God is leading me on from victory to victory. Brethren, pray much for me and mine, that we may live such lives that will prove to those around us that we are the children of God; and that we may be kept low and humble at the feet of Jesus.

Your saved brother and sister,

Wm. & A. E. Warren.


Mt. Vernon, Ohio.

Dear Saints: May the Lord bless you is my prayer. I am saved and kept by the mighty power of God, ready to do his will at all times. Although living in a very dark country, I find God’s grace sufficient for me. Glory to Jesus! I find it joyous to walk alone with Jesus. I desire the earnest prayers from all the dear brethren and sisters.

I remain your sister saved through Jesus’ blood,

Hannah Myers.


Mt. Vernon, Ohio.

Dear Saints: I feel led of the Lord to give my experience again through the Trumpet. Glory to Jesus! No tongue can express the sweet comfort I enjoy night and day. I feel the glory in my soul, although the devil has been trying for some time to lay a trap to draw me away, Praise our God! I have the fight of life and I take the New Testament as my guide and the Holy Ghost as my teacher. I ever expect to stand true to God, glory, hallelujah! for Jesus saves me all the time. Pray for me.

I remain your sister,

A. E. Taylor.


Table Rock, Neb.

Dear Saints in Christ Jesus: Grace, mercy, and peace be unto you for Jesus’ sake. I am praising God for a full and complete salvation. I came here to attend camp-meeting, and I will say to the glory of God that it was the best meeting I ever attended. God’s mighty power was manifest in saving and healing those who were willing to come unto him. Oh how my soul did rejoice to see poor souls coming to Father’s house! At the close of the meetings seven were buried with Christ in baptism. Never since I was saved had I witnessed the ordinance of baptism and it seemed to me the most beautiful sight I ever saw. Glory be to Jesus! My heart overflowed with his praises. Blessed be his name! In the evening we observed the ordinances of feet-washing and the Lord’s supper. Although stormy and dark without, peace and joy reigned within. Praise ye the Lord! This afternoon, though many miles from home and kindred, and surrounded by awful darkness, my soul is rejoicing in God. Truly I’ve proved the Lord and joys abound more than I could believe. Pray for me. Your saved and sanctified sister,

Geo. Cook.


Swander’s Crossing, Ohio.

Dear Saints of God: I feel led of the Lord to write my testimony. I am so glad that God ever stooped so low to pick me up, and place my feet on the solid rock which is Christ Jesus. The Bible is food to my soul every time I read it. Bless God forever and ever! for full and free salvation from all sin. I have trials and persecutions, but God says, all shall suffer persecution that live godly in Christ Jesus. I know his grace is sufficient to keep me as long as I put my trust in him. Glory to God! Dear saints, pray earnestly for me and my unsaved family. My desire is to live low at the feet of Jesus and do his will in a perfect manner. Your saved sister in Jesus,

Ida Morton.


Covert, Mich.

Dear Brethren In Christ: I am still saved and kept by the power of God unto salvation, ready to rush to the battle wherever he leads. I have perfect and complete victory in my soul over the flesh and the devil. I have consecrated my fife and all to Christ, to do his will in all things, whatever it may be. The Lord is still blessing my soul and leading me in the straight and narrow way. I do rejoice in Christ who is the rock of my salvation; and he is a glorious help in every time of need. In every temptation he has promised to make a way for our escape. I praise him for washing my sins away and making me white in the blood of the Lamb. I am tried as gold is tried in the fire. The Lord says he will not withhold any good thing from them that walk uprightly. He is still letting more light in my soul, and keeps me sanctified wholly and prepared for every good work.

From your brother in Christ,

Norris Phillips.


Frisco, Ark.

Dear Saints: I thought I would write my testimony for the first time. I am saved from all sin and sanctified to do the whole will of God. I have been sanctified about four years and I never heard the full gospel preached till last March. We do realize the great need of some straight teacher of God’s word here all the time. The Gospel Trumpet has been a great help to us here.

Your brother in Christ,

M. L. Reed.


West Liberty, Ohio.

To all the Saints: This is the first time we attempt to write our testimony, but we tell it pretty often. Praise the Lord! We are saved to the uttermost and kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation; standing on the sea of glass with the harps of God. Hallelujah to the Lamb of God! We are saved from sin and he keeps us from all harm. Our souls have been filled with the joys of heaven and our hearts filled with the love of God. While we write these fines we think of all the dear brethren and sisters. Praise God, what a happy time we can have on earth! And it is better on before. As I thought how many souls know nothing of the love of God, it caused me to weep. I felt like telling them of the love of Jesus. When preachers stand up and tell their congregations to be converted and become as little children, and then kneel down and ask God to forgive them their own sins, I think, O what blindness! We are saved out of the Omish Mennonite sect. We are no more children of the night but of the day. Glory to God forever! Amen.

Your brother and sister in Christ, sanctified and satisfied,

S. A. & S. A. Yoder.


Buffalo, Mo.

Dear Saints: It has been but about six months since I gave my heart to God. Praise his holy name for redeeming me and for this blessed plan of salvation! There are but few of us here to testify against the devil and his angels. There are many professing to know God, and by their works deny him. Oh! I do praise God that he has opened up the way before me, and showed me how he wants his people to walk. I am willing to walk in all the light God is giving me. Oh, to be nothing, nothing; only to lie at his feet! I ask all the saints of God to pray for me that I may be more established in a deeper work in Christ.

Your sister, trusting God,

E. C. Kachel.


Tiffin, Ohio.

Dear Saints: I feel led of the Lord to send in my testimony and tell what the Lord has done for me in the past six years. He healed me from Liver Complaint with which I was troubled all my life; and I am still healed, and I give him all the glory. He keeps me so wonderfully saved amid all my trials. O bless the Lord! I desire the prayers of all God’s true children, that I may be kept low and humble at the feet of Jesus. Your sister saved and washed in the blood,

Emma Huffrey.


Sigourney, Ia.

Dearly Beloved Saints of God: I want to say to you all that I am out in the evening light and I do enjoy it, praise His blessed holy name! Amen. I want you all to pray for me that God will strengthen me physically and spiritually to do his will. For we have a great high priest that can be touched with the feeling of our infirmities: for he was in all points tempted like as we, yet without sin. Bless God forevermore! Amen.

Your saved brother, low down at Jesus’ feet,

Ulysses D. Todd.


Sarconie, Mo.

Dear Saints: I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall be continually in my mouth. Psa. 24:1. Praise the Lord! I know I am saved and sanctified. I know of a truth that Jesus’ blood does cleanse me from all sin. I cannot praise the good Lord enough for what he has done for me after attending the meeting at Carthage, Mo. I find it grand and glorious to serve God instead of the devil. The Lord keeps my mind off of worldly pleasures, to which I was greatly attached; such as parties, literaries, sect jubilees and many other worldly things. God’s word says that we are not of the world, but he has chosen us out of the world. He says, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” So I was willing to obey. Hallelujah! I know the very powers of darkness are around me, but the Lord gives me complete victory over the world, the flesh and the devil. I am willing to obey all the ordinances of Christ, for he says if we offend in one point we are guilty of all. There are but one or two of God’s true children here. We trust some of God’s true ministers will come here and preach the word. I am so glad I ever heard Bro’s Kilpatrick and Bolds preach. Truly they are of God. I care for nothing in this world; I will forever live for the Lord. Pray much for me, beloved.

Your sister in Christ,

Ella Conkling.


Olivet, Mich.

Dear Saints: I feel that it would be to the glory of God for me to write my testimony and tell what the Lord is doing for me. He keeps me saved, and I have his love in my soul. He is very near and dear to me, for I have given up all for Jesus and have nothing that is my own. I am bound to do his will. Him only will I trust. Dear ones, pray for me that I may be kept humble, low down at his feet. If the Lord so leads we would be pleased to have some of Fathers Holy Ghost ministers come here to Olivet to preach. There are some precious souls here that need the true word preached to them. You will be welcome at my humble home.

From your humble sister, saved and walking in the light,

Jennie Davidson.


Dixon, Mo.

Dear Trumpet Readers: I feel it my duty to write to the saints, as I want you all to pray earnestly for me. I have accepted the faith of holiness the Bible teaches. I was converted fifteen years ago and joined the Baptist sect, but never felt satisfied. It appeared to me I was not right. Three years ago a Brother Daniel Hughs preached in this neighborhood, and gave me some Trumpets, which led me out of the sect into the evening light. I am not sanctified, and ask all your prayers in the name of Jesus that God may sanctify me wholly and lit me for the Master’s use. I used to smoke and chew tobacco, but thank God! he his cleansed me from that filthy habit. It seems as if every one has turned against me. But by the help of God I hope to wear the crown.

Your sister in Christ.

Harriet Crawford.


Fenwick, Ont.

Dear Saints: I do rejoice in a full and free salvation that sanctifies one wholly through and through. Oh, I do praise the name of Jesus, for he has so wonderfully saved me! I would not give up the sweet peace in my soul for all that is in the world. Glory be to the name of Jesus! I am going to settle deeper into the will of Christ. Glory be to my blessed Lord forever and ever! And glory to God! he has saved and sanctified my daughter. And I do praise the blessed Lord that Christ says, if ye seek me, you and your house shall be saved. Glory be to his name! And our hired man has got saved too, praise the Lord! I ask the saints to pray for my husband and son that they may be led to Christ

Your sister, saved and sanctified and led by his Spirit,

Ella Birdsall.


Dixon, Miss,

Dear Trumpet Readers: I am praising God for full and free salvation that keeps me from all sin. Bless the name of Jesus! It is nothing good that I have done. I have only accepted the way of salvation that the Lord has prepared for us all. There is but one way. Let us walk in that way. I have two unsaved sisters. I want the dear saints to pray for them. I am so thankful that I ever made pence with God. It is such sweet peace in my soul. I have been in this way over two years. Pray for me.

Your humble brother in Christ,

L. V. Strickland.


New Hampshire, O.

Dear Saints: I am happy to report through the Gospel Trumpet that I am justified, entirely sanctified and cleansed from the “old man” (carnal nature); and forever satisfied with the fulness of his love in my soul, constantly kept by the power of God. Praise the name of Jesus! I have been an extremely vile sinner, but now I have a complete salvation from all the power of sin, and it is alone through the precious blood of Jesus, my all-sufficient Saviour. I have his love in my heart just now. I love my family better since I have been saved. When we get Bible salvation, even our domestic animals will find it out, much more our children. I mean to trust and serve God forever. Pray for me.

Your saved brother in the bonds of divine love.

Jesse Spurlock.


Portland, Mich.

Dear Saints: I praise Jesus for his goodness to me. He has lifted me out of a large gutter and placed me on a level with God’s people. He has cleansed me from all filthiness of the flesh, from tobacco and hard words. Praise his name! I gave my heart to God last February, and he has done wonders for me. Oh, how thankful I am that I have found a place of rest! God’s word was dead to me once; but oh, how I love it now! I am saved in Jesus Christ and it is glory in my soul. Pray for me.

Your saved brother,

Verner H. Fish.


Portland, Mich.

Dear Saints: I am saved and sweetly trusting in Jesus. Glory to his holy name! for ever picking me up. I was brought up a Roman Catholic of the strongest kind; but the blessed Jesus called me out of Babylon and set me on the rock Christ Jesus. He sweetly keeps me day by day. Oh what a Saviour I have found! Pray for me that I stand firm.

Your sister in Jesus,

Lizzie Fish.

Dear Trumpet Readers: I am still saved and trusting in God for my all. I know he keeps me sweetly saved. I feel so thankful to God’s little ones for sending me the means to go to the Beaver Dam camp-meeting. It was a feast to my soul, God says he will never leave nor forsake us. He is my greatest friend at all times. I ever expect to trust him. He wonderfully healed me at camp-meeting. Pray for me. I am going to Toledo, O. to stay with my children this winter. If any wish to write, my address will be 1225, Doore St.

Yours in Christ,

Nancy Taylor.

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