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10 November 1892, Volume 12, Number 45.

To the Ocean.


Help me, O sweet voice of inspiration,
Help me sing one gentle lay
To the Ocean’s wide and deep creation,
Singing for us night and day.
And thou restless sea, with all thy wonders,
Touch my harp with melody;
For no bard can sing thy awful numbers
Uninspired indeed by thee.

‘Twas a balmy evening in October,
As our train sped on its time,
That we came in sight, of God’s great ocean,
To the old Pacific brine.
Swiftly gliding down its orbit,
The great monarch of the light
Dropped his golden smiles upon the water,
E’er he bid us all good night.

How we ran along the sacred bound’ry,
Where the voice of God had said,
” alt, ye billows, rushing, foaming, angry,
Hither be thy waters stayed.”
And that mandate of the hoary ages.
Undecayed by lapse of time
Still protects the feet of gazing sages,
From the breakers’ threatening brine.

Hark! O sea! Is it thy hollow moaning
That arrests my midnight dream?
Is there then no rest to thy wild foaming?
Ah, how false thy tranquil name!
True ’tis only through thy ruder sister
That does business in the east,
And plays up her higher wilder capers,
Thou art called Pacific — rest.

Thou a preacher art to all the ages,
And thy audience all the world.
Lo! we read thy sermon on the pages
Of the book that God unfurled.
And to all who tread thy sand environs
Thou dost thunder, yea, and show
How the human heart, in sin’s dominion
Never, NEVER peace can know.

As thy waves in ceaseless turmoil labor,
And in fury heat the shore;
As they writhe an moan and dash asunder,
Rise and fall forever more;
So the blasting hopes, and guilty terrors
Of the sinner’s wretched heart,
Restless, fearful and despairing ever;
Sin and misery never part.

Only one has sailed upon the bosom
Of the tempest troubled sea,
Who could hush the winds and calm the billows. —
He who spake to Galilee.
Only he can break tin- storms of passion,
And rebuke the fears of hell;
Only he can calm the struggling spirit,
Speak the word, BE STILL, BE STILL.

O thou awful sea! I love thy music,
Never from thee would I part.
Yea I love thee, loving Him that formed thee.
He who strung the ancient harp.
My own Father fixed thy bounds forever,
Holds thee in his loving hand,
Spake thy dreadful monsters into being;
And he formed the spacious land.

Lo! thou bringeet from thy sacred chambers
Pearls, and shells of curious form,

Tinted with the rainbow’s varied beauty,
And the gold of rosy morn.
’Neath thy billows lie yet greater treasures
Thou art waiting to restore,

When the dead shall hear the final summons,
And old time shall be no more.

O I bless a thy kindness, friend Pacific,
For thy temporizing breath;
For the climate wafted from thee, truly
Is an enemy to death.
Sweet, and soft and balmy are thy breathings,
Keeping winter blasts away.
And I thank thee Providence that brought me
Here to San Diego bay.

Here with gratitude I feast on fruitage
So delicious and benign,
That, ’twould seem, no better and no sweeter
Ever grew on Adam’s vine,
While fair Eden yet in love was blooming
And the peace of God was there.

We, kind ocean, to thy magic credit
This profusion rich and rare.

On this sea coast I would fondly linger,
Where the zephyrs softly breathe
O’er the vineyards vast, and lemon orchards;
Where the bright pomegranates wave,
And the golden orange, figs, and quavas,
Apples, pears and prunes abound;
With delicious nectarines and preaches,
Blessing all the season round.

Where the ocean moan its solemn numbers,
And the sun pours out its gold
On the clouds which hang, while twilight lingers.
O’er the sea waves rising bold.
And the glorious king of day, descending,
Bids the vintage tollers rest,
While he cools his fevered brow each evening
On the great Pacific breast.

D. S. W.




PAUL says, Covet earnestly the best gifts. — 1 Cor. 12:31. There is a gift (or grace as Paul also calls it) that every saint of God ought to possess. It would not only be a blessing to themselves, but it would also be the means of building the kingdom of God. I mean the giving of our money for the advancement of the cause of Jesus. The Jews were required to give one-tenth of all they received to God; and when they paid their tithes, God blessed them; and when they withheld them, God also withheld his blessings. Perhaps some are not able to give one-tenth; yet they can set aside a certain portion which they receive, as Paul says in 2 Cor. 9:7. Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver. And in the next verse we have the promise, And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work. But he says in the 6th verse, “He which soweth sparingly shall also reap sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully.” For the administration of this service not only supplieth the want of the saints, but is abundant also by many thanksgivings unto God. While by the experiment of this ministration they glorify God for your professed subjection unto the gospel of Christ, and for your liberal distribution unto them, and unto all men; and by their prayer for you, which long after you for the exceeding grace of God in you. Thanks be to God for his unspeakable gift.” — Verses 12-15. Paul calls it an unspeakable gift. In chap. 8:7 he says, “Therefore as ye abound in everything, in faith and utterance, and knowledge, and in all diligence, and in your love to us, see that ye abound in this grace also.”

Oh, that all who profess to be the children of God, would get this grace in their hearts! You not only starve your own souls, but you rob God of that which is his due by not giving to his cause as you ought to do. You may say, I am not able, but Jesus said, “If any man will follow me let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” He denied himself of everything; gave all of his life and died for you that y?ou might have eternal life. Paul says in 2 Cor. 8:9-12, “For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, for your sakes he became poor, that ye through his poverty might be rich. And herein I give my advice: for this is expedient for you, who have begun before, not only to do, but also to be forward a year ago. Now therefore perform the doing of it; that as there was a readiness to will, so there may be a performance also out of that which ye have. For if there be first a willing mind, it is accepted according to that a man hath, and not according to that he hath not. So it is the willing mind that is accepted by God; and if there be a willing mind, we will find a way to give.

“There is that scattereth, and yet increaseth; and there is that with- holdeth more than is meet, but it tendeth to poverty. The liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered also himself.” — Prov. 11:24, 25. “Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it.” Why not step out on God’s promises and receive the blessings that are for you? They only wait for you. Brethren, are you doing all the good you might for the cause of Christ? When one of God’s ministers comes and ministers to your spiritual welfare, do you give them of your substance, or do you let them go away empty? Do you deny yourself of some comforts that they may have some of the necessities? There are some that give their whole time to the preaching of the gospel, and cannot earn the things they need. Do you not hinder the gospel by withholding from them? Do not wait until you can give liberally, but give the widow’s mite. Let us show our zeal for God’s cause by what we do for it, if we want all the blessings of God to rest upon us.

Yours in the love of Jesus, and all on the altar, ready? to do whatsoever the Master has for me to do.

Sherman L. Catlin,

Grand Rapids, Mich.




How are we to be “delivered from the body of this death” (sin)?

Answer. “Through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Rom. 7:25.

In the spring of 1886 I had a vision which was published in the Trumpet, March 15 of that year. I feel it a duty to give it for publication again as its import with corresponding scriptures should convince every reader of two things.

First. Of the second work of grace, by? which (through consecration and faith) we die unto the world which is not reconciled to the law of God, neither indeed can be. And are made alive unto God, through faith, being resurrected into his image.”

Second. That immersion is the only scripture baptism, as it is the only mode that will represent this death to self, burial with Christ, and resurrection to newness of life.

Here is the vision: The Savior stood near me, a vein or artery had been opened, and stood open for all that would come unto him. I was to have a vein opened in my neck, which would cause my death by allowing all the natural blood to flow out of my body. And when I was dead I was to be raised to life by the Savior placing the opened vein of his body to the vein in my neck, and the blood from his body (which could never be exhausted) was to pour into my body until I should be resurrected “into his image,” with his blood and nature. I had faith to trust in Jesus for being thus brought to life again, and consented to the death of my body in this way. The bed on which I was to lie was ready, and all my friends tried in vain to dispersuade me. I was aware they would all call me crazy, and would all forsake me, and that the white pillows would all be pulled away from under my head when the blood began to flow, and that I would be deserted by all in the dying struggles; but I said, “None of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself.” And believing that if I was “planted in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection.” And “he that findeth his life shall lose it, and he that loseth his life for my sake, the same shall find it.” And prepared to “present my body a living sacrifice” on the altar Christ Jesus, knowing that he was able to keep that which I committed to him, and laving faith he would bring my body to life again, renewing it by his own blood, that I might live a life unto him in his own likeness.

Now if we be dead with Christ we believe that we shall also live with him. Rom. 6:8. How blessed to be dead unto sin (and self) so that we shall not live any longer therein. “Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Christ’s blood in our veins. ‘‘Members of his body, of his flesh and his bones.” Ye are the body of Christ. 1 Cor. 12:27. (His likeness). That is his nature in us, so that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth “we should not serve sin; dwelling in him and he in us.” “Being made free from sin and become servants to God, ye have your fruit unto holiness, and the end everlasting life.” Praise God! Yield yourselves unto God as those that are alive from the dead. “For sin shall not have dominion over you.”

Who! who is willing to lay down his life (give up self), die out to his long worshipped sect, and even your own blood relatives: father, mother, brethren, that Christ may dwell in you and you in him. “If any man come unto me and hate not his father and mother and wife and children and brethren and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.” — Luke 14:26. That is, we are to have no gods before him. Having everything on the altar, and the altar sanctifies the gift. And having faith, the evidence of things not seen, we claim no self, but “in him we live, move and have our being;” and like Enoch, we walk with God. “He was not, for God took him.” But God leaves us in the world for lights, for “witnesses,” shining lights in these latter days of evening light.

Now it is plain that no mode of baptism but immersion will represent this death, burial and resurrection, so beautifully given to me in the vision, laying down our life with Christ. Oh, how plain the word is when the Spirit gives us light. We are delivered “from the body of this death through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

1st. Baptized into his death.

2d. Buried with him by baptism into death.

3d. That like as Christ was raised up from the dead, even so we also should walk in newness of life, planted together in the likeness of his death we shall also be in the likeness of his resurrection. — Rom. 6th chap. 3, 4, 5. Not that we are saved by baptism, but through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And we are baptized into his death (a figure), “planted in the likeness of his death,” “dead to sin,” so we will not “live any longer therein,” that the body of sin might be destroyed.

A. B. Gildersleeve.

Pittsburg, Pa.




FINALLY, my brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. — Phil. 4:8. What beautiful directions! and what a grand, noble and elevating guide, the above scripture is to all those that desire to walk in all the paths of virtue, and right! how reasonable, and if followed out perfectly, how elevating, are all the demands of the precious word of God! They are also very simple and plain and easy to be understood, so that a wayfaring man though a fool, need not err therein. Yet how few people there are that are living up to all the word of God! how little the Bible is studied, and even when the word of God is found in a household, how many books, papers, tracts, and magazines that are against or not in harmony with the word of God, are found there! I know of many families that say they are not able to take the Gospel Trumpet, but who pay out money to support some political paper, which if they read will make them lean in their souls. They also place them in the hands of their children and imbibe into the youth the poison of partyism they read at home, instead of the word of God. Their parents talk about political issues before them, more than the word of God. We have two great parties to day contending for the mastery; each one is sending out foul slimy sheets filled with lies and hypocrisy, to deceive the minds of the people; and some that profess to be children of God are taking sides with them by voting, and supporting their ungodly literature. Brethren, the word says, “Come out from among them and be ye separate.” No man of God can consistently vote either of the leading tickets of today; namely, the Democratic or Republican; neither can a man of God spend the Lord’s money to support one of his papers, and place it in the hands of their children to poison their tender minds.

Again, I have visited families where the parents would buy for their children pernicious books and give them to their children to read instead of the Bible, and then blame the child and perhaps punish him if he learns to lie. And how many families we visit, that, when we take a look into the library we find one Bible, then we find the Wild West, Buffalo Bill, Kit Carson, the Wale Hunter, etc., then a lot of novels made up of detective stories, murder stories, mad stories, and love stories and you allow your children to read them and still you pray for God to save your children, and wonder why they do not want to go to meeting or Sunday school, and why they have not more love for the word of God, when the blame is all on you. You never teach them to read the word of God, but in their early youth many of you purchase for them and allow them to read such books and reading as the above. I know of mothers that profess to be saints of God, and day after day allow their children to go to the library and bring home, and read novel after novel. Mothers, are you doing your duty? Oh! it is appalling how the rising generation have fallen into this awful demoralizing, soul- destroying habit. I know mothers that were great novel readers, and it so affected their nerves that any unexpected noise would frighten them almost into fits, and their offspring have inherited the same nervousness. It is one of the most cursed habits that has ever darkened our land and it is steadily increasing until it has crept into our public schools, libraries, Sunday schools, and many of our homes, until children at the age of ten and twelve years are now habitual novel readers. Oh brethren! for the sake of Jesus, your own souls and the souls of your children, shut the door on all such literature. If you love your children, take such soul-cursing stuff out of their hands as you would a serpent. Burn them, destroy them, get them out of your houses, and in the future let nothing remain in your home or in the hands of your children except that which will elevate them in their life and that will teach them the way of eternal life and salvation. Teach them the way they should go and they will not depart from it.

Yours in the one body of Christ,

W. J. Henry.

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the Defence of ALL His Truth;
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The Ordinance of Feet Washing.

The excellent work on this subject, written by Brother Bradley, has been reduced in price to 20 cents. It is a review of a tract written against this ordinance. A lively exposure of the false teaching of the opposer, and a very thorough vindication of the sacred ordinance of Christ. It contains 84 large pages, and gives much light. Price 20 cts. $1.90 a dozen. Order of the author, Bro. W. W. Bradley, Watkinsville, Miss or from this office.


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A conversation, giving Bible proofs that we must live free from sin. 48 pages. Single copy 2cts Per dozen, 20 cts. Per hundred, $1.50


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The Ordinances of the New Testament

A new Tract, by Wm. G. Schell.

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Bible readings or references on about 100 subjects. Price 15 cents each.


By H. C. W.

100 subjects with scripture, a concordance and definitions to subjects. Setting forth the true church, it doctrine, its ordinances and its fruits. The fall of Babylon and the coining in of the evening light. Illustrated. 316 pages, neatly bound in cloth. Single copy $1 00 six or more 80 cents each. For this book.

Address H. C. Wickersham, New Pittsburg, Ind. or Gospel Trumpet, Grand Junction, Mich.




This book contains 148 songs. 90 with music. About all new When sung in the Spirit of God these songs will be found glorious. They hymn the precious present truth, and the gospel standard of salvation.

Send in your orders for Anthems from the Throne a and start the songs of praise anew.

PRICE (Manilla . . . . . . . . . . 30 cts.
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A New Book,


This book is just fresh from the author’s pen, and a glance at the contents is enough to convince any one of its interest and value to those seeking a more thorough khowledge of the Divine Being, and his dealings with people at the present time, as well as in days past.

The first part of the book very plainly marks out the way from sin unto full salvation, according to the teaching of the sacred word.

It presents the gospel truth in such a way as to throw a gleam of light into the pathway of the sinner, and enable him to see that there is hope beyond, through the mercies of a blessed Redeemer.

The BELIEVER is led to see the beauties of full salvation, and the joys in a life of Christian perfection.


constitutes the second part of the book. This consists of twenty-six chapters on doctrinal subjects, exposing and overthrowing false ideas and theories concerning the healing power in these last days, showing when, how, and under what circumstances and conditions God heals the sick and afflicted at the present time.

It gives a history and testimonies of healing from the time of Abraham, through the different ages, up to the present time.

The third part of the book consists of the


These are wonderful testimonies of persons who have been healed within the last few years by divine power; such as being instantly restored to sight after having been blind for years; the lame throw away their crutches; broken bones are instantly healed; invalids who have suffered for years immediately arise and walk, after the prayer of faith is offered, etc. The author is personally acquainted, with nearly all the parties who have herein given their testimonies, and gives their names and addresses in the book, so that persons doubting the truthfulness of the same can write to the parties themselves.

It will be a precious volume to those who are afflicted in either soul or body. The chapters on faith, and also other subjects, will strengthen the faith of the reader, and aid in a closer walk with Him who is the “giver of every good and perfect gift.”

It contains 248 good-sized pages; good, plain print, on heavy paper. Neatly bound in cloth, $ .75. Library (half morocco), marble edge, $1.10. Send two cent stamp for special terms to agents. Address,


Grand Junction, Mich.




Thos. Kerr, T. Juskip, L. W. Bascom, Elihu Place, J. A. Welhorn, L. Coblentz.




I request your prayers for my soul and body that I may be made whole, and I hope to hear from some of the brothers and sisters.

Mrs. Isaac Billings.

Eau Gallie, Florida.


Rockville, Mo.

Dear Saints: I am praising God for what he has done for me, although I am not sanctified. I desire the prayers of the saints that I may be sanctified wholly.

Yours in Christ,

Jennie Maddax.


Hessell, Mich.

You are all requested to pray for Brother Samuel Smith on Nov. 17, at one o’clock. He is afflicted with a sore leg. The doctors gave him up last winter, and since that time he has given his heart to the Lord and is fully saved.

Andrew Forsythe.




B. G. Morse, Prohibition, Guernsey Co., O., desires some one to come there and hold meeting.

Nannie Downs, 1112 Vermont St., Evansville, Ind., writes that they greatly desire some one to come there and preach the pure gospel, and baptize those who desire to be baptized.


J. F. Crafts, Glenwood, Mich. sends an earnest request for some holy minister to come there and preach the gospel, as there is a good opening for the truth.


J. S. Blackwell, Brighton, Washington Co., Iowa, writes, “I wish some man of God would come and preach to the people. I have never heard the true word of God preached in my life.”




Bro. S. L. Speck begins meeting at Tampico, Ind. Nov. 12.


We praise God for the glorious news by private letter from Bro. Wm. J. Henry that he and Co. found many hungry, willing and obedient souls in Washington city, and that they expect to return there in the spring and open up the work of God in a tent. May God provide them with the same for Christ’s sake. Amen.


Bro. H. F. Wendell writes from Kansas City, Mo:

“On returning home from Wichita, I found the GOSPEL TRUMPET here, and I am delighted in reading it. It is my food for my soul. I find that my Father has plenty for me to do here in talking to poor lost sinners, and telling professors about perfection in holiness, and admonish them to come out of Babylon. Praise God! There are already four of us here standing out clear from Babylon on the word of God. Praise God forever! Pray for us.”

Amen. God bless these dear ones in that city, and call many into the fellowship of Christ and the whole truth.


Doubtless, as a result of Bro. Henry and Co’s visit to Washington city, we have received the following letter from Bro. James D. Hall of the U. S. pension bureau, which we take the liberty to bublish:

“Dear Brother: Some of your tracts were placed in my hands by some stranger brethren at the holiness meeting here.

Ever since I was converted, some sixteen or seventeen years ago, I have had a great deal to contend with, mentally and spiritually, from within the so-called Church of God. I was converted outside any church, — sect — and went into the so-called church afterward. I have met many good brothers and sisters, who have helped me by their acquaintance. I have met those too who, holding prominent positions in the church — so called — have greatly surprised me by their methods, actions and conversation. If a person questions these he is at once told that they are “all right, and when you have attained more knowledge you will look at these things altogether differently.” And “when you get right yourself everybody else will appear all right,” etc. O the struggles and conflicts I have had that came through my experience with professors of religion. If I had not had a loving Father to go to, I should have been greatly discouraged and given up long ago. But he has been my present help in every time of need. It is becoming very difficult to distinguish between the worldly church (sect) members and the outside sinners. Some of our largest and grandest church organizations possess only a mere handful of spiritual people. Church members — rather sect members — claim to be dead to sin, who are most wonderfully animated corpses, who never think of Christ as a present Savior from sin. (Yea, by their pursuit of worldly pleasures and objects, they show they are dead to righteousness and alive to sin.)

I would like to know more of what you believe and feel, and how you hope to bring about a greatly needed change. I do not presume that this is any new idea, as you support your arguments so well, and fully by the scriptures. But it is new to me that there are those that think as I do, as I have been forced to think through circumstances over which I seemed to have had no control. If your ideas continue to meet my deep approval, I venture the assertion that we shall become strong friends. This line of truth deeply concerns me. The old time religion just suits me. I am a regular attendant at the holiness meetings here. And this spoils my taste for other less spiritual meetings.

I am a member of the M. E. church, but I do not feel at home there or in any other church in this city.

Yours in Christ, with the prayer that God will abundantly bless you in your labors,

James D. Hall.

The above sentiments are the experience of every really converted and conscientious child of God in all sectism. They are not at home there. “This is not your rest,” is the voice of God to them.

Once it was a serious question to us, what course to pursue to bring about the needed change. But the problem has been solved over twelve years ago. We, like everybody else that gets his eyes open to the low, worldly plane of his church (sect) thought we must try to reform her. Thus in the good intentions of his people, God “would have healed Babylon, but she is not healed.” — Jer. 57:9. What now? “Forsake her, and let us go every one into his own country; for her judgment reacheth unto heaven.” — Jer. 51:9. “And God hath remembered her iniquities,” the Revelator adds to the above in Rev. 18:4, 5. When Christ came, first to “his own,” the Jews, the greatest advantage that God had ever bestowed upon that nation was then conferred. But, alas! by rejecting the same it became their greatest calamity, and brought down on them j and their children a flood of destruction. So when the light of holiness came everywhere to the protestant sects, their greatest blessing was tendered them; but rejecting it in the main it became their consuming fire, and the curse hath devoured the earth, and few men are left.” — Isa. 24. The Jews rejected the second person, and thereby filled their cup of iniquity, which was soon poured out upon them. The Gentile sects in rejecting the Sanctifier, the third person of the holy trinity, have yet more deeply provoked the wrath of God, and so he has gone out of her, and his people following him. See Micah 2:12, 13. And leaving her house unto her desolate, as he left the Jews, she — Babylon — confusion — has fallen and become the habitation of devils and hold of every foul spirit. — Rev. 18:2. And God is now judging the great whore. Now what did Christ do in reference to falling Judaism? He cried with a loud voice as to men upon a sinking vessel, “Save yourselves from this untoward generation.” Though she had looked forward, down through the ages, to the coming of the Messiah, as the time, of her promotion to the highest national honor, behold, it has proved the occasion of her utter desolation. And so the Lord called upon all honest Jews, however high their hopes and aspirations for their national glory, to cast all these away and flee out of the doomed nation.

Likewise have many been looking ahead to a glorious revival in the last days, which they all hoped would fill their churches with power and glory. Many have put such hopes on record. The union of all the churches was one feature of the anticipated reformation. Forty, fifty and perhaps more than a hundred years ago such prophetic visions have found utterance in sacred song and spiritual thought.

Is not the time coming for the church to be gathered into the one Spirit of God?” etc.

But, “alas for the day,” saith God, because the seed of the new life was generally rotten beneath the clods of inbred sin, see Joel 8:14-20, and the masses of the sects were backslidden in heart, therefore they rejected holiness. The old man having the ascendency, refused to come to the cross, hence the opportunity of a glorious elevation became the occasion of an awful fall. This was all foreseen and foretold, and yet it had to come, but “As a destruction from the Almighty shall it come.” The “fire devoured all the pastures of the wilderness,” so that men could not maintain spiritual life short of going on to the Canaan of perfect love. And so the fire that was designed to purify and unify the confused and disintegrated mass of Christian professors, by their rejection of it, left them more desolate and fallen than when it came to them. Therefore, “I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people.” The Jewish fold was once owned and blessed of God, in fact, he was the author of it for a temporary use. The protestant sects were never of God’s workmanship. His word forbids all schisms, which is the same thing as sects. But because many of the sects had been formed by men who were honestly escaping out of older and more corrupt sects, and because the masses knew no better than to adhere in these unscriptural institutions, being educated to regard them as God’s church, and because men in all sincerity labored for the salvation of lost men from sin, while yet adhering in them, God was willing to labor with them, and did own and bless their labors. He blessed their labors, not because in the sect, but in spite of the sect relation, because they endeavored to abide in him. But when the light of holiness shone upon them they refused to walk in it, therefore darkness has come upon them, and they have abandoned virtue more and more, and have given themselves over to lust and sensual festivities. So all the true people of God are called out. And instead of a union of the sects. God is gleaning out a remnant, to whom he gives “one way and one heart.” In whom he produces a perfect unity. These constitute the bride, the Lamb’s wife, and the rest are rejected as reprobate silver. With all the fond hopes we cherished for the future prosperity of “our churches,” we were no less thunderstruck when we heard the loud voice from heaven saying, “Forsake her,” “Flee out of the midst of Babylon and deliver every man his soul,” than the old Jews were when they were called upon to abandon their hopes of being a great nation on earth again, and flee out of their sinking craft. Thus it is that history repeats itself. But we thank God that we understand his will concerning us, and that we stand in our lot at the end of days, the end of time. Amen.




Was it possible for Jesus, in the time of his temptation in the wilderness to yield to the temptation of the devil and commit sin, or at any time while here on earth was it possible for him to commit sin and fall from his position?

W. J. Henry.

Ans. In certain respects it may be regarded as an impossibility for the Savior to sin and fall; but from another standpoint it was not an absolute impossibility.

First. It was in a sense, impossible for him to sin, from the fact that there was utterly nothing in him to so incline him, as he said, “The prince of this world cometh and hath nothing in me.” His whole being was righteousness, and tended to righteousness. Furthermore it was also foreseen that he “would not fail, nor be discouraged.” That he wonld not be overcome by the powers of hell, but that he would conquer death, hell, and the grave. Hence the prophecies respecting him rendered it impossible that he fail, and the entire scheme of redemption hanging upon his fidelity,

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all predetermined, foreshadowed and foretold, and indeed pledged by the omnipotent, and immutable God, necessarily laid the Infinite under obligations to maintain the dignity of his word and the honor of his character in the spotless holiness of his Son. So we may say, with the Almighty hand under his steps, it was ten thousand times over impossible for the Son of God to sin.

And yet on the other hand, he was man as well as God, the Son of Mary as well as the Son of the Highest. And many things recorded of him in the word refer to him only in his human character. And as such, he with all the angels in heaven served and obeyed the God of the universe by continual choice and volition, which service necessarily implies the ability to withhold it. Hence, says David. “Bless the Lord, ye his angels, that excel in strength, that do his commandments, hearkening unto the voice of his word.” – Psa. 103:20. This certainly implies that their perseverance in holiness was not the result of an arbitrary control of the Almighty, from which they had no ability to swerve, but is the result of a continual hearkening to and volitional subjection to the voice and will of God. And likewise testifies the Son of God, “I do always those things that please Him.” – John 8:20.

“If ye keep my commandments ye shall abide in my love, even as I have kept my Father’s commandments and abide in his love.” – John 15:10.

Here we see that Christ continued in the divine favor upon the conditions of a voluntary subjection to his will, just the same as we retain his favor by keeping his commandments. The ability of Christ to will contrary to the Father’s will is seen in the garden of Gethsemane: “ Not as I will [not as my own comfort and relief from suffering, would naturally lead me to will] but as thou wilt.” If then Christ was capable of obeying the Father, that obedience implies the ability to withhold obedience. In fact, obedience always implies the power of volition, the power of with holding obedience. And obedience absolutely compelled is not obedience, but the motion of a machine under the control of its operator. Now if any one can comprehend the mystery, how Christ was real God, and at the same time an actual man, as the scriptures clearly teach, you will have notrouble over our seeming contradiction, that Christ in one sense could not sin, and looked at from another standpoint he could have fallen. “Great is the mystery of godliness.” The mystery of divinity and humaniity combined in the one person of our Lord and Savior.


I would like to ask a few questions to the glory of God:

1st. What does Paul mean in 1 Cor. 7:14?

2d. If a brother or sister should fall from sanctification would it take one or two works to renew them, seeing that Adam’s nature is gone, and it takes but one work to get rid of the devil’s nature. Your brother, saved and sanctified,

Cleve Donnell.

Ans. to first. To save time and space we will ask the reader to read the text in your Bible. The sanctified and holy husband and children in this text is to be understood in a legal sense. The marriage is not to be ignored because one of the couple has become saved and the other is not Nor should their children be held as illegitimate, or as bastards. But because one of the parents has become holy, God accepts the offspring, and holds the existing relation of the parents holy, and lawful for the sake of the one who is holy, just as if both were sanctified. And in that sense the unbelieving husband is sanctified through the believing wife, and their children holy. It is wrong for a Christian to contract marriage with an unbeliever. 2 Cor. 6:14. 1 Cor. 7:39. And for this reason it might be supposed that if two sinners be joined in matrimony, and one of them should afterwards be saved, that would invalidate their marriage, but this is not the case. See 1 Cor. 7:12, 13. Hence as in the text in question. God holds the union as lawful and the children us lawful.

Ans. to second. If a sanctified person falls from grace by any known sin of omission or commission, he loses both justification and entire sanctification. Both guilt and the works of the devil are the result. What we call the Adamic nature is nothing else but the unholy nature Satan put in Adam, and which has been transmitted to his race. And if after we are restored to the divine image through redemption. Col. 3:10, which Adam possessed by creation, we sin, we lose that divine nature as he did, which amounts to a participation of the devil’s nature, just what Adam got and transmitted to us. Hence Christ came it is not said to destroy the nature of Adam, – but to “destroy the works of the devil.”

Hence we answer, as the facts always show, that persons who lose salvation after wholly sanctified, a thing not impossible, but yet we think of rare occurrence, – they must have two works wrought to regain the summit of Bible holiness. But having a knowledge of the way, they can proceed from faith to faith more rapidly.




Lambertville, N. J., Nov. 7. 1892.

Dear Brethren: The meeting closed here to night, and the Lord willing we commence meeting at West Point, Pa. Nov. 9th. Whoever the Lord leads come to the meeting. Our address will be West Point, Pa. until further notice. Pray for us and the work there.

Yours in Christ,

W. J. Henry & Co.


Lake City, Mich., Nov. 2. 1895.

To all the Saints: I am called to preach the gospel, and I am making my way southward. I expect to travel by team throught Marion, Stanton, Grand Rapids, Plain well, Kalamazoo, Cold Water, Fort Wayne, and into Ohio, or any place where the Master leads. I am out in the field of labor, battling against wickedness in high places, and Jesus is my Captain. Praise his name! Will be glad to meet any of God’s little ones any where, and I ask the prayers of all the saints that the dear Lord will be with me in power.

Your brother, all on the altar for God,

Oliver Dyer.


Oct. 27, 1892.

The Lord bless you all. Amen. I am on my way to the camp meeting in Miss, to begin Oct. 29, about 10 miles from Hattiesburg. Hope to be at Bluff Springs. We had a glorious meeting at Hartsells. Some to the altar at most every invitation, for pardon or purity. The faith of the saints was greatly increased. They need a good place of worship and expect to build a meeting house. May the Lord help each one to do his part, and all move in harmony with God and each other, and to God be all the praise. Let all the saints continue to pray for the work in the South, and that God will qualify and use me to his glory in raising the New Testament standard to its full height of faith and glory. Amen.

Your saved brother,

J. Cole.


St. James, Mo., Oct. 22, 1892.

Dear Saints of the Most High God: May Father’s tender love continue to keep you alway. Since our camp meeting tour we have had one meeting near Reeds, Mo. in company with Bro’s Keeling, Sikes and Cox, and Sisters Carmichael. Preached two nights at Pioneer and two nights at Pierce City. Had a precious little meeting last night with the saints at Merrimac Iron Works, and came to this place to day, where we find Sisters Copeland and Myers and my sister engaged in the battle. The weather is rather unfavorable but we feel the power of the Lord working which promises us good results in the Lord.

Yours and Christ’s,

A. B. Stanberry & C. E. Hunter.


Grand Junction. Mich., Oct. 31. 1892.

To all the Dear Saints, Greeting: May grace and mercy be multiplied unto each one of you. Amen. Our last report was from Custards. Crawford Co., Pa. From there we we went about twelve miles southwest and commenced a meeting in the name of Jesus at the Baty school- house. with good congregations and good interest; and much good was done. Some consecrated for justification and some for sanctification; and all we believe got the desires of their hearts. On the 23d three dear souls were buried with Christ in baptism. Also dear Bro. Z. R. Turner was ordained as a minister of God by the laying on of hands. May the dear Lord help him to be faithful. When I came away the meeting was still going on, and may many souls still be saved to God.

From your saved brother in Christ,

J. L. June.


Grand Junction, Mich., Nov. 9. 1892.

Dear Brethren: The assembly meeting on the camp ground near here was a very precious one on account of the rich blessings of the Lord, and his power within and round about the camp. His searching Spirit did its office work in sending conviction and repentance to many souls, who yielded to his gentle call. Devils were cast out of some, and others were healed by the power of God by faith and prayer, and the laying on of hands according to James 5:14, 15. On the last sabbath of the meeting eleven were buried by baptism in Lester Lake, and in the evening an ordinance service was held. The meeting was quite well attended considering the weather. May God bless, strengthen and keep all the dear ones who I have consecrated their lives unto him.

E. E. Byrum.


Stenger, Pa., Oct. 31, 1892.

Dear Saints of God: Grace, mercy, peace, love and joy in the Holy Ghost be multiplied unto you all abundantly for Jesus’ sake. Amen. The battle is being moved forward in king Jesus’ name, and strength since our last report. Three consecrations, also the the little ones are settling deeper in God; deep and pungent conviction resting on the people; good congregations and good order. The dear people seem to be hungry for the pure gospel of God. Pray for us in this place, where there has been so much daubing with untempered mortar. While Bro. Miller was declaring the pure word in the name of Jesus last evening, it was backed up by the power and energy of the Holy Ghost, and accomplished that where unto God has sent, for his word will not return unto him void. Oh that it may be a savor of life unto life to the dear souls in this valley, and not of death unto death.

Yours in the holy war,

T. Rosenbery & Co.

Loogootee, Ind., Oct. 28, 1892.

To all of God’s Saved Ones: May peace and joy in the Holy Ghost be yours forever. I am glad I can still testify to the saving grace of God to me. It seems that the Lord wanted I me to go through a testing fire. It is wonderful to know just how the dear Lord causes every thing to work together for my good, causing me to see my utter weakness, and leading me into closer communion with my blessed Redeemer. Oh praise God for the sweet flow of God’s love in my soul just now! The Lord has wonderfully arranged my affairs so I think the most of my time now shall be spent earnestly laboring for souls. Being urged by the Spirit of God and earnestly requested back to Ky., myself and Bro. Cannon expect to start for Eubanks Sta., Ky., Lord willing, the 7th of Nov. We expect to labor most of the winter in those parts. Any one on the line from Cincinnati; there wishing our labors for souls will please write us at Eubanks Sta. till further notice: and if any of God’s true ministers feel led to join us in the great battle of the Lord, write us, for there is a great field ready for harvest there. Oh come and help us push the battle to the very gates. We are going in the power and might of Jesus, with a consecration to the stake. Praise God! Pray for us that God will use us to his glory, and to the rescuing of many dear souls.

Your brethren saved in Jesus’ blood,

R. Cloe & J. Cannon.


Murdock, Kan., Nov. 1, 1892.

Dear Saints of the Living God: We closed meeting in Wichita last Sunday evening, with grand victory for the Lord. Eight more followed the Lord in baptism, and others will be ready in the near future. There are about twenty-five saints in Wichita that are out in the evening light, and a number of others are convinced of the truth, but are not quite willing to take the step out of Babylon. May God bless the dear ones and keep them faithful. Yesterday we came out here twenty-five miles north-east into Butler Co., two miles from Murdoch, to our dear Bro. Christ’s house. We expect to commence meeting tonight in the Murdock school house, in the name of the Lord. We left Bro. Whitfield in Wichita. Bro. Randolph went to Anthony. Kan. He expects to go to Table Rock, Neb. soon and from there to Mich. May God bless the dear brother and bless his labors wherever he goes. A German brother that has pledged some money to the German paper desires to have it started by Jan. 1st, 1893, and says he will do his part to have it started by that time. We hope that all our German brethren will take hold of this matter at once, so that we may be able to send the evening light to our German brethren everywhere. May God bless the effort, and hasten the time when the good news of full salvation will be sent out in the German language. Amen. We are still sweetly saved in Jesus, and sanctified wholly with complete victory in our souls. Hallelujah!

M. M. Stover & son.



Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.
Psa. 119:129.


Democracy, Ohio.

Dear Trumpet Readers: I am led of God to write my testimony. I have not been able to write for some time, but the Lord is my only staff. Oh how I wish to be with the true children of light! It has been one year since I heard the gospel preached. I trust the Lord will send some one here in this place. I ask all to pray for me that I may gain better health. Pray for my unsaved parents also.

Your sister,

Hannah Myers.


Watkinsvjlle, Miss.

Dear Saints, Greeting: I am happy to report victory in Jesus over the world, flesh and devil. I am reigning in life by one Christ Jesus, and am wholly consecrated to do God’s will. Praise his holy name! I am so glad that I ever found the Bible way to heaven. Glory to God! Amen. I was saved Nov. 28, 1890, at Watkinsville, Miss. in Bro. Warner’s meeting. I lived for God awhile, but got cold, though I did not fall away. When Bro. J. Cole was here he talked with me, and I saw that I was wrong. I fully gave up to God, and now I know that I am saved to the uttermost. Heb. 7:25. I am now standing in the evening light of the gospel, working for the salvation of souls. Dear ones, pray for me that I may open my mouth boldly to make known the mysteries of the gospel, that the testament standard of salvation may be raised to its full height in Christ Jesus. O praise the Lord for victory just now! Amen.

Your brother, sanctified through the truth,

W. O. Williams.




Columbia City, Ind.

Willaim Clarence, son of Joseph and Sarah J. Killian, was born Dec. 14, 1890, died Oct. 25, 1892; aged one year, 10 months, 11 days. Our heart goes out in tender sympathy for our Bro. and Sister Killian in their sad bereavement. God bless them. Funeral services by

C. E. Rothermel.


Ollie, Ia., Oct. 30, 1892.

Died, September 15, 1892 Hattie Medora Wicks, daughter of L. and Caroline Wicks; aged 2 yrs., 4 mo. and 4 days. God bless the parents and save her papa from his sins. God bless all that mourn her loss. Their loss is her eternal gain.

Funeral services by

Brother Edy.


Calvert, Miss.

Died, near Java, Miss., Oct. 6, 1892, Ester May, daughter of Ruffie and Lee Calvert: aged 8 mo. and 6 days. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away; blessed be the name of the Lord! May God bless the bereaved parents with salvation, and comfort their hearts.

Lou Calvert.


West Liberty, O.

Sammy A. Mast, died Oct. 30, 1892; aged 11 yrs., 16 days. Little Sammy was always kind and obedient, making the Bible his study. Gave his heart to the Lord at the West Liberty camp meeting and was baptized, soon after which he took diphtheria and quinsy. His last words were, “I wish I could die,” and God relieved him by granting his request. Thus he followed his mother, who died about five and a half months before. Funeral services by Bro. S. A. Yoder, at Mount Tabor. Pray for your humble brother, bereft of dear ones.

L. C. Mast.


Died, in Pierce City, Mo., Oct. 30, 1892, Sister Alice Murry, aged 23 yrs., 8 mo. and 10 days. Sister Murry died of consumption. She lingered for a long time but bore up under her affliction without murmuring. She was a kind wife and an obedient child; was loved by everybody that knew her. She made a profession of salvation while in her afflictions. She leaves a husband, father and mother, and many relatives and friends to mourn their loss. The funeral was preached by the writer at the home of the deceased on Oct. 31, 1892.

F. E. P. Britton.


Sister Pamelia Roudebush died Oct. 5, 1892, at her home near Robinson, Kan., aged 40 yrs., 5 mo. and 3 da. She had suffered with lung trouble for over a year, and on Sept. 5, the saints were called for to talk and pray with her. They went and she experienced salvation in the evening light, threw away all medical aid and took Christ as her all in all. The saints visited her quite frequently during the last month of her sickness and the Lord gave her relief every time we went and prayed with her. She was conscious to the last and said she was dying happy in the Lord. She leaves a husband and five children to mourn their loss.

Emina Dansberger.

In Wichita, Kan., on Oct. 9, 1892, departed to be with Jesus, a little child of Bro. and Sister Brown; aged just one year. Its name is lost by us, but the little sufferer will not soon be forgotten. We had the pleasure of preaching the funeral just before starting on to Cal. The Lord comfort the parents. We trust the father has given his heart to the Lord as the good Spirit led him to promise.

Two little hands are sweetly folded
Upon a silent breast;
The little heart within has ended
Its throbs, and gone to rest.

Two little eyes are closed forever
To earth’s unholy sight;
Two little cherub wings now hover
In heaven’s golden light.

Two little feet have ceased to travel
Upon the shores of time;
A little gem, released from trouble,
Has gone above to shine.

Come view once more the precious casket,
Now cold and silent clay,
Where dwelt our darling infant’ spirit
The angels bore away,

O God, we bless Thee for the comfort
Thy grace and love bath giv’n,
That when life’s winter day in ended,
We’ll meet our child in heav’n.

D. S. W.

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IN the popular mind there is an entirely erroneous impression as to what exercise is necessary for and conducive to health. This error is not alone confined to the popular mind. I am sorry to say, for members of my own profession are either silent or else give wrong instruction on this subject. I pointed out, nearly a dozen years ago, that exercise is either for strength and agility or for its effects on health. Strength and agility of muscles are by no means essential to health. The man who exercises with dumb-bells and clubs and expects to find any material improvement in his health will quite probably be disappointed.

It is not unusual to find men of strength with poor health. Athletes may be able to perform great muscular feats and yet be wrecks in mind and body. Men may daily exercise in a gymnasium and steadily gain in muscular strength, and in ability to perform certain feats, and yet be chronic invalids. And yet exercise is proper and necessary to health, write here more especially for the young and middle-aged man. The youth will, up to the age of physical maturity, secure sufficient health-giving exercise in the sports of boyhood. He will undoubtedly do this unless restricted by his parents. A fondness for one game or a particular sport may make it necessary for him to take some exercise which will give him a more erect carriage or a better development of certain muscles, and as a “setting up” exercise there is probably nothing superior to the Indian clubs, as they develop those muscles of the chest and shoulders which make men erect, and tend to give a proper carriage to the upper portion of the body. This, too, is beneficial to the business man of more mature years, but beneficial for the most part in giving an erect carriage to the body, and, only in a small degree in having any effect on the general health.

Exercise, to be of marked benefit on the general system, must be so conducted, as to influence all the tissues of the body. The usual rules for exercising simply apply to muscular exercise — constitutional effects are only secondary. I would reverse it, making exercise for its constitutional effect the first consideration and the benefits to the muscular system secondary. The business man who, after a day of worry and mental fatigue hears a laughable story told by a comrade and enjoys a hearty laugh, takes an exercise of far more value to him than any amount of muscular exercise in a gymnasium would be. That exercise which develops endurance is of more value than mere feats of strength. The young man who can run two miles without being winded is better developed to stand the wear and tear of life than he who can lift an unusual weight or do some especially difficult feat on the bar or trapeze. Exercise to be of benefit must amuse, or at least interest the person exercising. A walk taken in a mere routine manner will be of little benefit. Start out with the intention of walking a mile every morning, and see what a task it becomes; but if you have a mile to walk to your work and no other way of travel, your mind will be on getting there, and the time will pass quickly, and you will receive corresponding benefit.

Business men require but little exercise, as a rule; the walking they get in their business is sufficient; what they require is relaxation of mind.

But besides increasing strength of muscle, what are the effects of exercise?

The effects are mainly upon the circulation and the nervous system.

The circulation is carried on, for the most part, by the heart: but the contraction and relaxation of muscles are great assistants in the process. The veins have valves; every time a muscle contracts it squeezes the blood out of the veins, and as they relax the valves prevent its backward flow. In this way even passive exercise, or such exercise as does not employ the active assistance of the brain and nervous system, is beneficial, for I do not condemn such exercise wholly.

But there is one place and one organ that exercise is essential in order to have a proper performance of its functions; viz., the liver.

The force of the heart is scarcely felt here at all, and nature has provided that there shall be a powerful suction force applied from the chest, which shall draw out the blood from the liver, and thus keep its function in a proper and healthy working order. The man whose work is confined to office and whose exercise while at work is only passive, and which does not make him take full breaths, will soon find himself troubled, more or less, with a sluggish-acting liver, and its concomitant results — indigestion, constipation, etc.

To such a man the throwing open of his window the first thing in the morning and taking of several deep inspirations and expirations is of more benefit to him than a few passive exercises with dumb-bells. The reciting of a humorous story by a comrade which makes him laugh heartily, may not increase materially the size of his bicep muscles, but it will start renewed circulation in that very important organ, the liver, and will do him material good.

Then, too, one of the most important functions of the liver is to throw off or excrete the waste matter of the nervous system, and therefore it is essential to a clear brain that we should have an unobstructed circulation in the liver. This is best brought about by standing erect, head and shoulders back, and taking several deep and full inspiration and expirations every day. This, I assure you, is more beneficial to your general health than a half hour in a stuffy gymnasium.

The business and professional man, to preserve his health, should take daily exercise, but this should not be of a violent character, or he may easily strain or injure some delicate organ. The brain-worker should choose such exercise as gives relaxation to the brain, and which can be taken without great fatigue. The man who works all day long at hard manual labor will find healthy exercise in cultivating his brain, by reading thoughtful books during his hours of idleness. Horseback riding would be irksome to him, for his muscles are already tired, but your brainworker will find the horseback ride exhilarating and refreshing, for in his case it is his brain that is tired and not his muscles. The aim should be to bring about a healthy equilibrium. The brain-worker does not need the muscles of the blacksmith, but he does need his powers of endurance, he needs his good heart and good digestion even more than the blacksmith. The hardened muscles are essential to the blacksmith’s work, and he will be all the better equipped for a healthy progress through life if he will occupy his leisure moments in such mental exercise as will add to and properly develop his brain.

Nerve Dr. Wm. M. Braird.



Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.
Psa. 119:129.


Cedar Creek, Ind.

Dear Saints: I feel led to write my testimony only for the praise of God. I praise God this afternoon that I am free from sects, saved and sanctified by two distinct works of grace, satisfied to walk alone with Jesus in the narrow way.

From your sister under the blood,

Susan Holman.


Caldwell, Kan.

To the Children of God: The Lord is the same yesterday, to day and forever. I have found the same abiding comforter. He keeps me and gives me that peace that passeth understanding. He is my elder brother. Oh, blessed thought! I love the Lord because he first loved me. He leadeth me, even me. Blessed be his holy name for leading me into all truth! His word is a light to my pathway. Pray for me and the cause here, that souls may he saved and his name glorified.

From one of the least in the body of Christ,

Josie Adams.


Briar, Tex.

Dear Trumpet Readers: I feel the Lord would be pleased to have me write my testimony. I am saved. Praise the Lord! I give God the glory for his wonderful love to us. I realize the blood flowing over my soul, making me whiter than snow. Praise the Lord!

Your brother and sister in Christ, saved and sanctified as a second work of grace,

F. C. & Lewis Slate.


Melrose, Ohio.

Dear Saints: My testimony this morning is. I am sweetly saved just now and kept by the power of God. I realize that we are living in perillous times. The devil is working hard to destroy the faith of God’s children. How many profess to know God and by their ways and actions deny him!

From your saved sister, sanctified by Jesus’ blood.

Z. J. Ellis.


Oklahoma, I. T.

Dear Saints of God: I earnestly desire the prayers of all God’s dear ones. I am sorry to say that I have lost that sweet peace of God from my soul. I always felt the Lord had something more for me to do than I could see how to do it. I felt so little and so unworthy; but I know we must go by faith and not by sight. O that the Lord may give me a clean heart once more, and a willing heart to leave all to follow him. Remember me in your prayers. God bless you all.

E. I. Hoffer.


Haynie, Pa.

Dear Saints: I feel led of the Lord to write my testimony to let you know what the good Lord has done for me. He saves and sanctifies me just now, and keeps me every day by his mighty power free from sin. Oh, I do praise God for his keeping power. He has cleansed me from tobacco, which I had used for twenty-eight years, and tea and coffee also. I praise God that salvation makes a clean sweep of all filthiness. I ask all of the dear saints to pray for me that I may do the whole will of God.

Your brother in Christ,

William Meckley.


Haynie, Pa.

Dear Saints: I feel it would be to the glory of God to write my testimony to the many readers of the GOSPEL TRUMPET. This evening finds me saved and sanctified to do the will of God in all things. I belonged to the M. E. sect for 15 years. I praise God that he called me out into his blessed evening light. The first holiness sermon I ever heard was last April, 1892, and it took root in my heart. Praise the Lord! Want all of the the saints of God to pray for me, that I may be kept low and humble at the Master’s feet.

Your sister under the blood,

Lizzie Meckley.


White Rock, Me.

Dear Beloved Saints: I will write my testimony for the Trumpet, believing it to be the will of the Lord. Amen. I am saved this morning with an everlasting salvation. Sweet peace fills my soul as I write. Such peace as is not given to the world, for it is the peace of heaven the peace of God, the peace of Christ, who is dwelling in my heart. Praise the Lord forever! I arrived here yesterterday from Ohio; am now ready for the work of the Master here. I am going to York Co. in a day or two to open up the work there. I need your prayers, not only for me, but that I may have utterance from God to do declare the whole counsel of God.

Your brother and fellow ..aborer in the Lord,

Edward Townsend.


O..f, Ia.

Dear Saints: I am led to write my testimony to the redeemed in Jesus I am so glad that I am saved just now from all sin, and sanctified, ready to do what God puts on me to do. Praise his holy name! I feel led to ask all the saints to pray for us all in this country, for the devil is going about seeking whom he can devour. I think the Lord would be pleased if Bro. and Sister Cole and company could come to Iowa and work this winter Have been praying the dear Lord to send some one. I will do all l can to help them here, and do all I can while they are here, as there are but few that are straight for God.

Yours saved and under the blood

H. M. Corpron.


Rockville, Mo.

Dear Saints: The dear Lord lead me to write my testimony. Thanks be to bis holy name! He saves im now. I never heard a holiness sermon in my life till last June. Bro. Rapp and Bro. Steel and wife came to this place and held meeting about three weeks. I only went a few times for I was not able to walk that far without great fatigue: but I got light enough while they were here, that I quit taking medicine and put my trust in the Lord to heal my body. My daughters were both converted and baptized, and several others. Now I am able to do more work than either of my girls. Praise the Lord! I did not stop at the body, but went to work to get my soul into his hands too, and when the meeting closed I was so happy I felt like I could almost fly away. I am all on the altar now and Jesus says I’m sanctified. Glory to God! I never will get done praising God for sending the brothers here. I ask the prayers of all the saints that my dear husband and daughters may be sanctified. I praise God this day for a free and full salvation. Pray for me that I may ever walk in the pathway of Jesus.

Your sister, saved and sanctified wholly,

Mary E. Maddax.


Adams, Iowa.

Dear Saints: I believe it will be to the glory of God to write my testimony. I am praising the Lord for his wonderful goodness to me. He has sanctified my soul and keeps me by his mighty power every day. Glory be to God! Oh it makes me rejoice to see the dear saints here living up to all the light they have and trying to get more all the time. Praise God forever! Oh he is a friend indeed in every time of need. I never had such peace in my heart; it makes me feel innocent like I used to when I was a little child at home with my father and mother. My heart is all on fire, glory to our Jesus for this wonderful salvation! What a Jesus we have to cling to and help us out of all our troubles. Oh I could weep for others who are unsaved. Dear children of the living God, pray for my husband that he may yield himself to God; he is under strong convictions. Dear saints, let us be faithful and true to the end, always trusting our blessed Redeemer, and never go astray. Oh I am so glad in my heart that I can say I have a home in heaven. We want some of God’s firebrands to come and hold a few meetings here soon. We are all hungry for more light. Pray for us out here that we ever keep safe in the arms of Jesus. I remain your sister, washed in the blood of the Lamb,

Lizzie Clark.


Watonga, Oklahoma.

Dear Saints: I believe it would be to the glory of God for me to write my testimony this morning, and let you know what God is doing with me, away out here in this western country. I am well both soul and body, and praising God for salvation that keeps me saved from all sin. When I first came out here to this new country I thought it was so far away from any of the saints that we never would get to see any of them again, but I found I was mistaken, for I find there are saints on almost every side. I here is a little church here of a few of God’s children who have not bowed the knee to Baal, and we have meeting every Lord’s day; and prayer meeting every Wednesday night. We are praying for God to send some holy minister here to help us. We would like to see some of the brethren come into this county to hold meeting. We are getting hungry for the pure gospel of Christ, would like to see Bro. B. E. Roc come out and work in the territory if the dear Lord wills. There is a good opening here for the truth.

When I first came out here I was a backslider, without God and without hope in this world, and when I arrived here and began to look around, I saw so many souls on the road to everlasting torment that I became alarmed at the way I was doing and began to seek salvation at once. Now if any one feels led of the Lord to come to our place you will find a hearty welcome. Although we are pour in this world’s goods, we will do the best we can, trusting God for the rest.

Your brother,

W. E. Moore.


130 Short Ave., Butler, Pa.

Dear Saints: May the blessings of God’s peace and glory rest upon you all forever. Amen and amen. The Spirit of God impresses me to night to write my testimony, declaring my present liberty and freedom in Christ. Glory be to his dear name! He saves even me, and saves me just now. My soul is pure and free from all unholy tarnish, ready for a mansion in our Father’s house. Oh, the blessedness of such a state, when we have died to self, to all indeed but Jesus! How I praise and adore his holy name that he has taken all pride, love of the world, jesting, foolish talking, and all such soul-destroying elements out of my heart, closing my eyes to the so-called pleasures and allurements of this life, and opening them to behold the beauties of the One altogether lovely. Truly I can sing,

“Let worldly minds this world pursue,
It has no charms for me;
Once I admired its trities too,
But Christ hath set me free.”

Hallelujah! and such freedom; not a single band or yoke of sectism, or any other ism, but the glorious light of full salvation and the yoke of the meek and lowly Jesus, which gives rest to weary souls. This blessed holy rest, dear ones, is what our dear Lord will give to each one who earnestly seeks his face. Oh, the power and love of God! how it is manifested day by day! Since it has pleased God to sever me from all the dear saints and place me as it seemed in a desert soil, I have learned to lean entirely on his strong arm and trust him alone, though I sadly missed the privilege of meeting with his children and hearing the word in its purity. Yet I now see the wisdom and love in all his dealings with me, and the language of my heart is continually, Thy will be done; knowing that all things work together for good to them that love God. I am satisfied with Jesus, and have no desire for anything apart from his lovely will He keeps me sweetly saved, and is leading me through green pastures and beside still waters. He is a glorious captain, and we shall have continual victory in our souls if we follow him and keep low and humble at his feet. Oh, let us praise the Lord for the highway of holiness. The redeemed of the Lord shall walk there, and the ransomed of the Lord shall return, and come to Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads; they shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away. Pray for me, dear saints, that I may be kept from the power of the enemy, and at the coming of Christ be found of him in peace.

Your sister, sanctified wholly,

Florence M. DeRousse.

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