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12 October 1893, Volume 13, Number 40.



Some day when God’s sweet spirit.
So loving and so true.
Has taken llight forever
And calls no more for you.
You‘ll see your sin and folly
And moan in your despair,
But heaven ne’er will open
Nor answer give your prayer.

Some day when God’s fierce anger
Falls on this world of sin,
You’ll knock as did the virgins
But cannot enter in.
All then, with bitter weeping.
From those fair gates of light
You’ll go with other doomed ones,
Down to an awful night.

Some day, yes when forever
The mercy door is closed,
And your lost soul must suffer
Amid eternal woes,
In bitter grief and anguish
You’ll think upon the day,
When trifling with God’s mercy,
You, careless, said, “Some day.”

Georgia Cook.




FAITH in Christ for salvation, must refer to the promises of the divine Word. As God has recorded the sentence of eternal condemnation against every disobedient soul, it is forever impossible for the sinner to believe for salvation till he has ceased to disobey. Hence the restless reader will find no relief in this chapter, till he has complied with the conditions set forth in repentance.

The impression very extensively prevails that the greatest difficulty in seeking God is the lack of faith, but it really lies in the want of submission. The saving application of Christ’s atoning sacrifice was never made to an insubordinate human will. But when the sinner, on his way to the cross, has completely yielded to the sovereignty of God. he is ready to reach the atonement through every promise of the divine Word. Let the inquiry be entertained by the reader, Am I now, in accordance with the light given, forever surrendered to the will of God? If you are, you may now believe; and in believing, you will receive and know the joy of pardoned sin.

Faith is that act of the soul by which Christ is received as a personal Savior. The question arises. “Is not faith the gift of God? How then is it the act of the creature?” God gave the power to believe; but the exercise of this power is with us. He gave the atoning sacrifice by which our salvation is made possible. He gave Christ to be believed in as a personal Savior. He gave the promises of his word as the channel through which each guilty soul might reach the benefits of the atonement and receive Christ as the Almighty Savior.

He also gave the Holy Spirit to show the sinner his lost condition; to inspire his heart with desires for God; to throw light on the atonement; to reveal Christ; to breathe strength into his weakness; thus giving him the gracious ability to exercise faith, or the power to believe and receive salvation as the gift of God. As the exercise of this power to believe depends entirely upon our own decision, our salvation or condemnation results from the action of the will. Christ the mighty to save set before us, and all the conditions of salvation made plain, each soul must decide for himself, to either receive him and be saved, or reject him and be lost.

There is an assent given to the truth by multitudes of wicked men, which is sometimes mistaken for the “one faith” of the New Testament. A deception more subtle and ruinous could hardly be taught or received. This may be distinguished from genuine faith by the following remarks: The one is an act of the head; faith is always of the heart. The one is simple assent; faith is trust. The one is always characterized by self-reliance; faith by self-abandonment. The one depends for salvation on works; faith depends on Christ only. The one practically rejects Christ as a present Savior; faith receives him now. The one leaves its subject condemned and in darkness; faith justifies him and brings in light. The one never brings the internal witness of acceptance; faith always does. The one fails to bring its subject into a saved experience; faith is always succeeded by the joys of conscious salvation.

The heart must believe that Christ is not only able to save, and willing to save, but, that he is able and willing to save now. To this must be added the confiding trust that he now saves.

The question arises “How can I believe without the evidence?” What evidence? “Why the evidence of my senses.” If the Lord had demanded that you believe the evidence of your senses in order that you might be saved, such would have been the nature of the faith required of you; but he has not asked you to believe in yourself, or anything that is done in you. The faith that saves the soul relates to Christ only, and not to inward experiences. We can reach Christ by only believing his word.

Take God at his word. Without any evidence except his immutable promise, rest the eternal destiny of your soul on that. God says I will receive you; and your faith claims acceptance on the divine veracity.

Christ says, “Behold I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.” Rev. 3:20. Having heard his voice, faith is the act of your heart by which you open the door and receive him. If after submission there is a delay in believing, because of constitutional tendencies, or long continued habits of unbelief, two or three steps suggested by the familiar chorus, “I can, and I will, and I do believe, that Jesus saves me now,” may help you to reach the end sought. Take the first step and hold it; I can believe, for God requires it; and he never requires of me that which I cannot do. Having secured the first step, take the second. I will believe. Your will has often rejected Christ; let it now receive him. Repeat with frequency, I will believe. The adversary of your soul is fiercely contesting this ground with you, but your soul is at stake. God demands it. I WILL BELIEVE. My soul will perish if I disobey. I WILL BELIEVE. Having reached the second step, let God see that it is settled forever. Now take the third step, “Ido believe that Jesus saves me now.” I here rest the whole question of my salvation on the faithful promise of my Creator. Having committed my wicked soul to my Lord Jesus Christ, I now believe his atoning sacrifice was offered for my sins; and I now trust him to take away my guilty load. I DO BELIEVE THAT JESUS SAVES ME NOW.

Make a record of this transaction. I . . . . . . have on this . . . . . day of . . . . . . in the year . . . . at o’clock solemnly given myself to the Lord Jesus Christ, to be his servant forever. Seeing myself a lost sinner I have laid all my sins at his feet, trusting him to wash out the guilty record of my past life in his atoning blood. Believing in my heart that he died to redeem my soul from death, I have accepted him as my redemption price, and my complete Savior from the guilt and pollution of all my past transgressions. “Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song. He also is become my salvation.” Isaiah 12:2.

—Selected M. L. H.




Union Deposit, Pa., Sept. 25, 1893.

E. E. Byrum,

Grand Junction, Mich.

Some one sends me the GOSPEL TRUMPET I know not how to place its teachings or to make out what kind of people it represents. You seem to be a zealous, fearless people, making great claims as to personal holiness. In number 36 you have a communication on the second page concerning those “who seek, seek, and seek” but do not find because of some little thing they are not willing to yield. Who is to decide what kind of dress is to be worn? The word of God? Where is it found? The conscience? Who teaches conscience to accept this or that as true? The Romanist’s conscience is as faithful as mine or yours. There is no attribute of the soul more helpless than conscience. It accepts what it is taught as truth, and must abide by it, no matter how false it may be. It is not the office of the conscience to discover truth, but to be governed by knowledge and faith.

Now to the practical point. I have been taught from infancy that no man is a Christian who does not wear his hair as long as from crown to the neck, and parted in the middle, and wear a round coat, and a low-crowned, broad-brimmed hat. My conscience accepted this as fully as repentance and baptism and eucharist.

Is the protest of my conscience a barrier to salvation when increased light shows that these customs have no higher authority than human tradition and legislation? This matter of conscience is truly a difficult one to settle. The Papist would feel as much condemned to omit his petitions to the Holy Virgin as you or I would to offer them.

Would you anoint and pray for the healing of a sick person who conscientiously adheres to views and customs, and habits of soul and life which you regard squarely opposed to the fundamental idea of Christianity? I find it the hardest struggle of my life to emancipate myself from the erroneous teachings of my childhood. I often feel condemned for not doing as my parents did, although I know that the cut of the coat or style of hat and hair are not commanded in the word of God. Or do you think they are?

I am an invalid and have read much about divine healing, but it is not as clear to me as I wish. Can a person be healed whose conscience is troubled about the above mentioned traditional customs?

Should you feel disposed to reply to this, do so freely and as before God.


C. H. B.


In the above letter there are some points worthy of notice. Conscience is not always a safeguard against wrong doing. Saul of Tarsus did not feel any remorse of conscience when he was persecuting the saints of God, and putting them to death, but thought he was doing the will of God. although his disobedience was so great that the Lord struck him down along the way. We read in the Bible about persons who have their conscience, seared with a hot iron; that is, they can do wrong and carry on their wickedness and do not seem to be conscience-smitten in the least. Then there are those who have turned from their sinful ways to serve the Lord, and are so sensitive that they become conscience-smitten at almost any trifling little thing, whether it is right or wrong. Such persons are almost constantly accused, hampered, and more or less kept under bondage by the enemy of their soul, and can scarcely tell just where they stand spiritually. The trouble is, they rely upon their conscience instead of upon the word of God and the Spirit of God. Others take the word of God and interpret it by the traditions of their fathers or by their own ideas, instead of by the Spirit of God, and are also led into legalism, formalism, and bondage, delusions, etc.

Some say they have the Spirit, but when their spirit is tried by the Word it is very plain that it is not the Spirit of God that they have, for it does not agree with the Word. The Bible teaches us that the Spirit and the word agree. The Spirit of God is in harmony with the whole word of God and does not need to reject any part of it.

As to dress, the word of God settles that matter very plainly, and sets forth the example of “modest apparel,” something not after the fashions and superfluities of worldly people. 1 Tim. 3:2; 1 Tim. 2:9; Jas. 1:21. The Word says put away superfluities. A superfluity is something unnecessary. For instance, a finger ring, watch charm, earrings, etc., are articles of superfluity as adornments for a child of God, because they are not worn for the glory of God, but for show only. A person can become fanatic one way or another on the line of dress. A plain and neat outfit is the kind of dress the Bible instructs us to have, such as can be worn to the glory of God, and it matters not whether the coat is round or square cut, sack, frock, or any other kind as far as the make of it is concerned, just so it is not unnecessarily trimmed for worldly show. The Quakers, Dunkards and others have their peculiar style of clothes, which must be cut just so, and the men wear low- crowned, broad-brimmed hats, and the women their caps and capes. Their peculiar style of dress is a big part of their religion. Their conscience will not permit a change from their regular customs of dress. The women of some of these religious classes of people will not pray unless they can have their heads covered with a veil or cap of some kind, and the men must have long hair parted in the middle. The Amish people go a little farther and will not use buttons on their clothes, but use hooks and eyes instead. They are doubtless all conscientious and sincere about these things; but Paul in writing about such customs says, (1 Cor. 11:16) “But if any man seem to be contentious, we have no such custom, neither the churches of God.”

If a man wants to wear his hair long enough to reach to his neck, and have it parted in the middle, and have a veil over his head when he prays, and wear flap pants and a round cut coat, let him do so and we say amen, but he has no right to teach that others must follow that peculiar custom, and just as soon as he begins to contend for and teach such, then Paul speaks as above quoted, and overthows his customs and religious traditions.

Women wear steel-ribbed, or whalebone corsets which cause internal disorders, and injure their bodies, bringing disease upon themselves and their offspring. Yet many of them seem to have a clear conscience in the matter; likewise so do the men. The women exclaim in horror and surprise, What! men wear corsets? Well no, but few real men, if any wear them, but many of our city dudes not only wear corsets, but pad their pants also, in order to improve their form. The opposite sex who wear the corsets for the same purpose, cry out, shame! shame! Well, those poor deluded dudes have just as much right to disfigure themselves as the opposite sex have, and can do so with far less injury. When the evils of these things are known, the knowledge of the same will smite the conscience, and if a child of God has been ignorantly doing any of these things, when the light of the Word is presented and the evils shown, they will willingly lay such aside.

Regarding the customs and traditions of men spoken of: when the true light flashes and shows up such things, a person should follow the teachings of the word and the leading of the Spirit of the Lord instead of his former conscience.

Concerning anointing the sick, if a person is a child of God, and willing to walk in the light of the Word as the Lord reveals it to him, and has the proper faith for the healing of the body, I would not hesitate to obey the Lord in anointing and offering prayer. A person needs to be consecrated to the whole will of God, and if troubled with “traditions and customs,” turn them over to the Lord and go about the Master’s business, and the proper course will soon be marked out. But for a person to cling to these things after the light of the Word has revealed the error, then they become a barrier to salvation work and having power with God.

E. E. Byrum.



Psa. 119:129.


Clinton, Ill., Sept. 17, ’93.

Dear Saints: This beautiful Sabbath morn I feel led of the Spirit to write my testimony. I am still standing on the solid rock, saved to the uttermost.

Dear Sister Spink went to Campmeeting yesterday at Monticello. I did want to go with her, but God willed it otherwise. His will be done not mine, Praise God! Your sister in Christ.

Lottie Masterson.


Fairbury, Neb.

Dear Readers of the Trumpet: I am serving God to all my strength and all the light he gives me. I find the way so pleasant and bright that I could not turn back as long as I have such peace in Him. I thank him for salvation that is free to all. I am willing to do all I can for the Lord. I have lived twenty-five years in sin so I will serve Him that long if he spares my life. I ask an interest in your prayers that I may hold out faithful to the end. Your brother in Christ,

V. S. Harroun.


Vichy, Mo.

Dear Saints of the Living God, Greeting: We are praising God for victory in our souls, and for the blessed campmeeting that the dear Lord gave us, also for the true anointed ones he sent to teach and preach the Word with so much holy wisdom. O we pray that they may ever keep humble and true to God. We feel that we never had such blessed freedom as we now enjoy. We feel like working for another camp-meting. The Lord willing, we expect to visit some in a place where they have not had the evening light preached. Pray much for us, that we may be kept free. Yours in the love of Jesus,

James A. and Sarah A. Thornton.


Moscow, Miss.

Dear Saints and Trumpet Readers: I do realize that I have been washed thoroughly in the blood of the Lamb, and made whiter than snow. When the dear Lord saved me, he took all worldly pleasure and Babylon confusion out of me, for which I give God all the glory. I can say that the way grows brighter and brighter every day, and I am learning to trust in God more and more. Dear saints we must live true and holy to please the Bridegroom and to keep ourselves unspotted from the world. I praise the Lord for the healing of the body as well as the soul. Pray for me, and also for my husband that he may get stronger in the Lord. Your saved sister,

Katie Gibson.

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Lucy Alderson, P. Petterson, Ed. Volker, A. M. Bixler, J. T. Courtney, S. S. Sunderland, J. B. Polley, Amelia Stanley, Enoch Ticknor, Marilda A. Smith, Philip Kesler, Mrs Ruth T. Reed.


Calls for Meeting.


Keene, Wabaunsee Co., Kan.

Oh may the Lord send some one of his children here to hold a meeting.

M. J. Cowdrey.


Wm. B. Nichols, of St. Clair, Hawkins Co., Tenn., who is very much afflicted, writes that they greatly desire a true holiness minister to come to that place and preach the pure gospel to the hungry souls there.


Columbus, Cherokee Co., Kan.
Sept. 28, ’93.

To The Trumpet: We much desire a Tabernacle Meeting at this place. Cannot Sister Sunderland, or anyone the Lord wills come? It is true there are no homes here at this place; there are only two families here; one of them being one mile from town, would be inconvenient. The other is wholly depending on the Lord for daily food, on account of the sad accident of the brother being burned so badly, but there is a work to be done here, and if some of God’s holy ministers would come, and the saints from Carthage and Webb City, and as many others as can, would come prepared to camp, we think the Lord will provide.

There could be meetings held in the country school houses. Address John A. Wilson, or Lucy Kirk.



There will be a meeting of the saints at Mt. Zion, five miles east of Hart- sell, Ala., commencing on Friday, Oct. 20, next, at six o’clock, P. M. Bro. J. N. Howard and others whom the Lord may lead, will be present.

S. S. Stinson,

Hartsell, Ala.



Edgewood, Mich., Sept. 29, 1893.

If the Lord wills there will be an assembly meeting held at Hamilton. Gratiot Co., Mich., commencing Oct, 20, 1893. Bro. Grover is expected. All are invited. The nearest R. R. point will be North Star, on the Toledo and Ann Arbor R. R. Inquire for Edgewood, Mich., or address Bro. John Ringle, Sickels, Mich.

W. A. Moore.



To be held at West Monterey, Pa., beginning Oct. 28, and lasting till Nov. 5th. and longer if the Lord is willing. Bro. Dillon and company and Bro. Schell and company are desired to be present. We extend a general invitation to all the saints. Let all pray that it may be a glorious feast of the coming together of God’s children in these parts. All coming from a distance can reach West Monterey via. A. V. R. R. There will be a home for all.

Oscar Sybert.


Bro. A. J. Kilpatrick and Thos. Carter’s meeting in Augusta, will begin Nov. 15th, the Lord willing. A place is prepared for the meeting. Everybody come promptly on the date. Yours in the one body.

W. H. Morris,

[King Mills] Augusta. Ga.




We wish to report that the Lord is wonderfully blessing the work here, and holy literature, by way of free tracts, papers, books, etc., have in the last few months been sent out in abundance as never before, and yet we are unable to supply the great demand for such literature. The pure gospel must be spread throughout all the world. Holiness literature should be placed in every family, that there be no excuse in the day of judgment. If the people will not buy, the children of God should see to it that they get it in some way.

There is doubtless enough money among God’s children, that is laying idle, or is not being used to his greatest glory, to send holiness teaching into every family in the land. But as it is, the great masses of people know little or nothing about the pure gospel, and the wonderful love and saving power of God. Souls are starving, dying on every hand. Ask yourself the question, “Will their blood be required at my hand because I neglected to use my money, or my labor to help to rescue them?” The Lord is coming some of these days; will he find us only intending to do something instead of having done it?

While out tracts and papers have been constantly going forth by the thousands, yet we feel it ought to be speedily increased a hundred fold, and could be were the means at hand. At present we are in need of several hundred dollars to pay pressing bills, also for others coming due soon. And besides this we are in great need of a larger boiler and engine, also engine room and steam heating outfit for our buildings. Had we the outfit for steam heating before cold weather, we could doubtless save at least two hundred dollars in the purchase of wood and coal for heating the buildings during the winter. It will take several hundred dollars to purchase the outfit and the other machinery, but we do not feel led to move out in this line until the means are at hand as we have other pressing bills. One dear young brother has promised to furnish the money to pay for the steam heating, but it will be useless to put in the piping unless the other material and machinery is furnished. We are looking to the Lord concerning the matter, and desire all of God’s children to make a special prayer in behalf of the work here.




To the General Assembly and Church of the First Born at Grand Junction, Mich., Greeting: Grace be with you, mercy and peace, from God the Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, in truth and love. Amen. Dearly beloved in the Lord, while our heart would rejoice greatly to be present with you in the joyful assembly of the saints, with the glory of God in the midst, we are happy in the conscious knowledge that we are in his sweet will and order in his work here. Truly God is very blessedly revealed in our heart, and manifest in our mortal flesh. O how we wish we were present to praise his excellent name with you all, in the Spirit of his holiness! But we, being absent, believe it his will to write unto you these humble lines.

Beloved in the Lord, these annual assemblies should be improved in special efforts, on the part of all the holy brethren and sisters, and more especially such as are called to labor in word and doctrine, and do the work of an evangelist, to sink deeper into God, and more perfectly know his will: to be more fully filled with his Spirit, endued with his power, melted in his love, conformed to his image and illuminated with his glory. Oh dearly beloved in the Lord, we have long felt that there must be a greater advancement in the spiritual attainments of the saints of the most high God. And our soul is more than ever stirred within us to “speak unto the children of God that they go forward.” In the name of Jesus there must be an advancement in the life and power of holiness among us. Without it, a rapid increase numerical strength were dangerous to the welfare of the cause of God. The addition of numbers, without “adding to faith, virtue; and to virtue, knowledge; and to knowledge, temperance; and to temperance, patience; and to patience, godliness; and to godliness, brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness, charity;” has proved the curse and downfall of all the sects of Babylon. Numerical prosperity without a corresponding growth in all the graces of holiness, became the snare of Satan, the occasion of pride, and idolatry, by their glorying in their “great Babylon.” O beloved, God’s own church must increase with the increase of God. And this increase must not only be by the addition of his temples, but by the increase of all the progressive elements of his holiness in the temples he has already sanctified and taken possession of. Study the meekness of Christ, and learn of him to be meek. Stir up your hearts, to covet earnestly the best gifts. The gift of healing is yet feebly manifested: the gift of discerning is sadly lacking in very many of the workers and ministers, and the gift of faith is but little sought and manifest. The gifts of God’s church are its organs of vision, its muscles of power, its feet to run, its hands to labor, its weapons to wage aggressive war. It is through the sacred gifts that a “manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man [in the body of Christ] to profit withal.” But Paul doses that very sublime lesson on the gifts of the Spirit, — 1 Cor. 12; — by these words, “And yet show I unto you a more excellent way.” Namely, important as all these gifts are in the sacred body of Christ, there is something still more valuable and indispensible. Charity, — love — the pure love of God shed abroad in the heart is the one thing most needed by every member of Christ. Without it, “knowledge puffeth up,” and every other gift would be subverted to glorify the creature, and rob the Creator, to inflate with pride, and only bring the “greater damnation.” O my dearly beloved, be filled with love, and covet all the graces of holiness, even more than the gifts of the Spirit.

One very beautiful, and God-pleasing grace is that of courtesy. O beloved, constantly study, and carefully practice, courtesy, kindness and gentleness, one towards another; prefering one another in all-things, pleasing others in that which is for their profit, and not pleasing ourselves, or prefering ourselves. Let all the ministry seek to build up one another in the estimation of all men. Avoiding the base and ungodly spirit, which seeks to depreciate the labors of another, that our own may show up to better advantage. And disdain that unkind and unmanly disposition to publish the blame on some other brother, if a meeting has not been as successful as desired. We do not intend by this to say that meetings are not often hindered by the presence of crooked and pernicious agents of the devil; but it sometimes occurs that true brethren are disappointed in their calculations, and find themselves unable to do what was expected, and in such cases, to cast a blame upon them violates the law of kindness, and grieves the Spirit of God.

Beloved, resolve upon a life more fully given to prayer. Seek by constant earnest supplication to God, to know his will in all things. Learn the word at his mouth and give the people warning from him. Live near enough to God that you may indeed be taught of him. The Holy Spirit, who is the author the blessed Book of Truth, is alone capable of interpreting the same. O how our soul has been grieved, because so few of the dear brethren live close enough to God, to have real openings of the word of God to them by the Holy Spirit. What a sweet and heavenly privilege you are depriving yourselves of. To be carried away in the Spirit, to the high mountain of inspiration, and there be shown the sacred and deep things of God, a thousand times repays all that self mortification, and deep humiliation before God, that renders us trustworthy of such beloved pr«vileges. O my beloved, how little we yet know of God, and his word; and yet, here we stand on the brink of time, and surely it is high time that we set our whole hearts to know God’s will concerning us, in these last days. If this holy remnant must be of one mind, one heart, one soul, and one way, as the word teaches, it can only be by all the teachers being taught of God. Then all having the same interpreter of the word, we will have the same interpretation thereof. And this reception of the truth by the Spirit of Truth, is absolutely necessary to qualify us to preach with the power and authority of God’s own messengers. Beloved, pray much for your unworthy servant and brother in Christ. We are praying much that great grace, and glory may rest upon the holy assembly from day to day, and that many souls may be saved, and all the redeemed be much blessed and furthered in the life that is in righteousness and true holiness. All that are with us send greeting in the Lord. Yours in much love.

D. S. Warner.


News from the Field.


404, 44th St., Pittsburg, Pa., Oct. 10, 1893

Dear Saints, Greeting: It is with much thanksgiving to our heavenly Father this morning, that I write of his wonderful dealings to me and to all the children of God. We have now been living on the Floating Bethel for two weeks and we have been scattering the truth in different places nights and Sundays. Last Sunday we held the first public services on the boat in the dining room. The outlook is good thus far for the work here. Three consecrated for sanctification at Old Liberty St. Friday evening and they came out clear. The boat is all enclosed. One man gave us all of the windows and part of the doors and another man gave $15.00 worth of bedding (cork shavings); and many others have helped in various ways. It is to paint and seat, and it will take about five thousand feet of ceiling; yet we believe it will all be supplied. Up to this date there has been paid to me $231.08. Bro. Jerry Stowe borrowed $100. The boat will not cost over $500 when completed, which will accomodate three companies, of five or six workers in each, whenever they need a home and will transport tabernacle and seats without any inconvenience. There have been three more bedrooms added since we spoke of the plan, as the brethren have thought three companies could work successfully from the boat. Brethren, all pray for us, and keep praising the Lord for his marvelous dealings to those who abide and trust in him.

G. T. Clayton.


Teegarden, Ind., Sept. 11, 1893.

Dear Trumpet Family and all the Dear Children of God, Greeting: God still keeps me sweetly saved and doing his will as far as I know. Praise his dear name! As there has been no report sent in from the meeting held some time ago at the Stringer School House, three miles south of Donelson, Marshal Co., Ind., I will report. I went to that place at the time as announced through the Trumpet, began meeting in the school house on Thursday evening, but it being a very busy time, and the people being somewhat prejudiced against this way, there would not many come out

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meeting we had quite good congregations, we held the meeting from Thursday Evening until over Lord’s day. On Lord’s day held the meeting in a beautiful grove in the school house yard. We had meeting about all day. There were two that came to the altar to be prayed for, and professed to get the desire of their hearts, while others were convicted, a number of others were made to acknowledge the truth. At night the school house was well filled with attentive listeners, and they were very anxious for us to come back this fall and hold a series of meetings which we will do if the dear Lord wills. We believe there is quite a number of honest souls that will be gathered for the Lord. O may God send out more good, true and straight laborers into his vineyard. Pray for me. Your brother in Christ, justified freely and sanctified wholly.

S. P. Strang.


Grand Junction, Mich.. Oct. 12, 1893.

Dearly Beloved Saints ok God: The assembly meeting at this place closed last night, having been in progress for eight days. The Lord gave us beautiful weather, and an abundant supply of his grace and glory, with a wonderful sweeping victory over all the powers of the enemy. The attendance was quite good and a number of God’s faithful ministers were present to declare the wonderful truths of the gospel in all its purity. The people came together for the purpose of serving the Lord and making spiritual advancement, and to aid in rescuing perishing souls. At the beginning there were some who were not living in accordance to the word of God, and yet insisted upon holding to a profession of salvation, but as the Word was presented without compromise and judgment went forth by the Spirit of the Lord, the precious were separated from the vile by the power of God, and the work of God moved on in wonderful power. There were a number of persons healed of various diseases by the power of God. One sister who had been sick for weeks and was a very great sufferer, was instantly raised up and healed by power divine, and went forth shouting praises to God. Some were healed of chronic diseases of long standing: to God be all the glory. Evil spirits were cast out of some others. Fifteen persons were baptized in the lake nearby.

The ordinance meeting was one very precious to our souls. There were a number of souls saved. Ten were at the altar the last night. The wonderful presence of God seemed to be in the midst with an abundance of grace and glory even unto the last, and many said it was the most precious meeting they had ever attended. Truly it was a heart searching time, and many were enabled to sink down into the deeper depths of the love of God, and received better qualification for the work of the Master. May God. advance his people everywhere, and enable them to move forward where they can be used to his greatest glory. Yours in Him.

E. E. Byrum.


Rolla, Mo. Oct. 6, 1893.

Dear Saints every where, greeting: May great grace be upon you all. I am thankful to God for his goodness to us and for the opportunity to report once more of the blessed work of the Lord. We commenced meeting at this place, Sep. 13, which continued three weeks and resulted in much good. We labored hard against the powers of Satan which caused some opposition, yet by perseverence and a mighty trust in God perfect victory accompanied us all the way through and perfect order prevailed and sinners showed much respect for us and the truth. This was about the first siege that I ever held with the responsibility of preaching wholly depending upon me, yet by faith God enabled me to preach at every meeting which was 36 times, at the same time having the chills and fever, but thank God he healed me and the meetings resulted in ten consecrations. Most of which obtained a good experience. The Lord bless the church at Rolla and may they ever stand firm. The Lord willing we expect to remain in these parts most of the winter. From here we go to St James. Pray for us. Your brother and sister out for God,

A. M. and K. L. Bixler.


The C. M. closed Sunday Oct. 1, with victory on the Lord’s side. The meeting was attended with victory from begining to end. Was not very largely attended; there are so many places of amusements for people to go to, they never think of their souls. Several were at the altar, some for pardon, some for sanctification, and backsliders were reclaimed. On the second of October four were buried with Christ in baptism. May the dear Lord keep them by his power. On Sept. 28, dear Brother and Sister Byers left for California, also Brother and Sister Green, and Brother M. M. Stover, Jr., left for Oregon. May the Lord bless them and use them to his glory.

T. A. Phillips.


Stockton, Kan., Oct. 3. 1893.

Dear Saints of the Most High: I can truly say that this morning finds me saved and trusting in the grace of God. I do know that Jesus saves me just now and I am kept by the mighty power every moment, justified, sanctified and satisfied to do the whole will of God in all things, and to go at the Master’s calling and to follow wherever he leads. We closed meeting near Kensington, Kan. with victory on the Lord’s side. The church at that place was settled down. There are about eighteen or twenty saints at that place now. Several were sanctified and several were justified, who we hope and trust shall hold out for God. Last Lord’s day seven were buried with Christ in the tomb of sacred waters. After which we had a precious ordinance meeting in which about eighteen took part and the Lord was with us to witness his truth, and truly it was a blessed meeting. We are now at Stockton, Kan. Have tent up. Will stay as long as God wills. Pray much for us. Address us as above. Your humble brother in Christ,

Chas. Bowers and J. H. Norman.


Tampico, Ind., Oct. 5, 1893.

When I came to this part, I heard of the grove meeting near Mooresville, and was directed of the Lord to attend it and when I got there, meeting was in progress. They had been looking and praying for someone to help in the meeting and so received the truth joyfully and the Lord blessed them in so doing. May the Lord keep them true to their consecrations and joyful in glory. Amen. Before the close of that meeting some of the Crothersville saints were present to enjoy the feast and requested meeting at their place. So Sister Luther, Bro. and Sister Schreiber and I returned with them. After one week’s meeting they just began to get ready for meeting and Bro. Schreiber was called east and we went to Little York, where Bro. and Sister Moore and Sister Meyers came to aid in the meeting. It would seem that this place is hard to report on account of the wreck, for some were buried so deep that we have not found them, and others crippled, but are recovering, and the few weak surviving ones are gaining strength, and we hope for better times in the future. May God establish all who will be true to him. Amen.

J. Cole.


San Diego, Cal., Sept. 26, 1893.

Dear Saints of God: Grace and peace from God through our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.

I thought a few words from the church at this place would be pleasing to the Lord, and interesting to the dear Saints and readers of the TRUMPET scattered throughout the continent. We are greatly rejoiced and encouraged to hear such glowing reports from God’s little ones how he is blessing and establishing his true Church that Jesus founded over eighteen hundred years ago. Jesus himself being the chief corner stone, and his truly saved saints being neatly fitted and joined together in the foundation, that the gates of hell should not prevail against. Praise God forever! I am glad he counts even me worthy to be one of that building, whose builder and maker is Christ.

The people here are coming out of Babylon slowly, and the Holy Spirit is showing them the body of Christ, which is the Church of the first born and whose names are written in Heaven. There is much prejudice here, and we are considered very low down in the estimation of the sect professors. But thanks be to him who has shown us better things and has redeemed us, not only from all sin, but has established his kingdom within us, that we no more follow after the traditions, doctrine and organization of men, but are looking forward to better things than the corruptible and perishable things of this world, to an incorruptible and undefiled and that fadeth not away.

There is one or more every night stepping into the light, either for justification, sanctification, divine healing, or obeying all the ordinances laid down by Jesus. Praise his holy name! Last Sunday two more souls followed the footsteps of Jesus, and were buried with Christ in baptism unto his death and resurrection, and there are still more for next Sunday.

Some of the dear saints are going to the Camp Meeting at Visalia, Cal. which commences Sept. 28. Pray for us, dear ones, that God may use us there and elsewhere to establish his true-Church and cause.

Three of the dear saints with myself went to El Cajon and held a week’s meeting. The Lord owned and blessed his work by converting one and greatly reviving many in whom the spark of God’s grace was at very low tide. They accepted the truth as we preached the body of Christ, and some are willing to walk in the light and “come out from among the wicked.” Yours set apart for the gospel,

S. C. Shaw.


Free Trade, Miss., Sept., 27, 1893.

Dear Saints of God: We have returned home from Homested, where we just closed a few days’ meeting. We met with great opposition, but God gave us the victory. Glory to God! We held a few days’ meeting at Buck, Miss. God blessed our labor there, and three were saved. They want us to come back. We will start to Oak Grove, next Friday to hold a meeting. We will go from there to Beech, in Scot county. We pray God to send us help. Bro. Bradley and Bro. Smith have gone back to Louisiana. We pray God to bless them and their labor. Dear saints, let us pray that God may establish his church in these places. Your brother saved from sin and sanctified wholly.

J. B. Mills.


Spokane, Wash. Sept. 29, 1893

Dear Brethren and Friends: May the everlasting peace and glory of God be with you all richly. Amen. Our journey from St. Paul, Minn. here, was indeed grand, interesting and profitable. We had the happy privilege of viewing and crossing the Lord’s great Rocky Mountains. Praise the Lord! We arrived safe and happy in Spokane. Had the opportunity of holding one meeting in the “People’s Tabernacle,” in the city, with a melting, good effect for the Lord. We were truly glad to meet with our dear Brother Forker, who had done so nobly with the brethren at Pullman, to bring us out here with the gospel of the evening light, of their own accord. May the Lord richly reward and bless them all. We also met Sister Wilder; found her very clear in her soul, and in the sweet and perfect fellowship of Jesus. Our hearts were much rejoiced to meet these dear ones. As there was no. opening then, to continue the meeting in the city, however, we feel and believe there is a good work to be done there, so we are trusting the Lord to open the way for us to hold a gospel siege in that city in the future. We went and commenced a grove meeting near Peone, fourteen miles distant. The Lord met with us and began to work among the people. There seemed to be a prospect at first for a work to be done, but in about ten days they began to draw back in their hearts, and refused to yield to God, as they saw the price connected with their salvation. However, the gospel seed was sown, several raised their hands for prayers, whom, we pray, the Lord will save. A brother renewed his covenant and was sanctified. God bless Mr. Bunce and family who gave us the free use of his hall, and treated us so kindly. Also, Bro. Forker and family. We then went several miles north, and held the first gospel services in the Green Bluff school-house, with good effect, and closed with a precious victory for the cause. This was the first preaching in that community. The precious seed were sown. Several were sweetly saved, some of whom were also sanctified. The Lord also did a good work among the young. Sabbath P. M. the 24th, the Lord gave us a glorious baptismal service. The power of God was truly present on this occasion. Five dear saints were immersed by Bro. Tubbs, and they came out of the water praising God for joy. In the evening we held an ordinance service, in which twelve participated, and we proved Jno. 13:17. Hallelujah! The Lord ever bless and keep them all, and our dear Bro. Harty and family for their kindness to us. Amen. Last evening we began meeting in the Valley Prairie school-house, four miles from Chattaroy, to continue ten days, the Lord willing. After this meeting we expect to go about ten miles south-west of Spokane, to hold some meetings a week or two, the Lord willing. Let all please continue to pray for us earnestly, and the success of the gospel. We have many very urgent calls for the gospel, on the coast, and we are earnestly looking to God, and pleading for messengers to carry the gospel of Christ to every open door and hungry souls. We expect to begin a series of meetings thirteen miles west of Pullman, by Oct. 25th, or by last of this month. All please address us at Pullman, Wash., in care of Bro. A. B. Peterman. Everybody invited to the meeting in the name of the Lord. Love to all. Yours in the light of God, redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. Amen.

F. N. Jacobson and Co.


Freeney, Miss.

Dear Saints: The Lord bless you all. Amen. Since our last report we have been engaged day and night in this holy war, and we are praising God this morning for victory over all the power of the enemy, over the beast, his mark and his name. Glory to Jesus! Amen. We closed the meeting at Edinburg with victory on the Lord’s side. We then began the battle against the powers of darkness at a school house two or three miles nearly east of Watkinsville, on Bro. James Watkins’ place near the Enon Springs camp ground. Here we met with many of the saints whom we found in the order of the Lord having on the whole armor. Dear Bro’s A. L. Creel, Wm. Millen, James Stricklin, Graham, F. Williamson, I. Mills, J. Nelson, M. Sistrunk and others who are working in the vineyard of the Master were with us in the meeting. The meeting was a glorious victory to the end. There were above thirty saved, many more consecrated. Nearly all who had backslidden, were reclaimed. Fifteen were buried with Christ in baptism, and more to follow who could not get ready just at the time. The congregations were very large day and night. Interest and order good. On the last night we had a very precious ordinance meeting. Between sixty and seventy of the dear saints took part in the ordinances. And during the meeting God wonderfully manifested his power in healing the sick as well as in saving souls. Among the healed was a little child less than four years instantly healed of fever, who testified that the good Lord had healed him, and his fever left him and he was well indeed. It seemed as if Satan has been determined to hinder the work here this summer. Bro. Creel was taken very sick but the Lord healed him, also Bro. Hogue, but the Lord raised him up. I was attacked with a severe fever that bid fair to be a long continued spell, but the Lord rebuked it at once and gave me real victory, and I only lost two or three days from work. O glory to God! Bro. R. Owens and others report victory and great success for the Master in other places. We came here to Bluff Springs this morning to aid Bro. Creel in another meeting. We found a large congregation about the largest we have ever met at this place; and nearly the whole congregation manifesting an interest in the truth, many asking prayer. Here dear Bro. Owens and Bro. C. A. Hill from near Meridian joined us. We will go on from here to the assembly meeting at Renfroe, Miss., where we expect to meet the largest convocation of saints ever assembled in the south, and the largest congregation of people ever gathered at a holiness meeting in the south. Please keep praying for us. Yours in Christ under the blood,

W. W. Bradley and Co.


Denver, Col., Sept 25, 1893.

Dear Saints and Trumpet Readers: May the God of all grace be yours, to the keeping of the saved, and to the saving of the unsaved. Amen. We are so glad this morning to report victory in our souls. Praise the dear Lord! I would just say that since we left the Hollenberg camp meeting we have been working our way west. We have held meetings at several places along the line and God has been owning and blessing the work to the salvation of precious souls for which we give God all the glory. We were real thankful for the privilege of meeting our parents and loved ones at home before going west. The dear Lord especially blessed us in a three-days meeting at Cornell? Nebraska, beginning Sunday evening, 17th, and closing Tuesday by observing the ordinances of baptism in the afternoon. Twelve dear souls were buried with Christ by baptism, by Brother Harrison, whom the Lord is using as elder at that place. Also in the evening we gathered at the house of dear Brother Hayes where we had a joyful time in observing the ordinances of washing the saints’ feet, and breaking of bread, in which thirty-eight took part, and yet they were not all there. At the close of the meeting we bade them all farewell which seemed very hard to do; for indeed it seemed like leaving all that was near and dear to us in this world, to go to fields where nothing but sin and wickedness abounds. There were about twelve consecrations for justification. Some who had once been saved but through the trick of Satan had fallen from grace, and some that had never been saved before. A few entered the standing grace. Praise the dear Lord! The saints were shut out of the school house at that place, but they all went to work and built them a nice sod meeting house 20×40 inside which makes a nice place to worship God. They greatly desire Bro. Cole and company, or some other thorough consecrated and equipped workers to visit them in the near future. May the Lord bless them and the dear ones at Levant, Kan., for their liberalities to us. We start in a few, days to the coast. Dear ones, pray for us and the work of God where we go, that the Lord may keep us very humble. Your brother saved and sanctified by a second work of grace,

J. L. Green.


Woodburn, Ore., Oct. 2, ’93.

To the Household of Faith, Greeting: May the dear Lord bless you all. There have been so many of the dear saints that wanted us to write to them as soon as we would arrive here; but will just say that time will not allow us that privilege at present, but will drop these few lines to the TRUMPET trusting it will suit all just as well.

Well, we can say this morning that our souls do magnify the name of the Lord for his goodness to us. Oh praise his name! We arrived here yesterday, after being on the road two and one-half days from the time we left Denver. And although we had second-class tickets, yet we had first-class accomodation all the way, for which we do praise the dear Lord. He knew that there was more smoking, chewing, card playing, whisky drinking and such like going on all the time in the second-class cars than his children could endure. Although we enjoyed the sweet love of God in our souls, yet we were almost made to weep as we saw the poor sin-benighted throngs of people apparently crowding their way to eternity. Oh may God send forth more Holy Ghost baptized ministers of the pure gospel to gather in the lost. Dear ones, time is short and God requires much at our hands, and if God is calling any of you to go forth, take heed to the example of the apostles of our Lord Jesus, for they at the very first command left all to follow Jesus, and so should we. And as you go, count not your life dear unto yourselves, but above all be sure that God is sending you. The people have heard just enough teaching in this town to get them considerably prejudiced. From all appearance it will be some time before we can get a place to hold meeting, but by the help of the Lord we will do our duty. And if we cannot get a place to hold a good series of meetings, we will begin to ask the Lord for a little more means to go with what we already have to build a cheap house to hold meeting in. As lumber is cheap from $6 to $8 per thousand, and there is enough help here that the work will cost nothing; and in so doing we can sell it after we have thoroughly done our duty to this town, and use the means in the same way somewhere else. In so doing keeping the same amount of the Lord’s money in use. While in renting halls it would not last very long. And if we do that, it will be some time before we can get to preach the gospel to this place. So if there are any openings near here at present we would be glad to fill them as soon as possible. Dear saints, pray for us, for we need your prayers that we may be kept very humble, and that we may retain a meek and gentle spirit, and yet execute the word of God with all firmness and without any compromise with the works of Satan. Pray for us as a company, that we may be sunk down deeper and deeper in God, that our work here on the Pacific Coast will be of lasting results for good. I am persuaded that it is going to take great patience and perseverance to accomplish any good out here. The rainy weather has just set in, making it more difficult to work than it would be otherwise. Our address will be at Woodburn, Ore. until further notice. Yours in the one body,

J. L. Green and Co.

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THE Bible teaches us that there are two ways placed before man, from which he is to choose his eternal destiny. They are Life and Death. They are as diverse one from the other as is East from West. One leads to heaven and eternal bliss, the other to hell and eternal misery. One way leads to a place where the inhabitants or heavenly choir sing praises. The other way leads to a place where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth. One way is illuminated with the glory of the Prince of Light; the other as dark as the prince of darkness can make it. One way is very strait and narrow; the other is very broad. The pedestrians on the first named way are pure, bloodwashed and on their way to heaven; the travelers on the other path are impure, sin-stained and on their way to hell. Dear reader, these are very plain words, but I beseech of you, do not lay them aside until you give them due consideration.

As it would be impossible to travel directly east and west at the same time, so it is just as impossible for us to be Christians and yet at the same time be doing such things as are antagonistic to the word of God. Jesus said, Ye cannot serve God and mammon. — Matt. 6:24. For illustration, if our employment is in a factory, and our employers from whom we expected our wages, gave us a command to perform a certain duty, and then left us with the expectation that we would do as we were commanded; and then there came one who had no right to our service and gave us a command directly the opposite to that which we received from our employers, could we obey both commands at the same time, which are as different as light and darkness? The answer is, no, it is impossible. Then the prophet tells us, Choose you this day whom ye will serve. — Josh. 24:15. Know ye not that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey, wheth- of sin unto death or of obedience unto righteousness? — Rom. 6:16. For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. — v. 23.

In conversing with many we find that they want their own way as to what they think; but in taking the scales of God’s Spirit, and then placing the word of Divine truth on one side, and man’s opinion on the other, we find that the truth as it is in Jesus outweighs by far all the combined ideas and theories of wicked men and devils. And the Bible very plainly marks out the way to heaven. Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh unto the Father but by me. — Jno. 14:6. And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee saying, This is the way, walk ye in it. — Isa. 30:21. All other ways are deceiving; they may appear to be pleasant for a time, but they will all finally precipitate all of their travelers into the pit of eternal death. There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. — Prov. 14:12. Jesus is the only true and living way. He says unto all who desire life, Follow me, that is, we must be born of the Spirit of Christ. For without the Spirit of Jesus, we are none of his. See Rom. 8:9, and also Jno. 3:5. This is the only access into the kingdom of life. Then we are to exemplify the character of Jesus, do the works that he did, perfect holiness in the fear of God in Jesus’ name. There is therefore now, no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. — Rom. 8:1. Some people say it is no harm in going to fairs, picnics, parties, dances, shows, no harm in chewing tobacco or smoking now and then, or in playing a game of cards for pastime, wearing a little jewelry, dressing fancy, and many other things they enumerate which the word of God condemns. They indulge in these worldly pleasures to gratify the flesh or carnal mind, which bringeth forth death. See Rom. 8:6. Those that are on the way of death, or the flesh, do mind the things of the flesh. Those that are on the way of life do mind the things of the Spirit, v 5. Christians love the society of the saints of God, delight in the house of prayer; their pastime is to do God’s will, their manner of dress is plain, void of superfluous adornments. How shall we gain access to the living way? For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die, but if ye through the Spirit, do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live. — Rom. 8:13.

Dear reader, in order to enter the way of life, we must allow mortification to set in; die out to self and all sin, and be made alive to God through Jesus Christ our Lord. Jesus was manifested in the flesh to destroy the works of the devil, which are death. 1 Jno. 3:8. He hath also abolished death, and hath brought life and immortality to light through the gospel. 2 Tim. 1:10. The Lord hath made a way of escape from the city of destruction. Then turn your face to heaven, and tread the path that Jesus trod. Die to your pet opinions, your sect, lodge, your neighbor’s opinion. Plead nought but Jesus’ blood and righteousness; make a complete and unconditional surrender unto God, and he will shew you the way of life, and place you on it, and give you a new song to sing, even praises unto Him. And he will keep you from falling, providing you observe all things, whatsoever he commands you. He will bless you and fill your soul with joy that is unspeakable and full of glory. And then when your existence ceases in this world, you shall take up your abode in His immediate presence in that Heavenly land. Amen.

E. H. Yuncker.




Pittsburgh, Pa., Oct. 2, ’93.

The dear brethren have moved into the boat, and all day long the noise of the busy workmen may be heard, reminding the hearers of the history of Noah’s Ark. And could the readers of the TRUMPET see the untiring efforts and labor of the self-sacrificing few that work without pay, from morning until nignt; contented with the scanty accomodations that the situation of an unfinished house, and unpaid labor affords, with hatchet, saw, hammer and nails day after day, — could you see it as it is, you would surely feel like contributing from your abundance to help the work to a speedy completion. There is not only the sound of the hammer and saw, but there is the sound of praise. As you go in the workmen greet you with a “Praise the Lord!” and so sound his praise on the water. Yes already the Holy Spirit is on the boat, and the workmen are not complaining. But dear saints, do come to their help. Let every one send in a dollar or a dime, or a quarter, as the Lord has prospered him, and in a week or ten days it will be ready for services. Praise the Lord!

A. B. Gildersleeve.


Psa. 119:129.


Decatur, Ind.

Dear Trumpet Readers: We feel led of the Lord to write our tistimony once more, it being a long time since we wrote. We can testify to-night to a full and free salvation. “Whom the Lord makes free is free indeed.” We are saved, sanctified and kept by power Divine.

Wm. and Catherine Ault.


Rolla, Mo., Sept. 12, ’93.

Dear Saints of the Living God: This evening finds me saved and sanctified through the blood of Jesus. I feel the love of God flowing deep in my soul. O praise the Lord for a salvation that keeps us unspotted from this vile world of sin each and every moment of our life. I do praise God for saving my soul when I was in sin. I know that I am measuring up to the word of God this evening as far as I have got light. I do intend by the grace of God to make heaven my home whatever it costs. Pray for me that I may always be found living up to the word of God. Amen. Your brother in the one body,

Wm. J. Light.


Springfield, Ohio.

Dear Brethren and Sisters in Jesus: It is with joy I testify that I am kept from sin each day by the mighty power of God. I thank God that he has given me the victory over the works of the devil. Your brother through the blood of the Lamb.

C. Hentschel.


Dushville, Mich., Sept. 23, ’93.

Dear Children of God: My testimony is that I love God, for I know he saves and sanctifies me, and he keeps me every day from sin. I am willing to do his will and consecrated to do anything he has for me to do. I love to read the Gospel Trumpet and see the wonderful works of God. Pary for me. Your sister in the Lord.

N. A. Hunt.


Christopher, Mo.

Dear Saints in Christ: I feel led of the Lord this morning to write my testimony to the TRUMPET to let all of the dear saints know that I am saved and sanctified and trusting in the Lord. My wife and part of my children are saved and sanctified. The Lord has called me into his vineyard to work for him. I want the prayers of all of God’s little ones that I may ever abide in the calling wherewith he has called me. Your brother saved, sanctified and under the blood,

J. H. Miller.


Freeny, Miss.

Dear Trumpet Readers: I am led of the Lord to write a few lines. The Lord saves and keeps me by his mighty power.

We have just closed a real soul- feasting meeting here held by dear Brothers Bradley and Creel, they declared the whole counsel of God to this people. Pray for the people that they might accept the truth. I want the prayers of all God’s people that I always stand firm in the love of Christ and in obedience to his will. Your sister in Christ,

Liedie Freeny.


Levant, Kan.

To all of the Dear Saints, Greeting: I feel it to the glory of God to give my experience. I was truly justified about two years ago and supposed that I was sanctified, but finally Bro’s J. L. & L. Green came to my place and held a few meetings. I first found that I had no fellowship of the Spirit with him. When he taught the word to us, I found I was not in the vine, but I was cut off. But praise the dear Lord who did forgive my sins and wonderfully set my soul free. I want to do the whole will of God. May all the dear ones that read this pray earnestly that wife and I may both be sanctified. Your brother freely justified,

Ira Kepford.


McGrath, Mo.

Dear Saints: I feel led of the Lord this afternoon to write my testimony to the Trumpet, I know that I am saved. I am walking in all the light that God gives me. I am not sanctified, but want to be. I want the prayers of God’s saints. I know God’s people have persecutions to bear, but I am praising the dear Lord that he has given me grace. I can get down on my knees and pray for those that persecute me. I have only been saved about six weeks, and this is the first time I have tried to write my testimony. I know the dear Lord is leading me. My husband has been sanctified about six weeks ago. Pray dear saints that we may teach our little girl the way she should go, and that we may be kept sweetly saved in Jesus ever doing his whole will. Your sister saved in Christ,

Ellen Ford.


Shandon, Cal.

Dear Saints of God: I feel lead of of the Lord to send in my testimony once more to let you know that I am well and saved, and that I had the glorious privilige of meeting with the saints once more, after three years have passed. There were fifteen at the altar for pardon and the most of them received the desire of their hearts and went on to sanctification. Among them was my son. Oh praise the Lord! They were going to baptize the day I left, but I did not find out how many. Dear Brother Hudson and Company held the meeting at Creston, Cal. May God bless all of the workers in the Church of the living God, and all of his dear faithful children is the prayer of your humble, saved sister,

Nancy H. Richards.


Edgewood, Mich.

Dear Beloved Saints: I wish to testify once more through the GOSPEL TRUMPET, that I am saved and enjoying the blessing of full salvation in my soul, for which I do praise God. The devil has tried hard to overthrow my soul in many ways, but thank God, the good Lord has kept me, and the best of all, I believe I am better qualified now than ever before to stand, and as I feel the time is drawing nigh when I must bid my friends and home good-bye again, O brethren, I need your earnest prayers to God that I may have power and wisdom from on high, and that I shun not to declare the whole counsel of God. The Lord willing, I expect to start the winter’s campaign in Gladwin Co., Mich. and then wherever the Lord may direct. There are yet many urgent calls for the pure word of God in Michigan; many poor souls who have never heard of the glorious evening light. Let us go forth and bring the battle to a close. Amen. Your brother, saved through and through.

Wm. E. Warren.


Cadott, Wis.

Dear Saints of God: I do feel to praise the Lord for what he has done for me. He is my great and only physician. I do praise his holy name. He has cleansed me from all sin, and taken away all worldly pride out of my heart, and keeps me saved every day. I am sanctified by the second work of grace. The devil gets raging mad when we say we are saved and sanctified, but the more the devil rages, the closer we will cling to God. I do thank God for sending some of his dear saints here to preach the pure gospel. Praise the Lord for free salvation! There were twelve that received the evening light while the saints were here, and were saved and sanctified by the second work of grace, and our little church in Christ is increasing since the saints went away. There have been four saved and sanctified. Dear saints in the Lord, we need your prayers for the devil is raging in this place, especially in the sects. We do pray earnestly to God that his children will come out of such. We praise the Lord that he has brought some out of Babylon. Dear saints, this is my first testimony. Pray for me, that I may always be found faithful and obedient. And pray for my husband also, that he may be saved. Your sister, saved and kept by the power of God,

Lizzie Smith.


Edinburgh, Miss.

Dear Children of God: I know this evening that the precious blood of Jesus does cleanse me from all sin. I am just reigning in this life. I know I have perfect victory in my soul over all the world, the flesh and the devil. Praise God forever! “For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world, and this is the victory that overcometh the world even our faith.” 1 John 5:4. God is not only able to save people from their sins, but he is able to keep them from their sins. Jesus died to save his people from their sins, and he is able to save them to the uttermost. — Heb. 7:25. I would not give what I know and realize in my soul for all this old world contains. It is something worth knowing, just to have a positive knowledge of acceptance with God. I am just living for God and precious souls he died to save. My all is on the altar laid; I have consigned all to him without reservation. My soul is happy this evening in the love of Jesus. I would not live without him. Others may serve whom they please, but I am going to serve God. Praise the Lord forever! I am glad to report that God has a people at this place that will not bow their knees to the image of Baal. I do delight in doing God’s will. God does wonderfuly bless my soul. The Lord has called me to work for him, and I expect to go where he sends me. There is so much to do. Pray for me. Your sister in Christ,

Bettie Jolley.


McGrath, Mo.

Dear Saints of the Living God: I feel led of the Lord this morning to write my testimony to the GOSPEL TRUMPET. I am praising God to-day for a complete salvation, and I know that the Holy Ghost sanctifies me wholly. Bless his name! I have been trying to preach in sectism for the past eight years, but I was hindered because I was under bondage of Babylon confusion. In order to preach a full and a complete salvation to the people, God showed me that I must discard everything, and take him alone, and I obeyed him, and now in Christ I have my freedom from everything not of God. Praise God forever! I know that sect confusion is not of God, for he is not the author of confusion, but of peace. 1 Cor. 14:33. I feel led of God to go out into the field and help to rescue perishing souls. If any one feels led of the Lord to be a helper with me in the Gospel of Christ, let them write to me at once. Your brother in Christ,

Samuel Ford.


Renfroe, Miss.

Dear Saints: I feel led of the dear Lord to write my testimony, as I have never written it before. This evening finds me saved and sanctified. God wonderfully blessed me and my family, and I give him all the glory. And he is also blessing the dear people in this community. He is convicting, converting and saving souls. We have just had a general assembly here at this place, and the dear Lord was with us in mighty power. Many dear souls were saved and brought to Jesus. We do thank God for victory over Satan and all his cunning craftiness. Many cried, “Lord, here am I; I am truly thine,” and the Lord saved the souls that were so earnestly seeking salvation through his name. Praise his holy name forever!

O hearken to the Savior’s voice;
The Golden time is near.
Obey His Word; make him your choice.
And the beautiful Crown we’ll wear.

We were so glad to have dear Bro’s Bradley, Smith and Bozeman, and dear old father Stephens, with several other brothers at the meeting. Bro’s Bradley and Bozeman are now holding a meeting at Edinburg, where, we trust, the result will be to the glory of God. I ask the prayers of the dear saints that I and my family may ever do God’s will.

Mary H. Strikling.


Forest City, Mo.

Dear Saints of the Living God: I feel led to-day to write my testimony for the first time. One year ago last month, I heard the Evening Light preached by Brother A. A. Kinzie and Co., who were here with their tent. I had been a professing Christian for six years doing the best I knew how in the M. E. Sect. Sometimes up, and sometimes down. As soon as I heard the word of God in all its purity, I accepted it and stepped out on the promises which he gives to those who love him.

I had been a user of tobacco for thirty years — chewing and smoking, and I had tried within my own strength to quit it several times, and spent quite a sum of money for antidotes, but to no avail. I even had an appetite for strong drink, which I could not resist at times. But glory to God, I am free from both of them now, and have no straps nor bands to hold me. I am all on the altar and out for the Master to do his blessed will. Pray for me that I ever may be true.

Isaac N. Ulsh.

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