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15 August 1883, Volume 5, Number 22.

Religion of Public Opinion.

For they loved the praise man more than the praise of God. John xii. 43.


Such are very intent on making friends on both sides.

They take the middle coarse always. They avoid the reputation of being righteous over much, on the one hand, and on the other hand, of being lax or irreligious. It has been so for centuries, that a person could maintain a reputable profession of religion, without ever being called fanatical. And the standard is still so low, that probably the great mass of the protestant churches are trying to occupy this middle ground. They mean to have friends on both sides. They are not set down as reprobates on the one hand, nor as fanatics or bigots on the other. They are “fashionable Christians!” They may be called fashionable Christians for two reasons. One is, that their style of religion is popular and fashionable; and the other is, that they generally follow worldly fashions. Their aim in religion is not to do anything that will disgust the world. No matter what God requires, they are determined to be so prudent as not to bring on them the censures of the world, nor offend the enemies of God. They have manifestly more regard to men than to God. And if they are ever so circumstanced that they must do that which will displease their friends and neighbors, or offend God, they will offend God. If public sentiment clashes with the commands of God, they will yield to public sentiment.

They will do more to gain the applause of men than to gain the applause of God.

This is evident from the fact, that they will yield obedience only to those requirements of God which are sustained by public opinion. Although they will not exercise self-denial to gain the applause of God, yet they will exercise great self-denial to gain the applause of man. The men that gave up ardent spirits, because public sentiment rendered it necessary, will give up wine also, whenever a public sentiment sufficiently powerful shall demand it; and not till then.

They are more anxious to know what are the opinions of men about them, than to know what is God’s opinion of them

If one of this class is a minister, and preaches a sermon, he is more anxious to know what the people thought of it, than to know what God thought of it. And if he make anything like a failure, the disgrace of it with men cuts him ten times more than the thought that he has dishonored God, or hindered the salvation of souls. Just so with an elder, or a member of the church, of this class. If he pray in a meeting, or exhort, he is more concerned to know what is thought of it, than to know how God is pleased.

If inch a one has some secret sin found out, he is vastly more distressed about it because he is disgraced than because God is honored. Or if he fall into open sin, when be comes to be met with it, be cares as much again about the disgrace as about the sin of it.

They are more anxious about their appearance in the eyes of the world, than in the eyes of God. Females of this character are vastly more anxious, when they go to church, bow the body shall appear in the eyes of men, than how the heart shall appear in the eyes of God. Such a one will be all the week engaged in getting everything in order, so at to make her person appear to advantage, and perhaps will not spend half an hour in her closet, to prepare her heart to appear before God in his courts. Every body can see, at a glance, what this religion is, the moment it is held up to view. Nobody is at a loss to say what that man’s or that woman’s name is — it is hypocrite. They will go into the house of God with their hearts dark as midnight, while every thing in their external appearance is comely and decent. They must appear well in the eyes of men, no matter how that part is on which God fixes his eye. The heart may be dark, and disordered, and polluted and they care not, so long as the eye of man detects no blemish.

They refuse to confess their sins in the manner which the law of God requires, lest they should lose their reputation among men.

If they are ever required to make confession of more than they think consistent with their reputation, they are more anxious as to how it will affect their character, than to know whether God is satisfied.

Search your hearts, you that have made confessions, and see which most affect your minds, the question what God thought of it. Have you refused to confess what you knew God required, because it would hurt your reputation among men? Will not God judge your hearts? Only be honest now and let it be answered.

They will yield to custom what they know to be injurious to the cause of religion, and to the welfare of mankind.

A striking instance of this is found in the manner of keeping new year’s day. Who does not know that the customary manner of keeping new yaer’s day, setting out their wine and their rich cake and costly entertainments, and spending the day as they do, is a waste of money, hurtful to health, and injurious to their own souls and to the interests of religion? And yet they do it. Shall we be told that persons who will do this when they know it is injurious, supremely love God? I care not who attempts to defend such a custom, it is wrong, and every Christian most know it to be so. And those who persist in it when they know better, demonstrate that a supreme regard to God is not their rule of life.

They will do things of doubtful character, or things the lawfulness of which they strongly doubt, in obedience to public sentiment

You will recollect that on the evening of the first day of the year I took up this subject, and showed that those who do things of doubtful character, of the lawfulness of which they are not satisfied, are condemned for it in tire sight of God.

They are often “ashamed” to do their duty, and so much ashamed that they will not do it.

Now when a person is so much ashamed to do what God required as not to do it, it is plain that his own reputation is his idol. How many do you find who are ashamed to acknowledge Jesus Christ, ashamed to reprove sin in high places or low places, and ashamed to speak out when religion is assailed! If they supremely regarded God, could they ever be ashamed of doing their duty! Suppose a man’s wife were calumniated, would he be ashamed to defend his wife! By no mea us. If his children were abused, would he be ashamed to take their part? Not if he loved them; it would not be shame that would deter him from defending his wife or children. If a man was friendly to the administration of the government of his country, and heard it calumniated, would he be ashamed to defend it? He might not think it expedient to speak, for other reasons; but if he was a true friend to the government, he would not be “ashamed” to speak in its behalf, anywhere.

Now each persons as I am speaking of, will not take decided ground when they are among the enemies of truth, where they would be subject to reproach for doing it. They are very bold for the truth when among its friends, and will make a great display of their courage. But when put to the trial, they will sell the Lord Jesus Christ, or deny him before his enemies, and put him to open shame, rather than rebuke wickedness, or speak out in his cause among his enemies.

They are opposed to all encroachments on their self-indulgence, by advancing light on practical subjects.

They are much disturbed by every new proposal that draws on their purses, or breaks in upon their habitual! self-indulgence. And you may talk as much, and preach as much in favor of it as you please, there is ou.. one way to teach this kind of people, and that is by creating a new public sentiment. When you have brought over, by the power of benevolence and of conscience, a sufficient number in the community to create a public sentiment in its favor, then they will adopt your new proposals, and not before.

They are always distressed at what they call the “ultraism” of the day.

They are much afraid the ultraism of the present day will destroy the church. They say we ere carrying things too far, and we shall produce a reaction. Take, for instance, the Tempering Reformation.

The true friends of temperance now know, that alcohol is the same thing, wherever it is found, and that to save the world and banish intemperance, it is necessary to banish alcohol in all its forma. The pinch of the Temperance Reformation has never yet been decided. The mass of the community have never been called to any self-denial in the came. The place where it will pinch is, when it comes to the question, wheter men will exercise SELF- DENIAL to crush the evil. If they may continue to drink wine and beer, it is no self-denial to give up ardent spirits. It is only changing the form in which alcohol is taken, and they can drink as freely as before. Many friends of the cause, when they saw what multitudes were rushing into it, were ready to shout a triumph. But the real question is not yet tried. And multitudes will never yield, until the friends of God and man can form a public sentiment so strong as to crush the character of every man who will not give it up. You will find many doctors of divinity and pillars of the church who are able to drink their wine, that will stand their ground, and no command of God, no requirement of benevolence, no desire to save souls, no pity for bleeding humanity will move such persons, until you can form a public sentiment so powerful as to force them to it, on penalty of loss of reputation. For they love the praise of men.

And it is a query now in my mind, a matter of solemn and anxious doubt, whether in the present low state of piety and decline of revivals of religion in the church, a public sentiment can be formed, so powerful as to do this. If not, we shall be driven back. The Temperance Reformation, like a dam of sand, will he swept away, the floodgates will be opened again, and the world will go reeling — down to hell. And yet thousands of professors of religion, who want to enjoy public respect and at the same time enjoy themselves in their own way, are crying out as if they were in distress at the ultrism of the times!

They are often opposed to men, and measures, and things, while they are un popular and subject to reproach, and when they become popular, fall in with them. Let an individual go through the churches in any section, and wake them up to a revival of religion, and while he is little known, these persons are not backward to speak against him. But let him go on, and gain influence, and they will fall in and commend him and profess to be his warmest friends. It was just so with Jesus Christ. Before his death, he had a certain degree of popularity. Multitudes would follow him, as he went through the streets, and cry “Hosanna, Hosanna!” But observe, they never would follow him an atom farther than his popularity followed him. As soon as he was arrested as a criminal, they all turned round and began to cry, “Crucify him, crucify him!”

This class of persons, as they set with the tide one way, when a man is reproached, so they will set with the tide the other way when he comes to be honored. There is only one exception, And that is, when they have become so far committed to the opposition, that they cannot come round without disgrace. And than they will be silent, until another opportunity comes up for letting out the burning fires that are rankling within them.

Very often a revival in a church, when it first begins, is opposed by certain members of the church. They do not like to have such things carried on, they are afraid there is too much animal excitement, and the like. But the work goes on; and by and by they seem to fall in and go with the multitude. At length the revival is over, and the church grows cold again, and before long you will find this class of persons renewing their opposition to the work, and as the church declines they press their opposition, and perhaps, in the end, induce the church itself to take ground against the very revival which they had so much enjoyed. This is the very way in which individuals have acted in regard to revivals in this country. There are many such cases. They were awed by public sentiment and made to bow down to the revival, while it was in its power, but by- and-by, as the revival declines, they begin to let out the opposition that is in their hearts, and which was suppressed for a ime because the revival was popular.

It has been just so in regard to the cause of missions, in a degree, and if anything should turn up, unfavorable to missions, so as to break the present power of public sentiment in their favor, you would find plenty of there fair weather supporters turning to the opposition.

If any measure is proposed to promote religion they are very sensitive and scrupulous not to have anything that is done an popular.

If they live in a city, they ask what will the other churches think of such a measure? And if it is likely to bring reproach on their church or their minister, in view of the ungodly, or in view of the other churches, they are distressed about it. No matter how much good it will do, or how many souls it will save, they do not want to have anything done to injure the respectability of their church.

This class of persons never aim at forming a public sentiment in favor of perfect godliness.

The true friends of God and man are always aiming at forming public sentiment, and correcting public sentiment on all points where it is wrong. They are set, with all their hearts, to search out all the evils in the world, and to reform the world, and drive out iniquity from the earth. The other class are always following public sentiment as it is, and feeling after the course of the tide, to go that way, shrinking back from everything that goes in the face of public sentiment. And they are ready to brand as imprudent, or rash, any man or any thing, that goes to stem the tide of public sentiment and turn it the other way.

Do you ask, sinner, what is to become of all these professors of religion, who are conformed to the world, and who love the praise of men more than the praise of God? I answer — They will go to hell, with you, and with all other hypocrites. Just as certain as that the friendship of the world is enmity with God.

Wherefore, come out from among them, my people, and be ye separate, and I will receive you saith the Lord. I will be a Father to you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters. And now, who will do it? In the church and among sinners, who will do it? Who? Who is on the Lord’s side? Who is willing to say. “We will no longer go with the multitude to do evil, but are determined to do the will of God, in all things whatsoever, and let the world think or say of us as it may.”

Finney’s Lectures to Professing Christian.


Experience in the War.


I am thankful for the privilege of reading the GOSPEL TRUMPET for the last year, and now I am free to speak my mind with regard to its teachings and also give some of my own experience. I feel down deep in my soul that God’s truth ought not to be ignored by any one that expects to get to heaven. I am now sixty-three years old and twenty-three years next month the Spirit of God found me a poor deceived soul in the Protestant Methodist sect without the knowledge of sins forgiven. I had been dragged in through one of those “sham” revivals that flood the country to-day, conducted by blind guides whose object is to gather in members instead of getting souls converted to God. No wonder there is Babel confusion everywhere. I am glad that God is beginning to reveal the true cause of this fearful state of things to His children, and that they have courage to proclaim them to the world. May the Lord speed them on in their good work is my earnest prayer.

It was under the teachings of a faithful man of God that the scales fell from my eyes. I believe be was true to God as far as he had light. He taught heart purity and separation from the world, as I had never heard it before. His presentation of Bible salvation brought me under conviction and a sense of my true condition. I told the people, I had no religion and that I had been deceived. I am double guilty for I have mocked God with a heartless profession. So I gave myself unreservedly to God, and cast my trembling soul on Jesus and all glory to His blessed name.

“Down it the cross He took me in
And with His blood He washed me clean.”

As God let the light shine on me I began to walk in it, and truly He led me in a way that I knew not. The first lesson He taught me, was how the masses were being deceived by false teachers, and he shook some of them out before me like an old “rag,” and I could see underneath all their preaching and teaching, that they were rotten at heart. And one of them even told me that he was afraid to come to my house. I replied, why so brother? He said, because I am not right and I know that you know it. As I began to study the word of God I could see that there was great power, and wonderful things promised to believers in Christ and I began to search to know what had become of it as I saw so little of the power of God displayed. I saw nothing but formalism and dead works wherever I turned my eyes. But I felt that the Spirit was urging me on to know more of God and His will concerning me. I went to the Presiding Elder — he was an old man and had been in the eldership a long time — I said to him Elder can you tell me what has become of all the gifts that Christ left with His people when He ascended upon high! O said he, “they have all passed away and must not be expected any more.” I said will you please show me in the word where it says they have been taken away? He referred to where Paul speaking of the gifts said: “And yet show I unto you a more excellent way.” But to me this only said, that it was possible to have the gifts. wh..ous the graces. So I made up my mind to this effect that the people were re..ding from the light instead of advancing in it. But I had great joy in believing that God would fulfill his part if I would trust in Him. So I began to talk those things as I understood them and they began to cast dust in the air and cry “Mormonism,” “Mormonism”. The story was circulated that I had burned my bible and had joined the Mormons. But God was with me. I felt that I could hail reproach and sorrow, and glory in the thickest of the fight. But I soon found that the war was just begun. Old dead priests began to think it best to bring me to time. So they tried the gag bit on me but that did not work as effectually as they expected. Instead of preaching Christ and Him crucified, their chief aim was to overthrow the few who were troubling them with their testimony of full salvation. The old elder referred to, once said before a large congregation that for any one to say he lived above sinning was the rankest hypocrisy. Thus he made the profession of holiness. I felt that it was not right to give such men any support while they were thus doing the devil’s work by smooth words and fair speeches, they deceive the hearts of the simple. When they came round for money, my husband told them that he did not know but that we had ought to pay for about all the preaching, for we got the most of it. Every time I testified in his meeting he would either sing me down, or contradict my testimony.

I write these things to show the spirit, and natural fruits of the sect system, and what influence the sect preacher has over the people. They will believe what the preacher says rather than accept the testimony of those who know the salvation of God. They do not look to God but those priests. Though we have been oft crushed beneath the ponderous wheels of the babylonish car, thank God! “We have sounded out the trumpet that shall never call retreat.”

Webberville, Mich.


O, sectarianism! thou art not of God s right hand planting, and therefore thou shall be “plucked up;” yea, thy days are numbered, — thou art even now being removed. Surely all who truly pray “THY KINGDOM COM,” are pleading for thy destruction,


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Let God Work all in all.

Some brethren talk as if they would be willing to loose the friendship of their sect, and “go forth with Christ, without the gate bearing His reproach,” if we would secure them a pastorate that would quarantee a support. Now to all such we announce that we have no such pastorates to give. We are not the head of the body, and have no appointments to make. We believe in a salvation, and Holy Spirit endnement, that makes every man and woman of God in great demand by the Lord Jesus Christ. The Great Head of the Church, has much to do for all who are really sanctified, meat for the Master’s use, and prepared unto every good work.” And we protest against every insinuation that He requires any one to “go a warfare at is own charges,” or dress His vineyard without the privilege of eating freely of the fruits thereof. We believe that God will find abundant work for all whom He can entrust with His business, land do a thousand times better by them than the world, the devil or any body else. They that have the Gospel will find a thousand places to feed Christ’s sheep; and “they that preach to Gospel shall live of the Gospel,” while all who are mean enough to ask Christ to give baile for the fulfillment of that contract, are not fifth preach the Gospel. So be it known to all men, that we are forever done with all that ecclesiastical machinery, which puts men forward, that Christ does not put forward, and whose motion can be reversed to hold men back, that the Lord commanded to go forward. We are opposed to the government giving license to saloon keepers and brothels, and, we are opposed to men licensing to preach the Gospel. For those that be sent of God do not need them, and those that are sent by the devil had not ought to have them. So it is only satan’s preachers that are benefited by human authority and appointments. As water seeks its level, and load-stone always turns to its polar attraction, so, if men keep their hands off of God’s ark, all things will find their sphere in the kingdom of God, under the management of the Allwise Head, through the Holy Spirit. “And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may, abound to every good work.” — 2 Cor. 9:8. With the “all grace,” in the soul, you will have “all sufficiency,” to abound in every good work,” and without it your pastoral labors will be an imposition. So if any one is physically or mentally unable to work for the Lord, we commend you to the Great Physician, who is able to heal all your sicknesses. And if any are well, and anxious to work for Jesus, and have no calls, see no doors open, no chance for the maintenance of self and family, we argently command you to the cleansing blood of Christ, and the mighty infilling of all the fullness of God, and you will find abundance of corn to tread without a muzzle on four mouth. For the service of one man, whose soul and body is fully charged with the electricity of heaven, and all on fire with the Holy Spirit, God can well afford to board and clothe a score of large families, and all such will be quickly employed by the Lord. “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth; to show Himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward Him.” — 2 Chron. 16:9. How quickly the eye of the Lord singles out such for His use, and “verily they shall be fed.” And such may we all be, by grace divine.

Again do you feel called, and possess the faith that the Lord of the harvest could use you and supply your needs, and yet you are hedged up by surrounding circumstances; we assure you that there is a white heat in the fire of God that will burn through those obstructions. Only die a deeper death to self and all but God; sink down to the depth of His will, and the omnipotence of faith will carry you up above those imposing mountains. Hallelujah to the Lamb! The promise is, that “no man; shall be able to stand before you.” The eradiation of the fullness of God’s light and glory in the soul, will be more intolerable to that self willed wife or husband, or any one else, that would hold you back, than all the plagues of Egypt, and they will be more willing for your departure to serve the living God, than the Egyptians were the Isrealites. Whoever gets that stock of grace that will qualify him for the work that God would accomplish by him, will find it also sufficient to overcome and sweep away every embarrassment, and hindrance the that work. Therefore we do not meddle with God’s business, but leave every body in His hands to make the best use of them He can, and confer upon them that amount of temporal, and spiritual support their usefulness will command, and their needs require, in His estimation. Willing to share with all saints, our love, sympathy, and means, and teach all others their duty in this particular; encourage all the holy brethren to perform the whole will of God; acknowlege their various gifts and callings, but leave the Lord Himself direct, and choose, in regard to the place of their labors from one day to another.


Babylon is Fallen! is Fallen!!

“In all its multitudiness forms, protestantism is decaying — is dying. On all sides this confession is heard. It comes from the Review, and the newspaper, from the pulpit and the platfom, from friend and foe alike.” — Bishop B. J. McQuaid.

What is the above but the announcement of the fall of babylon. God’s present awful truth, is so apparent that “friend and foe alike,” must confess it on all sides.

Now is His holy word fulfilled, that “In the last days,” “Evil men, and seducers — sect proselyters — shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.” Until sect babel reaches the point to which, she is now swiftly coming when, “they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifest unto all men.” — 2 Tim. 3. “Behold I am against thee, O destroying mountain, saith the Lord, which destroyest all the earth: and I will stretch put my hand upon thee, and roll thee down from the rocks, and will make thee a burned mountain. And they shall not take of thee a stone for a corner, nor a stone for foundation: but thou shall be desolate forever, saith the Lord. Set ye up a standard in the land, blow the trumpet among the nations, prepare the nations against her.” And the land shall tremble and sorrow: for every purpose of the Lord shall be performed against babylon, to make the land of babylon a desolation.” “I will dry up her sea, and make her springs dry, and babylon shall become heaps, a dwelling place for dragons, an astonishment and an hissing.” “And I will punish bel in babylon, and I will bring forth out of his mouth that which he hath swallowed up: and the nations shall not flow together any more unto him: yea the wall of babylon shall fall,” “my people go ye out of the midst of her, and deliver ye every man his soul.” — Jer. 51. “Behold a whirl-wind of the Lord is, gone forth in fury even a grievous, whir-wind: it shall grievously upon the heads of the wicked. The anger of the Lord shall not return, until He have executed, and until He have performed the thoughts or His heart in the latter days ye shall consider it perfectly.” — Jer. 23:19, 20. So you see we are in the latter days, when all men are compelled to see and confess that sect protestantism, as well as her mother Rome, is decaying, desolate, “because of the fierce anger of the Lord against her.”

Yes, “In all its multitudinous forms protestantism is decaying, — is dying.” This does not exclude even the holiness element that has remained back in the land of sect captivity, and idolatry. Every inter-babylonian holiness journal, is constantly raising the alarm that their power and members are diminishing. O who can be so blind as not to see that God has utterly spewed out, all sect steeple houses, and machinery, with all babylon holiness (?) bands, alliances, and associations. He does not use them. They are struck with death, and in vain all efforts to resurrect them. For “Thus said the Lord of hosts,” the broad walls of babylon shall be utterly broken, and her high gates (such as she set up at Jacksonville Ill. to shut out “the escaped of the earth,”) shall be burned with fire: and the people shall labor in rain, and the folk in the fire, and they shall be weary.” — Jer. 51:58. O Lord pity the fruitless toils of poor blind captives, who are still lingering back in the smoke of babylon’s remains, digging up her soot and ashes in search of stones upon which to build new holiness church, bands, or associations, so as to have “a home for the homeless,” and still avoid the wrath of satan, and the reproach and persecution that is incurred by walking with God in real holiness, and dwelling in Christ alone. Every revival of real holiness within the pales of organized division, must either be followed by an exod from her, or a speedy relapse, and apostasy. This fact accounts for the existence of the multitude of sect extant to day. So far as they had the scriptural light, they were all once come-outers; and were filled with power and good fruits, until they formulated another sect organization; from which time their salt rapidly lost its savour, and they, each in turn, became persecutors like unto those from which they had fled out for their liberties. In the holiness reform of the pretent century, this fact is being exemplified in both of its forms. Many have fled out of confusion’s camp, to enter no more; having more fully learned our sufficiency in Christ, and the efficiency of the Holy Spirit to organize, and govern the community of the saints. And we have but to visit them or read the reports of the wonderful power and work of God, to see that, “Great is the holy one in the midst” of this blood trashed bride company. While a very large portion of the professed holiness people, through false teachers, have virtually backslidden, from God, and consequently remained under babylon yoked; and their profession has become a stench in the nostrils of God, and a curse to the sacred cause of holiness. H. Livingston, said at the Lodi camp meeting last year, that nine tenths of the holiness people, had backslidden. Now read the following from Harry May, editorial contributor to the Highway.

“Why is it that some of the professed holiness people get stirred, when straight radical holiness is preached? The Psalmist says, “Great peace have they which love thy law; and nothing should offend them.”

We noticed in several of our last camp- meetings, that as soon as the dress, or money question was preached, the cry was taken up, “Fanaticism! FANATICISM!! FANATICISM!!!” Why should holiness people get offended! During the last few months we find some of the professed holiness people decked out in jewelry, paint, bangs, ruffles, flowers and many other worldly habiliments. We also find, that when the money question is broached, they cry, “preaching for bread and butter.” May the Lord help the holiness (?) people, who can’t stand the truth.”

What else can we expect? Can holiness purity-live in cages of every unclean and hateful bird? Can the Holy Spirit reign in hearts that choose to stay in such habitations of every foul spirit?


Living Faith.


Come try your faith all you professors of Godliness, of God and of Christ, who say God in your Father, and Christ is your Redeemer and who say that you believe in God and are saved trough faith in Christ. Come search the ground and bottom of your faith. Upon what is it built? for the faith and hope of the hypocrit perish, which stand in words, and a unsteadfast foundation. You say you are saved by the blood of Christ, and by His Spirit you are healed, and you would make Him the ground of your faith. But from what are you saved? and of what are you healed? Search within and see. Christ came to save, and redeem sinners from their sins, and to heal them of its wound, to bruise the serpents head, to bind the strong man, and cast him out of his house, to open the prison doors, and set at liberty the imprisoned, to cast antichrist out of this temple of God, who sits there as God, and says he is God. And Christ came to rend that veil of darkness, to open the eyes of the blind, and to unstop toe deaf ears, and to make blind those that can see and will not. And to make weak those that are strong, to feed the hungry, and to famish that which is fed. To make a separation between the precious and the vile, between the wheat and the tares, the sheep and the goats, and to purchase to man that which man has lost. To this end is He come. And they who can witness this can witness Him, and claim an interest in Him, and have an assurance of their salvation: and their faith will stand against the beast, and shall overcome, for the Lamb shall give them the victory. Amen! But they who cannot witness this, cannot witness Christ, and are reprobates concerning the faith. Now here all ye drunkards are shut out; here all you swearers are shut out; here all you proud and covetous ones, and lustful ones are shut out; here all you scoffers and scorners and back biters, revilers extortioners and envious ones are shut out. And all you self righteous professors who live in the fashions and customs of the world, having fellowship with it: whose conversation is among the children of the world; all in one generation, cleansing only the out side of the cup, while the inside is full of lust and filthiness, prid and uncleanness. Whited walls, and painted sepulchres are ye, who deceive the carnal eye and ear, but the Lord searched the heart. You are all shut out of the faith that purifies the heart. The serpent is head in you, and your strongman keeps the house, and a stronger than he is not yet come in. Anti- Christ sits in the Kingdom of your soul, and reigns as an “angel of light”, while the vail of darkness and death is spread over you. Christ lies low in the manger and the inn is taken up with other guests. Here you can challenge no interest in the blood of Christ. You have nothing to do, to talk of God and Christ, and have no right assurance of your salvation. All your faith is vain, and your hope is vain, and the foundation thereof sandy, and will not stand in the day of trial; but will be as a broken reed to lean upon.

And all your prayers, praises, ringings, graces, baptisms, sacraments, upon which you built your faith, and think to merit withal, are all in vain, being offered up from an unclean heart. For how can your hearts be clean, whilst you live in sin? You destroy your faith out of your own mouth, who say you believe you shall never be made free from, sin so long as are in this word. And here you show that your faith is not built upon Christ who came to destroy the works of the …, and to cleanse us from all sin. And they whose faith is buillt upon Him do witness it, and say, “the blood, of Christ cleanseth us from all sin,” and “they that are Christ’s, have crucified the fresh, with the affections and lusts, thereof.” “He that believeth is born of God,” and “he that is born of God cannot, commit sin.” So, now what right, assurance have you of your salvation; or upon what is your faith built, when both Christ and the scriptures testify against you? Faith which is not built upon the rock, Christ Jesus, is vain and perishes, and he who bath the right “hope in him purifieth himself, even as He is pure.” Here your faith is searched, tried, and proved, and is found all vain and perishing, and is not built upon the rock that perisheth not. Therefore come down all you highminded pharisees, lay aside all your old buildings, and begin, and lay a new foundation. For the higher the pharisee climbs, the greater will be his fall. He that will be wise must first become a fool; for man by his own wisdom knows not God, therefore the pharisee who stands in his own wisdom, is shut out from the saving knowledge of God.

Selected by J. B. Flinn.

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Holiness and Unification.


To preach against sects, pride, tobacco, secret orders, wordliness, etc., without holding out the experience of entire sancification, through the cleansing blood of Christ, available now, by a definite faith, to all truly justified believers, is like human efforts at creation; like denouncing the disease without offering a remedy; which can only aggravate but never remove the trouble.

All sect corporations and human systems, orignate in ignorance of the Father Son and Holy Spirit. Just as the worship of idols, springs from ignorance of the true God. And you might as well attempt to create reformation among heathens by simply discanting upon their gods, as to save men from the idol of sect by simply thundering the law of God against them.

What the heathen need is the enlightening, melting transforming grace of God, and what the sectarian needs is Christ lifted up in the light of thorough bible holiness; and thus apprehended “He will draw all men “from their sect centers to Him.” In God’s eye men are free from sect, just to the extent that their hearts are pure through the blood of Christ. This is true, notwithstanding the fact, that some carnal minds may have received quite scriptural views, respecting the unity of God’s people, and some whose hearts are purged by the precious blood of Christ, may not yet have been intellectually freed from sectarian education. One man may hold correct doctrine and make an idol of it, another may have been taught error, but worships God only. The former it sectarian at heart, the latter only in mistaught theory. The former needs to be cleansed, the latter but corrected. All sects orignate in ignorance of God. Sin is the cause of that ignorance, and the blood of Christ the only remedy for sin. Consequently the preaching, and testimony of thorough bible holiness is the only means of destroying heresy-sectisms. Simply preaching against schisms, pride, covetousness, etc., may abate those evils, but preaching the salvation of God, removes their cause from the heart. The former may lessen the outward symptoms, but the latter burns out the deep seated disease.

“For ye are yet carnal, for whereas there is among yea envying, and strife and division, are ye not carnal?” — 1 Cor. 3:3.

“What have I to do anymore with idols? I have seen Him, and observed Him. I am like a green fir tree. (From me is thy fruit found.” — Hoses, 14-8.

The first of these scriptures, ascribe divisions to carnality, while in the latter they are swept away, and lost with all other idols, in the full experimental knowledge of God. The soul that is planted in the knowledge and fellowship of the Infinite, prospers like the green fir tree that grows by the river’s brink, and has no need of sect folds, or props, or any other idols. These all drop off as soon as we “see Him and observe Him,” and without holiness no man shall see the Lord, but “blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.”

“I will take you from among the heathen, and gather you out of all countries, and will bring you into your own land. Then will I sprinkle clean water upon you, and ye shall be clean: from all your filthiness, and from your idols will I cleanse you. And ye shall dwell in the land that I gave to your fathers: and ye shall be my people and I will be your God. I will also save you from all your uncleannesses.” — Eze. xxxiv 24, 25, 28, 29.

It is gross ignorance that would attempt to gather the dispersed children of God from the various sect nations, without the blood of Christ, to cleanse them from the idols of their captivity, and save them from all their uncleannesses in which they lived, in defiled babylon. Sectism is a disorder of the heart, and God’s order is bring the dispersed of His people back into their own land, into complete holiness, and the unity of the spirit, by cleansing them from all sin and sect, idols.

“Moreover, thou son of man, take the one stick, and write upon it, for Judah, and for the children of Israel his companions: then take another stick, and write upon it, for Joseph, the stick of Ephraim, and for all the house of Israel his companions: And j0in them one to another into one stick; and they shall become one in thy hard.

And when the children of thy people shall speak unto thee, saying. Wilt thou not shew us what thou meanest by these? Say unto them. Thus saith the Lord God: behold, I will take the stick of Jeseph which is in the hand of Ephraim, and the tribes of Israel his fellows, and will put them with him, even with the stick of Judah, make them one stick and they shall be one in mine hand.

And the sticks whereon thou writes shall be in thine hand bef0re eyes. And say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God, Behold, I will take the children of Israel from among the heathen, whither they be gone, and will gather them on every side, and bring them into their own land. And I will make them one nation in the land a upon the mountains of Israel; and 0ne king shall be king to them all, and they shall be no more two nations, neither shall they be divided into two kingdoms any more as all. Neither shall they defile themselves any more with their idols, nor with their detestable things, nor with any of their transgressions: but I will save them out of all their dwelling places wherein they have sinned, and will cleanse them. So shall they be my people, and I will be their God. And David my servant shall be king over them: and they all shall have one shepherd, they shall also walk in my judgments, and observe my statutes, and do them. And they shall dwell in the land that I gave unto Jacob my servant, where in your fathers have dwelt, and they shall dwell therein, even they, and their children, and children’s children for ever, and my servant David shall be their prince for ever. Moreover I will make a covenant of peace with them, and I will place them, and multiply them, and will set my sanctuary in the midst of them for evermore. My tabernacle also shall be with them, yea, I will be their God, and they shall by my people. And the heathen shall know that I the Lord do sanctify Israel, when my sanctuary shall be in the midst of them for evermore.” — Eze. xxxvil. 16-28.

The forepart of this chapter describes the great holiness reform as the power of God in resurrecting the dry scattered bones of a sect blasted and formal church, whose members are “cut off from their parts” and dying v. II. While this beautiful figure portrays the sect distroying, unifying work of holiness. Behold God’s order, joining together, cleansing, and sanciftying, are all coincident, and the same process that unites and sanctifies, fully organizes the church, — “I will place them.” — “Set the members, every one of them in the body, as it pleaseth Him.” Schisms, carnality, and all anti-holiness disappear when man get into God’s hands, — They shall be one in my hand.” All denominational factions are perpetuated by the members remaining out of God’s hands for in His hands the partitions end, they are one in His hand. Now it is entire sanctification that puts men in God’s hands; hence thorough bible holiness destroys sects and denominations. And when men say that the time to abandon sects have not come, they virtually say, that the time to be holy unto the Lord has not yet arrived, for the two are always coincident; no idolatrous paper creed partitions can stand between holy fire baptized saints. There are three ways of promoting what is called holiness in these last times: The first is by preaching chiefly against outward evil practices, and makes modem pharisees; the second is the popular compromising way of not touching men’s idols, and ungodly practices, as the use of tobacco, pride, secrecy heresy, sectism, but seeks to lead into the experience of holiness and let the Lord afterward lead them to abandon these things. This superficial surface teaching is cursing the world with rotten spurious holiness. But the third way is by giving special prominence to the all-cleansing blood of Christ, and the “exceedingly great and precious promises” of God’s uttermost salvation: and at the same time vehemently smiting, with the sword of the Almighty, all the outward manifestations of the indwelling sin. To the first class belongs such men as Lyman Johnson, and most of the Free Methodist. He strikes almost exclusively at the evil of divisions, and creates anti-sect pharisees; while they, with equal zeal, slash away at silks, flowers and jewelry, and produce anti-pride pharisees. While these two do not fuse with each other, having different centers of speciality, they nevertheless belong to a general class who exhibit great zeal for their respective points of outward righteousness, without the knowledge and use of that all potent gospel of God, which reaches and purifies the core and fountain of moral like, and creates truth and holiness in the inner parts. To the second class belong all our inter-babylonian holiness teachers. They hold up definite experience of bible holiness, but not one of them require a bible standard of consecration. Consequently they promote a shoddy, sect loving, backsliding holiness, so- called. A mere conversion to the theory of holiness without that death which must precede its glorious resurrection with Christ.

“The glory which though hast gives me I have given them that they may be one as we are one, I is them and though in me that they may be made perfect in one.” — John xvii.

Now how do we receive this all resolving and harmonizing glory of Christ?

Answer. — “We all with open face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same frunge from glory to glory, as by the Spirit of the Lord. — II Cor. 3.

It is wrought in us by the Spirit of the Lord, while by faith we are beholding and expecting it. And it is a change from the glory of adoption to the glory of perfect holiness. Yes, entire sanctification is this unitrying glory of the Lord Jesus, for, “Both He that sanctifieth and they who are sanctified are all of one.” – Heb. 2-11.

Returning to John 17. Please observe that the glory that makes the saints one, is Christ in them and God in Christ, or the indwelling of all the fullness of God. Nothing else will do it. Entire purification alone makes place for this blessed infilling, and all the … … of God encludes all sin and the devil, and this alone secures perfect concord and unity. The li..al rendering is, “That they, may be perfected into one.” The experience of christian perfection alone brings into one, and that is by sanctifie.. ..ou through the blood of Christ. — Heb. 10:14, 13:10, 20.

“Sin is the cause of all schism and discord, But if we walk in the light as He light then have we fellowship, one with another, (union) and the blood of Christ Jesus His son cleanses us from all sin.” – 1 John 1:7.


The Grove Meeting near Payne Ohio.

Was a very blessed season of God’s rich grace. Truly all the friends of Jesus, and His pure word, received most blessed refreshing from the presence of the Lord. A great many souls have been added to the Lord there, since the saints have come out of babylon; but for a few months, past, the gulf seems to be well nigh fixed bet ween the saved and the lost. Those than will be saved have yielded, and the divine blessing seems all to return into the bosom of the!

The redeemed of the Lord, who walk in the light,
O! the Church that is written above.”
Who shout o’er the fall of all ..am.. of right,
And sing of God’s infinite love.

Glory to God! for the sweet gift of song in God’s Church in Paulding, Co. with all other gifts by the same Spirit.

On Sabbath the 5th. we had the blessed privilege of babtizing ten of the beloved saints of God. It was a time of the wonderful outpouring of God’s Spirit. Every one who followed the example, and obeyed the command of the Lord Jesus, came up out the water leaping and praising God, under a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit. When all who had come there expecting to be babtized, were blessing God in the wet robes of obedience, another brother, who had come some twenty miles to the meeting, and had made a new and full consecration to God in the forenoon, and received the witness of the Spirit to entire Sanctification, now came by the Spirit and was also “buried with Christ in baptism.’’ He had been sanctified before, but living in the dead. M. E. Sect of which he was class leader, he had compromised some what, but now he declares himself out of her, and was going to with-draw, on returning home. Following him came another dear brother and was also “blessed in the deed” of obedience to the God of our Salvation. Let anti-apostolic, and anti-Christ teachers say what they please, those Children of God who have not been perverted by tradition, and who believe the word of God, and have the Holy Spirit to lead them into all truth, will obey the positive commands of the New Testament, yea will delight to do so. But did we call those of the opposite, anti-Christ.? This seems rather harsh, and if we dared do so, we should gladly recall it. But let us see. Anti, means against. Was Christ baptized of John in Jordon? Yes. Did “He make and baptize more disciples than John.”? Did He not commission His disciples to the “end of the world,” to baptize believers in the name of the Father, and of the the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.? Yes. Did not the Apostles teach and practice baptism in water? Yes. Did they ever, to the last one on earth say that Christ had commanded them to discontinue the practice of literal baptism. No. Then if both Christ and the Apostles practiced water baptism, and neither said it should be discontinued, does not he that says it should not be done, speak against Christ and the apostles? ant is not his position on that point anti-against-Christ, and anti-apostolic. Doubtless it was ignorance which lead Peter to cross the purpose of Christ, on one occasion, but this did not keep Christ from saying, “get behimd me satan”. If His love would allow Him to call His disciple satan—opposer—for ignorantly opposing his will, do not think that any thing but love requires me to thus talk plain to my erring brethren.

On Monday we had a very good meeting, at the house of father Christian four miles south east. This dear father is gloriously saved, but has been suffering much from dropsy, and lung trouble. By prayer and faith his lungs were instantly healed, and in a short time he was able to walk out in his yard without his cane, which he had not been able to do before; he said the swelling was fast leaving, and the cords of his limbs becoming loosened. He expects to be made whole by the Lord.


FILE NUMBERS – A few have sent us some, for what we return thanks. We still lack, ..nd desire much to all number. Who ..n send us ..t … No … 4, 8, … … … … …, 14, – Herald of Gospel Freedom, vol. 3: No’s. 1, 2, 3, 4, … … … 11, 12, 13, 17, …, 22, 23, 24. – vol. 1: No’s: 1, …, 11, 1.., 13, 14, …, …, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24.

The Jerry City Grove Meeting.

Over and over, we constrained to speak of the wonderful … of God’s Spirit, in the meeting of these saints who have returned from the babylonian captivity. And every one seems to be the most blessed of all preceding ones. Surely the above, was a most grecious refreshing of Divine love, and for and peace sent down from heaven into the hearts of the “holy people.” When we last took our leave of those saints we did not thick that seven months would pass before we should have the privilege of greeting them to again, but we had to await the Lord’s time. Praise God! they give evidence of having been favored, with the constant presence, and all satisfying pastorate of the Lord Jesus Christ. These that be planted to the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God. They shall still bring forth fruit in old are, they shall fat and flourishing, to show that the Lord is upright. He is their rock, and there is no unrighteousness in Him.” – Psa. 93:10-15.

Their spirituality speaks well for their great Shepherd. In these seven mouths, they have had one visit from Brother Ridley, and one from a couple of the Paulding brethren, but to well are they noqtiafuted with the True Shepherd, that they have not missed one meal. There has not one forsaken the Lord, nor the glorious doctrine of freedom in Christ and the precious fold of His love. They have made great advancement in strength and spiritual understanding, and in joys of the Lord, and gifts of the Spirit. Some who were barely able to walk when they came up out of the land of their captivity, are now mounting up on wings of eagles, Glory to the Lamb of God. On our way, wife and self were joined, at Fostoria by six of the beloved saints from Paulding county. Meeting Friday night at Brother Hampahires, Saturday we continued all day, and in the evening to the grove. One soul converted, and we trust also healed in body. She was afflicted and took Christ for her complete physician. Sabbath there was quite a large congregation, for a grove meeting of rather short notice. The day was spent in preaching the glorious Gospel of God, and prayer, praise and testimony. As soon as the noon intermission came, baal, babylon, gog and magog, began to show that the arrows of divine truth hat taken effect. They “compassed the saints, and began to relieve their perturbet hearts in strife and contention. There were secret baal worshiping Methodists, and deceived holiness professing U. B. backed by a host of blind sinners who were consoling the wounds that had been made in their wicked hearts, by the opposition to God’s truth, from these wounded, agitated babylonians.

O what an over whelming sense of the wickedness of sectarianism came over my poor soul, as I faced the throng of lest stoners who stood at the back of these fluttering hearts of sect idolatry, grinning and chuckling over the defence of their idols. Surely, “they strengthen the hands of evil doers, so that none of them returneth from his iniquity.” Any man that is saved himself, and believes a brother in error, will, in love and humility, sake him, like Acquilla and Priscilla, and endeavor to show him the way of the Lord more perfectly,” but when men let their tongues loose in strife and contention before the ungodly, you may set it down as a certain fact that the devil in and hearts, or at least that they are convicted before God, and too graceless and dishonest to confess and forsake the error and evil of their ways. We felt that the work of the Spirit was very much restrained by the powers of darkness in the assembly. In most congregations Christ is unable to do many mighty works because of the unbelief, among His kindred, hypocritical professors, who say that Christ is beside Himself, just as they did sigh teen hundred years ago. In the evening, the Lord suddenly sent up a gust of wind, and the appearance of a rain storm, when about all the chaff was quickly blown from the ground, and just as they were fleeing away the Holy Spirit began to pour down upon the saints and the thouts ascended to the hill of the Lord. Then we fets how the holy One of Israel had been limited by the, power of opposition.

That night the little ones instinctively assembled at the house of brother Hamshire. Which was to very deed filled with the glory of God. The saints came with the glory on them and the Spirit carried every soul far up on the delectabic mountain of Hallelujahs to the God of our salvation. O what waves of divine glory babtized — overwhelmed — this blood washed bridal company, Glory to God in the highest!

Some days before we went to Jerry City, we were impressed that the Head and Savior of the community of saints, would lead some of the saints, there to honor the example, and authority of Christ, in His command of literal baptism, and after we had made some remarks on the scriptures respecting that duty, we learned that the Holy Spirit had been powerfully moving some of the little ones to obey the Lord Jesus. So much so that they had spoken or it in in the meetings. All who had heretofore, been baptized, were now led of God to thus declare their death to the world, and resurrection with Christ. Accordingly on Monday morning the saints met at Bro. Millers, and proceeded with several teams, with songs of praise, to the stream, where there was much water, where we worshiped the Lord in the beauty of hellness and proceeded so do the Master’s will. We have had the subline privilege of baptizing thousands of God’s dear Children, always with more or less of His blessings poured out upon them. But u..er have we witnessed heaven come down at the waters of baptism, as in this instance. There were nineteen blood washed saints who walked in the delightful fool-steps of Jesus. The Holy Spirit seemed to come upon each one in mighty power and thrilling joy, the very instant they emerged from the water. It also fell upon all that stood by. Such transporting waves of divine love, such general shouts, and praises to God, was indeed wonderful to behold. Many l..ped in their wet clothes as if they were as light as a feather. One sister, in the ecstasy of her soul k..eeled by her self and talked to God, when she “saw heaven” opened and the hand of the Redeemer presented to her view, the beautiful white rote she sho..d have to wear before the God at White Throne of God. She said that she could not conceive how she could ever be more happy or heaven. Of cou..a.. in..els and haters of …, Covenant would institutions of the ..nce, from such in a ..high stand side by side at a di..o.., imaginaton, excitement, wro..t imagination; but the l..er, be holding their ou.. tradition demolished by the voice of God Himself ..me more desperate, and presumptions in the sight of God, and cry out, “In all of the devil.” Last such imitation of the old pharisees who attributed the miracles of Christ to the power of beelzebub. We have seen just such put out as a “stumbling blow..” to the ignorant. Of such as receive the Holy Spirit God says “they shall see vision.“ But “Thus saits the Lord concerning the prophets that make my people, ..rr —— Night shall be unto you, that ye shall not have a vision; and it shall be dark unto you that ye shall not divine and the sun shall go down over the proohets, and the day shall be dark over them. — Micah ii:5, 6.

Bro. J. Ridley, of whom we spoke in our last … having been over powered by the sect priests at Petersburg c. m. was at the meeting and after humbly conteasing his error, and that he had largely been left in the dark ever since he yielded to the will of those sectarian seducers, was largely restored again in the power and bliss of the spirit that rested upon him before his sad step, which, said he “has been to my great sorrow.” The intimate relation between him and God seems to have been interrupted and the direct communication cut off. Praise God for the flow of divine peace that again cheered his heart, glowed in his face and sang in his voice. The dear brother has learned that to forsake truth is to forsake the Lord Jesus Himself, who “is the truth and the life.” Alas how many poor souls, through the intoxication of babylon wine, are going on to learn this lesson, in the torments of hell. Brother Ridley and the Paulding saints remained to have meeting on Monday night.

Brothers A. C. Long, his brother and two other friends from Gibsonburg were at the meeting, and Brothers S. and H. Phillips from Rising Sun.

Praise the Lord for this glorious feast of fat things.


Fresh Air.

From the first quick gasp of infancy to the last feeble sigh of old age, the prime necessity of life is air. Air is food for the lungs, as bread is food for the stomach. Millions more people die froom want of lung food than from a deficiency of other aliment. The Creator has provided the necessary article in generous abundance, fresh, pure, and free to all. If we do not get enough, it is our own fault, for when we close our doors and windows the closest, this vitalizing, invigorating element is whizzing and howling close around outside seeking to find an entrance.

People who nail up their windows, stop every crack and crevice in the walls, line the door casing with felt, and fix a patent thing under the door as a sort of air-trap to catch the occasional whiffs of pure air which might otherwise get in, are barricading themelves against their best friend. A man who should so studiously and deliberately deprive himself of the means of procuring ordinary food, would be pronounced a suicide. Is be any less a transgressor — though ignorantly so — who deprives himself and his family of a still greater necessity, pure air?

The demand for pure air is the … imperative or all the wants of the sy.. When deprived of air, an individ.. die sooner than from deprivatio.. other of the essentials of life. … may live several weeks witho.. of any kind, several such cases … noted by eminent authorities … prived entirely of drink, lif.. comes extinct. But if an indi.. prived of air, death occurs in a.. fe ..

How TO VENTILATE. — The on.. get fresh air is to obtain it fro.. doors, by exchanging the foul air … for pure air without.

How much fresh air do we need? ..ery man needs enough to dilute the po.. which he exhales sufficiently to render a.. harmless. To effect this, a quantity of 5.000 times as great as the amount of carbon di-oxide produced, is required. In other words, 5,000 gallons of pure air are necessary to render harmless one gallon of carbon di-oxide. A man p.. of this poison every twelve minutes, or five gallons an hour; hence, he requires 5.000 gallons of pure air every twelve minutes, or 25.000 gallons each hour – more than 3,000 cubic fe.. …

To ventilate well, there must be two openings; one at the bottom, and the other at the top of a room. What! shall we open the windows at top and bottom on a cold wintry day? Certainly. Cold air is not posion. Plenty of air and a rousing fire in not are cheaper in the long run than foul air and less fire.

But will not cold air produce colds, and lung fevers, and pleurisies, and consumptions? People don’t catch cold in open sleight nor when walking in the wind Draughts of cold air upon a small portion of the body only, will occasion cold; but there need be no draughts, Avoid them in this way:

Lower a window at the top on one side of the room, and on the opposite side raise another a little at the bottom. Place a screen of fine netting in well ventilated without draughts.

Unless a strong wind is blowing, the window should be lowered one inch for each occupant of the room. A window should be raised an equal amount upon the opposite side to allow a circulation of the air.

J. H. Kellogg.

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Pure Air.


If is truely painful to see the ignorance that prevails in reference to the necessity of pure air to breathe; and the suffering that is the inevitable wages of this ignorance. Even men of boasted education have not learned the simple, but imperitive laws of life in this and many other things, while the masses of humanity are committing gradual suicide by closing all pure air out of their dwellings.

Poor souls! how we pity them. Thousands awake in the morning, feeling too languid and weak to arise; they conclude they have not had rest enough yet, feeling too indisposed to arise; hence they lay and nap and swoon, a while longer in the vitiating poison that fills their small tight room, till at length, through shame, they arise, and thus escape once more from their living grave, to resuscitate during the labors of the day, the energies they have distroyed by inhaling over and over again the poison they have exhaled during the night season. Whereas the repose of the night should be the means of recuperating the mental and physical energies that were exhausted in the day’s labor.

Is it any wonder that people are weak, and sickly, and that they are nervous, impatient, irritable, and disagreeable? These extremely unfavorable conditions, to a great extent even, counteract the grace of God which tends to fill the heart and life with gentleness, kindness and tranquility. It is a sad fact that a large portion of the human family live in too flagrant violation of the laws of mental life, to apprehend and enjoy the laws of spiritual life. How cruel and barbarous to put from three to six children in one small room, with no particle of chance for the exhaled poison to escape, and pure oxygen to enter and bless their restless repose. And the graceless parental hearts will scold and slap them, for the pevishness their ignorance and cruelty have inflicted upon them.

O parents, in the name of the Lord, we beseech you to open your windows and let the Alwise and benign God of nature breathe in upon you the pure breath of life, and drive out the poison gasess you are constantly inhaling, and, as soon as nature can readjust you to her violated laws, you will find the life current become quickened, your mind become more tranquil, and your physical, mental, and spiritual powers all toned up anew, to serve God and enjoy life, with far greater capacity. And the temper of your children will be greatly sweetened. However these happy results may not be so apparent, if nature should be still baffled, by other violation of her laws. We will give you a few extracts from others that we hope will be of much benefit.

“Pure air is the first and the last desideratum of human life. Individual life begins with the first breath, and ends with the last act of respiration. A human “being lives largely in proportion as he breathes. Frogs and lizards are sluggish because they breathe little. Birds are more vigorous in their movements because of the wondrous capacity and activity of their lungs. So with human beings. Need we suggest that those feeble-minded creatures who emulate each other in compression of the waist — thus curtailing their breathing power — are like frogs and lizards in their capacity for appreciating the “joy of living?” or that their organs of cerebration may be as small as their waists! Has a man consumption? Let him live in the open air; he cannot breathe enough. Thousands of patients die in hospitals for want of fresh air. God’s oxygen is the beat tonic known. Fill the sick-room with it; the patient’s chances for recovery will be thereby increased fourfold. Its disinfectant and deodorizing properties are unsurpassed.” All it requires is unrestrained action.

J. H. Kellogg.


Dr. Oswald says: “Before we can hope to get rid of consumption with any chance of success, we have to get rid of the night air superstition. It is probably the most prolific single cause of impaired health, even among the civilised nations of our englightened age, though its absurdity rivals the grossest delusions of the witchcraft era. The subjection of holy reason to hearsay could hardly go further. “Beware of the night air; be sure and close your windows after dark!” In other words, beware of God’s free air; be sure and infect your lungs with the stagnant, azotized, and offensive atmosphere of your bedroom. In other words, beware of the rock spring; stick to sewerage. Is night air injurious? Is timers a single tenable pretext for such an idea? Since the day of creation that air has been breathed with impunity by millions of different animals — tender, delicate creatures, some of them — fawns, lambs, and young birds. The moist night air of the tropical forests is breathed, with impunity by the anthropoid apes — the same apes that soon perish with consumption in the close though generally well-warmed atmosphere of our northern menageries. Thousands of soldiers, hunters, and lumbermen sleep every night in tents and open sheds without the least injurius consequences; men in the last stage of consumption have recovered by adopting a semi-savage mode of life, and camping out of doors in all but the stormiest night. Is air the draft you fear, or the contrast of temperature? Blacksmiths and railroad conductors seem to thrive under suck influences. Draught? Does the north wind damage the fine lady sitting motionless in her sleigh, or the pilot and helmsman of a storm tossed vessel? There is no doubt that families who have freed themselves from the curse of that superstition can live out healthier in the heart of a great city than its slaves on the airiest highland of the southern Appenines.



Blessed is He that Considereth the Poor



How many profess to know Christ and yet disregard the claims of the poor? How can we shut our hearts to the cry of the needy and expect God to bless us? Can a Christian say to the poor: “Go thy way,” be warmed, and clothed, and fed, and give them nothing and be blessed? No, it is the doer, that is blessed. If we “consider the poor,” pity will fill our hearts and we cannot turn them away without affording relief in some measure. Does not this considering imply that we should relieve the wants of all that come to our knowledge, as far we are able? How many that profess to be followers of Christ, shut up the bowels of their compassion against the poor, of such the word says: “How dwelleth the love of God in him.” The word also declares, “Except we have the Spirit of Christ, we are none of His.” How was it with Christ? He went about doing good. The poorest and lowliest were not excepted. He taught his disciples that they should be no respecter of persons. The one clad in poor raiment, should be cared for the same, as the gorgeously attired. How few, comparatively, manifest this spirit. Searcher of hearts, search thy people and show them all what spirit they are off. Strip us all of the man-serving spirit, and put thy spirit within us that we may seek only to please Thee. Amen!

The blessing, how sweet comes to each obedient soul,
The hallowed presence of Savior and Lord,
So sweetly He speaks, ’tis bliss to our hearts
Whatever ye have done ye have done is to me.
We feel so unworthy as thus to our hearts,
In blest accents of love, we hear His still voice,
We reply in our hearts, is in so little, dear Lord,
We hear la reply even a cup of cold water
When given for me I gladly accept.
Who knoweth the bliss of giving the poor,
Will be not be ready to do what he can?
And week out the poor with sorrow bowed down?
Give them not only our goods but give them our love;
Bind up broken hearts and sorrow’s tear.
Do thin not for a blessing — and a blessing will come,
Your life will be brighter, your step will be lighter,
As on errands of mercy you go.
Dear Jesus perfect thy work concerning my soul;
That thy tore and spirit may always control,
Each act, each gift, to the poor I bestow,
I ask it all for thy sake, amen


The food which God specially intended for man to eat is contained in the part of the wheat which is discarded by the “white” flour makers. The health-and strength-giving power contained in this “Graham” portion of the wheat cannot be found in any other food, and therefore the robbing of the flour of this part entails weakness, disease and death on the human family. — Sword.

The general run of “churches” are tremendous hindrances in the way of the mass of mankind in that they blunt the conscience, pervert the judgment, ensnare the spirit, and thus prevent salvation. The saying of Jesus fully applies: “Woe unto you, scribes and pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.” — Sword.

Every sectarian stubbornly resists the spirit that destroys sects, and in so doing he resists the Lord of uniting, love, and power. O, the awful sin of schism or carnal divisions! May it be smitten more by the Almighty, and may “the sheep” see it dearly, and be perfectly free from its terrible ensnarement, and ever beware of its subtle influence; and thus the prayer of Jesus be answered more and more — “that they all may be one.” — Sword.



Ulysses, Neb. Feb. 5.

Bro. Warner: — I do praise God for the privilege of addressing you these few lines in the name of Jesus Christ. I bless God for the privilege Of standing alone with Jesus. I am here surrounded by sectarians and devils, yet I feel that Jesus is my all sufficient friend. O glory to God for such a friend.

O that more here might receive the true Gospel. We can see plenty steeple houses towering up to heaven, but within is corruption, mockery and sin. They teld us we must connect ourself with some branch of babylon. But Glory to God! we are complete in Christ without any modem sect-pen. Bro. Warner. I expect to stand for Christ and for His Church, which He purchased with His own blood. We see members of the sects, wear their emblems of Masonic and Odd Fellow sacred idol worship; we see them laden with pride and conformed to the world, but we see little of Christ there. Yet I believe God has some real children still yet in this babel of sectisms; and they desire to be delivered from those sect pens of starvation. O who will come to this country and proclaim the true Gospel of God as it is in Christ Jesus. I pray God to bless you in sending out the GOSPEL TRUMPET; blast of salvation. How I would love to see it enlarged and come to our homes every week. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you and all who love and Worship God in spirit and truth.

Your Bro.,

W. S. Page.


Cochran, Ind, Jan. 13.

Dear Bro. Warner: — I feel like giving you a word of encouragement; for I know that there are comparatively few that will stand by one that abides in Christ alone and receives the strokes of a sin-cursed and doomed bable-church, who are lovers of pleasure, more than lovers of God, who believe not the truth but have pleasure in unrighteousness, yea who believe a lie that they may be damned. When God says “Come out of her my people that ye partake not of her sins, and receive not of her plagues.” He speaks to the present age; and he means just what He says, and it is either obe God or die spiritually. God has clearly given me the light on coming out of sectism. I have learned by experience too, that sectism is a sin, and that if we belong to Christ and have our “names written in heaven,” we need no membership in men-made sects.

Wife and I send you our love, and offer our prayers to God that you may be spared many years to rebuke sin in high places and publish the Salvation and Church that is of God in Christ Jesus. Amen.

Your Bro.

J. B. Flinn.


Washington D. C., May 21, 1883.

EDITOR TRUMPET: — Bro. Warner: — Having read several numbers of the TRUMPET I can say that I believe you are filled with the power of the Holy Ghost I know to-day Jesus is my Savior and the desire of my heart is to live every moment with the precious blood applied to the saving and keeping of my body, soul and spirit, till the Bridegroom cometh. I praise God that you are advocating the “healing by faith.” I have had that faith for seven years that Jesus will heal the body in answer to prayer. I ask the prayers of every reader of your paper that God will supply all my needs in this faith work. May the time soon come when the children of God wilt see that the days of healing are here. I want to open my home for a faith meeting where the power of God will be manifest in healing the sick. I need religious reading (papers and tracts) to distribute. I am willing to do all that I can to glorify God. Praise the Lord Oh! my soul. Yours in the faith.

Mrs. M. A. Perry.

No. 312 K St, N. E. Washington D. C.


Warsaw, Ind., April 17.

DEAR BROTHER: — If you know how a famished soul when in great thirst feels, then you know how much I should love to have the TRUMPET. Although I am a poor woman, and paralized on my right aide, I trust the Lord Jesus will, in some way enable me to pay you for the paper. I thank God the paper reveals such plain and glorious truth. I belong to a sect creed too; but I see a sin in it; and I want to be free in Christ Jesus, both soul and body. I have made the bible a careful study these three or four years, and I find that God has but one church, and that divisions are forbidden. By the grace of God I am going to come out from under the yoke of bond, age. A Sister in Christ.

S. E. Shafer

Sandy Lake. Pa. Sept. 14, 1882.

Glory to God! My soul says glory to God in the highest, for what He is doing for me. My soul has been unutterably full of the glory of God for over two weeks. I am sometimes led to wonder what the Lord is going to do with me. I am resting right in His hands, to be or to do just what He would have me. I was led out of the sect by the spirit and word of God. Glory to His name! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! O Hallelujah! My soul is full of glory. Some think we must surely organize go as to have a place for young converts to join. Just as though joining Christ was not sufficient. They also think we must have something to bind us together. I am sure if my name were on a dozen diffent pieces of paper! could not love God’s children any more than I do now.

Different ones of our number told me to write you that they were standing straight for God and the truth. Sifter C. says, tell him “I am standing strong without man or sect to hold me up. Nothing but the arms and power of the Almighty. Praise the Lord!” Sister K. says, “tell him I am trusting in God, ready and willing to do all His will.” Sister M. is out of the sect; she says, “tell him I am standing fast in the liberty wherewith. Christ has made me free. Praise the Lord! I can tell you that Brother and Sister Frost are standing true to God. So are all the little band, and we do hope it will please God to send you here to our August meeting. We will not have a sectarian preacher if we have none at all.

Your sister saved in the blood of the everlasting covenant.

Mary E. Farran


Payne, Paulding Co., O. March 20.

DEAR BROTHER WARNER: — I am glad to say I am saved this morning through the blood of Jesus. Praise the Lord! Justified, sanctified and kept by the power of God from all sin, Hallelujah! I am saved from the power of the sect devil who is raging against the little ones. The Lord is giving us victory. Glory to God! Since I saw you at Jerry City, there have been some wonderful displays of the healing power of the Lord Jesus, who is the same yesterday, to-day and forever. Amen! Yours under the blood.

A. J. Kilpatrick.


Ubly, Mich. Jan. 14, 1882.

DEAR BROTHER WARNER: — Your very kind card received. I am not sanctified wholly yet; but love the doctrine. I am in the Free Methodist denomination, but I cannot object to the coming out you teach in the GOSPEL TRUMPET. This is a terrible place for sects. I wish you could make it convenient to come up here. I would like to hear you preach. Sects are plenty here, so is idolatry. Yours for the truth.

Ezra Slack.


Adrian, May 31.

DEAR BROTHER IN CHRIST. — Inclosed please find a dollar for the GOSPEL TRUMPET. I enjoy it very much. I like the way you give the name to things, and put them in their right place in the fear of the Lord, regardless of the devil. When are you coming to Adrian? Babylon is in great commotion here. The Salvation Army are still here. Surely the devil thinks it time to make Holiness popular. God bless you in your work for Him.

Jennie Morden.


Carson City, Mich., March 12, 1883.

EDITOR TRUMPET — Dear Brother: — I have taken your paper for the last two years and it has been a great comfort to me to hear how the work of the Lord is progressing. You will find within for subscription for your paper, and you can consider me a constant subscriber and an armor bearer for the Lord. Please accept my sincere thanks for past favors.

Yours, Catharine Myers.


Washington, D. C. April 30, 1883.

DEAR BROTHER WANRER: — The Lord is digging people out of sects here. The light is shining to some and they are walking in it. A young “Knight Templar” was recently converted. He came out of the lodge and afterward out of the M. E. sect. The Lord did it all.

Yours, T. F. Dolan.

A great opposer of the Pharisees. Amen.


Cedar Creek, Ind. April 23, ’83.

BRO. WARNER: — Praise the Lord O! my soul for what there is in the great store-house of Heaven for those who are willing to trust their all to God. I know he is able to save to the uttermost, all those that are willing to be saved. A few here are still holding on to God by faith. Your Brother in Christ.

D. L Hauser.

Bowling Green, Nov. 22, 1883.

DEAR BROTHER IN CHRIST: — I have best afflicted for two weeks. I never had anything to cheer me up so in all my life as that copy of the GOSPEL TRUMPET. My mind had been led all the last two week, while being on tar bed, to red.. on the sin and corruption of the so-called churches in the world. It has now been Alteen years since! first sought the Savior in the pardon of my sin.. twelve years of which I lived in the United Brethren sect. But when I let the Holy Ghost enter my heart and burn out the carnal mind, I found out the United Brethren sect was connected with the old man and was all burned up, and I suffered the loss, but I was saved yet so as by fire. Glory be to God in the highest! Three years ago last Sunday! we powerfully sanctified to God, and oh! the light the filled my soul! I never until then realized what the scripture meant where it said: “The spirit maketh intercessions for us with groanings that cannot be uttered.” Dear Brother, I thick the GOSPEL TRUMPET is a grand success far Christ. I here as close an order for the paper, hoping I shall be able … do more before long. Now, Brother Warner, if it … possible for you to come here to our help, in the name of Jesus come. We are ready. The leading members admit sectarianism is a curse to God’s cause. I do all I can to instruct them but the power brought to bear against them is too great. Oh how I have prayed for God to send some one here is help me in this work. We hive our holiness me..ing at our houses and all our meetings is the church are on the same line, nothing to hinder b.. sectarian strife. Dear Brother and the saints ever where, pray that God may remove this evil out … our midst and that truth and righteousness u.. rule in every heart. From your Brother washed it the blood of the lamb.



Washington, D. C., Jan. 26, 1882.

BROTHER WARNER. — I am still at work i.. the Master, here in Washington, this wicked en I am glad to be free from all ungodly hypocriti.. denominations, free from all yokes at false preachers, free in Christ Jesus. I hope to see the day when we will have a place to hold free meeting. There is not a sect synagogue here when weare … to speak; even the Free Methodist sect wont toler.. it. You can speak all you want to about our sects, but don’t tread on their corns, if you do they will squeal. Well, I am letting my light shi.. every chance I get. Praise His holy name. I … glad I am a soldier for Jesus. He is my Capte.. God needs a holy band here of prophets, who u.. not afraid to cry out against these dens of hell a called secret orders and all other sins of the devil and I hope to see the day when he will have they for this is a corrupt city, the devil has full sway. I.. is a good thing to follow Jesus, and not a Masonry preacher. These false prophets or hirelings … in most denominations here. I praise God … leading me out of them and helping me to walk i.. the light. Glory be to his name for ever. A..

Yours for the war against all sins.



Salem, Iowa, April 2. …

BROTHER WARNER: – Your very we.. letter received. Thanks for your instruction o.. the Word of the Lord. We had a good me.. yesterday and last night, — read your letter … Church. All seemed pleased. Am glad to say … all who are sanctified are still free from sect y.. Bro. C. J. Lindley, who was sanctified two years this fall, is preaching the present truth with us. … expect to be expelled from the M. E. sect: think that is the way he is to get out. Bro. N. H. Vino.. formerly of the M. P. sect, is exhorting and ..ing meetings with us. At two points the … seems to have surrendered, we have scarcely … visible opposition. I saw Bro. Hobbs yesterday be claims to be walking in the light — had w.. blessed meetings lately, and four were seeking second grace. Your Brother saved to the uttermost.



Yankton, Dakota. Dec. 22, 1881.

DEAR BROTHER WARNER: — The Ea.. of thy word giveth light; it giveth under..ing to the simple.” — Ps 119, 180. I have soul ..eral numbers of your valuable paper, and en..mose fully the bible standard you have set … … Christian liberty and union, on the bible. I … … sectarian parties several years ago and am … on the “Rock Christ Jesus.” Having burned … … church “creeds” and books, bearing the “ma..” the “beast or his image” and having made a fu.. complete consecration of myself to God, my.. has been sailing in a sea of heavenly light and … ever since. Praise the Lord. The sweet us.. the spirit in the bonds of love and peace w.. the saints of the Lord, is foretaste of the rapid the saints before the throne. With a heart fu.. of prayer for your success in calling the dear … out of their terrible bondage to the “Mystic ..lon” (confusion mixture) and the triumph of glorious gospel, I am your Brother in Christ Jesus.



Millets, Mich.

DEAR BROTHER WARNER — I thank o.. that I still love to read the TRUMPET. It h.. to keep me on the right road. Praise the Lord. I makes me rejoice to hear of the blessed work ..on. I have great reason to be very thankful at … Lord. He has cleansed me clear and clean … the filth of tobacco, to which I was a ..l.. … … also thank God for the health myself and f.. enjoy. We have needed no doctor in ourever since Brother Fisher’s first visit here. Praise the Lord. I rest on His word for perfect … of soul and body. Your Brother in Christ.



Brace Bridge, Out, Ma..

DEAR BROTHER WARNER — I have … a number of TRUMPET and I feel it my … … let you know that they have proved to be a … blessing to me. It has the right salvation …. Send it on. I sin poor, but happy in the Lord … is my all. I enjoy the salvation you ..p.. … your TRUMPET. I will do my beast to get … for you. Never weary in veil doing, thou … reap if you faint not. O think of the time when … shall lock arms on that beautiful shore and … … ever more.

Your Brother, all the Lord’s



Walkerton, Ind., June 18.

DEAR BROTHER IN THE LORD. — … find — for which send copies of the TRUMPET follows: “No man can receive anything w.. be given him of God,” and when …, Lord … it were, are instrumental in saving more … … the whole church machinery put fo.., … must be at work ta that one. Go on … … walls of Babylon fall after the seventh ch.. will not make any lamentation for the saved in the Lord.


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