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15 August 1891, Volume 11, Number 16.


Sinner, careless, proud, and cold,
Straying from the sheltering fold,
Hast thou thought hour patiently
The Good Shepherd follows thee;
Still with tireless, toiling feet,
Through the tempest and the heat —
Thought upon that yearning breast,
Where He fain would have thee rest,
And of all its fender pain,
While He seeks for thee in vain?

Dost thou know what He must feel,
Making vainly his appeal;
When He knocketh at thy door
Present entrance to implore;
Saying, “Open unto Me,
I will come and sup with, thee
” —
Forced to turn away at last
From the portal shut and fast?
Wilt thou careless slumber on,
Even till thy Lord has gone,
Heedless of his high behest,
His desire to be thy guest?

Sinner, sinner, dost thou know
What it is to slight Him so?
Sitting careless by the sea
While He calleth, “Follow me
Sleeping, thoughtless, unaware
Of his agonizing prayer,
While thy sins his soul o’er power,
And thou canst not watch one hour?
Our infirmities He bore,
And our mortal form He wore;
Yea, our Lord was made to be
Here in all things like as we,
And, that pardon we might win,
He, the sinless, bare our sin!

Sinner, though He comes no more
Faint and fasting to thy door,
His disciples here instead
Thou canst give the cup and bread’
If his lambs thou dost not feed,
He it is that feels their need;
He that suffers their distress,
Hunger, thirst, and weariness;
He that loving them again
Beareth all their bitter pain!
Canst thou then so reckless prove,
Canst thou, darest thou slight his love?
Do not let Him lose the price
Of his awful sacrifice!




The words above relate more particularly to the spiritual strength and valor of the soul. But since we are to glorify God in our bodies as well as in our spirits see 1 Cor. 6:19, 20 — the measure of strength and efficiency in our bodies, as well as in spiritual being, will be the measure of our ability to glorify our Creator. Purity, health, and happiness, are the designs of God with regard to man, and these conditions arise from our conformity to the laws of our entire being. Being blessed with both a physical and a spiritual existence we are necessarily subject to the laws of God’s material kingdom as well as to the laws of His spiritual empire. And the laws that govern the physical world are the laws of God, as well as those of His moral and religious code. And in fact, we should regard ourselves as dishonoring God in the violation of the former, as well as in the infraction of the latter, though probably not to the same extent, for we confess the spiritual laws are higher than the physical. All human happiness arises from obedience to the moral and natural laws of God; all distress and suffering arise from a violation of those laws. Some times it is true, suffering is indicted by an involuntary, and unavoidable infringement of the laws of our physical constitution; whereas no person can be forced to sin against his will.

The volume of Divine revelation, interpreted by the Holy Spirit, gives us perfect guide in all our spiritual and moral obligation to God and to each other. But God has not seen fit, under the present dispensation, to give us legislation in natural laws respecting food, etc. Yea, His word even forbids one brother to “Judge another in meats and drinks,” etc. Col. 2:16. This takes the question of what we shall eat and drink, etc, out of direct religious legislation in matters of diet, as existed under the abolished code. Therefore, in this sense,” every creature is good, and nothing rejected.” From this fact men have rashly concluded that it makes no difference at all what we eat, and what we drink; but this is a great mistake. What goes into the mouth does not defile the heart or conscience, as it would if we were living under a moral code that prescribed what we should and what we should not eat. The want of legislation in the New Testament respecting food, does not change suspend, nor reverse the laws of nature. Nay they are as inflexible as ever. And health of body and mind is the happy reward of fulfilling their demands, whereas sickness and disease usually arise from their violation. It is true however that God, in His great mercy, often shields His trusting children when ignorantly or unavoidable exposing themselves to the attacks of disease. And he also heals them when they call upon Him in faith. But for all this there is no more good sense in disregarding God’s natural provisions for our good health, that His supernatural help may abound, than there is in sinning that grace may abound. God forbid that we should do either. But why did not Christ instruct us in the laws of health? We answer that man cannot, by the force of unaided reason seek out the needs of his soul, hence revelation’s holy guide. But it was not necessary that the Author of salvation should give us a dietic regimen because God has endued man with reason, the ability to trace cause and effect in the forces of nature, and thereby discover the laws that govern our physical organization resulting in the great pleasure of good health and a cheerful mind.

“Health,” says Dr. Nichols “is the natural condition of every living thing. All creatures living in their natural condition have health.

‘‘Health gives to us full and perfect development of body and mind, with all the strength, activity, and enjoyment of life which naturally belongs to us.

“As health is the natural result of conformity to the laws of nature, disease, or the absence of health, must be the result of the violation of those laws.”

Here are some wise and truthful sayings of O. S. Fowler. “Happiness is the constitutional and only legitimate product of every faculty of the mind, every element of every being.”

“Our Creator has done all that even a God could do to promote this one normal end of life. In what a perfect paradise does man’s primitive constitution place him! O! if lie would exercise his powers in accordance with their original constitution, how perfectly holy and happy would he thereby become!” — of course before man can live perfectly in harmony with the laws of his soul, mind and body, he must he regnerated and wholly sanctified, and thus restored from his fallen state. — After speaking of the pains suffering and wretchedness that torment mankind, Fowler continues:

“Yet none of this suffering forms any necessary part of any constitutional arrangement or functions of our nature. Teeth are created and adapted to masticate food, not to ache; nor need they ever. The head was not made to ache, nor the stomach to occasion griping pains, nor in any way distress ns. Nor are the lungs adapted to torture us while they waste away in lingering consumption, blasting all our hopes and happiness. Neither malignant fevers, nor distressing rheumatism, nor torturing gout, nor loathsome life — eating cancers, nor any other kind or degree of disease or suffering form any part of man’s constitution, nor of natures ordinances but all are utterly repugnant to both.

What then has caused all this wide spread misery? Eve’s eating the forbidden fruit? But that effects all human beings alike; so that for all its influences, all could be as happy as any one ever has been or ever will be. What then is the cause? Hear nature’s answer. All enjoyment, all suffering is caused.” The sentient world, in common with the physical, is governed by law, the violation of which causes pain, and it’s obedience pleasure, CAUSE AND EFFECT govern all nature — her pains and pleasures included. * * * These laws reign supreme, and substitute perfect order for complete confusion. Nor is their action ever uncertain. Given causes always produce specific effects, and their own appropriate effects only; while like causes invariable generate like effects. All therefore, that we feel, enjoy, and suffer, is caused — is the absolutely necessary product of its own specific cause, and of that only.” “To obey any law is to secure its legitimate blessing; to transgress is to insure its consequent sufferings. No escape, no evasion of either can possibly occur.”

There is, however, we may say in modification of the above, one appeal from natural laws, and that is directly to God the author of all these laws. He can suspend, and even reverse natural laws for the benefit of His children, when peculiar circumstances require, and their faith grasps it. But aside from the Almighty Himself, we know no power can set them aside. It is true that afflictions are ascribed to the devil; but this does not conflict with the natural facts referred to.

Doubtless satan infuses much of the stupidity which leads to the ignorance, and consequent violation of the natural conditions of health, or when men unavoidable transcend the laws of health, if satan has any power over their hearts and minds, that forfeits the supernatural protection of God, and in that way men become physically “oppressed of the devil.” But if God may be said to afflict the children of men, it is by withholding that protection for their good, or in special cases by direct judgments. Yet with all these exceptional facts, it still remains a law, that health is the result of, a compliance with natural laws, and that sickness and disease spring from their violation. But says, one “does not the adage hold good that,” what is food for one person is poison to another.” We will let Dr. Trall answer. Perhaps no person is more capable. A profound student of nature, and the adaptation of her laws, not only to preserve health but also to restore the afflicted’ he has cured hundreds, and perhaps it could truthfully be said thousands, without a particle of medicine but by the adaption of nature’s forces in food, water, etc. in his Hygiene institution. He says, All hinds of natural food agree equally well with all persons in a pure state of nature, excepting so far as the mere influence of habit is concerned.” There is, therefore no sense or reason, or justice in allowing one child to refuse whole wheat bread, for instance, and clamor for bread made from white flour that has had about all the nutritious part taken out, and simply because bad custom has in the past produced an unnatural appetite, and a whimsical notion in that direction. If it were right in the sight of God to allow that child to grow up puny, and gloomy, when it could as well be cheerful, strong and useful then it were right to let the poor thing drift on in its perverted rut. The idea that children should have what they prefer, after their appetites have been tampered with, by the various abominations of white bread, meats, pickles and pastry that so commonly appear, upon our cables, is false and cruel.

When God called me to preach His Gospel twenty-five years ago, I was an invalid. This I thought a sufficient excuse to decline the holy calling. But the hand of God remained upon me, and grew so heavy that I finally yielded. Then God gave me a promise to sustain and heal me. I entered the work and labored excessively. My lung trouble seemed to grow no worse, and the Lord gave me strength to preach, not withstanding a fearful cough, which astonished the people. In a few years I became increasingly afflicted with attacks of sick headache. For this we besought God, earnestly pleading the promises He had given us, finally this answer came from the presence of the Lord.


With these words of wisdom there came into our mind a vivid conception of the divinity, and stability of the laws of nature. The great facts of cause and effect in physical laws assumed a proper recognition and force in our mind. Health, we were enabled to see, was in the reach of all men, who are not too far destroyed, and who are not too indifferent to acquaint themselves with its certain conditions. And though we had no books to aid our investigations, we soon arrived at the conclusion that many people expend more for things that are working their death, than they appropriate for the natural means fo life and health.

A little attention soon enabled me to discover that my sick head-ache was produced by the use of coffee, tea, fat pork, and greasy victuals. Abstaining from those causes, their dire effect soon disappeared Since then we have been a lover of God’s natural laws, and a student of the same. And the blessings arising therefrom cannot be balanced with weights of gold, with our perception of causation in the laws of health and disease, and a heart of sympathy for sufferers, we have been constrained occasionally to impart instruction to the people on there things, by means of which others have shared many blessing. And we still feel this our humble duty. To do good unto all men, in every possible way to glorify God.


Vevay, IND.

To ALL THE TRUE SAINTS OF GOD GREETING. — May the Lord fill you unutterably full of His love and truth. Though seperated from you all in body, yet praise God my soul is in harmony, unity, and fellowship with every true child of God. my soul is feasting on the Bread of life and drinking from the fountain of living Waters. David says in Psa. 23. “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want” His children all realize there is no want to those who live under the shepherd-care of God. He leadeth them beside the waters of rest. They shall never know the want of rest. O blessed, blessed thought! He that cometh to me shall never hunger. “He that believeth on me shall never thirst.” No drought can come where this river flows. This is eternal satisfaction. I have been asking the Lord to help me comprehend more fully the great provision He has made for His creatures and it has been indeed wonderful the vastness of His love and grace unfolded to my heart through His spirit. He has given me light on His Word. I realize the Lord is leading me and is very precious to my soul His word says: “I will instruct thee” etc. It is so sweet to be taught of God. We need to be taught of him as the world is so full of false teachers and Satan is trying so hard to deceive God’s elect. But praise God if we trust His guidance we need not fear. He wants us to trust Him in darkness as well as in light, resting assured he is with us and His light will never grow dim. “Even only God will be with thee, He will not fail thee, nor forsake thee 1 Chron. 29:20. What a fulness there is in the promises of God. The dear Lord gave me such a precious promise by his spirit to day. It was so forcibly impressed. Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection of the soul. Now the promise is Blessed and holy is he and etc. I thank the Lord His spirit shows me I have had part in that resurrection. May He whose infinite hand sustains us enable us to be loyal to Him and loyal to His truth.

Your sister saved and healed and rejoicing in a Saviour’s love.

Mary R. Malcomson.


Norwood, M.

Dear Saints: — Nearly two years ago I attended a holiness meeting, and the glorious light of God shone so bright that I stepped out in the true light of holiness. Since that time I have lived up to all the light I have, and to-day finds me consecrated and sanctified holy. Your brother.

W Etheridge.

Mout Vernon, Ohio.

Dear Saints: — I am saved by the mighty power of God. I was converted five years ago the eleventh day of last December in the U. B. sect of which I become a member, and then felt impressed to go and preach the Gospel and I spoke to some of the members and they said, “you must go to college and learn how to preach.” I told them that if I had to go to school first I would never be a preacher; I went on being at times so burdened for souls that I could not sleep. But yet I was in bondage under their discipline and could not go and preach the word of God to a dying world. So I went on and sorry to say I came very near losing all the light I had for the word teaches therefore to him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not to him it is sin James 4:17. I prayed night and day for the Lord to reveal to the people that they could see that he wanted me to work for him and to open the way. He suffered me to be brought down on a bed of affliction I got very low I had three Hemorrhages of the lungs and was very near death’s door; the physician said there was no help for me; that I must die. But I told my mother who was a faithful christian that I believed God would raise me up again. So she told a good sister about it and they had a prayer meeting for the healing of my Body. I had not spoken above a whisper for two weeks, and immediately I could speak as loud as I ever did in all my life. That was on Tuesday and on Wednesday morning I got up and dressed myself and on Saturday I walked five miles to a meeting. But with all that they would not allow me to preach the word so I went away from home and started a meeting in the name of the Lord not knowing any thing about this Blessed evening light. I started the meeting and God used me. But as soon as the U. B’s. heard it they stopped me and said, “you are out of place you promised to be governed by the U. B discipline now you must educate yourself to preach or else stop trying to preach his word.” Oh brethren you do not know the feelings I had; but these words came to me “stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. I still trusted God to open the way although I had to stop preaching for about one year and six months. During this time I got married and moved to Lodi Ohio, and was there about six months and I had an invitation to attend a meeting of the saints at Bro. Ezra Smith’s. Bless God! I went and found they were the very people I wanted to meet. I then had them to pray for me. They gave me some scripture on the true church which I read and it led me right out of Babylon into this evening light. Hallelujah to the lamb forever! And I can say of a truth I am free from all straps and bands. He that the son makes free is free indeed. Glory to Jesus! I mean to fight for Jesus and preach his true word. For I know that God does not want division in his church. God led me out of the sect and las saved my wife. Praise God for salvation full and free. I am saved by the blood, free from all sin. He has answered my prayer and opened the way for me to preach his word, and I mean by the grace of God to ever stand to the true word I am in God’s hands ready to go any where he wants me. Remember me in your prayers, also my wife who is afflicted that she may be restored to health.

Your Bro. saved and sanctified by a second work of grace.

Henry Gibson.


Norwood Mo.

Dear Saints: — I feel led to write my testimony. This evening finds me still saved and sanctified, and trusting in God and ready to do his will at all times. Oh I cannot praise the Lord enough for the sweet peace and joy I find in doing his will. Glory to god! I am determined to live for Jesus and do his will while I live. Pray for me and the cause of Jesus, that the work may prosper in this place.

Your sister saved through the blood of Jesus.

Martha M. Etheridge.

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We should also have informed you that it also grinds excellent corn meal, and rapidly. A $25. mill is made by the same company, which is suited to one or two horse power, and they say can be run by hand. It is very practical to grind feed for stock, as well as flour and meal. But for family use only, the small mill is most practical. These mills cannot be purchased for less than $5. and $25. but owing to our favorable notice of the same in the paper, and the interest we take in the sale of the mill for the good of the people, a commision is given us, which will help us in the work of the Lord. Please order the mill through us, and oblige. For circulars and testimonials, write, Wilson Bros. East on, Pa. Persons desiring to purchase the family grist mill, send us $5. and tell where to ship it to, and whether by freight or express. Charges to be paid by buyer.


List of Camp and Grove-Meetings.

A Grove meeting is desired at Zenia Ind. Address Wm. Bragg, Sweetzer, Ind.


A grove meeting is greatly desired at Antwerp, Ohio. Address B. J. Fleck.



This assembly will take place, Lord willing, Aug 21—30, on the pleasant ground one mile east of Deerfield, Randolph Co. Indiana. Saints from all parts are invited to come and tent on the ground. If you cannot tent, come any how, and you will be taken care of in the name of the Lord. All coming on the Bee line from the east stop at Union city, and those coming from the west on the Bee line stop at Winchester. Those coming from the west on the Pan handle R. R stop at Deerfield. Those coming from the north or south on the G. R I. R. R. stop at Ridgeville. Those coming to Union city address Bro. Fletcher Byrum New Pittsburg Ind. Those stoping at Winchester, notify Bro. Peter Whitsel Union City Ind. Those stoping at Deerfield or Ridgeville notify Bro. Samuel Grow Deerfield Ind. Please notify in good time so as to be sure to have some one to meet you at the station. Everybody that loves God and wishes to seek Him is invited. Any information desired concerning the meeting address

H. C. Wickersham.

New Pittsburg, Randolph Co, Ind.



Saints coming to the Deerfield Ind. camp meeting had better come at or near the beginning, for it is quite likely the meeting will not continue over the second Sabbath as announced.



Will be held, the Lord willing, at Fair Haven, Carroll Co. Ill., commencing Aug. 21st, and continuing as long as souls are willing to be saved. Bro’s Palmer and Dillon and Co. are expected, and every body invited.

Your brother in Christ.

H. W. Hechler.



Will be held on the old camp ground near Rockland Station, Venango Co., Will begin Aug. 26th, and extend to Sept. 3rd.


There will be a grove and tabernacle meeting on the farm of Bro. H. M. Cook, four miles south east of Tekonsha, Mich. Aug. 20-23.



The Lord willing, a camp meeting will be held near the above place in Wright Co. Mo., beginning Aug. 21—30. Brethren write from there as follows: “We invite all saints that can, to come to the help of the Lord against the mighty. We have a good large tabernacle. We want some of God’s Holy Ghost ministers to come and carry on the meeting, as we are not accustomed to holding camp meetings. We expect Bro. Bolds and family, and any other preachers and companies the Lord leads. Such as need help to come, please correspond with us, and we will aid, if the Lord will, what we can. Let all the saints pray for us, that God may abundantly bless the camp meeting in the salvation of many souls.

Norwood is on the Kansas Ft. Scott and Memphis R. R. Persons coming on the line, change at Sprigfield, Mo., and come from Frisco directly here.

Any one wanting information can address

W. M. Wilson,
Wm. Gausvener,
Peter Mc Kinley.

Norwood, Mo.



We think best to begin Aug. 25th. This will enable Bro. Palmer to get there, if the Lord wills, after closing the Fair Haven tabernacle meeting. Bro. Wm. N. and Sister Smith, and Bro’s Achor and Stover are expected to be at that meeting.


A CAMP OR GROVE MEETING IN CANADA will be held at Candasville, Ontario, beginning Sept. 4th and continuing about five days. Persons coming from the West on the Mich. Central R. R. stop at Perry station. Address Bro. James Blanchard at Candasville, Ont. Those coming from the South and East address me at Welland, Ont.

G. T. Clayton


There will be a grove meeting, the Lord willing, about five miles south west of Lima Ind. commencing Aug. 27th, and continue over Sabbath.

Address Jacob Hart, Seybert, Ind.


There will be a grove meeting at Blendon, Mich., comencing Aug. 2S and lasting over Sabbath. Those coming on the train stop at Hudsonville, and notify Bro. A. Mc Donald Blendon, Mich. A general invitation is given to all.

Byron Wooden.



The Saints desire a grove meeting at Grover Hill, Paulding Co. O. about the 21st of August. We would be glad if sister Cole could come, and whoever the Lord directs.

Your Bro. in Christ

S. Capron.


Meeting at Carthage, Mo.

Bro. Carter writes: “The saints desire a meeting here, and will expect the brethren to come here directly from the Frisco, Ark., meeting about Sept. 10th, and we will assist them on their way. All are invited who are interested in the well fare of their souls, and the souls of others. Any one coming from the east or west can come on the S. L. & S. F. R. R. From the north on the Missouri Pacific, R. R.”

Yours in Him.

Thomas Carter.


Grove or camp meeting, Frisco, Ark.

The Lord willing there will be a grove or camp meeting, at the above place, Crawford Co. northwestern Ark., Sept. 1—9. Persons coming by R. R. get off at Porter station. There is a good prospect of doing good if some one will go and preach the pure word. Address.

D. H. Kilman.

Frisco, Ark.


A Grove meeting will be held the Lord willing, near Brock, Dark Co Ohio, Sept. 2-6. Persons coming by R. R. come to Dawn on the C. C. C. & I. Bro. B. E. Warren expects to be there, and others are wanted. Address Bro. S. J. Holsapple.

Brock, O.


A grove meeting will be held, the Lord willing three miles north of Lewistown Logan Co. Ohio Sept. 8—13. By R. R. parties can come to huntsville on the C. S. & C. on the Sandusky Division of the Big Four R. R. B. E. Warren and others.

Address A. Focht

Lewistown, O.


The grove meeting near Six Points, O. will be on Bro. G. W. Cupp’s place, Sept. 16—20.


The anouncement of a camp meeting at Odon Daviess Co, Ind., in last Trumpet, we are requested to change to a grove meeting. Time Sep. 10—15. All coming on the E. & R Railroad to Odon Ind., write to Bro. Wm. E. Moore at that place.


A Grove Meeting will be held the Lord willing near Tampico. Jackson Co. Ind Sept. 3—9. Every body invited, especialy all saints in southern Ind. Bro. J. N. Howard will be there, Bro. H. C. Wickersham is desired, and whosoever the Lord eads. For particulars address Charles Orr, Tampico, Ind.


We have concluded to have a tabernacle meeting at Table Rock, Neb. this fall beginning Sept. 18, and continue as long as the Lord wills. We expect Bro’s. Willis, Achor and Co. and are looking for a grand meeting. Let all come praying. Table Rock is on the Burlington, and M. R. R. R.

W. W. Carmichael.


Bro. C. Simmons, of Marquand, Mo. Writes “We would like to have a brother come down here and hold meetings for us; and also at Patton, ten miles east of here. At the latter place a brother has come out of all sectisms, and is preaching with all his power. He wants some good minister to come and baptize him, he also needs the way or the Lord taught him more perfectly.”

Some one should go to these places soon, Hope Bro. Kilpatrick & Co. will take those places in their tour, if no one else responds sooner. Amen.


Aurora Springs, Mo., July 27 1891.

Trumpet Family: — Dear brethren we want some of God’s Holy ministers to come to our town and hold a meeting some time during this fall or whenever it is convenient. Does any one feel led of the Lord to come? Can Bro. Kilpatrick on his tour through Mo. visit our town and hold a meeting? if so please notify us so that we may make some preparations.

From your Bro. in Christ.

R. H. Stewart.



I desire to say to Bro. Palmer and those who are going west to the meetings in Ia. Ill. Mo. and Kan. that there are two places in Ia. where you are much needed: Manchester, and Dysart. I truly hope and pray that you may be able to arrange your appointments so that those two places may not be missed. At Manchester there is a hungry little flock, but will not feed upon any thing else but the truth. Brethren, make especial effort to reach those places. Address Bro. Conrad Sauer Dysart. Bro. C. B. Haynes, Manchester Our prayers go with you.

J. W. Byers.



To the Gospel Trumpet readers and of hers contemplating buying one of the mills spoken of in the Trumpet, let me say; that wheat browned in the oven as coffee, but not too brown, as that would spoil the flour, and ground coarsely and eaten in milk makes a most deilicous and healthful article of food, for old and young, equeling the celebrated preparation of food from wheat, called “Granola”. It is extensively and almost exclusively used in the first sanitariums in the country. Being perfect in its action as a laxative and nourishment. The preparation of wheat in this oneway would be worth more in one year than the price of the mill. Let the granula soak a short time in the milk before eating, the same as for popcorn.

Mrs. M. Lane.


Frisco, Ark.

Dear bro: — There are two preachers here that oppose the washing of the saints feet, and other New Testament commands and we have said we would not hear them preach unless they straighten up by the word. Would it be right to hear them knowing they are crooked? Please explain 2 Cor. 6:14-18, Rev. 18; 4, and other scriptures on this line.

Your Bro.

C. C. Lane.


Thus saith the word of the Lord: 1 Tim. 6:3—5. “If any man teach otherwise, and consent not to wholesome words, even the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the doctrine which is according to godliness He is proud, knowing nothing, but doting about questions and strifes of words, whereof cometh envy, strifes, railing, evil surmisings,” Perverse dirputings of men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness: from such withdraw thyself. The words even including the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, are wholesome words and example in John 13. The above scripture shows where all opposition to the truth comes from, i, e, pride of hearts, ignorance, and perverseness, and from such we have plain directions to withdraw ourselves.

“Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ he hath both the Father and the Son.” „If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your louse, neither bid him God’s speed: For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.” John 9—11.

This is too plain to need comment, but let it be obeyed in the fear and love of God.

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«My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me”. John 10:27

Those false teachers say they do not believe in the ordinance Christ forcibly enjoined in John 18. Thus saith the Lord: “But ye believe not, because ye are not of my sheep, as I said unto you.” John 10:26.

2 Cor. 6:14—18 is all plain English Men who transgress and abide not in the doctrine of Christ have no the Father our the Son. Then they are destitute of godliness no matter what their pretention smay be. By not following Christ they prove themselves not His sheep, and this accounts for their unbelief and we must not indorse such, nor bid them God’s speed by going to hear them. Rev. 18:4, is God’s present call to all His people to come out of sectism which is a babel of confusion. The above false teachers alluded to are devotees of the crooked creed invented at Ft Scott, and is just as sectish as any on earth, and is squarely committed against part of God’s word, and against all who follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth.



ON a few days notice a grove meeting was gotten up at Walkerton, Ind. From July 11-13. We expected the help of Bro. and sister Warren, but they being detained in a fruitful meeting at Muskegon we went up in the name of Jesus. God gave ns strength to preach three times on the Lord’s day in the grove. Doubtless all of seven hours were employed in publication of the glorious Gospel and truth of the Lord Jesus Christ, by the wonderful help of the Lord. Thank God a few souls came to God and were fully saved. The Lord bless His precious Church at Walkerton. They need a house of worship, and we hope God will enable them to build or otherwise procure a place to assemble in His name.

From there we came to the saints at Beaver Dam, and stopped three days, having a few meetings. Here it pleased the Lord to have our beloved Sidney remain again at his old home with the Ballenger family. The Lord keep him saved, and bless the kindness of those loved ones in caring for the child.

From there we came on to Sidney, Ohio, where we had the pleasure of meeting our dear Bro. Schell and companion Also Bro. and sister Warren reached there on Saturday. The Lord worked powerfully in the meeting, and several unhappy backsliders returned to God, and were made joyful in their reception back to Father’s house and favor. They all testified that they had been very wretched while in the prodigal’s foolish wanderings. One brother, said the Lord had “persecuted him greatly,” that the persecutions of the world and satan upon the children of God was light compared with it. Certainly it is much harder to fight against God than to resist the devil. May all God’s people take warning and abide at home. It was sad to leave there without seeing the salvation of the last backslider, but it seemed we had to do so. May God keep His hand upon the few that refused to come to God, and all sinners who were under conviction.

From there, Bro. and sister Schell, accompanied us all to Clark Co., Grove-meeting. Bro. George W. Howard met us at New Carlisle, and conveyed us to Bro. J. McFarlands, July 22. The meeting began that night in a grove. Near the place is an old Methodist camp ground, with a ticket office by the gate in fairground or circus style. Upon this babylon ground, some time after we had announced the grove meeting, the Mennonite sect rallied with their Methodist and Baptist, and Heavenly Recruit sisters to hold a camp-meeting, which they began shortly after we began. Here it could be seen clearly that even the youngest daughters of babylon had fallen. A few years ago these Mennonites, eschewed gate fees at camp- meetings and all such abominations as lemonade and cigar stands on the Lord’s day, but now they go in and help to run such abomination camps, and join heart and hand with their old corrupt sisters that used to persecute them. A good many of the sinners were able to see the selfishness and emptiness of their babylon union, in contrast with the pure Gospel of Christ, and some said they had no money to support the gate fee force of religion, not to admit any of their family. This gog and magog combination seemed to interfere but little with the congregation, at the grove. On Lord’s day we had quite a large attendance. But while the saints thanked God for the benefits derived from the meeting, and many unsaved were made friends of the truth, in farther results of salvation less was accomplished than any meeting we have been at for a long time. But we trust the truth will bring forth fruit in the future.

From here Bro. and sister Schell, Bro. and sister Warren, and Bro. and sister Howard went to West Liberty, Logan Co., O., to begin meeting, while we came alone to Praise Chapel, Ind., where we preached to the people two days and nights. Praise Chapel was well filled at night, and quite large congregations attended the day meetings. Through a very strongly brass clad agent of Satan, the Church had been troubled. Not that anyone had fellowship with the cloaked spirit, but there had been disagreement in the steps taken against the same; which led to a breech in the unity of the body, and much loss of the Spirit’s presence, and consequently much emboldened the anti-christ spirit. Praise God, the hammer of God’s Word cracked the heavy brass covering. The unity of the Spirit was restored, and the power of God was manifest. One poor afflicted one was gloriously saved, and two were sanctified and filled with the Spirit of God. Several more were under much conviction, and raised their hands for prayers. How wonderfully God began to work as soon as judgment had gone forth against the false spirit that had assembled with the church under satan’s design of making division and destruction of the flock. Could we have continued the meetings, salvation work no doubt would have moved on gloriously. But we think all is ripe for a good harvest at the near approaching Deerfield camp-meeting.

We would add this as an exhortation to all saints. When any brazen faced spirits impose themselves in the midst of God’s people, let every child of God keep their eye on God. And do these two things, in your soul resist and rebuke the foul spirit, and thereby keep clear from, and have victory over them, and in the second place be sure that the obnoxious presence does not draw you out in praying at, or flinging at the person something God does not give you to say. It will be sure to add boldness to the satanic agent, and likely result in taking sides on the part of the brethren. Let all pray much for God to manage the case, and believe He is able and will do it. Let the elders take counsel with each other and with God, and if rebuke is administered and judgment goes forth, let it be in the Spirit, and let every child of God stand by the Elders, ignore the evil spirits, never parley with satan but go right forward serving God in the Spirit, and sinners (of that class) shall not be able to brass it through.


National City, Cal., Aug. 6th, ’91

To all the dear saints: — We are still holding forth the word of life to this sin cursed city. The very atmosphere sometimes seems filled with demons, “The prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience;” but we have perfect victory through Him who loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood. In spite of all the opposing powers of the devil there is some work being done for God and we are blessedly assured that our labor is not in vain in the Lord. Sunday Aug. 2, there were five consecrations for sanctification. Our congregations are mostly non-professors, many of which are Spiritualists. The sectarians stand afar off, Rev. 18:10, but the judgments continue to be poured out upon babylon. Hallelujah! The number of God’s elect, is small here but are by no means discouraged. One dear Bro. says he has been looking for this reformation for twentyfive years, and now rejoices with old Simeon, for what his eyes have been able to behold. Our tent donation has now reached $75. for which we thank God and take courage. We expect to remain here as long as the Lord will. Let all our corespondents address us here until further notice.

Your humble co-workers sanctified, and upon the gospel altar.

J. W. & J. Byers. & R. A. Cannan.


East Jordan, Mich., July 28, 1891.

Dear Saints: — Having just returned from the grove meeting at Clam River, I feel like giving a report of it to the glory of God. The Lord did manifest himself in a wonderful manner. Meeting began July 24, and Bro. Grover, Bro. Sheldon, and Sister Courtney read and preached the word of God, which was indeed manna to the hungry souls. The plan of salvation and redemption through Christ, was clearly shown, and as many 11 as seekers were at the altar at one time. There were many consecrations during the meetings, some of whom were Indians who said it was the most wonderful meeting they ever witnessed. This salvation makes sad hearts happy, and gives rest and peace where peace was never known.

Your sister in Jesus.

Retta E. Grover.


Templeton, Cal. June, 1891

Dear Beloved Saints: – The richest blessings of Heaven ever abide with you for Jesus sake; Amen! We left Lompoc June 2nd happy and rejoicing in the Lord, and truly thankful in our hearts for the mighty work that He there wrought. We rode through sand and dust that day about fifty or sixty miles, and arrived the same evening at Arroyo Grande, where we stopped in Bro. and sister Clayton’s beautiful little home that is built under a large Live oak tree. The next night we had meeting in the town. Bro. Byers preached on the subject’ “Gathering of the people.” An M. E. preacher was present, but he did not like it very well. The result seemed to be that the Presbyterians and him who before had had somewhat trouble between themselves, now united and made friends together to fight the truth. June 4th we took train for San Louis Obispo, a town of about 3000 inhabitants; here we abode over night. The next morning we seperated again. Bro. Byers to go down to San Diego, and I to Templeton Cal. to preach to the Scandinavian people. I arrived here June the 5th had a meeting the same night. The doctrine of entire sanctification had never been preached to them before some holding to their early education that we must sin every day and hour of our life rejected the light. But some accepted it as truth. Three made the consecration for entire sanctification and others are convicted for it. Some have acknowlged and discovered the body of Christ, and are satisfied with Jesus only. I had preached seven times to them when they told me (those that were drunk on Babylon wine) that they did not want me to preach to them any more. “We do not know what you are talking about.” they said, “We do not understand.” Others said “You connot preach the whole Word, it does not suit the times.” Pray dear Saints that the Lord will open their eyes to see that the Word is the standard whereby we are measured. I closed the Swedish meetings. “When they receive you not in one city flee to another.” but I did not have to do so for the Lord stirred up my heart to try to reach the English speaking people, also I saw some grain of truth among them, and as I got the use of the Presbyterian meeting-house, I announced meeting to commence Sunday evening, June 14th, I have been preaching every night since that, I closed the meeting last night with grand victory for the Lord. Some of the Americans have been convinced of the truth, that the true light now shineth. There have been a few consecrations among them, and many are about persuaded to surrender. The Lord has some dear children in this place who are now free from the burden and the yoke of babylon, standing on nothing else but the Word of God. One sister said “now when you go and see any of the true ones, that are willing to go where the Lord calls them send them here; this place needs some straight preaching. We do not want any sham religion, there has been too much of it already.” O that the Lord may send some of His called messengers here to the coast. Here are many that are suffering from the famine, that is in the land. It is “ not a hungering for bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord.” I for one would be glad to stay here and hold forth the word of life, but I realize the Lord is calling me to other duties, and to work in other places. The truth has gained many friends in this place.

Pray dear saints for the work of the Lord here in California, and especially for the Saints in Templeton, that the Lord may more and more establish them in the truth.

Your Brother, all on the Gospel altar.

Ludolf Schroder.

Dearly Beloved saints greeting. – We are glad to report that we are still saved and in the hand of our Father to be used to His glory. After the Reddick, Ill. meeting we stopped a few days in South Chicago; found the church not in a good condition, but God brought the little ones together; and they confessed their faults and were united together in the love of God. God bless them and keep them faithful. We next came to the TRUMPET office, where we found the little ones praising God, and hard at work for the Lord. God bless them. We also discovered that they are in need of some of the Lord’s means to carry on the work of the Lord; I also was impressd to ask Bro. Byrum how much they were in debt, he said $1000. would clear up the whole indebtedness. Now beloved saints, before you were saved How much did it cost you per month for Tea and Coffee and Tobacco etc. and since God has cleansed you, how much of the money, that it took to purchase the same, have you given to the Lord to carry on His work. If all the saints would send one-half of what it cost for the above per month, to the GOSPEL TRUMPET office the debt of one thousand dollars would be payed off inside of six months. And the work of the Lord would move on much faster. Let every one put their shoulder to the work of salvation, and move it along with your means, God bless you. We next went to our dear Bro. & sister Palmer’s neighborhood, and held a few meetings, and with our Bro. & sister Palmer we started for Cheshire to hold a Tabernacle meeting, which was a glorious feast to our souls, by seeing many souls reclaimed and brought home to God, hallelujah! at the close of the same our Bro. had to go home to look after business on his farm and get things so arranged to get out into the field of the Lord. We next moved to Plainwell where we found the little ones looking for our coming. Hallelujah! On July 28 we commenced meeting with good effect, and before the close of the meeting our souls were rejoiced to see souls falling at the feet of Jesus and on the last night of the meeting poor sinners flocked around us requesting us to stay longer. But having to go on to Hope, we promised them, the Lord willing, we would return to them soon. Aug. the 3rd we arrived at Hope and on the 4th commenced again with our bodies very tired and sent the Gospel forth in the name of Jesus with wonderful effect and through the whole meeting 15 souls fell at the feet of Jesus and on the 3rd day of the meeting our souls were rejoiced by the coming of Bro. and sister Wm. N. Smith whom God used to His glory.

Yours in Him.

J. A. Dillon & Co.


Willshire, Ohio. July, 21st 1891.

Dear Saints: — We are happy to report that God is in us of a truth, and we are enjoying the fullness of His love. Last Saturday evening we met at a private house in Willshire to worship God. and the dear Lord wonderfully blessed our souls. In the morning, being the first day of the week, we met in a beautiful grove, with large attendance. The Lord blessed us in dealing out the truth to the people. After meeting, six were buried with Christ in baptism; and we did not shun to declare the whole council of God, after which, we had a glorious ordinance meeting. The church west of Willshire met with us, and O how our souls did rejoice in God! truly we felt as the prophet Micah. We were full of power by the Spirit of the Lord, and of judgment, and of might to declare unto Jacob his transgressions and to Israel his sin. Twenty-five participated in the washing of the Saint’s feet, and the Lord’s supper. O glory to Jesus He does verify his promises unto us. “If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them.” Jesus says “If a man love me, he will keep my words.” St. Jno. 14:23. “By this we know that we love the children of God when we love God and keep his commandments; For this is the love of God that we keep His commandments, and His commandments are not grievous.” 1st Jno. 5:1-2. The meeting resulted in one soul being sanctified and prejudice was broken away. Many poor souls seemed to be starving for spiritual food, and inquiring the way to Zion. We expect to have a few days grove meeting this summer.

Pray for us. Your sister,

Belle Stetler.



“Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.” — Psa. 119:129.

Dear Saints: — I feel led of the Lord to write my testimony. I am saved from my sins, and walk in the light as the good Lord teaches me. Oh it does my soul good to read the testimonies of the dear saints as I cannot go to meeting for I live so far from the saints. Pray for me.

Your sister all on the altar.

S. M. Clemons.

Florida, Ohio.

Dear saints of the living god: — this leaves me well and saved in Jesus.

I ever want to be kept low down at the feet of the master ready to do his will in all things. This is a very dark sectish place, the people do not think it possible to serve God without joining some church(so called) may God open their eyes before it is too ate is my prayer.

Your sister all on the altar.

M. E. Hurd.


Colesburgh, Ia.

Dear Saints: — It has been quite a while since I sent my testimony to the Trumpet but the Lord is filling my soul full of love to-day, and I want to tell it. Praise His holy name forever! He keeps me day by day, and gives me the sweet peace in my soul that assures me that He is my Lord, and that I am His humble child. Oh, I do want to keep low down at the Master’s feet; where He can ever be my teacher. Glory be to Jesus for full salvation. Pray for me.

Your sister in Christ, saved and sanctified by the power of God.

Mrs. F. A. Newville.


Freeman, Mo.

Dear Saints: — This finds us well and happy in the love of God, it is blessed to be in His service. I wish that some of the dear saints would come here and hold a tabernacle meeting this summer or fall, for the people here are in need of a Bible salvation. Who will volunteer to come? It will be necessary to bring a tabernacle, as all sect houses are closed, and they all seem united against the truth of God’s Word. We can get several nice groves in which to hold meeting. I believe in obeying all of God’s ordinances, but there are but few in this country but what are against the ordinances, so I would like for some able minister of God to come, in order to get the true Church established in this place. There seems to be no one possessing the healing power, and as my wife is in somewhat poor health, I ask all the dear saints to pray that she may be healed.

I remain your brother, saved from all sin and kept by the power of God unto salvation. Praise our dear Redeemer’s name!

J. D. Barnes.


Cuba Station, Ala.

Dear Saints: — I am happy to say that the Lord saves and sanctifies me wholly. Praise His name for saving a sinner like me. I had a church religion for fifteen years, and when the doctrine of holiness was taught here, I was the worst enemy to the cause of holiness. I went on persecuting God’s people for four years, knowing that I was wrong, but I was led by the devil. Dear friends, I am so glad that I saw my condition in time to be saved, for I was lost, but praise God, I am found and kept from all sin. I find joy and peace in serving the Lord. When I was first sanctified my wife and friends all opposed me, it seemed as if they thought I had gotten into bad company when I started out with the holiness people. The devil tried me hard, but I bad the Lord on my side, and He brought me through many trials. After I was saved my wife became convicted, and went to the Lord for pardon, and then consecrated every thing and received the experience of sanctification. We ask the prayers of God’s people that we may live the life of the righteous.

Your brother saved in Christ.

J. R. Truelove.



Nishnabotha Mo.

Henry L. Shell, son of G. W. and C. Shell departed this life, July 24th 1891. to be with Jesus. Aged 5 years, 3 mo. His little brother George aged 3 years, 3 mo. and 17 days, died July 21st 1891. May God bless and comfort the beloved and bereaved parents and friends.

A. A. Kinzie.


Died — July 2nd 1891 Infant daughter of Bro. Joseph and sister Mary Bennett, of Stafford, Kan. She was 5 days old, and budded on earth to bloom in heaven.

Amon Allen.


Died: – at Benton, Miss. July 16, 1891. Ella Shoemaker, wife of J. N. Shoemaker, after an illness of only 7 hours. Aged 39 years 10 months 3 days. She was a true devoted wife and mother. God bless the dear bereft family and friends.

Alice Turner.


Died: – June 30, 1891 sister E. Shaver aged 55 years. She had been a sufferer for nearly two years and has now gone home to be with Jesus.

Lizzie Fish.

Portland Mich.

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Mat. 12:31. Wherefore I say unto you All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men. Mat 12:32 And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come. Also read Mark 3:28. Verily I say unto you, all sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, and blasphemies whithersoever they shall blaspheme: 29, but be that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgivness, but is in danger of eternal damnation 30 because they said, He hath an unclean spirit.

Blaspheme signifies, to speak against in terms of impious irreverence; to revile or speak reproachfully of God, Christ or the Holy Spirit. — Webster.

It appears by reading the connections with the above scriptures, that Christ spake thus because the scribes said He hath an unclean spirit. When Jesus cast out the dumb and blind devil, the people were all amazed; “But when the Pharisees heard it they said, this fellow doth not cast out devils but by Beelzebub the prince of devils.” Jesus knowing their thoughts spake the following words; (not because they had spoken against him, but because they spake of the spirit by which He cast out devils.) “Whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him neither in this world, neither in the world to come.” Now the pharisees commited the unpardonable sin, not by speaking against Jesus; but by saying that the spirit by which He cast out devils was the spirit of the devil. Jesus had the Holy Ghost. Some people say that a sinner that has never been converted cannot sin against the Holy Ghost: but those jews were sinners unconverted, and I believe they committed the unpardonable sin by speaking against the spirit that Jesus had. I believe that there are many that sin the unpardonable sin, not by speaking against God’s children, but by speaking against the spirit they have. “He that blasphemeth against the Holy Ghost, hath never forgivness; because they said,he hath an unclean spirit.” This then, and this alone, is the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost: the saying, he had an unclean spirit; the affirming that Christ wrought his miracles by the power of an evil spirit, or more particularly, that “He cast out devils, by Beelzebub, the prince of devils.” One will say then, we cannot sin against the Holy Ghost now, unless we speak against the spirit by which Christ performed miracles; or in other words affirm, that he cast out devils by the prince of devils. I wish to refute this idea, by making this statement, and proving it by the word of God: That if we speak against one of Gods little ones we speak against God or Christ, and if we speak against the spirit by which one of these little ones is operated or the spirit by which they manifest the power of God we speak against the Holy Ghost, and there by commit the unpardonable sin.

“Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. Mat. 25:40, 45.

Now as we have shown that the unpardonable sin is to speak against the Holy Ghost, and that this is the only unpardonable sin, as the scripture saith “All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men,” let us notice some of the snares into which the devil will get backsliders. One is, to make them believe they have so provoked God that he will be no more in treated. This is frequently the case with those that began to run well, but soon gave up the heavenly race: they once saw the glory of God, and tasted of the powers of the world to come; but afterward grieved his Holy Spirit, and made shipwreck of the, faith. “They rushed into sin, as a horse into the battle. They sin with a high hand.” They quench the Holy Spirit of God, so that he gives them up to their own heart’s lusts, and lets them follow their own imaginations and when they would fain escape out of the snare of the devil, he makes them believe it impossible and those terrible passages of scripture in the epistle to the Hebrews, come up before them one of which occurs in the sixth chapter; the other in the tenth. Heb. 6:4, 6; 10:26, 27. The backslider reads these scriptures over then lays the book down in despair. Oh what will I do? “Will the Lord absent himself forever?” “And will he be no more entreated”? “And are his promises come utterly to an end forever”? These scriptures as sometimes interpreted blast all the hope of the backslider ever coming again to the feet of mercy. It is the purpose of this article, by the help of God, to refute these erroneous ideas and establish the truth. Let us first notice Heb. 10:26, 27. If we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins, but a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation which shall devour the adversaries. Hoes that leave any hope for poor backsliders? Shall they escape the damnation of hell? This does not have reference to the unpardonable sin: because Christ said, “All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.”

Now if you will notice by reading the Epistle to the Heb. that Paul started out by using Christ as a text: showing that he was the son of God; that the world was made by him; of his glory that he far exceeds Moses; that he is our glorious high Priest; that his priesthood is unchangeable; of the excellency of his priesthood, by Christ’s Priesthood, Aaron’s was abolished; of the new Testament and sacrifice of Christ; of the insufficiency and weakness of the legal sacrifice, and that he is the only sacrifice for sin. Also showing that if we backslide there remains no other sacrifice. If we by disobedience lose Jesus as the Saviour there remains no more sacrifice for sin, because he is the only sacrifice that can alone for sins, and the only way to have a sacrifice again is to accept Christ as such. Our sins separate us from God. If we sin willfully we are cut off. We take all off the altar, there remains no more sacrifice: We have rejected Christ the only sacrifice, and in order that this sacrifice may reach us again we must repent, make a new offering of ourselves upon the altar as a sinner that had never had salvation and do the first work.

If it be asked, do any real backsliders find mercy from God? Ho any that have made shipwreck of faith and a good conscience, recover what they have lost? Ho you know of any persons who were once saved and afterwards backslid and yet were restored? Yes, many wherever the church has been revealed, and sinners converted to God. For many, “It had been better never to have known the way of righteousness.” But others there are who look unto him they have pierced and are made whole. He strengthens the hands that hang down and confirm the feeble knees. There are a great many that have fallen but now stand. It is no uncommon thing for believers to fall and be restored; but it is rather uncommon to find any who are not conscious of having been backsliders, and perhaps more than once.

The question might arise. Do sanctified persons ever backslide and are they ever restored again? It is a common thing for those who are sanctified to think it not very likely for them to fall: to suppose themselves pillars in the temple of God that shall go no more out. Nevertheless we have seen some of the strongest of them,after a time, moved from thesr steadfastness. Sometimes suddenly, but often by slow degrees, they have yielded to temptation, and pride, or anger or foolish desires have again sprung up in their hearts. Ah says one. they never were sanctified: Yes but they bore the fruits of a sanctified life. “By their fruits ye shall know them.” They gave all proofs that they were sanctified throughout; cleansed from all pollution both of flesh and spirit; that they “Loved the Lord their God with all their heart and mind, and soul, and strength,” that they “presented their bodies a living sacrifice holy acceptable to God;” “rejoice in tribulation, rejoiced evermore, prayed without ceasing, and in every thing gave thanks.” And this we believe to be true scriptural sanctification. Not only these proofs of experience and salvation do we have of the restoration of fallen saints; but we have scripture. Jer. 3:12 – Go and proclaim these words toward the north and say return, thou backsliding Israel, saith the Lord, and I will not cause mine anger to fall upon yon: for I am merciful, saith the Lord, and I will not keep anger forever Jer. 3:14 Turn, O backsliding children, saith the Lord; for I am married unto you; and I will take yon one of a city, and two of a family, and I will bring yon to zion. Jer. 3:22 Return ye backsliding children, and I will heal your backslidings. Read also Hosea. 14:. Luke 15:11, 32, Prodigal son. Rev. 2:5 “Remember, therefore from whence thou art fallen and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place except thou repent.”

Some believe, and even dare to teach, that a person once sanctified, and if they shall backslide to, restore them again is. impossible: using Heb. 6:4, 6 as proof. Now this was not addressed to sanctified persons: for we see in Heb. 5:12-14, that he speaks to them as babes and had need of milk, and not of strong meat. In the sixth chapter, he exhorts them to go on to perfection: showing them the danger there is in falling away: which we will show futher on. And by going on they would be established and more able to stand. There is no scripture proof that a person fallen from a sanctified state is farther from the reach of mercy, than one fallen from a justified state. But let not any turn back because of the longsuffering of God. He has not given any one license to sin neither let any dare to continue in sin because of these extraordinary instances of divine mercy. “This would be the most desperate, the most irrational presumption, and leads to utter irrecoverable destruction.” To turn the grace of God into an encouragement to sin, is the sure way to hell.

Now let us notice Heb. 6:4-6. It is impossible for those that were once enlightened and have tasted of the heavenly gift and were made partakers of the Holy Ghost, If they fall away to renew them again unto repentance seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh and put him to an open shame. There is a difference between falling away and backsliding. There is a sin not unto death, and there is a sin unto death. 1 John 5:16, 17. “ If any man see his brother sin tasin which is not unto death, he shall give him life for them that sin not unto death. There is a sin unto death; I do not say that he shall pray for it. All unrighteousness is sin: and there is a sin not unto death.” The result of every sin is death bun there is a sin that is irrecoverable. When ever the Jews prevailed on a person to fall away or apostatize, they compelled him to publicly renounce Jesus of Nazareth as a deceiver of the people: and that he had suffered no more punishment than his crimes justly deserved, and in doing this of course they renounced and spake against the Holy Ghost. This is emphatically falling away, crucifying the Son of God afresh and putting him to an open shame. It is an absolute, total apostasy. A believer may fall, and not fall away. He may fall and rise again. He may fall into sin yet dreadful as it is he has an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous, and he is the propitiation for our sins. But let him above all things beware, lest “his heart be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin,” lest he should sink lower ant lower, till he wholly fall away or in other words commit the unpardonable sin.

H. C. Wickersham.

The above was written in answer to an enquiry of Bro. Roberts of Denver Colo.


The above subject is one of the most critical and serious. Upon the one hand it must be bandied so as to avoid cutting off hope where deliverance is possible, and on the other we must deliver the word of God faithfully, and warn men against sinning away all hope. The above remarks we regard very good. The exposition of Heb. 6:6, may be regarded by many as a new one It is true that we have perhaps all been in the habit of regarding this descriptive of an irredeemable state. But some translation renders it, “no more a sacrifice” which favors Bro. W’s. position, there remains no other sacrifice, which would not necessarily exclude recourse to Christ, whose sacrificial virtues had been lost for the time being by the commission of sin. Again as much is said in the Hebrew Epistle in contrast between the sacrifices of the law and that of Christ, may we not conclude that the inspired writer had reference to the fact that none of those sacrifices of hearts could avail for us, hence there “remains no (other) sacrifice for sin.”

Again, it is necessary to wisely consider the words of Jesus, “whosoever speaketh a word against the holy Spirit shall not be forgiven,’’ etc. While some think we should confine the possibility of committing the unpardonable sin, to men and women who have been saved and illuminated, we think the words of Christ leads to the contrary. Mark certainly understood that Christ applied his statements respecting this unpardonable sin to the Jews, who accused Him of casting out devils, by Beelzebub when he adds,“ Because they said he hath an unclean spirit.” But we should remember that actuating motives, and degrees of ignorance and understanding modify the sin of words spoken against the Holy Spirit, That men have spoken hard things against the operations of God’s Spirit and still have found pardon, and may find pardon, is undoubtedly true. But the circumstances which involve the unpardonable sin must undoubtedly be such as give clear conclusive evidence that the operations ascribed to satan were actually wrought by the Holy Spirit, and the person must have a degree of intelligence sufficient to comprehend the force of those evidences, and therefore the act of blasphemy springs from a willful malicious hatred of God and His holy work.



“Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.” — Psa. 119:129.

Augusta, Ga., 1426, 12th, St.

Dear Brethren: — I will try and give you some account of our little band of saints we have in Augusta, Ga. There are about thirty colored saints. Their preacher’s name is Bro. William Mays who meets three times on Sunday, and every Wednesday and Friday night, in second Ave., 942. The Lord is raising up a little band of white brethren. We have about eight souls in oneness and unity of the Church of God.

Do you recollect one George W. Brawner, a colored man from Georgia, who claimed this Life, and was up in Michigan some four years ago, whom you advertised in the Gospel Trumpet as having a lying and fox spirit. He hurt the cause of holiness here. He died on the 21st of last March, a most horrible death. Warning those who were following him to forsake the doctrine he had been preaching, and flee from it. Thank God, some of them are coming to the true way.

Now we want the prayers of all true saints of God, that our efforts may be crowned with success in preaching the Word of God and establishing the true Church.

Your Bro. in Christ.

James F. Macbeth.


North Rochester, Mass.

Dear Saints: — I feel like praising God this morning for sending the Gospel Trumpet to me. I came from Brewster to live here a few months ago, and have had to fight the adversary pretty hard. Mr. Evans came down to Brewster a few years ago, and preached the truth as it is in Jesus, and Christ has kept me complete in Him, saved me from all sects and free from sin. There is great darkness here, and no one to fellowship with me but Jesus. A short time ago there was a spy sent out, and said she had called on me to see if I had a letter, so I could join the church here. I told her that I was joined to the Church of God, and that my name was written in heaven. She kept on talking while I kept praying to the Father, but I heard her say I was ignorant, she never met with any one with such ideas. I read her the tract of the Bride of Christ, and the Spirit came with great power, and she was confounded. Christ has many precious promises. He says: we shall not be put to shame. Sunday and Sunday night the minister prayed and preached against us at a great rate. Christ has given me great power though my words have been few. I know the unconverted like to hear Jesus speak through me, and they have been moved to tears. Holiness people have been here but they were not clear in God, and I do not cry against them, I only tell them I am one of the redeemed, and that I am joined to the church of the first-born, and it seems as if they hate me without a cause. I shall be so glad when Christ raises up a people of true worshipers here in Mass. There are holiness people here, but they do not preach the whole Gospel, and by what I hear they do not care if any body does join a sect, I wish that the saints of God would pray for me. I have grace and strength given me every day, but still I am not well. Sometimes I think, perhaps if I should be well, I might be exalted as Paul said. But still I believe Christ has power to heal. But pray for your sister in the Lord. We may never see each others faces on earth, but will know each other in the blood washed throng.

Your sister in Christ.

Nellie A. Small.

Meril Mich., July 22 1891.

Dear beloved saints of god: — To day finds me saved in Jesus, sanctified by the blood of Christ, and filled with the peace of God with victory in my soul.

Well bless God, the word says ask and ye shall receive. Last spring when I came home I had power with God but staying at home I got lean in my soul and did not have the real desire to work for God as I ought. The saints saw that I was losing power with God, and so did I. I do not beleive that a saint of God can keep sweet in their souls and stay at home if God has called them to go forth and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As for me I have had a fair trial of it and I know something about it for my self and not for another. I am happy to say that the Gratiot Camp meeting was a feast to my soul. I must say that the first two days of the meeting I did not enjoy so well, and I went down to the altar for a real dying out and a real filling up of the Holy Ghost and by faith I received the blessing and I promised God to go forth and do his will. Paul says and this is the will of God even your sanctification 1 Thess. 4:3. Dear saints of God pray for us, we have some debts to pay this fall and we are looking to the Lord for the way to be opened that we may pay all and go and be free. The word says if the son therefore shall make you free you shall be free indeed.

Your Bro. in Christ.

Jesse Drowley.



Editor Gospel Trumpet: – I wish to thank some dear friend (unknown to me,)for sending me a copy of the Gospel Trumpet and some tracts. I have read them over carefully and find that they present the Bible truth, especially on sectarianism It is indeed “Babylon,” which signifies confusion, division, destruction. The whole Bible condemns it, and the children of God are warned against joining any sect or party. Paul says’ “Brethren mark them which cause division and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned, and avoid them; tor they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly, and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple” Rom. 16:17, 18. Brotherly love, and the word … God by the holy Spirit, is the bond God’s Children need to held them together. I would be pleased to have any of God’s elect who are passing this way to call on me. I should be pleased to have meeting held here.

Your Bro. in Christ Jesus.

J. W. Burroughs.


Corning, Ark.

Dear Saints of the most high God: We are still praising Him for full and free salvation, and the water that makes clean from all filthiness Ez, 3 6:25. We have experienced God’s healing power but I my wife is in bad health now and desires the prayers of all God’s people. Four years before I was saved, I was not able to work, and when my medicine and tobacco was gone. I thought death was at the door. But two years ago God saved my soul and healed my body, and glory to his holy name, I am a saved man, and my mission is to preach to lost souls. Pray for me that God may be with me in much power.

Your saved Bro.

John Jones.


Kennard, O.

Dear Saints: — we feel led of the Lord to testify through the Trumpet that we are saved and sanctified wholly and praising God for salvation that keeps free from all sin, and has taken us out of sectism and we give God all the glory. We praise God for the good grove meeting that was here in this community which was a great feast to our souls. O praise God for salvation full and free. Pray for us.

Your brother and sister in the love of Jesus.

S. L. & E. L. Yoder.


Almeria, Neb.

Dear Saints: — I came out of babylon and was made free in Christ two years ago. There are a few of the Lord’s children here, and we trust there will soon be others. Oh! how I do praise God for a salvation that makes us perfectly whole: that cleanses us from all sin, and takes away all desire to sin.

Your saved sister,

Lucy Johnson

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