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1 January 1882, Volume 5, Number 1.

The Gospel Trumpet.




Edited and Published to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, by

J. C. Fisher. Correspondence editor.

Office — 625 West Vermont Street.
Indianapolis, Ind.


TERMS, $100 Per Year. For a less period at proportinate rates.

To The Poor, less or free.


Object – The glory of God is the Salvation of men from all sin, all the union of all saints upon the Bible.


Remittances for fractions of $1 may be sent in three sent postage stamps; $1. and upwards by P. O. Money Order or Registered Letters.


Agents allowed 20 cents commission on each subscriber, in clubs of five and upwards. Sample copies to agents for canvassing sent free.


Entered at the post-office as second class matter.


Testimony of an Aged Brother.




Brother Warner, and Fisher.

I notice that your Trumpet purports to be “edited and published in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.” and that its object is “The glory of God, in the salva­tion of men from all sin and the union of all saints upon the Bible.” My soul is in loving accord with such him and objects. I therefore respectfully ask that you will al­low me to speak some words through it, words, such as I ask that the Holy Spirit may dictate. I am quite sure that if I shall secure and follow such leading, the ..he words will be like apples of gold in pictures of silver. It is to the disciples of Him in whose name you publish, be they where and as they may, that I wish to speak. Well I am a son of a New England Minister who for about 36 years was settled as a pastor over one and the same congregation, among the rocks and hills of Connecticut. In that state, while away from home at a boarding school, now nearly 59 years since, through the repentance of sin, and the new birth, I entered the family of Christ. In all good conscience I felt it to be my duty “to find a home.” and accordingly united with a body, which in its organization. I then believed to be a Christ-approved branch of His Church. It bore the name of Congregational Church. About 39, 40 or 41 years since I was a deacon in a body of the same name, in Ohio. It was at hat place, and from a minister of that denomination that my thoughts were particularly called to notice the fact that there was an 8th, as well as a 7th chapter of Paul, to the Romans, or in other words, that what I had always stumbled over as being Pauls’ then present christian experience was only a relation of what he was in his dual state, from which, in the last verse in the 7th chapter, he thanks God that there was deliverance “through Jesus Christ our Lord.’’ After much meditation, conference with brethren most of whom, were, in this particular, only blind, leaders of the blind, prayer searching of the scripture and finally belief. I at length came to a personal experience, as a reali­ty, that, by my consent and desire. God planted my soul upon, vis “There is therefore no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” No condemnation,” implies the notice absence, in a moral point of view, of offence against God — or in other words, of sin, if sin be de­fined as a bent of the will to the doing anything, known to the possessor, to be contrary to God’s will. In such state of noncondemnation, by the grace of God, through our Lord Jesus Christ, I stand to day.

In the absence of light upon the subject and manner of christian association, I remained connected with a sect, which in other truth­ful but yet perhaps more forcible language, should be called schis­matic body, for about 36 years

The best recollection I now have of the time and occasion of my awakening to a serious consid­eration of the subject of sectarian­ism, was the assertion, by a Buffa­lo Doctor of Divinity, that divis­ion into denominations, was the proper and normal condition of the Church of Christ, that Chris­tians, as a fruit of such divisions provoked one another to good works, denomination acting upon sister denominations. One ex­pression he made, as near as I can recollect, about 25 years having passed since, was, “Chris­tians should shake hands with each other over the fences.’’ I rec­ollect that, to my mind came up scripture declarations such as Christ made to His disciples “all ye are brothers,” and to individ­uals, not corporate bodies, “I am the vine ye are the branches,” ect. I thought too that an excelsior, jealous prompting of the sects as envious of each other, would pro­duce, as fruit, none such as God would accept. Turning to the word and the testimony, I could not find a single sentence that in the leaset, see sanction to such divisions, but of the other hand I found Paul beseeching his breth­ren in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that there should be no divisions among them. I found Christ condemning them in His practice, precepts, and in His prayer just before His crucifixion.

My eyes opened gradually to the light; for I did not have the advantages of the effulgent gospel light, the noonday light of the present day. First I thought denominationalism was not sectari­anism and that it was an evil that I was not responsible for, and that it must be endured “for the present,” in the present condition of the world. Next I was emboldened to say sects; next organized schismatic bodies I made a strong effort, but without the least success, to get the body, as a body to throw off all sectarian features. Not succeeding what could I do? I ask you reader what should I do? To me my duty was clear, and about 23 years since, I withdrew from the body, not from the chris­tians that belonged to it. Since then I have stood only in the or­ganized church to which the Lord added me at the time of my entering the family. With a soul overflowing with love, the truth must be spoken, The denomin­ations as such are some of the breast-works behind which Satan and his emmisaries are made secure in doing their deadly work of destroying souls. They are of the gates of hell, that are, in their formation, opening their batter­ies upon the church of Christ against which the Builder has declaired shall not pre­vail; they are, neither singly nor collectivly the Lambs wife; we think no one, however strongly commited they may be to their embrace, will claim for them any such union with our Lord. They claim to be, through their adherents, branches of the church of Christ.

Preposterous claim. If not the wife what are they! Why harlots committing lewdness, as it were, under every green tree. Their unholy divisions – if permitted, of Him who hath said to Job as of the sea, “Hither to shalt thou come but no farther; and here shall thy proud wives be stayed,” – would, by their legitimate fruitage, introduce confusion and an­archy into heaven itself. Divis­ion, as by the denominations, of the christian family, is begotten of Satan and should be at once eliminated and consigned to the place of its nativity.

I see I have not only introduced myself, but have brought forward the hydra-monster-sect.

I Will not speak in harshness for I eschew it. “Tell my people their sins,” – in a trumpet voice, and not spare,” are scripture di­rections. And now to close, it, the 73 year of my natural life, I be­seech my beloved brethren that are in the sects, to abandon them at once.

Arcade, N. Y.


Salvation and Power without the Camp.




The meeting at Ervin, Schuy­ler., Co. Ill. increase, in the man­ifest power of God. Saturday night one sister came in to plead for Babylon. After a dry talk of a few minutes, she ..d the was so glad that she had her name on a book on earth; and that she thought, that if the Devil could suceed in disorganising the churches, that the country would soon be deluged with blood. When she sat down, we sung 5 or 6 ver­ses of the song I sent you, the Holy Spirit began to fall on us in the first verse, and by the time we finished, I think there were 20 shouting. It seemed that the Holy Ghost came, and carried the whole throng: they were out where they had never been be­fore. Oh, Glory to God! the Ho­ly Ghost comes on a line of truth. On sabbath, the meeting began at ten, and lasted till half past one, and almost one continued shout. At night the alter service began at half past 7, and lusted till after ten, the alter service, reached every part of the house, before the close; and the Devil was flanked and beaten, at every point. There was no recognised leader, outside of the Holy Ghost. The order was for every body, to obey God. The shouting, and praising God, began with the first prayer in the evening, and as the new born souls, into the kingdon, rose up and began to praise God, the power increased, till all that come at the first call, had been saved. The stoutest hearts were melted, and made to confess, that God was there in great power. Well I am glad that God has put me with those that are in the front, in this great war for truth, and by His power I have run through a troop, and leaped over a wall. 2 Sam. 21:30. It is wonderful to my soul to be free. What ever you … don’t let the Trumpet stop. The testing time has come, and where ever the test is made, God answers by fire. Oh, Glory to God for etern­al victory in my soul! May God bless you.

Your brother in church, of the first born.

We have always maintained that God takes care or His cause, and the Holy Ghost will repulse those, who stand up against His truth.

— Ed.


“Watchman what of the Night?




Bro. Sexton.

As I look over the Good Tidings of Oct. 13, 1881. as a Wacthman on Zion’s walls (far from all sect wells) in response to the question above, “what of the night?” I would say to all of God’s redeemed ones, who ask me this question; Good news! Thank God! “The morning cometh” (or is coming.) I report from all I see’ hear, and know, with the additional information of your paper of Oct. 13. That very many of God’s dear children who have been a long time in the wil­derness of divisions are now com­ing up out of the wilderness lean­ing on Jesus only. See, Sol’s Song, 8:5.

They have found human hands too short to sustain them. But our beloved Lord remains the same “His hand is not shortened.” Isa. 59:1.

I see some have quite a struggle to get out of the sect under brush. Like our dear brother Hawkins; They tumble and fall; get tangled in many ways, but as they are near the threat opening, they will soon come out.

When they get out of the woods into God’s clear sunlight, they will see how God organizes His church. That to come out of secret and sect pens, and to come into Christ’s or his church, is sim­ply obeying God.

They will then see how Satan divides, and God unites His peo­ple. They will also see that their lanterns which to their minds give so much light in the dark swampisms, will go out as Jesus hands them His lamp of life in the bright fields of gospel liberty.

I do pity those poor souls in bushes and thorns. Brother Hawkins says “If the denomina­tions possessed holiness, sect walls would disappear as frost in june.” Amen. That is good enough. As fast as men and women be­come holy, they accordingly must come out of sects, quick-frost dis­appears soon in june. The sin­ners to remain in sects, but saints if, brother Hawkins is sound, must come out!

I hear from all quarters, “watch men what of the night!” I was with one foot on a sect wall, the other on Zions wall for twenty five years. But for the last fifteen years, thank God, both feet firm on Zion’s wall, out of sight of sect walls or bush.

Hence to God’s people let me say, all lean on Jesus arm. The morning is coming. Soon the church will appear fair as the moon, then clear as the sun (when all out of the woods) Terrible (to sect and sin) as an army with banners.” Solomons Song. 6:19.

Maryville, Mo.

Good Tidings.


Harmony with the Will of God.


Bro. D. S. Warner—: On my re­turn home a few days since, I was pleasantly surprised to find a bundle of the Trumpet.

On reading it, it impresses me as a discordant element, among the professedly holiness periodicals. Now this is a serious subject, and if you will allow me a little space, I desire to speak with you.

Our Lord graciously led me, by His word, and Spirit, into the fountain of cleansing, sixteen years ago his winter. It is bless­ed to know the joy of full salva­tion from the body of sin, the carnal mind; so that the soul is conscious of being in harmony with God, the will being swallowed up in His will. Since then I have clearly seen that sectarianism is not of God: while at the same time, I can as clearly see that He has His little ones, and His sancti­fied ones in all the sects. When all shall see their privileges in Christ, then will be, that universal oneness, for which Jesus pray­ed the father in John 17. A consumation devoutly to be wished. When I met with you, and your “wonderful book” Bible Proofs etc, I thought I saw in it, the me­dium of accomplishing much good I fear your course will detract from the good your book, was calcula­ted to do since it is becoming ap­parent to others, that the auther, doubtlessly without intention, is giving contenance to sectism.

In love to God’s cause, and sin­cere sympathy for the right, I am your sister saved.

— Esther Murray.

Carthage Mo.

We are glad sister Murray has freely spoken her mind to us; and as some others may have sim­ilar views of our position, we take the liberty to publish, and com­ment on her letter. Sister Murray says: the Trumpet is a discordant element, among the holiness periodicals. Why to? evidently, because we condemn sects, and divisions: and urge all true saints of God to withdraw from them, and recognize the body of Christ, as the church: and live in it exclusively. Whereas, these “profesedly holi­ness peroidicals,” virtually sancion, and endorse schisms, by ad­vising holiness people to continue in their respective parties. Now we confess, that there is this issue, and discord, between the Trum­pet, and those other papers: hence either they, or the Trumpet must be in discord with God. Which is it? If God sanctions divisions, then the Trumpet is wrong; if God condemns and forbids them, then we are in harmony with God: and those other papers are not. What saith the Lord — “Now I beseech you brethren mark them, which cause divisions and offences, contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. For they that are such, serve not our Lord Jesur Christ.” Rom. 16:17—18. “For ye are yet carnal: for whereas there is among you envy­ing strife, and divirions, are ye not carnal and walk as men?” But we are told this is not true, of the present holiness forces. Let us see; the grounds upon which Paul thus charges the Corinthians, is thus stated: “For while one saith I am of Paul, and another, I am of Apollos; are ye not car­nal?” 1 Cor. 3:4, 5. Now is not this just precisely what we see in the professed holiness ranks, do we not hear them say right in the pulpit, that “I am a methodist,” i. e., for Wesley — I am a Free Methodist, — for Roberts, I am a United Brethren, — for Otterbein, and so on. Is not this the very sin that Paul condemns and attrib­utes to carnality?” But let us hear sister Murray’s testimony “Since then,” i. e., since sanctified, and sealed by the holy Spirit, “I have clearly seen that sectism, is not of God.” Then dear sister, your own conviction by the Holy Spirit, proves that the Trumpet is


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The Gospel Trumpet.




Any one moved by the Spirit of God to help on this work of the Lord, by donations or otherwise, your liberalities will be received as from God, and used to His glory.




Sister S B Cuffel, writes of a good meeting over Dec. 17, 18. held by Bros. Fuller, Bear, and Hyre. at Eel River Bethel, Wabash Co, Ind. Praise the Lord.


For some time before the Trum­pet raised to $1,00., nearly every body sent us a $1.00 instead of 75 cts. Thus the Lord has fixed the price, and He will provide for its enlargement.


We find it much trouble to set solid; hence this paper is late; but you have a great deal of matter.

Send in your offerings, to help enlarge; for the Lord has assured us it must and shall be done to the praise of His glory. amen!


“The Youth’s Mentor.”


Aim — The Edification of Young America.


A religious magazine for youth. Each number contains the choic­est gems, our language affords, All who see it praise it in the high­est terms.

AGENTS WANTED to introduce it. Send for sample.

— Address: Youth Mentor. West Canaan., Ohio.


United Brethren is Christ: is the name of a new, good sized eight page paper, just started at Chambersburg, Pa. It has absorbed the Young Reformer, heretofore published at-that place. Its special object is to contend for the anti-secrecy land-marks, of the U. B. Church. While unsparing of Masonic Baal worship, it seems to look far more to the interests of the U. B. sect than the Glory of Christ, and the upbuilding of “His body.” Oh how sickening this two eyed religion, that squints a little at Jesus, and always sees “our churche.”


An Important Book.


Is about to make its appearance, entitled. “A Collection of thoughts, or Key to the Scripture.” By J. L. Stone, of Chicago. We do not hesitate to designate it an important book, became we have had sent to our office, a sec­tion of over fifty pages of the work, and though we have not had time to read it through, we have been much interested, where ever we have opened it. The deep and difficult portions of Scripture: that infidels have harp­ed upon, are vindicated in the light of the bible, and the then existing customs, and facts. It contains rich replies to Paine, Ingersoll, and others.

The Author says: “We believe that the author of the 56. chapter of Isaiah, foretold the present times, and referred to a certain class of religions teachers.” “His watchmen are blind: ignorant: they are dumb: they cannot talk:” etc. verse 10. 11. The work will contain from three, to four hun­dred pages, and will cost from, $1,00 to $1,50. We shall be happy to add this work to our li­brary.


Still They Come.


The mercies and bounties of Heaven. — gracious blessings from the hands of kind brothers and sisters in the Lord. The tried and true band of saints at Albion Noble Co, Ind. sent us quite a large box of substantials, and fruit &, with two dollars, from one beloved of the Lord. Verily they shall not loose their reward. How true it is that the apostolic faith and separation from the world, are the indissoluble bonds of apostolic love. This has been wonderfully demonstra­ted in God’s holy little Church at Albion. Separated from sects and the world, they need no picket fence to keep them together.

When men talk about the “pale of the church” meaning a sect as necessay to keep God’s children together they betray utter ig­norance of the Holy Spirit the true indwelling fusion of God’s love.

Glory to God for the very same power”.

We were also happily surprised with a new year’s gift from West- field, Ind. a box of similar valua­bles to the above. O the unmerit­ed, and surprising goodness of God

May the dear Lord abundantly bless those kind hearts at Westfield who have so kindly helped their brethren at Jerusalem”. Praise God! we are quite well provided for at present, Many thanks to all the kind donors,


Visit to Carmel.


Having previously arranged with some dear brethren at Car­mel, about fifteen miles north of this city, they came Saturday Dec. 17th, and took companion and self, out to that place. On sabbath morning we attended service in the Friends’ house of worship. A good congregation was present. Sabbath school was interesting. We much admire the simplicity of the “Friends” mode of worship; it approaches nearer the New Testiment model, than that of any denomination we know. They issue no license to ministers, and have no presiding lord’s. They have “recorded ministers,” but no one of them is set over the rest as “preacher in charge.” In their meetings the holy Spirit, is the only recognized leader; every body is at liberty to exercise as he will. We felt led of the Lord, to deliver a bible reading, and dis­course, on our, “inheritance in light.” God blessed the truth, and it found some hungry souls, but many others, who seem to fear that the doctrine of freedom from all sin, was a new and dangerous innovation, sorely hung down their heads. It is a great pity that these people, who have so little, of the ordinary sect machin­ery, in the way of the holy Spirit, should yet so few of them possess the Comforter, in His pentecostal reign. Some however, we found in the Spirit, God bless them all. In the evening we expounded the “present awful truth,” to an attentive and somewhat confounded congregation, in the M. E. house. The holy Ghost led us to lift up our voice as a trumpet, and cry aloud against, the great corrupt Babylon of our times. Glory to God, we were happy to find sever­al honest souls, who endorsed, and even amen’d the strongest de­nunciations, of the present day sect confusion and corruption. They invited us to return and we hope to do so as soon as practical.




Maple Rapids., Mich. Dec. 22nd Sing unto the Lord a new song, for Ho hath done marvelous things. His right hand and His Holy arm hath gotten Him the victory. Exalt the Lord our God, and worship at His holy hill, for the Lord our God is holy. Halle­lujah to God and the Lamb for­ever. Praise His holy name, the victory is again on Israels side. The battle was fierce; the devil waged a dreadful war against us, through the sects, the Pharisees and Saducees, asked many questions and tried to reason in their minds wether these things were so. The Spirit of the Lord was present to heal them all, but none of them were healed, but while

they reasoned, others were made whole. Praise God many hearts were made glad, and rejoices to see the light. The people are so tired of sectarian oppression, and human yokes, t..t they hail with joy the light of full and free salvation; they of the world gave good audience, and – a..hushed stillness pervaded our whole meeting, ex­cept an occasional interuption by the Pharisees, but the Holy Ghost gave utterance, so we preached, and many believed and came out of the sects, and were out into the Tabernacle of t.. ..ord, outside the camp, o..g His reproach. Yes Jesus made Himself of no reputation, but took on Himself the form of a servant. Glory to His name. “He t.. sanctifieth, and they that … sanctified are all of one … … cause He is not ashan.. ..em brethren. Glory to … … ..wenty stand in the on.. … ..e Saints, in this loca.. ..h twelve are wholly s.. … the blood of Jesus, and are a power by the holy Spirit of God. In this comunity the dear Dion brothers are powerful in speech; they speak with tongues of fire! They also have a gift of song, and hold the audience spell-bound by their glo­rious songs of Beulah. Praise God the victory is complete; the sects are killed out-right. Those that did not come out of the pens, have no life in them, and are but a by word in the mouth of sin­ners. Peace be to their ashes. The Lord has a clean holy Ghost church here, sanctified and cleans­ed, without spot, wrinkle or blem­ish, before Him in love. Amen.

On Sunday Dec. 18th, we were together with one accord when the holy Ghost separated bro. Ed­win B. Lyon to take the over-sight of the flock, which was solemnly ordained by prayer, and the laying on of hands. Acts. 6:6, 14-23. 2 Pet 5:2. Glory to God I would rather be the least of them, than wear a royal diadem and sit upon a throne. The blood of Jesus cleanseth me how. Amen.

Joseph C. Fisher.


Too Blind to Blush.


We fooad two holiness churches in process of erection it, Big Prairie., both to be completed soon, … permitting. One is Free Methodist, and the other, is Weslayan Methodist, so for as church order is concerned.”

— Christian Harvester.

One year ago last May, we a tended a camp meeting at Big Prarie Ohio. We found several there who seemed to be more free in Christ, and clear in the experi­ence of holiness, t..an the ordinary standing of holiness professors, hence we were not surprised to learn that they were outside of all sects. Some had been cast out, others had been led of the Lord o come out. But the old pharisee proselyting Spirit can never rest while there is a child of God out side the pens, who is ex­posed to their bates, by the dark age tradition that sects, and not the body of Christ, is the church Oh … these saints were not, complete in Christ.” “All fullness” did not dwell in Him. These unwary little ones, were told that if was not enough to be “Baptized by one Spirit into the body.” The Free Methodist first set up their idol, some bowed down to it but not all. So the Wesleyans came and also “set up their threshold by the side of God‘s threshold,” and drew away a few disciples alter them. And now we have the unblushing an­nouncement, that each of these or­ganized divisions are building a house for the Lord: which earthly constructions the Harvester calls churches. Did we say for the Lord. O no, they are res­pectively for the Free Methodist, and Wesleyan Methodist. If they were for the Lord, there would be no need of two houses in that small village of less than two hundred inhabitants, for Christ is not divided. “Hear O Israel, the Lord thy God is one Lord.” But are these “two holiness churches? O shame, shame to associate such work o.. carnality, with holiness. What kind of holiness is that that separates into parties? I think we need to have our dictionaries revised, for surely our language has undergone a marked change. Paul found a Spirit at Corinth, that said “I am of Paul, I am of Cephas,” etc, and he called it carnality. We had supposed that there was a great difference be­tween holiness, and carnality, but it appears that holiness in our day, has become so comprehen­sive, that it includes carnality. Two holiness churches in one lit­tle village! What a slander upon tree Bible holiness, and an insult to God. Such holiness, the devil is well pleased with. But the holiness of the Bible “perfects into one.” “For He that sanctifieth and they that are sanctified, are all of one.” No wonder that God suffered the winds to blow down the Wesleyan walls, making five hundred extra burthen upon the poor Babylon builders: and the dedication of the Free Methodist house, has also been put off for want of means to finish it. What blindness possesses the people who give of their money to build these rival synagogues, under the del­usion that they give it to God, and His cause. What a shameful waste of the Lord’s means; what a curse to the cause of real holiness. O how the name of God is pro­faned by the heathen, as they see these anti-Christ rival factions, spanned by the inscription, “holi­ness churches.” Were Paul to visit Big Prairie, he would doubt­less inquire, “Is Christ divided? or were you baptized in the name of Wesley, or Roberts.” And instead of reporting “two holiness churches; he would write unto them, even in tears saying: “ye are yet carnal,” and all your glo­rying is vain.


New Years Greeting.


To all who may read this Trum­pet, and especially to all who love the truth, we send you our brotherly greeting, a happy new year, and a heartfelt, God bless you. Our heart overflows with love and gratitude to God, and all His loving saints, for all the benefits and mercies that filled the expiring year — Dearly be­loved friends and … … of the Trumpet, and lovers of us hated truth, we are happy to report from this watch tower of Zion, that we see nothing but s..ss victory and glory. A beloved father in Israel, in New York, on first seeing the Trumpet, recently wrote us, of his inexpressible gratitude and he remarked that he had for years been praying for just such a paper, and that he had once tried to have one established in Chicago. But says he: “there was no one interested in the truth, that seemed to have sufficient means to undertake the project.” Well Glory to God, He has chosen the weak things, and the moneyless, to carry on a work, which to all human appearance, in this sect loving and idolatrous age, could not be accomplished without con­siderable capital, and on a free basis, the wonderful work of God. How has He “surprised the hypocrite,” and confounded the prophets of Babylon. G. D. Watson, but uttered the predictions, and carnal prayers of thousands, when he said through an anti­christ sheet in this place, “Bro. Warner cannot succeed in that line.” What is this but a thrust at Jesus Christ. It virtually says to the Son of God: “In the pros­perity of our churches, there can be nothing but failure in the at­tempt to build up “God’s Church.” O, these devotees of Babylon would blot out of exist­ence, if they could, the Church that Christ founded over eightteen hundred years ago, to augment the glory of our “great Methodist church,” founded less than a hun­dred and fifty years ago. Well Bro Warner may have failed in many respects; but no man that reads the Trumpet can deny the fact that God and truth, have most gloriously triumphed. And the Trumpet too, through the God approved truth it holds forth, has proved a glorious success, notwithstanding the different measures Satan has devised to hedge up its way. One poor whited sepulcher had the impudence to say with a Satanic chuckle, “we will crush the Trumpet,” and “take all bro Warners subscribers.” A gentle­man in this city when asked to take the chaff; and baby-loop sheet, remarked, “if you succeed with this paper, will it not break down the Trumpet,” and received the following reply: “That’s just what we want to do.” He told a brother this and said he did not think there was much holiness in that, and did not went the paper. Yet one M. L Haney who was canonized at the Jacksonville Convention., as “the Patriarch of holiness in the west, and every where else,” is so blind that he has twice presumed to imtimate that, that enterprise might be of God; saying: “if your paper is of God.” Nearly all the professed holiness periodicals, have been hauling barrels of water, and pouring on the altar of God’s truth and filling ap the trench round about, but God is all the more glorified in this test, be­tween the Trumpet and the prop­hets of sects. Praise His name! The Gospel Trumpet has proved Satan false in more than one way. In all love, we suggest to all those papers and preachers, that have been in the habit of telling the people that, “separation from the sects invariably results in spirit­ual death,” to read the trumpet, then shut their mouths, and cease their lying against the truth. There is not a sect endorsing pa­per in the land, that presents as strong array of testinony, to clear definite holiness, holy Ghost power, wonder-working faith, and fruitful lives. And we have abundance of live, glowing reports and experiences that we have not had space to use, and nearly all have spared us the necessity of telling you that the writers are without the camp of creed factions. We have published num­erous expressions of apprecia.. because, by their strong relish fo.. the truths of the Trumpet, coupled with the their vigorous Spritual health, and usfulness in Christ they condemn all who reject the food we issue, as perverted and spiritually diseased. To the former class the Trumpet is heavenly music, but to the latter, it is an annoying sound, because their hearts and ears are not sufficiently circumcised to endure sound doctrine. The Trumpet has demonstrated the tact that God is able to carry a war against the devil, in his strongest, last, and most desperate fortress.

God has in a remarkable manner heard, and answered our prayers; not always however in the way we expected, but far letter than we imagined.

Last spring we prayed the Lord for a more speedy press, but the furnace of trial, through which He brought us, was better fur our soul, then a hundred presses, and ten thousand subscribers. Glory to the God of Daniel, and the Hebrews. O what lessons we have learned in the salt and fire school of Christ. We would glad­ly pull the lever of the Lord’s good old hand press, for forty years to come, rather than have missed those furnace wrought visions of God, of his church, and of the great sect abomination. To all the patrons of the Trumpet, we would return many thanks for the means you have furnished the Lord’s cause, and the many appreciative contributions you have sent us by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. You have largely made the paper what it is, and by your continued labor of love and sacrifice for Christ sake, you will continue to improve and enlarge the paper, and extend its sphere of usefulness. We regard the real testing point in the Trumpet as past, God has established the work of our hands. Our circula­tion is steadily increasing, we have been printing sixteen hundred papers each issue, six teen fifty this time, and we do not have fifty papers left, when we get

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though mailing. The demand for canvassing and sample copies, continually increases. To Babylon and all her concomitants, we promise nothing but fire, sword and hammer, and confounding blasts from the armory of God’s word. We have scarcely begun the bombardment of the wicked harlot city. By the grace of God, we expect to deal with sin, and sinners, as we never yet have done. Some have intimated to us, that we have been too personal, in rebuking church sinners, but before God, we are ashamed of, and repent for our mildness, and want of personality in the past. And now we give fair warning to hypocrites, and all whose walk has not been right before God, that if you don’t repent, and publish your confes­sion of sin, the Lord has made it our duty, so far as we know, to expose and rebuke you, before all. We know no man after the flesh, and we seek to please no man. If God cannot carry on the paper, by us seeking only to please Him, the Trumpet will surely be discontinued. But God is our sufficiency. “I shall not want.” “For the Lord God will help me; therefore shall I not be confounded therefore have I set my lace like a flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed. Isa. 50:7. While it is our duty to reprove all outward sin, we must keep the fact prominent, that all reform must begin at the heart, which God only can change, inward transformation is only upon the condition of faith, and therefore must be defin­itely presented in the scriptural order of pardon, and adoption to the sinner, and entire sanctifica­tion to the believer. We regret that some attempt to beat down the ice mountain of sect, by the hammer of the word, without the in all fire, of the holy Spirit. … people out of the sects … …, than by leading them to Christ for heart purity, and the reception of the Comforter, which leads the soul from all sects, and into all truth, is but ch..ting men into carnal crusade against Babylon, and can result in little good, and has in some in ..anres, hedged up the way, and turned back the tide of God’s truth, more than it will be able to advance it. Therefore, because the bible experience of entire sanctification, is the true objective end of Christ’s atonement, and shed blood, and because thorough holin­ess distroys sects, and denominations, as frost would disappear un­der the beams of the june sun, and as the promotion of true holi­ness is the only remedy for schisms, and every other form, of sin in the body of professed christians: therefore. The Gospel Trumpet shall continue to “praise the beauty of holiness,” and proclaim the power of the blood of Christ, on the Gospel line of definite ho­liness and perfect heart purity. We ask the cooperation, and prayers, of all true saints of God, who love the freedom of Christ Jesus our Savior.


Cured by Faith.


Bro. Warner. A remarkable faith cure occurred in Franklin Pa. on the 9th of Dec. I vouch for the following facts. The wife of Elder G. W. Bloyd, my successor at that place, was taken down with cancer of the stomach.

Dr. Snouden, the best physician in that city was called in, who in a short time gave her up.

Dr. Borland was then called, he also pronounced the case incur­able. A third physician was called to see her, and he stated that she could not be cured, but by making an opium eater of her she might be helped. They were then advised to dismiss all physi­cians, and resort to prayer. They done so; and by faith she arose, dressed herself, walked to the meeting house, and entered while they were praying for her. She spake to the people, praised God together with them, lead in prayer. She has been well since then doing her own work and attending meeting every night. To God be all the glory.

— J W Davis.


Keep out of Crafts.


By P. Awery, and J. W. Curry.


The Gospel plow is coming.
The iron vengeance rod: — Jer. 50:15
Uprooting and consuming
Every plant, that’s not of Cod.

Chorus — Take fast hold children,
Take fast hold children,
And do not look behind.

Satan’s built an idol feace, — Jck’n’vill, con.
… Cod’s people to corell:
All who will not enter thence,
Can neither buy nor self. — Rev. 13:17.

Chorus — Keep out of crafts children,
Keep out of crafts children,
And follow Christ alone.

The sects they killed our Jesus,
And all the prophets too. – Luke. 13:34.
Oh brother you must leave then
And follow Jesus through.

Cho — Keep out, oct.

Sectish shrines are coming down,
They will no more be bought;
Since we’ve heard the Gospel sound,
Diana‘s set at naught. — Acts. 19:24.

Cho — Keep out, oct.

God’s archers shoot against her, — Jer. 16:13.
His hail breaks through her roof; Isa. 28:2.
She can’t endure the thunders,
Of God’s eternal truth.

Cho — Keep out, oct,

All the merchants of the earth
Bewail her sudden fall.
For her trafic brought them wealth,
They loved her festive hall.

Cho — Keep out, oct.

Poor sinners have been trying
To find the safest way,
But midst these paths they’re dying,
And missing endless day.

Cho — Keep out, oct.

So many routes to heaven,
They can’t tell what to do:
For only one is given — Acts. 4:12,
That safely takes us through.

Cho — Keep out, oct.

Every sect is running trains,
To heaven bound they say;
Competition runs a main,
Religion’s cheap to day.

CHO — Keep out, oct.

Smoking car and festive coach,
On paper credo wheels,
Filled with pride and sin’s reproach
All under Satans seals.

Cho — Keep out, oct.

Here is myst’ry (mother Rome,) — Rev. 6:8.
Her harlot daughters, fine:
And if sects, you call your home,
You’re ..f, gareios line.

CHO — Keep out, oct.

The craft begin foicrumble — Jer. 5:6-10-15
All sects and ..haken now,
And if you‘re joined the harlot
You..d better break your you. – ..ev. 15:4.

CHO — Keep out. oct.

But there is an only route,
That outers heaven’s gate:
God Himself has marked it out,
‘Tis holy high and straight,

CHORUS — Get on board children,
Get on board children:
There’s room for many more.

No sect train, can travel here
They do not fit this track,
For its grade is always up
While they are running back. – Jer. 7:24.

CHO – Get a board. oct.

Here’s no sect craft or faction.
No one with Satans brand;
Not one mark of beast appears
In forehead or right hand.

CHO – Get on board. oct.

Christ’s body has no schisms,
His Church is genuine;
The Lord can add you to it.
And keep you all the time.

CHO – Get on board. oct.

Our dying risen Jesus
Has only got one bride,
He’s calling her to meet Him,
“Without the camp,” outside. — Heb. 13:18.

CHORUS – Get on board children,
Get on board children,
The marriage feast is near.




Arcola., Ind. Dec. 21. ’81.

Dear Bro. Warner: — Enclosed find $1,00. for the Trumpet, and “BIBLE PROOFS.” we lore the Trumpet and its purity.

J. C. Feloer.


Jerry City, Ohio. Dec. 21. ’81.

Dearly Beloved Bro. Warner: — Please let me know now much I owe on the Trumpet, and I will pay up and renew, with as many new subscribers as I can get. The Trumpet suits us ex­actly. Praise the Lord. Your bro. fully saved.

George Hampshinn.


Sheffield, Ill. Dec. 12, ’81.

Dro. Warner: – Please find inclosed one dol­lar, send me the Trumpet for one year; will do all I can in getting new subscriber for your pa­per. By testimony this morning is, saved and sanctified now. Glory to God for full and free salvation. Your bro. for the war.

Marvin E. Healy.


Terre Haute, Ind. Dec. 21, ’81.

Dear Bro. W: – I am most blessedly saved, from all sin. I find that this is a new way. I am being wonderfully tried, but God is my ref­uge. I am all the Lords; sanctified wholly. Glory to God! God bless you, and keep your eyes on Christ. Pray for me. Your bro in the war.

H. W. H..e…

Maryville, … ’81

Dear Brother: – for af.. ..es I have stood on Bible ground, bn Christ’s ..ch ..ly. Away from all ..ccta.. and se.. retu., On … rock, in the highway, and with the Spirit of unity with all the pure is heart. With my mouth continually filled with blessed praise in God. Amen. Some of our dear once are … the cold river of death, it is all light, they hath the ’’rod and staff,” no fear, thank God. Years … the only name given, whereby we must in saved.

R. Smith.


albio.. v. … ’81.

Dear Bro. Warner: – W.. ..pecting you to come this way o.. … from Michigan, we are made glad by the coming of each Trumpet, the Lord bless you. God has greatly blessed us since we met at Beaver Dam. The Lord help at to stand up ..r the truth. We find more and more, that ..d wants His people saved, from isms and … had a meeting at Amspaugh school … 20th found souls hungering for … … the 27th Bro. Guthrie and A.. … in the Spirit, at Bro. Stoner.. … … of Albion. We had a prais.. … … and Sister, Stoner are in t.. … … Gospel, Next saturday and an.. … ..eeting at New Hopewell. Pray … … Brother.

..ege Go..ks.


Honey Creek., Ind. Dec. 21. ’81.

Dear Bro. Warner: – Enclosed find $5.00. for the Book, and Trumpet. Your book is doing a grand work, praise God. Send the Trumpet on I like it more and more. I am satisfied we need less sectarianism, and ..ore religion. Men have built sectarian walls through the church, till there is not much … but walls and creeds. I am seeing this more and more. Oh thank God the world h.. my ... … heart leaps in love to God, and to … His people. I know no sectarian lines. Glory to God, I am free In Christ. Praise the Lord He saves me now. I am proclaiming a present full salvation; many are hearing and believing, and being saved. Amen. God help you brother Warner and may the Trumpet sound out clear and destined. You in Christ.

W. Go..ett.


On what Foundation are you Building?


Dear Bro. Warner, and all God’s Saints, every where greeting.

On Christ the solid rock I stand All other ground is sinking sand. Yes Glory to God my house is on the rock. Never did the storm beat; the rains descend; the floods come, and the winds blow; as they have in the last two months; but Glory to God! “the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, the Lord knoweth them that are His.

I was converted when fifteen ye are old, and eight years a ..o God sanctified me soul and body, and called me out to work in His vineyard. I have been since then, most of the time, about my Mas­ter’s business. Three years ago God showed me, through His word, that I was a member of the body of Christ, which is the church, and today I am a mem­ber of the church of the First Born, whose names are written in heaven, and not on earth. And I am so satisfied with my relationship to Jesus, that I never expect to join any thing else. I thought I knew a little what persecution meant, but never as in the past three years, I am finding it out more and more, us the days go by; but this is one of the “all things that work together for good, to them that love God.”

I was left a widow the second time, the 10th of last October, but God hath said. “I will be a hus­band to the widow, and a father to the fatherless.” The blessed Lord only knows, what I have suffered, and am suffering from the enemies of the cross of Christ; but I can say with Paul, “none of these things move me.” I am persuaded, that nothing shall be able to separate me from the love of God, in Christ Jesus. O Glory! I am glad, that in spite of all the slander, and reproach, trial and sorrow, that my Father permits to come upen me, He saves me through it all. To Him be all the glory.

This is the day when “that every plant that my Father has not planted, shall be rooted up,” and every thing that can be sha­ken, is shaken and removed.” Well let it go on, “the fondation of God standeth sure.” “On this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.” O I am so glad I belong to that Church, and every true child of God, is my brother and sister, in the same family, in heaven and earth. I praise God for grace to be willing to be misunderstood, and miss-represented for Christs sake; …

I sent a notice of my husband’s death, to the Banner of Holiness, and the Highway, but neither of them published it. I have taken the papers for years: this is one of the “all things.” God knows all about it, the Lord bless them. They may keep my testimony from the world? but they cannot rob me of the testimony that I please God. I am just waiting the Lord’s orders, as to what field He would have me work in, ready to go any where for Jesus. I am poor in this worlds goods, but the Lord leads me to send you one dollar, for the Trumpet. May God bless you in your labors to spread the truth. God has been teaching me how to rejoice evermore, pray without ceasing, and in every thing give thanks.

Yours in Christ.

— Mary C. Willison.

McComb., Ill.


Our Western Journey.


We left Albion Ind. on the morning of Sep. 2nd 1881 with strong faith, trusting God for a safe journey. Arrived in Chicago at 9 30 A M. I enjoyed the scenery. the great lake, with its countless boats and large swelling waves.

Now we are in the midst of the great city where all is bustle and confusion. We left city at 12. 30 P M. Crossed the father of wa­ters, as the ancients used to call the Mississippi river, at Louisana.

Our next place of importance was Kansas City. Crossing the muddy Missouri, we were soon in Kansas and on our way to our southern home. We first stopped at Columbus, where we were met by friends, with who: we visited a few days, and then same on to Oswego, our present home.

The people here look well and hearty. Christians here are only professor, having a form of godliness, but without the power. They have not had holiness preach­ed; O how it is needed. But while I am deprived of the glorious meetings we used to enjoy, the Lord is keeping and saving me all the time

I oftimes think of the wonder­ful refreshings from the presence of the Lord, that we have enjoyed together; but these are past, and there are more to follow; for the same God lives to bless us all for­evermore. Asking an interest in all your prayers, I close for the present. Your sister in the Lord.

Ann Skinner.


Hunnewell Mo. Dec. 26 1881.

Dear bro. Warner I have received the Gospel Trumpet: it is the best holiness paper I have seen yet. It is just agreeable with God’s word, with the light I have received by the Spirit, and the conviction of every truly sanctified soul. Glory be to God! “Whom the Son maketh free is free indeed” When the God of peace and glory sanctified me last march two years ago, the blessed Jesus separated me from sin and sinners, from popery and sect control. My Savior took full possession of my soul, and I be­came a priest of God entering into the holiest of all by the blood of Christ: all petition walls were re­moved, free cours was established by the power of the Holy Ghost, and peace, joy, freedom and love, power and glory, with the oil of gladness. O glory to God for such a heaven in the soul! Praise God for the fire of holiness and division see Luke 12:49—58. O how can Gods people trade away this glo­rious free grace of God, by putting their necks, under the carnal yoke of sectism; come out of your graves, throw off your straps. O the cunning craftiness of the goddess Diana. May the Lord bless bro. Warner to blow the Gospel Trumpet untill the walls of Jericho and of Babylon fall down according to Gods command to pull down the strongholds of sin, and spiritual wickedness in high pla­ces. The Lord has looked and seen some of His inspired truth in some waste basket of Jacksonville Convention, and is using the Gospel Trumpet for His instru­ment. Praise the Lord! God has a few names here who have not received the mark of the beast, nor bowed the knee to Baal and have not defiled their garments, “and they shall walk with me in white” saith the Lord. Brethren, read Rev. 2:9, 10. Your Bro. sancti­fied wholly.

John C Myers


Florid. Ill. Dec. 26.

Dear Bro. Warner. Although we have never met, it seems as though we were acquainted. I have learned to love you through ..ading your book “BibleProofs.”

Although I have read a number of works on the subject of holiness. I think yours best of all. So I tell the people where I labor.

We have been here two weeks and there have been 12 sanctified and 28 converted. Praise God!

Your brother — Saved.

S B Menell.

Editor Gospel Trumpet: I got hold of some of your papers.

Would say, deal calmly with, people in the denominations; they a.. in the mists and cannot see a.. we do who have got.. … of them. I thought at one … that it has … ..all ..f ..iving christian outside of all these so called churches. I allowed there might be some good in other churches but the M. E. I thought was really the Apostolic Church. But I left them because of coldness and deadness and joined the Free Methodist. This was the one that was just right, the bible route to heaven. I was very devout, enjoyed relig­ion, in the M. E. But no man could have gotten me to think for a moment, that I could leave the F. M. Ch I did love ”our church”, just as thousands do their sects now. Our Dear F. M. Ch. how I loved to go far and near to her camp meetings; always in front I took great pleasure in attending to finances, etc. I worked so zeal­ously for the F. M. that many outsiders called it Jo. M’Clelland’s church. Four years ago I began to pray for more light: it came; and that light took me out of the F. M. Ch. Three years and a half ago, I withdrew and took my stand “without the camp” with Jesus. My wife has since with­drawn also. I did not know that there was any other person in the world, that held the views I did. Like Paul, I came out on this line; “not of men, neither by man” but by Jesus Christ. These have been the best three years and a half of my life. O, how I love this way, holding to no church but the Body of Christ. I believe that thou­sands will yet get the fight, come out of those man-maed societies, and stand as the Apostles did for Christ alone. I enjoy a full and free salvation and am filled with the Holy-Ghost.

Joseph. M’Lelland.

Franklin, Penn.


The reader will observe that the relation or bro. Jos Fisher to the Trumpet is changed. As the Lord seems to keep him in Michigan, and as he was not blessed with the necessary means, he gave up the financial interest in the paper. We are thankful for the aid the dear brothor rendered and also that be consents to act as corresponding editor.

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(Continued from 1th page)

in harmony with God and being for that very reason, in discord with the “professedly holiness journals,” is it not positive proof that they are not in accord with God? Since “sectism, is not of God,” we can afford to be in discord with the holiness papers, in denouncing it, rather than in discord with God, by upholding it. Now sister Murray, how can you claim to be, “in harmony with God, the will being swallowed up in His will,” when you still ad­here to sectism,” which you admit “is not of God?” Sister M, like many others, expects to renounce division, when everybody else gets saved, and abandon their party creeds. What a delusion. You might as well excuse yourself for following any thing else, that “is not of God” because many others do. “What is that to thee, fol­low thou me.” God does not save men in droves, but individually, and God will not judge us togeth­er with the populas, but “every one shall give an account of him­self to God.” It sectism is not of God, we must be saved from it, whether others are or not, for, ”every plant that my father has not planted, shall be rooted up.” Since it is admitted that sectism is not of God, does the fact that some of His true Saints, are in those schisms, justify us in not condemning them? Or does not that rather place upon us the duty, of lifting up our voice us a Trumpet, and call God’s children to come out of her, as they are commanded of God to do.

The above, is about the only argument used against us: with the exception of one long artical in the Free Methodist, nearly a year ago, and a recent editorial in the “Vanguard,” there has not one paper to our knowledge dared to say that organized divisions in the “body of Christ,” were all right.” and nearly all, have been compelled to admit, that sect.. were … … but ..r.. th.. “fr.. … … … no … ..ord … … … ab.. ..ts, a.. … … …. And yet, upon the same ..y excuse that Gods people are in them, they condemn us for crying out, in humble obedience to God, “comeout of her my people.” O ye blind, “professedly holiness periodicals,” do ye not certainly know, that you are enemies to righteousness. Are you so blind, that you cannot see that your appology for sects, would serene every abomination, the Devil has ever introduced amon the professed children of God? Suppose we were to say that you should not cry against pride, in the professed church, because “the daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk with stretched forth necks, and wanton eyes,” and are covered with, “tinkling ornaments,” with chaines and bracelets,” “wimples,” “rings,” and “headbands.” Is it not just as good logic to say that, “pride is not of God, but because many apparently good christians are in its fashions, we must not call them out, as to say that sect are not of God, but because many good christians are in them, there­fore, we must not call them out of the same? If the indulgence of one sin by God’s people should silence the Gospel on that sin, why not on every other thing forbidden in the Bible? O, ye blind guides, do you not see that your wicked palliation of sects, virtually gives the Devil perfect right of way, and opens the door for every other abomination of hell. Great God, send trembling and convic­tion, upon all who dare to stand up for Baal, Babylon, Gogue, and Magogue.


Tobacco and Scholarship.


Tobacco, opium, tea and coffee, stimulate the nervous system, causing it to exhibit an extraor­dinary amount of power for a time; but after the effect of the poison has gone, the system sinks as far below, as it was raised above, the ordinary level. If this excitement aided the nutritive powers in any way, it would not work such injury to the organism; but, as it is, it exhausts in every direction. But tobacco and other stimulants cause waste which they in no way help to repair; hence exhaustion of vital power increases as long as they are used. As a natural consequence tobacco so dulls the intellect, and blunts the finer feelings of the man, that neither the finest scholarship nor the most exalted culture of the feelings are consistent with its use.

Some statistics just published in regard to the use of tobacco in Yale College corroborate the above statements;

“Each class is graded in divis­ions according to scholarship, the the best scholars being in the first, and so down to the fourth, where they are, in the slang of the compus, ‘not too good’ scholars, but ‘just good enough’ to keep hanging by the eyelids. In the junior class it was found that only 10 out of 40 in the first division were addicted to smoking; 18 out of 37 in the second; 20 out of 27 in the third; and 22 out of 26 in the fourth. The proportion of smokers it will be observed, increases in regular ratio with the falling off in scholarship. The obvious inference is that fumigation does not promote education.”

— N. Y. Tribune.


Slippery Places.




Bro Warner: I confess, I belong to one of the “various church orders,” but bro Reid’s vindication of their biblical authority, does not strengthen me much in their defence. Being unwilling to at­tribute impure motives, to bro. R. I hardly know what to think of it. The best, and most charitable construction I can put upon his use, the seven churches of Asia, is an acknowledgement, that he is sold, an ..e ..e turns it off in a joke. Bro.. certainly did not in­tend that … answer should be taken, as candid and truthful, and if he has used lightness, we will forgive him, and hope that God will also. If, on the other band, this citation of the seven churches of Asia, was intended as a real prop, in favor of sects, then surely we stand on slippery places, while fiery billows, roll beneath. I ask myself, is this one of the fruits of sectarian dishonesty, an attempt to build up sectarian walls, by a perversion of the Holy Bible? Surely if this is one of the props, I say bro Reed you and I had better clime down from our sect scaffold, or we will surely be crushed by ist fall. Bro. Reed’s. argument, is not an exceptional case, it is only a fair specimen of the fabrication, upon which Baby­lon is built. Come brethren let us be a little honest, or give it up: let us not brace up sectism by falshood. T’is true, that most of us feel very much attached to “our churches,” but did ever any good come out of division? Will we do evil, that good may come? Sometimes our dearest members must be amputated, or the body be destroyed. We may love, and revere time honored customs, but that does not make them right. Did God approve of the time-honord custom, of offering, in “high places?” Does God, by reason of long usage, become reconciled to evil? If He does sometimes wink at ignorance, will He shield us in wilful, and stubborn disobe­dience to His word. We know truth generally courts a martyr: but by and by, it triumphs. Al­most every truth has been appos­ed, in its rise. And will we not learn from the past, and accept truth at once? It is hard for us to “kick against the pricks.” I have always considered sectarian­ism, or divisions a necessary evil. But is that true? Did Christ pray for an impossibility? By no means. The difficulty is men love their petty notions, and sect idols, more than Christ. Finally let us remember that, “we can do noth­ing against the truth, but for it.”

Let us therefore not try to oppose the truth, “lest we be found even to fight against God.” But rather let us hail the truth with joy, though it come from an humble source, an though it spoil all our ways, out religion, and our churches, that God be all in all, whose is ..e kingdom, and glory forever, even. Yes, there can good come out of Nazareth.

Yrurs … the truth in Christ.

Noble Center, Mich.


From Egypt to Canaan.




In compliance with a request of Bro. Warner, I will write a sketch of my experience. My father was an old fashioned Methodist, a man of God. And in his upright walk he taught his children to know that religion was a strait, plain narrow way, with the love of God in the heart. I knew by the Word that this was the only path of safe­ty; but I had such a proud heart and loved the world so much I would not yield to the deep conviction that so often called me to repentance. I was honest and would not be a hypocrite and profess what I did not have. So I lived on in sin until Dec. 1874 I attended a Free Methodist quarterly meeting where Bro. James W Nichols preached a powerful sermon on this text, “Let us lay aside every weight and the sin that doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us: looking unto Jesus, the Author and finisher of our faith.” My heart was open to the truth, it seemed as if every word was meant for me.

After I went home l took off my gold watch and chain, saying, can I lay these away and take the narrow way? A voice said, “give them all up and if y.. have to seek ten years for reti.. … wear them again.” Yea Lord I will die at the cross pleading for mercy. I laid down my watch and chain one my gold glasses; I took off my hat, so covered that one could … tell what t.. foundation was, saying, tomorrow I will pick ..u. On monday morning I disrobed myself of these weights of sin; that night I went to church so picked and plain my friends did not know me. I told them I was going, to be a child of God. I began at once to cry for mecy. O how dark. A voice said to my conscience, will you be willing to go a wanderer through the world teaching my Gospel? I said, O my Father I never can. I went on about three weeks, until the darkness was like that of Egypt; it could be felt; I then cried out in anguish, My God! I will follow thee, if it takes me bare-footed and bare headed, a wanderer through the land, and my bones be left to bleach on Af­rica’s burning sand. Oh bless God bow the light then streamed into my sou. I was taken out of the dungeon, and placed upon the mount of glory. Afterwards, I was sitting one day with the bible before me meditating what it was God required of me, to be wholly consecrated to Him; when I heard a voice behind me, saying: If you take this dispised way, I will follow you, and I will set all your neighbors and friends, tolying and talking about you, and I will follow you down to the door of death. I turned to see who was speaking but saw no one: then I said it was the Devil. I closed my eyes again, and oh what a storm I saw pictured before me. I cried out, “My God! how can I ever take this track,” when the voice of the Lord come saying: “My grace shall be sufficent for you.” Then I said: “you may follow me Mr. Devil, and I will follow Jesus.” Well he has kept his promise faithfully, and I have kept mine, and Jesus has given me grace in every conflict and storm Glory to His name! The seventh day of ..nuary, God for­gave all my sin … and I soon after told a large congregation what the Lord had done for me, and also the throng, as storm of deamons I had seen.

Believing there was still more for me: and knowing that I heed­ed all there was in religion for me, to keep sealed to the rock, I went an hungering, and seeking after rightenousness. And on the fifth day of march, in the mid- night hour, God sanctified me, soul and body. By faith I saw my Savior, He approached, I said: “Lord what wilt thou have me to do?” He said: stand alone: wilt thou stand alone and be pierced through and through with arrows of contempt, scorn, and persecu­tion, for my name sake!” I answered, yes Lord I will. At that moment the tree of life sprang up before me, and what a view I had of the beutiful river, and the heavenly things. When the vis­ion passed, I sprang from my bed and went shouting through the house, praising God. The sister with whom I staid, said as she opened her eyes, “the house seems filled with the Glory-light of God.” The next night I testified to this glorious sanctification, and vision, at the U. B. Church, some got very angry over it, but it mat­tered not to me, I was the Lords. As time went on, I often wonder­ed what this standing alone meant In the fallowing August I got proscelyted into a sect pen. I “joined church,” as they call it, on the Grand Ledge Mich. camp ground. The next Sunday, after bearing bro Nichols preach on Matthew. 28:19, 20. I was bap­tized — that is immersed — in the Grand river. After I was in a sect, and the bars were shut up around me, O how envy and jealousy, slipped in, and I began to see the faces from the bottomless pit that I saw in the storm. I kept on walking with God the best I knew how, The Spirit tried to lead me out of the pen, but I did not understand Him; so He permitted the Devil to drive me out with a storm, that has taught me to know what it is to have my name cast out as evil, by all men, falsely for Christ sake. Glory to God I am on the Rock, and in the Church, of which Jesus says: “The gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.” I lived in Babylon just long enough to know what is in her. Clubs of jealously and envy, are always kept on hand, and faces prepared tor scouls and snarls, and teeth set to “bite and devour.” T’is true there are some good and honest people within her walls, and we trust that God will yet bring them out of her. At our request, our names were voted drop­ped from among them, and how soon did the old Serpent sect Devil, the accuser of the brethren, carry it all through Babylon, far and near, that I had backslid, and been turned out of church. One dear sister, who testifies to holiness every week, told her neighbor that I would not leave the church, and “so we turned her out,” a positive falshood. I pray God to forgive her, and only al­lude to this to show that sect love only lasts while you subserve sectarian pride and selfishness. Oh how God has kept and blessed us, through all these storms. My experience and life in Christ, has been wonderful all the way through Truly Satan has followed me every step, to destroy my soul: but Jesus is almighty to save and keep, Glory to God the way grows brighter and better, day by day. Praise God for victory in my soul. I am fighting the battle withe the sword of the Spirit, and bearind the reproch of Jesus, out side the camp. Amen, amen.

Your sister saved, through the blood of the everlasting covenant.

Charlotte., Mich.


For the Gospel Trumpet

Ancient Comeouters.


BY D. M. BY.


Dear Bro. Warrner. We have just returned home. Were out on the war path, bro Madox, my wife, and self, had a little skirm­ish; the slain were few, but the wounded were many. Have been thinking of my dear brothers, and sisters, back east, especially those who declare themselves free from sect yokes, and also them who are longing for this freedom, and who like myself, are hardly worthy the name of a thorough comeouter, though, such I would love to be. For example, take Paul, and Stephen, and most all the primitive Saints. But hardly compare with those of their day, who wanted to bo comeouterss but were afraid of the Jews. Ye, the want of courage, and the fear of persecution from the sects, keep many in the rear. I suppose the popular churches of to day, are not much worse than the Jewish church, that the comeouter Stephen, called “stiff necked, and uncircumcised in heart, and ears, who do always resist the Holy Ghost, as their fathers did, so do ye.” and “who of the prophets have they not persecuted. I recken they are not very much worse, and yet they may be, considering the superior light of the present day. If any one thinks otherwise, go among them and work as the Holy Spirit, may direct, and you will soon see that the very best of them will resist the Spirit of God, and you too. They are like Adams flaming sword, turning every way to guard their sac­red grounds. They all admit that there will be no sects in heaven, but it would never do to have it on that fashion in this world. Tell those Lords over God’s heri­tage that “this is the will of God, even their sanctification’ and they will tell you, that as soon as they reach that condition, they must be taken right to heaven. O no, they would die at once if they attained a clean heart, and they are not ready for that, for then their glory would all fade a way, the smiles, and flatteries, of a popular church, would ..ll on them as the gaze of … the cold face of the dead … they do not … … they want to live a while yet to seek honor of men, and good fat salaries. O how painf.. the thought, that this life, of … litt.. and dress-parade grow should h.. cut short and end so..on in death Then these ecclesiastical dignitaries are so large, that they die hard, hence they cling to life, and don’t want holiness. As wise as the old Serpent is, he seems to be a little unsettled, he some times casts the children of God, out of the synagogue, but his more usual plan is to keep them in. Since Jesus says “come out of her my people,” Satan would rather keep them in; he has a far better chance to slaughter their soul: hence when the saints obey God and come out of these sect fences, then look out, the Devil rages, the wolves are let loose, the sect world, all earth and hell, the confederate powers of darkness, combine to destroy, an earnest, and true come-outer. Many professing godliness, think they do God’s service by putting them to death. “Away with him, crucify him, let us break him down, or drive him back into some pen, so that he cannot harm us, for if he is without all our enclosures, he will throw our walls down upon us, and we cannot escape the sword.” And if that soul is too true to God to retreat, and they succeed in driving him from the sanctifying after, then they point to him us an example of the evil fruit of coming out of the sects. So there is more joy in hell, and in all the sects over one soul that falls from grace, out side of Babylon, than over ninty and nine, that starve to death, or are slaughtered within these pens. Well thank God the come outers are not all dead yet, thousands are rejoicing, and bearing the re­proach of Christ, without the camp, who do not bow the knee to any other God but the Lord. Well bro. Warner, I am glad I am out of hell, out of sects, and in the church of the first born, with a bright hope of heaven in my soul here in this goodly land of southern Kansas. Yours for the straight way, leaving results with the Lord.

Colleeville, Kan.

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