15 October 1883, Volume 6, Number 2.

The Only Unsectarian Organization.


Sect from sectum, a part, signifies a cut off party. That divisions among the children of God are wrong, is generally acknowledged by all who, intelligently believe, and respect the Bible. But that organization is the order of God, in His Church, as well as in His known kingdom of nature, is equally true. Now as the bible both forbids sects, and teaches organization, there must be a kind of organization that does not result in sects. Let us see if we can find it. We hear some denouncing schisms, and still calling upon men to organize. Such have become impatient with us, because we have not joined in their clamor for organization. What is wanted, they say, is for us to organize but not into a sect. Welt, we beg to be excused until they present us with a sample of a non-sect man-organization. It has never yet been done. Over six hundred efforts have failed, resulting in a sect every time in stead of the body of Christ. Every organism that does not, essentially include all the branches of the Christ vine — no more nor less than all living saints in heaven and earth, is a sect. And no man can possibly form an organization, the membership of which is identical with the members of Christ. Hence no man can organize a non-sectarian church. This will appear at once from the single fact, that no man has access to the Lamb’s book of life, so as to include and exclude just where Christ does.

The great mistake of protestantism, has been to overlook the fact that the house that Christ built upon the rock, still abides, and that the important duty of each individual is to abide in that Church, to the exclusion of all others. It is an astounding fact that all sect adherents, practical ignore the Church of the First Born. When their church relationship is enquired of, they invariably locate it in some modern compact of human origin. Thus Christ, the divine founder is left out; and the natural and inevitable deduction from such conversation is, that, the gates of hell have prevailed against His Church, and destroyed it, or that in these last days men have become wiser than Christ and have reformed the work of His hands. What an insult to God all these man-devised, God excluding names of confusion. Thus saith the Lord. “I have heard what the prophets said, that prophesy lies in my name, which think to cause my people to forget my name, (by their sect names,) as their fathers have forgotten my name for baal.” — Jer. 23:25, 27. Is not this very sin committed, in the use of the several hundred “names of blasphemy,” that ascribe no glory to God, but exhault some man, as founder, an honor which God claims for Himself? And by robbing God of this prerogative, the sect daughters show their kin to their mother, who sits in the temple of God, showing her self to be God. O Israel, “walk in the name of the Lord thy God forever.”

But in coming to the only unsectarian organization, it is not only necessary to recognize as still extant, the Community that Christ purchased and built, but it is also time that men begin to accept the scriptural definition of the Community, of God; and forever cease to identify with it, everything that does not correspond therewith. It is written that, God “hath put all things under Christ’s feet, and gave Him to be the head over all things to the Church, which is His body, the fullness of Him that filleth all in all.” “For we are members of His body, of His flesh, and His bones.” “For the body is one and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one so also is Christ.” Eph. 1:22, 23, 5:20. 1 Cor. 12:12. These scriptures identify as one and the same thing, the Boby, the Church, and Christ Himself. It is evident, therefore, that any compact that is not the body of Christ, is not the church. But no sect is co-existent, and identical with the body, the Body of Christ, hence no sect is the Church — the Congregation of God, — nor should be called such.

In measuring the pattern of God’s indivisable» and unsectarian organization let us also, “mark well the entering in of the house.” — Eze. 44:5. Christ says. “I am the door, by me if any man enter he shall be saved.” Amen! So be it Lord, even as thy word! Therefore be it known all men, that any body, the door of which is not Christ Himself; and the manner of entering simply salvation, is not the body of Christ, not the Church; nor yet a church of Christ. Therefore,

We will enter no door that is opened by man,
Who promise a home for the soul,
For in Christ we have found the true Church that will stand
While the years of eternity roll.

We would also briefly add that the “out-goings” of the Church is sin. We have shown her identity with Christ, and Christ is God, manifest in the flesh;” and God says, “your sins have separated between you and me.” So it is thus that men go out, and not by the anathamas or excommunications of popes, councils, bishops, priests, conferences, elderships, committees or sect church trials. “The soul that sinneth shall die,” and every such dead “branch that bringeth not forth good fruit, the Father taketh away.”

Now let us come directly to the organization of the Church. Organize, means, to set the parts, or members in the body, in their proper relation to each other, and to the whole. “But now hath God set the members, every one of them, in the body as it hath pleased Him.” “And God hath tempered the body together, having given more abundant honor to that part that lacketh; that there should, be no schisms in the body, but that the members should have the same care one for another.” “And God hath set some in the Church first apostles, secondarially prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healing, helps, governments, diversities of tongues.” — 1 Cor. 12:18, 24, 25, 28. These phrases, “setting into,” and, tempering the body, together,” etc., express precisely what our English word organize does. These scriptures, with all others, ascribe the organization of the Church to God Himself. Why not leave the matter just where God puts it? O vain man, why presume, in your blindness to exercise the prerogative of God. One poor blind zealot of the bastard “Church of God as organized in the United States,” said to us last winter, that the Lord took people into the Church, but that it remained in a chaotic, disorganized state until men organized the body. What an insult to the God of our salvation. “Yea, “These things hast thou done, and I kept silent; thou thonghtest that I was altogether such an one as thyself; but I will reprove thee, and set them (my children) in order before thine eyes. (Organize them myself even as it is this day.) Now consider this, ye that forget God, lest I tear you in pieces, and there be none to deliver.” Psa. 50:21, 22. Truly “the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against” all this presumed man-organization of the family of God.

But we are told that while God organizes the body He works by instruments, He organizes by using man. — Well it is true that God works by agents; but what is His agent in the work of organizing the body of Christ. Answer: “All these worketh that one and the self-same Spirit, dividing to every man severely as He will.” “For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, whether we he Jews, or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit.” 1 Cor. 12:11, 13. The Holy Spirit, who is but the executive power of God, is the agent that God uses to organize His Church. But says one, am I not an agent in His hand; have I not been called to labor in His vineyard! Yes, we have received a solemn “charge,” a very sacred commission. “Go ye therefore, and teach (disciple) all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Teaching them to observe all things whatsover I have commanded you, and lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen!” Matt. 28:19, 20. You see, dear brother the Lord Jesus closed your commission with, Amen! just before He said, “And be sure and organize a church wherever you can bind a few saints and sinners together, that are willing to adopt my creed.” And somehow He has never seen fit … add that part. So the devil, the priest o.. babylon, and the creeds of confusion, b.. just added that part. Therefore wh.. you preach the Gospel, heal the sick … cast out devils, make disciples in all na..ous, baptize them, and teach them to o.. all things whatsoever Christ has c.. ..ed you, especially press the duty o.. sanctification, you obey the orders of Christ Jesus; but when you presume to organize the body of Christ, you go beyond the directions of Christ, and act under commission of satan.

When men keep their hands off God’s ark, He organizes His own Church, — “put the members, every one of them in the body as it hath pleased Him,” but every time men undertake to organize the Church, they disorganize… This is made plain by reference to a common figure of the Church — i. e. an house. “Ye are God’s building.” Now who it that organizes a house? Answer. He that plans, and builds the same. The lumber and other material of a house may be on the ground, but still no organic structure, — no house. But now the builder proceeds to put every part of the material to its place, organizing and utilizing at into a dwelling place. Now suppose wicked men were to go to work and saw that building down through the roof and walls, and tumble it over into five parts. Would it then be in a state of organization? By no means. The builder organized, but these disorganized the house. “Now every house is builded by some man; but He that buildeth all things (in the Church) is God.” — Heb. 3:4.

Suppose the Lord sends faithful man to preach His Gospel. He goes to the town of Corinth and preaches the Gospel faithfully to that people. He proclaims Christ a perfect Savior, heals the ..ck, casts 0ut devils, while God by the Spirit, and truth converts and sanctifies five hundred souls. The preacher is faithful to the solemn commission. He disciples, and baptizes them, and teaches them to obey all thing whatsoever Christ Has commanded him, but does not “add to the word,” does not foolishly imagine that he can organize them. So he exhorts them to continue in the apostles doctrine and fellowship and goes on his way to another city.

Now a modem preacher is told of this gracious work. He immediately asks what church the converts have joined, and receives the babylonian answer, that they have not joined any church. Se he concludes that it were to their interest, as well as his own to have them gathered into his sect. Accordingly he proceeds to the place, presents his creed, opens his door, and succeeds in getting one hundred of these converts into his inclosure. The representative of another sect makes a similar effort, with like result. He is followed, by the third, fourth and fifth. Each one drawing about one hundred of these innocent, unsuspecting little children into his net. And at the close of the year each one reports to his conference that he had organized a church at Corinth, with one hundred members. Now the fact is that God had organized His own Church there pitting five hundred “members, every one of them in the (one) body as it hath pleased Him,” but the preachers who falsely said they organized the church, really disorganized it into five separate factious, just like the men divided the house disorganized it. So every effort of man to organize God’s church, results only in renting the body, and making sects. But does not the word teach that the apostles ordained elders, and deacons? Yes, but their, idea of ordination, was not that of conferring authority, or power, but simply recognition of God’s ordination, and a solemn dedication to the work that God had assigned them to. “And God hath set some to the Church, first apostles, etc., including, “governments,” which signifies ruling elders. “Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, ever which the Holy Spirit, hath made you overseers, to feed the Church of God.” — Acts 20:28. Overseer is from the same word that is usually translated bishop, and is used interchangeably with elder, denoting the same office. — Acts 20:17, 23. Titus 1:5, 6. Thus we see that the Lord, the head of the body, “sets the members, every one of them in the body,” including the bishops, or “governments.” “Yea, it is God that worketh all things (all the gifts and offices) in all,” the members, organizing, and controling the whole body as He will. But how is it that the Apostles talk of ordaining elders in all the churches? Does not this look as if they had a hand in organizing? Man’s business is simply to recognize God’s organizing, and work together with Him to carrying out His will as revealed to all the members by the Holy Spirit. The relation of God’s work is clearly shown in Acts 13:2-4.” A they ministered to the Lord, and fasted, the Holy Ghost said, separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them. And when they had fasted and prayed, and laid their hands on them, they sent them away. So they, being sent forth by the Holy Ghost, departed unto Seleucia; and from thence they sailed to Cyprus.

First, observe the denial of self, and the deep devotion to God, that is necessary to bring the soul within speaking distance of the Holy Spirit. About all the sect tinkerings legislatings and machinations, arise from utter ignorance, of the Holy Spirit. Until men get where the Holy Spirit is able to introduce, and decide every item of business among them, they are not fit to presume to do any business for the Lord And when they reach that holy mount of knowledge of, and communion with God, they will find the long routine of business, that babylon wearying themselves in, is all disposed of, and swept away by the fire of God. The from four to six days eldership business meetings or conferences, with the quarterly and monthly meetings, and standing committees, etc., only prove that the poor blind, sect builders are living where they are not fit to do business for God at all. They dare not preface a single item of business with apostolic language, i. e., “It seemed good to the Holy Spirit, and to us.” — Acts 15:28.

“The Holy Ghost said separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunt0 I have called them.” “So they being sent forth by the Holy Ghost, departed.” It is God’s business to do all the calling, the appointing of gifts an offices, in short it is God’s business to do all the organizing of the body as it pleaseth Him; and its simply our business to acknowledge His arrangements and carry out His plans. To organize is to “set the members every one of them in the body.” Now this work is only attributed to God, to Christ, and to the Holy Spirit, and these three are one. But organizing the Church is never ascribed to any man. This settles the whole matter. The ordination by the laying on of hands, etc., is simply acknowledging God’s organizing and ordaining. So all that God requires of us is to get burned out, and perfectly purified by the Holy Ghost, so as to have no discordant element in us. And be filled with, and perfectly led by the Spirit, as individual members, and the body will be all right. When “it is God that worketh all things in all” the members, there will be perfect harmony, cooperation, fellowship, and organization of the body. God working all things in one man, will not conflict with another in whom God works all things; for God is no the author of confusion. Christ is not divided. So in order to the perfect scriptural organization it is but accessary to get a pure heart, “cease from your own scripturally organized.


Salted Beer.



An English brewer was recently arrested, convicted and heavily fined for selling beer with salt in it. The result of his device was the increase of thirst, under a pretense of allaying it.

When a man is brought, by the truth, to a consciousness of carnality, and desires deliverance from it, there are two things offered to him. Jesus offers the “water of life,” (life in Christ, or the Christ-life).

SECTISM offers its so-called religion. Christ’s offer, if, and when accepted, satisfies the soul by deliverance from sin: what sectism offers pretends to satisfy, but in reality is increasing the inbred carnality in exactly the proportion or degree that it is accepted. The more beer, the more thirst.

A man may be a member or even a minister in any sect church without any surrender or crucifixion of his carnal nature. Theories and rituals may be quoted as proving to the contrary of this, but every honest soul knows it is the truth in fact and common practice.

It is claimed by the writer, that every step in a sect or self-made church only serves to increase nourish and stimulate the very carnality from which it pretends to give salvation. It adds fuel to the fire, — salt to thirst.

1s.t In membership. — This, and all that relates to it, is dependent on man’s will.

Men are urged to join whatever church they choose.” “The church of my choice” “the church in which I was raised,” – these expressions are household words in every sect family. God is left out of the account entirely.

Nine sect ministers out of ten, in their proselyting, appeal to earned motives.

Carnality, or “the man of sin” is gratified by the right of ballot given to sect members, by which they elect or reject applicants for a place in the so-called church. It is anti-christ, — against Christ, for He says “I open, and no man shutteth, I shut, and no man openeth.” “But it sounds big and pleases carnal men to say “we will now open the doors of the church.”

2nd. In the ministry. On this, the writer may speak from experience. In his course of imaginary preparation at college for the sect-ministry, he became acquainted with say 150 students for the ministry. And, not once, during the years of that course, did he hear or hear of one student saying, “Woe is me if I preach sot the gospel.” Even in a so-called revival (under; the famous Elder Knapp), nothing like Paul’s “what will thou have me to do?” came from the lips of any student. No. The only “woe”, expressed was, “woe to me, disappointment to my church, my family and my professors, if I secure not a popular and well paying church!”

That spirit of carnal pride and selfishness was fostered and stimulated by the college course in all its parts, from the class recitations, with their “strife and vain glory,” to Commencement day, when, before church committees and pastor-hunters, the young aspirants for the ministry were trotted out and put through their paces, to take the eye of the highest bidder. And, mark; that college was then and is now noted among colleges for its piety!

Graduating into the sect ministry from such a training as this, the amount of the preacher’s salary depends wholly on his power to please carnal men; “to draw,” to proselyte, to build up “our church.”

Listen to the comments sect-members make about their preachers and you will, see clearly that their ministry has appealed to or touched nothing bettor than carnality. “His sermons are elegant,” “His manner is so polished,” “He dresses nicely for the pulpit,” or, “his wife is not an ornament to our society,” etc, — such criticisms are on every tongue. Measuring him up by the Word is not thought of.

The numerous titles, many or them blasphemous in the extreme, all of them begotten in pride and brought forth in vanity; the list of them would fill a column like this. When one reads “the Reverned Armmadab Sleek, Doctor of Divinity, late a Presbyterian minister, but now a Captain in the Salvation Army,” and then turns to the plain “his name is John” of holy writ, it is like passing from the pomposity and blasyhemy of too “Dedication” in our English-made bibles, to the majestic simplicity of the first inspired sentence.

Thus in the last days, when sectism has brought forth its inevitable fruit, and the times are perilous, by reason of the carnality it has engendered, we find a form or pretense of godliness, which is to utterly destitute of the power thereof, that it can and does harbor all the terrible uncleannesses enumerated in 2 Tim. 3:2-4, and still calls itself “the church our blessed Redeemer saved, with His own precious blood.”

Topeka, Kansas, Sept 17, ’83.

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Babylon Leaders, and Dragon Authority.


In all the professed holiness papers we see announced meetings to be held under the leadership of certain men. This is through blindness of the real office and ability of the Holy Spirit. Among formalists nothing better can be expected, but among men professing the Holy Spirit it is a bewildering confusion, a contradiction of their profession. The pure religion of the New Testament, will “speak as the oracles of God,” will express itself in bible language. Now we have an inspired history of the operations of God’s Church for over sixty years, but we read of no human leaders over the worship of God. What a strange discordant note in God’s book were such announcements as the following:

“There will be a meeting of the saints at Philipi beginning the tenth of July to be lead by Rev. John.

There will be a holiness convention at Berea commencing August 1, in charge of Rev. Paul and Rev. Barnabas.

The Wesleyan Methodist Holliness Association will hold a camp meeting three miles east of Corinth, beginning August, 15, A. D. 61. Under the leadership of Rev. Peter and Rev. James.

Who would like to see such trash in God’s holy book? Is any man so blind as not to see the striking contrast between such announcements and the whole tenor of the scriptures. As then, so now, Christ Jesus, and His executive, the Holy Spirit, are the only acknowledged leaders of the service of God.

John says, “I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast me up out of the sea, having seven beads, and ten horns and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.” “And the dragon gave him his power, and his seat and great authority.” “And I saw one of his heads, as it were wounded to death and his deadly wound was healed, and all the world wondered after the beast.” “And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two month. And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God.” Rev. 13:1-6.

That this beast describes the Roman hirearchy all bible readers agree. No I act of prophesy is plainer than that this blaspheming beast is, the little horn that Daniel describes which the also calls a a beast and which rose up in the Roman empire. See Daniel 7:8, 11, 25, 11; 36. Both Daniel and the Revelator describe him as speaking great swelling words of blasphemy. The former limits his absolute reign by a “time — one year — times — two years — and dividing of times” — half year. The latter has it forty and two months, which about correspond. This being prophetic time represent 1260 years. Just the precise time that the Popes swayed their scepter over the governments of earth. Remember also that this first beast had “seven heads and ten horns.” “The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sitteth.” — Rev. 17:9. The seven hills upon which the city of Rome is built, which is the seat of the papal power. Now immediately following, and in close relation with this seven headed beast, there arose a second:

And I beheld another best coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and be spake as a dragon. And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed. And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men, and deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast.” Rev. 13:11-14.

Now who will tell us what this second beast is? There is absolutely nothing on earth that corresponds with it, but protestant sectism. The sects are closely related to Rome their mother. So is the second beast allied with the first. They exercise the same kind of authority, namely that which conferred by the dragon, an ecclesiastical authority constituted by humanly created offices.

They demand loyalty to the Church, so does Rome. But the scriptures only demand loyalty to Christ, the bead of the Church. The protestant sect beast, “causeth the earth and them that dwell there in to worship the first beast.” This sentence clearly shows that the second beast is the sect daughters of the seven hilled beast. No other system on earth requires obedience to the traditions of Rome, but the sect creeds. The first beast received from the dragon, that ecclesiastical lordism authority, and all the sects on earth require reverence and subjection to the same power, and thus in a sense cause all their subejcts to “worship the first beast.” Human ordination, in the sense of investing men with the keys of authority, is an element of Popery which all the sect daughters require subjection to; and thus sect authority — the second beast — causes all her subjects to worship the first beast. Rome — the first beast — conceived the first creed, enstalled the first lords, created sprinklin, for baptism, and protestantism by following their ways really cause worship to that beast. The second beast “doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven, and deceiveth them that dwell on the earth, by the means of those miracles which he hath power to do.”

There may be a meaning to these words that we do not understand, but one thing we all do know, that the masses of the sects are deceived souls, and it is also a fact they are largely deceived through their sect intoxication, and it is likewise a pertinent fact that the revival fire and baptismal power, both spurious and genuine, that the history of sects have placed upon record, are the chief causes of devotion to, and confidence in the various sects and consequently the chief cause of the general deception that exists. Is it not a fact that thousands are going on to hell in the fogs of their tobacco, and the pride of their hearts, boasting of the many good saints, in their respective sects, upon whom God evidently poured out the fire of His Spirit in their day. Thus the measure of miracle power of the sect in the past, is the measure of its boasting, deception, and damnation in the present.

But after the second beast, there arises one more power in the earth, called the “image of the beast”. The second beast — the conbined sects — “says to them that dwell on the earth that they should make, an image to the beast, which had the wound by the sword and did live.” “And he (the two horned or second beast) caused all both great and small, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their forheads; and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” – Rev. 13:14-17.

The second beast makes the image and gives life to it, and decrees that all who will not worship the image should be killed.” But it is an image or likeness of the first beast. Now it was the second beast, — protestant, sectism, — in the Jacksonville convention, that created that proscription creed, which cuts off all who will not receive the mark of the beast in the right hand, that will not fellowship the sect beast; all that are not “in good standing in some evangelical denomination.” Now is it not a fact that this patterns after Rome, which has pronounced her excommunication ana..mies upon all that will not bow to her.. Hates! Both Rome, and that counsel, ..ot pretend to base their edict upon anything in God’s word. Both the edicts of Rome and Jacksonville, are based upon no principle of righteousness. Both Rome and Jacksonville uttered their voice from an eccamunical counsel; hence the image devised there by the second beast — sectism — is a true likeness of the first beast — Popery. We see that all this lordism leadership was conferred by the dragon — (satan) exercised by the ..st beast — (Rome) — by the second beast (her daughters) and by the image of the beast, (babylonian holiness organizations).

They all have their authority from the dragon, and set up a standard of loyalty besides the word of God. And in every assembly for the ostensible worship of God this babylon dragon power sets up some one who usurpes the prerogative of the Spirit of God, and through the same ignorance of the present living Christ which gave rise to the pope, another head, these rivals of Christ, claim to be the head and leaders of meetings, and presume to control the worship of God.

Men become Elders, chosen of God, because of their more ripe experience, and enlarged knowledge of the truth, as it is in Christ Jesus. These invest them with all the authority they have; and they have their office because of their authority; whereas babylon leaders are just the reverse having authority because of their office. The former receive their authority from God, and it consists in their faithful representation of the Word and Spirit of God. The latter receive their authority from the dragon, and by it they presume to contravene the Holy Spirit

The smallest child in the fold of Christ has all authority in God’s kingdom, when standing in the truth; while the holiest Elder, is without one particle of authority the moment he gets out of the truth. God’s overseers, “rule well” by living “examples to the flock,” by being “apt to teach,” the word of truth. “He is strong that executeth my word.”

Babylon leaders are “lords over God’s heritage,” and assert their authority, because of their office; and the infusing of their usurped authority in the minds of the people, is making them drunk on one of the many kinds of her wine. A sample of this dragon authority, was related by Father McFarlan, at the Oakland, Iowa, camp meeting. After hearing the the “regular M. E. pastor,” deliver a discourse on, or rather against entire sanctification, this dear father of 86 years, with 12 years experience in perfect holiness, undertook in meekness, to show the preacher that he had erred in his teaching, hot knowing the power of holiness by experience; when that sect lord gave him to understand that he was regularly appointed in charge, and that it was a breech of loyalty for any member under him to call in question, and refuse assent to anything he taught. The poor old pilgrim confessed that ever since his entire sanctification to God, he has been as a “scared patriage,” before the priests and lords, of dragon power, who would even crush out a known divine work of God, by their ignorance of the same and beast power.

Any meeting that has no other object but the glory of God, can be trusted wholly in the hands of God. But wherever there is a sectarian or selfish interest at stake, lords and strappers are necessary to sec after that interest.

Christ is at “leader and commander of the people,” and all this announcing of leaders, for meetings yet months in the future, but baffles the Holy Spirit in His free use of whom He will when the time comes. Who knows two or one month in the future who the providence of God will have present at any meeting, and the wisdom of God will find in condition to make a prominent use of when that time comes. All announcing of leaders of meetings comes of vanity and pride; and is wilderness, babylon conformity. Announce all meetings in the name of the Lord, and then let Him be Lord, and all ye brethren.


A Strange Thing.


A good Sister writes as follows: “Brother W., I have this (August 15,) TRUMPET, before me, for which I would send thanks. I like it very much. I like the clear gospel ring on holiness. I do not yet see it my duty to come out of the Congregational church, to which I belong. I could not here enjoy the ordinances which the Lord commands us to observe in remembrance of Him. I can see that I am widely separated from the members in a great many things. I can see pride, worldly conformity, self-exaltation, etc., which I hate. I love and enjoy holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord. I am glad you advocate freedom from sin. Sound with eternal praises to our King.” Amen!

Now is it not a strange thing that any one should suppose a necessity existed to be joined to elements with which we are “widely separated,” in spiritual and moral nature. “Can two walk together except they be agreed?” Can holiness walk with pride, etc? “What fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness and what communion hath light with darkness and what concord hath Christ with Belial, or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel!”

Again, is it not strange that people should think it necessary to be joined to organism, not mentioned in the Bible, in order to enjoy the immunities of the Bible? Are we not “complete in Christ Jesus?” “In whom dwells all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge,” “Who is the way, the life and the truth?”

The only scriptural way to join church, is thus described: “Believers were the more joined to the Lord.” “For we are members of His body, of His flesh and of His bones.” He says, “I am the door, by me, if any man enter he shall be saved.” Therefore:

“We will enter ..o door that is opened by man,
Who promise a home for the soul,
For in God we have found the true church that will stand,
While the year of eternity roll.”

The Sister sees that she is unequally yoked together with prid etc., but thinks she must remain so in order to obey the commands of Christ. Now if this were the case, then some of Christ’s commands conflict with others. For He commands us to come out from among them and be separate, and if other commands require us to stay yoked up with pride, Christ is divided against Himself.

Doubtless the Sister alludes to the duty of the Lord’s Supper. But is God glorified in her being joined to proud hearted sinners, in the sect tie, just to partake of the bread and wine? Is not her participation with them a practical endorsement of them? Again, “the bread which we break is not one bread, therefore, we are one bread and one body.” This language clearly indicates that the bread of the Lord’s Supper, represents the unity of the body of Christ, the Church. What propriety is there then in partaking of these emblems, when the participants are “widely separate in a great many things?”

The Lord’s Supper is a duty, and a means of grace; but to go through the symbol of unity, where there is wide separation,” is confusion — babylon. And to countenance sins in any degree, by fellowshiping it, is not pleasing to God. If the Sister will recognize no bond, but love, the bond of perfectness, and ignore all sect bonds, such as are only tied to her in the sect cord, will drop away from her in a minute, and then she will be able to keep the Lord’s pass- over, with unleavened bread, with the old (sinful) leaven all purged out.

Besides if we simply partake of the bread and wine, as a member of Christ, we are not indorsing sinners that may participate, as when we are joined with them in a sect body. In the former case we acknowledge union with no one but such as are in Christ. In the latter we acknowledge a bond of union that includes such as are not in Christ, hence we are “partaker of other men’s sins,” and are in danger of receiving of their plagues. “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers.”

LATE — This issue of the TRUMPET was greatly thrown back by waiting on our paper. We could not help it.

The man who is not perfect in holiness, nor yet earnestly seeking to know how to attain that state, and willing to have it at any cost, is not a child of God at all, though be may hare a name to live and form to serve. Set that down.


MARRIED — On the 8th of October, 1883, in Westmorland, Kansas, Brother H. H. Mills and Sister Sarah Henke, both late of North Topeka, Kansas.

We devoutly wish, and pray, the blessings of God upon this couple of God’s dear children. May great joy, and peace, and love from the Father, and from the Son, constantly fill their souls, and holiness unto the Lord crown all their lives. Brother Mills is a preacher of the Gospel of Christ, has also worked some at type setting. Sister Mills is also a worker in the vineyard of the Lord, of considerable experience. They have some thoughts of coming to Ohio. Amen!


The Saloons are the schools and haunts of every grade of criminality; the first places shadowed by detectives after the perpetration of crime; the principal source of supply for criminal courts, jails and prisons; the main cause of taxation and beggary and infamy; and the last covert of him who fills the drunkard’s grave. He who engages in the business and he who abets and defends it, have enrolled themselves among the enemies of society and the country.

He who fears to cry out against it, is not worthy the name of man; and he who hesitates does not realize the duties of citizenship.

Seminary Press.


“Masonry and Mormonism are political engines with religious driving wheels. Their conducters are kings; their engineers, priests; their motive power, popular depravity combined with popular conscience, and their practical end is the luxury and power of leaders who form men’s interests for eternity that they may tax and govern them in time.”

The above is a sample of the vigorous and striking thoughts, the grand ideas of which the pamphlet on the Batavia Convention is fall. Get this book by all means. Price, post paid, 25 cents each.




There is nothing in heaving nor on earth, and never will be, that will bring true union among us, but the baptism of the Holy Ghost. That is what united the churches in the Apostolic times and made them as one heart and one soul; and it is the very same power that will do it to-day. But opinions or disciplines of man and churches of men, or false churches with all their fences and divisions, is one of the greatest obstacles in this miserable world to hinder this holy union.

– Gospel Banner.


Meeting Near Maysville, Indiana.

There will be a meeting of the Free Indeed Saints, at the house of, or in the vicinity of, Brother R. P. Gooding’s, four miles east and one mile south of Maysville, Allen county, Indiana, commencing Friday night, November 2, ’83, continuing over Sabbath. Brethren from La Grange and Noble counties Indiana, will be present, and we bespeak a large turnout of the Saints at Payne, Ohio, as the place of meeting is only about twelve miles northwest of Payne. We don’t know whether we can attend or not. Will if the Lord will. By railroad go to Antwerp on the Wabash road which is only three miles from the meeting.


Assembly of the Saints in Indiana.

There will be a general convocation of such saints as have returned from babylon, to the Mighty God, and ail who want to stand in the ways, see and ask for the old paths, and the good way of apostolic symplicity, and pentecostal power, in the hall, at Sycamore Corners, La Grange county, Ind., beginning Friday, October 19. Everybody is invited. We reached home too late to have this notice in last issue, and the delay in this issue makes the notice very short. We are sorry for this, as we wished to give a good timely notice of this meeting. We have written to Brother Low, advising them to put off the meeting, but up to going to press, we have not received an answer. We are urgently called to attend this meeting and if possible will be there.

The place of meeting is about eight miles northeast of Ligonier, on the Lake Shore and Southern Michigan railroad, and about ten miles west of Wolcotville, on the Grand Rapids railroad, from which places brethren coming will be brought.

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A Trip to Missouri.



Monday, October 1st, my wife and I took advantage of the very cheap excursion rates given by the C., C., C. & I., and I. & St. L. R. R., to St. Louis. We had the pleasure of visiting an aunt in that place, and many of the most interesting sights in that great city. We were led to consider the scripture, which says, “What is man that thou art mindful of him, or the son of man, that thou visiteth him; thou madest him a little lower than the angels, and crownest him with glory and honor.” Had it not been for the glory and honor bestowed upon man from on high, men could never have had the skill and knowledge, and perseverance to build the fourteen million dollar bridge across the Mississippi river, and many other still more wonderful works of human invention.

Visited the one hundred and sixty acres of land we have 160 miles southwest from St. Louis, in Texas county.

We were highly pleased to find such a beautiful rolling piece of land, covered with pine, small oak, etc. I remarked to a neighbor there who went with me to point out the land, that if it were in Crawford county, Ohio, it would be worth $3000. But land is cheap there. A railroad anywhere near by would greatly increase its value; and them are some prospects of two; but we must sell it soon as practical, as the Lord’s cause greatly needs means.

We have never met with people anywhere more kind, and open hearted to the truth, than the people in Missouri. We got a number of subscribers there and a few on the train, also took the names of a great many who were recommended to us as earnest christians, to whom we intend to send sample copies with the hope that they will be blessed by reading the truth. May the Lord give all men, who profess to be the children of God, a sincere heart, to search into the word of God, and a willing mind to embrace the truth at any sacrifice. O let the good Spirit of God lead you into all truth. The day of judgment will reveal the good that will result from this trip. I was wonderfully blessed in my feeble attempts to do the people good all along the way. Praise His holy name! for the help of the Spirit to talk plainly to poor sinners, about their danger, and of the Savior that offers them eternal life. Also, to believers about consecrating their all to God, and reciving the grace of entire sanctification, and about the great call of God to flee out of sect babylon. We also distributed 150 GOSPEL TRUMPETS, which, with our humble, and bold testimony and straight talk, created some stir in the tram. O what a harvest of immortal souls satan is reaping from the earth to-day. O how few are willing to forsake their sins, and this fleeting world for God, and enternal life. We are being impressed more and more every day with the necessity of being up and doing what little we can in the service of our blessed Master. O sinners come to Jesus, and get your soul converted, and go unto perfection. Professers, do your first works over, repent of all your backslidings, and when clearly justified, “come out from among them’’ babylon walls — and God will “receive you” and perfect you in holiness, then you may walk with God in white, unto all pleasing, as you are commanded.

We were highly pleased with the privilege of forming the acquaintance of Bro. Wm. Tomlinson, of Richland county, O. He told me an interesting ease of healing that occurred in his neighborhood several years ago, that I think would be to the glory of God to publish. A man was laying at the very point of death, given up by three doctors, or Saturday. On Sabbath forenoon, Brother T. went to meeting at Blooming Grove meeting house. After the services were ever, he asked the preacher to go home with him and be would take him over to see the poor suffering man, that if he were not, already dead, something might be done for his soul, he seemed serious on Saturday. After some refreshment they proceeded in all haste to the place; when within a few rods from the house they could hear the frightful shrieks of the poor sufferer. There was something wonderfully moving those cries. It tried man’s serves to hear them. Every shrink seemed to say, unless I have help I must die before a minute. As we entered the kitchen first, the mother of the young man, being in that apartment, fainted and fell to the floor, this added terror to the already exciting scene. Some of the family raised up the old lady, while we passed on to the room where the poor sufferer was being guarded and partly held upon his couch. He seemed to make efforts to smite his head against the wall, an if desirous to put an end to his wretched existence. The preacher waited for no introduction to any man. He looked upon him a few seconds, and then stopped back in a corner, sat down and communed with God a moment, then coming forward again be said to the parties present. “Men this man is in the very jaws of death. Nothing but the power of God will ever save him. And he is already too far gone, and distracted to do any thing himself, by way of complying with any conditions. We can only entreat the mercy of God in his behalf. Let us pray.” The minister of God then kneeled by his couch, and such prayer I never heard in all my life. In less than five minutes, the tossing convulsions, and awful shrieks of the dying man stopped, and he lay quiet and easy. But O! such fierce and fiendish eyes, such horrid threatening looks, as if, he were a deamon ready to spring from his couch, and devour all present. He also very gruffly ordered us to leave and not come back any more. I do not think the young man had been specially wicked; but as death seemed to be doing its work, it appears that satan had already claimed his victim, and taken full possession of his soul, expecting every moment to carry it down into the infernal regions. O sinner beware of that awful day. After a while the minister called for some oil, which being brought, we bowed again in prayer to God, when he anointed him with oil, as well as he could, the poor man trying to resist his efforts. He undertook to anoint his chest, but he seized his shirt, with a demoniac grip and drew it across his body. Again the prayer of faith was offered up, and we departed. After out departure I learned afterward, he lay down and slept a few hours, and when he awoke, the evil spirit was gone, his body seemed relieved of all his afflictions and disease, his mind was resumed, and he called for something to eat, sat up and ate. The next day the physician, having heard that he was better, called and to his utter astonishment, found him quite well; nothing now ailing him, he said, but weakness. The minister also called that day or the next, when the man confessed that the mercy of God had snatched him from the grave and the very grasp of the devil. He knew of, and apoligized for his vicious conduct, but said he could not help it at the time. O poor sinner escape from the hands of satan while you are able, lest the evil day come, sad you cannot break his power. It is due, to say to you that the minister that prevailed with God for that poor soul on the brink of eternity, is now the editor of this paper. Brother Tomlinsom sends his love to him and gave me the present address of the man the Lord raised up. Glory to God! While in St. Louis I had the pleasure of visiting the Vonguard office. Did not get to see Bro. Sherman but bound some who seemed to be in the Spirit.


Owning Up.


Elder Weishample, in his Tereh of Truth, informs us that he had met Elder Convert, of the Church of God sect, and asked him concerning the things with which we recently charged him in the GOSPEL TRUMPET. When he owned up that he was armed at the camp meeting in Pennsylvania last year with a revolver, slingshot, and loaded cane; but that he was then acting on police service, by U. 8. authority. So he had just for a short time put off the armour of light, and donned the babiliments of darkness. For a season he laid down the Spirit of Christ and the sword of the Spirit, end instead, took up carnal desperados weapons. I do not understand that loose way of wearing the ministerial character. That abominable priest, that played cards, and drank liquor with his friends in the palace ear, when far from home might also say. “Yes it to all true, I did that, but I did not do it in my official, ministerial, or christian, character; but only in a social capacity when off of duty for recreation.” And on every inconsistency might be exessed on the same ground, that it was not done in a religions capacity. We doubt soft that those U. B. professed holiness preachers, laid down their holiness, if they had any, before they used the clubs and canes, on the heads of the poor drunken sinners at the camp meeting.

Elder Coovert denies the report that he preferred charges against that brother minister for preaching holiness, but says it was fox “non-cooperation, and for departing from the churches customary work.” Well any person that has ever tried to walk with God in holiness, in any sect, understands just what the above language means. Non-cooperation is a hook that is drove in the mast beam of every sect craft, to hook up everybody that excites their jealousy, or envy, by a nearer approach to God than the rest of the sect have been willing to consecrate for. Of course no holy man can co-operate with carnal backslidden priests. No man can be loyal to God, in the light of real holiness, and loyal to any sect standard, at the same time. So the charge of non-cooperation, when alleged against a holy man is identical with the crime of being holy unto God. But the enemy always covers up his hatred to holiness by using the former.

Yes and every truly sanctified man will have to plead guilty of “departing from the customary work,” of his unsanctified sect. Does Elders Coovert and Weishample think we cannot see through such a thin disguise? Of course preaching holiness is the most direct way to depart from the accustomed work of a carnal sect; because such are not accustomed to preaching holiness. This proud, bigoted sect, is largely accustomed to wearing vain adornments, as jewelry, fine trimmings, “costly apparel,” feathers, flowers, and ribbons, and the preachers commonly swell out under plug hats, from all of which “customary work,” all holy men must necessarily depart. Then there is their “customary work” of chewing tobacco, and of smoking cigars, and old stinking pipes; holy men must needs depart from that too. Shame on that little sect that heists with such prominence the name of God, and then, both at Smithville, O., several years ago, and at Rising Sun, Ohio, last fall; increased the demand for cigars, and tobacco beyond any sales the dealers had ever met with in the place. This feet was told us by the grocer himself at Smithville, and Brother S. Phillips told companion, that the dealers in the abomination at Rising Sun, told him the same thing last fall. We are sorry for the sins of any people, but by the help of God we will expose, reprove, and rebuke the sins of all men, and warn all men to “depart from the customary work” of all the proud, selfish, carnal, fed filthy, of mankind everywhere.


Conclusion of the Michigan Assembly.


More Healing Power Manifest.


Dear Brother and Sister Warner: – Grace, mercy, and peace be multiplied unto you, by God the Father fed His Son Jesus Christ. Oh beloved our hearts are filled with great glory this morning; and God is wonderfully leading us out into the great ocean of His love, and giving us great faith and power. Some times I feel to exclaim like David of old: “Such knowledge is toe wonderful for me. It is high I cannot attain to it.” Still He tells me, when I’m rooted and grounded in love, I may be able to comprehend the heights, and depths, and lengths, and breadths of that amazing love; and when I reach that glorious state, by faith in Jesus, He would do exceeding, abundantly, above all that I could ask or think; according to the power that worketh in us.” Oh praise God for the wonderful glorious light He hath shed abroad in my heard I now comprehend that His wonderful love is that motive power that is shed abroad in our hearts, by the Holy Ghost which He hath given us. Oh how it thrills my inmost soul! Behold “behold what manner of Love the Father hath bestowed upon us!” Hallelujah to His name! Beloved, I rejoice for the glorious victory in the meeting. After you took your departure there were eleven souls saved, others consecrated for their healing and were healed. Sister Josephine Courtney, from Petoskey, a sister of Sister Emma Miller, of Battle Creek, came on Sabbath the last day of the meeting. She was wonderfully saved and filled with perfect love, and much devoted to God. And having great faith when the came, I saw she had faith to be healed. So we held a special meeting for her benefit on Monday, the 24th. Her eyes seemed to be similarly effected like her sister’s. She had also brain difficulty, produced by excessive study, which finally resulted in a general prostration of the nervous system; which she says caused the weakness of her eyes. They were so bad that she kept them closed much of the time. In stating her afflictions to me, she said she had not read a page for over nine years, nor wrote but little, partially by seeing and feeling. But after prayer and laying on of hands according to the word, the Lord did wonderfully heal her immediately. And immediately after, she opened my Bible, which is printed in small minion and read nearly two chapters without difficulty. Praise the name of the Lord forever and ever! The sisters remained with us till Wednesday morning during which time her eyes were growing stronger each moment. Then they went on their way rejoicing. I received a card from sister Josephine after arriving at Battle Creek, at the home of her parents, saying her eyes were still strong, and she was still healed. We praise God for a wonderful and glorious meeting. About thirty-two souls saved in ail and the people of God strengthened and His cause built up. Amen! Yours saved by the blood.

J. C. Fisher.

Bangor, Mich. Oct. 1, ’83.


First General Assembly In Ohio.


It is the will of God made known to us by the Spirit, and by consultation with the Saints in the different congregations in Ohio, that a general assembly of the free and holy saints of God in Ohio, be held this fall. The time set upon to begin the meeting is Friday, November 9. The place is Anapolis, seven miles northeast of Bucyrus. Saints coming from the east or west, on the Pittsburg, Ft. Wayne fed Chicago railroad, and from the north or south on the Ohio Central railroad, will all stop at Bucyrus Ohio, where they will be met with conveyances. It would be well for all that contemplate coming, to inform us what day they will come. Brother and Sister Fisher are expected from Michigan, we hope others of the saints there may also come. Brother and Sister Low and ethers we hope the Lord will send from Ind. We expect to see a large turnout of the saints of the living God, from Vanwert, Paulding and Wood counties, and some from eastern Ohio, and come ye dear ones from Pensylvania. Glory to God! Come O ye sanctified hosts of the Lord. Let us meet together in the name of our Chief Shepherd, and only Head and Leader. Come in the power of the Spirit; come to have the spiritual gifts stirred up and strengthened; come to sharpen each other as iron sharpeneth iron, and to have the faith once delivered to the saints developed in us, up to the bible standard; come to make a more perfect consecration; come O ye lame and halt, and blind, and deaf, for the power of the Lord will be present to heal all who will believe on Him. Come O ye sufferers and give yourselves up to the mighty God and be made whole. Como poor sinners and be saved in the day of His power. Come O ye poor and wayward christians and have your hearts established unblamable in holiness. Come ye who are in bondage, sect captivity, and learn your way out of the wilderness, into the city that is set upon a hill which hath foundations, and whose builder and maker is God. Come from far and near, whoever seeks the old paths, and the peace of Jerusalem. Come for the little ones will make you welcome, yea, the spirit and the bride says come, and whosoever will let him take of thy waters of life freely.


Joys of One Newly Escaped.



Praise the Lord O my soul! Glory Hallelujah! O praise ye the Lord! I have got the glory in my soul, for I have touched the hem of His garment, and the blood has made me whole. I am right where I can step eat into the world without a change of garments, or a penny, to my name, and, feel that God will take care of me. I am sold out for God, bless His holy name. O the praises of my Redeemer era continually in my mouth. My God has triumphed gloriously. How I do praise God that His has a few dear children that dare to stand alone, and be a Daniel, and go through on the narrow way for God. To-day while I write, it came to me that I was set half serving the Lord, while I was passed in the sect, the last year. I never realised such wonderful freedom in my life, as I do of late since! have came out of babylon. And I never before was … clearly led by the Holy Spirit, as I am now since I am set free indeed. O how I do praise God for sending you here. The Lord led me to go into the ..act house at Zion last Sabbath a wash and read a parties of scripture, in the 14, 15. and 18th chapter of Exodus. I did not know what was is the lesson when I began to read but the Lord showed me some wonderful things for myself, as well as others. O how God filled me with tee Spirit, but they would not let me go through with the lesson; they began to sing me down. But I laid the bible down and began to tell them what the Lord had done for me. How wonderfully He had blessed my soul and led me out of babylon; they acted and looked like they were almost ready to stone me. What a conclusion; some hallowed one thing, and some another. One of the old leaders cried out, for Brother Foster, the pastor, to have me stopped, so a dear sister tell me, but I did not bear what he said, I was all engaged in what the Lord had to say through me. My dear Aunt afterwards said to me, “I do not see how you could get up them and read as you did, without getting confused, when the people acted as they did.” I told her the Lord did go before me, as He did before Moses. And I knew it. Praise the Lord!

I see that all the religion that a great many have in babylon is a sect religion. Of course there are yet some exceptions. But the secs spirit fully possesses most of them. They say “you stay with us, you are needed here, and as long as you do that you are a good brother or sister, but just tell them you are no more a member of their sect, and only a member of Christ, and they are no longer your friend. That shows that they do not love you for Christ’s sake, but only for the sect’s take. Hence they have not Christian love, but sect love which is idolatry.

I want tell you of the glorious meeting we had at Franklin, in Brother Peter Griggs’ house. I never was at such a meeting. From the beginning on Saturday, to the end on Monday, the power of God was manifest to all teat were present. Even a few that were present who had not the love of God in their hearts, were made to feel, and confess His awful presence and power. There was good none that will tell in eternity. O Hallelujah, I feel like a bird set free from ..ts cage. Your sister saved in Christ.

Sandy Lake, Pa., Sept. 14, 1883.


Away Goes the Keys.


Brother Sebastian Michaels, writes from South Haven, Michigan that the Lord said he should be His servant and administer the ordinance of baptism, which he did to several, the Lord answering by fire.

Brother Tn. H. Smith, writes of a good meeting of free saints at Lodi, O, some time ago, in which the bread and fruit of the vine were administered, without hum inly ordained hands.

A short time before going to Pennsylvania, Sister Farrah writes. “The first Sabbath of last month, the Spirit bade me to take along some bread and wine to tee meeting. Between the forenoon and afternoon services, I went before the Lord in secret concerning this matter. I told the Lord, I warned to understand His will perfectly. Glory to His name! In the afternoon He poured His Spirit upon me, and my soul was filled with the power of God. I told the brethren the duty that God had laid upon me, and that I was ready to give the bread and wine, I asked another sister to assist me, and we partook of the sacred elements, in commemoration of Christ’s precious body and blood. The most partook with me: but there were some present who look exceptions to my proceedings, because I was never ordained of men to do these things. But I had the witness of the Spirit that God was not displeased with me. Bro. Warner, what do you think of this? Does the scriptures forbid woman to do such things.”

Answer. “There is neither male or female, but all are one in Christ Jesus.” God usually puts the brethren to lead of in such things. He can do as He will. There is no scriptural reason why He may not some times take the sisters to distribute the bread and the wine. The Holy Spirit and the freedom and simplicity of the perfect Gospel of Christ sweeps away all superstitious keys of popery. White the scriptures teach ordination by the laying on of hands as a mere matter of dedication to the work whereunto the Holy Spirit had called the members, Paul and Barnabas, had as much right to preach to the Geotiles before that as after. And to it is with regard to ordination by man to preach, to administer the Lord’s supper, ect. It does not constitute the keys of our authority, but is simply a recognition of, and dedication to a work in the body of Christ, whereunto God has called and fully qualified us even before tee formal recognition of that gift by the body. O when will we learn that love is the law, and righteousness the scepter of Christ’s kingdom. Bless the Lord for His perfect ove of liberty. Only follow the spirit, and ye shall not fulfill the lasts of the flesh.


Imputed Righteousness

Is a snarl of satan. Though the scriptures frequently speak of righteousness, as a covering; of putting on righteousness as a garment, it never speaks of the righteousness of Christ as a cloak to cover over our fithiness. “He that doeth righteousness, is righteous even as He is righteous?, — 1 John 3:7.

“For therein i.e., in “the fulness of the blessing of the gospel, is the righteousness of God revealed, from faith to faith.” “Even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ, unto all and upon all that believe.” — Rom. 1. 17. 3:23.

So they who have passed from faith to faith, have received the righteousness of God, “are righteous even as He is righteous.” But God is not righteous by an outward covering, but an inward nature.

“Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.” — Matt. 5, 6.

To be filled with righteousness, is not to be full of sin, and vileness covered over with the imaginary garb of Christs imputed righteousness.

“To make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity and to bring in everlasting righteousness — and to anoint the Most Holy.” — Daniel 9:24.

This is a blessed description of the salvation, brougt to us by the Anointed Jesus. First to make an end of sins: in genuine repentance the soul stops all sinning, then follows, reconciliation, — justification unto life, after which Christ brings in everlasting righteousness.” Glory to God, He does not throw the robes of His righteousness over a carnal heart, teat is daily committing sin in word, thought and deed but comes right into the soul, bringing in His own righteousness, which lasts forever.

“O wondrous grace oh jay sublime
I’ve Jesus with me all the time.”

“He keeps the kingdom of my soul,
In constant and in perfect peace,
I give myself to His control,
The Lord is mine and I am His.”

“No foes can drive Him from the throne,
While He wields love-controlling away,
He cares to and defends His own,
And keeps them to the perfect day,”

Praise God for everlasting righteousness. “For He hath made Him to be sin for us who knew no sin, that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him.” — 2 Cor. 5:21.

That we might be transformed into the actual righteousness of God.

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Dead Works.


The Harvester announces a convention in Colombus O., October 11, the object of which is to “organize an undenominational holiness association in the state of Ohio.” How silly all such babylon works oppear to the saints who are in the light, of Divine truth. Men might as well undertake to stop the sun, or hold the darkness from fleeing away, as the king of day comes fourth in the morning, as to turn the Almighty aside to bless, use, or even tolerate, such God dishonoring machinery any more. What has become of the Ohio holiness alliance? Has not the onward move of the Great Eternal, left desolate, void, and twice dead. Darkness and confusion have possessed your meetings for, at least the last four years. He has not smelt in any of your assemblies. His absence on the Lodi camp ground was distressing. The Spirit of God refused to work there, and when some poor souls were urged to the altar, they were left to their own struggles, and though it may be possible that some of the few that, were induced to feel after God, in the thick darkness that covered that rank sect idolatrous camp, some may have been able to belive effectually, but not one received the real manifest work of the Spirit, with power, as we witness in all our meetings of the free saints. The mildew of hell seemed to rest upon the camp at Upper Sandusky, and scarcely a soul was helped to God on that ground, except by agencies that the alliance bitterly opposed. Bro. Lea of Upper Sandusky, told us that at an alliance meeting at Shelby, O. I think it was last winter, the time was largely spent in wrangling and quarrelling between S. Rice, and J. Chambers, the leader. Do you not know that God has spewed out, and utterly abandoned all such organizations. It is a well known fact that the Ohio Alliance has been defunct, and utterly rejected of God for a long time. And is it possible that men can be so blind as to think that a reorganization will secure the cooperation of God? Not only in Ohio but every where else, the holiness work is rapidly declining except where it is carried on by agents outside of all sect and alliance, corporations of babylon. The fact is “He that dasheth in pieces, is come up before thy face,” and as certain as God reigns, all such sect contrivances shall he cast down and destroyed by the hand of God, as fast as they are set up. They are idols of men’s own hands; they have no breath in them, and they must all perish in the time of their visitation. And all time and means spent in trying to tinker up these corporations, is but labor in vain. For “Thus said the Lord of Hosts, the broad walls of babylon shall be utterly broken, and her high gates shall be burned with fire; and the people shall labor in vain, and the folk in the fire, and they shall be weary.” — Jer. 51:58. Yes you poor half intoxicated, holiness babylon builders will get weary of your vain attempts to build up that which God is knocking down at the present time. You may as well quit first as last, for the judgments of God are poured out upon all such work. God cannot touch ox use your association because it endorses, and compromises with all the harlot sects. It is an attempt of the devil to prop up, the “names of blasphemy,” which God, in His fierce wrath is casting down to the earth. If ye were not blind to the signs of the times and the present truth of God, ye should know, even at this very time that “great babylon has come in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of His wrath.” “Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.” Rev. 16:17. 18:8. Instead of co-opperating with God’s present plan, and obeying His great command, to “set up a standard in the land, blow the Trumpet among the nations, and prepare the nations against her.” — Jer. 51: you have impiously flaunted some of her accursed “names of blasphemy” in the face of God right in your call for the convention to organize the “great city which is divided” which is babylon. “The great whore that sitteth upon many waters, with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.” Rev. 16:18, 17:1, 2. Just think of an organization, purporting to be for the spread of holiness, combining, “Methodist Protestand” ites, “Baptist,” ites “Prebyterian” ites, “Wesleyan Methodist” ites, “Evtfngelical” ites, U. B. ites; Holiness sect ites, and M. E. ites, all of which ites, are really the devils organized forces against the Lord and His Christ, against thorough bible holiness which “destroyes all sects and denominations,” all ites and isms. O mist of darkness, confusion worse confounded. The same paper, that tells us that “thorough holiness destroys sects and denominations,” now announces, a compact of loyal representatives of sects and denominations to promote holiness. Can men be loyal to the obligations of holiness, and yet loyal that which thorough holiness destroyes? As sure as the Lord liveth, the God of the Bible, cannot, and will not smell in one of your holiness conventions that gives the hand of fellowship to corrupt babylon. The man, or association of men that makes peace with the modern sect corporations, forsakes God, and is forsaken or God and desolate. For he that would uphold that which God casts down, is the enemy of God.

One abomination that is fundamental in all inter-babylonian compacts, is that policy of darkness which winks at all the opposite conflicting creeds and traditions that are held by the members. Which agrees to disagree, and still professes the Holy Spirit. This is a slander on the Spirit of God, and a libel on Christ. The promise is that the comforter shall lead you into all truth. And it an evident fact that truth is a unit; it never conflicts with itself. Yet here are men professing that Spirit, and still all believing differently. Neither do they wish to know the truth, that they may be perfectly jtaned together, in the same mind same judgement. In fact the truce in all these organisms, sanction, and perpetuate this abominable confusion. They forbid the right of one who knows that he has the truth, teaching others to abandon their errors. At the Terre, Haute Camp meeting three years ago an old soldier of the cross, from Ill., professed entire sanctification. On one occasion he was relating his experience in the past, when he said that he had been a Methodist for over fifty years; but had recently become convicted, that his sprinkling, when an unconscious infant, did not at all, fill the scriptural law of babylon; and that he had obeyed the Lord, by being buried with him in baptism. But no sooner had he mentioned this than there was a fluttering among all whose creed taught the Roman Catholic tradition of sprinkling. Yes even men, who professed sanctification for a number of years began to get very restless, and one spake out, to the innocent old pilgrim, that they did not allow such talk here. The old saint, thought he was among saved people, and therefore was at liberty to testify how God had saved him from Ins “vain conversation, received by tradition from his Fathers,” but he found something shakey, in the camp. The cold waves of opposition, that his few words brought over his soul nearly crushed his heart. And he came to me and asked whether I thought he had done wrong. I told him, he had not, and that a holiness that could not stand the truth in all things needed to get under the blood. These alliance creeds positively forbid a man of God, to declare the whole council of God. O this shallow, milk and water, fearful, shaky, abominable so called holines, that joins bands over the “broad walls of babylon,” that winks, at disobedience to the word of God, and agrees that each one should not touch the sect idol of his brother, is sickening, and loathsome in the sight of God, and all who love the truth in the fellowship of the Father and His son. The very object that God desires to accomplish by the fire of true holiness, is thus defeated, i. e. the burning up of all the trash of human religion, and the perfecting of the saints of God into one. The time was several years ago, that God did bless the holiness work under these touchy, spoiled children provisions for the flesh; but He is moving on; and the man that would expect the blessing of God must throw off all such yokes and gags, and let God’s truth; go in to the beam, and break up fill the fallow ground of sectarian incrustation, and turn up to the surface all the old chronic stinking sect cancers of the heart. Amen. By the grace of God we will plow deep.


Cash Capital, Equivalent to Heaven.

This is the insurance company in which I have my life and property insured. We may say that a certain company is as good as the bank, or gold, or wheat; but our company is as good as the Lord can make it, and it will be as lasting as eternity. The Father himself, is the president Christ the cashier, and the Holy Spirit the ever present agent.

In this company we pray for the fire and not for the prevention of it ..nd as we have faith the fire comes and it burns up all inbred corruption, such as the fear of death, and of our earthly buildings being burns up; it purifies us, and makes us whiter than snow; glory be to God! It sanctifies us wholly, enabling us to take sides with God, even against ourselves. We can be a member, age partner, in this institution, without one forlieth part of the preamble that it takes to receive the first degree in an Odd Fellow or Free Mason’s lodge; praise God!

This whole matter of earthly insurance — both of his and properly — and been … positively wrongs and of the devil. You cannot find it in The Book; but I do find that, “He that saveth his life shall lose it, and he that loseth his life for my sake (Christ’s sake) shall find it.” Who pays the money that is put into these many companies, and for the officers and agents, that are running them? Each one helps who indulges in insurance. Perhaps it takes half the money paid in merely to keep up the companies, and only the remaining half is available for actual insurance. That is about the same as if I were to tell you to lead me $1,000, and when you shall be burnt out, or die, I will repay to you, or you family, $500 — that is, if I do not squander most of it, and break up. Any one that is not capable of running his own affairs better than that, should have a guardian, or go to an asylum for the insane. But there is no need of doing and learn to have a perfect trust in God, without indulging in worldly insurances. I once had an interest in the not but my spiritual eyes have been fully opened, and now I do not. Now I he down upon my body, or soul. Precious Jesus!

Suppose that an one my should attempt to burn me out, against God’s will, he would be turned into a pillar of salt, as Lot’s wife of old, or struck dead, or an angel would be sent to put, out the fire. But if God wanted to have me burnt out, I would want to be burnt our; for it would be for my good, in some way. I would then trust God for other buildings. It as easy for the God who saved the three Hebrew children in the fiery furnace, to save family and house in the midst of a Chicago fire. That same God saves myself, family, and property, without any of the devil’s agencies.

To the unconverted, and that class of religious people who are backslidden and don’t know it, — and are in good shape for fighting sanctification — this doctrine is doubtless too strong meat. But to those who are entirely sanctified I earnestly beseech you to see to it on your knees, with more zeal than you would have in taking off harvest, or doing any other hard piece of work. The Lord will then lead you aright about the the matter.

I believe, if the money, time and labor, now spent for insurance institutions, were spent for Jesus, the world would be converted to God in ten years.

D. D. Johnston.

In Harvester.

As it will do no harm to hear a truth twice, we reprint the above, which Bro. Doty kindly published in the Christian Harvester, in September 1880. This is the way the Holy Spirit led us then; and as He is unchanged, He keeps us in the same opinion still. Yes we are becoming more strong in this faith, as we advance in the shining pathway of the just. This article was written by the help of the Holy Spirit, about three years after definite bible holiness had come into this part of the country. And we are sorry to say that God’s saints have not consecrated up to the bible standard, on this and many other points. They have attempted to maintain holiness unto the Lord, and still, in many respects, follow the common worldly practices of corrupt babylon in insurance policies, usury, and general worldliness, hence they have not remained, all on God’s altar. Therefore we find so many professed holiness people so far out of harmony with God that they oppose His present plan, to gather all His redeemed and sanctified children out of the babylon sects. Toward God’s present truth, they, occupy the same attitude of hostility to day, that backsliders did toward them in the profession of entire sanctification. And it is a fact that professed holiness people, are now guilty toward the holy, “escaped of the earth,” that formalists manifested toward them a few years ago. And in many places they resort to the same craftiness to cut be that dead holiness fighters practiced against them, in the beginning of their testimony of the second grace. This shows that they have not kept pa..e with the ..tward ..arch of God. Have not gone forward in the light of holiness. They have not sufficiently taken the various issues that have ..isen to Godin prayer. They have prefered to hold their insurance policies, ..ay …garthan trust in God alone. The have dea..ed … of divine truth, and consecration that have arisen, and consequently have backsliden. In the name of the Lord we now admonish all straight holiness people to burn up their insurance policies and no more offend God by trusting in those carnal compacts of the world.

A Short Visit to Lodi, Ohio.


After at few day’s hard work at home we want to Lodi, on Friday September 28. The dear saints had prepared a grove, but the weather being wet and cold we only had one service on the wound. Saturday p. m. That evening a few of us met at Bro. Well’s house, where we talked and vend some of the word of the Lord on healing. Then by the laying on of hands and prayer, Bro. W. was healed of three different physical ill. Praise the Lord her testified the next day that be felt gloriously well. A brother present also consecrated for sanctification; he was blessed of the definite grace. Over Sabbath we held services in the town hall. Praise the Lord! one soul was clearly sanctified be faith that is in Christ Jesus. Glory to God for this little meeting! Bro. and Sister Wm. Smith and Brother Allen were there from Medina. The sanctified ones at Lodi are about all free, from sect bands. the few who still have their names on her books, a more her authority and governments and of aim their freedom to walk with God. Bless the Lord we had shouts a nearly every meeting. They have their free holiness meeting in the town hall every Sabbath afternoon, and Wednesday night.

Brother and Sister Wm. N. Smith, expect. to labor a good deal of their time in the vineyard of the Lord. Bless God we believe they are sanctified and meet for the Master’s use. Bro. S. says that he feels it his duty to claim, by faith, and use for the glory of God the gift of healing. And we doubt not that manifestation of the Spirit will be given to them to profit withal. Amen!

Un all our meetings nothing has been said in reference to our finances, except in Michigan a brother, and a sister, gave the Kitle ones a word of exhortation reference to their duty in this particular. Possible the Lord led them to do so, but we think all world have been very well otherwise. No collections have been taken up, and ye that “..d who worketh all things in all has worked sufficient means in our hands to meet our needs, it all places. Bless to Lord! We feel specially indebted to the few beloved saints at Lodi for their kindness in this particular. The Lord life them abundantly. ..n but short stay, they did not receive an equivalent for their liberal donations but the Lord well knew how pressingly every cent was needed at home. O bless the Lord my soul and all that is within me praise His holy name.

On our thin home, we had to lay over most of the day at Mansfield, we laid a pleasant visit with some of the little ones there, and was much blessed in teaching the wonderful salvation of Christ for both soul and body … bless .. … … …

The Third General Assembly of the Saints in Michigan – And Grove Meeting in Indiana.


After visiting Brother W. W. Broberts and others of the saints in the vicinity of Mt. Pleasant Iowa and the Stated … Asylum at that place, we came in to Chicago, Ill., where we visited Bro. John M. Stiles. His family had recently come on from Cardington, O., and they were keeping house in the city. We had the pleasure of staying … might with them, Bro. S. seems to be blessing abroad the glorious Gospel and testimony of full salvation in the city. As u..l the word pro..ess some commotion. Some are awakened to a deeper interest in their souls; while others are stirred up to belive defence of babylon. The former … to praying the latter to fighting.

We called a moment with the Shoenberger Bros. who prin.. small papa called the Light House Tacy are put of the e.. camp. We pray that electric are of the Holy Spirit may send forth a glorious Hummating blaze from the top of their Light How …

The hard gave us a very calm and pleasant trip veross the lake by steam boat. Praise His name! On Friday, September 14, we reached the beautiful camp ground of thy saints on Brother J. Harris place two miles north of Bangor. F. and Brother Fisher hard at work completing the large paper tabernacle in the beautiful grove which is quite a pleasant place to worship the hold even in the frosty evenings. The bert day who and … arrived, having came directly from home. Praise God for His goodness and mercy mercy toward … … … Lord. O my soul, for His salvation and preservation.

The services began on Saturday p. m. One soul and restore and sin ..d in the evening. On Sabbath the pavilion was much … … truth was town in many hearts. In the evening … presented. Then ..yes to the Living God. All p..ed to … the salvation they saught. Praise God. T.. ..n..ing p… The ..in..ly Savior was p..ol in the meeting from day to day and His praise was glorious.

Up to the time of our departure, Thursday noon, twenty-fool, and professed to find Christ. Nearly ill in full strange ..m.. in both pardon and the second grace. At for had consecrated for and cla..ed to receive the healing touch of the Great Physician.

Truly the i.. … glorious h.. of saved anointed souls in Michigan. And fr.. them the … … something on; and the holy … is spre.. fo.. … every direction. People come for many miles in hear the rest Gospel of Christ. They all have one … … thing ..ly. The … of … place … … … … … … … o.. bread, but of hearing the Word of God. Doors are open in every direction invitations come to thich, more than can be responded to. Brother and Sister sit … ..opitantly in the work, with continual victory. They have recently composed some very rich hymns and music. We hope ere long to publish together a new collection of ch0ise spirit.

There were not many of the saints present from other parts of the bible. We praise the Lord for the privilege of meeting Sister Angie C0gu0n of Charlott, whom the Lord so wonderfully healed a year ago. Truly she looks as though she has found a good Physician. The extreme suffering through which she had passed had turned her-hair gray and so stiff thef much of Wstood up, as she worehe.. hair short. Now she is blessed with execiled health, looks twenty years younger and her hair he.. returned to a natural and healthy appearance, ..rly black. ..est of all the Spirit of the Lord’s ..op.. her because the Lord has atointed her to preach the Gospel of full salvation.

Brother Bert Spaulding, who for a number of years, could secrely walk three rods without his ..wen andicane, and who we reported last victor, as having had hands layed on for healing, has been able to plow and do general work on a farm this summer, When the harvest began he found he was not able to blod grain. After failing the first day, he prayed much of the hight, and receiving the answer by the Spirit that his petition was granted, h..ent to the field the next morning in much faith, and by the blessing of the Lord he found he could do the work without any trouble. His limb is still deformed, but it is so wonderfully strengthened of the Lord that he made a full hand through the harvest. He can walk and labor with east. Sister Emma Miller, whom the Lord so miraculously healed of blindness and general debility, on that ground at the June camp-meeting, came on a few days before we left. Praise the Lord she is general good health, and heart overflowing with love end gratitude, to God for perfect salvation of soul and body. A brother at Bangor, put into my hands a written statement of her father and physician corroborating the account gives by Eld. Fisher eniqherielf. That be TRUMPET, of her three years blindness and her instantaneous healing. But we do not think it necessary to confirm the fact, that a notable miracle has been wrought and no one can deny it.

We also …hers ..u.. had been healed of … or diseases, and a g.. host who have been radically cured of the inbred, sin which is the most close guarding disease of all others. Praise the Lord! Sister Blackwood, and husband are laboring in the gospel much of ten time. Brother and Sister Michaels, and Bro. Samuel Speck expect to be in the field this winter, and others are on fire to spread the fame of Jesus name.

Thursday p. m. September 10, companions and self accomplished Sister Ball to Kalamazoo, and tarried all night with them. Brother and Sister Hill, formerly restored in Mansfield, Ohio, where their house was often a resting place for us several years ..d. They are hath gloriously saved. Sister Bell was wondrously touched with healing power of God, at the camp meeting. She has been ..ble for years; and we expect to hear that the is perfectly healed. The Lord help her to believe for it every in mute ..e..

September 21, we started on our way south, stopped a few hours with Brother and Sister Smurr in the Ind; then took train for Churubusko, Ind, where we were met by friends and conveyed to the grove meeting a few miles north on Brother Jacob F. Keller’s place. Praise God we had the happy privilege of meeting so many dearly beloved brethren in the Lord. In fact we were as astonished to see so reany. I … saints of G0d gathered up over the country. Brother Keller furnished food and lodging for from 20 to 80. There were: Bro. and Sister Low, Bro. and Sister Winger, Bro. and Sister Yoter and a few others from Lagrange county Brother and Sister M. Curdy for merly of Rome City now resisting south of Churubusko. Brother and Sister Bartuer. Brohther and Sister Guthrie and Brother and Sister Gunder from Albion, with others, all very dear to us in the Lord. O blessed, blessed union. The meeting began the night before our arrived. The services were spiritual, and glory was upon the sanctified witnesses. Sabbath forenoon, a great crowd of people would have met together, were it not for the rain. But all worked for the glory of God. M.. a.. us convened in the grove in the morning, and praise the Lord in the rain’s while; a few people having already come seemed unwilling to leave. But finally we thought best to go to Brother Keller’s house, where four of God’s children consecrated for and we trust believed unto the entire sanctification of their souls. Three of them were Brethren who had came all the way from Marysville A..en county, over thirty miles. They had heard of the glorious work of God going or ar..gine free saints, and they cane to see, and learn and seek the fulness of the blessing of the Gospel and they greatly praised God for the salvation they found in Christ. Arrangements were made for a meeting at their place over the first Sabbath in November.

A sick family 25 miles northwest having sent Brother and Sister Yoder after us; companion and bell … back with them on Sabbath afternoon, while the saints continued the meeting in the grove in the afternoon. Before teaching on place we traveled through the rain several miles, and got some wet. We found Sister Haigler, praying much and ..esting the Lord. We questfened her closely on consecration and she seemed to be wholly submitted to the will and providence of God. Brother and Sister Yoder, who have the gift of healing had been called these some days previous. They found the sister offering much and from the time of their prayers with her and the laying on of hands the had been relieved of the distress she had before been passing through. Her trust seemed to grow stronger every moment. The next day we anolated her with all, and be ought the Lord to heal her by his power. Has vole showed air raid increase of strength, and we left with a strong conviction that her faith makes her whole. She also consecrated for holiness and testified that she believed the blood altar, a … her … … …

That evening … had a little meeting with the Saints to Father Winger’s house. The Lord blessing keep his Church in the Hawpatch. Amen. The friday we reached house, wife hopping over with friends at Upper Sundasky. Praise God, we found on dear Brother ..astan T. the office, and four hundred TRUMPET №1 had been printed before we arrived. We were enabled to correct some ..s … before say more were printed: but there are number on the geta..ds ot..th paper, that me rather bad, that could not be remedied, at that side had been run off the week previous. But upon the whole we praise God, that in is well as it is.

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