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19 December 1895, Volume 15, Number 50.



The following lines were written for and read on Bro. Warner’s funeral occasion.


Once more we hear Death’s angel step
Upon the path from heaven;
Swiftly he comes to execute
Jehovah’s message given.

He marks the object of his love,
And comes with silent tread:
He stops in stillness of the night,
Beside the Christian’s bed.

“Pilgrim, thy task on earth is o’er,”
He speaks in accents low;
“I’ll carry thee to a better land,
Above this world of woe,

There in Abraham’s bosom blest,
There to meet thy Lord,
And holy men of ages past,
Who humbly walked with God.’’

Our friend and brother dear, whose life.
Made bright this life of ours,
Has passed away mid early snow.
Soon after Autumn’s flowers.

No days of lingering sickness came
To warn us of his death;
No vision from the silent land,
To tell of parting breath.

The light’s gone out, but brighter burns
In a holier, happier sphere,
C..y, suddenly, peacefully,
Like the falling meteor.

But has the light gone out? Ah no!
But like the meteor’s glare,
Though suddenly falling from its place,
Bright rays still linger there.

Bright, rays from a life so pure and fair,
Shall shine forever on,
Till time shall cease and be no more,
And all are lighted home.

As the peaceful river in her flow
Doth cheer us with her song,
So in example he doth live
To help the pilgrim on.

His gentle words and kindly acts,
To us in trial’s hour,
Were like the summer’s evening dew
Upon the drooping flower.

His face was read as one may read
A pure and holy book.
While truth and right and honesty
Were stamped on every look.

His holy happy walk with God,
Cheers us to onward go.
And light the light, of faith and love,
And push the battle through.

But he is gone; that face we’ll see
No more on earthly shore:
Only in memory can we view
Those sunlit features o’er.

The voice that often spoke to us
In sermon and in verse,
The story of the humble cross,
Is now forever hushed.

We’ll miss him in the hour of prayer;
His voice of praise we’ll miss:
But sweet to know his praise is heard
In a land of purest bliss.

Long may his pure devoted life
Rebuke the raging wrong;
His joy and hope and faithfulness
Bids us in God be strong.

May heaven’s grace sustain the wife
In this sad hour of grief,
And lift her heart and hopes above,
And keep her soul in peace.

And may the boy, his only boy
Remember father’s God,
And serve him in his youthful days,
As he was taught he should.

Oh Father, fold them in thine arms!
May the departed be
A messenger of love between
Their lonely hearts and Thee.

Sinner, heed the exhortation
He gave thee oft in word:
Forever leave thy wicked way;
Prepare to meet thy God.

To-day we lay him in the tomb,
His narrow house of clay;
’Twill there in peaceful slumber lie,
Awaiting that, great day,

When soul with body reunite,
Come forth from out the tomb,
And soar away in radiant love
To happy endless home.

C. Orr.


Gone Home to Rest.


Daniel Sidney Warner, born June 25, 1842; died Dec. 12, 1895; aged fifty-three years, five months and thirteen days.

Last week we inserted a few lines in the Trumpet giving the sad news of the death of our much beloved brother, editor, and co-worker in the gospel, Bro. D. S. War­ner. He passed into eternity at about three o’clock in the morning. The press had been running all night up to that hour printing the first side of the Trumpet, and had just begun printing the last side when announcement of his death was given, and a few lines were inserted at once to inform our readers.

He was sick but one week with an attack of lung trouble. On Sunday was suffering very much, and unable to speak a word above a whisper; prayer was offer­ed in his behalf and the Lord touched him with his healing power insomuch that he arose and walked across the room praising God aloud, and joined in singing. On Tuesday he was able to arrange his business affairs, and Wednesday could walk about the room.

But, hark the sound! Let silence reign!
An angel hovered round the home,
And entered in with noiseless tread
And bid our sainted brother come.

The spirit of a stalwart man
Was wafted to the skies above,
A soldier from the foremost ranks,
Bid earth farewell, for courts of love.

His testimony was that he was ready to go to dwell with the Lord, and was at perfect peace with his God. The life of our dear brother was one wholly devoted to God. He was not slow to rebuke sin, and was ever ready to defend the truth, fearing not the face of man.

When but a young man he began to preach the gospel, and afterward joined the sect called “The Church of God,” on Winebrennerians. In the year 1879, he began editing the holiness department of a paper called the HERALD OF GOSPEL FREEDOM, published by that eldership. In the year of 1880 he became the editor of the paper himself, and during that year the Lord showed him the evils of sectism, and what was the true church, more clear­ly than ever before, and that he must take his stand upon the word of God and defend the truth, lifting up the Bible standard. Leaving the eldership of that sect, at the close of the same year he made arrangements to publish the GOSPEL TRUMPET of which he has been editor since that time.

The radical stand taken in defence of the pure gospel was an occasion of much bitter persecution. Sectarian holiness papers and professors withstood on every hand the truths advocated. Many were the severe fiery trials of life through! which he had to pass in defence of the truth, but God crowned his labors with success.

About the time his editorial life began he was married to Sarah A. Keller, by whom was born a son who is now fourteen years of age, being his only child. After her death he was married again, to Sister Frankie E. Miller, who is left to mourn the loss of a faithful husband.

His pen was as a pen of a ready writer, and also being fluent in speech and en­dowed with many God-given gifts and a deep understanding of the Scriptures, was thereby enabled to do much effective work for the Master, and give spiritual food to multitudes of starving souls. Al­though with a very frail body all his life, yet few men put in more hours of as hard work as did he during his years of ministerial labor. The last book from his pen was a work on “Salvation,” which writing was recently finished, and will soon appear in print. Also nearly 400 pages have been written on the “Cleansing of the Sanctuary,” and prophecy; this work was not yet completed.

May God bless the bereaved wife and son and sorrowing friends, to so live that when the death angel comes there will be a happy meeting to part no more. We sorrow not as those who have no hope. While we greatly miss him here, yet bow submissive to the Master’s will.

E. E. Byrum.


Truly our heart is filled with sadness at the thought of the departure of our dearly beloved Bro. Warner. For some days before his death our heart was filled with an unusual sadness as though God were giv­ing us a presentiment of some awful event soon to transpire. And on last Wednesday evening when we assembled with the church at Castine, O., to preach the Word unto the people, our heart was so overwhelmed with sorrow that I could not preach the Word. We communicated unto the church a knowledge of our feelings, and suggested that we spend the time of that service largely in fervent prayer, which we did. And while there earnestly calling upon the Lord we felt the seal of God upon our heart to enable us to endure the coming blow.

On Thursday morning notwithstanding the sadness upon our heart we endeavored to preach on the subject of Advancement. About eleven o’clock A. M. when we had perhaps half completed our sermon the chapel door slowly opened, and the form of the telegraph operator appeared in the door with a small envelope in his hand. My first thought was, “He has a sad mes­sage for me.” He paused just inside the door (as though he bore an important message, but feared it out of order to communicate it to me while in the pulpit), then advancing part way up the aisle dropped the envelope in the hands of Bro. G. W. Howard, at the same time telling him something in a whisper. Bro. How­ard immediately turned his eyes upon me, which fully confirmed me in the belief that the message was for me, and I paused to receive it. Oh what sadness filled our heart as we reached forth our hand to receive the envelope! As I was tearing it open, Bro. H. suggested that the church engage in singing No. 1. in “Echoes from Glory,” while I was reading the message.

“Far away among the angels.
In the sweet celestial bowers.
Start the songs whose echoes gladden,
As they greet this world of ours.”

Little did we think as they began to sing those beautiful words, that the echoed that were then reaching our ears from the glory world, were of the songs the angels were just then singing to wel­come our dear sainted Bro. Warner to his eternal rest in Christ. I read the message to myself. My heart was so overwhelmed with sorrow that I could not read it aloud at first. When I gained sufficient command of myself, I said, “Brethren, I can­not finish this lesson now.” After another short pause I read the message aloud,

“Bro. D. S. Warner died this morning. Be buried Sunday Dome preach funeral.”

Oh my God, what a blow to our hearts! We fell upon our knees and called upon the Lord to help us bear the burden of our sorrows.

The next day we took train and came to Grand Junction, and oh how sad we felt as we looked upon the pale though sweet face we had so often greeted with a kiss of charity! Oh God! thought I, How can we spare this bold witness to the truth? Again I thought, Who could chide the just providence of God, who has tak­en this lifelong sufferer for Christ to the rest he truly deserves?

His remains were borne by six of the Lord’s dear ministers from his humble little home just south of the camp ground to the school house just north of the camp ground where the funeral was preached by the writer, from Heb. 9:27.

While marching in the funeral proces­sion, I looked back upon the casket, and into the faces of the dear brethren that bore it; and into the faces of the two as­sociate editors of the deceased, and oh how sad the scene! “Oh God!” said I, “why is this?” Immediately the Spirit said to me, “For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep.” 1 Cor. 11:30. Like a flash God communicated to my mind with the above words, his reason for removing dear Bro. Warner. I remembered that these words were written in the eleventh chapter of first Corinthians; and that the apostle was there showing the Corinthian church that God had taken away some of their breth­ren to rebuke them for their unfaithful­ness to him.

Then and there God showed me that he had removed Bro. Warner for a rebuke upon the church for their unfaithfulness. Set this down in your hearts, beloved brethren, for it comes from God. The standard of God’s truth must be lifted higher by the Lord’s ministers; and devils and all manner of sins must be more furiously rebuked than ever before.

Immediately after the above the Spirit of God brought to my mind the following words, “Some of them of understanding shall fall, to try them.” Dan. 11:35.

I knew that these were the words of the prophet Daniel, and that they had special reference to this last reformation. Then immediately I was led to reflect upon the loss of a very useful minister, a few years ago, whom the devil had captured. Then I thought, “Lord I understand; that was to try us; this is to rebuke us.” God works in mysterious ways to carry on his work. We would have supposed that God would have used Bro. Warner’s pen, but God saw that he could give us a more lasting rebuke in just the step he has taken.

Oh let this event be looked upon by all the readers of the Trumpet as the rebuke of God upon ministers who have not fully given their time and talents unto the Lord; and upon selfish and unconsecrated professors of holiness who have withheld the much needed means to carry on this great work; and upon the lethargic pro­fessors who have not walked with God in humble faith and prayer. Brethren, we must pay heed to this rebuke, or God will doubtless send us more fearful ones.

After the funeral sermon the remains were exhibited to a large weeping audience among whom were about twenty of the Lord’s ministers. Then the remains were borne to the beautiful little cemetery on the little hill just west of the camp ground, where they were laid away until the resur­rection. Before leaving the grave we vowed eternal submission to the will of God; and live a more humble and truly devoted life in the future.

Truly, your sanctified brother,

William G. Schell.




Dear Brother Warner is at rest,
He’s laid his armor down,
He’s fought the fight, and kept the faith,
And won a starry crown.

He’s left his loved ones here on earth,
And joined the saints above,
And there around the great white
Sings of redeeming love. [throne,

He labored here unceasingly,
The evening light to spread;
Though wearied oft his body was,
His pen it onward sped.

One of the first our brother was,
To preach the evening light,
And send the truth to foreign lands,
To break the bands of night.

How often when poor suffering ones
Have asked for him to pray,
He knelt before his God in prayer,
By night as well as day.

He had the victory over death,
On him it had no power,
And he was ready for the Lord,
At any day or hour.

Our brother’s gone, why should we
Our loss is but his gain; [mourn?
His weary body’s now at rest,
And free from every pain.

Upon the dear camp ground no more,
His dear loved form we’ll see,
Nor hear his voice raised to his God
In holy melody.

God bless his dear companion too,
Support her widowhood,
And through her life may she be used,
An instrument for good.

God keep his boy in wisdom’s paths,
Until life’s work is o’er,
Then he will meet his father dear,
Where parting is no more.

Della J. Green.


Salvation fits us for Heaven.


This is a chapter from the new tract on Salvation which is the last tract Bro. Warner has written. It will be published soon.


WHAT is the fitness needed to enter and enjoy that holy place of God’s awful presence? If we will attend to the voice of inspiration no man need be deceived in this matter.

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” — Mat. 5:8. “Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord.” — Heb. 12:14.

Reader, do you now perceive why God created man in his own image? He designed that his intelligent creatures should enjoy the fellow­ship and companionship of their Creator. But this can only take place on the plane of His nature, in the possession of His own holiness. Hence also the injunction, “Be ye holy, for I am holy.” — 1 Pet. 1:16. According to the very nature of the case, no person in this world, or in the world to come, can enjoy, or even endure the divine presence and glory, unless transformed into the same image, and filled with his glory. Daniel was a righteous man, and yet he was “afraid and fell upon his face” — Dan. 8:1-7 — at the approach of Gabriel, an angel from God’s presence. The Apostle John was a wholly sanctified man of God, and yet when he saw the Almighty Re­deemer whose “countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength,” “fell at his feet as dead.” — Rev. 1:16, 17. Though morally fitted to enjoy God, the resurrection and glorification of the body was yet wanting. How then can any soul with the smallest spot of sin hope to stand before God in the awful day of his coming and judgment? “Wherefore, beloved, seeing that ye look for such things, be diligent that ye may be found of him in peace, without spot, and blameless.” — 2 Pet. 3:14. O how many plain and solemn warnings God has given all men of that day when all must stand or fall in the presence of his majesty and glory, when the earth and the works there­of shall be burned up! “Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy con­versation and godliness?” — 2 Pet. 3:11.

Reader, are you a candidate for heaven and eternal glory? Then mark well the conditions upon which you must take your crown and in the default of which you must sink to an awful doom. How think you the gates of heaven will be guarded against the entrance of unworthy characters? We read of no mighty angel, who, with all penetrating eyes, shall examine those who would en­ter there. How then will the purity of heaven be protected? Find an answer in 2 Thess. 1:7-9.

“And to you who are troubled rest with us, when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels, in flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ: who shall be punished with everlasting de­struction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power.”

At the same time we are told he will be glorified in his saints, and ad­mired in all them that believe.” So let it be known once for all that all who are unfit for heaven will be driven back to hell “from the pre­sence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power.” Though heaven’s gates stand wide open before all men, no person will enter with a stain of sin upon his soul. No unholy man can endure the presence of God, and his divine glory. The hottest place in hell were a relief to the soul unsaved and out of Christ.

A wit once said in a New York paper that he dreamed a certain man, prominent in his circle, shad died, and approached the gates of heaven, where he was told, “YOU MAY COME IN, BUT YOU WILL NOT LIKE IT.” A mighty truth was unwittingly uttered by the thoughtless sinner. Oh that the Almighty may wake men to consider that heaven were worse than hell itself for all who are not of heavenly temper! Oh how sad and sickening the sight of our present evil world, and its awful destiny so near! The masses who profess the Christian name, know they are sinful and unholy, and yet hope to stop their sinning, when safe in heaven. We used to hear them sing with much animation,

“If I only get to heaven, if I only get to heaven, if I only get to heaven when I die.”

They hope to see the beautiful

(Continued on fourth page.)

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DEFINITE, RADICAL, and ANTI-SECTARIAN, sent forts, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, for the publication of full Salvation, and Divine Healing of the Body the Unity of all true Christians in “the faith once delivered to the saints.”

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Send money by Post Office Money Order, Express Order, Registered Letter or small amounts in stamps..

Subscribers wishing their address changed, must be sure to give their former, as well as their new address.

If you do not receive your paper when due, write us a card, and we will gladly mail you another copy.

Should there be a mistake at any time, write us at once and we will gladly rectify the same.

A commission of 20 per cent will be given on each new cash subscriber.

Parties desiring papers to canvass with, should notify us regularly of their address.

When you write, be sure to give your address: name, post-office, county, and state.

All business communications, moneys &c. must be addressed to GOSPEL TRUMPET, to insure credit; otherwise we will not be responsible.

Editors, D. S. Warner, and E. E. Byrum.


Grand Junction, Mich.


Entered at the Post Office at Grand Junction, Van Buren Co. Michigan as second class matter.


THURSDAY. DEC. 19, 1895.




Luetta Knock, Wm. G. Schell, W. A. Davi­son, Ned Lovelady, Mrs. W. A. Hall, Allie M. Mast, Belle Carpenter, Wm. Yates, C. H. Tubbs, B. B. Newcomb, Florence Dayton, H. M. Riggle, Samuel Jacobson, P. H. Rickman, Allle R. Fisher, Jennie Mallory, Jas. D. Beach, J. H. Frick, S. P. Bunn, Julia Fales, Mrs. Chas. C. Davis.


Remember the day of fasting and prayer, Dec. 31.


Books from the library of Brother Warner have been loaned. Brethren having such will do a favor by re­turning them at an early date.


Bro. and Sister J. H. Rupert write that they are now in America, and expect to remain a few months be­fore returning to England. Their address will be Mariasville, Venango Co., Pa.




The undersigned desires to secure a copy of Bro. D. S. Warner’s book, “Bible proofs of the second work of grace.” As they are out of print, a second hand copy will answer the purpose. Please correspond with Fred L. Hahn, 466 16th St., Milwau­kee, Wis.


Brethren writing articles for the Trumpet would do well to condense their writing so as to have them not to exceed a column, or a column and a half. Shorter ones to the point would be still better. We some­times have to lay aside articles that are too long for publication. If longer than this, sub-heads should be used.



We have just received a letter from Bro. Emil Kreutz of Frisco, Ark., stating that the meeting house and place where they held the school and the children’s home at that place had burned down, des­troying about all the books belong­ing to the school. This leaves them with only a small room comparative­ly for the school, and they are without books.


We have now completed arrange­ments whereby we can furnish
Genuine Oxford Bibles and Testaments,
printed at the University Press Ware­house, Oxford, England. These are standard goods and probably the best there are made. The prices are no higher than other first class Bibles, and they take the lead in workman­ship, and beauty of finish. The prices range all the way from 30 cts. to $50.00 each. The small Testaments are beautiful. Special cata­logue of Bibles mailed free.



“Salvation” is the title of the last book written by Brother Warner. It was finished only a few days be­fore his death. It has many very interesting and instructive chapters, and makes the way of salvation very plain. We begin this week to set the type and will have it ready to send out, the Lord willing, about Feb. 1st. There will be about one hundred pages. Paper cover, 15 cents; cloth, 35. It will contain his photograph and a short sketch of his life. This will be a memorial edition, and special pains will be taken to make the cloth book one worthy of a place in a library. Orders will be filled as soon as possible after the book is published. Those desiring a volume to keep would do well to get the cloth edi­tion, and can send in your orders at once.


As the year is closing and greater responsibilities than ever rest upon us, we feel led to announce a day of fasting and special prayer among God’s children everywhere for the advancement of the work of the Lord and a manifestation of the real apostolic power and standard of truth. For several months our souls have been stirred to a speedy for­ward move, and the word of God must spread more abundantly in all its purity, both from the press and pulpit and in the homes.

The time is here for the heal­ing power to be manifest in the church up to the Bible standard. To this end let there be special petitions sent up to God on that day. Let there be a heart-searching time with each one who desires to advance in the Lord. Special meetings should also be held on that day, and let each one prepare to start in with the new year fully equipped for the gospel, wholly consecrated to God with a determination to help to spread the gospel the coming year as never before.

A great upheaval throughout the religious world is just before us, and only a full Bible equipment will en­able us to be ready for it. Who is ready to end up the old year in fasting and prayer, and begin the new year with a determination to work for souls, whether from the pulpit, house to house work, with your hands; with your means, or in any way God can use you? God is at the head of this great reformation and is able to carry it on to his name’s honor and glory. It is well to begin special prayer at once, and be ready for God to do a great work as the year closes. We have received many letters from those who received great benefit during the week of prayer a short time ago.


Requests For Prayer.


Pray for the healing of our little girl.

S. A. Culbertson.


Pray that I may be restored to the fa­vor of God and saved from all sin, and have every hindrance and cause removed.

Mrs. S. E. Baker.


Pray for a little girl who is nearly deaf, and has other bodily afflictions; also for myself that I may be saved and healed, and that some one may come here and preach the gospel.

Nancy I. Standefer,

Maggart, Ky.


I have been sorely afflicted for about eight years with liver and heart trouble, and have rheumatism. Pray for my heal­ing.

Susan King.


Since I was a boy I have had goitre on my neck, also have catarrh and believe the Lord can heal me, as he has healed me of other diseases. Pray for me.

Jacob Bruner.


Poplar Bluff, Mo.

I do earnestly ask the prayers of all the dear saints, that I may be healed of hem­orrhage of the lungs and other bad afflic­tions. Your sister in the one body,

Edna Brown.


Poplar Bluff, Mo.

Pray for Sister Melissa Brown, that she may be raised from the bed of affliction. Your brother in Christ,

J. T. Brown.


Mountain View, Mo.

Please pray at once for my seven-year- old boy. He is afflicted with enlargement of the tonsils. Your sister in Christ,

L. G. Edwards.


Washington, Ind.

Pray that I may be sanctified and heal­ed of disease of the body. Your brother in Christ,

Geo. Livermore.


Denison, Tex.

I ask the prayers of the saints of God that I may be healed of neuralgia. I cannot rest at all, and have been troubled for three months.

Mrs. J. E. Young.


Long Island, Kan.

Please pray for the healing of husband’s soul and body. He is yet unsaved and has consumption, also epilepsy. Your sister in Christ,

R. E. Lorkill.


Pray for George Engle, that he may be delivered from the use of tobacco, and saved.

H. M. Riggle.

Industry, Pa.


Kansas City, Mo.

Dear brothers and sisters, I ask you to pray to God to restore to me my hearing. Pray the 25th of Dec. Pray earnestly, for I know God can and will if we come to him in the right way. Truly yours,

Mrs. Kirk.


North Branch, Va.

Pray for me that I may be healed of rheumatism and sore eyes, and that I may enjoy full salvation that I may be fully able to stand against sin and sectism. Yours in the faith.

Mary D. Brown.


Belgique, Mo.

Please pray for my little boy five years old. He has the chills: had them about two months. We have been praying for him. The Lord stopped the chills on him twice. They stay off about a week and then come back on him. His spleen hurts him some. The Lord healed my two little girls of the chills. I am a poor widow with four little children. Pray for us. Your saved sister,

Martha E. Miles.


Please pray for my dear aunt that God will heal her body and give her perfect freedom in her soul.

Miss Willie Bell of Kemps county wants your prayers as she has consump­tion, and believes the Lord can heal her. Pray that I may be healed of neuralgia in my face and head. Your brother in the one body,

H. N. Hicks.


Calls For Meeting.


My prayer is that God will send some one here to preach the pure gospel.

Anna Gebhart,

Abbottsford, British Columbia.


Dear brethren, will you all pray the Lord to send some fire baptized minister here to preach the pure gospel. Is there none led to come?

Eva Scothan,

San Marcial, New Mexico.


We feel led to go to East Tenn. as soon as the way opens, to work for God there.

James A. Montgomery,

Roark, Mo..


Mount Pleasant, Mich.

I would like for some of God’s true ministers to come here and preach the true light. I think there are some honest ones here. My wife and I are all alone in this place. Your brother and sister in Christ,

W. L. and Abbie Mc Intosh.


There has been a number of earnest calls for some one or more of God’s minis­ters to go to various parts of Canada to remain there this winter. Address S. S. Moyer, Berlin, Ont., John E. Smith, Fen­wick, Ont.


We are praying the Lord to send some one here to preach the pure gospel. There are four saints in a little town three and one-half miles from here, and some more twelve miles away. Your brother in Christ,

Wm. W. Brunelle,

Stanley, Chippewa Co., Wis.


We desire some messenger sent of God to come here and preach the pure gospel.

Louie Hardy,

Detour, Chippewa Co., Mich.


Pearsall, Texas.

I am praying Cod to send some of his holy fire brands to help move the battle on. The people here are hungering and thirsting for the truth they say they are tired of sectism. The climate is very mild here and will be a good place for the work of the Lord this winter. Let the dear Lord lead.

C. W. Bunch.


Volant, Lawrence Co., Pa.

I do hope and pray that some of the children of God will come here soon, and hold a meeting, as I sincerely believe there are some honest souls here who will come out and be saved when they hear the Word preached in its purity. Whom­soever the Lord leadeth let him come.

Yours in Him,

C. C. Neville.




Foraker, O.

There will be a meeting, on the Scioto Marsh, at the Stoddard school house, two miles from Foraker, two and one half miles from Mc Guffy, to begin Jan 5 and last as long as the Lord wills. Bro J. N. Howard is to be there and whomsoever the Lord is pleased to send.

C. E. Ford.


The Presence of God.


THE command is to us as it was to Abraham, “Walk before me and be thou perfect.” How can I become perfect? By walking before him, “perfecting holiness in the fear of God.”

A constant walking before him is not attained by an act of consecra­tion alone, but by perseverance in watching and prayer and recollection. This is the key note of a truly sancti­fied growing soul. David said “I have set the Lord always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.” Psa. 16:8. How grieved the blessed Spirit of God must be to have us pray in the morning, “Lead me and guide me to­day,” and then get up from our knees and forget all about his being act­ually with us and in us.

We know the eyes of the Lord are Over the righteous, but can we say, “Mine eyes are ever towards the Lord?” Hagar woke up to this fact, “and she called the name of the Lord that spake unto her, Thou God seest me: for she said, have I also here looked after him that seeth me?” Gen. 16:13.

Oh it is wonderful how a soul thus rapidly grows in simply “looking un­to Jesus!” Then prayer becomes easy We are always praising God. Why? Because we feel extra happy? Not neccesarily so, but because we be­lieve Jesus where he says, “Lo, I am with you always,” Paul lived thus before him as he says, “Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice.” So many pray in meetings, “Come Jesus, be in our midst, we know un­less you are here we can do nothing.” True, we cannot do anything with­out him, but he is here and what he wants for us is to believe it and live it; for he says, “For where two or three are gathered together in my name there am I in the midst of them.” Praise the Lord, he is in the meeting as soon as you are there.

Oh the constant joy of thus living before him and in him! Where is it the child of God receives his great­est joy? “In thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.” Psa. 16:11. Then it is that we can endure any­thing for Jesus’ sake. Moses “endur­ed as seeing him who is invisible.” Heb. 11:27. With our eyes thus fix­ed on Jesus we can “joy in tribula­tion.” knowing we are partakers of his sufferings, and we are suffering with him, and he is beholding, us and knows our feelings.

In thus “walking before the Lord in the land of the living the words we utter will be seasoned with salt, and they will keep and be remem­bered by the hearers. In Psa. 17:2 David prays, “Let my sentence come forth from thy presence. Oh for more that lived and spoke in the actual presence of the Lord! Then it is we are swift to hear, slow to speak. Pause long enough before we ans­wer to say simply “Jesus,” or look at him and it is sufficient, as Jesus will now speak through us. Praise the Lord! Some think the Lord only speaks through one when he is preaching; but every word should be his words and coming forth from his presence. Then the words of our mouth, and the meditation of our heart will be acceptable in his sight. “And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.” Cor. 3:17. And as a result we will be doing heartily all we do, because we are not doing it for ourselves or for anybody else, but for the Lord.

I do pray that the dear reader may see and hold on to this important point. It will change your whole life if you have not thus been living. Everything then will be a means of grace. Nothing can hinder your progressing rapidly. Things visible will point to things invisible. We will see God in everything. Christ will be all and in all. We can say with Paul, “In him we live and move and have our being. How can I start out the day in a full realization of his presence? “Be still and know that I am God.” Not only start out with being still, but keep that still­ness, peace and holy calm all day. Wait on him; and to emphasize it David says, “ Wait, I say, on the Lord.” Truly my soul is silent upon God (see marg. of Psa. 62:1). And in the fifth verse he exclaims, “My soul, wait thou only upon God. Then can we with confidence say, “My heart is fixed (marg. prepared), O God, my heart is fixed.”

Do you wish to live thus before him? He will teach you. “Come, ye children, harken unto me; I will teach you the fear of the Lord.” Psa. 34:11. “And the ears of them that hear shall harken.”. Isa. 32:3. Therefore “Take heed and be quiet.”

Many times a day we need to say, “Calm Lord, calm these nerves of mine that I may walk before thee,” and at other times exclaim as we find ourselves growing dull, “Quicken me; quicken me.” Don’t allow yourself to get in a hurry and become unmindful of him, for “he that believeth shall not make haste.” Isa. 28:16.

At first in thus recalling to mind his presence it will need persever­ance; but by and by it will become natural and easy and second nature. So fixed may this habit become that even three or five minutes may not pass during the day but what your mind will be stayed upon him, and as a result he will keep you in perfect peace. No minutes going to waste now. That half hour or fifteen min­utes extra time you dozed or “soz­zled” in bed will be done away with; you are wakened by the hand of love, and if you resist he will sweetly whisper, “Not as fools, but as wise, re­deeming the time, because the days are evil.” Then will you like David arise and prevent the dawning of the morning. Psa, 110:147. No idle mo­ments if you wish to walk before him!

Another thing that will destroy the sense of his sacred nearness; that is, over eating or eating in a hurry. Things taste so good at dinner time, so I give way and take my eyes off of him, eat an extra piece or two I do not need, and in about one or two hours afterward I find my mind has been entirely taken off from him, and then I am forced to say, “Come, my soul, awake thyself from these slum­bers in mid-day.” Yes, a day dream; that is all it has been, and I have been half awake. No one is fully awake until he has collected his wan­dering thoughts and has them all re­volving about the one thing that will be thought of throughout all eternity. That is “Jesus.” Christ is all. Put on Christ. Abide in him.

When you last entered that room where a few of your friends were, how did you enter? With Jesus, or forgetful of his presence? Yes, as I mentioned before, everything should be a means of grace. To illustrate a little, while one is dressing, one’s heart can be going out to him to “clothe us with humility,” be seeking to put on the whole armour of God, see that our robes are white, our feet shod, etc. During the time used in washing and preparing for breakfast, our hearts are going out still to be washed in the blood of Jesus, wash­ed by the Word, and even while eat­ing, either in communion with, or looking unto Jesus. Thus all things work together for good to them that love God; and whether therefore ye eat or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God. Oh that the readers might live thus, glorifying him in every move! Each thought and each motive beneath his control, and standing before him ready to do his will in all things, however small. For who hath despised the day of small things?

We shall live in his sight. Hos. 6:2. Then shall we know if we follow on to know the Lord. Does your “soul thirst and your flesh long for God? Is your soul satisfied with him? Then follow hard after him, as his right hand upholdeth thee. Psa. 63. David was so much in earnest that he said. “Mine eyes fail while I wait for my God.” Psa. 69:3. “Neverthe­less, I am continually with thee; thou hast holden me by my right hand. Whom have I in heaven but thee? And there is none upon earth that I desire beside thee.” The disciples at­one time saw no man save Jesus only. Let “Jesus only” be our motto, whom having not seen ye love; in whom, though now ye see him not, yet believing, ye rejoice with joy un­speakable and full of glory.”

Let these sayings sink down into your hearts.

C. B. Manning.


News from the Field


Oakland, Cal., Dec. 5.

Dear Saints of the Most High: We are enjoying divine health, spirit, soul and body. Are just beginning to get access to the people. Are finding many new friends and enemies, and enjoying many new experiences and trials, but do not propose to be downed by the

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enemy. Every inch of progress in this new field has been hotly dis­puted by the devil, but we are be­coming more and more acquainted with his cunning craftiness and there­by gaining new and important victor­ies which will tell in the future for the glory of God. A few souls have been saved and healed and the way is opened now for the Gospel Heal­ing Home. Will make announce­ment later. Pray for us. Your brother and sister set for the defense of the gospel,

J. W. and J. Byers.


Proctor, W. Va. Dec. 11.

Dear Saints of God: We came to this place Nov. 5. Held meeting in the Campbellite meeting house one night; then the Lord over-ruled, and opened the Mid Cap school house for meeting. The Lord gave us vic­tory from beginning to end. We held about four weeks’ meeting. There were eleven souls justified and four consecrated for sanctification. On Dec. 4, five were baptized in the Ohio river. The Lord has been giving us glorious meetings in other places. This is a new field and the truth has not been preached here before. The people are stirred up for miles around, and the calls are coming in faster than we can fill them. We praise the Lord this morning that we are saved, with vic­tory in our soul over all sin. Pray for us and the work here.

T. Stanton and S. A. Kaufman.


Egerton. Eng.

Dear Brethren: I feel truly thankful to God that I ever lived to hear the pure gospel of Jesus Christ preached in this glorious evening light; which proved the savor of life to my soul, first in justification and then sanctification: also in clearly discerning the body of Christ which is the church, and breaking of the Babylon yoke. God has gleaned a few honest souls out of the debris of fallen Babylon, who have returned to Zion with songs and everlasting joy. To God be all the glory. We now take God for our healer, soul and body, knowing there is balm in Gilead and a physician there.

God has been useing Brother and Sister Rupert in Rock Ferry, in a wonderful manner in the salvation of many? precious souls and healing the sick, opening the ears and eyes of the deaf and blind. Praise God, signs and wonders are being wrought in the name of the holy child Jesus. On Sunday, Nov. 24, sixteen or more were buried with Christ in baptism. In the evening the ordinances of feet washing were observed of which about eighty partook. Another gos­pel van would be of great service in England, as it seems the only means of getting the truth before the people. The means for the same I have no doubt would be forth coming. Praise God for what he has already done!

Yours in him,

S. Brereton.


West Plains, Mo.

Dear Saints of God: I am glad I can report victory? through the Trumpet. I just closed meeting on Sunday last, about ten miles from this place. It was a precious seed­sowing time; also a few souls har­vested. I baptized a few souls at the close of meeting. The Lord wonderfully? witnessed to their burial. One more to be baptized there. There was a lady come to meeting while we were there who was badly? afflicted with rheumatism of several years standing. She was walking with a cane. After meeting that night she came to me and said, “I hear you can heal people;” I told her no, but the God I serve can. So I read her some of the Word on heal­ing, and told her we would make her case a matter of prayer. The next day I visited her and obeyed Jas. 5:14, and Matt. 16:17, 18. And the Lord healed her for his own glory. That night she left her can.. at home and came to meeting leaning on Jesus instead. She arose in meet­ing and told what wonderful things the Lord had done for her. Oh praise God!

While I was in that vicinity I met a man by the name of B. F. Harris who is imposing himself upon the people as a holiness man. He teaches that there is, no future punishment, and that the ordinances are abolished; also said that what God revealed to him was as good as the written word of God. We tried to give him some of the Word but he was so self-con­ceited and contentious we could not talk much with him. He would not attend the meeting. When the Word went forth, some of the dear ones renounced him and his teaching and got clear in their souls. As he some­times travels and preaches we warn the saints to beware of him. Pray that God save his soul. I am still alone in the work. Please pray for me that I be kept under the blood. I expect to join Brother Collins soon, the Lord willing. Your saved brother,

R. L. Farquar.


Grand Junction, Mich., Dec. 14.

Dear Saints of God: We are praising God for salvation just now that saves from all sin. Truly God has blessed our souls, and more of late than ever. God has been teach­ing us the precious lesson of standing on the word of God, and fighting the good fight of faith. It has been some time since we have testified through the Trumpet, but we have been laboring for the Lord all the time. After the June camp meeting, we labored in Indiana in company with Brother Ellis. Held several meetings and the Lord blessed our labors. But since the assembly meet­ing we have been laboring with our hands at the Children’s Home, get­ting ready? for winter; and God is blessing us in doing so. While we have been here, my soul has been much blessed in spiritual things. The Lord has been moving his people forward, and I know my soul is on the increase for God. Praise his dear name! During the week of prayer we met with the church at Cheshire, Mich., and God blessed our souls, in giving the Word. Sev­eral that had gotten away from the Lord again consecrated themselves to the Lord, but we are sorry to say? some were not willing to meet the conditions fully, and of course did not receive; others would not give up their stubborn will. I pray God to show them their awful condition and give them a willing heart. The Lord willing we expect to go back to that place to hold meeting; and dear ones, we desire your prayers that we may be used of God in his own way and that we may be clothed with humility as we battle against the hosts of sin. We know Jesus is our captain. Praise his precious name! I earnestly ask you all to pray for us. Your brother and sister in Jesus, saved and kept,

T. A. and Ella Phillips.



“Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.” – Psa. 119:129.


Ann St, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Dearly Beloved Saints of God: I am praising God for full and free sal­vation. I praise the Lord that he ever called me out of darkness into his marvelous light, and for victory over the devil; the pride of life and all desire of the world. The Lore has set me free from sectism, and healed my body. To him be all the praise. I was taking medicine till I heard a lesson on faith by Bro. Cole; he showed us those who had faith were on the Lord’s side, and those who had not were on the devil’s side, and I did not want to be on the devil’s side so I gave up trusting in medicine and came to the Lord for healing, and he healed me according to his word. Dear ones, pray for me that I may? be strong in faith. Your sister saved and sanctified, and kept by the power of God,

Mary Bach.


Ableman, Wis.

Dear Saints of God: I feel led to write my testimony to the Trumpet. I praise the Lord for what he has done for me. He has saved me from all sin, and has sanctified me wholly. Praise his holy name! I praise the Lord for the evening light, which he has let shine in my soul. Oh praises be to his name forever, that we in unity and peace may worship the Lord! My heart is filled with praises and thanksgiving unto the Lord, for his great and loving mercy and the blessings he has bestowed upon me during the time I have been serving him with all my heart and soul. I pray that his will may be fulfilled. Not my will, oh Lord, but thine be done. Your humble sister saved by the blood of Jesus,

Anna Meyer.


Sidcup, England.

Dear Children of God: Praying that it may be to the dear Savior’s honor and glory, I wish to give my testimony of what he has done for me. Blessed be his name for such a full and perfect plan of salvation! Oh ’tis wonderful! I can say Jesus saves me fully and keeps me by his mighty power and “the life which I now live in the flesh, I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me.” Gal. 2:20. By two works of grace, I know I am fully the Lord’s, and all this world has to give cannot compare with the peace of God in my soul, and complete vic­tory over all the powers of darkness. Amazing grace and love unknown. I have proved the Savior’s healing power very mightily in restoring my eyesight, which was much impaired, and full recovery in health and strength, often months of nervous prostration and weakness, and am now rejoicing in wholeness of body and soul, standing free from all yokes of men, with a desire and de­termination to continue faithful to Jesus by his grace, unto the end. Cannot some of God’s ministers come to this country and rouse peo­ple from their lethargy and dead­ness? Pray that I may be kept humble and steadfast. Your saved sister consecrated to do God’s will,

Nellie Marshall.


Corbin, Kan.

Dear Saints: The Lord bless every one of you with all the fulness of his love. There are so many dear ones to testify through the Trumpet that I fear to trespass on its space, but hope that my experience will help some others. Several years ago Sis­ter Josie Adams of near Caldwell came and talked with me and sent the Trumpet occasionally and I final­ly bought a book entitled “Holiness Bible Subjects.” But I was steeped in Methodism, and I despised the Trumpet which I ignorantly thought was only trying to start another sect called “Come-outers.” But I was reading my Bible and praying the Lord for spiritual advance. And last fall I became so anxious for the pre­sence of the Holy? Ghost, Luke 11:13, that I just fell to praying for it every? moment that I could spare from my children, and Saturday morning while churning I suddenly realized my privilege and was filled. Oh praise the Lord! My soul was so full and yet so hungry that I searched all the books I had for more light, and in the “Holiness Bible Subjects” I read “[see Biblical Trace of the Church];” I said to myself I wish I had that book. Then suddenly thought that Mrs. Adams had sent me a book of some such name which I had tossed on a high shelf saying, “Dear Sister Adams is the best wom­an in the world, but she has somehow got a fanatical notion.” That blessed book had lain there six months, but before I had read it through I was free from Methodism. I went to the pantry and took down the old Trum­pets and scraped off the paste and read every word. Oh bless the Lord for his mercy and long forbearance in sparing my stubborn soul to find this precious evening light! I had suffered with neuralgia since a small child, but while reading this “Trace of the Church,” I fell on my knees and asked the great physician to heal me, and instantly as though his hand had touched me I was every whit made whole, Oct 26, 1894.

My four little children have all been healed. I have two neighbors who have become free from sectism, sanctified and healed through read­ing the Trumpet Office publications. Day before yesterday one of the children slammed a door and after­wards discovered the baby’s fore finger of her right hand was fast in the crack. The door was heavy and tight fitting as a door could be. The little joint was mashed flat and the end of the finger all but cut off. I took hold of the torn flesh and strait­ened the nail back in its place and called upon the name of the Lord, and he heard me; the child ceased crying and I sent for Sister Hall. She came praying, and we claimed the promise. We anointed the fin­ger with oil and put a cloth over it to hide it from the child, for it looked horrible. But that night while pray­ing, the Lord to help me trust him, I kept thinking of the man with the withered hand, and how Jesus said to him, “Stretch forth thine hand.” And I got up and took off the rag. The next day the finger looked near­ly well and she used it as though nothing was wrong with it. Oh I cannot praise the Lord enough for his goodness! A miracle was wrought in our midst. The baby’s father is a scoffer, but he seemed stunned by this manifestation of power and be­held in silence; and we are praying that the Spirit may convince him of “sin, righteousness and judgment.”

We have never heard the pure gospel preached and are praying for our neighbors, and that we may par­ticipate in the holy ordinances with the saints. Your sister all on the al­tar,

Florence Dayton.




Thompson, Neb.

GRIMSTEAD. — Riley Grimstead departed this life, Sept. 24 in his thirty-seventh year. He was saved in April before, and lived a consecrated life from that time on. Although he suffered severely at times, his hope was clear and bright till the last, and gave evi­dence of his acceptance with God. He leaves a companion and three boys (all saved) to mourn his loss Funeral services by

R. H. Owens.


REEDER. — Bro. Wm. Edgar Reeder was born in Vernon Co., Wis., Mar. 23, 1878, and died Dec. 10, 1895, in Franklin Co., Tenn. Aged seventeen years, eight months and seventeen days. He leaves a mother, step­father and two brothers to mourn his loss. He embraced the faith in the Lord Jesus about two years ago and was a bright and shining light to those around him. He died as he lived and his last prayer that he uttered was, Father, take me home. Funeral services by

J. L. Pike.


Arkansas City, Kan.

GRIMES. — David H. Grimes, Son of J. B. and M. M. Grimes, departed this life, Nov. 28, 1895; aged twenty-six years, seven months and seventeen days. He leaves a wife and a bright little boy thirteen months old, father, mother, three brothers and four sisters and many friends to mourn his loss. He gave himself in the hands of the Lord two months before his death and had a real bright experi­ence in justification, and was resigned to the will of God. He was afflicted four years, but not a great sufferer, for which we are very thankful. He had ulceration of the bowels. Funeral was preached at the M. P. meeting house four miles west of Douglas, near where his remains were laid to rest. Text Job 14:10.

M. M. Grimes.


ALEXANDER. — Brother Matthew M. Alex­ander was born Feb. 26, 1822 in Belmont Co., Ohio. He removed to Richland Co., Ohio, with his parents in 1826, where he was married to Editha Darling, Aug. 29, 1849. He came to Kosciusko Co., Ind. in 1884. where he lived until his death, which took place Dec. 3, 1895. Brother Alexander was saved in the evening light last Feb. during the meeting held at Yellow Lake Bethel by Bro. W. G. Schell. He has lived a consistent Christian life since, and during his several weeks sickness mani­fested great patience. He was a great suf­ferer from dropsy and other complicated diseases. During his sickness we visited him three times and found him praising the Lord every time. He was of a family of twelve children, one only of whom (Margaret Alex­ander) is now living, and was in attendance at the funeral. Bro. Alexander was the father of eleven children, nine of whom survive him. His first wife died Apr. 25, 1888. He was married the second time to Sister Rebecca Middelton, Aug. 21, 1890. Being at the time of his death seventy-three years, nine months and seven days of age. The funeral was held at Palestine, where he was also buried, Dec. 6.

A. B. Palmer.



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By E. E. Byrum.

THE time is now here when God is manifesting his miraculous power among his children and be­stowing the gifts of the Spirit upon them as is pleasing to him. The church is taking an advanced step on the line of fulfillment of his Word. We read in 1 Cor. 12:8-10, “To one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit; to another faith by the same Spirit; to to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit; to another the working of miracles,” etc. And the apostle says, “Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ig­norant.” God’s children have looked upon the gift of miracles almost entirely separate from healing as being something only like walking upon the water, turning water into wine, and such like. But by reading the word of God we find that open­ing the ears of the deaf, and eyes of the blind, and healing the lame are miracles, and is something that must be manifest in the church, and God’s ministers must be endued with that gift. By this we do not mean that all of them are to have the gift of miracles, for in verse 29 it says, “Are all apostles? are all teachers? are all workers of miracles?” Now the Lord has set members in the body with that gift, and the same is being man­ifest.

One may have the same faith and work in harmony with another who has the gift, and yet not be in pos­session of the gift himself as a special gift, the same as divine healing. A congregation of God’s children may meet together and all of them have the real healing faith so that God will hear and answer prayer, and perhaps not more than a half dozen of them have the real gifts of healing.

In the 31st verse we read, “Covet earnestly the best gifts.” Now as we make spiritual advancement God wants us to be where we can be used of him, and as we move out in his order according to his Word he will make plain unto us just what gift he desires us to have if we come to him in the proper manner. Unless a per­son is humble enough to give God all the glory God is not apt to bestow upon them any very great gifts, nor use them very long in his service on these lines. Here has been one of the greatest drawbacks to the ad­vancement of Zion, is for the children of God to reach the point of humility and stand on the word of God alone.

Now some when they hear the word of God taught concerning the gifts are very zealous and anxious to move out and possess some of them, and using more zeal than wisdon and knowledge, they are ready to put in for them all at once. In such cases it would be well for them to covet earnestly wisdom and knowl­edge as one of the best gifts. Not long ago a brother in meeting asked prayers in his behalf that he might have more humility. Shortly after this he had a dream, in which he saw one of the brethren eating at a table the food as it was given him, and he himself was slicing a whole loaf of bread, and when asked what he was going to do with it said, he expected to eat it himself. Shortly after this he was in a meeting where a lesson was given concerning the gifts of the Spirit. He being very zealous arose, told his dream, and said he was ready to put in for the gifts of miracles and faith, and named over one or two others, and said he wanted all the Lord had for him. In fact he was not ready to receive any of these gifts as he had not yet reached the proper place where he could use them to God’s glory. He was told the interpretation of his dream, and that because he saw some one else making use of the gifts of the Spirit as God was giving them he thought he would put in for the whole thing at once, as the slic­ing of the loaf represented, and it being thereby revealed very plainly by the Spirit just what it all meant. We speak of this as there are many who have a desire to make spiritual advancement, and take this as an evidence that God wants them to have some, or all the gifts. These gifts are not given at random, but we find that those who have them and use them to advantage are those who have been pleading with God upon their faces until the will of God was made known concerning the same. God wants his people to have spiritual gifts as special gifts, but they should get the conviction for the same by the Spirit of the Lord, and then see to it that they are in condition to use the same to the glory of God.


A Cripple Healed. “The Lame Walk.”

66 Colfax St. Grand Rapids, Mich., Dec. 7, 1895. Little Johnnie Bach aged nearly ten, has been a cripple since 1890, from hip disease; caused by a fall. He grew worse, and was taken to the hospital two different times. The first time, he was there a month; the second time, he was there seven months. They cut four inches off the thigh bone, and scrap­ed the bone of his limb, and he had three or four large sores; his suffer­ings were great; and they finally sent him home incurable. The doctor said no one could cure him but the Lord. He got so he could get around with crutches but could not touch his foot to the ground; and had no use of the limb, but had to move it with his hands. He had frequent sick spells, from the poison in his system, and looked so pale and thin.

Two or three weeks ago he heard Bro. Byrum was coming and said the Lord was going to heal him then, but he was taken very sick three days before he came, and the family thought he was surely dying. Sun­day morning the father came for Bro. Achor to be with him in his last moments, they believed it was the Lord’s will to take him, he had been such a sufferer. The parents both said by his bedside they did not think he could live, but by obeying the word of God, the prayer of faith prevailed and he was restored, and relieved from his extreme suffering. That increased their faith so they thought as the Lord did not take him home then, surely he intended to heal him entirely. So when Bro. Byrum came Tuesday, prayer was offered for his complete healing, ac­cording to James 5:14, 15 and he was healed. Praise God forever! He doesn’t look like the same child, he is getting so fleshy and healthy. The crutches are burned up and he walks. The limb is lengthening and he can nearly touch his heel to the floor. To God be all the praise. The sores are healed except one is running a little yet. The other even­ing he testified in meeting to his healing. He enjoys coasting on the hillside with his sled now, is hearty, and happy as a lark, and all the family. The neighbors are astonish­ed. Thanksgiving day he was at the all-day meeting from nine in: the morning till after ten at night and fasted with the rest, of his own ac­cord, except eating part of a fried cake and an apple or two.

The Lord is working here in the city, saving souls and quite a good many have been healed of various diseases, consumption, heart disease, catarrh, fits, etc. Though the de­vil rages, we shout victory in Jesus’ name as they did at Jericho. Josh. 6:16, 20. God is increasing our faith and settling us down on the Word more and more. The week of pray­er was a precious season to us, and we expect to see the power of God manifested among his people by the name of the holy child Jesus, as in the morning light. And the Word says the light shall be seven fold. Isa. 30:26. 60:19. Jesus told his dis­ciples to observe all things whatso­ever he had commanded them. That comes to us in these days, and takes in all the gifts and miracles. Praise God! And lo I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Matt. 28:18-20. He said, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. And if he is abiding in the people of God, they have the power of God within them which is the word of God. He says he has ex­alted his word above all his name. Psa. 138:2. Yours in Jesus, saved, sanctified, and kept by the power of God.

Della Gardner.


Healed of Consumption.


Center St. Grand Rapids, Mich.

Dear Brothers and Sisters: I want to testify of God’s goodness to me. I had the bronchial consump­tion, with hemorrhage, catarrh of the head in very bad form, with heart disease. Five years ago the doctors gave me up as incurable. I was so, bad my husband moved out of the city, thinking it would help me. I continually grew worse, till last July I came into the city on business, stopping with Sister Eva Lardy, my husband’s cousin. I was taken worse and was confined to my bed about two weeks.

Bro. Achor soon began to visit and talk with me about my soul. I told him I could not leave my church, as I was a Catholic. He talked very plain to me and told me I would have to give it up, or I could not go to heaven. I told him my mother lived and died a Catholic and I be­lieved she went to heaven, and I promised her I never would leave the church and I expected to live and die a Catholic. He told me I would be lost then; for they did not believe in salvation.

After he had talked with me re­gular for about two weeks they ap­pointed a prayer meeting with us on Wednesday morning at 9 A. M. As they were coming in God showed me in a vision I would have to give up my church; for the saints were right. I decided and gave up all for Christ’s sake and the Lord saved me. The brother asked me if I wanted the Lord to heal me. I told him I did not have faith enough. The next day I was taken much worse and suffered so awfully and in the even­ing I told my husband I was going to die, and bade them good-bye and thought I was dying. I sent word to the meeting for them to pray for me. They came and asked if I believed the promise in Matt. 18:19, “Again I say unto you, if two of you agree on earth as touching anything ye shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father in heaven.” I was so near gone, it sounded like it was away in the distance. I could not speak, but nodded my head.

When asked if I would agree, I nodded my head, I would. They laid on hands in the name of the Lord and God took all pain away. I rested so nicely and went to sleep while they were praying and they left me asleep. I slept sweetly all night and awoke early and told them to get me something to eat, and my clothes, for I wanted to get up, as I had not been able to scarcely eat anything, neither was able to give myself a drink of water for some days. My husband thought I was out of my mind and told me to be quiet or my fever would come up again. But I told him I was well. They got my clothes and I dressed myself alone. On Sunday I went to meeting. Tuesday I wanted to go home to see my children, from whom I had been separated all this time. I requested to be anointed for the healing of my lungs, etc. They obeyed the Word and I was complete­ly healed and went home a strong woman. God healed me perfectly, soul and body. I went home and worked hard during the summer and fall.

Finally I got away from God and the old disease came back as before. I was away from God three weeks and suffered the awful tortures of hell till I got back to God. Then he healed me again. But a short time my Catholic friend’s whom I loved very much invited me to a dance, which I used to delight in. While I was dressing to go my lungs began to pain me. It ought to have seen warning enough, but I went, on Saturday night. Sunday about noon was so bad again I had to go to bed. My husband wanted to send for the brethren as he had such con­fidence in what God had done, but I would not let him. He wanted to go for a doctor, but I would not let him. My lungs were paining so bad he went and got a plaster and put it on my chest, but it would not stick. Some of my old friends came in and I showed it to them and told them the Lord had healed me before and he wants to show his power, and would not let it stick. They said it was no account. My husband was taken with pain in his lungs and put the plaster on and it stuck all right. Praise God! How wonderful! I tried to get up and fainted, and my hus­band had to put me in bed and I had to stay there.

Monday afternoon I was worse and so bad I sent for Bro. Achor. He came and told me he could not see much hopes for me, as I had re­proached and grieved God and would not stand. I was very sorry, indeed, I treated God so after he had done so much for me. I repented and promised God I would be true to him after this; for he has shown me I can only live by being true to God, and give up all worldliness and worldly friends. God saved me again. Oh how happy I was that he received me back!

The brother took, me by the hand and said, In the name of Jesus I com­mand you to arise. He left and I got up and dressed myself alone. Some of my friends who had been in to see me often during my illness, and saw my suffering, came in the evening to see me and were astonish­ed to find me up and at work. I give God all the glory. God has so shown his wonderful power, my husband wants to get saved, but is slow to move. Pray for him, and me that I may be true to God and serve him all my life. I do praise God for sav­ing me out of the darkness of sectism and bringing me to the pure “evening light,” and healing my body.

Yesterday my baby two years old was sitting by the red-hot cook stove and fell and burned the side of his face and eye. He screamed like he would go into spasms. I picked him up and the first thought, I ask­ed God to heal it and take the fire out. He stopped crying suddenly.

I thought he had fainted. I looked to see and he sweetly looked up and said, Mamma. God took the fire out and healed him, and the burn is healing nicely without medicine, I am your sister saved in the one body,

Mary Lardy.


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gate ajar for them, and if they may only be permitted to slip into the golden city imagine they will be all right. Oh how awful will be their disappointment! The very holiness of heaven will drive them back in terror. Jesus knew very well that men would base their eternal happi­ness on merely getting into heaven, and has given us a parable to show all men how such a faith will termi­nate. He tells of one who came in without the “wedding garment;” but he did not enjoy it. He was speech­less, and was bound hand and foot, and cast out into outer darkness: “there shall be weeping and gnash­ing of teeth.” — Mat. 22:11-13. No­thing but the spotless robe of perfect holiness will make heaven a heaven for you.

“Be not deceived, God is not mocked.” None but the pure in heart can enter there and see God in peace. Yea, in the light of God’s truth we cry aloud and say unto all, You must be as pure as heaven to enter and enjoy that holy place. And, thanks be to the God of all grace and mercy, SALVATION will put you in that condition and preserve you ready to enter and enjoy all the glory of heaven. Many scripture prove the fact. “For by one offering he — Christ — hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified.” Heb. 10:14. This does not mean that the holy state cannot be forfeited. But that entire sanctification perfect our salvation from sin, and puts u.. on the plane of heaven’s purity. Hence, if that grace is retained, n.. further cleansing is needed forever. Therefore Christ “being made perfect — a perfect Savior — became the author of eternal salvation unto a.. them that obey him.” The law wa.. a temporary system: “it made no.. thing perfect, but the bringing in … another hope — Christ — did.” I … him we have come to the final an complete redemption, that fits us fo.. the society of God through all remaining time and eternity.

“And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.” 1 Thess. 5:23, 24.

“And you. that were sometime alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works, yet now hath he reconciled in the body of his flesh through death, to present you holy and unblameable and unreproveable in his sight.” Col. 1:21, 22.

“Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.” 1 Pet. 1:5.

“Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world.” 1 Jno. 4:17.

These scriptures clearly and positively affirm that the salvation … God sanctifies us soul, body, a.. spirit, and preserves us blamele.. “Kept by the power of God throu.. faith unto salvation ready to be ..vealed in the last time. Even … Christ is, so are we in this world, a.. therefore will have boldness in t.. day of judgment.

There is therefore no purgato.. needed by the Christian. Nor … such a thing taught in the Scriptu… Nor yet that other deception of S.. an; namely, extreme unction. Salvation is God’s extreme unction; t.. fulness of his power revealed in … keeping us blameless and spotless … his sight. And “so an entrance sh.. be ministered unto you abundant.. into the everlasting kingdom of o.. Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” 2 P 1:11.


Mole Hill, W. Va.

Dearly Beloved Saints: My testimony is I am saved and kept … power divine, praising God for salvation full and free that delivers n.. from all bands and straps of t.. enemy. But truly we are living … perilous times with many opposition. We do need the prayers of the de.. ones for the success of the gosp.. here. Your brother consecrated … God,

J. K. P. Whitecotton.


Dushville, Mich.

Dear Saints: May God’s riche.. blessings rest on all of his litt.. ones. As I do not have the privilege of meeting with God’s redeemed ones I feel led to write my testimony. I do praise God that when … was wandering from hill to mountain to find something better b.. found none, this evening light w.. preached and God said, “Come out and I was willing to walk in the light I can not praise God enough f.. what he has done for me. I … praise God for salvation which is f.. and free. I do praise God for victo.. in my soul over the world, the fie.. and the devil. I have the real pea.. and joy in my soul that the wo.. cannot give nor take away. I … count myself dead indeed unto s.. and the world, and alive unto Go.. and I am reigning in this life wi.. one Christ Jesus. I am freely justified and wholly sanctified and satisfied. From a sister in Christ,

Mary A. Smith.

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