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2 January 1896, Volume 16, Number 1.



’Tis for me to know
My all is sanctified.
That peace each day may bless my way,
Though trials and toil betide.
Then tho’ the mighty powers of earth
Around my soul may throng;
Amid it all, salvation’s wall
Is ’round me great and strong.

’Tis best for me to walk
Where I no way can see,
Except the path I see by faith.
Marked out by Him for me.
For could these mortal eyes of mine.
See all along the way.
The shadows there of trial and care
Would dim the bright to day.

’Tis best for me to wait
With patience on the Lord.
And thus to prove my faith and love.
By trusting in His word.
And well indeed my soul’s repaid.
Each time mv faith is tried;
Each bitter test to me is blest,
As naught can be beside.

’Tis best for me to go
Often to Hint in pray’r
And there alone before His throne,
Find grace for every care.
And as oт bended knees I bow,
And lift my heart to Him.
My Soul is blest with sweetest rest,
E’en tho’ mine eyes be dim.

’Tis best for me to feel
My weakness in his sight.
To often plead in sorest need.
To be renewed with might.
The strength of God, oh how it fills
And thrills my very frame!
While mighty powers and darkest hours,
Must vanish in His name.

‘Tis best for me to weep,
As I can better share
Another’s woe when my tears flow.
Than when all’s bright and fair:
And more than this: each tear I shed,
Though bitter ’tis to weep,
But does its part to make my heart
A home for joys more deep.

‘Tis best for me to tell
My troubles to the Lord.
And not depend on earthly friend.
But lean upon my God.
And in tins way I learn to bear
Each cross whate’er it be:
And strength obtain in hours of pain.
To reign in victory.

— Georgia Cook.


A New Year’s Greeting.


In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ we once more greet you all, with a heart full of love and abounding in the riches of the glory of God. Truly it is with thankful hearts and much praise to our heavenly Father for his abiding presence and mercies and blessings bestowed upon us all during the past year. And as the old year has passed away we now enter the new year with renewed vigor, energy and courage through the help of our blessed Master, knowing not what is before us, except that it is victory through the name of Jesus.

As we look back over the work of the past year and see what God is doing for his children, we can only lift our hearts the more in thankfulness to him for the leadings of his Spirit and the manifestations of his power throughout the world among his believing children. The year 1896 has been looked forward to as a prophetic year and fulfillment of prophecy in a wonderful manner, and also a great upheaval in religious affairs, and the church has been advancing as never before since the dark ages in order to be ready for the conflict. According to the signs of the times the end is not far distant. The devil has come down in great wrath, knowing that his time is short. He is deceiving and causing the people to be deceived. The Word says. “False Christs and false prophets shall arise, and shall show signs and wonders to seduce, if possible, the very elect. But for the elect’s sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days. Yea, he says, Rom. 9:28. “For he will finish the work and cut it short in righteousness; because a short work will the Lord make upon the earth.” But he says, “A remnant shall be saved.” Who will be numbered among ..t remnant? It will only be those y.. obey God and walk in the light of his truth. For the past few years all sectism has realized that the time was near at hand for the uniting of all God’s children, and they have tried to unite on some articles of faith, or associations that would take in all the creeds. But this will never be done, because they will still have the spirit of division in their hearts. The only way that God’s children can be united according to the Bible is upon the word of God, which will take them out of every sect and creed in existence, with the Bible as their guide and discipline, and full salvation the experience required.

God is at the head of this great reformation, and his children who have been taking a stand upon his word alone have been seeing the need of spiritual advancement as never before, and not only see the need of it, but have been advancing. The standard of truth is being lifted up as the Lord commands that it should be lifted, and as the judgments of God go forth false teachers are being exposed, and the works of the enemy uncovered, sin exposed on every hand, the enemy of souls becomes enraged, but God pours out his grace and glory, and the power of God is manifest in tearing down the strongholds of Satan, and the’ light of the truth shines more bright than ever, before the world. Divine healing is being set forth in a clearer light than before, and the power of God manifest on this line to a greater extent than usual. The gift of miracles is also being manifest in the church, and the lame, the blind, the deaf, the dumb, etc., are being restored, and find there is help through the power of God. We expect to see greater things before the close of this year. With it may come greater persecutions, but God will give the needed grace and glory and victory through his name.


There have been a number of missions established in various cities during the past year and before. The work has wonderfully opened up in Chicago, St. Louis, Denver, Spokane, Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Grand Rapids, and some Eastern cities, and also in Liverpool and other places across the water. In most all these places many thousand tracts, papers and books from the GOSPEL TRUMPET PUB. Co. have been scattered throughout the cities and various parts of the world. A divine healing home and mission work has lately been started in Oakland, Cal., and the outlook is of a great work being done there for God. Here at Grand Junction the Lord is wonderfully blessing our labors in every department of the work, and the Lord has enabled his children here and at the Children’s Home, one mile north of here, to wonderfully advance on the line of faith and in spiritual gifts. Although we have been crowded and rushed with work in every department, and yet because of great responsibility and the many requests for prayer from all parts of the country for the healing of the sick and salvation of souls, requests sent by letter and telegram, the Lord enables us to spend an hour or so each evening, or night in special meetings on the line of spiritual advancement, and imploring his help in behalf of those who were in need of help for soul and body. Through the benefit we have ourselves received by the time spent in this way after a hard day’s labor, we believe that if God’s children everywhere would take advantage of time in this way for an hour or so each evening they would not only themselves be benefited, but the cause of Christ would be wonderfully advanced in a very short time.


We are glad to say that the Lord has wonderfully prospered the publishing work here during the last year; to what extent he alone knows. An abundance of literature, great amount of which has been sent free, has gone forth to all parts of the world, and has been the means of opening up places for the preaching of the pure Word, and the gathering together of God’s people into the one body. It is with much sorrow to our heart that we drop the name from our editorial staff of our brother who had long been a co-laborer with us in the gospel, Brother D. S. Warner, who fell asleep in Jesus Dec. 12. However, we rejoice to know that he is resting in peace with the Lord, and while we may not be able to fill his place in the body, yet we can all do our part as God has assigned to us, and the work will move on, and the ranks will close up with warriors brave, whom God shall muster in the battle, as it is God who musters the hosts to enter into the conflict against the enemy; and while a brave soldier has been taken away from our ranks, even from the front ranks of battle, yet Jesus our captain lives, and orders a forward move against the strongholds of the enemy.

A short time before the death of our brother, arrangements were made for a change on the publishing staff, we not knowing at that time that the Lord expected to call him home. Brother Michels, who has been on the publishing staff for a number of years, has for some time desired to be relieved of that responsibility, as his work has for some years been in the Children’s Home and other lines of gospel work. Brother N. H. Byrum, who has been in the office for about eight years, and for a few years has been bookkeeper, and had charge of the business correspondence, now takes his place as publisher, and since the removal of the editor by death, the editorial and publishing staff will be E. E. Byrum editor, E. E. Byrum and N. H. Byrum publishers. Bro. A. L. Byers will continue his work of preparing manuscript for publishing as usual, as he has had charge of that department of the work principally for the past two years. During the last few months the Lord has called Brother Radebaugh to take charge of arranging the book and tract department by way of advertising and putting the same on sale, etc. Besides some tracts, etc. that we have been issuing during the past year, we are now publishing a book entitled “SALVATION,” of about one hundred pages, the last work written by Brother Warner, which will be ready to send out in a few weeks. In about ten days will also begin setting the type on another book of about 300 pages, entitled “The Secret of Salvation; How to Get it, and How to Keep It,” by E. E. Byrum. This will probably be ready to send out in March, or before. Our paper folder, for which the saints of God have so kindly contributed, has just arrived, and is at work for God. This is a wonderful blessing to the work here. Our stereotyper had been praying for some machinery in his department of the work, and the amount sent in more than what was required to pay for the folder will almost purchase what is needed in that department of the work.


It is not generally customary for business houses to make public statements of their accounts, etc., but we do not speak of anything boastingly, but only for the glory of God. Ever since we have been in the work here we have been more or less involved in indebtedness, and many times have come to the Lord in fasting and prayer for the removal of our indebtedness, and ofttimes the Lord would order an advance and purchase of more machinery before we would get the debts paid. Some time ago we began setting apart our Monday night meetings for the needs of the office and publishing work. We were several hundred dollars in debt, with pressing bills for paper, type and other office expenses, amonting from $500.00 to $1500.00 a month besides. And as the work was rapidly advancing, a new building had to be erected, which, extending over our engine room is ninety feet in length, by thirty feet in width part of the way, and the remainder twenty-six feet, two story. This building was begun by the direction of the Lord without any money on hands, and not knowing where it was to come from, and the work was advanced just as the money came in to pay for it. We now have it about enclosed, and the press room finished ready to move into, although it will take considerable money to finish, but God has so far supplied all our needs on that line, and we have no fears but what he will continue his blessings on the same. While for years we have been sending up our petitions in behalf of our financial work, yet we can see that while we have not been able to get entirely out of debt, the exercising of our faith for the financial work has been one of the means of keeping our faith well exercised, and qualifying us for other lines of work. Sometime ago at our Monday night meeting we entered into an agreement according to Mat. 18:19, for the Lord to remove all our indebtedness before the close of the year. As money came in it was immediately paid out on bills and debts, and it was not until the last day of the year that our indebtedness was paid. Upon that day the Lord enabled us to pay the last debt against the office for which we truly give him much praise. At the time we asked the Lord to do this we had several hundred dollars to pay on the old indebtedness, and also an increased amount of bills for paper and office expenses, and we did not know where the money was to come from, but knew that the Lord could in some way provide. He increased the sale of books, subscriptions, donations, and also a bequeathal of property was given to the work of the Lord, which was immediately applied in the spread of the gospel. During the last two months our paper bills alone have been about $800, which has all been paid for. Another bill of paper amounting to between $300.00 and $400.00, has just been ordered, which will be to pay for next month, or due as soon as shipped. Our postage for the past year was $1,278.28. These are only a few of the many expenses of a publishing house, yet we make note of them that the brethren may see something about what is required for the advancement of the work.

We wish to extend our thanks to the many faithful brothers and sisters who have so kindly aided in the spread of the gospel work. Croakers, busy-bodies and opposers to the truth have tried very hard to hinder the progress of the work, and prejudice people against helping in the spread of the gospel, stating that money was being squandered here, and some one was getting rich, and such like. And we are sorry to say some have grown lean in their souls in trying to hide behind such excuses. But God has prospered the work in spite of all the opposing powers of the enemy. The workers here give their labor and time free, and the business is so arranged that no one can make capital out of it, nor receive any personal gain from the increase of the work, or donations that are sent in. The one who lives a thousand miles away, and has never seen the office, and makes a donation, gets just as much of an increase as any one at the office. All that is received by the workers is their food and raiment. In order to stop the mouth of gain-sayers and busybodies we here insert the articles of agreement between the members of the firm, which have been subscribed to according to the laws of the state and recorded, so that no one can take advantage of the Lord’s work, and thus make it so people will feel free to contribute to the work of spreading the gospel, knowing that no one can take advantage of it.

Articles of Agreement entered into by the
GOSPEL TRUMPET PUB. CO., Grand Junction, Mich.,
Dec. 10, 1895.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior, and whom we acknowledge as head over all things in his church, we, the present members of the Gospel Trumpet Publishing Company, and all who may hereafter be connected with this work, agree to subscribe to and be governed by the following rules and principles in the publishing work.

1st. We all freely give our entire labor in the publishing work without charge or salary, save our food and raiment.

2d. All income by the publishing business shall be used in publishing and sending out other matter, and no part thereof shall be placed to the stock of my member of the firm.

3d. All donations made to this office by which the valuation of the same is increased, either by the addition of machinery or office improvements shall be held only in trust by the firm, and no part of the same shall be placed to the individual stock of any member, or in any way become personal property.

4th. In case of the withdrawal, or removal by death, of any member of this publishing company, neither he (nor she) his (nor her) heirs, nor assignees shall be allowed to draw out of the same anything over and above the amount put into the business by himself (or herself). And no interest shall be allowed upon the amount he (or she) may have invested.

5th. Any one desiring to deed, will, or bequeath property to be used in spreading the pure gospel can have the business transacted in the name of the Gospel Trumpet Publishing Company, Grand Junction, Mich., in trust of the business manager, or the publishers and their successors.

We expect by the help of the Lord and the aid of the brethren the coming year to be able to send out more gospel truth than ever before, and truly we need the earnest prayers of all God’s children, that we may be able to herald the truth in Jesus’ name, and lift the standard to the Bible line without compromise, or fear of the face of man. May God bless you all.


The Lord redeemeth the soul of his servants: and none of them that trust in him shall be desolate. — Psa. 34:22.

Thou crewnest the year with thy goodnss; and thy paths drop fatness. Psa. 65:11.

The fear of the Lord prolongeth days: but the years of the wicked shall be shortened. — Prov. 10:27.

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What are you going to do for God this year?

Without holiness no man shall see the Lord. Heb. 12:14.

The devil has a good foothold and claims his right of way with a person until a positive decision is made for God.

Those who are always contending for sin, and that it is impossible to live free from sin in this life, are trying to plead their own case. They acknowledge themselves sinners, and try to prove it by the word of God, which truly is easily done, for the word of God brands them as sinners, and teaches that no such persons will enter heaven, and further says: He that is born of God doth not commit sin. 1 Jno. 3:9.

The way to make spiritual advancement is to obey God and not follow the suggestions of the devil, to count all things joy and not worry and fret over your situation; endure temptation instead of yielding to the same; instead of looking for trials and trouble ahead, look for victories. If people are always looking ahead for some severe trials and temptations they are almost sure to have them, but if victory is what is expected, that is what will be received and enjoyed.

A copy of the SHINING LIGHT will be mailed to each of the TRUMPET subscribers this week. The copy sent will be double size. The regular issues contain four pages. It would be well for parents to have such a paper in the home. We also mail a copy of our new catalogue to our readers. The paper folder has been received and is at work for God folding papers, tracts, books, etc., by the thousands.


Requests for Prayer.


Richard Wilson, of Corning, Mo. writes that he has partly lost his mind, and desires our earnest prayers.


Albany, Ill.

Dear Saints in Christ: I earnestly ask you all that know the power of prayer to pray that God will save my dear husband and bring him back home to his family.

Mrs Frank W. Miller.


Culleoka, Tex.

Dear Saints: I find that I need something and I cannot be satisfied without it. I have quit sectism; have quit tobacco in fact. I can see the true way. Will all of God’s true children pray that I may be fully saved? Pray for my wicked sister and her husband.

W. B. Keener.


Wingston, O.

I do earnestly desire the prayers of all the saints for the healing of liver and kidney trouble, from which lam suffering also for an increase of faith. The dear Lord has healed me of heart trouble and dropsy, for which I give him all the glory.

Mrs. S. Grice.


Vigor, Tenn.

Dear Saints of God: Please pray for me and my wife that we may be sanctified, and that she may be healed of catarrh. Also pray for my brother that he may be sanctified and healed of bone scrofula Pray Jan. 19. Yours in the one body,

C. L. Hutsell.


Jasper. S. C.

Dear Brethren: I want you all to join with me in special prayer for professing Christians who use extortion on their fel­low men, also that I may abstain from the use of tobacco and be wholly saved, consecrated to the will of the Lord. Pray for my family and healing of dispepsia and heart trouble.

J. A. Stephens.


Gadsden, Ala.

Dear Trumpet Readers: I am a mem­ber of the Methodist sect, but I know I am a sinner. I have been reading the Trumpet for some time and believe in divine healing. I have a cancer on my nose and face pronounced incurable by the doctor. I want all the saints who read this, to pray that the Lord may heal me, soul and body. I wish some of God’s true ministers would come here and preach the gospel.

Mrs. D. M. Gray.


Pleasant Plains, Ill.

Dear Saints: I ask you ail to pray earnestly for my sister Mary who is troubled with indigestion and headache badly. Pray Sunday Jan 5. I will fast and pray. She does not claim sanctification, but it will be “healing power” re­vealed among some who believe not in it. Your saved sister,

Mrs. Arthur Holmes.


Will some of God’s consecrated work­ers who may be passing through New York City, call on Benj.. C. Knight, a poor cripple who is praying day and night that God may send him help and comfort, but is very much in need of teaching. He will be found in Ward 5 of Roosevelt Hospital, 59th St. and 9th Ave. Or as he cannot stay in the hospital much long­er, he may have left there before it is possible for any of the saints to reach him, when he will be found at 685 East 143d St.


Antiville, Jay Co., Ind Dec. 20.

Dear Saints: I send this request for all to pray that I may have faith enough to be healed. I have been a cripple for thirteen years. Cannot straighten up, nor move only my hands, head and shoulders, and have to lie on my back all the time. I cannot turn over. Doctors cannot help me, or do me any good. I have given up all medicine for some time. I never heard any of the dear saints preach. All the light I have received is through read­ing the Trumpet. I love God and try to serve him all I can and live up to all thy light I have. Pray for the healing of my soul and body, that I may be sanctified and healed. Your sister in Christ.

Miss Della Miller.


Calls For Meeting.


Milroy, Fulton Co., O.

We wish some one could come and hold a few meetings here. We do not get to hear the pure gospel much at this place. These is a meeting house that can be had free, well seated.

John Huftile.


Clare, Clare Co., Mich.

We do wish that some of God’s ministers could preach the Word here. There is a large harvest and the laborers are few but praying for victory. Yours in Christ,

James and Lydia Crawford.


North Enid, Okla.

I would like for some of God’s true ministers to come here and preach the pure light, as there is a school house open here in a new place for a protracted me ting in about two weeks, the Lord willing. Would desire whomsoever the Lord leads to come. Your brother in

J. J. Brees.


There are three towns here wanting meeting; Pawnee City, Stiner, and Table Rock, Nebraska. There are few preach­ers here in the West. The saints have written six times but no one has come.

Elizabeth Carmichael,

Table Rock, Neb.


I feel impressed to ask some of God’s true ministers to come and hold meetings here, as the evening light has never been preached at this place. I am alone here. We live five miles east of Pueblo. School house near and our house is consecrated to the Lord. Your sister in Jesus,

Mrs. Chas. Benton,

Pueblo, Colo.


Oskaloosa, Kan.

We request some of God’s true minis­ters to come here and hold meeting. This is a new place; the evening light has nev­er been preached here. We can have the use of the U. B. meeting house. There are some here that are anxious to hear the truth preached. Whoever feels led of the Lord, come. Your brother in Christ,

C. W. Miller.


Detour, Chippewa Co.. Mich.

I am praying for God to lay his hand upon some one of his fire brands to come to this place and spend a few weeks or all winter in giving the gospel of salvation and healing to the people. I believe the dear Lord will lead some one to respond to this call. God forbid any to come unless filled with the meekness and love of Jesus. Whoever comes will find a welcome home with us. The evening light has never been preached here. I am alone with Jesus. Your sister saved,

Mrs. Fred Hardy.



Three Rivers, Mich.

There will be a meeting at this place beginning Jan. 1, and continuing ten days or two weeks. We earnestly desire some one sent of the Lord to come and help us. Your brasher saved and baptized in the Lord.

Leroy Burden.


Questions Answered.

Are God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son, one in parson?

H. M. R.

No. For the Bible expressly says, “There are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, [Christ] and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.” Now if the Father, Son and Holy Ghost were one in person, how could the Bible call them one? True it says, these three are one,” but in what sense are they one? Jesus explains this him­self in his prayer in the 17th chapter of John. In verses 17-22, he says, “Sanctify them, * * * that they may be one, even as we are one.” Observe that he makes the unity of three persons in the trinity the standard of the unity of sanctified people. Now if all sanctified people are one, like the three persons of the trinity are one, then the three persons in the Godhead are one in the same sense that all the truly sanctified are one; in spirit and power, and not in person.

We find some very deep sayings of Jesus on this point in John. For instance: “I and my Father are one.” Jno. 10:30. “He that hath seen me hath seen, the Father.” Jno. 14:9. From these texts it would appear at first thought, that Jesus and the Father are one in person. But let us compare these with some more of Jesus’ teachings. “It is also writ­ten in your law, that the testimony of two men is true. I am one that beareth witness of myself, and the Father that sent me beareth witness of me.” Jno. 8:17, 18. So while Je­sus says he and his Father are one, he also shows that he is one, and his Father is another. So it must be understood that they are one in spirit and two in person.

Notice also that Jesus many times throughout the gospels prays to his Father. Jno. 11 and 17 etc. Also the Father speaks to the Son. Jno. 12:28. Now how could Jesus pray to his Father and the Father speak to him, if they were one in person? Again it is taught in the scriptures, that Jesus is now sitting at God’s right hand, ruling everything in heaven and upon the earth, the Father only being excepted. See Acts 2:34, 35. Eph. 1:20-22. Heb. 1:13. Mat. 28:18. 1 Cor. 13:27. Also Jesus is to resign all his kingdom back to the Father after the resurrection, and thence­forth himself be subject unto the Father. 1 Cor. 15:24-28.

All these facts, with many others taught in the Bible, show that the Father and Son are not one in per­son. But in what sense had those who had seen Jesus, seen the Father? Paul explains this. He says, Jesus was the express image of his Father’s person. Heb. 1:3.

Are not the prophesies in Dan. 12:1, 2; and Isa. 26:20, 21, yet to be fulfilled?

W. B. T.

Dan. 12:1, 2, is a prophecy that covers the whole, evening light age. It serves as a kind of heading for the rest of the chapter, which was to meet its fulfillment in the “time of the end.” Verses 4, 9. The term Michael in the first verse is applied to Christ. In the same verse he is called “the great prince which stand eth for the children of thy people,” and Paul shows that it is Christ who now stands in the presence of God to represent God’s people upon the earth. Heb. 9:24; 7:25. Rom. 8:34. In Jude 9, Michael is called the archangel, which term means an angel of angels. This thought is confirmed in Rev. 12:7, where Mich­ael is said, to have angels under him So it is very evident that Michael is Christ, since no other angel has angels under him. If the reader studies Dan. 12:1 in connection with Rev. 12:7-9 he will see very clearly that Michael is now standing up in this present reformation, and is marshaling his hosts to the battle against the devil and all sin. Dan.  12:2, is a prophecy of the final general resurrection. Compare it with Jno. 5:28, 29.

Isa. 26:20, 21, doubtlessly applies to the great universal, political upheav­als that followed the crucifixion of the Savior for upwards of four hun­dred years; including the destruction of Jerusalem and the dispersion of the Jewish nation; since it follows closely the resurrection that took place at the time of Christ’s resur­rection. Verse 19.

W. G. Shell.


Is there a Visible, and an Invisible Church?


(Continued from last issue.)


It is a teaching very generally accepted that the spiritual church is not visible; but if such is the case, God has no visible church. It is true that the Spirit that builds, organizes and governs the church is not visible, but the result of its operations are visible to all. “The kingdom of God cometh not with observation” (Luke 17:20), is a text used by many to prove the church invisible, but this has no refer­ence to the church, but means salvation is an inner work, for “the kingdom of God is within you.” We cannot see the pro­cess of setting members in the church, but who can not tell when a sinner is saved and the joy of pardon irradiates the coun­tenance? We cannot see the wind that blows, but we are not insensible of the fact of its blowing. We see the result of its power and are sensible of it as long as it blows. So is every one that is born of the Spirit; and as long as the Spirit of God is in the soul of an individual, so long will it be manifest. Jesus says, “A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.” — Matt. 5:14.


Of the visibility of the institution itself? By no means; for who can see a body composed of all the various sects? Its visibility is dependent upon the visibility of the various sects of which it is com­posed, and they in turn are visible only as their respective members are visible. We cannot see a sect, but merely the mem­bers composing it, and their relation one to another. A sect composed of members who were not visible would not be a visible sect, and so we see that sects are visible because the members are visible, and the general body (if there be such a thing) is visible for the reason that the sects are visible.

Upon the ground here taken, viz., that a visible body cannot be composed of invisible members, hangs the claim that the church of God is not visible. This proposition is true, as is also its opposite, that no invisible body can be composed of visible members. It is claimed that the church, being composed of invisible members, cannot be visible. Therefore, to prove the church visible it is necessary to prove that its members are visible.

It is claimed that the body of Christ, being a spiritual body, only the spiritual part of man is a member thereof, but this is a mistaken idea. Paul says, “Your body and spirit, which are his.” — 1 Cor. 6:20 “Know ye not that your bodies are the members of Christ?” “The temple of the Holy Spirit?” — 1 Cor. 6:15, 19. “We are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones.” — Eph. 5:30. Now what can these texts mean but that our whole being, spiritual and physical, is a member of Christ’s body? That this is the case must be granted, it being plainly declared. “Know ye not that your bodies are mem­bers of Christ?” — 1 Cor. 6:15. To deny this after the plain, definite scriptures quo­ted is simply to deny their inspiration. Since, therefore, the body of Christ is composed of all parts of man it cannot but be visible.

But for further proof let us review the history of the church as taught in the first few chapters of Acts, and see its condition then. It is generally conceded that the church was fully formed on the day of Pentecost, through the instrumentality of the Holy Ghost. It must have been esstablished by that date at least, for we see that on that day three thousand were add­ed to them (Acts 2:41), which we see by reading verse. 47, was to the church. That this was a visible church, none acquainted with the facts concerning it would be so foolish as to deny. When they went forth and preached to the multitude with such marvelous power and caused such a stir among the people, is it not reasonable to suppose that each member of the church was known and recognized as such? While it is admitted that God had a visi­ble church at that date, it is claimed that it is identical with that aggregation of systems of to-day, called the “visible church,” but this is far, from the truth of the matter.

Let us compare the two and see if they have anything in common. In the apostolic church were no divisions. Peter did not preach one doctrine, James another, John one still different, as in the different sects to-day; but we read in Acts 2 that they were all in harmony, all of one mind and were all one, as Jesus prayed in Jno 17. In modern times men initiated mem­bers into the “visible church,” but in apos­tolic times we read that this was the work of God. And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved” — Acts 2:47. God also organized the chinch at that time. “But now hath God set the members every one of them in the body, as it hath pleased him.” — 1 Cor. 12:18.

God through the Holy Spirit also sent out ministers to preach where he wanted them. “And the Holy Ghost said, Separate unto me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them.” — Acts 11:2. See also Acts 8:26. God also chose his ministers, etc., and gave to each his particular work. “And he gave some apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.” — Eph. 4:11, 12.

We have seen that God added to the church, and if this church is the same as the so-called “visible church” of modern times, men, by receiving members into it, are guilty of usurping the prerogative of God. It has been proved that there is only one church, and men did not have anything to do with receiving members into it; we have no him of any one being received into church fellowship by the apostles, neither have we a hint of a class book or church record kept by men, nor of man-made disciplines, nor ecclesiastical machinery of any kind as at present.

The apostolic church was organized by God, but sects are pre-eminently the work of man. If man had organized the church, we would have in Acts, 2nd chapter, an account something like this: “The Rev. Peter, James, John, and the other apostles, etc., held meetings almost constantly every day and many were converted; and on Sunday the ‘doors of the church’ were opened by Rev. Peter and a great number were received into the church” But “God added to the church.”

It being the family of God, none could become members except by birth or adoption, and both these terms are applied to conversion. See Jno. 1:12, 13. Rom. 8:15, 16. Men being only children in the family, cannot adopt others into it, since the power of adoption belongs only to the head of a family. The spiritual church is a living, visible reality, and only hidden to those who have not a knowledge of what to look for, as we read of some “not discerning the Lord’s body. Wherever there is a true Christian man or woman, there we see an element of the church, and where there are a few such, there a church; a local congregation of the general body is seen.

Let us illustrate what the church in a place consists of as compared with the whole body of professors. Let us take some city. Chicago for instance, and by the following table see the church at that place. The figures in the first column represent those who profess in the various sects, yet are not saved, and in the second those who are saved. These figures are not used to represent the true proportion of saved and unsaved, but approximately for illustration:

Unsaved professors
(not in the church)
Saved professors
(in the church).
Methodist, 100 10
Baptist, 100 10
United Brethren, 100 10
Presbyterian, 100 10
Other denom’s, 1000 100
Belonging to no
100 100

Now to explain: The so-called “visible church” includes all the professors in both columns, except the lower line. God’s church contains only those in the second column, while those in the first column belonging to no denomination, and not to the body of Christ, are left out all alone in the cold. By studying this table any one can see the true church which is composed of Christians, and Christians only, and any one who can tell a Christian can tell who is a member of the church. God has given us infallible rules to tell every Christian, and any one not measuring to the standard, though he make ever so great a profession, does not belong to the church. “By their FRUITS ye SHALL KNOW them.” — Matt. 7:16-21. The fruits of both classes are given in Gal. 5:19-24; also in 1 John 3:8-10 is a sure test: “He that committeth sin is of the devil. * * * Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin. * * * In this the children of God ARE MANIFEST, and the children of the devil.” What plainer rule could be asked? Only those who live without committing sin belong to this church, and God says they “ARE MANIFEST,” and they can only be manifest to sinners by the sense of sight, so must be visible. As the visible part of man is the part that belongs to a denomination, and his visibility makes the denomination visible, so both body and soul belonging to the body of Christ, it must be visible; yea, it cannot be otherwise. “A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.” — Matt. 5:14. The church is visible to all who know what it is: but many do not know what it is, because of the numerous sects, each claiming to be either a part or the whole of the church, when they as an organization form none of it, but only the saved persons therein are members of it. Not because of membership in the sect, but because of spiritual birth. If the sects are visible, the church is visible for the same reason, viz., the visibility of the members of each. The organization and characteristics of the church cannot be taken up to any extent in this article, but the reader is referred to the tract, “What is the Church?,” and other works on the subject.

C. W. N.

(To be continued.)




Cayuga, Ind., Dec. 20.

Dear Trumpet Readers: This leaves us saved and rejoicing in the

Page 3

love of God. Quite an encouraging weeks meeting among the saints at Eugene. Some seven or eight consecrations. Some of the dear ones who were overcome, are now overcomers. Meeting closed on account of bad weather Meeting at Eugene, Ind. from Dec. 25 to Jan. 1. Stringtown, Jan. 3-14. Spangler school house, five miles N. W. of Clinton, Ind. Jan. 15-25. St. Bernice, Ind., Jan. 26, to some time in February. Brother and Sister Davison will likely be with us in these meetings. Your saved brother,

F. Husted.


Ward, Kan. Dec. 24.

Dear Readers of the Trumpet: We are praising God for the blessed way of salvation. Have held meetings in Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Kansas on my way home, and had many precious times in which the Lord has richly blessed our souls in preaching the truth of the Bible, which resulted in the salvation of precious souls, for which we do praise the Lord. At Bellamy, Mo. the brethren desire a C. M. next year. Also if anyone can go there and hold a series of meetings at any time, they would be welcome and much needed. Address Bro. R. F. Rapp, Bellamy, Mo. We expect to labor for the Lord in these parts. Anyone desiring meeting can address us. Yours washed in Jesus’ blood,

E. F. Houghton.


Crabtree, Ore. Dec. 17.

Dear Brethren in Christ: We are in a new field. God is sending forth his word with power and great victory. The Lord has a remnant in this part of the country, and he is gathering them out into his holy Zion. We are learning many precious lessons since we came to Ore. and are on the advance for God. We held meeting about three weeks at Crabtree. The Lord raised up a blessed little church at this place. Three were baptized, more to fellow. We went four or five miles north-east and held meeting over three weeks. About fifteen came to the altar at that place, but some were not willing to pay a Bible price and of course did not get a Bible experience. But thank God, he is bringing his little church out to the New I Testament standard. They come back to Zion with songs and everlasting joy. The signs do follow. There were some very miraculous cases of healing. Yours in Jesus,

Wm. A. Randolph and Co.


Since I closed the singing school at our place, wife and I, Bro. S. A. Yoder, Sisters King and Warwick have been holding a meeting at Eris, Ohio. At this place the cause of Christ has been suffering greatly from a terrible division. The brethren saw their condition, confessed the same, repented, and God did have mercy and forgive. Some of them were also sanctified, others there ought to reach this standing grace also. One at this place was possessed with devils and was truly in a serious condition. Fasting, prayer and laying on of hands were done all in the name of Jesus, and though the devils “rent him sore” they all departed and truly there was rejoicing among the redeemed. May the Lord keep them in unity and concord, and advance them wonderfully in experience and influence for God. We trust some one can get there this winter and hold a revival, and the Lord save many souls. We commence meeting at West Liberty, O.

B. E. Warren and Wife.


 Albany, Neb., Dec. 22.

Dear Saints of God: We have never written to you before, so the Lord has impressed upon us to write of what is doing for us. Last spring we went to Silver City, Iowa, and held a short meeting four miles north in the Evergreen school- house. Then we went to the Auburn camp meeting, which was a glorious victory for God and a feast to our souls. Then went to the Reynolds camp meeting, and from there returned to Auburn with dear Bro Kinzie. Held two weeks meeting in town, then returned to Silver City again and held two meetings northeast of that place, and from there returned home; found the saints engaged in an all-day meeting on Thanksgiving day. Then we held one weeks meeting, and as the Word went forth some were melted down under the convicting spirit of God, but did not yield to the Lord yet. From here we expect to go south and east of Gordon, Neb., and commence a meeting in the name of the Lord at a place called Harlon. Bro. Chas. Hatch will go with us. The dear Lord is more fully equipping us for his work. Yours in the one body, saved and kept,

Ethel and J. Wilber.


Grand Forks, N. Dak. Dec. 17.

Dear Brethren: I am glad that I can report victory in the name of our God. The work in Dakota is moving on. Dear ones are coming home to Zion. At Oakville school-house where we held our first meeting there has been ten souls saved, and conviction is resting on the people. It is eighteen miles to Grand Forks, and one of us goes out each Sabbath to hold meeting for them. God is adding to the church such as repent and come through the door [Christ] into the one fold. Some wonderful cases of healing among the saints at Oakville. The work in Grand Forks moves slow, but God has a people here and will lead them out. A few have already come home to Zion. Praise his holy name! God’s sheep will hear his voice. We expect God to establish Zion here, and make her a praise in Dakota. Monday morning before I left Oakville to come home, a dear young man gave his heart to God and was healed. Last night at the meeting here in the city one was saved and healed. We ask all the dear saints to pray for the work in N. Dakota. Yours in the one body,

Geo. W. Bailey and Co.

correspondents address us at Grand Forks, N. Dakota, 508 north 8th. St.


Fairfield, Wash., Dec. 16.

Dear Brethren: May the Lord bless you all. The Washington assembly meeting of the saints has come and gone, and it has been the most spiritual, profitable, and glorious one we have ever been permitted to attend. A general, deep, and fervent desire among God’s people for spiritual advancement in every way actuated all hearts with such a melting spirit of humility and meekness as seemed precious to behold in the saints. Several who had lost victory returned with all their hearts and were reinstated into the favor of God. One dear man who had observed this holy reformation for over two years yielded himself to the Lord and was sweetly saved. A few others were saved from the Baptist and M. E. sects. Four were baptized with joyful victory. There were many cases of divine healing in His name with power and glory; rheumatism, tumors, catarrh, typhoid fever, and other serious afflictions. Brother Fly of Bethel, was ordained deacon in the church. The holy ordinance services were observed Dec. 1, from 3:30 till 11:40 P. M. in which 114 happy saints took part Such an ordinance meeting we have never been into before. Hallelujah, praise and honor be unto the King of saints. It is believed that efforts will be nut forth to push the work of salvation and scatter the holy fire abroad in these parts this coming year as never before, from which we expect to hear of good reports. We are now in the midst of a prospect of a rich harvest for God. The Lord bless and reward all to our needs kindly administered to our needs. Amen. Yours in the humility of Jesus and on the advance with God,

D. N. Jacobson and Co.

Cochran’s Mills, Pa., Dec. 24.

Dearly Beloved Saints: God bless you all. Since we last reported God has been with us, saving, sanctifying and healing the people. The meeting at Rush Run, O.. was a glorious victory for God. Several were saved during the meeting. From there we went to Industry, Pa., and held a short meeting which was strengthening to the church. We closed this meeting with a precious ordinance service. Then held a weeks meeting at Hookstown, Pa., and from there went to East Liverpool, Ohio, where God gave us a glorious meeting. Some who were overthrown by the devil were reclaimed, and a few sinners were saved. The last night of the meeting there were six at the altar. Much good was also done in visiting from house to house and preaching to the people in their homes. On one occasion we visited an old lady who had never heard about full salvation and healing. She was suffering greatly with the rheumatism, and had not the use of her one limb, She gave herself fully into God’s hands, and after prayer was offered in her behalf, God instantly restored to her the use of her limb and completely healed her. She arose and walked the floor praising God. O hallelujah! To God be all the praise. Bro. Harry Rodgers was with us in the last three meetings. We are now at home assisting Bro. Stowe and Co., in a meeting. A few souls are being saved. From here we go to Dawson, Pa., then to Hurlock, Md., to assist Bro. Henry in the eastern work. Remember us in your prayers. Yours, for lost souls,

H. M. Riggle and Co.


Elmira, Ohio.

Dear Saints of God: God has been blessing me and his work since we left Grand Junction; I have had constant victory in my soul ever since, and I believe that it has been largely in answer to your prayers for me, and I can feel that my soul is wonderfully advancing.

I also want to recomend the free box or the wooden preacher, that Bro. Radebaugh gave me. Its first work was in Kalamazoo where we first filled it; there quite a number of wandering souls got the bread of life in the way of gospel literature, and some that were very eager for the truth. Also when we got to Lagrange we filled the box and set it on the County clerk’s desk, and there it did another glorious work for the Lord in distributing papers and tracts. Seeing the work it does it has convinced me that every minister ought to carry one and keep it at work. There would be much good done in that way.

The Lord has been giving us all we could do, and has blessed us in putting forth the Word; while we were surrounded in the Court House with the elements of sin and destruction we had constant victory in our souls, and God gave us an opportunity to speak a few words to his glory, and distribute papers and tracts. We held a precious meeting at Sister McConnel’s. We had meeting eleven times; one soul was sweetly saved and many requests for prayer, and a wonderful settling down on the Word, and to God we give all the glory. We closed the meeting on Sunday night and took the train for Ohio, and have had a glorious time in talking the word of God to some very nulling ears for the truth. Have had calls to preach, and believe that there will be a door of utterance opened to preach the pure gospel about two or three weeks. We are praying that God will send some one filled with the Holy Ghost to help in the meetings. Your brother saved, and sanctified,

D. L. Fidler.



Wakeeney, Kan.

Dear Saints in Christ: I want to add my testimony. I am saved, sanctified and healed by the power of God, and my soul is full of glory. It pays to serve Jesus, I speak from my heart. I am cut loose from every thing of the world and now I am running up the shining way with glory in my soul. So let us be in earnest for God, knowing he has done so much for us. Let us go out with the power of God in our souls to rescue the perishing. And do with our might what our hands find to do. I ask an interest in the prayers of God’s people that I may ever be found faithful in the work of serving my Master. Praise his dear name! I am glad in my soul I ever started to serve Jesus. Now my prayer is, Oh God give me more light on thy blessed word, that it may be held up before the world in its purity. Praise his dear name!

A. Oliver.


Fresno; Cal.

I want to tell God’s people and every body who will hear it what God has done for me. It was last summer that Bro. Byers came to Fresno to preach the gospel of salvation and healing. I had already before had some experience in how God in his mercy answers prayers in regard to healing. When the brother came I got light on the sin of sectism, and though I did not obey right away, God kept working with me till he got me out, and now I am standing free in Christ Jesus and nothing shall ever bind me to any sect again.

When I had heard the preaching on healing a few times it came to me like this: Why do you not ask God to heal you of your constipation and piles? I had it for twelve years, and it was getting worse all the time, so that there were very few nights in a year that I would dare to go to bed without first taking my medicine, and if I would try to go without for two days then I would be in an awful condition. It had never lately come to my mind that I could ever be cured. I had tried doctors and medicine so much. But I dared to take hold of God’s promises, and came up and was anointed and prayed for, and from that day till now I have not tasted the medicine. The bleeding and pain from the piles stopped immediately. But I had to be prayed for a couple of times more before the constipation was all gone; but I kept on praying in faith and trusting God, and he proved to be faithful to his word. According to thy faith be it done unto thee. What a wonderful Savior we have! Praise his holy name forever! Amen. I ask the prayers of all God’s people that I may ever be faithful till Jesus comes. Your sister saved and kept by the power of God,

Dagmar Rasmussen.




FLEMMING. — Bro. Wm. Flemming of Webb City, Mo., departed this life Dec. 11. Aged sixty-four years and ten months. He had suffered much for many months; was saved in the latter part of his sickness; testified before becoming unconscious that he was perfectly happy and wanted to go. Leaves a wife and five children. May they all be prepared for the great change that awaits all. Services by the writer,

C. A. Sunderland.


WILLIAMS. — Ida Luella Williams, daughter of Chas. and Alice Williams, was born Feb. 5, 1887; died Dec, 24, 1895. Aged nine years, ten months, nineteen days.. She was a kind and loving child, and while we miss her greatly, I realize she is not lost, but gone before. I expect to meet my little Ida on that happy shore. Pray for my dear husband that he may be saved, and that I may live low at my Savior’s feet.

Alice Williams.


Stanley, Wis., Dec. 23, 1895.

BRUNELLE. — Died at her home, wife of W. W. Brunelle, Dec. 17, 1895; aged thirty- five years, nine months and nine days. She was a true child of God and enjoyed the experience of full salvation. While typhoid fever had been raging in the community five of the family were stricken down with it, from which, through faith, all were raised up. The youngest one, two years of age, has not yet become strong. Sister Brunelle recovered from the attack of fever and was able to go about, and through over-taxation took a relapse, which resulted in her death. Through all this her trust was in the God of heaven, and now she has gone to dwell with the blessed Savior.

But we can only say, Lord, thy will be done; and rejoice to know that we have a hope of meeting her in a better world.

W. W. Brunelle.

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Means used in Divine Healing.


JUST what kind of means are to be used by the children of God in case of sickness at all times, has been a matter of no little perplexity, on account of the teachings of those who stand in positions as instructors, and hold up their own experience as a standard of measurement instead of taking the word of God as a standard.

Divine healing is a reality to day just as much as it ever was, and will be manifest wherever the Bible standard of full salvation is lifted up before the people. For past ages the standard of truth has been lowered, and most religious teachers throughout all sectism have taught that the days of divine healing are past, and ended with the apostles, and will not be restored again in this life. But they cannot find one passage of scripture to show that the Lord has withdrawn these gifts from his church, nor refuses to hear and answer his believing children who come to him with their humble petitions, offering up the prayer of faith. Where the trouble lies is plainly to be seen. Through false teaching people have departed from the faith, instead of contending for it; and for centuries drifted into unbelief. Consequently it has been difficult for many teachers who have been led out into the clear gospel light, to lift up the standard of truth on divine healing to a Bible line, as there are too many yet only raising it to their own experience when their experience is not up to the Bible standard on such lines of truth. “They that measure themselves by themselves are not wise,” is what our Bible tells us, and how much more unwise are they who try to bring the word of God down to be measured by their shriveled and stinted experience.

In the name of the Lord Jesus we expect to raise the Bible standard of truth on divine healing, as well as on other things. The Lord placed the gifts of healing in the church for the benefit of his people. 1 Cor. 12:9. Mark 16:18. James 5:13-15 And he wants his ministers to preach the word on healing that the people may believe and have faith to be healed; and not preach the opinions of some one regardless of what the Word says. “Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God; but how shall they hear without a preacher and how shall they preach except they be sent.” Dear ministers of God, preach the word. Get your commission from God, and preach the whole truth with authority sent down from heaven. Do not try to preach ahead of your experience, but tarry until you get the experience and preach it with boldness. Your own boldness will not answer, it will soon bring you down in disgrace; it must be God given.

During our absence in October an article was published in the Trumpet, in which the brother who wrote it, lowered the standard below the Bible line, while trying to expose certain lines of fanaticism. And since that time the Lord has plainly showed him that he had lowered the standard, and that fanaticism can be rebuked in strongest terms, and yet a radical stand taken upon the Bible truth. He had been teaching that it was our duty to use nature’s remedies to the extent of our knowledge, and not ask God to do for us by his divine power what we could do with remedies he has placed within our reach and given us knowledge to use. This is not the Bible standard, and the Lord made it plain to the brother afterward.


We believe in using means, but believe in children of God using the means set forth in his Word. What kind is that? Turn to James 5:13-16. s any among you afflicted?” What should he do? “Let him pray.” What kind of a promise has he if he prays? “If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will and it shall be done unto you.” Jno. 15:7. Mark 11:24. 1 Jno. 5:14, 15. 3:22.

“Is any sick among you,” What must he do? If we would read our Bibles as sectarian preachers have been preaching it for centuries we would read as follows: “Send for the doctors and let them give him a dose of medicine, and continue the same until he gets well or dies.” But that is not what the Word says. Let us read: “Let him call for the eiders.” And what are they to do? Give him medicine? No. The Word does not say so; if it did, every one of God s ministers would need to carry his saddlebags filled with medicine; and if the Word taught such we should see to it that the sick one took the medicine.

But let us continue reading the 14th verse and see what the Word says do. “Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord; and the prayer of faith shall save the sick and the Lord shall raise him up,” etc.

Here you see it is the “prayer of faith” that causes the work to be done; and not a dose of medicine. But why then is it necessary to anoint with oil? Oil is to be used just because the word of God says use it, and we are commanded to obey God. Saul found that “obedience is better than sacrifice.” The curative power and virtue is not in the oil, but accompanies the use of it through obedience. The waters of Jordan had no curative powers; yet through obedience to the word of God, Naaman was healed of his leprosy by dipping himself seven times therein. Did not God make the herbs, and give us doctors, and common sense to use them? Yes, God made the herbs, whether he gave us the doctors or not, but he does not command us in his word to use either of them in case of sickness. He also promised us “the spirit of a sound mind,” and then tells people of such minds just what course to pursue. Jas. 5:13-16. The herbs and doctors are for those who are not acquainted with God, or are afraid to trust him. Can anyone take medicine and yet remain saved? Yes; if they are walking in all the light they have. But you scarcely ever find medicine topers able to exercise much faith in divine healing; their faith is about as weak and sickly as their bodies; most of them spend more money for medicine than for the spread of the gospel.

But what about God’s children who only use herbs and teas and such things as are good, and do not cost anything? Well, they would probably be classed with those whom Paul speaks of in Romans, who were “weak in faith,” but whom he said “receive ye.” We are not to condemn them by telling them they are of the devil, but show them the better way of faith, trust, and perfect confidence in the Lord. If the teas, etc, do them good once they are sure to put more confidence in the same remedy the next time, than in the Lord. The Bible does not say the taking herbs, teas, etc., will save his sick children, but says, “The prayer of faith shall save the sick.”

What would you think of an elder who always dopes himself with simple remedies, and when called for to pray for the sick, reads to them James 5:14, and admonishes them to take the Bible method? That is, take God at his word, and “according to your faith so be it unto you.” Such an elder needs advancement, up to the Bible standard. Some people try to hide behind “Isaiah’s figs,” “Timothy’s wine,” “Solomon’s merry heart,” and such things; but by the help of the Lord we expect to uncover their hiding places by letting the light of the Word shine in upon them. The Lord willing articles will continue on this line.

A Wonderful Miracle Wrought.


In Isaiah the Lord commands us to declare his doings among the people, and make mention that his name is exalted. Then again Paul says in his epistle to Philemon, that the communication of our faith will become effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing which is in us in Christ Jesus.

One year ago last August the Lord began to show me the need of deep humility and power with God, especially on the line of healing. Although the Lord had given me the gift of faith. I found that it was not sufficient in all cases of healing, especially miracles. During the last June camp meeting the Lord enabled me by faith in his word to claim the humility of Jesus Christ, since which time God has wonderfully helped me, and I am still trusting him that it will be fully developed. First the Lord gave me this humility and then showed me through others how to obtain the gift of miracles, and that it was for me; also wonderfully convicted me for it and the gifts of healing. I laid hold upon the gifts of healing by faith, but feeling my unworthiness I did not claim the gift of miracles. Still the Lord kept his hand over me convicting me for that gift.

I went out into the work again and met with cases where the gift of miracles was required, and no one in the company claimed it, so we were not able to meet their cases, and we met with this nearly every place, if not every place we went. And just before the Emlenton, Pa., camp meeting I was convinced that we would have to meet such there, and I began to pray earnestly, and claimed the victory on the word of God, that that point should be settled with God and me. On going to the Emlenton meeting I was not at all surprised in meeting a case where nothing but the miraculous power of God could deliver. It was that of a young girl by the name of Lou Geerha..t, Floyd P. O. Venango Co., Pa. She was born with the cord in the left side of her neck drawn so that her head rested almost on her shoulder.

Two years ago her side was severely burned, and her arm from her shoulder to her elbow was drawn down to her side insomuch that she was unable to lift it up, neither could any one remove it from her side, and the sleeve of her dress was only made from her elbow to her hand, having the remainder of her arm under the body of her dress. Because of her head and neck being drawn down she could not speak distinctly and only in a low tone of voice.

She came to the Lord and got a real experience of salvation, and then applied for healing, and through faith in his word she was made perfectly whole. Immediately under our hands her neck straightened out, and the use of her arm was restored at the same time, insomuch that she immediately threw up her arm, which was formerly stiff by her side. This was all done in the presence of a large congregation, who acknowledged the miraculous power of God, which could not be gainsaid. In a short time she was at supper, and when some one went to wait on her as usual she was able to help herself. That evening she testified to a large congregation of several hundred people, with uplifted hands so that she could be heard by all the congregation. To God be all the praise and glory! God also wonderfully touched her mind with his healing power, which before was very weak.

Now I am sad to say that this girl returned home to her unsaved parents and has lost her experience of salvation, but I desire the children of God to pray that he may again save her soul.

Della Fry.


A Miraculous Healing.


Three years ago my husband was very sick, and had been doctoring for eight weeks, and our family physician said he could not touch his disease. He was suffering very much and I went out to the barn and began to inquire of the Lord what to do, and he made it very plain to me that I should send for the elders; but as there were no elders near fur whom I could send the Lord impressed me to write to the Trumpet Office to Bro. Byrum to pray for the healing of my husband, who was unsaved at this time. The time set for prayer was at six o’clock in the morning on Jan. 1st. When the appointed time came my husband arose immediately from his bed, perfectly healed, and although he was much reduced in flesh and strength, nevertheless the next day he went out and sawed wood with a cross-cut saw, and then began hauling tan bark and going about his daily labors, and was well from that time forth. May God have all the praise and glory. Your sister in Christ,

Francis Gregory.




Galesburg, Kan.

My testimony is that the Lord sweetly saves me by just trusting him, and each day grows brighter and brighter. I find God is a present help in trouble and my determination is to stand true to the Lord the rest of my life. Pray for my unsaved family and for me that I may be kept true to the Lord,

Mattie Matthews.


New Pittsburg, Ind.

Dear Saints: I feel led to write my testimony. I am saved and sanctified by the blood of Jesus Praise his name forever! The Lord has healed me of catarrh, and I give him all the glory. By the grace of God, I expect to stand firm and true until the end. Your sister saved and sanctified,

Mary Miller.


Athens, Mich.

Dear Saints of God: I feel led to write my testimony for the first time. About three years ago next April I gave my heart to God and tried to live a holy life with the light I had. until the first of October, 1892, the enemy overcame me. I lived on in that way about three weeks. I was seeking rest and peace, and finding none, I made up my mind I could not live in that way the rest of my life. And it came to me I could not start any too soon to serve God. So I had no one to go to but God; I took my sins and went to him, and I feel that he has once more redeemed me from all the corruptible things of this world. Praise his holy name for salvation! I ask the prayers of all God’s true ones that may read this, that I may be sanctified wholly and that the Lord will open the way for me to be baptized, and that I may have victory over the flesh and the enemy. Your saved sister trusting God for soul and body. Pray for my unsaved companion.

Sarah Howard.


Indiana Mineral Springs, Ind.

Dear Saints of God: I believe I will write a few. lines, the first for a long time, not because I got away from God, for I have been living with that joy and peace in my soul. I praise the dear Lord for that sweet peace that the world cannot give neither can it take away. Praise his dear name for freedom that we can love and serve God and none dare to hinder! Last Sunday evening after we had prayer, I was taken bad with the colic. I did what I thought was good and I got worse and worse till I could hardly get my breath. And finally it seemed that something told me to trust the Lord, which I did and was healed. Often I have been in severe pain and I would look to the Lord for help, and I would be healed. We will have our trials and tribulations, but the Lord has promised to give us grace to overcome all if we trust him. I would like so well to meet some of the saints and have a good talk and a good time. From a sister trusting the Lord,

R. A. Songer.



THERE is no spiritual advancement but upon the word of God. We may preach advancement, but except we bring the real truths of the Bible into actual use, we are making no advancement as we ought to make. Our advancement in past has been largely on the line of intellectuality. It is all right that we should make rapid strides in this direction, but we must still more rapidly move forward on the line of real spirituality. God’s ministers have for some time seen that this reformation in its present condition, comes far short of the apostolical standard in faith and power.

Why is this the case? Is it because the church is not to reach the apostolical standard in the evening dispensation? No; for the word of God says concerning the evening of time, “Them shall thy light break forth as the morning.” Isa. 58:8. Is it because we are not talking enough about advancement? No; but it is because we have not reached the degree of spirituality, in which God could entrust us with it. God has manifested as great a degree of power as he possibly could have set in operation in his church without causing self exaltation on our part, and endangering the souls of some of us to eternal ruin.

But what is the standard of spirituality unto which God would have us attain? First of all, my beloved brethren, God desires that we obtain the real humility of Christ. This is the great safeguard against all the perils of these last days. The key that opens to us all the other graces of Christianity.

If we feel a need of a more sacred nearness to God, it is humility that we need, for “the Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart.” Psa. 34:18.

“Thus saith the high and lofty one that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is holy; I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones” Isa. 57:55.

Here our loving heavenly Father so clearly testifies that he dwells with those who arc of a contrite and humble spirit, that surely none who read this can fail to see, that if God is not with them in such love and power as is offered to us in the New Testament, it is because they are not of a sufficiently contrite and humble spirit.

Again, if we need more faith it is because we need more humility, for faith is increased as we get nearer to God in true humility. Perfect faith can only be exercised in the most sacred nearness to God. “The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith which we preach.” Rom. 10:8.

I must confess that it was not until very recently that I received a correct understanding of this text within me. My faith has been too much like ascending into heaven, or descending into the deep after Christ. But I now see more clearly than ever before that we must have a practical knowledge of all the word of God within us.

Again if duties of any kind rest upon us which we have not grace to perform, it is because we have not enough humility; for “God giveth grace unto the humble.” God’s church shall arise in all the glory of the morning light, just as soon as God shall have developed in, and brought out of all her members, and more especially her ministers, the real humility of Christ. The ministers must move in the advance of the others. They must be humble enough to rebuke sin on every hand, and to preach the word of God, though they should thereby bring upon themselves the displeasure of all men.

Wm. G. Schell.

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