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20 February 1896, Volume 16, Number 8.



Let others boast of wealth or power
And glory in their pride,
Thy word. O god, we value more
Than all the world beside.

Here mines of knowledge, love and joy.
Are open to our sight,
The purest gold without alloy.
And gems divinely bright.

The counsels of redeeming grace,
These sacred leaves unfold;
And here the Savior’s lovely face.
Our raptured eyes behold.

Here light decending from above
Directs our doubtful feet;
Here promises of Heavenly love.
Our ardant wishes meet?

Our numerous griefs are here redressed,
And all our wants supplied;
Nought can we ask to make us blest
Is in this Book denied.

For these inestimable gains
That so enrich the mind,
O may we search with eager pains,
Assured that we shall find!

— Selected by Narcissus Moore.


Early Rising.


SEVERAL weeks ago, on Sabbath, I was at the home of a brother near West Liberty, Ohio. And dinner being prepared, I was about to take up my Bible to read a lesson for our mid-day worship, when the Spirit told me I should read the 57th Psalm. I turned to it, and while reading the eighth verse, I felt the rebuke of God upon me for my slothful habit of sleeping so long in the morning. The verse reads as follows:

“Awake up, my glory; awake, psaltery and harp: I myself will awake early.”

The last clause of this verse was particularly emphasized in my soul. Like a flash my mind was directed to other texts in the Bible, which, with the text mentioned above gave me my first insight to the fact that early rising is enjoined in the word of God.

My parents said I was born with an inclination to be awake until a late hour in the evening, and to sleep until a late hour. Therefore, considering this slothful nature a part of my being, I concluded that I could not be freed from it. But the Lord has shown me that his grace is intended to change our nature, when it is such as will hinder us from walking in perfect obedience to his word.

But does the word of God really teach us to arise from our slumbers early in the morning? We will notice the examples of the Patriarchs. “Abraham got up early in the morning,” Gen. 19:27; 21:14; 22:3. “Jacob rose up early in the morning.” Gen. 28:18. “The Lord said, Rise up early in the morning.” Ex. 8:20; 9:13. “Moses rose early in the morning.” Ex. 24:4; 34:4. “Joshua rose early in the morning.” Josh. 3:1; 6:12; 7:16; 8:10. “Gideon rose early in the morning.” Judg. 6:38. “Samuel rose early in the morning. 1 Sam. 15:12. “David rose early in the morning.” 1 Sam. 17:20. “Job rose up early in the morning.” Job 1:5.

Now as the virtues of the patriarchs and prophets have been placed upon record for our admonition, 1 Cor. 10:11, we are to gather from the foregoing examples, that it is the will of our heavenly Father, that his children arise early in the morning.

But we have a still more sacred example of early rising. Our blessed Savior was an early riser. “And the morning, rising up a great while before day, he went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed.” — Mark 1:35.

The word of God shames the sluggards. “How long wilt thou sleep, sluggard? When wilt thou arise out of thy sleep?” — Prov. 6:9. But the sluggard answers, “Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep.” — Verse 10 “I went by the field the slothful, * * * and, lo, it was all grown over with thorns, and nettles had covered the face thereof, and the stone wall thereof was broken down. Then I saw and considered it well: I looked upon it, and received instruction. Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep.” — Prov. 24:30-33.

But why should holy people rise early? To have more time to engage in secular business? No. But to spend the precious morning hours in sweet communion with God. Read carefully the texts cited above, and you will see that holy men of old arose early to worship the Lord. Truly the morning hours are the most precious hours of the day. This fact I never realized until very recently. God has so changed my nature that I can no longer lie in bed and sleep while all nature is sending up praises unto God. It is naught else than laziness that has robbed me of the sweetest hours of prayer, in nearly every day of my whole life. I can now heartily join with the aged sister in Berlin, Ont. in spending my earliest hours in prayer, so as to “get my sack so full of wheat that there will be no room in me for the devil’s chaff all the day.” Hallelujah! This is a real advancement in my case.

Jesus held meeting early in the morning. “And all the people came early in the morning to him in the temple, for to hear him.” — Luke 21:38. “And early in the morning he came again into the temple, and all the people came unto him; and he sat down, and taught them.” — Jno. 8:2.

The apostles imitated the Lord in holding early meetings. “And when they heard that, they entered into the temple early in the morning, and taught.” — Acts 5:21.

The church continued their early meetings for hundreds of years. Tertullian shows that in his day these early meetings were before day-break.

Recently the Lord has been leading us to spend an hour in the morning, usually from 5 to 6 o’clock in a meeting for the advancement of our souls, and truly we find it a most precious means.

Wm. G. Schell.


Bible Instructions.


WHATSOEVER thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might. Eccl. 9:10. Not with eye service, as men-pleasers, but as the servants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart. Eph. 6:6. Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Eph. 5:16. Do all things without murmurings and disputings, Phil, 2:14 without partiality and without hypocrisy. James 3:17. If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men. Rom. 12:18. Live without sin, Rom. 6:2, to the will of God. 1 Peter 4:2. Live as though you were not. Gal. 2:20. Love not your life to death. Rev. 12:11. Paul says, we beseech you also that ye receive not the grace of God in vain, 2 Cor. 6:1, but live salvation before the people, Mat. 5:16. We should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world, Titus 2:12. that ye may be found of him in peace, without spot, and blameless, 2 Peter 3:14, at his coming.


I will pray with the Spirit, and I will pray with the understanding also, 1 Cor. 14:15, because the Spirit maketh intercessions for us, with groanings which cannot be uttered. And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of Spirit, because he maketh intercessions for the saints according to the will of God. Rom. 8:26, 27. Pray the prayer of faith. Mark. 11:24 Here, the Word says, “When ye pray, believe that ye receive them [the things that ye desire] and ye shall have them.” Therefore, in order to be rewarded according to the desire of our hearts, we must have real confidence in God that he will do what he says in his word.

I have known brethren who were cripples for years, who were prayed for and prayed themselves, yet they wondered why they did not walk. Dear ones, there is a cause for it. When you pray for anything and others pray for you. God expects you to liberate yourself from every strap and band, throw away every prop on which you have been leaning and stand right on the promises of God without doubts, and regardless of circumstances, in order to perfect your faith and obtain what is desired.

Neither does God want us, when we pray, to use vain repetitions, Mat. 6:7. I have often heard many people pray long prayers in public gatherings and elsewhere which only seemed cold and formal, and doubtless received no answer from God, because they used many vain repetitions in order to make a beautiful prayer to be heard. Dear ones, resist the enemy steadfastly, and when you pray avoid a multiplicity of words which are unnecessary, and talk to God as being in your presence, because he knows what you want before you ask him. We read in James 5:16, the kind of a prayer that availeth much: viz, “the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man.” Not a long prayer, but an earnest prayer of faith. I have discovered for myself that one of the principle things is to know that God really hears my prayer. The Word says, If we know that God hears us whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him. 1 Jno. 5:15. And in order to have him hear us we must ask according to his will. 1 Jno. 5:14. How shall we know his will? Every thing that is for his glory will surely be according to his will.

From what has been said, I do not infer that we are to do away with much praying: for Jesus taught that we must importune, pray for something until you get an answer from God. Pray often; yea, men ought always to pray and not faint. Luke 18:1. But just pray for what will be for your good and God’s glory; ask in faith, nothing wavering, James 1:6, and God will speedily avenge you (answer your prayer). Notice whose prayers it is that availeth much. James 5:16. I have heard people say their prayers did not go higher than their heads. Surely God can hear. Isa. 59:1. What then, is the matter? Thus saith the Word, “Your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you. Isa. 59:2. Hence to be in a proper state to pray, we must not regard iniquity in our heart, Psalms 66:18, nor fail to do God’s will. Jno. 9:31. So dear ones, if your prayers seem cold and formal and you do not receive answers from God, then must be something wrong. Paul also commands or wills it so that men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, 1 Tim. 2:8; improve every opportunity with prayer; wherever we are we should let our light shine, and when God leads in any way we should not quench the Spirit.


Walk by faith. 2 Cor. 5:7. Many people in their daily walk look too much at circumstances and outward appearances. Such people generally want plenty of good feelings and if they don’t always have them, they get wavery and very unsettled in their experience. Now dear reader, if you are saved and know you are in God’s order you should walk by faith when a few persecutions and bad feelings come upon you; these are only a test of your faith. The Word says, Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened you. 1 Pet. 4:12.

Walk in the Spirit, Gal. 5:16, and walk as he (Christ) walked. 1 Jno. 2:6. Follow his steps, who did no sin, neither was guile found in his mouth. 1 Peter 2:21-22. If we walk in the light as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. 1 Jno. 1:7. Let us therefore as many as be perfect, be thus minded, whereto we have already attained, let us walk by the same rule, let us be thus minded. Phil. 3:15-16. Walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called. Eph. 4:1. Now what is our vocation? For God hath not called us unto uncleanness, but unto holiness. 1 Thes. 4:7. Therefore every one of you should know how to possess his vessel in sanctification (Bible holiness) and honor. 1 Thes. 4:4.

Harry E. Rogers.


All have no Excuse.


MUCH has been said about advancement, mainly among God’s ministers. While much is required at their hands for preaching the Word, in example and precept, as much is required of every child of God; that is, a perfect walk before the Lord. Jesus says, I am come that ye might have life, and that ye might have it more abundantly. So let each one that has life, begin seeking more earnestly for the more abundant life, that our souls may be fat and flourishing, that when God’s ministers come to hold a meeting for the salvation of souls, they do not have to waste precious time preaching to arouse half-stupid professors of God’s holiness. “Awake, awake; put on thy strength, O Zion!” Shake off everything that clings to us of Babylon. This is one of the most prevalent, falling into a stupor. It is true the children of God do not go after the world to seek pleasure, but if the devil can get them to be somewhat unconcerned about spiritual progress, he well knows the salvation work is much hindered. There are so many all around us that have no experience of a Bible salvation; and we all should spend much time in effectual, fervent prayers. Be careful that the cares of this life do not choke the Word, and we become barren, and unfruitful.

Some time ago I wished to do much writing, as souls that have no chance to hear the truth preached in purity, cry for help. Yes, one said to me with tears, “Oh! why did you not write to me?” I was so pushed with daily cares, thought the Lord would understand and not hold me to the additional work just then. But I grew lean in my soul on that line, and now I am determined with the grace of God to help me, to do with my might what my hands find to do. I can do all things that Jesus requires at my hands, by his strength. If we wait till we shall have more time we will never find it, and we will awake to duty undone. How many are passing into eternity, without warning, that we might have sent Trumpets and tracts, and thereby warn them to prepare to meet thy God. May the dear Lord help us to so live as redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

Once more I would say, let each one see to it, that their soul is truly moving forward for God. How often the ministers of God say nothing could be done until crooked professors were gotten out of the way. The patchwork that Bro. Henry wrote about, is not of God, for Jesus says, No man seweth a new piece on an old garment; else the new taketh from the old and the rent is made worse. We see those who come forward because their hiding place is uncovered; more to escape a burning torment than because they have dishonored God with their lives. They promise, and say they are willing to make restitution, or to forgive, or as the case may be; but unless they are held to it, never do any more than make a new start at professing, without the possession, and soon are worse than before.

If any are honest with themselves and before God, do not wait till the preacher comes along, but seek the Lord now. To day is the day of salvation. To day if ye will hear his voice harden not your hearts. Do not think God will save you, except you are willing to be saved according to his purpose, through Christ Jesus. May the light of God’s eternal truth penetrate every darkness, so that nothing but the pure light of Jesus shines in and through us. Your sister in the Lord,

Mary Heldenbrand.



“Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.” – Psa. 119:129.


Chanute, Kan.

Dear Saints: I am praising the Lord that he saves me from sin each day. Glory to Jesus! He has saved and sanctified me wholly, both soul and body. Yours, saved and kept by the blood of Jesus,

Frank Pierce.


Uniondale, Ind.

Dear Saints of God: I wish to give my testimony, as the Lord has done so much for me. I have suffered in agony with what we call La Grippe. The Lord had healed my body at other times, but Satan seemed to whisper, “He won’t heal La Grippe.” But the Lord healed me. To him be all the glory forever. My soul is full of peace and glory; for I know I have found a sweet resting place with my Jesus in the church of the living God. I am Christ’s and he is mine. I had prayed so long for God to send some of his true children to help me get in the true light, and praise his holy name, the dear saints came in answer to my prayers and sweet peace and joy unspeakable and full of glory soon came to my soul. Now I enjoy sweet fellowship with the saints. I ask the prayers of God’s true children that I may kept true and pure unto the end. Pray also for my companion that he may walk out on the promises of the Lord. Your sister in the one body,

Mrs. C. Elberson.

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S. L. Catlin, Aurora Moore. A. F. Adams, Mrs Mattie Stutzman, Nannie Leabo, J. F. Owens, E. B. Haynes. F. N. Jacobson, J. W Byers, E. M. Gilliland.




We have just received two cloth books from the bindery, as samples. 500 will be shipped to us Feb. 20, and as soon as they arrive, all the orders received will at once be promptly filled. We were to have the books in one week after the binders received them, but they were delayed in getting some binding material and could not furnish them as soon as promised. We wish to kindly thank those who have so patiently waited since sending in orders. It is a beautiful little volume, full of soul food. Cloth, 35 cts. Paper cover, 15 cts. The books are bound at Ft. Wayne, Ind.

The binding of this edition of the cloth, costs us about two hundred and fifty dollars. And our next book which is now being published will cost us much more than that amount unless we can procure the necessary machinery to do our own binding. We believe the Lord will furnish us with a complete bindery in the near future; as our expenses for having our books bound elsewhere amounts from $500.00 to $ 1000.00 a year.


Requests For Prayer.


Pray Feb 23, that I may be healed of bodily afflictions. W. H. Hobson. Waterloo.

Sarah Parker, Welton. — Healing of catarrh of head and nose.

Mrs. Belle Slow, Bloomington. — Healing of soul and body. — Catarrh of head.

David Apple, Harper. — Sanctification and healing of body.

A. A. Kearns, Hutchinson. — For a satisfying experience.

Mrs. Wm. Kline, Edinboro. — Pray Feb. 23, for the healing of my body, of numbness of limbs, kidney and liver trouble, and spinal disease.

Pray Feb. 23, that God may heal Jimmy Rittenhouse of fits and nervousness, that he be delivered from devils, and his mind strengthened.

Cinda Seeley, Lodi. — Healing of bodily afflictions; deafness in one ear.

Bro. and Sister Gordon, Starfield. — Healing of their daughter.

May Wood, Newburne. — Sanctification; also that husband be saved from tobacco.

Bro. McLauchlin, — Feb. 23, restoration of hearing.

John Wilcox, Oxford. — Healing of eyes.

Eva Ann Davison, Andrews. — Healing of heart trouble.


Calls For Meeting.


Mary Rogers, West Port. Ill.

Amos Lowder, Kniffin, Wayne Co., Ia.

Ara Evans, Blandinsville, McDonough Co., Ill.

We have had no preaching for a long time, and wish that some of God’s ministers would come. Angus McDonald, Blendon, Mich.

Sister May Wood and husband, Newburne, W. Va. desire meetings. They live twenty five miles from railroad, but would be glad to meet any minister who is led to come.

We want a firm and settled firebrand of God to come here and preach; would like one that could talk some German. This place is greatly in need of the true gospel. August Iffland, Ellisville, Fulton Co., Ill.



Of the Church of the Living God, at 625 B. St., Cor. of California and Colfax, Denver, Colo., meeting every night. Any of the saints when passing through Denver will be welcome at 1115-21 St.

A. F. Adams,

Carrier 28.




This is a broad theme; its attributes are many.



The Word, Mark 12:30, says, “And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength.” We can’t obey this scripture, and at the same time have our affections upon this world. John 2:15 says, “Love not the world neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” We CANNOT set our affections upon the things of this world, or follow after the ways of the world and please God. One reason why so many are not what they should be, and are having so much trouble with the devil, is because they let their mind run too much after this world; they are working more for the welfare of their bodies, than they are for the welfare of their souls. We should be more interested in the welfare of our souls, than in the welfare of our bodies, because our souls are of more importance to us than our bodies are; our bodies will soon go back to the earth, while our souls will last forever. Some people work hard to gain the wealth of this world, but when it comes to serving their Creator they seem to be too lazy to do their duty. If they were fully consecrated to God, and would PRAY as much as they WORK WITH THEIR HANDS, they would not have so much trouble with the devil. “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee.” — Isa. 26:3.

How shall we show that we love God? John 14 6 says, “If ye love me keep my commandments.” There are many who profess to love God but they show that they do not, because they do not keep all his commandments. Some are so blinded by sin, that they think we can not keep all the commandments. The reason some are not able to keep the commandments, is because they are not getting enough help from God. We should remember that man within himself has but little power, and cannot defeat the devil. Man is too weak to undertake to defeat a SPIRITUAL power. In order to defeat the devil, we must get help from God. He only is able to defeat the devil. If a person is in sin, in order to get help from God, he must commence with the first requirements of the Word; must forsake, and take a stand against all that is wrong; must obey the commands, one by one, as fast as he comes to them. After we have forsaken all evil, repented, and been forgiven of our sins, the Word requires us to go on unto perfection. Heb. 6:1. If we consecrate according to Rom. 12, we receive the Holy Spirit, Rom. 15:16, which is God-love, in the heart. Rom. 5:5. When we receive the Holy Spirit we have within us him that is greater and stronger than he that is in the world; we are then able to keep all the commandments.



First, TO BRETHREN. Jno. 13:34, 35 says, “A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another: as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.”

Notice, he says, we should love one another, as he loved us. His love for us was so great, that, he came and died for us, that we might have a means of salvation; by which we might be redeemed from all sin, and might have perfect love in our hearts.

That love will cause us to be willing to suffer for the cause of Christ, and for the salvation of poor lost souls, that they too might have the love of God perfected in their hearts. That love will cause us to do what we can to help souls out of darkness into light, and to help those that are weak and faltering. That love will not cause us to go about talking about the defeats of others, telling that a certain one has fallen; but will cause us to pray for him and help him to get up again.

O brethren! let us learn to bridle our tongues. There is a great deal of trouble caused, by some, because they have not learned to bridle their tongues. Jno. 13:35 says by this — love — shall ALL MEN know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. How convincing it is to those that are out of Christ to see love manifest among his true children. But what an awful effect is produced upon sinners, by some, who are professing to be the children of God! On the account of the divisions and trouble among many that are professing, sinners have become disgusted, and some lost confidence in Christianity altogether. One cause of so much unbelief among sinners is the crooked walk of many that are professing, and some of them claiming to be out in the evening light. May God help people to live what they profess. Let us all be sure that we have the Holy Spirit; and the fruit that is produced will not be discord and division, but will be love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance. Gal. 5:22, 23. Praise God! Let us see to it that we are bearing that kind of fruit. If we have not these qualities, we are not up to our privileges. If we have these qualities we can instruct those that oppose themselves; we will be gentle to all men. When we think how gentle and meek our Savior’s example was, and see how harsh some professors are, we conclude there is something for them to gain yet.

Second, LOVE TO SINNERS. Jesus says, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” Mat. 19:19. If we love our neighbor, as we love ourselves, we will deal with him as we would wish him to deal with us. Jesus says, Mat. 5:44, “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.” WE MUST HAVE God in us in order to love our enemies. He that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him. 1 Jno. 4:16. If all Satanic elements are destroyed, and we have the Spirit of God within us, we naturally will love what God loves, because there is no element within to cause us to hate with a devilish hatred. God hates wrong. Prov. 6:16-19. The devil hates all good. There is as much difference between godly hatred, and devilish hatred, as there is difference between God and the devil. The 19th verse says God hates him that soweth discord among brethren. Where there is discord, there is an element within some one, that is not of God. Some people that claim to love the souls of sinners, do not show the love of the Lord Jesus, in meekness and humility toward them. Yours saved and kept,

T. E. Ellis.


News from the Field.


Elm Store, Ark., Jan. 30.

Dear Brethren: We testify that the hand of God has been good upon us, and caused his “truth to triumph” in both new and old fields. We left the Clifton Dec. 27, for Izard Co., Ark. Held a two weeks meeting at the Oak Grove M. E. meeting house. Sectism and sinning professors could not stand before the truth. Sister Ross of this place was baptized in Mammoth Spring before this meeting, and at its close seven more dear souls followed the Lord in this precious ordinance.

We closed meeting here yesterday. Five were baptized. Among them was Bro. Rich of Warm Springs, Ark., who is being used of the Lord in publishing the truth in this part of the country. To morrow we will go to Ricetown and pitch battle, Lord willing. Pray for us.

A. B. and Cora Stanberry.


Oakland, Cal. Feb. 12.

To the Dear Saints: We are still in the battle, fighting, shouting, praying, and sometimes weeping, but not because of defeat. The dear Lord is with us. The regular meetings in the Home, Tuesday and Friday of each week are well attended. Attendance increasing. Hold services every Sunday at 2 P. M. at Alameda, and have just begun an appointment at Berkley for Sunday eve. The hour of prayer in the Home from nine to ten a.m. daily is also usually well attended. Souls are being saved and healed. Some very gracious answers to prayer. The Home is full of those seeking the Lord for both soul and body. The responsibilities and duties are increasing and we believe the Lord will greatly enlarge the borders of the land as we prove true to our calling Pray for us. Your brother and sister set for the defense of the gospel,

J. W. and J. Byers,

Gospel Healing Home.


Smithville, S. C. Feb. 12.

Dear Saints of God: Praise the Lord for saving and keeping power We have just closed a meeting at this place with victory in Jesus’ name. All glory to God! About the beginning of the meeting a very prominent preacher (of the Baptist sect) came, whose business it was to attack the saints. While God laid judgment to the line and righteousness to the plummet, and with the hail swept away their refuge of lies, and the water overflowed their hiding places. Isa. 28:17, he would drop his head and hide his face in his hands; and when the Lord got through with him he was too glad to get off without exposing himself any further. Glory to God for the power of the Gospel

Bro. William Mathis was ordained elder in the church of God. Several souls were saved. Some very clear cases of healing. With the saints it was a time of general settling down and preparation for advancement. Pray for us here. Yours saved and kept by the power of God.

E. B. Haynes and Co-workers.


Loysville, Pa., Feb. 10.

Dear Saints: The meeting at Germany closed with a grand victory Four dear souls consecrated for pardon; two followed the dear Lord in the ordinance of baptism. To God be all the glory. It has put the people to reading the Word. Some have throwed away their tobacco. We pray for the dear ones that they may get salvation according to the Word. The enemy has advertised the meetings in this country at his own expense by raising false reports. He had the reports so inconsistent that the people did not believe them, and very many came, out of curiosity, and in that way heard the pure word of God. To God be all the glory. “All things work together for good.” We held a few days meeting at Army’s house, and on the evening of Lord’s day had a glorious time commemorating the death and suffering of our dear Lord. Twenty- two of the little ones observed the ordinance of feet washing at this place. From here we go to Manassas, near Blain, Pa. Yours saved and on the advance for God,

Rosenberry and Miller.


Aurora, Mo., Feb. 2.

Dear Saints of God: As the Frisco home and school has been moved to this place for awhile until a permanent place is opened we have rented a large two-story building for home and school and for meetings. The house costs us six dollars per month. School is ready to begin and there are about twenty of us in family at present with quite a number more coming in a few days, and we are trusting the Lord for food and clothing and all things, and ask your prayers that he may provide such things as are needed for the children and home. Meeting will begin soon and last perhaps a month, as it can be carried on at the same time of the school. The place is situated on McKnat Ave., between the Frisco and G. M. depots. Sister Ewell and Brother Wilson are here to work in the meeting, and we shall be glad to have any of the brethren and sisters to stop with us to visit us. Your brother and sister,

G. F. Moody and Wife.


Los Angeles, Cal., Feb. 12.

Beloved: We report victory in Jesus’ name. Truly our God is a success. We are perfectly satisfied with his leadings and workings. God marvelously led us to come to this state. Bless his dear name! And our experience since coming has been rich to us; this we truly appreciate, and give God all the glory. We find many needy souls and God blesses us greatly in our labor for them. Amen. We came to San Diego Nov. 15, ’95. We can see a decided advancement in the work at that place. In many respects eternity alone will declare it all. A few were led into this blessed evening light and in several cases the healing power was manifest. Praise his name! Two were baptized. Held two ordinance services in the city; one at the close of the week of prayer, and the other Feb. 4th. The Lord was present at each, and especially in the last. Bless his name! A goodly number present. Also we hejd a couple weeks meeting ten miles south of the city near Otay. There are a few faithful ones there and God blest our stay with them. Closed there with in ordinance service. Came to this place Feb. 11. Services are held in tent. Direct to Gospel tent, Cor. 4th and Wall St.

Geo. L. and Mary Cole and Co.


Hurlock, Md., Feb. 9.

Dear Trumpet Readers: Praise God, we are glad to tell you that we are still saved and on the forward move for God. Bless his name! The work here in Indiana is daily increasing. God has a number of precious saints here who are contending for he faith. The saints at Pine Grove are building a new meeting house, also the saints at Hickman expect to build in the coming spring or summer. We have not held any protracted meetings since New Years, as meeting houses could not be secured. We have been holding meetings among the saints on the line of advancement, and God has surely advanced our souls. Beloved, the past month has been the most glorious of all our ministry, not because of any great outward work, but in getting in working order. God has been taking us through a real good schooling, which has been very profitable to our soul. I have long been praying for a real forward move in my soul, but it took me a long time to see just where to begin. But I am truly thankful that God has shown me just where I needed an advance, and I have a hearty amen in my soul, and by faith take the step.

The first lack God showed me was on the line of prayer; so when I made the advancement on that line, I began to see that I was not as humble as I should be, and while I had seen it to a certain extent before, yet not so clearly as of late, the devil tried to have me keep it a secret and just tell God about it. But before I could get a victory I had to renounce the devil and confess my lack, and by the united prayers of God’s people I felt that God advanced my soul. After God humbled me and got me where I could see my needs I began to see other lacks, such as the need of more patience, sobriety, and above all, more real melting love for souls. I feel that in the past while God has enabled me

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to discern the condition of some and I have faithfully drawn the lines of judgment, I have failed in a great extent by not using love as I should. Again while people would be convinced of the truth there lacked the real melting convicting spirit of love, to bring the people to God.

Brethren, pray that God may give me the real gift of love, a love that will melt stony hearts, also that God may grant me much holy wisdom and patience in preaching the Word in the future. The work here in the East is in its infancy and we do desire to see a clear work done. We expect Bro. Riggle to join us soon. Bro. Cheatham is already here. Next summer, Lord willing, we will run two tabernacles here: there are many places for such meetings. Next summer we will hold a camp meeting near here, which will be the general Eastern camp meeting. Also God is leading us to open a faith home here soon. I will speak of it later. Pray for us, all ye saints. Amen.

W. J. Henry and Co.


Grand Valley, Pa., Feb. 13.

Dearly Beloved Saints: We are praising our God for complete victory all along our line of march. Halleujah! Since our last report, we held a glorious revival near Lincolnville, Pa in the saints’ meeting house. God wonderfully shook the place. We were surrounded by about six sectarian revivals within five miles of us. Two within one-half mile. But praise God the power of God came down and moved the country until our house could not hold the people, and the revivals near by had to stop, having nothing but vacant seats to preach to. God advanced his church and did some adding. Praise his holy name!

Our next move was Titioute Assembly meeting which was a glorious feast. The meeting was held in the encampment hall, on Main street. The cost of the hall was $3.00 per night, and we had the use of the hall for nine days and nights. Sinners paid most of the bill. God bless them for their kindness and give them salvation in exchange. There was a number of souls at the altar. Some for pardon, others for sanctification. One case of healing. Ministers and workers in attendance, — McCoy, Rowe and Co., L. J. Taylor and Wife; Bro. S. Martz, a few days. We had a so one Joseph Pugh, claiming to be an evangelist of holiness from Fort Erie, Ont. This man we found void of the salvation of Jesus Christ. We labored with him, but found him not honest. He took the sop and went out. So we feel it our duty to warn the saints at different points to look out for this man, for he is taking names from the GOSPEL TRUMPET of those who are calling for meetings, for the express purpose of filling the call. Dear ones, look out for him until he repents and gets salvation. I furthermore wish to say to all the dear ones calling for meetings, Don’t drink in everyone that says he comes in the name of the Lord. If you or some one of your number are not acquainted with those who are answering the calls, it would be best to drop a card to some minister who would likely be acquainted with them, or to the GOSPEL TRUMPET office, who doubt have a knowledge of almost all of the ministers of God, in the field, preaching the whole gospel. For the time is come we must look out for the wolves in sheep’s clothing. And one man or woman not sent in the name of the Lord will pull down more in a few days, than one of God’s ministers can build in weeks.

We are now at Grand Valley, in company with L. J. Taylor and wife. Lord willing we expect to be with church at Lincolnville, over Lord’s day, 23d. We will then go home for a few days meeting. From there we will move to Cochran’s Mills, Armstrong Co., Pa. and labor for some time. We expect to reach this point about the 10th of March. All those desiring us along the A. V. R. R. can address us at Mc Lallen corners, Erie Co., Pa. Yours in defence of the gospel,

J. A. and A. J. Dillox and Co.



“Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.” – Psa. 119:129.


Grant’s Pass, Ore.

Dear Ones in the Lord: I praise God for a full free salvation that saves to the uttermost. Bro. Pugh as been here laboring with us, and the signs have followed. Bro. Bishop was healed in the name of the Lord and is praising God. Sister Bishop was sweetly saved, but she is still blind. Please pray that she may yet see, to the glory of God. I know the Lord has saved, sanctified and healed me. Praise his holy name! I am all on the altar to do his will. The harvest is already ripe and the laborers few. Plenty of work right here. Pray for me that I may ever be found humble at the feet of Jesus Yours in Him,

D. D. Adams.


Shubuta, Miss.

Dear Trumpet Readers: A little over three years ago I was led out into the evening light by hearing the truth preached; and praise God he has kept me from the snares of the devil since that time. I have no more relish for the dead formalities of sectism since I heard holiness preached. I want all of God’s people who can pray the prayer of faith to fall on your knees and pray earnestly to God for the salvation of my dear husband. And when he is saved I Will write and tell you the glad news if God permits. God so wonderfully blessed me in the terrible ordeal of motherhood that I recently passed through. Praise his holy name! Pray for me. Your sister in Christ,

Mamie W. Joiner.


Woodburn, Oregon.

Dear Trumpet Readers: I do praise God that he ever did save me from the snares of the devil and place my feet on the rock Christ Jesus. At the Woodburn camp meeting God did truly forgive all my sins, and sanctify my nature by a second definite work of grace. I cannot praise him enough for what he has done for me. I used tobacco about forty years and he took the appetite all away, and I have never had any desire for it since. Praise his holy name forever! I belonged to the Grand Army and was very proud of the fine badges and brass buttons, and did like the applause of the world; but I do thank God that he has taken me out of the grand army of this world and placed me in the grand army that is from above. And I do praise God for the sweet peace and love that I have in my heart. Your brother in the one body,

John Vrendenburg.


Adelaida, Cal.

Dear Trumpet Readers: Let me testify to what the good Lord has done for me, and wife and son. Praise the Lord with me! He has answered the prayers of the dear saints and I got relieved of that asthma, which had set in, after I was cured of my rheumatism of thirty- five years standing; my right foot having been the weakest part of my body, and would very often not bear my weight, and was very sore much of the time. The prayer offered by Bro. Byrum at my little cabin here has been heard; praise the Lord! My rheumatism is gone ever since, and I can work on my hilly place as never before, and no more weakness or soreness. My wife, too, was greatly benefited by the prayers offered to the loving Savior, and whenever any attacks are felt the prayer of faith brings on relief. She, too, praises the Lord for all this and we give all the glory to him. Your brother saved and sanctified,

Chas. Meyer.


St. Louis, Mich.

Dear Trumpet: I want to testify to the saving of my soul and healing of my body. Two years ago last December I was healed of an attack of hemorrage of the womb. I was confined to my bed for three months. We employed three different doctors, but they could not give me any relief, but I got gradually worse until it seemed there was no hope. I saw that I was a sinner in the sight of God and hell was to be my doom; when God showed me that if I would trust myself in his hands that he would heal me both soul and body. I sent for some of God’s children to pray for me. They came and talked with me and told me of the one way which I had never heard before. They prayed for me and after an awful night’s struggle which I shall never forget, through the prayer of faith my soul was. set at liberty and I was raised up in newness of life, and by obeying Jas. 5:14, 15 I was healed. Glory to God for his goodness to me! Your sister saved in the one body,

Delilah Brooks.


Alma, Mich.

Dear Trumpet: To the glory of God I will subscribe a short testimony. I have prayed for God to increase my faith. Not knowing what way the good Lord would take to increase my faith, I continued to cry for the increase. On Jan. 9, my little son was taken sick coming home from school; was soon confined to the bed. On the 10th a heavy chill followed with burning fever and I heard the voice of God through his beloved Son saying, Call for the elders of the church, in which I obeyed. The little fellow’s request was, he wanted no doctor but wanted Bro. Reeves to pray for him. Bro. R. lived some eighteen or ninteen miles distant, but the Lord sent him to our house that day. The boy was anointed according to Jas. 5:14, 15, and the raging fever was rebuked. But on Sunday 11, the fever continued to rage. The devil said, “You ought to do something,” and I thought I must, but as soon as I had settled down on God’s plan immediately the fever left and the boy got up and walked and at date is sound and well. Praise God!

God saw I needed another test immediately. On the eve of the 13th, companion was severely afflicted, and such severe pain in both sides she could not turn herself. The disease still continued until the 15th. I again called the elders according to the Word, and was anointed in the name of Jesus, prayer was offered, hands laid on, and God in mighty power touched her body. Leaping from the bed she praised God for his wonderful gift. Dear brethren in the faith, pray for me that I may be sunk in Jesus to the perfecting of my soul in his love. I desire to be wholly sanctified. Yours in the one body,

C. F. Wright.


Slate, Kan.

Dear Saints of God: I feel it would be to the glory of God to tell the dear ones how the Lord has prospered me both physically and spiritually. I have learned by many precious lessons that God is all we take him for by faith. And again I have learned by severe lessons, and long to be remembered, that if we fail to exercise our faith in cases where God would be glorified, then when our faith is tested again we find it to be very weak, and wonder perhaps where it went to. It was but a short time ago that I had an experience of this kind.

A few weeks ago when my baby was born, as there was no experienced woman we knew of around these parts, we sent for a doctor, which I felt perfectly conscientious in doing at the time, and do yet. But that was not all. In the midst of my suffering orders were given by the doctor to give me a certain medicine which he had prepared; but instead of refusing to take it as I should have done, I took it and said nothing; not because of a lack of faith in God, but for fear I should offend the doctor. However when he left the next morning he left me a little of the same medicine, a little salve to prevent inflammation, I think he said, and then gave orders to give me castor oil in two days. I thought the salve a very simple remedy, the castor oil the same, and as for the other the devil says, “You took it once; it won’t hurt you to take it again, if it doesn’t do you any good.” So I took one or two doses and threw the rest away.

You see, dear ones, how the devil will creep in almost unawares and cheat us out of the victory we might have over such a case, and God out of the glory. And not only so, but afterward I found it brought much reproach on the cause. The doctor noised it near and far, speaking lightly of the saints and of the faith, which truly was a just rebuke to me. When I saw what it had done I confessed it all to God and as I made it right with him I promised eternal trueness to him in the future. I write this not only as a public confession, but also as a public warning to other dear ones whom the devil may try to work upon in the same way. I afterwards had a trial of my faith. Baby was suffering from constipation. I at once prayed for her, but she got no better; then I found my faith was very weak. The third day the devil suggested castor oil and I even suggested it to my husband; but when he replied, “Let us pray for her,” I renounced the devil and picked up new courage, and we prayed and she immediately went to sleep and was all right from that time. Since then my faith has be wonderfully increased.

A week ago last Saturday night the Lord wonderfully and instantly healed me of terrible suffering I had been undergoing for over a week; such misery as I cannot describe. I do not know what was the matter but God knew and healed me by the laying on of hands and anointing with oil. So I mean by the help of God to forever trust my case in the hands of God. I do truly praise God for saving my soul; and as I have consecrated my all to God, he sanctifies me wholly. Yours in Christ,

Effie Savell.




STEWART. — Bro. Ira Stewart was born Sept. 26, 1843 in St. Charles. Kane Co., Ill. and died of consumption in Webb City, Mo. Jan. 16, 1896 being 52 yrs. 3 mo. 20 days of age. Bro. Stewart has been favorable to the truth for several years, but did not accept it till near his death. He leaves a wife and many friends who sorrow not as those who have no hope. May God bless Sister Stewart and help all to prepare to meet their God. Funeral services by the writer.

J. B. Hooker.


YOUNG. — Bro. William Horton Young, son of Job and Mary Young, was born near Wapakoneta, Ohio, Jan. 25, 1873; died at Decatur, Ind. Feb. 2, 1896. Age 23 years and 8 days. Died of heart dropsy. He had been afflicted the most of his life; the last three months of his life was badly afflicted, and would have been a great sufferer had it not been for the help and comfort he found in Christ. When he saw that death was near he was perfectly resigned to the will of God. Funeral services were held in the U. B. meeting house, Decatur, Ind., Feb 4. by the writer.

J. N. Worden.


Albany, Ill.

ROSE. — Mother Fanny Rose fell asleep in Jesus Jan. 24 in the 69th year of her age. She was converted to Christ nearly eleven years ago, and he has been her physician, comfort and guide to the last. Her voice was always heard in earnest prayer or testimony to the glory of God wherever she attended public worship. She had resided in Lyons, Iowa with her sons for the last three years. Death came suddenly, but peacefully; without struggle she fell asleep. She leaves three sous to mourn the loss of a devoted Christian mother. Funeral services and burial at Cottonwood, Ill., Jan 26, by the writer.

T. E. White.


Starburg, Pa.

BECK. — Dear Brother Frank Beck met his death almost instantly by a fall of coal. He was married to Sarah Kirkwood, November 23 1892. There was born one child; God saw fit to take it to himself; and his wife fell a victim to quick consumption. She put her arms around Iris neck and pled with him to meet her in heaven. Finally he got waved in the evening light and accepted the whole truth. He was a faithful attendant at meeting. His last testimony was bright. He was born March 11, 1869; died Feb. 6, 1896. Aged 26 years, 10 months and 16 days. Funeral on the eighth, attended by a large crowd of friends and fellow miners. May God bless his father and mother and brothers and sisters, and help them to meet him in heaven.

Wm. Yates.

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Stand by the Word.


THE healing power of God relative to mankind was promised when the Savior should come. Being a promise of divine order, it was a truth that was imbodied in the great and lasting covenant made by the Son of God, in the which this promise became a glorious reality to all who received the truth in its fullness. Matt. 8:16, 17. At this very point the devil is waging war. He is mustering all his host, and dearly beloved brethren, do you know that Satan is opposed to this line of truth if possible, more than all others? All the fiends of the lower regions have set in array to keep it down. False teachers, or lost preachers, and every crooked croaker, and they are all crooked, have met in a council in the regions of Gehenna; the arch-fiend making a motion and all of his followers with unanimous voice sanctioned the move, that they would prove to the world, that it is not necessary to obey the word of God. But O blessed thought, we have power over all the powers of the enemy! And to keep this we must obey the truth.

From the depth of my soul I can say amen to the stand that has been taken by the few who dare to herald the truth regardless of consequences. Satan is howling over the truth that has been presented in the Trumpet in reference to means to be used. This we expected, for he is an enemy to all things that are for the good of humanity. He cries, “No means, no means, down with the idea!” To all such who have fallen in with these blind teachers let me say. There are means to be used, plainly taught in the word of God, but the first means you need is repentance and salvation; these means will work a grand result, purify your soul and fill you with the love of Christ, the very means that causes you to obey the truth. Jno. 14:23. These first means bring us to the plane of faith where we find the next means, which read, Jas. 5 14, 15.

Some say, “It is very well for those who believe that way, and can trust God for all things, but I can not have the faith.” Let a soul get filled with the love of God and his glory, with a positive knowledge that Christ is a reality, by the experience of saving grace, and you will see an individual that can believe just what the Word says. More yet, with the faith of the gospel embodied in the soul by the power of the Holy Ghost, such an one will put into practice the very means God has given, and all others will be rejected.

Is this right, brethren? If so let every doubt find a resting place outside of your soul, every fear be unknown and every God-given faculty be intensified by honoring the God whom we serve. Let us all agree, and this work will be cut short. Amen.

W. A. Haynes.


Saved from Death.


Zanesville, Ind.

ALMOST a year ago, my husband was called to pass through a very severe sickness. The beginning was a very bad cold. He went out logging on a very cold, bad day, and of course this did not help his cold. The next morning he was very sick, and his lungs were in a terrible condition. He had to cough much, while his lungs were very sore and painful. The expectorations were bloody. He requested that I try to get some one to go for my mother, who lived some miles away, as he had strong faith in her prayers. So I got a neighbor to go for her; she came, and soon felt she should lay on hands and rebuke the devil and the disease. This was on Wednesday night; and till the next afternoon he seemed to be almost well.

It being the coldest weather we had last winter, he would not content himself to stay in the house as he should have done for a few days, being yet very tender. But thinking the chores were too many and hard for myself to do, on account of the extreme cold and deep snow, he would insist on helping. By Saturday afternoon he thought he could ride to a town, four and one-half miles distant. It being a very sharp cold day he got chilled before he got home. He chilled till about midnight, and his sufferings increased. He seemed to be left destitute of faith for his healing. So was I. If I suggested sending for any one to help us to pray, he seemed to think it would do but little good. I think the enemy tried to make him believe he was not to get well, because he had disobeyed nature’s laws. Then followed almost a week of extreme suffering. Indeed he was near death’s door. Much of the time he could not bear us to talk above a whisper in the adjoining room. Of course reports flew fast and far: “Frank Crites is laying at the point of death, and without a doctor, or medicine.” Of course the blame mostly if not all at the time, rested on myself. Some came to see about it. They insisted we ought to do something. I told them I had done all I could do. They thought we ought to get a doctor, and have him take something. I told them to talk to him about it, and if he wanted a doctor, I had nothing to say. They proceeded to his bed, inquiring if he would not have a doctor. But he answered them no; he did not want any brought in the house. They thought he ought to take medicine or something; he told them it would do him no good. I understood threats were made, if he died without having a doctor and medicine, I myself would have to pay for it. But our trust was in the Lord, who caused us to triumph.

On the seventh day of my husband’s last affliction, while standing in an adjoining room, looking in upon him, he closed his eyes and seemed to be in what I thought a death grip. He stretched himself out on his bed, clinched his fingers in the palms of his hands, which seemed to be a great strain upon his whole body. I went in and spoke to him, which seemed to arouse him some But his eyes seemed to have a glossy look. He seemed to know but very little. But not until that day did I give up all hopes of his recovery. But one of God’s children had come to stay a few days with us; one of my sisters came and we still held on to God for help. We then sent for my mother who on coming and seeing him, she with the rest for awhile thought he must go.

About three o’clock that day, the Lord showed me that we were to agree for his healing. He could bear no noise, so we went out into the kitchen, four of us in number and knelt down. We asked for such things as he needed to get relief from, and have done for him; five particular things. Healing of intense suffering in his head, also side, complete healing of his lungs, also terrible bloating by spells, which seemed to almost kill him, and that he might have a good appetite. Well we were agreed according to the Word, and the work was done. This was on Friday afternoon, and on Saturday afternoon he sat up awhile; and on Sunday morning was able to feed himself for the first time for a week. Oh what a good appetite came to him in so short a time! Till Sunday noon he was hungry, and ate two large graham gems, several baked potatoes, and butter, with a large saucer of fruit. What a change! One who for a whole week could eat only three or four bites at a time, and that with intense suffering afterwards — is it not wonderful what God will do for his creatures? Far more than any earthly physician can do after all. Well in a few days he was strong and well. Several have asked during the summer if he had got really well and strong. I wish to add here that he never did the hard work in one season in his life, that he did this season, fencing, ditching, clearing; and he also plowed sixteen acres of new ground. Would it not take a strong man to hold the plow through so many stumps?

Well, dear ones, we had been praying for God to increase our faith, but we did not know it was going to come that way. And he took us safely through it all without any doctor, or medicine, teas or poultices, not even a wet-rag poultice. I do not mean he was not bathed often; for this we did, and changed his clothes often for cleanliness and comfort. But you know some people think a wet rag laid on the head is a great help. Well dear ones, Satan was not satisfied with this affliction being upon us, but amidst it all he caused some of the bitter, but ignorant enemies to the truth to come to our house to slur and ridicule us. They threw up to us about some of the saints who have died, saying if we could heal, why did we not heal those. I told them it was appointed unto man once to die, and after death the judgment. And whenever we had finished our work here, God would take us to Himself. They said this faith was not for us nowadays. I told them the Bible said in the latter times, some should depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils (1 Tim. 4:1), but it did. not say all; but that we are to earnestly contend for the faith once delivered to the saints. And now dear ones, let me ask you a question: If you get to a place, where you need faith, and have not got it, can you trust God anyhow? Your sister in Jesus,

Viannah Crites.



“Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.” – Psa. 119:129.


Foraker, Ohio.

Dear Trumpet Readers: I can say that I am saved and kept from all sin by the power of God; have taken Jesus for all in all. He is the Saviour of my soul and the healer of my body. I have been healed of the lung fever. I do give God all the glory. I do ask the prayers of all the saints. Your brother, saved and kept from all sin,

W. K. Ross.


Deanville, Pa.

Dear Saints of God: I can testify that I am saved with an everlasting salvation. First I was justified, then sanctified wholly and now I am kept by the power of God from all sin, for which I give God all the praise. I am free from tobacco to which I was a slave for about twenty-five years; and am saved from all other filthy habits. Pray that I may be kept humble. Your brother all on the altar,

E. P. Bizzard.


Albany, Ore.

Dear Trumpet Readers: This leaves me saved and trusting in Jesus. I do praise his holy name for saving my poor soul. I know that I am advancing and am on the increase for God. The dear Lord has called us to labor for lost souls, and we want all the dear saints to pray when you read this that we may speedily be cut loose from all entanglements of this world, so that our whole time may be given to the dear Lord. Pray for us that we may sink down deep in humility. Yours saved and sanctified,

Viola E. Boundy.


Disko, Ind.

Dear Saints: This morning I feel like writing my testimony for Jesus. I can say that Jesus saves me, praise his name forever, and keeps me by his power. He is true to the Christian surely in time of need. I earnestly ask the prayers of all the true saints of God that my companion may be saved, and pray for my little boy, that he may seek Christ and live a pure life for Jesus. I also ask you to pray for me that I may be cured of catarrh, which I believe is about in its last stage. I have been helped by my own prayers very many times. Do pray that I may be healed for God’s glory. Your sister in Christ,

Nannie Ferree.


Monroe, Ind.

Dear Saints of God: I am praising God tor a full and free, salvation that saves and keeps us free from all sin. Praise the dear Lord forever! I do praise God for sending messengers in this little town, and that some accepted the truth and stand firm for the Lord. The Lord has wonderfully helped me when I called upon him in earnest prayer, and has delivered me from sectism. Praise his dear name! I now stand on the Bible line, ever ready to lift up the Bible standard to perishing souls that are in need of the truth and Bible salvation. Pray for me that I may be kept humble. Your sister saved and kept,

Mattie Hathaway.


Ontario, Ore.

Dear Trumpet Readers: God bless you every one. I am fifty-seven years old; was converted in 1872 at my own home in Nebraska. Have always been anti-sectarian in belief, and since my conversion have been a strong believer in, and an advocate of divine healing of both soul and body. I never learned that there was a body of believers that agreed with me in these things until I came to Payette, Idaho, three years ago, when a gentleman handed me a few copies of the Trumpet. And I cannot express the surprise which I experienced, to see my belief so outlined in that blessed paper. Dear brethren in the Lord Jesus Christ, you are on the right track; go forward in his name. Your brother in the one body,

G. W. Mellinger.


Mc Fallen Corners, Pa.

Dear Saints Scattered Abroad: As I have not written to the Trumpet for a long time I feel the dear Lord urging me out on that line. I can truthfully say, my soul is on the advance for God. I have never in all of my experience received so much real spiritual benefit, as I have straight from the hands of the Lord lately. This winter the dear Lord has seen fit to permit me to go through the severest trial of my life. But I cannot begin to tell you the benefit it has been to me spiritually. It has truly been a rapid growth to me in spiritual things.

When I discovered Bro. Schells article in the Trumpet on sobriety, how my soul was filled with joy! For that is one of the many precious lessons the dear Lord has been teaching me. While the Lord does not desire us to have a sad countenance, he most assuredly is not pleased with us, when we are ready to giggle and laugh at every sally thing that comes along; neither does he want us to make ridiculous speeches to make others laugh at us.

Another great essential is secret devotion to God. We cannot be in perfect obedience to God unless these things are strictly lived up to. The more we pray and commune with God the more precious it becomes to us; it is no longer a duty, but a blessed privilege. Praise the Lord! Now when I feel as if I could not do things I know the Lord would have me do, I just begin to humble myself under the mighty hand of God for more humility, and the grace is given every time. Now dear ones, let each one of us see to it that we examine ourself daily; for the enemy is subtle and it we are not watchful and prayerful, we may in an unguarded moment, be caught in some of his snares. I earnestly desire your prayers in my behalf, that I may continue to sink fathoms into the grace and humility of God Amen. Your sister in the patience and faith of the gospel,

Alice J. Dillon.



Resist the Devil.


RESIST the devil, and what will be the result? The Word says, He will flee from you. We are told that the devil goes about “as a roaring lion.” What is his object in so doing? He is “seeking whom he may devour.” Why does he go about in such a roaring way? He has many tricks and devices which people must learn in order to defeat him. We can learn a lesson from the African lion. We are told that hunters sometimes when nearing the lion, the ferocious beast will give a loud roar in front of the hunter, and then will sneak around very quietly through the jungle and come slyly up behind, and unless the hunter is aware of his tricks, the lion will suddenly spring upon him and devour him. So it is with the devil. Sometimes he will roar from some of his agents in a terrible threatening manner in order to get the attention of the children of God in that direction, and if not on the alert the enemy will come slyly around from another direction and attack at an unguarded point. So it is necessary for us at all times to keep up the shield of faith and keep hid away in the presence of God. The Lord has placed a hedge of his presence and glory round about his children which the devil cannot enter nor pass through. But you let down the shield of faith or throw open an avenue for him to enter, or step outside of this hedge of his presence, and he is ready to receive you and minister unto you.

If you listen to him you will never take many steps forward, and you will have a terrible battle to hold your ground and to keep from getting entirely into his clutches.

Now ofttimes people are looking at the great things when they should be paying attention to simpler matters, as the Word says, “The little foxes spoil the vines.” The one who is so careless about every day matters, insomuch that they never know where to find their shoes, their hat, coat or shawl, or things of every day use, are almost sure to be slack concerning spiritual matters. They may be very particular on some points and very slovenly and loose concerning other things, and arc likely to be the same concerning their spiritual life in what they consider little things, but just enough to let the devil keep them back from spiritual progress. We are commanded to resist the devil. He does not care for a lazy person trying to resist him, nor one who is passive, who never gets vehement at him, nor one who is sympathizing with evil spirits, the works of the devil, nor the one who is compromising; because all such are in a good way for him to lead them captive at his will. If you do not resist him he will fasten on you in some way like a leech. You may not become really possessed with devils, but he will get an exalted spirit or selfishness, or a murmuring spirit, sensitiveness, or some kind of an unsettled spirit to fasten on you and sap the real life-giving power from you insomuch that if you do keep from backsliding it will take a greater part of your time contending with that spirit, and always before you can pray the prayer of faith you will have to come to God a while in your behalf on that very line in which you are bothered. The quicker you get rid of such a spirit the better. You may have to come back and by the help of the Lord search out his hiding place and expose him, find out just how he got hold upon you, get vehement in your soul against such a spirit, and renounce it in the name of the Lord, and if you cannot alone get vehement enough, get some one to help you. If you have been exalted, let God search out and cleanse you from such a spirit and give you real Bible humility insomuch that flattering will have no effect upon you, neither evil nor false reports against you.

The Word tells us that we are to resist die devil “steadfastly in the faith;” that is, have a constant rebuke in your soul against him on every line, then when the enemy comes in like a Hood the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him. And though he may roar in front and go around to another point, he will find the standard raised against him If you do not resist him he will seek to be your coinpanion continually. He will try to lull you to sleep and cover his pitfalls from your view until he can ensnare your soul. He will try to keep back your testimony, prayers, make you timid: anything to keep you from doing your whole duty.

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