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22 February 1894, Volume 14, Number 8.

Christ is Ours.


’Tis the same sweet blessed story,
Christ is ours.
We must tell it for his glory,
He has saved us from all sin;
He has made us pure within
And his blood now keeps us clean;
Christ is ours.

Yea, our hearts with joy are singing,
Christ is ours.
All our thoughts to him are ringing,
He has claimed us for his own,
And our heart is now his throne
Where he reigns and reigns alone;
Christ is ours.

Through life’s changes as we go,
Christ is ours.
He will needed grace bestow;
He will all our steps attend,
Keep us even to the end,
Blessed Savior, truest friend;
Christ is ours.

Selected by Lucy M. Lewis.




WE find in the world to day many people that say they are taking the whole word of God, but when we sound them they deny a part. Read Deut. 8:3. There we find that man doth not live by bread only, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of the Lord, doth man live. So we find that we must take every word that God has given in the blessed Bible, and not only say that we will do this, but let us do it, let us take the whole Word and live it and practice it. It means every thing to take the whole Word. I want to say, if we expect to gain a home in heaven we must take the whole truth, and God’s word is truth and forever settled in heaven. Praise God for the blessed truth! Let us read Rom. 10:8 — “But what saith it? The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth and in thy heart.” Now if the word of God is in our mouth and in our heart, the way to keep it there is to follow the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in all his ways and keep all his commands and obey all his blessed ordinances. Now the Word is what we follow because the Word is truth, and the truth makes us free. Praise God! Let us read Psalms 19:14. — Now the words of our mouth and the meditations of our hearts will be acceptable with God if we keep in the perfect will of God. We find in Psalms 68:11, God gave the word: great was the company of those that published it. So we can praise God to day from the very depths of our hearts for a few holy firebrands that are publishing the Word. Read 2 Cor. 6:7; Eph. 1:13; Col. 1:9; 2 Tim. 2:15. Now here are quite a number of references on the Word, and God says his word is truth. Now “if a man love me he will keep my words,” Jno. 14:23, and his words are truth.

Now let us see what some of his words are. We must measure up to every word because man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. So read Mark 16:15, 16. Now those are Christ’s words, and no man can deny them. He says, If a man love me lie will keep my words. Also John 13:14, 15; 1 Thess. 5:26; 1 Pet. 5:14; Rom. 16:16. We must accept every word, and by so doing we can keep sweet in our soul; and if we willfully reject one word or commandment we may as well reject the whole. Now God help every one that professes the name of Jesus to take the Word in its purity. Don’t claim to be children of God any longer, and deny the truth, that is, the word. May God bless these few words to the good of some poor soul that claims to be a child of God, and leaves a part of the word undone. May God bless all the true saints of God everywhere.

D. Murphey.




To the Dear Saints or God Everywhere, Greeting: I feel led of God to write you, admonishing you to faithfulness unto God and to his children. And we should also see that love abounds for our enemies, and those who despitefully use us. Love is such an important part in this work for God, that we feel led to write a few words about it. And may the Lord help us when we write to he led by his Holy Spirit. We know that we have passed from death unto life because we love the brethren. But it is not enough that we should love our brethren alone, for we are commanded even to love our enemies, thus shutting out all chance of hatred in the Christian’s heart. And we believe it will be safe to say that if we have a spirit of this kind, we have not the Spirit of Christ. And I fear there are some going about with a harsh spirit, and are doing much hurt in the cause of God. They seem to have lost all love for the people in sectism. Oh dear ones, let us pray over this and ask God to make our duty plain with regard to how much love and respect we should yet show to good meaning people in Babylon, that our hands may be clear of their blood in the great judgment day. We believe there are many honest souls yet in sectism whom God has not yet ceased to bless. Neither has the time yet come in many places, when the voice of the bridegroom is heard no more in her. Put the great question is, how can we rescue the perishing souls? It must be done through the power of God who has taken up his abode in our hearts, and while he dwells within, all will be admonished and entreated in love, and it will be our very nature to love and entreat with kindness while we hold the truths of God before them, though they should turn us away with contempt. We remember that Paul said that for the space of three years he ceased not to warn all men night and day with tears. Oh that we had more like Paul that we could plead in tears for the lost souls. And we know that while this loving Spirit abounds the harsh spirit cannot enter. Now when we came out of sectism, to abide alone in the body of Christ which is the church of the living God, we did not lose our love for the souls which remained. If any have there is something wrong. We do not contend that we shall not suffer much persecution even though we have the Spirit of Christ and do all our work in love. But we do cut off all just cause for persecution: and the conscience of the persecutors will continue to say, Truly they have the Spirit of the Lord, and have only told us the truth, even while they may be our greatest persecutors. Remember we would not have you lower the standard of salvation, or withhold the evils of sectism, or even diminish a word from the plan which God has marked out for us to walk in. But be sure that the Spirit of Christ dwells within, so that you may be able to convince the people that you love them, and for this reason alone you are induced to tell them the truth. Now when God said, Come out from her and be ye separate, we did so, and we are no longer partakers of her evil deeds and yet love all the souls that are groping in her. Oh dear ones let us avail ourselves of every suitable opportunity of admonishing them to walk in the light, always giving them a friendly shake of the hand and from the fact that our hearts are overflowing with love for them, our eyes will be flooded with tears, and possibly before we are aware of it our arms of love will be thrown around them. And though they may still continue to persecute us and say all manner of evil of us, the inner man will continue to say, Truly they are the children of God, and they love me more than my own people do. We find many of the saints to day who have come out of sectism confessing to us how hard it was for them to see the true church, and how they felt justified in defending the old sect. Thus proving to us that we ought to be the more patient, exhorting in love, continually pleading with God for divine help who alone can lead them out. If we will continue on this line, God being our helper, I believe it will not be long until there will be a mighty stir in Babylon. People will receive almost any truth spoken in love, but if spoken harshly it will bound back and they will not receive it. Oh dear ones, as we shall pass through life but once, any good thing therefore that we can do; or any kindness that we can show to a human being; of a word that we can speak for Jesus; let us do it now; let us not neglect nor defer it; for we shall not pass this way again. From your humble servant in Christ,

W. S. Bangs.

Alma, Mich.




Read the following from the Pittsburg Commercial Gazatte, of Jan. 29, 1894.



Money Needed to Restore the Vatican to Its Former Power.




Moral and Material Ruin Said to Be Near at Hand.


In the Basilica the Papal Allocution Was Read to 12,000 People — Leo Heard It — He Looks Well, Though Paler Than Usual — The Head of the Church Greeted With Cheers — Reasons Given for the Demand for Funds.


Rome, Jan. 28. — Pope Leo XIII gave a reception to day in St. Peter’s to the clergy and Catholic laity of this city. After saying mass in the Basilica at 9 o’clock in the morning, the pope, enthroned, listened to the address of the senior parish priest of Rome. The pope then spoke a few words, after which the papal allocution was read by Mgr. Volpini. It was as follows:

“We are especially gratified by this testimony of the devotion of the people of Rome and feel they stand first in our affections. You thus comprehend our grief when we consider the present afflicted conditions of Rome, indirectly aggravatad, as it is, by the general situation throughout the peninsula. We earnestly desire that means should be found to end the present misery and to re-establish promptly order in disturbed places.

“In the meanwhile, however, Rome suffers. Formerly Rome was assured of reasonable prosperity; to day it is evidently otherwise. It is to be hoped that the people at least will profit by their bitter experience, see the first origin of evil and adopt the most efficacious remedy.

“It is useless to dissimulate. The ruin of religion, designedly accomplished, has opened the way for moral and material ruin. Not only justice, but political common sense demands that those responsible for this condition of affairs should retrace their steps and restore religion to the honor wherein it was held by our ancestors. They should approach confidently and without suspicion Him who holds from God His supreme religious magistracy for the world’s eternal life, whereof the pope is the dispenser. They should also have the virtue of rendering ever prosperous our mortal existence.”

Twelve thousand persons were present and greeted the pope with prolonged cheering. Leo XIII looked well, except that he was a trifle paler than usual. He did not appear fatigued, although the ceremony lasted for two hours and a half.

Who can read this without seeing in it the fulfillment of God’s word? Just think of the great change that has come to the old beast. Once the head of that dark hierarchy boasted her unlimited sway over the face of the whole earth. Emperors prostrated themselves upon the earth while the pope trod upon their necks. Mighty kings and princes hung about his door in sackcloth, waiting ing upon his proud and arrogant caprice to grant them, on the most humiliating terms, his favor. “He exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped, so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.” “And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.” And they “who worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast; and worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? Who is able to make war with him?”

She made war with the saints and prevailed against them,” “cast down the truth to the ground; and practice and prosper.” “And waxed great even to the host of heaven; and it cast down some of the host and of the stars to the ground, and stamped upon them.”

But “great Babylon came into remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath.” Rev. 16:19. Yea “judgment was given to the saints of the Most High, and they shall take away his dominion, to consume and to destroy unto the end.” “For she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, I am no widow, I shall see no sorrow. Then shall — yea now already hath — her plagues come in one day, death and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire; for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.” “For he hath judged the whore which did corrupt the earth with her fornications, and hath avenged the blood of his servants at her hand.”

And behold there comes down from the very seal of this bloody power, wailing and lamentation. A humiliating confession of “grief,” “misery,” and she says, “It is useless to dissimulate. The ruin of religion, designedly accomplished has opened the way for moral and material ruin.”

What a vastly different tone this from that of her cruel reign of boasted earthly and hellish power, when she went forth upon a pale horse, and hades followed with her! But now her desolation has come according to her own confession. But thus saith God, “Rejoice over her, ye holy apostles and prophets.” Amen.



Psa. 119:129.


Attica, Kan.

Dear Trumpet Readers: I want to write my testimony to the glory of God. Praise the dear Lord! I can say this morning that Jesus saves me now. I take the dear Lord for my physician; and always find him a ready helper in every time of need. He has instantly healed my body in the past year. Praise his holy name forever! Dear saints, pray for me that I may ever be a child of the King. Your sister saved in Jesus.

Amanda Broce.


Milton, Mo.

Dear Beloved Children of God: I praise our heavenly Father this morning for salvation which I have found through faith in God. He saves even me. Oh glory to God for that river of peace flowing deep in my soul! His name is sweeter than honey and the honey comb. I praise God that we can be so completely hid away with Christ in God that the darts of the devourer cannot reach us. Bless his name! I ask all of Father’s little ones to pray for us. Your brother saved to the uttermost, by two distinct works of grace,

Wm. F. Williams.


Bucyrus, Ohio.

I want to say to the Trumpet readers and for the glory of God that I am still on the plane of heaven, and the Lord is giving me some fruit along the way. Two young men came to my house for the purpose of getting the blessing of entire sanctification. I read some scriptures to them and then bowed in prayer, and praise the Lord, they got under the the blood and were sanctified and made meet for the Master’s use. They had been converted a few days before this time. One of them feels called to preach the everlasting gospel to a lost world.

John N. Slagle.


Vandalia, Ill.

Dear Saints: I am praising God for salvation full and complete. Glory to God! I realize this morning that Jesus saves me from all sin, and gives me sweeping victory over the world, the flesh and the devil. There are only a few of us in this place who will take the narrow way with Jesus, but praise the Lord, he is with us. Although we have many opposing elements, yet God is always on the giving hand, and we come out more than conquerors through him that loved us. I can never praise God enough for what he has done for me. I am rejoicing to day in the God of my salvation, having all the straps and bands off. Glory to God! I can say whom the Son maketh free is free indeed. Bless his dear name forever! Your sister saved and sanctified wholly,

Maggie E. Hogue.


Lauderdale, Miss.

I am still praising God for a full and free salvation, and am in the evening light. I have been several years in the vineyard of my Lord and Master, and have become more and more a receptacle of grace and truth by the divine operations of God’s spirit, than ever. My mind is stayed on God and his majesty and toward the heavenly Canaan. I have found the Lord and he is mine. I am free from tobacco, whisky and worldly amusements. I am truly free from sectism and human yokes, and I am praising God that I have put on the yoke of my Lord and Master, and ready to do his whole will. I know I am planted together with God’s people, and I will be like him in the resurrection. I am born of the Spirit, and kept by the power of God, ready to be revealed at the last day.

S. G. W. Stowall.


Grand Junction, Mich.

Dearly Beloved Saints: My heart doth magnify the Lord for all that he has wrought in my soul. To him be the glory! The Lord is truly blessing the work on the camp ground, and richly rewards every soul whom he has called here to his service. Oh it is glorious to be all on the altar for God! It seems that no soul on earth is more blest than I. The rapturous joy in the service of God can not be told. We have glorious victory in the school. God directs, we follow, and he leads our souls out deeper in his love. God continues to save souls, and makes the school indeed a sacred, heavenly place. The songs of Zion and prayers from more than a score of little hearts is enough to encourage in the darkest trials, and strike conviction to the hearts of the most hardened. Truly the presence of God with us makes it glorious and heavenly each day, and we appreciate this wonderful favor. We are sinking deeper down into God and have renewed strength and courage to move onward. Could you all realize our need of your prayers, you would remember us often. We feel that God is answering petitions in our behalf. Pray that we ever be humble and faithful to God. Your brother saved and sanctified,

Clarence H. Dewey.

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Sent Forth in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
For the Purity and Unity of His Church;
the Defence of ALL His Truth;
And the Destruction of Sect Babylon.




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E. E. BYBUM and S. MICHELS, – Publishers.


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THE BOY’S COMPANION. By E. E. Byrum. This is a neat little volume with interesting chapters to the boys, concerning the Secret Vice and other bad habits and their effects. Every boy needs advice and warning in time, and too often parents fail to give the needed advice until too late. The book is illustrated with suitable pictures which are aimed to leave a vivid impression upon the young minds and turn thorn from the downward road to a pure life. It also contains testimonies and experiences from those who are inmates of the states prison. Boys of every age should have one of these books to read. Price, paper cover 25 cts. Cloth binding 40 cts.

The Secret Vice.

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J. A. Taylor, Jennie M. Pettis, J. T. Speed, W. E. Armstrong, Henry Latshaw, Jno. J. Clark, J. C. Chaney, Mary F. Mattox, Jno. O. Moore, Nancy E. Ford, Robert W. Croasdell.

Requests for Prayer.


Bro. F. Husted requests prayers for his spiritual advancement. He also is afflicted with a deep seated cold.


Pray for Sarah A. Thornton, for the healing of her body.


Pray for the healing of Sister Julia Smith, who has been sick nearly five years. She has a cancer and believes the Lord can heal her. She is resigned to the will of God.

S. P. Torrans.


I desire the prayers of the saints that I may recover. From your sister in the Lord, saved and under the blood,

Susanna Blue.

Carthage, Mo.


Calls for Meeting.


McKinley, Okla., Feb. 1, 1894.

May the Lord move upon some one of his holy ministers full of the Spirit and fire, to come to McKinley, Okla., situated sixteen miles east and three miles south of Guthrie. As some seed has been sown now needs watering, and we have faith that God will give the increase. Who will say. Here am I send me? Address Joseph Ropp, McKinley, Okla.


Alfred Town, Tiosa, Ind., who is afflicted with hip disease, desires some of the brethren who are full of faith, to visit him.


If any brother comes this way do not forget to come and visit us. Surely we are glad to hear the word of God preached.

Angeline Mengel,

Dow, Pa.


We sincerely believe it is God’s will that some one should come and preach, that the church here may become more fully established. Cannot some one come soon?

Jno. H. Merica,

Garret, Ind.


Some have written to know why their testimonies have not been published. We have a large number on hands at present, which, for lack of space we can only print a few each time. However do not become discouraged if your testimony does not appear.




We were made to humbly thank God for the reception of a letter from dear Bro. Henry C. Sharpnack of Douglas, Mich., informing us that he and companion had returned to the Lord, and found mercy in believing. O let us all rejoice and thank God for this happy change; and let us pray God too that they may be fully saved and may glorify God in a holy life. He says, “I hereby desire to humbly ask forgiveness of all God’s saints for all wrongs I have done. I am determined to make restitution for all things as fast as possible. I also ask the prayers of all God’s saints, that we may henceforth walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work.” Amen. Your brother in the fellowship of Christ,

Henry C. Sharpnack.

Douglas, Mich.


A sailor who has just crossed the Atlantic, landing at New Orleans a few days ago, from which place he leaves this week for Germany, writes: “Thanks for TRUMPETS which I received yesterday. I do praise God for ever sending the saints to Liverpool. I was just ready to accept the whole word of God. Oh, I do praise God for the glorious evening light! It just suits me to perfection. My dear wife is also fully saved from all Babylon confusion. Sister Shoffner is now staying with her.

I miss not getting to any of the meetings now, but it is just wonderful how God makes up for it. I have not one person on board to talk with on religious subjects. In common conversation they swear so, but I just get into my room and read and pray. Oh how comforting to have one friend to talk to who never gets tired listening to us! I desire all your prayers that I may be kept hid away in Christ. Your brother in Christ,”

H. McClenahan.

Truly we have a wonderful God who fills our souls with glory, whether on the land or on the sea we roam. We are constantly receiving glorious and encouraging news from every direction, of souls being, rescued from the hands of the enemy, for which we give God much praise.

The dear ones who have crossed the waters to carry the gospel news of full salvation are working hard and suffering privation for the sake of souls, and truly need our earnest prayers. Their labors are being rewarded with souls born into the kingdom of God and established in his righteousness. Any one desiring to send aid to help in spreading the pure gospel in foreign lands can send direct to the workers or send to us and we will forward the same.



MENTION has been made a number of times concerning the Children’s Home near here, but no doubt the report of a visit there would be of interest. The grounds are situated one mile north of the village of Grand Junction, Mich.

About two years ago the Lord moved a few brethren to take steps to secure a tract of land for the purpose of having a permanent camp ground and a home for the families of preachers and gospel workers, where the children could be cared for and educated under holy influences while the parents go forth to preach the gospel. The land was purchased in the name of the Lord, and a cash payment made, and a note and mortgage of five years given for the balance. It being near time for camp meeting when the grounds were fully secured a few temporary buildings, tents and a large pavillion were hastily erected by brethren who gladly donated their time and service to the work of the Lord. The hand of God could be seen and his presence felt from the beginning of the work. The first camp meeting held was a glorious one on account of the wonderful outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and resulted in the salvation of many souls, the healing of the sick, casting out of devils, edifying and strengthening of believers, etc.

Up to near the close of this meeting but little bad been said about the Children’s Home, as there were no suitable buildings on the grounds for that purpose and no money to erect them. One or two families of ministers were already on the grounds, having no other home. The Lord moved one brother to make a donation of fifty dollars with a promise of more in the near future, and it at once became a settled matter that a home should be established at once, although the money paid in was not sufficient to fit up the house and keep the workmen and those stopping there, so it at once became a faith work. The Lord had some one for the time to take charge of the work, and all the workers gave their time and labor free. As winter approached it was plainly manifest to be the will of God to have a school, and prayer was offered in behalf of the same. Soon Bro. Orr from Indiana wrote that the Lord was moving on him to come and give his time to the work of teaching the children, as he had for some time been engaged as a teacher. One of the frame tents had been fitted up for a school room, and by the time Bro. Orr came he had the little room crowded with children. It was a humble beginning, but the Lord was in it and his hand has been on the work ever since.

Some time after, the Lord moved upon Bro. S. Michels to move his family there and take charge of the work. He seemed to be a man chosen of God for that place and anointed for the work, and truly God has witnessed to the same. Other workers came and offered their services. There were hundreds of days’ labor to be performed, building to be erected for the home in addition to the boarding house, and soon his means were exhausted for purchasing building material, and they were trusting God for their daily bread, which he supplied.

About last October in the midst of pressing financial circumstances, and other pressing duties the Lord moved upon Bro. M — to at once build a larger school building and place of worship for the increasing number of children. Plans were at once laid, the material ordered; masons, carpenters and others offered their services and soon a comfortable building was ready for school, and two teachers busy instructing the children.

A few days ago we had the pleasure of visiting the Home. Children of almost all ages are there, some of whom are ministers’ children, some orphans, some from other homes. Besides the children there are older ones among whom are the workers, also two or three invalids and a blind sister.” Sixty-eight persons are living on the grounds, forty-one of whom reside under one roof with Bro. Michels and family. The house rings with music of spiritual songs from the happy children who seem to be knit together in the love of Jesus, most of whom are enjoying the blessings of God in their souls. Some who came there unruly, disobedient, and proud-spirited are now among the most obedient and humble ones and enjoy the love of God by a real heart experience. From the affection shown, and the contentment of the children, one could not tell which of them are the children of Bro. and Sister Michels and which are not. They truly all seem to be of one family so far as home life is concerned. When the bell taps at meal time they gather round the long table in the dining room, and all become quiet while thanks are offered to God for the blessings of life, then they partake of a meal of plain wholesome food. Besides the daily family prayers each morning and evening, there are four services each week for religious worship. The children are instructed in the word of God, and when sickness comes they comply with James 5:13-15, and take God as their physician for the body as well as the soul.

One bright little girl came to the home a few months ago, gave her heart to the Lord and she had not been there many weeks until the Lord saw fit to call her home to be with him. Her death was the means of winning her aged father to Christ.

A boy about seventeen years of age who had been raised in the large cities of the west, came to Michigan to visit his father, about a year and a half ago, and recklessly roamed about the camp ground a few days, then visited the school which had lately been started, and entered the same as a regular pupil and was soon captured by the Spirit of the Lord and yielded himself to God, and for almost a year has given his whole time to the work of the Lord at the GOSPEL TRUMPET Office. And we have reason to believe that a number of others from the Home will make faith and gospel workers, and aid in rescuing souls. Many people visit the place, some for spiritual aid, and some for other purposes.

But aside from the blessings and pleasures of such a home there are many things about a faith home which truly give occasion for exercise of faith, and those whom God has placed in such positions are often tested to the full extent of their faith, and truly need to be held up to a throne of grace in earnest prayer. Brother and Sister Michels have a responsibility and care upon them which can only be carried out by the help of God. Having been placed in a similar position we know something about how to appreciate the prayers of God’s children.

By visiting the cellar and other places about the home, I found their supply of eatables was not sufficient to last a week, and the grain bin empty, the supply of potatoes and vegetables about exhausted and unless some one immediately sends aid there will be necessity for a fast. You who know the worth of prayer, send up a prayer of faith. You whose cellars, barns, and bins are supplied also send up a prayer of faith. The workers there all give their time and service free. And the work is carried on in the name of the Lord, by freewill offerings by whomsoever the Lord may move upon to help in such a noble work. Many applications are being sent in to place others in the home, but as yet the limited circumstances will not admit those who are desiring to come. The brethren are now working in the timber and desire to put up more buildings as soon as the way opens.

May God bless the Home and ever make it a hallowed and consecrated spot, and also the means of rescuing many souls.

E. E. Byrum.


News from the Field.


Floating Bethel, 6th St.,
Pittsburg, Pa., Feb. 6, 1894.

Dearly Beloved Saints Everywhere, Greeting: We have much reason to thank the great Father and giver of all good for his manifold blessings upon us. Occasionally souls are yielding and consecrating to God here on the boat, and the gospel school is yet greatly appreciated by such as have taken the Bible way. Also in Allegheny a good work is in progress. A store room has been seated, and every evening at 6:30, it is crowded with children who eagerly listen to the word of God, and joyfully sing the children’s hymns, and at 7:30 again failed with adults. It has been a very rough and God-forsaken part of the city, and drunkenness is seen about every night, but a mighty influence is at work, a few have found Jesus, and the current of life seems to have been turned in many children from the course of this world over into the opposite channel of the fear and love of God. Mothers come to the sisters and confess with grateful hearts the great change that has taken place in their children. Some of the boys have quit the use of tobacco. Some of the little boys whose tender hearts received the sweet touch of divine love went and told other boys, and brought them in saying, “Here is Johnnie, he wants to be blest too.” Oh what an extensive and beautiful harvest of souls can be gathered there if the work is kept up, and the little ones wisely fed and and cared for. Thank God he has consecrated and well gifted workers here who will no doubt continue to gather the precious sheaves after the the Bethel floats on her way.

January 24, we went up to visit the little church at Butler, and remained until the 31. Found all who were abiding in the word of God strong and rejoicing in the Lord. But Satan had brought to bear special influences to overthrow such as had quite escaped. The F. M. sect began operations in that place about one year before we went there, and it having quite an outward show of life, and the ministers being radical against some sins in comparison with the preachers in their older sisters, some souls were changed about to a very different life, which gave the sect quite a reputation as being used of God. Howbeit God never used any sect institution to save souls. A sect, as the founder of Free Methodism defines it, is a portion cut off or separated from a body of which it forms a part. That is a schism, and the Word says that God “tempered the body together having given the more abundant honor to that part that lacketh, that there should be no schisms in the body.” 1 Cor. 12:24, 25. And men that cause divisions are to be marked as such that “serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly, and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.” Rom. 16:17, 18. Therefore, believing that God is a God of principle, we dare not believe he will use that which his word condemns and forbids. Nay he never uses a sect, nor can he have any place in a heart where the abominable sectish spirit is prominent. But God, who “will have all men to be saved,” is willing to use his Word that is presented by men in sects, and so far as they are free from the sect wine and have the spirit of God, use men also, who are in the un-scriptural divisions, not because of the sect relations, but because of their sincerity, if they have known no better, and because of the grace of God with them. And, believing that God stands by his own Word, we maintain and teach in his fear that no person can be justified in his sight, much less sanctified, who knowingly swerve from any portion of his truth. And since there is nothing more strongly and repeatedly demanded in the New Testament than the perfect oneness of all God’s children in the body of Christ; and there is no sin which is more strongly condemned than that of schisms, sects or heresies, we are authorized of God to say that no person who is properly taught these things, and actually discerns the body of Christ can disregard all these scriptures, and join a sect and retain the favor of God, no more than be justified in the violation of any other class of scriptures.

But because the Winebrennarian sect in that place, through the subtle workings of Satan, had a great trance excitement, and the F. M. in an all winter effort were gaining converts, some who had seen the truth of God’s own church, but did not fully discern the body of Christ, were tempted of Satan to think that after all, God was not much devoted to principle, and is willing to work under any creed, and endorse every sect, if they are just trying to do good, and so giving away to liberal sentiments respecting the word of God, they went into Babylon and the result is, one has become sadly deluded, another backslidden, and two more souls who seemed really honest in the sight of God have been drawn away to such an extent they have become unsettled, and consequently somewhat bewildered. But we hope they will only keep joined to the Lord and he will lead them in the paths of his own steps.

Some of those Winebrennarian converts came into the meeting one night, whom we took for giddy sinners, and in this we doubtless made no mistake: but what our surprise when some who could not keep a straight face during service, and had to be watched, arise and profess to be saved! Such is the chaff brought forth in the shoddy revival where they claim to be the church of God, and yet boast a charter from the world, and have place in the sisterhood of sects. One young lady, we are informed, had a trance communication that she should marry a certain young man, and the scheme was a success. So another young lady whose trance the young preacher published, as an emanation from God, had another one, in which God showed her she was to marry the young preacher, when he demurred and renounced the vision as not of God. One trance-satannic vision beheld a saloon-keeper, who had passed from behind the bar into eternity, all safe in heaven, and conversed with him there. Another man of the same sect in a vision saw the same man in hell. Such is the abominable confusion of Babylon.

But among the F. M. converts we met a few who actually seemed to be lambs in the fold of Christ, but how our heart ached for their precious souls as we saw them penned up for the slaughter. As sure as keeping the creed in the back ground, and

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lifting Christ in view, drew them to God, so sure will the creed come to the front, and the word of God be rejected, and spiritual death ensue; unless they so keep their eyes upon Christ, that the creed and sect remain in utter oblivion, and they flee out of her, and only desire the sincere milk of the Word.

But because there were, to all appearance, actual converts in sectism after the evening light had come to Butler, which indeed is something rarely ever seen, Satan whispered to some, “You should go into sect meetings and labor there;” and the sad effects we have seen. If young babes ignorant of the scriptures, can be there and have a measure of divine grace, that is no proof you can go there and endorse by your co-operation that which God’s word forbids, and keep salvation. God’s pure love in our hearts leads us to love every body, even our enemies. But “love worketh op ill to his neighbor;” but if I, by my example, lead men to place their necks under any soul-killing creed on earth, that is not true love. But should we not labor for the salvation of souls everywhere? Yes, that we should. But if you endorse a sect by worshiping with them, and so influence converts into their net, that is laboring to kill and not to save. And, indeed, you will soon find yourself dead, and disposed to pick at your brother who will lend no sanction to the unscriptural institutions of men. We should treat sectarians and every body in all love, kindness and meekness wherever you meet them, and in all kindness and patience labor to show them the way of the Lord more perfectly. But you never can get a person out of the mire, by jumping in the same yourself. Stand on the truth and then try to lift men up to the same.

Our visit to Butler was very profitable to our own soul, as we came in contact with a state of things we have not seen for ten years. Also the church was much benefited, and one woman was saved. And we found a glorious work had been wrought in saving and sanctifying a young man who had been very low with consumption, and also the Lord was doing wonders in healing him. The Lord had used Sister Farris to teach him, and his soul and body were filled with glory, praises and testimony. And his rapid improvement in health was looked upon as a wonderful miracle. We trust he is a chosen vessel of God and we truly hope to see him made every whit whole. Amen.

On Saturday, Feb. 3, a dear hungry soul, a dentist from Indiana, Pa., a distance of sixty miles from here, called here on the boat a short time, received salvation and went on his way with joy. Another had been here from that place before him and found the Savior precious, and is blazing it abroad. Thus the work is going. Bless the Lord!

That night we had a very precious communion service. About twenty- eight happy souls followed the meek and lowly Savior in his two holy ordinances, with many shouted praises to the Master. Several dear ones were not present.

Last Saturday dear Bro. Oscar Sibert arrived here ready to work for the Lord. Bro. Martz has returned home. Bro. Clayton left on Monday to reinforce Bro. Riggle for a few weeks, who is laboring in Indiana Co., Pa. Bro. Stowe is yet in Erie Co., Pa. Pray much for us. All well on board and happy in our God. Amen.


East Hickory, Pa., Feb. 3, 1894.

To the Brethren and Trumpet Readers, Greeting: It has been some time since our last report of the Lord’s work in these parts, but we are glad to tell you we have been actively in the Lord’s work here, and he has been working with us. Wife and I came to East Hickory, about two weeks ago. Held meeting near there about one week. Good interest, and many out. Three were converted; among the number was C. J. Stewart’s wife. We are now holding meeting at Kelly Hill. Good interest thus far. This is the place where Bro. Joseph and Sister Nannie Taylor started the work about two years ago. They eventually fell back and down in experience, and the cause and interest has followed them. We expect to see them reclaimed, and many others follow. One already reclaimed and several raised their hands for prayer and said they were going to get saved. We are laboring here in the lumber woods.


We commenced meeting at Kelly Hill school house two weeks ago. About nine professed to be converted and seemed to get good experiences. Among the number were Brother and Sister Taylor, who have renewed their consecration and were again saved in Christ. They have been saved in the past, but through the subtlety of Satan they fell. Thank the Lord for their salvation! Our prayer is that they may be faithful to the high calling of God. They were also baptized. Several others are to be soon. Others raised their hands for our prayers; hope to see them saved when we return to hold a few meetings, and the justified get sanctified. Pray for us. Pray for our success in the Lord’s vineyard. Your brother and sister saved,

B. E. and N. M. Warren.

Springfield, Ohio.


Reliance. Va., Feb. 5, 1894.

To all the Saints, Greeting: We are glad to inform you that we arrived here safe in the name of Jesus on the 2d of this month. Opened battle on the eve of the 3d. Find Bible holiness a stranger in this community. Good congregations which increase as the meeting becomes known to the people. And good order thus far. The people seem to be much interested, as this is a strange doctrine to them; or at least they have not heard it in this way that the Bible does teach a perfect salvation :that saves men and women from their sins in this life. Hallelujah to our God, for the privilege of preaching this great salvation to the people. Pray earnestly for the work here in Virginia. There is a famine in this land, not for bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord. Amos 8:11. God bless you all. Amen. We are praising the Lord for a real victory in our soul over the world, the flesh and the devil; reigning in life by one Christ Jesus. Yours in him,

Wm. H. Miller and F. Rosenbery.


Stockton, Kan., Feb. 14, 1894.

Dear Saints of the Living God: May the riches of heaven’s grace rest upon you all through Jesus’ name. Amen. I can truly testify this morning that Jesus reigns in my soul, saves to the uttermost and causes me to abound in the love and glory of God, who supplies all our needs according to his riches in glory through Christ Jesus our Lord. It has been some time since I have reported the dealings of God with me, but can say that through all Jesus has been a near and dear friend. The last place we visited was Flag Springs, Mo., where the pure Word was preached to the people. On one occasion I preached to a large audience of boys and men, showing them the awful evils coming from the practice of self abuse, etc., and truly God did bless the meeting, and I believe much lasting good was done, as many acknowledged the truth. I will say to the ministers that I can recommend this plan of reaching thousands of boys and other dear souls that would never understand their awful condition otherwise. God bless all the household of faith, for Jesus’ sake. Amen. Your brother, saved and kept by power divine,

W. A. Haynes.


Anlo, O., Feb. 15, 1894.

Dear Brethren in Christ: We are happy once more to report full salvation through the blood of Christ. Our last report was from New Carlisle, O. God blessed us in that meeting most wonderfully. Although there were two other meetings going on at the time we were holding, the town hall was filled with most attentive listeners. Only one soul saved and baptized, but look for more to follow. At the close of the above meeting we returned to the saints’ meeting house and had two meetings which were real refreshing to all our souls. We then went to Bro. John Circles where we held seven meetings in which five souls were delivered from sin and a little boy healed whom the doctors had given up. You will doubtless hear of his healing through the Trumpet by his parents. Yesterday we baptized six happy saints in the name of Jesus. Last night we met at the little place of worship and followed the commands of our blessed Master in the ordinance of his house. Forty- two saints took part, after which all testified with the eternal peace in in their soul. The saints are fast increasing in Clark Co. I think it was six years ago when Bro. Kilpatrick and I came to this county and preached the gospel in the evening light. Since that time God has raised up a mighty host for himself who stand for the truth. We have been in Clark Co. two months, during which time we have seen the salvation of many souls, and baptized three times. At the close of the meeting last night about ten hands were raised asking the prayers of the saints that they may be saved. May the blessings of God rest upon the dear saints for their kindness to us in supplying all our needs. Saturday we go to Castine, Dark Co., to hold a meeting in a U. B. house. This is a new place, and we hope to see the truth prevail over all sin. At the close of this meeting we will go home and remain a while and if any one desires us to come and help them in the gospel, please address me at Burkett, Ind. I shall be alone for awhile as my wife will remain at home some time. I will be ready some time in April to go far or near to publish the salvation of Jesus. We. remain your brother and sisters,

Samuel Speck and Co.

Burkett, Ind.


Georgeville, Pa., Feb. 9; 1894.

Dear Saints of God: As it has been some time since we reported through the TRUMPET, we believe it would be to the glory of God to tell what the Lord has been doing in these parts. We are still praising God for eternal victory through the blood of the Lamb. Oh praise God for salvation! The first meeting at North Point lasted one night over two weeks. There were twelve consecrations. Several were saved out of the U. B. sect. We then began a meeting at Georgeville, which lasted one month. The whole meeting was victory on the Lord’s side. The altar was filled night after night with sin-sick souls, and the shouts and praises of God ascended to heaven. There were in all thirty-eight consecrations. Several were saved out of the M. E., Evangelical, and Baptist sects. We began a second meeting at North Point, Jan. 16, which closed last night. The church was established, “and the Lord added daily such as were being saved.” In all, about seventeen or eighteen consecrations. Bro. Clayton, from the Floating Bethel, arrived here Feb. 6, to assist us in the meetings a few weeks. The Lord is using him much in dealing out the precious truth. We had a precious ordinance meeting yesterday. Sixteen took part. After ordinance meeting, there were twelve saints immersed by Bro. Clayton. Conviction rested on quite a number of the spectators. Last night quite a number of hands were raised for prayer. One soul was delivered. Praise God! We believe the work is well established at North Point. The enemy is also hard at work. We will begin meeting to night at Georgeville. to continue as long as the Lord leads. We have sold and distributed between forty and fifty dollars’ worth of books and tracts in these parts, which is aiding much in the spreading of the truth. We expect Bro’s Samuel Martz and Oscar Sybert to assist us in the near future. Pray much for us and the work here. Yours in him,

H. M. Riggle and G. T. Clayton.

West Point, Pa.

To all the Saints, Greeting: We feel grateful to our dear heavenly Father for the keeping grace which he pours out upon us abundantly, through his Son, Jesus Christ. Our last report was from East Foxburg, Pa. Nothing was accomplished at that place but the sowing of gospel seed. A great many favored the truth but none would yield. From there we went to Mount Pleasant, in Forest Co., Pa., where we had held a two weeks meeting early in the fall. The truth met the approval of nearly everybody in that vicinity, until a sermon against secrecy caused a great many to speak against the truth. Notwithstanding this, a few souls gave their hearts to God in this meeting. From Mount Pleasant, Bro. and Sister Warren went to East Hickory, and companion and I, to Tionesta. At this place we preached to a large congregation for two weeks. A great many sectarians heard the word of God with gladness, until the Protestant priests ordered their flocks to stay away from the meetings. After that, few of them would venture to attend the meetings. God pity those poor blind preachers and save their souls, is our earnest prayer. Two souls were converted during the Tionesta meeting and one sanctified. Others accepted the truth and will come out of Babylon. While we were preaching Christ to the people at Tionesta, a child about four miles from that place took very ill. Two doctors from Tionesta were called; both confessed they did not understand the disease and could do nothing for the child. A young man who heard us testify while we were at Mount Pleasant to the healing of our child by the power of God, suggested to the parents of this child that they send for that preacher to come up and pray for the child. This they concluded to do. And when the messenger came to us, we looked to the Lord about the matter, and he assured us that he had sent him. We therefore went, doubting nothing, anointed the child in the name of Jesus, and it was wonderfully healed. After this the people of that vicinity desired us to come and preach in their school house. We responded to their call, and they closed their school an hour earlier than usual on Friday, Feb. 2, so as to give us the school house for service at 3 P. M. We saw at once the great conviction that was upon the people, and that little more than altar service was required to get them saved, consequently we preached a very short discourse, and then presented the altar. Two altar benches were filled with seekers. In the evening service the altar was again crowded with seekers. The work of salvation continued thus until Sabbath evening. During this time a little church was raised up of about a dozen members who will hold regular prayer meetings in that vicinity. On Monday we immersed five dear saints in the Allegheny river. Others will follow the Savior in this ordinance in the near future. Feb. 6, we went to West Monterey and held a two days meeting with the church at that place. One backslider was reclaimed during our stay at that place, and a few others consecrated for a more perfect evidence of sanctification. Feb. 8, we went to Pittsburg where we staid over night with the dear ones on the Floating Bethel. We enjoyed the privilege of greeting some of the dear saints who have been led into the evening light by means of the little floating sanctuary.

We arrived at this place Feb. 10, where we have begun a series of meetings in the name of the Lord Jesus. To God be all the glory, now and forever. Amen. Your sanctified brother,

Wm. G. Schell.


Williamston. S. C., Feb. 14, 1894.

Dearly Beloved Saints: We are glad to report perfect victory in His name, who loved us and gave himself for us. Since we last wrote we have been in some very precious meetings, and souls are being saved. To God be all the glory forever. The meeting near Anderson, was a glorious victory from beginning to end. The word of God “as a fire” melted some hearts so that they yielded to the Lord and were gloriously saved. I suppose there were ten or twelve converted, and sanctified, and many others acknowledged the truth, whom we hope will soon get saved. The people round about were so stirred that some of them had a protracted Bible reading for nearly a week. I pray God to let the scales fall from their eyes, so they can see the truth as it is. The Lord did a wonderful work which I am sure the devil cart never overthrow. Praise the good Lord forever!

After two weeks we came to this place (Jan. 26) and commenced meeting in the name of Jesus, but on account of D. D’s. being so numerous, the attendance was small. In a town of about one thousand inhabitants there are sixteen of those fellows. “Blind, they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber. Yea, they are greedy dogs, which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter.” Isa. 56:10, 11. We sent a special invitation by any that came to the meeting, to have the preachers come, but they did not come, and no doubt hindered others that would have come. May God pity such ignorance, and save all who are honest. We had a good meeting for two weeks, and some souls were saved, and heard the voice, “Come out of her mv people,” and some are out. Praise God! Two were converted, and five were sanctified, and the meeting moved along with victory all the way through. Hallelujah!

After two weeks here we went to Pelzer, to see what could be done. It is a cotton factory town of about two thousand or more inhabitants, ruled by a company of men, about like slavery. We went to a Wesleyan Methodist class meeting first night, but found no chance to preach, and but little space to even testify, as the Lord was not permitted to lead the meeting. Next day we went just outside the town and procured a place on private property to preach on the Lord’s day. Saturday night we went to a Union (?) prayer meeting, but found no chance there, the meeting being conducted by a man that commanded all to leave the house, only those who would take part in altar services (said the Lord told him to do so). We announced the meeting for the next day at twelve o’clock; and at the appointed time there were about a hundred people gathered to hear the word, which the Lord enabled us to speak in the power of the Holy Ghost. The people were ready to drink in the truth. Oh how our souls were stirred within us and moved with compassion upon the poor captives as we preached deliverance to them! A man by the name of Pool, invited us home with him, where we had meeting at night with good interest. Announced meeting for the night following, but the next day (Monday) the captain sent word to Mr. Pool not to have any more meeting in his house, so he (being under bondage) had to obey orders. So we changed the meeting to Mr. Holiday’s just out of town, and took our departure, shaking the dust off of our feet for a witness against them in the day of judgment. May God pity those that will not be saved themselves neither suffer those that would be saved to have the gospel. Surely these are perilous times, some poor souls claiming to be sanctified still in bondage to the filthy habit of tobacco, and in sectarian bondage also. Such ones are very often devoid of the grace of God and generally sorry to hear about the precious oneness of God’s people in this “evening light,” and do all they can against the truth. There are a few souls even in Pelzer who desire to obey the Lord in all things and I believe in the near future some of them will make their escape from Babylon and come to the “house of the God of Jacob.” May God bless them and hasten the time when they shall “return and come to Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads.” Amen. We came by this way (Williamston) to prayer meeting last night (as Paul) to comfort the brethren, and then go on to other places where the people are anxiously awaiting our appearance. We had expected to meet Bro. Kilpatrick at Greenwood by this time, but we have two or three places to go yet, before we are through in this country. Several to be baptized, and we expect to have an ordinance meeting before we leave, the Lord willing. We will be here two weeks yet I suppose near Williamston. Pray for us and the work in this part. Yours in the one body, contending for the faith.

Thos. Carter, and W. E. Gillespie.

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Through Faith in Jesus Christ.


Covington, La.

Dear Saints and Trumpet Readers: The Lord bless you all. Amen. I feel that it would be to the glory of God and for the good of suffering humanity for me to tell of his wonderful goodness and mercy to a poor sufferer like me. I was born in the city of New Orleans, La., in May, 1844. I left home at a very early age, and like many others became a wild boy. I entered the army in the civil war in the spring of 1862, became a prisoner of war at Ft. Hudson, in 1863, and was soon after exchanged, and on the 20th of March, 1864 while hurriedly riding through the wooded country near my home, my horse became unmanageable and ran away, hurling me with violent force against a tree, leaving me almost mangled, and in perfectly unconscious condition. My comrades carried me to the home of a friend near by, as they thought, to die, where I lay in an unconscious and almost dying condition for about fifteen days. Neither friends or physicians had any hope of my recovery for several days, but I at last through the mercies of God returned to consciousness. My injuries which were internal, and of the head and breast, were at first thought by the physicians to be fatal. As soon as I revived so that they could arrive at a definite conclusion, was pronounced incurable, and thus I was left afflicted for life (as we all thought), and from that time, March 20, 1864 till Feb. 24. 1893, I was terribly afflicted with convulsions caused by internal injuries, received in the accident above mentined. Those awful convulsions came on me every month and sometimes oftener, on some occasions, as many as seven per day. I have several times had a single spell or convulsion to last five hours, sometimes suffering from them for days. My family and friends often almost despaired of my life.

I have been examined by some of the best physicians in Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi, all pronouncing my case incurable, and every remedy proving a failure. I was dismissed from all public duties by the physicians. What I suffered through those twenty-nine long weary years, from 1864 till 1893, no language can describe. Oh I will not attempt to describe the miseries of such a life of suffering, but thank God, I was spared through it all and at last God in his mercy sent dear Brothers J. Cole, W. W. Bradley and W. J. Smith to this part of his vineyard to preach the everlasting gospel of his dear Son, our Savior, in the blessed evening light. Oh praise his holy name! They began meeting in the name of Jesus and in the order of the Lord at a place near my home where I and my family could attend, and on Feb. 24, 1893 we had assembled for services (a large congregation), and just as Brother Bradley began preaching I was attacked with one of those awful convulsions. My condition became so fearfully bad in a few moments that Brother Bradley dismissed without preaching, and coming to me laid hands on me and called upon all Christians present to join in prayer for my recovery. After prayer I was carried to the home of dear Bro. Ben Rogers where Bro. Smith remained with me through the night. He, Bro. Bradley and J. Cole continued to pray for me and the Lord did gloriously heal me soul and body, and from that hour till this I have had only one very light spell and that was right after the night of the 24th of Feb. mentioned above.

Oh I do praise him for his goodness to me! Oh I will ever praise God for sending his true ministers to declare to us the whole counsel of God, and that he gave me an honest heart to believe and receive the truth. I can say of a truth that I have tried and found his blessed Word true. The prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up. — Jas. 5: and these signs shall follow them that believe. — Mark 16. O yes, I have tried him and he has opened the windows of heaven, and given me a blessing that I cannot contain. Pray for your humble brother in Christ,

J. L. Bernard.




East Jordan, Mich.

Dear Saints: This morning finds me sweetly saved and trusting in the Lord. I will tell you how I got saved. The Lord called me but I would resist the spirit. He kept calling for me from spring until fall, and yet I resisted him. And he brought a bad sickness upon me, and by that he brought me back to him; for I had been saved before and had left my Father’s house and gone into the world again. I am thirteen years old now. Well the Lord healed me; but I did not keep the victory, and I was possessed with the evil spirit, and I was kept under the influence of the devil for six weeks. Oh little ones in Christ, take warning by, my experience, and never leave the Lord, but live true to him until the end. Bless his name forever!

Now I will tell you how the devil appeared to me, which at the time seemed to be a real fact. He came after me. seemingly, in the form of a man, with a horse and buggy. And he asked me to ride with him, and I told him yes, and he pushed me down into the seat so hard that it hurt me all over. He went about five rods and then began to rise up and he seemed to turn into the form of a dog with a large head and ears and a large mouth and claws. And I went up past heaven, and I saw my Savior in the gates of heaven, and I saw the angels flying around and shouting and singing, and the gates looked as if they were gold and the wall about heaven was like gold. But the Lord told me that I could hot stay there very long. But I wanted to be with him so bad and it seemed I could not go. There was a long hill there that went to hell, and the devil took me through four rooms, and in the fifth room was where he kept me; and there was a person in each room. And he put me in a frying pan seemingly, and fried me very near to death; and then he put me into a kettle of boiling oil and I remained there until the Lord took me out, and the devil was bound in chains and he was standing against the wall and his arms were both chained to the wall, and he had a chain around his breast and one around his feet. And when the Lord took me out the devil raged terribly. And there was a lake of fire and brimstone, and there I saw many people in everlasting torment suffering in the flames of hell. Oh dear ones, children and all, you who are saved, stand firm and true, so you will never have to suffer the pangs of hell. And if any should read this who are not saved, take warning by my terrible experience, and flee from the wrath to come, for God is surely coming to take vengeance on the wicked and them who know not God. My father and mother are saved and sanctified, and two of my brothers are saved also. Your saved brother in Christ,

Arthur Bebee.


Psa. 119:129.


Mt. Pleasant, Pa.

Gospel Trumpet: I feel the Lord wants this truth spread in our town. I have been a member of three different denominations, but for more than a year I have had no connection with sectism whatever, but rejoice in my liberty. Since God has made me free I am free indeed, and do not wish to become entangled again with the yoke of bondage. Hallelujah to Jesus for salvation from sin! God bless the GOSPEL TRUMPET, and richly reward its labors. May the church of the living God arise and shine, putting on the beautiful garments of righteousness, and be clothed with power for the salvation of sinners. Oh! how much we need the truth preached in such a way that hearts may be reached and pierced with conviction of sin, and deliverance through salvation. Oh, how I long to see the straight truth preached in Mt. Pleasant! My prayer is that God will open a door here. Praise his name he can, and no man can shut it. Your brother in Christ,

D. D. Miller.


Turkey City, Pa.

To all the Saints of God, Greeting: I feel led to write once more to the TRUMPET and state how I got hurt, etc. It is past ten months now since I was helping some small boys to pull up a walking beam at an oil well. I just happened to be there, so I thought I would do them a favor, and went and took one of the boys’ place, and in less than two minutes I got hurt. The line had caught in the standing platform forty feet up in the derrick and pulled it down, and without warning broke my arm, and hit me on the head, crushing me to the derrick floor. There I was. After I became conscious again, I called on God to give me strength enough to go home and speak to my family; then got upland walked almost one-half mile home, and here I am now. One side of my whole body was paralyzed, without motion; the other without sensation. My left arm is dead yet. I can walk some, but to bend or kneel down is almost impossible. I had six doctors and they all say nothing can be done, for the spine of the back is hurt. But bless God, we have a physician that can heal if it is to his glory. I am in his hands. Whatever he sees best to do, I say amen. I have suffered in that time untold agony; part of the time had to be helped out of bed and in again. Keep on praying for me. Your saved brother,

S. B. Heeter.


Santiam, Ore.

Dearly Beloved Ones in Christ: I feel like the Lord wants me to write and tell you how he has been dealing with me in the last two years. He first permitted me to be afflicted with sore eyes. I felt that I was willing to trust him in all things. I thought my afflictions very great but I still trusted in him to heal me. I had been living in that faith for fifteen years and I knew his promises were true, and I still clung to the faith and trusted in him to heal me, but it was about eight months before I could read scarcely any, only a few lines at a time. But praise the dear Lord, he sent me the GOSPEL TRUMPET and gave me strength to read it. So I thought I would take the paper and I did so. It has been food to my soul. I have searched the scriptures almost daily, and I find its teachings and the Word argee. I was anointed last March according to James 5, but was not healed; and I found through reading the GOSPEL TRUMPET that there was a people that the signs followed, and after waiting about two months I sent in requests for prayer to the Trumpet office, and to my surprise I was not healed. Shortly afterward I received a letter from J. L. Green, and it pleased the dear Lord to send him out here to preach a few sermons for us. And it was wonderful how God helped him to rightly divide the Word. He had to go back to Woodburn for the present, but aims to return shortly, if it is the Lord’s will. It was the first time I ever heard one of the saints preach, and I see through his preaching that my afflictions have been for my benefit. They seem more precious than gold to me. I consecrated all to His will last winter, but not hearing sanctification preached, I did not know how to possess my vessel in sanctification. Now I feel according to God’s word, he does sanctify me through the blood of the Lamb. Had I been healed, I would not have had this blessed experience.

I again ask the dear saints to pray for the healing of my eyes, that they may be fully restored. I feel it is not the Lord’s will for them to be sore any longer, and I feel they will be healed. Your sister saved and sanctified,

Lucinda Osborn.


Pullman, Wash.

Beloved Saints: We humbly desire to glorify our kind heavenly Father by adding our testimony in with all the redeemed, for the great love and mercy of God to my soul through Jesus Christ. Fourteen years ago Jesus found me a poor sinner in total darkness, under solemn and weighty gospel conviction, totally blind and almost entirely deaf. My condition then was indeed a dismal and deplorable one. My future life was a perfect failure and blackness of utter darkness. I felt if I had two great wings of an eagle, I would have willingly and instantly flown to the remotest corners of the earth, and there prostrated myself, spend my days in sorrow and in brooding over my condition and sad misfortune, but then a sweet ray of light and a kind voice derected my weeping eyes and heart heaven-ward and to Jesus. I made up my mind, the best thing I could do would be to give my heart to Jesus. Accordingly, I knelt in earnest prayer before God one evening, and promised him if he would restore my hearing again, I would give God my whole heart and make it a business to serve him all the days of my life here on earth. The next morning I awoke from slumber. I heard the voices of the students in the dormitory in which we slept (as I then attended the Ill. college for the blind), and I also heard the ticking of my watch. From that time my hearing rapidly returned, and two weeks later the stormy tempest and darkness of my poor soul was instantly hushed into a heavenly peace and calm, with quietness and sunlight in my heart, by the remission of my sins through the Prince of Peace. That night I joined the M. E. sect on probation, and in less than six months later they took me in as a full member. I went on serving Him faithfully for some time, with peace, love and joy, but at last the inward warfare began, up and down, sinning and repenting, not having any teaching or light on entire holiness whatever. At last in answer to prayer, the angel of the Lord spoke to my soul one morning while in agonizing prayer, “Sanctification will set you free.” At last I got into the experience and oh, hallelujah! It cleanses me through and through from all carnality and sin. Now the Sabbath of perfect love and glory was in my soul. It took all division out of my heart, but for want of the evening light and by remaining in sectism, I later on began to lose victory. At that time the Lord showed me clearly that M. E. ism was backslidden and fallen, and he also showed me that if I did not come out of it, I would lose my salvation entirely, and my soul in the end. I withdrew and stood free from all isms for a year. Finally I met with and joined the F. M. sect. But I did not get out into a clear experience, till I met with the saints and heard the pure gospel. I met the conditions of Rom. 12:1; died the death, and the Lord sanctified me wholly. Praise God for the evening light and the fulness of our God! Christ is our physician, our all in all. Pray for us, all ye saints of the Lord, that we be ever kept pure, meek and humble, abounding in all the fulness to his glory. Amen. Yours sanctified and complete in Him,

F. N. Jacobson.


Liverpool, England.

Dear Gospel Trumpet and Saints of God Everywhere: I feel led by the Spirit of God to write my testimony for the first time, to tell what the blessed Master has done for me. I was a member of the Salvation Army for about five years and lived up to all the light I had. I used to testify of being saved and sanctified in the S. A., and when we went on the street or open air to hold meeting, I used to get in the ring and tell the people what the Lord had done for me and what he had raised me from. And while I was talking, often I would say that if there was a man or woman on this earth that could show or teach me anything better than the S. A., I was your man, and would leave the S. A. But no one seemed to take me up. But praise the dear Lord, a day came when the Lord took up my offer and sent his flying messengers thousands of miles over the seas to preach his pure gospel and his truth which is in Christ Jesus. The Lord led me one Sunday last June 1893 till I came across a sister in the Lord and she told me of two American preachers, and strongly advised me to go and hear them, and she told me that I would hear what I had never heard before. So I went the next night to the Mission Hall and only found one preacher, and that was dear Bro. Henry. And dear Sister Croasdell came from the other end of the hall to shake hands with me with a smile of welcome on her face, and asked me if I had come to hear Bro. Henry. I said yes; so she called him and he said he was sorry that there would be no preaching to night, for we are teaching the children to sing. But he gave me three little books, Must we Sin? Second Work of Grace, and, Babylon is Fallen. So I came home and read them and they only sharpened my appetite, and left my hungry soul craving for more of the truth of the gospel. So I went again and heard Bro. Henry preach about the oneness of God’s people, and sanctification. It was then that my eyes began to open wider than ever, and the Lord began to show me the truth. And I heard the brother pray for the Lord to send some more of his holy ministers to this country, so I went home and prayed for the Lord to send more, and he answered prayer and sent them. Praise his name forever! He sent dear Brother and Sister Rupert and dear Bro. Daugherty, the right men in the right place. It was for me and I fell in love with them the first sight, before I heard them preach, but they did not know it. Bro. Daugherty was the first of these, too, to preach, and he might have known I belonged to the S. A. And as the Lord spoke through him I knew it came right from God to my heart, and as he told us that the Lord had sent him to preach the gospel that every honest soul should hear the pure gospel preached. I said that’s me, the Lord knows that I am honest and love the truth and want it. And he told us that the Lord saved him through and through, and that he used to be a captain in the Salvation Army, and how the Lord led him out. He was just telling the people my life, while he was in the same sect as I, we were thousands of miles from each other. Why I can testify to the whole world that this evening light is of God. Praise his name! Dear Bro. Rupert preached when I went again, and I saw that these dear ones had what I did not. So I found that the Lord had taken up my offer, and I gave in to him by coming down at the altar and presenting my body a living sacrifice, wholly unto God. Rom. 12:1, 2. And the first time in my life that I ever heard baptism preached was by these saints of God. I was buried with Christ in baptism by Bro. Henry in the river Mersey, Liverpool, and dear Trumpet readers, while I was in the water there was such a peace and a joy and rest came in my soul. Praise Jesus for a full and a complete salvation! And as I was coming out of the water, the dear saints that stood by began to sing, “Where he leads me I will follow,” and it seemed to me the very heavens had opened. I can testify before God and my fellow men that I never had down in Babylon such an experience as I have got out of it. Since I left Babylon the professors say that they are sorry for me, and I have gone wrong and gone astray, and I am a runaway and a sheep stealer, but praise God, I have just got right and arrived at home. The devil is raging and doing all he can to upset God’s little church here in England, but the Lord is working and giving his little ones victory over all the power of the enemy.

I pray that the Lord will bless this simple testimony to some honest soul. I mean by God’s help to stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made me free, from all sects, straps, bands and yokes of man. I ask prayers of all the dear saints of God, and I will pray for you. Yours in the one body,

Henry Lee.

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