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22 September 1882, Volume 5, Number 11.

The Gospel Trumpet.




Edited and Published in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, by


J. C. Fisher. Corresponding editor.

Office — 625 West Vermont Street, Indianapolis, Ind.


TERMS, $100 Per Year, For a less period a proportionate rates.

To The Poor less or free.


Object – His glory of God in the Salvation of men from all sin, and the union of all saints upon the Bible.

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TUNE: Pilgrim Company.

On the carnal field of mammon
Where Apoliyon’s army lay,
And the sesvile hosts of Agar,
Are in battle, full array.
We a little band of Christians,
All their forces dare to meet;
For we’re sounding forth the trumpet
That shall never call retreat.

Chorus: No, never can retreat;
So never call retreat.
We are sounding forth the trumpet
That shall never call retreat.

We have raised the gospel banner,
And its standard planted high;
And through Jesus, our Redeemer,
We shall conquor though we die.
All the art of holy fighting
We win learn at Jesus feet
Who has bid us sound the Trumpet,
That shall never call retreat.

We have drawn the sword for glory,
And the scabbard thrown away.
We bare buckled on the armor
And are sure to win the day,
With our hands beneath the retreat,
And the Rock beneath our fo..
We are sounding forth the trumpet.
That shall nevel call ret..

This well do uni.. v..tor..
Over Satan, Death and Sin,
Then with joy and final triumph
Shall forever enter in,
To the city where the angels
And the ransomed hosts will meet,
Who have sounded forth thy trumpet,
That did never call retreat.

Good Way.


Doubtfull Actions Are Sinful.


“Hast thou faith? have it to thyself before God. Happy is he that condemneth not himself in THAT thing which he alloweth. And he that doubteth is damned if he eat, because he eateth not of faith; for whatsoever is not of faith is sin.” The word rendered “damned” means condemned, or adjudged, entity of breaking the law of God. If a man doubts whether it is lawful to do a thing, and while in that state of doubt, he doer it, he displeases God, he breaks the law and is condemned whether the thing be in itself right or wrong. I have been thus particular in explaining me text in its connection with the content, because I wished fully to satisfy your minds of the ..rectness of the principle laid down — That if a man does that of which he doubts the lawfulness, he sins, and is condemned for it in the sight of God.

Whether it is lawful itself, is not the question. If he doubts its lawfulness, it is wrong in him.

There is one exception which ought to be noticed here, and that is, where a man as honestly and fully doubts the lawfulness of omitting to do it as he does the lawfulness of doing it. President Edwards meets this exactly in his 39th resolution:

“Resolved, never to do any thing that I so much question the lawfulness of, as that I intend, at the same time, to consider and examine aftwards, whether it be lawful or not: except I, as much question the lawfulness of the omission.

A man may have equal doubts whether he is hound to do a thing or not to do it. Then all that can be said is, that he must act according to the best light he can get.

But where he doubts the law- fulness of the act, but has no cause to doubt the lawfulness of the omission, and yet does it, he sins and is condemned before God, and must repeat or be damned. In further examination of the subject, I propose.

I. To show some reasons why a man is criminal for doing that of which he doubts the lawfulness.

II. To show its application to a number of specific cases.

III. Offer a few inference and remarks, as time may allow.

I. I am to show some reasons for the correctness of the principle laid down in the text — that if a man does that of which he doubts the lawfulness, he is condemned.

1. One reason why an individual is condemned if he does that of which he doubt the lawfulness, is — That if God go far enlightens his mind as to make him doubt the lawfulness of an act, he is bound to stop there and examine the question and settle it to his satisfaction.

To illustrate this: suppose your child is desirous of doing a certain thing or suppose he is invited by his companions to go somewhere, and he doubts whether you would be willing, do you not see that it is his duty to ask you? If one of his schoolmates invites him home and he doubts whether you would like it and yet goes is not this palpably wrong?

Or suppose an atheist opens his eyes on this blessed light of heaven, and breathes this air sending health and vigor through his frame. Here is evidence enough of the being of God to set him on the inquiry after that great being who provides all these means of life and happiness. And if he does not inquire for farther light, if he does not care, if he sets his heart against God, he shows that he has the heart, as well as the intellect of an Atheist. He has to say the least, evidence that there may be a God. What then is his business? Plainly, it is to set hinself honestly, and with a most child-like and reverent spirit, to inquire after him and pay him reverence. If, when he has to much light as to doubt whether there may not be a God, he still goes around as if there were none, and does not inquire for truth and obey it, he shows that his heart is wrong, and that it says, let there be no God.

There is a Deist, and here a book claimed to be a revelation from God. Many good men have believed it to be so. The evidence are such as to have perfectly satisfied the most acute and upright minds of its truth. The e.., both external and internal are of great weight. To say there are no evidences is itself enough to bring any man’s soundness of mind into question, or his honesty. There is, to say the least that can be said, sufficient evidence to create a doubt whether it is a fable and an imposture. This ..in fact but a small part, but we will take it on this ground. Now it is his duty to reject it. No Deist pretends that he can be so fully persuaded in his own mind, us to be free from all doubt.

All be dares to atempt is to raise envils and create doubts on the other side. Here, then, it is his duty to stop, and to oppose the Bible, until he can prove without a doubt, that it is not from God.

2 For a man to do a thing when he doubts whether it is lawful shows that he is selfish, and but other objects besides doing the will of God.

It shows that he wants to do at to gratify himself. He doubts whether God will approve of its and yet he does it. Is he … rebel … honestly wh.. … serve God, when he doub.. … would stop and inquire, … … amine until he w.. satisfied. But to go forward while he is … doubt, shows that he is selfish and wicked, and is willing to do it whether God is pleased or not, and that be wants to do it, whether it is right or wrong. He does it because he wants to do it, and not because it is right.

3 To act thus is an impeachment of the divine goodness.

He assumes it as uncertain whether God has given a sufficient revelation of his will, so that he might know his duty if he would.

He virtually says that the path of duty is left so doubtful that he must decide at a venture.

4 It indicates slothfulness and stupidity of mind.

It shows that he had rather act wrong than use the necessary diligence to learn and know the path of duty. It shows that he is either negligent or dishonest in his inquiries.

5 It manifests a reckless …

It shows a want of conscience, an indifference to right, a setting disposition not to do God’s wi.. and ..ot to care whether He is pleased or displeased, a desperate recklessness and headlong temper that is the height of wickedness.

Now do net lose sight of the great principle that is under discussion. It is this: where a man doubts, honestly, whether if is lawful to do a thing, and doubts equally, on the other hand whether it is lawful to omit doing it, he must pray over the matter, and search the scriptures, and get the best light on the subject, and then act. And when he does this, he is by no means to de judged or censured by others for the course he takes. “Who art thou that judgest another man’s servant?” And no man is authorized to make his own conscience the rule of his neighbor’s conduct.

And let no man set himself up to judge over a humble and conscientious disciple of the Lord Jesus.

Yes see that in all these cases it is understood and is plain that the design is to honor God, and the sole ground of doubt is, which course will really honor him. Paul says in reference to all lawn of this kind. “He that regardeth the day, regordeth it to the Lord; and he that regardeth not the day, to the Lord he doth not regard it.” The design is to do right, and the doubt is us to the means of doing it in the best manner.

I will mention so no cares, where the design is wrong, where the object is to gratify self and the individual has doubts whether he may do it lawfully. I shall refer to cases concering which there is a difference of opinion — to acts of which the least that can be said is that a man must have doubts of there being lawful.

1. Take for instance, the making and vending of alcoholic drinks.

Or the usi.. of Tobacco. Can my man prevend that he has no doubt that it is agreeable to the will of God for him to use tobaco? No man can pretend that he doubts the lawfulness of his omission of these things. Does say men living think, that he is bound in duty to make use of wine, or strong beer, or tobacco, as a …. No. The doubt is all … …. What shall we say … … … who de..ts the … … … … … his … … … … … …. … … … … … ..mned.

… might refer to tea and coffee. It is known generally. That these substances are not nutritious at all, and that nearly eight milion of dollars are spent annually for them in this country. Now, will any man pretend, that he does not doubt the lawfulness of spending all this moeny for that which is no use, and which are well known to all who have examined the subject, to be positively injurious, intolerable to weak stomachs, and as much as the strongest can dispose of? and all this while the various benevolent of the ago are loudly calling for help to send the gospel abroad and save a world from hell? To think of the church alone spending millions upon their tea tables — is there no doubt here?

Compliance with the extravagant fashions of the day.

Christian lady? have you never doubted, do you not now doubt whether it be lawful for you to copy there lions. Brought … … … from places, which were a shame even to name in this assembly, have you no doubt about it? And if you doubt and do it, you are condemned, and must repent of your sin.

Hypocrites often attempt to shelter themselves behind their doubts to get clear of their duty — doubting all the way whether it is right: trying to pray down conscience, under the pretense of praying for light; praying all around your duty, and vet pressing on. Take Care! You know you doubt the lawfulness of what you propose, and remember that “the that doubteth is damned.”

C. G. Finneys Lectures To Professing Christians.


Wondering At Past Darkness.


Through the blinding of sectarian education I verily believed denominations were of divine origin: and for any one trying to get to heaven outside of some one of these would certainly fail.

Well, I had been taught to believe, that in order to be saved one must belong to “some church” believing that all denominations composed God’s Church.

But I now know that thousands in the different denominations are not in God’s Church: their names are not found in the Lambs book of lift. Yea and may I not say that thousands of them never, never peached gospel conviction.

Is it not time, that these poor deluded souls are aroused to see their danger before they drop into “the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone,”?

I thought it perfectly right few the ministers to “open the doors of the church” and take in members. Oh the rubbish of man’s wisdom, low sickening to my soul; I gladly hide away in Jesus since He has let me see the abomination of all these things. How thankful I am to God that He sanctified me before I ever fought holiness, and that He ever brought me out of babylon before I ever fought those “outside the Camp.” “for we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth.” 2 Cor.13:8, In Col. 2: we have a preculus, lesson full of comfort to every one, who is willing and does take Christ for all and in all.

And it came to pass when they had heard the law, they separated from Israel all the mixed multitude.” Neh. 18:3, I thank God that the separating is going on.

And who is there that will be found fighting against God! let the shaking go on. I trust these sinners will witness such a separating of the wheat from Lite chaff as has never before been witnessed. Amen!

Your Sister wholly Sanctified, saved from all sin and sects.


The Bride The Lamb’s Wife.


“Come hither l will show Thee the Bride the Lamb’s wife, Rev. 21:9,”

The beloved Apostle John, being in the Spirit, says “one of the seven Angels came and talked with me, saying come hither I will show thee the Bride the Lambs wife.” Who is this Bride the Lambs wife, spoken of by the Angel: The Lamb is the Lord Jesus, John seeth, coming unto him and saith ..en..id The Lamb of God which taketh away the sin … the world. Also He is termed the Bridegroom by Himself. Matt 9 15. Also by John the baptist he that hath the Bride is the Bridegroom. John 3:29, how plain the answer Christ the Bridegroom the Church His Bride. The Apostle farther says Rev 10, “He carried me away in the Spirit to a great and high mountain and shewed me that great city the holy Jerusalem descending out of Heaven from God.” “having the glory of God. and (lie.) the (Bride’s) light was like unto a stone most precious (like Jesus) even a jasper stone clears a Crystal, Rev. 22:” yea hallelujah to the Lamb every true child of God shares with him this exceeding glory “The glory which thou gavest me I have ‘given them’ yes this precious light of Calvary illuminates the soul making it clear as Crystal, yea whiter than the driven snow. Oh praise God this glory thrills my inmost soul. This beautiful City with its walls of jasper; Pearly gates and streets of gold, clear as transparent glass is a type of the spotless purity of Christ’s true Church: His Bride. Jerusalem which is above is free which is the mother of us all. Gal. 4:26, Not as some say the M. E. or F. M. or U. B. sect is my mother. Know ye not that he which is joined to an harlot is one body,” therefore not a member of the Bride of Christ. How true, the desolate sect hath many more children than she which hath an husband. (The Lamb) But he that is joined unto the Lord is one Spirit, glory to God! whom the Son maketh free is free indeed. And have come unto Mount Sion and unto the City (Church) of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem and Church of the first-born, which are the first-born of every creature and among many brethren. Col. 1:15, Rom. 8:25, These are they which were not defiled with women. (Sect) and follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth. And in their mouth was found no guile for they are without fault before the throne of God. Heb 12:22-23, Rev 14:4, 5. The Bride the Lambs wife a wholly sanctified Church living Redeemed, by the precious Blood of Jesus, as of a Lamb without spot and without blemish, yes as Christ is pure even ..must His Bride be pure. As He is holy harmless undefiled separate from sinners, who did no sin neither was guile found in his mouth. 1 Pet 1:18, Heb. 7:26. Now compare these scriptures with the following “Christ loved the Church and gave Himself for it that He might present it to Himself a glorious Church not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing but that it should be Holy and without blemish” Eph. 5:25. 27, Even so the Bridegroom and Bride are alike pure. Christ’s Church was built a wholly sanctified Church although He had a great many discipl’s justified believers as Paul tells us He was seen after His Resurection, of the twelve and above five hundred brethren at once, yet was none wholly sanctified, as the Holy Ghost the sanctifier was not given until the day of pentecost, the blessed Savior at the last passover, in the upper room at Jerusalem, prayed for the sanctification, of His disciples and all future converts. John the 17:16-20. see also Peter’s declaration in his pentecostal sermon. Acts. 2:38. 3.. Christ says in the 16th Cha.. Matt. 18, verse, I will Build … tense, I will … when, … ..d how did has ..u..d His … Answsr — … the day of pente.. when those whom He had commanded to tarry, were all together with one accord in one place. He did then and there send the promise of the Father, the Holy Ghost which built and sealed them a wholly sanctified Churchy. And from that time on, “the Lord added unto them daily such as should be saved.” Acts 2:1, 14, 47, see also 1 Cor. xii:13, 18, As God then sets the members in Church, None but pure entereth therein. “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall sod God.” Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord, or who shall stand in the Holy place? he that hath clean hands and a pure heart.” “without holiness no man shall see the Lord.” “And both He that sanctifieth and they who are sanctified are all of one,” for which cause He is not ashamed to call they brethren. Heb 2:11. Again P.. 21:14 “The wall of the city … twelve foundations and in … the names of the twelve Apostles of the Lamb.” Now let us compare the above with the following “Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners but fellow citizens with the saints and of the household of God, and are built upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief corner Stone,” Eph 2:19, 20, This takes us again to the pentecostal Church, being the built on the foundation of the twelve Apostles of the Lamb, and not before, and as the walls of the city had twelve foundations Christ the Temple; so His Church and the Nations of them which are saved shall walk in the lig.. of it, for the Lord God giveth them light, and he that believeth shall not be ..nded. And


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Jesus, and the seal of His precious blood will be the only seal by which we will be known, and those who trust in “my church,’’ must here the sentence, “depart from me ye workers of iniquity I never knew you.”

Jesus an all sufficient: Savior and is able to save all who come to Him, even to the uttermost, and is able to keep them to the end. Yea He is able to keep what I have committed to His trust, even my poor heart. How precious such a Savior, how worthy of all praise and honor, and how worthy of my confidence and trust, and how wrong for me to doubt his word. May God forgive the dear brothers here who ..laim to have the keys of the kingdom of heaven but will not go in themselves and are hindering ..ose who are seeking to enter therein, is my prayer.

John O. George.


Second Work
Of Grace

And Gret Battle of Gog & Magog.

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Excellent Cloth Bind – 493 pages.

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We send this paper, for season, to many who have not subscribed for it. Fear not to take it out of the office, it shall no, cost you any thing until you are led of the Lord, and your own free will to support it. Please let us hear from you as soon as you shall have made up your mind for or against thd paper



All EXCHANGES and correspondents and friends will please ADDRESS us at CARDINGTON Morrow CO. Ohio. after this.



We ..e this move, believing … ..re will be a preponderance of advantages in its favor.

First, brother John M. Stiles, it blood washed soul who is devoted to the whole truth will, if he poscibly can put in $500. in the office, which, with what help the Lord is raising up for this work, will furnish the TRUMPET office with press and other material to meet the great and rapidly incresing demands for the TRUMPET’S Cardington is a pleasant place of about 1400 population, on the Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Indianapolis R. R.

The precious band of saints, and the prospects of being useful with them in promoting Gospel work there and in the many open doors in the surrounding county, are strong inducements to move there.


Just how much time our moving will take, we cannot tell, so if the next issue should bedelayed you will know the reason. We will h..e an enlarged force after we ge..oved and expert through the blessing of God, to blow the TRUMPET more freequently.


Evil spirits in the Lodi camp

Glorious Meeting at Cardington. Sect Obstructions out of the way there.

The Early and Latter Rain Beginning to Come Down.
God’s Healing Power Manifest

The Lord was with us St Condiny’s, U. Sandusky, and Dixon, SIGNS Still Following.

We were not permitted to go to the Sandy Lake Pa. meeting as we had announced, we think wу should have gone but “Satan hindered.” They had a good meeting, notwithstanding the disappointment.

In the name of the Lord we went to Lodi Ohio camp meeting Aug. 18, Coming into the tabernacle, we met several victims of what Sister Eastman of Vanwert called, the gangreen of sectarian jealousy, that loathsome disease of the soul, made the camp intolerable to us, and soon drove ns into the woods, where God poured out His Spirit upon our Soul in such a wonderful manner, that we were raised above the deadly sectarian dambs that pervaded the camp.. We returned blessing and praising God. While these poor priests of babylon looked like marble Statutes. Oh Lord pitty such Spirits; some of them would not speak to us, except as ..e compelled them. The Excursion ..rain ..rought in ..ge ..row..s on the Sabbath, which furnished us an opportunity, to deliver God’s message in the rear of the great concourse.

Praise God the truth let light into many hearts; some that feared our coming, confessed that we spake the truth and, received it, after hearing us.

Several requested us to come to their places and preach, the Word.

The Harvester stated stated that the meeting was interrupted by controversy on our part.

But the only controversy we saw was, that of several sect devotees that beset us on monday afternoon, in a wrangle that my soul loathed. They began it themselves and did about all the talking. One Minister said that the Apostles, organized Churches, we asked for a “thus saith the Lord,” and received this answer “havent you no sense?”

Repeating the assertion, we again asked for the proofs and received the bigoted retort “have you no sense at all?” When the Spirit of God forbid us to suffer this carnal confusion, we called ..hush and requested prayer, we sank upon our knees in thesr midst, while they acted much like a croud of sinners that never think of praying.

S. Rice and others sat upon their seats right by our side while we called upon God. May God have mercy on such “twice dead’ deceived, sect holiness petrifactions. It was utterly impossible for God to work there, a few souls were dragged into a profession, who, we hope and pray may receive the manifestation of God’s salvation, as they go believing from that camp. We met many dear brethren and sisters who treated us very kindly, and whom we shall remember with a greatful heart.

On Thursday night Aug. 24.h we preached the Word of God at Spencepville several miles from Lodi, some received the “present truth” there.

… next day the kind providence of God brought us to Cardington Morrow Co. O. where we found a precious band of saints sanctified and without the camp with Jesus,

They have been assembling in a hall for the last year, the Lord working with them, with signs following.

The next day our Sou.. were gladdened by the coming of Sister Wert, who knew us when a child of the devil, and whose prayers doubtless were answerd in our conversion to God.

Also several other precious Saints from Crawford C..and Sitter Sheffer from Shreve Wayne Co.

The power of God was with us from the beginning to and to save. What a contrast between this, and the Lodi meeting, we p..eched a perfect Salvation for soul and body, insisted that the Saints should “earnestly covet the best gifts.” And showed how God, desired to make the gentiles obedient by word and deed, dy mighty sign and wonders,” just as well as in the Apostolic day.

The Spirit stirred up Sister Shaffer to pray most of the night for the gift of healing. The next day Bro. Bunker, who lives 9 miles from Cardington, and had been there at the beginning, came by the Spirit to take Sister Sheaffer out to his house to pray for two sick Ladies who were hospitaled in his house.

Like Peter, when sent for by Cornelius, She went nothing doubling, and that night Chloe E. Hatton was sanctified and healed whose testimony is in this paper.

Three Souls were sanctified, one of which was the same time healed of sore eyes. The third day, the healed and saved, all returned with Bro. Bunker and Sister S.ffer, … the meeting; when … praised God ..r … the glorious things He had done.

Meantime the work was going on gloriously in Cardington,” he Lord added to the Church daily such as were being saved,” the whole town eras moved, the hardest sinners were convicted, the Hall could not accomodate the people, many went away not having room.

Two drunkards were converted, and within three days, consecrated, believed for, and received entier Sanctification, and testified to two distinct experiences.

And they were so wonderfully converted, that one of them, and I do not know but both, bad all desire for liquor and tobacco taken away the instant of regeneration: although, he had used tobacco from a child of five years ..he had not the slightest desire for it, from the night God sobered him out of a several days drunk, and converted his Soul.

Such are the normal offspring of a normal, (holy) Mother, (Church.)

This thing of children being born into the family of God, and go on lisping their holy Fathers name, with unholy, tobacco slabbered lips, is but the result of an abnormal, unsanctified ministry and church; and is an evil’ and reproach upon the cause of Christ.

The meeting continued day and night, for 13 days: there were twenty one saved, some of whom, were both converted, and Sanctifed.

The work was wrought, with much power; and was clear and marked.

The Holy Spirit made Bro’s L. L. Benson and J. M. Stiles elders.

Friday Sep. 8th we came to Condlay Bethel near Sulphur Springs Crawford Co, O. where we were again happily surprised to find so many blood washed Souls, who have “escaped he corruption that is in the wo..,” and the … ..on that is in ..n-.. how the … ..rp.. … … … h.. … … out upon …my So.. … night we met these Saints.

We desire much to go to our old home, and see brethren and friends … New Washington on Saturday but there was no horse and bu.. available. So we spent the day … visiting, and praying, with Brother Simon Craul, and pre..thing at night.

On Sabbath a number of the dear Saints came from Bucyrus, and surroundings, five of the Brethren and Sisters from Cardinton. Bro. and Siser Wert from ..orth Robinson, also there … ..amed us from Cardington Br.. Benny Baldwin, and Sisters ..er and Hatton, who was so … ..lly healed, also a witness of the Lord Jesus, It look as though we could begin to see the fulfillment of Joel. “Multitudes multitudes in the valley of decision.” And we surely received some of the advance showers of the “early and latter rain.’’ All the little ones testified to great advancement in the light of God. On monday morning we met at Br. Simon Craul’s, where we called upon the Lord together, and the Spirit of God filled the house. A dear young man was brightly converted, and a son of Bro. and Sister Wert was restored, and then churned by faith entire sanctification. A dear young brother was also sanctified on Saturday night. Like the apostolic company, we journeyed together, two wagon loads coming with us to Bro. Sherman’s, near Bucyrus.

We found sister Sherman sick in bed and nearly dead from the effects of morphine which the doctor had given her in the morning. Prayers were offred to God with the laying on of hands, and anointing with oil, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and it pleased God to ..al he.. remove the morphine, and ..eal herlimbs.

She had not walked without canes or crutches for more thsn a year. Praise God.

We then bade the whole company of the saints farewell, and came on to Upper Sandusky, where we were happy to meet our beloved Father-inlaw and family; and Bro. Stockwell, from Ada, who had come down to meet us.

The Lord helped us to deliver some strong meat in two dincours0s, which we pray God, may be heeded by all present. Here is where we first met the holiness people, and in this house. We made our first public committal to the doctrine of entire sanctification; for which we shall praise God through all eternity.

The second day of our stay there sister Sheaffer and Hatton came on from Bucyrus, having left sister Shermon well. Praise the Lord.

Aug. 13 we stopped off a few hours at Ada; enjoyed a precious hour’s worship with a number of the saints at the house of sister Preston. Came on to Vanvert, where an appointment had been sent for that night; but the ruling Friends, not being very frienly refused the house, we went to their prayr meeting. We do not wonder that this sect was so greatly annoyed by a few words of truth spoken by some brethren at Fairmont Ind. last winter, who were put out of their synagogue, and taken before the Justice.

Before we said a word the quaker fabrication began to quake with fear. And after wo testified that “we are complete in Christ.’ one, perhaps somewhat excusable friend-Grantstaff-made a second speech in defense of the sisterhood of sects: others showed fears that their superstructure might be thrown down, and put forth their hands to stay it. The poor souls have much trouble.

Aug. 14 our heart was made glad for the privilege of meeting the dearly beloved saints of Vanwert and Paulding Co’s. Glory to God! we found them thousands of leagues farther out in the ocean of divine love and truth than last spring. Souls have been converted, sanctified, and the sick heal’d, through their efforts in God, since our previous visit. We had another good meeting, a few souls were saved, one brother converted on saturday night and sanctified the next day. Sisters Wood, Hatton, and Sheaffer were there from the cast, Father Metz, from Ind. Bro. Richle from the TRUMPET office, and his mother, sister Eastman from) Vanwert. We left the meeting still in progress and came home on monday the 18th.

Thank God family well. Just rece’d word souls are being saved.



We teach entire sanctification as a second work of grace. is,

1. Because the Bible only offers it to such as were previously regenerated.

2 Because to teach that entire sanctification is coincident with regeneration, is either to lower its standard so as to admit of intented sin, or to ignore the universal experience of regeneration, because all find that it does not remove inborn sin.

3 Because the bible standard of entire sanctification is, freedom from inherited — yea all unrighteousness.

4 To deny justification because not including perfect purity is, to teach men to ignore the witness of God’s Spirit to pardon, and thereby lead them backward into darkness, instead of forward into the “more grace,” perfect the day of full salvation. Therefore.

5 We teach the second grace because to deny what God has done, defeats the attempt to obtain what is still needed.

6 We teach entire sanctification as a definite, second, work because faith can only grasp … definite object. And because those who deny, and oppose the second grace, never lead any one into the experience, of the power and testimony of entire sanctification.

WE TEACH SEPARATION. From sectarian corporations. Because separation is a bible condition of holiness. 2 Cor 6. 17,

2 Because it is the present plan of God to separate His bride from all worldly entanglements, preparatory to the reception of Christ the Bridegroom.

3 Because God commands His children not to be unequally yoked together with nobeleivers, and the sect bond does positively yoke saints with all the sinners in its fold.

4 We say to the saints, “come out of her,” because they are therein proscribed, persecuted, gagged and killed.

5 Because they cannot be both loyal to sects which are the effects of sin, and to God who is holy.

6 We teach the true Church of God, the body of Christ, so that holy men and women may see that they can escaped out of the sect slaughter houses, and idol temples, and yet remain in the “Church of the first born which are written in heaven”

7 Thus we teach entire sanctification in the only manner it can be obtained, and the Church of the living God as ..e 0nly untrammeled place, where i.. may be retained.



The following, anounts have been reported for the GOSPEL TRUMPET press. If any one here omitted plese inform us.

Bro. Nathaniel Hobbs — $125.
Bro. D. D. Johnston — $2.00
Bro. H. Condl..y — $1.00
Clary M. Philips
— $…00
On sub. taken by bro. Styles — $86. by bro. A. J. Kilpatric — $38.

Total — $203.00

Other brethren have said they would help, and now all ye that love the Lord Jesus Christ, we ask you in his name to attend to this matter at once. We move to Cardington Ohio about Oct. 1 and in order to avoid the trouble, and expense of re-shiping we expect to send our old press directly to the place from whence we shall purchase another: hence we will be without a press untill we can buy another. We believe that God will indeed move the beloved saints to respond at once to this call of God. Oh my dear brethren when we go about and see how the precious cause of holiness is stripped naked before its enemies, by men trying to maintain holiness to God and loyalty to sect corporations that are contrary to God at the same time. Many of them are but a death rattle that turn men away in confirmed disgust for the very holiness they are longing for: thus God is dishonored and the object of Chist’s death is defeated.

And when we meet the blood washed who have, in the providence of God, become free from sect encumbrance we find them with few exceptions, in the Spirit and doing effectual work for God. And knowing that thousands would enjoy this liberty, were it not for the dark age traditon that the corporations made and opened by men, are in some way, the Church, and of course there is no salvation. By the grace of God they must have the truth as fast as possible. There are 46.000 post offices in the United States; and we may safely count one person at least for each p. o. who will hale with the same gladness hundreds have, the light hat sets them free in Christ. This would give us a circulation of 46.000. and if we had the facilities to print them, we could send out thousands of papers in such a way ..s to find many of these who need and want the light.

Now we will be in Mich. and Northern Ind. about two weeks and we wish to get the press as soon as possible after out return to Cardington Ohio: therefore, in the name of our blessed Savior Jesus Christ, we suggest that every saint what he or she can spare of the Lord’s money ABOUT OCTOBER 8th TO, THE 15TH.

Send in p. o. order, bank check or registered letter, to my address D. S. Warner. Cardington Morrow Co. Ohio.




Instantly Healed by The Lord.

After Six Weeks Suffering and Helplessness.


My health broke down three years ago. I was taken down with brain and spinal fever. I lay for nine weeks, had a stroke of paralysis, for one week I could not utter a word, for five months more, was unable to do anything, and until the Lord healed me on thursday evening Aug. 31. I could not lift two pounds with my right arm. I had a very hard spell, lay for ten weeks, then was up some for four weeks, when I was taken down again very violently, was givn up by physicans, had spinal disease, epileptic fits and an absess in my side, lost all use of my limbs from the knees down, suffered indescribable pain, could not raise my head from my pillow the very day the Lord healed me I could only be turned in bed with the greatest care. Oh how I do praise God that He directed brother Bunker to bring sister Sheaffer to pray for me. Though I had received the pardon of my sins before, I had quite a struggle

Page 3

… … ..ll my will to God I made … … ..fice” an entire of.. ..y all to God. Then I … to believe that Jesus would … … after S. had pray.. ..e I ..t that the pain had … … little: thus encouraged I … a … perfect healing by … Christ Jesus, and us quick as … ..at up in my bed prais.. .. for I was both sanctified and ..ld I asked for my clothes … … oon walking the floor, … ..bs that were as dead a mo.. before. Oh the wondrous p..r and goodness of God!

From that day to this I have bee. f.. from all suffering, and … … ..ending meeting most every day and night. “Oh that … would praise the Lord for … ..s and His wonder.. … to the ..dren of men!” … … … like a dream … ..n … here a hundred … … ..es from home witne.. to God’s mighty healing loves. Yes it seems almost too … … be a reality. But glory to God! I am not dreaming. It is real the Great Physitia now is here: hallelujah I am healed, SOUL and BODY.

… Ohio. Sep. 15.


Sect Proposed To Destroy Sect

Dear Bro. WARNER,

God bless you:

I am no little surprised in read.. Brother D. W. Mc Laughlin’s ..dy for sects in the Sword and Vanguard. He proposes to in away with sects by the organisation of what simply would to the addition of another.

Like all previous organizers, … ..hinks the one he proposes ..uld not be a sect: yet the ..se he recommends would re..s in nothing else.

..insists that the true ministers … each town get together, and organize themselves into the tree …n. But suppose true Ch..en of God should not incline to ..n that organization, would it … then raise up a partition between those within and those without? and consequently would it not be a out off schism, a sect? for my organization that a man out side of, and at the same time in Christ, is schismatic is a sect, and not the Church; for the Church is the whole? body of Christ. All the Saved everywhere constitute the Church or body of Christ, all the saved in my locality constitute the Church o.. body of Christ in that locality.

Bro. course proposed by the Bro. is nothing but the old sect making over again — of course he desires that no Saint be left outside of his unsectarian sect, but has not every new sect desired the same? But no human organizer ever has been, or will be gratified in this particular.

Since our eyes are open to the fact, that Christ builds His own Church, and since we see the wickedness of those filthy cages, that men have organized, how absurd to talk about men organizing more such divisions, in order to put away divisions, Before the holy Spirit showed me in the plain word of God, how He organzed His own Church, I had about the same notions, but glory to God the holy Spirit has burned up all these dark ago superstitions

The recent articles in the TRUMPET on organizing the Church etc? are the sound words of God, and the wisdom that cometh from above. I trust that Bro. Mc Laughlin will yet get out of the remaining fogs, and see the blessed holy Church of the living God, which hath foundations, and whose builder and maker is God may the Lord help him to see the wisdom of God in organizing his own Church “that there be no schisms in the body,” and may he see that human organization increase instead of removing the evil of sectism.

J. W. Curry.

Mt. Sterling Ill.


Bro. Warner: God bless you. I have been thinking much of you today, and will write you a few lines. Praise the Lord. I can say the blood is applied; and I am dwelling in Jesus. O that wondrous rest my Soul finds in the Lord.

We are in a very busy world, with plenty to do for Jesus.

All around the fields are white for the harvest; and very, very much of the precious grain will newer be gathered. Oh my God! how the fact stri..cs my mind, that all around are, souls who, in the day of final judgement will have to say, “the harvest is past the summer i..ended, and my Soul is not saved.”

Well Brother in the name of the Lord we continue to reap and thresh, with the blessed gospel of Christ, some precious grains are boi.. threshed out of babylon which, we behere will finally be stored in heaven. The Devil is wonderfully stirred up, and is fortifying himself in his strong holds — the sect walls.

We have glorious meetings, and complete victory, and with the word of God in our hands, we know we shall triumph through Christ Jesus our Lord. Glory to God! three weeks ago the sect devil was stirred in a little meeting in Bro John Wingher’s grove.

Praise the Lord! the enemy went away crying “foot” “liar” etc, we announced a meeting for last Sabbath, and requested the people to bring their bibles, and testaments, with them, and ..et God settle this matter by has Word: but they of the contrary part failed to do so; well the word is sharper than any two edged Sword: Hallelujah! Salvation, and Honor and Glory be to our God.

Your Bro.

Thomas H Low.


My Experience.


Dear Bro. Warner, I feel as though I ought to write some of my experience for the TRUMPET, hoping It may do some one some good.

I was converted when quite young, but got into doubt and after a while went back and lived in that condition for several years when God drhught me back, by His love, that I never had any doubt about my conversion after that.

I lived just such a life as many justified people live, with a longing in my heart to be better, but I did not know how; but glory be to God, He showed me how. I did not hear any definite preaching on holiness, but was convinced through the reading of His word, and such preaching as did hear, was, that He could save me to the uttermost, praise His holy name.

I began to pray for myself, and Oh how the Lord brought me down, and showed me what I would have to give up for His sake; but I was in earnest, and I knew that no sacrifice was too great.

I was willing to forsake all and follow Jesus, and I just laid every thing down, and prayed the Lord to make me dead to Sin.

As I read in the sixth of Rom. how wonderful beyond my expectations, God answered my prayer and sanctified my soul I was just as free as the air, I knew I we dead to sin’ and the world.

My whole soul and body was so illuminated with the divine presence, that I could neither eat nor deep for praising God, how He saved me when I knew so little. The glory be to God forever.

I thought every’ body would be glad to hear about this new experience, but … how different; the majority of professers and preachers wero against me, and I could not account for this.

I knew the Lord was will me, and blessed me … Whe..eve.. I would make the old profess.. religion ashamed, and O.. devil tempted me over this ..ing to make me think I was wrong; but the Lord kept me, and I went in telling it.

For about three years, meeting with no better sucess; some telling me that I only backslid; and was reclaimed; I knew better: but I did not know that to retain the blessing I must confess it, and so I did not say much about it, thinking I would enjoy it, just as well; but I did not have much enjoyment, and finally lost the power but believed in the truth of this experience just as much as ever.

I lived in this way about two years, and then the Lord sent some of his teachers into our neighborhood, to preach sanctification, as a second work of grace

O how glad I was to hear it preached.

I consecrated myself anew to the Lord, and stepped right out understandingly, into the light, knowing if I would retain the blessing I must confess it.

Oh how the Lord gave me power to testify wherever I went.

I had belonged to the “Brethren church” (or sect) from a child.

They tried every way to get me to be still, but it was of no use I only said the more. They said they would not hear with it any longer, but would turn me out; this never moved me, I only praised God and went on telling what he had done for me; so they cast me out: and I have not belonged to any since, and never will, because they are all wrong.

God says; “Come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sin, and receive no of her plagues.” Oh that God’s people would come out of these sects, I am glad I belong to the Church of the First Born.” and that my name is “written in the lamb’s book of life,” glory to God! I am saved through the Blood.

Pain Paulding Co. O.



Of Christian Oneness Convention Held At Batavia N. Y. Sept, thirteen-fifteen.

I answer to calls published in the Christian Cynosure and other papers, there met in the Opera House in Batavia N. Y. Sept 13, 14, & 15th 1882. a number of Christian Brethren for cunsultation as to the best means of promoting practical oneness and cooperation, among christian believers in Christ.

After prayer R. W. Lyman of Arcade X. Y. was chosen President, and S. S. Cone of Wapella Ills. Secretary.

Several brief meetings were held during the intervals of the sessions of the National Christian Association, then holding. Its 14th Annual Convention.

A final meeting was hold on the 15th at the house of A. U. Newell, there were present at this meeting, R. W. Lyman of Arcade N. Y. S. S. Cone Wapella Ills. H. H. Hinman of Wheaton Ills. C. C. Foot of Detroit Mich.

George W. Clark of Detroit, A. C. Newell of Batavia N, Y. and J. F. Browne of Cabin Creek Ky. Letters were read from John G. Free of Berea Ky. and Ruphus Smith of Maryville Mo.

The following papers were presented by H. H. Hinman and adopted.

——Believing that the only authorized division among men is, between the children of God, and the children of the wicked one, and that this division ought to be far more complete pan manifest than it now is, and believing that organized divisions in the body of Christ is sin against Him. A word to all mankind, who, recognizing the fact, that

m.. … … chri.. t.. … … … … prof.. … lor.. the evil of … … a heresy in the … … … and are groaning for … from its power, and th.. christian reformers are

especially … to see in it, the greatest of all obs.. to the promo.. of true christian morality either in the world or the church. Therefore,

Resolved; 1st — That we favor the holding of a National Convention of the friends of Christian Union to divide means for the more complete separation of God’s people from all worldly and Christless associations and their unity, and harmony in Him.

Resolved; 2nd — That we recomend the.. formation of a Christian Missionary Society, not for the formulation or promotion of any sel.. the body of Christ … aid such faithful men and churches, as are laboring to promote the purity and unity of the people of God.

Resolved; 3rd — That Bros. J. G. Free of Berea Ky. R. W. Lyman of Areada N. Y. and Ruphus Smith of Maryville Mo. be chosen a committee to call such a convention, and to take the steps necessary to organize such a Missionary Society.

R. W. Lyman President.
S. S. Cone Secretary.


A Dream or Vision from the Lord

A Striking Picture of God’s Church, and human Sects.

SALEM IOWA. SEPT. 12.- ’82.

Dear Bro. Warner:

God bless you; we rejoice hear of the glorious work at Cardington O. glory to God! that sounds like the Apostolic power. “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall ..e do also, and greater workman these shall …, because I ground Father ‘ John 14:12 “The … th..ll follow them, they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover” Mark 16:18, And the prayer of faith shall save the sick and the Lord shall raise him up” James 5:15, Amen! to the glory of God, and to the praise of Jesus, who is, … the Same yesterday, today, and forever, Amen!

I had a very remarkable and sinpressive dream, last night.

I was in a large room with perhaps a dozen more persons.

There were a number of small … along the side of the large …. I saw a trap door leading to a bottomless pit in one of the smaller rooms (the one farthest away from where I was in the large room) and I heard awful groans, and saw the form of the old deceiver himself, through an opening in the partition wall.

We ware praying with one accord in the large room, for a pentecost indeed, when, all at once, we all stood on out feet two and two taking each other by ‘the hands, standing, facing one another but all in a large carcle, and at we looked up expectantly, the Holy Ghost indeed fell on us and we were made one body, and the language we spake was all. Glory, Glory, Glory presently a young man stepped out to one side and said, I am a young disciple, but I move that we meet in that room [pointing in a door leading to the one farthest from the one with the pit in,] this afternoon to Organise.

He then bowed to the rest and want out into the room indicated a shudder ran through my whole being, for I saw that there was a passage through all those rooms to the one with the trap door, and it seemed to me that the rest of the brethren would, one by one be drawn into these side rooms dy the influence of the old deceiver, and (he arguments of the one already in the room; at this, I though the light seemed

dimmed in the large room a little while, and I caught sight of the hidden openpart of the pit who seemed to be rejoicing at his success.

When I awoke it seemed to me that I could understand this Church ..ubestion better than ever before a.. The large room with its Spirit baptized company is the true Church of God; while the side rooms, into which men went from the large one, are the sect pens, where men pass resolutions, make laws, rules and creeds, about which the Holy Ghost (who sets members into the body, in God’s Church.) has never been consulted; and it seemed to me that men who went into the first room, went from one to another, toward the last, and that represented the degree of the organizations; all the time getting more thoroughly organized, wrapped up in forms and ceremonies, and farther from the simplicity of the true Church: and of course at last having lost all the power of the Holy Spirit, but adhearing to the forms, and clinging to their creeds and man made disciplin, they become castaways indeed.

The words Let Us meet and Organize; was the starting point toward the pit: and of course I shall never hear them uttered’ without thinking of the scene I witnessed in my dream.

I think those who are horn into God’s family, and go out of It, and into the door of some sect pen which a preacher has opened for them, ought to be called go outers; while those who stay where God put them ought to be called what they truly are, God’s Church.

Pray for us.

W. W. Roberts.


Waverly Pa. Sept. 11,—82

Dear Bro. Warner:

Many thanks for the paper you have sent us.

When the Lord first showed me the iniquity and corruption of the sects’ I thought I was alone in this great truth.

I use to sing;’

“Though all men should forsake me, by thy grace..’ll follow thee.

I did not then know, that there were seven thousand who, were not bowing their knee to Baal.

There is only one one Sect, (so called by men, but is no sect) that I belong to, and that is the one that is “every where spoken against” — The Church of the first born — The Church of Christ.

They may call us belonging to the sect of the Nazarene, as they accused Paul, but this one thing I do confess, that “after the manner which they call “a sect, no sect” “so worship I the God” of the Apostles, believing all things which are written in the Scriptures.

The Bible plainly teaches us that separation, from the world is God’s command: but to separate ourselves us Christians, from one another, by the creeds, and traditions of men, is wrong, and is dearly condemned in the word of God.

I see some held the truth to unrighteousness, this is just what the devil would, like to have us do. We must keep saved in our souls, and keep blessed all the time, and God will take care of the precious truth; and let us let Him take car of us;

Yours in Christ.

M. E. Stone.

P. S. will some one of the readers of the GOSPEL TRUMPET please send us the address of G. E. Thrall the author of “Need of Union.”

M. E. S.

Brother and Sister Stone keep a Bible and Tract Repository at Waverly Pa. He also sells the Campbell Printing Press, and gives all the not profits to the Misionary cause.


Hillsborough, La. July 12-82

Dear Bro. Warner:

I received a few copies of your paper through a Brother. I like the sound of the GOSPEL TRUMPET. There is no compromise with sin in my Soul, the Lord keeps me sweetly saved independent of the ungodly sects around me. Praise His name, I withdrew from the M. E. denomination six months ago, and it would have been much better for me, had I known my privilege sooner.

The Lord can use his children to a better purpose; if they are free; and I am glad that He permitted me to be driven by persecution, to take the step which I of sect organization; into perfect freedom in Christ

Your Sister Sanctified.

M. J. Johnson.


Beardstown Ill. Sep. 8, :82

Bro. Warner: May the Blessed Lord sustain you by his grace; and keep you free; that you may be a power in the hands of the Lord to accomplish that where unto be hath sant, and to law down the strong holds of the devil; and build up again zion: “Not by might, nor by power but by my Spirit saith the Lord.”

I am so glad dear Brother, that I belong to a spiritual organization holy priesthood, a peculiar people, zealous of good works; a not ashamed of the Lord who bought: me with his blood, and redeemed me from the curse of sin and death, and hath revealed himself unto me as “the Rose of Sharon, and the Lilly of the valley the fairest among ten thousand, and the one all together lovely.”

Glory to God for the consolation that I realize throgh the presence of the power of the Holy Ghost; pray for me dear Brother that I may be kept humble, willing, and reedy to do God’s will at all times, keeping my. Eye single to the glory of God, and the salvation of souls, amen!

So we the sheep and people of his pasture will give him thanks forever, we will show forth his praises to all generations. Psalm. 79:13. Oh that the people may worship the Lord in the beauty of Holiness: fea.. … … the Earth; let the Heavens rejoice and let the Earth be glad th.. shall all the T.. of the Wood rejoice, for He cometh to judge the Earth. He shall judge the world with righteousness, and the people with truth.

I am so glad that I have found Christ precious to my soul, that amid the darknest and gloom of this sinful world; he satisfieth the longing Soul, and filleth the hungry with goodness praise the Lord.

Your Bro. in Christ.

Robert … Whitaker.


Marena Kan. Aug. 31, – 82.

Dear Bro. Warner – The Camp meeting just closed, had a glorious good meeting the power of God was with us wonderfully fifteen Souls were at the altar on Sunday evening, six, converted, three Souls seeking after full Salvation, one M. E. Minister – this did, not meet with many amens from the M. E. worke.. but it seemed that God was working and no man could hinder.

We had long prayed for the holy Spirit to move in this direction, at this meeting; so he did praise His holy name. To God be all the glory, amen.

Companion and I are firmly trusting in the Lord.

Your Sister in Christ.

Mrs. P. Forrell.


Harrisburgh Ia. Sept. 4, – 82

Dear Sis: Having seen a copy of the GOSPEL TRUMPET wish you to send it to us.

Since reading your paper we have resolved to “come out’ and be free from all sectism — If agreeable we wa.. ..uform you how – “Non Sect truth … taking.

Your Bro.s Justified, Sanctified, and kept by the power of God unto salvation ready to be revealed at the last time.

W. G. Stoup.
… C. Pierce.

Page 4

the foundations of the walt of the City were garnished with all manner of precious stones. Rev. 21:19, “As Christ chosen of God and precious, ye also as living stones, are built up a spiritual house an holy priesthood to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God, by Jesus Christ. 1 Pet. 2:4, 5. The Apostle Paul says, a man may build on this foundation gold, silver, precious stone, &c, 1 Cor 3:12. Thus we see the precious stone, which garnish the foundations, are the members of the pure bride of Christ, which is pure as the River of the water of life, clear as Crystal. There is but one Bride and one Bridegroom, one body and one Head. Which the Apostle Paul beautifully exemplifies and sets forth in his Epistle to the Church of God at Corinth in which he says “I have espoused you to one husband that I may present you as a chaste Virgin to Christ.” How impossible then for the existing corrupt, putrid bodies slaughter pens of the devil, sects, abomination of the earth, the “holds of every foul spirit, and cages full of unclean and hatefull birds,” which resort to all the low trickery of the devil, such as prize kissing, grab bags, neck tie socials, fairs and festivals, dances gambling and frolics, to numerous to mention, the proceeds of which is paid over to their preachers, which greedily accepts from his majesty the devil, for whom they preach, stealing the livery of heaven, wearing a garb of holiness. And no marvel, for satan himself is transformed into an angel of light, therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness whose end shall be according to their works, bringing in damnable heresies or sects, 2 Pet ii:1, of which the apostle Paul says “They which do such things shall not inherit the … … God.” Gal. 1:12, 21, … their end shall bo according … their works, and their damnation slumbereth not. They cannot therefore collectively make up the Church the Lambs wife, so spotless and so pure. Neither is there any unity between them organicaly, or spiritually. And as God’s true children are perfectly joined together in the same mind, and in the same judgment. They are not of them, and there shall not enter into it any thing that defileth neither whatsoever worketh abomination or maketh a lie. But They which are written in the Lambs Book of life. Not sect book. Then come out of her, for that great city babylon, sectism shall be thrown down with violence, for the mouth of the Lord God hath spoken it. Even the pale flickering light of the candle shall be extinguished, leaving her in utter darkness. Then while the Spirit and the Bride says come; Flee, Oh flee lest the darkness of the eternal night overtake thee, and thy soul be for ever lost. Even now the shadows are quickly gathering, and soon the voice of the Bride and Bridegroom thou shalt hear no more. Oh flee to Christ, and overcome by the precious blood, and thou shall be clothed in white raiment which shall outshine the dazzling splendor of the noon day sun, yea the glory of God shall lighten and illuminate thy soul, until transparent with its brightness. And when the King shall come in His beauty, thou shalt be corronated with a crown of glittering gold and enter in and sit down with Him at the marriage supper. Behold he cometh. Even so, come Lord Jesus.


Whenever you a man fighting a real thorough man, you may most assuredly know that the opponent is a compromiser: for all who are not compromisers encourage all thorough men; they bid all such “GOOD SPEED.” It might be well for us all to remember this!

The Sword

My Testimony.


Dear renders of the GOSPEL TRUMPET, my testimony, this morning is, that God is my Father, Jesus my savior, and the Holy Ghost is my comforter, and the angel of the Lord my keeper. Oh glory! With such a company I have nothing to fear. They that trust in the Lord shall be as mount zion, which cannot be moved, but abideth forever. well I am trusting in the Lord, and I am not moved Hallelujah! satan and his servants have hunted me in every side, but I am hid in the clift of the Rock, and he cannot hurt me. O glory! It is not in the power of satan, to harm a soul that is hid with Christ in God: all his attacks, but drive me deeper into my hiding place. When the goldsmith wishes to try what appears to be gold, he uses very strong asids; so the devil is permited to try God’s true children, with slander reproach; backbiting, medling, jealousy, envy and but the gold always comes out more bright.

It was obedience to God that put Daniel шn the lions den, and gave God a chance to display His power over the king of the earth.

It was fidelity to God that put the three he brews into the furnace and the Almighty showed His power to quench the violence of fire. Bless God He is able to deliver me out of the hands of all my enemies.

“I know His ..atering wings of love
Are alwas e’er me upread
And though the ..or.. may fiercely rage,
All calm and … from dread.
My peaceful spirit over sings
I’ll trust the ..ve.. of thy wings.
O wondr.. …, O joy sublime,
I’ve Jesus with me all the time,”

Hallelujah to God! for the privilege of walking with God, and having the testimony that I please Him. Your Sister in Christ a member of His body, and redeemed by His blood.



HANNIBAL, MO. July’ 15.

Bro. Warner, I am still preaching pardon and purity and loyalty to God and not to man: so we have one master even Christ, and all we are brethren. We must let Christ be the leader of His people, and then we will always have our teacher with us.

I expect to go up to Newark soon your brother.

Wm. Thatcher.




Dear Bro Warner: — my trust is all in God, and His word, and the Spirit is my witness for what God has done for me last winter. because of disobedience to God I got my hand smashed, breaking the bone, that joins the little finger to the one next to it. I suffered great pain for three hours; during which I called on God to forgive the wrong, I had done. Oh glory to God, He forgave me and my hand stopped swelling, and the pain ceased immediately. In three days all soreness was gone, only it was yet weak, praise God! on the ninth day after it was broken, I went to work, and continued right on. I sought no help from man, but resorted to a receipt I found in the writings of a Doctor called Emanuel. glory to God! He healeth all manner of disposes.


The Church.

I have Thy Church O God,
Her wall.. before To ..tand,
Dear … Apple of Thi.. Eye,
And ..eaven on Thy Hand.

Ever since the Lord Sanctified me, I have been free in spirit from sectarianism, but for a number of years I have allowed myself to be counted as a member of the M. E. society (They call themselves the church,) and have also attempted to work there for the Lord. never f..y satisfied in mind — and ofte.. ..pressed that I was not as utt.. cut loose as the dear Lord wanted mo to be.

For more than a year I have been completely united to the “Church our blest Redeemer saved with his own precious blood” the Holy Spirit has severed all the ropes that held me to any thing or anybody except Christ, the one and only shepherd of the sheep of the one and only fold, glory to God! we are organized under the new testament dispensation by the Holy Ghost; “we live by the faith of the son of God” No college made apostles, no lazy christians, no tobacco loving, holiness hating class leaders, do unconsecrated sabbath school teacher or superintendents, none that are deceived by the devil.

To believe they are going to heaven, while they have not forsaken one thing for Jesus; theater going, dancing, jewelry wearing love of fine clothes, and display.

Jesus says “whosoever he be among you that forsake not all that he hath can not be my disciple.” (God looks at the Heart: we may have forsaken these things outwardly, just because the Bible says so, but if we do pot not see the evil in our hearts, it will avail us nothing, we must examine the Heart, the Evil, and the Root from whence there things spring; here our efforts will fail, nothing but the grace of God can do this, and the cleansing of this will not be done, until we consecrate our all to God, which is clearly shown in the above quotation, and has heed neglected, and rejected by the churches.)

But every member of the body of Christ is united together by a living Faith, and to each other by the same love wherewith He hath loved us. Praise the Lord forever, as the Father and the Son are one, so are we.

Salvation to a lost and ruined race, we proclaim from our homes from our places of business, from our going to and fro among men, from our meetings, by Day and by Night, wherever we are, with our tongues, with our money, with our lives, and many hear the sound, and heed the warning to flee the wrath to come. Glory to Jesus, “Holiness unto the Lord.” Entire sanctification, the baptism of the Holy Spirit is preached as necessary to salvation; and following Justification the sooner the better — In all we have Victory continually through the Blood of the Lamb.

John M. Stiles.


In The Light Of God.


Bro. Warner, by the grace of God I am led to write an article for the Trumpet that God has shown me in his holy Word.

Isaiah 55:9-11, All ye beasts of the field come and devour, yea all we beasts of the forest the same (sect) beast that John saw “rise (Rev. 13:) on out of the Sea having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.” we have plenty of such sect beasts in our land today, they are devouring one another for they are blind, transgressing God’s commandments. Christ speaks in Math. 15:14, to “let them alone they be blind leaders of the blind, and if the blind lead the blind both will fall into the ditch.” “His watchmen are blind, they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark, sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber, yea they are greedy dogs which can never have chough, and they are shepherds which can not understand, they all look to their own way, every one for his gain from his quarter.” yes the devil has many such false shepherds, or preachers. Christ says “beware of false prophets which come to … in Sheeps clothing, but in..rdly they are ravening wolves”

Praise God we shall “know them by their fruits.”

God says “every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down and cast into the fire where fore by their fruits ye shall know them.” We must enter in at the strait gate, “because strait is the gate and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life and few there be that find it.” Christ says “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life and no man cometh to the Father but by me.” How many are climbing up some other why, But Jesus says “I am the door, by me if nay man enter in, he shall be saved: and shall go in and out and find pasture.” This evening I do thank my God that He has placed me in the Light where I can see and walk with Jesus, and do’nt need to have any sect props. Praise the Lord for Salvation that keeps me from all Sin.

Come to the Light, shining for Thee,
Sweetly th.. Light, has dawned upon me;
Once I was blind, but now I can ..oe;
The Light of the World is Jesus.

Your Bro. In Christ.

E. S. Stoner,

Albion Ind. July 27.


Are Denominations Recognized By The Word Of God?


“There is one body and one Spirit,” Eph. 4:4, “As the body is one and hath many members, and all the members of the one body being many, are of the same body, so also is Christ; for by one spirit are we all baptized into one body.” 1 Cor. 12:12-13

“There shall be no Schisms in the body.” 1 Cor. 12:25, “Now I beseech you Brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak same thing that there be no divisions among you but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgement.” 1 Cor. 1:10, “Now I beseech you brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned.” Rom. 16:17—18,

“Take heed therefore unto your selves, for I know, this: of your own selves shall men rise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them,” (not after Christ.) Acts 30:28—30, “Every one of you saith, I am of Paul, and I of Apollos‘ and I of Cephas, and I of Christ, Is Christ divided? 1 Cor. 1:12—13,

While one saith, I am of Paul, and another I of Apollos, are ye not carnal? 1 Cor. 3:3—4,

1st. — The divisons now are rather — I am of the church of England, — I of the Presbyterians — I of the Congregational, — I of the Baptist, — I of the United Brethren, — I of the Methodists, — I of the Plymouth Brethren, &c, &c, &c; but they show the same carnal spirit of strife and division.

2nd — All the names that God applied to His people included all the members of the body of Christ, i.e. — “Saints” “Brethren “Believers” “Christians” and they all exclude the World; being quite inapplicable to any but saved people. Hence they are conservative of the Spirit, and of the broad line that separates in the sight of God, the Church from the World.

On the contrary, all the names assumed, by men, fail to embrace all the members of the body of Christ, and are as applicable to an unbeliever as to the believer, provided he has joined himself to one of the said denominations.

3rd. — It therefore evident that to acknowledge any names but those by which God calls his people, and to be identified with any party divisions in the Church is to sin as did the Corinthians.

What is Babylon

“Babylon.” from the word “Bable” signifies confusion; and most fittingly represent the state of the great family of churches.

The fall of Babylon can not mean her destruction; because after her fall, God’s, people are called out of her, lest they should partake of her sins, &c. Her fall therefore must be a moral fall.

The church of Rome claims the church of England as her Daughter.

It the church of Rome were ever guilty of Idolatry, in relation to the Saints, her daughter the church of England, stands guilty of the same, which has ten churches dedicated to Mary for one dedicated to Christ. (Catholic Christian Instructer, Page 18.)

Romish Church:

If she be a mother, who are the daughters? It must be the corrupt National established churches that came out of her.

The call to God’s people now is, “come out of her my people, that ye partake not of her sins, and receive not of her plagues.”

What do we see in these worldly churches? conformity to the world, pride, hatred, strife. But in the true Church is love, and the “Savior says” by this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” John. 13:35, But these worldly churches hate each other, so that we must say, By this shall all men know that they are not my disciples; because they hate one another. (Not the disciples of Christ.)

Martin Luther, just before his death, writing on the prophetic period of Daniel; in his german Bible, says: “About the consumation of these periods, this Gospel will be shut out of all the churches; and confined to private houses;” when one of M. Luther’s guests remarked, that the world might continue fifty years. He replied: “Pray God It may not exist so long; matters would be even worse than they have been, there would rise up infinite sects and schisms, which are at present hidden in men’s hearts, not mature. No: may the Lord come at once, for there is no amendment to be expected.”

Now, when He comes will He find Faith on the earth? the question implies a strong meaning; no, He will not find faith on the earth. He himself fore-sees it in general, He will find but few good people, few that are really and truly good; many that have the form and fashion of Godliness but few that have Faith.

Reader, are you reconciled to God? is your peace made with Heaven? do you love Jesus? are you living a hopeful life?

How are the children of God scattered abroad, to be gathered together unto Him? simply by each one taking His Book as his guide, and the Holy Ghost as his Teacher.

Shall He teach them to remain apart? Oh no. He will gather them. God always gathers his people: It is only the Wolf that “scatters the sheep” John x:12, But to whom will the Holy Ghost gather the Saints? To the one whom He delighteth to honor: — “Our Lord Jesus Christ,” — not to Him and something else; but to himself alone.

May God bless all his Children, is my prayer.

Yours truly in Christ.

St. Johns Mich.



Satan Is Raging.


Dear Bro. Warner, Bro. Dolan and I left Washington for Millville N. J. to attend a grove meeting held by God’s Saints there, who have come out from sect per and have the yoke off, and are free in Christ. God bless them in captured place, and help them to stand up and be true.

We were treated very kindly by them. God had some Saints there from Vineland, and Philadelphia, and we were getting the best of the feast from heaven, O how He did feed us in all our meetings with rich food from heaven. The devil was cut up in such a manner that he wo’nt forget it very soon; and to show you what nice, genteel murderers the Methodist church has in the form of class leaders, in these dens of sect orders. Gods Saints on the last night of the meeting used very heavy chain shot on sect orders, and sin of all kind; and the devil’s angels outside the ground squealed very loud, and next day this class leader with his squad laid their plans to give God’s children a reception at night with brick bats; but the Saints were taken care of ..r the … Heavenly Father, who kept … in perfect peace, glory to God! the night the saints were to be treated to bricks and stones, that night there was no meeting, the meeting closed the night before, so God’s Saints had the victory glory be to God. We left Millville on thursday for Philadelphia, to hold meeting with some of the Lord’s colored saints, and it was another rich feast in the camp’ We were treated very kindly by them, the Lord has some holy Saints among them, they are filled with the Holy Ghost.

Then we took the train for Frankfort to hold another meeting with a Sister who is a Daniel, for God; then we took the train on Friday night for home, and we praise God for a safe and pleasant trip. The Free Methodist sect is all fallen to pieces in Millville. there was good seed sown for which we give God all the glory forever amen.

Yours in Christ Jesus.


Turned out For Professing Holiness.

Oak grove Ind. Dear Brother Warner. I feel led to tell the readers of the TRUMPET, that I am without the camp bearing His reproach; and no longer belong to any satan made sects. Glory to God! I was charged with holding and teaching in a manner, offensive to my brethren in the church, and hindering the influence of the church and sabbath school, (both presbyterian,) and on the 24th day of April 1882 I had my trial which was acknowledged by nearly all present to be one of the most unfair trials they ever save. But glory to God! the people had a chance to see what kind of a spirit a sect will infuse into the hearts of’ its devotees; the substance of one specification was circulating the GOSPEL TRUMPET. Well praise the Lord, I am surprised at the liberty of conscience I enjoy, since free from the sect, to which I belonged. And when the graves are opened and the dead shall have come forth to meet the Lord in the air, and we all stand before the judgement ba.. of God, I do not expect to hear the question asked, have you come u.. through a Presbyterian sect? to have you been a Baptist? or a loyal Methodist? But me thinks will be something as when John the Revalator beheld, “and great multitude which no men could number, of all nations, a.. kindred, and people, and tongues stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with what robes and palms in their hands and was asked by the angel, who are these which are arrayed … white robes, and whence co.. they? ”and I said unto him, s.. thou knowest. And he said t.. of great tribulation, and ha.. washed their robes and mad.. them white in the blood of th.. Lamb. Rev vii:9, 14, 15. No there is no other name given whereby men must be saved only


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