23 January 1896, Volume 16, Number 4.



To weary hearts, to mourning homes,
God’s meekest Angel gently comes;
No power has he to banish pain,
Or give us back our lost again,
And yet, in tenderest love our dear
And Heavenly Father sends him here.

There’s quiet, in that Angel’s glance,
There’s rest in his still countenance;
He mocks no grief with idle cheer,
Nor wounds with words the mourner’s ear;
But ills and woes he may not cure,
He kindly learns us to endure.

Angel of Patience! sent to calm
Our feverish brow with cooling balm;
To lay the storms of hope and fear,
And reconcile life’s smile and tear;
And throbs of wounded pride to still.
And makes our own our Father’s will.

Oh! thou, who mournest. on the way,
With longings for the close of day,
He walks with thee, that Angel kind.
And gently whispers, — “Be resigned!
Bear up, bear on, the end shall tell
The dear Lord ordereth all things well.”

— Whittier.


We are Watched.


“WHEREFORE seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us.” — Heb. 12:1.

Truly the man or woman that takes a stand with the present truth reformation places himself in a very conspicuous position. The eyes of the world are being turned upon us, and day by day as this work broadens and advances, are we put under the scrutinizing gaze of those around us. We are in the greatest reformation that has ever enlightened this world since the days of Christ, and the actions of God’s people are being noted, and will be remembered and read in years to come, as were the acts of the apostles of Christ. Jesus says, A city set upon a hill cannot be hid; and to day God has located his church on the very top of Mount Zion, and he intends that we are to be seen.

I do praise God that he has a people who will bear watching. Praise God, they are ever ready for inspection. Right here, dear ones, let me say that if we are where we are afraid of inspection, we are not where God wants us to be. If there is any thing about us, or in our lives, or if we are engaged in any thing even to the most secret action of our life that we would be ashamed for the world to know, we are not living pleasing to God. Thank God, it is our privilege to live where we would be glad to have all our life, public and private, even our secret thoughts published to the world, for an ex­ample to all men. May God help us all to have God enthroned in every act of our life, that we may be fit to sit upon the highest pinnacle of the mount of God, where every eve in earth, hell or heaven can see that there is no fault in us.

The man who takes his stand for the truth to day places himself where all eyes are upon him. His neighbor who is seeking light watches every action of his life as he deals, talks, walks, or whatever he does, his neighbor sees it and is affected thereby. Did you ever realize dear brother, that those around you are watching every thing you do, and that your life is making a lasting impression upon them? Your companion sees and knows just how you live. Your children are influenced either for good or bad, by the example you set before them. Your ene­mies are constantly upon the alert to get something to bring against you, and the greatest weapons they can wield against you are your own inconsistencies, your own misdoings. The devil and all the armies of the pit are constantly seeking some weak point to make an attack upon your soul. All heaven is interested in your welfare, and is waiting, watching to see what the end will be. My brother, life is at stake, eternal life. Not only yours, but the eternal destiny of others de­pends largely upon the race you are running. The race course is plainly marked out before us. We need make no mistake. Yea, all things are ready. Remember it is not enough to start the race, but the crown is given to those who run to the end.

It is not sufficient to profess to be running in this race, but we must really be running; and in order to do so, we must lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily be­set us. Suppose you were placed in some immediate danger and your life depended upon your running with all your might, and putting forth every effort to outrun the destroyer; who was on your track. Surely, you would let loose of everything and drop off everything that would re­tard your speed, or cause any hind­rance whatever to your movement. Now, dear ones, whether or not you are aware of it, the devil and all the evil spirits in hell are after you, and your eternal life depends on your letting go of everything and putting forth every effort possible. If you do not, and you become dilatory, slacken your speed or allow some­thing to retard you, you may be sure the devil will gain ground upon you. May God help you to run for life, and to so run that you may obtain.

Now to run is to advance, and the man who makes no advancement is not running at all. Wherever there is a standstill in our experience there is always a cause; and usually when the cause is searched out, it is found to be some weight that is hold­ing us down. Some people allow their farms to keep them from mak­ing advancement. Some are engag­ed in business which holds them back. Some allow their surroundings to influence them. Some one thing and some another. You may rest assured that if you are not running the race with perfect ease there is a cause, and the cause is on your part and not on God’s. He says, “They shall run and not be weary; walk and not faint.” The Psalmist says, “By thee have I run through a troop, and by my God have I leaped over a wall.” And again, “Thy foot shall not stumble.” Praise God! To the man who drops all and leaves off all, and lets God empty him of all, and allows God to fill him with Himself, there is nothing to hinder advance­ment.

And now, dear ones, for Jesus’ sake and the sake of poor dying souls, get where you can run with patience the race set before you. There are so many who start, but never make any advancement, but at every pro­tracted meeting they try it again, only to make another failure. To such we would say, go in fervent prayer to God and let him show you what is the matter and let him cut every shore line. For God’s sake sell out, die out and move out where you can run; and then in the name of Jesus shut your eyes and ears to everything of the devil and get your eyes off your possessions, your friends, the world and yourself and get them forever fixed on Jesus, and run. Bid an eternal farewell to the world, the flesh and the devil and keep so far ahead of the devil that he cannot get any communication with you. Brethren, we are known and read of all men. Oh, may God help us all to so run that we may win the crown which is only given to those who are faithful to the end.

W. J. Henry.


To the Honor and Glory of God.


DEAR children of God, do you appreciate the gracious privi­lege of living daily lives that will honor and glorify the great, all-wise God? Have you considered that while our motives may be good and pure in every action of our lives, yet they may not always honor God?

A little incident in my early Chris­tian life will illustrate and make clear my meaning. When I was first sanctified God chose to impress upon my heart and mind the worth of souls and gave me a strong desire to do all possible for them. At the same time the care of a family of little ones rested upon me and I let my interest in salvation work so press upon me that in all my home work I felt hurried and did not consider it of much importance. One day having a large washing to do, and little help, I put forth all the physi­cal energy possible and hurried it through, allowing the children to amuse themselves. As the last gar­ment was passing through the wring­er the baby came near, and in an in­stant her dear little thumb was crushed by the cogs, and she was crying piteously. Clasping her in my arms while earnestly praying, the little reliefs were applied until her papa said, “Well, we have done all we can; sooth her if possible.” My heart was aching, and a conscious­ness that it was for my good, hastened me to a lone upper chamber. Plac­ing her on the bed while she cried and sobbed convulsively, I began to call upon God in great earnestness and was assured that I must learn a precious lesson. While waiting to learn what it was, the Lord spoke, saying, “If you are to glorify me in washing I will give you all the time necessary to do it in without neg­lecting something else.” How sor­rowful my heart to think my babe must suffer for my neglect. So my lesson was learned and then as I asked for relief for the child she fell asleep, and though it was some time before it was entirely well, it never seemed to pain her or to inconven­ience her in her play.

So whatever he desires us to do, he will give us time and opportunity if we are faithful in the discharge of other duties. Then dear sisters, if we are wives, mothers, housekeepers and Christian workers, it will need the wisdom of God to perfectly ad­just and keep all moving in the way that will honor him.

In our home work we can honor him by doing it thoroughly and just as wisely as possible, looking to God for the wisdom, not continuing in our own ways from force of habit, ever remembering that what is worth doing is worth doing well. There are so many things that work for the good of our dear ones that our minds must be engaged in earnest effort for the quickest, best and most economical way of doing them, and if we confide in our Lord he will show us ways and give us ability beyond our conception. No one should be ashamed to learn from others if their early life or education on any line has been deficient. Many wives and mothers in reduced financial circum­stances have had no instruction in sewing, and they use little wisdom in procuring goods suitable for differ­ent garments or in shape and size thereof.

Garments for children should be made carefully large, and for cool weather well lined or faced in the parts that receive the strain of wear. Many new garments should be made in the fall that the children have the benefit of thickness, also of length, that their wrists and ankles be more carefully protected from the cold of winter. Thoughtfulness on this line comes in on kindness to others.

Holiness of heart should make all Christians very considerate of the children in every way and for all the weak ones. When we see any one in need of something for use and comfort we should see if there is not some way we can supply their need from our store, and often the Lord will quicken our minds to ways and means of providing, or hasten us to the closet to ask of the Lord in their behalf. Dear sisters, from ourselves must come the Dorcas to provide garments for the needy. Many of these can be made from large worn ones, and nothing of value should be lost. When a garment is worn out, the good parts may be cut off, neatly rolled and laid away, and it is not long till there is a place for them in repairing, lining or con­structing some garment to bring comfort or gladness to some one. The teaching of our Lord in gather­ing up the fragments should be thoroughly applied in our every-day life.

Some housekeepers can keep house nicely when every thing is just so, but if adversity comes they can­not conform themselves thereto and make the best of it, but grieve and yield to discouragement. I have of­ten praised God that my early life was one of adversity, for through the faithful efforts of my dear mother many precious lessons were impart­ed that I have so often desired to give to others, that small homes of poverty might show forth cleanliness, order and thrift for the glory of God. If each sister thus situated will use all the ability she has and ask God for more, many things may be learn­ed that will make her round of “little nothings” a sweet work of love and helpfulness, all to the glory of God. Often have I entered homes of dis­order, discomfort and discontent, where I could see so many ways of bringing order out of chaos that my heart has ached to do it. Oh dear sisters, if there is a suspicion in your minds that on any line of duty you fall short, renew your diligence and ask of God until you know that your life honors God.

While we are not to seek after the things of the world or be unduly care­ful to obtain them, we should obey the word in faithful labor and as our needs are supplied, thank God for them and appreciate them as from his loving hand. Many dear souls think we must be utterly indifferent to what we have. For instance, a sister has a new shawl or cloak; she wears it carelessly, tosses it upon chairs or bed, allows the children to play with it, and in a short time the once fair garment is in disorder and appears in public places in a shabby condition, or a new one is obtained. The habit of carefully folding or hanging up a garment will prolong its usefulness, and is one way of economy. If we do not take care of what our Father gives us, may he not withhold more until we have learned to appreciate his gifts?

It is to the glory of God that the holy people be examples on all lines of duty. Some farmer husbands think when summer work is over that they are excused from much service through the stormy days. They do not see how easily they can make some useful article for the house to save labor for the busy wife, or how they can share in many ways the household duties, thus giv­ing more time to the companion for the repairing and making of gar­ments of warmth for her own house­hold or for the needy. Oh dear saints, may God stir you up to real diligence in serving God by acts of kindness to one another, yea, to all people. It is wonderful how God, opens up ways of faithful service to the earnest, careful and considerate, and how others will wish to help and see no way to do so.

Thus far had I written when the sad news of Bro. Warner’s death reached us, causing us to mourn a personal friend, and counselor. Then turning to God to learn the lesson there was for us as children of God it came to me this way: If all the dear souls who had been saved or benefited by the instruction given them of God through this brother’s labors, would, in thankfulness for them and in love to him, and the cause that was so dear to him, yield themselves more fully to the service of the Lord and step out by faith more clearly, boldly and firmly for the standard of truth, more would be accomplished through his death than by his life. Let it be so, dear ones; let his place be filled with many just as humble, just as devoted, just as wise, just as gifted servants of the living God, that no one man may be especially prominent that the enemy may accuse of following him to the destruction of precious weak souls. Now this can not be attained by our impulse or resolve, but by a daily ef­fort to be all that God desires each one to be to the glory of God.

I want to here acknowledge my desire, determination and faith for a glorious upward step in my exper­ience and service to God.

Yours in Jesus,

Jennie C. Rutty.




Birkenhead, England.

Dear Brethern and Sisters: I wish to give my testimony to the glory of God who has done so much for me. I am now seventy nine-years old; about forty years ago I received the forgiveness of my sins and for some time I felt that sweet assurance which all true converted people feel, but on account of the ungodly lives and examples and false preaching by those whom I looked to for guidance and help, I was again drawn into a place where it was sometimes up and sometimes down. So I wandered from place to place to and a people that preached the word of God and believed and practiced it, but such I could not find in all my forty years in the wilderness. But glory to God the light has c me to my soul once more and I have found the truth and the church that Jesus built, and I am in it. I intend to keep in it by the grace of God. I wish to say here that the Lord did not only save my soul but has healed me. Glory to his holy name! Dear people, will you believe that God has healed me of a rupture of eighteen years standing also of a lung trouble of sixteen years, and of partial blind­ness? This was all done by the mighty power of God, after having the elders of the church pray and anoint me according to James 5:14, 15. God is doing mighty wonders in this coun­ty through the holy child Jesus. Glory to his holy name! And while this is all true, the devil is mad and doing all he can to hinder the bless­ed work and truth that has come to us. But glory to God, the work of the Lord is going forward. Oh praise God forgiving me ears to hear and eyes to see this blessed evening light! Now if any one doubts my testimony I am open for examination. My address is No. 3 Brook St., Birkenhead, England. Your broth­er in Christ,


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O. P Zimmerman W. G. Schell, C. W. Moon, C. Bertram, C. Sheefel, C. E. Craig, Amanda Fleenor, Jas. A. Montgomery, Wm. N. Smith, Mrs. Lucy Erard, R Croasdell, Frank Garrett Isaac Fiandt, Mrs. Hattie Dille, J. S. Smith, Sarah M. Cleveland, John Wingard.


A profession of salvation will do you no good unless you have the possession.


Never engage in anything that you cannot ask the blessings of the Lord upon, nor have him engage in it with you.


If you ever expect to get anything from the Lord, ask him for it. And if you ask and “doubt not in your heart,” you will receive a favorable answer from the Lord. Jesus said: “What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” Mark 11:24


The way to have faith in God is to believe what he says in his word, and believe it firmly enough to move out upon his promises and obey what he says, and there will be no need of failure, nor floundering, backsliding, being overcome by the powers of the evil one, nor any thing of the kind.


With this issue we discontinue the TRUMPET to those who have failed to renew, or to request their subscrip­tion continued. In November we sent out notices to all who were back on their subscriptions, stating how much they were due the TRUMPET; and also sent requests to all who get it free, to notify us if they wished the paper continued. Those names we have failed to hear from we now drop from our list. If any of these wish to renew, or wish their paper continued, please state when your paper was stopped, as an aid to us in re-entering your name.


Salvation means deliverance from sin. Have you got it?

Salvation will keep people from sin. Are you kept free from sin?

Salvation makes a person holy. Are you holy?

Salvation fits a person for heaven. Are you fit for heaven?

Salvation causes people to live holy lives. Do you live a holy life?

Salvation makes a person deal honestly with all men. Do you always deal honestly?

Salvation causes a person to be a child of God through a spiritual birth. Are you born of God?

Salvation will remove all carnality and unrighteousness out of the heart. Are you cleansed of all carnality?

Salvation places a person in a rela­tion with God that gives access to his healing power for the healing of all diseases. Do you take the Lord for your physician?

Salvation makes a person live to a Bible standard. Do you live to a Bible standard?


Requests for Prayer.


Estella Stephens. — Healing.

Effie Sharley. — Brights disease.

Mrs. Augusta Iveson. La Grippe.

Etta Stiers. — Desires sanctification.

Mrs. C. B. Hoffman. — Full salvation.

Sister Graham, Pittsburg. — Healing of body.

James Ellis. — Healing or epileptic fits. Jan. 26.

For wife of W. E. Spencer, Forbes. —  Healing of soul and body. — Epileptic fits. Feb. 1.

F. M. Snider, Mitchell — Salvation from all sin.

Lettie L. Tripp. — Full salvation — heal­ing of catarrh.

Mrs. J. R. Hooper. — Saltrheum and other afflictions.

Julia Lamlor. Plato. — Boy crippled —  husband unsaved.

A. S. Conklin, Myersburg. — Healing of bodily afflictions.

Birdie Beckham, St. Limes. — Lung trouble. Jan, 50.

Mrs. a. Dunnington. — Pray for my mother — paralysis.

Harriet R. Newbert — Healing, and full deliverance from sin.

Maggie Armstrong, McFall. — Sanctifi­cation and healing of body.

G. B. Wilkes. — Healing of catarrh — and for wife: soreness in breast.

Robbie Stiers. — Thirteen years of age —  has been paralyzed since a baby.

RGudford. — Cousin has been sick three years, complicated diseases.

N. E. Long, Weston. — Healing of catarrh in head; also lung trouble.

Minnie Wrightman, Cisco. Mo. — Her­self and husband — financial distress.

Mary Carpenter. — That husband may be restored to God, and delivered of to­bacco appetite.

W. G. Welie, Canaan. — That wife and I be sanctified, and for Ida Dark. — Healing of rheumatism.

S. W. Dean, Zames. Plymoth Co. Ia. —  Paralyzed. Desires minister to come who has gift of healing.

Mrs. S. H. Deboer, Charlevoix. — Heal­ing of soul, and of pain in left lung; also continued headache.

Robert McEwen, Philadelphia. — For victory — salvation of his wife, and remov­al of appetite for strong drink.

Mattie Woods. — For complete victory —  for her brother-in-law to be saved and healed — has been sick three months.

Mrs. H. Eastman, Harbor Springs, —  Healing of goitered neck, and whole body; also for the salvation of my husband.

Sarah B. Louis, Reiffsburg. — Healing of lungs, — also deeper experience — and for her mother’s healing, of female weak­ness.

For my uncle. — Healing of kidney trouble; La Grippe; deliverance from to­bacco; full salvation. Jan. 31. Mollie Wright.

Mrs Johnson and daughter Paso Rob­les. — Salvation and healing; being bound by Satan for several years; without use of limbs. Sunday, Feb. 2.




Sadorus, Ill., Jan. 15.

Dear Brethren: I heard of your mission home yesterday. I learned from ope who sent a request for prayer for a man in Moultrie Co,. Illinois, who was seemingly very near death with fever. Soon after he was healed and sat up in bed and clapped his hands. Has had no fever since. Now I want to ask you to pray for the healing of my body. I have the dreadful kidney disease, “diabetes.” My soul was saved by my Savior, Sept. 13. 1893, and I believe he is able and willing to heal my body. Do ask him to do the work that he may have the glory. Very truly your friend,

A. A. Edwards.


Belgique, Mo.

Dear Saints: I sent a request for you to pray for my little boy that had the chills so long. The Lord did heal him on Dec. 31. Praise the Lord forever! Your saved sister in Christ,

Martha E. Miles.


Calls For Meeting.


W. C. Westlake. Newburg, Mo.

Edward and Ella Houser, Hoxie, Sher­idan Co., Kan.

When Bro. R. M. Haynes comes through this way we want him to stop a week or two with us here in the meetings; and if there are any other of God’s peo­ple coining near this place we want them to come and see us. Your brother in Christ,

G. W. Watson.

Eugene, Vermillion Co., Ind.




Tidioute, Pa.

Lord willing, there will be an assembly meeting held at Tidioute, Warren Co., Pa., commencing Saturday, Feb. 1, 1896, to continue as long as the Lord wills. Let this be a general turnout of all saints, and all those who would hear the gospel preached in all its purity. Evangelists J. A. and A. J. Dillon are expected to be present.

L. A. Wallace.



Burkett, Ind., Jan. 11.

Dear Brethren: May the Lord bless and keep you faithful until the end of time. Amen. I wish to report, since the call in the GOSPEL TRUMPET for a tabernacle, there has been sent in about $14.00. I have written to the Detroit Tent Co. and they offer me a tent 34×54, 12 oz. top, 8 oz. sides, with 7 feet wall, with wire guys, all complete except small tie stakes and center poles, for $87.00; also a small tent to sleep in 10×14, all complete for S12.00. making in all $99.00.

Now Brethren, the following towns are calling for the truth and there are saints in the most of them, but they are poor and unable to get a place to hold meeting in, and the only way I can see is to pitch tent and open up the pure gospel on them. These towns are in Ind., Marion, Elwood Kokomo, Goston, Alexandra, and Anderson. There are also a few towns in Ohio, where we would love to hold meetings in. Now Brethren, all who feel led to send us a donation toward getting this tent, will bestow upon many hearts a blessing, and help spread the gospel. I must order the tent and pay one- fourth down. Mar. 15, or else I cannot get it so cheap. If there is not enough raised to get the tent by March 5. all that is sent in will be refunded unless otherwise ordered. I am your brother set for the whole truth.

Samuel L. Speck.




It is very congenial to the carnal nature for one to confess his brother’s or sister’s faults, but the Word says confess YOUR OWN faults to them; and if they have faults to confess, let them confess their faults to you. But says one, “I am afraid that they will not confess their faults.” Well if they don’t, you must not confess them, and thus dis­obey God, because some body else does. We must have confidence in our brother or sister, that should they see a fault in us, and tell us, we must not reject their admonination. Perhaps the enemy is setting a trap to catch us, of which we are innocent, and our brethren are to watch for our good as well as their own. So let us watch for the well being of each other’s souls; not with a hawk- eye to pick at them, but with the in­nocent Spirit of Christ for their good. I believe it is generally conceded by all, that people can see faults in others easier than in themselves. So let us with confidence receive ad­monitions from our brethren, and believe them to be given for our good, and profit by the same. While we are careful to live to the forego­ing texts, let us also be careful and live to Matthew 7th chapter and not try to pull a “mote” out of the eye of others, when we have a large “beam” in our own eye. Let us keep humble and fully saved, well balanced on the whole truth, and not run to one exteme or the other. Brethren, it was a long time before I could comprehend the real need and good of receiving admonitions from the brethren, and I here take the space to thank all who have ad­monished me. I have received much good spiritually from it. I solicit them in the future also. Let all be careful that you get rid of your faults in the right way. See the seven churches of Asia. Rev. 2:1-29; 3:1-22. God acknowledged good qualities in them, to which he says, “Hold fast;” and yet, he demand­ed them to repent of the wrong; for, says he, “I know thy works,” etc So many merely want to confess the wrong, then slip along without get­ting to the altar and have it taken out of their hearts. But this is God’s plan and no other. The cause must be removed or the effect will never cease. God help all his preachers to see to these things and examine thoroughly the sacrifice. Your brother in the truth, requiring good from all, and desiring to benefit all,

Barney E. Warren.


Gospel Giving.


WE are on the forward move. The light is moving on rapidly; and if we want to keep apace, we must move with the light. We feel the need of apostolic power and we must expect to pay the apostolic price.

The apostle Paul exhorted the Corin­thian brethren to “come behind in no gift.” 1 Cor. 1:7. ‘Therefore, as ye abound in everything, in faith, and utterance, and knowledge, and in all diligence, and in your love to us, see that ye abound in this grace also.” — 2 Cor. 8:7.

What he meant by this grace was “the fellowship of the ministering to the saints.” 2 Cor. 8:4. The command is: “Upon the first day of the week let every one of you lay by him in store, as God hath prospered him.” — 1 Cor. 16:2. Why? That there would be no gathering when the need would be.

This laying by we see is a command, and the amount to be laid by was as the Lord had prospered. So we see it is God who giveth the increase, and he wants some of it for his own cause to help to speedily advance it. In this way there would al­ways be money in the treasury, for he would prosper as the needs would be, if we were all true to give to him his own. Then as he would prosper, the seed sown would multiply and there would be plenty for him and ourselves, and the “poor with in our gates.”

This we see too is one of the gifts. Let us see that we do not come behind, but abound in this one; as Paul said to the Philippian brethren. 4:17, not that he de­sired a gift, but fruit that might abound to your account. And to the Roman brethren he said he had sealed them this fruit unto God. Praise God for the preserving and sealing process!

So then let us also learn to maintain good works for necessary uses, that we be not unfruitful. Titus 3:14. The admoni­tion here is that we learn this lesson too.

In giving out we learn some of the Lord’s secrets, for they are with them that fear him. In it, too, we learn that it is more blessed to give than to receive; and that giving is getting; that hoarding is im­poverishing; that dividing is multiplying; that scattering is increasing; that spending is saving; that there is no way of keeping one’s hold on a desired good like parting with it. Let us sow bountifully and we shall reap bountifully. Let us pear out as did the widow with her little pot of oil. The more she poured out the more there was to pour out, and when all the vessels were filled the oil staid. So we see after all this pouring out she had more when done then when she commenced. So we see how it multiplied in the pouring out.

Then let us pour out. Let us sow boun­tifully, that we may be enriched in every­thing to all bountifulness, which causeth thanksgivings to our God. 2 Cor. 9:11. Not only so, but it will minister seed to the sower, and bread to the eater, and multiply the seed sown, and increase the fruits of our righteousness. And the ministration of this service not only will supply the wants of the saints, but be abundant also in many thanksgivings unto God. 2 Cor. 9:12.

Do we want to hasten the Lord’s com­ing? Then let us be up and doing and helping to get his bride ready, yea, even without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, that when he comes he may receive his own. Let there be a sowing beside ALL WATERS, that the feet of his messengers may go forth and eat clean provender, winnowed with the shovel and fan. Isa. 30:24. Very few, if any, yet have attained to the perfection Christ recommended to the young man who came to him and wondered what good thing he should do to inherit eternal life.

There is a great deal more required of us to day than there was, under the law, yet we see how they brought into the storehouse of God. First, one tenth of all was his. “And behold, I have given the children of Levi all the tenth of Israel for an inheritance, for their service which they serve, even the service of the taber­nacle of the congregation.” — Num. 18:21. Then the Levites were to offer the tithes of the tithes to the priests for their por­tion. Neh. 10:38. Then aside from this tithing every three years, was their daily offerings and sacrifices. They had to bring the freewill offerings and peace offerings and offerings of their firstfruits of all the fruits and cattle, and everything they had even to the firstborn, which had to be redeemed. Ex. 22:29.

Do they obey the command? And as the command came abroad, the children of Israel brought in abundance of the firstfruits of corn, wine, and oil, and honey and holy things, and all the increase of the fields, and the tithes of all things brought they in abundantly and laid them by in heaps. And they had enough to eat and plenty left, so much so that they had to appoint faithful ones to distribute among the poor. 2 Chron. 35th chapter. Also Neh. 13th chapter. Then the seventh year all had to go back, and it was found as with the manna, that he that had gath­ered much had none over, and he that had gathered little had no lack.

They had no chance to lay up or get much of this world’s goods; and neither have we to day if we are obedient to God. The more we try to hoard and save, the less we get, and the leaner we get in our souls to God. For “as we measure to others it will be measured to us again.” And it we are unfaithful in the unrighteous mammon. God will not intrust to us the true riches. He knows we would not measure out the heavenly things any better than we do the temporal things, and so he could not trust us with many of the richer graces.

God has put all on an equality; he does not want some eased and others burdened. 2 Cor. 8:13. While his ministers are ministering spiritual things, the duty of the test is to minister of their carnal things. 1 Cor. 9:11. So we see the equal­ity. All are to labor, and each laborer is worthy of his hire. And the command is that “whatsoever our hands find to do shall do heartily as unto the Lord.” Then let us get the increase by doing the scattering. Prov. 11:24. Let in not rob God any more, but bring all the tithes into the storehouse and prove him if he will not open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it. And he will also rebuke the devourer and he will not des­troy the fruit of our land. Mal. 3:8-12.

“Then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thy health shall spring forth speedily; and thy righteouness shall go before thee; and the glory of the Lord shall be thy rereward. Then shalt thou call, and the Lord shall answer; thou shalt cry, and he will say, Here I am.” – Isa. 58:8, 9.

“Is thy cruise of comfort wasting?
Rise and share it with another,
And through all the years of famine,
It will serve thee and thy brother.
Love divine will till thy storehouse,
And thy handfulls still renew:
Scanty fare for one will often
Make a royal feast for two:
For the heart grows rich in giving
All its wealth is living grain;
Seeds, which mildew in the garner,
Scattered, fill with joy the plain.”

Jennie M. Byers,

818 Brush St.,
Oakland, Cal.


News from the Field


Robinson, Kan.

Dear Saints of God: I am still abiding in the sweet peace of God, saved just now. We are just now engaged in a meeting here. Will remain two or three weeks, Lord willing. Any of the saints feeling led to call for meetings while we are near, let them address us soon. Your brother in the one body.

Jno. M. Bell.


Lompoc, Cal.

Dear Saints of God: We are again in the field. Commenced meet­ing last night in Lompoc, with good interest manifest. Pray much for us and the work in these parts, for there is a broad field before us where they are calling for the pure gospel. May the Lord send forth more laborers into this great harvest. Yours all on the altar, and sanctified to do the whole will of God.

E. B. Elam.


Phoenix. Ariz., Jan. 15.

Dear Saints of God: I am happy to tell you all that we are yet fully saved in Jesus and kept by power divine from all sin; and we are in the battle field for God against all sin, seeking to rescue lost souls. We are holding meetings here every night in the tent and frequently on the streets. The way seems very dark here; it is hard to get people in­terested about their souls. We are determined to do all we can. Pray for us that God may use us here in these parts in saving precious souls. Your sanctified brother and sister,

Otto Bolds and Wife.


Willshire, Ohio. Jan. 12.

Dear Saints: We are still praising God for complete deliverance from all sin and for his wonderful keeping power in these truly perilous times. We are so glad to report perfect peace and unity in the church at this place. We have a hall rented by the year at Pleasant Mills. We preached today on the subject of di­vine healing to quite a large and in­terested audience. The people seem to be greatly interested in the present truth. May the Lord bless

Page 3

his word to the salvation of precious souls. Any brother or sister sent of God to preach will be joyfully wel­comed by the saints at this place. Your saved and sanctified brother and sister,

Elmore and Alice Cook.


Levant. Kansas, Jan. 17.

Dear Saints: We have tarried ten days at this place and have spoken the words of life to the dear people as the Holy Spirit gave us utterance. This way was “spoken against” at this place, and prejudice ran high, but the Lord did all in his power to remove it. He sent us from house to house to talk with the people, and become acquainted with them, and they with us. God has left nothing undone here that could be done in order that professors and sinners might be left without excuse in the judgment day. The church is strengthened and encouraged. Six professed to receive the second grace; one reclaimed; two new re­cruits: two cases of rheumatism heal­ed; two cases of catarrh healed; also other diseases healed. One bad case of tumor healed. This latter case was known to nearly all in that part of the country, and was straight­way removed, and yet some of the gainsayers are not convinced. May the saints stand firm and the won­derful works wrought be the means of bringing many souls to God. We give God all the glory. We go to Norton to day.

John E. Roberts and Co.


Chauncey, O., Jan. 14.

Dear Saints of God: We are still saved and kept by power divine. The work of the Lord is prospering here nicely. The large town hall is full of eager listeners every night. Several souls have been saved, and more have promised to follow. Peo­ple are wonderfully convinced of the truth, and great conviction is resting upon them, and to God we ascribe all the glory. I am still alone here except the help of the dear saints from surrounding communities. Now it is very hard on me to lead in sing­ing and preach twice a day, although God has given me wonderful strength to stand it. But I believe it is his will that I should have a helper. Now has not God got some thorough­ly consecrated brother, or brother and sister whom he can use to his glory, especially in singing, to help in spreading this glorious evening light in southern Ohio? If any feel led of God to answer this call, write me at Chauncey, O. I would like to say to those expecting the publication of my songs, that I have not had time since coming to Ohio to do any more with them, but will as soon as the way opens. Let all the dear saints remember the work here in earnest prayer. Your humble brother in the one body,

E. G. Masters.


LaGrange, Ind., Jan. 16.

Dear Children of God: May grace and peace be multiplied to you all. Since I last reported through the Trumpet I have been in some precious meetings. God has blessed our labor. To him be all the glory. Bro. C. H. Eldridge helped us in one meeting near Bronson, Mich. God manifested his power in healing the sick and saving those that were willi­ng and obedient. From there I went to Indiana, near Nevada Mills, where my brother and Bro. George Myers were holding meeting. The Lord gave the victory. There were a few consecrations. We believe the Lord has established a congregation of true saints at that place, also at the above mentioned place. May the Lord keep them all firm, and keep all false teachers away from them, and help them to strive together for the faith of the gospel. We just closed a meeting south-west of La- Grange. My brother helped in this meeting; he went from here to Columbia City, Ind. I remain in these parts. From your brother, all on the altar,

Edward Ellis.

Woodburn, Ore.

Dear Saints of God: Wife and I came to this new field of labor a little over two years ago, and although young in the ministry, yet we placed all in God’s hands and went to work hunting for souls. We had near three hundred pounds of free tracts, books and papers sent to us, which we began to send out on their gospel mission at once in every direction; which we are sure was as bread cast upon the water. Regardless of all the opposition, the work of light of full salvation began to find way to the salvation began to find way to the hearts of the people and began to be church of the living God began to be established. About a year ago the Lord sent dear Bro. Peterman to help us push the battle here; and after much prayer and self-sacrificing labor, the Lord gave us a camp meeting which resulted gloriously for God. And since that time God has sent Bro. and Sister Randolpn and Bro. and Sister Kriebel to work in this country, and the Lord is blessing all of our labors in saving, sanctifying and healing in a most wonderful manner. The church in general is making real advance­ment, and especially the entire ministry in these parts are getting down where God can trust us with more of the deep things. We believe the Lord will send out several young workers from this place. Wife and I have begun to feel deeply impress­ed that by the time this summer’s work is over, the Lord will send us to other fields of labor where this blessed evening light has not been preached. Dear saints everywhere, pray much for us and the work here, that we keep very humble, and on the real advance for God and souls. Your brother saved by two works of grace,

J. L. Green.




Martin’s Ferry, O.

Dear Saints: We still report vic­tory on the Lord’s side. For nearly five weeks we have not been perm tied to hold public meetings on account of small pox. The quarantine is lifted, yet they will not allow any public meet­ings. But the blessed work is mov­ing on in other places on both sides of the river. Sister Clayton just returned from Rush Run, O., where there have been several saved in the last week. We are now holding meetings in the Herrin tabernacle in Wheeling, W. Va. The interest is very good, and hungry souls are en­quiring the way to the cross. Part of our company expect to go to Pitts­burgh, Pa., to hold meetings, where the work of salvation is going on again. We have the promise of a meeting house in this town to com­mence meetings in as soon as the Board of Health permits us. The Bethel is now resting on a nice little flat of ground at the foot of one of the principle streets, and thus we are freed from the danger of ice and all the care of the boat for the winter. It is just the same as a house on land, and the spring rise will come up and take us off again. This winter has been a special season of advancement to all the workers on the Bethel, and is telling already in the work.

I was down to Moundsville, W. Va., and laid off the camp ground. Bro. Alfred Tombelson has had the well put down and the pump put in. The ground is dedicated to the Lord and his people. A tabernacle will be needed; it will probably be held the last of July or the first of August. All who want to rent tents, also those who can furnish their own bedding and provisions, let us know as soon as you can, so we can arrange accord­ingly.

G. T. Clayton and Co.


Foraker, O., Jan. 14.

Dear Brethern and Trumpet Readers: We held a few days meet­ing at Six Points, O. in Bro. G. W. Cupp’s residence, from Dec. 25, to Jan. 3. Congregations were small, order and attendance good, and the few saints who attended were comforted and strengthened, and my sister in the flesh made her return to God. Bro. and Sister Roe were with us in that meeting and accompanied us to this place, Jan. 4. God is giving us perfect victory in our soul, and we are on the increase. Praise the Lord! Two poor backsliders made their return to God, and the healing power of God was manifest in a few cases. Glory to his name! Bro. and Sister Roe left here yesterday to go to Waynesfield, O., where they will labor as is pleasing to the Lord. We shall close here to night, and tomor­row we will go to Thornport, O. and labor in that part as long as the Lord wills. I will say that my soul is on the stretch for God and the apostolic, faith, victory and power. O beloved, let us see to it that when we preach that we are returned to the apostolic standard, that we are there. Nothing short of Heb. 2:4 and Mark 16:20 will satisfy the bent of my soul. All who are agreed with God, be agreed with me for God’s whole will in my case. I am at present afflicted with something like LaGrippe. All pray especially for me. We are your humble brother and sister, sanctified and on the for­ward move for God,

J. N. and M. J. Howard.



“Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.” – Psa. 119:129.


Blue Springs, Mo.

Dear Saints of God: I feel led to write my testimony for the first time. It has been two years since I receiv­ed the light, and oh how l do praise God for the sweet peace and joy in my soul which the world can not give, nor take away! And for cleansing me from the filthy tobacco habit af­ter being a slave to it for about seventeen years. I was so bad that it took about one pound a week to do me. Pray for me that I may stand true to God. Also pray for my unsaved wife that she may get back to God again. Your brother in Christ,

A. W. Gibson.


Roseburg, Oregon.

Dear Saints of the Living God: I do praise God for his blessed sav­ing and keeping power, and his abundance of grace which enables me to live a life hid with Christ in God. Praise his dear name! I am enjoying the fullness of a Savior’s love, and fully consecrated to God and his service. I praise his holy name that I have found him a sufficient Savior for both soul and body, and that I can take him for my all.

Believing it will be to the glory of God, and that it may help some dear soul who has not sufficient faith, I will tell how the dear Lord healed me. Last May in Fresno, Cal. I was taken with a severe attack of malaria fever and chills. The first two weeks I had a chill every other day, and the last week every day. I took no drugs at all, but just trusted my case in the hands of God. During that time Bro. Byers was holding meet­ing in Fresno City, so husband and I moved in town where we could at­tend the meeting. I was trusting God all the time but could not get sufficient faith to. say, It shall be done. The saints had prayer for me several times and Bro. B. anointed me according to James 5:14, 15, and I would feel much benefited at the time, but Satan would get me to doubting and the chills would come back again. Satan would keep whis­pering, “Just take a little medicine and you will be all right; God is not going to heal you.” I felt at times like I had no faith at all, but I was growing weaker every day; had no appetite and could scarcely walk across the house. One morning just as my chill was coming on, Bro. B. came in and he layed hands on me and prayed God to rebuke the chill and restore my appetite and give me a sound body. Praise God, the work was done! Next morning I got up, feeling well, and my healing was so complete that my strength was fully restored, also a good appetite. And praise God, I have been well ever since, for which. I give Him all the glory.

Oh! dear ones, if you are suffering. God will heal you if you will only trust him and believe him. Whenever our faith reaches the proper point then the healing takes place. God help us all to have more faith. “A faith that will not waver.” Pray much for us that God will keep us humble at the foot of the cross, where he can use us best to glorify his name and to lead us into the pure light of his word. Yours all for Jesus,

Mollie S. Hudson.


Ellisville, Miss.

Dear Readers of the Trumpet: I am praising God this morning for perfect deliverance from every band of Satan; for the blessed salvation that the children of God do enjoy in these last days. I have been a sufferer of catarrh for several years, but I trusted myself away in the hands of God and obeyed James 5:14, and the Lord was true to his promise and healed me. To him I give all the glory. A few days ago I was badly hurt by a lumber pile falling on me; but the Lord did wonderfully heal me, insomuch that the devil could not deny it. I lost about forty minutes from my work. Some said they did not expect to see me back there for about a month. There is nothing like putting our trust in Him.

Since I came down here the devil has tried me in many different ways. He first afflicted our baby; it was a trying time, but the Lord healed it and gave us the victory. Then my wife was taken sick, and we just agreed for her healing and the Lord healed her. Well, bless the Lord, I can say it was all for our good. It just sunk us down in the will of God more than we ever were before. Now dear ones, let us all set a new resolution that we will do with all our might, more than ever before, for the advancement of the blessed cause and for the spreading of the evening light. Let us see that we have every thing on the altar, fully consecrated to the will of God. Oh bless the Lord for the privilege the children of God have in trusting every thing away in the hands of God! Now dear ones, pray for us, for we do not have the blessed privilege of being in meetings. But the Lord is always present with us, ready to hear the prayer of faith. Your brother saved and wholly sanctified,

L. V. Strickland.


Marengo, Ind.

Dear Saints of God: The dear Lord does keep me sweetly saved, and gives me victory in my soul over all sin. Truly the dear Lord has taken me through many deep trials of my faith, but it has all been for my good, and as the trials come to me, I cling to his precious word. The Lord healed my little boy. He was taken very bad with a fever. He had fever for several days and I obeyed the blessed Word, and we prayed for him, grasped hold by faith, and the work was done. I give God all the praise. It seems that I cannot praise the dear Lord enough for what he has done for me. I have recieved so much light in the last two months. Truly, I am so much deeper in his precious love than ever before. He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we can ask or think. I know that he has done more than I could ask. Dear ones, pray for me; pray also that my hus­band may get saved. Your sister saved by the power of God,

Meda J. Rawlings.


Eldorado, Kan.

To all of God’s Little Ones, Greeting: God is blessing us and souls are being saved. Praise his holy name! I have made a deep covenant with God to leave nothing undone that is in my power to do for the rescuing of perishing souls. The past sufficeth me. I do not reach that depth of humility that I desire to. I feel I am on the advance. Will you pray earnestly that God will grant me a deeper, fuller and wider experience of his love?

I have more calls than I can possi­bly fill. Pray the Lord to send more laborers into his vineyard. Yours in the one body,

Wm. N. Smith.

Page 4



“Try Divine Healing.”


Sometimes we find people who have spent all they have with Christ­ian Scientists, Spiritualists, magici­ans, and false christs, and some of the devil’s other ways of healing; or have spent all for medicine and doctors, and finding no relief, say, “I believe I will try divine healing.” Yes, it is a good thing to have some­thing to fall on whenever earthly ways fail. Why not come to the best remedy first? But a great many will try a few things and say, “Well I will try the Lord,” and that is all they do, just “try.” And they will say that if the Lord does not heal them they will try something else. Such persons are not likely to get any more divine healing than they did from other sources, because when God takes a case for healing he wants the case fully placed in his hands. If you want to get healed of the Lord put your case in his hands completely for healing, and not just make up your mind that you are go­ing to “try,” but that you are going to take him at his Word and be healed; and when you have met the conditions and fully believed on his Word, you will get just what you ask for. To be sure it is better to come to the Lord at a late hour than not at all. But how much better it would be if people would come to the Lord in the first place and be healed, and then have all the money that they have spent for medicine and doctor bills to put into the work of the Lord in spreading his gospel. In Luke 8:43, we read of a woman who had a disease for twelve years, and had doctored and doctored and “spent all her living upon the physi­cians,” neither could any cure her. But when she found Jesus was in the community healing so many people, she came and pressed her way amid the throng in all confidence, believ­ing that if she could only touch the hem of his garment she would be healed. As she stretched forth her hand and merely touched his gar­ment, immediately her disease was cured, and she fell down before Jesus and acknowledged what he had done; and he said, “Thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace.” You see it was her implicit faith in him that brought about her healing.

Dear ones, there is not one of you to-day, but what if you come to the Lord in as much confidence as did this woman, and touch the hem of his garment by faith instead of with your hand, claiming his promises as yours, as she did, you will be heal­ed. To all who come to the Lord with as much earnestness as did the people to Peter and John in Acts 5:16 you will be “healed every one.” The reason there are so many fail­ures in divine healing is because those who come to God for healing come merely to “try,” to see whether they will be healed, instead of com­ing with a determination to touch him with the touch of faith and be healed. And, furthermore, all can be healed free of charge.


A Grateful Mother’s Testimony.


Potrero, Cal., Dec. 15, 1895.

I want to write my testimony. It was last January while living in San Diego, that to all appearances my little child was sinking to rest. I sent for the doctor, but he gave me no hope. He pronounced the dis­ease bronchial trouble and bone con­sumption. The child also had crook­ed back and although eight months old, it could not sit up. I lost all hope for its life. One night the critical moment came, and I saw my dear babe was dying. I thought I had done every thing that mortal could do. I was looking for the last moment when a sister suggested that one thing had not yet been done. We had not yet sent for the elders the church. We obeyed, and a number of dear ones knelt in prayer, and the child was anointed with oil in the name of the Lord. The dear Lord answered the prayer. The disease departed, and next day the little one was bright and cheerful. To day she is as strong and well as any child of her age. Oh praise God for his healing power! Your sister in Christ,

Mrs. Florence Patterson.


A Few Words of Encouragement.


I wish to write a few words of encouragement to those of the Trumpet readers who are “babes in Christ,” hoping and praying that they may prove helpful to some struggling one, and an assistance, towards a better life.

When I started to serve God I was as ignorant as a heathen with regard to the life that a Christian should live, and consequently fell into many errors, which brought pain to the tender heart of my Sav­ior, and disaster to myself. As I look back now to the first days of my Christian experience, I am lost in wonder and amazement at my awful ignorance. If I had been left to myself at that time, I would with­out a doubt have gone back to my old life, pursuing and indulging in the wickedness that had for so many years controlled me. But thank God, he provided spiritual teachers that led me into the experience of entire sanctification, and enabled me to get rooted and grounded in the truth.

I was very much discouraged at first because I found weakness, inconsistency and sin in those who were professing to enjoy a high state of godliness. This so upset me that I gave up completely and said that none were good, and that it was im­possible for any one to live a Christain life, and that none lived it. But such misery followed in the wake of my backsliding, that my better judg­ment told me that salvation was real; my heart told me that I -was away from my Savior, and my brethren told me that it was the work of Sa­tan to get me looking at Christian people, so called, instead of keeping my eyes on the Master. I saw my error and hastened back to God; since that time the devil never tries me on that line, because I came to the determination that if all men should prove untrue, I would try and remain true.

My next struggle was in the conse­cration of my life to his service. I did not want to devote all my time to God. I had made so many failures in my old life that I decided when I got saved that I would enter the commercial world and make a good name for myself, and if necessary give a large share of my profits to the Lord. But God would not have it this way, and forced me into the field. After I had been out a few months I was tempted to leave and enter into a business life, but the moment I decided to do so, the ap­petite for liquor, which the Lord had delivered me from, returned and I received such a thrashing that I was compelled to withdraw my resolu­tion and cry to God for mercy, and promise him that hereafter I would serve him faithfully anywhere or in any capacity that he dictated; im­mediately the appetite was gone and peace reigned once more.

Dear readers, God may not want you out in the field; he has places in the body for all of us, but wherever he has placed you be content with your lot and position and serve him there faithfully. He knows what is best for you and me; his judgment is better than ours, and we will be forc­ed to admit after we have followed his directions for awhile, that God knows best what our vocation in life should be.

My next consecration was to allow his way to be my way in all things, great and small. When things did not go just right according to my way of thinking I would chafe and fret and try to straighten them out; when troublesome affairs would arise I would worry and fret and get dis­turbed. But the time came when I saw and understood what David meant when he said, “Great peace have they that love thy law, and nothing shall offend them.” I asked God for victory over all things that offend and he gave it to me; now I can say amen to everything but sin. Hallelujah! I consider all trials and troubles as stepping stones upon which I can rise higher in the life to which I have been called: when we get to this place we can then say with Paul, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Do not be satisfied, little ones, or rest until you gain this experi­ence, for then you will understand the full meaning of the word, over­comer.

Thank God, because he has es­tablished, fixed, riveted me in his eternal truth. The secret of a suc­cessful Christian life is obedience to all the will of God. Your brother in Christ Jesus,

Chas. B. Morton.



“Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.” – Psa. 119:129.


Loysville, Pa.

Dear Saints: I praise God for sweeping victory over the enemy and all his work, and for salvation that saves us to the uttermost. I had a great many friends while I was in sectism, but my name is cast out as evil and I remain among the despised few of God’s children. To him I give all the glory. Your saved and sanctified brother in the one body,

E. D. McCoy.


Loysville, Pa.

Dear Saints of God: I feel led to write my testimony of what the Lord has done for me. He saved me from all sins and keeps me saved every day. He healed me both soul and body. He is wonderfully lead­ing me into all truth, and gives me more joy every day. I cannot praise the Lord enough for what he is doing for me. Pray for me that I may walk in all the light and keep humble at his feet. Your sanctified sister,

Sadie Shope.


Petersburg, Ill.

Dear Saints of God: I feel led of God to testify through the Trump­et, to the saving and keeping power of God. Six years ago last August, the blessed Lord spoke peace to my soul, and I am still saved to day. I belong to the church of God, which he purchased with his own blood. Saved from everything else but Jesus. Bless his name! Wife and I have been laboring in the vineyard of the Lord; have seen several souls born into the kingdom, and some healed. One sister who had entirely lost her mind, was restored to per­fect health. Bless God! He is just the same yesterday, to-day and for ever. The GOSPEL TRUMPET is a welcome visitor to our home. We have learned many precious lessons from its columns. Would to God it were scattered far and wide to arouse the poor honest souls from sectism, and get them saved in the one body. There are thousands of souls to day starving for the real bread of life. My prayer is that the Lord will send more laborers into his vineyard. Your brother saved in the one body,

Chas. Melton.


Hartsells, Ala.

Dear Saints: I wish to tell to all that Jesus first pardoned all of my sins, and after resolving that I would walk in every ray of light God would show me, when I heard sanc­tification preached as a second, de­finite work of grace, I saw it just as plain as anything taught in God’s word. But I wanted to stay in the M. E. sect and get sanctified there, hoping to be the means of getting them to see the light as I did; but I want to say that it was something I had to give up; and oh what a struggle I had with the devil! But thanks be to God for grace to over­come all of the beast powers from that time (which was over five years ago, I think). And now I am thank­ing God for perfect deliverance from all sin, and for perfect freedom in my soul from every thing only the service of my God Glory to his name! I am so glad that Jesus saves me just now, and I know that there is not a rival in my heart against the perfect will of God. Amen. Your sister justified, and sanctified by a second, definite work of divine grace, and perfectly satisfied with God’s way. Pray for me and my dear ones.

Hannah Oldacre.


Knobel, Ark.

Dearly Beloved Saints: Perhaps some would like to hear from me and of my whereabouts, I am here at Knobel, Ark, with complete victory in my soul. Several families of us left Ind. and Ohio Sept. 18 and came to this place. We traveled through by wagons. Among us that were saved were Sisters Fairchilds, Mix and I. We distributed tracts and papers which we hope will do good in the future.

I was taken with a severe cold and cough during our travel, which one evening deprived me of my rest, and also those about me could not sleep. I was impressed to call for Sister Fairchilds to pray with me; as she laid on hands we were agreed the cough be stopped, and by faith in God it was done. I laid down and coughed no more that night. To God be all the praise!

At another time as I stood with my back to the fire one Lord’s day my clothing caught fire, and before the flames could be controled my dress was nearly all burned from off my body, excepting a part of the waist, and all were doing all they could to save my life. The flames reached above my head. Having on a wool­en hood it saved my head and face from being burned. But I looked up toward heaven and said, Lord, thy will be done. I thought my time had come to die, and oh how resign­ed I was! The peace I felt no tongue could tell. But the Lord was not. through with me here yet. What was left of my dress was torn off, and I was rescued. Then we all began to feel the pain from being burned. And lo, I looked at my arms, and blood and water was dripping from them; and there I saw those that had so faithfully fought the fire walking to and from the wagon writhing in pain. Our hands burned terribly. Oh the pain we were en­during was so severe! I said, Let us look to God in prayer; and there we poured out our hearts to God and said, Oh Lord, you see the agony we are in, the pain we are enduring. Now Lord, take out the fire; rebuke the pain; and by faith in God it was done. The people that lived near to where we camped, came down to see how we were, and as no one was com­plaining they said, “Do those burns not hurt you? As bad as you were all burned we would think you would be in great pain.” I told them what we had done and what God had done, and they seemed to look at us with great astonishment, and said surely we had faith. We were able to sing the greater part of the day for them, and the next morning went on our way rejoicing, and I asked God to not let the burns get sore, and they healed up without catching any cold in them.

Well we are here in Jesus’ name. The Methodist people have given me the privilege of having every Friday night for meeting. I do not know how long they will let me have it, but I am trusting it with God. Quite an interest is here now. Pray for me, brethren, that I be kept humble, and that God raise up a church in this place. The people here are in ignorance on sectism, and I do pray that God will show them their condition and give me much wisdom among them. Your humble sister in the love of Jesus,

Belle Stetler.





FOR some time I have felt the need of an advancement on my part on the line of prayer. God has been giving me some precious les­sons. I will relate my experience, or how God showed me my need, trusting it may prove a benefit to others.

For some time I had felt that while I was increasing in the know­ledge of the Word, I was not making the advancement in spirituality that I should; and I began to inquire of God to find out the cause. Some­times I had wonderful liberty and anointing for preaching: and at other times God seemed to leave me, and I had to do the preaching all myself. Then the devil would come in with a flood of accusations and nearly dis­courage me. God permitted this to show me my lack, and the need of more dependence upon him.

I began to search and ask God to show me what was the trouble. So one night, God showed me a dream. I was an invalid, very sick, and help­less as a child. A friend was con­sulting me as to the cause of my sick­ness. Several questions were asked, one of which I felt was partly the cause. Finally the friend said. “Bro. I Henry, do you do enough praying?” Right there I saw where the trouble was, and confessed that I felt that I did not do enough praying. Just then a door opened, and a great giant walked into the room, and I saw it was the devil. I tried to hide, but he saw me, and come toward me and picked up my sword which I had lain down. When I saw he was going to kill me, I arose, tried to put on a bold face and started at him. But as I had nothing with which to defend myself, he pierced me with the sword; and as I fell, I cried, “Let us pray.” and 1 began to pray with all my heart. When I had finished, the devil was crouched down in a corner, and had shrunk away until he was no larger than a doll. He had dropped the sword and was trembling with fear. I took the sword and pinned him to the floor. Then I awoke, and God showed me that to wield the sword successfully, I must do more praying. If I did not, the devil would use the sword on me.

Praise God, I intend to profit by the lesson. If we need more spirit­uality, humility, faith or power with God in preaching the Word, we must be more prayerful. “The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” The man who will be used of God in this reformation is a praying man. It is said that John Wesley spent two hours every day in prayer. Luther says, “I can­not afford to spend less than four hours each day in communion with God.” All mighty men for God have been mighty men in prayer. Down through the Christian ages we have record of men who spent whole days and nights in prayer, holding on to God until they received an­swers to their prayers. Prayer is not only talking with God, but hav­ing him talk to us. Prayer is com­munion with God. After we have presented our petitions to him, it is our privilege and duty to patiently and quietly wait until he answers us. Continuing instant in prayer is get­ting hold of God and holding on until we receive an answer.

Brethren, let us do more praying. If you want a message from God, go away in secret prayer and there on your knees let him give you the message from above. Then before preaching we should spend a few moments in communion with God, for fresh anointing to deliver the Word. Oh brethren, while we are advancing, for Jesus’ sake, let us be sure that the advancement is deep down in our souls, and not in our heads only. Let us get deeper down into God, and wrestle with him for more apostolic power to move the hearts of poor lost men.

W. J. Henry.

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