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29 August 1883, Volume 5, Number 23.

Truth and Divine love Rejects, by the World.

O Love, of pure and heavenly birth!
O simple TRUTH, scarce known on earth!
Whom men resist with stubborn will; –
And, more perverse and daring still,
Smother and quench with reasonings vain
While error and deception reign.

Whence comes it, that your power the same
As His on high, from whom you came,
Ye rarely find a listening ear,
Or heart, that makes you welcome here?
Because ye bring reproach and pain,
Where’er ye visit, in your train.

The world is proud, and cannot bear
The scorn and calumny ye share; —
The praise of men, the mark they mean.
They fly the place where ye are seen.
PURE LOVE, with scandal in the rear,
Suits not the vain: it costs too dear.

Then let the price be what it may,
Though poor, I am prepared to pay; —
Come shame, come sorrow; spite of tears,
Weakness, and heart-oppressing fears; –
One soul, at least, shall not repine
To give you room: come, reign in mine!

— Madams Guyon.



The following article should have appeared several months ago, but for the lack of space was crowded out:

Sectish Lordism Unmasked.


By T. F. Dolan.

The Free Methodist editor in remarking on the “invitation to daily prayer” issued by certain half-baked “holiness” brethren, (read Hosea 7:8-16,) in which they complain of various “irregularities” threatening the “holiness work,” clearly reveals his chronic disease of lordism. Want of space prevents much enlargement, but we quote a few of the lordly expressions of this man, the equal of whom, in this particular line, would be difficult to find in any circle claiming “the life and power of godliness.”

He says: “Such is the weakness of human nature that its tendencies to pervert the choicest blessing of God to personal and selfish ends, that the real liberty of the gospel, unless accompanied by discipline and the restraints of the individual, will become, in many cases, a pious wantonness, a willfulness.”

We ask, what kind of “discipline” does this sectish “lord” propose? Is it a discipline after godliness or one after manliness? If the former, we say “Amen!” if the latter, we simply rebel, as is our duty. If he proposes scripture or godly discipline, then we must of necessity cry. “PHYSICIAN HEAL THYSELF!” get where you will know the Lord, in the spirit! Learn to “HE STILL,” and your hands will not be reached out so often and so involuntarily to “steady the ark of the Lord.” We fear you were long since struck with death because of too much rebellious pride to submit to the humbling process necessary to learn the very important lesson of “mind- your-own-business” in the Lord. The failure to understand godly “discipline” has continually led you to manifest the “weakness” of your “human nature” in “its tendencies to pervert the choicest blessings of God to personal and selfish ends.” So it is verily true, that “the real liberty of the gospel, unless accompanied by (scripture) discipline and the (righteous) restraints of the individual, will become, in many cases, a pious wantonness, a wilfullness,” such as is manifested by every lord and boss in so- called christendom. “The restraints of the individual” by a godly discipline, such as the Holy Ghost ever administers, is of absolute necessity; otherwise the little human lords who fill the earth may get as big as the big pope himself!

He continues: “There is not, nor can be, true liberty, but under, and according to, law.”

Again we ask, What does he mean? A mean snare to “the flock” is certainly hid in these subtle words. What kind of law? Is it the righteous, civil, and religious law of liberty,” or is it the unrighteous “church and state” law of man, “which gendereth to bondage?” There is assuredly no righteous law contrary to civil and religious liberty, but it is a patent fact that sectish “law” is contrary to both. Verily we see the “wolf” in “sheep’s clothing” here. It is true, therefore, that such, “liberty,” which is by far too narrow — as it only induces US — “needs, to be watched with care,” and not only so, but resisted with all godly determination. This failing, “the extreme” of imprisonment, fagot, and various other fiendish persecutions “is most assuredly reached,” Further. “Without such care, wayward ness of will, under sanctity of” denominational law and order, “will dictato to the many.” Cold “imagination will claim for its” tinkerings “all the authority of” sect Babylon, “and the true unity and order of the church of Christ on earth will be (further) broken, up and disarranged” by the devilish spirit of sectish confusion. Thus great additional damage will come to honest souls yet under the shadow of “the image of the beast,” who merely “see men as trees walking.” Those, however, who “follow the Lord fully” are preserved from the snare, having received the “second” touch, which enables them to “see every man clearly!” Hallelujah! Hence we most positivelvy declare to “all men everywhere,” that “they lack wisdom who think that the grace of God without the co-operation of ministers and administrations such as God has used and owned in the government of the church, will keep men in sweet, and efficient union.” Surely all who oppose not sectarianism are destroying this very unity!

“And further, the enemy of all rightousness, ever on the alert to hinder the work of God in the earth, knowing, as he does, that without unity there is weakness, by his allurements and as an angel of light, seeks in every way to bring in confusion and dis..vance: and the real of zealous men is often times the very channel by which his leaven is infused,” for a perfect and undeniable proof of which behold the fragmentary squads or “divisions contrary to the gospel,” of all jarring denominationalism! O, the beautiful, “sweet,” and symmetrical “unity of the spirit” cannot be found here! We must “turn to the Lord” and find it in Christ “without the camp.”

But this worldly-wise sect adherent, adds, “An earthly fold, and under shepherds, is the New Testament ideal.”

O how the satanic “angel of light” works through wiley men to the entanglement of even honest souls “in the yoke of bondage!” Surely he “transforms himself” into various shapes and appearances.” But those who “have unction from the Holy One,” in consequence, “know all things” are enabled to plainly see that the “earthly fold, and undershepherds,” which this wise” man advocates are, through “a real for God not according to (scripture) knowledge,” in direct contrariety to “the New Testament ideal” — to “ministers and administrations such as God has used and owned in the government of the church” in all ages. O, the delusive, dividing, destructive, and damning influence of sectism! How long shall the Almighty permit His saints to be deceived and his cause hindered through “spiritual wickedness in high places.”


In the one Fold.


The Harvester, some time ago, published the note:

A friend writes us that the Jerry City holiness Band is practically disbanded as an organization, but is now carried on under the no-church system. They were formerly auxiliary to the Sandusky Union Holiness Association. We do not unship holiness people merely because they unship the churches but they are in such danger of growing rank, prefudiced and fanatical!

In answer to which Sister Smith sent a letter. The editor briefly corrected the misrepresentations, but did not see fit to publish the entire letter, which we take pleasure in doing in the name of the Lord. It reads as follows:

I want to correct a mistake that is as false as the devil, and be is the father of all lies. That which a friend wrote for the Harvester, about the Jerry City Band. He said that we now carried on under the no-church system. He should have said no sects. We are in the true Church of Jesus Christ. Free from all sects. Glory to God for perfect freedom in Christ! For whom Christ makes free is free indeed. Christ has said, “I am the true vine, ye are the branches.” Glory to God there is just where we are. Then said Jesus unto them, “I am the door,” and “there shall be one fold;” now you take this one body, and fold, and tear it into six hundred pieces and build sects. Now, just show me how this can be done and still be one body, and one fold. I claim that all true Christians belong to this one fold of Christ. We have come out just as Christ has said “Come out from among then and be ye separate saith the Load and touch not the unclean thing, and I will receive you, and will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters saith the Lord Almighty. We don’t propose to make a hobby out of anything; we are led by the power of the Holy Ghost, and we don’t propose to let our hearts be troubled, we believe in God, the Father and in Christ our perfect Savior. Glory to God! We have the “spirit of truth whom the world cannot receive.” Oh glory to Jesus for the leadings of the spirit! Oh glory to God and the Lamb! I am shouting happy while I am writing; filled with the Holy Ghost. I am not ashamed of what the Lord has done for us. We are gloriously organized in the Holy Ghost. We do not propose to pay the Lord’s money for sawdust and chaff. As Ingle said, wo have been fed on baby soups long enough, we want that that we can live on. Glory to God we are walking in the light as God lets it shine. “We are of God. Ho that knoweth God heareth us, he that is not of God heareth not us; hereby know we the spirit of truth and the spirit of error.” If we are of the devil as some professed holiness preachers and the formalists and backsliders say, why are we … … … ..es? They say that we are fanatics; now I want somebody to explain to me what a sanctified fanatic is? for I have been called a fanatic ever since God sanctified me. If I am a fanatic I would to God we had more, for that seems to mean, one that can praise God for a pure heart. Glory to God! He did not save me for nothing. I know whereoff I speak. I am under the blood, saved to the uttermost. Glory to God for all his blessings! That “friend” must be ashamed of his name, or else he is a coward

“We want no cowards in this band,
We call for full salvation men.”

I am free, washed in the blood of the Lamb.

Sarah Smith.

We have also a word to say in reference to the above Harvester note. He “does not unship holiness people because they unship the churches.” What does he mean? To “unship” means “to take out of a ship,” God’s community, in the common version translated “Church,” is here represented by the figure of a ship, and Brother Doty says he does not “unship — withdraw from such as have unshipped — taken themselves out of the church. So he retains fellowship with men after they have backslidedn from God and become lost. For the line between God’s ship, and the world, is the line between the children of God and the children of the devil

But the “Churches,” the editor doubtless alludes to are the various sect organizations of these last days. If so, he should come out of babylon — confusion — and call things by their proper names. “If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God.” Brother Doty very well knows the difference between Christ’s pure fold, and the corrupt sects of men s organizations. He knows that the former is the duty spiritual home taught in God’s word; while he has admitted in his paper, and in the pulpit, that “there is not one word in the bible favorable to sects and denominations.” He knows that the former is of God, and that the “gates of hell shall not prevail against it,” but he confesses that the latter “are the result of sin,” and that “sometime God will send a holiness earthquake which will destroy them.” And yet supposing he can shield himself from the wrath of God that is revealed from heaven against all the harlots of Rome, he applies the word, “churches,” — in the common version denoting God’s holy community in various localities, — to these sect corporations, that originate from sin. Is not this handling the word of God deceitfully? Is it not stealing the name applied to the Divine fold, to palliate his membership in the Wesleyan schism, which, with all her sisters, was conceived in sin, and shapen in iniquity.

He further says that those who, have fled out of those sin evolved corporations, “are in such danger of growing rank, prejudiced and fanatical.” Now if this is not the wildest confusion. What is? Just H..ten. We heard him in a discourage in the Jacksonville Convention, the proceeding of which record the same, that, “sects and denominations were not God’s plan, or purpose, and that the time would come that they would be done away, and added “the sooner the better.” And he … great danger in going out of these temporary partitioned pens, which are not after God’s plan, and abiding in the one fold of Christ, which is God’s plan. What wicked presumption in the sight of God! Does not Brother Doty’s past statements, together with this one, put him in the ridiculous light, that ..im, the source of sects, has provided the children of God with a more safe home than that which God originally purposed, tad in the fullness of time provided in Christ Jesus His Son. Whoever heard of holy men “growing rank, prejudiced and fanatical” by simply abiding in Christ, and acknowledging as members with them in the same vine, all who hear the fruits of the Spirit. I close this note by asking Brother Doty if the present condition of the sects is such that would recommend them as a good refuge for a young child of God, and escape from “rank” sect idolatry, party “prejudice,” and fanatical devotion to a more … … … … … … to talk about staying an the sect cages that sin has created in order to avoid falling into an evil spirit. What! had me better stay in the ruts that sin has formed, best we fall into sin?

There is a secondary meaning to “unship,” in which Brother Doty’s remarks are very true. It means “to utterly unsettle.” It is a fact that every holy child of God that comes out of babylon, “unships,” — utterly unsettles,” and terribly shakes her, while they are not unshipped, disturbed, or moved, by all that is written or said against them. Yes, Brother D. it is true that God in His true stunts, is utterly unshipping sectism; while it is not in the power of devils or men to unsettle such as are without the camp, on the pure solid rock Christ Jesus. Praise the Lord!


Selected and arranged for the TRUMPET.

Jesus Healed Ma.


“Pray one for mother, that ye may be healed.” — James 5:18.

On Tuesday, Sept the 17th. 1878, ma and I went to visit the family of Mr. S. K. Buck, of Morristown, Shelby, Co. Ind. We were enjoying our stay exceedingly, — having an unusually brilliant time — and the renmant of our visit presented additional happiness and pleasures of desirable interest, when, to our great unexpectation, and sorrowful anxiety, ma was suddenly and very seriously attacked with violent illness, on Monday P. M. the 23rd. inst.

I immediately summoned a physician, who on close examination and careful study, pronounced her in a very dangerous condition, case of recovery being doubtful, and extended to us very slight, if any encouragement.

I at once dispatched to my sister in Indianapolis to hasten to us. She arrived on Thursday the 26th, finding ma, to all appearance much improved and resting quietly. But on the following morning we discovered a decided change for the worse, was visibly perceptable, which reawakened our fears and dimmed our glowing hopes. Instead of increasing strenght and returning vigor, as we so joyfully anticipated, to our dismay and sad disappointment her rally was only temporary, as if to flatter and mock our anxious hearts. Her strength was rapidly decreasing, and during the previous night she had grown very much weaker, being worse than before, and apparently sinking. I then gave up all hope. But suddenly remembering Him from Whom all help and blessings come, I hastily and earnestly sought His over successful aid. I entreated Him to undertake the case of our beloved parent, and heal her, if according to His gracious wisdom and perfect will, that we were not prepared to loose her. How could we spare our dear mother, our only surviving parent, and the pride and sunlight of our happy home, made doubly happy and inviting by her cheerful spirit and strictly pious and sweet christian influence? Was my mother’s lovely presence no longer to guide the peaceful, happy circle of our quiet home like home? My mother! Oh! my mother. God spare my dear, dear mother! We can not, must not loose her now.

Another physician, Dr. Oliver of Indianapolis, was called. He arriyed on Saturday the 28th. His lock was grave and silently bespoke, no hope. All was done that earthly assistance could do. My hope disappeared. Our mother was to be taken; no prevailing, tender, loving ties could detain her. I could almost hear the messenger declare. “The Master hath come and calleth for thee,” and, as if to arrest the icy embrace, I resorted to God alone. I plead with him to prolong her days. I besought his healing hand to rest upon her, and proimsed him if he would in merer and tender love have cots passion on as and restore her in perfect health to us once more, I should love and serve him better than ever before.

He heard my earnest, truthful appeal and gave me the desire of my heart. He raised ma by his mighty power and brought us home to Indianapolis, cm the 14th. day of October.

To Him be all the glory. I can gratefully proclaim with David. “God hath … … … ..th ..ff..nd.. to the voice of my prayer.” “Blessed be God, which hath not turned away my prayer, nor his mercey from me.” 66 Psalm 19. 20.

Thus will I bless thee while I live: I will lift up my hands in His name. 63 Ps. 4.

May I faithfully keep my promise. God help me me so to do.

John K. Tercy.

Indianapolis, Ind. 1878.

P. S. — Since that date until the present, Feb. 7-79, ma has enjoyed the great blessing of excellent health.




Holiness is the most comprehensive of all religious doctrines, and holiness people stand upon a very broad platform. Really the doctrine of holiness involves every other doctrine of revealed religion, and it is the central and supreme truth of salvation. So wide is its scope, and so all comprehensive its range, that no man of narrow and circumscribed ideas can either appreciate it or take it in. To such a man, the broadening of his nature is the very first condition to its appreciation and reception. The true reason why so many professed preachers of the Gospel are not preachers of holiness is, that they are too narrow-minded to take in and entertain so broad an idea. They are too special in their modes of thinking. Their little beat around which they travel is too contracted. And the reason why the general membership of the churches appreciate the subject of holiness so little, and confine themselves so closely to the merely elementary phases of experience, is that the people who make up that membership are too narrowly sectarian or church-bound to properly apprehend the vastness and grandness of an experience so Catholic and all comprehensive as that of true holiness. Before they can he at all able to grasp the great experience of holiness they will have to get away from the littleness of their beliefs and prepossessions, and suffer the grace of Holy Spirit enlightenment to expand their souls into some measure of receptivity. Only then will they be able to contain, or rightly conceive, the great idea of holiness,

— Banner of Holiness.


“The word sect, like the wool party, implies division. Holy love, which is the foundation of those traits that characterize the man of a truly meek and quiet spirit, seeks and tends to unity.”

Madame Guyon.

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Edited and Published semi-monthly
in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
For the Purity and Unity of His Body,
the defence of ALL His Truth,
and the ABOMINATION of Sect Babylon.


D. S. WARNER, __________ Editor.
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Instinctively Selfish.

“Once in the office of evangelist is conceded a legal existence in one church, it will secure general adoption by all the churches. This might not necessarily follow because of any imitative instinct among the churches, but it will surely follow as the product of their sectarian instinct. The sects will not long consent to be without helpers that any one other sect is finding available as helpers of sectarian interests. We do not mean to imply that evangelists are closely sectarian in their feelings, or that their work is usually of a narrow sectarian type. On the contrary, we thing it is generally otherwise. But the thought we are impressing is this — that the sects have no scruple to appropriate all the fruits of evangelistic work, and to hastily affix their sectarian stamp upon all the souls that pass through the evangelist’s hands. Say what you please, every sect is instinctively selfish.”

– Editor Banner of Holiness.

Here is another acknowledgment of the in.. ..il of all sects. The.. … i.. all selfish and devilish. “Sectarian interests,” and not the glory of God is their all pervading and ruling principle of action. Party zeal, ungodly sect, competition reign to the exclusion of pure zeal toward God and love toward perishing souls. “Say what you please every sect is instinctively selfish.” Straighter truth was never uttered. No sect can take an existance unless men come together upon some other point of attraction and agreement besides Christ, and every other center but Him is but a point of selfish emanation. The Lord Jesus is the head, center, and life of the Divine Community and because Christ is not divided, there can be no sects when all simply abide in Him. “We being many are one body in Christ.” All who simply abide in Him are “one body,” and all out of Him is selfishness.

Can that be of God which is instinctively — essentially — selfish? Is it not a slander upon Jesus Christ to identify such corporation’s with the pure fold of Christ? Does not Bra Brooks endorse the Jacksonville proscription creed, which forbids that any one be fellowshipped in the holiness ranks who is not in one of these instictively selfish pens? What kind of holiness is it that requires a good stand in selfishness, as a condition of being fellowshipped in holiness!

“Come out of her my people.”


The Sandy Lake Pennsylvania Meeting.


We took the train at 3:10 a. m. August 17, to go to the saints at the above place. We enjoyed greatly the trip through the beautiful valleys, and green hills, with our heart continually lifted up to “the everlasting hills from whence cometh our strength.” Praise the Lord we reached the dedicated ground in good time that evening; found a beautiful grove, four large lumber tents, and a “holy people,” and the Holy one of Israel in the midst, “making them and the places round about His hill a blessing.”

The very first night, one sister arose and said that she had come to the meeting to get wholly sanctified. That God had showed her one thing she had to do was to “flee out of babylon, and I mean to do it. O I want the Lord to give me this pure holy religion; praise the Lord I feel that it is for me” Then came is the tide of “Hallelujah I have it now,” with shouts of victory. In our next we will give you an account of the wonderful healing and salvation of this sister. We never found a band of the Lord’s children more wonderfully, saved, established, united, and led of the Lord, than these, considering, their privileges. However the Lord had some trimming up to do with nearly all of them. But bless God, how eagerly and joyfully they walked in the light of the Spirit. Numerous plans of the devil have been ..d to draw them into some unscriptural cage, but to every instance God delivered them from the snare of the fowler.” Last year the adversary sent ..n agent to the person of a Wesleyan preacher to drive them into a pen but the Spirit of the Most High came on a sister and took her on her knees from her seat up before his face while he was standing in the pulpit holding forth the wine of babylon, and in a very few seconds God shut his his mouth. Some teachers who claimed to be of them have tried to turn their hearts from the living God to bow down to sect idols which men have set up. But with the exception of one sister, whom the Lord again loosed from the bands of her neck in the meeting, all have been kept under the shadow of the Most High in the secret place of the Lord.

A few souls were restored, and several sanctified during the meeting. All the saints were exceedingly strengthened by the word and Spirit, and led tar out in to the glorious places of the land. One night the Lord appeared unto Sister Carmicael, and told her to say unto Sister Knap, and Owen, “Come out of babylon, let him that is on the house top not come down in the house to take out his stuff, but escape for thy life. And thou has delivered thy soul.” She delivered the message, and each having already been called out by the Lord, obeyed this little Jonah like sermon. From that moment Mother Knap’s face shined with the oil of heaven. But oh what a death sister Owen then began to pass through It lasted for about one day and night. Dying out to the world, to friends, and to the Wesleyan sect, and to the opinions of all men. Even in those throes of death, and throughout the meeting, the wonderful power of the Spirit was upon her. Glory to God for that full deliverance! On Friday 24, the little host, went out of camp, and the Lord helped us to “lift up our voice as a trumpet, and cry aloud the blasts of present truth on the streets of Sandy Lake. From thence we went on to New Lebanon, where by the strength of the Lord, we spake to a meeting house full of people, for the space of three hours, chalking the glorious gospel of complete salvation from all sin and schisms, upon a blackboard. God owned and blessed the truth. God bless His dear saints at New Lebanon. The next day we returned to the camp again.

The two most precious services of the whole series, were Saturday evening, just before the people gathered. The pilgrims were all together with one accord in one place, with Jesus in the midst, in a large tent. We followed the Lowly Lamb of God in the ordinance of washing the saints feet and the Lord’s supper. O how preciously the dear Savior appeared in our midst. How our hearts and souls were melted down at His holy and loving presence O the dying Lamb of God! Never did His love more overwhelm my unworthy soul. O bless the Lord for the monuments of His love and humility, and of His body and shed blood.

The other service to which we allude, is the farewell on Monday morning. These parting moments come frequently, in ministers’ experience, hence do not usually so effect us, as the saints of whom we take the parting hand, but this was a peculiar occasion to my soul. Our tears flowed together like rain. O the precious fellowships of the Father and the Son and the blood washed saints. We should love to say much more but we are cut off by both time and space. God bless the saints in Mercer …, … … … … … to our soul and they are in our heart to die and live with them.

Our time has been so taken up in the vineyard that we have not been able to prepare the original matter we would like to. Trust you will join with us in thanks to the Lord for the good selections dear wife has made. A few busy days at home and then, if the Lord will, sway to Iowa to preach the everlasting Gospel. Scarcely time to attend to our correspondence. O pray for us.


The Founders Confounded.


The organizer of the Free Methodist sect appears before the bar of his conscience to defend the work of his own hands.

It is written in Jeremiah 51:17-19, that “every man is brutish (blinded) by his knowledge, (mere head knowledge,) every FOUNDER is confounded by the graven image: for his molten image is falsehood (misnamed a church,) and there is no breath in them. They are vanity, the work of errors: (‘sects arts the fruit of sin,’ — T. K. Doty:) in the time of their visitation they shall perish. (Not one sect will survive the fire of God’s judgment.) The portion of Jacob is not like them; for He is the former of all things.” God’s Church, the fold of true and Scriptural saints, existed before any of the present sects were formed or “molten.” No man in the light of God’s Spirit can read the 5oth and 51st chapters of Jeremiah without seeing, if he is willing to, that God is here arraying His true hosts against spiritual Babylon; hence the above allusion to the founders.

In the January number of the Earnest Christian appears an editorial on “UNION,” which begins with these words: “We are united in heart to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. Like has an affinity for its like. Those we walk in the light have fellowship with each other. They do not have to produce it, — it exists of itself.” This is all good Gospel, — blessed truth. All that are in Christ Jesus are united in heart, and have a divinely wrought fellowship that needs no tinkering or strapping up of men.

We quote further “We should be glad to see all such united in church fellowship.” What? have they got fellowship and union of heart together in Christ, and with each other, and still no fellowship in the Church? What is the Church, if not the body of Christ? Are not all who are joined in heart to the Lord Jesus, and to each other in Him, joined and fellowshipped together in the Church, which is His body?

Those who walk in the light have fellowship, Christian fellowship, which nothing more nor less than Church fellowship.

Again: “But we should want such a church to be a Christian church.” Is not this strange talk — confusion — Babylon? Can “all who love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity,” who are “united in heart,” and have a divinely created fellowship, be anything but a Christian Church?

“I should include all the saved, and none but the saved.” It does include all the saved, and none but the saved.

“It should be made up of those who answer the New Testament description of believers.” It is made up of just such, and none other.

“It should not contribute to self-decepton by receiving those who have only to die in order to be eternally lost.” Surely not. And since “God sets the members in the body, every one of them, as it pleases Him,” He knows better than to put in any such material. He only “adds such to the Church as are being saved.”

“The tendency of belonging to the Christian church is to give one a feeling of security.” Bless the Lord! that is true: and such have a very good reason to “feel secure,” because “the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.’ They that belong to the Christian Church, and have entered into her holy of holies, are “dead, and their life is hid with Christ in God;” and the poet adds, “beyond the reach of harm.” “Neither are there any that are able to pluck us out of His hands.” “Because He lives we shall live also.” The only difficulty is this: Satan has invented several hundred modern corporations, whose doors are not salvation, into which thousands of sinners have entered, “who have but to die to be eternally lost.” And the enemy of souls, and father of lies, has labeled those tare bundles “churches,” by means of which he has deceived the nations of the earth into a delusive hope that will betray them to eternal perdition.

“Therefore the church should not admit those who do not give good evidence of meeting the conditions of salvation.” Neither does it. Most any grade of sinners can find a welcome into the Babel sects; but no man ever yet intered “THE CHURCH” — God’s Church, without meeting the conditions of salvation. No sinner can possibly smuggle himself into His Church. Christ Himself is “the door,” and by Him “if any man enter, he shall be saved.” Salvation is the only process of induction, and “he that would climb up any other way is a thief and a robber.”

“For striving in the spirit of love to bring the church with wich we were connected up to this standard, many of us were violently excluded. We looked around us for a home. We could find no church that appeared to us to be even aiming to be what a Church of Christ should be. We went to work in all humility and dependence on God to establish such a church.” All this trouble, growing out of a violent expulsion, and the necessity of etablishing another “church,” would have been avoided, had those brethren, instead of being Methodists, possessed a Scriptural knowledge of, and an intelligent avowed membership in the Church established on the enduring rock over eighteen hundred years ago. For they could not have been “violently excluded” there from; neither could they have found any possible chance for improvement thereon, by the assumed founding of another.

“Wherein in this respect have we done wrong?” Christ did not act and speak as though the Church which He etablished was of doubtful character. He made no apology, or defence for His Church. Now we wish to say that Bro. Roberts and his co-workers did not do wrong in preaching and insisting upon a higher type of purity and holiness, even though it did result in separation from an anti-Christ sect, — but all that they could have done without founding “another sect.” And it is in this very thing that they have disobeyed God, and acted very foolishly. They, being yet some-what intoxicated upon Babylon wine, could not think it possible that “we are complete in Him,” (Christ,) who is identical with the only Church the Bible acknowledges. “For as the body is one, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body also is Christ.” (1 Cor. 12:12.)

“For we are members of His body, of His flesh, and of His bones.” (Eph. 5:30.) Being in Christ we are in “the Church, which is His body, the fulness of Him that filleth all in all.” (Eph. 1:22, 23.) Being blind to this truth, (we speak in charity and in truth,) they have disobeyed God, who commands that all His children be kept in one name: “Keep them in thy name, that they may all be one.” And this oneness is not effected by a human organization, but it is, “I in them and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one.” As soon as B. T. R. opened up a door that led into something else beside Christ and the Father, into some other name, they sinned against the order and will of God, which insists “that there should be no schism in the body.” They have dishonored God and Christ, the head of the Church: for in presuming to astablish another church, they have virtually said that the one Christ established had either been destroyed by “the gates of hell,” or else was found to be defective and needed another devised by Brother R. The first Christ declares impossible; the second is extremely ridiculous, not to say blasphemous.

“We should be glad to have all true Christians who agree with us as to what a church should be, to unite with us.” “Let us fellowship nothing that God does not fellowship. Let us be joined to all the living.” If Litis is not a babylon confusion of tongues, then what is confusion? He invites all true Christians to join the F. M. sect, and yet admonishes all “to stand united in Christ.” Is the F. M. body the body of Christ? Is induction into that twenty- year-old corporation identical with being “joined to the Lord?” “Let us be joined to all the living.” O come and let us all be Free Methodists! Why, does he think that all the living in heaven and earth are in that party, and none of the dead? Is one so blind as not to see the fact that in order to “stand together in Christ,” it is absolutely necessary to renounce every sect, creed and party name that is not of Christ, and which really becomes a rival center to Christ, dividing from Him and between God’s children. Hence to be joined together in the F. M. or any other sect is not to be joined in Christ at all; for they who are bound together by sect cord, may or may not be united in the bonds of Christ. The two bonds of union are wholly distinct from each other. They possess these striking differences: the bonds of Christ encircle no hypocrites or sinners, and leave out no Christians, ever in heaven or on earth, while every sect-pen encloses numerous sinners, yoking them togeter with believers, and at the same time leaving out many of the righteous. Therefore it cannot be denied that sect bands make union where Christ makes division between the church and the world — and make division where Christ makes union — between true believers. And being just contrary to Christ, what are they but anti (against) Christ?

It looks as though our dear erring Brother Roberts is becoming somewhat disturbed in conscience over his organized division in the fold of Christ. He seems to feel that there should be no divisions among true saints, and after asking all Christians to forsake their mother sects and adopt the youngest daughter of Methodism as their step-mother, he adds: “But if they will not do this, why should we be blamed?” Thit seems to admit that there is blame somewhere, but attempts to exculpate self. But while we admit that the founders of older sects may have gone to thair graves in peace, having done the best they knew how, living and dying as they did under the shadow of Rome, we cannot see how sect-builders of these days of increased light can avoid the wranglings of a disturbed conscience. Though Brother R. has all along plead in defence of sects and denominations, and endeavored to show that they were necessary, he must have either changed his mind, or else was not sincere in those reasonings, for now ho feels the need of “being joined to alt the living” — of all Christians standing together in Christ. If there must be sects, as he has told us in the past, why does he want all the good sheep to break out of their respective pens and come into his? In a recent article he pointed to the very dark and dead state of religion in certain countries, because, as he alleged, there are no sects there, (but one sect, would have been nearer the truth: however there are others beside the established one), and yet he would have it just so in this country, — all other sects to disband and come to his own — at least all that love the Lord Jesus in sincerity. Brother R. must have forgotten that the same persons, who read his December issue, wherein he describes the religious desolation resulting from only one sect, would also read his January number wherein he so, ardenly wishes but one — the F. M. — sect in this country. The inconsistency of the man results from the fact that in the December issue he makes out a case to justify the addition of another sect,” while in that for January he contrives a big net to make a wholesale draught of proselytes. Does it not look a little egotistic in Brother R. to insist that all true Chirstians should come under the Free Methodist creed, and that if they do not consent to do so, he is clear from the sin of division? as much as to say, Our creed is just right, and you must either unite with us or bear the blame of division yourself.

Brother Roberts’ call for all to join him who “agree with him as to what a church of Christ should be,” does not lay a proper basis of unity; because, while he believes in “A Church of Christ,” many true saints only believe in “the Church of Christ.” He believes is a so-called church that was organized principally by himself, twenty years ago, but they believe in “the Church of the Living God,” purchased and built by Christ over eighteen hundred years ago, and which survives all the counsels of hell. He believes in a church — so called — that men can take people into, and that too without salvation, while we believe only in the Church to which “the Lord adds daily such as are being saved.” He believes in a church which is not the body of Christ into which sinners may enter and saints be saved without, while we believe only in the Church which is “the body of Christ,” into which no child of the devil can possibly intrude, and outside of which no man can be saved. In short, he believes in and has established “another sect,” whose members are “written in the earth, because they have forsaken the Lord, the fountain of living waters,” (Jer. 17:13,) while the Bible presents and we accept the “one fold” of Christ, “the Church which is His body the fulness of Him that filleth all in all,” “the Church of the First Born which are written in heaven.”

Therefore, before Bro. R can consistently ask Christians to “stand together in Christ,” and “fellowship that only which God fellowships,” he should cast off the work of his own hands, his organized schism, which is not of Christ, and which “God does not fellowship.” For, though God does accept believers, who, for want of better knowledge, may be in sect enclosures. He cannot fellowship sect corporations. Therefore, if you would “stand together in Christ,” you must “come out from among them.” Surely the voice of wisdom cries, “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” —

Ed. Trumpet in the Sword.


Worship God.

How many go through the formal routines of public ceremonies all their life, and never learn what real divine worship is. “They that worship God, mast worship Him in Spirit and truth.” To do this we must be in the Spirit. Must have a holy, spiritual acquaintance and a conscious, personal communion with Him. The soul that really worships in the assembly always worships God when not convened with others. But the man that only worships in the stated public and family services does not worship God at all. When such assemble together, unless they are entertaining themselves is some worldly conversation, they soon become restless for something “to start up.” There being no conversation with the Lord, going on in their hearts, they want something “going on in the meeting.” Song and prayer are holy and beautiful portions of worship, when they are offered in the Spirit, but often they are but a rattling effort to “keep up an interest in the meeting,” by souls who have no interest in Christ. And they often interrupt the worship of God in the Spirit. The man who takes his seat, and irreverently looks about, waiting for worship to begin, having no thoughts of, or communion with God, may take part in the ceremonies, but unless he gets converted, will go away without worshiping God at all.

Taking a seat in the midst of the preachers who had assembled in General Eldership at Syracuse, Indiana, a few years ago, we were awfully impressed with that vain, proud, God for getting herd of carnal backslidden sinners. Some time passed before the speaker for the occasion entered; but no one thought of God. There were two languishing efforts to sing but hosannas die away and there all sat, with heads, stretched up, gazing about, not one having God is his thoughts. There was quite a show of kid gloves stylish canes, broad cloth, and plug hats, and carnality looking out of their eyes, but no one felt like showing forth the praises of God. O how empty, how far off from God, and how taken up with self and the big named, little graced, sect idol. Such godless congregations are general in babylon, but to Holy Spirit never so opened op to our view such entire forgetfulness of God as upon that instance. We could scarcely suppress ocr groans, at the sight of this heap of dry bones, wearing the name of the living God. O that lost formalists would hear God’s angel of present truth “flying in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting Gospel to preach to them that dwell upon the earth, of every nation, saying worship God, for the hour of His judgment is at band. But to worship God, men must become acquainted with Him. Only they that are brought nigh by the blood of Christ, — receiving the precious gift of s pure heart, can “worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.” Dear reader do not rest, until you reach that condition in grace, where the worship of God is the spontaneous outflow of the soul.

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Present Experience


Indianapolis, Ind.

The most important question with me this morning is, what shall I do to make known to all mankind what Christ has done for me? It seems the most earnest and intense desire of my soul is to tell to all around, at least, something of the unspeakable part of experimental religion, but as Paul could not tell it, I need not attempt it.

If we attempt to speak of the length and breadth and depth and heighth of the love of God we find that the ocean is unfathomable, it cannot be measured, in breadth, and no plumet can sound its depth. Some will venture to say that we cannot enjoy so much of the love of God in our souls while in this life as will satisfy the longing desires of our immortal souls. We say this is a great mistake. The Lord says, “try Me and prove Me and see, if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour you out such a blessing as there shall not be room enough to receive it.” When the soul is filled to its utmost capacity, with the fullness of God, is it not satisfied; it is because it is now enjoying the rest of faith or faith of assurance.

“O raptureous heights of his love,
O measureless depth of his grace,
My soul all his fullness would prove
And live in his loving embrace.

“In Him all wants are applied,
His love makes my heaven below
And freely his blood is applied,
His blood that makes whiter than snow.

“From darkness from sin and despair,
Out into the light of His love
He brought me and made me an heir,
To kingdoms and mansions above.”

Suppose you talk to a brother or sister, ask them their prospects for the future state, they may perhaps tell you they hope to go to heaven, — well, God speed them on their journey. Alas? their heaven is nearly all in the future, instead of carrying their heaven with them now. Let me tell you fellow traveller it is your privilege and mine to enjoy a heaven, a paradise here and to “rejoice ever more and in everything to give thanks.” When the Lord pours into the soul the fullness of His love, He gives good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, so much so that the soul may be constrained to cry out and with holy Fletcher of old: Hold Lord, I am an earthen vessel.

While the soul is pent up in these earthly tabernacles or temples of the living God, they can bear so much of celestial fire and no more.

Brother Warner give the TRUMPET a loud blast, and tell the readers that my life is hid with Christ in God, both now and every day. I am surrounded with such an atmosphere of heaven and a consciousness that God lives in me and I in Him and that my soul is so filled with heaven that I can scarcely ask any more. Glory be to God forever! My happiness is exceedingly great; there is no use in trying to find words to express what I enjoy and the broad field of experience where we have been sowing and reaping. Some people call this labor, but I tell you it is rest. For more than sixty years I have believed it our privilege to be holy and happy all the time.


Stepped out for God.

Shelbyville, Ill. Aug, 13.

Dear Brother Warner: — I am at this place bolding a taberacle meeting, and the war is raging. I am on the straight line for God. Souls are seeking pardon, and believers entire satisfaction. Two years ago, at the Terre Haute camp meeting I was sanctified wholly to God. I had been a local preacher in the M. E. church for eight years, held down by priesthood. But after I got free from that yoke I went into another sect, the Free Methodist, and last fall the devil kicked up there, and I stepped out. I now belong to God alone, Glory to God! The Free M’s are dead in Terre Haute. Also in Paris, Illinois, their members have all stepped out for God but the preacher. There is also a free band near Montrose, Ill. I was led out by seeing the hypocrisy of the sect and the priest craft laws. Brother S. Lindsey is on the straight line for God. He and I have been together for five months. And the sects and sect priests are fighting us on every side; but hundreds of people are seeing the light, and are receiving it, and are coming out. Praise the Lord! We just got through with a red hot, five weeks’ engagement at Tower Hill. A great number were saved. We have it hot here now. Pray for us. Had a grand victory last night, two at the altar and about forty arose for prayers. Glory to God! conviction is resting on the people. Yours in holy bonds, saved now to the uttermost.

J. P. Merrill.

Continuing in the Faith.

Geneva, Mich., Aug. 4.

Dear Brother Warner: — Praise the Lord for a full and complete salvation! The Lord bless you, and the TRUMPET and all the pure saints of God.

I have been up in the north part of the state, and found the people generally destitute of the true Gospel, and of salvation. My prayer to God is that the true ligh may continue to shine, that the people who sit in darkness may see the light of God in Christ Jesus. Praise the Lord forever! souls are being saved — added to the Church here. We bad a glorious meeting at my house on Lords day, and in the afternoon we all went to the stream. The Lord told me to be His servant, so I went down into the water in the name of Jesus. Six were baptized and made to rejoice in the Spirit of the living God. In the evening we observed the Lords supper and the washing of the saints feet. The Lord was with us in great power. Praise His Holy name forever. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you and yours. Your brother saved and sanctified.

Sebastian Michels.


James Caughey Once Said:

“I am now fully persuded, that in proportion as the Spirit of God shall condescend to second my efforts in the Gospel message, I shall be successful; nor need I expect any success beyond. No man has ever been signally useful in winning souls to Christ, without the help of the Spirit. With it. the humblest talent may astonish earth and hell, by gathering into the path of life thousand for the skies; while without it, the finest, the most spledid talents, remain comparatively useless.”

During the seven years of his stay in England and Ireland, nearly twenty-two thousand persons professed conversion under his immediate labors, and nearly ten thousand entered into rest of full salvation.

Nature formed him a man above the mediocrity of men, but she did not endow him with the highest gifts of genius. The church has many ministers of larger powers, more highly cultivated, better read, and of higher intellectual rank, but whose success in God’s, work will not bear comparison with those of Mt. Caughey. Whence, then, has his superior power proceeded? Why has he won such victories in the church of God? We must leave this question unsolved, or attribute his surprising success to the Holy Spirit, who finds his instruments among the herdmen of Tekoa, or at the feet of Gamaliel, as his sovereign wisdom may decide. To this source Mr. Caughey himself ascribes the glory of his fruitfulness. We do the same, and invite the reader to the pleasant work of tracing the influence of the Holy Spirit as displayed in his private mental exercises and public labors.


Holiness and Humility.

What ought a holy man to think of himself? We answer that he will as certainly think and speak humbly of himself as that he is holy. There is a point here of great importance, not often noticed. Nothing under the name of humility must hinder a man from reckoning himself what he really is, nor from keeping a clear sense of the fact of his entire consecration every moment. Why is this necessary? Because the very moment we lose sight of our dedication and sanctification, we are in danger. Suppose the Jewish priests had forgotten that every thing in and about the temple was sanctified, how soon would they be putting these holy things to a common use? So, then, if we would be kept from sin, we must reckon ourselves dead indeed unto sin, and alive unto Christ our bodies the temples of the Holy Ghost. This abiding sence of our consecration revolts at the first appearance of evil. Brick and mortar are not to be earned in silver vases. But even after a silver vase is used, and soiled with dirt and rubbish, it is easy to say, “It is soiled, any way — use it:”

He is a happy man that has this abiding, quick sense of the sacrilege it would be to touch, taste, or handle what God has forbidden. In this is the great art of resisting temptation. Nothing in this is contrary to the deepest humility; for when the heart if not keept from sin, humility can have no place to stand or shine. —

J. H. Creighton.


“Says Dr. Kittredge, (Presbyterian) of Chicago: ‘It matters not in what direction you look, sin is on the increase, but the church is losing ground in her conflict with sin; she has almost ceased to be felt as a power. If a majority of our church organisations were to-day to become extinct, the world would hardly know it.’ ”

Spiritual Advice.


The following letter was written by President Finney to a friend, some ten years ago:

I fear yon are thinking about your faith and your exercises too much; trying to believe, and scrutinizing your state to be sure that you do believe. If this is so, as I think from your letters that it is, it will be a snare to you. Make God and Christ – not yourself, not your exercises of mind, not your happiness or suffering, not anything but Christ or God in Christ — the object of thought, and you will find yourself spontaneously believing, resting, rejoicing in Him and not in yourself; that is, not in what you have attained or received, but in what Christ has done for you. It is a common mistage to think of one’s own experience in a blessing which we need or have received, and to dwell in thought upon the state of one’s own soul, and upon ones own joys and sorrows — our own feelings or triumphs, as to bring us into perplexities. In a state of true faith and in a right religions state very little thought is bestowed upon self in any shape.

Peryetual self-consciousness is not a prosperous religious state. I can truly say that in much of my religions life I pass on without once thinking whether I believe or not; — Christ and his cause and the work before me, and the state of those aroand me, so entirely absorb my thoughts that the question of my own execises and mental state is never so much as thought of. If any one shold ask me whether I enjoyed religion; I should say, most naturally, I love and enjoy my work; but bad I not thought of my enjoyment, I should without a moment’s reflection say, — Jesus in God, — meaning the same. If they should ask me what is the source of my enjoyment; should they ask, do you all the time rest in Christ? I should say I am not conscious of unrest. All this is natural to faith and love. Love and true faith leave self in our keeper’s hands, and you inwardly rise, going about the Lord’s work without much thougt of self. Just as long as self is the object of thought and attention, unrest will continue, because the thoughts are occupied with the wrong object, and the soul becomes self-central, instead of resting on, its centre — Christ.

My dear sister, you need to escape from yourself and get so far in Christ as not to hear from yourself scarcely at all. You need to get such a fullness that you will not need to be asking for yourself. Have you so long hungered and thirsted, and are you not filled so as to forget yourself? Well, self will be troublesome until it is slain and cast out, and Christ fills the soul and is all and in all. Such an experience is before you, but remember that self-centralization, however fervent, will not bring you into rest. You have not learned to abandon yourself and leave all in Christ’s hands. Oh, that you cold be so enamored with Christ as to forget yourself. So simple, so child like in your trust, as not to feel unrest. I want to see you so in love with Christ as to feel jealous of every intrusion upon your sacred moments with Him. I can truly say that in much of my Christian life, ordinary company and society has been repelled by my soul as an impertinence and intrusion upon my sacred communion with Christ. I am often called from my communion seasons by those who live on the outside, whose errand and conversation were repellent to my feelings.

— Times of Refreshing.



“A quiet, silent spirit is of great esteem with God. God sets the greatest value upon persons of a quiet spirit. It is a heaven-born spirit. No man is born with a holy silence in his heart, as he is born with a tongue in his mouth. This is a a flower of Paradise; it is a precious gem that God makes very great reckoning of. A quiet spirit speaks a man most like to God; it capacitates a man for communion with God; it renders a man most service- able to God, and it obliges a man to most accurate walking with God. A meek and quiet spirit is an incorruptible ornament, much more valuable than Gold.”



One personal, intentional touch of the hem of Christ’s garment conveys more blessing than all the pressure of the crowd that thronged about the Master. The laying of His healing hand upon the individual who was suffering had more virtue in it than all those heavenly addresses which fell from His lips upon minds that did not receive the truth for themselves.


True Love.


True love is love without selfishness, which is always a love according to the truth. Such love will win its way against every sort of argument, which is not founded in the truth. Nothing has such efficacy in weakening prejudice, in soothing passion, and in bringing the mind of an opponent, in every respect, into a right position. If we had nothing but nature for a teacher, we could not fail to learn the lesson, that there is nothing so efficacious as the spirit of love in correcting the perversions of prejudice, and in prost rating the falsehoods of passion. But when we know from the Scriptures, that “God is love,” those who are like him can never distrust themselves in being what He is. And accordingly in a multitude of cases, holy love, having faith in God as its source, and having faith in itself as that which God wilt approve, will be silent, while the weakness and irritation of an unsanctified nature will fill the air with its clamors.

— Sel.


“Be nothing in thyself, that thou mayest be strong in the Lord. When thou art nothing, thou canst experience no harm that will trouble thee. How is it possible for him to experience a grievance or injury, who thinks nothing of himself, and has no interest of his own, but refers all things to God!”

— Molins.


“When selfishness is entirely removed from the affections, and when the will is in a state of entire disappropriation, or freedom from self, so as to act entirely in accordance with the affections, and when the tendencies of former habits have ceased in both cases; then the soul, departing from itself as that self was, enters fully into God, and not only becomes one with him in the entire concurrence and harmony of spiritual nature. The work of spiritual union is not entirely completed, till these results have been realized.”

— Selected.


One of the most important steps in the process of inward restoration is to be found in the habits of the will. This I have already alluded to, but it is not generally well understood. A man may, perhaps, have a now life; but it cannot be regarded as a perfectly transformed life, a life brought into perfect harmony with God, until all the evil influences of former habits are corrected. When this takes place, it is perhaps not easy to determine; but must be left to each one’s consciousness. This process must take place in the will, as well as in other parts of the mind. The action of the will must not only be free and right, but must be relieved from all tendency m another direction resulting from previous evil habits.



“Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.” If the tongue is unregulated also. Nor is it less true now than it was then, that “every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.” If we really have faith in this declaration of the Savior, it will necessarily have an effect upon us. And the converse of this statement is true. We may lay it down ns truth, that the men, who is not careful in his words, is a man wanting in faith; or at least, is a man of weak faith. It was the natural result of the faith of the Psalmist, that he was enabled to say, not merely that is was his delight to do God’s will, but still more specifically, “I said I will take heed to my wags, that I sin not with my tongue. I will keep my mouth with a bridle, while the wicked is before me.” Psalm 39:1.

The Rev. William Law, author of the Serious Call to a Devon; and Holy Life, and other religious works, makes the following remarks in a letter to one of his correspondents. — “The SPIRITUAL LIFE is nothings else but the working of the Spirit of God within us; and therefore our own silence must be a great part of our preparation for it; and much speaking, or a delight in it, will be often no small hindrance of that good, which we can only have from hearing what the Spirit of God speaketh within us. This is not enough known by religious persons. They rejoice in kindling a fire of their own, and delight too much in hearing their own voice, and so lose that inward unction from above, which alone can new create their hearts. To speak with the tonguess of men or angels on religious matters, is a much less thing, than to know how to stay the mind upon God, and abide with him in the closet of our hearts, observing, loving, adoring, and obeying his holy will.”

— Sel.

“It is not enough to be merely passive under God’s dealings. Passivity, or the spirit of entire submission, is a great graced but it is a still higher attainment tb become flexible; that is to say, to move with perfect ease, and without any inward repugnance, in God’s movement, and just as he would have ns move. This state of mind might perhaps be termed the spirit of co-operation, or of divine co-operation. In this state the will is not only subdued; but, what is very important, all tendency to a different or rebellious state istaken away. The soul now acts or suffers, acts or is inactive just as God would have it to be; and as it does this without the trouble of first overcoming contrary dispositions, it does it without pain. It may suffer in its outward relations; it may suffer for others; there may be suffering in various degrees in the natural sesibilities, but all selfishness, and all tendency to selfishness, being taken away; it no longer suffers in its interior and central nature. In other words, the principle of faith, which is the true centre of the renovated soul, sends out such pure and rejoicing consolations as to counterbalance all painful influences. Of such a soul, which is described as the Temple of the Holy Ghost, God himself is the dweller and the light.


Living out of Sight of Sin.

There is often found a habit of looking at sin, at the probability of its return, and at its manifestation in sinning, — when the soul should be occupied with Christ, and the things that are true, honest just, pure, lovely, and of good report. The apostle in this connection admonishes us, “It there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things,” not occupying the soul in any way about the things that are untrue, impure, and unlovely.

Let “so many of us as have been baptized into the death of Jesus Christ, and as have “risen with Christ,” in an actual newness of life, see to it tha we habitually live in the atmosphere of the kingdom, where is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. Then, if we are compelled to deal with sin in the world or the church, we shall do it is those to whom, themselves pure, “all things are pure,” or undefiling. Reckoning ourselves to be dead indeed unto sin,” but “alive unto righteousness,” we must accustom ourselves to habitually “follow after the things that make for peace, and things whereby we may edify one another.” The occupation of the mind with sin is the first step towards its commission, but our Father, in His mercy, would have us so entirely delivered from the power of darkness, and so consciously and wholly translated into the kingdom of His dear Sin, that things suitable for the kingdom should exclusively occupy our souls, and that the things belonging to the power of darkness should be out of right, so much as is possible in this scene or conflict.

Well do I remember the joyous rest which spread through my soul when, long after I had learned the lesson of practical resurrection. I first found it my privilege to form the holy habit of living, if I may so say, out of sight of sin, with my soul occupied with the things of God. It was the dwelling in God, in an atmosphere far above the malarious breath of sin, which had been too much present in my thoughts when, as though living in the world.” I occupied my mind with sin or its results. The veil now seemed drawn over the past, and my life became a succession of henceforths, as I looked forward without any expectation of sinning again. This made me very watchful and tender, and though I am not able to say that there has been co tresspass since, I can say that never have I lived so near to Christ with so little for which my heart condemned me: never with such confidence towards God; never with such soul-union with Jesus; never with such a realization of being seated with Christ in heavenly places. The yielding up of the habit of contemplating sin, or of expecting ourselves to sin, is a great step towards preservation from it; and the new habit of expecting Christ to safely keep us, is a wonderful strength to the soul. Nor can it be called presumption for us to be expecting and trust Jesus to save us, moment to moment, from sinning. “Thou shall call His name Jesus, for He shall save His people from their sins.”



There will be a camp meeting there, beginning Aug. 30 or Sept. 1. Bear it in mind. One mile down the river from Oakland which is the first station south of Mt. Pleasant on the Mt. Pleasant & Keokuk railroad.



Send orders for “Bible Proofs of the Second Work of Grace.” Bound in cloth, five hundred pages, less seven. Price $1.23. Many have declared it the best book written on the subject.



There will be a general assembly of the Saints of God in Michigan two miles north of Bangor, Vanburn county, beginning September 1, 1883, on the camp ground if the weather favorable. Praise God, we hope to be there.


Have you a book or tract, you wish published? Would you like some beautiful tract envelopes, letter heads, or circulars, of any business consistent with holiness? Or would you like some beautiful cards, with bible mottos? Please seed us you orders. We would love to print much good religious matter. We are now well equipped with presses and power. Praise the Lord!

Get subscribers for the TRUMPET.


Special Notice.


There will be an assembly of the Saints in Northern, Mich. commencing on the 12th, of 6ct. Parties coming from the North, can stop off at Breckcu..dge on the Saginaw valley and St. Louis R. R. There coming from the south can stop at St. Jo..s on the Detroit and Grand Haven R. R. where brethren will meet them if notified. Those coming from the ..th address Bro. John T. Lyon. Maple Rapids, Mich. Th.. from the north, address Bro. William Kennet, Laffayette Gratiot, Co. Mich. Let there be a glori.. rally.

– J. C. Ficher.

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Estranged From God.

Who are estranged from the God of holiness, purity and love?

It will be readily admitted that all who roll sin as a sweet morsel under their tongues, openly and defiantly blaspheme this being, are estranged from Him. But credulity is put to the test when it is affirmed, of such as “have tasted of the heavenly gift and were made partakers of the Holy Ghost,” that some even of them become, through the devises of the enemy, in and through their doings, alienated from this Fountain of all excellence.

Yes, some even who are of the prophets, chosen by the Lord, become wanderers in the fact of their eschewing the ways of the Master and substituting in their place saught out inventions of their own. Of such, and a caution to His people, thus saith the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel! Let not your prophets . . . that be in the midst of you deceive you, . . . for they prophesy falsely unto you in my name: I have not sent them, saith the Lord.” — Jer. 29:8. 9.

Of this class of prophesying, most clearly, is that of my deceived, yet evidently, very good brother, B. T. Roberts, conspicuous as a founder of the Free Methodist sect. In his editorial in “The Earnest Christian” for June 1883, truthfully affirming, ‘‘that the Church of Christ is a visible, organized body.” (The emhpasising is my own) he proceeds immediately to say that “it is dearly the will of God” [“falsely unto you in my name; I have not sent them saith the Lord;”] that His church should be divided into sects, or sections, or divisions.” Farther along, in the same article, he says, unqualifiedly that “the division of the Christian church into sects tends to promote its unity and efficiency.” And so, in other words, and yet of the same import, schism in the body of Christ tends to promote unity. Like tends to promote its opposite, and that as a legitimate result.

If this hypothesis shall be established as fact, then all the false teaching we have been schooled in, viz, that like, naturally produces its like, must be strained through a metamorphic sieve. Then figs may be gathered from thistles.

Had Paul acted in conscience with this theory, instead of cautioning the Romans to mark and avoid such as caused divisions, and saying of them, disparagingly, “they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.” He would have said, of sect organizers, mark such as cause schisms in the church of Christ, and cherish and encourage them by your prayers and your cooperation, for The division of the Christian church into sects tends to promote its unity and efficiency.

If such teaching is not it of which, God through Isaiah pronounces a woe, I, for sixty years, and more, a student in the fold of Christ, know not where it can be found. “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light and light for darkness.

This prophet, and others who practically and theoretically sustain the sect divisions and declare, of God, that he is an abettor of such unchristian work, are aptly discubed, in their sayings and doings, by Ezekiel as “saying, the Lord saith; and the Lord had not sent them: and they have made others to hope that they would confirm the word.” “One built up a (sectarian) wall, and others daubed it with untampered mortar.” “It shall fall” “Lo! when the wall is fallen, shall it not be said unto you, where is the daubing where with ye hare daubed it?”

I know not how to account for the glaring inconsistency of many good christian men, in relation to sect schism, but by the belief, that, through the influence of the traditions of the elders, they are led to close their eyes and ears against light.

And, in consequence of such shutting out of light, the Lord hath said, as by Ezekiel he did say, “If the prophet be deceived when he hath spoken a thing, I the Lord have deceived that prophet.”

Arcade, N. Y.

R. W. Lyman.


There are three kinds of silence. Silence from words is good, because inordinate speaking tends to evil. Silence or rest from desires and passions is still better, because it promotes quietness of spirit. But the best of all, is silence from unnecessary and wandering thoughts, because that is essential to internal recollection, and because it lays a foundation for a proper regulation and silence in other respects.

— Molino.

True Unity vs. Sentimentialism.


It is certainly sadly laughable to hear the multitude of Christian professors pray for “UNION,” and then to see them turn right round and fight with all their might the very Spirit that would give them union. But then, on awaking to the stern reality of the thing, they find that they do not want union in that way — i. e., on the absolutely necessary line of death to self. They want it “a little easy” but not so much. They wont a union that will neither disturb nor hurt anybody. They are by no means ready to count the cost and pay the price of Scriptural unity, which is only attained by the forsaking of all we have and following “JESUS ONLY.” Alas! their prayer is hypocrisy; their union is a sham; it is only sentimentalism. Still God will yet be glorified in His united saints, even if He has to raise up of the atones children to Abraham. His united ones move heaven earth, and hell, causing angels to rejoice the more, and wicked spirits to rage still fiercer. They are “for peace,” but only on Bible ground. Thay never cry “peace, peace, when there is no peace.” They neither “daub with untempered mortar’’ nor “heal the hurt of the daughter of God’s people slightly.” They wage an eternal warfare against all sin, and comfort only such as “come to the light.” In fact, “the high praises of God are in their mouth, and a two-edged sword is in their hand.”

— The Sword.





Brother Warner: — I feel moved to testify to the readers of the TRUMPET that I believe I was healed. I have been afflicted with deafness for eleven years. Had catarrh in the head with its accompanying diseases, weakness, palpitation of the heart, and weak stomach. Near three years ago I was enabled to believe that the Lord would heal me. Some two years ago Brother D. S. Warner was here and a few other brethren and sisters and we had a healing meeting such as the apostle James describes in the fifth chapter of his epistle, (excepting the oil), but I could not quite claim the promise then. On the 28th of November the same brother was here with another brother, and we had a day of fasting and prayer at the Bethel. He preached on the subject of healing and we came around the altar and “prayed over me anointing me with oil in the name of the Lord”. It came to me like a shock of electricity. Others believed it too and told me so, but I thought I knew it before they told me. I tried to speak and tell them I could hear “every one clearly” but could not for some time, there was such a rush of emotion (or feeling) but as soon as I could speak I told them so but as they were singing they did not hear me. I could distinguish their voices one from the other, find for a few moments, I thought I could almost hear them breathe; there was such a rush of sound as they gathered around me. But as I could not sing I was left to my own thoughts, or rather to the voice of the tempter, (though I did not know it then) and I began to fear lest all my diseases were not healed. Still believing that my ears were healed, I sighed, O! is my body healed? (I had never had such definite faith for the latter, as for the former.) Then I began to doubt whether I could near distinctly; and while a brother prayed I made trial by stopping my best hearing ear, and I could hear him pray with the other, but the tempter told me that if I testified and could not hear distinctly, it would bring a reproach upon the cause of Christ, and then my hearing left me again, and I began to complain of their being so still. Then Brother W. asked me to testify; but I could not. The brethren kneeled a few moments in secret prayer, while I prostrated myself on the floor. I could there tell the Lord that I believed he healed me, and praise Him, I arose and told the brethren, but so subtle was the voice of the tempter that I did not discover that I had doubted until the next day when. I was led to confess it to the Lord in prayer. Then said I, Lord what wilt thou have me to do? And the answer came, “with the heart, man believeth unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” Then I began to testify to my healing first to my family and then to the Church, and then to others. The Lord blessing me in giving my testimony is: My health is greatly improved, though I am not entirely well, and it is thought that I hear better, but I just hold on to the Lord by naked faith; believing not only that he heals me but that I am healed. According to the word of the Lord, “The prayer of faith shall save the sick.” Praise the Lord! Your Sister in Christ saved by grace.

Roann, Ind.




A Great Blessing.

DEAR BROTHER WARNER: – We are readers of the GOSPEL TRUMPET. You Remember stopping with us in Elkhart Co. Ind. and introducing Graham Bread to us, which proved a Great Blessing to us, and God shall have all the Glory. I do not speed much time in Making Cakes and Pies, since you called on us and have more time for secret prayer. May God ever bless you and dear family. We often long to see your face again. Your Sister.



A Testimony.


“The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want” I am praising God for full and free Salvation. Glory to His holy name: I am drinking continually at the fountain of eternal hires. Glory to God! I am eared just now, sanctified wholly, washed in the blood of the Lamb.

“It has only been a year since I entered this blessing of perfect salvation, and I am so glad that I ever found this precious light. O praise the Lord. My garments are whiter than snow, and I am kept by the power of God through faith ready to be revealed in the last time.” — Your Brother Saved to the uttermost.


Macon, Missouri.


Healed By Faith.


Owosso, Mich., Aug. 7.

Dear Brother and Sister Warner: — Grace, mercy and peace be multiplied unto you, from the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. We praise the Lord this morning for his everlasting salvation.

Beloved, we have been to Midland City, found Sister Brown very feeble, and failing fast. She had resorted to earthly physicians, and found no relief under their treatment. She had become so weak she could take but a few steps before her strength failed and she would have to sit or lie down. By the laying on of hands and prayer of faith she immediately recovered, so as to attend services on Lord’s day, over half mile distance. She accompanied us to the depot when we departed. Praise the Lord forever! Amen!

J. C. Fisher.


Midland City, Mich., Aug. 8.

Dear Brouter and Sister Warner: —I feel it my duty this morning to let you know what the dear Lord is doing for me. “Bless the Lord O! my soul, and all that is within me praise His holy name.” He has saved me from death. I was very low, was given up by all my friends and physicians, to die. Brother and Sister Fisher came here the first of August. They laid hands on me and prayed with me and the Lord healed me. Glory to the name of our God! On Sabbath Brother Fisher preached twice. I attended both services, riding over the rough roads in a lumber wagon. On Tuesday I went with them to the station. I am gaining every day. Praise the Lord for His wonderful salvation. Oh He does for us abundantly above all we ask or think. I am trusting in the Lord. Your Sister saved, SAVED.

Julia E. Brown.


Ubly, Mich.. April 15.

Dear Brother Warner: — Trumpets at hand. I will scatter them where they will sound awful. I think this is the worst place in Mich, for sectism and conformity to the world. I was at the U. B. quarterly meeting yesterday, where I saw persons in high standing in that sect, and making a high profession of Godliness; adorned in all the superfluities their means will allow. The fashions they follow are rediculous in the extreme. Some of the main members were so saturated with tobacco that the odor was almost sickening. The Free Methodist who preach against those things are much despised by them. Their understanding is so darkened, and they are so terribly sectarian, that the more bible there is brought to bear upon them, the more they cry “crucify him, crucify him? Dear Bro. if you will come and preach here, I will promise you that our people will come out to hear you and will receive the truth as it is in Christ Jesus: and if you show us by the word of God that we are still in error, we will only be too glad to be set right. Some may kick of course, but that is always to be expected; but the truth is what we love. If you want a good dose of persecution from the world conforming sects, just come along and begin preaching holiness and you will soon get it. Yours for the whole truth.

Ezra Slack.

Warsaw, Ind., May 15.

BROTHER WARNER: — I received the GOSPEL TRUMPETS you seal, sad I feel in my heart that it is just what I and the people generally need to waken up sleeping Zion. This is my judgment and I trust I have the Spirit of God. You and Bro. Fisher have the proper names. You warn the people of the coming wrath and judgments of God, and Bro. Fisher fishes souls out or perdition. Your Sister in the Lord Jesus.



Vineland, N. J., July 16, ’83.

DEAR BROTHER WARNER: – Here is stamps for the TRUMPET, may the good Lord continue to warm your heart more and more so that the water of life may not freeze in the pipes before it gets to God’s saints. Men sometimes seem to sour, telling God’s real truth to people who do not receive it. Oh, for hearts filled with God to tell God’s whole truth. We are looking for the TRUMPET every day. Just got the Sword.


P S — Oh Brother there is some wonderful moveings of the Almighty in this land. Let us lay in the dust with our hearts filled with love and He will answer the prayers or cries of His tittle ones. Glory to His name. “It’s not by might or by power but by my spirit says the Lord of hosts.”


Onarga, Ill. June 28, ’83.

DEAR BROTHER WARNER. — We ascribe all the glory and praise to our great High Priest, the precious Son of God for the condescension of His love. His goodness and mercy, and His wonderful works to the children of men. We bless His holy name for shewing us the way of life. We have wanted to send you help some time but it seemed we could not until now and the sum is small but we tend in the name of the Lord and we hope it may be in time to help you some. We hope to be able to help you more in the future by God’s blessing. Oh, how our heart goes out after the truth. We do hunger and thirst after a fuller knowledge of God His will and His ways. We desire to walk in His path. We have very blessed meetings. Our number is small but we are strong in God, and trust in Jesus for all things; need no sect to lean upon. Praise the Lord. He is our hiding place, a sure refuge in times of trouble. Oh, what a blessed privilege to be hid away in the secret of God’s presence. We are grieved to see so many trusting in their sects instead of Jesus, for salvation. When Christ fills the heart He leaves no room for ideas. Bless His name forever.



Newark, Mo. Augusts. 8.

Brother Warner: — Your August issue of the TRUMPET came to hand.

I will get subscribers and remit as fast as I can. The TRUMPET is fast becoming a necessity in this part of the work. Holiness teachers are getting where they cannot work together. Why not? because some are loosing in radicalness, compromising with popular religion, seeking, or accepting appointments for a stated salary, and are seeking to sectize the holiness people, or hold the work under ecclesiastical control.

The word says, “He that sanctifieth and they who are sanctified are all of one.” Now if these were sanctified, they would be made one, and if one they could work together in oneness: but while they are fencing off corners to themselves, how can the world see the oneness.

May the TRUMPET continue to give a certain sound, until Gospel liberty, and free salvation proclaimed to all the ends of the earth, and all the shackles that bind men in the narrow folds of men be shaken off. Your book is doing good service here. Your Bro. saved and free in the Lord.

Jabez Barns.


Polo, Kansas, Jan. 30.

Dear Bro. Warner: — I like your paper very well. Please send it on. As I read the account of the formation of God’s Church in Bangor, Mich., I felt like shouting praises to God. That’s, my understanding of the way the Church of God is to be organized. My wife and I have been standing out of sect orders for over two years. The Free Methodist, (to which we belonged), have a society here. Their preacher often wants to know if we enjoy ourselves as I used to when I was in the Church — meaning of course their sect. I tell him I do, and better, for now I stand entirely on God’s ground. When I corner him with the Word of God, about his trying to build up a schismatical corporation contrary to the Bible, he can do nothing but groan. I find some both in the sects, and of the world, who see as never before the evil of sects. O how I wish some of God’s truly anointed ministers, who have their eyes open to the curse of schisms, would come here and lift up the standard for God. I am glad that God is giving you the gift of healing. I am saved just now, and God, will keep me saved because I am fully trusting Him. Pray for me and my companion. Yours in the love of Jesus.

Valentine Roof.


“He who desires to bring men to the standard of the Gospel should himself possess a patient and benevolent spirit. Jesus Christ is not more really the Saviour, than he is the Reformer, of the world. And yet how wonderfully does he combine the spirit of meekness and patience with the utmost faithfulness and with untiring labor!”

— Madame Guyon.

Medina, Ohio, July 22.

Dear Brother Warner: — I am impressed that I should write you a few lines. We have not heard from you for a long time. We have been praying very much for you, and we believe God will prosper you and the great work committed to your hands.

I am saved to the uttermost. Glory to God forever!

Two weeks ago to-day we were at Lodi, where the saints held a two day’s meeting in a hall. On Sabbath we had a communion service, partook of the Lord’s supper. The Lord was with us in much power. Praise His holy name! Both Saturday and Sabbath were days of great grace, and refreshings of the Holy Spirit upon the saints. As good a meeting as I have attended in a long time. The Lodi saints are quite free from babylon. Praise the Lord! We had before us the subject of washing the saints feet. We wish, if the Lord will’s, that you give us some informations on this subject in the Trumpet. My love to all the saints. Yours for the pure Gospel.

Wm. N. Smith.

Bro. Cyrus Mohler writes from Lodi also telling of this good meeting, and stating that some of babylon ecclesiastic thought it was sacrilege for inordained men to administer the bread and wine. Thank the Lord! both Roman and Protestant popery are fast loosing their keys of superstitions, ecclesiastical power.


Vineland, N. J. Aug. 23, 1883.

Dear Brother: — The TRUMPET just come and it comes to us like an angel as we are so anxious to hear from the saints of God in the west I am glad to see that some men in these days of covetousness are getting some of the results of the baptism of the Holy Ghost, as they had it in primitive times, when they sold their posessions and laid it at the apostles’ feet. Glory be to God! it will come to that as soon as men get the Holy Ghost, as the disciples had Him. He will produce the same results in tnem now as he did then, for God is the same now as then, and man being the same, will produce the same results in all ages. May the good Lord get a fair chance at 10,000 men now, as he did on pentecost, and sect builders will soon run out of material, for it don’t grow fast on pentecostal soil but such does produce gloriously just what Jesus prayed it might. “One heart, and one soul.” Just think of it! the world is almost a stranger to the thought of this holy unity, much more to the practice, and yet they expect by some means to be one in heaven. I suppose some begin to think you will soon be the means of paralyzing business. Men become so crazy that they sell their property and give it to the Lord. Glory be to God in the highest! If a few men continue to obey God, and lay in dust, with their faces bathed in tears for souls, many business corporations will change hands in a few years that is to come. Some to make wrongs right, and other to be given to God. Oh dear Lord if thou should so convert men that all their wealth should get legs and marching order from thee, how many ships would cross the ocean, how many business firms would step across the way, how many sect steeples would crash to the ground, how many millionaires mansions would be found coming down the streets looking for its owner among the poor. I said, oh Lord if thou should, but He does convert men that way and no other way, but the hirelings for filthy lucre have given the people an easier way, or cheaper ticket; but the time is near at hand when God is going to uncover the fraud and what will they do in the end. I am thy Brother.

Joseph Robinson.


“Oh! it is good to give ourselves to the Lord in entire abandonment; — and sweet and full is the recompense which he returns for all that we sacrifice to him, and for all that we undergo in making the sacrifice.”

“Holy indifference is not inactivity. It is the furthest possible from it. It is indifference to any thing and every thing out of God’s will; but it is the highest life and activity to any thing and every thing in that will.”

The soul which is purified is always quiet and serene, always possessed of evenness of mind, both in favors and sufferings. Tribulations never disturb it; — nor do the interior, the continual and divine communications from God render it vain and conceded. It remains in wonderful serenity and peace, but still always full of holy and filial reverence.

— Madame Guyon.

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