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29 December 1892, Volume 12, Number 52.



The cares of the week are all ended,
The dews of night hare descended;
We wait for the morn that brings rest —
Sweet Sabbath — the brightest and best.

A type of the day that’s eternal,
The Sabbath brings pleasures supernal:
A foretaste of infinite thought,
Which Jesus of Heaven has brought.

’Tis sweet while we‘re watching and thinking,
And grasses the dew-drops are drinking,
To know that the morrow brings peace
To body when labor shall cease.

But sweeter to know that our spirit
May drink of the joys we inherit
More fully, when freedom from cares
Our hearts for devotion prepares.

And sweetest of all the assurance,
Which brings to the heart brave endurance:
This day is the emblem so pure
Of rest we thro’ Jesus secure.

For rest from all sin is far better;
It breaks from the soul ev’ry fetter,
And brings in a sabbath divine,
Which even in time is sublime.

The gis of this life is its issue —
We weave in the tent with the tissue,
That Father designed in his will
If we would its purpose fulfill.

Then welcome thy footsteps, fair morning —
With meekness our temples adorning;
We worship the Lord, who fir..t woke
Thy silence when death’s lee he broke.

We wait at thy portals, believing
That blessings by thee we’re-receiving;
Each that thy light we behold
In goodness and mercy unfold.

Anna. K. Thomas.

693 Maple St, Battle Creek, Mich.




O the depths of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God. In Christ is hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Col. 2:3. Knowledge puffeth up, but charity edifieth. Some get a great deal of knowledge and fail to get wisdom. “He that lacketh wisdom, let him ask of God, who giveth liberally and upbraideth not.”

Paul in preaching to the Colossians says, “Whom we preach warning every man, and teaching every mar in all wisdom.” Why? That he may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus. Paul used wisdom in preaching the gospel. He says to the Corinthian brethren, “I have fed you with milk and not with meat; for hitherto ye were not able to bear it, neither yet are ye able.” So Paul with patience and love preaches the gospel in wisdom just as they are able to understand it. He does not tell them all he knows in a few sermons. He still feeds them with milk. We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak. For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scripture might have hope.” How much wisdom we need to work for and with precious souls.

The devil is as a roaring lion going about seeking whom he may devour. Notice the word “seeking.” If the devil can get a chance to overthrow some poor soul through the lack of wisdom in us, he is sure to do so. We are commanded to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Oh, how careful we should be in dealing with precious souls for eternity! Let no man put a stumbling block or occasion to fall in his brother’s way. How many workers have caused poor souls to be lost by not having wisdom and patience to give the truth as they can bear it, but will give them an overdose that will kill them outright. And when beginning at a new place perhaps give Babylon a threshing about the first thing; and the people being so ignorant of sectism being wrong, and the most of them having nothing but their church to cling to, having no salvation, they get stirred so that no good can be accomplished at that place. Then, “Prejudice runs high and the devil is stirred.” One feels like weeping over such blunders, made for the lack of wisdom. Jesus died for those souls; he is pleading for them, and they should be taught the ways of full salvation; then it is very easy for them to see the church.

You take a child that has a lot of broken dishes, a rag doll and such things, and is well contented, and never saw any nice little tea sets, a wax doll, etc; take its playthings out and brake them up and throw them away, and see how you will hurt the feelings of the little one and stir up anger. Then tell it, “Oh, I will give you something better,” and see if it will have any confidence in you. But you first go and buy a set of nice dishes, a nice wax doll and other toys, and bring them and give them to the child, and she will willingly throw away those old broken things and you will have no trouble. But, oh, how the love and joy will beam out of her eyes, and she cannot thank you enough. Just so with sectism. Let them get the satisfying portion to their souls and the light on the true church and they will be ready for the whole truth.

I verily believe there are new places where only one or two week’s meeting is held that God does not call the minister to thresh Babylon before he leaves because all have not turned and walked in the light. It takes some people longer to see and understand than it does others. And I am satisfied that in a new place if the saved ones are given the light on the true church, then leave them to go ahead, souls will be saved in the prayer meetings. Then when the next workers come along the way is open for a good meeting. My heart has been made to ache for poor souls when they are driven where we cannot reach them any more, by lack of wisdom. They will not all get saved in a two week’s meeting. Some want to study and see if it is the right way. Some want to watch the others to see if there is such a thing as living without sin, especially those that are steeped in sectism. So therefore we must have wisdom from God to give the truth for the sake of perishing souls whom Christ died to save.

Paul had to talk to the Corinthian brethren as unto babes in Christ. There are very few people who have been raised in sectism that you can gain for Christ by giving them the whole truth at once on justification, sanctification, the true church and Babylon. It is too strong meat all at once, for spiritual things are spiritually discerned. “The natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto him.” Now we know there are many carnal professors who have no salvation, and you must begin with them carefully, using wisdom to get them out of the clutches of the enemy of souls. If in a new place where the whole word of God has never been preached a full volley of shot and arrows have been sent into Babylon during the first services, and she is battered all to pieces, the dwellers in Babylon are aroused and scared. They begin with all the force that carnal nature and sect spirit can muster up and they begin to fire back; and they keep on fighting against God until their souls are lost in hell, because the preacher did not have wisdom. He dealt out the truth with a pure heart and good motive, but not having wisdom how to handle poor souls, then perhaps speak lightly of it and say the devil was stirred, not thinking how sad it is to see the devil stirred in poor souls that Christ died to save.

I was saved while in the U. B. sect. I was honest and when the light came I consecrated and was gloriously saved; and in about six months we got a new preacher on the circuit, who fought holiness, as most of them do. Then the Holy Spirit that guides us into all truth began to lead us out. Myself and other saved ones would talk it over, until He showed me it was His Spirit leading me to come out; so we all came out, and the Lord did bless our souls.

Because some have the knowledge and light and it is not new to them they forget that if you flash a strong light in the eyes of persons in the dark it will blind them. So let the Holy Ghost teach us just how much light to give to precious souls. The Lord knows just how much we can bear.

When the Lord showed me my place in the body of Christ in caring for souls, it seemed that I could not fill that call. Oh, it was too much for me, and it appeared as if I would sink. I saw the responsibility and knew it took wisdom, grace, patience, and a real trueness to souls. I thought, I cannot, Lord, it is too much. But the Lord held me up until I said: I cannot, Lord, but you can do all things whatsoever you will through me; take me and use me. And when I cast it all on the Lord then it becomes easy to do God’s will.

God is no respector of persons, but is looking down with an eye of pity on every soul that is out of Christ, and much more so if some honest soul is driven away by lack of wisdom. With all our getting, let us get understanding. Understand what the will of the Lord is in all things. I praise God from the dephts of my heart that he has saved me out of Babylon, and taken the Babylon spirit out of me; walking in all the light as God lets it shine; praying God for more wisdom that I may not put a stumbling block or, any occasion to fall in my brother’s way. Then let us with all wisdom lead sinners to Christ, and not fail to teach the way on full salvation; not fail to give them the light of the true church; and not fail in God’s own time to show them the evils of sectism, and warn them of the great danger of being partakers with them. Rev. 18:4-6.

Your sister in Christ,

Sallie Rogers.




Bro. Randolph writes us from Anthony, Kan. of “a class of people in Oklahoma that call themselves the ‘Followers of Christ.’” They teach sanctification of the Spirit, but not of the body. The flesh, they say, is yet carnal when we are sanctified. That gives them the privilege of living in adultery and using tobacco, and such unholy things.

They also teach that Mark 16:18 is a positive command. That to take up a serpent is something that must be observed. So Mr. Southerd made a vow to God that he would take up the next rattle snake he saw. And so he did the other day, and the serpent bit him and he only lived about twenty-four hours. He would not take any medicine, nor even allow them to wet his head with cold water. His family and others in that faith say he did just right; that he died in the faith, and they wish to die the same way. A son says he is going to take up the next rattle snake he finds.

Shortly before the man died he said he was not going to live long, and that he had one thing to do yet before he died to fulfill all righteousness, and that was to take up a serpent. So you see it takes a rattle snake to complete their salvation. I have talked with some of them, but find as soon as I tell them that they must be holy in body as well as soul, they do not want to talk about it.

Such are the tendencies of weak and foolish mankind to superstition and disgusting fanasticism. Many such texts as “Cleanse yourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.” “Know ye not that your bodies are the temples of God,” and “the temple of God is holy.” “That she may be holy both in body and spirit.” — 1 Cor. 7:1; 1 Cor. 3:6; 1 Cor. 7:34. Such scriptures are passed by with indifference, while a superstitious conception drawn from the words of Jesus in Mark 16:18 is followed out even to self destruction. How often we have had occasion to remind people that God gave his Bible to a race of beings that he knew had common sense, and he supposed that men would use it in reading his book as well as in all the temporal affairs of this world. True, much of the holy volume is beyond the grasp of mere intellectuality, and must be interpreted by the Holy Spirit. But in all of it, reason and good sense must be used. And these will tell any person that handling serpents, and drinking deadly poison should not be done to tempt God, nor yet to tempt the devil to take our lives. It is only when the poison is taken by accident, or forced into a person that the promise is intended to apply. A brother in Kan. took a large dose of deadly stuff by mistake, and the promise came right to his rescue, and it did not hurt him. Paul, unknowingly took up a serpent, and it fastened its poisonous fangs upon him. But having the promise of Christ to base his faith upon, he believed that no harm would ensue, and so it was. Thank God for these promises to shield us from the deadly poison of both drugs and serpents when the promise is needed. These promises are to protect life and not to take life. To either drink poison or take up rattle snakes purposely is simply persumptious self destruction. Christ came not to take life, but to save men’s lives. “Godliness is profitable unto all things, having the promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.” “The wicked shall not live out half their days.” And this is the doom of such as foolishly handle rattle snakes, or voluntarily drink poison. Was it Christ or Satan that led that poor deluded man to virtually take his own life? to sacrifice his life and neither he nor any one on earth derive any benefit? Behold Christ gives life; but Satan “was a murderer from the beginning.” Surely a creed that inflicts suicide upon its victims is of the devil. This command of the sacred word is sqare against the Follower’s creed. “Let none of you suffer as a murderer.” — 1 Pet. 4:15. And. “Jesus said, Thou shalt do no murder.” Matt. 19:18. While we doubt not the sincerity of those who are so eager to take up serpents, they being infatuated with a false and superstitious application of the Savior’s words, after all, what is that course

but self destruction? If a man knows that strychnine is quite certain to take life, and he yet voluntarily takes it, and produces death, what is he but a suicide, a self murderer. And if a man knows that rattle snakes bite, and that their venom is pretty sure to kill, unless counteracted by some powerful antidote, and he yet deliberately takes the deadly beast in his hands, and thus becomes the occasion of his own death, wherein does he differ from the former case? Only in one case Satan, the old murderer, moves the victim by some, dark picture of life, and in the other by a dark creed of death.

The German rendering is, “They shall drive away snakes.” The words “take up” are from AROUSI, the root of which is AIRO. It is defined by Young’s Concordance “to lift or take up or away.” The word is very generally used in the sense of taking or bearing away, and when applied to living objects would admit the German rendering, to drive away. As living creatures are usually thus taken away. The idea in both verses, is that of power and victory over devils, serpents, poisons, and diseases. To cast out devils, expel or bear away serpents if necessary to protect life; drink poison, if perchance taken by mistake, unharmed, and heal the sick. If these followers of superstition were to take up poisonous, mad rattle snakes, and show by their faith that the bite did them no harm, it would be an evidence that God sustained them in their faith. But since they die as sinners would, if unrelieved by an antidote, it is evident that God leaves them reap the sad fruits of their creed. May God deliver honest men from such wretched teaching. Amen.




Alicia, Ark.

Please explain what is meant in Matt. 25:35-46.

Sarah J. Jones.

For I was an hungered, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me not in, etc. Jesus answers it in the 40th Ver. And the King shall answer and say unto them: Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. And vica versa, unto those on the left hand: Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did not unto me. 45th Ver. Persons neglecting their duty to one another, especially to those who are in need, are neglecting their duty toward our Master who gave himself for us. He that oppresseth the poor reproacheth his Maker: but he that honoreth him (his Maker) hath mercy on the poor. — Prov. 14:31. He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord; and that which he hath given will he pay him again. — Prov. 19:17. And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward. — Matt. 10:24. For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labor of love, which ye have showed toward his name, in that ye have ministered to the saints and do minister. — Heb. 6:10 Therefore, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” If Jesus were here in person, how careful we would be to minister to his necessities. If I want to administer to Jesus I just look around and see if any one is in need.

G. R. A.

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Sent Forth in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. 
For the Purity and Unity of His Church;
the Defence of ALL His Truth;
And the Destruction of Sect Babylon.




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Requests for Prayer.

I ask the brethren to pray for me, that I may be sanctified wholly.

G. M. Jordan.


Mary Blaine, Champaign Ill., desires your prayers in behalf of her afflicted daughter.


National Soldiers’ Home, Marion, Ind.

Dear Brethren: I am troubled with heart disease. I desire that the saints remember me in their prayers, and if any live near here, to visit me. I would be glad to form the acquaintance of any of God’s people.

Daniel Hottinger.


My time is short in this world, and I do not feel that I am ready to die. I feel like one who has hid his talent. Will you pray earnestly for me? I would love to have some of God’s ministers come to this place.

Adelaide Morgan,

Douglas, Butler Co., Kan.


Guy, Atchison Co., Mo., Dec. 21, 1892.

Dear Saints: I feel led to ask your earnest prayers for the healing of my seventeen year old daughter of an inward growth of tumor, the doctors say she must undergo a surgical operation, but I feel led to take her case to the Lord on the 10th day of Jan. in the afternoon.

Your saved sister, trusting in Jesus,

Mary S. Knepper.




A meeting is desired at Watervliet, Mich. Address Sister C. Lederer.


W. A. Sange, Hartford, Pa., sends an earnest call for some one to come and hold meetings at that place.


A very earnest call has been made for some holy man of God to go to Alabam, Ark., to preach the pure gospel. Address A. L. Cannon, Alabam, Ark.


We need one of God’s ministers, filled with the holy fire to come and hold a meeting here.

Wm. Caris.

Jerry City, O.,


Sears, Osceola Co., Mich.

May God hasten the time when some fire-baptized minister may come and preach the word of life to this people. Pray for us.


I hope God will send some of his holy ministers here to preach the gospel. Your sister in the church of the firstborn.

Susan Smith.

Stanton, Montcalm Co., Mich.


Sister Catharine Forsythe, Monterey, Pulaski Co., Ind., writes, that she is very hungry to hear the word of God preached once more, and desires some one to come to that place soon. A school house can be obtained in which to hold meetings.


I hope God will send some of his fire-brands in this part of the country and give us the pure gospel that is not mixed up with so much error.

Your justified brother, seeking holiness of heart,

J. S. Sears.

Easton, Mo.


Bro. Cicero Bryant, Sherman, Wexford Co., Mich., desires some one to come there and preach the gospel in its purity. This place is on the T. & A. R. R. Anyone coming from the south change cars at Cadallac.

Address C. Bryant.

Mesick, Mich.




Bro. A. B. Palmer writes that there were about fourteen consecrations in the meeting recently held at Cheshire, Mich., and he is now at Fair Haven, Ill. and reports a good prospect for a harvest of souls.


Bro. J. Cole is now at Ellisville, Miss., where he expects to remain for a while, laboring for the salvation of souls. He reports a few souls saved at other places in Miss. where he has been in the work of the Master.


Bro’s S. Michels and J. W. Daugherty are now engaged in a meeting at Union City, Mich.


Bro. Byron Wooden writes from Hessel, in northern Michigan, that there is quite an opening for the gospel among the lumberman, who are eager to hear the word of God preached.


One of the brethren living near here desires to take a homeless little girl to raise. He prefers one about four or five years of age. Anyone knowing of such a one can find the child a good home by writing to us at once.


The first issue of the SHINNING LIGHT for 1893 will be double size, and ten thousand copies will be printed. Send for a sample copy. It ought to be in every home where there a e children. Price, only 25cts a year.


The 25 cent edition of “Divine Healing of Soul and Body,” is having a rapid sale, and the Lord is sending the truth home to many hearts. Many give expression to the spiritual food it contains, and praise God for the light received, and the strengthening of faith in his word. You will help to feed famishing souls, and be a blessing to suffering humanity by aiding in the spread of this work.



We now have eighty dollars towards buying a German printing outfit. This is almost one third enough to make the purchase. Bro. DeDerer will soon have the book on “Divine Healing” translated. We expect to return the money sent in if enough is not raised, but we believe some one has the cause of God at heart enough to help send forth the gospel to the German people.


On Dec. 21st, Bro. Achor bid adieu to family and friends here, and started eastward, expecting to set sail for foreign fields in a very few days. He had intended to set sail Dec. 21st, but failed to get started at that time. Among his baggage are nearly ten thousand tracts and books which he expects to scatter in foreign lands. Let us pray God to save many souls and send other workers to the foreign field.

We have just received a letter from Bro. Achor stating that Bro. W. J. Henry has decided to accompany him on his foreign trip.



We greet you all once more in the name of Jesus, and wish you all a happy new year, with the blessings of God constantly upon your soul The past year has been one of great peace and joy in the Lord, also one of very hard labor in the vineyard of the Master, but the Lord has richly repaid us by way of divine grace. As the famishing souls from every direction are calling for spiritual food the Spirit of the Lord inspires our souls to begin another year with renewed energy to do what we can for the rescue of perishing souls. We know not what another year may bring forth, but one thing sure, God will keep all who put their trust in him and do his will.

We are glad to report that the blessings of the Lord has been upon the work here during the past year. We ask your prayers that God may direct the work to his glory, and the truth be sent forth with power throughout this sin-cursed world. While wicked men and devils rage because of the judgments of God heralded forth, yet we dare not keep silent; for Zion’s sake will we not hold our peace.


Visalia, Cal., Dec. 17, 1892.

Dear Beloved Saints: Grace unto you and peace be multiplied through Christ Jesus our Lord.

Blessed be his name, who is bestowing his great love and manifold mercies upon us. I am still blessed with good health, and great peace, and the power of the Holy Spirit. On Thursday night after talking to the beloved saints in Los Angeles, we took train with the Lord alone and came up to this place over two hundred miles north. And am now praising God by the comfortable fireplace of our dear Bro. Bendy and family. This is the first place I have been where the glow of fire has warmed the room, except a small oil stove in my room, which I dared use but little, because of the gas it emitted; and a few times we have intruded into the kitchen, and warmed by the cook stove. Now in the cold East and North this doubtless creates a shiver. But we confess our deprivation has been greater in imaginatoin than in reality. For we had been used to regarding a good fire place or heating stove as an essential thing at this time of the year. And for that reason it seems we have just got home after months of homeless life. Bless God for the sweet home feeling produced by the glow of fire on the hearth, and the flames of love in the hearts, inspiring the song of “Home, home, sweet home.”

We left the church in good spirits in Los Angeles, holding meetings every night and part of the time in day time. Last Monday we had the pleasure of baptizing five children of God. Sister Zumont and daughter, who renounced the anti-ordinace doctrine during the camp meeting, were of the number. They feel called to work for the Lord and expect to obey the call from this time, as God leads forth. The Lord bless them and use them for Christ’s sake. Bro. Winters and Bro. Grisoe, formerly from Ohio, expect to come up here next week to work for the Master. The weather is pleasant, but there are quite severe frosts here. I wish to say to all that expect our coming to you, that we know not yet how long the Lord will keep us in California, nor can I say how many places we may be able to visit. We should love indeed to go to all the places from which we have such urgent calls, but it is probable we cannot do so. Expect to remain in these parts three or four weeks, and, if the Lord will, visit Oregon before going east.

We have just prayerfully looked over our line of March, and this plan has been made out, which, if God will, we shall carry out. But it is subject to any change the Holy Spirit may lead to at any point along this line. Therefore we can only give it as a probable line of work. But as we think our labor will be somewhat in that order and time.it will give satifaction and avoid the the necessity of some correspondence.

Farmville, Cal. Dec. 17-25.
Porterville, 26-29.
Drum Valey, 31-Jan. 4.
Visalia, Jan. 5-9.
Woodland, 10-15.
Meridian, 17-22.
Woodburn, Ore. Feb. 2-9.
Boise City, Idaho, Feb. 2-9.

If any one along the U. P. R. R. line in Wyoming wish us to visit them write to us, and the Lord willing we will do so. If not we will be to

Denver, Col. Feb. 11-16
Stafford, Kan. 18-24.
Wichita, 25-27.
Bushong, Mar. 1- 7.

If the Lord will, make a short visit to

Table Rock, Neb. Mar. 9-14.
Nishnabotna, Mo. 15-22.
Kingston, 23-26.
Springfield, Ill. 28-April 2.

If possible will visit Dowd, Illnois. Which I think we will have time to do, especially should we pass by Table Rock. Should our train be delayed, or should we miss any point and run ahead of the above dates we will report the matter as soon as we can.

Preserve this paper. We will not reprint these appointments. Pray much for us. Amen.


Hopkins. Mich.. Dec. 26, 1892

Dear Saints of God: May the God of peace abide with you forever. Amen. We have recently closed a series of meetings which were held in the town of Decatur, Mich. Bro. J. W. Daugherty began meeting Nov. 15th. Earnest prayers ascended to the throne of grace for God to send a laborer to assist in the work, during which time my soul became deeply burdened, and a sweet call from heaven was followed by a request from the little church, for me to “come quickly.” So I left Grand Junction, on the morning train, for Decatur, and arrived there in the evening.

The clear Lord opened up a large hall on Main street and the meetings were well atended from the begining. We sang on the street, which proved very profitable in drawing souls to hear the word of the Lord. The interest grew deeper from time to time, until the house was incapable of seating the eager listeners. Many were obliged to stand in the isle and by the windows during services. Our souls were continually overflowing with the transparent glory of God. Precious souls were saved, a number of whom were buried with Christ in baptism in a small lake near by, notwithstanding the day was bleak and cold, while gales of wind blew over the waters, causing the billows to roll wildly in beauty and splendor. After the services of baptism were ended, we wended our way to the home of Sister Dudgeon, where an ordiance meeting was held. The room was filled with precious souls, and we trust seed sown which will spring forth into everlasting life. Bro. E. E. Byrum was with us over Lord’s day. during the commencement of the meetings, and was used to Gods glory in presenting the truth. We left the dear little flock at Decatur, with hearts filled with loving gratitude to our blessed Redeemer for the kind hospitality extended to us by his little ones. Truly it is sweet to leave all to follow Jesus. He supplies, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters with kind hearts and willing hands to administer to the necessities of his flying messengers.

Humbly yours, saved and sanctified in Christ,

Birdie E. Fink.


Merrill, Mich., Dec, 20, 1892.

We are still north of Merrill. The Lord is wonderfully helping us in reading and teaching the word to the people in both the English and German language. The congregations are increasing and listen very attentively. Last night four dear souls made an effort to seek the Lord. Sectarians acknowledge they never were in such meetings before. Some of God’s children who have never heard this evening light preached, acknowledge that they have been fed on written sermons which were no good, but now rejoice in the preaching of the gospel. We feel it will be the Lord’s will that this meeting should be continued till the 24th. Then we shall go to St. Louis, the Lord willing.

Your saved brother and sister,

J. R. and E. Walter.


Lambertville, N. J., Dec. 21, 1892.

Dear Children of God: With a heart full of gratitude and love to our blessed Lord for all his wondrous works, we again report to you of victory through the precious name of Jesus. Although we have met with some opposition, and have passed, through what we called trials, we do praise God that he has kept us by his divine grace and power ever since we started East, and in every battle he has brought us off more than conqueror; and we can truly say the greater the battle the greater the victory. Since our last report the Lord has especially blessed us. The meeting at West Point, Pa. was a grand success. Praise

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God forever and ever! There were several very bright convertions, all of which went on to perfection. Five were buried in baptism, and a little church established, which the gates of hell shall not prevail against. This meeting was more of seed sowing than reaping. Much of the word was given, and many acknowledged the same. There was but little opposition to the truth, and a great many homes were open for us. I must say I was never in a place where we were used so kindly as at this place.

As the meeting closed many asked us to pray for them, and promised us that they would seek the Lord. We expect to return there next summer and hold a tent meeting, also at North Wales. A great held is open in that country and we would have been glad to have stayed longer, but as hall rent is so high we thought best to return here in the summer with a tent. We desired to meet the saints at Dow, but as they are not ready for a meeting at present we will probably not get to meet them this winter. We feel led of God to go to N. H., and expect to go there in a short time. We may stop in Conn. and Mass. on our way, and hold a few meetings.

We will remain here in Lambertville till after the holidays, then goon our way to New Victory. Brethren, pray for us and the work. Surely God was in our coining East. The tabernacle that we spoke of in our last report is just what is needed for this country. Some money has already been sent to buy it with, and we are praying God to put into the hearts of more to help us in this matter. Any one addressing us, please address us at Grand Junction. Mich. until further notice. God bless all the dear saints and workers in the field. Amen.

Yours, consecrated to the work of the Lord,

W. J. Henry. J. H. & H. A. Rupert,

[Since writing the above, Bro. Henry has decided to go as a missionary to the foreign country.]


San Diego, Cal., Dec. 21, 1892.

To the Saints of the Most High God: May the richest blessing of Heaven rest upon you all. It has been some time since we reported through the Trumpet. Bro. Warner has been with us, and has reported regularly, which accounts for our silence through these columns. The dear brother has left us for his trip north. We have greatly enjoyed the few months in which we have been permitted to labor together. How precious the fellowship in the Holy Spirit. Our sojourn together has been much blessed to our good and the glory of God. We are persuaded more and more of the glorious harmony of the operation of the Spirit through those who are under God’s divine power. Praise the Lord! Not a jar or ripple will be felt or seen. But with one heart, one mouth, one soul, with the same mind and judgment all will speak the same thing. The church here in this city is prospering gloriously. Hallelujah! The powers of darkness are kept far in the distance and the work of salvation is moving on. A goodly number of souls have been saved recently. One man a few evenings ago came into the meeting a professed infidel, and seeing the power of God in the saints, he fell down and confessed Christ and received the forgiveness of sins. Read 1 Cor. 14:24, 25. Thus was this scripture fulfilled. The enemies of the truth must confess that God is in us. Oh how much some truly qualified teacher is needed who can devote his or her whole time to the work here. God is raising up faithful laborers here, but they are not yet free to attend continually to this much needed work. We feel called of God to return to Los Angeles soon, where we shall probably remain the greater part of this winter. Are all well and happy, with perfect victory, soul and body. God wonderfully strengthens us for the battle. Hallelujah! Pray for us.

As ever your unworthy brother and sister, separated unto the gospel,

J. W. & J. Byers.

West Liberty, O., Dec. 19, 1892.

In our last report we were holding meeting at Mt. Hebron in an M. E. house, near Little York. The meeting continued about ten days. One soul made clean his escape out of Babylon, and others declared their intentions. The people filled the house most every night and drank in the truth of God without hesitation. May God bless and save all who so kindly supplied our needs. We hope to hold another meeting there in the near future. From there we went to Mt. Eaden Campbellite meeting house, and preached three times. At this place “Gog and Magog” came to battle, but the God of all grace gave us the victory. Bless his dear name! At this place was fulfilled what the prophet prophesied “One post shall run to meet another, and one messenger to meet another; to shew the king of Babylon that his city is taken at one end.” — Jer. 51:31. We also held four meetings at Tampico, which were of real good to the saints. One dear soul at the altar. Bro’s B. F. and G. W. Fleenor were with us the most of the time. God bless and keep those dear brethren in the blessed work of God. Monday the 12th, I returned to my home (Burkett, Ind.), and found all well in soul and body. I remained at home until Friday, when wife and I took train at Akron, Ind. for this place. God is working most wonderfully at this place. Two souls at the altar last night. Dear ones, we ask all to pray for us and the salvation of souls. At the close of this meeting we go to Beechdale, Ohio, thence to La Rue, O., the Lord willing.

We remain your brother and sister in the one body, sanctified wholly,

S. L. & A. L. Speck.

Address, Burket, Ind.


Beaver Dam, Ind., Dec. 19, 1892.

Dearly Beloved Brethren: Dec. the Sth in company with Bro. and Sister Worden of Payne. O. we began and held meeting over the following Lord’s day in a school house in Edgerton, Ind., about five miles west of Payne, O. on the N. Y. C. & St. L. R. R. In the above meeting four claimed to receive pardon, and we have reasons to believe they obtained it. Praise the Lord! And in the Tuesday night meeting at Payne four more bowed at the mercy seat; three for pardon and one for sanctification. And thus the work of God goes forward in spite of all oppositions, and souls are being saved. Hallelujah! Dear brethren, I feel it a duty to all the redeemed of the Lord and also to those who may be desirous of salvation, as well as a duty I owe to God, for his glory and the salvation and safety of perishing souls, to blow a blast of warning against two poor men at Willshire, O., holding and teaching false and heretical doctrines; such as sanctified persons getting angry or mad, and never can get an experience above that, thus lowering the Bible standard of holiness. Also holding and privily teaching that women have no right to hold the position and exercise in the capacity of an elder in the body of Christ. With whom we labored and admonished both privately and publicly. But they stubornly presisted in their false doctrines and refused to be admonished or take the admonition, thus proving themselves heritics. And it became our duty to do according to Tit. 3:10, 11. Those poor men, Roop and Foorman, are now holding meeting, and both claim to be called of God to the work. Let all beware of those men untill the get salvation and prove themselves worthy ..f the confidence of the saints.

Pray for your humble brother and servant, saved in Jesus,

J. N. Howard.


Three Rivers, Mich., Dec. 20, 1892.

Dearly Beloved Saints: I am still saved and kept by the power of God, and am out for the salvation of souls. Left my home December the 14th, came to Decatur, Mich., where Bro. Daughterly just closed a meeting. I stopped two nights with the church. The Lord blessed us in exhorting the young converts to press on into a higher grace. Then took our leave to this place, where the Lord is blessing our labor in preaching the gospel. From hear we expect to go to Union City, the Lord willing, and open war against sin. Expect to meet dear Bro. Eldridge at that place. Pray for us that God may bless our labor. From your saved brother, under the blood,

S. Michels.

Indian Springs, Mo., Dec. 22, 1892.

Dear Trumpet Readers: May the dear Lord bless and keep you continually. This evening I am all given up to God. I have just returned home from Carthage, where we had a few services with the saints. It was a real feast to my soul. Two dear souls delivered out of the hands of Satan on Sabbath. The Lord is wonderfully healing my body as well as giving me light on his blessed word.

Your brother, sanctified and in the work,

Hugh Caudel.


Norwood, Mo., Dec. 10, 1892.

Dear Saints, Greeting: Our souls are joyful in the Lord. We are again out on the war path for God and souls, and against the devil and all his works. Praise the Lord! We remained at home with my dear mother something over two months, during which time we held a short meeting in Windsor, Mo., with tolerably good results. One soul reclaimed and sanctified, and others cleared up in their souls and strengthened and more fully settled, whose steps had well nigh slipped. We also had a precious ordinance meeting. Although but few present, the dear Lord was with us in his melting power. Truly obedience is better than sacrifice. If we know his will, happy are we if we do it. Amen.

Our dear mother has been quite poorly, but is better again, so we can be out about our Master’s business again. Pray much for us and God’s work that he has entrusted in our care, for we realize the worth of souls at heart; and let it be said of each of us, we have done what we could. We commence meeting to night at this place, the Lord willing.

G. L. & Mary Cole & Lodema Kaser.



Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.
Psa. 119:129.


Dodge, Ky.

Dear Trumpet Readers: May the grace of God be with you all: We feel led of the Lord to testify that we are saved by faith in God, and sanctified by a second and distinct work of grace, kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation, ready to be revealed at the last time. We are free from Babylon, standing in the church of the living God. Hallelujah! We ask the prayers of all God’s people, that we may stand firm in the faith.

Yours in Christ,

Jno. E., & L. K. Watts.


Kenesaw, Neb.

Dear Saints of the Living God: I feel it would be to the glory of God to write my testimony and tell what the dear Lord has been doing for us. He has healed our little child of bowel and kidney trouble and also croup. Oh I do praise his holy name! We obeyed James 5:14, 15. I am so glad we have a Great Physician who is able to heal all our diseases. I am sinking down into his will and learning more and more concerning his will to me. I am so glad that I have been called out of darkness and sectism into this glorious evening light, where we can worship aright. Pray for me that I may be steadfast and unmovable.

Your sister saved and sanctified by two works of grace,

Alice M. Eberline.


Grand Junction, Mich.

The word says, “Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord.’ Truly God’s children have many things for which to praise the Lord. I am so happy that I can praise him. He has so wonderfully redeemed my soul from sin; taken me out of the ways of this wicked world and placed me on the rock Christ Jesus. I gave my heart to God when only thirteen years old, and felt that God pardoned all of my sins and was made happy in his love. But as I grew older, and associated with the young company of the world, and let pride creep in little by little I grew lean in my soul. I wanted to serve God and please my associates, but soon found that I could not please God and the world at the same time. “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one and love the other: or else he will hold to one and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” How true this is! I have found it so in my case. I then lived in sin, and tried the company of the world. My heart was full of pride. But this is a miserable way to live after one has enjoyed salvation. I did not enjoy myself anywhere. When I would lay down at night to rest, this would come to my mind, “What if the Lord would come to night?” I grew very tired of this way of living, and was glad to get to the Lord again. O how willing I was to give all up for the sake of Christ! The Lord wonderfully saved and sanctified my soul, and he has wonderfully kept me ever since. I praise him that he has made me what I am. I have no desire whatever to leave one who died upon the cross that we might live and have everlasting life. God is sinking me down deeper in his will, and my pathway is growing brighter.

O how I do appreciate this glorious freedom in Christ Jesus. He has put a new song in my mouth, even praises unto our God. Blessed be his name forever!

“Oh, the peace of God that passeth
All the powers of man to know,
And the joy beyond all utterance
Fills my heart to overflow.”

How I love to see lost souls brought into the ark of safety (Christ). All I care to do in this life is to please God in working for the salvation of lost souls. Dearly beloved saints, may we keep an eye single to the glory of God, and ever be ready for his coming. Mark says, “But of that day and that hour knoweth no man; no, not the angels which are in heaven; neither the Son, but the Father. Take ye heed, watch and pray; for ye know not when the time is.”

Your sister washed in the blood of the Lamb,

Della F. Wickersham.


Upper Strasburg, Pa., Dec. 21, 1892.

Dear Saints of God: I am praising God for a real salvation that saves me now and keeps me sweetly saved in Jesus with a victory over the world, the flesh and the devil. Hallelujah to my blessed Jesus for ever and ever! How good the Lord has been to me. When I did confess my sins he was faithful and just to forgive me of my sins; and when I presented my body a living sacrifice he cleansed me of all unrighteousness and also healed my body, for which I give him all the glory. I am living up to all the light that God is giving me, and am in the vineyard laboring for the salvation of poor souls. But oh the darkness that we meet among the people. Oh, dear saints, be faithful, live up to the profession that you make. God will have a tried people. Pray for me that God may use me to his glory.

Yours all on the altar,

Franklin Rosenberry.


Table Rock, Neb.

To All The Dear Trumpet Readers: My testimony this morning is that I am saved and sanctified and walking in the beautiful light of God. I am in my sixty-fifth year. I can truly say the service of the Lord becomes more and more delightful. We read in the word of God that the path of the just is as a shining light that shines more and more unto the perfect day. Early in life I gave my heart to God and my name to the Weslyan Methodist sect. I lived a very dissatisfied Christian life to my self. The word of God was almost a sealed book to me. After a number of years there came Bro. and Sister Elliot; they were holiness evangelists. I knew as soon as I heard them preach a salvation from all sin that that was what I needed. I opened my heart to receive it. We were taught to be very true and loyal to our sect, our mother church as it was called.

In a few years, Praise God, the blessed light on the true church began to dawn. A few honest souls saw the light before I did and made their escape out of the net. As soon as the Lord made known his will I followed him. O the light and glory that flooded my soul when I got perfectly I free in Christ, and nothing but Christ’s yoke upon me, which is easy, and his burden light. I have found it safe and blessed to follow Jesus. I know he is a covenant-keeping God. And the Redeemer shall come to Zion, and unto them that turn from transgression in Jacob, saith the Lord. As for me, this is my covenant with them, saith the Lord: My Spirit that is upon thee, and my words which I have put in thy mouth, shall not depart out of thy mouth, nor out of the mouth of thy seed, nor out of the mouth of thy seed’s seed, saith the Lord, from henceforth and for ever. Isaiah 59:20, 23.

Your sister saved and kept by the power of God,

Elizabeth Carmichael.



Sister Maggie Miller, the wife of Bro. Frank Miller, of Ganges, Mich., departed this life Dec. 13, 1892; aged 43 yr’s, 9 months and 13 days. This sister was born at Picton, Can., Feb. 26, 1849, and moved to Mich. about 19 years ago. Before she died, she expressed that she was ready. She leaves a husband and two daughters. May God bless them and prepare them in the end for his kingdom above. A very large assembly of friends and neighbors gathered to the funeral services, where God helped to deliver a real gospel message of salvation to them, some who it seems had heard it before. Remarkable good interest prevailed and the truth seemed to take hold upon some hearts. May God hasten the harvest of the truth sown, which I believe will be.

G. R. Achor.


Springfield, Ohio, Dec. 9, 1892.

Cora May, daughter of Jacob and Fannie Detweiler, departed this life to be with Jesus on the 25th of Nov. This little bud had bloomed five years, one month and four days in this dark and sinful world, when our Father in heaven saw fit to transplant it in a far better clime, to bloom through all eternity. Text 2 Kings 4:26. Services by the writer,

B. E. Warren.


John Leroy O’Donnell, son of Bro. and Sister O’Donnell, died Nov. 28, 1892; aged five months and sixteen days. God bless the family and friends. Funeral services by Bro. F. N. Jacobson.

Your brother,

Henry Latshaw.

Big Bend, Pa.


Horton, Mo.

Pink McMennamy died Nov 3, 1892; aged 7 yr’s. and 9 months. He was a good little boy, and leaves a mother, father and two little sisters to morn his loss; while their loss is his eternal gain.

A. Walton.


Died, near St. Louis, Mich., a little son of Bro. and Sister James and Rachel Strong. This little one departed this life Dec. 3d 1892, to be forever with the Lord; aged one year, eighteen days. May God bless and comfort the parents and enable them to meet their little Georgia in glory. Funeral services held by the writer,

Elizabeth Walter.

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Continued from Dec. 22.


II. Pork, one of the next popular articles of diet, is doubtless one of the most injurious articles that man eats. The effect of pork is, it produces an abnormal temperature, heating the blood excessively, so as it passes through the liver it deranges its function. It passes through the lungs irritating them, producing cough etc. But one of the worst features, it produces dyspepsia, which irritates the surrounding tissues. The lungs lying on the stomach with only the diaphragm separating them, the irritation or inflamation extends to the lungs, producing a hectic condition; and no doubt has been the origin of many cases of consumption and death. I have never heard of but one Jew having the consumption; for they strictly refrain from the use of pork. I was well acquainted with a family in Indiana, who were early settlers in that country, and being poor lived on corn bread and pork much of the time; besides they would have great dishes of the grease fryings. Then two to four cups of coffee about as strong as the poison could be made. The consequence was, five of the family died with consumption. I had the pleasure of treating and restoring the mother to health after she was very low. But the irritating cause continued soon brought the same trouble back, and she was a fatal victim to the horrid, loathsome disease, consumption.

It has been my joyful privilege to cure many cases of that dreaded condition dyspepsia, that other physicians of eminence treated with no permanent benefit. I invariably instructed them, and placed them on the strictest regimen pertaining to diet; i. e., I would advise them to leave off the use of liquors of any kind, tobacco, pork, coffee, tea, and if possible to not drink anything while eating. If they drank anything let it be milk or water. I am happy to report that every one that complied with the requisition had the pleasure of enjoying good health again.

Another man in Kansas who suffered the horrors of a dyspeptic for years came to me for advice. I advised him accordingly, and he left off those evils, tocacco, pork, coffee and tea; and in a short time without a drop of medicine reported he was well. Some of the dear brethren and sisters seem to think we go too far with these things, especially with pork. But, dearly beloved, in the name of Jesus our Lord and Master, if we are the temples of God, who dwells in us, how can we continue the use of those things with this light of their evil effect upon the temple of God? Paul says, If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are. — 1 Cor. 3:17. Some try to justify themselves in eating pork by quoting Bible. 1 Cor. 8:8: But meat commendeth us not to God. No, it does not; For neither, if we eat, are we the better; neither, if we eat not, are we the worse. Paul says, If we eat we will be none the better. So it will not better us to eat. Then why eat it? And we will be none the worse if we do not eat it. This text is altogether against the use of pork eating; because it does no good if we eat it, and we are just as well off if we do not eat it. Praise God for the word! But take heed lest by any means this liberty of yours become a stumbling block to them that are weak; for if any see thee which hast knowledge sit at meat in the idol’s temple, shall not the conscience of him which is weak be emboldened to eat those things which are offered to idols; and through thy knowledge shall the weak brother perish, for whom Christ died? But when ye sin so against the brethren, and wound their weak conscience, ye sin against Christ. Wherefore, if meat make my brother to offend, I will eat no flesh while the world standeth, lest I make my brother to offend.

How can I make my brother to offend by eating pork? As I have shown the detrimental effects of pork, from which hundreds of poor people are suffering, physical wrecks, and I with the knowledge of these facts, eat it before them, and they see it and eat it to their injury, I make him to offend the holy law of God. So Paul says, If so, I will eat no more lest it be a stumbling block to the weak. The gospel does not forbid the use of it, but shows it is useless.

Not long ago I was laboring where they told me an elder preached against coffee and tea and then would drink it himself, which was the cause of the weakening of several and a cause of stumbling. Paul says he sinned against Christ. And this dear brother found he had no salvation and had some trouble getting clear.

Let not him that eateth despise him that eateth not; and let not him that eateth not judge him that eateth. — Rom. 14:2: 3. Now the brethren that eateth meat and have not yet come to see the evil of it should not despise the brethren who see the evil of it, and do not eat for conscience sake. And the brethren who see the evil and will not eat, judge not those brethren who do eat; that is, do not say they are not saved because they eat pork; for with God he standeth or falleth. While these are important facts, yet it becomes our duty to cry aloud and spare not.

One thing I wish to speak of here is for the benefit of the workers in the Master’s vineyard: for I have been in places where some young workers have done great injury to the cause by telling persons that they were not saved because they used coffee: and set some against the holy cause of Christ, without showing them the evil of these things. The proper way to work these evils is to show the physical injury and that they cannot persist in defiling the temple of God without suffering the penalty of disease, as well as grieving the Spirit of God and become lean in their souls. Teach the people that good health is essential to real complete happiness. Paul does not forbid the eating of pork, but the laws of good health often does. I ate some meat while away in the work till I found it was injuring me and left it off; then improved in health.

G. R. Achor.

(To be continued.)



Ulysses, Neb., Dec. 16. 1892.

Dear Bro. Byrum: A man told me that if the saints could heal a certain person of lameness, who resides in this town, he would give ten thousand dollars and the whole family would come out and serve the Lord. Now would it be right to accept the gift? Please anwser the question through the Trumpet.

Yours for the truth,

W. S. Page.


When Christ gave his apostles the commission and sent them forth to preach the gospel he said, “freely ye have received, freely give. “They were told to heal the sick, cast out devils, etc. Jesus and his apostles, did many wonderful things, and healed all manner of diseases, and many were constrained to follow him and obey his commands. In Jno. 14:12, Jesus says, “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also.” And in Mark 16:17, we also read that these signs shall follow them that believe: They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover, etc. That reaches down to the present time. God’s ministers of to day receive the same commission and authority that the apostles received, because they BELIEVE on the Lord Jesus. Now, as when Christ was here upon earth, people are healed because they believe on Jesus. At one time Jesus was in a place where the unbelief of the people was so great that even he could do no mighty work, save heal a few sick folk.

But here is a man who wants God to come to his terms and perform a certain work; and if the Lord, through his children should make a successful job of it, then, he says, he is willing to serve him, and pay ten thousand dollars besides. Suppose God would not see fit to humor this man in that particular; but on the other hand would consider that his word was true, and easily understood, the conditions not hard to meet, and his promises reliable, what would become of the poor rich man, who like the old Pharisees tried to tempt Christ by demanding a sign of him? The result would be, his ten thousand dollars would be spent in the promotion of the devil’s kingdom, and he and his family lost throughout eternity.

When there are thousands of people all over the land at the present time who have been healed of various diseases, by the power of God, through faith and prayer, and the laying on of hands according to James 5:15. Would it not be presumption for a man to so tempt Christ by requiring a similar sign, and risk his hope of eternal life upon the decision of Christ, as to whether or not he will accept the offer and come to the terms of one of his finite creatures, who otherwise has no inclination to serve him? The true servants of God do not “divine for money” (Micah 3:11); they are not “hirelings,” neither do they try to make merchandise out of the gift of God. They are not Christian Scientists, Spiritualists, nor any other like instruments of Satan. But as they follow the meek and lowly Jesus and do his bidding, he works in and through them, and performs such miracles as is pleasing in his sight.

In Acts 8:19, 20 we read about one who desired to buy the gift of God; but Peter gave him to understand that it could not be bought with money, but said, “Thy money perish with thee.”

It would not be in harmony with the word of God, for his ministers to undertake to heal anyone for money, even if the offer was a million dollars. God does his sevice free, and his servants do their part of it free: “Freely ye have received, freely give.” The lame man spoken of can doubtless be healed by the power of God if he will meet the conditions of the word. The rich man can give his money for the cause of Christ, and his heart to the Lord, and have the peace of God constantly in his soul as a flowing river, whether the man is healed or not.

E. E. Byrum.



Dear Brethren: May eternal peace abide with you all. Let all the readers of the GOSPEL TRUMPET and SHINNING LIGHT do all you possibly can, and let us all double our efforts and work constantly now and during the coming year to rapidly increase the circulation of these papers by securing as many sub’s as possible among the young and the aged of all people. To all the congregations of the saints and the field workers, allow me to say, in all humility, dear ones, next to the salvation of souls, in all parts of the country, let us have a constant and special care for the poor and the worthy destitute everywhere; not only of the saints but of the world’s poor, and also of all others; not only to preach Christ and salvation to and visit them, but, dearly beloved, let us take upon us and do all we can to help feed and clothe them. If you or the church of God in the vicinity is not able financially thus to supply the needs of the poor there, then let us call upon and visit such of the willing neighbors to assist you in caring for the needy, now especially, as we are in the winter months, when the destitute, especially widows and orphans will need our Christian sympathies and acts of our charity and benevolence to feed, clothe and comfort them. O beloveds, let us continually look after and help take care of the worthy poor everywhere. Let not such be neglected by any of the saints, especially not by the field ministers and the Lord’s workers. This charge was faithfully delivered to the traveling ministers by the holy apostles at Jerusalem as they went forth into the work. Thus saith the Lord. Psa. 41:1, Blessed is he that considereth the poor. 1 Jno. 3:16-18, besides multitudes of other scriptures bearing on this subject.

F. N. Jacobson.



Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.
Psa. 119:129.


Oregon, Mo.

Dear Saints: I wish to write my testimony to the glory of God, that I am saved in Christ and sanctified to do his blessed will.

Your brother,

William R. Miller.


Murdock, Kan.

Beloved Saints: I am saved by two definite works of grace. First justified, then sanctified wholly through the precious blood of Jesus Christ. By his power I will serve him, let come what will.

Your saved brother,

Daniel K. Christ.


Kensington, Kan.

I feel led of the Lord to write my testimony to the Trumpet readers. I am trusting in Jesus; he keeps me by his power. I was saved at camp meeting at Wichita, and also my father, mother and brother. Pray for us that we may be able to stand for Jesus. There are no saints within eleven miles of us. We would like to have some one come and help with the work. We need singers. May God send them. If anyone comes, come to Kensington. Let us know when you come and we will meet you there. For any particulars write to D. J. C. Thayer, Kensington Kan.

Your saved sister in Christ,

Mary L. Thayer.


Valparaiso, Ind.

Dear Saints of God: May the favor of God be upon you forever. I praise God that the precious blood of Jesus reaches even me. He was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed. — Isa. 53:5. O praise the Lord! It is not by works of righteousness that I have done, but by his mercy he saves me. We cannot get this salvation any other way than through the blood of Jesus. We may try a great many ways to get the Victory, but all in vain till we lay all self aside and by faith see Jesus on the cross dying for sin. This finished work is for everyone. The Lord hath laid on himself he iniquity of us all.

We need the truth preached here. Truly the harvest is great and the laborers are few. I praise God for victory in Jesus. I ask your prayers.

I remain your sister, saved and sanctified,

Mary S. Kerr.


Lauderdale, Miss.

Dear Saints: I feel that it would be to the glory of God to write my testimony. I am saved and sanctified to do God’s will. Oh praise his holy name for the highway of holiness! What a glorious blessing and privilege it is to enjoy the fullness of God! I believe when God said, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might,” he meant just what he said; and when he aid, “Be ye holy for I am holy,” he meant for me to be holy. God is holy, and heaven is a holy place; and if we are ever permitted to enter the shining portals of heaven, we must ..e made holy by the precious blood ..f Christ in this world. The Lord ..s no respecter of persons. He proved he was not by blessing me. I was in a moment enabled to lay hold on Jesus Christ, and found salvation by simple faith. Glory to his name! Now he reigns in my heart without a rival. I find no will but his. The Lord is with you while you are with him; and if ye seek him he will be found of you; but if ye forsake him he will forsake you. Pray for me and mine.

From your sister saved and sanctified, and kept by the power of God,

Mattie Stowall.


Kibbies, Mich.

Dear Trumpet Readers: This evening finds me fully trusting in the promise of a Savior, sanctified to do his will. Though the hand of afflicttion has been laid on my body in my declining years. I am thankful for the comfort that never fails to abide with me. I have been visited the third time with paralysis which makes it impossible for me to meet with the saints. But by reading the testimonies of the dear saints it often fills my heart with rejoicing. I am seventy-four years old. I remain,

Your sister in Christ,

Mary A. Thompson.


Hotchkissvili.e, Conn.

Dear Readers of the Trumpet: I have enjoyed very much the reading of the many letters the Trumpet contains from week to week, as well as the many other good pieces, although all are strangers in a far off land. But I thought to ask permission to come in among you once more, and speak of the joys of pardoning love, which assures me I am saved to day and expect to be saved eternally, when Jesus comes. Then we will not need to express our thoughts through the paper, but shall meet face to face and know each other. Thank God for the kindness bestowed on one of God’s little ones by the blessing given through the paper. Forasmuch as ye have done unto one of the least, ye have done unto me, saith the Master. It has not been clothing, nor drink, neither food, but a visit paid me weekly by sending me the Trumpet. I could hardly say that I was in prison, yet I felt at times that I was, for the sects all around me are not in sympathy with my belief; and I cannot go among them and find much gospel, I came out from among them in the fall of ’77 and have ever felt to stay out, and am sort of isolated and alone; not having met with the people of God but four times this last year. One cannot go with the current and feel approved of God. O such pleasure-loving churches as they all are here. I am told to turn away. The GOSPEL TRUMPET comes laden with something better, and I wish everybody would read some of the plain pointed pieces; and not only read them, but heed them and mend their ways and their doings; for he that shall come, will come and not tarry. I lend my papers to all that will read them, but those are few.

The pure in heart will see God, and only such will be saved. I am out and out for a whole gospel; but you cannot go among the so-called churches and talk it, for many of the watchmen are daubing with untempered mortar, and love the fleece more than they do the flock. But what will they do in the end thereof? They alone are responsible; for there has been line upon line, precept upon precept, and light has shone along their pathway, but they have rejected it; and now they preach smooth things, and the people love, to have it so. The GOSPEL TRUMPET has blown loud and long, but she will soon cease her blowing, and the watchmen will have left their walls and the kingdoms of this world will cease to exist; and from the east, west, north and south will the saints of God come and there will be an innumerable company that no man can number. O what a grand and glorious meeting: and to last through all eternity! Praise the Lord now and forever! Amen and Amen! Will I, will you, dear readers, be among the number? God grant it, I pray.

For nearly one year the paper has come richly laden with gospel truths. And in all this time I have never seen a familiar name, nor one from this state. But I love the Spirit of Jesus; and whoever professes it they are my brother and sister, if I have never seen them. Dear ones, you that go out among the people let your light shine, and do all the good you can: save the perishing if possible, and we will pray that the blessings of Heaven may rest upon both Editors and on the readers, and give us a home in the paradise of God, where the wicked cease from troubling and the weary are at rest.

Your sister in Christ,

Susan E. Teeple.

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