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6 February 1896, Volume 16, Number 6.



He’s left this earthly house of clay,
And gone to realms above,
And there receives th’ expected prize
That crowns a life of love.

Though suddenly Death’s angel came
To bring the message given.
He had a house not made with hands,
Eternal in the heavens.

His time, his talent, yea, his life
Was given to his God,
That others might receive the bliss
Of Jesus’ pardoning love.

Oh! can it be, his useful life
So soon has closed below,
That he no more the gospel seed
Of truth and love may sow?

We mourn him not as one that’s dead, —
He’s only gone before;
If we are faithful to the end.
We’ll meet him on that shore.

Oh Savior! prove thyself to be
Indeed the widow’s friend;
Shield her beneath thy wing of love,
And keep her to the end.

The saints are gathering one by one
To a brighter world above,
And there around the great white throne
Sing of redeeming love.

— Lucy M. Lewis.


Seek Meekness.


“SEEK ye the Lord, all ye meek of the earth which have wrought his judgment. Seek righteousness, seek meekness; it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the Lord’s anger.” — Zeph. 2:3.

Dear saints on the forward move, this is for us who deal out God’s judgments to the people. It is a fruit of the Spirit of God. — Gal. 5:23. We are to seek it. And this is the first and fundamental grace that must be found in any soul who would receive the gospel and get salvation. “The gospel is preached to the poor;” and, “The common people heard him gladly.” It is true, faith cometh byhearing, but how will they hear without meekness; because the wisdom of God is foolishness to the world. “God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace to the humble.” Jesus CALLS his sheep; the goats were too conceited and stubborn; to these he spake in parables and rebukes. The scribes and pharisees and priesthood could not receive Jesus, and Saul must be smitten to the earth; but in the fishermen he found clay to work on. Praise God!

God takes a worm to thrash the mountains. See Isa. 41:14. God help us to be but worms in the hand of God to accomplish his will. Oh dear ones, have a great supply of meekness to fight the devil. Restore the stumbling with meekness. Gal. 6:1. And in meekness instructing those that oppose themselves. 2 Tim. 2:25. Show all meekness to all men. Tit. 3:2.

Dear saints, beware of the devil who will try to get you to say witty or great things of his conceit just to hit some one to please the devil and make sinners laugh. “Be wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. Therefore seek meekness. It is always safe to use the word of God in the way Jesus means it to be applied. And we need to have the whole Word so handy in our hearts by the Holy Ghost with such meekness that the devil can get no old sayings of ours in. Then if the Word hits, it also binds, for it is everlasting.

“Take my yoke upon you and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart. Matt. 11:29. Anybody who is too high minded and stiff-necked to receive the words of Jesus, or to be persuaded of the truth, lacks meekness, the first grace to salvation by the truth. Such sometimes even boast of their willingness to receive admonition by the Word from any of God’s little ones, but afterward rail out on those God sends to them in meekness and truth, and go about complaining of picking spirits, and in their strife, sow division. God “beautifies the meek with salvation,” guides in judgment and teaches them his way. Paul says (1 Cor. 6:4), set the least esteemed in the church to judge between brethren. In sectism the highest are before the people; that is, the officers that have party strife and lead in judgment and divisions; these see only foolishness in Jesus’ words to wash one another’s feet, and have not meekness to obey our Lord. To receive honor makes filthy in the spirit and works unbelief. Jno. 5:41, 44. “How can ye believe which receive honor one of another, and seek not the honor that cometh from God only?” “I receive not honor from men.” — Jesus. He came not to seek his own glory, Jno. 17:4—7, but says, “I can of mine own self do nothing; as I hear, I judge;” “My words are not my own,” etc. But he had faith to ask the Father to glorify him, and who has raised him far above all heavens, and every knee shall bow. Therefore he is our wisdom, and says, Follow me. Will a man rob God?

Our part on the forward move is to do the downward moving; then God can bestow his gifts accordingly and move us upward in him. The Holy Spirit made the apostles able to receive the whole ward of God. Jno. 16:12-15. But to day many holiness professors claim to have that Spirit, but cannot receive the whole Word. “He will receive of mine and show them unto you.” So then as meekness is a fruit of the Spirit, let us seek meekness and bear more fruit unto God.

Jas. S. Kriebel.


The Way.

TRULY this is a subject that needs very plain teaching in order to drive back the terrible darkness and confusion of today, regarding the way of life and salvation. We see so many poor souls professing to know the way of eternal life, and yet do not show forth out of a pure heart and godly conversation that they know the ways of the Savior.

May the dear Lord help people (professors as well as sinners), to see that we must live in harmony with the word of God, and must measure our lives by the same, and see that we obey all his commands if we expect to reach heaven and eternal glory. So many poor souls are following the way that has been marked out by some creed or denomination and you ask them if they are saved, they reply, “Why, I hope so;” “I guess I’m all right.

Dear reader, it is our blessed privilege to KNOW for ourselves whether we are saved or not. If you have come to Christ in the way he has commanded, take his word for your guide, worship him in Spirit and in truth and obey him in all things, the Lord will do his part and your soul will be free.

But, says one, “I do not know which way is right; there are so many ways.” No dear one, you are wrong; there is but one true way. “One Lord, one faith, one baptism. Eph. 4:5. What folly to think there is more than one way when there is but one God! And it would be presumptuous to think that he would plan more than one way for the people of this world to reach heaven. Of course there are many man-made ways, but they will not take us to heaven.

I once heard a sect preacher say, “The Lord is not going to ask a man when he comes up to the gates of heaven which road he came on, whether he came on the Methodist, the Baptist, or the U. B. road.”

But praise the Lord! He says, “I am the way and the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me.” — Jno. 14:16. Does not this cut off the way laid down by any creed? Is the Methodist’s way Christ’s way? If it is, why not call it Christ’s way instead of calling it the Methodist’s way? “Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.” — John 10:1.

Did Christ say there was more than one way? No, indeed; Christ says, “Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. And whither I go ye know and the way ye know. Thomas saith unto him, Lord, we know not whither thou goest; and how can we know the way? Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, and the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me.” — Jno. 14:1-6.

Can you not see that to enter heaven we must come in the way Christ teaches? So many poor souls in their own blindness try to twist and turn the word of God and try to make it mean something else, and then say, “Well, I don’t understand it to mean the same as you do.”

May the dear Lord help all to understand his word. Remember the Word means just what it says, and we will all be judged by it in the great judgment day which is not far distant.

“But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil opoken of.” — 2 Peter 2:1, 2.

Just so it is to day; so many are following the ways of false teachers who do not preach the whole truth, but only a few of the truths in God’s holy word. “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man; but the end thereof are the ways of death.” Prov. 14:12. From such turn away and follow the true way which is so plain.

“And an highway shall be there, and a way, and it shall be called the way of holiness; the unclean shall not pass over it; but it shall be for those: the wayfaring men, though fools shall not err therein.” — Isa. 35:8.

“The way of the slothful man is as an hedge of thorns: but the way of the righteous is made plain.” — Prov. 15:19.

Stop a moment, poor sinner, and see where the way in which you are traveling is leading you?

“Enter ye in at the strait gate; for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat. Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” — Matt. 7:13, 14.

Christ suffered for us, leaving us an example, that we should follow his steps: who did no sin, neither

was guile found in his mouth.” — 1 Peter 2:21, 22.

“Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.” — Jer. 9:16.

Well, I praise God I have found the true way, and I know I am saved and kept by power divine from day to day. The Lord help people every where to search his word and see the true and only way to heaven and eternal glory, is the prayer of your saved sister,

Myrta Dunfee.




A BROTHER in Michigan recently sent a Trumpet, and tract entitled “Sects” to a friend and professor in sectism who says he is compelled to take some exceptions to the statements in both paper and tract, and requests that some one tell the meaning of the word “churches” as used in a number of references in the New Testament.

It is no surprise that people should take exceptions to some very plain statements of truth when some other object than truth is in view. And yet there are many honest hearts in sectism who may never yet have given this matter any thoughtful consideration.

The word “church,” either singular or plural, is altogether used in the New Testament 110 times. In one of these places (Acts 19:37) it was translated from the Greek word HIEROSULOS, and rendered “temple” in the R. V., Emph. Diag. and elsewhere. One hundred and nine times it is translated from the Greek EKKLESIA, and signifies, “That which is called out,” or, God’s called out ones. To be in keeping with the original word the reading should be “congregation,” instead of church. In some translations it is thus rendered.

Out of these one hundred and nine times the word is used thirty-four times in the plural, and this is where this person mentioned seems to want an explanation. WHAT DOES THE TERM “CHURCHES” MEAN?

To a true and observant Bible scholar it means much more than those in sectism comprehend, and yet the simple application of the term from the scriptural standpoint causes one to be surprised that all men do not see it. It does not mean the different human institutions of today that people call churches. It cannot; for none of these modern institutions existed in primitive times. It means the different congregations of God at different places. The seven chuches of Asia were not seven sects of Asia, nor seven congregations of different creeds; but the church of God, the local congregations, separated only by space and distance, and named according to their geographical location; as the church of God at Ephesus, etc. Also we read of the church of God at Corinth. In every case there was but one church in one city. This was true then; so it is to day where Christ only is known. No rival factions, but the simple blending into one.

The prayer of Jesus cannot be answered under the present condition in sectism. His people cannot be one, outside of the divinely appointed way, “I in them and thou in me.” In this condition sectism is impossible. Jesus is not a Methodist, nor Presbyterian, nor Baptist. It he were, then, in order that his Spirit might be in us we would have to be what he is. This is true; we must be just what he makes us, and that is like himself; he the vine, we the branches.

To apply the term “churches” to the various sects of to day is unscriptural. The word in the singular can only apply to the general church; as, the church of the firstborn, including every saved man, woman and child on earth or in heaven, of what ever rank, race, or color, all one in him: or to a local congregation of saved ones; as, the church that was at Antioch.

The term in the plural can only be applied to the differently located congregations of the church of God; as, the churches of Galatia, etc. Thank God, there is but one body, the body of Christ, and many individual members of his body, branches of the vine; but these cannot be else than his saved people, who individually stand in this sacred relationship with him.

J.W. Byers.



“Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.” – Psa. 119:129.


Carterville, Mo.

Dear Saints of God: I am saved, sanctified and healed. Praise God forever and ever! Pray that I may be kept humble at Jesus’ feet, and that my little children may be saved soon. Your sister in the one body,

Sarah N. Brake.


Topeka, Ind.

Dear Brothers and Sisters: I feel as though I ought to write my testimony for the first time to tell you that I am saved and kept by the mighty power of God. He has saved me from all the sin of this wicked world, and placed me in the church as it pleased him. I have no sisters nor brothers but a step-father and mother, but they are very wicked people. I wish you to pray for them that they may be saved. Pray for me that I may stand on his promises. Your sister saved,

Maudie Williams.


Hammond, La.

Dear Saints: I am so glad that I can tell you all that the Lord saves and sanctifies me through the truth, and my way grows brighter each day. Glory to God! I am trusting the Lord for all things. He has healed me of an affliction that I have had for years. I am here among people where only a part of the truth has been preached by so-called holiness preachers, who reject the truth, but praise God he has given me the Holy Spirit to guide me into all truth. Pray for the work here, that the Lord will send some one here that will preach the whole truth, and pray for your humble brother in Christ, all out for God in this blessed evening light,

H. L. Robertson.


Allerton, Ia.

Dear Trumpet Readers: I do know that Jesus sweetly saves my soul. His dear name is worthy to be praised among all nations on earth. Hallelujah to our God! I know he is a present help in every time of need, if we will only live true and humble where we can trust him. God is blessing my soul and body in answer to prayer, for which I give him the glory. The testimonies have been such a comfort to me and such a wonderful help. Now dear ones, pray for God to settle me down deeper and deeper, where he can get the most glory out of my life. Your sister all for Jesus,

Susan Sturgeon.

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J. H. Wurzbacher, J. L. Pike. S. E. Miller, Sarah J. Brewer. Wm. H. Cigar, W. P. Davis, S. S. Sunderland. R. N. Cording, H. M. Riggle. Monroe Snyder, Harr E. Rogers, H. W. Hechler, J. D. Shankle, Mrs. G. Gregg, Caroline Sowers, R. Bowman, W. M. Wilson, E. W. Davis.


Did you hear the Lord calling? — Read Matt. 11:28, 29.


In order to meet the Lord in peace you must have a pure heart. — Heb. 12:14. Matt. 5:8.


No one has a pure heart who does not also enjoy the blessings of holiness.


Those who are not holy in this life when death overtakes them will not be holy in the world to come, and will never enter heaven. The Word says: “He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.” Rev. 22:11.


We now have the book entitled, “Salvation, Present, Perfect. Now or Never,” by D. S. Warner, ready to send out, this being his last work written, and we feel it will be a help to many souls, both saved and unsaved; interesting to believers and skeptics. A neat little volume of 118 pages. Paper cover, 15 cts. Per. doz. $1.44. Cloth, 35 cts. Per doz. $3.00.


Not all who profess holiness and shout hallelujah, are possessors of the same, or even have the favor of God resting upon them. It is only those who have fully met the conditions of the Word that receive it, and those whose daily lives measure to the teachings of the Bible, and who keep such an experience after it is once received. Salvation can be obtained and kept by doing the whole will of God, and can be lost by not doing his will.


Many people become awakened to the fact that they are without the grace of God in their souls because they have considered salvation too light a matter, placing justification, and even sanctification below the plane of Bible conviction. When a man gets interested enough in the welfare of his soul to quit all his sins, then he has conviction enough to come to God and have the guilt of sin all swept away through the pardoning power of the Lord Jesus and is thereby justified by faith (Rom. 5:1.) Then is when holiness is begun in the heart, and the life must be holy from that time, and as the fruits of holiness and a righteous life are brought forth, (Jno. 15:2,) the “purging” of all the elements of the inherited sinful nature can take place so as to “bring forth more fruit.”


Requests For Prayer.


H. C. Fowler, Adelaide. — Paralysis.

Rhoda Howard, Ada. — Entire sanctification.

S. M. Clark. Wichita City Hospital. — Healing of rheumatism and kidney trouble.

Susan Peterson, Bloomington. — For thirteen-year-old daughter. Healing of body.

W. T. Dewitt, Maxwell, Neb. — Complicated diseases.

Christ Zysett, Scio. — Healing of catarrh in head.

Mrs. Addie Southwick. — For salvation of her father.

Nancy E. Neal, Energy. — Healing of catarrh in head and throat.

Katie Davis, Orchard Grove. — Healing of body and soul. Is insane, and has female trouble.

Sister W. R. Roderick, South Chicago. — Healing of stiff neck.

Pray for Niles Larson, Minneapolis, who has lung fever; also for Mrs. John Person, who has sore arm and suffers greatly.

C. J. Alden, Algodon. — Healing of soul and body.

John D. Boyd, Moyer. — Healing of heart trouble.

Pray for Wm. J. Enlow, Twiggs, W. Va. and for his wife and three daughters, that they may get saved out of sectism and be sanctified wholly.

Pray on the 9th of Feb. for the healing of a severe breaking out in our little family. Yours in Christ, D. J. Harrison, Coston Town.

Sister Mangrum, Zilpha For my little boy five years old. — Healing of a nervous affection and an evil spirit.

Mrs. Mary E. Bennett, Arkansas City. — Healing of soul, and of cancer in left breast.

S. J. Pope, Roland. — Healing of body, and salvation of wicked husband who will not listen to the Bible, and forbids reading the Trumpets and threatens to burn them.

Pray that I may be wholly sanctified and that I may be able to discern the leadings of the Lord as it is highly necessary in my position, or to know the hindering cause.

Eliza J. Tracy,



Calls For Meeting.


H. C. Fowler. — Adelaide, Cal.

Vina Gilbert, Chapin, Ill. — A true minister needed who is gifted in divine healing.

E. V. Hoffman, Alicia, Ark. — Bro. W. A. Haynes is wanted to preach the Word in this place.

Meetings are wanted at Bloomington, Neb. Address Peter Peterson.

Some one is wanted to preach the pure Word at New Martinsville, W. Va. Address S. I Robison.

Ellen E. Evins, Eleanora, Jefferson Co., Pa — Meetings wanted.




Oakland, Cal., Jan. 26.

We have about four hundred copies of Divine Healing Calendars left and offer them from Feb. 1 for 20 cts. per copy, or six copies for $1.00. If any one has sent for a copy and has not received it, please notify me.

J.W. Byers, 721-16th St.




Children’s Home,
Grand Junction, Mich.

Dear Saints of God, Greeting in Jesus’ Name: I wish to testify to the glory of God to what he has done for me in the salvation of my soul.

About fourteen years ago the Lord found me a vile, wicked sinner, steeped in sin and vice of almost all kinds. The Lord by his Spirit searched me out and convicted me of my awful life that I was living. I yielded to God, confessed my sins to him up to all the light I had. He forgave me all my sins and put his love in my heart. Praise his dear name! Afterwards I presented my body a living sacrifice and consecrated my life to him; he gave me a blessed experience and called me into the gospel work, which I obeyed. I preached and professed the experience of entire sanctification and believe I had it up to all the light I had. Many souls under my labors were converted.

But there was a mistery connected with it that I never understood until now. Praise God for the light that has been brought forth through his servants! When first brought to me I was not in a condition to receive it but rejected, which put my soul in darkness and despair. The first texts that were preached were these words: “For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good or whether it be evil.” — Eccl. 12:14. “For there is nothing covered that shall not be known.” — Matt. 10:26.

This opened my eyes to the black past. Although I repented before God, yet hid in my heart and concealed to bring it before men. It would be like death to do this. I opposed and preached publicly against it and found many sympathizers, and the devil worked very hard for me not to reveal the past, because he knew very well that would overturn his seat; and so I struggled for months until the devils had me nearly dragged into the pit. But praise God, when I saw my lost condition in the night, I called on my wife to help me rebuke the devil until morning. I promised God that I would reveal the secrets of my heart and expose the devil that he could have no lodgings in my heart any more, nor the freelove, lust spirit which leads one into every evil and finds its kindred spirits wherever they come in contact.

We thank all the dear ones who have so kindly given of your means to help in the support and the building up of this Home. And now we feel the hand of God upon us for the gospel work. We are in the hands of God to go wherever he leads.

Dear Bro. Orr, who has been a faithful teacher, feels led of the Lord to take care of the Home. Now dear ones, do your duty. He has no means only as the Lord gives it into his hands. Yours in Him, set for the truth, saved by power divine,

S. Michels.


You have read the above. We can say we deeply feel the responsibility upon us. Pray for us everyone. We expect God to lead, direct, and control us and the Home and receive the glory unto himself. God means and we mean that this Home shall be to his praise in measuring to the Word in experience, faith and power. God Almighty and his truth mean to triumph here. “Move forward,” is God’s command, and we are obeying. We expect this Home and school to be exclusively for the children of worthy ministers, that they may be free to preach the Word.

When God brings to your mind that you can in some way help in this work, if you obey him he means to reward you. The one special thing that we all expect to give attention to, is that the life and power of the gospel be manifested in this place, having determined by the grace of God to live for him as never before. Who will pray for us? Address all money or supplies for the Home to Children’s Home, Grand Junction, Mich. Yours in the truth forever,

Chas. E. Orr.




Will you please give some light on Rev. 18? It is taught that there are saved people in Babylon yet.

C. W. Christ.

Ans. That God is calling his people out there can be no room for doubt to those who are in the light of the Holy Spirit. This voice from heaven has for fifteen years and more been calling, and it is truly evident to all that the most of his people living to day have indeed heard the call and delivered their souls from every taint of sectish error. This of course can only be done by the great teacher, the Holy Spirit, whom Jesus said should guide us into all truth. As the truth is received all error is rejected, and as certain as he guides into all truth, he guides out of all error. While some have heard this voice from heaven, they have not obeyed it and to day are groping in darkness, calling darkness light, and light darkness.

Another class have heard the voice and obeyed it, but afterward have not been obedient and have been overtaken by the craftiness of the devil. Many who in past years were plainly called out and obeyed, but refused to go on in obedience and stand fast in the liberty when with Christ set them free; the persecution was severe; they were ostracized every where from their former associations; and instead of looking alone unto Jesus and beating his it proach without the camp, they were persuaded by apparent advantages held out by the enemy, to form separate creeds and join them. Had they but remained loyal to God and suffered the reproach of the call of God, many bright lights might be beaming forth to day and the cause of Christ much farther advanced than it is. But alas! their lights are gone out. This is an awful truth.

Some of the ablest holiness evangelists have fallen into obscurity and their lives captured by the enemy by permitting themselves to be harnessed up into some ecclesiastical bondage. The Holy Spirit cannot be harnessed. Where he dwells there can be no compromise with the flesh. The flesh lusteth against the Spirit and the Spirit against the flesh. The Holy Spirit will separate from every thing that is unlike Himself. This has ever been true. Liberty is the prominent characteristic of the Spirit. His office is to set free, to break every bondage, to open prison doors, and to say to the captive, Go free. Through the prophet he declared that he would take off the burden from his people and break and destroy their yoke. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty,” says the inspired apostle.

There never was a Romish nor Protestant creed formulated by the Holy Spirit. He is the author of the word of God, and nothing else was ever designed by him for a law. The separation from and the utter rejection of every thing but God’s holy word is a work of the Holy Spirit to day, and it is but utterly vain and extremely foolish to endeavor to build up any thing else in this eventful period.

At the watch meeting at the does of ’95, as the old year was fading away the Holy Spirit impressed upon my mind this thought: Could all of God’s people but leave every thing back to pass away with the old year, but Jesus, what a glorious work would be accomplished in 1896! What a blending of effort to rescue the perishing, and hastening the coming of the Lord! There may have been a time in the past when God permitted creed making and joining, but if so it was simply because of the gross darkness of the people. And as the apostle preached on Mars hell, so it is applicable to day. “At the time of this ignorance God winked at.” The light was shining but dimly then, but as it continues to shine brighter and brighter unto the perfect day, there must be a constant advancement. The consuming fire of God’s holiness must destroy every thing unlike Himself. Nothing else can stand. The separation will be fully accomplished before the coming of the Lord. The voice of the bride and bridegroom shall not be heard within the domain of human ecclesiasticism. The church is preparing for the ascent, and nothing can be caught up but that which is blood washed and redeemed. The proclamation will soon be heard, “Let him that is filthy be filthy still, and let him that is holy be holy still.” Soon none will be left to be called out.

But while God is separating his people unto Himself and the great work has been well nigh completed, there is a counterfeit work of Satan running parallel with this, as all other truth. This device has done more to deceive and blind the eyes of the simple and reproach the truth than any other ism of these last days. It is come-out-ism. Many earnest advocates of this error have compassed the land. A paper entitled THE COME-OUTER was for a time published in one of our Pacific coast cities. While the voice from heaven has been calling, “Come out of her, my people,” the counterfeit voice of Satan has been sounding, “Come out! Come out!” Instead of it calling out the people to Christ it is calling them into all manner of error, such as soul-sleeping, annihilationism, anti-ordinance and many other errors, every come-outer having a combination of doctrines according to his own fancies and yet holding come-out-ism as the basis of fellowship. This has of course proved to be of the flesh and the devil. Some of those advocates have indeed shown up some of the abominations of Babylon, yet it has but been to come out of one error to be deceived by a greater one. It has indeed been an effectual work of Satan to throw a shadow upon the true work of God, just as Christian Science has reproached divine healing and in a great measure hindered its effectual progress. But the time is here when all those deceptions are made manifest and the clear light now shineth.

The holy remnant has returned and come to Zion henceforth to know nothing among men but Him that sanctitieth, in whom all are complete. Shiloh has come, and unto him is the gathering of his people; out of confusion and bondage of all the doctrines of error, into the glorious liberty of the sons of God; out of the darkness and shadows of apostate creeds, into the marvelous light of his word; out of the selfish rules of human dignitaries, into the blessed One upon whose shoulders alone the goverment rests; out of the polluted atmosphere of Romanism, Protestantism, secretism, and come-out-ism and every other ism of the world, the flesh and the devil, into the heavenlies, all radiant with glorious light from the throne of God. The call rings out clear and plain, and the response from the hearts of his people is heard from the ends of the earth, Amen and amen, saying Alleluiah! Salvation and glory and honor and power he unto the Lord our God!

J. W. Byers.


News from the Field.


Auburn, Neb., Jan 20.

Dear Saints of God: We are here at Auburn holding forth the pure words of life. We closed meeting at Ulysses the 13th. The meeting was a blessed victory all through. The Lord gave much glory in our souls, and the Word went forth like hail. The Lord did the work. The little church was wonderfully built up and is a perfect unit for Christ. The healing power was present to heal the sick, in a miraculous form. We ask the prayers of God’s children that we may be led by the Spirit and be kept humble. Your free brother,

James Willis.


St. James. Mo., Jan. 27.

Dear Trumpet: We can report complete victory, a grand forward move for God and a general settling down on his word. Closed our meeting here Friday night, Jan 24. Five souls saved including the Marshal of the town; several cases healed. Was at Vichy with dear Bro. Geo. E. Bolds Saturday, and Sunday assisted in the administration of the the blessed ordinances, about fifty participating. God wonderfully witnessed to the same by the outpouring of his Spirit. Bro. Geo. Bailey’s wife and child were gloriously healed in answer to prayer. Will leave here for Cuba, Crawford Co., Mo., where we are to begin a meeting in a U P. meeting house that has stood desolate for about two years. Pray for us.

R. L. Farquar and Wife.
and G. B. Collins.


Cloverdale, Mich.. Jan. 27.

Dear Trumpet Readers: This morning finds us saved and on the advance for God in meekness and humility and faith. Truly God is moving in these last days, and the devil is raging, but God is on the throne. Since we left the camp ground the Lord has wonderfully led us; we came to Hope Center and

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from there Bro.Shrontz took us nine miles east to Bro. Mills, where we held meetings. From there went to the Stricker school house where we held five weeks. One dear soul got delivered from sectism. There was a great wall of prejudice removed. From there we came to Shultz and held a few meetings. Two consecrations. Then came to this place where we are at present. We commenced a week ago. One soul has been saved. The house is full to over flowing. People are getting interested. We shall stay here as long as the Lord wills. Pray for us that the Lord may keep us in his order and on the forward move for God. From your humble brethren and sister in the one body,

Leroy Sheldon,
Merritt and Wife.


Rochester, Iowa., Jan. 28.

Dear Saints: This morning finds us saved and enjoying a complete salvation from all sin. Praise God! We have been contending for the faith once delivered unto the saints, here in this country for several weeks. We have become conquerors through him that never lost a battle. Much prejudice has been removed from the people here and they have begun to see the gospel as it is in Christ Jesus. Also these meetings have proven to the salvation of twelve precious souls. And many more are almost persuaded. We trust God will save many more as these meetings progress. Bro. Landon and I are here alone in the work now. Bro. Rehbehn was helping in the meeting till the last week, but is now in other parts of God’s vineyard. There has been three baptized and others are to follow in the same at the close of these meetings. We desire the prayers of the saints, that we may be kept down in humility. Your brother saved in the one body,

Charley Ackers.


Nekoma Ill., Jan. 29.

Beloved Saints of God: I left Monon, Ind., Jan. 9, commenced meeting at Woodson. Ill. the 11th in the town hall. After the first few nights the hall was filled, and good attention was given to the Word. The evening light had never been preached there before. It seemed to be a surprise to them; while many opposed it, yet some received it and some were saved and wholly sanctified, and there was a general shaking up of the place and searching of the scriptures to see if these things were true. There was a work done there that will show at the judgment. Praise the Lord! I do want all of you saints to pray for that place. There are a few saints there now and wolves all around them. How my heart did ache for them when they followed me to the train, and amid tears and sighs we gave the parting hand.

I have been in the work for some time, but this is the first report I have ever made. I have all on the altar for Jesus. Pray for me. Yours in the one faith,

M. F. Maple,

Monon, Ind.


St. Clair, Tenn., Jan. 27.

Dear Trumpet Readers: I am glad that I can report victory in the name of the Lord. The work in Tennessee is moving on. Dear ones are coming home to Zion. At Tharps Chapel where we held our first meeting since Bro. Wilson left, some three or four souls were saved. Just closed a meeting at Walker’s school house with victory on the Lord’s side. Several got saved and two sanctified, and the church established. The standard of truth is being lifted up as the Lord commands that it should be lifted: and as the Word is preached, false teachers are being exposed, and the works of the enemy uncovered, sin exposed on every hand, the enemy of souls becomes enraged; but God pours out his grace and glory, and the power of God is manifest in tearing down the strongholds of Satan. Divine healing is being set forth in a clearer light than before, and the power of God manifest on this line to a greater extent than usual. Some two or three have been healed in answer to prayer. Pray for us and the work in Tennessee. Yours in Christ, saved and sanctified,

J. J. Smith and Co-workers.


Carraghar, O., Jan. 28.

Dear Brethren: We are happy to report victory in the name of the Lord. We are conscious that God is causing us to advance in sobriety and in all his known will. On Dec. 14 we began meeting at Ottokee, O. in company with Bro. Roe who was with us over the second Sabbath. Meetings continued about six weeks. Bro. and Sister Worden, Bro. Fidler, and Sisters Waterburg and Worthington, and also other brethren from different places attended the meetings and were used of God in the work. God sent his word forth in the power of the Holy Spirit; the result was some were saved, some sanctified and some healed by the power of God. There were about fifteen consecrations. Some of these escaped out of the Disciple sect, got an experience of salvation by the blood of Christ and were baptized in the name of the Lord in Bean creek, on Jan 23d. The Lord gave us favor with the people. Many saw the truth and confessed it was Bible. The ordinance meeting on the 26th was a time of refreshing from the presence of the Lord. Twenty-three saints took part in the ordinances. Meeting began here last night. Sister Worthington will continue with us in the work, Lord willing. Yours in Christ,

C. H. and Mary Tubbs.


Martin’s Ferry, O.

Dear Brethren: The battle is the Lord’s and he is still victorious. He has been mustering his host in these parts. There was general conviction and one saved at the Tabernacle; several hands held up. I have been at Rush Run, O. where the glorious work has been going on since the Bethel left there; souls are saved at nearly every prayer meeting on Little Rush Run in every house but one. Some have been saved; one young man who was nearly dead with consumption the Lord saved and healed him, until he is a wonder unto all. I have been with them for one week, during which time seven came to the Lord and I believe all received the desire of their hearts. We have not been permitted to hold any public meetings on the Bethel for six weeks, yet the Lord has not permitted us to want, but has through the saints abroad supplied all our needs. Praise the Lord! The small-pox has about subsided here and we hope to be able to commence meetings soon. I am sorry to hear that the Gospel Ark has been idle this winter for want of means and workers. Yours in the faith,

G. T. Clayton and Co.


Portland, Ind., Jan, 26.

Dear Saints of God: The meeting near Hayden, Ind. was blessed of God, in much prejudice being removed, and the restoration of some souls. From there we went to Marengo, Ind. Had a few meetings with the dear saints in the country, which resulted in the salvation of some, and the establishing of the church in the truth. Also held meeting near Temple, in which a good interest was manifested. On the 4th of Dec. went to Otwell, Ind. and began meeting. We found a very hungry and eager people for the truth. On the third day we were made to rejoice by the coming of Bro. Keeling, who continued with us to the end. The theme throughout the entire meeting was advancement. Oh how much we were made to see the need of sinking down into God. Truly I am made to see the need of humility more than ever before, and my determination is never stop till I realize the real humility and power of apostolic days, at any cost. Brethren, pray for me that God may have his way with me. In Jesus’ name agree with me in this onward march. God blessed the meeting with the salvation of a few souls, and the sinking down of the church. From there we came home at the close of the meeting which lasted nearly four weeks, having been away about seven months. Did not go to Kentucky as I expected. Think some of going yet to the South in the future if the Lord leads. I am now ready to go again whithersoever he leads; therefore any one desiring our labors, let me hear from you. Address us at Portland, Ind.

B. N. Longerbone and Co.


Fern, Pa., Jan 23.

Dear Brethren in Christ: We are very thankful to our God to be able to report perfect victory in the name of Jesus, and while the Lord is advancing the truth and showing himself in mighty power, we are going with him; therefore we can say we are on the advance for the Lord, and much encouraged to press the battle to the end. God is stirring our souls in regard to the work in England and Germany, and we are praying God to lay his hand upon those who are able to go in these countries to preach the truth and live it. Now I will say the Lord will have wife and I return to England sometime in June next, and have been praying God to send some of his ministers back with us. There are openings for the truth in Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Germany, and there ought to be two or three companies in England. We expect to be at the Grand Junction C. M. and we would be glad to meet any there whom the Lord may call to go with us to any of the above named fields of labor. We are now engaged in the work of the Master in a little village called Fern. Wife and I had the privilege of attending the Monterey assembly where we received many precious lessons from the Lord through our brethren. This was the first meeting of the kind we ever attended. We believe it was a success to most all who attended. The crooked were made straight and all advanced in the truth of the gospel. There was a large attendance all through the meeting, and the best of order, and quite a number were reclaimed and saved. Yours in Christ,

J. H. Rupert.


Loysville, Pa., Jan. 27.

Dear Saints of God: I do praise God that I can report to you all that I am completely saved in Jesus. I left Springfield, Ohio on the 11th of December, went to Creston, Ohio, met Bro. Wm. H. Miller and in the morning, 12th, we took train for Pennsylvania. Arrived at Chambersburg on the 13th and on 14th crossed the mountain, met with Bro. Cheatham where he was engaged in a meeting with the little ones in Horse Valley. Bro W. H. Miller remained with the little ones in Horse Valley over Lord’s day. Bro. Cheatham and I in company with Bro. Beltz and daughter crossed the mountain to Amberson Valley, held a meeting with the little ones during Lord’s day. The Lord was with us; had an all day meeting. Praise his name! On 17th Bro. Cheatham, Bro. Miller and I opened up a meeting in Roxbury, Pa. in the name of Jesus for a few days, and then moved the meeting to Bro. D. C. Beltz’s house. Eternity will only tell what was accomplished at the meetings here. We then came to Amberson Valley; from there Bro. Cheatham went to Orrstown, Pa. and Bro. Miller and I came to Perry county, near Loysville. Held meeting about two weeks in the name of Jesus. The little ones have become established. The Lord was with us in his mighty healing, saving and sanctifying power. We are now holding a meeting at the old stone meeting house called Germany. Large congregations, good order and good attention. We are expecting to see an ingathering of souls for Jesus. Will hold here as long as the Lord wills, and then go when he leads. Pray for us, as persecutions are plentiful here. Will report later. Yours all on the altar for God on the Bible line,

F. Rosenberry and Miller.




Jerusalem, Palestine, Dec. 16, ’95.

Dear Bro. and Sister Byers: I have so often thought of you and intended to write to you long before this, but you know how it is, time does slip away so rapidly and I get so little done of what I purpose to do, but you will excuse me I know. How I should like to see your happy faces, and hear you tell of how the work of the Lord has prospered, and of your trials and victories in it, and there is much I would like to say to you but can write only so little. I trust this may find you all well and prosperous. The editor of the GOSPEL TRUMPET sends me a roll of papers every week for distribution here. Some will read them, others will not.

The people living on the wall here, called Americans, I thought when I first came here were much like the saints, but soon found that they were VERY much different. They have some very strange teachings.

I have read with much interest in the Trumpet an account of the Home you have started in Oakland, Cal. Hope many may there be blest in soul and body. Please pray for me. I so much need the prayers of God’s people in my behalf. I so much need more of the Spirit of the blessed Christ. I have a dullness of hearing and a ringing in my ears. If the Lord leads you to pray for the removal of this I shall be very grateful. Otherwise I am well as usual and very happy in the little I can do here. The Lord is very good to me and graciously supplies all my needs. Am glad he sent me here.

Since the recent rains this country is beginning to look green and beautiful. Will enclose a few flowers. The large red ones are Mt. Calvary flowers. Also a branch of hyssop.

Love to your dear children. Will be glad to hear from you any time. With much love and in the blessed hope, I am your sister in Christ,

Josephine Cowgill.

Jerusalem, Palestine, Care of
American Consul, via. London and Brindisi.




Cushing, Okla.

YOUNG. — Sister Hannah M. Young has departed this life to be with Jesus. She has been out in this evening light about two years. She was a faithful wife and mother. Has ten boys, and husband to mourn her loss. Three of the youngest boys are saved. May God help the rest to prepare to meet their dear mother in heaven. Services by the writer.



KEAGY. — Rudolph Keagy, aged 63 yrs., 1 mo., 25 days, died at Grand Junction, Mich. He had tried to live a devoted life to God, but the enemy of souls led him into false doctrines and cheated him out of the real enjoyments of a Christian life until near the close of his time here on earth when the Lord delivered him from the powers and delusions of Satan, and liberated bis soul, giving him an inheritance and entrance to the heavenly city. Funeral services by J. Cole. Text, “Is not this a brand plucked out of the fire?” Zech. 3:2.


BIXLER. — Adalbert M. Bixler, aged 26 yrs., 9 mo., 14 days, died at Grand Ledge, Mich. Jan 12. 1896. after a few days illness. Bro. Bixler had been engaged in ministerial work as an evangelist for about five years, preaching the gospel in all its purity, and was effectual in aiding many souls to flee the wrath to come. With him, death had lost its sting, and he was ready to meet his Lord in peace when the summons came, and passed into eternity with a victory over death, while his spirit was wafted to the heavenly clime where he is now reaping the reward of a righteous life.

Two days after his death, his only child, Leroy Albert, aged three years, died. The little one seemed to have a presentiment of his death; as he had farewell to his grandfather upon leaving a few days before his sickness, he remarked that he was never doming back anymore. And when he learned of the burial of his father he was very anxious to be buried with him. May God bless the wife and mother in her bereavement and comfort her heart, and enable her to live true to God, so as to meet her loved ones in glory.

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Praise God for Healing!


IT often happens with people who are really healed by the power of God that the devil cheats them out of it and puts the affliction upon them again, because they do not resist the enemy nor give God praise and glory for the work done. When the conditions of the word of God are fully met, he does the healing and we can stand upon his promises in spite of all the powers of the enemy; but it is the business of the devil to cheat any one out of healing if possible. Sometimes he will bring symptoms by way of pain, or fever, or any way to get a person to lower the shield of faith. The way to defeat him at such times is to see to it that your case is wholly in the hands of the Lord, soul and body, wholly given up to the will of the Lord in all things, then rebuke the devil and give him to understand that he has no part nor lot in the matter, and go to thanking and praising God for victory over the devil, and over the disease, and he will soon take his departure. We are not only to resist him once, but to resist him steadfast in the faith with a real victory; for the Lord has promised us power over all the powers of the enemy.


Physical Temptations.


The Lord healed my eyes some twelve years ago. I had only a limited use of them for nearly ten years previous. Several times since then I have been made conscious of the fact that the devil would put my eyes out if he could. During the past year it has been mine to pass through a course of physical discipline, of which I will write for the benefit of others.

One day as I was passing through my room, suddenly a sharp piercing pain took me in my right eye (the one with which I suffered most before I was healed). In an instant I was reminded that it was a thrust from the devil. I rebuked him sternly in the name of the Lord and the pain was gone. Not long after this, my eyes began to be weak and sensitive. I was not strong in body, and often found myself quite exhausted while engaged in my domestic duties. I was led to conclude that the weakness of my eyes was in sympathy with my general condition.

Weeks and months passed by. I wondered what it could mean; my right eye especially was so easily tired out, so as to become very sensitive and painful. For some weeks I could not bear the lamplight so as to read or sew in the evening time. Finally it occured to me that I might have out-grown the strength of my glasses, and was not getting the necessary aid from them, so I went to a specialist, — had my eyes examined, and provided myself with another pair of glasses. In the meantime, I asked him what he supposed was the reason that one of my eyes was so much weaker than the other. He replied, “There is no special difference in your eyes; one is about as strong as the other.” This was a revelation to me. I was astonished. As I turned homeward I pondered the matter well, and the Lord enabled me to see that all the weakness and pain that I had suffered in my eye was put on by the devil; merely temptations in the flesh.

When I reached my home, I turned upon him with a holy vehemence, and rebuked him with all the power of my being, and claimed my healing from the first, with victory in my soul and body over all the powers of the enemy. It was a wonderful deliverance. I had dreaded the examination, because my right eye was so very weak; but now, every symptom of infirmity was gone, and I had the unlimited use of my eyes by day or night, as in former times. About a week after, the conflict was renewed. The apparent weakness and pain returned, and I had to rebuke the devil earnestly, and command him to withdraw his influences, in the name of Jesus Christ, and believe that he did flee, and then I was delivered. This was repeated again and again. Sometimes the battle was so strong that I had to fall on my face, and call upon God earnestly until I could realize that I was indeed praying the “prayer of faith,” then I could arise and go forth with victory and freedom. Oh how I thank the Lord that the mists are being cleared away, and that his children are comprehending what is meant by the “prayer of faith.” He has not promised to answer other than the “prayer of faith.” It is our privilege to live in such intimate acquaintance with the Lord, that we may inquire of him, and learn his will, and having het the conditions, the “prayer of faith” will bring salvation and healing down according to his word, and thus glorify his name.

Next came a trial on the line of an infirmity of long standing; viz., constipation, from which I was healed a year and a half ago. I realized that the hand of God was upon me “to try me.” I fasted and humbled myself before him, and purposed in my heart that I would be true to his word, no matter what might be permitted. Some three weeks had passed by when I read the article in the Trumpet which encouraged the use of “nature’s remedies,” and while considering the same the following thoughts were suggested: “It’s a long time since you have taken scarcely anything to cleanse your blood. If you have failed to estimate the virtue of roots and herbs which are such a blessing to mankind, it is like tempting the Lord, and simply fanatical to wait any longer to do what you can for yourself.”

I saw very clearly that all “imaginations must be cast down,” before I could exercise a perfect faith, so I determined to put the matter to a test. I provided myself with a decoction of the very best roots and herbs, and took a daily portion for some four weeks. During this time I prayed the Lord to bless the same, and to give me an understanding of all that was needful for my good. I did not realize the least benefit, however, and was still in a furnace of trial. Finally I was led to agree with a sister (who was also in a trial) according to Matt. 18:19, to ask the Lord to reveal why the trial continued so long. That night, in a dream I saw myself holding a pile of china dishes. I had never seen any so beautiful in their clear glossy whiteness; but as I attempted to separate one from the other they crumbled in my fingers, and fell in pieces. When I awoke, my first thoughts were, “this dream is an answer to your prayer.” The dishes are “vessels” in the hands of the divine potter, being moulded, and fashioned, but the work is not yet complete as a little time is required for them to harden, “meet for his use.”

The next morning I went to my bottle and turned out my usual dose and took it to my mouth, when something said, “This is not in the order of the Lord.” In an instant I spit it out of my mouth, and afterwards emptied the contents of the bottle. This was the ending of my trial. The day following I realized a normal and healthful change through my whole system which has since continued. The issues of life were divinely animated, and I have learned my lesson.

Within a few days I was afflicted with a cold. My lungs and throat became sensitive and painful. I have long since regarded this form of infirmity as a serious matter, because of the dreaded pneumonia or diphtheria which sometimes attend them. I felt that there was a providence in this affliction also, so I fasted, and gave myself to prayer in secret, after which the sister knelt with me to ask the Lord for healing. I believed that he would do the work, but I could not feel any inspiration of faith. I began to pray, but it seemed that it was to no effect, and I paused in silence. The sister laid hands upon me and offered a petition for my healing, but I could not feel that it availed anything; it seemed as if Satan stood by to defy the work.

Finally I looked up and said, “Lord, I will to pray the prayer of faith;” then I turned upon the devil, and said, “Get thee behind me, Satan; I rebuke you, and I resist you, and you do flee.” In an instant, “the healing stream” (as it were) came down upon me, and the Master witnessed that he was present to heal and to deliver, and I was made “every whit whole.” Truly, “upon mount Sion shall be deliverance.”

J. E. Courtney.


The Modern Protestant Church.


(Continued from last issue.)


“CALM thought arrives at the conclusion that Protestant Christianity has failed to reach the high end of its purposes. The spirit of antichrist has crept into our churches. Canon Farrar says that this is the soft day when religion walks in silver slippers.”

“Antichrist spirit.” This testimony perfectly corroborates that of those who come in cantact with these antichrist churches; no wonder they fight so against the Christ of the Bible; ’tis not strange that they rage and spue and breathe the threatenings against those who teach the unity of God’s people. Being of antichrist spirit, the characteristic that predominates must surely oppose the work of Jesus Christ in whom we stand complete. In reference to the “silver slippers,” Protestants know very well that in the sixteenth century, when blood was called for to satiate the wrath of the beast, Romanism, and the valleys of Piedmont were flowing with a crimson tide that gushed from the breasts of the martyrs, who realized to die indeed was gain, no silver slippers were manifest. Return to the apostolic days under the reign of Herod, follow on to the destruction of Jerusalem, in 70, A. D., when the armies of Titus came in like a flood; stop not until you reach the inquisition of the twelfth century, travel to the days of John Huss; give Luther a call: visit all those who dared to stand for the truth. Do you find the slippers? The same spirit that killed the saints of old is now manifest in Protestant sects, and only the lack of power holds them from treating us now as Romanism treated those of olden times. Hence how true they need reform as much as their mother did. “Come out of her, my people.”

“Unless a minister is extremely popular; unless he avoids the ringing, purgent gospel; and unless he is capable of presenting his sermons in the style of Carter’s Liver Pills, — well sugared and of small porportions, — he utterly fails to meet the requirements of the nineteenthcentury pulpit.”

O lamentable fact! How godless, graceless, and powerless is this wretched mass of confusion! “Flee out of the midst of Babylon, and deliver every man his soul.” The writer of the above, after speaking of the many societies, clubs, endeavors, brotherhoods, etc., says the pastor has shelved the old Bible; he lectures on “Epitaphs,” “Ghosts,” “London Fogs,” “The mice in the tower,” etc. He says, “This is the nerveless, senseless, and modernized religion of the Protestant church.” O God, help people to flee for their lives, from such a senseless, modernized, antichrist power!

“Does it matter that the church has more of the world in itself than anything else, — more chaff than wheat? What can there be in a worthless, moldering heap of chaff, of lust and envy, of frivolity and vanity, of avarice and intemperance, of selfishness and laziness? Oh whatis in that heap — a mighty heap of chaff?”

Oh how my soul leaps for joy at the realization that we are being gathered from this mass of chaff, lest we should be swept on the billows of wrath in the great conflagration of final judgment, and perish with this mass of corruption in unquenchable fire! Matt. 3:12. The garner of Christ is receiving the wheat, and the sharp teeth of the Omnipotent thresher seems to grind hard upon the nominal churches. It is indeed an “agitator” that causes a great shaking; the sects are threshed, God’s people gathered out, and only chaff remains, and they are blown away by the whirlwind of vengeance; but we glory in the Holy One of Israel. Isa. 41:14, 16. Let the dreamers dream, but we will speak the word of God faithfully. What is the chaff to the wheat? saith the Lord. Jer. 23:28. Forward brethren, work and suffer. The victory will soon be won, then in everlasting habitations of joy we shall receive the reward. Amen.

W. A. Haynes.



“Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.” – Psa. 119:129.


Polo, Iowa.

Dear Trumpet Readers: I am praising the dear Lord for his peace and love within my heart. I have the sweet consciousness that I am pleasing God. The precious word is as a light unto my path. Your brother, redeemed through Jesus’ blood,

David M. Baker.


Lacomb, Oregon.

Dear Saints of God: I am praising God that I can report victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. He is teaching me many new lessons by his word and Spirit. Praise his name! The work of God is going forth in this place. There are but few of God’s saints here. Pray for my afflicted wife, that she may be sanctified and healed. Also pray that God may strengthen me, increase my faith and give me wisdom on his word. Yours in Christ,

John Turnidge.


Phoenix, Ariz.

Dear Saints of God: I praise God for his goodness to me. I praise him that he keeps me from sin each day, and has healed my body. To him be all the praise and glory. I ask the saints all to pray for me that I may be sanctified. My all is on the altar, and I am determined to serve God. Pray that I may know how to claim the promise and not listen to the devil; and that the dear Lord will keep me humble. Your saved sister,

Mary A. Knapp.


Dalesville, Quebec.

Dear Saints of God: I can say to-day the Lord has saved my soul. I praise him for the desire he gives me to follow in his footsteps, and that he keeps me above this world of sin. I ask you all to pray for me that I may get out deeper in God’s love. Your saved brother in Christ,

James W. Ripley.


Blystone, Pa.

I write my testimony to honor and glorify God, who has saved me from my sins and afterward sanctified my soul. Praise His blessed name! Truly my soul doth magnify the Lord. Although the devil has tried to throw doubts and clouds over my mind, I have found the Lord a safe hiding place. How his sweet embrace doth shield us! I do praise God for the faith he gives his children, a faith that reaches out to him for healing. My little girl was very sick, and by prayer and a perfect trust in God she was instantly healed. Praise God! All things are possible to them that believe. Pray that I may be much used of the Lord. Your sister in the one body.

S. J. Brace.



Awake, Thou That Sleepest.


THE time is now upon us when the whole religious world realizes that a forward move must be made. The saints of God are becoming awakened to the fact that God is moving and something must be done. The words are being sounded forth in thrilling notes, Forward! forward!! Even among those who have not been contending for the faith once delivered to the saints, these words are heard on every hand. Many have begun to move out at the command of the Lord; others are crying out. Advance! advance! but make no advancement themselves; while others seem sleeping by the wayside, not awakened to the need of a speedy movement on their part. Some start out at the command as if frantic, and make a great stir, running to and fro, apparently making wonderful strides without counting the cost, and are easily turned from their foundation of the word of God.

Now the great secret of advancement is to become settled upon the foundation of the word of God and to measure to its standard. The Lord never orders a forward move that reaches beyond the Word. In order to make the proper advancement we must not only abide in him, but have his word abiding in us to such an extent that we can make practical use of it.

A few days ago a brother who is greatly interested in the advancement of God’s children wrote concerning a dream he had had, in which he said, “I dreamed I was at a certain place, and there came a warning of danger, and an awful storm or cyclone came very suddenly. I started to get out of the way, but upon looking up saw the air overhead was full of logs, sticks, chunks and brush. Just then I heard a gentle voice say, Come, follow me; hurry up! I started, looking at the same time in the direction from whence the voice came and saw the form of a man, whom I at once recognized as Jesus. As I followed, he kept repeating the words, Come, follow me; hurry up! I saw by quickening my pace I was just able to escape the falling timber, and the closer I got to him the less danger I was in through the awful storm.”

This really needs no interpretation, because truly there is an awful storm, for the devil is come down, having great wrath, knowing that his time is short. And in order to keep out of his clutches the children of God must heed the voice of the Lord through his word. We live in a time when the very air around us is filled with all kinds of false and unclean spirits, and unless we quicken our pace and heed the voice of the Lord, and “hurry up,” we will be swept away in his fury.

If you desire to know how to advance, study your Bible and see what God requires of his children, then quicken your pace in meeting the conditions of the Word and following in the footsteps of Jesus, and you will have but little trouble in making an onward move; otherwise you will surely be left and swept away in the storm.

Where there are weak points in your life, let God search them out and then find out by the Word what your privileges are regarding these points, and see to it that everything about you lines up to the truth or Bible standard. The first thing is to know whether or not you are justified in his sight, then it is your privilege and a command to “go on unto perfection,” and have the heart cleansed from all the elements of sin. When this is done then a rapid movement can easily be commenced, by letting God make practical use of the fruits of the Spirit in you. Gal. 5:22-25. And by abounding is the graces given in his word. 2 Pet. 1:5-8. The apostle tells us if these things be in us and “abound” we will neither barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus. But woe unto him who lacketh these things.

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