26 December 1895, Volume 15, Number 51.



I now am lost in Jesus’ love.
The love that won my heart;
My treasure is laid up above.
For Him I’m set apart.

Tho’ storms may come and trouble rise.
Temptations press me sore.
These very things help me to prize
The gift, of God the more.

His slightest wish I run to do,
His Word I now obey;
My body, soul, and spirit too
Are His, all His to-day.

The secret, of success is this:
Do all the will of God:
Obedience, not sacrifice,
Brings peace, and not the rod.

Chas. B. Morton.


Four Days.


CHRIST prayed. “Holy Father keep through thine own name those whom thou hast given me, that they may be one, as we are. That they may all be one: as thou Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us, even as we are one” “Sanctify them through thy truth; thy Word is truth.” John 17.

We see from this that Jesus was praying for the enduement of power, the baptism of fire upon his followers, the church of then and all time to come. That prayer of our Savior was not an unanswered petition, for in a very short time, the Holy Spirit descended and found his home in the earthen temples prepared for him, and the believers’ hearts were wholly sanctified, and the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and mind. So we see that sanctification or holiness is the badge of oneness. It is just as natural for sanctified souls to rush together, spiritually, as it is for drops of water to flow together.

So in looking backward we see the little church going forward in Jesus name, just as the Holy Spirit led them from place to place, clothed in their white robes of purity. A wonderful army dressed in uniform; and thousands were added to them, all with the one purpose that God alone might be glorified.

We see how their holy touch healed the sick, cast out devils, made the lame to walk, made the dumb to sing with joy, filled the believer’s heart with the Holy Spirit; how they had all things in common; how they counted persecution, tribulation, separation from friends, hunger, nakedness, even death, all joy for Jesus’ sake. We see as we examine the Word how faithfully they preached the whole of it to different churches that were established in different places; how they were admonished to be in perfect unity, speaking the same things, to mark those that caused division contrary to the doctrine taught them, and to withdraw themselves from them, etc. How beautiful, how perfect was this morning light that shone in and around this church of the living God! But alas, how short a time it lasted; and as was prophesied, the sun went down at noon, because they lost the unity of the Spirit. St Paul told them he knew after he left them grievous wolves would enter in among them, not sparing the flock, also of their own selves should men rise speaking perverse things.


Oh how they were entreated with fear to keep their minds on Christ, and not follow man and become divided through false teaching! But it came. The blessed Holy Spirit was grieved away and only found his home here and there in a few faithful souls. “The sun indeed went down at noon.” And the consequence was that that great dark day was urshored in, known in profane history as the apostasy or the dark ages; known in prophecy as “a day of clouds and thick darkness.” Oh what a terrible thing it is for a people to get their eyes off of the beautiful Lamb of God, the light of the world, the sun of righteousness!

This was the time when the woman clothed with scarlet, “Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and abominations of earth,” ruled the world, claiming to be the bride of Christ, and does to day. This woman has been given up by all that have given the matter any study, to be the Roman Catholic power. We see her hands red with the blood of God’s children. In chap. 17:6 we read, “And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.” We find in profane history that this was done in the name of Catholicism.


So the poor old world swung on, freighted with her load of sin and misery, and the great darkness began to pass away, and a few honest ones began to seek the face of the Lord, and the day began to dawn, known in God’s word as neither clear or dark, known in history as the reformation or Protestantism. We see a Martin Luther, a Catholic priest, breaking away from the Mother church, declaring to the world that “the just shall live by faith,” as God had revealed it to him. A train of reformers followed him, living up to all the light they had. It was only a partial light, the light of justification. Each one building up a “church home.” Each one teaching their version of the Word, yet each daughter in some way, bearing the likeness of the “old mother,” all “adding to or taking from.”

So against the most earnest teaching of the Word they divided and subdivided, till I suppose to day no one knows how many hundred sects there are. While we know God has some saints among them that deplore the state of affairs, not knowing what the matter is, yet we can not take any Christian congregation, so called, in the world and find a dozen among them that think alike, from the least to the greatest. Indeed we find worse confusion than was found at the tower of Babel.

There is no sect on earth that is teaching the whole word of God. While they teach some truths, they ignore others. No wonder it was prophesied that this day should be neither clear or dark. They acknowledge it themselves that all the doctrines are not taught among them. Talmage said in one of his sermons not long since, “I am glad we have so many denominations, for in having them all we get all the doctrine.” We can’t see what benefit that is when we are not allowed to join all, and if we were, it is not God’s way, for he says we should all speak the same thing. Paul says, Rom. 15:6, “That ye may with one mind and one mouth glorify God.” The Holy Spirit does not teach hundreds of different ways.

Christ built his church, organized it himself, and anything differing in the least from the apostolic way laid down in the New Testament is a heresy. This comes to us very plainly when we look up the meaning of the Greek word hairesin which means, according to Webster, “A taking for one’s self; a choosing; a choice; a sect; a heresy; to take; to choose.” In Cruden’s Bible Concordance we have the same definition, “A sect; a choice.” In Wilson’s translation of the New Testament from the Greek we find the word hairesin translated sect and heresy. So we can’t help but see in this light that the great sin of heresy has been committed for ages. A taking from and an adding to. Of such it is written, God shall take away his part out of the book of life and out of the holy city, and from the things written in this book.

Most all the sects teach that sprinkling is baptism, following the practice of the mother who changed the mode to suit herself, as they acknowledge. In the history of Catholicism in Appelton’s Cyclopedia given by one of themselves, they say, “The solemn mode of baptism was originally by immersion. In cases of necessity and danger less solemn modes were used, which, from becoming frequent, at length after the lapse of ages became universal.” Can anything be plainer than this, blind mother, blind children? Teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. Mat. 15:9. The word baptize is from a Greek word which always means to dip; it cannot possibly be made to mean sprinkle. Protestantism has never taught a whole salvation. So we see her going forth arrayed in her robes of light and darkness, holding up only a partial Savior. Gospel means good news, glad tidings. Suppose we were in bondage to some great power that was taking our lives, and a great king would send us a message that we could be completely liberated; and the messenger through ignorance or some other cause would only deliver a part of it, or in such a garbled way that we could only get hold of a partial freedom, which was worse almost than none.

This is the way sect preachers are teaching to day, that the terrible bondage of sin can only be broken in a measure, that John did not tell the truth when he said, “Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world.” That the angel of the Lord must have been mistaken when he said, “Call his name Jesus, for he shall save his people from their sins.” Paul must have been mistaken too when he said our great high priest is able to save us to the uttermost. They do not teach that the divine touch of God can save from all manner of diseases, when the Word distinctly affirms it in various places. No wonder men and women are confused and do not see which way to turn, especially the heathen. It is impossible for them to understand why if they are all Christians, why there is so much division and disagreement among them, or why there should be sects.

I copy the following from an address of Richard R. Grandi, of Bombay, India, a heathen. He thinks he understands the sect notion a little better after coming to America. And alas how true it is! How it made my heart ache as I read it!

He says, “I have learned, since here in this country, why it is in my country that different missionaries and Christian teachers antagonize one another. It is because these disciples are no better than their masters: because I find many Chistianities and the multiplied disagreements amounting to mutual oppression and excommunication, teach me that either there are many Christs, or that one Christ is dismembered, torn and divided up among many factions who in quarreling over their several portions, accomplish nothing but destruction of the real truth?


I have touched on a few points on the “dark and cloudy day.” This utter confusion mingled with a little light, is all around about us. Those that are honest have only to open their eyes to see it for themselves, and in studying the Word will find it is a literal fulfillment of prophecy. And as we turn away from this sad picture of deception and death, we turn our faces to the fourth arid last day, when God has said, “At evening time it shall be light.” No shadows, no clouds. Oh how I praise the name of the great King that I live in this victorious evening time, when the light is as the morning, when “the sun shall never more go down, neither shall the moon withdraw herself; for the Lord shall be thine everlasting light and the days of thy mourning shall be past.” Isa. 60:20.

We have shown how God’s people were scattered in the cloudy day or Protestantism. We find in the Word there came a time when they were to be gathered together again. God says as a shepherd seeketh out his flock in the day that he is among his sheep that are scattered; so will I seek out my sheep and will deliver them out of all places where they have been scattered in the cloudy and dark day. Ezek. 34:12. Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them, and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain and every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks — secret places. Jer. 16:16. Mountains and hills mean big and little places of worship. See Cruden’s Bible Con. This is the glad time when this shall come to pass in the last days that the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be established in the top of the mountain and shall be exalted above the hills — places of worship founded by man, — and many people shall go and say, Come ye, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us his ways, and we will walk in his paths; for out of Zion shall go forth the law and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. Isa. 2:2, 3. They shall ask the way to Zion with their faces thitherward saying, Come and let us join ourselves to the lord in a perpetual covenant that shall not be forgotten. Jer. 50:5.

This is the time when the Lord’s house is established and people are enquiring the way to it. He says, “I will give them one heart and one way.” There are now in this day a people who have found the “old paths,” who are contending for the faith once delivered to the saints. The dumb are being made to speak, the blind to see, the lame to walk, all manner of diseases are healed. The apostolic church is standing on her feet; the dry bones are clothed with flesh. The Lord Jehovah has breathed upon them the breath of life.

Oh praise God for the wonderful deliverance! Safe, safe in that beautiful city whose maker and builder is God, “whose walls are salvation, whose gates are praise,” where Jesus wipes away all tears. The feet of God’s holy ones are pressing the sea of glass (the Word made clear) mingled with fire (the power of God) having the victory over the beast (confusion and abominations of earth) having the harps of God (praises to God). Rev. 15:2. Praises be to our Lord, according to his word there is to be no more sun-setting, but it is to shine brighter and brighter to the perfect day, when Christ will descend with a shout to receive his own to the mansions of love, prepared for them that are overcomers. Amen.

Ella Sain.




St. Francis. Kan.

Dear Saints of God: I am praising God for salvation. I know I am saved just now. Praise the Lord for his goodness to me! The week of prayer has been a feast to my soul. Praise the dear Lord! I feel that I am settled down deeper and deeper in the will of God. Oh what a good leader we have to lead us in that good way! Your saved brother all on the altar,

John Liming.


Nodaway, Mo.

Dear Friends: I feel it my duty to send in our testimonies of what the Lord has done for us. About two months ago myself and husband were brought out of sectism and darkness into glorious light by the loving power of the dear Lord, and about two weeks later two sons and two daughters left sectism and worldliness to follow Jesus Christ. Praise his holy name forever and ever! Father, mother and four children all enjoying full rind free salvation. We give God all the glory forever. Amen. Yours in Christ,

Elise Dudek.


Ableman, Wis.

Dear Saints in Christ: I will now tell you what the Lord has done for me. It was in the month of March this year, when I was converted to God and was baptized and joined the Baptist sect. Yet I was not fully satisfied; my soul was hungry and thirsty for holiness and righteousness. But there was no one here that would tell me how we could give ourselves fully unto God as a living sacrifice. I praise the Lord that it was his will to send true preachers into our vicinity, that did not preach only half of the gospel, like all the sect preachers. May God have mercy on their dear souls, that fight with all their might against holiness, and grant that the eyes of these sect preachers may be opened that they may see what Romans 12:1, 2 means.

I can praise the Lord to day that my heart is filled with the love of God; yes, satisfied with Jesus, and that he leads me by his hand day by day and that he keeps me from all crooked ways. I do not know how to express my thanks to God, for what he has done for me in the last few weeks. We read in Rom. 8:1 that “there is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit.” We do not sin when we are in Christ and Christ in us. If we did, then Christ would be a sin servant and not the Holy God. No, God does not want us to be only half Christians. Christ came into this world to save us from sin and make us pure and holy. Yes, pure even as he is pure. Not very long ago, when I got to doubting and did not fully obey him, I lost my salvation, but while true brethren were praying I humbled myself before God and called upon him with all my heart. He gave me full salvation and I am now rejoicing in the Lord ever more. Praise the Lord, that now I belong to Jesus, and not to a sect. Hoping that these few lines of testimony may become a blessing to a good many of those who are still out of Christ, I close Your sanctified brother in Christ,

William F. Block.

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DEFINITE, RADICAL, and ANTI – SECTARIAN, sent forth in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, for the publication of full Salvation, and Divine Healing of the Body, the Unity of all true Christians in “the faith once delivered to the saints.”

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If you do not receive your paper when due, write us a card, and we will gladly mail you another copy.

Should there be a mistake at any time, write us at once and we will gladly rectify the same.

A commission of 20 per cent will be given on each new cash subscriber, to all who will act as agent.

Parties desiring papers to canvass with, should notify us regularly of their address.

When you write, be sure to give your address: name, post-office, county, and state.

All business communications, moneys & c.must be addressed to GOSPEL Trumpet, to insure credit: otherwise we will not be responsible.

Editor, E. E. BYRUM.

Publishers, E. E. Byrum, and S. Michels.

Grand Junction. Mich.


Entered at the Post Office of Grand Junction. Mich, as second class matter.


THURSDAY. DEC. 26. 1895.



V. Crumby, Wm. Anderson, Ida Barlow, Mrs. Annie Raker, R. L. Weaver. Mrs. M. P. Ray, J. D. Tramel, L. C. Mast, Geo. Martin, Mary L. Kaufman, C. F. Wright, Amanda Heeter, Lucy Kirk.


Some have asked if we have a theological school here. We answer, No. Neither do we expect to have. We have Bible readings and special faith meetings almost every evening which are wonderfully blessed of God by way of spiritual advancement and real soul food, and holiness is lifted up to the Bible standard.

Work on the new book “Salvation” by our late deceased brother D. S. Warner, is being pushed forward with all possible speed. It will contain, in addition to his portrait, and a sketch of his life, some of his richest thoughts on the deep things of God and it cannot fail to benefit all who read it. It will be ready soon. Price strong paper cover, 15 cts; cloth 35 cts.


Do not forget the day of fasting and prayer, Dec. 31. Let each one that day make special personal examination, and see wherein we can become better qualified for the work of the Lord, and that the real apostolic standard of truth may be held up and sent forth during the coming year, and the apostolic power with God be manifest among his children.

On Monday night of each week is a time set apart by the Trumpet family, and has been for a long time, to pray for the needs of the publishing work, as it has rapidly increased. Two weeks ago at the appointed meeting we asked-the Lord to send in thirteen more workers for the various departments, and he is abundantly answering our prayers. However, for a few weeks we could use another first-class carpenter to aid in finishing the large building that is being added to the office. We desire this week, if possible, to move our press into the new press room, and are praying the Lord to have our paper folder to put in at the same time, as we have received word that the folder has been shipped. We desire also to thank the dear brethren who have sent in enough means to pay for the same. For this we give. God much praise. What is received above the amount needed will be used in getting a stereotype outfit and machinery.

Many have written desiring questions answered through the Trumpet, but failed to send their name. We do not often put more than the initials of the party in the Trumpet, but it is necessary for persons asking questions to sign their name to the question asked. We have to throw aside many letters, articles, testimonies, etc., because there is no name signed. Articles appearing in the Trumpet without names are supposed to be written by the editor.

We would again suggest that brethren writing articles condense their writing so as to not exceed a column or a column and a half to an article, as longer ones are not apt to be read with interest unless it is something of very great importance and interest. Even then it should be divided up into subjects. We are very thankful for the help of the brethren and are always glad to receive anything which the Lord moves you to write and send in. As the space in the Trumpet is limited we sometimes have, to condense news, etc., or otherwise we would be obliged to leave it out altogether. God is doing a great work . for his children

throughout the land, and it. is encouraging to all to read the reports from the ministers.


Requests For Prayer.


Pray for my little girl that her eyes may be healed.

E. A. Fulton.


Pray for William Beard, of Acona. Miss, that he may be saved and healed of consumption.


Pray for my father, who is badly afflicted with neuralgia and pleurisy.

A. H. Ross.


Pray that my eyes may be healed, also catarrh and other afflictions.

Eleanor Hetrick.


Pray Jan. 5 that I may be healed of complicated diseases, and sanctified.

Mrs. Lula Jarvis.


Pray Jan. 10, for Brother George Green; he has had no use of his limbs, for several months, says he knows God can heal him

Libbie Inman.


Please pray earnestly that I may be healed of kidney trouble, and other diseases and that I may keep victory over the devil. Pray Jan. 6.

Mattie Arell.


Goshen Springs, Miss. Sister Jane Kennedy is afflicted with a cancer. She has tried the doctor’s medians and has had no relief. She wants all that have faith to pray that she maybe healed.

J. B. Mills.


Pray for my aged father, that his mind may be strengthened, and that he may be healed of his afflictions. Also pray for my little girl who has enlarged tonsils.

Mrs. A. J. Hall.


Please pray for my little son who has injured his finger, also that I may be healed of my afflictions. During the week of prayer I was healed of a weakness.

Mrs. D. H. Radle.

I am sorely afflicted with kidney trouble, catarrh of the head and other afflictions, unable to work. Please pray for my healing. Your saved brother,


Marengo, Ind.


La Rue, O

Please pray on Thursday January 2. for the healing of D. Mauley. He has been suffering from a paralytic stroke nearly three years. Pray that he and his family may be led into the true light. Yours in Christ,

I. N. Gallant.


Red Haw, O.

Will God’s people earnestly call upon God for the healing of my dear mother in her broken-down nervous condition? Medicine has no power with her. Will you pray and believe that she may enter the new year a perfect and pure woman, spiritually and physically healed? Your brother in Christ,

Jno. W. Jacobs.


Dear Saints: Please pray for my salvation. I am tired of the life I now live in sin, and I want to live a saved life. Pray that the appetite of tobacco may also be taken away; also pray for my wife, who is sick.

A. H. Weston.

Emlenton, Pa.


Pray that I may be healed of throat trouble, also of double hernia. This affliction was received during the war, but I know God is able to heal me. My companion was healed twice in answer to your prayers, both times instantly healed. To God be all the praise. Your brother in the Lord,

Joseph Gripe.


Sandoval, Virginia.

I lost my health when ten years of age, and since that time I have been confined to the house with much suffering, and for several years my eyesight has failed so I cannot see to read much. I am now sixty-four years of age. Pray that the Lord may restore my eyesight and heal me. Also pray for my sister, who has been confined to her bed for over twenty years with nervous prostration and much suffering. Do not forget to remember us at a throne of grace. Yours in Jesus,

Susan Billig.


Calls For Meeting.


We would be glad if God would send some holiness preacher here to preach the truth.

Z. Gore,

Davis City, Iowa.


If there is a minister who is led of God to come west into Nebraska we would joyfully receive him, as we are in need of a true minister of God.

B F. Gay,

Pierce, Neb.




West Monterey, Pa.

There will be an assembly meeting held at West Monterey, Pa. beginning Jan. 3, 1896, and continuing as long as the Lord wills. Bro’s Kilpatrick, Ellison, Schell, Gilger. Sister Shoffner and Bro. and Sister Rupert are expected to be there.

Samuel Martz.

“I saw a request in the Trumpet from some one who desired prayer that the appetite of tobacco might be taken away. The word of God says, “Cleanse yourselves.”

Mrs. M. T. C.


It is true that people who desire to be delivered from the appetite of tobacco must cleanse themselves as far as in their power to do so; that is if they are using tobacco and have any in their mouth, or in their pocket, or about them in any way, they must cleanse themselves from it by throwing it away, or destroying it. Then call upon God for the cleansing or the removal of the appetite. Many who have never been addicted to the filthy habit, nor labored with those whom Satan has bound by that and other evil habits do not realize that it is often the ease that it is beyond the power of the person to quit in his own strength, and many are unable by themselves to even get hold of God for the cleansing. At such times it is our privilege to have some one agree with us in prayer. Mat. 18:19 says: “Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.” Now it says that if two “shall agree on earth.” Then it is not necessary for them to be together in order to be agreed. And in 1 Jno. 5:14 we read, “And this is the confidence that we have in him, that if we ask anything according to his will he heareth us.” Surely it is his will for people to be rid of this filthy habit and unnatural appetite of the use of tobacco; therefore, we know that he heareth us. And the next verse says, “If we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.”

If the children of God will search into the deep things of his Word, and live in dose communion with him, there can be such an agreement between them and God and each other, that much help can be rendered to one another in time of need, trials and temptations. There is more in this agreement than most Bible readers have ever been enabled to fathom or search out. But few comparatively have yet learned to really enter the agreement, and keep a standing agreement in all things constantly for the glory of God.



In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ we lift our voice in defense of the pure gospel, and for the safety of precious souls who are being deceived. We wish to give a few words of warning against certain persons who are going about under the garb of a preacher among the true children of God, sowing seeds of discord; some of them teaching fanaticism, and some of them through their abominable actions and lustful spirit bring a reproach upon the cause of Christ. We here give the names of a few, out of quite a number of such persons, who are going forth at present as messengers of Satan, but claiming to be sent of God. Among this number is a man who signs his name. Elder J. P. Merrill, living near Robinson, Crawford Co., Ill. This man has not been out in the clear evening light, but goes forth in new places representing himself as one of God’s true ministers. At one such place where they were wanting the true gospel preached, he had them send for him and pay off some of his heavy debts, and they soon found him to be a fraud. His teaching and practices are some of them too disgusting to mention. His teaching concerning anointing the sick is only such as comes from a lustful spirit from the pit. He insists upon anointing the diseased portions of the body, Now we denounce all such ungodly teaching. The Spirit of God does not lead to anything that is unseemly. There are other things that are unnecessary to mention, but we warn all against such spirits and false teachings.

Some time ago we gave a warning against one Jno. Bennetts Bailey. Whom we wish to just as faithfully warn people against, as he is not a messenger of God, does not measure his life to the Word, and has been thoroughly admonished and labored with, and besides the points spoken of before, the word of God says, “He that will not work shall not eat.”

Another one D. H. Carlton from Dimondale, Mich., who has for seme months been in Oklahoma, and is under a false spirit of free-loveism. We have faithfully labored with this man for the good of his soul. He left a very bad record behind him in this state, went out into the work under the very same spirit. His spirit was discerned in some places, and where he knew he was closely watched he lived a very pious life, tried to preach holiness. Some places a number accepted the truth, but devastation has followed his work as it always does such spirits. The man when detected and labored with concerning his condit on denied facts until his past began to come to light, and when there was no way to get out of it confessed it little by little, but never would make a clean sweep of the whole matter, and get right with God. Such men sometimes want to get a thousand miles or more from home and then start in new without clearing up the past or getting rid of such a spirit, but the Word is true where it says, “Be sure your sin will find you out.” Now it is for the safety of precious souls that we make this public exposure, for there are doubtless some who have great confidence in him who do not fully discern his spirit. We warn such to take a stand against the spirit of that man until he repents and gets an experience of salvation and clears up his past. We have for several months faithfully labored with him, and been in places in the west as well as elsewhere, and seen the result of his works. May God speedily bring him to repentance where he will have fellowship with God and his children.

Another man from Illinois or Iowa, who also travelled by team through Ohio and Michigan, by the name of Chester A. Beals, who goes about carrying a few Trumpets and tracts, trying to get a place to preach in new places, has left a very disgusting- record behind him. and is filled with lust and free-love spirits. May God help his people to give no place to such men. With such spirits a lying spirit always accompanies.

Two men from near Hessel, northern Michigan by the names of Nichol, and Joel Smith are going about sowing seeds of discord and confusion wherever they go among God’s children. These men are filled with rank fanaticism. They have been faithfully dealt with also. We have heard nothing against the characters of these two men as far as morality is concerned, but they are devoid of the Spirit of Christ, and their rank fanatical spirits and teaching is disgusting to the extreme and contrary to the teachings of the word of God. We warn the children of God for the good of your souls to beware of such men, give them no place in your meetings, and partake not of their spirit or you are in danger of becoming in just as bad a condition, unless you immediately renounce such spirits, and get out from under such influence.

Now all these men at times put on a very pious and religious cloak. And some of them will occasionally appear as humble and meek as it is possible for any one to be; yet at the same time they are puffed up, full of self-conceit. And now while we warn people against fanaticism that does not keep us from setting forth the truth in all its purity, and by the help of the Lord we shall be true to souls and to his cause on this line. Dear brethren, let us pray for these men, that if possible God may rescue their souls. But we dare not countenance them, nor receive them as children of God in their present condition.


The call through the Trumpet some time ago for $125.00 to apply on the indebtedness of the camp ground at Grand Junction, Mich., has not been sufficently responded to. Only about $30.00 has been received. Brother Warner’s note is held for the same. I have just received a letter from the party holding the note who needs the money immediately and offers to donate the interest and ten dollars provided it can be paid immediately. The letter is dated Dec. 8, 1895, and as Bro. Warner’s death has caused some delay in the matter there is no doubt but the offer will hold good for a short time yet. Now, dear brethren. I exhort you in the name of Jesus to respond at once. Send the money by draft, by express order, or post-office money order to Bro. G. W. Baughman, Grand Junction. Mich, who is the treasurer of the camp meeting work. I will further say that as one of the trustees of the grounds the duty of making this appeal rests upon me.

A. B. Palmer. Bangor. Mich.



Dear Saints: I have been led of the Lord to prepare a calendar and arrange scriptural texts upon the precious subject of divine healing, which I pray may-prove a blessing to thousands of God’s dear people, and also a means to the salvation and healing of many who are yet outside the kingdom of grace. This calendar will be published by Dec. 15, and all orders will be promptly filled. Orders should be sent in at once, so that each person gets the benefit of the full year.

The calendar contains twelve pages, one for each month. Sire of each page 11 x 15 inches. Each pages is headed with an appropriate scriptural divine healing motto, in large type which can be read at distance across an ordinary room. Below this motto in a separate space is the month and year in large sized type. Each month has a different motto. The days of month are in plain figures in a perpendicular column on the left hand side of page. The days of week are in a parallel column with days of month, each day of month and week being ruled in its respective space. In a horizontal line across the page is a scripture verse and reference, corresponding with each day of month. The scripture verses have been carefully selected, and arranged, for the subject, of healing, consisting of obedience, prayer, and faith, which principles are indispensible in obtaining and retaining the blessing of healing. Altogether there are 366 verses beside the mottoes. Each verse in itself being a daily sermon from the Holy Spirit to each inmate of the home, or room where the calendar hangs in plain sight.

The respective monthly pages are neatly fastened together with colored conk and designed to hang upon the wall. As each month expires, the page can be turned back from the top and the next month will hang in sight as the previous one did. Every family and each individual believer should have this calendar, as it is rich with truth which, if believed will cause the heart to rejoice and the face to shine every day in the year, and establish more and more the obedient soul in the long neglected doctrine of Divine Healing. This will also be a valuable gift to present to some sick and suffering friend which may be a means to their conversion and healing.

The Gospel Trumpet Publishing Co. has not been able to publish this calendar owing to the fact of being crowded with work already. I have consequently been obliged to have the work done here. The calendar is printed on heavy cream tint paper and can be conveniently sent by mail. Determine at once the number of copies you wish and send in your order Price twenty-five cents each postpaid. Remit by post-office order. Address,

J. W. Byers,

721, 16th St., Oakland, Cal.

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News from the Field


New Pittsburg, Ind.

Dear Saints of God: We are glad to report victory for the Lord at this place. The meetings are good, and the church is on the increase for God. The assembly meeting held in Get. at this place was a grand success for the Lord. Bro’s Speck, George Howard, and Morton were the ministers in attendance. There was a number of brethren also present from different parts. It was a searching-time for the saints here. Several renewed their consecration with God. The church is in a much more prosperous condition than it was before.

I would just say to the saints in different parts, that I now have my business so arranged that I can go out in the field of the Lord. Any one desiring me to come and labor with them in meetings, let me know by addressing meat New Pittsburg, Ind. Your brother saved in Jesus,

H. C. Wickersham.


Sulphur Springs, Texas, Dec. 14.

Dear Saints of God: I am praising God for the victory which he gives me over the world, the flesh, and the devil. I came by team from Frisco, Ark. in company with Bro. M. A. Fly and wife to Biardstown, Texas. Held meetings nearly three weeks in the school house, after which we went to a little town named Glory: held three services in the Baptist meeting house. Some seemed to be friendly to the truth. After which Bro. and Sister Fly started back to Frisco. I began meeting Thursday night, at the Rockdale school house, four miles south-west of Sulphur Springs, Texas. So far the crowds are small, but interest and order good. There is much need of real gospel light in this part of Texas. The evening light has never been preached here. My ad dress for some days will be Greenville, Texas. Any one desiring my help in the gospel, address me at the above named place. Your brother in the one body,

P. H. Rickman.


Athens, Ohio, Dec. 18.

To all the Dear Saints: We closed meeting on Stroud’s Run last night with victory on the Lord’s side. This was a four week’s seige in the midst of a sectarian element, Free Methodism predominating; and the Lord used us to thoroughly expose the old “mother and her harlot daughters” and to lift up Zion that all might behold her beauty, the result of which was eight or ten souls made their escape and denounced the “beast power” and fled to Zion.

On last Sunday we had a glorious feast in Zion One dear soul followed the Lord in baptism and there are six or eight more to follow soon, having declared their intention so to do. We attended to the ordinance of “feet washing” and the “Lord’s supper” in the evening. About seventeen happy saints took part, while deep conviction rested upon the audience. We expect to begin meeting at Chauncey Saturday night and we are expecting a glorious time there. We have eight or ten calls for meeting around here now and are unable to fill but few of them. The work is opening up gloriously in this part of Ohio, and we are still looking for the Lord to send us a co-worker. Dear ones, pray much for us and the work here. Your brother saved and kept by power divine,

E. G. Masters.


St. Louis. Mich., Dec. 12.

Dear Trumpet Readers: God bless you and keep you all in his dear name. Amen. We are glad to report victory over ail sin through Christ, the author and finisher of our faith and salvation. It has been some time since we last reported, but we have not been idle. Since our last camp-meeting at this place we had the privilege of preaching the gospel and warning perishing souls at three grove meetings, and now just returned home from Saginaw Co., near Chesaning, where we were engaged in a five weeks meeting. A goodly number acknowledged the truth, and we hope they will obey it. At the McFall school house we found some of God’s dear children who were in the cages of sectism, but when they heard the voice of the true Shepherd through the pure gospel they obeyed and came out. One dear sister, sixty years old, who was class leader in the M. E. sect heard the voice. She said when God saved her soul she promised God she would walk in all the light he would let shine on her; and now she got light she never had before and said she must walk in it. This meeting closed with good success. Several precious souls who never had tasted of God’s love came to the anxious seat and found peace with God. Also one dear soul who was in a backslidden state renewed her covenant with God, and many more were almost persuaded but would not yield, but acknowledged that this is the way Our prayer is that they will not be contented until they will seek and find rest in Christ. Amen. We are at home at present. The saints here desire a meeting over the holidays. Pray for us. Yours in the one body,

Joshua and Elizabeth Walter.


Winsford, England.

Dear Brethren in Christ: This leaves dear wife and I with complete victory in our souls. I wish to return our most heartfelt thanks to our brethren and sisters in Christ for their many Godly acts of kindness while with them in our labor of love. Nor would we forget or underestimate the acts of kindness shown us by many of the sinners whom we hold in best esteem, and pray to our God to save them. God bless you all and may you not neglect to walk in the precepts of God, is our prayer. And last but not least we would not neglect to mention those professors and sect preachers who spoke evil against us and did all they could to hinder the blessed work of the Lord. Oh may God not lay this to your charge!

Now dear brethren, we feel it our duty to warn you of certain men who claim to be the children of God and are secretly fighting the truth and speaking evil of God’s children. They fight the second work of grace and thereby prove that they never had the first. We know and admit that there are children of God that have not enjoyed the second grace or sanctification. But one thing is sure, if they are walking in the light they will not fight the truth, and if they should they surely cannot claim to be still justified; for we only keep justified by walking in the truth. Now brethren, mark such. I need not personate any one; you all will know such by their fruit. They pretend to our face to love us and behind our back they speak against us in every way.

There is another class of those reprobates located in Liverpool which I feel it my duty to warn the saints of God against in England and elsewhere. The two ring leaders of this second class, are Charles Heselstrom and Harry Lee. Those men once had an experience in salvation but to day are far from God, and fighting the evening light, and prating against God’s ministers.

We have dealt according to God’s word with these men, and now we leave them in the hands of God. Charles Heseltrom is a would-be preacher of the rankest sectarian type, and is now engaging himself and a few other backsliders in the malicious distribution of a paper called the “Evening Light Creed” in which he most ignorantly basely tries to make appear that we teach a doctrine contrary to the word of God. I suppose after our departure the devil will send his servants around to do His work. I understood they have been making inquiry already where they can find some of you. So now I have described these wolves; therefore do not fail to deal with them as God directs in his word.

Paul says, Because of dogs. He has direct reference to men of a dogish disposition. Phil. 3:2, 30. Your brother and sister in Christ,

J. H. and H. A. Rupert.


“Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.” – Psa. I19:I29.


Rising Sun, O.

Dear Saints of God: My experience is that I am fully saved and sanctified. Praise the Lord! The Lord has done so much for me; he has brought me out of sectism into this glorious evening light, for which I give him all the glory. The Lord is my physician, soul and body. He has healed me of catarrh in my head and many other ailments, for which I give him all the praise and glory.

I ask an interest in your humble prayers. From your sister,

Margaret Bonawitt.


River, Ind.

Dear Saints of God: I wish to testify to the love of God. I am saved and sanctified in God. Praise his name forever! It has been four months since I came out on the Lord’s side. I am so glad that I ever met with the saints. Praise the good Lord! Glory to his name that he ever found me and set me free from the yoke of bondage that I was living under. I praise God that I am free.

I have been healed by the power of the Lord. Glory to Jesus! I am resting in the sweet arms of Jesus. Your humble sister saved,

Rachel Couch.


Marshall, Okla. Dear Saints: We feel led to testify this morning to the glory of God. We can report victory over all the powers of the enemy. Praise his name for ever! He has cleansed us from all sin and keeps us saved all the time; heals all our sicknesses and supplies all our wants. We are so glad we heard the truth preached and obeyed it. The Lord is with the dear saints at this place in power and truth. The Lord willing we expect to go to Cambridge, Kan. about Dec. 15, where we used to live, and hold a meeting in the name of Jesus. Bro. Post will go also. Your brother and sister saved and kept,

M. H. and R. J. Williams.


Harris, Kan.

Dear Saints of God: I feel led to write my testimony this evening. I praise God for salvation. He sustains me wherever I go. It has been two years since I received the light. I am fifty-seven years old and the two years that I have lived to God are the happiest of my life. Praise his holy name forever! I am visiting at this place. There is none of God’s little ones here; there are nothing but sects in this town. I have prayed for God to send some of his ministers here to preach the true Gospel to them. Pray for me. Your sister in Christ,

Mary A. Goble.


Addville, Ala.

Dear Trumpet Readers: I believe it is for the glory of God for me to write my testimony. I do praise God for his saving power. He has saved me from all sin and healed me of the filthy tobacco habit, after being a slave to it about thirty years.

He has healed me of a pain about my heart, also a pain from the sting of a wasp. It has been nearly eighteen months since I first heard the gospel in all its purity. There are only a few names of us here that have come out of Babylon. Dear ones, pray for us that God’s will be done with us in the name of Jesus, that he may send some one here to preach to us again or raise up some one in our midst. Pray for my unsaved family that they may turn to the Lord. Amen. Yours in him,

Samuel Hollaway.


West Newal, Ill.

Dear Saints: I can say I am saved, and praising God for his saving and healing power. I can say to the glory of God he saved my soul, and afterward healed my body of the rheumatism from which I had suffered since a child. That has been over a year ago. The Lord is my all and in all. I can say I know he is able to keep me soul and body. Praise his holy name! I am your sister in the one church of Christ,

Lucretia Hoskins.


Enid, Okla.

Dear Saints of God: I am praising the Lord for victory over all the powers of hell. I was saved a year ago last October and oh how much happiness I can see in the year I have spent for the Lord! I have a mother, two brothers and sisters saved in the evening light. Truly the dear Lord has been very good to us. I feel the Lord has strengthened me much in the week of prayer. The little church in this place had meeting on Thanksgiving. The Lord was with us in love and power. We all had a grand feast from Father’s table. Also had ordinance meeting in the evening. The Lord gave us victory over all the powers of the devil; pray for the church at this place that we may get deeper in the will and love of God. Your brother saved in the one body,

Jas. P. Eden.


Cornell, Neb.

Dear Saints and Trumpet Readers: I feel like writing my testimony for the first time. I am rejoicing in my freedom in Christ. I feel like thanking him more and more for his wonderful plan of salvation, that has reached even me. When I see so many of the people going in sin and folly I can praise God for calling me in my youth and that I was willing to follow him. It seems strange that people will turn away from everything that is good and pure. But St. John 3:19, 20. tells us the reason. There are a few of God’s little ones out here, and if any of God’s ministers are passing this way we would be rejoiced to have them stop. Well, dear ones, I would like to have you all pray for me, and the children of God out here. Your sister, saved and sanctified,

Angie Underhill.




BENTLEY. — Wife of J. J. Bentley, Visalia,

I Cal., died Nov. 28 at 1 P. M.; aged sixty-five years, nine months and nineteen days. This I brief note is to inform all the dear saints that I Jesus has called away my dear companion.

We lived happily together thirty-five years, I and now I am left here to mourn the loss, j But praise the Lord, she has only gone over the river of death to dwell with Jesus, and by the grace of God I will meet her over there. Your brother in Christ,

John J. Bentley.


PROUTY. — Sister Rosa C. Prouty of Wells Cot Ind. was born July 17, 1853; died Dec. 10, 1895. Age fourty-two years, four months, and twenty-three days. Leaves a husband and seven children to mourn their loss. She was the mother of eleven children; four of them preceded her to the better land. Sister Prouty gave her heart to the Lord about ten years ago. About eight years ago she accepted the doctrine of holiness through the preaching of the gospel in the evening light. During this time she never gave up the hope of making heaven her home; but through heavy trials and cares of this life she became weak in faith and somewhat cold in the cause. But we are glad to say that during her last sickness she repented of this and renewed her covenant with the Lord, and left the evidence that she was saved. Funeral services by the writer. Text Matt. 16:24.

H. C. Wickersham.


CURTIS. — Sister Abbie Curtis was born in Hamilton, Mich. July 26, 1869; died Nov. 22, 1865. She was a member of the Winebennerian sect for three years. She was not satisfied with her experience, still she kept putting off the precious opportunities that God had given until the morning she died, when she felt the hand of the Lord upon her to consecrate herself to him. She testified she was accepted of God and had peace in her soul. The dear sister was afflicted about three years, but bore her afflictions with patience. She leaves a father, three sisters and many friends to mourn their loss. Funeral services were held in the saints’ meeting house in Hamilton, by

C. E. Reeves.


Greentown, Ind.

BURNS. — Issac Burns was born June 14, 1822; departed this life Dec. 5, 1895; aged seventy-three years, five months and twenty-one days. May the Lord bless the dear ones who morn their loss and seek comfort iu Jesus the blessed Savior of all who beieve in him.

S. L. Speck.


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FIVE years ago we had the assurance from God that he would use us in ministering the gospel of healing to the sick. Three years ago we received the commission of the gifts of healing, in which capacity we labored to a certain extent but not without a sense of timidity, fearing that we might after all carry this doctrine too far and possibly reproach the precious cause of Christ; consequently we were inclined to teach the doctrine of healing as something secondary and thought it should be kept in the back ground. In this condition God frequently reproved us, and although he was enabled to heal the sick through our instrumentality in many cases, yet we could develop in this capacity but very slowly, In this condition.

One year ago we reached the condition where we must either take the bold stand and fearlessly proclaim to the world the gospel of healing, or else give up the ministry in which we had been earnestly engaged for ten years. This became so plain to us that it soon grew into a very serious matter. There seemed no way of escape. We could not retreat; and after many tearful and sleepless nights and much crying unto God for the needed grace to go forward, we boldly stepped out on the gospel plane of full redemption from sin and disease, and proclaimed it as the equal rights of every child of God with justification and sanctification. At once the approval of heaven rested upon the Word, and also increased upon our own hearts. The Lord began to confirm his Word with signs following, more than ever before. The. sick and suffering have been enabled to reach out by faith and grasp the wonderful promises, and marvelous have been the results. Truly we are double assured that it is perfectly safe to boldly launch out upon the deep of God’s boundless power.

But the Word must be preached. As three hundred and fifty years ago God filled with boldness the earnest advocates of justification by faith, and they shunned not to declare it in the face of all the combined powers of darkness, the light began to penetrate the gloom. God confirmed his word by convicting the hearers of its truth, and many received the blessing of actual justification. So also in the days when sanctification was brought out clearly before the world, the hearers were convinced by the Holy Spirit, believed and received the glorious experience of heart purity. Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Rom. 10:17.

Today the great need of the church is the power and accompanying manifestations of apostolic days. Satan has for years been aware of this, and has flooded the world with pretended power and manifestations, but in spite of all this God is moving on and on, and to keep apace with the progress of this last and final victory, we must receive the endowment of holy boldness, and dare to declare the whole truth of the gospel. Brethren, we have been weak on this line. We must preach the gospel of healing with Holy Ghost authority. Unless the world hears it, it cannot be believed; unless it is believed, it cannot be received. All men have not faith, and never will have it, because all will not obey God; but many honest suffering ones under the bondage of oppression are famishing to hear this glorious word of life: but “how can they hear without a preacher?” In order to preach healing we must have more than a theoretical doctrine. We must be commissioned by heavenly authority. The flinch must be taken out, as it was in those gone before us in the progress of this gospel age.

As it is in seeking and finding salvation, so it is in seeking and finding healing. Some find it alone with God on their sick-beds of unspeakable suffering. They have so utterly reached the end of all earthly hopes that in the depths of distress they reach the position where God can heal them, without the help of the faith of others. But God has established certain provisions in the church for the benefit of his sick and suffering children. The gifts of healing. But in every case whether the seeker be able to comprehend the way of God’s healing alone, or through the instrumentality of human agency, there must be the confidence in the doctrine, and that it is for “whosoever will.” The gifts of healing cannot be effectually exercised independent of the faith of the responsible seeker. Therefore the necessity of preaching healing cannot be too strongly emphasized. Faith must come by hearing. May the sound go throughout the earth in 1896. This is a prophetic year, and if it be not the coming of our blessed Lord, may It not be the year when the church shall have reached the summit of apostolic glory and power?

Dearly beloved brethren, do we comprehend the stupendous responsibility upon us in this critical moment? Only the sound of the great trumpet, and mercy is past. The world reeking under the oppression of sin and disease is crying for help; yet the church has not been able to bring the needed help for soul and body. This shall be different, and if we to whom the doctrine of apostolic truth has been committed, will but take the prophet Daniel’s remedy, Dan. 9 3, we shall in this very-year. 1896, be able to go forth, not in word only, but in the power and authority of the faith once delivered unto the saints. Your humble brother and sister, set for the defense of the gospel,

J. W. and J. Byers.

Gospel Healing Home,

Oakland, Cal.


Is there a Visible, and an Invisible Church?


IT is taught by the mass of sectarian preachers, and so believed by sectarians in general, that Christ has churches; one composed of all those who are born of God, both in heaven and on earth, of which Christ is head, and acknowledged to be essentially a unit as taught by the word of God. This they denominate “The Universal Invisible Church,” or the “spiritual church,” and claim that all who are saved are members of the same by virtue of spiritual birth.

The other, called by them the “visible church,” is, according to their teachings, composed of all the different sects in existence, each sect being a “branch” of the same, and all who belong to a sect are members thereof by virtue of sect membership. This is very generally taught, and where it is not specifically taught the impression is left on the people by the general teaching that such is the case. Yet in their teaching the two are much confounded so that some have not a clear idea of the two.

Now before proceeding to examine this doctrine, let us compare the two as taught and as we see around us today. Christ is claimed as head of both, and he, through the Holy Spirit, as governor of the “spiritual” church; while the “visible” church is governed by man, each “branch” under different laws and different systems of government, subject to change at the will of man. The “spiritual church” is essentially a unit, but the “visible” is divided and sub-divided into several hundred parties and factions.

In the spiritual church there is peace and harmony, while in and among the “branches” of the visible church there is continual strife and contention, one party working against another, and each seeking to get the greatest number of members for their respective party.


One becomes a member of the spiritual church at the instant of conversion. The act of God forgiving the sins and removing the sense of guilt, adopts him into the family of God, which is the spiritual church, of which he is then a full member in good standing. The work of receiving members into the “spiritual church” belongs to God alone, and it is not in the power of man to do so. All members are received on the same terms and in the same way; viz., repentance and faith unto salvation.

Members are received in the “visible church” by man in a great variety of ways, as voting in, baptism, or some other formal ceremony. In the spiritual church one must be saved in order to be a member, but in the “visible” one may be a member though he never was saved, as all know. Those who commit sin are cast out of the spiritual church by God, as the retention of salvation is absolutely necessary to membership, but in the “visible church” none are cast out as long as they are moral, and many are retained who are far from moral.


As to the plurality of churches, “Come now and let us reason together, saith the Lord.” In all cases of religious matters the only source of appeal is to the word of God. The Word is the scale in which all doctrines must be weighed, and if, after: examining the scriptures, we find that a doctrine is not taught therein, the welfare of our souls demands that it be cast aside, though we have firmly believed it all our lives.

The opinions and doctrines of men, though they may seem ever so plausible, if not founded on the plain teachings of the Bible can not be believed nor relied on except to the detriment of our souls.

It would appear upon looking about us that the doctrine of two churches is the most reasonable, and in fact the only possible conclusion. But let us “not judge according to appearance but judge righteous judgment.” To find the truth of a matter we must often go far below the surface, and outward Indications can not always be relied on. To study the subject in the Word it will be necessary to lay aside many traditions of men, and much previous teaching, but when the question is once settled by the Word of God, we have a foundation upon which we can stand and boldly proclaim the truth. The unanimous voice of the scriptures teach that God has only one church.

“There shall be one fold and one shepherd.” — Jno. 10:16. “And he is the head of the body, the church.” — Col. 1:18. “For his body’s sake, which is the church.” — Col. 1:24. “So we being many, are one body in Christ.” — Rom. 12:5. See 1 Cor. 12:12, 13-20. Eph. 2:16; 4:4-6. Col. 3:15.

Christ being the head, there can be only one body, for a single head will not fit on two bodies at once. It is the household of God, Eph. 2:19, the family of God, 3:15, Bride of Christ, 2 Cor. 11:2. Jno. 3:29. To say that Christ had more than one body, bride, household, etc., would be preposterous and blasphemous. From these scriptures and many of like tenor it will be seen that Christ has but one church.


It is commonly taught that the Bible teaches of two churches, but we have seen so far that only one is taught. Now let us see if a plurality is taught anywhere in the Word; but before doing so let us see what the consequences would be if such were taught If, after all the scriptures we have examined teaching the oneness of the church, we should find a plurality taught elsewhere, it would make the Word contradict itself directly. Then what would become of the claim that its statements do not conflict? If such were the case who could longer believe its inspiration, or who could rely on a Bible flatly contradicting itself?

So the inspiration and authenticity of the Bible must be greatly called in question if we agree that it contradicts itself. Let us notice, therefore, a few of the passages where the word “church” is used in a plural form or sense.

“Then had the churches rest throughout all Judea and Galilee and Samaria.” — Acts 9:31.

“When they had ordained elders in every church.” — Acts 14:23.

“The churches of the Gentiles.” — Rom. 16:4. “In every church.” — 1 Cor. 4:17. “In all churches.” — 1 Cor. 7:17. “Churches of Galatia.” — 1 Cor. 16:1. “To the seven churches in Asia.” — Rev. 1:11. “Throughout all the churches.” — 2 Cor. 8:18, etc.

We see in these scriptures no direct teaching of two churches, for more than two are mentioned; as, “the seven churches in Asia.” In the Bible the word “church” has two uses; the first denoting the whole company of the saved in heaven and on earth, the second denoting the whole number of saved in any particular locality; as, “the church at Ephesus,” etc.

It is claimed that when the word is used in the latter sense it means a sect, but this cannot be, for there were no denominations extant at that time. We read in 1 Cor. 4:17 that Paul taught “everywhere, in every church.” Now if “every church” means in different sects, how could Paul teach in all and teach the same doctrine to all? Could any preacher at the present day preach doctrinal sermons in the various sects, as Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, etc., and be received? Certainly not. Paul says also, in 1 Cor. 7:17, “And so ordain I in all churches.” This certainly proves that all were of one faith and not of different sects, as is claimed, for how could Paul have authority to give orders to any except that to which he belonged? An officer of any sect today has no authority outside its bounds, nor can he “so ordain in all the churches.”

The word “church” in the places quoted means, not sects, but simply that part of the spiritual church dwelling in the locality mentioned.

There can only be one church at one place though there be various places of meeting in the same city or town. We read of but one church in a place however large; as, Antioch, Corinth, Thessalonica, Rome, Jerusalem, etc. The seven churches of Asia were in seven different cities. (Rev. 1:11.)

So we see that the churches spoken of are only local congregations of the spiritual church, and there is no evidence, either direct or indirect, of two churches, one visible, the other not.


Since we see that God has only one church, and it is unanimously agreed that there is a spiritual church, the so-called “visible church” must be the same if it too is God’s church. We have already seen that the two are much different in every respect.

If they are the same why do men make a distinction between them? If they were the same then both would have the same manner of induction, and spiritual birth

being the requisite in the spiritual, would be in the visible, and when a man was born into the family of God he would also, at the instant of conversion, become a member of the “visible church. This is not the case, but the modes of induction into the two are very different and take place at different times, and are not dependent on each other.

There are many in the “visible church” who were never in the spiritual, and many who once were but have lost the grace of God out of their hearts, and are no longer members of the spiritual body. In proof, of this witness the universal acknowledgement; “Good and bad in all churches;” “black sheep in all flocks,” etc. Many, also, are in the spiritual body who do not belong to the “visible church,” and all will admit the truth of this assertion if they will stop and think a moment.

When a man is born of God he is in the spiritual church and remains a member thereof as long as he is a Christian, but is not a member of the “visible” until he joins it, and all can see that in the interval between these two events he belongs to one and not to the other. If he never joins the “visible,” yet retains salvation, he is saved, though he is a member of only one. Thus we see that the two are not the same, but entirely different institutions.


We have already seen that God has only one church, and that the spiritual church and the “visible” are not the same; therefore, both cannot be of God.

Let us examine the “visible church” then and see its origin. In order to prove that it is of God it will be necessary to prove that God is either author or owner of it.

There is no hint in the Word that God owns any such an institution as that which men call the “visible church.” But its unanimous voice is that he has nothing of the kind. If he is the author of it, it must be his, and if his every member of it is his. This cannot be denied. It follows that if all the members are not of Him, then the institution is not of Him. None will try to prove all members of the various sects to be Christians, for there are at least some who do not do right, and such are not of God, for “whosoever doeth not righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother.” — 1 Jno. 3:10. As there are great numbers in the various sects who are cut off by this scripture, we must conclude that it is not of God. We know that all God’s works are good. So he pronounced them at creation, “good,” and “very good.” His works are holy, for “the Lord is righteous in all his ways, and holy in all his works.” — Ps. 145:17.

If it is the work of God, it must be both good and holy, and is it thus when it is largely composed of those who do not believe in holiness, much less profess to be holy? It is an evident fact that nothing holy can be composed of unholy elements. Again, if it were of God, there would be no division in it, but it would be united in one body, instead of the numerous sects of which it is composed, which are the cause of so much strife and confusion in the world today. To make God the author of the many sects is to make him author of the contusion that their presence in the world is responsible for, and “God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.” — 1 Cor. 14:33. Therefore we must conclude that God is not the author of it, but it is from some other source.


From whence sprang all the various sects that now confuse so many honest souls? God’s people existed without them for nearly three centuries, and were satisfied to live according to the Bible as one, and to abide solely in “the body of Christ,” and did riot find it necessary to have any such organizations. But as time passed by the apostasy arose and Catholicism began to take form, and soon ruled Christendom. She is the first sect and mother of all others. After she had reigned over twelve centuries the Lutheran reformation broke forth. This was the first daughter, or Protestant sect. This may be called the beginning of the era of division, and from that day to this, divisions have rapidly multiplied. Sect after sect has been organized, and men have formed party after party. These are all the works of man, without divine sanction, and in direct violation of the commands of God, that all Christians be one, and “that there should be no schisms in the body.”

Men have formed these sects through various motives, as some for personal honor and desire of popularity, some out of perversity, and some through a desire to reform the condition of professed Christians, etc. But whatever the motive, sect making is not of God, for he teaches that all Christians should be one. If sect making is not of God, sects are not of God, and God’s people should not be mixed in with them.

This so-called “visible church” not being of God, and there being only two sources from which it could spring, viz., God and Satan, we must conclude that it emanates from the latter. We say this, not of the people composing sects, but of the institutions themselves, although those who sin are classed by the Bible as servants of Satan. 1 Jno. 3:8.

The divisions among Christian people are the cause of nine-tenths of the infidelity or modern times, and are by far the greatest hindrances to Christian work that ever existed. Every sect is caused by differences and disagreements, arid these are caused by the devil, and can not but be detrimental. Many realize the evils of sects; but do not see how that evil can be avoided; but a decision to obey God, and an understanding of the Bible enabling one to “discern the body of Christ,” forever settles the question with all honest souls.


Is there any other source from which such an institution could emanate, or could there, be any other author for it? Since we have seen that the so-called “visible church” is not of God, and God has a church, we must conclude that the spiritual church is that one; but we are not left in doubt about the matter, for Christ is both owner and author, as proved by Matt 16:18. “I will build my church,” says Christ, and he did so. Again it is called by God’s name, “Church of God.” Acts 20:28. 1 Cor. 1:1, etc. It being of God, all the members must be of him, and spiritual birth being the induction, no sinners can get in. and when one is a member, he can only remain so by retaining salvation. This is abundantly proved by the scriptures. See Eph. 5:25-27. Isa. 60:21. Jno. 15:1-6. Ex. 32:33. To lose salvation is to lose our membership in the church.

C. W. Naylor.

(To be continued.)




FOR some time God has been stirring my soul on the subject of advancement. As long as the Lord moves the brethren to send in articles would it not be well to devote a column to this subject? Brethren, let us be moved of the Lord in this matter.

For a long time I have been convinced that my ministerial labors have not been as thorough as they should have been, from the lack of doing my duty on the line of personal admonitions. During the month of July the Lord gave me a wonderful shaking up on this line. He gave me a dream, in which were represented several years of my past life. It seemed that I had been constantly moving with my family from place to place. And in each place I lived would get in close circumstances financially, and would get in debt for the support of my family. I was greatly burdened, for it had gone on for a long time. And I said in my dream, “Oh God, why is it that I am constantly getting deeper in debt; thou knowest it is not in my heart to make debts that I cannot pay and thus bring a reproach upon thy cause.”

When I awoke I felt thankful that such was not the ease, but the dream did not make much of an impression upon my mind. A few nights later the dream came again. This time it left an impression upon my mind. Then it came again, and again, and so on, until I saw that the Lord was showing me that I was indebted to a great many poor souls, in many localities, with whom I had not dealt faithfully. Oh how my soul was stirred at the thought of my garments being stained with the bloody of these poor souls in the day of judgment!

A few weeks later I was awakened to the fact that there was a great advancement for me to make on the line of sobriety. I also was enabled to see that I had not the degree of soberness I had when I first entered the experience of sanctification. I did not feel that I had fallen into sin, but I saw very clearly that my soul was on a drift, and that I must get deeper into God or I would fall. The meetings we were holding seemed to be spiritual and God was saving souls, but it seemed to that God would bless our labors still more when I got into a closer walk with him. I was sure the Lord had showed me two things needed; so I prayed, “Lord give me sobriety; give me grace to deal faithfully with souls.”

But it seemed I could not get the much needed graces, though sought with diligence. I was perplexed. But recently in a meeting the Lord moved a brother to read 2 Cor. 12:19-21, where Paul speaks of God humbling him among them to qualify him to reprove unfaithfulness among them. As he read I was enabled to see the proper place to commence to seek the qualifications I needed. I saw that God had not given me the needed grace because he had not yet humbled me as he desired.

At Grand Junction I presented myself in the precious advancement meetings now being held at that place, as a candidate for humility. And I praise God that he is sinking me down into a more sacred sweetness, and nearness to God, than I ever experienced before. I also praise God that I realize my soul is advancing in sobriety and faith, and that God is giving me grace to deal faithfully with souls, and see very clearly that God had to withhold necessary graces from me because of my lack of humility. For “God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.” Jas. 4:6. Pray for me.

Wm. G. Schell.


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