1 July 1884, Volume 6, Number 10.

Persecutions of John Bunjan.


“But when Satan preceived that his thus tempting and assaulting me, would not answer his design; to wit, to overthrow the ministry, and make it ineffectual, as to the ends thereof; then ho tried another way, which was, to stir up the minds of the ignorant and malicious to load me with slander and reproaches: now therefore, I may say, that what the devil could devise, and his instruments invent, was whirled up and down the country against me, thinking, as I said, that by that means they should make my ministry to be abandoned.

It began therefore to be rumored up and down among the people, that I was a witch a jesuit, a highwayman, and the like.

But that which was reported with the boldest confidence, was that I had my misses, my whores, my bastards, yea, two wives at once, and the like. Now these slanders, with the other, I glory in, because I but slanders, foolish or knavish lies, and falsehoods cast upon me by the devil end his seed. And should I not be dealt with thus wickedly by the world, I should want one sign of a saint, and a child of God. “Blessed are ye,” said the Lord Jesus, “when man shall revile, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil of you falsely for my sake. Rejoice and be ex­ceeding glad, for great is your reward in heaven; for so persecuted they the proph­ets which wore before you.”

These things therefore, upon my own account troubled me not; no, though they wore twenty times more than they are. I have a good conscience, and whereas they speak evil of, us an evil doer, they shall be ashamed that falsely accuse my good conversation in Christ.

So then, what shall I say to those who have thus bespattered his? Shall I threat­en them? Shall I chide them? Shall I flatter them? Shall I entreat them to hold their tongues? No, not I. Were it not for that those things make them ripe for damnation that are the authors and abettors, I would say unto them, “Report it,” because it will increase my glory.

Therefore I bind these lies and slanders to me as an ornament; it belongs to my christian profession to be vilified, slandered, reproached, and reviled; and since all this is nothing else, as my God and my conscience do bear me witness, I rejoice in reproaches for Christ’s sake.

Now, as Satan endeavored, by reproach­es and slanders to make me vile among my countrymen, that, if possible, my preaching might be made of none effect; so there was added hereto a long and te­dious imprisonment, that thereby I might he frightened from the service of Christ, and the world terrified and made afraid to bear me preach. Of which I shall in the next place give you a brief account.

Having made profession of the glorious Gospel of Christ a long time, and preach­ed the same about five years, I was appre­hended at a meeting of good people in the country; among whom had they lot me alone I should have preached that day; but they took me away from amongst them, and had me before a justice; who, after I had offered security for my appearing the next sessions, yet committed me, because my surities would not consent to be bound, that I should preach no more to the people.

At the sessions after I was indicted for an upholder and maintainer of unlawful assemblies and conventicles, and for not conforming to the national worship of the Church of England; and after some conference there with the justices, they take ing my plain dealing with them for a confession, as they termed it, of the in­dictment, did sentence me to a perpetual banishment, because I refused to conform. So being again delivered up to the jailor’s hands, I was had home to prison, and there have lain now complete twelve years, waiting to see what God would suffer there men to do with me.

In which condition I have continued with much content, through grace.

I never know what it was for God to stand by me at all turns, end at every offer of Satan to afflict me, &c., as I have found him since I came in hither. Before I came to prison, I saw what was coming; and had especially two considerations warm upon my heart.

“But we had the sentence of death in ourselves that we might not trust in ourselves, but in God that raiseth the dead.” By this Scripture I was made to see, that if I would suffer rightly, I must first pass a sentence of death upon everything that can properly be called a thing of this life; oven to reckon myself, my wife, my chil­dren, ray health, my enjoyments, and all as dead to me, and myself as dead to them.

The second was, to live upon God that is invisible; as Paul said in another place, the way not to faint is, “to look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are soon are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal.” And thus I reasoned with myself: If I provide only for a prison then the whip comes unawares; and so doth also the pillory. Again, if I only provide for these, then I am not fit for banishment. Further, if I conclude that banishment is the worst, then if death come I am surprised. So that I see the best way to go through sufferings, is to trust in God through Christ, as touching the world to come; and as touching this world, to “count the grave my house, to make my bed in darkness, and to say to cor­ruption, Thou art my father, and to the worm, Thou art my mother and sister,” that is, to familiarize these things to me.

But notwithstanding these helps, I found myself a man encompassed with infirm­ities. The parting with my wife and poor children hath often been to me, in this place, as the pulling the flesh from my bones; and that not only because I am somewhat too, fond of these mercies.


Note — In all these sufferings, Bunyan had, beside the grace of God, the consola­tions of a true wife to sustain and comfort him. With his great heart glowing with love for the truth, and deep affection for her that had been such a true friend in the past, just suppose for a moment the devil had in the time of his greatest perse­cution from sectarian idolaters, overthrown his faithful Elizabeth, and so blinded and deceived her as to make it appear her duty to renounce him, and the truth ho was devoted to, in all the papers of that day. Suppose he would have found her all at once in fellowship with his persecu­tors and slanderers, and receiving the friendship and applause of the popular sects of that time, rather than suffer per­secution with her husband, for Christ’s sake: do you not believe that such a trial would have more cruelly “pulled the flesh from his bones,” than twelve years im­prisonment, with a good and faithful wife at home, sharing his reproach, and offer­ing her daily prayers to God on his behalf? Of course the woman could not have published any sin of the man of God, nor would it have boon necessary. All that she would need to have done were to have renounced him, and the “come out move­ment,” that he was engaged in under God, and remind them that she “had boon con­nected with the movement from its begin­ning, as you all know, and at the very head of it,” and then throw out a few hints that she had “suffered” a great many things, and that “circumstances, and the manifes­tation of the spirit of this movement, have been such for several mouths past, that I fear farther delay on my part would be disastrous to the cause of Christ and my own soul.’’ This were sufficient to confirm all the vile slanders that eat an had rent out against her husband, with all who hated the truth he taught. O yes that would settle the matter. Yes, yea, you know all the horrible things that are re­ported of this awfully deluded man, and now his wife comes out against him that proves that these things are true. And if the devil were as smart then as he is now no would have lead the poor apostle guilty woman to put on a very lovely aspect in her public comforters to the idolaters of those times, in order to have the more in­fluence. Yea doubtless while selling her husband to the devil for the friendship or his enemies, and selling Christ, whose truth he dared to speak, she would have hypo­critically said “I love my husband,” and “Jesus sweetly abides in my heart.” O what a record the day of judgment will unfold. But God be praised that Banyan was blessed with a true companion, but let him whose lot is otherwise “bind this to him as an ornament,” as Bunyan did the vile slanders heaped upon him.



Lead Me Gently Home.



Dear Brethren: — I receive the Trumpet with many thanks, and think it the best I ever read, I hope to see it constant­ly full of God’s truth, love, and power, so as to fill every soul that read it. Praise the Lord “for his mercy endureth forever.” I am all the Lord’s to day and expect al­ways to be in His service. I am saved this afternoon by the precious, blood of Je­sus. I am all the Lord’s, soul, body, and Spirit; I am rejoicing in the hope of the glory of God. With the help of the Lord I have composed a little poem, which I here give you and hope it may find its way into the Trumpet.

Blessed Lord, Blessed Lord,
Lead the gently home.
And keep me in the narrow way
And do not let me roam.
Bless me as thou … at fit.
And keep me near thy side,
For thou hast promised to come in
And there with me abide.

Cho. —  Blessed Lord, Blessed Lord,
Lead me gently home;
And keep the in the narrow way
And do not let me roam.

Bless me now, Bless me now,
Oh I Seal me thine alone.
And give me in my heart thy pe..
Which nothing can dethrone.
Do Lord, come down and … …
And keep me pure in heart.
Dear Lord, let down thy Spirit, free,
That fruit from thence may start.

Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord,
I ve felt thy mighty power.
For thou hast given me the fire
This very blessed hour.
O Lord, I cannot tell
Thy tender love for me.
Help me to realize and tell
Of my great liberty

Union Home, Mich, May 9


Unrighteous Judging.


Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, Feb. 17th.

Dear Bro. Warner — may God bless and keep you sweetly through all trials of these perilous times. And may His grace sus­tain your soul under all the slanders and evil accusations, for Christs sake. Well, I doubt not that you are leaping and rejoiceing, for great will be your reward in heav­en.

I see in a little paper some very harsh judging and reproving because you had gone into debt for a press. Now I want to say to the Trumpet readers that I am one that persuaded Bro. W — to buy that press and make the Trumpet a weekly, to supply the wants of the free and fully saved people of God. I wish to say to our erring J. B. Flinn, that, if he had not boon bitten by that serpent he cherished, he would not have judged so rashly and con­demned a brother in direct violation to Christ’s command —  “Judge not according to appearance, but judge righteous judge­ment.” — John 7:24.

Does he condemn every child of God as a hypocrite, who, through disappointments and other providences, have become in­volved in debt? If not why does he thus treat the editor of the Trumpet if it be not through the arch enemy of true holi­ness.

I want to say to the glory of God, I was converted Fob. 1846, and lived an up and down life until Feb. 1880, when through the preaching of entire sanctification, its a “second grace,” by Bro. W. W. Roberts.

I entered, by faith, into this grace where I now stand and rejoice in the hops of the glory of God and glory in tribulation. May God bless you and hold up the hands that hang down, and strengthen the knees in these trying times of satans great rage.

Your brother in the love of Jesus.

Nathan Hobbs.

Freedom His Christ.

By G. H. Compton.


Then, said Jesus is those Jews which believed on him, If ..e continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed. And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Not free from mis­takes; hot free from errors; not free from ignorance; not free from grief and pain: not free from trials and temptations; not free from infirmaties, physical, intellectual, and moral; not free from these, and hun­dreds of others which might be mentioned, to which all Christians are subject in this life. But, frees from what? Let God an­swer for himself. “But now being made free from sin, and becomes servants of God, ye have your fruits unto holiness, and the end everlasting life.” All the words of God, all his institutions, and judgements, are levelled against sin; either, that we may not commit it, or have it destroyed root and branch. Which will we have, evil re­pressed, so as not to commit sin; or will we have the entire root and body of sin exterminated? But, does not the bible say a just man sinneth seven times a day? It does not. Indeed, it says, a just man falleth seven times. But this is another thing, for the words, a day, are not in the text, Secondly, here is no mention of falling in to sin. What is here said, may mean the falling into errors, and afflictions. But, elsewhere Solomon says, “There is no man that sinneth not.” Doubtless thus it was in the days of Solomon; and, from Solomon to Christ, there was no man that sinned not. Whatever was the case with them under the law, we may safely affirm with St. John, that since the gospel was given. “He, that is born of God; sinneth not.” The privileges of Christians are not to be measured by what the Old Testament records concerning those who were under the Jewish dispensation, considering that the fullness of time is now come. The King­dom of Heaven is now at hand. The Holy Ghost is now given. The great salva­tion of God is now brought to men by the revelation of Jesus Christ. The Kingdom of Heaven is now set upon earth: concerning which the Spirit of God declares of old time, so far as David being the standard of Christian perfection. God through the mouth of his servant declares that he who is feeble among them,” or weak abject or fallen, “shall be as David, and the house of David shall he as God.” “As the An­gel of the Lord before them. And he that is least in the Kingdom of God now shall be greater than John, the baptist” You will find, by reading the word of God, that whatever else may be said of Christ­ians, it cannot truthfully be affirmed, that they are sinning christians. Some of them are spoken of as being unruly, feeble minded, little faith, weak. “Ye that are strong ought to hear, the infirmaties of the weak.” Never are they spoken of us sin­ful creatures. Jesus Christ, himself, de­clares, “He, that committeth sin, is the servant of sin; and the servant abideth not in the house; but the son abideth in the house forever.” And Paul says “Know ye not to whom ye yield yourselves serv­ants, to obey, his servants ye are, to whom ye obey, whether of sin unto death or of obedience unto righteousness.” Pet­er says “By whom a man is overcome, by the same is he brought into bondage.” “He that committeth sin is of the devil. Who soever is born of God cannot commit sin. In this the children of God are manifest; and the children of the devil.” In what? in the fact, that one commits sin, while the other does not; and cannot, us long as he is born of God. No more can be do wrong than the Niagara river can run dry, while led by the Great Lakes. You say he sins but not in the way he used to sin. He does not wilfully sin; he errs only in some particular way. Whoever disputes this, gives the word of God the lie. It cannot be for the bible emphatically declares “That he, that is begotten of God, keepeth himself; and that wicked one toucheth him not.” The Apostle did not say that it was a moral impossibility to sin; but ho merely stated the fact that “He that sinneth, is of the devil; for the devil sin­neth from the beginning.” And let us all adopt the language of one of old, “Till I die, I will not remove my integrity from me. My righteousness I hold fast, and will not let it go. My heart shall not re­proach me so long as I live.” A sanctified soul, is one which is free from sin prin­ciple; and can say, as long as it remains in a state of entire sanctification, “In all these things we are more than conquer­ors, through him that loves ns.” None of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself. When we are con­verted the affections and desires are all nailed to the cross, and will soon die if we give them no relief. But, they are such beggars; they urge with so much importu­nity all those little indulgencies, which seem to do no harm, that they, unsuspected, draw the mind away from Christ and keep the soul in bondage. That, which is not of faith, is sin; and there is harm in ev­ery thing which is not done, expressly, for the glory of God. No action of our lives can be indifferent.

We are to do all to the glory of God. “When the eye is single the whole body is full of light, having no part dark.” A man must either be in posession of this high state of grace, or following hard af­ter it, if he would retain the favor of God. By not following hard after holiness is the inevitable way to fall into sin. A man will be dammed for inherited sin as well, as for actual transgression, providing, he will not seek holiness when he has light and conviction on the subject. With a great many professors, this idea of holiness is looked upon with perfect indifference. With God it is holiness or hall fire. It is this or eternal damnation. There is an overwhelming and stupenduous amount of ignorance on the subject of holiness. Hol­iness is preferable to heaven at any time. A man better be in hell with holiness, if such a thing were possible, than to be in heaven without it. For hell, itself, would be heaven. And to be in heaven, without holiness, would be the hottest hell a man could get into.


Our Wicked Nation.



“But they rebelled, and vexed his holy Spirit. Therefore He was turned to be their enemy, and He fought against them.” “Woe to the rebellious children,” saith the Lard, “that take counsel, but not of me; and that cover with a covering, but not of my Spirit, that they may add sin to sin.” — Isaiah 63:10—30:1.

The bloody conflict, which resulted in the abolition of slavery in these United States, may well be called “the war of the rebellion.” In the light of divine proph­esy it was a far greater rebellion than men generally suppose. Do you ask how we added sin to sin? The command of God is: “Relieve the oppressed. Loose the bands of wickedness and the heavy bur­dens, and let the oppressed go free,” and that “ye break every yoke.” — Isaiah 1:17- 58:6. Did our “sinful kingdom.” (Amos 7:8.) obey the voice of God? Now, there­fore, we have not escaped all those terri­ble judgements, pronounced in Isaiah 1:20, 8:7-8; 10:5-6.

Now the words of Isa. 1:5 are sounding loudly in our ears: “Why should ye be stricken any more. Ye will revolt more and more.”

O my brother, may God help you to cry aloud. “Spare not, lift up your voice as a trumpet, and warn ray people of their sins and Jacob of his transgressions.”

“Go, humble toiler in his field,
Prophetic pioneer
Go on, though many people scoff,
And christened sceptics sneer.


Confession and Healing.


The truth, as shown forth in James 5: induces me to believe that confession and healing are so closely joined that no man is safe, or wise in putting them asunder. I understand that confession in not to be made to on old father, nor to a young brother, particularly, but to one another. Yea, “confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another that you may be healed.”

Wm. H. Hull.

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Send Forth in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
For the Purity and Unity of His Church,
the Defence of ALL His Truth,
And the Destruction of Sect Bab­ylon.


D. S. WARNER, and J. C. FISHER, Editor.
THOMAS NORTON, Publisher. with. J. C. Fisher financial assistant.


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We received notice of a grove meeting to be held in Medina Co. O. in August.


A Camp meeting is also being talked up in this (Ingham Co., Mich.) comunity, but those two meet­ings could not be arranged in time for a full notice in this issue. All will be arranged, and proper notices given in the next issue. In the meantime let the saints prepare for these campaigns



This annual camp-meeting will begin the Lord willing, August 23, 1884.


The Work in Iowa.


Bro. W. W. Roberts writes June 17.

Had a blessed meeting at Clay Grove, over Satur­day and Sabbath. Then had a wonderful meeting in Mt. Pleasant, three evenings ago. The little ones seemed unusually clear. Would love to see you again, but am  ssying, His will be done in all things. For Ee doeth all things well. Amen.

W. W. Roberts


At the time of our last issue we expected to send forth another blast June 15. but failing to get the necessary help we could not do so. Thank God for the coming of Bro. Spaulding from Van Buren Co. whom the Lord has called to set type for him. Also, Bro. J. Cole, recently came from Misouri, expects, the Lord willing, to work some in the office. Also a dear brother Ferris, a convert from Catholic­ism, from Alegan Co. is called of the Master to help In this work, and has just arrived, praising God for deliverance through the precious blood of the Lamb.


A Glorious Meeting.


God moved a sister in Gratiot Co. Mich. to write to the Lyons brethren a few miles from Maple Rapids Clinton Co. saying, that the Holy Spirit impressed her, there should be a meeting at their place over June 21, 22, and that they were comming down: at the same time the Lord moved a certain brother and sister in Eaton Co. to the same thing. The appointment came from the two points, each unknown to the other. A bowery was prepared, and though the notice was short, and no chance to announce it in the Trumpet, the Lord who appointed the meeting, flashed the news in various ways to the Saints, and they came together like fire brands, into one blazing bonfire of divine glory. How the wonderful love of Jesus thrilled every heart and glowed on every face. We were astonished to meet such a host. “Mul­titudes, multitudes in the valley of deci­sion,” and surely “the Lord is nigh in the valley of decision.” We left the meeting still in progress, Tuesday mom. 24 th. Sev­eral had been wonderfully Sanctified. One man lay nearly an hour like a dead man after he expired on the Cross, with Christ, and then arose with shouts of Glory. Several who were maintaining the faith and testimony of holiness, received a won­derful baptism of Holy Spirit fire and power. Two sisters who had been called of God to preach the everlasting Gospel of Christ, made a special consecration to that great and solemn calling and received a glorious anointing for the work.

We have said to the people, that about every question that could be raised, as to the how this, and how that, about God’s Church, could be directly answered by this little scripture, i.e., “It is God that worketh all things in all.” And now should one enquire, “who is to call the special meetings?” we hare authority to answer, “It is God that worketh all things in all,” the Churches and members. Praise His name!



1. Then: It is pride that maker poor man so depraved that he cannot in it be known to be the image and similitude of God. The angels, when they became de­vils, it was through their being lifted or puffed up with pride. It is pride also that lifteth or puffeth up the heart of the sinner, and makes, him to bear the very image of the devil.

2. Pride makes a man so odious in the sight of God that he shall not, come nigh his Majesty: “Though the Lord be high, yet hath he respect to the lowly; but the proud he knows afar off.” Pride sets God and the soul at a distance; pride will not let a man come nigh God, nor God Will not let a proud man come nigh unto him; now this is a dreadful thing.

3. As pride sets, so it keeps, God and the soul at a distance. God resisteth the proud — resists, that is, ho opposes him, he thrusts him from him, he contemneth his person and all his performances. Come into God’s ordnances the proud man may, but come into his presence, have commuion with him or blessing from him, he shall not for the high God doth resist him.

4. The word saith that “the Lord will destroy the house of the proud;” he will pestroy his house; it may be understood he will, destroy him and his. So he destroyed proud Pharaoh, so he destroyed proud Korah, and many others.

5. Pride, where it comes and is entertain­ed, is a certain forerunner of tome judge­ment that is not far behind. When pride goes before, shame and destruction will follow after. “When pride cometh, then cometh shame. Pride goeth before de­struction, and a haughty spirit pefore a fall.”

6. Persisting in pride makes the con­dition of a poor man as remediless as is that of the devils themselves.

 — John Bunyan.




It is commonly understood that heresy is simply a dangerous error, and that heretics are those who have imbibed errone­ous opinions concerning “fundamentals.” This view is a mistaken one, as the term heresy signifies a party, sect, or division, and a heretic is properly a partisan, or one who separatee or makes parties or divi­sions. This is the uniform New Testa­ment usage of the word hairesis, which is traslated sect five times: Acts v. 17, xv. 5, xxiv. 5, xxvi 2, xxviii. 22; and heresy four times: Acts xxiv. 14, 1 Cor. xi. 19, Gal. v. 20, 2 Peter ii. 1. Thes are the on­ly places where the word occurs; the noun hairetikos, or heretic, occuring but once. Titus iii. 10.

It is clearly evident from these passages, that heresies are divisions and parties; and a heretic is one who thus separates those who should dwell together in unity according to the will of their Master, who prayed that they might all be one. A man who was a heretic they were, after admon­ishing him twice, to reject, if he was deter, mined to make division in the flock of God; while those who were simply “weak in faith,” they were to receive, but not to judge their doubtful thoughts. Rom. xiv. 1.

It thus appears that the very man who say most about heresy, and who some­times seek to judge and cast out the Lord’s children as heretics, are themselves here­tics, in the true sense of the word; since they labor to divide Christ’s flock into herecies, sects, or denominations, and also foster, apologise for, and defend their divi­sions, sect, or heresies.

The only punishment for heresy is to reject the man who makes such divisions. He is not to be hated, persecuted, slander­ed, abused or lied about; he is simply to be set aside, not because he has wrong oppinions, but because he divides the people of God.

True heresy, then is sectarianism; and all zealous sectarians partake of the spirit of heresy, All who build fences to divide God’s people, whether they be creeds, doctrines, ordinances, or anything of hu­man origin which separates the saints, —  These are heretics who, the apostle com­mands, should first be admonished, and af­ter the first and second admonition, reject­ed. Titus iii. 10.

Heresy hunters will do well to note these facts; and perhaps they may find that they themselves are heretics, and so be saved the trouble of further searching in this direction.



Get subscribers for the TRUMPET.

Try it and you will do some one good, help us, please the Lord, and get a reward in glory.


BY D. S. W.


Why should a mortal man complain,
At trials in this wicked world?
Nay, let us thank God’s holy name,
For all His love o’er us unfurled.

Cho — O Jesus wing our souls above
Each wave of trouble that we meet;
Then in the furnace of thy love,
We’ll sing and shout our joys complete.

O why should any one oppres’t
Forget the promise of our God,
“To thee each providence is blest,”
If in love we bear the chastning rod.

O who would cast away the gold,
We’ve gathered in the furnace flame;
And who would wish again the dross,
Here purged in our Redeemer’s name.

Then let the cruel tempest blow,
We’ll praise the Lord in every storm;
And though our dearest friends may go,
In God we cannot suffer harm.


The above lines were suggested to us by writing a letter to a dear fellow suffer­er, in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ. I pray God that they may be blest to the comfort and strengthning of all who are called to pass through the seven times intensified firey trials, that are so common to the true and devout children of God, at this time. Yes, it does seem that all are called to be baptized with the baptism of Christ’s suffering, and drink of His own cup. If you have not yet had this bitter cup put to your lips, look out for it, expect it, yea expect the the very worst that satan can do, and then when it comes you will be better prepared for it. These are the days that bum like an oven, and all stubble and dross must be consumed, and all that will not stand the test must be driven back. God is in a hurry to have the line drawn, and the gulf fixed between His Church and the world, and it takes a very hot fire to sep­arate the dross from the gold. “Who may abide the day of His coming? and who shall stand when He appeareth? for He is like a refiners fire, and like fullers soap.”

But why should a mortal man complain at trials in this wicked world? The hot­test furnace is but the flames of God’s in­tense love. Therefore thank ye God’s holy name, that He has put such an estimate upon you, that He has seen fit to employ such potent means of refining your gold. Yea, thank God, that ye are connted worthy to suffer with Christ The “fellow­ship of His suffering,” is one of the things for which the Apostle Paul “suffered the loss of all things.” But every soul will cry out in the furnace, saying, “I could stand any thing but this.” “Were it not for such, and such, I could endure it, but I never dremed of this thing, O is it pos­sible that things have turned about in this way.” Yes, yes, my beloved, just that most unexpected providence, is necessary to try you as by fire. “If it had not been ray peculiar friend, with whom I took sweet counsel, then I could have borne it.” That is the common experience of the disciple, as well as of the Master. For “Ye shall indeed drink of the cup that I drink, and be baptized with the baptism wherewith I am baptized.” Though the flesh cries out in agony, in the crucible, do not murmer nor complain, for if you just look back, you will see that it was in these very furnace flames, where you found the purest gold, and lost the most dross. Then grasp, and make real to your soul, the promise, “All things work together for good to them that love God; to them that are called according to His purpose.” “And who is He that can harm you, if ye be doers of that which is good?” How blessed it is to refer every thing to the all wise and kind providence of God. Every thing either comes to us directly from the hand of God, or from the evil one. If from the former, it can only be good. II from the latter, God will turn it into a blessing before it reaches us. He is never forgetful of us, nor indifferent to our well-being. Nay, He has numbered the very hairs of our head, and has pledg­ed Himself to see to it, that all the pow­ers, and machinations, of earth, hell and heaven, “work together for our good.” If you are sanctified wholly, you dwell “In a land which the Lord thy God careth for: the eyes of the Lord thy God are al­ways upon it, from the beginning of the year, even unto the end of the year.” —  Deut. 11:12. “He withdrawelh not His eye from the righteous.” — Job 36:7. What a blessed promise. O let us consider it. He that keepeth us never slumbers, nor so much as turns His eye off of us, for a sin­gle instant. How utterly impossible then for satan to steal upon us and do us harm. Glory to God in the highest I whatever he,

or an any of his children, or agents, do unto us, they must do right under the eye of God, under His immediate notice. And will not the Father of all mercies, restrain his every apbroach, except when He sees it shall turn to our good? Surely be will, yea, blessed be His name! our testimony is, He does. Therefore let us “bless the Lord at all times, and His praise be con­tinually in our mouth,” for “Behold the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear Him, upon them that hope in His mercy, to deliver their soul from death, and to keep them alive in famine. Our soul waiteth on the Lord: He is our help and our shield. For our heart shall rejoice in Him, because we have trusted in His holy name. Let thy mercy, O Lord, be upon us, ac­cording as we hope in thee.” — Psa. 36:18—22. Yes Lord, let thy mercy be upon us, in blessings, in joys, in sorrows, in “per­plexities,” in being “troubled on every side, yet not in despair,” in being “perse­cuted but not forsaken, cast down, but net destroyed. Always bearing about in the body, the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body.” Yes let thy mercies be upon us, whether it come in the form of prosperity, or adversity, in poverty or abundance, in friendship or persecution. “By honor or dishonor, by evil report and good report, as deceivers and yet true; as unknown, and yet well known, as dying, and, behold, we live as chastened, and not killed; as sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; as poor, yet making many rich; as having nothing, yet possessing all things.” Amen! Blessed God, I do thank thee that thou dost make everything contribute to the salvation, and eternal safety of my soul. “So that we can boldly say, ‘the Lord is my helper, I will not fear what man can do unto me.”

Then let the cruel tempest blow,
We’ll praise the Lord in every storm;
And though our dearest friends may go,
In God we cannot suffer harm.



Bangor Camp Meeting


This gathering of God’s children has come, and passed by; and many of the saints return to their homes to-day, with its blessings on their souls, and its heaven­ly communion embalmed in their memory. Glory to God for the sweet fellowship of the pure in heart! There was quite a large turn out of pilgrims. Some came with buggies over one hundred miles. One dear brother traveled on foot to the meeting, about 170 miles. But the prin­ciple part of the Lord’s host, were from that and surrounding Counties. Whore the Lord God is spreading the holy fire in every direction. Raising up His own min­isters, filled with the Holy Ghost, and faith. Whom He has “set over the nations, and over the kingdoms, to root out, and pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant.” And God has “given them a mouth, and wisdom that none of their adversaries can withstand.” For He has made them a “defenced city, and an iron pillar, and brazen walls against the whole land, against the kings of Judah, against the princes thereof, and against the people of the Ladd.” — Jer. 1, &15. “And much people is being added to the Lord.”

One great disadvantage in the meeting was the need of more tents on the ground. Crops having failed last year, the people were not prepared to equip themselvs properly for the campaign. But the Lord having blessed the little ones who live near the grounds, with large, kind hearts, their houses were a welcome quarters for the anointed soldiers of the cross. The Lord bless them with fatness in their soul, and a rich reward in future glory. A good degree of divine power attended the services, which wo are confident would have been much greater, had the forces been able to remain right upon the ground. Sister Frank Miller, from Battle Creek, a cousin of Sister Emma Miller, whose blind eyes were opened at the meeting there one year ago, came to the Camp Meeting, to see what the Lord would do for her. She had been partially blind, so as not to be able to read for the last ten years. For five years her health had been so poorly that she could do no work. She first sought the Lord, and was joyfully pardon­ed of all her sins, and adopted into the family of the “First Born.” Soon after that she rendered her body a living sac­rifice to God, died indeed unto sin, and to all that is of the world, and was wholly “sanctified in Christ Jesus.” Then she, was ready for the healing of the body. Hands were laid on her in scriptural order, and through the faith of the Son of God, she was made every whit whole in body, and blessed with good eyesight. The next morning we handed her our bible, and she read with perfect ease. She continued praising God, and testifying to this perfect soundness in soul and body, to the close of the meeting. All glory to God for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men!

Sister Bryant’s sufferer of bodily afflic­tion, for the last eight years, was also in­stantly and fully healed.

Baother Sanders of Onarga Ill., very feeble with the -, came also to be healed. His faith took hold on the Lord, and though the cure was not fully mani­fest in his body, he grew better, and if he continues to hold onto Christ, we doubt not he shall be fully restored.

Brother Jacobson from Chicago Ill., who has been entirely blind for the last seven years, and nearly so twenty one years, came to the camp meeting believing he should receive his sight. He was wonder­fully sanctified and illuminated by the Holy Spirit, through the blood of the ev­erlasting covenant. The Lord also wrought wonderfully upon his eyes, so that he could at times see the light of day. The Great Physician has the case in hand, and though the blessing of sight was not re­alized at the close of the meeting, for the purpose of teaching us some important lessons, we may expect to hear from Bro. Jacobson soon, under this caption, “Now I see.”

There was only a partial record kept of the results of the meeting, from which we may safely say, there were about fifteen converted, and thirty-five sanctified. Oth­ers who had let their faith fail to some extent, were renewed in holiness. The work was very deep and thorough, idols were searched to the bottom of the heart. Men and women lay upon the straw suff­ering the pains of actual death with Christ and then arose with Him to walk in heav­en’s own light, above the world and sin.

One poor slave to the poisonous cup, came one night to the meeting while intox­icated. After meeting he lay down in the pavillion and slept until morning. He arose early, when his wife besought him to stay for meeting, and give his heart to Christ. But he preferred to go to Bangor and drownd the miseries caused by the previous day’s indulgence, by a repetition of the Alcohol curse. O the sad and aw­ful life of the victim of the whiskey mon­ster. His wife, who is fully saved, fell upon her knees, and asked God to prevent his return to the saloons. The God of the Bible answered her prayers, touched the man’s limbs, and his strength departed. In vain his attempts to proceed. He began to consider the fact that God had laid His hand upon him, and prostrated him, in his way to destruction. He was willing to return, and received sufficient strength to reach the camp again. He lay down in deep conviction of his sins. In the early meeting he confessed his sins, asked pardon of his wife, and the saints whom he had persecuted, and confessed that God had captured him. Bless God he surrendered and obtained mercy from the Lord. Praise His name!

The crowd of people was quite large on the two Sabbaths, and besides preaching in the regular stand, the Sword of the Spirit was wielded in the Spirit, upon the throngs about the camp. This camp meet­ing was another clear demonstration of the fact, that the Holy Spirit is capable of controling and ordering His host, with­out men medling with His business. There were no Lord’s over the meeting; no committies to say, “who shall preach this forenoon, afternoon and night.” Yet no two had conflicting messages; all was in per­fect harmony, because, “it is God that worketh all things in all.” “He mustereth the host to the battle.” While the Lord is with us, giving victory on all sides, it is the general feeling that He will lead us much farther out into the deep things of God, and put upon the saints a power and glory that has never yet been reached, since the early apostacy of the professed followers of Christ. Yea, we are not only looking for the return of the “early rain,” the Apostolic power; but in addition the “latter rain” also. This is the glory of the restored temple that is to excell that of the former house. Many devout souls are drawn out after, and are looking for these coining floods of mercy.


“And of Zion it shall be said, This and that men was born in her; and the Highest Himself shall es­tablish her. The Lord shall count, when He writeth un the people that, this man was born there. Psa. 87.

3 page

Our Flying Roll.


We are indebted to sister Fisher for the designs off our new out. She drew it with pen and ink, and then it was transfered to an electrotype by a photographic pro­cess, by the Grosscup and West electro­type, and stereotype Co. Philedelphia Pa. The process is a new and wonderful dis­covery, which reduces the price of cuts, to about one sixth what it costs by the usual method of engraving and Stereotyping.

A word about the constants of the soroll. We have found out that the same devil, that know Christ, and Paul, but did not know the sons of Sceva, also knows the Gospel Trumpet. A sister who fell under the delusive spirit, last fall, and became possesed with the same, on receiving the Trumpet afterward, wrote up to discontinue the same, saying that the spirit told her she should not read it, saying “This is the curse that goeth forth over the face of the whole earth.” Of course we knew that the spirit that controlled her, was mot of God, and we paid no attention to this language whence it was, or what its context. But afterward in reading the Prophet Zechariah through, we came to the words tire de­ceiver had put into the mouth of the poor fallen woman. And, to our astonishment, we found that the language was actually applicable to God’s radical and faithful papers, of this day. But satan was wise enough to conceal the real light of the text; by just giving his victim that one clause, he makes an impression on her mind just the reverse of what is in­tended. He uses at to make her think the Trumpet is a curse to society, whereas the divine application that immediately follows show that it is a curse or plague up­on satan’s own works.

“Then I turned, and lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and behold a flying roll.

And he said unto me, What, seest thou? And I answered, I see a flying roll: the length thereof is twenty cubits, and the bredth thereof ten cubits.

Then said be unto me, This is the curse that goeth forth over the face of the whole earth: for every one that stealeth shall be cut off off this side according to it; and every one that sweareth shall be cut off on that side according to it.

I will bring it forth, saith the Lord of hosts, and if shall enter into the house of the thief, and into the house of him that sweareth falsely by my name: and it shall remain in the midst off his house, and shall consume it with the timber thereof and the stones thereof.” Zee. 5:1-4.

The flying roll represents the many printed heralds of God’s salvation and straight Truth that so swiftly “go forth over the face of the whole earth,” in this age of lightning speed. You see instead of being a curse to good man, it is God’s plague sent upon all thieves and swearers. It simply “lays judgement to the lie and righteousness to the plumet;” and cuts off all thieves, especially all they who steal the name of Christ to cover up the idols of their heart. Christ says “I am the door” and “if any man climb up any other way he is a thief and a robber.” Now it is an undeniable fact that the doors that preach­ers open, are other doers, “other ways,” and thousands are trying to climb up into heaven by thee ways. What are the sects but houses of thieves, all having come in by another door besides Christ. Well “I will bring if forth saith the Lord, and it shall enter into the house of the thief, and “shall cut them off on this side according to it.” That is, it lifts up God’s Word as a true standard, which cuts them off ac­cording to it. “It shall enter into the house of the thief, and into the house of him that sweareth falsely by my name: and it shall remain in the midst of his house, and shall cosume it with the tim­ber thereof and the stones thereof.” is it not a fact that all the sects of the earth fear the entrance of true Bible light, lest their foundation stones of error and falsehood, and the timber of iniquity with which they build up their houses shall be consumed! Is not this scriptures fulfilled this day before your eyes! Do we not hear a wall from one end of the great city of babylon to the other, saying these holiness teachers will destroy our churches, if they are not kept out.

But alas for her, they cannot be kept out. Some of our weaker brethren and sisters think we should keep aloof from all places where we are not welcome, but this is not always God’s will. Christ had to invade a world that “despised and hated” Him; over which satan had usurped univer­sal lordship and ownership. The true gospel of Christ is very aggressive; it enters in among legions of devils, and speaks to men ‘‘whether they will hear or forbear.” “I will bring it forth, unith the Lord of hosts, and it shall enter into the house of the theif, and into the house of him that sweareth falsely by my names and it shall remain in the midst of his house, and shall consume it with the timber thereof, and the stones thereof.” How is babylon going to keep the sin and sect consuming truth, out of her dwellings, when the Lord God Himself declares that He will bring it in, and see that it remains there until her rotten timber, and crumbling stones shall be destroyed. He that “sweareth falsely by my name” shall be cut off. To profess Christ, is to, in a holy and spiritual sense, swear fidelity and allegiance to Him. “Every one that sweareth by Him shall glory.” — Psa. 68:11. That is every one that with uprightness of heart, profess to love and trust God. But all who profess His name hypocritically; who try to hold on to Christ, and yet live in the lusts of the flesh, these “swaer (profess) falsely by His name,” and God has issued His order that His flying roll, search out, and cut off all of these. “Every one that is found shall be thrust through: and every one that is joined to therm shall fall by the a word.” — Isa. 13:15. “The wicked shall no more pass through thee, he is utterly out off.” — Nahum. 1:15, “It shall enter the house of the thief, and remain in the midst of his house, and shall con­sume it with the timber thereof, and the stones thereof.” The reference here takes us to Levit 14, where we read of an ancient plague called “house leprosy.” A plague, that appeared upon the walls of the house. The first attempt to remove it was to scrape off the plague spots. And if this failed, then the infested parts were taken out of the wall, and other stones or timber substituted. But if the plague still spread in the house, the final order was, “And he shall break down the house, the stones of it, and the timber thereof, and all the mortar of the house; and shall carry them forth out of the city, into an unclean place,” verse 45. This mysterious house plague, is a clear type of the soul destroying leprosy, of sect idolatry, that covers all the walls of the 666 houses of the city of babylon. Some have tried to heal these plague spots, but “they have healed the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying ‘peace, peace’ when there is no peace.” This deep seated leprosy being only whitewashed ever, spread the more, and eat in the deeper. “We would have healed babylon, but she is not healed. Forsake her.” — Jar. 51:9. Yes God has suffered His foolish children to try what they could do to core the death plague that infests the decaying sect houses, but it has all been in vain. No sect has lived long without the appear­ance of the sect leprosy on her walls, and history never records an instance of their healing. And now He has sent forth His flying roll, to enter these houses, and des­troy their stones and timber together. Yea, “Thus saith the Lord off boats; The broad walls of babylon, (all spotted with the plague) shall be utterly broken, and her high gates shall be burned with fire, and the people shall labor in vain, and the folk in the fire, and they shall be weary.” — Jer. 51:58, Surely it is folly to try to build up what God to pulling down, and utterly consuming in the fire of His wrath.

The flying angel represents those angels with sounding trumpets, de­scribed in Matt, 24:31. Rev. 14:7-9, 18; 1-8. These flying trumpeters denote the present day swift evangel. The flying roll describes the same present truth, going forth through the great press, and light­ning speed matis. They are combined in the same radical work, hence blended in the cut.


It is quite surprising that those having the greatest aversion to new sects cling with tenacity to the old ones. Now the same reasons which justify the existing sects of Christendom justify new ones. If religious sects are right of all, who shall say how many are right and where they shall end? Those who are so afraid of new sects-had better quit bolstering up the old ones. They had better set example of re­ducing sects by coming out of those they belong to. Simply opposing other people forming sects will not help the matter while they help sustain those already formed. Personally we have got beyond the sect idea of a church, back to the Bible idea of one church founded on Christ, composed of holy men and women, all being baptis­ed into one spirit

Holiness Evangelist.

The End of a Blasphemer.


Philadelpaia, Pa., Jan. 18

Lemual Thomas, of Jenkintown a suburb of this city, on monday evening gave a banquet to twelve friends. After they had been seated a short time one of the men said that the reunion on account of there being thirteen present, was suggetive of the last supper. This was received with yells of delight, and presently Thomas as proclaimed that he was the Savior, and charged one of the roysters with being Judas Iscarlot. It is claimed that lie next broke some bread in peices and distributed it, with glasses of beer, among the ..uests in mockery of the last supper. In the midst of the feast, while the thirteen were eating, drinking and shouting, Thomas uttered a terrible oath, and made, use of some blaphemous expressions that shocked even his comrades. They all started up with amazement at his words, when he suddenly grew pale, and putting his hands to his head complained of pain. It was not till 11 o’clock that this occured, and the supper had opened shortly after 8. “I’m afraid it’s my last supper after all” the miserable man moaned, then clutching his hair and rising with difficulty he announced to the rest: “I must vacate the chair, boys; you must get some other President. I’m going home.” They all tried to dissuade him, saying that he would be better presently, but he persisted and left the room. When Thomas reached his house he said that he felt as if he had been struck a violent blow on the head. He complained of being weak and feeling as on the verge of the grave. He lingered on his relatives fancying that his sickness was imaginary. A few mornings after the feast he was found dead in his bed. A horrible smile played over his features, and his eyes wore starting out of their sockets. “As if,” said a woman relative in describing it afterward, “he had seen thing awful, and died while staring at it.”



Holy Recklessness of Speech, is Unholy Lying.


“The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked; who can know it? The wise men says of the wicked, “they go astray as soon as they are born, speak­ing lies.” What the Bible seems to as­sume namely that human depravity will be certain to be manifest in deceitfulness, lying, loving lies, and making them, is fully justified in experience, and a general observasion. Indeed those who deny the fact of human depravity, will find it difficult to account for the almost universal disposition to deceive, and to lie. Many who think themelves honest and truthful, are very far from being what they think they are. The story of George Washington, that has been the text for many a discourse to the young, has been of thrilling interest mainly because if he “coulds not tell a lie,” he was worthy to be a hero. Novel writers, love to make flee, and their admirers and readers are thrilled by the productions of their genius, because they are thrillingly false. No sin can be named that comes nearer being universal than lying. And it is a fact that cannot be called in question, that after persons are converted, in many instances there re­mains a disposition to deceive, and even to lie, which must be resisted with stubborn force of will, and watched with care, lest in an evil hour there be yielding and actual sinning. But certainly it is not the will of God that this old leaven should re­main in us to life’s end. Much is said in the soriptures about, “a true heart,” “a perfect heart,” true sincerity, “speaking the truth in his heart;” and that God “requires truth in the inward parts,” and that “in the hidden parts He shall make as to know wisdom.”

Evidently, any lack of perfect truthful­ness in heart, or mind, or word, is inconsistoat with Christian Holiness. That there may be a real work of saving grace, and not a perfectly transparent heart must be admitted. But that there can be full sanctification, and any degree of heart im­purity, or deceitfulness, must be emphat­ically denied. Perfect heart integrity, is one of the characteristic features of Ho­liness, that must be realised and manifest in all wholly sanctified souls. This “truth in the inward parts,” must be more than willing to be true to God and His cause. Heart integrity lies back of all acts of the will, and must furnish holy principles and prompting for the will to act upon.

 — Banner of Holiness.

The Indwelling Christ.


In that remarkable prayer by Paul, recorded in the third chapter of Ephesians, we find this petition: “That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith.” Here is wonder — that the human heart should become the home of God. The Bible speaks of the believer being in Christ; this is al­ready a great wonder, but I am not so much surprised at this for the great heart of Jesus is large enough to take in the whole human family. But that the heart of a poor, sinful, ruined creature, renewed by the grace of God, should be made the [dwelling place off Christ, is a greater wonder — it is a mystery. Paul, in his letter to the Colossians, says; “To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the gentiles, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

Christ in the believer and the believer in Christ, describes a most intimate relation between Christ and the believer. It de­notes a vital union, not an external, but an internal heart relation.

The scriptures speak of different relations Christ bears to His people, such as Shep­herd, Brother, Friend, Husband; but all these fail to bring out that peculiar intimacy of the relationship here mentioned in Pul’s prayer. These are only external relations, they do not imply that union of being, or that intercommunion of spirit represented by the expression, “Christ in you.” Such is the intimacy of this relation, that, where it exists, the believer has the Spirit, and mind of Christ. He becomes a partaker of the Divine nature. There will be a Christ-likeness in his disposition and life.

It is an enduring relation. Paul did not pray that Christ should occasionall visit the hearts of the Ephesians, but that He should dwell in their hearts. He should abide there as a continual Savior. And this enduring, intimate relation is continued by faith.

The benefits of this indwelling of Christ are inestimable.

1 Christ in as is the source of a present, constant, and final salvation. Only a Christ in us can bring salvation. We may know of of a Christ that lived in the world eighteen hundred years ago; we may believe in His birth, lifts and death, as recorded in the gospels; we may know of Christ in heaven, who site at the right hand of God as our Advocate; but if we know nothing off a Christ in our hearts, we know Him not as our personal Savior. The historical Christ must become the Christ of the heart, before He saves us. Ho stands at the door of every sinners heart, and knocks, and, as soon as repentance takes away the barrier of sin, and faith opens the door and receives Him He will came in as a present, personal, powerful Savior.

Dwelling in the heart, He becomes a constant Savior. “He who has begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.” He will work in us as we let Him, that holiness, without which no man can see the Lord. And by Him our final salvation is assured. That heart in which Jesus dwells must be accepted for His sake who dwells in it .

2. Christ in us, is the source of a constant and precious communion, “If any man open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.” This is the best communion. In vain will be all our outward communigs if we have not this. What an honor Christ puts upon us? We would feel highly honored if the president of this country should sup with us. But here is the King of kings deign­ing to came into our poor hearts, and holding a constant communion with us. He lives in us. Ho rises with us in the morn­ing, breakfasts, dines, sups with us, and retires with us at night. Praise the Lord! This is the delight of life. This enables the Christian to manifest a cheerful, and happy spirit at all times.

3. Christ in us, is the secret of power. It gives us power with God. We carry our Advocate with us to the throne of grace. We have the Intercessor in our hearts, and we must prevail with God. Prevailing with God, we will have power with men. Christ in us is the spring of action, and the incentive to earnest Christian work. What is the power of Moody, one of the most eminent soul winners in the world, but the power of an indwelling Christ, and of simple hearted devotion to Him?

This is a power every Christian can possess. What many weaklings in the church need to do, is to make more room in their hearts for Jesus, and they will have more power.

4. Christ in us is the hope of glory. He is the foundation of this hope. He is its life, yea, Christ in us, is Himself the hope. If we have not Christ we have no hope; but if we have Him, we have heaven begun in the soul. We know that, when Christ, who is our life, shall appear, then shall we also appear with Him in glory.

Header, is Jesus dwelling in your heart by faith? If He is, then rejoice, for in Him you possess all possible blessings. “He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?”

If He is not dwelling in your heart, them open the door and receive Him.

“Fling wide the portals of your heart,
Make it a temple, set apart
Front earthly use, for heaven’s employ,
Adorned with prayer, and love, and joy
So shall your Soverign enter in.
And a new, and nobler life begin.”

— Living Epistle.

Extract of a Letter on Christian Perfection of Sixty Years Age


my dear wrimyd. — I sincerely rejoice on Mr, D—’s account; and I hope by this time I may also congratulate you on your having entered that happy land of upright­ness, which is always favored with God’s peculiar smile; where He keeps His own in perfect peace, and everlasting rest. May you sweetly abide in Jesus’ love, and be filled with His abundant fullness!

I believe you are not far from that “love which casteth out all slavish fear.” The Lord hath arrested you, and made you a prisoner of hope; you are, for a time, detained in the wilderness, butyour Lord will, with His own arm, de­liver you. Be strong, be bold, fear not; Jesus, the Captain of your salvation, goes before you. He will send forth judgment unto victory; and destroy all your enemies. When He hath made you all fair, then will He behold no spot in you. Yon shall as perfectly bear the image of the heavenly Adam, as you have borne that of the earth­ly one.

Your Savior has blessed you, and will bless you for evermore; yea, He will keep you night and day, and water you every moment.

But remember this; as your Lord was a “man of sorrows and acquainted with grief,” so must you, as long as you abide in this earthly tabernacle, drink of the same cup which your Savior drank of and, less or more, “be baptized with the baptism which He was baptized with.”

“Every one that is perfect shall be as his Master.” You are called to be con­formed to a suffering, as well as a glorified Savior, and must have fellowship with Him in His suffering, that you may partake of His glory. Through much tribulation all the saints enter into the kingdom of God; and especially those who enter deepest in­to the spirit of it on earth, and highest into the glories of it is heaven. Yet blessed are they who follow Christ in the painfully pleasant path of regeneration, and abide with Him in all His temptations. Their crown shall be as much distinguished for its brightness in heaven, as their sufferings were distinguished for blackness on earth. The way of the cross is the sure way to eternal glory.

Do not think that a bare freedom from evil tempers is the highest Christian per­fection you can possibly arrive at; but aim at “perfecting holiness in the fear of God.” Neither expect, when you shall come into this state, to appear in your own eyes a fine, wise, and glorious creature. No, ex­pect to be like a little child that has to learn to walk, and to ask almost everything of its parents. Expect to be astonished, as well at your ignorance, simplicity, littleness, and meaness, as at the infinite blessing be­stowed upon you, and the inconceivable change wrought in you.

An unutterable depth of humility, teach-abledess, and mildness, is the supreme height of that perfection, which none can conceive but those who arrive at it.

You cannot follow your Master, and fight under your Captain, unless you are clothed with “all the armor of God.”

And then you will find many and hard battles to fight; but victory, sure victory will ensue. Do you now “walk in white” with Christ? If you do, praise your loving Lord, and look to Jesus every moment. Go for­ward, and may the Lord teach you by His blessed Spirit, and refresh you by His love.

If not, now dare to believe; lay hold on the hope set before you, the glorious hope of perfect love. Jesus will give you all you stand in need of. The Lord will bury you in His grave, that you with Him may rise. Then, when He who is your life shall ap­pear, you also shall appear with him, and be forever with the Lord. Even now be­hold the beauty of the Redeemer; lie at the feet of the aver living, ever loving Jesus; let your soul rest in His mighty hand, that He may form and mould it into His own image. He waiteth and wanteth to be gracious; cleave unto Him, and loose your­self in Him.

I bless the Lord, I feel my self lying safe in His hand, and I am kept in perfect peace. While I am in a multitude, my soul is retired with Jesus from the noise and show thereof. Yet how little is what I have received in comparison of that which I see before me, and at which I aim. Grace is of a growing and increasing nature; and wherever the incumbrance of self-indulgence pride, evil desire, unbelief, &c., are cleared away, it will not fail to ripen into perfection. Many, it may be, have received a larger stock than I have; but it is my duty, and I believe ever will be my care and pleasure, to be thankful for what I have, and to pray for what I want. I want to have my life more sensibly hid with Christ in God; and to believe, love, and obey, in a fuller man­ner, and larger measure, than I do at pres­ent. Yet a little, a very little while, and Eternity will be here, and we shall be land­ed in the wished for port. We shall meet in realms of endless day. We shall then see the face of our beloved Savior without a veil. The painful distance shall subsit no more. We, even we, shall behold Him on His great white throne, and delightfully cast our crowns at His feet, and hail the Lamb who died to redeem us unto God, in endless songs which angels cannot learn.

I am His by twice ten thousand ties, which bind me to His heart. He is my God, and my all. Is He not your God?

Surely He is. Do you not lovo Him with your whole heart? “He to altogether lovely.” ‘‘Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world”


4 page



Brooklyn N. Y. Jan. 29th.

Dear  Brethren: –  I received the Gospel Trumpet. I was very much interested in reading them. I would say that no man can rest satisfied with justification alone. He hungers and thirsts after righteousness. The man that is not longing after a heart that is wholly sanctified, has no good reason to believe that he has a heart that is really justified. “By their fruits, says Christ, ye shall know them.” I find it is blessed thing so keep very humble, and consider others better than ourselves. With much love of the truth, I am, your brother in Christ.



Six Mile Ind., May 1st.

Dear Brethren: – I am so glad to get the GOSPEL TRUMPET. I think it is the best paper I ever read. It speaks the Bible truth.

May the Lord bless you in the good work, and give you grace and strength to withstand all the firey darts that satan and his hosts can hurt as you. God and Christ shall be for walls of salvation about you. Praise the Lord, whom shall we fear when God is our friend, I am trusting in Jesus for a full and free salvation. “Without holiness no man shall see God.” Praise God our hearts can be made free from sin, fit templet for the Holy Spirit, and we may have Jesus dwelling in us all the time. It does my soul good to read the testimonies how God is healing both soul and body. I believe God is willing to manifest as much power on earth to-day, as He did when Christ was here in the flesh.

Your sister saved through the blood of the Lamb,



Edina, Mo., May 28.

Dear Brethren: — We were glad to receive the TRUMPET again, and thankful that the Lord is providing yet, better quarters. The TRUMPET contains good food. We have been fed on weak milk so long that we relish food wholesome meat. We are still saved by the power of God, and free in Christ.



Bay View, Near Petoskey. Mich.

Dear Brethren: — With the advance of time, I am still wall and saved to the uttermost through the blood of the Lamb. Praise His name!

My healing has awakened good deal of interest and cometh in Petoskey. I have written a full, account of my afflictions and healing, both of may body and eyes, which was published is the Petoskey RECORD, last week, also, in the Battle Creek WEEKLY. I anticipated established a weekly af­ternoon prayer-meeting, through the summer, for the camp-groud folks, hoping by the sword, of the Spirit a good many may be profited thereby. I feel impressed to gave much of my time to bible study. With my most earnest prayers for your prosperity. remain, your sister in Christ,



Winchester., Ill., Apr, 13.

Dear Brethren: — I feel like writing you a few lines this holy Sabbath. I am still prais­ing God in thin world of sin and sects which is no friend to grace to help us on to God. I am still contending for the faith once delivered to the Saints. I often think of the words of the poet, “Though every prospect pleases and only man is vile.” O, how important, in these perilous times, to be dead indeed to self and sin and hid away in Christ. O, to be noth­ing I nothing, and hid away in Christ! Truly, “love is the fulfilment of the law.” “He that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.” O, dear brethren, I want more of this love in my heart. Dear brethren, I love you and the truth you publish. “Let not your hearts be troubled. Ye believe in God, be­lieve also its me,” saith, the Lord to his poor discouraged disciples. I often remember you to the Lord, that your saith fail not. Soon will the conflict be over, and we will go home to the marriage supper of the Lamb and “sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,” to the glory of Christ’s Kingdom, where the wicked cease from trouble and the weary are at rest. I feel the heavenly fire burning in my heart I write. Your brother and companion in tribulation and in the Kingdom and patience of Jesus.



Battle Creek, Mich., April 21, ’84.

Dear Brethren: — With thanksgiving by my heavenly Father, I write you. Received the TRUMPET this week, enjoyed it very much, by the blessing of the Lord. I am quite well and strong praising the Lord continually with bright eyes. This is the Sister that was healed of blindness, at the Bangor camp- meeting, last summer) Glory to God, forever? I am working for God in some way each day. He saves me to the uttermost I love Him with all my heart, saul, mind, and strengh. God is wonderfully glorified in my healing, in this place I still have frequent calls of people wishing to know more fully about the particulars. You would be surprised if you knew of the lettes I receive, from far and near, asking about my healing. I write much; I visit the sick as much as possible, and try to lead them to a closer walk with God. O, hew changed, my life is.

“Once I was blind, but new I can see,
The light of the world is Jesus.”

I desire ever to live so lost in Him that my life shall be bid with, Christ in God.

Your Sister, saved in the Lord.



Indianapolis Ind., May 31, 1884.

Dear Brethren: — I am saved to-day. Hope these lines may find you purified, and refined and sweedy resting in the shelter of the Rock.

Keep trusting the mighty to save, in all the furnaces you are called to pass through. And may the very God of peace sanctify and hold you up to the work, for I am impressed if you ever let up until your work is done you will loose your soul. For if the devil ever gets an advantage over you, he will hurry you along with lightning speed, and rush you ever the precipice into hell, where he could manage you without so much trouble as you are giving him hare.

Your Brother in Christ,


Dayton O., May 27, 1884.

Dear Brethren: – The grace of our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior, rest and abide with you, and with all tee saints that are in Jesus our Lord. I am trusting in Jesus, my strength and righteousness.

“Nothing can for sin stone.
Nothing but the blood of Jesus;
Naught of good thas I have done,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

For my pardon this my plea,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus;
For my cleansing this I see,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

“Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world.” Blessed be His holy name, for salvation full and free, that delivers us from the body of sin and death; and from the hands of old babylon. All glory, power and honor be unto God and the Lamb forever and ever.

Your Brother in the love of Jesus, saved by grace divine, and kept by the power of God unto salvation, ready to be revealed is the last time,


National Soldiers Home.


Shawtown O., —

Dear Brethren, — I am a girl fifteen years old. I am saved and sanctified wholly through the blood of Christ. My father to a holiness preacher, he takes the Trumpet. O bless the holy name of Jesus, I love to read the Trumpet. I love to read of all the brothers and sisters that love the Lord. It encourages me, and makes me rejoice to see how many love the Lord. I would like the childrens paper, hope you can print it.

Your sister to the dear Savior,



Albion Ind., May 28.

Dear Brethren: — I am glad to learn that you trust in the God that exercises loving kindness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth; for in these things I delight saith the Lord. O I do praise God tonight for a heart that is set free from sin, and enjoying full and free salvation. O I do want to be true to my blessed Jesus, who has delivered me from the lowest pit of hell. I have just read the last Trumpet through and my heart says, praise God for the sound truth. Send it on as long as it speaks the truth as it is in Christ Jesus. O brethren stand straight for God though our nearest friends forsake us, let us follow Jesus in the narrow way, for if God be for us who can be against us.

Your sister standing alone with Jesus,



Litchfield Ill., April 19.

Dear Brethren: — I was glad to get the TRUMPET once more. God bless you! He has been doing great things for me. He has been trying and proving me, and glory be to His holy name, He has been enlarging my borders. I am holding off from every thing but Jesus. To Him alone do i cling. I find it a glorious thing to be true to God, and to keep cut loose from dead formal creedism. The hydra-headed monster keeps stirred up to devour the free woman, and her children, but Jesus keeps His own in perfect peace. By the grace of God I expect ever to keep clear of all “dumb dogs,” and false prophets, I am keeping my eyes on Jer. 15:19, 20. let all true holiness people observe it

Let us manifest the Spirit of our Divine Master in all meekness and lowlyness, coupled with all boldness. God bless you, be fearless, for the truth of sanctification, and all the truth as it is in Christ Jesus. Teach the people to be joined to Jesus, and to Him only. Compromise with nothing, and God will make all grace abound toward you in all things.

Yours in the beloved.



Clarence, Mo., May 29.

Dear Brethren: — I received two copies of tea TRUMPET for which I thank God very much. They are the very thing I wanted. They are on the straight bible line of holiness. I enclose $2.00 for the TRUMPET. Your Brother wholly and solely in the battle for the Lord, sanctified and kept by the power of God through faith unto salva­tion, ready to be revealed in the last day. Amen!





The Jews are the most scrupulous in regards to diet. They eat only the purest foods. From the most fatal diseases they are almost entirely free. Scrofula con­sumption, fevers of malignent type; diseases of the respiratory organs are almost un­known. Who doubts that this is due to their avoidence of pork? “And the swine because it divideth the hoof yet cheweth not the cud, it is unclean unto you; ye shall not eat of their flesh, nor touch their dead carcass.” Deut. 14;18. Doubtless God had good reasons for prohibiting pork to his people. He deemed it unfit to eat and knew if eaten it would produce disease.

May not the excessive use of swine’s flesh account for the fact that the death rate in childhood among us is twice that among the jews? We may well ask if the hog is any more fit for food now than when God said: “The swine thou shall not eat.” We know one family that have not had a pound of pork or lard in the house for use in fifteen years. A Doctor’s footstep is not heard in that home. The fevers so previant at this season are most of them occasioned by a surfeit of swine’s flesh, or other fat. They produce a conflagration in the system and foster disease.

— Vanquard.

Get subecrl bors for the TRUMPET.

Try it and you will do some one good, help us, please the Lord, and get a reward in glory.

Pure Religion



Dear Brethren: — I write to tell you that I am still saved and, sanctified, and my soul is filled with glory to see the work of the Lord go on. Praise the Lord, O my soul! I feel led to write it few words for the Trumpet, it may do some soul good.

“Pure religion, and undefiled before God the Father. Is this to visit the fatherless and widows in their afflictions, and to keep them unspotted from the world.” We can do this by giving up all to follow Jesus, father, mother, brothers, sisters, all our friends and earthly stores. We must give up all our sins, bad habits, love of the world, love of money, pride, and every­thing else that is not to the glory of God. By living pure, holy, sinless lives, and hav­ing our conversation holy and our lives hid with Christ in God. Oh, glory to God for the privilege of living such a life! Yet when we live such a life, and tell people so, and point out the way to them, they will call as fanatics, crazy, fools, and a great many ether hard names, and tell us that when we are sanctified and free from sin God takes us from this world. Not so, but, praise God, we are ready to leave it, prepared to meet God in peace; but we are also meet for the Master’s use: for we are then prepared to work, for the Lord and help sinners to Christ. We are not fit to do this until we are free from sin ourselves. We cannot work for two masters. If we are committing sin we are the servants of sin, hence we are not the serv­ants of God.

O, my dear ones, let every one who reads this ask themselves which position he occupies to day. And, if you find your selves living in sin, I beseech you, in the name of Jesus to give yourselves to God. Draw near to God for the pardon of your sins, then “go on to perfection, not laying again the foundation of repentence from dead works.” “Therefore reckon ye also yourselves to be dead unto sin but alive unto God, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. You, who think we cannot live without committing sin, please read the sixth chap­ter of Romans and the third chapter of the first Epistle of John. Present your bodies a living sacrifice, unto God, for sanctification, for this is the will of God, even your sanctification. But, remember you must be living justified lives before you can receive the sanctification of your souls.

Then God will take away the inbred sin, the evil nature, the plant the devil plant­ed. For Christ says, “Every plant my Heavenly Father hath not planted shall be rooted up.” O, how I do praise God that it has been looted out of my heart and that the heart is now pure, a fit tem­ple for the indwelling of the Spirit of God. Oh, glory! Glory to His name! Oh, how glad I am that God has made provisions for perfect deliverance from sin, for all willing to die to all sin and the world.

Eat you must let the will be submissive to God’s will, or, in other words, let God work in you to do His own will. “Love not the world neither the things that are in the world, for, he that loveth the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” “Put on, therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, long suffering, forbearing one another, forgiving one another, and above all things, put on charity, which is the bond of perfectness.” Which is love toward God and all man­kind. “And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord. Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance, for ye serve the Lord Christ.”

“Prove all things; hold fast that which is good, abstain from all appearance of evil; and may the very God of peace sanctify you wholly. I pray God, your whole Spirit, soul, and body, be preserved blameless, unto the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.” Faithful is He that calleth you, who also will do it.,’ “Now may the Lord direct the hearts of all into the love of God, and into the patient waiting for Christ.”

And may God hasten the day that his children may be gathered, out of all divisions, into the “one fold.”

Praise God I am one that he has gathered out of the fold of sectism into the fold where there is no division. My heart is filled with glory continually. Yes Praise His holy name! I am washed and made white in the blood of the Lamb. Oh, that I could tell it to the whole world!

I told the people through the Trumpet some time ago that God had healed my eyes; and, praise His name, He keeps them healed and will, do so as long as I fellow Jesus, which will be as long as I live, God being my Glory to his name, forever, and ever, Amen!

Bangor, Mich., Oct. 80.

From Two Evangelists.



Dear Brethren: — You have been sending us the Gospel Trumpet for some time. Whenever at home, I have perused its columes with great delight and much interest. I must say that it corresponds with the voice of the Bible and the light I have from that blessed book of God. I am in sympathy with that assembly meet­ing. I can see that the power off God was there manifested. As to the disturbing el­ements that came there, it is no more than we might expect off satan, who is ever ready to overthrow the real work of God.

Ever since I was wholly sanctified to God, I have felt that the way you teach is pleasing to God, and the way the word and Spirit teach. I could not understand how these many sects could be in God’s order, though through blindness off sect teaching, I had a wonderful time to get to the place where I could see Jesus, only.

After a long time, wandering from place to place, seeking rest and finding none, (the eye of Jesus being upon me all the time, because, He knew I had an honest heart) He finally let me get into a sect that was so clanish and sectish that He opened my eyes to see that sects are not of God, and that “I am complete in him.” He is the Head of the body, the Church, of which I am a member, in particular When I took the stand for Him alone satan was much dissatisfied; but Jesus showed me that it was a death I had to die. And soon the Holy Sbirit began to open up the pre­cious word of God to me, wonderfully. And while the word has been revealed to me in a surprising manner, many have had their eyes opened to the glorious light and liberty of the gospel, and are walking in the present truth. I praise God for the questions which Bro, Rice asked you, and for your clear and scriptural answer. I am praying God to keep us from come-out- and all other sects, isms, and ites. I never had any thing do me as much good as your description of that Ohio Assembly meeting. For Bro. Boyd and myself have often come in contact with such spirits, from which we were repelled by the Spirit of God in us. We have often conversed about it, and have a clear understanding of those evil spirits now, I started out last fall alone in this great work. I was very poorly in body, and, as I saw the greatness of the work here in the west, I began to pray God for a fellow laborer. I believed he would furnish me one of his own choosing. When I met Bro. Boyd our minds were both drawn to labor together.

God has caused us to see eye to eye, and has greatly blessed our labors together. We glorify God with one heart and one month. O, for more of his heavenly wis­dom, and power, and the guidance of the Spirit into all truth! I saw you at Jacksonville Ill. and bought a book of you. The Bible Proofs of the Second Work of Grace, which I prize very highly. Since we were in the vineyard, working togeth­er, with Jesus, I have met with some very severe opposition; but Jesus has given us real victory. At our last meeting a man came up to me during services and threat­ened to knock me down He drew a knife but God cave me boldness to stand before him; and, though I had been slain. I could not have taken back a message that I be­lieved was from the Lord. The work here is spreading very fail. The sects are making war with the lamb, but the promise is the lamb shall overcome them. I wish to say that we are in sympathy with you, and will do all that we can for the Trumpet.

Your Brethren in the bonds of love and unity.        

Wyatt & Boyd.


Idolatry Exposed.



Dear Brethren: — If I rightly understand the term, ism, it conveys the idea of an unholy God — dishonering schism when at lached to any word that describes a body of professed christians. Hence I rejoice to know that Sister -, in the Harvester, renounces and denounces come-out-ism, and says, “she is completely delivered from the spirit of it.” That is right, for, in the scriptural light, all ism originate from the enemy of all peace, purity, and holiness. Hence, all the isms that are practically sustained, as separating walls, dividing christians into fractional and rival forces, are originated and engineered by satan.

Those who are christians, and have, so far as their outward acts could do it, been come outers from the church, “which is the body of Christ,” and joined one of these schismatic bodies, is in duty bound to leave and denounce them at once, even though they be dignified by the name church or churches. This “come-out move­ment,” namely, from the church which Christ organized upon earth into human organisms, has assumed monstrous propor­tions. As it has been foretold in the book of prophesy, many “shall follow their per­nicious ways, by reason of whom the way of truth shall be reviled.” So strikingly true is this at the present day, that those who will not be enrolled in any of their factions, but adhere only to the body of Christ, into which “God hath set the mem­bers, every one of them as it has pleased him,” are spoken of as “a few by themselves.”

Sister – seems to inveigh against man­ifested and organized union in Christ, in the manner be prayed for, as recorded is the 17th chapter of John. Yet she brings forward no scriptural reasons for thus op­posing, neither does she cite any scripture to sustain her in favoring sects. She as­sumes for the Gospel Trumpet, almost infinitely, more than it is entitled to or its editor claims.

When refering to the movement for un­ion on Christs plan, she speaks of this pa­per as being its “organ.” The organ of that movement is the bible. She also as­sumes too much when she says she has “been at the very head of it.” Before her day, or that of the Gospel Trumpet Christ taught that there should be one fold and one shepherd,” and that all who beleived on Him through the perpetual ministry to the end of time should be kept in the one name of the Father, and be “one, as He and the Father are one.” Paul de­clared party names and spirits the work­ings of carnality and cautioned all to “mark them that cause division and avoid them.” And Peter declared “hereasies” (sects) “damnable.”

May 5th,

Arcade, N. Y.


Christ The Head of the Church.

Sallie Barnett.


There is one body and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling, Eph. 4, 4. Of whom the whole fam­ily in heaven and earth is named; Eph. 3, 15. That in the dispensation of the fulness of time. He might gather together in one all things in Christ, both, which are in heaven and which are on earth, even in Him; Eph. 1, 10. For we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works; Eph. 2. 10. And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and proph­ets, Jesus Christ, Himself, being the cheif corner stone; Eph. 2, 20. In whom all the building, fitly framed together, groweth unto an holy temple in the Lord, in whom ye are also builded together for a habita­tion of God through the Spirit; Eph. 2, 21, 22.

And has put all things under His feet, and gave him to be the head over all things to the church, which is His body, Eph. 1, 22. Glory be to God! Christ is the head, and we are the members which compose the body; the one visible church. Praise God! since I have known him in his fullness I see all things being put beneath his feet. Man-made-creeds and isms must go down, and, regardless of opposition the Church will walk over them. O that all were of the circumcision, which worship God in the Spirit and rejoice in Christ Jesus and have no confidence in the flesh; Phil. 3, 3. The Church in all her loveliness is beginning to shine forth. The finds a adorning herself ready for the Bridegroom. “Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb.”

And, dear readers, we can never enter without the wedding garment, which is holiness of heart and life, wonderous gift of our Savior, to be obtained in this life. “These are they which came up out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.” O let us be ready with the garment of white, and the welcome plaudit will be ours. “Come ye blessed of my Father. Sanctified and kept by the power of God.

Good Way.


It is a very serious thing to die, but it is a much more serious thing to live. Death is but a single event, life is a series of events. Death can make no change in our character; life makes and unmakes us forever. Death is only serious because it is followed by eternity. Life is serious be­cause it decides whether our eternity shall be one of happiness or woe.



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