1 July 1886, Volume 8, Number 8.

The Atonement.


Twas at the time appointed,
That Christ unveiled His face,
He put on human nature,
And suffered in our place:
He died upon mount Calvary,
To rescue fallen man,
The law of God He honored,
And paid its great demand.

The Jews they crucified Him,
And hailed Him to the tree,
All nature dressed in mourning
Beholds His misery:
But justice cried against Him,
Come pay the sinner’s due,
The debt you’ve undertaken.
You surely must go through.

They laid Him in a sepulchre.
It being nigh at hand,
But death could not retain Him,
He broke the tyrants band;
He burst His bars assunder,
And pulled his kingdom down,
He overvalue His enemies,
And wears a starry crown,

Lot at His resurrection,
To Mary He appeared,
Go tell to My disciples
What you have seen and heard.
Go tell them I am risen.
My suffering time is o’er,
I’m going to my Father
To reign forever more.

He came to Hi, disciples
And found them ail alone,
He gave them their commission,
To make His Gospel known,
Go preach it to all nations,
Baptize into my name,
Beginning at Jerusalem,
‘Twas there I suffered shame.

Go preach it to all nations
That man may hear and know,
Go publish free salvation
That men to Heav’n may go.
In every sore temptation,
Delive’rance T will send,
And to, I will be with you
Until this world shall end.



THIS glorious convocation has come,  and past by, but many of the waves salvation that have gone forth in every direction from that sacred spot, will roll ..n until they strike the shores of eternity. Doubtless many of them will gather force, ..nd widen in their sweep as time rolls on, … that the great day of final rewards will ..nly disclose whereunto this thing shall ..row. Hallelujah to the Lamb of God for ..is marvelous power and salvation! A ..reat host of saints met to work for God, ..ng together the sweet songs of His praise ..nd catch the showers of blessings that ..me from the throne of His glory. O how ..e mighty love of God is growing deeper, ..d burning more and more fervently in ..e hearts of the free and holy saints, ..nd as the redeemed advance farther each ..ear from the fogs of sect ignorance, and ..to the glorious light of perfect salvation ..nd Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, the ..onds of love become still stronger, and ..he heavenly fellowship sweeter. Praise God! We are realizing what it is to sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, as has not been experienced since the ancient martyrs sealed their faith in the burning flames. There were 24 tents on the ground, some of them quite large, ..urnishing a home for a whole Church. The number of saints was much increased from last year. The power of God was wonderfully upon the holy encampment. Two and three long benches were usually filled with seekers every service, and generally all received what they sought the first time coming. There were about 230 souls saved and added to the Lord.

Daily men and women were prostrated beneath, the mighty power of God.

One night a sister whom satan had tried hard to crush, obtained glorious victory and deliverance in a tent. Shortly after­wards coming into the congregation with Sister Fisher, who had been laboring with her, both being so filled with the power of God, had to break forth in His praises. Instantly the Holy Spirit, in pentecost manner, came upon the holy assembly, and a marvelous scene ensued; wave after wave of divine glory came, many were leaping and shouting, others were laid up­on the straw, and the whole congregation was awed in reverence before the mighty Sod, whose praises were fearful in the congregation of His saints. The wonder­ful manifestations of Divine power contin­ued for the space of about one hour. It was a glorious order from Heaven, saying, “Let the saints be joyful in glory, let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hand.”

There was the most perfect harmony throughout the meeting. Several minis­ters participated in the preaching of the Gospel, as the Lord led, without the dic­tation of any human lords or leaders. “It is God that works all things in all,” and no man-manipulating was needed. A glo­rious and thorough corps of altar workers were always on hand to assist in consecra­tion. But I fear the work in the congre­gation was not as extensive and effectual as last year. May God increase the Holy Spirit—and—faith—compelling power, pulling men out of the fire. There are many noble workers in this gift, but it should be more general. The singing was filled with the spirit, and in the under­standing, and very heavenly. Old men and woman every where declare they never heard such precious music as God has given to His free saints. Herein is a marvelous fulfilment of prophesy. — “The ransomed of the Lord shall return, and come to Zion with songs, and everlasting joy upon their heads.” — Isa. 35:10. The expression, “Songs upon their heads,” in­dicates that they came from above.

The order was excellent. Meetings nearly every night, and not the slightest disturbance. On Sabbaths the crowd was very large, but attentive and orderly. The last Sabbath the work of salvation continued after the meetings were over, four souls, one after another came into the Trumpet tent, and gave their heart to God and were joyfully pardoned. One of them, a brother was suffering greatly with rheumatism, and had been for some time. After testing the love of Jesus, he had faith to be healed, and calling the Elders, was filled with praises to God for complete, and instantaneous deliverance from all his pain. In the interval between meetings, the Elders and others having the gift of healing, were called to lay hands on the sick, and afficted in the tents, and many were healed of various diseases. A Brother by the name of Warden from Larwill Ind., providentially was in the country, and was invited to the meeting. He was nearly totally blind, and had been for, I believe four years. Could only see light, and the shadow of men passing be­fore his eyes. His boy led him about by the hand. He gave himself to the Lord, and afterward had faith that God would heal his eyes. We felt much impressed with his case. He told us one evening that he would leave the next day at noon. We desired to make a special effort for his eyes, but the time having been all taken up, until the time of his departure, we prayed the Lord not to let him go away if it was His will to heal him. He started to go, but on the way the Spirit bade him come back, assuring him, he should see the saints, and the grove before leaving. That evening just before ser­vices his eyes were anointed, and hands were laid on with prayer, and the Lord graciously restored his sight. The next day I asked him to read some in my tes­tament, he did so. He remained there to the close of the meeting, walking about and praising God, without any leader, but the Lord Jesus Christ. His dear boy, see­ing what God had done to his father, re­lieving him of the irksome task of leading his father, came and gave his heart to the Lord and was joyfully converted. One of the Brother’s eyes is not yet perfect, but we expect the Lord will fully restore it.

Dear Bro. A. J. Kilpatrick, and Bro. and Sister Howard from Paulding Co. O., and Sister Davis from Deshler Ohio, came all the way from Payne O. in a buggy.

A Bro. came to visit his friends from Wisconsin. He came with them to the meeting, received the truth freely, gave up his sect formality and got the salvation and glory of Jesus Christ, and has gone back to blaze it abroad, and expects to use his means to establish the true wor­ship and Church of God in his state. Praise God!

Bro. and Sister Seguin, the converted priest from Chicago, also attended the meeting, and made an effort to get the complete salvation in Christ Jesus.

The meeting throughout was glorious and powerful, and heavenly, for which we shall ever praise God.




ONE good and noble work wrought at the Bangor Camp Meeting was not mentioned in our report. The Spirit led us to appropriate the time of one meet­ing to the consideration of the publishing interests. It was what might be termed a business meeting, but about as much un­like a babylon money raising buffoonery, as heaven differs from the coarse humor of a clown show. It was inc..ed the most melting service of the whole meeting. Few eyes of the saints were dry, as we all freely talked of the great work God is car­rying on in the earth, and of the marvel­ous blessings His evening light has brouhgt to our souls. The Spirit of God wonder­fully presided over the meeting, and filled all hearts with increased love to God and the holy saints.

The removal of the Trumpet Office to that part of the State, seemed the mind of the Spirit, and of all the saints. We have not spoce ot tell the reasons, why a move fromour present quarters is neces­sary. This only would we say, the busi­ness is not able to pay the rent. A build­ing, commodious and substantial was of­fered for half its worth, namely $ 800. in the town of Grand Junction. The place is located at the crossing of the Chicago and West. Mich., and the South Haven branch of the Michigan Central Rail Roads, and is surrounded by about 400 saints, who propose to greatly lighten the expen­ses of publishing salvation, by giving fuel, provision, etc. And every dollar saved in this way helps to enlarge the circulation of truth.

The saints unanimously agreed to pur­chase the property; $80 were raised in cash to pay moving expenses. The time agreed upon to pay for the building, is August 1st, and there were pledged to be ready by that time, $ 257, by the saints present. Dear Bro. Michels, and several others, were to procure, for one year, whatever was lacking of the full amount, and a few pledged over one hundred dol­lars to be paid one year hence.

Since our return we have received a let­ter from Bro. Michels, stating that all things were ready to consumate the pur­chase, which has probably been done before this date. The mind of the Spirit was that the property should be deeded to the Gospel Trumpet Office, in trust of its publishers and their successors in the business. This was a wise plan, and it puts the building where satan cannot ob­struct its use, as would be the ease if made the property of any man, and he should be overthrown. Therefore by the pur­chase of this building, a permanent home will be secured for the publishing business.

While this has been done, there now exists a difficulty in the way of our re­moval. The presses etc, are encumbered by a debt of $ 500, which it is necessary to meet, The debt not being due, it was hoped that the removal could be effected without paying it now; but it seems ex­tremely difficult, and is probably the only practical way. And owing to the chain of meetings before us, we desire much to move between now and July 20. There­fore we are constrained to ask the saints abroad to help ns, either by donation or loan. Dear Brethren, both in Fulton, and in Jay and Randolph Go’s. Ind. offer­ed to do very liberally toward procuring a house there. The Lord bless them. Now since the providence of God has relieved them of that matter, may it please Him to incline their liberal hearts to help in this present need. What is done must be done soon. And if we could see you all face to lace and explain, we feel sure you would make haste to help us to our new quarters. We desire to see our way clear as soon as possible, so as to an­nounce the removal in good time, to avoid trouble in our mail. “



There are quite a number of subscribers with whom we have long borne, who are back one, two and three years. Most of you we know are able to pay. Will you not do so at once for Christ’s sake. Please do not neglect any longer.



WE mean brothers and sisters young in years, and not particularly young in experience. You are all aware beloved, that it is satan’s business to over­throw as many souls as possible, and by any and every means he can employ.

You also know that whatever he can get your eyes and thoughts upon, aside from Christ will accomplish his end. Now all single children of God are exposed to an awful breaker, upon which thousands of souls have been wrecked. We mean the dangers connected with sexual attrac­tions.

First of all we would blow a blast of warning in the ears of all the dear little ones who know you are toe young to think of marriage. If you will retain salvation, you must abstain from any and every temptation, to walk, sit, or associate with the opposite sex, simply out of sexual at­tractions. We must speak plainly, as those who “watch for your souls,’’ and shall have to “give an account to God.” You are not m bondage, and should not fear to make yourself free, social, and courteous to all saints. There is no harm in a young brother and sister conversing, sitting, or walking together, when it is purely inci­dental, or for the glory of God, and not self sought, partly, or wholly for the grat­ification of that pleasure that arises from the inter-association of the sex. We speak that which we have known and seen, when we tell yon, that you will loose the love of God out of your heart if you in­dulge in any such practices. When you see little disciples of the Lord in the habit of paring off as they walk to and from meeting, etc., set it down they are on the road to a backslidden state. If you do not believe this statement, please open your eyes, and observe more closely in the future, and you will see it verified.

How disgusting, devil-pleasing, and soul ruining to see little boys and girls from 12 to 16 years of age, parading in couples. Though they may have been joyfully con­verted, and recently enjoyed testimony, you will find it hard to drum a little con­fused speach out of them after their minds are thus diverted from Christ, and soon all profession is abandoned. It is the du­ty of all parents to guard their children from premature sexual associations, and especially Christian parents.

Now we wish to talk equally plain to older saints in single life, such as have reached the years at which it were proper to marry if the Lord so wills. Remember you are the Lord’s, and all your life must be ordered by His good pleasure, and you have not one moment to spend in seeking your own pleasure. Therefore the ques­tion of marriage must be wholly submit­ted to His will. Ye cannot stay on God’s altar and have the least choice of, your own respecting matrimony, or anything else. We believe the apostle Paul’s ad­vice is sound wisdom, “Art thou bound unto a wife? seek not to be loosed. Art thou loosed from a wife? seek not a wife.” “He that is married careth for the things that are of this world, how he may please his wife. * * * The unmarried woman careth for the things of the Lord, that she may be holy in body and in spirit: but she that is married careth for the things of the world, how she may please her husband.” — 1 Cor. 7:33, 34.

You perceive that entering upon mat­rimonial life is a descent from the heaven­ly to the earthly, from the Spiritual to the sensual, and as the earth is lower than the heavens, so will your joys be lower when earthly. We do not think the Apostle speaks of matrimony on the high Spirit­ual plain it should be, but on the plain it so commonly exists. Matrimony is insti­tuted by God, and every creature of God is good. And when men live on the high and pure plain of spiritual love, they will find they can be just as “holy, both in body and in spirit” when joined in sacred matrimony as when single.

Three things are essential to holy mat­rimony. First, that you both be holy in­deed, walking not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. Second, that you know it is the will of God concerning you, that, you should marry. Third, that the choice of a companion is wholly the work of God, and that the band of union be tied by the hand of God. As it is written, “whatso­ever God hath joined together, let no man put asunder.” Here is man and wife made one flesh by God Himself, and heaven decrees that no man, court, judge or jury shall put them asunder. Christ ut­terly rules out all divorces.

“But this I say, brethren, the time is short: it remains that both, they that, have wives be as though they had none.” — 1 Cor. 7:29.

This Scripture is much more pertinent now than when it was written. Truly the time is short, Christ is near, even at the door. And it is reasonable to believe that because of the perilous times, and the ap­proaching end, God would that many of His saints should remain single, especial­ly the many He has called to work, “that ye may attend upon the Lord without dis­traction.” — 1 Cor. 7:35 Nevertheless we do by no means think God wills His sin­gle children all to remain single. This we say lest satan should come as an angel of. light on this point, as well as in other things. It behooves all to “know the Lord, from the least to the greatest.” and “be not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.” Should you feel im­pressed that God would have you marry, you need not, and should not let that im­pression cause you to get your eyes off the Lord, nor act any different toward the opposite sex. You must not go gadding about to hunt a companion, for that is not your business. “Every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father.” So just keep looking up. Go right along about your Master’s business, and simply show pure love and courtesy to all saints. You need not be buggy riding and visiting, with a view to find some one that is con­genial to your spirit. That course will never fail to destroy Spirituality; it is out of the line of godliness. Even though you are convinced God wills you should marry, and much more so when otherwise. Promenading and flirting about with the opposite sex is disgusting in the sight of sensible men and women, destructive of Spirituality, and dishonoring to God. Frequent corresponding with a young friend of the opposite sex leads the mind off from Christ in the same way, and should be guarded against.

If you follow your own will, and lusts, in making a choice, the result will very likely be disastrous, yea, often a fearful snare to the soul. If yon let God choose for you, you need not spend time for long visits, etc. to see whether God has made a mis­take. Long night visiting is an abomina­tion, in the dark is pernicious. The visiting should be of a pure, Spiritual and social character, and in the day; for we are not of the night, but of the day. Courtship is not needed, but much prayer to God is very necessary. “Keep thyself pure,” “flee youthful lusts,” seek not the com­pany of the opposite sex, but seek to do the will of God. Seek not the pleasure of the opposite sex, but delight thyself in the Lord, and in His law meditate. Let your’ mind be stayed on Him. If He gives you a companion, he, or she, will prove a bless­ing. If He gives you none, Himself will, be the greater blessing. Abide in Him.




This meeting will be held in Venango Co. Pa., near the Bullion school house, on the Pittsburgh and Franklin Pike, commenc­ing Aug, 13th 1886 to continue as the Lord wills. We hope the dear saints will all turn out, and help in the great work of the salvation of precious souls: it is the duty of every child of God to make a sac­rifice of their own home comforts, and go out and help to gather in the poor lost ones. Oh come, for the fields are white already to harvest.



Bro. Haner writes us of the projected Camp Meeting, near Chanute, Neosho Co. Kansas, to begin Aug. 28th 1886. A tab­ernacle is. already purchased for the meet­ing, and other service in the holy cam­paign. There is a call for us to come to that meeting. If the Lord will, He will bring it to pass.  Daniel.

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Sent Forth in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ
For the Purity and Unity of His Church,
the Defence of ALL His Truth,
And the Destruction of Sect Bab­ylon.


D. S. WARNER, and J. C. FISHER, Editors.

J. C. FISHER, Publisher.


TERMS, $1.00 Per Year In Advance.

All business communications, moneys etc., must be addressed to the Gospel Trumpet, in order to in­sure credit; otherwise we will not be responsible.

Remittances for less than five dollars, should be sent in Postal Notes, above that amount in Post Of­fice Orders, or Registered Letter. Small amounts in two cent stamps.


A commission of 20 percent will be given on each new, cash subscriber, to all who will labor for the Gospel Trumpet. We make this offer so as to help the brethren that are in the field, as well as the cir­culation of the paper.

Parties desiring papers to canvass with should notify us regularly of their whereabouts.



The cross marked with a pencil op­posite this item means that your paid subcription is out. When thus marked please renew at once, or, if the Trumpet is not desired longer, notify us to stop it. We must be notified by letter and the amount due us as back pay must be sent to us, when a subscriber wishes their paper discontinued.

Any one who does not receive their paper, should notify us at once, and it will receive prompt attention.

Address, Williamston



Entered at the Post Office at Williamston,
Ingham Co. 
Mich., as second class matter.





A tract containing scriptural proofs that Christ Himself is the Church, and the Church is Christ.

It is doing a glorious work. Many write favorably of the light it is shedding. Or­ders are increasing; send on your orders.

Price  5 cents.

One dozen copies            $0.50.

Fifty copies            $1.75







BIBLE Proofs that the change from the seventh, to the first day of the week, was made by the Lord Himself.

This tract contains 64 pages: the price reduced to only 10 cts. Per dozen $1.00.

God has enabled us to set forth the subject in the clear light of abundance of Scripture. So every reader of the Trump­et can glorify God in sending your orders for this Tract. This will also be a good fi­nancial help to spread other matter for the Lord.




We have loaned out quite a number of books, to accommodate brethren and friends; but in so doing we have lost trace of some. Hence we make this call to any one that has of our books to let us know. Among the lost are, “MadamGuyon,” two volumes, Upham’s “Life of Faith,” and “Interior Life.” “Randall’s Travels in Egypt, Sinai, and the Holy Land, or the Hand writing of God.”




WE have completed the Second Edi­tion of Songs of Victory, to which we have added five new pages, three pa­ges with notes, and two of familiar hymns.

The book now contains 94 pages with notes, and 14 pages of familiar hymns, making in all 112 pages. We have other­wise improved and corrected it, also put double impression on the covers, and the cloth covers are so bound that there will be no more raw edges, and the lettering is expected to wear and retain the color.

Songs of Victory is specially adapted, for Revival, Camp, Grove, and all other meetings, also for the Sabbath school.

All orders accompanied by cash, will be filled, from single copy upward.

Price, Single copy, Manilla cover, 35 cts. Cloth limp cover, 50 cts. Per dozen Ma­nilla cover, $ 3.00. Cloth, $ 4.80.

Parties may order half or quarter doz­en at same rates as per dozen. Address all orders to the Gospel Trumpet Office, Williamston Mich.



A Brother offers for sale a farm of 80 acres of land, unimproved, situated in South­eastern Missouri, in Bollinger Co., on the R. R. from St Louis to Cairo Ill. Only one mile from the village, in a healthy lo­cality, well watered, unincumbered, ab­stract of title furnished, warranty deed giv­en to purchaser. Lowest cash price $400.

Any one desiring to purchase the above mentioned land, can do so by writing to the Gospel Trumpet Office, Williamston Michigan, or A. C. Bigler, Alpena Dakota.

The Bro. who desires to help the cause of the Lord, offers this land at cost price, and will give one half for the publication of the Gospel Trumpet and tracts, for dis­tribution to the glory of God. Any one desiring to get a home in a mild, healthy climate, short winters, will do well to make this purchase.





Let all the saints everywhere, pray for the healing of the bodies through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, of the following brethren and sisters.

Pray earnestly for Miss Mary Malcomson, Vevay Ind., that she may be deliver­ed from the power of disease.

Let all the saints pray for the healing of Bro. S. G. Odell and family, Loraine Ill., of bodily afflictions.

Also pray mightily to God to heal Sis­ter Hettie Newman, Williamston Mich., of spinal fever.

Pray earnestly for the healing of Bro. Benj. Johnson, Paris Ill., of bodily affictions.

Also pray for Sister Martin, Paris Ill., who is blind.

Please make Sister Anna Beymer, Ft Scott Kan., a special subject of prayes for healing of bodily afflictions.

Mr. W. S. Gauntt Rome City Ind., asks the prayers of all the saints for the healing of both soul and body. He has been greatly afflicted for two years past, and be­lieves the Lord will heal him.

Also for the healing of sister Rhodes, of the same place, of paralysis.

Also pray for the healing of John Mar­tin, South Mi4llford Ind., of Asthma.

Sister Swartz of Upper Sandusky Ohio, requests the special prayers of the saints for her healing of bodily afflictions.

Bro. Ezra Smith of Burbank Ohio, re­quests the earnest prayers of the saints for the healing of their son Franklin, who has been sick for many years.



We wish to make an appeal to the be­loved saints of God in behalf of dear Bro. Wm. N. Smith who has had the miss fortune to loose his horse, which was his only means of travel. Dear Bro. and sister Smith have been seeking out the lost ones in the dark places, and in the inland towns where there is no rail roads, and many souls have been reached and brought to God; who otherwise would doubtless have remained in sin. Bro. Smith feels that the Lord wants him to continue to travel in this way, and believes the Lord will put it in the hearts of the saints to send a little of their means to help him to get another horse. May God help you Breth­ren to all do your duty and come at once to the help of this Bro. who is thus left helpless, and not able to reach perishing souls. Any one desiring to help the Bro. and thus glorify God, please do so by send­ing your donations to the Gospel Trumpet Office. And the same will be forwarded to him.


Our Camp and Grove Meeting List.



This meeting will be held in Hamilton township, to commence July 20-29. Let all come with their tents, to this feast of tabernacles, a glorious time is expected.

Parties coming on the Toledo Ann Arbor and Grand Trunk R. R. from the south and north, get off at North Star.


This meeting will be held on the place of Bro. David Leininger, about six miles east and one mile north of Rochester Fulton Co. Ind. It will begin August 5th land continue about 6 days. There are many saints living in convenient distance from the place of this meeting, and every body desiring to worship God and seek His salvation is invited.


This meeting will be held in Venango Co. Pa., commencing Aug. 13-23. We expect a glorious time of refreshing from the presence of the Lord. Let all make arrangements to tent on the ground. We hope to hear from the brethren in reference to the ground and place.


There will be a meeting in Bro. Z. E. Powell’s Grove, near Custards Pa. in Au­gust to take place after the Venango meeting, the Lord willing.


We ought to have a meeting in the West some where, the last of August. We hope to hear from Bro. J. P. Haner. He and the other brethren can make arrange­ments for a meeting in their locality, and if the Lord wills some of us will come over.


There will be a grove meeting, the Lord willing, at Jerry City Ohio, commencing Sept, 9th ’86, to continue over Sunday.

Any other parties wishing meetings, should communicate with us at once.




We have concluded to reduce the price of our tracts. Sabbath tracts to less than half price, 10 cts a piece. Tracts on the Church to half price, 5 cts.

Now we hope the readers of the Trump­et will all take an interest in distributing these tracts. They are cheap, and contain important truth. Friends of perishing souls can do a good work by perchasing and distributing the same. It does seem that these works should go out rappidly, and the means be used to help on the great work.




THE Christian Voice, and Banner of Holiness quotes the following, from a Presbyterian paper.

“One of the great hindrances to right governmental dealing in Ireland grows out of the existence of secret societies. They are habitually plotting anarchy. It is so always in every place. Secret, hidden caballing among men for any purpose is one of the worst kinds of villainy, and it is to this that secretism inevitably leads. “Openly to the world,” is the way of the Master.”

Well if “secret hidden caballing among men for any purpose is one of the worst kinds of villainy,” is not. Mr. Kemp yoked up in fellowship with thousands of those secret society villains, in the M. E. sect? If, as he says, “secretism inevitably leads” to the worst kind of villainy,” is he not inconsistent, because of his membership in a sect largely run by masonic preach­ers? A professed holiness man in broth­er-hood with a sect, a large percent of whose members are in brother-hood with these villainous conclaves. It is sickening disgusting, and abominable for men to pre­tend to cry out against an evil, and yet in a sense, yoked up with it. There are plenty of men in these days that try to appear righteous, by crying out against the secrecy, and wickedness in the sects, and yet show their sect idolatry by say­ing, “stay in,” the rotten carcass.

But God says “Come Out.”




DEAR Sister Mary Owen, near Sandy Lake, Mercer Co. Pa., passed away to be with the Lord, May 7, 1886. Her departure was glorious. Her assurance unclouded. We give here all extract from a letter from Sister Mary Farrah, that tells something of her happy departure.

Our dear Sister Owen passed away to the realms of bliss and glory May 7th. She died a most triumphant death. She praised the Lord with a loud voice until a few moments before her departure. She suffered much, but she bore her sufferings with the greatest of patience. She ex­horted us all to be faithful in serving the living God, and every opportunity she had, warned sinners to flee from the wrath to come. O how much we miss her, no one save her own family misses her more than I do. O may God help us all to so live that we may meet her on the other shore where parting will be no more.

It is more than twenty years since she first sought and found the Lord. She joined the W. M. sect and remained a mem­ber there until two years ago last August while listening to the truth of God preached by Bro. D. S. Warner. She felt it truly to be her duty to come out of her, that is, old babylon. She did so by the help of God and was wonderfully blessed in so doing. For the last few months her soul seemed to ripen up rapidly for heaven and im­mortal glory. O bless God! we never can forget her kind and loving words. By the grace of God we will meet her over there. She has only gone a little before us. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.

We will never forget the time when God called dear sister Owen out of the denomination.

During the first camp meeting we were permitted to hold in Pa., dear Sisters Knapp and Owen, both of the W. M. sect, were clearly convicted by the Word and Spirit of God, of the duty to come out of the human sect. In the earnestness of their hearts to be right, they asked God to give them some special evidence of His will in the matter. So the Lord appeared to dear sister Carmichael in the night, and gave her a message to deliver to each of the two sisters, which she did the next day. The message was that they should flee out of babylon, and deliver their soul. They were each clothed in the most sol­emn and appropriate Bible language, and delivered in such meek and holy authority of the Spirit of God, and in such solemn and Divine simplicity, that no soul that had any light of God in Him, could resist the conviction that the messages were of God.

No sooner had the messenger sat down, until Sister Knapp arose and confessed the voice of God in the call, and promised to obey the same. Instantly her face was lit up with a heavenly glow, and it seemed to shine like pure am her a all through the meeting. And a year later we found the beauty of holiness still upon her brow.

Sister Owen followed her and also ac­knowledged the call from Heaven, and pledged fidelity to God, who had so gra­ciously warned her of the danger of ling­ering in the desolate city of confusion. Instantly the Holy Spirit came upon her, and she shouted the wonderful praises of God. And ail through the meeting the high waves of Divine glory broke in floods of bliss upon her soul. It. was wonderful to see the mighty baptism of the Holy Spirit that overwhelmed her soul and body. Glory to Jesus!

Over a year ago the Lord took dear sis­ter Knapp home to her rest in Heaven, and now dear sister Owen has gone to join her in the glory world. O what rapture of joy must, thrill their ransomed souls as they embrace each other in the glory world.

Thank God! dear sister Owen lived to see her dear husband and daughter saved. May God bless and comfort them, and save all the family in Jesus.

The funeral was a very large one. The saints conducted the services in the power of the Holy Spirit. The Elder of the Church read a lesson, Bro. Griggs, a Bro. of the deceased, talked freely and praised God, and all the holy ones sang appropri­ate hymns in the Spirit and testified of the mighty salvation that they had in Christ Jesus. Bro. Owen being much comforted with all the saints. It was a marvel in the eyes of a sectarian comfort­less religion; but all confessed it a sol­emn and appropriate service. Her tri­umphant death preaches a mighty sermon. Praise God for a saint Heaven! We praise God for the prospect of meeting the loved saints at home.




AT the close of the meeting in Jay Co. Ind., we came to Sweetser, Grant Co. where we held meeting a few days and nights. A large school house was crowded with attentive hearers. A few souls were converted to the Lord. Many were convicted of the truth. Friday, May 28th we baptized five dear saints. Re­turning to dear Bro. Wm. Bragg’s who is called and ordained of God to the work of the ministry, he received ordination by the laying on of hands and prayer, to the great work. Then with deep inward feelings of holy love, for our dear little Sidney, and for the beloved saints, we bade them adieu and started on our way to Ohio. They, expecting to go soon to Beaver Dam, Ind., came that evening as far as Hartford City, the County seat of Black­ford Co, Ind. where we spent a glorious week several years ago in a holiness camp meeting. Recollecting a family by the name of Turner, we made inquiry, and found ourself near their house. Thither we went and were kindly received and entertained through the night. Found that the Bro. and sister were still holding on to the glory of entire sanctification. Also learned that there are quite a num­ber in the place professing that grace, who meet regularly for the worship of God.

O that God may lead them out on the clear sea of glass mingled with fire. Oh how sensibly we could feel that the slight­est sympathy for sects, is an awful ele­ment of weakness and death. Dear good honest hearts, in the doctrine and profes­sion of holiness, who are still allowing their names in babylon, comparing themselves with the sect bodies of death, think them­selves wonderfully advanced in the light of God, but they fall as far short of the glorious power and light of the free and holy saints, who have “clean escaped from them that live in error,” as they are in advance of the current dead religion that surrounds them. Oh how our soul longs to see men and women free from all the names, and influences of babylon, in the glorious liberty of the sons of God.

Saturday, the 39th, we came on to Ft Wayne, and thence to Melrose, Paulding Co. Ohio. Here was met by dear Bro. A. J. Kilpatrick, and taken five miles South, where we met a little company saints worshiping God in the house of Bro. Shank. We found the Lord was there in power, and we shouted His praise together. The meeting was there that night also. Many saints came together, and Christ in the midst. Glory to His name!

Sabbath, God gave us a beautiful day, and we spake unto the people the words of eternal truth, in a grove, fore-noon and after-noon. There was good attention, and it is thought by the brethren a great deal of prejudice was removed from the minds of the people. Praise

God, from whom all blessings flow! It was thought best to more the meeting to the Church in the Weimer settlement, five miles North West. Here the saints having been hindered by the ungodly spirit of babylon, in the use of the school house, have built them a good hewed log house of worship. Praise God! we were joyfully surprised to meet such a glorious host of saints in this new country. Glory to Jesus! many of them are blessedly baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire. Hallelujah! It is the same blessed leaping, shouting, burn­ing love of God that we find rapidly spreading over the country from State to State, Surely the Lord Jesus is taking out a strong people for His name, and lot His glory. Welt praise God! the saints here, as every where else, are hated, and spurned by the worshipers of the beast. But none of these things move them. It was a joyful sight to see two dear old sis­ters praising God for deliverance out of babylon, and from all sin after they had been trying to serve God for many years under the galling yokes and creeds of men. How their youth has been renewed as the eagles. Fully saved, healed in body, and out of bondage, they can leap and shout the praises of God. We heard one of them testify that she had smoked to­bacco for 52 years, but God took the ap­petite away instantaneously. The work has been opened up principally by the instrumentality of Bro. A. J. Kilpatrick, Bro. Howard also laboring with him in the glad tidings, and the Church at Payne, from whence the Word of God has sound­ed out to many places, raising up worship­ers of God in Spirit and in truth, in many happy homes. Others are being called into the work of the ministry.

We only had two days and nights to

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stop here, and in the four services several souls were gloriously saved. The last night there were five at the altar, two entered the inheritance of sanctification by faith in Christ, and one soul received pardon. Praise the Lord O my soul!

The readers of the Trumpet recollect the report of a miracle last fall, in the rescue of a child from a well, where the saints of the Most High God were assembled for worship. That was in this place. We met the brother, and found him truly idled with the power of the Holy Spirit, and claiming the gift of miracles.

While the worship of God was in prochess, a brother looked out of the window id saw a child fall into the well. The farm was given, Bio. Ramsey was first at he well. Looking down, he saw the child, little girl about five years of age; she seemed to have risen to the surface of the later. He thought it was Bro. Dudgeon’s ..ild, and turned to look for him. Just ..en the Spirit of God came upon him, ..d he jumped right into the well. It was ..only inclosed with a platform, with a ..uare hole in the middle. The well was called with brick down to the water, some  ..n or twelve feet, and had about six feet … water, walled by stone. The Bro. says ..e looked for no stay for his feet, but went own gently, as if the air were made dense though to nearly hold up his weight, allowing a gradual descent. When he came … the top of the water the hand of God ..ided his feet to supporting stones, upon which he stood, and picking up the child, ..e found it was his own child instead of ..e brother’s as he supposed. A ladder as soon brought, and he ascended with ..s child safely rescued by the gracious and of God. All present were impressed ..th the fact that a real miracle was brought. Praise God! He is still able to … exceedingly abundantly above all that ..e ask or think.

Wednesday, May 26th, Bro. Kilpatrick ..d ourself came to Payne, the same Co., ..ar which we began a grove meeting in ..e name of the Lord Jesus. There are so many blessed saints about here. But … some time there has been discord, and ..ouble raising up among the saints. A ..w years ago satan tried to destroy God’s ..urch in these parts, by strong delusion a few men and women. Some of whom we gone entirely away from God and is Church, and the rest are joyfully saved. ..ter the peace and unity has been broken a by two teachers. An obstinate, suberted and deluded woman, Mrs Emily Kilpatrick, and Bro. A. J. Kilpatrick. The ..ter had been in some error, but had ..bout got rid of the same. We found him ..mble, honest, and of a good spirit. He ..lly renounced his error, and the Lord pointed his soul afresh, for the work of ..e ministry. God bless Bro. K. He has ..een much used of God in spreading ..broad the truth and salvation of the Lord. … the love of Jesus we used the rod faithfully on all who had participated in any party feeling or talk. Praise God! fall the  ..ocere and honest hearted confessed their ..ults, and received the blessing of God. After an earnest effort to admonish Mrs. K. on Friday, and seeing her deplorable readiness, the Spirit of God impressed my soul that she would not “humble herself ..nder the mighty hand of God,” for 24 hours we suffered the pains of amputation.

How solemn the hours passed by on Saturday. A large load of saints, coming from the Eastern part of the Co. felt the gloom of death as they came on the ground, as did ourself and all the saints, but when the final effort to heal that which was out of the way failed, the burden rolled off of all our hearts. The poor deceived soul did not return to another service. A few sincere, but blinded ones cleaved unto her, but had no part or lot in the meetings af­terward, and one confessed she had no fellowship with the meeting. But the power of God rested on the services, and souls were gloriously saved, So when the Word of God draws the line, all who do not adjust themselves to the truth and Spirit of Christ feel themselves utterly cut off. O may God save the erring souls for Christ’s sake!

On Monday morning we had a meeting at Bro Wm. L. Kilpatrick’s in the village of Payne. The object was to ordain ah Elder and Deacon, and give instructions concerning their duties etc. Being Monday, we greatly felt the need of rest; but one of satan’s adventist lecturers who were holding a tabernacle meeting in the place, being in the congregation, God won­derfully “filled us with power by the Ho­ly Spirit, and with judgment and might, to rebuke the false prophet, and expose his rotten, soul deceiving sect The abom­inable deceiver turned black under the shower of “hail and fire mingled with blood,” and finally went out of the con­gregation of the Lord.

Bro. Wm. L. Kilpatrick was ordained Elder of the Church of God at Payne, and Bro. Thomas Smith Deacon.

Having received a letter from the saints at Beaver Dam that two of our helpers in the Gospel, Bro. Barney Warren, and sis­ter Frankie Miller were token down with the measles, we returned that way to pray the Lord for their speedy recovery, so as to be able to attend the Bangor Camp Meeting. Praise God! by the anointing, and laying on of hands and prayer, they were both instantly healed, rose from their beds, and three days later they ac­companied the saints to Mich. Praise the Lord for the glorious army physician that takes care of all His little soldiers in this holy war. With our company there were 18 went from this place to the Bangor Camp meeting.



Table Rock, Neb.

Dear Brethren: – God bless you; grace, mercy and truth be multiplied unto you.

Closed meeting here with victory on the Lord’s side. There were seven precious souls snatched from sin, taken from sin and placed upon the Rock, and in the kingdom of God and His Christ. Holiness had never been preached here before; so they did not know what to make of the hail and fire mingled with blood. Satan had many here rocked to sleep in the sect cradle. His priests had left the poor babes without a shelter from the storm; so the hail struck the poor sect babes right in the face, and being severely hurt and scared, they awoke, cried and squalled. The devil got awful mad, because we ex­posed him and his masked works. The Holy Spirit uncovered the man of sin, (sectism.)

God was with us in mighty power, and many were convicted who were afraid to come out and seek the Lord,

There are some good, true, holy people here. God bless and keep them, and use them mightily in tearing down the strong holds of sin and satan. Holiness has come here to stay. Hallelujah to God for vic­tory over the world, the flesh and the devil.

God bless Bro. and sister Carmichael for their kindness to the Lord’s servants. God did bless them in converting two of their children, and sanctifying another. God bless and keep them all in His love.

Your Brother, free indeed from all sin.

J. P. Haner.




We are indebted to the Emphatic Diaglott for a very correct and ex­cellent rendering of 1 Cor. 5:9—11.

The common version reads as follows—  “I wrote unto you an epistle, not to  com­pany with fornicators: Yet not altogeth­er with the fornicators of this world, or with the covetous, or extortioners, or, with idolaters; for then must ye needs go out of the world. But now I have written un­to you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or aw idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one, no not to eat.” — 1 Cor. 5:9-11.

You perceive that this rendering, makes the Apostle Say that when he admonished the saints of God not to keep company with fornicators, covetous, extortioners, and idolaters, that he did not mean that they should withdraw from the company of such if they professed to be of the world, but that they should be separate from such characters, if they professed to be a brother. This is not consistent. Here is the Emphatic rendering.

“In that letter I wrote to you not to be associated with; fornicators. In no wise with the fornicators of this world, or with the covetous and extortioners, or idolaters, since indeed you are. bound to come out from the world.

But how I write to not be associated with any one, named a brother, if he be a fornicator, or a covetous person, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such a person not even to eat.”

This is far more consistent with the Word in general. The. common, version shows the ignorance of the translators in reference to coming out from the world, speaking as though that were an impossi­ble thing. It really gives license to a saint to company with all those abomina­ble characters, if they make no profession of Christ, but the same characters should be avoided if professing to be a brother. This is rediculous. A bad character is just as repulsive to the Spirit of God in us, and just as corrupting in his influence upon us whether he is called a brother or not.

Profession or no profession makes no difference, if he is a corrupt man no saint has fellowship with him, nor can company with him. Bad men who profess Christ are more dangerous than non-professors, from the fact that weak children of God are more apt to venture their association. But the result of associating with either class of evil characters is the same.

The Emphatic rendering is consistent with the Word generally, and with itself. The Apostle wrote them not to keep com­pany with fornicators, etc. Now he writes again, confirming the former teaching, saying, by no means the fornicators of this world, since indeed we are bound to come out from the world. But now, rec­ollecting that some might think the ad­monition only referred to such characters who profess to be of the world* -he writes them again not to associate with such even though he be called a brother, or has made a profession of Christ.

You are hound to come out from the world.” This world lies in wickedness, far from God. The blood of Jesus Christ brings us nigh to Him; hence out of the world, that lies at such a great moral distance from God. Christ said of His disciples, “They are not of the world even as I am not of the world.” Then they had come out from the world. It is true that a person that is saved of God will find a wide and deep gulf between him and this world. We are crucified to the world and the world crucified unto us. “Behold what manner of love the Father hath be­stowed upon us that we should be called the sons of God, therefore the world knoweth us not.” Glory to Jesus! we are dead to this world, and alive unto God. When Balak wished Balaam to curse Israel, the latter went upon a high mountain.

“And the Lord put a word in Balaam’s mouth, and said, Return unto Balak, and thus thou shalt speak. And he returned unto him, and lo, he stood by his burnt sacrifice, he, and all the princes of Moab. And he took up his parable, and said, Balak the king of Moab hath brought me from Aram, out of the mountains of the oast, saying, come, curse me Jacob, and come, defy Israel. How shall I curse, whom God hath not cursed? Ur how shall I defy, whom the Lord hath not defied? For from the top of the rocks I see him, and from the hills I behold him: Jo, the people shall dwell alone, and shall not be reckoned among the nations. Who can count the dust of Jacob, and the number of the fourth part of Israel? Let me die the death of the righteous, and let my last end be like his.” — Num. 23:5-10.

This is a sublime prophesy of Spiritual Israel. God gave Balaam a glimpse of the glory of His holy Church. And he wished to die the death of the righteous.

“From the top of the rocks I see him, and from the hills I behold him. So the people shall dwell alone, and shall not be reckoned among the nations.” So the in­spired eye of prophesy beheld God’s holy Church, 1452 years before it was formed by the Lord Jesus Christ. Praise God! the time has come. The Son of God has puri­fied unto Himself, and out of the world, a peculiar people. “They shall dwell alone, and not be counted in the nations.” This looks as though their names shall not be counted into the political parties, or bal­lots of this world.

“Israel then shall dwell in safety alone: the fountain of Jacob shall be upon a land of corn and wine; also his heavens shall drop down dew. Happy art thou, O Isra­el: who is like, unto thee, O people saved by the Lord, the shield of thy help, and who is the sword of thy excellency! And thine enemies shall be found liars unto thee; and thou shalt tread upon their high places.” — Deut. 33:28, 29.

So Israel’s safety is in dwelling alone. Praise God! “Wherefore, come out from among them, and be ye separate saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing, and I will receive you.” — 2 Cor. 6. “Since indeed we are bound to come out from the world.”

“Marvel not therefore if the world hate you: if ye were of the world, the world would love its own, but because I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you” Glory to God! dear readers, if your friends, and all sectarians forsake you, you see you are not of the world, and answer the character of God’s Church. But look at sect religion, con­formed to the world in dress, like the world in lightness and filthiness: joined to the world in friendship. Entertaining the world lewd frolics, trusting in the world for means. It differs as widely from the Bible description of God’s Church as the world, the flesh and the devil dif­fers from God and holiness.




Boundry City Ind.

My Dear Brethren in Christ: — I praise the Lord for full salvation that makes us tree in Christ Jesus. I do praise God that He called me, and I did hear His voice, and came to Him, and He pardoned my sins, and cleansed me from all sin and unrighteousness. I am dead to the world and care not what any body says about me. I only wish to please my Heavenly Father, and know it is the way He leads me.

The saints are having glorious meetings here, every Sabbath and Wednesday night. The U. B. sect has locked their meeting house here, but we praise the Lord all the same. They may lock their houses, but that will not save them. They call them­selves United Brethren in Christ; but I do not think they are united in Christ at all. Because Christ does not lock His brethren out, who worship God in Spirit and in truth. I wonder if they think they will have a room in Heaven where they can lock themselves up and worship as they please. I praise the Lord that He has not built little separate pens for His people, but they all serve the Lord with one heart, in one mind and one Spirit, in this world and in Heaven above. For whereas there is among you envy and strife and division, are ye not carnal and walk as men? For while one saith I am of Paul, and another, I am of Apollas, are ye not carnal?

Thank God that I have come out of babylon, and am walking in the light as God is in the light. I give all the praise to my blessed Redeemer. I ask the prayers of all the saints that I may live godly in Christ Jesus, and let my light shine before my children, friends, and neighbors. Your Sister.

Susan Imel.

We are waiting by the river,
Where the evening shadows fall,
Waiting only for the boatman,
Listening for His gentle call.

Cho. — When I cross the shaded valley
And the river’s gentle tide,
In that bright Celestial City
I shall ever more abide.

Though the mists hang o’er the river
And the billows loudly roar,
Yet I hear the songs of angels,
Wafted from the other shore.

He has called for many loved ones,
We have seen them leave our side;
With our Savior we shall greet them,
When we too have crossed the tide.

Shall I waken in the morning,
In my Father’s home above,
Where the shadows all have vanished,
In the golden reign of love.

Earth, with all its light and shadows
Is receeding from my sight,
As I listen to the music
Of my home, supremely bright.

Hark! I hear the waters ripple,
Lights are gleaming on the shore,
Think you, ’tis the coming boatman?
Will my toils so soon be o’er?

I will wait in calm submission,
Meekly kneeling on the shore,
Till my Savior comes to call me,
Then He’ll bear me gently o’er.

Waiting, waiting for the boatman
With His shining angel band,
Waiting, waiting by the river,
Clinging dose to Jesus’ hand.

Selected by S. I.


Pellston Mich.

Dear Brethren: — This morning the good Lord leads me to write you. Several of your papers have fallen into toy hands, and I have read them with much interest, and I am getting to be a believer in the healing power of God. I have been a member of the M. E. sect for six years, and I am thinking it is right for me to come out from the creeds and sects, and belong to God’s Church. I can truly say, I am all the Lord’s, entirely given to Him. Bless His Holy name for what He has done for me! Since I have began to pray for sanctification. I have had a greater en­joyment. I am praying daily to know more of this way, and if it is my duty, to come out and walk in it. I have com­menced to advocate the principles, and feel justified in it. Praise God! I believe in a blood-washed people, and I am de­termined by God’s grace to do all His will, let the world say what they will. I am making God’s Word my study, and I am saved through the blood of Jesus. I live about 18 miles north of Petosky and there are about four that believe in this healing power here. We have heard that Bro. Warner is coming up north this summer. I hope he will come here. We think there would be a good work done here.

I want to tell you of my daughter. She had heart disease, also her nervs were much impaired. She got so bad we thought she could not live but a little while. She had never made a profession of Christ. Her husband wanted to send for a physi­cian. But she said, “No I have given my self to the Lord, and if He is willing to heal me, He can, and if not, I will die. For I have had doctors until I have no faith at all in them helping me.” She had not read any papers, nor had any one talk to her about healing. She finally said, The Lord told her He would heal her. She took hold by faith, and got right up, and her heart was healed, also her nervousness.

Then there was a lady here over fifty years old, who had been sick four years. She was a good Christian, and my daughter went to this lady and greatly strengthened her faith by telling what the Lord had done for her, and prayed with her. So she also was healed.

I never saw any one so brightly con­verted, and so strong in faith as my daugh­ter seems to be. She seems to have the gift of faith, and feels that she must go out and work for the Lord. But she has met with much opposition and has been somewhat discouraged. It would so much strengthen her if you could come up here.

Your Sister saved.

Amanda McElvain.


Olivet, Mich.

Dear Brethren: — I do love to read the testimonies of the dear saints in the Trumpet, and often wish I could give such a testimony, but I cannot, for I am not sanc­tified. I desire to be wholly sanctified, soul and body. I thank God for what He has done for me. The Lord has enabled me to lay aside all the foolishness, and fashions of this world, and tobacco, which I had used for 35 years. All pray for me, that I may be wholly sanctified. Your sis­ter in Christ

Mrs. C. Ellsworth.


Auburn Ind.

Dear Brethren: — Praise the Lord! I am again permitted to drop a few lines for the Trumpet. May God ever bless you in spreading the the Gospel to those who are yet blind. Yes, thanks be to God! many are coming to the light, from all sects, who had never before been taught the deep truths of the Word of God. But there are still many places that they have never heard a sermon on holiness and sanctifica­tion, unless it was from those sect preach­ers who are yet blind. But can the blind lead the blind? shall they not both fall in­to the ditch? but thanks be to God for this privilege that we can reach the Trumpet, and thereby receive food for the soul. I myself have never heard but two sermons from the saints. One was from Brother Warner about six years ago, and the other from Bro. Fisher last August at Payne O. at a grove meeting. Thank God! my hus­band said he never heard such a sermon in all his life. O how plain it was laid out. Praise God! we could also see where those are who belong to the sects. We are taught to he of one mind and that there be no di­visions and strife among us. O may God open the eyes of the blind that they may all be saved. Although they profess to know God, in works they deny Him. Now if some of the saints can come in this part of the country and hold a meeting, let us know, and by the help and grace of God we will meet you. There are many poor lost souls in this place that can be saved by bearing the truth of God. May God bless all the readers of the Trumpet, as the just shall live by faith, so let us lift up the hands and follow peace and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord. I will ever praise the Lord for what He has done for poor unworthy me.

Your Sister in Christ.

Anna Pepple.


T. K. Doty, a Weslyan professor of ho­liness, said in his paper that “Thorough and wide-spread holiness destroys sects and denominations.” Well he who clings to that which holiness destroys, clings to the works of the devil; for holiness only destroys the works of the devil. And he that defends the works of the devil is on the side of the devil, and against thor­ough Bible holiness.

It is just as impossible for any sect to receive holiness, as it were for a stack of dry straw to invite fire to come and build it up. Holiness never builds up, but al­ways burns up sects and denominations. Amen!

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SOMETHING of a sensation has been caused in the Ellenville district of the New York M. E. church by the circula­tion of the following document, issued by the authorities of the church at Equinunk, Wayne Co, Pa., and signed by the leading members of the church, among them State Senator W. M. Nelson:

To the Rev. F. J. Belcher, Presiding El­der: Whereas, The Rev. J. Lee Gamble, who was appointed at the last session of the New York Conference to be our pastor for the ensuing year, has informed us that he holds and preaches the following doctrines, as herewith stated in his own language, viz:

“First — That church buildings should be used only for religious worship, and never for lectures, fairs, festivals, enter­tainments, etc. — John 2:13, 17, etc.

“Second — That all church money should be raised by direct, cheerful, Christian giving, and not by parties, suppers, fairs, or entertainments of any kind; according to 1 Cor. 19:5; 2 Cor. 9:7; etc.

“Third — That in the matter of dress we should all conform to both the Spirit and the letter of the Apostolic precept (1 Tim. 2:9, 19; 1 Peter 3:3-5,) and put away the wearing of gold and all costly and super­fluous apparel.

“Fourth — That Christians should marry only with Christians, and never contrary to the literal interpretation of 1 Cor. 7:39, and 2 Cor. 6:14-18.

“Fifth — That all Christians should come out, and he separate from all secret, oath-bound societies of whatever name or ob­ject, according to Matt. 5:34, 36; 2 Cor. 6:14 — 18; John 18:20; Jer. 17:5; John 3:20, 21, etc.

“Sixth — That the Bible shows that as fall provision has been made for bodily sickness as for sin, and that the prayer of faith will still heal the sick — James 5:14- 16; Mark 16:17, 18; Matt. 8:16, 17; Ex. 15: 26; Deut. 28:22-28, 59-61; Psa. 105:37, etc.

“Seventh — That we are living in the last days, that the world is growing worse, and the professing church more and more corrupt; that, the Lord Jesus Christ will soon come in person, in flaming fire, tak-vengence on them that know not God, and that obey not the Gospel, and be glo­rified in His saints and admired in all them that believe — 2 Tim. 3:1-5; Matt, 26:37-39; Matt. 24:12; Matt, 7:22, 23; 2 Tim. 4:34; 2 Thess. 1:8-10; Isa. 32:1; Rev. 5:19; Rev. 20: 4-6.”

And whereas, In our judgment the preaching of these doctrines would be detrimental to the interests of this charge, therefore, Resolved, That we do respect­fully state that, for the reasons given, his withdrawal from the pastorate of the Equinunk charge would meet our ap­proval.

J. Lee Gamble lives at Liberty, Sullivan Co. N. Y., where he had charge of the cir­cuit during the past conference term. He was a soldier in the late war, and was con­fined in Libby prison a long time. He came out of the army a physical wreck, but is now in robust health. He declares that he was restored by faith alone.



Do not these blind Methodist sinners see that by declining the services of a man who holds, and teaches the Word of God, that they reject the Word itself?

And he that rejects the Word of God, rejects God, and the Lord Jesus, and is antichrist.

These ungodly Methodists coolly, and deliberately cite the Scriptures which this preacher holds and teaches, and then beg to be relieved of his ministry. As good as to say, we “cannot endure sound doc­trine,” and do not wish a preacher that will believe and preach what the Bible teaches. We do not want a minister to preach God’s Word, but have itching ears for teachers that will give us tables, and go in for festival and frolic.

And whereas the preaching of such Scriptures as we have quoted, and which the above named preacher is guilty of be­lieving and teaching, “would be detri­mental to the interests of this charge,” therefore Resolved, that his withdrawal from the pastorate of our place “would meet our approval.”

O ye Methodists! how can ye escape the damnation of hell?



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By H. R. Jeffrey.


My first acquaintence with this movement dates back some nine years or more. The first I ever heard talk this doctrine was some men from Michigan: Booze and Byers by name. I was im­pressed that they taught the truth. I at once received the doctrine, as it was plain Bible truth; and I have never changed my mind on the Church question to this day. It is firmly fixed in my very soul. The next man was John Elliot, known in those parts as the walking preacher. He was much persecuted, but seemed to bear it with patience. It was this that caused me to disconnect myself from the Wesleyans, and stand alone for Christ. These people were persecuted because they believed in absolute religious liberty, and acted out the same in withdrawing from the sects to which they belonged, and also spake against sects, and divisions among God’s people. They had no trouble to establish their reasons by the Scripture; and as it could not be refuted, it called down the wrath of sectarians, in abuse and slander. The devil began to tremble, for his kingdom was in danger, if this thing was not put down. But it would not go down, and like all other earnest, active reforms, it grew the faster by being opposed. About this time I heard of a paper called the Stumbling Stone. Edited by one, Lyman Johnson. I sent for that paper and found much truth in it; but there was a Spirit about the paper that I did not like, and so I was somewhat disappointed. But I could not go back into any sect. So I kept searching for more light, from time to time, till at last I found a few persecuted souls that seemed to be on the Bible line as I saw it. They were a head of Johnson in the Christ Spirit, and taught the Bible as a whole and not a part; but at that time they had not the light as it has been re­vealed since. There were a few of us at Fairmount Ind. that began to walk in the light; hut as the most of them renounced holiness as a second work of grace. “We could not agree.

I at last saw brother D. S. Warner at a camp meeting at Warsaw Ind.. He was at that time a member of an eldership of a split off of the church of God (so called.) He was at that time looking a head to some­thing better. It was the same year I be­lieve that he, with G. Haines started a pa­per called the Gospel Trumpet. There was soon a collision between, this paper and the Stumbling Stone. He ignored the ordinances, and fought holiness as a second experience, both of which the Trum­pet and the Bible advocate. I was a reader of both papers at the time. I attended some of Johnson’s meetings before I met Bro. Warner. One in Hillsdale Co. Mich., also in Fairmount Ind.. He was a strong opponent of sectism, and used the hail with vengence, but his preaching seemed to scatter, rather than gather to Christ. He made war on the holiness work with the same zeal that he fought die sects. I saw that I could not endorse his abuse on what I knew to be the truth of God, and gave up his paper. Soon af­ter this, Ancel Raper started a paper in Fairmount; but as it was a small affair, and partook of the same spirit of the Stumbling Stone, its life was short and fall of trouble. Raper and Johnson soon fell out over the meaning of a word and ac­cused each other of being of the devil. I want to say that all of those would-be leaders in this movement have failed to produce the necessary fruits of righteous­ness. Booze and Byers I understand are gone to open sinning. Elliot, the last I saw him, was playing the violin to get mony to travel and to preach. Johnson fails to gather, and Raper is not a leader that he would like to be. But Bro’s Warner and Fisher have succeeded through God, in gathering many sheaves of golden wheat. Many hundred happy saints shouting the praises of Him who has washed them in His blood, is a proof sufficient to me, that they are called of God to do the work in which they are engaged. And though I cannot understand all they do and teach, I can with joy and hope bid them God’s speed in the good work they are called to do. Hoping and praying that they may never lead God’s people astray. In the meantime, dear saints, remember that Christ is our leader, Shepherd and King.

Your Brother.


Denver Colorado.

Dear Brethren: — The Lord sanctified my soul three years and a half ago, and has blessedly kept me ever since. All glory to His matchless name! Two years and a half ago! heard the “voice from Heaven, saying, come out of her my people,” and obeyed. I am free from all sects and man­made institututions. I am all the Lord’s. Praise His great and holy name! washed in the blood of the Lamb.

James Pollock.



Near Beaver Dam Ind. May 22nd, Wal­ter, son of John U. and Alice Bryant, went to his happy home, where Jesus ever lives to bless little children.

Aged 3 years, 9 months and 9 days.

“Dear Walter now has gone,
Gone to his unbroken rest,
Noble, loving, gentle son,
Sweetly dwell among the blest.
“Cut off, as a flower in May,
In child-hood’s early dawn,
But sweet thy memory shall stay,
And thy love shall never wane.
“Till we meet around the Throne,
Praising Him who reigns above,
Giving thanks to Him alone,
Who redeemed us by His blood.
“We cannot wish thee back,
Life’s thorny way to tread —
For pain and sorrow ne’re can break
The peaceful slumber of the dead.
“A few short years of trial o’er,
And we who mourn the dead,
Will join the loved ones gone before
Where parting tears no more are shed.”

N. G. Bryant.


At Moravia, Lawrence Co. Pa. on the 19th of May 1886, Sister Amanda Stevinson, aged 36 years.

Sister Stevinson made no profession up to the time of her affliction, about a year ago. Since which she had been under conviction. Her disease was consumption. Her mother, Sister Dunbar, of Anandale, Butler Co., having turned away from the idolatry and formality of sect religion, and having favor with God, went to Him with her Bible, and got the witness that her family would be saved. Accordingly, about three weeks before the departure of Sister Stevinson, she believed in Jesus for salva­tion, and instantly sprang out of the bed and shouted through the room, praising God for salvation.

She leaves a husband and six children to mom their loss.




Bro. V. Roof, writes from Atlanta, South Central Kansas, “God is now visiting our section of the country with drouth, and chinch bugs. Wheat and oats are almost totally destroyed, and if God will not be entreated for this land, the corn crop can not long withstand the drouth.”

Bro. Roof does not conclude that these adversities make a Camp Meeting imprac­tical in Kansas, as men who have no eyes to “see Him that is invisible,” would nat­urally conclude. He urges the camp meeting all the more. He wisely con­cludes that if men would have God “re­buke the devourer,” of the land, they should serve God more faithfully, rather than yield to slackness. He says, “let us bring our tithes into the store house, and see if He will not open the windows of heaven, and pour out such a blessing that there shall not be room to receive it, and He will rebuke tire devourer for our sakes; for so is His promise.” Bro. R. asks if an­other camp meeting could not be got up in Mo., enabling us to attend both, on one tour. Bro. Roof calls for a general rally of all the saints in Kansas.



The following description of the origin of Babylon, given by Milton, applies very strikingly to spiritual babylon, sectism.

“Of that stuff they cast to build,
A city and tower whose top may reach to Heaven,
And get themselves a name, lest, In foreign lands their memory be lost:
Regardles whether good or evil fame.
But God, who oft descends to visit men,
To mark their doings, them beholding soon,
Comes down to see their city, ere the tower
Obstruct heaven-towers, and in derision sets
Upon their tongues a various spirit to rail,
Quite out their native language, and in­stead,
To sow a jangling noise of words unknown.
Forthwith a hideous gabble rises loud
Among the builders; each to other calls,
Not understood, till hoarse and all in rage,
As mocked, they storm,
Great laughter was in Heaven,
And looking, down to see the hubbub Strange, And hear the din, Thus was the Building left Rediculous, and the work confusion named.” —


Please send a testimony for Jesus.


Lee Mich.

Dear Brethren: — Last September the Lord con­verted my soul, and soon after sanctified me, the Holy Ghost whereof is a witness to the fact. Glory to God for this wonderful salvation that saves from all sin; and not only has he healed my soul, but my body also. For seven years I had been a sufferer from a lung difficulty. I doctored with eleven dif­ferent doctors during the time. Some of whom de­cided that there was no curing me. The last one who treated me, decided that I had an abcess on my lungs which would very soon break, the result of which would cause my immediate death. I was very low, and my friends thought that I could not live hut a short time at the most. I had been unable to do much work during the seven years. Well praise the Lord! when all human help ceased to avail, the “Great Physician” undertook the case, and by the laying on of hands, and the prayers of some of God’s saints, and faith, I was immediately restored to health. And now I am able to work, and have worked ever since, and have not taken medicine. I give God all the glory for healing both soul and body.

From your Bro. in Christ, saved through and through.

John Johnson.




Covert, Mich.

Dear Brethren: — My testimony is that I am saved of God, and feel that I am all the Lord’s. Bro. Michels was at Sister Shine’s to-day, and we had glorious time in praise and thanksgiving to God for our soul’s salvation, when right across from the house, in the Covert grove was a speech made by a pretended child of God, and while they were hurrahing, we knelt in prayer, and thanked God that we were saved from the world, and that our lives were hid with Christ in God, and asked God to show them their awful condition, and that they should turn to God before too late. Well I just praise God that I am saved from this world.

My hope is built on nothing less Than Jesus blood and righteousness.

I thank God for salvation that I feel in my soul to-day. I desire the prayers of the dear ones that I may stand firm for the Lord, also pray God to save my husband.

Your sister in Christ, wholly saved, and sanctified.

Cora Heck.


Laingsburg, Mich.

Dear Brethren: — It is with joy and praise to God that I now send my testi­mony for the columns of the Trumpet, which is spreading the glad tidings of the wonderful power and glory of God. It was the first of last April, while I was re­siding in Gratiot Co. Mich., that Bro. Cox came there and held a few meetings, in which twenty-three souls were made hap­py in the true light of their Saviors never dying love. Among the number, I was brought to see my Savior in the beauty of holiness. Glory be to God! I do praise His holy name to-day for salvation full and free, that keeps me from all the vain flatteries and deceits of this vile world I am sweetly resting in Jesus, free from all sin. Some of the sects tell me that no man can live without sin. But glory to God, I read in His blessed Word that “the soul that sinneth shall surely die;” and in another place, “he that sinneth is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning.” Then we see that in order to inherit eternal life we must live a sin­less life in this present world, holy and acceptable to God, which is our reasona­ble service. Therefore, I expect by the grace of God to make one of the grand army to help roll the car of salvation along to the saving of souls, and to bring them to the fold of Christ. Your brother, saved and sanctified through the blood of Christ, ready to be revealed in the last day.

M. G. Grennell.


Waukon, Iowa.

Dear Brethren: — And readers of the Trumpet, I feel led of the Lord to write a few words for the encouragement of all the dear saints. I realize that all who live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecu­tion. I also realize that gog and magog is about to encompass the saints. Perilous times are upon us; for the hosts of sin are pressing hard to draw us from the Lord. But God is Almighty, and will bring us more than conquerors, through the hosts of hell. I praise God that suffering saints have a blood-bought mercy seat. We are out. on the promise and under the blood. Hallelujah to God and the Lamb forever and ever! Amen! Last Christmas mor­ning the first words that came to me when I awoke was, There is a Church above all others, that far the Sun out-shines. Its members are of the poorer class, but the sublimest of the sublime. And again, one Sabbath I was reading the 13th chapter of Rev. and 18th verse, and it was made plain to me that the 666 names of blas­phemy were the sects. Another Sabbath I was in the Spirit, and the Lord showed me that Jesus is the heavenly Bridegroom, and the Church is the Bride, the Lamb’s wife.

My experience agrees with Bro. Warner’s article on Rev. 17th. In regard to sects being the beast and their persecuting power, I see the Scriptures are fulfilled in these days, all around us. Just before Bro. Haner came here to preach, one mor­ning the first words that came to my mind were, I see a tremendous company coming, and I looked and behold it was my Sav­ior. Well Bro. Haner is a real host, in Christ Jesus. We never heard such reaching before in all our lives. Sorely he preached with the Holy Ghost, sent down from Heaven. O may the Lord keep him humble, and bless his labors for Je­sus’ sake. Amen!

Your Sister, saved and sanctified wholly.

Clara A. Barham.


Maple Rapids, Mich.

Dear Brethren: – I am praising God this morning for life and salvation to (he uttermost. Well beloved ones, we are having glorious meetings at Maple Rapids in Mr. Haynes’s grove on the bank of the river every Sunday. It is a beautiful place and throngs of people attend. Last Sun­day there was great interest, and as we went from the grove there were two souls at Bro Cox’s house who consecrated, one for pardon, and the other for the fullness. Bro. Cox has prayer meetings at his house every Wednesday night. Praise God! my soul is full of glory just how. Hallelu­jah to the Lamb! O how I realize the shortness of time. Short work will the Lord make upon the earth, and out it short in righteousness. Bless His holy name! I am ready, even so, come Lord Jesus. Your sister saved, saved.

Emma A. Lyon.


Walkerton, Ind.

Dear Brethren: — The Holy Spirit leads me to testify of the goodness of God. He fills my soul with love and joy unspeakable and full of glory. O praise the Lord for full and tree salvation through the precious blood of Jesus. I have given up everything to Jesus and am ready to do His will at all times. How thankful I am that the Lord sent Bro. Warner and the rest of the dear saints to this place.

There has been a great work done here. Pray for me. Your Sister in Christ,

Almira Wolfenburger.


Lorains Ill.

Dear Brethren: — May the work of the Lord prosper in your hand is my prayer, and may you be rewarded for all your labor of love for His name. I thank you for your call for prayers in our behalf in the Trumpet. May God in His love and mercy answer our prayers, not only for us, but for all of the afflicted.

If I can write any thing that will advance the cause of our common salvation, I will do so, as the Lord may graciously lead.

Pray for me that I may be filled continually with His Spirit, and guided into all truth. Brother I am convinced that this is the “true grace of God wherein we stand.” May He help us to “hold fast the profession of our faith firm unto the end.” May the Father bless all the workers, especially all connected with the Trumpet and its work. I remain your brother in the faith of the Son of God. Amen!

Silas G. Odell.


Las Vegas New Mexico.

Dear Bro. — I received your very wel­come letter a few days ago, and I want to tell you the interest my husband takes in your letters. He was once a member of the Christian Union sect; but he has be­come disgusted with all the sect churches. He thinks them all corrupt. But when your letter came he found no fault with it; but he brings in his friends, and after reading your letter, he adds, “That is the true religion.” I am so glad that God has brought us this true light. I feel that I am free from sin. I know that God is giving me strength; for I work very hard, and often feel that if the day were longer I would have strength to work on.

There is no church that has any charm for my soul, but the Church of the Firstborn that is written in Heaven.

Pray for me. Truly a sister in Christ.

J. M. Albright.

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