1 May 1881, Volume 4, Number 9.

The Gospel Trumpet.




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Sweet Will of God.


“I worship thee, sweet will of God,
And all thy ways adore;
And every day l live, I seem
To love thee more and more.

I have no cares, O blessed will!
For all my cares are thine;
I live in triumph, Lord, for thou
Hast made thy triumphs mine.

Ride on, ride on triumphantly;
Thou glorious will! ride on!
Faith’s pilgrim sons behind thee take
The road that thou hast gone.”


no part rows

The spiritual life is of necessity a hidden one. The natural man discerns not the things of the Spir­it; therefore, those who live in the Spirit, and walk in the Spirit, are, to the carnally-minded, an unsolvable enigma, for they, measuring by the rule of sight, cannot reach the plane of real spirituality. The life of the truly spiritual is not only hid to the unregenerate, but it is also hid to those who have stopped at the first principles of the religions life. These accept all who are on a plane with them­selves, because they measure by themselves. But when one leaves the first principles and goes on to perfection, and thus enters the spiritual realm, then these first principle Christians — because they can no longer measure them by the role and plummet of their own experience — doubt the reality of their attainments, and insist that they are either deluded or self righteous.

But, further than this, the life of the truly spiritual man is hid to himself. He knows that Christ is its source and sustenance; he feels the life-throbs of the indwelling God. But even to him there are hidden mysteries, whose depths he cannot fathom. But the most glorious knowledge he has is that, while, his life is hid, it is hid with Christ in God. Therefore, it is not a lonely life. Friends may separ­ate themselves from his company; professors of religion may regard him as unsound in doctrine; he may as far as the world goes, have not a single soul to whom he can unbosom his heart and feel that they will understand him. But he is not alone. Christ is with him; and He infinitely compen­sates for the loss of all ether loves. Hid with Christ!. Lost to the things of time and sense; lost to the charms of the world. But not lost to Christ — but hid with Him in the safety of His Pavilion! Are you there?

Words of Faith.


What is Truth.


Many in this day, as well as in the day of Pilate, ask the question, “What is truth? The word truth, like many other forms of words, is abused more than it is used.

We ask a child if he has dond so and so — a thing which was forbidden — and if he is afraid of a scolding, he is very likely to tell a lie, and stick to it. And not only children but others will act in the same way.

Our churches are largly filled with people that, with Pilate, pro­fess to be asking what is truth.

They have a sort of a truth, to believe they are saved when they are on the road to hell. They are all the time looking for a truth that won’t hurt them.

The Word — which is the truth — cuts like a two edged sword.

God’s truth will reveal some darling sin, and expose all wrong, and ..e soul goes to God for the

no part rows

we must have, or we never shall be saved. Any one who is seeking it will be saved and have an abundant entrance into the kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The truth of to-day that so many in the churches are after, is very fictitious — something that eases the mind and puts all to sleep. It acts like chloroform on a patient who can not bear pain.

Now if Pilate had been after the truth of God, Jesus would have told him what it was.

Jesus never turned any one away who was in earnest to know the truth of God, for it is the truth that makes free. (Johh viii. 32.)

How much we need a baptized ministry, that is not afraid to de­clare all the truth, and nothing but the truth of God.

We need true truth, even for conviction, and true Christianity will follow.

There are thousands who have the name of Christian who never knew anything about true repen­tance. So we see the name, Christian, abused, in its use and truth.

If all were seeking the real truth who so profess, we would have less fictitious Christians.

Our churches would be filled with true conviction, true Christi­anity, and truth.

Christian Har­vester.


— The Baltimore Episcopal Methodist says a ministerial loa­fer is an abomination in the earth, an ecclesiastical nuisance that ought to be abated


“And ye are complete in Him.’ — Col. 2:10.

For the Gospel Trumpet.

Does God  Alw..s Answer Pro..r?


All true Ch.. expect an answer when t.. to God in prayer. Prayer  ..quest not a

demand. “Thy … mine be done O Lord.” The … of God an­swers no, I ought to …oe as well satisfied as if he gra.. ..ed my re­quest.

We may err in ju..ment and if God would always ..ant our re­quest it would ruin.. but God in His infinite wisdom ..ees what is for our good, and wi.. ..olds as well as grants our prayers.

Faith always cla.. ..s an answer to prayer, but unbe..f can’t trust God to decide what ..r our good.

I have consecrated … self to God, and I am trusting I ..h for a com­plete deliverance f..n sin. Pray for me.


Columbia City, I.


A Timely Warning.


We have seen me who started forth upon a liberal ..nd uncertain basis, one after an.. ..er abandon­ing their position. ..nd taking denominational positions which were not in harmo.. ..hat which

no part rows

been a reason … … some instances there has been sedulous efforts made to o..rivate a spirit of sectarianism. People have done it with a view to build up and strengthen their own institutions; but it has resulted differently. When a person had abandoned a scriptural position, he simply comes to stand on the ground of human expediency.

But if one unscriptural sect can be sustained on the ground of hu­man expediency, so can another and another; and when men have settled it that it is right for them to belong to some sect, and that the sectarianism of the day is jus­tifiable, they naturally think if they must choose some unscriptural sectarian name and organiza­tion, they may as well select the most respectable one as any oth­er, and accordingly having depart­ed from their anchorage in the Word of God, they follow other leadings and are swept by every wind of doctrine.

The remedy for these desertions is found in clinging to the Word of God, and forsaking the tradi­tions of the elders. He who fol­lows that word, and is “nourished up in words of faith and sound doctrine,” is not likely to turn back to the isms and issues which he has discarded, and which he believes to be unworthy of his atten­tion.

If he is thoroughly grounded in the truth regarding the evils of these unscriptural systems and practices, he will not soon be en­tangled in their yoke of bondage.



— Christ came to “destroy the work of the devil” and those who trust him realize that He d..es it for them.

For the Gospel Trumpet.



Christ the Centre.


To the saints of God scattered a broad, greeting! Dearly beloved we have, come to Mt. Zion — “to that general assembly and church of the First Born, which are writ­ten in heaven;” and to Jesus the Mediator of the New Covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling that speaketh better things than that of Abel. The Lord Jesus Christ is the “Centre of Unity,” “and ye are complete in Him who is the Head of all principality and pow­er.” His blood speaketh “Holi­ness and Oneness.”

Jesus that He might sanctify the people with His own blood, suffer­ed without the gate — and holiness ushers in visible oneness — “that they all may be one, as Thou Fa­ther art in me and I in Thee, that they also may be one in us; that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.” “And the glory which thou gavest me, I have given them, that they may be one even as we are one.”

The divine fold or God’s holy church has but one door, head and foundation, and that is Jesus Christ. “He is the only way to God – none other can be found.”

no part rows

“I am the door.” “By me if … man enter in he shall be saved. Men have attempted to build God’s church upon a “creed basis or for­mulated doctrinal systems” — the result has been “Denominational Confusion” and division, and sub­division of the denominational bodies and the opening of a mul­tiplicity of “sect doors” — contrary to both the letter and Spirit of the gospel which forbids all divisions of the one body of Christ; of which Christ is the only door. “He that entereth not by the door into the sheep-fold (or church) but climbeth up “some other way” the same is a thief and a robber.”

We must return to the Apostol­ic standard of visible oneness and catholicity — this means the aboli­tion of sectarianism that necessar­ily destroys visible unity. The gates of hell have prevailed against the sectarian churches, and the general prevalence of the form of godliness denying the power, marks a fallen and divided church. “A house divided against itself cannot stand, and every kingdom divided against itself cannot stand, but is brought to desolation.” God’s church is a “Spiritual Home,” a divine kingdom, of which Jesus Christ is the “Chief Corner Stone,” as well as “Head over all things to His church which is His body, the fulness of Him. that filleth all in all.”

“There is one body and one Spirit even as ye are called in one hope of your calling,” one Lord, one faith, one baptism — therefore let us “who were sometime dark­ness, but are now light in the Lord, walk as children of light” endeav­oring to keep the “unity of the Spirit” in the bond of peace till we all come in the. “unity of the faith” and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man unto the measure of the stature of fulness of Christ.” This is gospel oneness — yea, the Apostolic basis of Pentecost. We say an ecclesi­astical or creed basis outside of the Bible is a rope of sand — this is the mark of “mystic Babylon” that draws to an ecclesiastical centre based upon the unity of the system rather than the unity of the Spirit. Thus Christ’s spiritual house, or holy temple is confounded, with manmade systems; the substance is lost in the shadow and the wreck and ruin of this great Babylon that man has built is the result — a worldly church having the form of godliness instead the bride of Christ described in Isaiah 52:1.

D. W. McLaughlin.

Maroa, Ill.


A Pure Gospel.


If the Gospel in its primitive purity and power were in tne church, in the pulpit and in the pews, in its prayers and praises, in its teaching voices and in the lives of its members, impenitent guilt would not be much inclined to intrude into it. This is the power of God …

no part rows

by which  alone the church … ..ovorned, and the purity of its membership preserved.

When the Gospel goes out of the church, wicked men will intrude into it and make it a den of thieves,

— Jullan M. Sturavan.


Vexing Questions.


Says the carnal heart, “live peaceable with all men,” Do not raise the tobacco question when you see a pipe, say nothing about Jesus in the Lodge for the unbeliever might be there. Say nothing about sectarianism in the church for it might cause some member to feel cross and so tne peace would be broken.

Our great pattern, Christ said, “wo unto you Scribes and Pnarisees, hypocrites.”







I write to tell you that I am still wholly the Lord’s, and am about my Father’s work.

A little over one year ago I gave my heart to Jesus, and the 15th day of last May I made a complete consecration of all I am and have to the Lord, when the blood of Jesus Christ cleansed me from all unrighteousness. Glory to God! since then I am dwelling in the land of Beulah.

I thank God for the Gospel Trumpet to cheer me on. All glory to the dying Lamb.

Palestine, Ind.


— “Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin.” — John viii. 34.

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The Gospel Trumpet.


D. S. Warner, Editor.


A glorious meeting was recent­ly held at Bloomfield, Green Co., Ind., by Bro. Lindsey. There were 15 converted, and 15 wholly sanc­tified. A holiness band of twelve members was formed — others will be added. Bro. George Hartzell, Leader.


Sabbath April 10th, was a day of triumph at the little bethel on North street. One soul sanctified, and two converted in the forenoon service, and two sisters sanctified in the band meeting at 3:30 p. m. Many deeply convicted at night. Praise the Lord!


Holiness of heart and life is not a question of what is possible with man, but what is “possible with God,” does not hinge upon human ability but upon Divine efficiency. Holiness lies right at that point where human helplessness inter­cepts Divine Omnipotence.


If God cannot make and keep you pure He is not Infinite — not God. If God can, but will not make you holy, then He allows some sin, and is subject to the charge of being in sympathy with sin. Therefore to deny holiness is to deny the Omnipotence of God or to impeach His holiness, O what a soul-damning and God-dishonoring thing is unbelief in true Bible holiness, or perfect and constant freedom from all sin.


Praise God! Just received … that

no part rows

the rair ground at Hartford … Ind., for a campmeetmgs W.. … been having this matter before the Lord, and doubt not that God is moving. So it may be regarded as settled that a campmeeting will he held there by the Indiana State Holiness Association early in September.

The grounds are reported beautiful – shade, water, halls, and stabling plenty, and Bro. S. W. Turner, of that place, and Bro. J. E. Kemp, of Union City, both seem to be full of faith for a glo­rious work there. Glory to God we expect to see it.



Don’t forget it — the 10th of June, we expect to pitch the Lord’s camp some where right in the city. Come te the front of this battle. Come lifting up the banner of ho­liness upon the “high mountain,” for thus sayeth the Lord. “I have commanded my sanstified ones. I have also called my mighty ones.” Isaiah 13:2, 3.


God Says

“Blow the Trumpet in Zion. Sound an alarm on my holy mountain.”

Glory to God! the Trumpet of Salvation shall sound forth with louder voice. The God of truth and holiness is going to provide a power press for this work. He has men in the world now who are willing to “sell their possessions” and give to the cause of human salvation. Apostolic fruits evince the Apostolic faith and holiness. Glory to God! There are other needs besides a power press, who so loveth God and humanity may contribute for Christ’s sake, as the Lord has provided.

“In that day shall the branch of the Lord be beautiful and glorious, and the fruit of the earth shall be excellent and comely for them that are escaped of Israel. And it shall come to pass that he that is left in Zion, and he that remaineth in Jerusalem (the church after the consuming fire passes through her) shall be called holy, every one that shall he written among the living in Jerusalem! When the Lord shall have washed away the filth of the daughter of Zion and shall have purged the blood of Jerusalem from the midst there­of, by the spirit of judgment and by the spirit of burning.” Isa. 4:2-4.

Header are you one of that num­ber that are “called holy?” If a stranger were to inquire for holi­ness people in your neighborhood would your name he mentioned as one of them? You profess relig­ion, but are you numbered among the “holy people?” If your life and profession have not given you that character, it is because you have not been “purged” in the “spirit of burning,” for then, “they shall he called the holy people.”




Good Tidings is a precious clean cut little holiness paper, pub­lished weekly, by C. A. Sexton, Topeka, Kansas. It is not afraid to speak out freely in contending for the unity of the saints of God upon the Bible, and according to the primitive pattern. It is also sound in contending for holiness as a definite experience a second grace.

We cheerfully recommend it to our readers, and bid it God speed. Terms 50 cents per annum. Send

no part rows

for sample copy.


Dried Out.


A brother at Mt. Sterling, Ill., was recently told by his pastor, who feared that the brother and his wife were getting a little too much light to remain in a sectar­ian enclosure, that he had prepared a sermon especially for them on the following Sabbath; but when the Sabbath came they concluded that as the sermon had been seve­ral days on hand it had dried out, and as their Father in heaven had fresh bread for them some where else, they did not go to partake of the stale. So the preacher had the trouble of mixing up and bak­ing his ecclesiastical loaf all for nothing. Too had.


Clean Out the Well.


Bro. Henry Robinson remarked in one of our meetings that while in England, he observed some wo­men that lived near by carry water a great distance when there was a well on their lot, and when inquir­ing why they did not use the water near by, he was told that the well was nearly dry and what water it contained was very filthy. He proceeded to examine the well and found it full of all manner of dirt and rubbish. Accordingly he got help and cleaned it out, when the water began to come in freely. It rose nearly to the top, and was found to be good and pure.

Thus saith Jesus, “The water that I shall give you will be in you a well of water springing up unto eternal life.” But the hearts of many are so impure, so filled with the trash of this world that the well has become useless. The water can not longer well up in

praises to Go.. ..nd testimonies for Jesus. O ge.. our hearts cleaned out by the b.. ..d of Christ, and the glorious fou.. in, yea, a mighty river of joy … peace and ever­lasting pra.. ..ll burst forth from your soul Hallelujah!


Possibilities of Grace.


Can I be holy and free from sin? This depends upon who is to make me pure — if myself or the church, it is impossible, if angels, we have no assurance.

But saith … Apostle, “The very God o.. sanctify you wholly; and  … ..od your whole spirit and so..     … body be pre­served blan..        ..nto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” “Faith­ful is be that calleth you (unto ho­liness) who … will do it,” i. e., sanctify or m.. you holy. 1 Thes. 5:23, 24. “The blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin.” “If we confess our sin He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins (he that needeth par­don) and clea..se us from all un­righteousness.” 1 John 1:7, 9. —  he that needs purity.

Inbred sin, or the fallen adamic nature is unrighteousness therefore the b..od cleanseth from the sin that wa.. born in us. Yea, from all sin.

But can I re..ain free from sin in this life?

This also demands upon what power is to preserve me.

If myself or my brethren, there is no possible security against the torrents of sin that constantly sur­round and press in upon us in this world. But there is one power in the universe hat is infinitely greater tha.. … forces of evil combined … Praise the Lord

no part rows

that has und.. ..aken to keep me from sin.

“We are kep.. by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed.” “The Lord is the strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid? Though an host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear though war should rise against me, in this will I he confident.” Surely no one can doubt the sufficiency of this keeping power.

But is this divine efficiency al­ways present and available?

“We will make our abode with you.” “Will never leave nor for­sake thee.” “I will dwell in you and walk in you, and he your God.” “The Lord will go before you; and the God of Israel will he your re­arward.” Isa. 52:12.

Then if “the Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temp­tation,” and is able and willing, and always present to keep us from evil, there is no reason why we can not

“Rise to walk in heaven’s own light,
Above this world and sin
With hearts made pure and garments white,
And Christ enthroned within.”


Fall of Babylon.


The Ark that Noah built unde the directions of the Almighty was doubtless a type of the true Church of God, whose walls are appointed for salvation.

One hundred and twenty years after the flood, we are told, that the posterity of Noah were all together in one place, and were en­gaged in building a tower which they said should “reach unto hea­ven.” It is supposed that one ob­ject of this great structure was to avoid death in case of a recur­rence of the flood. Then it was to be a substitute for the ark of God, and as such represented a false church built in opposition to the Lord’s refuge for human souls. This tower is Catholicism, a tow­ering system of iniquity which largely supplanted God’s church in the world.

But as God confounded the builders of the ancient tower and scattered them asunder, because their work, though carried, on in unity and harmony, was not for His glory, which confusion of tongues gave rise to the term Babylon.

So the Almighty has confound­ed the corrupt Roman Hierarchy by the reformation which has in turn introduced the Babel, or con­fusion of the multiplicity of sects. The fall of Babylon does not re­late so much to the declension of Roman Catholicism, which always was corrupt, as to the degeneration of the sects which were in their infancy comparatively pure.

The light we have by the Holy Spirit, and the knowledge of the existing condition, of denomina­tional Christendom, leave not the shadow of a doubt in our mind that this is the very time that God is calling with a mighty voice, “Come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins.” Who, with eyes open, doubts that sectism has fallen. Yea, fallen to a low state of spiritual death of worldly conformity, and corrupt and shameful practices.

Recently we conversed with a good, pious sister, who informed me, to my astonishment, that lead­ing Methodist families in which she has worked, and with whom she has become acquainted in this city, not only allow their sons and daughters to attend dan..ing

no part rows

and balls, but actually do the same themselves.

We need not refer to the dis­graceful practice in the dominant sects of worldly cor­rupting entertainments of unholy and even unlawful lotteries for making money.

Can any man he so stupid as not to know that all such churches are of the Devil and only do his work of damning souls?

The following was clipped from a paper and left in our sanctum, and speaks the awful and wicked presumption, and unblanched shame of fallen Babel:


A large crowd assembled at the Methodist church in Linden on last Tuesday evening to witness the drawing and awarding of $127.75 worth of presents offered by O. D. Thomas, the enterprising grocer, to holders of 33,391 coupons issued by him. The Chairman having stated the manner and conditions of the distribution of prizes, the drawing was proceeded with, in­terspersed with music by the Lin­den Comet Band.”

The paper further stated that the occasion was highly amusing and pleasing. And all this abom­ination right in the house that was dedicated to the worship of the holy God of heaven.

We are informed that admis­sion tickets were sold for the bene­fit of the church.

Is not this fallen Babylon? “O come out of her ye children of God lest you perish beneath her woes.”             __________

Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world

Hardensburg Convention


We had the happy privilege o.. attending this meeting from Fri­day, April 22, to the close, Sab­bath evening.

Bro. Lindsey began the meeting the night before. We had the privilege of meeting and forming the acquaintance of Bro. Gruber, and other blessed saints, in whose company we felt blessed of God. A few souls were saved, and the saints of God were established in the truth as it is in Christ Jesus.

Arrangements were also made for


three miles north of Hardensburg, Jennings county, Ind., commen­cing Sept., 1, 1881.

This meeting will be in the hands of the Jennings county ho­liness association. A very beauti­ful shady grove has been selected — good water handy. A taberna­cle, tents, and boarding-house will be on the ground, and everything will be provided for the glory of God and the comfort of the saints. A glorious victory is looked for. For tents, etc., address Bro. Benj. George, Scipio, Jennings county, Ind.


Salvation Army Notes.


A meeting of the Salvation Ar­my was called on the comer of Douglas ond W. North streets Sat­urday evening, April 16, when the spring and summer campaign was inaugurated.

Eld. C. C. Bogert was continued General in command. D. S. Warner was elected Adjutant-General. Geo. R. Sturgeon was promoted to Captain. Henry Robinson was promoted to First Lieutenant, and

no part rows

and ..porals were also elected. A uniform was agreed upon, money raised to procure the necessaries for the same, and a committee ap­pointed to get material and pre­pare them.

Frequent meetings are being held on the streets. God is truly with this little army of tried and true soldiers, in the power of His Spirit.

The first meeting resulted in the salvation of two souls. The Army assembles every Sabbath at the comer of West and Washington streets at 1:30 p. m. Many souls have been deeply convicted on those comers, and some have sur­rendered to God.

The Army is gathering strength and boldness, and expects to keep up a continual fire upon the works of the enemy — God “mustereth the host to the battle.” Each Trumpet will give reports of the battles and conquests of the Lord’s Salvation Army.




The Indiana State Holiness As­sociation’s annual meeting for the election of officers, and the trans­action of business will be held May 20th and 21st, in connection with a ten days’ tabernacle meet­ing held by Bros. M. L. Haney, S. Lindsey, and others, at Terre Haute, Ind., instead of at India­napolis, as heretofore announced. Business of importance is to be transacted, so that all who are, or desire to be members of the state association are earnestly requested to attend.

Come, brethren and sisters, on May 19th, and remain over Sab­bath and enjoy the tabernacle meeting in connection with the Association’s annual meeting.

G. Haines, Pres.

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Thorntown, Ind., April 7.

Bro. Warner: Christian greet­ing. I commenced a meeting at Jonesville, last Thursday, April 7, with good prospect. One sancti­fied. A Baptist minister from Sey­mour, and several others at the altar seeking. Glory to God! for full salvation — but on account of poor health I had to leave it in the hands of the M. E., minister, and the Baptist minister who was sanc­tified.

Geo. Reber.


Editor Trumpet: — The holiness band here is alive and doing a good work. It is meeting regular­ly every Saturday evening. We held an extra meeting last Friday evening at my house, and a glori­ous work was done — five souls were wholly sanctified, and on Saturday evening two more were sanctified and several converted, and others are seeking heart puri­ty. Glory to Jesus for full salva­tion from all sin. Our meetings are well attended, with good inter­est. The band is greatly encour­aged and desires the prayers of all God’s faithful ones.

Yours in perfect love,

Geo. Reber, Evangelist.

Thorntown, Ind. April 18.


A Mother’s Love.


[Extracts from a private letter to our printer.]

My Dear Son : This beautiful Sabbath day I have been thinking where is Charley? but God knows, and I trust you in His hands. O, how often I think of you and ask God’s blessings to rest upon you.

I love to read The TRUMPET – .it … my soul good when I read the

no part rows

my soul that they agree with mine.

I am so anxious to get the good food that I scarcely lay the paper down until I read it all.

I still hope to see the experience of my own son in some of the pa­pers. May God bless you and save you is my prayer. I pray the blessings of God upon The Trumpet. O, may the editor and print­ers become more and more like Christ. Praise the Lord for holi­ness and holiness papers!

Do you go to meeting and Sabbath-school. Trust in God.



Churubusco, Ind., April 10.


Westfield, Indiana.


Our band is prospering — the cottage prayer meetings are indeed seasons of refreshing from the Lord.

Sabbath afternoon meetings are well attended and with good inter­est. The cause of holiness is gain­ing ground here in Westfield. Most of those who professed holi­ness while you were here are stand­ing true to the cause. As for my­self, the Lord is blessing me above all that I could ask or think.

The manifestations of the Divine Majesty, power and goodness to my soul, and the visions I have of the unfaithfulness of self, leads me to abhor myself and adore my Lord and Saviour.

Has thee any prospect of com­ing to Westfield? The holiness people would be very glad to see thee again, while some others would rather have thee stay away.

Fariba Wilson.

April 22.

It Cost Something.


Extract from a letter by Bro. A. M. Raper to one of the brethren at Indianapolis:

“Yours of the 3d is at hand — was read to the brethren here, making our hearts glad in the Lord. Glory to God and the Lamb forever!

“You say this coming out is costing you something, Well, glory to God! Paul said he count­ed all things but loss for the ex­cellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung that I may win Christ, and be found in Him.’

It is a sad fact that the leading sects have become popular with the world. They are highly es­teemed among men, and Jesus said, ‘that which is highly esteem­ed among men is an abomination in the sight of God.’

“Again, the sects have made friends with the world, and the Bible says, ‘Whosoever, therefore will be a friend of the world, is the enemy of God.’ Awful thought! They seek to please men, even sinful men, for their money. But Paul said ‘If I yet please men I should not be the servant of Christ.’ The sects also manifest a great love for the world, but John declares that ‘if any man love the world the lore of the Father is not in him.’

“Ah! yes it does cost something to be separate from sin and sin­ners and free in Christ Jesus alone. That kind of religion that does not cost a man all that he has, is not worth anything, for Jesus said, ‘Whosoever he be among you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he can not be my disciple.’

O, dear brother think what it

no part rows

cost Paul and all the Apostles to come out of the Jewish sect and follow Christ alone. They suffer­ed martyrdom for it. Think of the three million martyrs during the first two centuries of Christianity.

It costs something, yea, it costs all, yet it pays gloriously.”


Hungry for Holiness.


Editor Gospel Trumpet: The papers you sent in response to my postal card were received — thanks. I do want the Trumpet. I distrib­uted those you sent me, last even­ing at our prayer-meeting — they were received joyfully, and read attentively. “O, if I only had the money I would have that paper,” came from all that saw them. They will be read as long as they hold together.

For 45 years I have been living in an unsaved state in the church, up and down in my religious ex­perience. Seeing holiness to the Lord taught on every page of the Bible, always “hungering and thirsting after righteoutness,” and yet not filled. For 22 years I have lived in the far west, where the people seem not to have heard whether there be any Holy Ghost, living by bread alone, and not by every word of God. O, how we need the pure bread of life. Any tracts or papers that you may be able to send us will be faithfully passed from house to house.

I am trying to lay all on the al­tar, to believe that the blood cleanseth me from all sin, but have not the witness of the Spirit, and have not the moral courage to say publicly that I am saved from all sin. I want to be holy, and need all the help I can get, and others are seeking light and truth.

Hoping to receive profitable in­struction from you and an interest in the prayers of the Trumps readers, I remain your brother in Christ.

L. R. Warner.


Triumphs in Michigan.




Dear Bro.: Have just beg.. the Lord’s work here at Mille.. Eaton Co., Mich. Find the s.. engaged in a general wan.. against each other. The blig.. ..e influence of sectarian strife ..nd confusion has well nigh de..tr..ed the cause of our blessed S..our. O, may God hasten the tin..e ..hen all the Devil’s fences shall ..e ..urned down and destroyed ..ever, that righteousness and t.. ..e holi­ness may prevail.

O, my dear brother, cannot you send some Holy Ghost ..n into Michigan? Some are al..ertised in the Trumpet — send them up here — there is work and room enough here for all. P..ay for us that we may preach “wa..ing eve­ry man and teaching every man in all wisdom, that we m..y present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.” We love to hear the glorious Trumpet, for it giveth a certain sound, and we know the joyful sound thereof. Yea, our souls leap for joy as we hear its echoes from afar, of victory in the Lord.”


From Bro. E. P. Kyle.


This morning I feel real sweet in my soul. Glory to God! I never felt so blessedly saved. O, how thankful I am that all have salva­tion this morning.

Free Masonry, God Fellowship

no part rows

and the Devil a..e all arrayed against me here. I used to be an Odd Fellow — well ..g I guess I am yet, but not of the it O. O. F s.

There are three of ..ges here be­sides Masons and sect synagogues of Satan all arrayed against my soul, while I am beset with ene­mies, disappointments, and pover­ty — Thank God there is one way out. It is all open above. I can still look to Jesus. O how glori­ous it is to be lost in God! I have been there two or three times since I am saved.

I did not know that there was any one else in the universe but God and I. I am all the Lord’s this morning.

Your brother in Jesus, washed and redeemed from all sin. Hallelujah to the Great God!


For the Gospel Trumpet.

Seven Important Ques­tions.

1. Is the Church of God the body of Christ, His Bride, a human or­ganization containing both saint and sinner?


2. Is any humanly constituted, sect, from Catholicism to Free Methodist, either the Church of God or branch of it?

Nay, verily.

3. Has the Church of God any branches except its individual members, according to any Scripture?

It has not.

4. Are not all the members of Christ joined directly to the Lord and become one spirit and one body governed only by Christ the only head?


5. Are not all those who are ned to any human sect or party ..med to something which is not ..hrist’s body, and governed by me power other than Christ?

They most certainly are.

6. As Jesus prayed that His people might be one, and as Paul said “that there he no divisions among you,” should not all of God’s chil­dren who are now in any sect, pen, or party, come out therefrom that they he not separated from those that are not in their sect walls?

They most certainly ought.

7. Are not all God’s children who are now in the mixed and cor­rupt churches, so-called — which men have made, as plainly and positively commanded to “come out from among them and he sep­arate,” and to “come out of her my people,” as they are to be holy?

They most certainly are, 2 Cor. 6:14-18, 7:1.

Then let us all quickly obey God and live, and not disobey Him and die. O dear children of God every where, take the stand God would have you take in Christ alone, free from all human bondage and the fearful entanglements of earhly alliances.

A. M. Raper.

Fairmount, Ind.


For the Gospel Trumpet.

Separated Unto God.


Dear brother of the Gospel Trumpet — for I feel that I can call you brother. “Now ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fel­low citizens of the saints, and of the household of God, and are built upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief cor­ner stone.”

Praise the name of God all ye His saints. I have obeyed the voice of the angel that came down

no part rows

from heaven and have come out or her — i. e:, Mystic Babylon.

The nations have drank of the wine of the wrath of her fornicacation, therefore the nations are mad. Jer. 50:38.

Truly it is a mystery that so many cling to her and will not obey the voice of God “come out of her my people.”

Praise God for the light He has given me on His word. It may be because I am willing to be a babe, for Jesus tells us that the things of His kingdom are “hid from the wise and prudent aud re­vealed unto babes.”

“And I saw a sea of glass min­gled with fire, and them that had gotten the victory over the beast and over his image and over the number of his name: here is wis­dom let him that hath understand­ing count the number of his name for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.” “And the third angel followed him crying with a loud voice if any man wor­ship the beast or his image, or re­ceive his mark in the forehead, or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God.” Rev. 14:9-10. “Here is the pa­tience of the saints — here are they that keep the commandments —  not of men, but of God.” “O praise God that here in the midst of the confusion of Babylon there are a few who keep the command­ments of God and the faith of Jesus.” Verse 12.

May the Lord by His angel still cry mightily with a loud voice, come out of her my people, that you be not partakers of her sins. Praise the Lord! His church was fully organized oh the day of Pentecost, and the gates of hell have never prevailed against her, but God is daily adding to her such as shall be saved, but we see clearly that the gates of hell have prevailed against all man-made sects. O may we ever follow the voice of the true Shepherd.

From your poor unworthy broth­er and companion in tribulation, in the kingdom and patience of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

John V. Ebey.

White Hall, Ill.




“Bible Proofs



Or, Entire Sanctification subse­quent to Conversion, including a striking description of the great Holiness Crisis from the Prophets.”

Bible Proofs is printed upon beautiful tinted paper, and is bound excellently in cloth by a German bookbinder.

We aimed to write a small book cheap for everybody, so we were unwilling to raise the price in pro­portion to the enlarged scope the Lord gave us to write. As a stand­ard of prices on other books of this kind, J. A. Wood’s “Perfect Love” has 314 pages, and sells for. $1.25. Bible Proofs has 493 pages,


and a little larger sized pages, and we


When we fixed the price so low we thought to allow agents only about 25 cents on the book, but in order to send the work forth upon its mission still more rapidly, we have concluded to give

40 Cents on the book to Agents.

This will enable agents to do

no part rows

well financially, and do a great work for the good of souls. We do not hesitate to say that the contents of the book was in a wonderful manner communicated to us by the leadings of the Holy Ghost into the unsearchable mysteries of the blessed Bible.

We want agents in every com­munity, and for all the camp-meetings. Those who are putting forth efforts are doing well. Please write to us all who will make it a business, or who will sell some in your own community. Address.


Over 70, N. Illinois St.,

Indianapolis, Ind.



“The most thorough and satisfactory work on the subsequency of sanctification yet written. – Christian Harvester.

“As its title indicates, it abounds in Scripture Proofs of sanctification as a Second work. It fairly masses them. Many of its positions are now, but well sustained.” — The Highway.

“It is a poem along the highway.” – Prof. J. M. Mansfield.

“I have just read your boot through, and I want to say to all in our day, it you want to get the best book in the world besides the Bible, get D. S. Warner’s Bible Proofs of the Second Work of Grace, and you have it,” — Daniel Keck.

“Your book is doing a great amount of good. Eternity alone will unfold the glorious effects of Bible Proofs of the Second, work of Grace.” —  Eld. W. W. Roberts.


Importance of a Right Faith.


The popular adage is, “O, it makes no difference what a man believes, so he is sincere!”

Let us see. A family was poi­soned in Montgomery county, last year, by eating toad-stools, which they sincerely believed to be mushrooms. Three of them died. Did it make no difference?

The truth is, the popular adage is a lie — and a very transparent one at that!

4 page

 The Gospel Trumpet.


D. S. Warner, Editor.


The Two Blessings.


T. H. R.


“And, the very God of peace sanctify you wholly: and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body he preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.” 1 Thes. v. 23. 24.

The church, in its lattitudinarian and Anti-nomian aspect, is gov­erned by the rule, with the flesh we must serve sin, therefore we do not expect, or desire to be wholly sanctified in this life, es­pecially to have our fleshly desires and dispositions, sanctified to the perfect will of God, because we thus excuse all our moral deficien­cies on the widening margin of sinless infirmities, or, if sinful incurable. The Holy Spirit does not so interpret God’s claim upon man’s entire nature. The Apos­tle says, 1 Cor. vi. 15, 19, 20, “Know ye not that your bodies are the members of Christ? And “what! know you not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? Therefore glorify God in your body and spirit, which are God’s”

One may know himself to be below the complete attainment of a sinles state in Christian experience, but fully up to it in holy as­pirations, and persuing it with un­faltering purpose, “fight the good fight of faith.” But a professing Christian that ignores its experi­ence and does not hunger and thirst after it with increasing desire, I pronounce dead in sin, and totally

no part rows

..estiture of spiritual religion.

How can a Christian woman con­sent to make her body, the temple of the Holy Ghost, a show frame to advertise her husband’s illgotten gains, or the gaudy wares of some millinery establishment, or, it may be, for the entertain­ment of the ogling groups of street corners, or the brigade of foot- lickers that haunt Church vesti­bules? Or, who tolerate the barberian custom of drilling holes in their ears, and attaching tugs thereto on which to suspend cheap trinkets, and hamper their hands and fingers with bejeweled hands for display at Church festi­vals and tne Lords Supper, seem­ing to forget that these members claiming to he part of Christ’s body, will soon be crossed upon a pulsless bosom, powerless to brush away the invading worm or the slow gathering death mould?

I do not wonder that the sancti­fication of the whole self to God is refused when the entire margin of worldliness is claimed as the field of a Christian’s experience.

Men and woman may pray until their knees are calloused as horses hoof’s or their extended hands are transfixed by nails as elongated as the eagle’s talons of a hundred years, and never come into communion with God, if they do not separate themsolvs from all uncleanness of flesh and spirit.

I can no more appreciate the excuse for the pertinacity of hab­it of taste and appetence for to­bacco in any of its forms, than for that of ardent spirits as a beverage, or any speck of concupis­cence; either for the gratification of the body or mind. All forms of selfishness, cherished for fleshly gratification, are sins, and sin brings death and death is seperation from God.

The claim of God upon our whole being includes all our ment­al perception, moral emotions, and physical properties, Nothing of the personality escapes His levy. Our speech is to always be season­ed with salt, that it may minister grace to the hearer. When we cease to hear “what the spirit sayeth to the churches,” there is in­cipient apostasy. “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.”

There are allways some points of new departure in every appoin­ted Christian character.

First. there is a full surrender of the life to the will of God, for there can be no genuine conver­sion on a compromise plan.

Multitudes who claim conver­sion, but are unchanged in spirit and temper of their Me, were nev­er born again. Of course to such persons, entire sanctification is fanaticism or insanity.

Second. They are driven from every refuge of false hope, and ac­cept forgiveness of sins that are past, by the mercy of God through the peace offering of Christ, and are justified.

Third. They then come to the fountain of salvation opened in the line of David, in the person of Jesus Christ, “for sin and un­cleanness.” Not now for sins to be pardoned — that was done in their justification by the judical act of God — but for renewal of nature and its cleansing from siful inci­dence and susceptibility — inherent evil nature, in a definite and Scrip­tural sense, and which is the very objective of the work of the Holy Spirit cleansing and renewing the Heart in us.

This sanctification …

no part rows

part, the necessary result of per­fect faith in the definite promise, “I will circumcise thy heart, and the heart of thy seed after thee.”

And the whole line of Blessings involved in the promise, “Repent and be baptized for the re­mission of sins, and ye shall re­cieve the gift of the Holy Ghost; for the promise is unto you and unto your children.”

We have here the two blessings distinguishable and experimental.

The pardon of actual sins attested to our spirit by the Spirit of God, is a divine impression that God is pacified toward us; this is for the outer life. Then the renewal of our nature and cleansing by the Holy Ghost, through the blood applied to our hearts, and the felt consciousness of the indwelling Holy Ghost, our sanctifier; this for the inner or soul life.

The whole process is spiritual, Christ and the human will are the great factors in human salva­tion. 1st. Faith, in His righ­teousness for our justification.

2d. Faith in the blood applied by the Holy Ghost, renewing and purifying our hearts, for our san­ctification.



For the Gospel Trumpet.

Christ is the Way.


Mr. Moody said: You hear peo­ple some times saying, “If I be­come a Christian I don’t know what church I will join. I find the Roman Catholic church saying that they are the only true church — the only Apostolic church, and unless I join it they say I cannot enter heaven. Then the Metho­dists say John Wesley was a holy man, and I must follow him; and

Baptists tell me I cannot get heaven unless I become im..sed; the Episcopalians claim ..e the only true church, and I … know really what way to t..” Thank God we need not b.. darkness about that. Christ te.. us “I am the way.” The gr.. ..est mistake of the present da.. the following of this creed, an… ..at one, and this church and tha.. ..hurch, and a great many listen the voice of the church instead of the voice of God.

T.. Catholic or no other sect ever ..aved a soul. The Son of God the Saviour of the world. You ..ow that the children of Israel ..d a cloud going ahead of them – ..hen the cloud moved they moved ..nd when it stopped they stoppe.. So it is, my friends, that Jesus i.. ..ur way, and if we follow His foo.. ..eps we will be in the right … ..rch. Who could have led thos.. chosen people through the wild..ness but God Almighty? He knew ..ll the dangers and dif­ficulties. When they wanted bread He ..pened His heavens and gave it to ..hem; when they want­ed water ..e commanded Moses to strike the ..ck, and lo! the crystal stream gu.. ..hed forth. A great many people don’t like the old way our fa..ers went.

Money will over the faults of men,
Will shield f..m justice the vilest sin;
But can not … be in the judgment day —
Christ is not ..artial to those who can’t pay.

The poor are lose he calleth bis sheep,
If humbly they come to him and meek,
And mansions he’ll give them in heaven above,
If wholly the Lord’s they live in his love.

Christ is the way, and the only way,
To realms of bliss and cloudless day;
Your gold will never admit you there,
Nor creeds, nor sects, nor bigoted prayer.

Then come to Jesus and leave behind
All things not of a heavenly kind;
The sanctified, tried, holy, and pure,
Shall enter by Christ the only door.

— John W. Wentworth.


Awful Warning.

no part rows

The following extract of a letter sent to us may well be heeded as an awful warning to God’s people of what awa..s you if you fall from the favor o..h God:

“You may think it very strange that I have fallen. I have been overtaken in a fault, and death on every hand seems to be my por­tion, and hell my doom.

“My wife, my children, my God, my Jesus, all are gone and left me to the fury of Satan and sin. The Devil is perfectly satisfied with me now, and the professed relig­ious world is glad that I have fal­len.

“I am almost forced to the con­clusion that there is not one strict­ly Christian in the world. We have had nineteen hundred years of religious light and influence, and yet scarcely a Christian to be found — none that compare with the christians eighteen hundred years ago. Had I not had a per­sonal acquaintance with the Son of God, I would abandon all confidence and would be the most wretched man that ever lived. A merciful interposition of God saved me from the horrors of; suicide.

“I am in the lowest pit of mis­ery. O what pains I bear, no hu­man tongue can describe. Only Adam could tell on the day he fell and was driven out of Eden. I never shall rise to my first para­dise.

“O wretched state of deep despair,
To see my God remote
And fix my doleful station where
I can not taste his love.”

“But still I have a faint hope that I am the object of the pity of the Son of God, who gave himself to redeem me. O pray that he may stoop to notice me, and bring me back to him once pore.

“By the assisting grace of God I will spend my days in His serv­ice if He will deliver me from this terrible hell.”


Simplicity of Believing.


Believing unto holiness is one of the simplest things in the world; and yet most persons find it the most difficult of all things.

The reason of this is the difficul­ty of being divested of that great­est of hindrances — self, which al­ways stands in the way of seeking holiness. And the difficulty is in­creased from the fact that it is Proteus shaped, appearing in so many different forms and ways. But that form of selfishness which shows itself in a reliance upon our own works is of all others the most difficult to overcome; it being so difficult to divest ourselves of any reliance upon our prayers and ef­forts.

And so long as any dependence is placed upon our prayers and straggles as a means of obtaining the blessing, so long will the strug­gle continue. But when self is upon the altar of sacrifice, that very mo­ment we come to see the simplici­ty of believing unto holiness.

It is true that in the absence of prayer and an earnest effort in seeking to be saved from sin, the experience of sanctification is never realized. And yet to lean upon our prayers, as many do, for the blessing, will keep one out of it all the days of his life.

— Way of Holiness.


Flee From Idolatry.




This is only one of the many com-

no part rows

or Scripture. It is very scriptural for professed Christians to consider that none are given to idolatry but the heathen, “far away, ” But there are other forms of idolatry, less gross, but no less wicked in the sight of God which have their devotees in so called Christian lands The Bible reveals to us the fact that “covet­ousness is idolatry.” Col. iii. 2.

Here discern enlightened intel­lect of the highest type, with souls stained with this sin.

Says the Apostle John: “little children keep yourselves from idols.” “Love not the world, neith­er the things that are in the world, if any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.”

The idols they were warned against were not images only, but a far more subtle foe, namely: the vanities, the little things that would come between them and God, diverting the mind, stealing their time, their thoughts, their af­fections. Says Dr Clark: “What ever keeps one from seeking their all in God is an idol.”

Were the pastors of this day, as faithfull in presenting truth, as was the Apostle John, would the church at large be filled with an idolatrous people? See them en­ter the house appointed for wor­ship. The floral kingdom has been robbed of its tints and forms: the feather tribe has wantonly sacri­ficed at the altar of fashion; bands rings, and chains, all worn for ornament — a lavish expenditure of money, all to satisfy pride which is idolatry. Behold! the contribution-box is prssed for the idolaters “on Indias’ coral strand.”

They fear the Lord and still they serve the graven images, reared on the altar of fashion. They lavishly sacrifice their time in a needless outlay of work on gar­ments, or it may he in amuse­ments, or in the reading of fiction.

The church needs a revival, but do we hear anything about coming out from the world, and seperation therefrom, as the scripture enjoin? We never heard it yet.

Flee from idolatry — turn from it as did Christian from the City of Destruction, with his fingers in his ears, crying “Life, Me, eternal life!”

Earnest Christian.


The Revised New Testament.


The University Presses of Eng­land, of official printers of the Re­vised New Testament, have con­sented to issue for the American market very low-priced editions. Each copy will bear the certificate of the reviser as a guarantee of its correctness.

The cheapest edition will be in Nonpareil type, 32mo, and will be retailed at 15 cents paper bound, and 20 cents cloth bound. The next cheapest edition will be in Brevier type, and will be sold at 50 cents doth bound.

The book will be beautifully printed, as are all of the Bibles of the University Presses.

May the 17th has been fixed as the day of issue in both countries. These cheap editions will be sold by I. K. FUNK & CO, New York.

The Companion to the Revised New Testament — explaining the rearons for the changes made on the Authorized Version, by Alex Roberts D. D. members of the En­glish Revision Committee — will be issued in cheap form, through an arrangement with the English publishers, by L K. FUNK & CO. New York.

The American edition will have, bound in the same volume, a se­cond book now prepairing by a member of the American Com­mittee of Revision, who has been connected with the work from the

no part rows

with all the facts.

This second will be an explana­tion of the Appendix to the Revi­sed New Testament. It may not be generally known that by an arrangement between the two Committees of Revision, the changes suggested by the American Committee, but which were I not finally adopted by the English Committee, are to be published as an appendix to the Revised New Testament.

The Companion volume will be then an explanation of all the changes thought advisable by either committee. This book will be indispensable to a right under­standing of the revision.

To correct any misapprehension it is well to add that by far the greater part of the changes suggested by the American Committee were adopted by the English Committee

This cheap edition of the com­bined books, although authorized and copy righted, will he sold for 25 cents. Those desiring it on the day of issue are requested to for­ward their orders at once to the publishers.


For the Gospel Trumpet.

Bro. J. E. Kemp writes:

I want to say for the Glory of God that I am still saved by the prec­ious blood of Jesus. Still hid away in th rock, eating honey, and I find as I go out farther and far­ther into the land that the honey, milk and wine gets sweeter and the corn more nurishing to the soul. Glory to God! “My soul is becoming more and more filled with Hallalujahs to God, and the lamb. I find it is an easy matter to say Hallelujah when the soul is filled with Hallelujahs. I am get­ting down to some of the deep things of God, and I find the dee­per I go down the higher I come up, or rather the higher God lifts me up. I would love to give my experience to the readers of the Trumpet, but it would take too much space now.”

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