1 October 1886, Volume 8, Number 14.



DEAR Brethren: — The following is a vision seen by Bro. Thad S. Funchess, a Protestant preacher, and his farewell ad­dress to the conference at Fairview, Hopkins Co. Texas, July 1886; the which I here deliver; anti by his consent, I write and request that- the same be published in the Gospel Trumpet as follows.

To the President (Acarman) and (Hedric) Pastor of the church at this place, and members of the Protestant Confer­ence: Dear brethren, the time has now arrived, when I must speak forth to you the words of truth and soberness, and I feel happy to know you grant me, this privilege; therefore hear me patiently, and may the Spirit of our God cause you to understand the truth I now declare to you.

I was sincere in my devotions, and. made an effort to approach God, under the present traditions of the Elders, and utterly failed. Being led by the Spirit. I be­gan to approach Him as it is revealed in Isa. 58, and I soon realized that we were living in the days spoken of in Micah 3:6. For to-day is the. Lord working a work in your midst that yon will not believe, though a man declare it unto you. Breth­ren, the fulness of the times have come, spoken of by Joel, and rehersed by Peter. — Acts 2:17. And it is a vision I now declare unto you.

Whilst I fasted and prayed in the Spir­it to know if I should longer declare for doctrine, the commandments I received from you, or whether I should forbear. I was in the Spirit and looked before me, where I saw a Celestial clime, whose glo­ry out-shown the noon-day sun; around which there was a high wall, and an open gate in front of me, a porter outside beckoned me to go in, but as I made to go in, a multitude thronged the gate. When I saw them coming out, I stepped back, be­side the porter, and he said, what seest thou? I answered, I see a large gun, borne on the shoulders of men; the barrel of the gun was quite rusty, and the stock worm eaten. The two men in front had their names written in their forehead. One, John Wesley, the other Charles Wes­ley. The gun had a name, written on ei­ther side, the barrel, the stock, arid the lock; and the name was the Word of God.

Those two men were followed by a mul­titude of people, and when they all came out at the gate, those, who had the gun turned upon the multitude and began to shoot; they shot as when a man shoots a gun, yet it was but one gun. Their shots hit many of the multitude, killing them, yet they were alive: thus they continued to do until the number of those who shot were increased threefold. The number that increased them, began to complain when they shot, for the gun rebounded and gave them much pain who did the shooting. I saw those who carried the gun start, bearing the gun away toward a dense wilderness. The porter said follow them. I did, until they came to a large workshop, and they bear the gun within, hut the multitude stood without. They tarried within hut a moment, after which they came forth bearing the gun as before.

The porter said to consider the gun; I looked, and they had removed the old stock, and replaced a new one. The half nearest the barrel was scarlet red wood, and the other was snow white rubber. As I thought on the change that was made, a man came hurriedly out of the multi­tude with painters cups and brushes, and wrote a name on the scralet red half of the stock, in divers colors; the name was Methodism. A name was already on the snow white rubber half of the stock, written with gold and silver, and was be­decked with jewels and precious stones. The name was, discipline. And those who first carried the gun, who were John and Charles Wesley, came and looked upon the change that had been made in the gun, and did weep; but the multitude rejoiced when they looked upon it. After this, they began to shoot the multitude as be­fore. The effect was the same, they were killed, yet they were alive; only those who shot the gun now rejoiced when the gun fired. Thus they did until their number was again increased three fold. They then took the gun upon their shoulders, and marched toward the wilderness, and the porter said follow them, and consider well what they do. The multitude followed, and they came to a large house, they en­tered the house and closed the door after them. I stood without, yet I could see within. The front of this house was of fine marble, and extended as far as I could see toward the. north, and toward the south, yet from a distance it seemed to be a. dense wilderness, except the room this multitude occupied, or those who bear the gun, its walls were adorned with fine hangings of silk and velvet, and in the center of the room stood a large table, whose top was marble, and on this table they placed the gun. And one of the number began to grow in stature until he was much larger than any of his fellows, and his countenance was fierce to look upon. He came up to the table and took up She gun, and began to shoot those who were in the room; when he hit them, they would weep, wail and gnash their teeth. Whilst they thus wept, another of the multitude began to grow in stature until he became larger than his fellows, and be contended with him that shot, for the gun, and they fought, and contended long for the mastery, but at length made friends.

Then they two, taking the gun upon their shoulders, came out and went hast­ily to the work shop. The porter bid me follow them, they entered the work shop, but soon came out, bearing the gun. The angel said, consider the gun. I looked, and to! the old barrel was gone, and a new one put in its stead, made of polished steel, glistened like the sun, and a name was written thereon with emerald, the name was Episcopacy.

They returned in haste to the room where they were before, placed the gun on the table and began to shoot those within, who now rejoiced when they were hit. They then came round the table, re­ceiving each a gun from those two who had the gun, yet it was but one gun.

They then opened the door, crying aloud for the multitude to come in, who came in with a loud shout, and after they became quiet, those, two who were at the table gave orders to those who had the gun to fire on the people, which they did, but the effect was not produced, as when they shot before, they were not killed, but rejoiced, and praised those who shot them.

Upon the left side of the barrel there were some who were dwarfs in stature, who had the gun, and when they were or­dered to shoot, they could not, for they had not strength to set the hammer.

The angel said to me, see, the hammer is’strong through rust. I then looked at the lock, and the name had rusted away, which I had read on it at first. The small men then complained to the mighty men that they could not shoot; but being looked at by them with a frown, they took the gun on their shoulder and stalled back toward the work shop. The angel said, follow them, closely, lose not sight of them. They entered the door; I asked the guide if this was the same shop we saw them at before. He answered, yes, look at the sign. I read the sign in large letters on the front,


They tarried within but a moment, when I saw them come out bearing the gun. The angel said, consider the lock.

I looked, and there was a bright silver lock and trigers instead of the. old rusty ones. And a name was written upon it in beautiful letters, and it was Protestantism.

They carried the gun back again, to the house where they were before, but to a different room.

On their return, a multitude of people stood without, and followed them within.

They closed not the door, and I followed in also. Those who had the gun stood in line of battle; each one having a gun, yet it was but one gun, and they began to fire upon’ the multitude, The angel said, “consider who shoots, and what they shoot.” I saw you, Acarman and Hedric, as I see you now, and Bro. Hedric offered me a gun to shoot with. I accepted the gun, tried to shoot, the gun snapped the second time. I then beheld the contents of your guns, and it seemed to be a fine fruit, which those ate, which you shot, as a man eats bread; and they became fat from eating it, yet I saw quite a number of the poorest men I ever saw, in front of me. (See Amos 8:11, 12.)

One of them begged me to shoot him, but my gun would not shoot. Bro. Acar­man said my gun was not loaded, that I should load it and it would shoot. He gave me a cartridge, said shoot one of the multitude to serve me, and send him to the work shop for cartridges. As I load­ed my gun, a poor man begged me to shoot him. I aimed at iris breast, and fired, when to my astonishment, he fell.

As I approached him, he said he was so weak he could not bear the contents of my gun, and began to weep over his con­dition. I helped him up, he could not stand, Iris countenance was an index of terror and misery. I wept over his con­dition, feeling that I had added to his pain, instead of giving him relief. And as I thus wept, the angel who had been guid­ing me, approached me and gave me a gun, bade me shoot him with it. I at once recognized that it was file same gun that I saw first in the vision, hat now it was very bright, no rust, nor worm holes. And the name was written on either side of the barrel and stock, The Word, of God.

I considered the gun, it was not hollow like a gun, but was sharper than any two- edged Sword. I raised the gun lo my face to shoot the poor man, when the an­gel stopped me and said, Shoot those who bear the other gun first. Brethren, I aimed at you, and fired, when there was a  terrible report, when at the same lime there came forth a parchment containing the exact words found in the 3d chapter of Micah, which I will now proceed to read to you, and as I read, may the Spirit of God enable you to realize that this Scripture is directed to you. And may you put away the evil of your doings, and return to God, who will abundantly par­don you.

Brethren, to-day my time expires with you, and henceforth there is an impassible gulf between your work and my work, for whilst you reason with the carnal world, I must plead with God’s children to come to Him, lest they be consumed with those who forsake God. And now Brethren, I realize the power manifested among you, I also know the vision I had is a reality, and may the Spirit of God be with you, to save the erring, is my prayer.

After the 3d chapter of Micah was read by Bro. Funchess, the chairman and pres­ident of the Protestant church (Acarman) made a short address to the Conference, stating that to deny visions was to deny God’s Word. And that without the least shadow of a doubt, we were now living in the days spoken of by Joel the  prophet, 2:28, and rehearsed by Peter, Acts 2:17, and Acarman moved, and it was seconded, that the Conference bid Bro. Triad S. Funchess God speed, and the motion car­ried unanimously; and as they gave him the parting hand there was much weep­ing. “And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and has become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spir­it, and a cage of every unclean and hate­ful bird. For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have commit­ted fornication with her, and the mer­chants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies. And I heard another voice from leaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye re­ceive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto Heaver, and God hath remembered her iniquities Reward her even as she hath rewarded you, and doub­le unto her double, according to her works: the cup which she hath filled, fill to her double, for she hath glorified herself and lived deliciously, so much torment and sor­row give her.” Amen! May all of God’s little ones keep themselves from idols, and worship God only, for the testimony of Je­sus is the Spirit of prophesy.”

Your Bro, saved through faith in the blood of Jesus, from all sin, and the bondage of sects; resting in the Kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ.

H. L. Hargrave.

Nelta, Texas.


The “Celestial clime” the brother saw, is the “Heavenly Jerusalem,” “the Church of the First-born, which are written in Heaven.” The Methodist army marched out of that City as they proceeded to make a shot organization. Notwithstanding the Wesley’s had ignorantly marched out of the salvation-walled City when they formed their sect, they still bore the Word of God which did real execution, until Methodism increased threefold. Then as they began to depart from godly humility and plainess, the Bible doctrine of humility and holiness incorporated into Methodism, sorely kicked those that shot the old gun.

Then they bore the gun away into a dense wilderness, that is where the great whore sits. — Rev. 17. Methodism de­parted from holiness and became a part of the apostate woman in the wilderness of carnal religion. There they began to tink­er, organize, and paint until the Word of God was supplanted by the sham, shody, flashy colored gun of “Methodism,” and sect “discipline.” Which, when the Weslays saw they wept. Observe Methodism is a gaudy and stylish room in the great wilderness house of sect baby Ion.

The man becoming so much larger than his fellows, represents the man power of sectarianism. The authority given to the beast by the old dragon the devil, the ecclesiastical power by which the human lords rule the people by force and by cruelty. The second one becoming large and con­tending with the first, represents the rival spirit for lordship. They strove with each other, but going to the devil’s work shop, where, “sects are made to order,” arid or­ganizing the new sister sect, she was soon recognized as an additional member of the harlot family, and taken into the sister­hood. This has been true in the history of every sect that has been formed. After the gun had been tinkered over into mere sect bigotry, and sect proselytism, its shooting did not kill nor hurt any one, but only amused and pleased their carnal hearts and itching ears, and instead of being led to praise God, “they praised them that shot them.” The great aim and object of carnal, empty hearted preachers, is to please the flesh, and draw men to the preacher and to the sect.

The big I is frown on the little us in sect lordship.

Because the little us did not have a fare show with the big I s they went to the sect factory and brought out the gun in a new style, now called “protestantism,” the Protestant Methodist sect, which was a “different, room” in the great babylon “house that had the appearance of a wild­erness.”

The brother having got some Spiritual light in his soul, shot the poor lean Meth­odist, and it only crippled him, and gave him greater distress. It could not kill him to sin, because he shot with the gun he received from the Methodist Confer­ence. but having some holiness in his gun it had an awakening effect, which caused a great distress.

When the angel, the Holy Spirit, gave him a gun, it was the “Word of God, ” and though somewhat identical with the one the Wesleys hay used, and was superi­or, and sharper, and had the appearance of a sword, which is the real Word of God.

With this gun, or Gospel Sword, the angel commanded him to shoot the fat Lords of babylon, “who bear the sect gun.” According to Ezekiel 9:6, — “Slay utterly old and young, both maids, and lit­tle children, and women: but come not near any man upon whom is the mark: and begin at my sanctuary. Then they began at the ancient men which were be­fore the house.”

It is wonderful how the power of God compelled the Conference to acknowledge the hand of God in this vision. Their bid­ding the brother God speed, was a virtual confession that they themselves were of the devil. For there was an impassible gulf between them.


News from the field.


South Haven Mich.

To the dear Saints of God scattered abroad greeting: — May the blessing of our God rest upon you all. Amen!

I feel led of God to write my testimony in the Trumpet, and tell the dear, saints how the dear Lord saves and keeps me through the everlasting Covenant, and makes me perfect, and enables me to preach the Gospel of the awful present truth. Oh it is glorious to walk in the blessed eve­ning light. The darkness is past and the true light is shining in my soul. Praise God forever and ever!

I want to say to the dear saints that for the last two weeks I have been laboring in the vicinity of LaPaz Ind. The Lord blessed our labors. The saints were strengthened in faith and power, and some dear sinners were convicted of their awful condition and came to the altar pleading for pardon, and when all broken to pieces looked up to the cross and there by faith seeing the blood dropping from Jesus wound­ed side, and crying “It’s for me, for me,” gilt was all washed away, and they were enabled to testify to salvation from all their sins.

Some consecrated for entire sanctifica­tion, and received the Holy Ghost. Hear Bro. Bardon, who the devil had almost beaten back from his inheritance, renewed his Covenant with God, renounced his three dip baptism, and was baptized into the name of the Lord Jesus, and also five others went forward in the solemn Com­mand. Oh it was a glorious day to our souls.

In the beginning of the meeting the devil was much stirred, but God enabled us to set the Word before the people in such a clear light, that every candid and honest mind had to acknowledge it.

We closed the meeting Sept. 9, and met the dear saints at Covert on the Lord’s day, and O what victory we had in the name of the Lord. Dear Bro. Grover and Bro. Bates from Geneva Center met ns at Bro. Nelson’s, where the congregation came together in the morning, having us­ually met in the school house, but the doc­tor living close by, was annoyed by the shouts of the saints, therefore insisted that the school house should be closed. But none of these things move them, they can worship God in private houses. The saints of God are “a noisom grievous sore” to all that will not square up with God’s Word.

Well I love this holy war. The harder the battle the more glorious the victory. Praise our God forever! Now you dear ones that are called to wield the Sword, press the battle to the front.

Yours in the love of Christ, sanctified and constantly kept by the mighty power of God, and ready for the battle wherever he leads.

S. Michels.




Arcola Ind.

Dear Brethren: — I am still well and praising my God for His goodness be­stowed upon us. Especially for bringing me into this glorious and marvelous light. O   praise His holy name for what I feel in my soul! Free from every stain I am, having all my trust and care on Jesus. I feel a thrill of joy in my heart all the time, since we had that glorious meeting at Bro. Felger’s. O what love I feel in my soul for the dear saints. I wish you could have stayed longer with us.

I have been since your departure en­countered by the enemy on all sides. But glory to Jesus! the Lord has built me up strong to rebuke satan’s attacks. I thought I had fully died out to all sectism, but I found out that I had not. But I made a new consecration that night, and the Lord wonderfully blessed my soul. He shows me I must rebuke all evil spirits, and He has enabled me to do it. I was attacked by a host of M. E’s. also by the F. M’s. and both their preachers. But they are like “dumb dogs that cannot bark.” They could not produce any Scripture to prove that they were right in building sects. They could only through-out slurs and call us names. Sister Sites who was sanctified the last night of meeting when you were here, seems strong and very faithful, whole soul out for Jesus. Others attend our meetings and lake much interest. Bro. Henry Smith preached1 here yesterday, we had a good congregation. The Free Meth­odist preacher sent an appointment for next Sabbath, but the Lord shows us we should not go near, as we have no fellow­ship with any one who opposes the truth, and says all manner of evil falsely against those who have clean escaped from those who live in error.

My wife has ordered her name off the F. M. class book. She considers herself free from sectism. We are determined to go straight for God, and keep unspotted from the world, and all things that are not of Christ; and hold the fort of truth against wind and tide, though the enemy rage against us with all his fury. By the grace of God we will not surrender.

My testimony is, I am saved, sanctified and freed from all sects, and tea and coffee, I am also healed by the Lord.

Your Brother,     

E. K. Menges.

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To the saints greeting: — We are still on the fire line, glory to Jesus! God is still enlarging and filling our souls with His glory. This present assembly has been a wonderful feast to our souls. O the won­ders of His love, and power, and glory that fills our souls. Amen!

To the beloved saints that have already contributed to our necessity in view of our indebtedness on horse, we tender our heart’s sincere thanks and gratitude for what we have received, through the mail and in hand. We have received by mail seven or eight dollars. We still lack some $23. May God bless you all with the mighty out pouring of His Spirit.

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Died in Geneva, Aug. 28th 1886, Nora S. daughter of Bro. and Sister Beebe.

The funeral was held at the Geneva Center school house. May God bless the bereaved ones.

Little Nora thou hast gone to rest,
To dwell with Jesus and be forever blest;
A light in the window to dwell evermore
To beckon us on to that evergreen shore.

A. B. Palmer.




DEARLY beloved readers; we cannot find language adequate to describe the glory of the holy Assembly of the smuts of the Most High God, just closed at Geneva Center, Mich. The dear breth­ren of that place had just completed a good house of worship, which was nearly filled with the holy people. There was not a very large attendance from abroad. A few little ones from Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, and from Petoskey and Pellston, up north. Nevertheless there were a great cloud of witnesses, and the mighty power of God was awful upon all the meetings Satan had been at work, at his business, trying to destroy the children of God. A good many had been crippled by his per­nicious devices. But the all-searching presence of God detected every inward defect. And about every meeting was attended with an altar service at which scores were washed in the blood from ev­ery spot, delivered from every subtle fault, and filled with the mighty power of the Sanctifier. Every variance was swept away, and all hearts were melted together into one indivisible lump. Glory to the great God of our salvation, for this mar­velous and wonderful clearing up, and fill­ing up of all hearts. O what inexpress­ible glory filled the ransomed of the Lord!

“And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, and as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of mighty thunderings, saying, Alleluia: for the Lord God omnipotent feigns. Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to Him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and His Wife hath made herself ready. And to her was granted that she should he array­ed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints.” — Rev. 19:6-8.

O what holy and Heavenly leaping and shouting. Many were so filled with the the Spirit of God that their faces shown as it were an angel. Many received the Ho­ly Spirit baptism by the laying on of hands, according to the Apostolic practice. The mighty shock from Heaven usually dropped them instantly to the floor like dead men and women, but the resurrec­tion was in tile glow of eternal glory.

Not very many cases for healing were presented: hut those that applied to the Great Physician were wondrously cured of whatever disease they had. One dear sister had been a great invalid, and sufferer nearly all her life. Her home is in southern Indiana, but she had been stop­ping for some time, with Sister Courtney at Petoskey, Mich, for her health, and came with sister C. to the meeting. She was a Baptist member, but renouncing self, sect, and all this world she gave her­self wholly to God, and was wondrously sanctified and filled with the Spirit of God, and perfectly healed by His mighty pow­er. She was indeed made a new woman, in soul, body and spirit, and overwhelmed with wonder and astonishment at that which God had wrought for her, and in her. Praise our God for His wonderful works to the children of men!

There were several souls powerfully converted to God. Old men in gray hairs, young ladies, and strong young men.

Some of then had known the Lord in a past experience of salvation. A brother of dear Bro. Barney Warren, of our little company, was converted in the fore-noon meeting, and sanctified wholly in the after­noon of the same day. And that night as he testified before the house full of people the baptism of the holy fire came upon his soul, and be leaped, and shouted the praises of God.

Being save through the instrumental­ity of God’s own Church, in her normal state of holiness, freedom and power, the young brother sprang up to the Heavenly plain of New Testament freedom in a few hours, which took about fifteen years for us to reach, through the malarious swamps and dense foggs of sectarianism. Glory to our God for this I divine freedom.

All the saints declared this the best meeting ever attended by them. Many confessed they had learned great lessons which would profit their souls as long as they live. At the camp meeting we preached New Testament judgment, and applied the same to some who were not right. Since then Bro. Joseph preached on the camp ground, and applied the rod keenly to some who were out of the way.

Satan tried to sour many against this judgment, which most begin at the house of God. So this meeting began with judg­ment, and ended in glory. The Lord mightily purged Jerusalem with the Spir­it of judgment, and the Spirit of burning. And those who had talked against judg­ment, praised God for judgment, before the meeting closed, being filled with the peaceable fruits of righteousness.

There was joy in Heaven and on earth over the deliverance of dear Bro. Grover a chosen vessel of God, who had for some time lost the real power and unction of the Spirit. O bless the name of Jesus for the renewal of his license by the Holy Spirit sent down from Heaven. We hope to hear of his reception of the complete ful­ness he desired. God bless dear Bro. and sister Grover abundantly for Christ’s sake. O that God may abundantly use him in the rescue of multitudes of souls from the powers of darkness.

Tuesday after-noon, the last great day of the feast, near the beginning of the service,we sang “Perishing Souls at Stake,” No. 87, when the Holy Spirit overwhelm­ed all our souls with the awful condition of this dark world, and the worth of mill­ions of souls, who would receive the pure Gospel and be saved, if it were brought to them. O how all our hearts were melt­ed in sympathy for “perishing souls at stake to-day.”

Up to that time we had been looking for one of the dear ministerial Brethren to work with us; but then we said “Oh Lord send them every-where, and we will trust Thee to “make all grace abound unto us so that we always, having all sufficiency in all things, may abound unto every good work.” Through the Lord Jesus Christ, we feel abundantly able to do as much preaching and laboring with souls as one man would be supposed to perform, and also one man’s work with the pen.

Glory to Jesus, who strengthens us with might by His Spirit in the inner man, so that we can do all things through Him.

Well the solemn parting time came, O how the tender chords of love drew our hearts together. Glory be to Jesus! for this wondrous, wondrous love. It is grow­ing deeper and deeper.

How beautiful the sight of God’s host, all mustered to the battle by the Lord Himself. No jealousy, strife, and selfish manipulating for the best places, and fat­test fields. Every soul feels that he has the very best place while abiding in Christ and Christ abiding in us. O what fools the devil has made of poor blind babylonians whose backs are gaulded by the sect harness, and whose hearts are often crush­ed beneath the sect machinery. We speak from experience. For ten years we felt this cold, heartless, heal of selfish oppress­ion. More than once we wet our pillow with the tears that the accursed baal idol pressed from our wounded heart. By the grace of God we will render unto her double, as God hath commanded us.

Instead of wire-pulling, and ungodly plotting against one_another, and each one greedily looking for his meat from his quarter, each worker in the Lord’s vine­yard, is looking to the Lord to guide his feet in the paths of His own will. And all go out in perfect freedom, whether the Lord will, and yet all work in perfect harmony, under the sweet and Heavenly management of the Holy Spirit.

We having left our little company at Jerry City Ohio, return immediately, to open up work about nine miles east of there at Rising Sun, and from thence move on as our great Pillar of Fire shall lead.

Dear Bro’s. Fisher and Speck, return to Pa. Bro Michels expects soon to resume the battle in Marshall Co. Ind. Bro. Palm­er feels duty upon him to labor some with the Churches in Van Buren and Allegan Co’s. Others go forth as the Lord shall direct them. Dear Bro. Wm. and Sister Jennie Smith, who are abundant in labors for the Lord, are talking of lifting up the standard of the Lord on the hills of Hills-dele Co. Mich. Since the Bangor Camp Meeting they have traveled about 1200 miles with horse and buggy. Had a glori­ous victory at Sharon Ohio, then came to Jerry City meeting, and returned to enjoy the great feast in Mich. God bless these two dear self-sacrificing souls.

Again we call the attention of saints every where to their need of help to pay for their horse. Some $23, are yet needed, and they only have a few weeks time. Send it to the Trumpet Office, if you should not know their address. Please do not forget this matter. And pray for us, that God give us abundant strength, by His Spirit which works in us mightily.





DEAR Brethren; some neighbors who imagine I have made a great mistake in obeying the Word, of God, giving myself wholly to the Lord, have sent me the following note, which I should like to answer through the Trumpet.

“The Christian Witness is finding what “Comeoutism” means, and having taken the measure of it speaks as follows: “There is a class of people going around the country, preaching holiness, and really accomplishing something in the way of Spiritual quickening among the people, but who leave a viper’s egg, that surely hatches alter they lire gone, and which works mere evil, ten times over, than all the good they can do. We know these people. By professing to be free from sectarianism, and by claiming to be the body of Christ, they become the most bitter sectarians, and have no patience or fellowship with any who do not endorse their fanatical notions, and embrace their ugly sentiments towards the people of Christ, Be­ware of these tramps!”

Bay View, Mich.

Dear Friends: — As you have been led to address me by note, rather than in per­son; please allow me in like manner to send you a few lines relative to the same.

Coming directly to the subject in question, I will say, that any party of people who exclusively profess to be the Body of Christ, are false pretenders, and unscriptural. I have never met with any such; but have read of some whose teachings I condemn. The Body of Christ, as taught by the Word, is composed of every sincere child of God, both in the sects and out of them. Each individual who is born of God and led by His Spirit, is a part of His Body; and this is why the servants of God who have received the Divine commission which has a special reference to these hatter days, are appealing to the professed churches all over the land “Crying aloud and sparing not,” according to the words of the Prophet, showing “Judah his transgression, and Israel Ins sin,” because it is to the nominal churches that the message is sent. We read in the book of Daniel that the Lord said unto him, “Seal up t… words of the book until the time of the end, for then shall the vision be.” The vision which Daniel saw is closely related to that which John saw, which makes up the greater part of the book of Rev., and the reason that this book has been less often (on ten – возможноред.) referred to than other books in the Bible, and not as readily understood, is be cause it did not apply to time past, and not until the time of the end, which make it present truth to us who are alive is these days; and that which was mysterious in time past, is being revealed, and set forth through the preached Word, by those to whom it is given, with wondrous force and power.

In the book of 1 Samuel 8 chapter, we read where the Spirit was first manifested which finally led to divisions in the Body of Christ. The children of Israel by then transgressions, had wandered from the narrow path of obedience and faith, in is much that they desired to have a king to reign and rule over them. But the thin displeased the Lord, and Ho said unto Samuel, protest solemnly unto them, and show them what manner of man he should be, and what oppressions should before them, and that they should finally be forsaken of the Lord, when they should cry unto Him. Nevertheless they, desired … king, which was granted them, and we se.. how they fell (as a people) into all manner of sin, until they were finally led captivity. We read that some of them repented and turned unto the Lord, … He heard them, and in His time led t.. out of captivity, and they with the pr…ets and all the faithful ones, were His ..cient Church and people.

The Jews carried on their, forms of … ship in the name of the Lord, with … usual zeal, until the eventful day, w… the temple was rent in twain, when n.. of them were made to realize fully for.. first time, the consequences of the a … mistake which had beep made in desi-

Page 3

ber than the Lord of Hosts to reign and ..e over them. We read in the book of ..emiah where it is written. “Yet will I ..ing again the captivity of Moab and of ..m in the latter days, says the Lord.”

And in the Apostle’s day we see the ..e Spirit manifest, where some desired … divide up under some other name than ..e Lord alone, for which they were recked the Apostles.

We pass on over the supremacy of ..olicism, down to Luther and Wesley’s ..e, and others who were impelled with holy seal for the advancement and pur.. of God’s Church.

Wesley was greatly pained because of … worldliness which was so prevalent ..oog the people with whom he was ..red, and thinking that a better state of ..ugs might be effected. So by the help God he led many into a better experience. These more Spiritual ones assembled from time to time very much in the ..plicity of the Apostle’s day, and realized the wonderful outpouring of grace ..d blessing in their midst. But the proph..’s prediction had to be fulfilled, and so in ..e course of time, he was led, with all ..centy to believe that it would be well … organize and make certain laws, forms, ..d ceremonies, which, he expected they ..uld sustain and live up to without any ..er revision. But alas, it is said there ..as less manifestation of the wonderful ..ower of God among them, from the time ..ey first met as an organization. This ..et is an evidence that something had ..en done which was not according to His perfect meet will. The sainted Wesleys laid own to rest with many stars in their towns, but after them followed the divide ..g of the Body of Christ, into sect, after ..ct, named after their creed, country, or ..nder, each differing, one from the other, with a consequent death of spirituality ..d seemingly forgetful of the words of ..e Master, where He commanded His disciples that they should all remain one, until the number mentioned in Rev. 13th 666 names or denominations is reached, ..ce which time, (although several men we organized other sects, they have only ..ured for a short period, when they fell ..erly; because God’s word was fulfilled ..d nothing should stand beyond it.

About the time of this fulfillment, the Word the Lord came to God’s faithful, messengers, (now persecuted for Christ’s ..ake) saying, sever your relation from all woman organizations and associations, ..nd go, stand before me, and call my people out of captivity. “Cry aloud and spare ..ot,” and I will be with thee. My Body ..ave they divided until my name is not rightly known among the children of men.

With their transgressions have they dishonored me until their sins have reached unto Heaven. Go, I command thee and fall out the remnant of my people who will serve me and walk in my counsel.

With astonishment and trembling, they shrank back, saying, Oh Lord, my God, I  cannot, I cannot. Why hast thou chosen ..e, one so feeble, so unknown, and the beast in thy Kingdom? But the voice same again still londer, saying, Go, I command thee, and I will be with thee.

Again they shrank back trembling at the thought of confronting the great city of confusion with her vast numbers, her great Theologians, her wealth and magnif­icence, her supposed security and boundless expectations. Said one in my hearing, “If the bowels of the earth could have opened, and I could have dropped out of night, I would have felt relieved. But the hand of God was upon me. In the midst of this solemn reflection, I was told by a brother that the Spirit had impressed him I should preach that night. I went before the people, and as was my custom I fell upon my knees to ask God for a message, when my mind was directed very forcibly to Jer. 15:19, 20, 21.

“Therefore thus says the Lord, If thou return then will I bring thee again, and thou shalt stand before me, and if thou take forth the precious from the vile, thou shalt not turn unto them.” “And I will make thee unto this people, a fenced brazen wall, and they shall fight against thee, but they shall not prevail against thee for I am with thee, to save thee, and to deliver thee says the Lord.”

And I will deliver thee from the hand of the wicked, and I will redeem thee out of the hand of the terrible.” I arose and read these words aloud, and then, as by Heavenly magic, there flowed from my such a ready utterance, that I was hardly conscious of what I was saying; in­cidents and illustrations in perfect keeping with this Scripture, and with the great demand of the call which God had put upon me.”

From that, hour he has gone forth in the name of the Lord of Hosts, clothed in power and might, which has caused thousands to tremble before him, because of the mighty God who has led him on.

And to-day several religious papers are proclaiming the fall of babylon in these United States, and those laborers in the’ field who are doing the largest (genuine)- work, are all outside of the denominations; and it is evident that the time is fast approaching when the great spiritual City shall not have “the light of a candle left in her, for she shall be left desolate (of Spirituality) says the Lord,” yet doubt­less she will go on with the forms and motions of religion, as did the Jewish Church of old, until the end comes.

But praise God, in accordance to the Divine call, scores of ministers have come out from the denominations, declaring their freedom in Christ, and with this dec­laration, the Spirit and power of God has come down upon them in Pentecostal showers, wonderfully preparing them to declare the whole counsel of God on the walls of Zion. And a glorious host of re­deemed souls have responded to the heav­enly message in Rev. 18th chapter where in the limit of transgression by modern Israel is portrayed, which makes it the duty of every sincere child of God to obey the voice of the Lord, when they shall have learned the order of His plans, dis­cerning the import and application of the words written.

Across the seas also we read that the same message is being proclaimed, and God is calling the faithful remnant of His people all over the world; showing them the snare of satan, whereby they have been subject to the creeds and craftiness of men, and they are rejoicing in freedom from captivity, knowing that their names are written in Heaven, and they will henceforth walk in the name of the Lord Almighty.

May God hasten the time when all of His children shall be brought into a one­ness with eachother and with Himself, that the Body of Christ, His holy Church, and His people be ready to meet Him when He comes.

The destructive egg, the above writer speaks of, is only destructive to the un­scriptural creeds and organized divisions of men, that are contrary to Christ, and His salvation. And the writer dreads the onward march of this campaign of fire, simply because he has more interest in the combustible religion of human sects, than he has in Jesus Christ, and His Church, against which the gates of hell shall not prevail.

The writer admits that those people are “really accomplishing something in the way of Spiritual quickening among the people.” But thinks they do a greater amount of harm. If this were true, then they were a tree that brings forth both good and evil fruit. But Christ emphat­ically declares that no tree can do this: And since this man most admit that these saints who have gone without the camp with Christ, bearing His reproach, are doing good, and working real, — not shallow, sensational — Spiritual quickenings, any person with a little exercise of sound judgement can see that they are doing genuine salvation work; and the harm alledged to them is only the destruction of men’s idolized organizations, which have no place in the Word of God. We know of no peo­ple on earth that are so filled with the love of God as these people, and as to the bitterness ascribed to them, it is only that which Christ and the prophets of old man­ifested against the crooked ways, and do­ings of men who claim to be the children of God. The wrath of God against the idolatrous works of men, is the love of God towards their souls.

Your Sister in Christ.

Josephine Courtney.


St Louis, Mich.

To all the saints in Christ Jesus, greet­ing. God keep you, and lead you and fill you with the fulness of His power and glory. We are saved and sanctified, and filled with the love of God this morning. Oh the deep peace that fills our soul. O! praise His name! The Spirit of God bade us to go up to Dushville, in Isabella Co., confirm and help the brethren, who were much refreshed by our coming together.

The people opened their meeting house for us. Our beloved Bro. Dodge was with us, who labored with us in the Gospel. The people received the Word with glad­ness, and we found a goodly number striv­ing for the Kingdom. May God bless the Word, and give the increase. Amen!

A. J. Shelly.



We bade farewell to the dear saints of God at Beaver Dam Ind., and came to Mentone where we embarked for Pa., accompanied by Bro, Samuel Speck, Bro. Wm. Wideman, Sister Alice Davis, Sister Ida Shaffer and companion. We had previously sent an appointment, to Fostoria Ohio, which place we reached the evening of our departure. Bro. Gilbert was unable to get us the house to preach in, so the Lord provided a place for us. There was a company of colored persons holding a grove meeting in the suburbs of the City, and we were led of the Spirit to attend. The preacher invited us to preach; so we gave them the “glorious light of the Gospel of Christ,” which was received with shouts and praises to God, and we felt that the evening was profitably spent. The next evening we met with the brethren at Henderson Pa., who were comforted by our coming. Bro. Speck preached, and the Holy Spirit filled our soul with joy unspeakable, and the high praises of God were sounded forth. The next day we went to the grove in Venango Co. where the brethren had prepared a place, to preach to the people. This is in a com­munity where the people had but a little light on the present truth. O how dark the minds, of the people are, it is almost impossible to open their eyes to see the real light of the Gospel and the awful darkness they are in. There was much opposition from the powers of the adver­sary. We were left almost entirely alone, only a few of the saints were with us dur­ing the meeting. Nevertheless we preached the searching truth which pierced the hearts of sinners and sectarians, and not a few received the Word and will walk in the light of it. There was only two con­secrations during the whole meeting, so great was the conflicting elements. The order was good excepting on two occasions, some one threw a stone on the roof of the stand which passed over into the congre­gation and struck a woman on the fore­head, cutting a large gash, which came near proving fatal.

We expect to reap much fruit from the seed sown here. May God save those dear souls who received the truth, for Je­sus’ sake. From there we went to Hen­derson, and held a meeting in the grove near that place. Here also as at the former place there was much opposition, never­theless many received the truth, a few souls were saved, and the wickedness of the hearts of the sectarians were made manifest, so that it was apparent to all, both saint and sinner, that their profession was a but mask to cover their sin polluted hearts. They stirred up the young men to make disturbance, and thus hinder the work. But praise the Lord! we had per­fect victory over all of the powers of dark­ness. Hallelujah to God! Much interest was manifested by those who desired to know the truth, and many would have been saved had we been able to have stayed longer. We went from Henderson to Fairfield Crawford Co. and held a few days meeting there, where also great good was done in establishing the saints, and strengthening them. Some others also received the truth, and expressed their determination to walk in the light. May God grant deliverance to the captive souls who are in babylon bondage.

I do not think we ever found a corner on earth where so many full fledged hyp­ocrites are to be found as at that place. The Salvationist’s cage near there is noth­ing else (spiritually speaking) but a roost of unclean and hateful birds, or hypocrites of the most malignant type. The most of them profess to be saved and sanctified, and chew and smoke their tobacco, reject the ordinances of the Church, in fact they want all Spirit and none of the Word. Therefore as the Spirit of God agrees to the Word, they are obliged to take the spirit of error. The Word also condemns contracting a debt and not paying, letting it outlaw and then repudiating the debt; it also condemns marrying another wile, or husband, while the former one, or more are living. But these things are practiced among them, still they claim to be saved and, sanctified. Do you wonder they do not want the Word or like it? is it a won­der that poor sinners cannot be saved when such shameful things are practiced? A man that will contract a debt, let it outlaw and not pay it, is an outlaw him­self, and no better Christian than the devil. It takes 100 cents on the dollar to pay what we owe, and no man can be a Chris­tian without paying the last cent. No matter what they profess, “by their fruits ye shall know them.”

From this meeting we came to Jerry City Ohio. Bro. Wm. Miller met us at the train and took us to his home, where we met once more Bro. Wm. N. Smith and sister Jennie, and sister Sarah Smith, and others of the saints. O glory to God! we were greeted with shouts which were returned by us, for the Holy fire began to burn in us long before we reached the place. O how sweet to meet the dear saints and enjoy the holy fellowship of the Spirit. We began the meeting Thurs­day evening, the Lord wonderfully poured the holy joy into our hearts, the power of the Spirit was present to save to the utter­most. The next day the manifestation of the Spirit was powerful, three received sanctification at the altar. Two of them were slain by the power of God having received the baptism of the holy Ghost by the laying on of hands and prayer. Dear Bro. Warner and his little band came to Bro. Miller’s Friday evening, and came to the Grove Saturday morning. Our meet­ing again caused our joy to burst forth in to glorious peals of shouts and praise. O glory to God! what a glorious life is the life of the saint. Saturday was another day of victory, glory to God! There were quite a number of consecrations that day, and men and women received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and fire. They were slam by the mighty power and laid like dead persons. Sabbath all day was taken up in preaching to the people the Ever­lasting Gospel. In the. evening we met at Bro. Carr’s house where the Lord threw the pentecostal fire in our midst, and a glorious scene followed ip the healing of 18 persons from various diseases, and the convertion of two, and sanctification of three others. Glory to God! for His won­derful saving and healing power. Halle­lujah to His name! This meeting is one long to be remembered. What love and power was manifested no tongue can tell nor pen describe. There was an affecting scene at parting. Oh how our hearts were melted as we clung to each other; but we “sorrow not as others who have no hope.” May the Lord preserve His little ones blameless till we all meet in the Celestial City where parting shall be no more. Amen!



New Pittsburg Ind.

Dear Bro. in Christ: — Praise God forever! I am saved and sanctified through the blood of Christ Jesus our Lord. We met last Saturday night at Bro. Key’s place and the Lord met with us in mighty power, five came to the altar. The Lord is doing His work, sinners are crying what, shall we do, and babylonians are crying, My church! my church! alas! my church!

The next day we met at l0 and 3 o’clock. After the after-noon meeting three were baptized into the name of the Lord Jesus. O what a glorious salvation!

Find enclosed clippings from Union City Eagle, a report of our last Saratoga meet­ing.

H. C. Wickersham.


Sharon Center, O.

To all the saints greeting. We closed meeting in, or near Sharon Center, Medi­na Co. Ohio, and went to Lodi, preached once; and preached twice at the Chase school house, several times at my broth­er’s, and then returned to Sharon for an ordinance meeting. The Lord was with us in power in all these places, but es­pecially at Sharon. On Sunday, two con­secrated for sanctification, and followed their Lord in baptism. O what a glorious time we had. They came out of the water shouting and praising God. The sectarians looked on in wonder and amazement.

At night we washed the saints feet, and partook of the emblems of the pierced and broken Body of our Lord. There were 15 that followed their Lord in the ordinances. The Lord has a precious Church at that place. Glory to His name! The Lord is with us in mighty power.

Your Bro. and sister saved and sanctified.

Win. N. & S. J. Smith.


Beaver Dam, Ind.

Dear Brethren: – I feel led of the Lord to write my testimony. I do thank God for Salvation that saves my soul from all the works of the devil. I am saved, and sanctified, ready to be revealed in the last time.

Your Sister saved and kept by the power of God.

Emma Bryant.


Rome City Ind.

Dear Brethren: — God Mess you. How I would love to meet the hosts of blood- washed saints at Jerry City. But I have been sick since returning from the meeting in Ohio. I do praise God there is not a cloud that doth arise, to hide my Savior from my eyes. Praise God! if it is His will I want to go home; but if it is not His will, I want to stay to expose false religion and work for the salvation of souls.

I am trusting the Lord. Some advise me to take medicine, but Christ has been my physician for the last ten years. His will be done.

Little Freddie is getting along well. He plays awhile, then goes to the barn or up stairs and prays. I give him lessons every day from the Testament and Psalms. O how richly it pays me to care for him.

Please pray for me. If I see you no more, I will meet you in the City where we will never get old. Your Brother in Christ.

J. S. Smurr.


Princton Mo.

Dear Brethren op the Gospel Trump­et: — The Lord wills that I write to you. The Lord has been wonderfully blessing, and leading me in His ways. Praise His name forever! I have decided long since in the ordinances, and believe we must practice them, and that the Lord wills I be baptized and ordained Elder to work in His vineyard by some God sent Elders that belong to the Church of the First-born, and not to sectism. God takes the will for the deed as I am alone. I traveled for several years, preached the Gospel with the light I had for the U. B. sect, till I found something better. Some nine years ago I come out of sectism. Since that time the Lord has been wonderftlly leading me. Since I left Neb. two years ago this, summer, I have met some professed holiness people who reject the ordinances. I began to read more closely, and I found that the Apostle Paul must have meant the Jewish ordinances in Col. 2:13; 14, from the fact the same Apostle Paul said to practice them — 1 Cor. 11:2, 23, 24.

I was ordained Elder in the sect in the year ’72: but believing that sectism is of the devil, and that there are but few sect preachers that enjoy Bible salvation, I regard it null and void.

Dear Brothers, if the Lord wills write to me soon, and come to this state. I can­not come to you, as I am poor, as far as this world is concerned, I am now mak­ing arrangments, the Lord wills, to have several meetings in the north part of this country, this fall. There is one called Freedom Baptist church, in the northwest part of this country that is all split up on sanctification. The most of them, expect to be turned out or to leave. One old Elder asked me how we got along without organization. I told him we were organ­ized by the Holy Ghost. We took the Bible and nothing else, that we knew each other by the Holy Spirit. Hallelujah! Obey God by the Word in ordaining Elders and every thing else in God’s order.

Yours in Christ.

R. J. Brown.


Gaines, Mich.

Dearly beloved in Christ: this morning finds us well and saved of the Lord, and doing His will at all times. Bro. and sis­ter Drowley are holding meeting here at present, and the Lord wonderfully blesses us, and gives us victory over the devil.

We had a glorious meeting last night, and this after-noon, the Lord willing, we will go to the river side where my com­panion is to be buried with Christ in baptism.

Your Bro. in Christ, saved and sanctified.

Jay Hill.


Dear Brethren: — I feel that the Lord wants me to send in my testimony for Je­sus this morning. I am saved, sanctified,

and kept by the power of God, ready to be revealed in the last day.

I have never had a chance to be bap­tized since I was converted, that being about six months ago) and, this after-noon if it is the Lord’s will I will follow. His footsteps down into the river of Jordan.

Pray for your sister in Christ.

Eva Hill.

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THE readers of the Trumpet have observed that we do not give space to all kinds of doctrine. The Spirit of God guides us into all truth, and knowing the truth, we know the opposite is error, and we dare not give our columns to the prop­agation of error, even though we answer it. This has been our conviction of duty, and this has been the plan we have here­tofore pursued. But having been requested by Bro. Creighton of Mo. whom we are happy to believe a sincere man, we give place to this article, on the above subject. The brother sends us the article with the understanding that we should review the same, and in a card he says, “I only ask your love and prayers, and if you find my letter to be error then handle me without, gloves, but give me the Word.” Amen!

The following is the brother’s article, with the exception of a very few sentences of unnecessary verb-age. Also we have omitted some remarks aimed against the idea of salvation by the ordinances. Bro. Creighton and all our readers, know we teach no such thing, and there is no need of wasting time and space on it.

Dear Editors of the Gosper Trumpet: — The ordinance question is one of very great importance, and should be settled in the fear of God and by the light of His Holy Word in every Christian’s heart. Lord help us!

I will now give you a few facts as I find them in my Bible, and if you think I am crooked then please take the Word and make the crooked straight.

What ordinances were abolished at the time of the reformation? — Heb. 9:10. Those belonging to the old dispensation or Jewish church. The new dispensation or Church of our Lord Jesus Christ needed no ordinances, consequently none were given by Him. Praise the Lord! we are complete in Him without any water, bread or wine; for he is our water, bread and wine, our all in all. O praise His name forever and forever! See John 6:48-64. Jesus here tells us that ‘‘He is the bread of lift” and that “except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink His blood, ye have no life in you.” So this glorious feast in John 6, is a spiritual feast in the soul, and by faith alone. Yes I kept this feast, and had this life, by faith alone in Jesus, before the preacher gave me the literal bread and wine. But shall we not follow the example, and keep the com­mandment of Jesus in water baptism, and other ordinances? The Bible teaches me that Jesus instituted no ordinances, but simply kept those already instituted when He came. You Trumpet Brethren speak very often of following Jesus in baptism. Jesus was not baptized for an example, but to fulfill a point of law requiring a formal initiation into the priestly office. Jesus was just the age the law required a priest to be when consecrated, and in this as in all other things, Jesus came not to break the law but to fulfill. “Wherefore in all things it behoved Him to be made like unto His brethren that He might be a faithful High Priest.” — Heb. 2:17. John and Christ were both under the law. Jno. said of Christ, “He must increase, but I must decrease.” — John 3:30. John and his water baptism must give place to Christ and His spiritual baptism. Amen! Christ said of John, “He that is least in the kingdom of Heaven is greater than He.” — Matt. 11:11. Because John was under the old dispensation and died before the new was set up, don’t think that be­cause Christ fulfilled a point of law in being baptized to consecrate Him a priest, that He wants you to follow His example in this any more than when in the garden or on the cross. If the law had not re­quired Jesus, to be baptized, then He could no more have fulfilled any righteousness in the act of baptism, than you or I could by climbing an oak-tree. God instituted baptism at the passage of the Red sea, and it was included in the ordinances imposed on the Jews until the time of reformation. 1 Cor. l0:1, 2; and Heb. 9:10, 13, 21. The word “wash,” in Heb. 9:10, Mark 7:4, Luke 11:38, means baptism in the original.

So let us follow Jesus in those things in which He was truly an example to us, but not His official acts, as priest under the law. The Spirit makes you and I priests without any water.

But did not the Apostles baptize on the day of Pentecost, and afterwards? Yes, and they kept the whole law for many years after Christ had gone. See Acts 21:20-27, also Acts 25:8. In reading these Scriptures and the epistles of Paul, you will see that the believing Jews did not give up the law with its many ordinances for years after Christ.

Did not the Apostles forsake the law of Moses at once and practice only those things enjoined by Christ under the Gos­pel dispensation? By no means! Even Paul, the Gentile Apostle, when among the Jews, was as a Jew. This same Apostle, because of the Jews, circumcised Timothy. Yet the Gospel of the uncircum­cision was committed unto Paul, as the Gospel of the circumcision was unto Peter. Gal. 2:7. So Paul when in his proper field, that is among Gentiles, set aside the law and all its types and shadows, but Peter and all the Apostles when among the Jews, kept the law with all its types and shadows.

Did not Peter baptize Cornelius a Gen­tile? Yes he commanded it to be done, and this was not the only time Peter got out of God’s order. “Paul with-stood him to the face, because he was to be blamed” on another occasion. Now please read Acts 15th chap, also 21:25, and you will see that none of these things were en­joined upon the Gentile converts. To have the Church leave the law of Moses was the meat too strong in 1 Cor. 3:2. But Paul to the Hebrews 31 years after Christ, it seems, could no longer restrain, and in the name of Father, Son and Holy Ghost, poured out the truth, turned on the light of full Gospel day and removed every type and shadow out of the way. Touch not; taste not; handle not. — Col. 2:21.

I no longer wonder why Paul could say lie was not sent to baptize, but to preach the Gospel, and also tell us there is but one baptism. No there is not a drop of water in salvation, nor a spark of salvation in water. Then why be baptized?

Some one may say because Jesus com­manded it in the great commission. Yes Jesus commanded baptism, but not water baptism. The word “baptism” don’t al­ways mean water. Six. times or more, John said I indeed baptize you in water, but Jesus shall baptize you in the Holy Ghost and in fire. There is the word bap­tism, any water in that? Hardly. Again Jesus said, after He bad been baptized by John, “I have a baptism to be baptized with.” Was that water? If so Jesus was baptized twice in water; but you don’t believe that. Well what do you brethren baptize in water for? Please tell us just what good you get out of this ordinance, and what it is for. Now brethren we un­dertake to say, and can prove it by the Word, we think, if you will only give place in the Trumpet for a few articles, that water baptism, the Lord’s supper, (passover) and all ordinances that were prac­ticed as such by Christ and Apostles, were instituted by God under the law, and that Jesus never instituted an ordinance. No not one. Now you may call me a fanatic, but please don’t call me a Quaker or by any other sect name. With the light I have on the evils of sectarianism. I would about as soon be called a horse thief as a secta­rian; but any way. “Great peace have they that love Thy law, and nothing shall offend them,” Yours for all the truth, and Bible unity; but would rather have division than a sham unity. Saved and sanctified wholly as a second work of grace. Amen!

D. M. Creighton.

Salisbury Mo.


The Bro. asks what ordinances were abolished at the time of reformation. Heb. 9:10. And answers as follows, — “Those belonging to the old dispensation, or Jew­ish church.” Exactly so, the Mosaic, or legal ordinances were all nailed to the cross by the lord. “Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us,” namely laws respecting “meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holy day, or of new moon, or of the Sabbath days.” —  Col. 2:14, 16. This 14th verse is quoted by our brother in application to baptism, etc., but it is wholly applied to the cere­monial law of Moses, and not at all to the New Testament ordinances of Christ Je­sus, But here is the blind, reckless, and enormous blunder of Bro. Creighten. “Water baptism, the Lord’s supper (passover) and all ordinances that were prac­ticed as such by Christ and the Apostles were instituted by God under the law, and that Jesus never instituted an ordinance.”

Such shameful disregard for the truth surely needs to be handled without gloves. You know before Goa, that there is not one precept in the whole book of the law, that requires a priest or any one else to baptize (immerse) any one else in water, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. You know that the whole book of the law, never once en­joins anything like the communion of the Dread and the wine. And you know that no precept of the law enjoined the wash­ing of one-another’s feet. You propose to write another article proving that these ordinances were instituted by God, in the aw of Moses. Very well, send on the ar­ticle. And if yon point to the book, chap­ter, and verse, where these ordinances are enjoined in the Old Testament, as they are in the New, we will gratefully confess our ignorance, and insert the article; but if you do not give us the command for these things in the Old Testament, we can only insert your Quaker assertions in our waste barrel. You say, “God instituted baptism at the passage of the Red sea, and it was included in the ordinances imposed on the Jews. You ought to know that the baptism spoken of in 1 Cor. 10:1, 2, is not at all identical with the washings in the law, nor yet with New Testament baptism. It only symbolized the latter.

The application of baptism to the Jews when buried between the walls of water, and covered by the cloud, Is simply a sym­bolic use of the word It were just as sensible to say that the Tabernacle in the wilderness is the Church of God, the passover lamb was Christ, the blood sprinkled by the priests the real blood of Christ, and a hundred other types of the Old Testa­ment, are identical with the things they symbolize in the New, as to say the pass­age of the Red Sea, was the institution of Christian baptism. The assertion that God instituted baptism at the passage of the Red Sea is false. God instituted nothing at that passage; but the Apostle simply tells us that that passage was itself a baptism, or burial, in some sense similar to, and typical of Christian baptism. That baptism was in the cloud, and in the sea, was this instituted in the ceremonies of the law? Did the Jews celebrate any such a performance under the law? Where is it enjoined or recorded? Why say so much out of the imagination of the heart, or out of some old Quaker book? The New Testament contains no more com­mand for the saints of God to march in a body through parted water, covered by a cloud, than the Old. But it does com­mand every individual believer to be “buried with Christ in baptism.”

The ceremonial washings, or dippings, as translated in the Emphatic Diaglott, and other versions, in Mark 7:4. Luke 11:38, and Hebrews 9:10, are cited by Bro. C. to prove that baptism existed under the law. Why did not Bro. C. look into the book of the law to see whether he could find what Christ and the Apostles practiced there. What careless irrever­ence for God’s Word, to jump at the con­clusion that the immersion practiced by Christ, and the primitive Church was in­stituted in the law, simply because there were certain washings enjoined in the law. If you will read the above Scriptures in Mark, Luke and Hebrews, and connec­tions, you will see that they only refer to Mosaic ceremonies, and to nothing prac­ticed by Christ and the Apostles. We challenge all men to show a single pre­cept or example in the law, where one man baptized another. In Leviticus, and other books we find “divers washings,” —  various dippings — but nothing like New Testament baptism. In every instance washing their clothes, and other ceremo­nies were associated with the bathing, and in every instance where bathing, or washing of the body in water is command­ed, the person was commanded to “wash himself in water,” or “wash his flesh in water.” So the “divers dippings” enjoin­ed by the law were always that of a per­son washing himself. But New Testa­ment immersion is by the hands of anoth­er. You cannot deny this fact, and to concede it is to confess that the ceremoni­al washings were not New Testament bap­tism, and to teach them as identical, is wresting the Scriptures. Should any one say that Christ changed the form, is ad­mitting that the new institution is Christ’s ordinance, and still in force; for surely He would not change the ordinance, and then abolish it.

The honest fact is, Christ did nail to the cross, and take out of the way the law of Moses, and enacted the laws of His own Kingdom, in which He enjoined baptism upon all who believe in Him, and to deny it is to contradict the truth of God.

“Jesus was not baptized for our exam­ple, but to fulfill a point of law, for a formal initiation into the priestly office.” “So let us follow Jesus in those things in which He was truly an example to us; but not in His official acts, as priest under the law.”

We greatly regret the necessity of taking precious time and space to correct such blind and positive contradictions of the Inspired Word. O that men would look into the perfect, law of liberty, and know what they ought to speak before they pre­sume to teach, the old dark traditions of babylon. We are sick of such abomina­ble, disgusting rubbish. O God! we love all men, but we do exceedingly hate every false way.

The brother asserts that Christ was a priest under the law, and that His bap­tism was the formula required by the law to make a priest, both of which are direct contradictions of the Bible, for which we hope our brother will heartily repent.

Christ was not a priest under the law, First, because He was not even of the tribe that the law required the priests to be of — see Heb. 7:13, 14. Second, His priest-hood is positively declared not to be of the Levitical, or Aaronic order, at all. —  Heb. 7:11. Third, He was not made a priest by the law — Heb. 7:28; 8:4. Fourth, Christ was not made a priest af­ter the “law of a carnal commandment.” — Heb. 7:16. That is, not through any ceremonial law. Fifth. He was made a priest by the oath of God, and the Aaron­ic priests without an oath. — Heb. 7:20, 21. Sixth, the law of initiation for the priests was wholly a different thing than New Testament baptism. See the priest’s initiatory law in Exodus 39. It requires the candidate to be brought “unto the door of the tabernacle,” but baptism requires that he go to some place where there is “much water.” Several sacrifices had to be slain, blood put upon the tip of the right ear, and upon the right thumb, and upon the great toe of the right foot, and other ceremonies, all of which had no place in the baptism of Christ, and it is but reckless confusion to confound the two. We have given six facts, either one of which perfectly over­throws Bro. C’s. assertion that Christ’s baptism was His priestly initiation. And yet in the face of all these plain declara­tions of Scripture lie makes the assertion. For your soul’s sake, do it no more.

You tell us that unless the law had re­quired Christ’s baptism. He could not have fulfilled any righteousness in doing it. This is some more unthoughtedness.

Is there no righteousness in the act of Christ exemplifying the laws of His own Kingdom? Has not God, who in times past spake by the prophets, in these last days spoken to us by His Son? And did not Christ say, “The words that I speak unto you are not mine, but His that sent me?” Well Christ not only spake the will of the Father, but He says, “I came to do thy will, O God.” Was it not proper for Christ, as our example, to fulfill His own law?

The Emphatic Diaglott translates as follows. “Permit it now; for thus it is be­coming us to establish every ordinance.”

This is a good rendering. The ordi­nance having been introduced by John, Christ’s fore-runner, Christ did not have to introduce it, as He did the other two ordinances, but only ratify, or establish it, by doing the same.

Geo. Campbell, the Scotch Presbyteri­an translator, renders as follows. — “Per­mit this at present; for thus ought we to ratify every institution.” So the baptism of Christ was the ratification of a new in­stitution, instead of an act of obedience to an old law. Let us give way to a few words from Campbell on this point. “In the opinion of Chrysostom and other ex­positors, dikaiosune (translated righteous­ness in Common Version) signifies in this place, “Divine precept.” It is the word by which mishpat in Heb. often denotes an institution, or ordinance of religion. I have chosen here to translate the verb, plerosai rather “ratify” than “fulfill,” be­cause it was the sanction of His example given to John’s baptism as a Divine or­dinance.”

We would just ask Bro. C. if Christ’s baptism was for His initiation into the Le­vitical priesthood, as he has wildly imag­ined, for what was baptism administered to all the converts of the Christian faith? Were they all initiated into the Levitical Priest-hood? Are you blind enough to think the law was so vague, and jungled up that a ceremony which made a man a priest could be used for most anything else?

What a maze of confusion the devil gets a man into when he gets him to be fool enough to criticise Christ Jesus, and the inspired Apostles.

It is difficult to see how a man could make a more utterly foolish, and false as­sertion, than that the ordinances recorded in the New Testament were only ceremo­nies of the Mosaic law. Does Bro. Creigh­ton think we are such fools as not to know whether we are reading in the Old, or in the New Testament? Does he think we are so dumb that he can make us pro­nounce “Moses” from the letters Jesus? Or has he falsely dreamed that it was Moses washing the old Israelite’s feet in the wilderness, and commanding them by the law to wash one another’s feet as he had given them the example? And has the devil caused your disturbed brain to imagine that it was Moses, who took bread and blessed it, and break it, and gave it to the children of Israel, and said, take eat; this is my body. And He took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, drink ye all of it, for this is till Old Testament in my blood?”

“The new dispensation, or Church of one Lord Jesus Christ needed no ordinances,” so thinks Bro. C.

But Christ did not see fit to respect your opinion; hence He did institute the three positive ordinances in His Church.

Therefore says His inspired Apostle, –  1 Cor. 11:1, 2. — “Be ye followers of me even as I also am of Christ. Now I praise you, brethren, that ye remember me is all things, and keep the ordinances, as … delivered them to you.” Here Paul declares he had given the Church certain ordinances to keep. And that in obeying them they followed him as he followed Christ. Therefore the man that reject these ordinances does not follow Christ. And in that respect is anti-christ. The is a fact, whether the party be ignorantly or willfully, anti-christ.

But where did the Apostle Paul go these ordinances? Did he learn them … the feet of Gamalial, and out of the law or did he get them from Christ? Let hi answer. — “For I have received of the Lord that which also I delivered unto you, Th.. the Lord Jesus, the same night in which He was betrayed, took bread: And whe.. He had given thanks, He brake it, an.. said, take, eat; this is my body, which broken for you: this do in remembrance of me. After the same manner also He took the cup, and when He had supped saying. This cup is the New Testament my blood; this do ye, as oft as ye dri.. it, in remembrance of me. For as oft.. as ye eat this bread, and drink this cu.. ye do shew the Lord’s death till He come.

Here God smites into the earth you abominable Quaker heresy, with one stro.. of the hammer of His Word. Paul … not converted until about 24 years af.. the day of Pentecost. It must have be.. after that, that he received the ordinance from the Lord Jesus Christ. He declare that he had delivered the ordinances them. That means more than one. Th.. he mentions one of them, upon which th.. needed to be corrected, and calls it t.. “Lord’s supper,” and declares he had received it from the Lord, and in describing this ordinance he employs the very sa.. language that Christ did in its institute … the night before He was crucified 26 years before. But we ask, how did Paul “receive” these ordinances of the Lord? H.. it by the instrumentality of the Apostle who were present whan Christ gave … bread and wine, and told them to do … in remembrance of Him? No.

“But I certify you brethren, that … Gospel winch was preached of me is … after man. For I neither received it … man, neither was I taught it, but by … revelation of Jesus Christ.” — Gal. 1:11.

Who dare set himself against the We of God? May God give repentance Bro. Creighton and all the Quaking heretics, who say that Christ gave no ordinances.

To hold your doctrine you must direct.. impeach the inspiration and truth of … Apostle Paul, and join issue with … whole New Testament. You say the Apostles practiced the ordinances because the had done so under the law. But one God’s most honored Apostles hurls assertion back in your face, and decla.. that he received it directly from the Lord Jesus Christ. This ought to stop you mouth forever.

You say these ordinances belonged the Old Testament, But Jesus said, “I cup is the Now Testament in my blood which is shed for you.” The bread and t.. wine constitute a New Testament institution.

You break these commandments, an teach men to do so. But Christ say “This do in remembrance of me.”

You say these observances were not be continued. But Christ said, “as oft ye eat this bread, and drink this cup, you do show the Lord’s death till He come…

You say you never will do these ordinances. Peter once said, the same this but Jesus gave him to understand that he refused His will, he should have … part with Him. I pray that you may also repent as he did.

There is much error in your article w.. should love to correct by the Word of God and will in the future, if the Lord wi.. but cannot lengthen this article to do … now.        


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