1 September 1886, Volume 8, Number 12.



THE morning of Aug. 4, Bro. and Sister Fisher, Bro’s Barney Warren and Frank Smith, and Sisters Sarah Smith, Alice Davis and Ida Shaffer and ourself left our place for the grove meeting three miles west of Beaver Dam. As we crossed the Grand Trunk at Stillwell, Sister Frankie Miller, who has been at home in Battle Creek since Bangor C. M., joined our number. We were met at Rochester Ind. by saints, and conveyed to the grove where we had a glorious and wonderful meeting that night, though the regular appointed time to begin was not until the next day. Two toads of dear saints from Jay and Randolph counties had also arrived. As soon as we entered the grove and began to greet each other, it was like so many fires brought together in one mighty bonfire, Glory glory be to our Redeemer! The hood gates of heaven were immediately let loose, and the Holy Spirit came down on us in mighty torrents. “And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, and as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of mighty thunderings, saying, Allelujah: for the Lord God Omnipotent deigns. Let us be glad and rejoice and give honor to Him for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and His wife hath made herself ready.”

A good number of saints came from broad. From Mich., besides our company, Bro’s Michels and Palmer and their companions , and Bro. Samuel Speck who has been stopping with the Church here since Bangor C. M. Bro’s Whitcraft and Ba­..ore from Vanwert Co. O. Three brethren from Whitley Co. Ind., and several from Grant Co., and several from Marshall and … Joseph Co’s. Besides the glorious host … these parts. A number of souls were ..ru into the kingdom of Heaven by the mighty Spirit of God. Others were graciously restored, and quite a number were wholly sanctified by the precious blood of Christ, through the eternal Spirit, to the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. Many others were greatly strengthened, filled and built up in the Lord, and prepared to work for the Master. In every respect the meeting was a glorious victory. The number converted was comparatively small, and some of them came with the saints from a distance. With the exception of the first night, no meetings were held at night in the grove, and the number of unsaved that attended in day meeting was quite limited except on Lord’s ..ay, when there was a very large crowd of people, and very good attention to the Word.

Two nights there were services in the house of worship at Beaver Dam, which were wonderfully blessed of God. The house was crowded, and could not hold all the people. The Spirit of glory and of God was upon His saints. On Saturday might, privilege having been obtained, a large force of the “holy people” assembled with the people in the Disciple house three miles north of the grove. The house was pretty well filled. The meeting was a heavenly surprise to the saints, and an appalling terror to the dead formalists, and babylonians. We felt the power of sect darkness in the house and all hearts that knew God, called upon Him in prayer and faith, to drive out the unclean spirits and fill the place with His glory. O praise our God! He answered by fire from Heav­en. The Holy Spirit came as a mighty rushing force, and filled the place. The order of the Spirit was, “Let the saints be joyful in glory.” The scene was grand but awful. Shouts of praises, thunderings, lightnings, and an earthquake, spiritually speaking. Such a mighty tide of the Spirit it came upon us that all of the saints for­got they were in the carnal house of Camp-beliteism, and filled the house with loud shouts of praise, and many of them were on the floor leaping with joy inexpressi­ble and full of glory. After the heavenly uproar, Bro. Palmer preached the Word. Some testimonies followed. There was good done. While sectarians “gnawed their tongues for pain,” sensible sinners were deeply impressed with the glory and power of this great salvation, and many faces we saw there, were seen in the grove on Sabbath nodding assent to the truth of a complete salvation in Christ Jesus.

Many of the saints desired an ordinance meeting, which we are sorry there was not time, and a suitable place for its observance. The meeting closed on Tuesday, the 10th with a baptismal service. Nine dear saints were buried with Christ by immersion. A number of others wish to do so soon. I hope we can arrange for an ordinance meeting with the saints here this fall some time.

Wednesday morning Bro. and sister Fisher, sisters Davis and Shaffer, and Bro’s Speck and Wm, Wideman started for Pa.. Friday, Saturday and Sabbath, 13-15, our company hold a meeting in Lake Center Bethel three miles north of Areola Ind.. And a grove meeting near Antwerp Ohio Aug. 18-25, and then labor in other places in Paulding and Vanwert Co’s Ohio the Lord willing. Wonderfully saved in Jesus.





BRO. J. C. Felger of Areola Ind., testifies that he was an awful slave to the smoke pipe. But by reading the Gospel Trumpet, he became convicted by the Spirit of God of the sinfulness and filthiness of his practice, and of the cor­rupting example he was setting before his own boys and neighbors. Under this pro­test of conscience he had a dream one night, in which he saw a skeleton standing in a swamp on his place, with a large pipe in his mouth, from which he was puffing out a great cloud of tobacco smoke. On awaking he was awfully convicted that he was the smoking skeleton. And by the help of God he gave up the vile hab­bit. The Lord also took away the wretched appetite. Praise His name !

What wonderful wisdom God always manifests in the visions He gives His children. The poisonous use of tobacco is a sin against nature, and destroys hu­man flesh and life. Thousands who use the poison are reduced next thing to skeletons. And yet the poor skeletons continue to walk in the smoke of their torment, con­suming their flesh, and brain, and burn­ing up the money, they need to meet ac­tual wants in the family. The poor mass of dry bones keep smoking, smoking, smoking, until they look like smoked skeletons, the skin almost dried fast to the bones. Their lust is set on fire of hell, and they “cannot cease from sin.” The Lord pitty such slaves and wrecks. We assure every one of you there is an escape from your misery through the blood of Christ. Although you are unable to stop smoking and chewing by the force of your own will power, Testis Christ is able to heal you of the terrible disease, and stop the itching burning lust. Thousands are able to-day to testify that He swept it all out of their system in a moment, yea in an instant. Remember, “the things that are impossible with men are possible with God.”

But some are ready to say, “I am not the poor skeleton yon speak of. I have plenty of flesh, and have to use tobacco, or would be over burdened, and uncom­fortable.” Well if a surplus of flesh is abnormal, a real disease, Christ “healeth all our diseases.” Sister Davis of Deshler Ohio was over fleshy, and God relieved her of fifty pounds in answer to prayer. That is much better than to resort to a nasty stinking pipe, to poison your body, stupify your mind, corrupt, your morals, and drowned your soul in perdition.

Besides if you are not a physical skel­eton, you are yet a spiritual skeleton. When you look upon a natural skeleton you always recognize the frame of a dead man. Well “to be carnally minded is death,” spiritually. And “if ye live after the flesh ye shall die.” All must admit that the appetite for tobacco is not a de­sire of the Spirit of God. Then it is a lust of the flesh. And “if ye live after the flesh ye shall die.” So all tobacco smokers and chewers, are spiritual skele­tons, and many of them are next thing to physical skeletons.

Please observe where the Lord locates the smoker; i. e., in the swamp. Avery Striking symbol of his condition, spiritually sinking in the muck and mire. Many think they can quit the treacherous habit as soon as they want to. But they will soon find themselves helpless in the mire: and every effort to extricate themselves causes them only to sink deeper in the mud. A Bro. in Randolph Go. Ind., was convicted for his tobacco using, and resolved to taper off its use, and finally quit entirely So he un­dertook to taper the practice down to a small point and then quit; but to his sur­prise, and in spite of all he could do, he said he found that the small end was all the time becoming the larger end, and the taper was the wrong way. So he took it to God, and the blood of Christ cut both the disease and practice straight off, with­out any tapering about it.

This vision of God reminds us of the old blue laws of Hew England. One of which prohibited the use of tobacco within a dis­tance of some three or six miles from where any hoy lived. The Lord pictures out the filthy smoker, as a hideous grinning skel­eton, with his long bony fingers clenching a large pipe, with the stem in his ghastly month, while the smoke rolls out of his mouth and large eye-holes, covering the horrid scene with black coiling clouds of black stinking smoke. May God help such to escape out of the swamp of sin.

Very often these nasty miry swamps are used for a place to dump in all manner of offencsive, refuse, and rubbish that is gath­ered up. So the Lord has the smokers cast out in the miry swamp, as only fit company for slimy reptiles and croaking frogs. If you think this a hard saying, remember the vision is of God and not of us. If you have never learned that the blood of Jesus Christ will cleanse the to­bacco poison out of your system, and all desire to take in any more, you have been an object of pity in the past. But as we assure you the grace of God is able to break the tyranny of king tobacco, and emancipate your soul and body, and thou­sands testify to the same, you have no ex­cuse for your sins. And while you will­fully continue in your stench, sufficient to drive a whole family out of house and home, you are only fit companions for the doleful creatures of the dismal swamps. As the people of a city gather up all the tin, and trash, and filthy decaying matter, and cast it in some out-of-the-way place to be burn­ed, so God will “gather out of His King­dom everything that defiles, and they that work iniquity.” Hell is the dumping grounds, and refuse sink, for every thing that sin and lust has rendered obnoxious to the holy City of God; which includes all the sinning, lusting, filthy, smoking, chewing religion of babylon, all the apos­tate house of Israel.

“Son of man, the house of Israel is to me become dross: all they are brass, and tin, and iron, and lead, in the midst of the furnace; they are even the dross of silver.

Therefore thus says the Lord God: Be­cause ye are all become dross, behold, therefore I will gather you into the midst of Jerusalem. As they gather silver, and brass, and iron, and lead, and tin, into the midst of the furnace, to blow the fire upon it, to melt it; so will I gather you in mine anger and in my fury, and I will leave yon there, and melt you.” — Eze. 22:18-20.

As the health of a city requires that all offensive matter be purged out of it, so the health, peace and happiness of heaven re­quires that “nothing unclean shall enter therein.” And the great mass of profess­ors who are “hoping to get to heaven when they die,” and yet live in sin and lust while they live, are but rubbish of tin and iron, and dross, which shall be east into the great furnace of perdition of the un­godly, and left there. May God help all who read these lines to “escape the corrup­tion that is in the world through lust,” and stand among the redeemed of the be­loved City of God.



Hunnewell, Mo.

Dear Brethren: — I am saved this mor­ning, and God keeps me every moment and every hour. I am so glad I can trust Him, glory be to His holy name forever!

I am standing on the solid Rook Christ Jesus. Hallelujah to His holy name! I ask you all to pray for me that I may be found faithful, trusting Jesus.

Your sister, redeemed.

Hellen Myers.



Rome City, Ind.

To the dear saints scattered abroad in the earth. O it is wonderful how the dear Master keeps me in perfect peace, and in perfect fellowship with all the dear saints that stand in the congregation of the Lord.

The Lord led me to the Bangor Camp Meeting. I would not have missed it for half of Rome City. I saw strange things so far in advance of anything I ever saw, and I am near three score years old. I saw the devils cast out, and the blind get their sight. O praise the dear Lord! That is what I never saw before. I also saw the sick healed, and the lame made to walk. This I had seen in years past.

O I met such a cloud of witnesses. I met dear sisters Emma and Frankie Miller who had received their sight on the Bangor camp grounds, a few years ago. And I am safe to say sister Emma has as bright eyes as any one on the camp ground.

I believed the reports I saw in the Trumpet, but when I came on the camp ground, about the first person I wished to see, was Emma Miller.

There I met a host of saints that I had heard of and read their testimonies. But that was not like seeing them face to lace. There I also met Mother Smith, Ida Shaf­fer, and sister Davis, who has made the greatest sacrifice of any one whose testi­mony I heard on the ground.

Revelations has been a sealed book to me. I did not know that I stood on the sea of glass until I went to the camp meet­ing. I have got the victory over the sect beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name. —  Rev. 15:2. O how wonderful is our God.

My testimony is, that the Lord sanctifies me wholly just now, and keeps me, and will preserve me till Christ comes. And it will not he long.

There are a few saints in Rome City, and O the opposition that comes from the sects, the habitation of devils, and hold of every foul spirit, and cage of every unclean and hateful bird. Even the long clawed, and hateful buzzards, and the “three unclean” frogs with their wide mouths.

God has given me a wonderful gift of discernment. O my dear Lord, His will he done!

I will now say I have the Spirit of Christ, I am firmly fixed, and settled, and true, and loyal to God, and in sweet fellowship with all the saints that have come out clear from all human laws and creeds.

I will now say that this come out work is of God, and all the “dum dogs,” and “greedy dogs,” and all the imps of hell, and all the sects, never will change my mind in regard to how God has led this great work.

Dear Bro. Fisher was one of the angels that poured out one of the vials of the wrath and indignation of God. It lasted 4 hours and 10 minutes. Truly these are the servants of the living God. Some felt sore over it. Truly out of their hearts flow rivers of living water; such it was to me and it was good. Let me say to you, you never can expect it, you will never come to the end. O my Lord, keep them hum­ble. Behold how good it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.

And there is dear Bro. Warner, O my Lord what an instrument he is in the hands of God to pour down the judgments, and awful Word of God. That Bro. was con­sumptive for years, and God has healed him and keeps and upholds him to do the work He has assigned for him to do. May God keep him humble, and work in, and through him to will and to do of His own good pleasure forever more. Amen!

One day while in a tent I was saying how wonderfully Bro. Warner had advanced, as I have known him for eight years; the brother said “well we are all one,” Just see the Spirit of Christ, in honor prefering one another. O I would not say one word against the true saints, or allow evil sur­mising against them: I hope to meet you at Jerry City, at the grove meeting.

Your Brother, in the unity of the Spirit.

J. S. Smurr.



WE have received a letter from Elder N. M. Anderson, of the West Pennsylvania Eldership, in which he pro­poses a question for editoral answer. The question relates to the date of the institu­tion or origin of the Church of God, and is as follows:

“At what point in time, and governed by what circumstances, did the Church of God first make its appearance in the world?”

By the Church of God in this question we understand the brother to refer to the mystical body of Christ; to what Paul and other writers of the New Testament spoke of when they used this term. Evidently he cannot refer to the ecclesiastical organ­ization which exists at present under this name. Its origin and history are reason­ably well known to, at least, all its min­isters; whereas in connection with the question it is intimated that the date of the origin of the Church of God is some what of a mooted subject.

Ghurch Advocate.


In the above words the editor of that paper clearly confesses that the organiza­tion which he represents is distinct from the Church of God which “Pau! and oth­er writers of the New Testament spake of when they used this term.” The editor confesses that when a man speaks of the Church of God, as set forth in the New Testament, “he cannot refer to the eccle­siastical organization which exists at pre­sent under this name.” Then it follows that the organization of which the Church Advocate is the organ, is not the Church of God. And if not the Church of God, it is not of God. And to use one of Lu­thers tenets, “Whatsoever is not of God is of the devil.” So the devil has invented, churches many, and one of them he has actually called by the same name, God designates His own Church. This is a very bold act of counterfeiting. What right have a lot of carnal, plug-hat, tobacco perfumed preachers to make and run an organization of their own, and then call it “The Church of God?” If it is a crime punishable by law, to make counterfeit bills, and pass them for genuine, what must be the high crime in the right of God to call a humanly founded organism, the Church of God? It is well known that the preachers of that sect continually quote the Scriptural title of God’s Church, which was founded by the Lord Jesus Christ over 1800 years ago, into which “God Himself sets the members, every of them,” and which is the real body of Christ, and apply those Scriptures to their own sect. And yet they are compelled to acknowledge that the New Testament Church of God, “cannot refer to the eccle­siastical organization which exists at pre­sent under this name.” If it cannot refer to their sect, then of course it does not, and every such application is deception and dishonesty. If the two are distinct, why not call the modern sect something else, and not try to confound the two, to deceive the people? The editor says the origin and history of their sect ‘‘is reason­ably well known to, at least, all its minis­ters,” whereas the “date of the origin of the Church of God is somewhat of a mooted question.” Just so, these Winebrenarian preachers know very well the origin and history of their sect, but the date and ori­gin of the Church of God is not known by them and is therefore a mooted (disputed) question. Well it were a great blessing to their souls and to all exposed to their prosceliteism, if they would get Bible sal­vation, and know all about the true “Church of the Living God,” and loose all sight of the modern counterfeit of that name. This editor speaks of the “ecclesiastical organi­zation which exists at present under this name.” By which one would naturally infer that the Church of God, of which Paul spake, does not exist at present. We hope they will let Christ join them to the same, then they will learn that it still ex­ists, and is all sufficient, Without any of the machinery of their misnamed babylon confusion.

Praise God! for this freedom from the elder-ships and elder-canoes of babylon.



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The book now contains 94 pages, with notes, and 14 pages of familiar hymns, making in all 112 pages. We have other­wise improved and corrected if, also put double impression op the covers, and the cloth covers are so bound that there will be no more raw edges, and the lettering is expected to weas and retain the color.

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Let all the saints everywhere, pray for the healing of the bodies through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, of the following brethren and sisters.

Sister Sarah Stover of Sycamore Ohio, asks the prayers of the saints for her heal­ing of paralysis.

Also pray mightily to God to heal Sis­ter Hettie Newman, Williamston Mich., of spinal fever.

Also pray for the healing of John Mar­tin, South Millford Ind., of Asthma.

Sister Swartz of Upper Sandusky Ohio, requests the special prayers of the saints for her healing of bodily afflictions.

Bro. Ezra Smith of Burbank Ohio, re­quests the earnest prayers of the saints for the healing of their son Franklin, who has been sick for many years.

Bro. Joseph Faulk, Waterloo, Ind., asks the prayers of the saints for his healing of bodily afflictions.


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Our Camp and Grove Meeting List.


There will be a grove meeting, the Lord willing, at Jerry City Ohio, commencing Sept. 9th ’86, to continue over Sunday.


The sixth annual Michigan assembly will take place, the Lord willing, at Geneva Center in the new house of worship, com­mencing September 16, to continue until the 20th, or as much longer as the Lord wills. It is expected as usual that this will be a glorious Pentecostal meeting. The new house, which is nearly finished, will be dedicated by the outpouring of the Ho­ly Spirit: so that not only the house may be filled with the power and glory of God; but every heart may be filled also, and burst out with new wine, into streams of living joy and glory. Let there be a gen­eral rally, and come to Zion “with songs of everlasting joy upon their heads.”


Bro. Haner writes us of the projected Camp Meeting, near Chanute, Neosho Co. Kansas, to begin Sept. 25th 1886. A tab­ernacle is already purchased for the meet­ing, and other service in the holy cam­paign. There is a call for us to come to that meeting. If the Lord will, He will bring it to pass.

Any other parties wishing meetings, should communicate with us at once.



The Lord willing, there will be a grove meeting about one mile east of Rising Sun, Wood Go. Ohio, beginning Sep. 15. If the weather will not admit of outdoor meetings, a building will be occupied. Our helpers will be with us. Come all who love and seek God.



Dear Brethren. — God bless you all is my prayer. We wish all to come to the Grove Meeting that can, and we will have a pentecostal shower. Those that come on the T. and I. R. R. to Tromley, notify Wm. H. Miller at Jerry City O. by letter and we will meet them there. Those coming on the Central Ohio R. R. to Hat­ton, notify Fhillip Spackey at Jerry City Ohio.

Yours complete in Christ.

Wm. H. Miller.



Bro. S. M. Smith of Silver Lake Ind., sends $4.00 to pay on Bro. Wm. N. Smith’s horse. He suggests that thirteen such offerings to the Lord would pay for the horse. The Bro. got a noble animal for $75.00 and paid $25.00. and gave his note for six months for the balance, which time will soon be up. Now please help the Bro. out of this debt. Send your $4.00, less or more. If you do not know where to address the brother, as they are con­stantly in the field, you can send it to the Trumpet Office. by registered letter, or express order. Or, small amount in bill, or stamps.




BEFORE going to the Ind. grove meeting the Spirit of the Lord impressed our mind that from that meeting we should labor on a line eastward from that place.

So the Lord sent dear brethren to that meeting from Allen Co. Ind. who wished us to come to their place. Then came let­ters from saints a few miles west of Ant­werp Ohio, wishing us to bring our com­pany and hold a grove meeting there. So we arranged to go first to Lake Bethel, near Areola Ind., and from there to Ant­werp, O. And before we knew any thing of it, Bro. Leininger and Bro. J. G. Felger of Areola, had the plan completed, to haul our company, the first Bro. to Areola, and the latter from his place to Ohio. Praise our God! On Friday morning, August 13th, with our heart melting with pure parental love for our dear child, we kissed his innocent cheek, and left him in silent slumber, not daring to wake him lest his little heart should break with grief at our departure, and our soul also be filled with sorrow at his pitiful tears. O God! Thou knows the abundance of thy grace that enables us to tear away from this affection­ate child. The poor boy has recently been sick, insomuch that many of the saints de­spaired of his life. O Lord! Thou only knows the great trial of our soul, when we felt the awful sickness of our boy, by the Spirit of God, while we were making up the last Trumpet at Williamston, and packing the Office, which none of our com­pany had any experience in, and our pres­ence was much needed, so that we did not feel permitted to go, though we keenly felt his sickness, and told some of the saints that we felt he was sick. After suffering those feelings a week, we received a letter, stating that he had been very low, but was better, this took a great load off of our heart, and a few days later, a second letter stated that by the laying on of hands, and prayer the Lord had gloriously healed the poor little fellow. O praise our God for His great mercy toward us, that He has spared our soul the great sorrow of such a bereavement as would have been the de­parture of this last, and dearly beloved friend in the flesh. And yet we know that had the blessed Lord seen fit to take him, as in all the trials of the past we would have been “exceeding joyful in all our trib­ulations.” This trial of our faith was a great blessing to us, it gave us a. sure evi­dence that, notwithstanding our intense love for the child, we could leave him in the hands of God, and feel sweetly resign­ed to the will of God, who had work for us elsewhere. We found the precious boy feeling well, but still so slim and poor that it touched our heart to look upon his lean face. The dear Lord bless Bro. David Leininger’s family, with whom the child was stopping during his sickness, and all the beloved saints who did all they could for the comfort and help of the dear boy.

We started at 3 o’clock in the morning, the Lord having sent a glorious shower before us to cool the air, and put away the dust. O bless the Lord for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the chil­dren of men. As the day began to break, we were blessed in looking at the sublime and beautiful clouds, which Father piled up in the heavens, of every shape, tint and hue. Looking to the North, we saw the perfect form of a great hand pointing to the East, and the Spirit of God thrilled our heart as we acknowledged it the hand of our Father, and that we were going in the direction Father was pointing. We felt something like the prophet Nehemiah must have felt when he said, “The hand of the Lord is good upon me.”

We sang the praises of God much of the way, and the gentle breezes carried the sweet sound of the Spirit of God over the surrounding country. Once we finished a hymn just as we were ascending a hill. At the top of the hill to our right stood a house. The song had sounded on ahead of us, and found an echo in the heart of a blessed old mother in Israel, who was clapping her hands and shouting the praises of God, and waving her hand, and nodding her head toward us as we came opposite the house. As good as to say, I felt the Spirit of God in the song, and it has set my soul on fire.

O how it stirred our soul as we saw the joyful demonstrations of the dear old sister.

We reached our destination in good time, and had a blessed meeting that night.

The next day and night also the Lord met. with us in great power. On Sabbath fore-noon and after-noon the Lord greatly blessed us in preaching the Gospel. Some hungry souls gladly received the Word. At night we met in a small meeting at Bro. Felger’s, three dear sisters rendered them­selves a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, and proved the good and perfect will of God, in the glorious grace of entire sanctification. O how the Holy Spirit filled the house, and all our hearts, and the little ones leaped with joy inexpressible and full of glory.

Then we proceeded to observe the pre­cious and holy ordinances of God’s house. The washing of the saints feet, and the Lord’s supper. O it was sweet and won­derful beyond all description. How the blessed Son of God was manifest to our souls. “O the sweetness and complete­ness of perfected holiness.”

Praise God! there is a holy little Church here, strong in the faith and filled with love unfeigned. Dear Bro. Henry Smith of Churubusco, whose companion was one of the three who entered the Beulah land, preaches the Gospel of free salvation to them every two weeks. Dear Bro. Smith is much filled by the Spirit, and God has given him a door of utterance to proclaim His Word with boldness. God bless this beloved little band abundantly, and may the Word of the Lord sound, out from them in many dark and desolate regions round about them.

Monday morning dear Bro. Felger took us on eastward, as the hand of the Lord had pointed out our march.

In Ft Wayne we were happy to meet two blessed saints, in the person of Bro. and sister Harter. Glory to Jesus! we enjoyed our stop at their house, and ate our dinner with them with gladness and singleness of heart. Though their names are on the F. M. class book, they are so far oblivious to the sect that they do enjoy the real Spirit of God. O how our hearts sweetly blended together. God bless them! The brother is a preacher of the everlasting Gospel, and both would be very useful in the Lord if wholly given up to the work of winning souls. We were impressed that this is the will of God con­cerning them. Bro. Harter is a cousin to Sister Sarah Smith of our little company.

In the afternoon we journeyed on east­ward, and reached Sister Hannah Kilpat­rick’s just after dark. Sister K. is an aunt of Sister Nannie Kigar of our company, and another happy meeting ensued, sister Nannie having been gone nearly one year. O this holy warfare is getting more and more glorious every day. Bro’s Barney Warren, and George Bryant, Sisters Smith Frankie Miller and Nannie Kigar, consti­tute our company at present. Praise God!



Bangor, Aug. 25th ’86.

July 31st Bro. Michels and wife, my­self and wife, started for Beaver Dam grove meeting. Saturday night held meet­ing in the Gage school house, three miles north east of Dowagiac, stayed at Sister Potter’s that night, and over Sunday; preached the Word again in the same place in the evening. Monday, drove to La Paz, Ind. and had a pleasant prayer meeting at Bro. Deniston’s, where we stayed all night: and the next day visited among the brethren, and preached in the school house in the evening.

Wednesday, went on our way with glory in our souls to the meeting, where we had a glorious, melting, shouting time.

Well, during the six days meeting our souls were very much blessed. The meeting was a success in the straightening up of some of the little ones, in the sanctification of believers, conversion of a few, and the establishing of the Church.

We do praise the Living God for the acquaintance of so many of the sweetly saved brethren and sisters at Beaver Dam. Glory be to God for the sweet fellowship of all the dear saints of God. Wednesday the 11th, we started for home; that evening, preached the Word at La Paz, Thursday evening at the Gage school house again. Friday, we reached home, Sunday the 15th, preached on the old camp ground where we had a gloreous good time.

Wednesday evening, the 18th, went to prayer meeting at Columbia, (1 mile east of Grand Junction) we had a glorious meeting, two souls consecrated. Thursday evening, met with the little ones at Bro. Johnson‘8, one consecration. Friday at 10 o’clock, met in the grove in the Osterhout neighborhood for a three day’s meeting, which was attended with good results; three went forward in the ordinance of baptism. Sunday evening, held meeting in the Ferris school house, in Cheshire. The Lord wonderfully blessed our souls from the first to the last.

Glory be to Jesus for the cleansing power I feel in my soul all the time. Dear Bro. Michels was with us at the grove meeting; the Lord wonderfully blessed his labors.

From your Bro. saved, sanctified, and glory be to our God! having a will to God’s will.

A. B. Palmer.


Payne, Ohio.

Dear Brethren: — God bless you all. We are saved to the uttermost. Glory to God for salvation that saves us from a sin this morning.

We recently returned from Darke Co. Ohio, near Rossville. Glory to God! … found many souls hungry for the bread or life. The Lord first sent us to the M. M. meeting house, where we opened fire or the enemy. Every meeting resulted in … victory for King Jesus. We held three meetings there, then went to the Campbelite or Disciple house, and held & few services. Glory to God! He wonderfully anointed us, and helped us to dead out the hail and five, mingled with blood. The devil could not keep still. The ites could not stand the power, so they sent 18 miles for one of their learned priests, who.. came and challenged us for a debate. We told him that when the Lord saved us, He took all the debate out of us. After the poor deluded man was done speaking, we if read the Scriptures, giving him Paul’s description of debaters, in Rom. 1:29-33; 2 Cor. 12:20, and he left the house.

While he was on the floor he announced a meeting for the next evening, stating that he would prove that men could not live without committing sin. There were some eight or ten came to hear him, and among them a lawyer who, as we heard, gave him battle, and rather worsted him, the meeting lasting until 2 o’clock in the morning.

We continued meeting over Friday, at sister Hugh’s, then went into a grove near the M. E. house, where we continued over Lord’s day. There were about ton saved during our labors there. Bro. and Sister Shaner, from near Payne Ohio, were with us laboring for the Lord, and among the number saved, was Bro. Shaner’s father and mother.

The M. E. preacher called us dogs, (so we were informed,) but we are not of the kind of which Isaiah speaks, Isa. 56:10, 11; for the Lord gave us power to bark at all the sins of the present day, sectism, and secretism not excepted.

On Lord’s Jay, we preached on the straight Church in the fore-noon, and in the after-noon on false teachers. The sect devil writhed in agony. After services a young man came to us and declared himself free from the Methodists, and in the evening, came and gave himself to the Lord. There are several places opened

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for services in the neighborhood of Rossville. Praise the Lord! If the Lord permits, we will visit Darke Co. again, for we He persuaded that God has much people there.

Yours, saved and sanctified and on the sea of glass. Hallelujah!

A. J. Kilpatrick & J. N. Howard.


Burbank, O.

I Dear Trumpet Readers: — After an absence of about two years, we have again returned for a short time, to our former home in Ohio. Those 23 months in Mich. gave us many grand experiences, never to be forgotten. Glory to Jesus! We had a very pleasant journey, the Lord was with us, and grandly prepared the way for us. It did not cost us to exceed $3.00 in ten days after the Gratiot camp meeting. We arrived at my dear brother Ezra’s, the journey being between 300, and 400 miles. They were much rejoiced by our coming.

We remained over Sunday with them, then went to my wife’s mother’s, took ..dluner, and stayed all night with wife’s brother. Then returned to Bro. Ezra’s, bad meeting that night; the Lord was with us in power, and helped us to preach to a goodly number. Then Bro. Mohler and myself went to Sharon Center, and made arrangements for a meeting which commenced the next Saturday evening. We found brother Plough full of the Spirit, and zealous for God’s cause. God has been, and ie, helping Bro’s. Mohler and Plough, to get the pure Gospel light before the people. Bro. and sister Arnold, who asked the prayers of the saints, through the TRUMPET for their healing, were sanctified and healed, in the first part of the meeting. Praise the Lord!

The meeting began in the power of God and still continues in His power. The sect spirit raged very much, but thanks .. to God, who giveth us the victory though our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

We have been endeavoring to show the people the house, as in Eze. 43:7-13, which is the true Church, as shown all the ..ay through the Scripture.

Bro. Mohler drove five miles to get a backslider and bring her to the meeting Sabbath morning; the meeting ran gloriously in the order of God, when Jennie these to her feet and said that there was some one that wanted to be saved, when this sister cried out, “It’s me, it’s me, a poor backslider.” She presented herself at the altar and God gloriously saved her soul. Praise His holy name forever! Old men wept and said it was the best meeting they ever was in. It was a real day of salvation, several being saved. We preached from the 15th chapter of St. John. The people are getting much light, and the sect spirit is much stirred. Some threaten us; but that does’nt amount to anything. The wonderful power of God is what is tarrying the day. Glory to Jesus! We have no place to hold the meetings but in a school house, which is not large enough to hold the people that come. Several saved and sanctified, and a number healed. Great conviction on the people. The Lord does not give us any time for pleasure visiting, praise His holy name forever!

We expect to be at the Jerry City grove meeting, if the Lord wills.

Your Brother and sister, saved and kept in the power of the Holy Ghost.

Wm. N. & S. J. Smith.


Bucyrus, O. Dear Brethren: — I am saved and kept by the power of God. Glory be to Jesus, for a salvation that keeps us from all sin.

I am at Deshler preaching the Gospel, and the devil is stirred, and is trying to break no the meetings, but we are bound to obey the Lord if they put us all in pris­on. We have held meetings every night since Thursday eve, and some are seeking the pardon of their sins. The work is go­ing on in spite of the devil. Hallelujah to King Jesus!

Your Bro. saved and under the blood.

A. H. Lea.


New Pittsburg, Ind.

Dear Brethren: — Praise God forever!

O glory to Jesus for salvation that saves me just now! Your card of the 17th inst is at hand. Was glad to hear from you. I sent a letter to Bro. Shaner of Darke Co. telling him I would be at his place if the Lord wills, on the 4th and 5th of Septem­ber. Pray for me, that I may have glorious time.

O I tell you we do have some glorious meeting. The devil is howling more than I ever saw before; but the saints have vic­tory. We met at Bro. Key’s place last Saturday evening, and Sabbath at 10, and 3. On Saturday evening we had an ordi­nance meeting. On Sabbath, four went down into the water and were baptized.

O praise God for the testimonies given in on that day. The saints are most all growing stronger. I wish you could come out here this fall, I think there could be a great work done. Your Bro, in Christ.

H. C. Wickersham.




On the 10th day of July 1886, a few miles from Grand Junction Mich., Charley Marquis, son of James and Anis Griffin was taken home to dwell with Jesus. Aged 8 years 7 months 27 days. “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord,”

This little child loved the Lord, and had great confidence in God. At the Bangor Camp Meeting he and his brother older, were both sick and were healed by the Lord. The dear little children had won­derful faith in the Lord. But for some cause the Lord saw best to take little Charley away from this present evil world. God bless the parents and little brother.

’Tis well with all the little ones
The Savior gathers home;
So pleased to see their childish faith,
He smiles and bids them come.

He sees the snares that thickly lie,
To catch their little feet;
He beckons, and they upward fly,
Departed ones to greet.





Antwerp, Ohio,

Dear Brethren: — My testimony this morning is, that I am sanctified and kept by the power of God, whereof the Holy Ghost is also a witness. I do praise God for this wonderful salvation that saves me through and through. The devil rages without, but there is such sweet peace in my soul.

“On Christ the Solid Rock I stand,
All other ground is sinking sand.

I do praise God that my eyes have been opened, and my heart has been opened to the truth of the Gospel. I am completely saved from all isms, and sects, and doc­trines of men, and all the traps of the devil; such as tobacco, tea and coffee, and will not have it in my house.

I came over to Ohio with Bro. Warner, and we are “a happy pilgrim band, dwell­ing in the holy land. I expect to return home soon. Your Bro. in Christ.

George S. Bryant.


Churubusco Ind.

Dear Readers of the Trumpet: — This evening finds me rejoicing in the love of God. Praise the name of Jesus forever! I thank God for power to heal both soul and body. My soul is so full of the love of God I can’t eat or sleep. Praise the Lord! I do not write my testimony to please myself or man, but for the glory of God. I am so thankful there is a people willing to go through the fiery furnace. By the grace of God helping me I am go­ing through with you. I am truly great­ful for the meeting at Lake Center. It was the first time I met any of the saints at a meeting. Praise the Lord! That meeting shall not be forgotten. I am ask­ing the Lord to direct me every moment of my life. When I picked up my Bible the first my eyes caught was — “In that day shall this song be sung in the land of Ju­dah: we have a strong city; salvation will God appoint for walls and bulworks.” Dear reader, think of this; we need no sect walls, the Lord has promised salvation walls, I praise the Lord for salvation full and free! I am reigning sweetly reigning, far above this world of strife.

Your sister saved by the precious blood of Jesus. Glory to God for the all cleans­ing blood!

Mary Smith.


To all the dear Saints Greeting: — This morning finds me resting in the will of God. Thursday morning (Aug. 5) we left home and family for the Ind. Grove Meet­ing. We took train at Dunfee Station, in company with Bro’s Felger and Menges. We rode joyfully along for some time, then looking to our right we saw a man reading a paper that looked like the Gospel Trumpet, and so it proved to be. We immediately inquired whether he endorsed its teachings, and he was not slow to an­swer in the affirmative. So we easily got acquainted with him, and a dear young man; and we praised the Lord together. It was not long till we arrived at Mentone. On coming out of the train the first per­son we saw was dear Bro. David Leininger who had come to convey us to the grove, seven miles distance. The time passed quickly, and soon we met dear Bro. Fisher. O how our heart rejoiced to meet that dear Bro., he being the eighth free saint that we had ever met; and we have taken the Trumpet for years, so dear reader you need not wonder that it made my soul rejoice. We soon arrived at the grove. The first person we recognized was dear Bro. Warner, who came leaping and bound­ing and embraced us, and O what joy filled our soul. As God has put within us a perfect hatred against all counterfeit, we kept a sharp eye on all ministers and professed saints, determined to reprove and rebuke with all long suffering and doctrine, as we had heard so much of the fanaticism of their meetings. But praise God! we found but little to do but to praise God for His inexpressible goodness and mercy in permitting us to attend this holy convocation, which was a feast to our soul from beginning to end. There were a number of souls joyfully saved. We attended one meeting in the Campbelite meeting house and it was a heaven­ly feast to our soul. Praise our God! We had meeting at Beaver Dam on Friday and Monday nights where the Gospel was preached in the demonstration, of the Spirit, and sinners were convicted, but being so blinded by the devil through the Winebrenarian sect, they were afraid to make a start; but we believe there will be some of them gloriously saved, for which we earnestly pray. We reached home Thursday, Aug 12, then went to the meeting at Lake Center, which was a glo­rious one. While there my wife was taken very sick, and by the laying on of hands she was instantly healed. Praise God! Three consecrated and received sanctifica­tion at Bro. Felger’s Sunday evening, where we had a glorious ordinance meet­ing. Monday morning Bro. Warner and the band of workers started for Paulding Co. Ohio, conveyed by Bro. Felger. They left, sweetly singing “The saints farewell.” Praise God from whom all blessing flow.

Your Brother saved.

Henry Smith.


Covert Mich.

Dear Brethren: — I praise God for a present salvation that I enjoy in my soul, that saves me from all sin. I am so glad that the Lord called after me, and showed me I was a sinner and gave me an honest heart to accept this wonderful salvation. It is glory in my soul to know that Jesus dwells within. I have the well of water in my soul springing up into eternal life. I have part in the first resurrection and the second death hath no power over me. The Lord is wonderfully blessing the saints at Covert. The devil says because we shout and praise God so loud, we disturb their peace; but praise God! there’s no peace to the wicked. We have perfect victory over the devil. Dear saints pray for me that I may stand firm and do the will of God in all things.

Your sister saved and sanctified.

Mina A. Pnillips.


Lafayette Mich.

Dear Brethren: — This morning finds us well and saved, rejoicing in God the Rock of our salvation. I am so glad that we can reign in life with one Christ Jesus far above this world of strife. O I praise Him for His keeping power. He sanctifies me just now. Praise His name forever!

Your Bro. and sister in Christ.

T. B. & S. Reeves.


Yelverton O.

Dear Brethren: — I am saved this after­noon from all sin, and I’m telling to sin­ners round what a dear Savior I have found. I love my Savior more than any thing else. And trials and temptations He delivers me. He saves me just now and sanctifies me wholly. Pray for me that I may be filled with the Spirit of Got all the time.

A. M. Welch.

Koogle O.

Dear Brethren: — We are trusting in the Lord; surrounded by satan’s followers, afflicted, derided, and scoffed at, but not dismayed; trusting in the God of Daniel for deliverance and protection, knowing that those light afflictions worketh out a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. Praise the King Immortal, eternal, invisible! While we are going through trials and tribulations, Jesus is able to keep us. On his strong arm of protection I rely. Remember us in your prayers and suplications to God.

James M. Ayers.


Pearl Pa.

Dear Brethren: — The Lord leads me to write to the glory of God. I praise the Lord for sending Bro. Fisher in this place. My testimony is that my sins are all for­given. I am not sanctified, but I will press my way on until I receive it.

Pray for me that I stand firm for God.

Harry B. Bennett.


Vichey Mo.

Dear Brethren: — I enclose you one dollar for the Trumpet, I can’t do without it. I praise the Lord for the grand work of salvation that is going on in this coun­try. There is great opposition to holiness here, yet God is more for us than all that can be against us. The deciding time is at hand, and they that will not decide for God are lost; while those that are decided for God are pressing on and gaining new victories in the name of Jesus. We have been in the furnace considerable, but God’s grace is sufficient. God says, “The trial of your faith is much more precious than gold, though it be tried as by fire.” We are trusting in God for all our help, He is our great Physician. I can say for the glory of God, He has healed our family many times. We praise God for freedom in Christ, for whom the son makes free is free indeed; free from babylon confusion. I was a member of the Baptist sect for a number of years, and my wife belonged to the Campbelites; but now we are in the Church of the Firstborn, whose names are written in Heaven, in the Lamb’s book of life. Glory to God! Pray for us. Your Bro. and sister in Christ, sanctified and kept by the power of God. Amen!

C. J. & V. Light.


Rome City Ind.

Dear Brethren: — I can say this morn­ing to the glory of God that I am sancti­fied and kept by His divine power unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Glo­ry be to His name! God wonderfully blessed me at the Bangor camp meeting. O it did me so much good to meet so many that have written in the Trumpet. O glory to God! I have got the victory over the least, and his image, and over the number of his name. Hallelujah! Honor and praise to the name of the Lord! I now stand on the sea of glass. The Lord has given me the discerning of spirits, so I can tell pharisees as quick as I see them. Well, glory be to Jesus! I am saved.

Pray for me. Your Bro. in Christ.

J. S. Smurr.


Payne O.,  Aug. 17.

Dear Saints: — I feel led to write my testimony this morning for the Lord. I am well and saved and kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation, ready to be revealed in the last time. Well I give God all the praise and glory for saving my soul. Glory to God! “Not by works of righteousnes which I had done, but according to His mercy He saved me by the washing of regeneration and the renewing of the Holy Ghost, which He shed on me abundantly.” I bless God that He fills my soul with glory all the time. The Lord God did a complete work in my soul and I praise Him for it. Oh the glory that fills my soul just now, it is rich and it is so glorious that no tongue can tell it. I love to tell the wondrous story of the blood that cleanses me. The Lord keeps me sweet in my soul, and I have received “abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness,” and I’m “reign­ing in life by One Christ Jesus.” Glory to God!

Well I’m having a glorious time working for the Lord. After the grove meeting in Ind., Bro’s Warner, David Leininger, and George Bryant, and sisters Nannie Kigar, Frankie Miller, and mother Smith, and myself, drove to Bro. J. G. Felger’s, nine miles west of Ft Wayne, where we held meeting Friday night, Saturday, and Sabbath. Bro. Warner poured out the red hot Word of God on the people, and it, made some of the babylon priests feel miserable, but the Lord’s work went tri­umphantly. On Sunday night we had an ordinance meeting, and we had a glorious time. Three souls were sanctified, and filled with the power of God, and received a glorious experience.

We left on Monday morning for Payne O., expecting to be there a few days, and then begin a grove meeting near Antwerp Paulding Co. Ohio. We love the glorious campaign of the Lord, and fight His bat­tles. Through the Lord’s help and strength we win every battle, and come out victo­rious. But it is not us that do the work, but it is the Lord that works in and through us to will and to do of His own good pleasure. Praise God for salvation that satisfies the soul, and keeps us filled with all the fullness of God.

Well I thank God that He always causes us to triumph in Christ. I am saved and sanctified and kept by the power of God, and doing the Lord’s will in all things.

B. E. Warren.


New Point, Ind.

Dear Brethren: — I have just been pe­rusing your paper of July 15th sent me by my Bro. Isaac Pennington. While reading the Watch Tower recently, the thought came directly to my mind that those criticising God’s Word on the eter­nal punishment of the wicked, would be selfish enough, no doubt, to accept of nev­er ending and eternal salvation and hap­piness, but are unwilling to accept eternal punishment even if they deserved it. Then the thought came, would they rather God would have placed their happiness at 100 years, and their torment at 100 years? We think not. They would rather receive all of Paul’s persecutions in this life to obtain Heaven. Would they be willing for God to make an ending happiness and a never ending hell? Well we think God’s Word presents the best thing for man.

I wrote these thoughts to Mr. Russel of the Tower, but he never published them. He sends me his W. Tower, but I do not endorse it. I am a Methodist, but will have to confess your views in the Trumpet are on a solid basis. I can’t help think­ing a sect, a creed pertains to man’s in­vention, not God’s.

Eli Pennington.


Sweetser, Ind.

Dear Brethren: — And all the readers of the Trumpet; my testimony is, I am fully saved. Glory to God! and sanctified through and through, and walking upon the Bang’s high way of holiness. Halle­lujah to God and the Lamb forever, for this wonderful salvation that so complete­ly saves me every moment of my life.

Oh the waves of glory that fills my soul this day. I am buried in the great ocean of God’s love. Praise the Lord!

I know nothing but Christ and Him cru­cified. God hath set me in the Body as it hath pleased Him, that I may work in His vineyard. He has not placed us here to be idle, but every member has it’s proper gift of God. O I praise God for the gift which He has given me, and for a willing mind and an humble heart to do whatsoever the Lord hath for me to do.

Pray for me. Your sister under the blood, and saved.

Martha M. Bragg.


South Whitley, Ind.

Dear Brethren: — My testimony is, I give all honor, glory and thanksgiving un­to our Savior Jesus Christ, “Who gave Himself for us, that He might redeem as from all inipuity, and purify unto Himself a peculiar people; zealous of good works.” “Faithful is He that calleth you, who also will do it.” I have passed through many dangers, trials and snares. Has grace has brought me safe thus far, and grace shall lead me home. I make a request that some dear toiling mother, who strives day by day, under all circumstances to follow our blessed Leader, would please write me a letter.

Your Sister in Christ.

Mary A. Kreig.


Battle Creek, Mich.

Dear Brethren: — I do thank God to­day for my trip to the Bangor camp meet­ing, and for saving me. Yea I thank Him for the wonderful power He gives me day by day over this world of sin and folly, which I used to indulge in. Praise Goal He has a remnant out of Sodom and Bab­ylon, and they do not bother ns, they can hot stand the fire. Praise God! We are children of the Free Woman, and not of the bond woman, O how the devil does howl, when the tenth is told, I do praise God, that He keeps me in this blessed way.

Your Brother in Christ,

Lemuel Wright.

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A Brother requested us to write an article on the directions the Apostle Paul gave the Churches of Galatia and Corinth, concerning giving, and as we feel that it would be profitable to do so, we write these thoughts, praying God to open all hearts to the Divine rule.

“Now concerning the collection for the saints, as I have given order to the Church­es of Galatia, even so do ye. Upon the first day of the week let every one of you lay by him in store, as God hath prosper­ed him, that there be no gatherings when I come. And when I come, whomsoever ye shall approve by your letters, them Will I send to bring your liberality unto Jerusalem.” — 1 Cor. 16:1-3.

Observe that these collections were for the poor saints at Jerusalem. It shows the broad philanthropy, and sympathy of the Christian religion. The love of God in the hearts of the redeemed, seeks not self indulgence, but the relief and comfort of all that are in need, far and near.

In the directions here given by the Apostle, we see a clearly defined distinc­tion drawn between the New Testament, and the old; the Church of the Lord Jesus and the abolished Mosaic economy. In that old law the tenth of all their increase was required for the various religious, and charitable purposes. But here is an entirely new arrangement. Not the tenth is to be given, but “give as the Lord prospers.” And who shall determine that? Answer. —

“Every man according as he prospers in his heart, so let him give; not grudg­ingly, or of necessity: for God loves a cheerful giver.” — 2 Cor. 9:7.

Here is the rule, but it is only practical for holy men, made perfect in love. Such a rule would not work at all, in a society of carnal selfish beasts. Full of covetous­ness, they would prosper very little, if any, of their substance to the relief and comfort of others.

Therefore all the sects find it necessary to adopt other means to raise their money. Cold narrow hearts purpose every tiling for self, and nothing for others, however much they may need. Therefore the sects are compelled to put their members under­ taxation laws, and resort to all manner of abominable festivities and frolics to raise money. And the Mormon, and Adventist, two among the most ungodly, soul deceiving sects on earth, enforce the tithing system upon their deceived subjects, by which they bring them under the law, and under curse.

The rule here laid down by the Apostle is an evidence that the Apostolic Church met for worship on the first day of the week. And on each weekly coming to­gether, every one gave in the collection what they could spare to relieve their destitute brethren at Jerusalem. The Apostle is urging, these collections, “That there be no gatherings — collections — when I come.” The fact that collections were to be taken each first day, proved that they met on that day. For collections cannot be taken up unless the people meet. The sect of modern Sadducees say they were only to each lay by something at then respective homes. If that were so, then the gathering would have to take place after the Apostle came. But col­lections were to be already made, so there should be no gatherings when he came. We would therefore infer that the first day of the week was the early Christian’s Sabbath, or weekly day of worship. And so it was. The first part of verse 2 reads as follows, in the original Greek. — “Kata mian Sabbatone,”  which, literally render­ed reads, “Every first of the Sabbaths.” You see instead of correctly translating Sabbatone, “of the Sabbaths,” they render it day of the week, when all can see by the form of the word that it means Sab­baths. It is so rendered in the German, “Auf einen yeglichen Sabbather” — On every Sabbath—In stead of “the first day, James McNight, and the Bible Union translate it, On each first day. The Em­phatic Diaglott renders, “On every first day,” etc. Thus we see it was a regular standing rule, to be observed on “every first of the Sabbaths.” Meian is the reg­ular Greek word for first, and occurs in connection with the first of the Sabbaths on which Christ rose from the tomb in all four of the Gospels. It was necessary to designate the Christian from the Jewish Sabbath, which was kept at the same time by the Jews. The latter was observed on the last day of the week, the former on the first day of the week. Hence the Christian Sabbath was always designated to the, “First of the Sabbaths.”

The Apostle gave orders that on that day there should be weekly collections made. Here is a New Testament prece­dent, first established in the Churches throughout Samaria, and then ordered adopted also at Corinth. And we can see no reason why it should not be received as a general rule. The Apostle being gov­erned by the spirit of wisdom and Inspi­ration would doubtless be able to give the Church the most practical and successful financial system. It is true that the prom­inence that has been given to money beg­ging on the Lord’s day in babylon, has driven many good people to consciencious objections to collections on the Lord’s day. But such scruples have been caused by the corrupt practices of babylon, and not by any prohibition in the New Testament. “It is right to do good on the Sabbath.” And since that is the day the whole mem­bership of the Church generally convene, it is the most practical time for all to contribute what they can to the needs of the Church. This fund should be estab­lished in all the local Churches of God, and appropriated as the Lord hath need, to help the poor, provide places of wor­ship, support ministers, Evangelists, and meet all other expenses attending the service of God, and the spread of the Gos­pel of Christ.

Since beginning this article the Spirit of God has much impressed our mind with the wisdom and present obligation of this command. Observe the Apostle gave it as an order, to the Samaritans, and then said to the Corinthians “Even so do ye.”

Now we ask, have we any more right to disregard this order, than any other command in the Epistle? The commandments of God contained in the Epistles we feel obligatory upon us, though addressed gen­erally to the Church in a single locality. Why not regard this command which was far more generally enjoined by the Inspir­ed Apostle? The fact is, about every Lord’s day each child of God could spare a little offering to the Lord. But if not put into His treasury, it slips out of your hands in one way and another, and when a call is made for means, you have noth­ing to give. Which, had the little mites been collected from one week to another, they would amount to a good sum, secure a rich reward, and yet would not have been missed out of life’s necessities. We hope the Spirit of God will show His Church every where the wisdom of this New Testament order, and speak in their conscience, saying “Even so do ye.”

Many of the Churches hope to build houses of worship. Well if you will at once adopt this New Testament policy, you will soon find the necessary means at hand. Whereas if nothing is done until the time comes to build, it becomes a bur­den to meet the needed funds. The Spir­it of God seems to say, let all the Elders present this matter at once. Let the Dea­con provide a small box, with a lock, and a small place to enter what all have to give, and present it at the regular Lord’s day meetings, that all may give as the Lord has prospered you, doing it at the service, without any begging or conspic­uous parade of money matters.

“But this I say, He which sows spar­ingly shall reap also sparingly; an he which sows bountifully shall reap also bountifully.” — 2 Cor. 9:6.



Beaver Dam Ind.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — I feel led of the Lord to write my testimony. I do praise God for salvation that saves me from all sin. Glory to God for ever and ever for the glorious witness I have in my soul, that I know I am saved and sancti­fied, and kept by the mighty power of God. O it is sweet to trust in Jesus.

S. B. Barr.


New Florence, Mo.

Dear Brethren: — I feel led of the Lord this morning to write my testimony. I am praising our God for a pure testimony. The precious blood cleanses me from all sin, and the God of peace sanctifies me wholly. I realize this morning that it means much to be all on the altar; to have a complete consecration! Hallelujah to Jesus! I am redeemed from everything that is corrupt; from all the foolishness and frivolities of the world. God’s people shall come up out of great tribulations. His promise is that we shall not have more than we can bear. Praise His holy name!

I am out on the promise and under the blood, redeemed from all sects.

M. O. White.



IN July issue of the Michigan Holiness Record, its editor says, “We greatly regret that P. A. Seguin has become what is termed a “come-outer,” that is one who is opposed to church organization.”

How true it is, that “a man that is an heretic (sectarian) * * * is subverted, and sinneth,” However honorable and up­right a man may be in his general princi­ples, and deportment, while holding to sectarianism, it is next to impossible for them to state things fairly and honestly, when alluding to others, who hold truth which conflicts with their creed.

Now we cannot avoid the conviction that Bro. Shaw knew he was misrepresent­ing God’s saints when he said we “oppose Church organization.” We have talked with Bro. Shaw in person, and also send him the Trumpet regularly, and he once wrote us that he read the same. There­fore, he cannot help but know that we teach all the Church organization the New Testament teaches. To organize is defined by, to “place the parts,” to “pro­vide with organs,” etc. Now the Word of God teaches, and we constantly insist that “God Himself hath set the members, every one of them, in the Body as it hath pleased Him.” “But God hath tempered the Body together.”

“Now ye are the Body of Christ, and members in particular. And God hath set some in the Church, first apostles, sec­ondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversity of tongues.” –  1 Cor. 12:18, 24, 27, 28.

In these and other Scriptures, we have every thing contained in the word organ­ize, and God does the whole business Him­self, through the Holy Spirit. Is it op­posing organization to teach that God does the organizing as the Word teaches, instead of men, as the creeds of men teach? Can any man organize the body of Christ? Is that no organization which God organ­izes by His own Spirit? Of course the Word teaches Elders (also called Bishops) and Deacons. These are chosen and ordained by God Himself, and qualified by Him, and being pointed out by the Spirit as set in the Body to fill these places, these are to be acknowledged, and dedica­ted by the Church, by the laying on of the hands of the Elders, which is also called ordination by the laying on of hands. But is to be understood in the sence of a rec­ognition of the Divine ordination, and dedication to the work, and not ordina­tion in the sense of choosing, and consti­tuting. Paul said to the Elders of the Church of God at Ephesus, in Acts 20, “Take heed to all the flock over which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers.” The word overseer i. from Episcopas —  elsewhere translated Bishops. So an El­der is a Bishop and a Bishop is an Elder, and they are constituted such by the Holy Spirit, in the polity of the New Testament. But the trouble and objection in the minds of sect adherents is, we do not indorse sect organization, and neither does the Word of God. So those that love and en­dorse organized schisms seek to evade the condemnatory sentence of God’s Word, by saying we “oppose Church organization,” when in their hearts they know we only oppose the organizations of sects, “divis­ions and offences contrary to the doctrine” of Christ Jesus. Surely a child, ten years old can see the distinction between that Divine and holy Church of the Living God, the door of which is Christ, and the induction salvation, and whose builder and maker is God, and a sect, organized by some man only a hundred years ago, or less. Therefore an intelligent man, an editor surely knows they are not the same, and cannot cover his sectarian subversion, and want of real honesty, in attempting to identity the two. It will not do, Bro. Shaw. Sinners know better. And you must talk different than such crookedness if you wish to be respected as a Christian, and an honest man. It is too late to prac­tice the old masked falsehood that the sects are the Church of God. And to op­pose sect formation is to oppose Church organization. Such “folly shall proceed no further, but is manifest to all.” And we do earnestly hope our dear Bro. Shaw will show himself a man, and cease to bolster up the rotten fallen sects of babylon by denominating them the Church, thus covering the works of the devil, by the livery of Heaven.

We would like to have Bro. Shaw at­tempt to give Scriptural reasons for re­gretting that any child of God should “be­come a come-outer.”

Does not the New Testament of our Lord and Savior positively command ns to “come out from among them, and be ye separate?” Namely, “Be ye not une­qually yoked together with unbelievers.” — 2 Cor. 6:14-17.

Is there a sect on earth that has not sinners, unbelievers in it? Not Then there is none on earth but what God com­mands every believer to come out of it.

Hear again the command of God from Heaven, “Come out of her my people,” etc. Rev. 18:4. Jesus Christ, the King Eternal, and Lord of lords, is Himself a come-outer.

“I will surely assemble, O Jacob, all of thee; I will surely gather the remnant of Israel; I will put them together as the sheep of Bozrah, as the flock in the midst of their fold: they shall make great noise by reason of the multitude of men.

The breaker is come up before them: they have broken up, and have passed through the gate, and are gone out by it: and their King shall pass before them, and the Lord on the head of them.” —  Micah 2:12, 13.

Christ is our King and our Shepherd, He has gone clear out of babylon, and His sheep hear His voice and follow Him. In Rev. 18:23, it is announced that, “The voice of the Bridegroom (Christ) and of the Bride (the Church) shall be heard no more at all in thee.” Then they have come out, and are all come-outers, both Christ and His Church. Therefore He says, “come out of her,” which means, come to where I am, namely, on the out­side of “Mystery Babylon.” Therefore it is an undeniable fact that Bro. Shaw greatly regrets that a man is disposed to obey the Word of God. And we chal­lenge him or any other man on earth to prove to the contrary. O ye subverted sinning sectarians, get saved from your abominable idols, so you can rejoice, and not greatly regret, when God leads His people in the way of His own truth. The Spirit of God agrees with the Word of God, and every spirit that regrets to see men obey the Word of God, is the spirit of anti-christ. O get healed from the awful leprosy of heresy. Amen!





Merrill, Mich.

Dear Brethren: — I feel led to tell you how merciful the Lord has been to me. In 1883, God for Christ’s sake forgave my sins. Some time after that I was sancti­fied and set free, but soon I was led cap­tive, and joined the Wesleyans, then the Holiness association. Last May the Lord let me see what a slippery foundation I was on, and by His grace He set me free the second time, and by the help of God I will stay free. Last July I went to the Gratiot camp meeting, and received great light on the One Church. The Lord shows me wonderful things in His Word. In July I was led to go to a sect grove meet­ing and tell what the Lord has done for me. They did not want such testimonies, and after two or three had testified they showed their fear by closing. I thank God that I am free from all sects, and am saved by grace, and kept by the power of God. He heals my body as well as my soul. Pray for me.

Your sister saved in Jesus.

Anna Harn.


Arcola, Ind.

Dear Brethren: — God’s grace and mer­cy be multiplied unto us. We are still holding the fort for Christ, against wind, tide and sectism. I expect soon to see you face to face. If the Lord will, I hope to attend the grove meeting at Rochester, Ind. I am very anxious to come, and hear you preach the Gospel, as I am searching for all the true light that I can get. I have been greatly persecuted since I left the sects, even near friends that respected me before, have now turned their backs towards me. I have passed through great trials, but all my trust is in God, and I believe all will work for good to them that walk uprightly before Him. Pray for me that my faith fail not. I love to read the Gospel Trumpet. Bro. Henry Smith preaches for us every two weeks. The Free Methodists also preach here yet, but I think they will soon abandon this place. They have quit persecuting me, finding it is of no use. I shall hereafter give my influence where the most good can be done. Yours in Christ.

E. K. Menges.

Deerfield Ind.

Dear Brethren: — I feel led to testify for Jesus. He has led me out of bondage and made me a free child of God. Oh I do praise His holy name for salvation full and free. I once belonged to the Disci­ples, but last winter God sent Bro. Warner and a few more of the saints to this place, and I heard so much talk about them that I thought I would go and hear. The first meeting I was at, I was deeply cocvicted, and I made up my mind that I had something to do, or be forever lost. The next time I went to meeting, I went to Jesus for the pardon of my sins, and the next evening I went to the altar for sanctifica­tion. I just praise the Lord for what He has done in this neighborhood. We have meetings twice a week at our place of of worship, and the Lord always meet with us and leads our meeting. O how sweet it is to be free to work for Christ and not be bound down by any creed or work of men. Oh I do praise God that He ever let the glorious light of the Gospel shine in my heart, and that I have come out of darkness into this light. I am looking forward with the blessed hope of meeting my dear Savior, and the loved ones gone before. I ask the prayers of all God’s people that I may ever stand firm on the solid Rock, Christ Jesus.

Your Sister in Christ.

E. J. Sipe.


Perry Mich.

Dear Brethren: — I have long been waiting for this very work. I recognize this in the promise that has been given me I hail it with joy, and praise to the arisen Lord of Hosts, who is faithful to fulfill His promises to all that believe and trust in His Word. Praise His name! He alone is full of glory, love, wisdom and truth. I hope to become a worker in this vineyard night and day. It was through Bro. Fisher’s preaching that I was made to understand that the Gospel was being preached in these days. God bless all the true and faithful workers for Him. I accept the Gospel and praise God for it. I believe this to be a pentecostal time, and praise God that I am permitted to see this time. O what a work is to be done. The peace of our Lord and Savior be with you all evermore. Amen! Your sister in Christ

H. C. Robertson.


Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Dear Brethren: — We received you very welcome letter. If the Lord willing we will attend the Camp Meeting in Kansas. I have every assurence that we will be healed.

O the untold glory that dwells in the soul of the holy saints. I cannot understand why so many cling to the empty sects.

As soon as we are able we purpose to do something towards paying the debt on the Trumpet house.

Pray for us. Your Sister in Christ

J. M. Albright


Grand Junction Mich.

Dear brethren: — I am saved from all sin and am trusting Jesus every day, for if we trust in man, our trust is void. I praise God that He sent Holy Ghost men up in this part of His vineyard to preach the pure Word of God that we might be saved. Bless the name of Jesus for sav­ing my soul! It is joy and peace all the time, for I am kept by the mighty power of God. Your Bro. saved and sanctified.

Jas. Griffin.


Battle Creek Mich.

Dear Brethren: — I am saved and sanc­tified to God by a second work of grace, washed and redeemed in the blood of the Lamb. Our blessed Savior keeps me free from all sin which is a wonderful experi­ence to realize continually. The Holy Comforter abides within and keeps me at rest. “Oh this blessed holy rest,” and the peace which flows like a river is indescrib­able. I ask the prayers of the dear saints that I may stand fast in the liberty which God has so mercifully bestowed upon eves me. I am filled with gratitude to our blessed Lord just now. Praise His name forever! Your sister in Christ.

May Smith.


Dixon Mo.

Dear Brethren: — We are very few in number at this place, but we belong to the Church of the Firstborn, and are walk­ing in the light as He is in the light, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin.

Your Bro saved every moment and sanctified wholly.

S. V. Baugh.


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