15 August 1885, Volume 7, Number 11.

The Temple of God.

By L. A. Lyon

Jesus in the temple,
Speaking words of love,
Telling of the beauty,
Of our home above.

Cho. — O, the wond’rous story,
How it fills my soul!
At the feet of Jesus,
He does make me whole.

Now we are the temple
Of the Living God.
Through us He is sinning,
From our home above.

Jesus is beneath us,
He the crowning stone;
He will never leave us,
He will lead us home.


Onarga Ill. July 20 ’85

Dear Brethren: — Praise the Lord! I want to tell to the glory of God, some of my experience at the Bangor Camp Meeting.

Two or three days before going to the meeting the devil tried me most wonderfully; but God stood by me with His kind loving care. I give Him all the glory, for providing the means to go to that blessed meeting. Soon after meeting with those beloved saints, I began to feel that I was not just right, before God: then satan tried to make me believe that I was all right. Still the voice of God said I was not all given up to Him. I asked God what it was that I was holding back from Him, and He plainly showed me just whore I was wrong. I had been living too much to please others and myself, and robbing God. Oh how plain I could see this when God showed me. I was wonderfully east down in the dust for two or three days. I was trying to get right before God, but did not want to let any one know how I was feeling. But God laid His hand on me so heavy that I had to cry for mercy. After I came to Him with an humble heart, believing His Word, He set me free: and oh how free I did feel. Glory to God! I thank God that He ever led me to that Camp Meeting. May God bless dear Bro. Warner and Bro. Fisher, for the plain truth He helped them to proclaim. Oh it set my soul all on fire. Oh, beloved saints if there are any of you that are living to please some dear friends, and not giving God all, I pray God that you get saved, or if living to please self, and using things that God has forbidden, such as tobacco, tea and coffee, all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, and all superfluities, I pray you to go to God and get clean before Him. I praise God that He has taken every thing away from me, and I have given it to Him. Praise the Lord! Some of the holy saints here told me that they hope ad would come back filled wild the holy fire, and praise God! I did and I have been filled ever since. I give God all the glory. “And who is he that will harm you, if ye be followers of that which is good.” 1 Peter 3:13. Bless God! I am glad I can say that Christ lives in me, and that I live by faith in the Son of God.

By faith in Christ, I walk with God, Supported by His staff and rod; Though snares and danger throng my path, I triumph over all by faith.

Praise the Lord for victory that I feel in my soul just now. I will now try and tell a glorious scene I beheld in baptism. As I stepped into the water, I was caught up in the Spirit, and I saw heaven opened. There the Savior seemed to hold me in His arms, and said to me, “You are washed in pure water, you are made white.” He seemed to say this two or three times, then He said to me “go thy way and sin no more.” Just then my dear father appeared before me, who has been with the Lord for over ten years; he said to me, “dear daughter, you have met me at last,” then he seemed to be leading me in a very narrow path. I saw a band of holy angels standing around the throne. They were all arrayed in while robes. There my father disappeared, and I was conscious that I had returned to the earth, and to the dear saints who were watching over me. Glory to God in the highest for such a wonderful salvation that saves us from every thing, and makes us whole. Glory to God! Since I have been home God has shown me wonderful beauties in visions nearly ever night. I have had victory in my soul; I have stood beside the river of water; O how beautiful it was: it seemed as clear as crystal, and I could see the holy angels standing hand in hand. After seeing those beautiful things, I would wake up praising the Lord for His goodness to me. I have had this blessed victory in my soul ever since I came home, Glory to God! and by the grace of God I expect to keep it in my soul as long as I live. I am glad that I can say that God saves from all sects and saves me from all sin, bless God, and from every thing that is unclean before Him. I am clean now and I want to stay clean, Bless God! I trust that this will prove a blessing to all the readers of the Trumpet, as it fills my soul to write it. Your sister saved through and through.

Sarah N. Wells.




Shelby Wilson.

YE know that they which are accounted to rule over the Gentiles exercise lordship over them, and their great ones exercise authority over them, but so shall it not be among you; but who-soever will be great among you, shall be your minister.” (St. Mark, 20:42, 43.) Since the fall of man, there has been a Spirit of anarchy in the unregenerated and unsanctified; a spirit of self-rule instead of a peaceful Spirit of submission.

These two spirits have been at variance since the day when the spirit of anarchy spoke through the serpent, “Thou shalt not surely die,” when submission yielded to the delusive spirit, and struggled in discord and confusion through the dark ages of superstition.

So it is with every man-made organization on earth; Masons, Baptists, Methodists, and I might go on and enumerate hundreds upon hundreds of institutions, that are ruled and governed by the Spirit of anarchy. But let me say right here, that there are men, holy men, who have the kingdom of God within them, that have their names on the sect book. God recognizes them, and works through them individually, in saving souls, but not though the schisms and devilisms of man.

Ask any of those that bear rule in these sects, whether the soul, while in the body, may ever be free from his sin, and, in the spirit of anarchy, they will tell you that, as long as the soul of man is here, he must carry about the body of sin.

Thu submission meekly waits, and murmurs not, but listens for the voice of the Holy Ghost, saying unto her by the prophet Jeremiah. “The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means.” They are such as were said to intrude into these things which they never saw, being vainly puffed up with a fleshly mind, and as the Scriptures declare of some of old, they go in the way of Cane and the prophet Micah, crying against the judges that judged for reward, and the priests that taught for hire and the prophets that prophesied for money.

“But so shall it not be among you.” O, no there is no desire in the Spirit of submission, to exercise lordship over God’s Church, neither is there a desire to exercise authority upon the saints of God, but resigning her will to the sweet will of God to be used by Him as the Holy Ghost leads, she lets Him be the organizer of the Church of Christ, and the orderer of the saints of God. She lets Him exercise the lordship over the body of Christ, the Church, and resigns by the operations of the Holy Ghost, to the sweet will of Him who spake as never man spake. But anarchy, with his delusive spirit, steps into the assembly of the spirits of just men made perfect, and says, “We must organize, we must organize, for the Holy Ghost has not the power to keep you together, as one body without me. We must set as gods, and exercise lordship over the Church” that the gates of hell shall not prevail against. But the Friend of the spirits of just men made perfect says, “But so shall it not be with you, but who-soever will be great among you, shall be your minister.”

Yes, the greatest friend to submission, who can subdue the spirit of discord, was found on a Christmas night, while the curtains of the sky swung, as there moved among them the wings of angels. Owning the whole universe, the worlds and the isles of light, and the capitalist of immensity, He crossed over to the “poor deluded man’s condition, coming in to this world, not by a palace gale, but by a barn door, spending His first night, among the shepherds, and afterwards calling fishermen from their nets to be His chief attendantsand instructing them to become fishers of men, telling them to go to every creature and preach the glad tidings of free salvation. Go into the highways and hedges, garrets and basements, alleys and streets, and as you go, preach, saying The kingdom of God is at hand, showing that He that sanctifyeth and they that are sanctified are all of one, and He is not ashamed to call them brethren.

He, having owned all things, surrendered every thing on the hillock, back of Jerusalem, and without a shekel left to pay for His obsequies, He was buried by charity in the suburbs of a city which had cast Him out.

Then let us be in the Spirit of sweet submission, and go forth without the gate, bearing His reproach, “Till we all come into the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.”

“For ye know that they which are accounted to rule over the Gentiles, exercise lordship over them, and their great ones exercise authority upon them. But so shall it not be among you; but whosoever will be great among you, shall be your minister.”

Good Way.




ON the 29th day of June, 1885, the spirit of our dear sister Adaline, Faulkner winged its flight to the realms of joy and delight above, entering in through the gates into the City, to sing the songs of the redeemed and blood washed at the right hand of God forever more; leaving in the hands of loving friends, the little earthen temple, in which it had dwell for nearly twenty years; by whom it was taken and laid away in the silent grave.

She bore her sufferings with a calm, sweet spirit of resignition to the will of her Heavenly Father. When her sister Emma was weeping at the thoughts of their separation, she said. “Dear sister, I know when I am some that you with be lonesome, but weep not for me, but a up for joy that my condition will be so much better, saved in heaven.” She was sanctified last fail while Bro. Fisher was here, and continued faithful to the end. Often I have seen her sing, “A sinner made whiter than snow.” with her hands lifted toward heaven, and her face shining like an angel of light. Her testimony was clear and bright, that she was redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus, and while we mourn for our departed sister, we mourn not as those who have no hope; but are confident that our loss is her eternal gain.

In memory of her last sweet testimony, the following lines are dedicated.

When I am gone, you’ll lonesome be, But you must never weep for me. But weep fur joy, that I am blest, For I’ll he safe at home in rest.

My way is bright, my title clear, I love my Savior, oh how dear, In tasting bliss without alloy, And yon must only weep for joy.

C. Z. Lindley.

The popular churches seem to heave no power to resist the rising fides of corruption. Indeed most forms of iniquity are entrenched in the churches and usurp the very seat of Christ.           




JUNE 4th, came to Indianapolis. Found Bro. C. C. Bogert with a large tent up near his place on W. Market St., trying to persuade sinners to seek salvation. A very heavy rain prevented a congregation that night. The brother seems to be in good earnest, he is a good free hearted benevolent man. He and companion are in charge of the Friendly Inn, which business hinders his Gospel work, he is not fully free, needs a great deal of sharpening up by the Holy Spirit, and the gift of discerning. His work has suffered, from “false brethren,” and false prophets.

My God give the dear brother that clear and blessed penetration of the Spirit of God, that “searcheth all things,” and causes the devils workers to keep far away for fear of the Sword.

Some Corrupt Men.

A few years ago we published an open letter of “Bible love.” to S. Lindsey, exposing his character of lies and lust.

Once since then we published a letter from Bro. Merril, who was working with Lindsey, speaking well of him. Hoping that he might have reformed, we were glad for the good word. But having met Lindsey while in the City, we discern by the Spirit of God that there is still no soundness in him. By the grace of God, we dealt faithfully with his soul. Telling him in all love, that he is still the same hypocrite, living after the lusts of the flesh. We used to have confidence in Bro. Merril, but we tear that satan has corrupted him, by joining affinity with Lindsey.

Bro. Bogert informs us that he has become badly tainted with free-loverism. Bro. B. had admonished him about it, and he promised to make a public confession, and renunciation of that snare of the devil. But he never has done it. Oh, may God deliver his soul, from Lindsey, free-love, and all other works of the devil.

And I pray God that He may give Lindsey repentance. Nothing else will save his soul from the pit, but a godly sorrow for his sins, and humble confession of his life of deception, and a thorough burning out by the fire of the Holy Spirit. Bro. Bugert informs us that he and wife have parted, and each have entered suit for divorce. What do they want a bill of divorce for, if not that they may marry again, a thing which God’s Word utterly forbids.

God will destroy the unclean spirits and false prophets out of the land.

Another deceived man is G. Haines, of this City, a man that we have known to be possessed with an evil spirit ever since we lived here, and we have perhaps came shall of our duty in not exposing him …ng ago, We have seen that man so t,. d and surly that his face made us shudder, and in twenty minutes go right from his house to the place of worship, get on his knees, and begin to laugh by the inspiration of the devil, in imitation of being blessed of God. He is greatly deficient in real principle and uprightness.

When we presented the truth of God’s one Church, to the people, at what had been called the “Home Mission,” in this City, Haines was enthusiastic in its reception. He like hundreds of others, whose carcasses have fallen in babylon, confessed that God was going to lead the “holy people,” out of sectism. So he imagined, that by taking this stand, we should at once be honored as “leaders, and greatly endowed financially. But his espousal of the truth was not out of an honest heart of love for the truth, but for selfish ends.

Consequently, when we returned to Rome City, and issued the first Gospel Trumpet, (he and I having consolidated our papers) we spake of him, with other ministers having renounced sect confusion, and taken their stand on the Word of God, thinking of course that he was willing to take the results, and “bear the reproach of Christ,” having gone with Him out of the camp; but to our surprise, on moving to the city, he met us with a groul, and that hideous countenance, which is the true index of the devil that lies in hi-heart, (all pleasant expressions of his face being only put on to accomplish selfish ends.) He began to deride us because we had let the matter out to the public, that he had renounced sectism, saying. “Now you have done it, I’ll have the Methodists all down on me, and I can’t get them to subscribe for the paper.” So this two faced hypocrite imagined he could walk in the truth that destroys sects, and still on the sly pretend to be a friend to “the pompous, empty fraud.”

God had a wise providence that lay beyond our union, in permitting us to join unto him. But we soon saw that we could not work together, so I left it all with God to get me loose again. Praise God! He accomplished if by with-holding the income. We understood it, and praised God for an empty mail, with many grumblers, and “stop my paper.” A heart that embraces the Truth, for supposed gain, will not stand by it in real loss.

So he soon cut loose, alter which, the Lord immediately brought in financial help. And though satan has charged upon the work with a thousand furies, it is still going on, by the blessing of God.

Haines, seeing the Wesleyan opposition to us, doubtless thought to derive a liberal support by joining that sect. But it not carrying him, and seeing after all that the live holiness forces have come out of babylon, he presumes to catch their support by “teaching the unity of the saints,” and yet seeks the friendship of babylon, by speaking against such as dare pour out the vials of God’s wrath upon her.

Being twice dead and plucked up by the roots, the devil is blinding his eyes from his true condition with a delusive rest mania. O the depth of satan! We make a few extracts from his paper of May 2, which were more correctly named, the Crown of error. John says “Sin is the transgression of the law.” Hains says, “Transgression is not sin. The woman transgressed, but the man sinned. He had the light but he failed to give it away to the woman.”

If “transgression is not sin,” then sin is not transgression, but John says it is. Did he mean to say that Eve had been kept in ignorance as to God’s law in the Garden? but she was not ignorant. She told the serpent what God’s order was respecting the fruits of that tree. Again.

“The race is run; the crown is won and I am home at rest.” “God must talk through your mouth, and work through your life while you rest.” When converted you get into the Spirit. Then God wants you to go back into the Word, (the letter) and seeing it is death — die to if, and return to the Spirit. When returned. every thing is swept away but God. * * * Then you will love your neighbor us your self. Who is our neighbor? God has none, neither have you; for God is all in all.”

Many other strained efforts to say so meshing exceeding wise, exhibit his dark confusion, and utter disregard for the Word of God. Some of the above will be better understood when you learn that he rejects the ordinances of Christ, and says we do not need the written Word, but live only in the Spirit. What manifest doctrine of devils. After converted, “God wants you to go back into the Word,” — that is backslide, and loose the Spirit, and finding the Word dead, you must die to it and then “return to the Spirit.”

“The abomination of this teaching is in making God’s Word identical with the mere letter of the law which killeth, and setting the Word and Spirit of God in opposition to each other. The Lord Jesus teaches that “Thy Word is truth,” and that “He the Spirit, leads us into all truth.” Haines teaches that in going to the Word, we leave the Spirit; but God teaches that in going from either the Word or the Spirit, we depart from the other also, for these agree in one. The Word is the Sword of the Spirit. O, how the devil does distort and fill the hearts of his victims, with folly and darkness.


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Payne O., Grove meeting, Aug. 7—16.

Sandy Lake Pa., Camp Meeting, Aug, 21—31.

A Grove Meeting will be held near Custards, Crawford Co. Pa. Sept. 1—7.

Also another at Harthagig Mercer Co. Pa. Sept. 6—12. By the grace of God we expect to bethere.

Jerry City O., Assembly Sept. 16—20.

Williamston Mich., Assembly, Friday, Sept. 24—28.

Beaver Dam Ind., Assembly Oct. 1—5.

Hunnewell Mo. Camp Meeting Oct. 9—19.

Mt Pleasant Iowa, or vicinity. Assembly, beginning Oct. 23.

Joseph & Daniel.





BIBLE Proofs that the change from the seventh, to the first day of the week, was made by the Lord Himself.

This tract contains 64 pages: the price is 25 cts.

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We are requested to announce a camp, or grove meeting at Deshler Ohio, from September 4—13th 1885.

AUGUST — 21 — 31.

AS many as possibly can are requested to bring tents and provision, as there are only a few sisters in this vicinity, that are able to do any thing to relieve the wants of the people. If there are any who desire board tents built on the ground if they will send the means to Bro. Edwin Farrah at Sandy Lake Pa. they will build them for you, and those that cannot bring provisions can obtain or purchase them at the village or vicinity.

Let there be a general turn-out. We expect this will be one of the most glorious meetings ever held on the ground, attended by the power of God, in healing the sick, and the salvation of sin sick souls.

God is moving. Mighty signs and wonders are wrought by His true people, in the name of the holy Child Jesus.





IT is a watchman’s duty to sound an alarm on God’s holy mountain, and warn His people from every approaching danger. God has, by His Spirit, made known to us some things concerning the present working of the mystery of iniquity, and that others may not be ignorant of satan’s devices, we pray God to help us to communicate the light we have received from Him.

And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth, of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of the great day of God Almighty.

Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.

And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon,

And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the the air; and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, It is done.

And there were voices, and thunderings, and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great.

And the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of His wrath.— Rev. 16:13-19.

The great battle of God Almighty is identical with the great battle of Gog and Magog. Eze. 38, and 39. and Rev. 20. These sectarian forces are gathered against the “Beloved City,” by three “unclean spirits,” “spirits of devils,” that came out of the mouth of dragon, the devil; and out of the mouth of the beast, the ecclesiastical machinery, and authority; and out of the mouth of the false prophets, the deceived priests of babylon. John says, “Try the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into world.” You see that false prophets and false spirits go together. These spirits originate with the dragon, the devil, enter the beast of false religion, and are breathed into unwary souls by false prophets. At the time of their appearance, there shall be “voices, and thunders, and lightnings, and a great earthquake.” In Rev. 8th and elsewhere we read of earthquakes, which” mean, morral upheavals and commotions in the ecclesiastical heavens; but this is a great earthquake, “such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake.” By the light of the Anointing we understand this mightiest of all the moral earthquakes, to be the great holiness crisis, which involves the destruction of all wood, hay and stubble of sect creeds, crafts arid names; the great “war in Heaven,” the casting out of the dragon and his angels, and the deliverance from the daughters of babylon — see Matt. 24: 31-33. Zech. 2:6-8. Hosea 3:5. Isa. 35: 8-10. This deliverance from babylon, of God’s pure remnant, produces a “time of trouble, such as never was. — Dan. 12. So it is the mightiest earthquake. And as the result the great city is “divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations — denominations — fell,” i.e., babylon is fallen. “The woman which thou sawest. is the great city.” — Rev. 17:18. The woman, or city, being the false church, a moral force, the earthquake cannot be literal, but a moral upheaval. The City was divided into three parts, corresponding with the “three unclean spirits.” This city is Rome, and all her daughter sects. A common cause in opposing holiness, has brought the several hundred sects into more sisterly feeling. As if is written, “They shall gather together, but not by me,” saith the Lord. But there are three great wings into which babylon is divided, by the three spirits. The Spirit of God seems to draw our mind to this interpretation of the three unclean spirits. They are the sect spirit, the comeout-ism spirit, and the false love spirit. The first is the spirit sectarian idolatry, the natural result of being inducted into the sect. The second includes all the rash, rasping clamor against sects, outside of sanctification, the “second grace,” and the Holy Ghost. The third is the damnable; subtle, counterfeit love, that takes its extreme manifestations in freeloverism. But we wish to warn the saints against the increeping of this same evil, in its disguised form, among them. We have seen no few souls overthrown by this deeply concealed snare of the devil. God help us to describe the hellish enchantment. Our observation is that it is apt to infuse itself into the hearts of men and women who have a very fervent love and fellowship for each other. From a pure holy love, little by little, the false love is infused by the devil. It begins to manifest a strong drawing together, which increases until there is experienced a vacuum, an uneasy and unsatisfied condition in the heart when absent from the one that is in the coils with you. When absent, there is a restless desire to send, and receive letters to and from each other.

It most usually fascinates the opposite sexes. It disregards the marriage bonds, leading often a married person into a strong union with another, either single or married.

The companion may think it is all pure love of God, and may cherish the person all the more because of the strong love and peculiar appreciation he or she seems to have for companion. Oh, my God! I pray you beloved to look to this foe that threatens the destruction of your companion, and the dissolution of the sacred family. O, ye dear readers of the Trumpet, I warn you, O that you could see this holiness cloaked, love counterfeiting devil, as we see it. O it is so deceptive, innocent, unsuspecting, children of God become tainted and do not know it. If the husband or wife, whose companion is thus affected, is impressed with improper conduct and attachments, satan is always on hand to shame you with the cry of jealousy. But as God is jealous over His Bride, and the Apostle was jealous over the Church with a godly jealousy, so holy husbands and wives should be jealous with a pure godly jealousy for their companion. Whenever your husband or wife manifests an attachment to another, beyond that which is manifest toward you, when he or she is more courteous, more obliging, to another of your sex than to you, when he or she habitually prefers to associate with, walk with, ride with, sit beside, etc, another of your sex, rather than with yourself, you have reason to believe the devil is at work. But to all this mistreatment we would say, “Be not overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good.” Look upon the matter as an effort of the enemy to destroy your companion, rather than a willful wrong toward you. Let your jealousy be of a godly sort, for restoration. And to all husbands and wives that are attracted thus more to some other woman, or man than you are to your own espoused, you are tainted with this detestable spirit. The Lord help you to get under the blood, and get deliverance.

This plague of hell conceals itself under the disguise of fervent. Spiritual love, and holy fellowship. In order to keep from being detected, the devil at first keeps all base lust from manifestation, by which the deceived conclude that their attachments must surely be in the Spirit, and all pure. Well it is in the spirit, but a false spirit from the mouth of the dragon. If the soul does not get deliverance it will grow worse continually, it will soon reach a point of real hate to companion, and loss of “natural affection.” Fulfilling the prophesy of what shall be in the “last days.” i.e., “Without natural affection.” — 2 Tim. 3. Yea beloved, not only without love for companion, but even for sweet, heaven-bestowed children. O, for Jesus sake let no one doubt what we tell you, lest you might be left to suffer an awful realization of these things. One of the signs of this false love of the devil, is the continual cry of “love, love, love,” and “I love every man and woman just for the amount of God there is in him or her.”

Thus they ignore the marriage relation, and trample under foot the command of God. “Husbands love your wives.” and “they twain shall be one flesh,” O the sorrow and suffering this antichrist, unclean Spirit of hell has caused.

This same plague of the devil, manifests itself in a claiming disposition. Some times 4 or 5, brethren clan off in a ring, and the next thing they will be looking with suspicion upon all out of the ring; evil speaking will begin to whisper from one to another, damnable stall will go the rounds, and every abominable evil work will crop out. “Should a true clean man or woman of God use the Sword upon some one that needs correction, the clan, like so many “snake doctors,” get about the wounded and try to soothe the woods, and thus they defeat the work, and ward off God’s Word, comfort deceived souls in their subverted condition, for the sake of their friendship. So it always crops out that this boasted love, love, love, is but selfishness. O may God keep you all in the love of God. The true pure love that worketh no ill to his neighbor, and will not “suffer sin upon him.” And that binds I he holy saints of God all into one harmonious body, in love and sympathy.





THE time is now come to relate, also, that great and celebrated spectacle exhibited by those, who in martyrdom, were associated with Pamphilus, a name thrice dear to me. These were twelve, who were distinguished by a prophetic and apostolic grace, as well as number. Of these, the leader, and the only one among them, however, with the dignity of presbyter at Cesarea, was Pamphilus; a man who excelled in every virtue through his whole life, whether by a renunciation and contempt for the world, by distributing his substance among the needy, or by a disregard of worldly expectations, and by a philosophic deportment and self-denial. But he was chiefly distinguished above the rest of us, by his sincere devotedness to the sacred Scriptures, and by an indefatigable industry in what he purposed to accomplish, by his great kindness and alacrity to serve all his relatives, and all that approached him. The other features of his excellence, which deserve a more full account, we have already given in a separate work on his life, consisting of three books. Refering, therefore, those who have a taste for these things, and who wish to know them, to this work, let us now prosecute the history of the martyrs in order.

The second after Pamphilus that, entered the contest was Valens, deacon of the Church at AElia, a man dignified by his venerable and hoary locks, and most august by the very aspect of his great age; well versed in the sacred Scriptures, in which he had no superior. For he had so much of them treasured up in his memory, that he did not require to read them, if i.e. undertook at any time to repeat any part of the Scriptures.

The third, that, was most illustrious among them, was Paul of the city of Jamba, a man most fervent in zeal, and ardent in spirit, who before his martyrdom had already passed through the conflict of a confession for the faith, by enduring the tortures of searing with red hot iron. After these had been two whole years in prison, the occasion of their death was a second arrival of brethren from Egypt, who also suffered martyrdom with them.

These had accompanied the confessors of Cilicia to the mines there, and were returning to their homes, and like the former, at the entrance of the city of Cesarea, being questioned by the guards stationed at the gates, men of barbarous character, as they did not conceal the truth, they were immediately seized as malefactors caught in the very act, and taken in custody. There were five in number. When brought before the tyrant, they declared themselves freely before him, and were immediately committed to prison. On the next day, being the sixteenth of the month Peritisis, and the fourteenth of the calends of March, Roman style, these, accords to the decree, together with the associates of Pamphilus, were conducted before the judge. He first made trial of the invincible firmness of the Egyptians by every kind of torture, and by new and various machinery invented for the purpose. And first he asked the chief of them, after he had practiced these cruelties upon him; who he was; when, instead of his proper name, he heard him repeat some name of the prophets, which was done by them, if they happened to have had names given them by their parents from some of the names of the idols, in which case you would hear them calling themselves Elias, and Jeremiah, and Isaiah, Samuel and Daniel; thus exhibiting the true Israel of God, as belonging to those who are the real Jews* (spoken of by the apostles,) not only in their works, but also in their proper names. When Firmilianus had heard some name like this of the martyr, and yet did not understand the force or import of the name, he next asked him what was his country? He gave alt answer allied to the former, saying that Jerusalem was his country, referring to that City, of which Paul speaks, “But the Jerusalem above is free, which is the mother of us all;” also, again: “And ye have come to mount Sion, and to the City of the Living God, the heavenly Jerusalem,” and it was this that the martyr meant to signify. But the judge, fixed in thought and cast down in his mind, anxiously inquired what country, and in what part of the World it was? Then he also applied torture to make him confess the truth. But he with his hands twisted behind his back, and his feet thrust into certain new machines, persevered in asserting that he had said the truth. Then, again, being frequently asked what and where that city was that he had mentioned, he said that it was the city of the pious only, for none but these were admitted to it; but that it lay to the very east, and the very rising sun. And here again, the martyr in this way philosophized according to his own sense, paying no regard to the tortures with which, he was surrounded; but as if he were without flesh and blood, he did not even appear to be sensible of any pains. But the judge at a loss, was greatly perplexed in mind, thinking that the Christians were collectively about establishing a city somewhere in opposition and hostile to the Romans, and frequently inquired where this city was, and examined where the country lay towards the East.

But after he had sufficiently tortured the young man with scourging, and lacerated him with many and various-tortures, and, perceiving his mind unchangeably fixed in his former purpose and declarations, he passed the sentence of death against him. Such then, was the scene exhibited in the martyrdom of this one.

The rest he exercised with trials of a similar kind, and finally destroyed in a similar manner. Wearied at last, and perceiving that it was all in vain to punish the men, and having fully satisfied his curiosity, he proceeded against. Pamphilus and his associates. But as he had learned that they had already displayed an unchangeable alacrity in the confession of the religion under torture, and also asked them whether they were yet disposed to obey, and yet received only the same answer, the last confession of every one in martyrdom, he inflicted upon them the same punishment with the former.

These things done, a young man, who had belonged to the family of Pamphilus

is one who had dwell with and enjoyed the excellent education and instruction of such a man, as soon as he learned the sentence passed upon his master, cried out from the midst of the people, requesting that the body at least should be interred. But the judge, more brute than man, and if anything, worse than brute, making no allowance for the young man’s age, only inquired this one thing, and heard him confess himself a Christian. On this as if he were wounded by a dart, swelling with rage, he orders the tormenters to exercise all their force against him.

When he saw him refusing to sacrifice according to his orders, he commanded that they should scrape and mutilate him, not as the flesh of a human being, but as stones and wood, or any other lifeless object, to the very bones, and to the inmost parts and recesses of the bowels. This being continued for a long time, he at length perceived that he was laboring in vain, as he continued without uttering a sound or evincing any feeling, and almost totally lifeless, although his body was so dreadfully mangled with tortures. But as the judge was of an inflexible cruelty and inhumanity, he condemned him in this condition to be committed to a slow fire; and thus this youth, although he had

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entered upon the combat last, yet he received his dismissal from this life before the decease of his master in the flesh, and whilst those who rivaled the first were yet lingering on the way. One could then see Porphyry, for this was his name, with the courage of one who had already triumphed in every species of combat, his body covered with dust, but vet his countenance bright and cheerful, and after this with a courageous and exulting mind advancing on his way to death. Truly filled with the Divine Spirit, and covered only with his philosophical garb thrown around him like a cloak, and with a calm and composed mind giving exhortations and beckoning to his acquaintances and friends, he preserved a cheerful countenance to the very stake. When the fire was kindled which was at some distance around him, he attracted and inhaled the flame in his mouth, and then most nobly persevering in silence, until his last breath, he uttered not another word after that which he uttered as soon as the flames reached him, calling upon Christ, the Son of God, his helper. Such a wrestler then was Porphyry.

But Selecus, one of the confessors of the army, brought the intelligence of his martyrdom to Pamphilus; and he, as the bearer of such intelligence, was immediately honored with the same lot. For as soon as he had announced the end of Porphyry, and had saluted one of the martyrs with a kiss, some of the soldiers seized him and led him to the governor, who, as if to urge himself to the former, as his companion on the way to heaven, commands him immediately to be put to death. He was from Cappadocia, but among the chosen band of Roman soldiers, and one who had obtained no small share of honor.

In the vigor of age, strength, size, and firmness of body, he was greatly superior to his fellow-soldiers, so that he was noted among all for his very appearance, and admired for the grandeur and the comeliness of his whole form. At the very beginning of the persecution, indeed, he was prominent in the trials of the confessors, by his patient endurance of the scourge, and alter his renunciation of military life, he exhibited himself a zealous follower of those who led a life devoted to the exercises of piety, in which, like a provident father, he proved himself a kind of overseer (EATONOAOS.) and protector of destitute orphans and helpless widows, and of all those that were prostrated in poverty and sickness. Hence, also, he was honored by that God who is better pleased with such charities than the fume, and blood of sacrifices, to receive an extraordinary call to martyrdom. He was the tenth after those wrestlers mentioned that were perfected in one and the same day, on which, as is probable, the mighty portals of eternal life were opened to Pamphilus, in a manner worthy of the man, and presented to him and others a ready entrance into the kingdom of heaven. Immediately after Seleucus, came the aged Theodulus, a grave and pious man, who was of the governors family, and who on account of his age had been treated with more regard by Firmilianus than any of his domestics, as also, because he was now a father of the third generation, and had always evinced great fidelity and attachment to himself and family. He, however, pursuing the same course as Seleucus, when arraigned before his master, incensed him yet man than the former, and was condemned to endure the same martyrdom as our Savior on the cross. One now remaining of those who constituted the number twelve, already mentioned; after all the rest came Julianus, to complete it. He had just come, from abroad, and not yet even entered the city, when learning the death of the martyrs on the road, just as he was, he immediately hastened to the sight. There, when he saw the earthly tabernacles of the holy men laying on the ground, filled with joy he embraced every one, and kissed them all. Upon this he was immediately seized by the ministers of death, and conducted to Firmilianus, who consistently with his character, also consigned him to a slow and lingering fire. Then Julianus, also, leaping and exulting with joy, gave thanks to God with a loud voice, who had honored him with a martyrdom such as these endured, and was crowned with the martyr’s death. He also was a native of Cappadocia, but in his manner he was most religious, and eminent for the sincerity and soundness of his faith. He was also a devoted man in other respects, and animated by the Holy Spirit Himself. Such was the hand and the company that met with Pamphilus, and were honored to encounter, martyrdom with him. The sacred and holy bodies of these men, by the order of the cruel and impious governor, were kept and guarded for four days and nights to feed the wild beasts. But, as contrary to expectation, nothing would approach them, neither beast, nor bird of prey, nor dog, by a divine providence they were again taken up uninjured, and obtaining a decent burial, were interred according to the accustomed mode.

But when the cruelty exercised against these was noised abroad among all, Adrianus, and Eubulus, from the region called Manganaea, came to the other confessors as far as Cesarea, and were also asked the cause of their coming to the gate of the city. They confessed the truth, and were brought before. Firmilianus. He, as usual without delay, after many tortures which he inflicted, by scourging and lacerating their sides, then condemned them to be devoured by the beasts. After the lapse of two days, on the fifth of the month Dystrus, the third of the nones of March, the day that was considered the birth-day of the tutelary divinity of Cesarea,* he was cast before a lion, and afterwards slain, with a sword. As to Eubulus, after another day and a half, on the very nones of March, which would be the seventh of Dystrus, when the judge had urged him much to enjoy that which was considered liberty among them by offering the sacrifice, he preferred a glorious death in the cause of religion, and after being cast to the beasts like the former, was the last to close the list of the martyrs that wrestled for the faith at Cesarea.

It is also worth while here to slate, how at length the providence of God overtook the wicked governors themselves, together with the tyrants. For the same Firmil-ianus that raged with such violence against the martyrs of Christ, after receiving with the others the most signal punishment inflicted on him, at length ended his life by the sword. And such, then, were the martyrdoms endured at Cesarea, during the whole period of persecution.





We many warm hearts that He has enlisted in the work of spreading the true Gospel of our salvation. Many would do much if they were able. God bless the liberal souls. We now have to pay $10. per month rent for the building we occupy. This is beyond our ability to do. Hence something must, be done to relieve this expense. Either the brethren must send in donations liberally, or we must get a place for the Trumpet, that we need not pay rent. May God stir up the hearts of the people. O Beloved, what are your earthly possessions, compared with the rescue of perishing souls? We know very well that there are paper enterprises, that appeal for means on the ground of soul salvation, and yet are not used of God to that end. But we do know, as you, beloved, also know very well, that this is the great work, and true cause of God and salvation. And that every dollar given to it brings its full weight against sin and misery, and in favor of salvation. Though the truth had to encounter all the false education, and idols of the land, it has mightily prevailed by the Omnipotent Arm of God, and a perpetual harvest of souls is the direct result. Scarcely any where is the real work of the Holy Spirit fire, power and salvation, promoted but on this line. But O how sad the fact, that only a comparative few neighborhoods of this vast country have heard the joyful sound. Sectism has destroyed the whole earth. The Gospel that reveals and renounces its sins, is the only means of restoring confidence and conviction to the hearts of the people. Bless God! Wherever this light has shone, prejudices have given way, hearts become feeling, and many seek the Lord. At our camp meetings, vast crowds listen to the Word with deep interest, and receive it. O, let the light of God spread, by the aid of all possible means.

To the saints in this part of the state we would say, the Trumpet must, and we are confident by the blessing of God soon will have a place, a home. Brethren in the west part of the state are eager that we remove to some town in their midst. Their hearts are somewhat stirred up to purchase a place. We speak of this, that in the event we shall have to move, none can say that, had they known it, they would not have permitted the trouble and expense of moving. In the name of the Lord we seek no personal interests, but desire to avail ourselves of the best advantages to publish His salvation. Yea, it is absolutely necessary that we must do soon. You perceive that we insert no advertizements; and it is agreed by news paper men that no paper can run without them. So the TRUMPET must, by the the blessing of God, be an exception.

God bless the people! You have but the faintest conception of the expenses and cares of carrying on this great work. Were it not that God has certainly called us to the work, its pressure on our minds would disqualify us for the ministry; but blessed be the name of the |Lord, who “Is able to make all grace abound toward us; that we always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work.” Praise His name forever! Finally brethren, be sure that you “honor God with your substance,” and let His holy will be done by you all. Amen!




THIS glorious feast of the tabernacles was attended with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in mighty power, which resulted in a glorious victory for the Lord. There was not as many of the saints present as we expected, on account of the busy season, it being in the time of harvest.

Yet there was a goodly number of the brethren present, some from Van Buren Clinton, Kalamazoo, and Ingham County. They all labored faithfully for the salvation of souls. Dear Bro’s. Clinton Sherburne, and Frank Smith and Sister’s Ida Shaffer, and Clara Morrison, from Yan Buren Co., assisted greatly in the meeting, with their sweet voices, making melody unto the Lord; as they sung the glorious songs of Zion. The people were held spellbound, and many poor sinners were melted down and saved.

The Lyons brethren and wives, who came later in the meeting, also helped to swell the heavenly melody, and with all these sweet singers together, the music excelled any thing we have ever heard. The meeting began in the order of the Lord, the Holy Ghost being the chief executive, and leader. He dwelling in the hearts of the saints, they all spake, sang, prayed, and labored as they were moved by His mighty power. No human heads or lords were known in the meeting, but all acknowledged Christ, the living Head. Hallelujah to God! The meeting realy began on Saturday with but small attendance, but on Sunday there was a large gathering of people from all parts, the day was mostly taken up in preaching the Gospel to them.

Then followed the harvest every day after, there were consecrations at every service, and the altar was filled, sometimes more than once, those having consecrated and received the witness, gave room for others. The meeting reached the highth of its power on Friday and Saturday the 30 and 31st. On each of these days, the very air seemed thick and hot with the melting lire and power of the Holy Ghost.

Many were prostrated either at the altar or otherwise, and many were saved. Oh glory to God! How sweet those dear faces looked who were washed and made white in the blood of the Lamb. They looked almost transparent with the glory of God. O I pray God to keep them from falling, and from the evil of the world.

During the meeting there were 104 consecrations in all, and all received an experience, either in pardon or entire sanctification. There was probably of this number about 60 that received pardon, the rest sanctification. We never saw a greater interest manifested by people anywhere, both in healing and for the salvation of their souls; so intent were they in hearing the Word, that on the last Sabbath most of them sat and listened to the Word, although it was a very disagreeable day, as it rained most of the time.

There would probably have been a score more souls saved, had it been a pleasant day. About four years ago, we first came to this neighborhood and preached the Gospel to the people. We sowed the good seed, and some fell on good ground, “and brought forth fruit unto perfection.” (Sanctification) which have remained faithful, and lived what they professed. They have been bitterly opposed, and persecuted by the cold formal sect professors, but they have, though but few, remained true to God; and they have steadily increased in number until there is quite an army of blood washed valiant soldiers of the cross, in those parts. We had the privilege of meeting dear brother Shaw Editor of the “Holiness Record.” We thank God for the privilege of seeing him whom we had longed to meet, and talk face to face. May God make our meeting a blessing to each other, and lead that dear brother out into the glorious freedom of the dear children of God. O may God bless and reward the dear saints of God in Gratiot, for their kindness to all who came to the meeting, in supplying their temporal wants, may God give them an hundred fold more in this time. O how affecting was the scene of parting, as the dear ones wept and clung to each other. O may we meet at last, where there shall be no parting. Amen!

O how the parting gives us pain,
While glistening tear drops fall,
But if we never meet again,
God knows, I love you all.





Grand Junction, Mich.

Dear Brethren: — It is glory in my soul, for my Jesus dwells within. O, how I praise God for His goodness and mercy to mankind. He has done so much for me, and others around us, and still He keeps doing every day. Glory be to God for the saving power! He has saved me from all sin, yes, ALL SIN. Glory to His holy name this morning, I am free in Jesus! how I feel to glorify God, He has done a wonderful work in my soul. Once my heart was tempest tossed with sin; from morning until night. I was so miserable all the time.

I would say “well, there is no peace for the wicked;” how true it is, but glory to God, since He called after me, He gave me peace within, yes there has been a great calm. It matters not how the devil howls; some times it is like a lot of hungry wolves, but God says “fear not them that have power to destroy the body, but He that hath power to destroy both soul and body.” In Jesus I trust. I feel led to tell you my dream as well as I can explain it. It seems very dear to me. The night of the 18th of July, I dreamed it was the resurrection day, the Trumpet sounded; there were many unsaved about me, and there was a great gathering at the sound of the Trumpet; the wicked fell to their knees and began to call upon God to have mercy on them. My heart was moved in sympathy for them, and I said would to God I could help those poor souls, The passage of Scripture, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, He will give it you,” came to me. As I raised my hands heaven-ward to plead with God for them, a mighty voice said “To late, to late,” tis the day of judgement,” “many days have ye had to repent in.” At those words the earth moved as with an earth-quake: they all fell upon their faces, their terrible screams and cries, because of their terrible fate, rent the air.

The earth seemed to move like the billows of the sea all around me, but where I stood seemed perfectly solid, it did not move. As I stood with uplifted hands, there was a wonderful ray of light from heaven descended upon me. It was like the streaks in the sky when the sun draws water; it seemed to expand until it covered nearly the whole sky, but where the wicked were lying on their faces all seemed to be as the twilight, as the earth quaked and trembled, and their shrieks pierced the air.

On awaking in the morning, I could not drive their cries from my mind, and it is before me as plain as the noonday sun.

How I praise God that He called me from the terrible fate that awaited me. I am walking in the light as He is in the light, but I would to God all evil doers might see their awful doom as I saw it. I feel that they could fly to the protecting care of God. Some may say it will not come in my day, but we know not when the Son of man cometh. But brothers and sisters pray for this neighbor-hood, that every house may become a house of prayer; for there is much opposition to holiness here, but glory be to God, the car of salvation is rolling on. God can work and none can hinder. I cannot praise God enough for what I have experienced since I have been walking on the narrow way, and “this blessed holy rest on my Jesus loving breast.” The Word says all that will come, may come. God is no respector of persons. Glory be to God! It is for the rich, the poor, the great and the small.

Salvation is free to all that come to God in the right and acceptable manner.

Glory be to God! My desire is to ever be found low at the feet of Jesus, to do my Masters will, dead to the world and alive in God, and ready and willing to be revealed in the last day. Your Sister, saved and sanctified and kept by the power of God unto salvation.

C. C. Hildebrandt.


Pharisburg, Ohio.

Dear Brethren: I praise God, this morning for a fall and complete salvation, one that saves to the uttermost and that keeps us every day complete in Jesus.

I praise God that His grace is sufficient to keep in sickness and in health.

Grace and mercy end peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, be with you always. Your brother and sister saved. Amen!

Joseph & Melissa Walters.


Covert Mich.

My testimony this morning is that I am still walking in the light as the Lord shows me, and I can say to the glory of God that it is glorious to walk in the straight and narrow way. The Word of God says that “strait is the gate, and narrow is the way that leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” I am determined by the grace of God to enter in at the strait gate. I tell you I intend to stand firm for the Lord as long as I live, let my days be few or many, they shall be spent in God’s service. I desire the prayers of all, that I stand firm for the Lord. I remain as ever your sister, saved and sanctified, and the Lord is with me, and leads me along.

Mrs. Cora Heck.




HAVE you fire? or are you fireless? Salvation is not a mere negative, but a fire divine in the heart.

Holiness is not mere hapiness, but a fire that maketh happy. A fire that consumes sin. That burns into the judgement, and rectifies it according to righteousness. That blazes with goodness and comfort to the saints, and puts the infinite glory upon them, and sends them out to the world with the holy wrath of God against transgression. That glows with zeal unquenchable for God and His matchless salvation. Amen!

Stir up the embers, beloved, and open the furnace-draught of your hearts wide. Dig out the dead works and ashes of the past. But on fuel, heap it on, even the truth of the Almighty. Get the wind of the Spirit on the pile. In some way start a conflagration. Let your soul be full of it.

Perhaps you have been drowsy-like and quiet; if not, both you and the Lord are glad. You may be asleep — or dead. Then “wake to righteousness, and sin not.”

When your bones begin to crackle, like honest Jeremiah’s with the increased and increasing heritage of holy fire — the living Word of God — you will be glad to do something. You will get rid of your selfish old stock of can’ts, more justly named won’ts, and get to work to “rescue the perishing, care for the dying.” You will put your heads to work, your pens and tongues to work, your hands and feet to work to scatter the fire of God. It will envelop your business and pocket-book with a solid, flame, until they melt for God in the hearts furnace heat, and then open up and flow out to get sin-cursed humanity to the Cross and the blood. Fire burns up the old rottenness of covetuousness, and wheels all the available forces and resources into “thy will be done;” hesitancy will be gone; “fear will be gone; for holy fire burns up the perishable, while it purifies, brightens and electrifies the imperishable and the eternal.

We want fire. We must have fire. We will have fire. It is ours by immutable promise. Fire from heaven to read the Bible, and hear, and study; fire to pray and sing; fire to preach, exhort and testify; fire to heat us up, and to keep us from freezing into a solid mass of damnation; fire to cut, and sear, and flay, and drive sin before us, and even the hoards of sin that forever flank and oppose the army of the Lord. We are going to have a fire that is too scorching to let the sinner sleep, too hot to leave undisturbed the poor backslider, the lukewarm, and the hypocrite. We are going to have a fire that will shake the deceptiveness of Zion, (The writer should have said babylon.) melt away the sand on which three fourths of the professed church have built, and cause pains and cries in hell, it may be, but certainly among the careless and hardened of this world, who are on their way downward to the other fire, the tormenting flames of which are eternal.

“For God is a consuming fire.” “He” — Jesus — “Shall baptize you in the Holy Ghost, and in fire” — “not many days hence.”


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By Mrs. L. A. Kiplinger.

WHILE visiting at the house of a friend in Mich. after leaving the Bangor camp meeting, the TELESCOPE of July 1st fell into my hands from which I read this paragraph.

“The ecclesiastical glory of our church is the fact that it is the peoples church; and they have the power in it, that is the adap­tation of the church to the spirit of these times.”

The eсclesiasticle glory? what, does that mean? The Bible says, “To God only wise, be glory through Jesus Christ for­ever; Amen!” And again, “God forbid that I should glory save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto Me, and I unto the world.” Surely this is as the Lord, said by the prophet; my people hath changed their glory for that which doeth not profit: be astonished oh ye heavens at this, and be horibly afraid; he ye very desolate saith the Lord; for my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cesterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water. Jer. 2:13. This ecclesi­asticle glory surely is a broken cistern; for the priests said not, where is the Lord? and they that handle the law (not make the law) know me not; the pastors also transgressed against me, and the prophets prophesied by baal, and walked after things that do not profit. Surely the Lord hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land; my people are destroyed for lack of know­ledge. As they were increased, so they sinned against me: therefore will I change their glory into shame. (Yes their eccle­siastical glory.) And there shall be, like people, like priests: and I will punish them for their ways. Hosea 4th chap.

“Our Church,” whose Church is our Church? Is it Otterbein’s Church, for they say he is the founder of our Church. Je­sus said I am come in my Father’s name, and ye received me not, if another should come in his own name, him ye would re­ceive. They call them selves United Breth­ren in Christ: Now if they were united in Christ, they would be the Church of Christ; and not “our Church,” nor yet the people’s Church; and Christ’s Church has not the power to adapt the Church to the Spirit of the times. The Apostle says, “the excellency of the power is of God, and not of us,” and He hath put all things under His feet, and gave Him to be the head over all things to the Church which is His Body, the full­ness of Him that filleth all in all; and His Church is a building fitly joined together, and groweth into a holy temple in the Lord,” for a habitation of God through the Spirit, “not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing.” If the so called U. B. Church were united to Christ, they would not be trying to make laws for His Church, for “there is one law-giver, who is able to save and to destroy.” He puts His laws into their minds, and writes them in their hearts, and He is their God, and they are His people; and He hath an unchangable Priesthood, and an unchangable law; but the ecclesiastical laws of the people can be changed, so as to adapt its self to the spir­it of these times. “What is the spirit of these times? It is spiritual wickedness, in high places, and a mingled and perverse spirit; and spirit of jealousy.

According to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience; giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils, who are the enemies of the cross of Christ whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory, (yes ecclesi­cal glory) is in their shame; who mind earthly things. The Lord saith, “they set up their threshold by my threshold, and their post by my post, and the wall be­tween me and them.” When they have permitted the deceivableness of unright­eousness to triumph over righteousness, in that they have for popular favor and mem­bers made fellowship with the unfruitful workers of darkness; for as one of their bishop’s said in an article in the paper, hundreds have been converted at our altar, (our threshold) who are lost to us, because of our law on secresy, (setting up their post by my post.)

Christ says I am the door, by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved; and that name, the only name whereby we can be saved, is left out of these abominable secret societies, and yet those professing to follow Jesus will fellowship workers of darkness.

“Woe unto them that call evil good; and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.”

“Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers, for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness, and what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? For ye are the temple of the Living God. Therefore come out from among them, and be ye separate saith the Lord.” “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her my peo­ple, that ye be not partakers of her sins, that ye receive” not of her plagues.”

July 18th, 1885.




IN the Church Advocate, we see an ar­ticle under the head of. “THINGS I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.” If we mistake not, the writer is a preacher, and we are astonished at his ignorance; The man should read his Bible, and find there a clear solution of the things he “don’t understand.” Let us bring them to God’s Book. First, he does hot understand, “Why so many pro­fessors of Christianity do not more regu­larly attend Church services on the Lord’s day, never attend the social meetings for prayer and mutual encouragement.”

Answer. “Because they do not fear God. For “they that feared the Lord spake often one to another, and the Lord harkened.” etc. The love of God is not in them, or else they would “not forsake the assem­bling of themselves together as the man­ner of some is,” namely, such as have no interest in Christ.

Again he does not understand, “why so many professors do not pray regularly in the family circle.” This is accounted for by the fact that they are destitute of the grace of God in their hearts. They are aliens, not of the household of faith, “for it is written my house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.”

“Why they can spend from five to twen­ty-five dollars annually for tobacco, and perhaps give less than one fourth of this amount for the support of God’s cause.”

Answer. Because, if ever converted, they have backslidden from God. They are dead in trespasses and sins. “For if ye walk in the Spirit ye shall not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.” But if ye live aft­er the flesh ye shall die. “The children of the flesh, these are not the children of God.” These, with all tobacco defiled preachers, fulfill the prediction of Jude.

“How that they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts, sens­ual, having not the Spirit.”

“Why they offer such flimsy excuses for the neglect of chose means of grace, be­come so drowsey when at Church, but are so lively and active in worldly pursuits, are so sickly on the Sabbath, but general­ly ready for work on Monday, think it is too wet or too dry, too hot or too cold, to attend the public worship of God, but hardly ever too disagreeable to go to mar­ket, can stand out in the cold and damp air at a public sale for half a day, or longer, but cannot go to the house of God, which is warm and comfortable.”

This whole catalogue of mysteries is ex­plained in the Word of God, and if the writer were saved him self he would have understood it very well, and would not have asked any such questions. In direct opposition to the saved soul, these are dead to God, and alive to the world.

“He that is of the earth is earthly, and speaketh of the earth.” “For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh, but they that are after the Spir­it, the things of the Spirit. For to be carnally minded is death, but to be Spirit­ually minded is life and peace. Because the carnal mind is enmity against God, for it is not subject to the law of God, nei­ther indeed can be. So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God.” — Rom. 8: 5-8. Here are set side by side, the earth­ly, natural or unsaved soul, and the saved Spiritual mind, the one gravitates earth­ward, the other heavenward, and it is easy to see that the characters that preacher does not understand, God understands very well, and His Book clearly tells that they are not of the Father, but earthly. “They are the enemies of the cross of Christ, whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who minded earthly things.” — Phil’s. 3:18, 19.

Receiving the Bible solution of these, we can understand them very well. But men that are unsaved them selves, can scarcely think it possible that so many good fellows that belong to their own be­loved sect, and support it, are really not in the Spirit, but in the flesh, and on the

road to hell. Hence when they see them so stupid toward God, and so infatuated by the world, they “don’t understand it.” “Are ye still without understanding?”

“O fools, and slow, of heart to believe” the words of the Lord.





OUR aged parent, Mrs. Barham, a widow lady in the 77th year of her age, living with her son Nathan Barham, two miles south of Waukon Ia., was taken sick four or five weeks since, with heart disease, as was supposed; received treat­ment for the same of several physicians who pronounced it a hopeless case, entire­ly given up. She had very bad spells with her heart. June 28 1885, early in the morning we were sent for, the person telling us he did not know as she would be alive when we got there, we went as soon as we could get there, found her gasping for breath and in a very critical condition. We all thought she could not last long. Most of her children had been sent for. We were talking of telegraphing for one son living in Minn. After very severe suffering for some time she seemed a little better; wanted to know the hour of the day, and being told the hour, said we had better have our meeting as we had been accustomed to have meeting there at that hour since she was taken sick. Her three sons and their wives composed the meet­ing. We all humbled ourselves under the mighty hand of God and called on the great physician that never lost a case, to help in her behalf. When we arose from prayer and went to her she was blest, and looked better every way; the color had come back to her face. She seemed so much better, we finally concluded to come home with the promise of returning again in the afternoon. In the afternoon Dr. Bowen came and said her breathing was better and her pulse was better. She made the remark to some person that she had to have help from God or she must die. That same evening she laid her med­icine aside, and we all held on to God and the next morning we had the evidence that she was healed: the Lord gave us the evi­dence. Husband went over and she was up and eat breakfast at the table. The Dr. came that morning and she met him at the door and shook hands with him. He was very much surprised. Up to this date July 2 she continues to grow, better, and is out walking and riding around.

To God be all the glory now and forever world without end, Amen! and Amen!! A son of hers has been reclaimed by the means. I write this with an eye single to the glory of God.

C. A. Barham.




“These things I write unto you, that ye sin not.” — 1 John 2:1.

Our thoughts, at this season, are much occupied with the subject of Sin. We do not perhaps, consider it in a specula­tive way, inquiring into it philosophic­ally. We think of our past life, and con­fess that it has been characterized by sin. We sigh and weep, and are bitterly sorry. True, “the blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth us from all sin,” and for Christ’s sake, has forgiven all our transgressions; we are “accepted in the Beloved,” and “have peace with God” in Him. But that is not the point with us. We ask ourselves, Must the future be like the past? We say, “Must I go on sinning?” Yes, this is the word upon which so much de­pends — “Must I?”

In November, 1873, a question reached the late Frances Ridey Havergal which she said, “startled” her. It was this: “Do you sin every day; must you?” She had long known and used the little prayer, “Vouchsafe, oh Lord, to keep us this day without sin,” but confessed she had never expected to be kept; indeed, had not re­garded it possible to live a day “without sin.” The question, she added “haunted” her; God blessed it to her; and we know what great thing He did for her, as she now ventured to pray that prayer “with rejoicing faith.”

The very same question is for every one of you: “Do you sin every day; must you?” Perhaps you give a half reply. „Alas, we do!” Yes, indeed it is “alas!” But what do you say to the remainder of the question: “Must you?” Pause and think. Do not answer carelessly! Now, “must you?” It is no answer to say “all Chris­tians sin.” That is a more; unproven as­sertion, which cannot possess any value. But even if it were true, it would not answer the question. Say, now — “must you sin?”

Perhaps a way of escape from a direct answer is sought in the reply, “All de­pends upon what you mean by sin.” As if sin is not sin, and nothing also! Who has any other than a very clear and defi­nite idea of what sin really is? Alas, we all know full well what it is! Well, I “mean” that, and I ask again, “Must you sin?”

Dare you say. “Yes, I must!” You have in rmembrance the plain teaching of the Word of God to the contrary, and you dare not. You know that the name of Jesus was given to our Lord because He should “save His people from their sins.” Save “to the uttermost.” And you have read that “He is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory,” “must” cannot stand before an open Bible. We are timid in replying, so God gives the answer Himself.

Oh, the joy of beholding, with eyes wide open, the glorious, glorious truth that God’s children may be cleansed, delivered and kept from sin! What a change from the heart sickening oppres­sion of former days. “I shall go on sinning against God in the future, just as in the past.” I am told every breath. every tear, every prayer, is defiled with sin; but, I thank God, it is possible to walk before Him in “righteousness and true holiness.” How far? How long? Well, He who keeps me without sin for one minute can keep me two — twenty — a million — yea always! He who upholds me one step, can uphold me two — twenty a million — yea, ever!                    





St James Mo.

Dear Brethren: “Grace be wills you. mercy, and peace, from the Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, in truth and love.” What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works. Can faith save him? Therefore, brethren, let us show our faith by our works, that we are Christ’s disciples. Christ says, “If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch and is withered: and men gather them and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.” “Wherefore, by their fruits ye shall know them.” “Not every one that saith unto me Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingbom of heaven: but be that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.”

Brethren, I can say to-day that I am on the old ship of Zion, where Christ is Cap­tain, and by the grace of God I, and all the saints are sailing to the Promise Land, where there is no sin and no sor­row.

I can say that I am free from all sects, and I say to you, my Baptist, and Method­ist friends, and to all who are in sects, has John the Baptist, or John Wesley been crucified for you? Repent then and go on unto perfection, and be a Christian. In Christ’s Church there is room for you all. Your Bro. in Christ Jesus

Wm. Eikman.


Greenville N. J.

Dear Brethren: — I praise the Lord for the paper that helps blow the Gospel Trumpet. We had in praise and rejoice in the Spirit, for the Spirit of our soul an­swered to it all. We are blowing the Gos­pel Trumpet to the dying world. Praise His holy name for the Spirit that the Fa­ther sends in Jesus’ name, that answers to all the testimonies and experiences that the Trumpet has in it. Glory to God, for the little ones that are doing the com­mands of our Master, the Lord Jesus Christ. — Matt. 28:19, 20. Mark 16:15-18.

And are following the Lamb whither-so­ever He leads, with the hundred and forty and four thousand. Praise His name!

My beloved brethren, the Spirit has more to write through this temple of God. 1 Cor. 3:16, 17. I have a request to them of the same faith, and it will be answered for what-soever we ask in His name the Father will give it, and there are two words I fully believe in God’s Word, “shall and will,” Praise His name!

(Now the request is this,) Join in prayer and faith that God will pour out His Spir­it upon His work at Pamrapo, N. J., where we have opened up Gospel tent meetings in the name of Jesus, and for the glory of God, and the pulling down of the devil’s kingdom, which is mighty and strong.

There is a sect in that City, preaching, no devil or hell, and many are being led to hell by them. Pray that God will pre­sent to them hell, that they may see for themselves. Our meetings, in Jesus’ name is “full salvation,” soul, body, and Spirit, and the last command that our Master gave us before He ascended to sit at the right hand of God, is to be fulfilled. Matt. 28:18, 20. Mark 15:15-18. And also Acts 19:11, 12. As many as believe, may receive. Praise His name! some have.

The Gospel tent meetings are for all that will take Christ for their all in all, wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption. — 1 Cor. 1:30.

Situated at the foot of 44th St. Pamrapo N. J. All communications address to M. Huntsman, 783, Carson Ave, Green­ville N. J.


Sandy Lake, Pa.

Dear Brethren – Blessed be the name of the Lord, there is a continual flow of praises to God in my heart. O bless the Lord, how He leads me along. I am trust­ing in Jesus, saved and sanctified, through the precious blood of the Lamb. This beautiful morning I praise the Lord for health, strength, and the peace of God in my soul. I am still going on to know and do the will of my Father in heaven.

The M. E. sect, at Hendersonville had a great church trial. They continued it one night, all night. Men and women sat there all night, that would get weary in a couple of hours in a Holy Ghost meet­ing. O bless God! if they had salvation, they would not have any such works. They were turning out some of the mem­bers for not obeying the discipline. Others will go out. The sinners pay it is all because they have not got any reli­gion. Your sister in Christ.

Mary M. Owen.


Greenville Penn.

Dear Brethren: May the grace of God be with you all, amen! The Lord still keeps me. This morning I enjoy a peace that passeth all understanding and I rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory, and my soul sings,

O  how happy am I,
With my Savior so nigh.
I  have found sweet rest,
On Jesus dear breast.

I praise God this morning for full sal­vation, and for sanctifying power, and for sweet soul rest. Praise the name of Jesus forever and ever! Amen!

Find enclosed – for the TRUMPET. I could not do without the TRUMPET as long as I can get it. It is food to my soul. I would love to aid the TRUMPET in some way, but the Lord is taking care of it and me. Praise His name! Praying God to bless you with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places. I remain your saved sister.

Nannie M. Donnell.


Vichy Springs Mo.

Dear Brethren: — Through the favor of our kind Heavenly Father, I am permit­ted to once more meet with my sister and dear brethren and sisters in Christ Jesus. Although separated by many miles from the dear saints in Mich., I feel that we are one in Christ, one in heart, having she common cause at heart, the advance­ment of the Redeemer’s Kingdom, and are bound together by a cord stronger than any cable or band earth can furnish, with all her creeds and oaths and human corporations. Hallelujah! Amen! May peace and love and glory be multiplied to all the dear saints in Mich. with all that in every place call upon the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. Amen! I preached last night to an attentive congregation on the subject, the “Bride the Lamb’s Wife.” The people seem to want light. Sister Mary has already begun this work in the name of the Lord, and we mean by the grace of God to fill Jerusalem with this doctrine, and if any bring not this doc­trine, not to receive him into our house, neither bid him God speed. 2 John 10. We mean to go deeper here than this people have ever known of, using the Sword of the Spirit, not compromising to please friend or foe, nor fearing men nor devils, keeping Jesus the Captain of our salvation foremost all the time. He is our strength and Redeemer. Let all the saints feel free to write to me to the a­bove address. Remember us in your prayers and may the Lord bless you all. Saved sanctified kept and armed for the battle.

J. Cole.

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