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Passed Through the Furnace




Angee Coggon.

Bro. Warner: – God bless you and yours, I am sweetly saved just now, taking God at his word, keeping his commands and claiming his promises day by day, walk­ing out upon faith as did Abraham of old asking no questions why Lord I am healed in my body, can eat freely drink cold water and do all kinds of work, I have walked two miles and done my house work to-day, churned and helped my husband to make 12 gallons of apple butter and expect to walk half-a-mile and back this evening. I say this because there are some of the readers of the Trumpet that disbelieve I have been healed of this terrible disease Neuralgia that I have had over 25 years at the pit of my stomach, and about 8 months ago Dispepsia set in in its worst form with gall stones in the liver, and a diseased heart said to be Rheumatism around the heart all of these diseases would meet together and attack me at once, the pain lasting from 38 to 46 hours, and no tongue for one moment could describe the agony I had to pass through, it was so terrible that my hair would turn perfectly gray and stand straight all over my head, as I wear it short on account of this terrible disease, the doctors told me it originated at my heart and struck to the brain, when I had these attacks no person on earth could shorten them or relieve me one moment the agony was so great I would have convulsions and twice my jaws set and I was theught to be dead. I would endure the pain as long as my nerves would let me, then I would take Chloroform that was my only resort for 8 months, and every time I took it it seemed as though it must be my last, for it was seemingly like death. I was told by 3 of the leading doctors of different towns that there was no help for me, one said unless I could get it at the Sanitarian water cure at Battle Creek. I went there and staid 6 weeks and 2 days, after receiving a letter from Pard Warner saying pack up and go home and take Christ for your healing physician, ask believe and receive. I obeyed the voice, arose from my bed, fasted and prayed according to the lead­ing of the spirit, and at 4 p. m., took the train and came home and have not had an attack of my disease since, to God be all the glory. I had always believed in this healing faith but I had my stakes set that I must have an instanteous witness that I was healed, but God showed me that I must take him at his word, walk out by faith and trust him, and according to the word I was annointed and received the wit­ness at North Eagle one week after I came home. O! how much it means to have this humble trust and simple faith in God, and how glad I a.. that I have learned this with all my know­ledge in the school of Christ and how glad I am that I have passed through the fire and learned the path that Jesus has marked for his children to walk, two years and a half I have been in the

no part rows

times that it was heated seven times hotter for me than for any other soul that had not resisted sin unto blood, nor suffered mar­tyrdom, but Jesus was with me every moment and has brought me safely through. Glory to God, I will take the track that God has marked though I die at the stake, for this the devil has taunted me and through ungodly professors he has followed me every step of my way, and some of them that reads the Trumpet I want to say to them that God khoweth the heart and he will be a swift wit­ness against you at the judgement unless you repent, some have repented, one came to me here a week ago and said I have been influenced against you and trem­bled from head to foot, with tears rolling down his face he said, will you forgive me, a free methodist. I said I have forgiven you all the time, but will you confess your wrong, he said, by the grace of God I will. God says! confess your faults one to another. And now to all the afflicted ones read the 11 chap. of Mark 24 verse, and see what a wonderful promise there is there, and God cannot lie, but read the next verse and see what a command, but remember no one can claim the promise without keeping the commands. Glory to God! the yoke is easy, I am the rock, cemented there by the blood of Jesus and the gates of hell cannot prevail against me. I belong to the one body and Christ is the headof the Church, and God has set me a member in the body as it hath pleased him. Glory to his name! Dear Brother and Sister in Christ, hold fast to the faith, for the end cometh and will ye find faith on earth. O! how I love the way! my soul is filled full to overflowing. Hallelujah! Glory to God! God continues to give the victory From a sister saved by the everlasting covenant. Amen! Amen!



Such is the strong language of divine truth in describing our en­tire separation from all depravity and sin the veritbale and ab­solute destruction of all inward evil, selfishness, or bent to wrongdoing. The crucifixion and utter destruction of the whole body, or sum total of sin, and the complete restotation of the soul to the holy image of of God. The subject on of all our moral powers, desires and affections, to the pure peaceful and heavenly reign of love, a contemplated by, and abundant­ly provided for in the atonement of the son of God, and freely of­fered to all men in his exdeedingly great and precious promises ‘For he that ts dead is free from sin” “This is a faithful say­ing if we be dead with Hin we shall always live with Him”. “Therefore reckon yourselves DEAD INDEED UNTO SIN, but alive unto God by Christ Je­sus”. Now to make this reckoning upon an alter of an absolute consecration, and by an act of omnipotent faith, is to arise with Christ to walk in an inward con­sciousness and an outward manifestation of the death of self and the life of God.

Alas! how few professors of holiness are really dead to sin, forever dead and gone. How our heart has

no part rows

professing to be sanctified, when full of sell, pride, ambition, im­patience and even anger. Some doubtless do it through ignorance others we fear are acting the hyp­ocrite. Poor silly creatures being “spiritually blind themselues’ they cannot be persuaded that He that is spiritual discerneth all men”, and sees their rottn in wardness. O how the precious cause of Christ is hindered and destroyed by such characters. Unsaved members of their hause-hold and neighbors hear them profess entire sanctification in the hous of worship, and then see the out-droppings of anger, impatience, pride, feolishness or cov­etousness, at their homes. What can be more effentual in damning their soul? What is more natuural than they shoulb turn away in disgust, discredit the testimony of all others, and fall a ready prey to spiritual darkness, hard­ness of heart, unbelief and final perdition.

O! ye irritable, impatient, im­pulsive, snarling, jawing, pouting stingy, hypocritical, holiness professing parents, know ye that gon are the devils best and surest instruments for the damnation of your children, and every unfortunate soul within the compass of your baneful influence. O! we beseech you in the name of Christ, to hasten to the cleansing blood.

Perhaps you were honest when you first professed this great sal­vation, but instead of smuggling yourself in among the sanctified, half convicted over your own testimony, and half persuaded, by the devil that all others have the same roots of bitterness in their hearts that you have, we solemnly admonish you before. God to make an honest open, confession to your family and neighbors that you have been mistaken in your profession of holiness, that your faith, though sincere was only of the head, was premature, not be­ing accompanied with the peal death to sin.

This will be crucifying to the flesh; but the cross is the only way to death, and only the dead in­deed are free from sin, and can ever see God in peace. O! my brother or sister we must be honost and deal faithfully with your soul. We tell you in the name of Christ that you will never die unless you thrust the sword of God right into that point where, in your case, the self life centers. If pride is your besetment, morttficatien must set in at that point. If it is covetousness there is where the agonies of death must be endured. To make a sure thing of your escape from hell, Christ would say to snch as you, “sell all that thou hast and give to the poor.” Yes it is just where old nature squirms most, that he must receive the mortal wound. We adore the wisdom of Christ in the directions He prescribed for the rich young man, and we awfully fear that multitudes of the present day will sink to hell beneath the curse of their idolized wealth, un­less they kill outright the covetous devil in them by a literal obedience to the Savious com­mand to the young man. And any person that would go away sorrowful at such a demand, is a thousand miles from a bible hope of heaven, is in the gall of bitterness and the bonds of iniquity,

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the love of the Father is not in him.”

But to all who have not been successful in your past attempts at dying, we would say, do not be discouraged. Though you have tried to yield up the ghost of self a hundred times and still live, there is sure death for you if you will have it. If you really want to go into the oblivious grave of self mortification and destruction you may find it. God will give you the very dose thai will do the work; just so soon as you pronounce the sen­tence of death upon the old man the self life, that God may indeed “live in yon and walk in you” and be all in all, so soon you will become dead indeed unto sin. Yea so dead that you will have no more to do with sin than the inhabitants of the cemetery have to do with the business of this world.

Yes brother the word of God is true, your experience to the con­trary notwithstanding. Therefore donot bring down the bible to your standpoint, but come up to the bible standard, and sink into the deep silent, tranquil death of ielf, and be filled with the life of of God.


Wonders of Grace.

We are about to print an excel­lent tract on “Dress,” for Bro. A. Sims, of Galt, Out. Hope all our readers will order and scatter it. We take our pay for the work in that excellent tract of 124 pages, called ‘‘Wonders of Grace,” which is a collection of most precious experiences. Price, 25 cents. Send us orders for the same, and you will help us and Bro. Sims, and yours  if


Bangor, Mich.

In the name of the Lord we triumph, let the glorious Trumpet sound be heard, blessed are the people that know the joyful sound” They shall walk, oh Lord! in the fight of thy counteance. Yes praise God exalt him for His wonderful works.

Since we come here the Lord has wrought effectually through us for three weeks, during whitch time 25 souls have accepted the precious light of God’s blessed truth there were the souls con­verted and passed from the shad­ows of eternal death, into the Marvelous and Glorious right of Christ Others were restored and some escaped out of the darkpales of sceptism and received the light of the true church the body of which, Christ is the only head. Nearly all received the definet experience of entire sanctification signs and wonders were indeed wrought in the name of the holy child Jesus. One poor soul came one night where we were stopping after meeting and stagering into the house sat down and although under the influence of the poison­ous cup, he said will you pray for me? he was so filled with tobaco and poison of strong drink that nothing but divine power could reach him, or tame him, we kneel­ed and prayed for him. Prais God! our prayers were effectual

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..e now sits at the feet of Jesus clothed and in his right mind, was wholly sanctified and made meet for the Masters use a few days after convertion. Others were saved from tobaco, gambling and other vices. On Sunday the 12 repairtd to Llver Lake a beautiful sheet of water, and eight souls were baptized in its crystal waters and came forth shouting and praising God. The Lord Jesus had a Church here without spot or wrinkle or any such thing. The Lord made choice of Bro. John Harris to take the oversight of the Flock and Bro Samuel Doherty Beacon, and Sister Lottie Blackwood to water these plants of the Lord with the Gospel. May God give a glorious Increase




Minnie D. Sherman.

I was greatly afflicted in one of my hips for eleven months and suffered terribly terribly with pain. Sometimes the pain would be so severe that I could not endure it any longer. I would be confined to my bed for a few days and under the doctor’s care and take morphine to kill the pain. Then up again sometimes two months at a time, but had to walk with two canes, then would get better so that I could walk without my canes for a few days but was never free from pain during that length of time, until the 11 of September, last, God so wonderfully manifested his power on me. I was in bed suffering intense pain and was under the influence of morphine at the time of healing, and God also took the stupor of morphine from me, Praise His name! I had asked God a num­ber of times during the day, to heal me, but was not healed until about one o’clack. when God sent dea, Bro. Warner, Bro. Stiles Sister Sheaffer and some of His dear children with and for me And God did hear and answer their prayers. In less than half an hour after I was free from pain and was shouting glory to God. I got up out or my bed and walked without my cane and went about my houswork, and have not taken a drop of medicine since, nor felt a bit of pain. I write this hoping it may benefit some poor afflicted one, and that they will ge to Christ to be healed for I know He can and will heal if we only trust all to Him.

… give God all the glory.

Your sister washed in the blood. Praise God!

Bucyrus, O., Nov., 26.




But here comes along somebody else, the representative of another class. He belongs to a body that he claims is a “holiness church.” and very likely he is about right. There are a few organizations that are pretty soundly holiness in doctrine and push. Well, this representative somebody is anx-

no part rows

holiness brother, shall join another that is, his “our church.” We heard a brother say, that he once believed no one could enjoy the blessing of perfect love, who was not a member of the — church. Well, this feeling, or one that borders immediately on it, makes folks proselyters, sectaries. Now this is all wrong.

God has a church on this earth of his, and it is bigger than any and all of the denominations or churches of the day. We are members of this church, and Christ is its Head, Let its obey our Head, and keep free, untrammeled, with wings ready to move at the bidding of our Lord. If we stay where we are, it must be for his glory; if we move out­ward and forward, still it must be for his glory alone. “He whom the Son hath made free is free indeed.”

— Ed. Harvester, in Ban­ner.




Payne, Ohio, Nov. 25.,

Dear Bro. Warner. — I received your postal and was glad to hear from you. The Lord is wonder­fully blessing the labor of the Spirits hear. Just closed a series of meetings in which the Lord was pleased to accompany with converting, sanctifying and heal­ing power. There has been since you were here, about ten conver­ted, twelve sanctified, four saved from tobacco, and five or six healed from bodily infirmities, for which we give Glory to God.

Your Brother, under the Blood.

A. J. Kilpatrick.

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… is claimed that Sabbath is used to denote the time between two Sabbaths a week. One pas­sage is given in the New Testa­ment in favor of the position, — Luke 18:12. — “I fast twice in the week,” (Sabbaton.) So it is in the Greek. But as this is the only text that appears to denote week, may it not be possible that the boasting Pharisee only omit­ted two meals on their Sabbath. Who is prepared to say to the contrary?

But if we were to admit that in this instance Sabbath denotes a week there still remains very clear evidence that in the eight instance quoted in the preceding article it means the Christian Sabbath. The following is the only safe rule for the interpreta­tion of Scripture, we give to every word its literal primary meaning unless the context require that it must receive a figurativeor second­ary meaning.”

Now we assert that everything connected with those “first Sab­baths,” indicate that the German version is correct in rendering them the “first Sabbath;” and one of the Sabbaths!

The Sabbath litterally means rest day, the first day of the week we find that the disciples of Christ assembled for worship, which is good evidence that they had been taught of their Head to set apart that day from the usual labor of the week, to rest from worldly engagements, in order to spiritual devotion. We have two exhalted conception of the wisdom of in­spiration to believe that, in one verse, Sabbaton means Sabbath, and in the next it means some­thing else, and that such a confusion of language should be re­peated eight times over in the New Testament. Again we say that the word Sabbaton in those instances quoted, cannot mean anything else but Sabbath, from the fact that with one exception they are in the plural. The

no part rows

…, hence there is one letter for our, O short, as in lot, namely Omicron. another for O long sound, as in throne, — Omega. Omicron indicates the singular, and Omego the plural and in seven of the instances cited, Omega is used, either plural or singular would apply to the Christian Sabbath, as the “first Sabbath,” and the first of the “Sabbaths,” imply the same thing, namely: that there were more than one Sabbath in the week, and the day specified is the first one in the order of time. The first one in the etymology of the singular would do to denote the first of the week, but that of the plural would not do at all. It would make no sense whatever to say “they came to the Sepulchur early the first of the weeks;” because the event spoken of could not cover the space of a week, much less a plurality of weeks. Any Greek scholar will tell you that Sabbaton, when spelled with Omega is in the plural form. Please con­sult Robinson’s Greek Lexicon, where you will see those words quoted as plural. The direct rendering of Luke 24:1, in the Emphatic Diaglott is “weeks” and in Acts 20:7 he gives it the plural form. and renders it accor­ding to the Greek word “first of the Sabbaths.” It seems that the translator, who had pledged him­self to give us a direct word for word rendering, became disturbed in his conscience in transla­ting Sabbaton by week, and finally gives it, in the direct translation, its obvious meaning “Sabbaths.” How could the women come to the Sepulchur the first of the weeks? such an event cannot cover weeks of time Why hot leave it just as inspira­tion gave it, “first of the Sab­baths.”

Some claim chat these words are to be understood in the singu­lar, though they are in plural form, but we know too much of the precision and uniformity of the Greek New Testament to be­lieve any such thing. In both Mark and Luke where both Sab­baths are spoken of close together

no part rows

is in the singular, while the first day Sabbath is plural. The rea­son for the change is plain; it would not be correct to say they rested the Sabbaths according to the commandment, but it is pro­per to say they came to the Sep­ulchur early the first of the “Sabbaths. Thus everything shows that these words are to be taken just as they are, as declaring the fact of more then one Sabbath in the week at that time, and that the first day of the week is the New Testament Sabbath or Lord’s day. We find this truth strongly corroborated in


Adventists tell us this that the Catholic Church changed the Sabbath to the first day of the week, and again they say that Constantine changed it; of course both cannot be true, and they cannot prove either one. Catholic claims are cheap and plenty, but will give any adventists (and this paper goes into some of their hands that have their literature stacked up in their houses; and worship their dead dogmas,) space in the Trumpet to give our rea­ders any direct and reliable proof that Constantine ever changed the Sabbath from the seventh to the first day of the week. They continually make the claim, but we never have known them to adduce the proof. We only find that Constantine issued a law adopting throughout his empire, the Christian’s Sabbath the first day of the week. This is shown by Mosheims Church History, from Cyril of Jerusalem and Clement of Rome. The following we quote from Barnabas the co-laborer with Paul.


“Farther also it is written concerning the Sabbath in the Dec­alogue which [the Lord] spoke face to face to Moses on Mount Sinai,“ And sanctify ye the sabbath of the Lord with clean hands and a pure heart.” And He says in  another place.” If my sons keep the sabbath, then will I cause my mercy to rest upon them. “The the Sabbath is mentioned at the beginning of creation [thus]:” And God made in six days the works of His hands, and made an end on the seventh day, and rested on it and sanctifyed it.” Attend, my children to the meaning of this expression,” He finished in six thousand years for a day is with Him a thousand years. And He Himself testifieth saying, “Behold to-day will be as a thousand years.” Therefore my children six days, that is six thousand years all things will be finished “And He rested on the seventh day. This meaneth: when His Son coming [again], shall destroy the time of the wicked man, and judge ungodly, and change the sun and the moon, and the stars then shall He truly rest on the seventh day. Moreover He says Thou shalt sanctify it with Pure hands and a pure heart. If therefore any one can now sactify the day which God hath sanctified except he is pure in heart in all things, we are deceived. Behold there­fore one resting sanctifies it when we ourselves having received the promise wickness no longer existing, and all things hav­ing been made new by the Lord shall be able to work righteous­ness. Then we shall be able to sanctify it, having been first sanctified ourselves. Further He says to them, “Your new moon and your Sabbath I cant indure.” Ye perceive how He speaks: Your present

no part rows

but that is which I have made [namely this,] when, giving rest to all things, I shall make a beginning of the eighth day, that is, a beginning of another world. Wherefore, also, we keep the eighth day with joyfulness, the day also on which Jesus rose again from the head. And when He had manifested Himself, He as­cended into the heavens

Here Is a voice that comes down to us from the very Apos­tolic period, the above lesson needs no comment. The seventh day was supplanted by the first or eighth day in the kingdom of Christ.

Next we quote from the epistle of Ignatius, also contemporary with the Apostles, with Magnesians.

“Let us therefore no longer keep the Sabbath after the Jewish manner, and rejoice in days of idleness; for“ he that does not work let him not eat.” For say the [holy] oracles In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat thy bread But let every one of you keep the Sabbath after a spirtual manner, rejoicing in meditaton on the law, not in relaxation of the body admiring the work­manship of God, and not eating things prepared the day before, nor using lukewarm drinks and, walking within a prescribed space, nor finding delight in dancing and plaudits which have no sense in them. And after the observance of the Sabbath, let every friend of Christ keep the Lords’ day as a festival, the resurrection day’ the queen chief of all the days [of the week]. Looking forward to this, the prophet declared, “To the end, for the eighth day,” on which our life both sprang up again, and to victory over death was obtained in Christ.”

Here is language too plain to need comment. The seventh day is not to be kept by Christians in any relaxization from labor, but let every friend of Christ keep the Lord’s day, ie. the eighth day. Again Ignatius to the Trallians writes upon the Lord’s day as follows: —

“He also rose again in three days, the Father raising Him up; and after spending forty days with the apostles, He was” sat down at His right hand expecting till His enemies are placed under His feet.” On the day of the preparation, then, at the third hour, He received the sentence from Pilate, the Father permitting that to happen; at the sixth hour He was crucfiied at the ninth hour He gave up the ghost; and before sunset He was buried. During the Sabbath He coutinued under the earth in the tomb in which Joseph of Arimrathaea had laid Him. At the dawning of the Lord’s day He arose from the dead, according to what was spoken by Himself, “As Jonah was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly, so shall the Son of man also be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.’’ The day of the prepara­tion, then’ comprises the passion: the Sabbath embraces the burial; the Lord,s day contains the resurrection.”

Next we quote from Justin Martyr who was born about A. D. 114, in his apology or defense of the Christian religion, he says.

no part rows


And we afterwards continually remind each other of these things And the wealthy among us help the needy; and we always keeb together; and for all wherewith we are supplied, we bless the Maker of all through His Son Jesus Christ, and though the Holy Ghost. And on the day called Sunday, all who live in cities or in the country gather to-gather to one place, and the memoirs of the apostles or the writings of the prophets are read as time permits; then, when the reader has ceased, the president verbally instructs, and exhorts to the imitation of these good things. Then we all rise to gather and pray, and, as we be­fore said, when our prayers is ended, bread and wine and water are brought, and the president in like manner offers prayers and thanksgivings according, to his ability, and the people assent saying Amen; and there is a dis­tribution to each, and a participa­tion of that over which thanks lave been given, and to those who are absent a portion is sent by, the deacons. And they who are well to do, and willing, give what each thinks fit; and what is collected is deposited with the president, who succours the orphans and widows and those who through sickness or auy other cause, are in want, and those who are in bonds, and the strangers so journying among us, and in a word takes care of all who are in need. But Sunday is the day on which we all hold our common assembly, because it is the day on which God, having wrough a change in the darkness and matter made the world; and Jesus Christ our Saviour on the same day rose from the dead. For He was crucified on the day be­fore that of Saturn (Saturday); and on the day after that of Saturn, which is the day of the sun havig appeared to His apostles and disciples, He taught them these things, which we have submited to you also for your consideration.”

These extracts are taken from the two first volumns of the Antinicene library.

We close with an extract from Eusebms Ancient Church History page 14.

“Should any one beginning from Abraham and going back to the first man pronounce those who have had the testimony of righteousness. Christians in fact, though not in name, he would not be far from the truth, for as the name Christians is intended to indicate this very idea that a man by the knowledge and doctrine of Christ, is distinguished by modesty and justice, by patience and a virtuous fortitude, and by a profession of piety towards the one and only true supreme God; all this was no less studiously cul­tivated by them than by us, they did not therefore regard circumcision, nor observe the Sabbath neither do we neither do we abstain from certain foods, nor regard certain injunctions. which Moses be observed in Types and Simbols. because such things as these do not belong to Christians.”

Here it is positively asserted that the Sabbath was not observed by premosaic saints, and that it with all typical rites delivered by Moses, were not observed by the primitive Christians.

(To be Continued.)



Have been sent to us as follws:

Prayer for a brother and his son both afflicted, the latter lame. The father writes us promising to dictate his all to God, and wishes to be healed for his glory

no part rows


Pray for a brother in the far West who is in great distress of mind for salvation. O! plead with us that God may deliver this suffering soul.


Pray for Sister Felger’s mother Arcold, Allen Co., Indiana. She is in much and prolongued distress over the death of an adopted son. Satan taking advantage of her declining mind and very sensative conscience, buffets her with the thought that another doctor might have been successful, or something more might have been done by her to save his life. O! pray that God may deliver this mother in Israel from the assaults and accusations of the devil. May God enable her to overcome him by the blood of the Lamb.


Pray tor a young man in Chicago, poorly with consumption the son of Sister J. E. Brown of Midland City, Mich. December 19, has been set apart specially to ask God for his healing. Let the other subjects also be remem­bered at that time.


Pray for a mother in the West who was very low, and who gave up all the use of medicine, and reliance upon earthly physicians, and was recovering from that hour.


Our printer desires to show, to some extent, the work we are prepared to do, though our beau­tiful new material has not yet arrived. And having had the of­fice closed up during our tour in Indiana, we were desirous to get the paper to you as soon as prac­tical’ hence we have consented to pnt it ont in this form, this time but it does not look like solid Gospel meet to us altho with the exception of our job add all re­lates to religous matter the job work promised to pay us well Of course we will not do any work that relates to immoral or ungodly business.

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After working very hard to get Trumpet No. 15 into the office wife and self took the train about 6:50 p. m., on the 15th of Novem­ber, for the Beulah Assembly. At twelve o’clock at night wife stopped off at Upper Sandusky, while we went on to Ada, and stopped there to see some brethern. In the morning we were permitted to meet again, and con­tinue our rapid journey on Na­hum’s Flying Chariot. Bro. Low met us at Walcottville and con­veyed us to his house; the rain prevented our meeting that night. At 2 o’clock, Friday the 17th, we held our first session, opened, con­tinued, and closed with prayer, singing praises, testimony, read­ing and teaching the word of truth, consecration, salvation and bless­ing God; and this was the order and work of each subsequent session, by day and by night to the end. With such variation as the wisdom of the presiding officer — the Holy Spirit — dictated To the praise of the Holy Spirit, we must say that He is the best presiding officer we have ever had in any yearly meeting we ever attended. He presided with the same satisfaction at Eagle, Mich., this fall, and though there was no motion, vote or resolution necessary at either meeting, yet all seemed to covenant with God, and declare that He should be their constant moderator, presi­dent, standing committee, leader

no part rows

and supreme …, at an the yearly, quarterly, monthly, week­ly, and daily meetings, and during every intervening second of time by day and by night, in all this life and world without end, Amen!

We believe that all the circles of eternity will never carry us beyond the memory of the Beulah Assembly.

There were present saints from Bangor, Eagle, and Chesaning, Mich., with Brother and Sister Fisher, Evangalists, from Mich., several from Noble Co., Indiana; Brother David Dunfee. from Wnitley County; Brother and Sister Kiplinger, from Silver Lake, Indiana, and Father Martin from Lagrange Co., Indiana; with all the blessed Beulah Church of the first born which are written in heaven. O! blessed hallowed assembly of holy saints: Yes, holy saints! for “of the rest durst no man join himself to them,” as it is written, “the eter­nal God is thy refuge,” and under­neath are the everlasting arms; and he shall thrust out the enemy from before thee, and shall say destroy them. Israel then shall dwell in safety alone; the fountain of Jacob shall be upon aland ef cornand wine, also the heavens shall drop down dew. Happy art thou, O Israel; who is like unto thee, O people saved by the Lord, the shield of thy help and the sword of thy excellency; and thine enemies shall be found liars unto thee; and thou shall tread upon their high (sect) places.” —  Deut. 33:27-29.

These words were also verified in our midst. — ‘The Lord taketh pleasure in his people; He will beautify the meek with salvation, let the saints be joyful in Glory; let them sing aloud upon their beds. Let the High Praises of God be in their month, and a two-edged sword in their hands.” Psalm 149:4-5.

He that has not the Spirit of God, is not able to use the sword, for it is the “Sword of the Spirit.” And he that is not able or willing to use the two-edged sword has no high praises- from God in his mouth, But verily there was both the sword of the Lord and the praises of our God, even as the scripture saith, — “The Lord God shall blow the Trumpet, and shall go with whirlwind of the south.” The Lord of hosts shall defend them, and they shall de­vour and subdue with sling stones and they shall drink and make a noise as through wine, and they shall be filled like bowls. And the Lord their God shall save them in that day, as the flock of his people; for they shall be as the stones of a crown, lifted up as an ensign upon the land. For how great is his goodness, and how great ia his beauty; corn shall make the young men cheer­ful, and new wine the maidens.” Zech. 9:4:17.

The singing and praying was in the Spirit; the testimony was the very sword of the Spirit, and every meeting was in the unity of the Spirit, and in the beauty and triumphs of holiness, We met on Sabbath at 10 A. M., and the glory of God so filled the school house which we occupied on that day, that we never closed the ser­vices until three o’clock P. M. The night meetings continued until eleven and twelve o’clock, and the last night till after one.

On Monday, after a glorious salvation meeting, Bro. Low baptised five dear saints, accor­ding to the faith once delivered to the saith, a blessed approval of God, and unction of the Spirit rested upon these obedient souls, as they came out of the stream leaping and shouting.

On Sabbath evening, just be­fore going to the house of worship we had a


no part rows

had a running sore in one ear, and was deaf in that ear, believed for a sound ear. She received the answer and witness by the fire and great power of the Holy Spirit, and held on to the promise of God midst the most terrible assaults of the enemy. Praise God O! how the devil did show his intense hatred of these fruits of the apostolic gospel, Another sister was restored by the power of God from a fever sore on her limb. Another applied to the great physician, and believed for the healing of her lungs. Mother Bortner came there afflicted with heart disease, distress in her head, suffering much with rheumatism, bent over leaning on her cane, has been poorly for over a year, She could not get on the buggy without the help of one on each side. Glory to God! after prayer with the laying on of hands, the dirtress entirely left her head, her body became erect, her cane was thrown away, and after, riding home fifteen miles she could get down from and up in the buggy without help, and as her grandson remarked, she could walk as spry as a girl. Praise the Lord.

Bro. F. P. Smith of Michigan, was instantly healed of Asthma, also a sister at Beulah of the same disease.

There were several souls glor­iously sanctified during the meet­ing. Sister Low was one of the number. Praise the Lord!

On Monday night we followed the example and command of Christ, in washing one anothers feet, and partaking of the Lord’s supper, which is the communion of the body of Christ.

It was in fact the most sacred and melting season of the kind we have ever witnessed. O I how the still deep river of God’s love flowid in every heart. The congregation was awed into per­fect silence before God.

On Tuesday morning there was an


At the house of Bro. Low. The parting hour had come, pure love and sympathy rose in every heart to an overflowing strength, The “Sea of Glass” on which we stood was mingled with the fire of love. We all felt the great commission. Go your way and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth, bringing a noisome, grievous sore upon the men which have the mark of the beast, and upon them which worship his image. — Rev. 15:2, 7. 16:1, 2.

Long and fervent embraces, with many tears smothered back the final farewell. O! how ridi­culous the idea that men must have some kind of ecclesiastical straps to bind them together. “Behold how good and pleasant it is for brethern to dwell together in unity, when they have thrown off all the credo-babylonisth ropes and yokes of entanglement and contention. Yes, it is like the precious ointment that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard, that rah down to the skirts of his garment.”

“The meeting and the testi­mony of all the saints, proved very conclusively that Christ is able to carry on the work of His Church, the salvation of souls and the edification of saints, without any human Lords, secretaries, or sectarian machinery, and that these are all obstructions of the devils invention. O how happy and thankful all the blood washed saints who have gotten the victory over the beast, and over his image and over his mark, and over the number of his name, who stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God.”

From Beulah we came to


Happy and thankful to God for the privilege of meeting the few tried and true saints here

no part rows

… … in this place three years ago, God powerfully com­missioned us to proclaim the fall of Babylon, and sound the alarm on his holy mountain, to come out of her my “people.” God is wit­ness to the agonies of soul we en­dured while groaning beneath this call. Though we saw the little ones gagged, strapped, and slaugh­tered before our eyes, we shrank from the attempt of their deliver­ance. We had formed a holiness band there which numbered 72 members, all of whom were very dear to us, and we awfully feared that many of them would not en­dure the judgment of God upon the sect daughters of Babylon. We thought all men were so drunk with the wine of the wrath of her fornication, that no one would receive the truth. We felt willing to die rather than rouse up the ire of the sectarian devil. But daily the spirit said, will you deliver my message, and call my sheep out of the slaughter houses of Babylon. We said O Lord, we are willing but we can see no hope of success; only show us some token of success. Praise God he did, ere we were aware, some of the little ones escaped out of the pen and delivered their souls. Then said the Spirit, you have no excuse. Glory to God! we began to lift up the light. O! Glory to the God of truth, how our souls was filled with the eter­nal spirit, and the word of God ran like fire. A few mad1 their escape. Praise the Lord, they are yet standing in the glor­ious liberty of the Son of God, and witnessing to the cleansing blood. And now we have a sad picture to present of those unfortunate souls who have remained back in Babylon bondage. On Wednes­day night, November 22, we at­tended the holiness band meeting in the Wesleyan Steeple house. As a holiness meeting, prayer and testimony would be expected as the privilege of all, but having been notified that we should be there, they devised a plan to cut off our testimony. The preacher in charge, (Northram by name,) arose and said he would talk a short time and then dismiss. He occupied 25 minutes, called on two brethern to pray, and was about to dismiss the meeting at twenty minutes to eight o’clock, without giving others a chance to speak a word for Christ. But the spirit of God came upon us in a wonderful manner; we arose and began to testify the gospel of the Grace of God with outbursts of the joy of the Lord. At first the poor fearful priestremained stand­ing, as if to say this is our house and you have no right to praise God here. He finally sat down but arose once or twice, and at­tempted to stop as. While we were reading a few passages of God’s word, he arose and declared that we were imposing upon them. We were then led of God to say to that poor restless tor­mented priest of Baal. If you would come to God and get your poor heart cleansed and receive the Holy Spirit you would not be so wretchedly annoyed by a little of God’s word. To this his wife spoke up decidedly saying, “that’s so.” O! how my heart did pity those poor Weslejan idolators. Their faces gathered blackness, and they were all sorely tormer —  led by fire. It was only a few precious scriptures and a gush of sweet joy, and hallelujah to God that he sent through our heart; but even this was to them a noi­some grievous sore. Again the preacher interrupted us, we stop­ped speaking until he should take his seat. Bro. Bortner then arose and attempted to speak, when the preacher quickly dismissed the congregation and the sexton ex­tinguished every light as soon as he possible could, leaving us praising God in the dark. The people had to hunt their hats and wraps the best they could.

no part rows

was poured upon us. O Glory to God! A sister was also filled with the Spirit and could not re­frain from shouting Glory to God. That wonderful refreshing from the presence of God upon the marts of the true saints, was a sore plague and tormenting fire upon the worshippers of the beast. As we passed down the aisle we came in contact with the sexton who responded to our irrestrainable shouts of praise with a gruff, “get out of here.” Glory to God! as we followed closely upon the heels of others, moving slowly out this sexton pressed against us shoving and thumping us in the back as if he were either pursued by or smothered in devils. O this Wesleyan idol has become the rival of Christ in their hearts, and the overthrow of these poor delu­ded souls. And this is the sect that advertises so largely as an asylum for outcast holiness people Surely “Babylon is fallen.” This breaking up in the dark was be­fore eight o’clock, and can not be accounted for otherwise than by the fire of God’s love in the true hearts of the saints, and by the word of God that was being read.

We all went to the house of Bro. Gunder, where we prayed and praised. God for some time. One dear brother reconsecrated himself to God. As we were leaving that dark synagogue these words come to Bro. Bartner and to our mind. “The light of a can­dle shall not be seen in her.” The darkness that filled that house was a true index to the darkness and death that reigns in all the Babylonish habitation of devils.

The next night we read and ex­pounded the present awful truth in prophesy and revelation, about two hours and fifteen minutes, in the Jefferson Union meeting house four miles east of Albion. The night was very bad but a number of the little ones came from Albion.

November 24. — Companion started eastward, and Bro. Chas. Bortner accompanied us to


The first day we stopped with Bro. E. B. Bell at Cyracuse, Ind Found him and companions well and saved. Bro. B is much in the Spirit. That night we heard a Dunkart minister preach. He delivered quite a good sermon, but talked much about what was necessary to insure us salvation when we come to leave the shores of mortality, and seemed to pass by the salvation that is just now in Christ Jesus for the elect with eternal glory. We were very thankful for the privilege of de­livering a few words of testimony to present a full salvation. Praise God we see that Bro. Bell’s testimony by word and deed is telling in that place. We felt a desire to return and hold a meeting there. The next day we went on to Eel River, found a few stand­ing on the rock and washed in the blood of Christ. Spoke at Eel Rivera few times; one night at Roann, and one night at Stoekdale With the exception of the latter place, we had few more to preaeh to than the few faithful ones. As the weather and roads were un­favorable and the appointments but little circulated, yet we en­joyed this visit very much, and came away with much cause for gratitude, for the kindness of these faithful and tried ones. May the Lord bless them.





Arcola, Allen Co., Indiana,

December 14.

Dear Bro. Warner. — Enclosed find $2 for press, or for whatever

no part rows

Trumpet, and find myself led and strengthened by it, although I lave not experienced the second grace. I greatly desire to be fully blessed, I have read the “Bible Proofs,” it is a good book, and shows clear and unmistakable evidence from the Bible of a define and higher experience. It also corresponds with the longings of the heart. for a more perfect cleansing after pardon.

Ricky Felger.


Kalkaska, Mich., Nov. 22.

Dear Bro. Warner. — Grace be with you, and peace from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord blesses keeps and helps me in standing for his truth. 1 am standing alone here out of sects; but others are getting light and in time will come out of Babylon. Yours in the truth,

J. R. Richardson.



Will see by our advertisement that we have embarked in the Job Printing work. We had quite a lot of job stock that was bringing us nothing and after much prayer to God for His guidance, we concluded to pur­chase a Job Press, and some additional material. We are now prepared for all kinds of Job, Tract, Phamphlet and Poster work. We have traded our hand press off, and expect to get the press work of the paper done elsewhere, until we can get a paper press. Please help us by sending anything and everything you have or can get in our line of work. The kind provi­dence of God has provided us a first-class printer in all kinds of work.


Please excuse the add-ish appearance of the Trumpet this issue.




A good many mistakes occur on the outside of this paper. The kind providence of God having now sent us a good printer — please all pray for his salvation — we hope to do clean work hereafter. In the head of the journal “Northern Ohio” should read Northern Indiana. Next to the last item of the report of the Stationing Committee “Gays” should be Coys.


Bro. Dolan in the Sword devotes an entire editorial to the adventist sect. We think he does them justice hence quote his article in full for our readers, here it is.

“The Advents are one of the meanest little sects under heaven.”

All “habitations of devils’ are essentially mean, and there is a sense in which the best sects are the worst. That is the more they seem to be Gospel, the better they can deceive. But this is not the cause of Bro. Dolan’s discription of Adventists, but it is father because there is not one vital saving point in all the distinguishing character­istics of the Adventists. Ab­out the only points that dis­tinguish them from other Sects in general, is their curse of the Law, and their no soul heathenism. It were difficult indeed for the devil to invent a sect on meaner specialties. He tried it

no part rows

… but then he had not the face to rest it upon the bible, but set his servant Jo. Smith to dig up some­thing else.



It cuts better and better, May the Lord continue to send Bro. Dolan hundreds of subscribers. God bless the Sword We rejoice in its prosperity, and in its cutting and slashing upon the works of the devil. Send to Wash­ington D. C. Price 25 cents.



On most all points of pre­sent needed reform and radi­calness is true to its title. We can recommend that paper to our readers as good solid food. God bless Bro. Sims. Send for the Radical, Galt, Ontario.


Alluding to the Sword of the Spirit which is the word of God, the Vanguard, says “a sword cannot he used for the purpose of whitewashing.” That is true, but a sword is an excellent thing to knock off old whitewash scale.



The true saints of God have begun a protracted meeting in Bucyrus, Ohio. God is with them in power. We expect to assist them. Come and help us.

Page 4


of the proceedings of the Sixth – and we hope last — Eldership Meeting of the Churches of God in Northern Ohio.

A synopsis of these proceed­ings were sent to us, with a re­quest to publish, and privilege to criticize the same, if not accor­ding to the Scriptures. Out of love and sympathy for those dear brethren, for with few exceptions we hold them as such, who are yet entangled in the rudiments of Babylon, we publish the real points of business.

Eldership met at Yellow Lake Bethel, Indiana, October 25, 1832, and lasted two days.

Elder J. S. Shock was elected speaker, and N. W. Fuller clerk.

Stationing Committee: J. Mar­tin, E. Crouse, W. Maggert. L. Hartoong and J. Low.

Their report was as follows: Beaver Dam, Hans S. House.

Yellow Lake and Grove Chapel, to be served by B. F. Bear.

Lake Centre, Collins and Pot­ters Station — J. Ray.

Cedar Creek and Garrett City –  J. S. Shock.

Haw Patch and Fredericks — I. W. Lowman and J. S. Shock. Cays — J. Martin and J. Metz. Albion — J. Gunder.


Bro. J. Tucker, was re-elected Treasurer.

On motion the name of this body was changed to the Eldership of the Churches of God in Northern Indiana.

It was agreed that the next Eldership meeting be held at Beaver Dam, Kosciusko County, Indiana, commencing on Satur­day before the first full moon in October 1883.

no part rows

to dispose of any matter arising during the year.

A debt of $15 with $6.50 in­terest, was found remaining against the body, which was raised J. S. Shock agreeing to pay the interest.

Sister S. B. Kuffel sends in her report to this body and requests a withdrawal from the same which was granted. This is about the only item of business in the whole minutes that can be recor­ded directly to the glory of God; the rest we publish as Paul says by permission.

The following question was asked the speaker, “What is the name of this body?” After due time for consideration the follow­ing reply was made.

On examining the practice of the Apostles and primitive Christ­ians, we find that the Apostles, Elders and Brethren with the whole Church at any given place, met officially for deliberation &c. they also ordained Elders in every’ Church. The Apostle calls a meeting of this kind Presbytery which when translated is Eldership. The German Bible has this passage Eldesten (Eldership) therefore in-as-much as we are in Apostolic order, viz: The Elders and Brethern with the whole Church at Yellow Lake, it is in keeping with Apostolic usage to name this body Eldership.

Here we offer the following re­strictions.

1. The German word Eldesten is not correctly rendered by Elder­ship, but by Elders. The German for Eldership is Eldersheif but Eldesten means simply Elders.

2. The word Presbytery means Elders, and may also be rendered Eldership, which means the same thing as the Editorship of Ohio, simply denotes the Editors in Ohio. Therefore the eldership of any city, district or state, is simply the Elders in that city, district or state.

It will be seen by reading the above minutes, with Bro. Shock’s opposition, that the word Elder­ship is there used, first to denote an organized body. Second, to denote a general meeting of that body. Now, we say in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that there is not one passage, in the New Testament to warrant either of those uses. The only place you find the word Presbytery, which we admit may be rendered Eldership is 1 Tim. 4:14.

“Neglect not the gift That is in thee, which was given thee by prophesy, with the laying on of the hands of the Presbytery.

Now, this was not the laying on of the hands of any organization or body, nor part of a body by the name of Eldership.

There are but two meetings recorded in the New Testament, upon which Bro. Shock basis his Eldership body. The first one was when Peter was under charges for going into the house of Cornelius and eating with him. See Acts II. The second that to settle the Judaic question with Paul and Barnabas, Acts XV.

Now it was after this last meet­ing that Paul found Timothy at Derby. — See Acts 15:36, 16:1.

And the laying of the hands of the Eldership upon Timothy was simply that of Paul’s hands. — 2 Tim. 1:6.

Joined doubtless by the Elders of the Church at Derby. How then can the case of Timothies ordination prove an Eldership body when Timothy never saw such a body nor any of its meetings. Neither did Paul, Peter, or any other saint of the Bible, or Jesus Christ himself, nor is there any body taught or sanctioned in the New Testament but the body of Christ which is his Church the fullness of him that filleth all i.. all. Therefore we say and no

no part rows

never denoted an organized body, and is only so missconstrued as an apology for the work of men’s own hands. The Eldership of the Church of God in Northern Indiana, or any where else, is not according to the word of God, an organized body, but only members of the body of Christ, endued with the requisite gifts, and by the spirit made overseers in the flock of God in their midst. And the meetings referred to at Jerusalem were not Eldership meet­ings, but simply meetings of saints or members of the body of Christ, in which, as it was meet, the Apostles and Elders took a lead­ing part. They were not official meetings put Holy Spirit meet­ings. They were not for the transaction of business but to fast and pray, consult the word, and look to God, to be led of the Spirit into all truth, all the mind of Christ. The questions decided arose from the fact that the New Testament had not yet been finished, and what had been written was hot generally known and read as in our age of printed multiplied copies. At the meet­ings recorded at Jerusalem each decission was made by the Holy Spirit, and simply concurred in by the saints. In the above journal nothing at all seems to have been known about what seemed good to the Holy Spirit.

Bro. S. finds two things upon which to base the Northern Indiana Eldership body.

1. Presbytery.

2. They ordained Elders in every city.

He asserts that such meetings as we have recorded in Acts II and XV, the Apostle called Eldership, and cites the ordination of Timothy as proof, when Timothy never attended any of those assemblies, much less the meeting of any Eldership body. Again what use can Bro. Shock make of the statement that they ordained Elders in every city. Would he have us think they held official organic Eldership meetings in every city? or were those Elders ordained in one “official’’ meeting of the Eldership body? He knows that neither is correct; but the Apostles and Elders present, simply acknowledged by the laying on of hands, and the invoca­tion of a special gift those whom the Holy Spirit had made Over­seers or Elders in every city when they visited the Church. Hence neither their Ordination nor that of Timothy furnish the slightest shadow or proof, pretext, prece­dents or authority fur such a sect corporation as Bro. Shock is hunt­ing a name for and to so use them as a pervertion of the word of God; and reminds us of the priests of Babylon in desperate search for scripture to sustain infant sprinkling, sects, and such like devices of the dark age. The primitive saints met to worship God and receive such directions at the spirit gave them; and they ordained Elders in every city but they organized no Eldership bodies in any city or province.

Again we protest against the confusion of calling a corporation Eldership – which only means Elders — when it is largely composed of men and women who are not Elders, It is not an Elder-ship at all but only a Sect ship, rather a small Sect-boat, or to be still more accurate a large Elder– canoe, of which two preachers whom we will not name constitute the pith ends, and one of them we are informed by a venerable min­ister, is becoming rather unsound and dangerous from the doctrine of universal restorationism, or the age to come delusion. However, there is no danger of this bark sinking, but it is certain to be up­turned by the truth of God, and drifted off to the regions of moles and bats, to molder with all the … that have … … out in

no part rows

derision of this organization be­cause it is small, for the Lord knows that we are willing to stand with a half-dozen men, yea, with Christ alone against all the world when conscious of being right. But we must say that the Church our plessled redeemer saved, with his own precious blood, is so dear to our heart, because it is Christs own body, that when men talk of another body, it is like a spear thrust in our side. We write in love to God, and with a knowledge of the fact that his Church is perfectly practical without the formation of any other body, and with the unavoidable conviction that the formation of any ecclesiastical body, that is hot identical with the body of Christ is a rival of the body of Christ in the way of Christ, and necessarily anti-christ. If the Elders and Apostles and Primitive Churches, were. under no necessity of organizing provin­cial bodies, meeting officially every year, and transacting a routeen of business, we ask, in the name of Christ why must we go through such endless tinkering, re­solving, fussing, scheming, framing up one year and tearing down next, and all this sickening children’s playhouse business? O Lord how sickening to one who has learned our freedom in the Gospel and sufficiency, in Christ. To answer our own question, we must say in truth that all sects, creeds, eldership bodies, human systems and corporations, with all legislating, grow out of carnality, and a Babylonish education. Even whem the true Church is clearly preached, unsanctified hearts hanker after something else, something that they can build to make themselves a name. For by laboring only to lead people into the body of Christ and under his government, brinks glory to Christ alone, and rears no monument upon which to carve our own name for future generations to read and adore.

Glory to God, being dead to the world and alive to God, we are satisfied with that body, the Church of which Christ is the only head, and in which “It is God that worketh all things in all,” to the praise of his name.

Wholly sanctified souls may however, not grasp the truth at once, that Christ the head over all things to the Church, is able to manage her with out our devices. Is able to send such preachers as he chooses, as often as he sees best, or, make all things work to­gether for good to the Church, a whole year without the use of any other but home talent, and likewise manage his preachers to the best interests of their souls, and the highest utility of their powers.

Also some of the brethern who attended the above meeting, did so with a view to cooperate with the body of Christ, but to protest against the Eldership body.

Elder J. Martin remarked to us that he wanted this rival body abolished, that Christ may be all in all.

Elder Bell only took part to help get the superfluous body out of the way.

Brother G. Guilder, appointed in the minutes to Albion, is no member of the organization, and protested against receiving an appointment from the same.

Now while we expressed a hope that this should be the last meet­ing of the Eldership, — the human organism — of the Churches of God in Northern Indiana, we hope there may be many soul saving meetings of the Churches themselves. Not in the name of a humanly framed body, but in the name of Christ, and we also cherish the hope of meeting with them often to enjoy each others society, to labor for each others good, and the salvation of ..ouls. Amen.

no part rows

any example of the Apostles for another body besides the body of Christ. The election of Chair­man and Clerk to preside over its meetings, the requirement of all its ministers to make annual reports to the same. – Or if you can point but in the New Testament, any work, or duty, that cannot be performed on the Gospel plan of the co-operation of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, and members of the body as organized by God him­self, then we shall pronounce the Holy ‘Spirit organization a failure, and be ready to join and cooperate with any other organ­ization that meets the deficiency. Now remember that the columns of the Gospel Trumpet shall be open continually for the proofs of the above points, but until they are forthcoming you may expect us to cooperate with all Christ­ians simply as members of the Church of God, and ignore every other body.






Visions of Glory and Captures of Joy in the Land of Eternal Day.

With some Waymarks to the



By an Aged Resident of the Land.


Price, 5 Cents. Twelve for 50

Cents, or Twenty five for $1.

Order from this Office.



Church of the Living God,






9:30 a. m. – Bible school.

10:30 a. m. – Preaching and salvation service.

3:30 p. m. – Prayer, Testimony, and altar service.

7 p. m. — Preaching and Salvation service.



7 p’ m.

The above only gives the general or­der of the various weekly meetings, all of which are wholly led by the HOLY SPIRIT as He will.





Instances of the




A book of 124 pages containing a number of the most rich and interesting experiences of the wonderful


Some of the witnesses show signs of not having entirely thrown off Sectarian education, but every: one of them give an account of God’s wonderful deliverance, that will da you good to read.

no part rows

much good by … for this work. and loan it to him, besides you can do us good by sending the price of one.

25 cents each, or, Six for $1,00.







Second Work

Of Grace


Great Battle of Gog and Magog.

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Excellent Cloth Bind 493 pages.

Price … $ 1.25




Will be held near Payne Paulding, County Ohio, commencing December 23, and continuing over the Holidays. We are invited and will go if the Lord will. All wishing to have their souls blessed will do welt to go there. providing they are willing, to walk in the light of God. Every­body is invited. Address, A. J. Kilpatrick, Payne Paulding, Co. Ohio.



four years crusade



Giving startling facts and figu­res, interesting letters and state merits of good done, with sixty reasons why no one should use the deadly weed.. To which is added a brief account of souls reached by the circulation of sal­vation books and tracts, by

Albert Sims

Editor of the

Radical Christian,


Price 5 cents each, or, 50 cents per dozen.

A liberal discount on large quantities.


The following persons should send for this pamphlet.

1. Every reader of the Radical Christian.

2. Every user and vendor of tobacco.

3. All who are interested in

no part rows

some encouragement and direc­tion in their efforts to save the victims of tobacco.

5. Those who want to find out what can be done by personal dilligent effort.

6. Those who feel they need something to stir them up to determined earnestness.

Those who are longing to find out a cure for the tobacco appetite.

8. Those who work against this evil, on the salvation line.

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Galt, Ont.,

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