15 February 1883, Volume 5, Number 17.

The Gospel Trumpet




Edited and Published in name in the Lord Jesus Christ, by


J. C. Fisher. Corresponding editor.



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Object – The glory of God in Salvation of men from all sin, and the union of all saints upon the Bible.

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We send this paper, for a season, to many who have not subscriber for it. Fear not to take it out of the office, it shall not cost you any thing until you are led of the Lord and your own free will to support it. Please let us hear from you as soon as you shall have made up your mind for or against the paper.



We are about to set up the ..ames on our book for the use of ..nailer, and we think it probable ..hat we have the names of persons ..at are not interested in the ..aper, who do not read it, and who allow it to come on simply because they neglect to write to ..s in reference to it. Now all ..uch we would earnestly request ..o let us hear from you at once. We can find thousands of persons who will welcome, read, and thank God for the food we send out. ..nd be much benefitted thereby, hence we do not wish to send the paper to persons who have deci..led to reject its teachings. Please let us bear from you at once before we go to the trouble of setting up your name.


The Lord willing we shall be … Bangor, Mich., assisting Bro. Fisher when this shall reach you. Pray for us and the great work of God there.

Now we appear unto you again in another form, as it is said of our Savior, after his resurrection. We found it inpracticable to issue eight pages every two weeks, so we had a chase cut out to the utmost capacity of our press and send you this five column (considerable longer then the last four columns which we hope to do every two weeks, until the Lord shall be pleased to furnish a larger press. The paper is more than half the old size, and we put it at 30 cts. per year. Let all who know and love the truth and salvation that is in Christ Jesus, work and pray on. We are very thankful indeed for the kind co-operation, prayers, sympathies, and help of God’s dear saints in the past. The Lord bless you all. Amen!


Over a year ago we announced to our patrons that we would not promises 24 papers in twelve months, but would issue as oft as the Lord sent us the means, and call 24 numbers a year however many mouths it might require to publish them. We should have repeated that explanation occasionally, as some of our late subscribers doubtless thought it strange that we did not greet them more regularly, but it has been overlooked. We have done the best we could and hope to do better ere long.



We received the following note from Elder L. W. Lowman, which explains his relation to the Northern Indiana Eldership of the Churches of God. His withdrawal was not noted in the Journal, and unknown to us, he says, “I publicly withdrew from that sect at its last meeting, and told them not to use me or my name in any way. Why did they not so represent me in the Journal. Will you please make the correction in your next paper. I bless God that you let light on Bro. Shock’s position. I knew he was deceiving the people. Your brother in Christ.

I. W. Lowman.



By F. H. Sumpter.

Dear Bro. Warner — So far as I know we have never seen each other face to face, but I have heard of you often, and perhaps you have seen my name many times in the Good Way.

I have been for thirteen years a member, and five years a preacher in the M. E. C. South. About fifteen months ago I withdrew from the travelling connection and entered the holiness work, in which I have engaged ever since. About three months ago I felt it my duty to withdraw from the sect which I did, and have joined no other our do I feel led of God to do so.

I have blessed liberty and success, over three hundred souls have been saved in my meetings. Now I feel that I am all that God wants me to be as a member of His own Church. I have never read in the Bible where any men or sect of men ever organized the Church. I believe when a man is converted he is in the visible Church of God.

I am now engaged in a meeting here at Woodville, Macom Co., Mo. Wife and I labor together in the Lord’s vineyard. We have been here over a week. Twelve have been sanctified, and twenty, five or thirty are seeking. Your Bro. in Christ.

Woodville, Mo., Dec. 21.


Near Sulphur Springs, Ohio,

January 28, 1883.

Dear Bro. Warner: — We rejoice to hear that the cause of Christ is still prospering in other places as well as with us, and that some are still wiling to receive the ’Word of God’. We have been holding prayer and testimony meetings among the Brethren at this place during the past two weeks. The Lord has been with us. The meeting closed today and we believe there were souls born “of God”. Six of these have already plunged into she Fountain of cleansing, and now claim Christ as their complete Savior. How glad we are to see those just delivered from Egyptian bondage march straight on to the nearest crossing of the jordon and by faith take posession of the land of Canaan glory be to God for ever!

We take the Gospel Trumpet and would be glad to see it come oftener and in alarger form: it always encourages us. My testimony, this evening is The bloob, of Jesus cleanses me from all sin.

May the Holy Ghost continue to lead you in the way of all truth. Amen.

WJ. James.






Study yourself. Find out what your own organization demands, obey the law thereof, and you will no more be sick,

A voracious appetite is a rampant devil. Where one person dies from the use of ardent spirits ten die from gluttony.

Our habits are our virtue or our vices.

No man has a good brain whose stomach is not good.

Nature sits on her throne and rewards the obedient, and sooner or later avenges herself on the disobedient.

Live such a noble life that death shall only be a transition from this world to another.

At middle life we should reach a grand esplanade, where in full vigor and possession of all our faculties, we could look forward to the Dectable Land and think what a grand thing it is to live.

Gluttons are not made from those who eat large and unfrequent meals, but from those who eat frequently.

Principles are stepping stones.

Health is wealth, wealth is well being, well being is work, work is worship, warship is divine.

To cure voracity of appetite eat one thing.

There are no two substances known that can furnish better substance to the body and brain then whole wheat unleavened bread, and cow’s milk.

No man who cats salt has a natural taste, it spoils the nerves of taste.

The divine way of doing things is not to hurry.

The decaying processes are swift, the upbuilding ones comparatively slew. Sick people cannot get well in a hurry. Be easy.

All disease is nature’s to get one back to normal conditions.

Take up a conviction and inaugurate it in your conduct of life.

We should feel ashamed if our spirits are not matters of our bodies.

On matters of life pertaining to health, there is at present no conscience with the people, but there should be one, and you and I ought to help create it.


Bangor, Mich.

Blow the Trumpet in Zion, sound an alarm on my holy mountain, for the hands of the saints are up. The Lord gives the victory. Praise Lord for ever for he worketh mightly. He is delivering souls from the pit of sin, and daily adding to the church as are being saved. There were four souls sanctified yesterday; four sanctified and three converted last week. Had a glorious meeting last night, several hands went up for prayers. Babylon trembles for fear of her loss. God is wonderfully blessing His saints and leading them on to victory everywhere. Pray for us. May God bless you all. Your redeemed and sanctified bro.

J. C. Fisher.



“Bible Answers to Questions on Holiness.” by Albert Sims, Galt, Ont. Price Two Cents each, 20 cts. per. dozen. They will do good, send for, read and give to your friends.

Page 2


We take the following extract from the Morning Star. It will serve to show how Babylon has “made all nation’s drank with the wine of the wrath of her fornification.”

“We may become aroused to the exceeding sinfulness of sin, and behold the wickedness or hypocrisy of the church, and ponder upon the grave sins, and dire inconsistencies that have crept within its folds, until we become impressed with the idea that the church is a hot-bed of corruption. Or we may witness the wire-pulling for official petitions by the unconverted, and behold the religious liberties of true saints throttled by unholy members, and they who would be true brought to serve unsanctified ends; having been brought under the influence and control of the unholy and selfish; who, because of their money, their stratagem, or the position of a more worthy companion, have been placed at the gates of influence! We may dwell upon these wrongs until the whole church may seem like a nauseous combination of all that is vile, which has been spewed out of the favor of God; then we become ready to go off in another extreme, and cry out against all church organization, and call it of the devil — thus some have made a hobby of this, and gone out to battle against a divinely ordained institution.”

The writer gives us here a very striking picture of the vileness of the modern worldly corporations, missnamed Churches, and then calls them a “divinely ordained institution,” and deplore the fact that some have, as he supposes, wildly imagined it their duty to denounce organizations of their character as of the devil

Now for the honor and glory of God’s holy name, we insist that every reader sober off a moment from the wine of sect education and let God speak. In the name of Christ the holy son of God, let no man ever again identify fraternities of such detestable character with God’s church. When will men divest themselves of their supersticious ignorance, and learn to clasify men and societies by their real character. What absolute blindness to denominate a “hot bed of corruption,” a “divine institution,” simply because by the devil’s instigation it is called a church. Should we not leant that it is the quality and not the name of an organization that decides what it is. Is a “hot bed of corruption” God’s church, God’s tabernacle, God’s temple? Does the holy God create and dwell in such a place? Since like preduces like is not every “hot bed of corruption,” the work of the devil the father of corruption? Is it not proper to call a thing of the devil when it bears the marks of the devil?

When will men get far enough out of the shadows of mother Rome, to clasify things by their real moral quality. The same plea that the old bloody catholic anti-christ used to hold her enslaved subjects to her control, and in superstitious reverence for her in all her wickedness, is used by her protestent daughters Namely: We must be loyal to the church for the church is a divine institution. Now we say fearless of contradiction that any church loyalty that it not simply and directly loyal to God, according to the direction of His word and Spirit, is a deception and a snare imposed by the devil. In this remark we do not intend to ignore the fact that God uses men to teach, apply and enforce His word, but these hare no authority of themselves, no power to demand submission except as they represent the truth, in which case, submission is not loyalty to them but to God, whose word they hold up. O let us cast down dark age superstitions, and let us open out Bible and read for ourself what ths church is. “And gave him (Christ) to be the head over all things to the church, which is His body, the fullness of Him that filleth all in all.” — Eph. I. 22:23. Here is plain truth and it is corroborated all through the Bible. The church is composed of men and women who have been inducted into Christ, and we read that “he that abideth in Christ sinneth not.” Then be it known that God’s church is not made up of a herd of sinners, a nauseous combination of all that is vile, “but the Lord added to the church daily such as were being saved.” Every member is added by salvation, and of course is only a member while he retains salvation “for every brunch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away.” Christ declared that no man could be his disciple unless be would “deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Him.” Hence they who are for self, ‘wire-pulling for official positions’ are not disciples at all, belong to the devils kingdom and not to the church. The church is everywhere described us a “holy people,” a “peculiar people zealous of good works,” therefore it is a rile slander upon God to charge upon His family as under control of “unholy men,” who “throttle those who would be true, and compel them to subserve unsanctified end.” Not only does the uniform character isties of the church, as set forth in the Bible for ever exclude all such rubbish as described above, but the very word church itself shows that it is a gross imposition on the Son of God to call such worldly elements His church. The word church is from Ecklesia its roots are Ek — out of, and Kaleo — to call, the word therefore as applied to God’s family denotes such as have been called out of the world, and as Christ said “are not of the world but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore ye are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.” How does this comport with the above description of the unholy and selfish, who because of their money, their stratagem have been placed at the gates of influence in the church. Now we say in all candor that any such a description of the church slanders her founder, belies the bible, and renders the sacrifice which Christ has paid for a holy church of non-effect.

Remember once more that the church is the body of Christ, and all her members being set into the body by God himself, and tempered together by Him in a visible organization, is wholly composed of true christians, and that all who possess that character in any town or community constitute the church in that place, and all the selfish, ungodly, proud and religions are not in the church, not of the body of Christ, but are of the devil and his kingdom. This whole question now at issue, resolves itself into this, i. e., who will place the dividing line between the church and the world where the bible does, and “leave out the court” of the ungodily, or, who for the friendship of Babylon will count in all the church labelled chaff of the devils kingdom. Or in other words who is true to the bible and who is not.



Dear Bro. Warner — I am happy in the knowledge of the fact that the blood is applied, and the light and love of God thrills my whole being, bless God. Just returned from Albion had good meetings. Friday and Saturday at Albion, but the sect devil got stirred up and would not let us have the Lutheran house on Sabbath. So we went out to Bro. Bortners and had meeting at his house. Began on Sabbath at 10 A. M., and scarcely closed until two o’clock next morning. Just stopped long enough to take some food in the evening, and then went to Jefferson Union Bethel where the watch meeting had been announced. Glory to God he gave us victory and a good meeting, despite Babylons rage. One man drunk on the wine of her fornication, tried to disturbe us, said we were acting the fool, and tried to laugh, but I think he will not try it very soon again. The Lord made it so hot for him that he had to leave. Praise the Lord. Quite a number of the brethern were present. Bro. and Sister Bell, Bro. and Sister McCurdy, and there were eight of the little ones from here All were strengthened. On Saturday and on Monday we held services in the County Poor House, which were appreciated very much. God bless you forever. Amen!

Thos. H. Low.



By Melvina Jaquirh.

I feet that God wants me to declare what the Lord has done for my soul. He has given me a bright evidence of my sanctification. O praise God? The joy I received was wonderful. My heart was sad and lonely because of the death of my companion, with other grievous trials at that time. I kneeled before God and asked him to sanctify me wholly Praise the Lord! he granted my request. But after some time my heart seemed still larking and lonely, when I asked God to give me a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit and witness of the Spirit that fully sanctified. Truly that prayer was answered, my heart was filled unutterably full of the love of God. Glory hallelujah to the Lamb! We are not kept by membership in any denomination but by the power of God through faitn unto salvation, ready to be revealed at the last day, sealed unto redemption. I can thank God and rejoice in tribulation, for I know that all things work together for good to me. I feel my fathers guiding hand. I praise God for the TRUMPET, especially because It goes against sectism and secretism. I feel that God is now calling His children out of Babylon pens. May the Lord help us to lead out as many as possible, lest they partake of her sins and receive of her plagues, and that they may shun the very appearance of evil. Yours in Christ.

Maple Rapids, Mich.


Bellefontain, O.

I praise God for the holy unction continually pouring into my soul, which leads, teaches, and saves me from all sects. Glory to God there is nothing I withhold from the Lord, and bless God he withholds no good thing from me. The GOSPEL TRUMPET was read in our meeting last Monday night and God used it to give us light and strength. Praise His holy name. Your sister in Christ.

T Stewart.



The difference between sectarians and Christianity is seen in the fact that men are sectarians, long before they are Christians. They have their theories, their doctrines and their ideas of religious forms and ceremonies, before they know any thing of the grace of Christ, or of the salvation of God; Hence, when they one to Christ they do not come at disciples, to learn the way of life and peace, but they come to him as persons who have already made up their minds as to may matters pertaining to churches and denominations and who … seek to have their religious education completed by a persons! acquaintance with the Lord through the Holy Spirit.

And so when people have lost all apparent interest in matters of personal religion they still retain their interest in the sectarian issues and opinions which they have embraced; and frequently will argue and dispute and strive, when they have ceased to worship or to pray. And when reclaimed from their wanderings or fished up from every slum and brought back to serve the Lord, one of the first difficulties that is encountered is the sectarian tendency which remains with them and which causes them to be contentious and quarrelsome, and disturb the unity and fellowship of the children of the Lord. If the lesson of religion righteousness truth and obedience could be taught in the first place and the sectarian quibbles and quarrels laid aside for the unity of Christian love surely me might expert results that would be more to the honor of God and more to the good of mankind.

The Christian.



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I storm the gate of strife,
I force my passage through:
And all intent on endless life.
The narrow way pursue.
I leave the world behind,
After my Lord to go,
Renouncing with a steadfastinind.
Its pride and pomp and show.

I take the narrow way,
I take the narrow way.
With the resolute few who dare go through
I take the narrow way.

My Father is a God.
My heritage a throne:
And shall I herd with fashion’s brood,
Or put her baubles on?
The tiucelry of earth.
The trapplugs of its pride,
Unwortly of my heavenly birth.
I spurn them all adde.

No cumb’rous garb I wear,
My progress to impede;
My pilgrim robe, divinely fair,
Is fashioned all for speed.
I cannot slack my pace.
For earth’s fantastic show:
For like a flint I’ve set my fare
That I’ll to Zion go.

Let Fashion’s maniac throng.
Held senselves by her spell.
In idiot frenzy daure along.
And swarm the road to hell.
Ye gaudy, fluttering crew,
In vain you emile or frown;
I cannot stop your toys to view;
I’m running for a crown.

I seem to tread in air,
I seem to walk with wings,
As toward my heavenly mansion fair
My soul exultant springs.
Right through this world of sin,
Its frantic cares and strife;
Its Babel roar and dust and din,
I rush to endless life.



As Micah and his surroundings represent the present time, so he prophecies of these times. Chap. 11. 8:11, describes sect apostacy, and verse 12-13, shows the escape out of her by the standing up of the present day Micah’s, fur the children of thy people,” who “shall be delivered every one of them that are written in the book.

Now let us follow the latter- day Micahs into Revelations XII:1 12, and there was war in heaven; Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels prevailed not, neither was there a place found any more in heaven. And the grout dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the devil, and Satan which deceived the whole world.” The heavens here referred to is the ecclesiastic heaven, or the church, for the place of their dragon operations is the whole world,” “He was cast out into the earth,” — the “earthly,” enters more fully into sinners, and who does not know that few seem to be in the reach of repentence any more. As soon as the old serpent the devil is cast out then John “heard a loud voice saying in heaven — the church. — Now is come salvation and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ, for the accuser of our brethern is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.” This shows clearly that the heaven from whence Satan was cast out was in this world, for Satan is not present to accuse God’s people in heaven above, neither is there any night there. This is a clear prediction of the latter-day purification or God’s church, which is followed by salvation and power. God can use the church after the pure gospel has killed out, or driven out all sinners. Now observe in the next verse how the dragon is driven out, — “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.” This locales this war between Michael and the “old serpent,” right here in this probationary state, and identifies it witn the holiness crisis, for it is here that the blood was shed in this world, and it is here that it availes for us, and it delivers as from the devil by cleansing us from all his works and that too upon the condition of a consecration which includes the very life, just as soon as men enter the light of entire sanctication they begin to appreciate the above text, and everywhere it is used by holiness teachers in instructing men how to enter the land of perfect holiness; they insist that you must overcome through the blood of the Lamb and by the word of your testimony, and consecrate your very life, and yet these same teachers say you must remain in the folds that are largely filled and controled by the dragon. Whereas the connection shows that this sanctification by the blood of the Lamb, produces separations, and a pure holy church, and this is best done by the saints coming out of Babylon and acknowledging, and adhering in the Church of the First Born, where Satan cannot enter; hence coming out of ssetism is really casting out the dragon the devil, because it is perfect deliverance from his power and seal of government. Glory to God! “now is come salvation,” shouts the happy soul when the Babylon yoke is thrown off through the blood of the Lamb, and any professors of entire cleansing that does not take us out from the dragon of sect authority falls far short of the bible standard. Praise God his blood washed saints are fast finding not what is the glory of this freedom in Christ Jesus. “Therefore rejoice ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath because he knoweth that he hath but a short time. Here as in Joel III, Nathum and Daniel, and other places this final anti- sectarian stage of the holiness tornado which overthrows Babylon, and restores a pure church, is to sweep on through the time of the end,” and is indeed God’s last campaign in this world. And now as Satan sees the separation of the chaff from the wheat under the labors of the Gospel Michas, he has great wrath because he knows that his time will soon terminate in the coming of Christ to receive his bride thus made ready, separate from Babylon and the world, and adorned as a bride for the bridegroom. — Amen.



We cannot imagine for a moment that envying strife ahd division among christians can be pleasing to God or in any way advance the growth of his kingdom. And yet we see many professed followers of Christ zealous workers in His cause, who try to excuse sectarianism and the multitudinous dvisions of the great army of christian workers on the earth. Such people say, we can’t all see alike and God never expects us to; and for this reason it is well that the body of Christ should be divided, and part should say, ”I am of Paul,” others, I am of “Apollo;” some crying one thing and some another until in this great Bable of confusion, strife envying, and bitterness, it is little wonder that skepticism and infidelity are so prevalent. It is little wonder that the lame should be turned out of the way and that many honest souls should remain unsaved-because they cannot for the life of them decide which of the multitude of so called churches (each claiming to be the true church of God) to unite with.

It is becoming a common opinion that one might as well remain unsaved as to remain out side of some one of the many wrangling striving sects flattering itself with the idea that it is the church each trying to excel others especially in the matter of numbers. They do not hesitate to number their Israel and boastfully tell of the great numbers who belong to our church Oh how can any honest true follower of Christ who loves His cause and who works for God rather than sects, imagine for one moment that God can look down from His pure and holy heaven where we all hope to meet, with any degree of approval upon these shameful dvisions these bitter envious vain glorious parties that too often bring disgrace upon His name by claiming to be his church?

What is the Church of God? It is strange to remark the confused and imperfect notions many have in regard to what the church really is. Some imagine that the building in which Christians meet is the church and though such places are called by that name they are only the places for the church itself to meet in. Many think the church is composed or those who belong to their denominations, and whose names are recorded in their church books.

But is not the true church composed of any or all who love the Lord alone; Who have the knowledge of their acceptance with God? We have God’s word for it that their names are written in the lambs book of life. Neither can their number be told by man but the Lord knoweth them that are His; and there is no danger but the life and light that; flows from the great Sun of Righteousness will reach the humblest and most obscure member of thecherished body of Christ which must necessarily be one.

How can we read that touching beautiful prayer of our Lord just previous to His death, and imagine that anything else but of perfect unity (which nothing short of perfect holiness can bring about) can be pleasing to God? When Jesus prayed: “And fo their sake I sanctify myself that they also might be sanctified by the truth:” that they all may be one: as. Thou, Father art in me and I in Thee that they also may be one in us; that the world may believe that Thou hast sent me. He means what He said, that at His followers might be made perfect in one.

Is not this one of the most glorious truths of the Bible — the perfect unity of Christ with God and of all who love Him, with Him? I in them and Thou in me that they may be made perfect in one. Oh how sweet it will be when all barriers shall be removed when every separating wall shall be levelled and all who are Christ shall not only be known of Him but of each other.

I often wonder how those who are zealous of their sects and so jealous of its interest that they hardly fellowship Christians of another denomination, expect to do so it they are so fortunate as at last to reach the home beyond the grave. I cant believe they will hear such names as Methodists Baptists, Presbyterians, and such like, there, It we remain faithful unto the end and enjoy the priceless privilege of fellowship with the saints of light in heaven, I dont believe the question will ever be asked — “to what church do you belong? But we may recall with regret the sorrow and mischief accomplished by the enemy of souls in causing the divisions and separation of Christians here on earth

Hetti L. Anderson.
Banner Of Holiness



Bro. Inskip seems to think, notwithstanding his long experience in the matter, that holiness can be “successfully taught in and by the churches.”

But what are the facts! They are these. A sort of amalgamation holiness” is barely tolerated and touched with the end of the finger in some of the “best churches;’’ but whenever a few honest souls are led by the Lord — even measurably — into “holiness,” (which has no compromise in it,) there is war in the camp — they get “cast out of the synagogue.” And Lord Inskip stands “afar off, peeping at them over his eyeglasses, pronouncing it a case of, fanaticism.” Out on such namby-pamby sickly milk and water, delusive “chaff work. The word of God cuts right straight through all such abominable sham talk? No true soul under heaven can remain in a compromising “church”? “What fellow-chip hath righteousness with unrightcousness?” “We move that these blind “holiness” leaders be put into a Bible class” immediately and that some “ignorant and unlearned” man who hath received the gift of the Holy Ghost” be appointed to teach them: that is, if their holiness can’t he persuaded to consent to such a wise arrangement.

The Sword



It don’t pay to hang one citizen because another sells him liquor. It don’t pay to have one citizen in the lunatic asylum because another sells him liquor. It dont pay to have fifty workmen ragged to have one saloon keeper dressed in broadcloth and flush with money. It don’t pay to have smart active intelligent boys transformed into drunkards to enable one man to lead an easy life thy setting them liquor. It dont pay to have fifty workmen and their families live on soup bones and half rations in order that one saloon keeper may flourish on roast turkey and champaigne. It dont pay to have thousands of home blasted, ruined, defiled and turned into a hell of discord and misery in order that one liquor seller may amass a large fortune It dont pay to give a man for one hundred dollars a license to sell liquor, and then spend five hundred dollars on a trial of another man for buying this liquor and committing murder under its influance – The Sword

NOTWITHSTANDING the assertions of a great “holiness editor to the contrary, no true holiness” man has ever sought “an alliance” with compromises nor an affiliation with daubers with untempered mortar. “Nor have “God’s elect” any disposition or inclination so to do for they are satisfied with JESUS ONLY. — The Sword

The battle is waxing hot. Let it wax. “They compassed me about; but in the name of the Lord I will destroy them.” He who plants his feet upon the unfailing word of God will come out ahead every time, though he be for a season, if necessary as friendless at Job on the dung hill. Hallelujah.

The Sword,

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Church of the Living God,




9:30 a. m. — Bible school.

10:30 a. m. — Preaching, and salvation service.

1:30 p. m. — Prayer, Testimony, and altar service.

7 p. m. – Preaching and Salvation service.



7 p.m.

The above only gives general order of the various Weekly meetings, all of which are wholly lest by the HOLY SPIRIT as He will.




While at the Irwin. Ill., camp meeting. Bro. Morgan of Clinton, Ind., came there. We had no sooner met then I saw the dear bro. had reached an experience of spiritual freedom I had never before seen in him. He had just been at the Comargo. Ill., camp meeting and God had wonderfully blest him in standing u.. for the truth, before all the sectarian evangalists. But the poor victim of satans snare, scarcely dreaming that he was living in the latter-days of eminent deception, fell right under Obenshain’s serpentine power. He soon began to manifest a wildness, and knowing that I had no fellowship with O, he rapidly grew enstranged from me. I saw the slimy pit into which he was fallen, but was not able to approach him. We left, before the meeting closed and never heard of Morgan until this winter, when to our astonishment we received a letter from a sister in Ill., relating her great trials in which Bro. M, came to light again in this wise. The sister was a widow, had a blessed good experience in Christ, and God has given her good talents to work in his vineyard. Her eyes were blind to the real character of Obenshain, and she was in a moderate degree under the power of his false and subtile spirit. With the bible literally ruled out of the meeting, and fanaticism predominent, the devil had a good chance to whisper most anything under the garb of God’s spirit. The result was a hasty marriage was entered into by Bro. Morgan and the sister referred to. She took him to her home and for a little while the blessing of confugal love and happiness seemed to smile upon them. But soon be began to talk in favor of the anti-matrimonial free-loverism of Obenshain and his followers. He talked as if he had not taken upon himself the solemn vows of patrimony, and that he only lowed her as a sister. He concluded that God had chosen him for his service, and did not want him to work with his hands. So the poor disappointed woman had to manage and labor for both his and her maintainence. He treat he her as a stranger, and talked constantly of Obenshain and his gang, wanted so much to etc them. The poor woman was so tried by his strange conduct that she finally lost the peace of God out of her heart, and very nearly lost her mind. He heard of a meeting to be held by Obenshain and now for the first time he went to work a few days and earned some money to pay expenses, to that meeting, and on Saturday morning, October 28, he packed most of his clothes and stirred off. She asked when he would return but received no satisfaction. “I asked him when he would write, he said? If I write you will get it. He has never written a word and that is eight weeks ago.” The woman has written to his parents enquiring after him, but to no avail, and she has been passing through the deep waters of trouble. We publish this as a duty we owe to God and all men to warn all of the suares of the devil in this perilous time of deception. It may be possible that the union was off the Lord, if so, the Obenshain devil broke it, and has, at all events, about ruined two souls and brought other cause of reproach upon the name of Christ.




We expect the Lord will so furnish our office that we can be out nearly all the coming summer in the field for camp grove and other meetings. Let all the lovers of God’s pure kingdom, and the poor souls of men that are on the road to destruction begin to counsel the Lord concerning every possible effort to rescue the perishing before the last Trumpet shall blow.

The Lord willing, there will be a grove or camp meeting near Sandy Lake, Mercer Co., Pa.. beginning August l7th.

We think there should be one in Vanwert or Paulding Co., one in Crawford Co., and one in Wood Co. A couple in Michigan, one in Northern Indiana, and we hope the Lord will move some such effort in Illinois and Iowa. Let us hear from all points as soon as practical that the time may be arranged best for all.



A Baptist priest by the name of Walling, in Philadelphia, Pa.. called on Sister Bock of that city and abused her for sending or giving his people anti-masanic tracts, and him Bro. Dolan’s tract on “dum dogs.” He growled and threatened to arrest her if she distributed any more. She told him he had better go home and turn out the “whore-mongers” fortune-teller, and masonic cable-toed baal worshipers, and like abominable characters out of his church. Satan is reviving his old plea “let us atone”, and flees to the law to enforce it. He knows that his time his short.



Doubtless many of our readers conclude that if they knew how to bake bread of flour, — real flour — you would non continue to waste such a large portion of the subserve of your wheat. Well set your rising just as you would for white bread, and when you get ready to anix in your flour, use whole wheat flour, and bake as usual. A few trials will enable you to bake just a bit brown, as white bread. If you wish you can at first use but a part of the graham flour, using more each time, until in a short time, there will be no demand for white bread in your family, the brown bread being so much sweeter. A good and delicious cake can be made by mixing flour and sour milk, with a little baking powder, and bake in a pan like a cake, but do not make the dough as thin as you would for a cake. Add of course a little salt. The same baked in jem pans will be found still better and the very best bread in the world are jems mixed only in water, and baked in pans we.. healed before receiving the dough but appetites perverted with sweet cake, white bread, etc.. will not be able at first to relish them. One of the cheapest and best foods in the world for children, and for supper is graham mush, eaten with milk like corn mush. We have often been told that persons have found their health improved, by eating corn mush and bread instead of wheat. This is only accounted for by the fact that white flour is ground to death, and destitute of the important parts of the wheat. Corn has scarcely half the nutritions wheat has, and by having it all the parts of the wheat, and if not ground so fine, we have all the advantages of corn, with the increase of nutritive power. Oh how painful to see poor children tortured and ruined by pork and land victuals, when they should have pood brown bread ond mush. You can get graham flour at any mill; do see to it. Then when we come to see you we shall approach your table with devout gratitude, and praises to God, instead of being pained by your depravity, to the great harm of yourselves and children.



Millville. N. J,

Bro. Warner. — God bless you and your excellent Trumpet. Go on my brother as you are doing Throw the warning echoes of you bugle blast from ocean to ocean, that all may hear. Thank God it gives no uncertain sound. I am an old itinerant of some fifty years standing, but now a city missionary on the Free Gospel plan. Glory to Jesus I am loyal to God and the cause of holiness; rather than to Methodism. We have a few such persons here, and we hold our meetings in private houses somewhat as you do in Cardington. Your brother in Jesus.

P. Tower.


Philadelphia, Pa.

Dear Bro. Warner, — I thank you very much for kindly sending me copies of the TRUMPET. I neartly approve of its teaching throughout, and hope in the near future to be able to subscribe for it. I would be glad to know that you had 100,000 subscribers. It is just what people ought to read. Ten years ago I severed all connection with Babylon sects. Their disciples was then and is now practically rotten to the core. Pride, selfishness, and Masonic lodge rule are their lords and masters. May God have mercy upon them and show them the filthiness of their cages. Praise the Lord for leading me out of churchism iniquity, into the church which is the pillar and ground or the truth.

C. Bock.



To the Editor of the Trumpet.

We received your paper three times, so far like it real well. My husband, myself and a few others are outside of denominations, have been so for about two years cannot submit to idolatory, and man’s yoke, we have Christs yoke which is better; it is easy and light. We meet in private houses to worship excepting one place, where is built a hall for us to worship in. Pray for us that we may stand firm for God’s truth, and that nothing of the world be found upon us, that our master be but one, and that the great God of heaven. Your sister in Christ.

E. J. White.



BY J. C. Fisher.

We can praise the Lord for continual victory in our souls and over all the powers of our enemy. We have been having an awful struggle. The devil rages and foams, but in spite of all he can do souls are being saved. Al-

ready some ten have been saved here by the grace of God, labored in Bangor about two weeks, and there were ten souls saved.

Last night we had a powerful meeting, one of the sisters fell into a trance, in which the repeated some sublime verses that had never been composed by her or any mortal man. She saw an angel flying in the midst of heaven from the north-east to the south west she then said to the sinners that God had shown her the preacher was telling the truth. The Spirit seemed to sing the heavenly song through her lips, in which it was declared that nothing impure, or with any defilement could enter the beautiful place which she saw. A death like stillness pervaded the assembly, sinners listened with fear and blanched faces, and all in the house were stricken with awe as they listened to the angels message, the celestial song of the beautiful city of God, with its length the same as the breadth, with its walls of Jasper, and its twelve foundation stones of hues, She said a day with the Lord was as a thousand years, and that we were now in the last of the six days, or six thousand years, and so much nearer the awful brink or eternity than most any one imagined. Sinners left the house at the close as though they had been to a funeral, ere we were scarce aware they had silently gone out. I do thank God for the wonderful scene, it has greatly strengthened our heart, and that the day of the Lord is near at hand we verily believe. Even so came Lord Jesus Christ.

“O wond’rous bliss. Oh grace sublime,
I’ve Jesus with me all the time.”

Glory! Glory! He saves me now. Pray for us as we continually for you. God bless you, the TRUMPET, and all its readers. Saved, saved, just now.

West Geneva.




Bangor, Mich., Jan. 18.

Dear Bro. Warner. — All well this morning, saved and full of His fullness hope you are all the same. We just closed our meeting at West Geneva, which resulted in twenty for God on the solid rock. Meeting fasted a little over two weeks. Baptised last Lord’s day and observed the ordinance in the evening. Left all things in working order. An urgent call for a meeting six miles east of Bangor. There is so much to do I hardly know which way to turn. Your brother saved by the Blood.

J. C. Fisher.

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