15 January 1886, Volume 7, Number 21.



By A. B. Palmer.

THE term sanctification has two sig­nifications. First, the net of conse­crating, or setting; apart for a sacred pur­pose. Second, the act of sanctifying or making holy; or the state of being sanc­tified or made holy; the act of God’s grace by which the affections of men are purifi­ed, or alienated from sin and the world, and exalted to a supreme love to God; also the state of being thus purified, or sanctified.

“God hath from the beginning, chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth.” — 2 Thes. 2: 13. We wish to notice these two significations, 1st to show that the first is, or can be accomplished by man, and that not only men, but also inanimate things may be thus sanctified, or conse­crated. 2nd. That the second is the work of the Holy Ghost, and is a second work of grace, and that the recipient is man­kind only, and that the witness thereof is the Holy Ghost, the result of which gives inward joy, and makes us meet for the Masters use. To show that man can per­form the work according to the 1st sig­nification, we refer to Ex. 13:1, 2.” And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, “Sanctify unto me all the firstborn.” Ex. 91:10, 22.

And the Lord said unto Moses, “go un­to the people, and sanctify them today and to-morrow.” “And let the priests also, sanctify themselves, lest the Lord break forth upon them.”

And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctilied it: — Gen, 2: 3. Then Eliashib the high priest rose up with his brethren the priests, and they builded the sheep gate; they sanctified it, and set up the doors of it; even unto the tower of Meeah hey sanctified it, unto the tower of Hananeel.” — Neh. 3:1.

Again Ex. 19: 23. “In this verse Moses requested the Lord to sanctify the Mount, Sinai. We also find in other parts of the Scriptures that the wave-offering, the al­tar, the tabernacle, house, field, etc, etc, were, or were commanded to be, sancti­fied. Now all these are inanimate, or lifeless things, and are not susceptible of feeling or knowledge in any way. All these were set apart for holy purposes ac­cording to the first signification, but it was not the work of the Holy Ghost.

To show that the second signification is the work of the Holy Ghost, we quote Rom. 15:16. “That I should be the minis­ter of Jesus Christ to the Gentiles, min­istering the Gospel of God, that the offer­ing up of the Gentiles might be acceptable, being sanctified by the Holy Ghost.”

Paul says to the Thess. brethren in his first letter 5:23, “And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly.” Also in Heb. 13:12. “Wherefore Jesus also, that He might sanctify the people with His own blood, suffered without the gate.”

That it is a second work of grace, we refer to the 17th of John. In the sixth verse we read, that “They have kept thy Word;” meaning the disciples. In this Chap, you will notice that Christ is pray­ing to the Father. In the 9th verse He says, “for they are Thine.” Sinners do not keep God’s Word. Sinners do not, in a Spiritual sense, belong to God. In the 12th verse Christ declares that none of them is lost but Judas; now if none of them were lost but one, then they must be in a saved condition, or in a regener­ated state. In the 14th verse He declares them not of the world even as He, (Christ) is not of the world. Now sinners are of the world, but Christians are not of the world.

We conclude therefore that, in this chapter, the disciples are set forth as be­ing in a justified condition, (having grace sufficient to keep from all actual trans­gression) Christ, after setting forth these facts, says to the Father in the 17th verse, “sanctify them through Thy truth, Thy Word in truth. (Which Word we do not hesitate to declare is Christ Himself; for John says, in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.)

To make this more plain, we would say of this 17th verse, “Sanctify them through the blood of Jesus, for it is through His blood that we are cleansed from all sin, inherent, as well as actual transgression. But some take the ground that sanctifica­tion takes place at conversion. If that were true, why did Christ ask for their sanctification, when they were already sanctified; or why did Paul in 1st Thess. 5:23, pray for the Thes. brethren, (whom he acknowledges in the suave chapter, to be in a justified state,) “and the very God of peace sanctify you wholly.”

And some say that sanctification takas place just at, or after death, To such I would say, come let us reason together from the 21st verse of the 2nd chapter of 2 Tim. “If a man therefore purge him­self from these, he. shall be a vessel unto honor, sanctified, and meet for the Mas­ter’s use, and prepared unto every good work.” I would ask, what use has the Master for us after death, but to praise Him throughout all eternity? or, what good works are there to be done in heaven by us? There is no salvation work for us to do there. We affirm therefore, that in order to be fit for the Masters use and be prepared unto every good work, we must be sanctified in this lite.

Again, Heb. 2:11, “For both He that sanctifieth, and they who are sanctified, are all of one: Jude 1st verse, “Jude, the servant of Jesus Christ and brother of James, to them that are sanctified by God the Father, and preserved in Jesus Christ, and called.” 1 Cor. 1:2. Paul writes to them that are sanctified in Christ Jesus. In his first epistle to the Hebrews, 10:10, Paul says “by the will of God we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all,” and in the 14th verse he says, “For by one offer­ing He hath perfected forever them that are sanctified.”

In the last five quotations, we notice that the declarations are not to them that were sanctified at the time of conversion, nor to them that will be at, or after death, (no such declarations in the Scriptures) hut to them that are sanctified, (present tense.)

We think we have shown clearly 1st, that sanctification as taught by holy men and women, is the work of the Holy Spir­it, whereof the same is a witness unto us. 2. That it is subsequent to, and inde­pendent of justification. 3d. That it is attainable in this life, and must be in or­der to see the Lord.

My testimony to-day is, that the Lord wonderfully saves me from all sin. He is continually leading me in the light, en­larging my Spiritual understanding and giving me wonderful conceptions of His Divine glory and power, using me to His glory, and giving me souls for my hire. Praise His holy name forever! Hallelu­jah! Amen!

Bangor, Nov. 6th ’85.




Wiiliamston, Mich.

FOR the glory of God, I want to tell the saints every where, and all men, what the dear Lord has done for my soul and body.

A year ago last September, one week before the general assembly of the saints in this place, God saved my poor soul from a wretched drunkards life. I had been a drinking man for thirty years, and used tobacco since I was ten years old, used it very much, commonly chewed a quarter of a pound per day. Sat up at night to chew it, or had it in my mouth when in bed. My terrible appetite for liquor grew worse all the time. I could hardly wait to get a fire started in the morning, until I would have to start for the saloon to get my drink. Often drank a pint of whiskey before breakfast. Through sickness, and my drinking, I lost all my business, black­smith tools and all, and was reduced to a very low state. Family in want of many of the comforts and necessities of life, and prospects dark and gloomy.

One morning Bro. J. C. Fisher met me as I was going down town, and he stopped me, and began to exhort me to turn to God, and become a Christian. He talked to me so differently than any other man ever had, that I could not get mad at him, nor well get away from him. He assured me that Christ was able and willing to save me from all my sins, and take away my appetite for liquor and tobacco, I had been to the meetings of the saints here, liked to hear him preach, and believed he was a good true Christian. I promised him I would come into the Trumpet house and talk with him that night. I told my wife that I had so promised, and I was going to make my promise good. Accord­ingly that evening I went over to the of­fice. We had a talk there, and then Bro. Fisher invited me back into the room. There I yielded to God. A poor lost sin­ner, I cried out to God to have mercy on my soul. I saw that I would have to en­tirely abandon all intoxicating liquors. But the tobacco was my greatest idol, and J did not think I could give it up. I knew very well that I could hot use to­bacco and walk in the light, as the saints here. But I thought I could live a Christ­ian and use it. Of course I wanted to quit it, but supposed it were impossible to do so. Or that it would kill me to do with­out it. God held me on my knees, and would not give me relief. I kept asking God about every thing that might be in the way, but my tobacco. I did not care to bring that matter before Him. But my distress increased until I was in dreadful agony. Finally I said, O Lord if it is the tobacco that is in my way show it to me, so that I may know. Instantly there came a shock that went all through me. I knew it. was of God, and was the answer of my prayer. L “said, Lord I will give up the tobacco. In that very second the blessing of God came on my soul.

O  glory to God forever! I felt that all my sins were pardoned. O what a load of sin rolled off of my heart. O praise the Lord Jesus Christ for saving a poor sinner like me.

From that day to this, thank God! I have drank no liquor, and used no tobac­co in any way. Praise God! I have been a saved and sober man ever since, and my family a happy family. Glory to Jesus!

During the assembly meeting I present­ed my body a living sacrifice, holy accept­able unto God, and received the grace of entire sanctification. Praise the Lord, O my soul! I have lived a holy life in Christ now over one year.

I have been greatly tried. The devil has tried me in every possible way. I was eager to get work wherever I could. Ac­cordingly, worked some in shops where there were wicked men, who knew me in my former life of intemperance. They were determined to overthrow me if pos­sible. They tried first every plan to get me to go with them into the saloons. But failing, they brought the whiskey bottle to the shop. But God gave me strength to refuse it. Then beer was brought in a pail, and passed around. O how they tried to argue me into their snare, and out of God’s salvation. Saying, “there is no harm in just taking one drink of beer.” “No cue will know i,” etc. Finally they brought sweet cider, thinking that I would surely not refuse that. But God led me to utterly refuse to drink sweet cider.

Bless God! they were confounded, and amazed. Glory to Jesus for the victory! Alter they saw they could not get me to drink with them at all, they were shy about drinking, when in my sight. Glory to Jesus! they were compelled to admit that God had made a new man of me.

I  can also testify that the Lord Jesus Christ healed me of heart disease. I had been very bad with this terrible disease for about four years. Much of the time I could not work but a few hours a day, and for six months at a time could not walk down town. Seeing and hearing so much of the healing power of God manifest among the free saints of God, I soon came to believe that God would heal me. So not long after my salvation, in the Gospel Trumpet office, by the laying on of hands, and prayer, I was healed by the mighty power of God, and made every whit whole. Glory to Jesus! I have been well ever since, and able to work every day. Bless the Lord! He has again started me into work in a shop of my own, with plenty to do. Thank God! ray wife is saved, and we are happy in Christ. God has also given me the gift of healing. Praise His name! When any of my family are hick, I just lay hands on them, and ask God to heal them, and it is done every time.

O what a blessing it is to have such a friend as Jesus, and to be saved from all sin in His blood, and kept by His mighty power. O I wish I had had this blessed Christ and His glorious salvation taught to me many years ago. How many years of misery and suffering might have been blessed with sobriety, usefulness and happiness. Praise God! I am saved and sanctified wholly, and determined to keep saved all the days of my life.

Your Brother in Christ Jesus.

Myran Glassbrook.




By Joseph Plough.

WHAT is this? and where is it from? O glory to Jesus! It is the Holy Spirit, and is direct from heaven, and forms a free line of communication be­tween our souls and that place Who gave it to us? Jesus told us He would send an­other Comforter, the Holy Spirt, and He would be our teacher, and guide us into all truth. O glory to God! whenever He wants to speak to us, we hear the sound and O how willing we are to hear and obey the voice of God, when the Holy Spirit wire is firmly attached to our heart. Some people might wonder what new invention this might be, as there ars ma­ny in our day. Well let us see what it is. Is it an M. E. invention! or is it a U. B. line of wire? Or is it the invention of any sect? No, none of these have construct­ed it, and none of them can get possession of it, so as to monopolize its use Indeed they know but very little about this great telephone. True they profess to have the same line of Holy Spirit communication, but as the blessed Savior says in His Word “They profess that they know God, but by their works they deny Him.” The Word of God condemns both their sect, and their doings, if we tell them they do not have this Holy Spirit telephone attached to their hearts, they make light of it, and say that is only our judgment. Put praise the Lord I the Word of God is so quick and powerful that it pierces them through, and they are sorely tor­mented, and cry out, “judge not, judge not.” Thus seeking to cloak over their inward condition.

But how do you know so much about these things? Why I was once in the same shoes they stand in. Well how did you get out of that place? Just by receiv­ing the Word of God, sent to my heart by a brother here and there, that held up the pure truth. It put me to searching the Word. And every where I read it, it condemned my sect, and my indwelling sin. 1 saw a glorious life of holiness unto God there commanded, but did not know how to enter it. I went to some of my sect brethren and asked them to show me. But what did I get? Nothing. Why? Because they had nothing to give.

Then I got down on my knees and be­gan in earnest to ask God to show me the way of His salvation. Glory to Jesus! He took pity on me, and showed me how to get out of my great trouble. He told me to just take Him at His Word, and be­lieve in Him for complete deliverance. Glory to God! as soon as I had faith, He anointed my eyes, and I washed in the pool, and came seeing.

Glory to God! Jesus washed me in His own blood, yes He sanctified, and made me pure.

Then this Holy Spirit telephone was attached to my soul, and He abides in me, and teaches me all things in His will.

And this is how I know, that the sects are not of God, but of the devil. Because they do the very works of the devil.

They fellowship devils and worship devils. How can they be of God? Christ would have nothing to do with them, and He commands us to have no fellowship with devils. Hallelujah to the Lamb of God that saves us from all sin! In the name of Jesus, I must say, 1 endorse the teaching of Bro’s. Warner and Fisher; for I cannot find any thing there but what is Bible doctrine. I do praise the Lord that He has a few servants on earth that are not afraid to let the heavenly telephone of truth speak through them freely. O how I do love to read the testimonies that are sent out in the Trumpet. It fires ray soul with strong desires to be with yon in the glorious meetings. But if I can not be with you personally, praise the Lord, I am With you in the Spirit. And glory to God, I am not let alone, for Jesus says, “I will never leave you, nor forsake you.”

Glory to Jesus! there is none that can pluck us out of His hand. 0, He keeps and saves me continually. I can say, the blood of Jesus cleanses me from all sin, and He keeps me pure within.

Elyria, Ohio, Nov. 18.


Latty, Ohio.

Dear Brethren, and all the saints of the Living God greeting: — We are still praying that the blessing of God may rest upon yon and your labors in the Lord. Truly the path of the just is as a shining light that shineth more and more unto the perfect day. We are still sinking deeper into the will of God, and rising higher in His life. Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me bless His holy name forever, for His kind dealings to our souls. We are all on the altar, ready to be offerd up for the Lord. Since Bro. and Sister Howard have moved away from this wicked village, we are alone, holding up no craft, but holding up the blood stained banner of King Jesus, The sect devil is trying hard to crush God’s pure Church here, but we expect, by the grace of God, to stand straight for God and free from babylon. We received the Trum­pet in due time. It is food to my soul I love to read the testimonies of the dear saints. Our testimony is, we are saved, sancti­fied and tried, and out into the broad ocean of God’s love where there is neither shore nor bottom. Our life is hid with Christ in God, and when Christ who is our life shall appear, we also shall appear with Him in Glory. Hallelujah to Jesus! He came into the world to save His people from their sins, not in their sins. He saves us day by day. Through Christ the Mediator, we shall have an abundant entrance into the everlasting kingdom. Hallelujah! The Lord God reign­eth. Amen.

Chas, Ogan and wife.


MtPleasant, Iowa.

Dear Brethren: — I want to say to the praise of my blessed Redeemer, that I am saved and sactified to God; ready to do his will at all times, and go wherever He leads. O Hallelujah to God, for victory over the world the flesh and the devil. The mighty God is with us, “enlisting the pure that are. able to stand,” but O how few are willing to take the narrow way of the cross, and walk as he walked. To die out to the plea­sures of this world and live separate from sinners.

We had a blessed meeting to-day. The Lord was with us in power. Nearly all pre­sent realized the blessed Spirit’s inifluence.

Next Sunday, the Lord willing, we expect to commence meeting seven miles North of MtPleasant, where we expect to work for the Lord as long as He leads.

Pray for us that the mighty power of God may be with us, and that God may work in the hearts of the people.

From there we expect to go seven miles south-east of MtPleasant. The Lord has opened the way for both of these meetings, and also a meeting in Keokuk Co., near Hayesville. We feel that God is opening the way for a grand work. I pray that He may baptize more of this little band for the work. The harvest truly is great and the laborers are few. Well, if God be for us who can be against us. Glory to God! We are in for the war. O hallelujah to God and the Lamb forever and forever! Tour Brother in Christ

C. Z. Lindley



Find enclosed $1.00 for Trumpet.

Beloved saints of God, I know that Jesus has redeemed me from all sin. I am happy in His love. Through faith in Him, I am justified, rejoicing in the hope of the glory of God. I love to read the testimonies of the dear saints. In the midst of reading, I praise my God for such Living witnesses. I rejoice to know that Jesus saves and sanctifies me. I ask the prayers of all the dear saints. Your sis­ter saved and kept by His power.

Clara A. Kinney.

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In our last issue, second page, last column, we made Bro. Key say, “We held meeting in the meeting house, * * * and several were converted,” which should read, “several were convicted.”



At Grand Junction Mich., on the 2nd day of Jan. 1886, Bro. Richard D. King, of Burlemont Mich., and sister Mary A. Misel, of Grand Junction Mich., were united in holy matrimony by the writer, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. May the Lord bless and keep them, is my prayer.

S. L. Speck.




Kalamazoo, Mich.

I write this as a warning to all the true children of God, not to be ensnared by the evil spirits of sectism, especially that most deceptive spirit in Free Methodism.

The Free Methodists were holding meet­ing in this place. I attended, and thought they had the spirit of God. I took an in­terest in the meetings, and the Lord seemed to bless me. They had a travel­ing band of workers here, of which a Mr. Dake was the leading minister. This man said to me that God wanted me to join their band and travel with them. I told him I would take it to the Lord, and do as He led. I did so, and prayed earnestly for God to show me if it were His will. I felt no drawing of the Spirit, and had no light or convictions in that direction.

After one of the meetings I so informed some of the sisters of that band.

Next morning early, before breakfast, one of the band, a sister, came over to see me, and invited me to come to their meet­ing for the workers that morning. Said Mr. Dake wished to see me. After she left, I told my sister that I thought they wanted to persuade me to go with them, but that I had no light in that direction and would not allow them to so influence me. I went to their meeting, they had already begun services. Presently Mr. Dake began to pray for me, and to fell the Lord that I was clinging to some idols which prevented me from doing the Lord’s will, and prayed that God should deliver me from those idols. This led me to seri­ously examine myself, and to ask God to show me, if I had any idols. I prayed the Lord to show me if it were His will that I should join their band, when Mr. Dake interrupted me, saying, “there is that if, in your way, that is of the devil.” Several times he stopped me as I earnest­ly besought God to show me if it were His will or not. Saying, “You know it is His will. The door is open before yon, but you are trying to kick a bole through the wall and get out some other way.” He stopped me ever so many times in my prayer, which confused my mind. He told me that I would get light from God, and know it was my duty as soon as I gave up to go.

He told me I was fighting against God. They finally made me believe I was, and I gave up to them, and said I would go. My mind was so far under their control that I could not decide as to whether I received the light I’rom God they said I would on yielding. They said I must go that day. I told them Leonid not, because I had promised to go to Bro. and Sister Bell’s that day. They said that God would not hold me to keep that promise. Then key brought, paper and pen and laid, on the chair where I was kneeling, and told me to. write a letter to those friends, say­ing, I was gone. I felt I could not, but they assured me such was God’s will. So I wrote the letter, as they directed me. They took the same and read it. I closed with “farewell,” they told me I must add ‘forever, and no correspondence.”

They planned my affairs for me, sent my cousin, who is one of that sect, to get my trunk where I was working. They would not let me go home until three quarters of an hour before train time. So my friends would not have time to remove the spell they had put upon ray mind. The band that was working there was not going away, but knowing that it I was permitted to stay there until the Lord had time to work on my mind, through His Spirit and other instrumentalities, their power over, me would be broken; so they were going to send me right off, to join another band of that sect, that were in Battle Creek.

A lady of the band went with me to my home to get ready. I told my parents I was going away on the nest train. Pa saw at once that I had been unduly influenc­ed, and said I should not go. He ordered the lady out of the house. While he was ordering her out of the back door, I ran out at the front door. I got as far as the next house, when father caught me.

Thank God! I believe the Lord sent him to stop me. He was somewhat ex­cited. Told the Sisters to leave. The people passing, began to gather to witness what the excitement was. The street car stopped. My Uncle ordered the crowd away. I bade the F. M. Sisters good-bye. and went back with my folks to the house. I was in a strange state of mind. I know now that the devil had hold of me. I told my father that if I could not go now, I would some other time. When I got into the house I went right off to pray to God, with all my might, But I could not feel my prayers were effectual. I could not get hold of God as heretofore. Then I took my Bible and sat down and began to read and meditate. Then the strange spell was broken and I saw it was all of the devil. I immediately came down to see Sister Bell, and told her all about it. The more I think of it the more I see it was the terrible snare of the devil. When my mind was released from that terrible spirit I felt a sweet peace.

Praise God for His mercy in bringing me cut of the devil’s hands.

This took place about four weeks ago, and I feel that I have not got free from that awful influence. My soul has not yet fully received the clearness I enjoyed before. But thank God! I am gradually being relieved from that awful sect spirit that had got possession of me. I praise God that I am saved from all sin and all sects, and I am determined to regain the power of the Spirit I had before I fell un­der this awful influence.

From a friend who overheard some of that sect band, I learned that they had plotted the whole scheme of my capture, and that they would keep it all from the ears of my friends, until ready to start.

My father went to the man who had the letter I wrote under their influence, and asked him to give him the letter. He said he did not have it. Repeatedly declared that he did not have if Father, being at special police, took hold of him, saying, “come along, and we’ll see if you have not got it.” Then the Free Methodist, who was so free to tell an untruth, drew the letter from his pocket and gave it to him.

Such is the deceptive and unrighteous zeal for the sect. Praise God! I am glad I am free indeed. Your Sister.

Retta Bockeloo.


Bucyrus Ohio.

Dear Brethren: Glory to God, I am saved by the blood of Jesus just now, ready to do the whole will of God, both from the Word and the leadings of the Holy Spirit. My soul is satisfied with Jesus, filled just now with the glory of God. Praise the Lord!

John N. Slagle.


Covert, Mich.

Dear Brethren: I praise God for sal­vation that keeps me from all sin each day. O I do praise God that I am saved and sanctified, by. the blood of Jesus Christ just now. Amen!

Your Brother in Christ Jesus.

H. E. Sheler.


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Payne, O.

Dear Brethren: — God bless and keep you. I am well and saved through Jesus my Lord and Master. Glory to God! Well, the Lord is prospering the saints in some parts of our country. Bless His holy name! The Lord sent us down to visit the Church in the east part of the country during the holidays, and He was pleased to save souls. There were about ten con­verted and twenty professed to have en­tered the sanctified state. The sect devil was wonderfully roused up, having been thoroughly pelted with God’s hail stones. During the meeting, there were a few healed. To God be all the glory forever! Amen!

Please find within, a postal note of two dollars and forty five cents, for “SONGS OF VICTORY.”

A. J. Kilpatrick.

Beaver Dam, Ind.

Dear Brethren: — I do praise God this evening that I am saved, justified, sancti­fied and living without sin every day. Glory be to Jesus ! I do praise God for what He is doing for the people at this place. We are having glorious meetings. The Lord is with us in mighty power. Such meetings I never experienced before. There has been fourteen souls saved this week, and still prospects for more; there are over fifty saints at. this place. Praise God for a full and free salvation! The power of God is shaking this place far and near. The Lord is putting his seal on His children, and the devil is putting his seal on his children. Last Monday morning we had one of the most glorious meetings I ever experienced. Sister Smith said, as old as she is, she never was at a meeting where the power came down like it did there. Praise God! The Lord has a Church established here at this place. He has set every member in the body as it pleased Him. Some have the gift of healing, some the gift of discerning of spirits, and all the other gifts are in the body here. Well, praise the Lord! we are a happy family, saved just now, and kept by the power of God, taking Christ for our all and in all. He just keeps these temples pure and holy. Praise God for a salvation that keeps us all the time; it seems as if the flood gates of heaven were opened to our souls. Your sister saved and sanctified.

Mary Bryant.


Lacota Mich.

Dear Brethren: — We send four sub­scribers for the Trumpet. We closed meetings last night, had a wonderful meeting all day; the saints met from dif­ferent places. In the evening we had ordinance meeting. Forty-three took part, both in washing the saints feet and com­memorating the death of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, We closed meeting with eight converted to God, and sixteen wholly sanctified. Praise God for salva­tion in our souls. From your brethren in the love of Jesus.

W. B. Grover, and S. L. Speck.



Lacota, Mich.

Dear Trumpet Family: We again write, sending subscription for Song Book and Gospel Trumpet. May the dear Lord bless and keep you by His power at all times. I do thank God for His salvation that. I do feel in my soul at all times. Glory be to God for this assurence that we are saved at all times, during trials and affliction. Though our outward man perish, thank God, the inward man is re­newed day by day.

Well, Dear Brethren, we do thank our blessed Jesus for the way He is leading us. Souls are being saved wherever we go. Dear Bro. S. Michels, whom we love in the Lord, met with us at Covert on new-years. God wonderfully blessed out souls in delivering the truth to the peo­ple. Souls were saved and the saints strengthened; had a powerful meeting at night. About forty of the dear saints followed the Lord in feet washing; and commemorated His death by partaking of the bread and wine. Next morning started for Grand Junction, and had meet­ing Saturday night and Sunday at Bro. Smith’s. God was with us in much power. To Him be all the glory forever and ever! Amen!

S. L . S. and W. B. G.

Ward Kan.

Dear Brethren: — With pleasure I write again to glorify God. Greeting, grace, mercy, truth and peace be multiplied. We came here to this place the 2nd of Dec. and began meeting in the name of King Jesus on the blood and fire line. Hallelujah for the salvation of immortal souls, without any compromise. Glory to God forever! Amen! I have quite a band of workers with me at this place. If the Lord wills they will go with me this winter. There are three with me, four of us altogether.

Well, as f.. said, we came here in the name of King Jesus. On our way we was called to see a sick man and pray for him. When I got there he told me he wanted to get to the blessed Lord and be saved. We pointed him to the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world, and prayed for him, and he was blessedly saved, and said he was willing to cross over to the city where mansions are pre­pared for all the faithful in Christ. The second night there were eight at the altar, then they took a relapse and became prej­udice against us. And I tell you we had to fight hard for several battles, until the night of the 7th, when the mountain of prejudice was removed. Hallelujah I There were two at the altar, and last night there were five. One was blessedly re­generated Glory to God forever! Deep conviction is settling down on the people. When we came here they told us that this was a live church, having some 80 members, the new light sect. But I want to say we found only one real live man, and he was sanctified about two mouths ago. Praise the Lord! Last Sabbath was one of the high days in Israel. Bro. Orr was ordained and set apart to the office and authority of an Elder in the Church of God, not M. E. Bro. Orr and sister Benedict were anointed for healing, and the Lord was with us to heal. Praise His holy name! The meeting continues in the name of King Jesus. Pray for us. Our testimony is the blood cleanses us, and the Lord keeps us from evil.

John P. Haner.


Ward Kan.

Dear Brethren: — Meeting closed yes­terday, by the master of babylon closing the gates against us. We had a glorious victory on the Lord’s side, with nine sanc­tified, and three reclaimed to a justified state, and eight seeking holiness. Glory to God forever! Amen! I want to tell you, my dear brethren, I preached the straight Word of God from beginning to end. Praise God! we fired off God’s heavy canisters, loaded with steal pointed shell. Glory to God forever! O but the sect devil was greatly stirred. The devil never slept any, while we was preaching; the country is stirred for miles. Hallelu­jah to God! Pray for me, all readers of the Gospel Trumpet. God bless you all. I am saved from all sin, sanctified through and throughout on the main line for God. Hallelujah!

John P. Haner.

Watterloo, Ind.

Dear Brethren: — I feel led by God to write a few lines to the saints. I am well and saved. Praise the Lord forever! and God sanctifies me just now. Praise the Lord! One week ago last Saturday I was led by the Lord to come to Ind. from Gratiot Go. I left the saints, praising God. Since. I came, the Lord has saved my brother-in-law, and this morning my sister prayed for the Lord to forgive her, a sinner, if any of the saints feel led to come and preach the straight Word of God to lost sheep, just drop us a few lines to Waterloo, and we will meet you.

From your brother in Christ.

D. J. Cross.


Shaftsburgh, Mich.

To the dear readers of the Gospel Trumpet greeting. Peace, mercy and truth through Jesus Christ our Lord. We are saved, sanctified and kept by the power of God.

The Lord has been with us. We just closed a meeting near Shaftsburgh Mich.

Eight converted and several sanctified, others asked our prayers and we hope they will be saved with many others who were under conviction.

Jesus has the preeminence in his church. Glory to his name. We held several other meetings previous to this and much good was done in the name of Jesus. Dear rea­ders and saints, be vigilant, work long and hard for the cause of Christ; with some mak­ing a difference, pulling them out of the fire, hating even the garment spotted by the flesh. Well, we are in the work for life. Pray for us, that God: will make us a flam­ing fire every where we go.

Your Bro and Sister, in the faith once delivered to the saints.

Wm. N. & S. J. Smith

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Busker Hill, Ill.

Dear Brethren of the Church of the Firstborn whose names are written in heaven: — I am saved by His mighty pow­er, with an everlasting salvation, Glory to God forever! Amen!

We realize that we are in the true Church, the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. We were once of the Baptist sect, but. God showed us our privilege as well as that, of all true believers, and we went on unto perfection. Hallelujah! And we got wholly sanctified. Glory to God, for that blessed word! and then we were thrust out, and though it has been nearly two years since, yet we are just as free as heaven. Although we have been slaves for over twenty years, until the Federal government freed us, which was a source of much rejoicing to us, to be freed from this cursed institution. But Oh how much greater a reason we now have for rejoic­ing, through the sanctifying blood which cleanseth us from all sin. And not only so, but keeps us free from all yokes of bondage. We are outside the walls of babylon, contending earnestly for the faith once delivered to the saints. We now have no sectarian authority to do any thing for God, but O hallelujah! the soul of the bond woman is now cast out, so he has no more place with the son of the free woman. ‘How blessed it is to have such freedom, and then have a heart, to appre­ciate if, as being direct from the Father of lights, in whom is no variableness, nor shadow of turning. We praise the name of the dear Lord for this blessing of the higher life. Hallelujah to God and the Lamb, forever and ever! that He is no re­specter of person or color, and that, he that feareth God, and worketh righteous­ness is accepted of Him. We love the Gospel Trumpet which is sent us, and will continue our mite as the Lord may pros­per us, to its support. Pray for us that we may ever be found steadfast, firm and immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord. Amen!

David & Maria Comer.


Covert, Mich.

Dear readers of the Trumpet: — As I have never given my testimony in this way, I would say to the glory of my God, He has wonderfully saved me, and keeps me continually by His power, and He has given me a clear conception of His Body, and has enabled me to die out to all sects, and to the good opinion of myself and my neighbors. I praise my God that He has shown me the state of this world, and of the fearful times in which we live. If I live till the tenth of April, I will be sixtytwo years old. fifty years of that time I indulged freely in the use of tobacco, tea and coffee. But I praise God for His pow­er manifested in my case; the restraining power given, enabling me to leave off the filthy habit, and the same with tea and coffee. I was, in early life, brought under the Divine Spirit’s influence, and did re­ceive forgiveness and Divine acceptance in the year ’43, on the 23d of Feb., and one month from that, time I enjoyed full salvation. From that, time up till 1883, I remained with the sects, since that time I have seen the light, and have walked in it. Praise God, I will continue like one of Bible fame. His praise is continually in the inner man. My God is to me all He has promised to be, a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

It has been our experience to see this salvation work move forward in this town, and in other adjoining places. The Divine Master does lead the van, and at McDon­ald, on the Lake Branch road, a little company has been coming into existence.

Last April my wife and myself were urged to go there and hold a meeting, and a few were brought into fellowship with our Father on high. Then we invited Bro. Michels to come and attend to the baptismal service, and five were baptized.

Praise God for what He has clone there. I expect our Lord will continue to carry on the work there. Yours saved and sanctified.

Wm. M. Kenney.


Covert, Mich.

Dear Brethren: — I do praise the Lord this morning for His saving and keeping power. O praise the Lord for His healing power! Glory! glory!! be to Jesus! who so sweetly keeps me from all sin. Glory to His name! I know I am kept by His power. Parise the Lord O my soul! Let all within me praise His holy name. My life is hid with Christ in God, and I am rooted and grounded in love, and as 1 write the the burns in my soul. “That He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with all might by His Spirit in the inner man, that Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth and length and depth, and heighth, and to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of “God. Now unto Him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we are able to ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.” — Eph. 3: 16-20.

The Lord is giving us souls for our hire, and, we know that Jesus is marching be­fore us. Praise His holy name for the power He gives us, over the nations, (de­nominations) and for the baptism of the Holy Ghost and fire, I feel in my soul, so that I can understand His Word.

Your Sister, saved and wholly sanctified through the blood of the Lamb.

Mary Kenney.


Deshler, OHIO.

Dear Brethren: — I feel led by the Spir­it to write my testimony for the Trumpet.

I am saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, that cleanses me from all sin. Praise His name for such a blessed salvation that saves to the uttermost. Praise the Lord forever! Amen!

There is a great work going on here in Deshler, by those who preach the straight Word of God. Praise God for sending Bro’s. Dick and Wilson to this place, for it was very needful. Glory to God forev­er! There are about thirty saints here in this place, wholly sanctified to God.

O glory to Jesus! He saves me just now. When trials and troubles come upon me, I look up to God for help, and it comes. Glory to Jesus! There are a great, many healed by faith in this part of the land. When they are sick they go to God, and are healed by Him. Glory to God and the Lamb forever! There were quite a number of Free Methodists in this place about three months ago, and when the straight word was read, it cleaned them all out. I want to tell the dear saints I am saved by the blood of Christ, washed in the blood of the Lamb, and sanctified soul and body. This word “sanctified,” is a word that the devil hates. Well, my dear brethren, we must be pure, and live pure, or we can not go where God is.

Remember us in your prayers. Your Brother, saved and sanctified.

Orias Larcum.


Tiffin, Ohio.

Dear Brethren: — I feel led of the Lord to give in my testimony for the glory of God. Praise the Lord forever! I do praise Him because He delivered me out of sect babylon. Hallelujah to Jesus, for His saving power! In the month of May He showed me the M. P. sect in a dream, in the shape of an apple tree. I was walk­ing along the road, and came to an open fence: I went in, and there stood a large tree. Looking up into it, every limb was sawed off close to the tree, and piled up in two different piles, and snowed over. It looked as if it was dead. Next day I asked the Lord what it meant. He said, “every branch in me that beareth not fruit, He taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, He purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit.” — John. 15.

God showed me right there, that the members were all cut off from Christ. I asked Him what I should do about com­ing out from among them; and Sabbath morning I awoke at five o-clock; and the Lord spoke to me, saying, “get up and search the Scriptures.” I obeyed, got the Bible, and the first thing I saw was 50th chapter of Jer. and 16th verse. All about babylon; just what I wanted. Glory to God and the Lamb forever! I am saved to-night from all sin and the world. The devil is trying to keep me from writing this, but glory to Jesus, I am going to do God’s will. Hallelujah to God! I am saved just now, through the blood of the Lamb. I ask the prayers of all the saints. Your Sister in Christ Jesus.

Emma Huffrey.


Freemont Center, Mich.

Dear Brethren: — I feel led. to write my testimony. I do praise the Lord for full salvation that I enjoy. I am saved through the precious blood of Jesus. I

do feel to praise my blessed Savior for what He has done for me. He has won­derfully saved me.” He first let the en­tirely over to the devil and the world, until my eyes were opened, then He ap­peared before me in a vision and said, “Come poor sinner come.” Praise God! I arose and felt, that I was saved. Praise the. Lord! O praise His. holy name! He is with me every moment. He watches over me and keeps me from all sin. At night I lie sweetly in His arms, and some­times shout in my dreams, I have said farewell to the world, and by the grace of God will live a true Christian, I ask you to pray for me that I may ever be found with the Lord.

Your Bro. saved through the blood of the Lamb.

Wm J. Poppie.


Maple Rapids, Mich.

Dear Brethren: — I can say I love to follow Jesus. He is my Savior and King. I am sweetly kept in the hands of Jesus. We had a prayer meeting at our house to day and we had a good time. The Lord blesses me day by day. I love to read the Trumpet, it fills me with love to the dear children of God. 1 am glad that the Lord ever called after me. I am twelve years of age. Yours in Christ.

Belle Anthony.


Breedsville Mich.

Dear Brethren: — I am still trusting in Jesus, who is the author and finisher of my faith. Praise God! I can say this evening that I am washed and redeemed in the precious blood of the Lamb. O glory to God! I am saved from all sin, and walk­ing in the light as He is in the light. Glory to Jesus! I am kept by the power of God, through faith unto salvation, ready to be revealed in the last time. Praise the Lord! Since I enlisted in this glorious cause, I have never felt like giving up my hope in God. Praise Jesus! As the Scrip­ture says, “Ye are not of them that turn back.” Praise God! By the grace of God I am going to press my way onward and upward, to the prize which lies at the end of the race; and never give up the struggle till I see the inside of heaven. Glory to the name of Jesus! I am all sold out to Jesus, and no longer am my own; for Jesus paid the debt upon the cross. I am willing to become anything or nothing for Christ’s sake. I am saved and sanctified wholly to God.

Your brother in Christ.

Albert Hudson.


Bangor, Mich.

Dear Brethren of the Trumpet Office and all the Dear Saints scattered abroad. Glory to God for a free and a full salva­tion; one that saves from all sin. I feel led this morning to write a part of my experience. Ten years ago this present month I was converted to God in a protracted effort among the M. E’s, and taken in on probation. In two or three weeks the pastor made the announcement that all who desired to be baptised should meet at the church the next Sabbath and he would attend to the ordinance. I asked him in what manner he was to administer the baptism. He said, by sprinkling. I was always a firm believer in immersion and did not wish to be sprinkled and so expressed myself to the pastor. A few weeks later he came along and told me if I wished, he would go with me to the river and immerse me. I asked him if he believed in immersion. He said, he did not. I told him that I did not think he was a fit man to administer the ordinance, for the husbandman that labor­eth must first be partaker of the fruit. About eight years ago I moved to Bangor. I was there persuaded to unite with a sect calling themselves the Church of God. I united with them, but I soon found that they were even worse than, the M. E’s for pride and popularity. I did not feel at home among them; still I stood connected with them till three years ago last Oct. At that time God in his infinite goodness and mercy sent Bro. and sister Fisher among us. They brought the true light of the Gospel with them, and I do praise God this morning that a few of us were honest enough to accept of the truth and come out straight tor God. Oh glory to God! how He does bless my soul. It makes no difference what trials and tem­tations we are called to pass through, we just look to Jesus and we can see our path­way through. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen! O praise God for His sanctifying and keep lug power which is manifest among the

children ot God. Well, glory to God! I am still saved and sanctified, standing upon the solid Rock, free from all sects. secret societies and all man made theo­ries; free in Christ Jesus. Oh glory to His name forever and ever! Your Bro. washed and redeemed.

A. H. Coon.


Hunnewell Mo.

Dear Brethren: — I feel led to testify for Jesus, to the honor and glory of God. Jesus saves me now. Glory to His holy name! I want to ever be found at His feet learning of Him. The very God of peace does sanctify me wholly, and the blood of Jesus does cleanse me from all sin. Your sister trusting in Jesus.

Helen Myers.


Lacota Mich.

Dear Brethren: — I feel led to tell you how the Lord is dealing with His people here. Praise God! He is the same God yesterday, to-day and forever. Glory in His name! His little ones here are all united. Praise the Lord for the unity of the Spirit that binds us together. It is a wonderful thing to know the leadings oi the Spirit of God. As we gathered to­gether at dear sister Abbott’s best Wednes­day evening, at our weekly prayer meet­ing, the Spirit led the young brethren to erect an Altar, and two precious souls came and sought pardon and one received the evidence, and they both testified that their determination was to serve God here­after. The Spirit led brother Barney War­ren, to appoint another meeting the next evening, when they both came to the Altar and were sanctified, and one more came and received the evidence of par­don. How the shouts of those redeemed ones did fill the house.

Well my testimony is that I am saved, sanctified and kept by the power, dwell­ing in the fullness of God. Glory to His name! God bless and keep you, is my prayer. Your sister in Christ.

Hannah Mclntosh.


Lacota, Mich.

Dear Brethren: — I praise God for this wonderful salvation which I possess in my soul, that saves me from all sin, and fills my heart with love and praise to my blessed Jesus, who so fully saves me, and keeps me in the narrow way. Free from every thing that is not pure and holy.

O  I do praise God for His goodness, for saving my soul and setting me free, for whom the Son makes free, is free indeed.

I have belonged to two different sects, and the Lord has saved me out of them. Praise His name forever! I do rejoice to know that my name is written in heaven and not on class books. Praise the Lord! I am saved to the uttermost. Your sister sanctified wholly.

Mary A. Smith.


Indianapolis Ind.

Dear Brethren: — I want to tell you that I am living in a land where the sun nev­er sets, but shines day and night, and often in the midnight hours shines bright­est. I often feel as though riding on the high places of the earth, and living on the fat of the land. My soul is happy, rejoic­ing evermore, for this is heaven’s beulah land; the city which hath foundations is near at hand, the Lord of life and glory has taken up His abode in my heart, and there dwells the Godhead, the Trinity. Where Christ dwells there is heaven.

“The half was never told.” Yours in the bonds of Christian love.

Thomas Nelson.


Anthony, Kan.

Dear Brethren: — I feel led of the Spir­it, to give in my testimony, what God is doing for us here in Kansas. Glory to God! How glad I am that Jesus is my all, and in all. I just got through reading the tes­timonies of the saints. O I praise God for the pure testimonies. How it fills my soul with joy to hear what God is doing for His children. Well glory to God, I must tell you what Jesus is doing for us.

We had a glorious time at Bro. George Fishbaugh’s. God so wonderfully mani­fested His power in saving his soul, and in healing his body. O my soul says glo­ry! glory!! to God, for His goodness to me. Hallelujah to Jesus for what I feel in my soul! I praise God that the Bible says we shall love the brethren.

O may God bless the Trumpet family. How much we would like to have some of you come out here and hold meeting, I believe it is God’s will. O I cannot de­scribe my feelings, and the joy in my soul. Glory! glory!! glory!!! to God and the Lamb forever and ever! I am saved, and kept, by the power of God. Jesus reigns in my heart. Your Sister in Christ.

Leah Miller.


Ashley, Mich.

Dear Brethren: — May the fire of the Holy Ghost dwell richly in your hearts. We are still saved and living for Jesus.

We need salvation songs here, so I will send for “Songs of Victory.” Enclosed find thirty five cts. Pray earnestly for us lear ones, that we may do the whole will of our Father in heaven. Your Sister in Jesus love.

Nellie Knowles.


Liberal, Mo.

Dear Brethren: A sample copy of the Trumpet received a few days ago, calls for a few lines from my pen. Although we have never met, my heart runs out to you in love because we belong to the same Father, and are members of the same Church — the one found in Matt. 16: 18. Praise God, it is the only one, though many illegitimate daughters of babylon are falsely so called. O how I praise God to-day that He sweetly saves me from all sin, and sanctifies me just now.

Praise His name for the power that Ha gives us, after the Holy Ghost has come upon us. Brethren, you are doing a grand work, in the publication of the Trumpet; and may our Father continue to help you in finances, that the work may be carried forward to the glory of His name.

Father calls me to India to work in His vineyard, to which I say yes; and shall go as soon as a way opens for me, as I have not one cent now. Shall take the Trumpet when able, and shall try to get others to subscribe. Your Brother in the love of Jesus.

D. H. Richie.


Shaftsburg, Mich.

Dear Brethren: — This day finds me well and saved. Praise God! this used to sound very simple, but since God has saved my soul I can give Him all the praise. I am so glad that Bro. Smith was sent here to work for the Lord. O may God bless the meeting in this place. Pray for me dear brethren and sisters, that f may take up my cross and follow my blessed Savior; that I may walk in the light as God gives it to me. May God bless the dear saints all over the world. God bless the Trumpet. I pray God is bless me with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and help me to let my light shine, that the young people in this place may see that I have been with Jesus, and have learned of Him. Pray for me, dear saints that I may stand firm in the light, as God gives it to me. Your Bro. in Christ.

Edward Ehl.

Jerry City, Ohio.

Dear Brethren: — It is food to my soul, to read the testimonies of the dear saints. O how it thrills my inmost soul. Truly the Holy Ghost breathes the sweet fel­lowship of the saints together in sweet praise to God and the Lamb. I am savest and sanctified this morning, wholly to God.

I can say truly I am a soldier for Jesus, ready for marching orders, to do what ev­er may be His will, for my will is the will of my God. There are a few here that are true to the Master. Your Brother.

Wm. H. Miller.

Ithaca, Mich.

Dear brethren: I praise God this morning for what I feel in my soul. Glo­ry be to God! How I praise God to think He has saved me from all sin, and from all unrighteousness. Glory to God! I am saved from the filthy use of tobacco, after using it twelve years. Praise God for salvation that saves to the uttermost.

Glory to God! O how His Spirit burns in my soul this morning. I thank God for free salvation. Your Brother, saved and sanctified and kept by the power of God, ready to be revealed in the last day.

F. O. Dodge.


Custards Pa.

Dear Brethren: — Grace, mercy and peace from the Lord be multiplied unto you, through our Father. Amen! We praise God for what we feel in our soul from day to day praise His name that we all are in the love of God.

Find enclosed $3.00 for Song Books. With much love to you all, we remain yours in the Kingdom of Christ.

E. J. and S. W. Powell.

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Custards, Pa.

Dear Brethren: — I feel that it is the will of God that I should testify through the Trumpet, what my blessed Jesus has done for me. When I was sinning against Him. by His love and mercy He ever fol­lowed me, and at last constrained me to give Him my heart. O how I thank Him that He gave me a willing heart to accept Him. O praise the Lord forever and ever, for His wonderful mercy and tender love.

I remained a member of the so called Salvationists almost a year, and through false teaching was led into darkness.

These are murmurers, complainers, walking after their own lusts, and their mouths speaking great swelling words of vanity, denying the Divine ordinances of the blessed Lord; to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever.

But the Lord through His love, and mercy sent some of Has redeemed ones among whom was Sister Alice Davis, who had received the Comforter, the holy Ghost, who will guide us into all truth, and teach us all things, and bring all things to our remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. And as the light be­gan to flash, praise the Lord, it flashed into my heart, and I received the “Word as it is in Christ Jesus, and the Word shown so bright: “If you love me, keep my commandments.” Praise the Lord, I followed the footsteps of Jesus in being baptized and partaking of the Lord’s sup­per, and washing the saints feet, in which the Lord wonderfully blessed me. All glory to His blessed name, that, He has given me a clean heart, cleansed from all the filthiness of the flesh and spirit, per­fected holines in the fear of God. And this after-noon, I have victory in my soul.

Praise the Lord forever and ever!

Pray for me that God may give me more light, and grace to stand faithful. Amen!

Your Sister sanctified wholly.

Esther J. Powell.


Fulton, Out.

Dear Brethren: — Find enclosed four dollars for the Trumpet.

I can say I am trusting in the precious blood that cleauseth from all sin, and my acceptance before God is only through the merits of Christ. We have started a special work for the Master in my neigh­borhood, and request your prayers that the powers of darkness may give way and that precious souls may be saved to God according to His Word. My soul is among lions; but He who kept Daniel and David can keep all who put their trust in Him, even in these perilous times. Will be glad when God says to you, go to Canada.

Your Sister,                    

E. J. White.


Maple Eapids, Mich.

Dear Brethren and Sisters in Christ: — I am resting in Jesus and enjoy perfect peace in my soul. I pray God to bless you all and keep you firm on the Rock, Christ Jesus. We met at Bro. Nash’s last Sunday, and had a good meeting. Praise the Lord! We would be glad to have some of God’s little ones come here this winter and work for the Lord. I pray God to keep us all faithful that we may all meet around our Father’s throne.

From your sister in Christ.

Lottie Anthony.


Oden, Ind.

I feel impressed by the Spirit of God to write my testimony to the glory of God. I am grafted into the Vine and purged from all sin. Glory to God for His good­ness and mercy toward us! I thank God that Bro. Warner was ever sent into our neighborhood and preached the true Word of God, and showed us we were in dark­ness. Glory and honor to Him that liv­eth and reigneth forever! I am filled with the Spirit of God this morning. I am so glad that Jesus has done so much for me and my family; He has washed our souls and made them white in the blood of Jesus. God blesses me every day and every hour. We are a little band of holy saints, holding fast to the faith once delivered to the saints, standing steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the glorious work of God. We have never neglected the assembling of our­selves together twice a week. The Savior meets with us in mighty power. The devil gets mad and howls around terribly, mak­ing terrible threats of imprisonment, of egging and even making wild publications in the county papers; but glory to God I He has promised to be with us always, even unto the end of the world. So we fear hot what man shall do to us, because perfect love casteth out fear. God bless the Gospel Trumpet, and all the Trumpet family, and all the saints of God scattered abroad. Brethren and Sisters, pray for us.

From your Bro. and sister, saved and sanctified.

N. B. and Emily Moore.


Lacota, Mich.

Dear Brethren: — I praise God for a full and complete salvation in Christ Jesus; one that takes away all sin; one that takes away all filthiness of the flesh, and enables a man to live honest and up­right, soberly and godly in this world. Praise God for salvation! My prayer to God is, to keep all the dear saints of God in the unity of the spirit, and the bonds of peace. I praise God that I am free from everything of the world. O praise God for salvation!

Your brother in Christ.

John Mcintosh.


St James, Mo.

Dear Brethren: — I feel led of the Lord to write to the Trumpet. I was saved and sanctified in the year 1881. I am seventeen years old, and I can say to the Trumpet readers that I am gloriously saved. I had a vision, and the Lord told me that 1 was going to hell if I did not re­pent. But I am so glad Christ had mercy on me. Glory to God ! He saved us by the washing of regeneration and the renew­ing of the Holy Ghost. Hallelujah! we have victory over the world, the flesh and the devil, and are kept by the power of God, through faith unto salvation, ready to be revealed in the last time. Glory to God for His Spirit that leads into all truth. We are not children of the bond woman but of the free; not under the law, but under grace. We ask all the dear Trumpet readers to pray for us.

Your Bro. saved and sanctified. Glory to God!

Wm T. Marcee.


Gilman, Ill.

My Dearly Beloved Brethren: — God bless you. O the glory that is in my soul, and the wonderful power that He is manifesting to those of the band that have received the Word. I have been to Onarga part of this week. The saints met together in Jesus’ name, and great liberty and freedom was granted unto them. Each coming together seemed to be with increasing power. Glory to God! I know there was a shock from the little praying band yesterday that sent a tidal wave of holy influence around the entire globe. We prayed mightily to God for it, and felt that it circled the globe. Glory to God! Hallelujah to God and the Lamb forever! He is opening our eyes to behold wondrous truth. The word sanctification comes forth freely from the dear saints; they feel that any other word would not describe the work of the Lord in their souls. I can truly declare that the blood of Jesus Christ God’s Son, and by the power and energy of the Holy Ghost, has been applied to my entire being, and that it sanctifies me through and through. Glory be to God! We are all perfectly willing that the straight edge of the Gos­pel be laid on us, for we know that it will be placed on us somewhere, and we had better be leveled up to the Gospel rule; for He says, “My word shall judge you in the last day.” I am sure the sifting time is right now. God bless all the dear saints everywhere. Your Bro saved com­pletely.                            

F. A. Johnson.


Mt Moriah, Mo.

Dear Brethren: — And all the true saints of God, every where, greeting. May the Lord bless you and guide you in the way of all truth. Amen I Dear Brethren, the Lord wills that I write some for the Gos­pel Trumpet. After a long delay I have moved from Butterfield Mo., to Mt Mori-ah Mo. I believe it was in the order of the Lord for me to move here. There are quite a number of saints here. By the grace of God I will keep on the Bible line for God, and preach the Word as it is. I will say to the readers of the Trumpet, that I am still wonderfully saved from all compromise of the devil, and becoming stronger in God as time passes away.

Hallelujah! May the Lord bless us all and keep us in the narrow way. Amen!

Pray for me and mine that the Lord may continue to keep us from all sin, and direct us in the good way. He will if we trust Him. Glory to His name forever! Your brother in Christ, saved from all sin, and straight on the Bible line.

E. J. Brown.


Dear Brethren, and Sisters in Jesus: — I will just say the Lord is most wonder fully leading me out in His own ways. I am growing stronger day by day in the Spirit and power of God. Praise His ho­ly name forever! I am so busy I can not write much to-day, but God is my strength praise His name! and I am His and He is mine, is my testimony. Your Sister saved and sanctified through Jesus blood.

Eunice J. Brown.


Six Points, O.

Dear Brethren: Praise the Lord for His saving and keeping power. O my soul says praise God for what He has done for us, since the assembly meeting at Jerry City Ohio. I can say that I am sanctified and saved from all sin.

G. W. Cup.


Sandy Lake, Pa.

Dear Brethren: — Grace and peace be multiplied to you. I bless God to-night that I live, and I live to glorify Him with my body and spirit which are His, I know that my Redeemer lives, and because He-lives I shall five also. My trust is in God. O how He bears me up amidst the trying scenes life, many are the difficulties of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth them out of them all. Bless His holy name forever! Afflictions may assail me, but they cannot destroy me; a glimpse of His love turns them all into joy. Bless the Lord! O ye saints of the Living God!

I want to tell you once more that Jesus saves my soul, and I am kept by power Divine. Yes, I am redeemed, redeemed of God, washed and cleansed in the blood of Jesus, purified and tried, made white and standing upon the sea of glass. Oh Glory to God! O how I do praise God just now for this wonderful, wonderful salvation. I do praise God that I know what salvation is. Praise the Lord O my souls and all that is within me His His ho­ly name!

Pray for your sister that she may be kept blameless unto the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Mary E. Farrah.


Antwerp, Ohio.

Dear Brethren: — I am led by the Lord to write a few lines for the glory of God.

I do praise God for salvation in my soul, for complete deliverance from all sin and sects. Praise God! Hallelujah! God called me out to work for Him, and for a witness against them. Praise God! they are nothing but the works of the devil, for the works of their father they will do. If you keep my commandments you shall know of the doctrine. Praise God! he that knoweth God heareth us; he that knoweth not God hear eth not us. Here by, know we the Spirit of truth and the spirit of err­or. Bless God, the devil has tried every way he could to keep me from preaching the. Gospel, but I have got the victory over the devil, and all his agents.

“Victory shall be the chorus,
Victory our watch-word and song,
Jesus is marching before us;
Leading His army along.”

Dear brethren I would exhort you in the name of Jesus Christ that you preach the Word, be instant in season, out of sea­son; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with all long suffering and doctrine, for there are many souls who long for the liberty which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Let us who know the perfect love and freedom, not be idle, but do what our hands find to do in the name of Jesus Christ, Let us teach and exhort one another daily as the time draweth near. My testimony is, I am saved and sanctified through the blood. Praise God! hallelujah! Your sister in Jesus, under the blood. Amen!

M. C. Yarrington.


Clark’s Mills, Pa.

Dear Brethren: — We feel led to write our testimony for the Gospel Trumpet.

O praise the Lord! this morning finds us saved and sanctified wholly to our God. O praise the Lord forever and ever! for victory over the world the flesh and the devil. I praise the Lord for a full and free salvation that saves just now. We have cleansed ourselves from all filthines of the flesh and spirit, and have perfected holi­ness as God commanded us to do. “Every man that hath this hope within him, puri­fieth himself even as He is pure.” O praise the Lord forever and ever! Praise God O my soul! His praise shall continually be in my mouth. Hallelujah! 0 praise His name! Amen! They that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. The Lord is keeping us by His power, and we are walking in the pathway of the just, and we have the promise that it shall grow brighter and brighter until the perfect day.

We are your brother and sister, saved, sanctified and kept by the power of God. Amen! and amen!! Pray for us.

John A. & Nancy E. Turner.


Geneva Center, Mich.

Dear Brethren: — I feel led to write my testimony for the Lord. I do praise the Lord this morning for what He has done for me. O I praise Him for the victory I have in my soul over all the works of the devil. Last night I went up to Lee to meeting, we expected a preacher there, of the United Brethren sect to fight God’s little ones. Well he was there, but God so confounded him that he never said a word. God gave us such victory, the preacher got out as soon as meeting was dismissed. There was none of God’s min­isters present. Praise the Lord for victo­ry! They that are joined to the Lord are one Spirit, How easy we can tell God’s little ones. I tell you their testimony is straight, and we can feel the Spirit agree with the Spirit of Christ that is in our souls. Praise the Lord! My dear ones, my experience is brighter to-day than it was yesterday. Praise Jesus! Every where we go we see some that glory in appearance, and not in the heart. Let us be ready to answer them, and give a rea­son of the hope that is in us

I am all the Lord’s this morning, and I am trusting Him for all things. Praise His name forever and ever! Your sister in Christ Jesus. Amen!

Lucy Cobb.


Maple Rapids, Mich.

Dear Brethren: Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ, be multiplied unto you. I thank God this morning for eternal vic­tory in my soul. Hallelujah to God and the Lamb! I can say I am saved, sancti­fied, washed and redeemed by the pre­cious blood of Jesus.

Just now I am walking with Jesus, the light,
My garments are spotless, my robe it is white;
My lamp is bright burning, my joy is complete,
I came for the cleansing low down at His feet,

‘Twas there He did cleanse me and fill me with power;
I’m walking with Jesus each, moment and hour,
His blood makes me holy, yes free from all sin,
My soul is bright shining, I’ve heaven within.

God bless and keep you Holy and blameless unto His coming.

Your sister in the kingdom and patience of Jesus.

Emma A. Lyon.


Maple Rapids, Mich.

Dear Brethren: — I praise God for what I feel in my soul. I am saved and wholly sanctified and complete in Jesus. O I praise God that He ever called after me to serve him, and He satisfies all my long­ings. Hallelujah to God and the Lamb forever! I am determined to stand for God. let come what will. I am dead and my life is hid with Christ in God. Pray for me. From your sister washed and redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Katie Lyon.


Rising Sun, O.

Dear Brethren: — I desire to comunicate a few thoughts to you in the name of the Lord. When those that call them­selves preachers, and old church members come into our house and pick up the Trumpet, they always get stirred, and make all sorts of hard expressions. They see the way you strike, that their craft is in danger. Therefore they must prop it up. Last summer I opened up an old house on my farm, and called the neigh­bors together in the name of the Lord, and began to read and preach the Word the unadulterated, Word of God. This continued for five mouths. At the end of this time we had vacation about one month, with a few sermons, then started a protracted meeting which lasted five weeks. I have not seen such a meeting for years. Men and women came rushing forward to the Altar by the scores, falling down prostrate on the floor crying for mercy, untill there was thirty-one seekers of which a greater share found pardon and peace. All of them but two were persons that had never made any profes­sion of Christianity, all sinners.

I say glory hallelujah for such a salva­tion that saves to the uttermost all that will call on God.

Brother Hapson of Detroit was here in the beginning of the meeting, preached several times to good success: he is quite free, but hangs to the old strandard wreck of the Free Methodist, daughter of the old mother. The next man that came to preach, his name is A. J. Clingel. The people all liked him very wall. He used to preach among the U. B’s. He said he believed in the one Church, but he is not free, he is in bondage to sect and tobacco. Oh how many people are in bondage to the lust of the world and flesh. Thank God I am free, sanctified and cleansed through the blood. Glory Hallelujah to the Lamb! Your brother,

Sylvester Phillips.


Onarga, Ill.

Dear Brethren: — All glory to God and the Lamb, this beautiful Sabbath morn­ing, for the joy of this great salvation in Jesus.

I am at sister Sander’s, and she re­quested me to write to you. She is full of the Spirit of God, and wants to push forward the blessed work of God. She is all alive to God’s cause and is so bless­edly kept by the power from on high. Glory be to God! She sends you $10.00 for the blessed Holy Ghost Song Book. Oh praise the Lord for willing hearts and hands to work for the blessed Master. Will you please send me a few Trumpets for distribution. O we want the truth sent out, there is so much darkness rest­ing on the minds of the people: oh we rejoice and praise God that we are deliv­ered from the snare of the devil. Glory! Glory! be to God! The Holy Ghost just now is touching the high sounding sym­bols in my heart. Oh hallelujah to God and the Lamb forever and ever! Amen!

Your sister saved and kept by the power of God.

A. Reed.


Hartford, Mich.

“Elect according to the fore-knowledge of God the Father through sanctification of the Spirit, unto obedience and sprink­ling of the blood of Jesus Christ: grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied.”

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ; which according to His abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurec­tion of Jesus Christ from the dead.”

This morning I am saved through faith, which is the gift of God, and am perserved blameless in Christ. Amidst all opposi­tion and strife, Jesus is my salvation and glory, In my experience I find Jesus a friend that never leaves or forsakes, but does abundantly and above all we can think or ask, and gives us the abiding Comforter to abide with us forever.

Praise the Lord, and bless His holy name for all He has done for me, and for sending light into the world, and that which is most needful: perfect and com­plete salvation from every thing that is evil.

May the good Lord increase in us all the good works of God and still bless all the labors in the work of Gospel at the Office and still preserve us blamless. Amen! Your sister sanctified to God.

Martha Clinard.


Kalamazoo, Mich.

Dear Brethren: Praise the Lord for salvation full and free, and praise His name for a salvation that we love to enjoy, and not because we have to. How I do praise the Lord for what He has done for me. I never can do enough for Him. I would not change one minute of the Lord’s presence for all the time I served the devil. “O this blessed holy rest, on my Jesus’ loving breast.” I am saved and sanctified through the precious blood of Jesus. From your brother in Christ.

Willard Bell.


Kalamazoo, Mich.

Dear Brethren: — I do thank God for a complete salvation from all sin and sect loving spirits. Praise God! I do know just now that I am saved and sanctified through the blood of the Lamb. I praise the Lord that I do know that my name is recorded in the Lamb’s book of life. My soul says praise the Lord! Glory! glory!! glory!!! glory!!!! From your Bro. in Christ.

Benjamin Bell.

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