15 May 1886, Volume 8, Number 5.



MAXIMINUS CESAR, who was afterwards raised to the government, as if to exhibit the evidences of his innate hatred to God and his aversion to piety, armed himself to persecute with greater violence than those before him. Hence, as there was no little confusion raised among all, some scattered here and others there, and endeavoring by all means to escape the danger; and as there was the greater tumult throughout the empire what description would suffice to give a faithful account of that divine love and that freedom of confession, that distin­guished the martyr Apphianus, that bless­ed and truly innocent lamb? He was scarcely twenty years old, when he pre­sented a wonderful instance of solid piety toward the one only God, as a kind of spec­tacle to all before the gates of Cesarea. And first, when for the purpose of pursu­ing Greek literature, as he was of a very wealthy family, he passed the most of his time at Berytus, it is wonderful to tell how in the midst of such a city, notwithstand­ing the enticements of youthful passions, he was superior to all, and was neither corrupted in his morals by the vigor of his body, nor his association with young men, but embraced a modest and sober life, walking honestly and piously, and regula­ting his conversation as one who had em­braced the Christian faith. Were it nec­essary to mention his country, and thus to celebrate the place that gave birth to so noble a wrestler in the cause of religion, we shall cheerfully do also this. Pagas, a city of Lycia, of no mean account, and which may be known to some of my read­ers, was the place whence this youth derived his origin.

After his return from his studies at Berytus, though his father held the first rank in his country, being unable to hear dwell­ing with his father and the rest of his kin­dred, because they did not approve of living according to the laws of piety, as if impelled by the Divine Spirit, and by a kind of natural, rather say an inspired and genuine, philosophy, deeming it better than what is considered glory in life, and despising the soft pleasures of the body, he secretly fled from his friends. And without any concern for his daily expenses, in his trust and faith in God, he was conducted as if led by the Holy Spirit, to the city of Cesarea, where was prepared for him the crown of martyrdom, for his piety. Having associated with us there, and having studied the Holy Scriptures as much as could he for a short time, and having prepared himself most cheerfully by the proper exercises and discipline, he finally made so illustrious an end, as could not he witnessed again without amaze­ment.

Who could listen without wonder to the freedom with which he spoke, behold his firmness, and before this, the courage and the energy of this youth, who gave evi­dence of a zeal for piety and a spirit more titan human? For when a second excite­ment was raised against us by Maximinus in the third year of the persecution, and the edicts of the tyrant, to this effect were first issued, that all persons everywhere should publicly offer sacrifices, and that the rulers of the cities should see to this with all care and diligence, when the her­alds also were proclaiming throughout all Cesarea, that men, women and children should come to the temples of the idols, at the command of the governor; and moreover, the military tribunes were call­ing upon each one by name, from a list, and the heathen were rushing in an im­mense crowd from every quarter, this youth fearlessly and without imparting his purpose to any, stealing away from us who dwelt in the same house, and unob­served by the military band around the governor, approached Urbanus who hap­pened then to be making libations. Fear­lessly seizing his right hand, he suddenly interrupted him in the act of sacrificing.

Then he counseled him in a solemn and serious tone to abandon his error, saying it was not right that we should desert the one only and true God, to sacrifice to idols and daemons. This was done by the youth, as is very probable, under the im­pulse of a Divine power, which by this deed gave a kind of audible testimony, that the Christians, those to wit that were really such, were so far from abandoning the religion which they had once embraced, that they were not only superior to all the threatened dangers, and the punish­ments consequent on these; but over and above this, acted with still greater free­dom, and declared themselves with a noble and fearless utterance, and were it possi­ble that their persecutors could be deliv­ered from their ignorance, even exhorted them to acknowledge the one only and true God.

After this, he of whom we are speaking, as might be expected in the ease of an act so daring, was immediately seized and torn by the solders like ravenous beasts, and after suffering most heroically innu­merable stripes on his whole body, was cast into prison until further orders.

There, being stretched by the tormentor with both feet a night and day, on the rack, he was the next day brought to the judge, and when force was applied to make him sacrifice, he exhibited an invincible fortitude in bearing pain and horrid tor­tures. His sides were not only once or twice, but often furrowed and scraped to the very bones and bowels, and at the same time he was beaten with so many blows on the face and neck, that by rea­son of his bruised and swolen face, he was no more recognized by those who had known him well. But as he did not yield even to this, they covered his feet with linen steeped in oil, and at the command of the governor the tormentors applied fire to these. The suffering which this blessed youth then endured, seems to me to exceed all power of description. The fire, after consuming his flesh, penetrated to the bones, so that the humors of the body, liquefied like wax, fell in drops; but as he did not yield even to this, his antagonists being defeated, and now only at a loss to account for his more than hu­man perseverance, he was again commit­ted to prison. At last he was summoned the third day before the judge again, and still declaring his fixed purpose in the profession of Christ, already half dead, he was thrown into the sea and drowned.

What happened immediately alter this, would scarcely be credited by any who had not seen with his own eyes. But notwithstanding this, we cannot but re­cord the events, as we may say, all the inhabitants of Cesarea were witnesses of the fact. There was no age that was not present at this wonderful sight. As soon as this really blessed and holy youth was cast into the deepest parts of the sea, sud­denly a roaring and uncommon crashing sound, pervaded not only the sea, but the whole surrounding heavens. So that the earth and the whole city was shaken by it. And at the same time with this wonder­ful and sudden shaking, the body of the divine martyr was cast by the sea before the gates of the city, as if unable to bear it. And such was the martyrdom of the excellent Apphianus, on the second day of the month Xanthicus, or, Roman style, the fourth of the nones of April, on the day of the preparation, or Friday.

Eusebius’ Ancient Church History.


Shawtown, Ohio.

We want to say to the glory of God, that we are saved and sanctified; all given up to God and prepared for the Lord’s work. We are watching every channel of the Spirit. Glory to God for salvation! How delightful it is to serve God. He keeps me so wrapped up in the spotless robe of love that satan cannot touch me. The fire of God’s love is burning here among the saints. Glory to God forever! Yours and Christ’s.

A. M. Dick.


New Washington Ohio.

Dear Brethren: — I feel like testifying through the Trumpet, what God is doing for me. He keeps me saved all the time. My robes are washed in the al-cleansing blood of the Lamb. Brethren, let us hold the banner higher every day, so the world may see there is a reality in the religion of Jesus Christ. My testimony this morning is, that I am saved and sanctified, and kept by the power of God each day.

C. Guiss.



St James Mo.

Dear Brethren: — I feel that it would be to the glory of God to let you hear from the true holiness saints of this part of God’s vineyard.

I arrived here the 9th of January and opened fire upon the enemy’s rank, whereupon he hotly returned the fire. Hallelu­jah! Our first sermon was at Miles school house. After preaching a few times, the Lord led us to go to the Matlock school house, which was better situated, and more commodious. We preached six times at the above named place with much con­viction upon the congregation. Here also as in all places, the devil was stirred, and used all his forces against the truth. Hal­lelujah!

We were invited to come to the Lone Star school house, at which place my wife joined me, having arrived from Litchfield Ill. God began to seal the truth into the hearts of the hearers, sinners began to be convicted for justification, and truly justi­fied souls began to get interested in the second work of the grace of God. About the time the meeting began to seem as though it would prove a general blessing to the community, in the salvation of pre­cious souls, the adversary sent a man there to oppose the work. A Baptist preacher, who, after meeting was dismissed, got up­on a seat and announced an appointment for himself the next night: although we had meeting announced for the same night. He said he would prove to the intelligent people we were Mormons, and at the same time to try to run us out of the country, and stop the work of the Lord, told that I had another man’s wife. So we gave place to the lying sectish hireling, and announced a meeting for the next night at Lacy school house two miles futher on where this same priest purposed to head a mob to drive holiness out of the country. The mob followed the next night as clam­orous as demonds, and threw a stone through the window, and attempted to disturb the meeting; and after finding they could not hinder the work, as meet­ing was out, they showed still further their heathen cowardice, and as we came out into the dark fearlessly among them, some demon cut at me with a knife, cutting a hole through my over-coat. So much for a sectish Baptist priest. Hallelujah!

We went to Corinth school house and field meeting there. Five were gloriously sanctified. From Corinth we went to Rolla the County seat of Phelps Co., where the lying adversary opposed us much. But O glory! every place we came to, God gave us power over all the power of the enemy. And in all the round where we went, sixteen souls were saved, most of them wholly sanctified. My wife thus re­turned home. But God still detained me; for what purpose I could not tell. Yet I knew I was in the order of the Lord, being held as I was. But it was not long till He showed me it was for the purpose to be used in taking a clog off the wheel of Zion, in the person of a man near St James who has ever been a real hinderance, de­siring to have the pre-eminence among the true saints, deceiving himself, and think­ing himself to be something when he was nothing but a dead wait and a real hinderance to the cause. I brought the Word to bear against him as a test, where upon the Holy Ghost quickly brought to light, and powerfully manifested, that he was not right. Hallelujah!

Brethren let us stick close to the Word, and use it according to sound doctrine, and the sectarian world and the world of sin will always have to succumb.

I am now to start to Gilman Ill., to­morrow, to hear the lion roar there as I hear him in every place. Hallelujah! The hottest fight is just begun. But Breth­ren, let us never ground our arms till babylon is fully over thrown. Pray for the true ones here in south west Mo.; for I am sure there is about 80 of the pecular chosen ones in these parts, who have so far come through great tribulation.

Your Brother saved.

John D. Ashbaugh.

Freemont Center Mich.

We are thankful to the Lord for the privilege of greeting the dear saints once more with our testimony. We praise God for a present salvation, full and free, which we have through Jesus Christ our Lord. We praise God for sparing our life to meet our dear family once more, whom we love as ourself. Hallelujah! Praise God for­ever and ever! Four weeks ago the Lord impressed us by His Spirit to go to Ind. The way being opened we went in the name of the Lord. We stopped at Port­land Ind.; the following Sabbath we had the glorious privilege of meeting with the Church of the Firstborn near Deerfield. O how the glory of God filled our soul as we came together to worship Him in Spir­it and in truth. But blind sectarians cry out, “How do you know each other?” What saith the Word? “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples if ye have love one for another.” — John 13:30. Therefore being ignorant of the wisdom of God, they go about to establish their own wisdom.

From Deerfield we went to Farmland, Randolph Co., where we met with many kind friends who welcomed us with joy, where we had spent many of our boy-hood days. But how our hearts did burn with­in us when we saw the people sitting in in such gross darkness. The Lord showed us that we should take the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, and rush to the battle. Hallelujah! We obeyed, and in the name of Jesus we gave out the announcement. O how the Lord did pour the Holy Ghost into our soul as we spake the words of life to the people. Many were hardened and spake evil of this way; and as we showed them by the Word, the necessity of a pure heart when the Lord shall come, some plead for sin and their sect. But glory to God! the Word says, “There shall be no schism — division — in the body.

After the first meeting some precious souls accepted this perfect way. We pray God to lead them out of all babylon con­fusion, to stand free in Christ: “for whom the Son maketh free is free indeed.” The devil being loosed, he used his instruments against the work of God. After two meet­ings the sectarians closed their house against the Word of God; but we had complete victory over the sect beast and his army. After the sect house was closed, we went from house to house preaching the Word. O how the glory of God filled our soul. We feel that the Lord has much people in those parts and will raise up a people there to serve him. Our prayer is that God will bless His Word to the salvation of many souls. O how our heart is burdened for poor sinners who are lost in sin. The Lord has called us to labor for their redemption.

Well, glory to God! It is more than my meet and drink to do my Master’s will. I am not my own, but am bought with a price, and will go wherever the Lord leads. I am saved, sanctified and cleansed from the use of tobacco, tea and coffee, and all filthiness of the flesh.

Pray for us that the Lord may have His own way with us.

I. M. Gray.


Lacota Mich.

Dear Brethren: — O praise God! we have been having such glorious times; we all went last Thursday evening to brother Johnson’s. Bro. Palmer was there, and oh what a time of rejoicing. Praise God! Six dear souls come to the altar, one for pardon and five for sanctification.

Friday evening they came up to our place and of course dear Jesus was there with us. Hallelujah to God! What victory the little ones had. When the altar was pre­sented, five souls came and got victory.

Yesterday, Lord’s day, the saints met again at Bro. Johnson’s. Oh praise God for the power that God gave to His little ones. Bro. Palmer preached and then had testimonies; and while this was going on three came to the altar; and after this, they all went to the river and 17 were im­mersed. And when they came out of the water they were filled with the Holy Spirit and some of them overwhelmed with the power, fell prostrate on the ground.

At evening had meeting at our place again and had a good time. Well, praise God! it is all of the time good. Hallelu­jah! O praise God for the sweet fellow­ship of the Holy Spirit. My testimony is, I am saved and kept. I can’t praise God enough for what He has done for me.

Your Brother.

Joseph Smith.




John P. Hanes.

DEAR BRETHREN: — Let me expostulate a little with the opposers of Christian perfection. Now permit me to ask, why are you so angry with those who profess to have attained this perfection? And so mad (I cannot give it any softer title) against Christian perfection. Against the most glorious gift which God ever gave to the children of men upon earth. View it in the light of the Bible, and what is there that is either odious or terrible, that is calculated to excite hatred or fear in any reasonable creature. What rational objection can you have of loving the Lord your God with all your heart? Why should you be afraid of it? Please tell me how you could be damaged in loving God with all your heart. Would it lessen your happiness either in this world, or that which is to come? And why should you be un­willing that others should give Him their whole heart, or that they should love their neighbor as themselves, yea as Christ hath loved us? Is this an evil thing to be hated? Or is it not the most amiable thing under leaven? Why are you so averse to hav­ing in you the whole mind of Jesus Christ, all the affections, all the tempers and dis­positions which were in Him while He dwelt among men? Would it not be a blessing for you, if God were to work in you this very hour, all the mind that was in Him? Why then should you hinder others from seeking this great blessing, or be displeased at those who have attained to it? Shame on you who oppose the Holy Ghost. Why are you averse to having the whole fruit of the Spirit, love, joy, peace, longsuffering, meekness, gentleness, fidel­ity, goodness, temperance? Sorely noth is more desirable than that these holy tempers be deeply seated in our every heart. Hallelujah to God forever! Why do you object to being renewed in the whole image of Him that created you? Is not this more desirable than any thing under heaven? What can you wish form comparison with this? God help you to see this in the light of eternity. Set aside your prejudice, and surely you will desire to see holiness diffused over all the earth. Cast away your dark and confused notions about this one all important command, and a blessed privilege, and consecrate your all to God, and learn holiness by the holy fire of God in your soul, then you will know all about it. Glory to God for the restoration of the Divine image of God in the human soul! Hallelujah! The blood cleanseth from all sin.




Let all the saints everywhere, pray for the healing of the bodies through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, of the following brethren and sisters.

Bro. J. S. Smurr, of Rome City Ind., pray that the Lord may heal him of a cancer.

A Sister in Norwich Kan., desires the prayers of the saints that she may be healed of her bodily affliction.

Another request for the prayers of the saints and ministers of God, for the restor­ation of soul and body, by Mrs. A. P. Fritz Alaiedon Mich.

Let the saints of God pray mightily to God for the healing of Sister Owen, Sandy Lake Pennsylvania, of cancer.

Also, Sister D. Rousch, Rising Sun O., asks prayers for her healing.

Sister Albright of Las Vegas, New Mexico requests the prayers of the saints, for the healing of herself and child, of cancer.

Bro. J. Phipps of Elyria Ohio, is very much afflicted in body. He has faith to be healed, and as he has not the means to send for an Elder, he wishes the prayers of all the holy brethren. For the fervent effectual prayers of the righteous availeth much.

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Sent Forth in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ
For the Purity and Unity of His Church,
the Defence of ALL His Truth,
And the Destruction of Sect Babylon.


D. S. WARNER, and J. C. FISHER, – Editors.

J. C. FISHER, – Publisher.


TERMS, $1.00 Per Year In Advance.

All business communications, moneys etc., must be addressed to the Gospel Trumpet, in order to in­sure credit; otherwise we mil not be responsible.

Remittances for less than five dollars, should be sent in Postal Notes, above that amount in Post Of­fice Orders, or Registered Letter. Small amouts in two cent stamps.


A commission of 20 percent will be given on each new, cash subscriber, to all who will labor for the Gospel Trumpet. We make this offer so as to help the brethren that are in the field, as well as the cir­culation of the paper.

Parties desiring papers to canvass with should notify us regularly of their whereabouts.



The cross marked with a pencil op­posite this item means that your paid subcription is out. When thus marked please renew at once, or, if the Trumpet is not desired longer, notify us to stop it. We must be notified by letter and the amount due us as back pay must be sent to us, when a subscriber wishes their paper discontinued.

Any one who does not receive their paper, should notify us at once, and it will receive prompt attention.

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A tract containing scriptural proofs that Christ Himself is the Church, and the Church is Christ.

It is doing a glorious work. Many write favorably of the light it is shedding. Or­ders are increasing; send on your orders.

Price ………. 10 cents.

One dozen copies ………. $1.00

Fifty copies ………. $3.50







BIBLE Proofs that the change from the seventh, to the first day of the week, was made by the Lord Himself.

This tract contains 64 pages: the price is 25 cts.

God has enabled us to set forth the subject in the clear light of abundance of Scripture. So every reader of the Trum­pet can glorify God in sending your orders for this Tract. This will also be a good fi­nancial help to spread other matter for the Lord.




The dear little ones in the Office have been making up all the Church and Sabbath tracts we have printed. We have yet a good supply on hand. Let them be sent on their way, preaching the truth, as it is in Christ Jesus. The Church tract ten cents, the Sabbath tract 25 cents. 20 percent commission to all who order to sell. We also call attention to the fact that the publication offers 20 percent commission on Trumpet subscriptions.

Let all work for the Lord.




We have loaned out quite a number of books, to accommodate brethren and friends; but in so doing we have lost trace of some. Hence we make this call to any one that has of our books to let us know. Among the lost are, “MadamGuyon,” two volumes, Upham’s “Life of Faith,” and “Interior Life.” “Randall’s Travels in Egypt, Sinai, and the Holy Land, or the Hand writing of God.”




WE have completed the Second Edition of Songs of Victory, to which we have added five new pages, three pa­ges with notes, and two of familiar hymns.

The book now contains 94 pages with notes, and 14 pages of familiar hymns, making in all 112 pages. We have other­wise improved and corrected it, also put double impression on the covers, and the cloth covers are so bound that there will be no more raw edges, and the lettering is expected to wear and retain the color.

Songs of Victory is specially adapted, for Revival, Gamp, Grove, and all other meetings, also for the Sabbath school.

All orders accompanied by cash, will be filled, from single copy upward.

Price. Single copy Manilla cover 35 cts. Cloth limp cover 50 cts. Per dozen Ma­nilla cover, $3.00. Cloth, $4.80.

Parties may order half or quarter doz­en at same rates as per dozen. Address all orders to the Gospel Trumpet Office, Williamston Mich.


Our Camp and Crove Meeting List.



THIS will be a grand meeting, and will

be held on the Old Camp ground, two miles North of Bangor, and two miles West of Breedsville.

Parties coming from the South, leave train at Bangor, from the North, at Breedsville. The Brethren will secure reduced rates on the Michigan Central Railroad, from Battle Creek to South Haven.

And on the Chicago and West Michigan rail road, parties going to the camp meet­ing should ask for excursion rates. This meeting will begin June 10th, and contin­ue, the Lord willing ten days. Let al come with their tents that possibly can, those that cannot tent will be otherwise provided for; also good pasture provided for the teams of all who attend the meeting.



DEAR Brethren in Gratiot Co. Mich., we have requested through the Trumpet, that you correspond with us in regard to holding a camp meeting in your vicinity. Scarcely any has written, or been heard from, not one of the preach­ers has written to us, or the Trumpet the past winter, neither made any report of their work in the field. The spirit of in­difference shown in regard to the work of the salvation of souls by the ministers and people in Gratiot, suggests to our mind that satan has the best of it in that local­ity, and that a bombardment of his works is necessary. But necessity compells us to announce that we must withdraw the notice already in the Trumpet in reference to said meeting conclusively, unless the people make their own arrangements and communicate the same to us. We are constantly in demand on every hand, and cannot spend our time working up meet­ings.


This meeting might be arranged to take place the last of July, as we have no meet­ing set for July so far. We want to hear from the brethren in reference to time and place as soon as possible.


This meeting will be held in Venango Go, Pa., commencing Aug. 8th, to contin­ue as the Lord wills.. We expect a glori­ous time of refreshing from the presence of the Lord. Let all make arrangements to tent on the ground. We hope to hear from the brethren in reference to the ground and place.


We ought to have a meeting in the West some where the last of August. We hope to hear from Bro. J. P. Haner. He and the other brethren can make arrange­ments for a meeting in their locality, and if the Lord wills some of us will come over.


There will be a grove meeting, the Lord willing, at Jerry City Ohio, commencing Sept. 9th ’86, to continue over Sunday.

Any other parties wishing meetings, should communicate with ns at once.



We wish to make an appeal to the be loved saints of God in behalf of dear Bro. Wm. N. Smith who has had the misfortune to loose his horse, which was his only means of travel. Dear Bro. and sister Smith have been seeking out the lost ones in the dark places, and in the inland towns where there is no rail roads, and many souls have been reached and brought to God; who otherwise would doubtless have remained in sin. Bro. Smith feels that the Lord wants him to continue to travel in this way, and believes the Lord will put it in the hearts of the saints to send a little of their means to help him to get another horse. May God help you Breth­ren to all do your duty and come at once to the help of this Bro. who is thus left helpless, and not able to reach perishing souls. Any one desiring to help the Bro. and thus glorify God, please do so by send­ing your donations to the Gospel Trumpet Office. And the same will be forwarded to him.





Let all the saints everywhere, pray for the healing of the bodies through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, of the following brethren and sisters.

Let all the saints pray for the healing of Bro. S. G. Odell and family, Loraine Ill., of bodily afflictions.

Also pray mightily to God to’ heal Sis­ter Hettie Newman, Williamston Mich., of spinal fever.

Sister L. C. Martin, Pellston Mich, wish­es the prayers of God’s people for the healing of her daughter’s child, which has no use of its body. Also, for the salvation and healing of Mrs. Benjamin Hankins, who has been deaf for many years.



A Brother offers for sale a farm of 80 acres of land, unimproved, situated in South­eastern Missouri, in Bollinger Co., on the R. R. from St Louis to Cairo Ill. Only one mile from the village, in a healthy lo­cality, well watered, unincumbered, ab­stract of title furnished, warranty deed giv­en to purchaser. Lowest cash price $400.

Any one desiring to purchase the above mentioned land, can do so by writing to the Gospel Trumpet Office, Williamston Michigan, or A. C. Bigler, Alpena Dakota.

The Bro. who desires to help the cause of the Lord; offers this land at cost price, and will give one half for the publication of the Gospel Trumpet and tracts, for dis­tribution to the glory of God. Any one desiring to get a home in a mild, healthy climate, short winters, will do well to make this purchase.





Lapaz Ind.

Dear Brethren: — My testimony is, that I am saved, sanctified, washed and re­deemed through the blood of the Lamb. I am free in Christ. I do praise God for what He is doing for me. It fills my soul with glory when I read the testimonies of the dear saints. I am trusting in God. O glory to His name! Jesus sweetly dwells within. I thank God in my heart that He sent brother Michels in this part of His moral vineyard to preach to us this glorious Gospel light. Some 13 souls accepted and are sweetly saved. We have had a few added to the number; we meet twice a week. We have glorious meet­ings. Praise God! Brother Warner was with us over Sabbath. In the afternoon we had a testimony meeting at the U. B. house, and after meeting they demanded the key and locked the house against us. But thanks be to our God they can’t lock the pearly gates of heaven against God’s little ones. The devil is roaring on every side; but yet amidst the tempest we can praise the Lord.

In every trying hour,
My soul to Jesus flies;
I’ll trust in His almighty power,
When swelling billows rise.

I praise God for His healing power. Before I was saved I was a weakly woman. Now lean walk three miles to meeting and feel good over it. O how I praise God for this wonderful salvation that keeps me day by day. Praise His name forever and ever! Your sister in Christ.

Mary A. Row.



THE government of the “Church of God” is theocratical, or a theocracy, which means a government immediately directed by God. Thus the Church, or Kingdom of God which is Spiritual, is governed by a Spiritual Head, who gives a Spiritual law for the government of all the subjects of His Church or Kingdom, which is com­posed of the Spiritual. And as God’s Church is one and indivisible, there is but “one law given,” which is God the Son, and Father, through the Holy Spirit.

Thus the Apostle James says, “There is one lawgiver who is able to save, and to destroy.” — James 4:12. Again the Apos­tle Paul in his epistle, to the Hebrews says “Christ as a Son over his own house, whose house are we,” — Heb. 3:6. Also Isa. 9th 6, 7. “Unto us a Son is given, and the government shall be upon His shoulder, and His name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlast­ing Father, the Prince of peace. Of the increase of His government, and peace, there shall be no end.” Christ is “Head over all things to the Church, which is His body, the fulness of Him that filleth all in all.” — Eph. 1:22. “And He is the Head, the body, the Church; who is the beginning of the Firstborn from the dead, that in all things He might have the pre­eminence.” He is before all things, and by Him all things consist.” — Col. 1:17, 18. “Therefore the Church is subject to Christ.” — Eph. 5:24. Thus we see Christ as our Spiritual Head, our Leader, our Counselor, our Governor and Commander.

He rules His subjects with a “sceptre of righteousness.” As the Apostle saith, “Thy throne O God, is forever and ever; a sceptre of righteousness, is the sceptre of Thy Kingdom.” Yea in righteousness shall He judge, and make peace. He putteth down all fleshly rule and authority, and God “worketh all things in all.”

O glory to God! He is the “Tower of the flock, the strong hold of the daughter of Zion. Therefore, “the law shall go forth out of Zion, and the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem.” And He shall judge among many people, and shall reign over them in Mount Zion, henceforth forever.” Micah 4:2-10. Thus we see that the law of Christ is the Word of the Lord., which goeth forth of Zion, which is the church. For says the Apostle, “Ye are come unto Mount Zion, the City of the living God, unto the general assembly, and Church of the Firstborn, which are written in heaven.” — Heb. 12:22, 23. Thus the law, the Word goeth forth from Christ, the Church, for says He, “the words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit, and they are life.” —  John 6:63. Again, “man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

Mark the declaration of Christ. The Word is “Spirit and life.” It is composed of real Spiritual elements, or substances that giveth life, works a material effect; and like the literal bread made of mate­rial substances which giveth life to the mortal body, maketh blood, which is the life, and flesh, bone sinew, strength and vigor. So the Word of God giveth life to the Spiritual man. The Word, the bread, sends the blood of Christ thrilling through his spiritual veins, he feels it sending the flashes of holy fire through his entire be­ing; he is composed of real Spiritual ele­ments, and solids which endureth forever. We can feel the very pulsations of the Christ life in our mortal flesh. For, says the apostle Paul, “the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our mortal flesh, for we are members of His body, of His flesh and of His bones. — 2 Cor. 4:10- 11. Eph. 5:30. Such is the glorious ef­fect of the Word of life, the law of God, wrought in those who receive and eat of it; “for the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth.” Thus saith the prophet Jeremiah, “Thy words were found, and I did eat them; and Thy Word was unto me the joy and re­joicing of my heart.” “The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus makes us free: if the Son make you free, ye shall be free indeed,” But the law of man bringeth into bondage, but thank God, the children of the free woman are all emancipated by the proclamation of the law of liberty in Christ Jesus. Free from all the galling yokes and creeds of man, under no other yoke but the yoke of Christ, which is easy to bear. It is impossible for the child of God to subscribe to any human, fleshly law or discipline, and remain loyal to Christ, they are antagonistic to each-other.

For thus saith the Lord, “In vain do ye worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men, and ye make the Word of God of none effect by your tra­ditions.” If we seek to please man, we are the servant of man, and not the serv­ant of the Lord. “For one is your master, even Christ, and no man can serve two masters, for he will despise one and serve the other.” And he that serveth man despiseth. God, therefore let no man glory in men, nor with eye service as men pleasers, but with good will doing service to the Lord, and not to man, doing the will of God from the heart.”

Every creed or discipline of man is a fleshly, carnal law, for it is impossible for a poor fleshly, finite being to create that which is Divine. Thus the child of God must fall from grace who submits to be governed by a human law or discipline, or be penned up in a human inclosure. For thus saith the Spiritual law, “Christ is become of none effect unto you, whoso­ever of you are justified by the law, ye are fallen from grace, and this persuasion cometh not of Him that calleth you.’’ – Gal. 5:4, 8.

The child of God who hath mounted the heights of the Mount of God’s holiness and stands looking down on this present ungodly world, beholds it all given up to Idolatry. And like Paul, when he stood on Mars Hill, and beheld the whole City of Athens given up to idolatry, the Spir­it burned within him. So the Spirit of God burns within us, with a righteous in­dignation as we behold the whole world wrapt in idolatry, worshiping the works of men’s hands, for this world is full of rank heresy, and heretical works and ungodly practices; strife, discord, confusion, and every evil work abound in the relig­ious circles of the present age. Gigantic frauds have been perpetrated and every­where abound. The people are taught from the cradle to reverence the fraudu­lent works of men’s hands, instead of the Spiritual; thus instead of being enlight­ened, their minds are darkened, and they are wrapt in the chains of darkness and delusion, even to the believing of the hor­rible lie of the apostasy; thus they are an easy prey, to be devoured by the human beasts, who are never satisfied. The pres­ent day existing churches or sects, are stupendous frauds, imposed on God and the people, over which men rule and sit as monarchs, and often as tyrants, govern­ing with a rigorous discipline, they levy their tribute, which is a heavy yoke and burden hard to be borne, unto which the poor victims submit for fear of being lashed by the ungodly carnal priests, and turned out of the church or sect, and they loose their souls. O my God! I pray Thee to hear the groaning of the prisoner, and grant deliverance, cut it short in right­eousness lest there be no flesh saved.

The people who possess the light of the Holy Spirit feel the very weight of the intolerable yoke of sectism, and would throw it off if they only knew what to do, but all their lifetime they have been taught the opinions of men, even in Spir­itual things, instead of the truth as reveal­ed by the Holy Spirit. O Lord, we cry in the fervor of thy Spirit! Send Thy flam­ing ministers to blaze the light of the truth into the midst of a poor, darkened, and benighted people, lest they perish.

One awful deception taught the people, is the horrible blasphemous declaration that the human organizations, or so called churches are divine, and therefore the peo­ple must reverence the sect and her min­isters, thus the people are awed into sub­jection. Could satan himself, in person devise a more artful scheme, or invent a more deadly trap to catch the souls of men than this? This would I learn of you, can a mortal man create that which is Spiritual or Divine? O man! “Hast thou an arm like God? or canst thou thunder with a voice like Him? canst thou bind the sweet influence of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?” If so, then indeed thou canst create that which is Divine.

But we do know that the Church of God is Divine, and not created by man. We know She “hath foundations whose build­er and maker is God.” What a contrast between the the Divine, and the fleshly institutions of man, which are a refuge for “every unclean and hateful bird.”

The prophet Jeremiah says, “For among my people are found wicked men: they lay wait, as he that setteth snares; they set a trap, they catch men. As a cage is full of birds, so are their houses full of de­ceit: therefore they are become great, and waxen rich. They are waxen fat, they shine: yea, they overpass the deeds of the wicked: they judge not the cause, of the fatherless, yet they prosper;

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and the right of the needy do they not judge. Shall I not visit for these things? saith the Lord: shall not my soul be aven­ged on such a nation as this? A wonder­ful and horrible thing is committed in the land. The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?” —  Jer. 5:26-31,

Yea all manner of vices are practiced, and all maimer of persons admitted. But into, or through the sacred portal of the holy, Divine Church none can enter with­out salvation, for says our Savior, “I am the door, by me, if any man enter in, he shell be saved.” Now if Christ be the door, into what do we enter? Ans. The Church of God. None but the saved are members of the Church of Christ, “He that entereth not by the door, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.” Then this world is full of thieves and robbers, for almost every one are trying to climb up some other way.

“The Church of God” has no creed but the Bible, the holy Word given by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, which is the chief executive: He through the chosen vessels of the Lord, His ministers which He “maketh a flame of fire,” and are Spir­itual, executeth His laws, and ministereth the word of reconciliation.” They are ‘‘la­borers together with Cod, ministering the Gospel of Cod.” The Church is fully equipped, and a perfect system is laid down in the holy Scriptures for its govern­ment, every member can there find what their duties are, to God and man. The Church is fully organised, and ample provision made for its government in every locality, in the holy statutes, the Word of God. Carnal creeds can govern carnal, human inventions, which must all perish with the using, but not the Holy Church which is “without spot or wrinkle, holy, and without blemish,” And, “if we or an angel from Heaven preach any other Gospel let him be accursed.” If there come any unto you and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him Cod speed, for he that biddeth him God speed, is a partaker of his evil deeds. — 2 John 9:10, 11.

Clothed with the Sunlight of the morning,
A Heavenly wonder seems to be;
She wears a crown of stars so dazzling,
In Her Celestial purity.

The Church, it is this spotless Virgin,
The Bridegroom is the Son of God,
She’s all arrayed in Her fine linen –
He, with a vesture dipped in blood.





AFTER a few weeks work in the Trumpet Office, and the happy privilege of enjoying the blessed company of the dear saints at home, on Saturday. April 10th we left home in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and came to Potterville Eaton  Co. Mich. Some of the little ones at home desired us to stay at home over the Lord’s day, but I felt the Spirit stirring us to go and spend the day with the little Church near Potterville.

Praise God! when I landed at the de­pot, a hand came on my shoulder, and a “Praise the Lord!” at my back, looking around, behold there was dear Bro. Guy Foote. The Spirit had moved him to pray that morning for our coming, and so strong was his faith that he came to meet us at the train. Glory to God! He knows how to muster His force to the battle. Dear brother Foote has been passing through the furnace flames, but is all the stronger for it. We had a precious communion with the little Church who met in the house of dear sister Cogswell, over Sabbath. There are but a few who are in the holy bond there. They desire a grove meeting this summer if they can get a suitable place. May the Lord bless and encourage those dear little ones.

The next day, came to Battle Creek, where we tarried over two nights, and spake the Word of the Lord to the blessed little Church in that city. Oh how God blessed us in feeding this little flock with the Heavenly bread. Praise God! they are prospering gloriously in the Spirit, power and love of Jesus. Praise God! they expect to pitch their tent on the Ban­gor Battlefield again in June.

From there we took train for Teagarden Marshal Co. Ind., where we expected to meet dear Bro. S. Michels, and some of the little ones with him, but he having received word that the house could not be had for the meeting, as previously arranged, did not come. We, however got the school house, and preached there and at La Paz about a week. The little ones were much strengthened, and encouraged and advanc­ed in the knowledge of the Lord.

During a meeting by Bro’s. Michels and Palmer at a meeting house a couple miles from La Paz last winter, the class leader of the U. B. sect and his wife became con­verted and sanctified, and of course came out of her, with a few others. The house was built for all good people to worship in, and since then the saints have had meeting there on Sabbath, Pm. So we went out with them to the meeting. We had a glorious testimony and praise meet­ing, after which one of the trustees in­formed a brother that the little ones could not hold meetings there any more. Thus the U. B’s. unscrupulously violated the avowed principle upon which the house was built, and shut out all who around there were able to “worship God in Spirit, and in truth,” as He says we must worship Him. It is generally believed that this was the instigation of Mr. Snyder, their pastor, who was with them in the fore­noon, and who also professes holiness.

Well the little ones counted it all joy, and praised the Lord that they were wor­thy to be shut out of the synagogues of babylon,

The Spirit of the Lord having moved us to invade the town of Walkerton with the hail, fire and blood of Divine truth, we sent up North for the little ones to come with all speed to the help of the Lord.

There are quite a number of good people here professing holiness, some of whom have been cast out of the M. E. sect because they were not sinners like the rest.

We expect a glorious victory here in the name of the Lord. This place is at the crossing of the Baltimore and Ohio, and the Indianapolis and Mich. City line of the Wabash R. R. Praise God! Bro’s. Samuel Speck and Barney Warren, and Sisters, Sarah Smith, Frankie Miller and Nannie Kigar are here, and sister Clara Morrison is expected soon. We have a very nice hall, and large congregations, and the work has begun to move, several have been saved, and no small stir about this way. Hallelujah!



Lacota Mich., April 15.

This morning I am at Bro. Joseph Smith’s. We came here last night. I have felt im­pressed to write for the Trumpet for some time. My testimony is that I am saved, sanctified and kept by the power of the Holy Ghost each day and hour. Hallelu­jah! God bless all the dear saints. I am all sold out for Jesus. Hallelujah! When God called me out of the sect, He also called me to the field. But satan hindered over two years. Last fall God called again loudly in a vision, showing me that if I did not obey the call, that I would loose my salvation, which I cannot afford, God hav­ing saved and kept me for over forty-four years, for which I shall praise Him forever. Hallelujah! Well, I am all packed up for glory, ready for any thing that the Lord has for me to do. There is no devil so mad at me as the sect devil; he yoked me up in the Lutheran sect when I was a girl fourteen years old. He did not keep me there long; for God showed me that I was no better than I was before. When I be­came converted I was a disgrace to them, for it was not lawful for a woman or man to pray in public in that sect; so my name was cast out as evil for Christ’s sake. Hal­lelujah! Now they can pray, just so they keep in fellowship with the devil.

Glory to God! Last Oct., I left home and all to work for the Lord, and He is wonderfully blessing me. We have been laboring together in a little band of work­ers, and we have seen over two hundred souls saved, and a good many healed; for which we give God all the glory. One woman was saved as a brand from the fire. She was sick for three months, and was not saved. We went to see her and pointed her to the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. At first when we talked to her, she was discouraged: but we encouraged her by giving her the promises. While we were talking to her, she asked God to forgive her sins; and He answered her pray and she shouted the praises of God with a loud voice. She warned every soul that came in her room until the Lord called her home: and there were souls saved in that place. Glory to God! That place is burned over with sectarian holiness. One man got all stirred up because sister Frankie told him that he had no salvation. He foamed out freely the contents of his roiled up heart. After meeting was out, he came up to her and asked her to forgive him for the way he talked. Saying he was so filled with the Holy Ghost that he could not help it. Thus the abominable sectite tried to shift the disgrace of his carnality upon the Holy Ghost. How mean! Surely she is a habitation of devils, and hold of every foul spirit, and cage of every unclean and hateful bird. Of course sister Frankie forgave the unholy ghost.

After laboring a week there we closed the meeting on Lord’s day, and the next day went home with Bro. Michels; where we had a weeks rest, the first in four months. Next we commenced a meeting in Law school house on Sabbath, and the first meeting stirred the sect devil so that they threatened to lock us out, but the Lord did not permit them. We held the meet­ing in the school house and souls were saved, and we had a glorious time. On Thursday night two wagon loads of the dear saints came over from Covert. As we were going with Bro. and sister Mich­els up to the school house we heard them sing the sweet songs of victory. We knew them by their sweet voices, and O how it filled our souls with glory. They also came over on Saturday night filled with the Holy Ghost fire, and the Lord gave us a pentecost sound from Heaven as of a rushing mighty wind; and it filled all the house, so much so that sinners were amazed and some ran out. Hallelujah to God and the Lamb for victory over all sin and all devils. Glory! Glory be to God forever and ever!

On Saturday we had a meeting for the children at Bro. Beezly’s, and it was a glo­rious success. We read the Word, and ex­plained it to them in a simple childlike way as the Lord led us. We then sat out an altar, and the little ones came and filled it, and seven were blessed, and forgiven, of all their sins. On Tuesday night we had another meeting at Bro. Beezly’s, and fourteen came to the altar, and among the number those seven children came for sanc­tification, and they all testified to it, and it just filled the house with the glory of God. And the Lord sent them on their mission among their school-mates. They have their little prayer meetings between school time; they go by themselves, and have their meetings in the woods. One day they set out an altar, and two of their school-mates came to it. Well we just give God all the glory, He will get glory out of everything. O hallelujah! my soul is just having a constant feast. “I am reiguing, sweetly reigning far above this world of strife.” My soul is filled with the glory of God. O hallelujah!

On Wednesday night we went to Geneva Center, had a good meeting, and on Thurs­day night we went to Bro. Johnson’s, we met Bro. and sister Palmer there, had a glori­ous meeting, several consecrated for sanc­tification. On Friday night we had meet­ing at Bro. Smith’s, and six came to the altar for cleansing, and one sister was heal­ed by the laying on of hands. On Sunday had meeting at Bro. Johnson’s, and after preaching and a glorious testimony meeting, we went to the water where there were 17 baptized by Bro. Palmer, and the power of God and His glory so filled the hearts of His people that the very air was filled with the praises of God. In the eve­ning we went to Bro. Smith’s to meeting, and God met with us in mighty power. O hallelujah to God and the Lamb forever and ever!

This morning I am in Walkerton, Ind. We came here last Saturday, we are hav­ing meeting in a large hall, and the sect devil is in a terrible rage. The U. B. preacher is a professed holiness man, but is not of God. There is a baud of forty holiness professors, who are receiving the true light on the one Church. Hallelujah to God! While the devil is raging and howl­ing, and threatening us with many things, we are leaping and shouting, and praising God through it all. Praise God for a sal­vation that keeps us sweet in the storm, as well as in the calm. O hallelujah, for the sweetness and completeness that I have in my soul! All my night, with all the dark and cloudy days have vanished away, and the glorious sunlight of God lights up my way, eversince I leaped over the black sect fence, as God showed me in a vision. Oh hallelujah for complete victory in my soul, over all sin and all powers of hell and the devil. Some may think this is claiming a great deal, and so it is, for He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world.

Glory be to God! I am God’s free wo­man. I have no sect yoke, nor babylon dust on me, for what I could not shake off I washed off, by going under the water in baptism. Hallelujah!

When God called me out of the sect, He also called me out of the sect Holiness Association, and the band that I was yoked up in. And God showed me that the 666 sects are all spued out of His mouth, and they are leading more souls to hell than all the saloon keepers and infidels together, for they are not deceiving the people, tor they have their signs out to show the people just what they have. And God gives me authority to say that the sect Sunday schools are hot beds of infidelity and pride. For they have all manner of sinners for teach­ers. O what an awful condition the sects are in, they have turned away from God, and are given over to hardness of heart.

O it is heart-rending to see the souls go­ing down to eternal destruction by these blind guides of the devil. Well I praise God that I have escaped the sect cage of the devil. Hallelujah! I am free, saved and sanctified just now. God bless all the dear Trumpet readers. Amen!

Your Sister.

Sarah Smith.


East Saginaw, Mich.

Dear Brethren: — We are still in the work for Jesus. God is letting us down into the deeper things, and purer light of His Word, for which we give Him all the glory. We came here and commenced work in the Mission Hall; God helped us to pour in the straight Word upon them.

A number were shaken, and some were very much disturbed, and all the honest ones are looking after light, and walking in it as fast as it is revealed to them by the Holy Spirit. Quite a number conse­crated their all to God, and were blessed of Him. Several were healed; one sister Nellie McCulum, in the last stage of consumption, called on us to anoint her with oil, according to James, 5:14. We an­ointed her in the name of Jesus, claiming the promise. The Lord blessed her, and she began to feel better from that time, and we learn that she has been able to be out. She testifies constantly to her heal­ing, and that God will raise her up.

Another, Sister Brown, desired to be anointed also, which we did, and the Lord blessed her. She arose in her bed, and praised God, saying she never was so blessed in all of her life. She had been a professed Christian many years. We vis­ited her yesterday; found her sitting in a rocking-chair, she also went to the supper table with us. The physician came to see her twice, and confessed that he never ex­pected to see her arise from her bed again. She also, was in the last stage of consump­tion, and was not expected to live but a few days. All glory to Jesus!

From here the Lord called us to Bay Port. We found quite a number profess­ing to be Christians, but God helped us to pour out the straight Word until babylon trembled. Ten humbled themselves be­fore God, confessing their backslidings. One dear sister who had belonged to a sect for some years, saw the light, broke loose from the yoke of bondage, and was wonderfully blessed. It was like the Trum­pet sounding, and a wonderful awaking from the dead. There is a good work start­ed there.

We have returned to East Saginaw, and will go to Langsburgh soon as God sends us a horse, which we expect very soon.

We remain your Brother and Sister, sanctified and under the blood.

Win, N. & S. J. Smith.


Bangor Mich.

Dear Brethren and readers of the Trumpet: — May God bless and keep you all in the bond of unity is my prayer. Amen! and Amen!

My soul is filled with glory and grati­tude to God for His wonderful dealings with me and all the dear saints in the dif­ferent congregations where we meet. One week ago last Thursday, wife and myself went to the Osterhout neighborhood to meeting in the log house at Bro. Johnson’s where we met the dear ones, in splendid spirit, all united in love, and filled with the Holy Spirit. We also, to our surprise, and delight, met the dear sisters, Sarah Smith, N. Kigar and Frankie Miller. From thence we met the next evening at Bro. Joseph Smith’s; it being the evening for prayer meeting, where we again met the three sisters; and we found the dear ones there in unison. Praise the Lord! O praise the Lord for that meeting which will long be remembered by us; for, for the first time, wife testified to entire sanctification. We also were encouraged by the presence of deaf Bro. Barney Warren who makes it hot for hypocrites and sinners, as also for the can’t-bear-a-shouh faction; his father was also present, wonderfully filled with thankfulness and praises to God for His mercies to him in calling him back once more to Himself. O how good the Lord is. Saturday evening we preached in Columbia, where the Lord wonderfully blessed us. Sunday at the log house again where the saints from the other two points, Columbia and Bro. Smith’s, and also Bro. Warren’s folks with the three sisters be­fore mentioned. O what a meeting! The power of the living God just came down “as of a rushing mighty wind and filled the whole house.” Glory to God for that memorable Sabbath day. After the Holy Ghost feast, on leaving the house, after all had gone out, the power of God so moved on Bro’s Thos. and Barney Warren that they were prostrated on the ground; after which we went to the river, where our souls were again made to rejoice in administering the ordinance of baptism to seventeen of the dear ones. A portion of the dear ones were so overcome by the power of God that they (in my opinion) did not know whether they were in or out of the water, or body either. O hallelujah to the Lamb of God! What a wonderful conception of Divine glory and praise filled our soul on that occasion. During these three days of labor, 13 souls conse­crated. Well, dear brethren the sum of the whole matter is, with us, during this last winter’s campaign over 150 souls have been converted: many of whom have been gloriously sanctified.

From your Bro. in Christ.

A. B. Palmer.


Waukon Ia.

Dear Brethren: — I came here and be­gan the battle in the name of King Jesus the night of the 24th. The Lord has been with us in mighty convicting power. We nave great liberty in preaching the Word. The Free Methodists are all backsliden. The class-leader has been reclaimed since we came here. One has been filled with the Holy Ghost, and there is deep convic­tion on the people. The Lord is using His little ones. Pray for me and the blessed work here. I remain your humble brother, sanctified wholly.

John P. Haner.




Maple Rapids, Mich. Dear Brethren: — I am saved this morn­ing. The Lord keeps me by His mighty power. Glory to His name!

“The crimson blood I see I see,
I plunge, and O! it cleanses me.”

Your sister saved and washed in the blood of the Lamb.

Effie A. Cox.


Maple Rapids Mich.

Dear Brethren: — Praise the Lord for salvation full and free! Oh what a sweet peace I have in my soul. O praise the Lord for His goodness to us. We are going to have meeting in the grove this after­noon, (May 2) in the name of Jesus. Glory to His name! The work of the Lord is going on, souls are being saved. Twelve were baptized last week. O praise the Lord forever and ever! Your sister saved.

Violie Cox.


Portland Mich.

Dear Brethren: — The Lord has saved and sanctified my soul, and healed my body, and I am kept by His mighty power every day. Glory to Jesus! Husband and I are free from all sects. O praise God for a full and free salvation! The Lord wonderfully blesses us day by day. Pray for us. Your sister in Christ.

Jane A. Todd.


Gilbert’s Mills O.

I want to say to the glory of God, that I am saved and kept by the power of God from committing sin. I am sanctified by the Holy Ghost, through the blood of Christ. Glory to God! I am saved from all sects and divisions of all kinds; com­pletely delivered from babylon. Hallelu­jah! Your Bro.

John C. McDorman.


Tustin Mich.

Dear Brethren: — Wife and I are here alone holding up the cause of Christ. We do not belong to any denomination, only take the Bible for our guide. The formal­ists are bitterly opposed to us, but we ex­pect to suffer persecution for Christ. Praise God! We are kept by prayer and faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Pray for us. Your Bro.,

W. H. Switzer.

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IN the discipline of the above sect, page 124, in the prayer for the preacher to read at the sect bread and wine service, (not the communion of the body of Christ) are these words. “Almighty God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Maker of all things, Judge of all men. We acknowl­edge, and bewail our manifold sins and wickedness, which we from time to time most grievously have committed, by thought, word, and deed, against Thy Di­vine majesty, provoking most justly thy wrath and indignation against us. We do earnestly repent, and are heartily sorry for these our misdoings; the remembrance of them is grievous unto us. Have mercy upon us, have mercy upon us most merci­ful Father, for thy Son, our Lord Jesus Christ’s sake. Forgive as all that is past, and grant than we may ever hereafter serve and please thee in newness of life, to the honor and glory of thy name, through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Now these poor blind worshipers go through this same ceremony every three months. Is not this mockery in the sight of God? Shame on you sinners. Bring your books all together and burn them, count the cost of them if you can, and come out of babylon, and worship God in Spirit and in truth. I would kindly say to all Free Methodists, that read this article, look at it and tell us if you are not a sect of sinners, preachers and all. Read your whole discipline, examine your sanctification, and compare it with the Word of God, and you can see how you have been deceived. You are under bondage you are not free at all. You are not under grace, but under the law of man-made creeds, and following blind guides, who make the Word of God of none effect by your traditions. The washing of the saints feet, though so plainly and positively en­joined by the Savior, you say is of no use, and that it is a disgrace for sisters to wash each other’s feet. Be not deceived of the devil, and such false teachers, read the words of Jesus for yourself, in John 13.

But some say this is the only place this duty is commanded. Well such must think that the words of Jesus are not true, un­less He says the same thing over a num­ber of times. But read 1 Tim. 5:10, and you will see this same command spok­en of by Paul, as a practice in Christ’s Church in his day, and the performance of the same referred to; as an evidence of true piety. Not only the sect we have here mentioned, but all others who are ashamed of the act and Words of Jesus, we would warn you of the fact that Christ says He will be ashamed of you.

Glory to God! we can say with Paul, “I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ; for it is the power of God unto salvation, to every one that believeth.”

Your brother saved to-day.

A. M. Dick.

We have somewhat to say about this creed of free sinners, also. Free Method­ists, like all other sectarists, invite people to join them for a home. Now a home is a dwelling place, and speaking of the pres­ent return of the elect from sect babylon, God says by the mouth of the prophet, “I will save you out of your dwelling places wherein you have sinned.” So the sects are places devised by satan for the child­ren of God to sin in. And this young F. M. daughter just fills that bill.

They “make provision for the flesh,” in their creed. They anticipate a life of sin, for preachers and members, yea a life of “manifold sins and wickedness, which, —  say they — we from time to time most grievously commit, by thought, word, and deed,” even “provoking most justly God’s wrath and indignation upon us.” Such would be a very suitable creed for the ungodly sinners of any community. That is just the character of their laws. But these babel builders may say, we are not a herd of sinners, for the above extract shows that we heartily repent of our sins, which sinners do not. If we are allowed to judge by your creed we must conclude that your repentance is no more genuine than that of ungodly sinners. Even drunk­ards and gamblers often feel deep remorse and. solemnly vow they will never indulge again, but before three months they are in the gutter again. So you bond methodists confess your disgraceful sins, and say you heartily repent, and yet you do not expect to stop sinning at all; because in three months, you again get on your knees, and confess your sins and manifold wickedness, which you have been practic­ing in thought, word, and deed, and which has justly provoked the wrath of God up­on you. Genuine repentance puts an end to sinning, but you profess to repent, and keep right on sinning. Therefore your re­pentance and confession is all feigned, and a mere idolatrous form. Christians “can not sin because they are born of God,” but you answer that other description, “Having eyes full of adultery, and that cannot cease from sin; beguiling unstable souls: an heart they have exercised with covetous practices; cursed children: which have forsaken the right way, and gone as ray.” — 2 Peter 2:14, 15.

Now if the F. M. priest and his people, in whose behalf he offers that prayer, do not really cease from their grievous sin­ning, after professing to repent, and prom­ising to live in newness of life hereafter, they are miserable hypocrites. But if they do repent and live without sinning, when three months comes around again, they all lie, when they confess they have been liv­ing in “manifold sins and wickedness.” Therefore it follows that no man can go the quarterly rounds of the Free Method­ist treadmill without being either a hypo­crite or a liar. If you think this a hard saying, your creed, and not us, is to blame.

If you are ashamed of it, come out of her and deliver every man his soul: burn up your dumb paper calf, sober off from your cursed sect wine, and be a man of God, on the plain of Bible holiness. In­stead of living in sin, and disgracefully confessing the same four times a year. Just receive the grace of God, which teach­es us to “deny ungodliness and worldly lust,” and live godly in this present world.”

Just think of this young great grand­daughter of Rome, compassing land and sea to make proselytes, upon the plea of being the most holy sect, and then every three months the preacher goes through the disgraceful routine of confessing him. self and sect a band of wretched sinners. Of all documents on earth, nothing has ever been put in print, that betrays such black chaotic, confusion confused, as we find in every babylon creed: nothing makes such rediculous fools of intelligent men. Not long ago we were present where an intelligent M. E. preacher went through the heathen mumble of reading prayers, at the reception of some poor blind souls into his sect, and also the rediculous ceremony of wetting a few hairs on the top of one of their heads, by his fingers previously tipped in a bowl of wa­ter. We could hardly believe our own eyes, as this naturally noble hearted young preacher stultified himself by reading prayers imploring God for the pardon of the young man’s sins, who claimed that he had already been pardoned. Is it pos­sible that an intelligent man can, in this nineteenth century, go through such emp­ty, senseless formalities. Bow down in the atitude of prayer to God, and then, instead of addressing the Deity in such words as the Spirit would give, and the occasion require, he reads out of a book, words that were set in order perhaps a hundred years ago, by some man that was yet in the shades and fogs of heathen romanism. Instead of honoring God with ap­propriate thanks for the conversion of the young man, he must in worship to Meth­odist ritualism, dishonor God by making out the young man yet a poor sinner, thus ignoring the work of God’s grace in his heart, to go through the M. E, machinery.

Had this poor sect priest known how utterly rediculous and God-dishonoring his lying babel pow-wows appeared in the eyes of Gospel enlightened men, he could not have gone through them. How can men with one ray of God’s light in their soul be bound up in these disgusting yokes of bondage? It seemed we must have been transported to some dark heathen land, and were looking upon a zealous idolator going through the routine of dead service to a dumb god that can not teach it’s worshipers to “pray in the Spirit, and with the understanding.”

May God deliver the people from their bewitching books of confusion and death.



Wash day never comes in heaven,
Nor the grace of God in hell;
So plunge beneath the cleansing fountain,
While here below you dwell.


Whenever you strike a man with that hammer of the Word that is necessary to knock him down under the conditions of salvation, he will either come down on the altar or come down on you.



We must insist on our dear Brothers and Sisters to write so that we can read it. But we do not want any one who is a poor writer and speller to be discouraged by these words. No. However poor your writing or spelling, we seldom have any difficulty in making it out if written with pen and good ink. And coming from a heart on fire with the love of God, is al­ways appreciated.

But what we wish to say, is this. So many of you write with pencils, and so dimly that by the time your articles go to the Office, and are then forwarded to us for correction, they are very difficult to read. We have many packs sent us, and sometimes, in the press of our work, arti­cles are carried some time before we have time to attend to them, and so they be­come unreadable. Please do not bind your heavy burdens upon us to grievous to be borne, and tax our eyes until wear­ied, to pick out your thoughts. Write as plain as you can. It your ink has been frozen till half invisible, put off until you have better. If your pen does not write half the time, do not put us to the trouble of guessing the rest. Never write with these purple indellible pencils; they are a nuisance. Do not write with pencil unless it be short notes, and then do not depend on the weight of your pencil on the paper, which will make a mark easily rubbed out, or spread into dirt. Many write with pencil so that we can scarcely see anything but the down strokes.

Write just what the Lord gives you, and nothing else. And before you presume to instruct others, see that you are holy before God yourself. You see that we do not have much room for long articles from our correspondence. Many pieces we would insert if we were pressed for matter, that do not find room. If you are chafed over the non appearance of your article, you need more salvation. Many of our writers have not been accustomed to that task, so you will improve by practice, therefore, if all you send us, should not find room, and time on our part for preperation, your labor has not been lost. We are thankful for so many good warm hearts that com­municate to us the fruits of your spiritual minds and the testimony of your hearts. God bless you all. Sometimes articles become mislaid, and missed. Because of our absence and labors, do not think hard of that. Our work is a great one. We would just add, that you can write on both sides of the paper for our Office, but do not crowd your writing together. The Lord bless you all.





Gospel Trumpet Office.

To all the Dear Saints of the Lord Greet­ing: — We wish to testify of the power of God to save from sin, and all unrighteous­ness, We glorify God this morning, who hath redeemed us, for this great salvation that saves to the uttermost all that come unto Him. O glory be to Jesus forever and ever for picking us up out of this sin­ful world, and placing our feet in a sure place! We have entered into the holiest place, from which — by the grace of God, we will never depart. O praise the Lord for His wonderful mercy, and blessings which He has so kindly bestowed upon us; for He has adopted us into His own family and we feel that with all the dear saints we are made partakers of the Tree of life. O the wondrous love of Jesus! how our hearts are filled with love and gratitude to Him who hath redeemed us, when we think how much our redemption cost — even the pre­cious blood of Christ, as of a Lamb with­out blemish and without spot. O glory be to the living God! We thank God that He has given us an inheritance among all them that are sanctified, and that He has given us something to do in His vineyard. We are willing to do anything for Jesus that will glorify Him. Our prayer to God is, that we may ever be led by the Holy Spirit.

Dear saints, we humbly ask an interest in your prayers, that we may ever be kept low down at the feet of Jesus, and fully trusting Him every moment. Our testi­mony is, that we are saved, and abiding all on the altar, Christ Jesus, which cleanses us from all sin, and sanctifies us wholly. Glory to God and the Lamb ferever and ever! Your sisters under the blood.

Rhoda Keagy & Celia Kilpatrick.

Deerfield Ind.

Dear Brethren: — My testimony is, that I am saved of God, and I have in my soul the joy which passeth ail understanding; that which the world can neither give nor take away. I do praise God that He ever called after me and gave me a willing heart to serve Him. Your sister in Christ saved and kept by His power. Pray for me.

M. C. Marsh.


Bangor Mich.

Dear Brethren: — We greet you once again in the name of Him whom we love so well, even in Jesus’ name. Surely it is the sweetest name on mortal tongue. O praise the name of Jesus forever and ever! Amen! and Amen!

He has done so much for me that I can never, never cease to give Him glory. My health is so much improved and my bodily strength is wonderful this spring. I am looking forward with joyfulness to the time when we shall meet the dear saints once more on the Old Camp Ground. We can see that the Church is advancing. Praise God! Many souls are being saved which causes us to rejoice and be exceed­ing glad. We are resting in the Lord, desiring to know His will in all things, that we may walk well pleasing before Him all the days of our life.

Pray for us that we may increase more and more in faith and good works. Your sister in the Anointed One.

Lottie Blackwood.


Pitt, Ohio.

Dear Brethren: — I take pleasure in testifying that God has done wonderful things for me, for which I must ever praise Him. But I have not yet received the full power which I want, and must have. Will you pray for me that my joy may be full. I do want to be of some use to the Lord. I am willing to do any thing, and go any where for the Lord. I am fully in sympathy with the great holiness move­ment and doctrine.

The people here want you to come and hold a meeting for the salvation of souls.

Bless the Lord! I have left all the sect churches, and am satisfied in the Church of the First-born which is written in Heav­en. And I want to be sanctified wholly, in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Your’s in Christ.

F. S. Matthews.


Elyria, O.

Dear Brethren: — By the grace of God, I will give in my testimony on the Lord’s side. Glory to God! we do know that we are grafted into the true Vine, and “partaker of the root and fatness,” which is Christ. “And if the root be holy so are the branches.” Glory! Hallelujah! I do rejoice to know that I am a branch in the true and living Vine; and that Vine which is Christ Jesus, is able to keep me contin­ually. I have no organization of man, to put my trust in, neither do I want any.

Praise God! I have another subscriber for the Trumpet, a brother and sister for­merly of the U. B. sect. But as they stood out against many of their evil works, they were rejected and scorned. So they had their names taken off of their sect book. They were standing outside of all denom­inations, not knowing what they should do, until I put the Trumpet in their hands. Through reading the testimonies of the saints of God, they began to seek a better experience, they see there is a higher life of entire sanctification to enjoy. All pray for this brother and sister Arnold.

Also Bro. J. Phipps requests me to write a few lines for him. He is very much af­flicted in body, has not been able to get around but a very little all winter. He has faith that if the Elders were here to lay hands on him, he would be instanta­neously healed. As he is not able to send the means to bring the Elders, he wishes the prayers of all the holy brethren. For the fervent effectual prayer of a righteous man availeth much. Do not forget, dear saints, to pray for this brother.

Your Bro. saved and kept by the power of God continually.

Joseph Plough.


Tiffin, Ohio.

Dear Trumpet readers, and all that love the truth: — I feel impressed to write my experience,

I was all alone in Orrville; there were a few that professed holiness, out of meet­ing, but in meeting they said nothing about it. If I offered them a holiness pa­per, they would say, “my church paper has holiness enough for me.” So it is here in Tiffin

My present testimony is, I am saved now. I do not think, or hope so, but as the blind man, when his eyes were opened, he could say, I once was blind, but now I see. I am opposed by 14 different sects and by my children who are classleaders and exhorters. It I tell them they have no sal­vation, they get mad. I tell them I do not get mad if they say I have no salvation. I was once in the same sect, in the same place they are. The difference between those who were followers of Jesus in the days of the apostles, and professed followers now, is very great. Then they forsook the world and followed Him, but now they try to take the world along. Then, they understood that the world was to hate them, but now the world calls them good, especially when they go to the lodge-room, skating rink and all suchplaces of worldly amusement. In Wesley’s time the Christians dressed plain, renounced the world, the flesh and the devil. Now, the professed Christians dress like the world, live like the world, and will die like the world, and go to hell like the world, unless they repent.

Dear brethren, send in your testimonies, I feel greatly encouraged to read them.

Praise the Lord O my soul, and all that is within me bless His holy name. Your Bro. saved and kept by the power of God.

H. D. Martin.


Sandy Lake, Pa.

Dear Brethren: — I thank the Lord for what He has done for me; I thank Him that He ever called after me, and I came to Him and He saved me from sin. He saves and sanctifies me just now. Oh I do praise God for salvation full and free! I intend by the grace of God, to stand for Him while I live. My prayer is, that the Lord may help the poor sinners to come to Him and be saved before it is forever too late. I ask the prayers of all God’s people, that I may stand firm.

Your sister in Christ, saved, sanctified end kept by the power of God each day.

Lola Owen.


Maumee, Ind.

Dear Brethren: — I can say to the glory of God, that it has been nearly one year since the dear Lord sanctified my soul, and glory to God! it has been glory in my soul ever since. I do bless God for a free and full salvation — for a salvation that saves me to the uttermost, I do bless God that when I presented my body a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is our reasonable service, He did sanctify me, and I am kept by the power of God each day, from all sin. I do bless God for this promise, “If ye abide in me, and my Words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be given you.” I praise God that I am in the Christ Vine, and am bearing fruit. I am out on the promise and under the blood. Glory to God!

There are a few of God’s children in this place who have not defiled their garments.

Glory to God for salvation that saves me from everything that is not of God. I was a slave to tobacco for 33 years, and I undertook to stop the use of the filthy stuff several times, but to no effect. But when I sold all out to the Lord, He cleansed it out of my soul. Glory be to God and the Lamb forever and ever! I am reigning in life by one Christ Jesus. I have got the devil under my feet, and victory in my soul. Bless the Lord! there is nothing too great for me to do, nor so little, that I am ashamed to do for the Master. Bless the Lord for salvation! I wish to say to tin dear readers of the Trumpet that I am saved and sanctified through the blood of Jesus. Your brother in Christ.

Henry Sweet.


Onarga Ill.

Dear Brethren: — May grace, mercy and peace through our Lord Jesus Christ, keep your mind in perfect peace. Oh how I do praise God for salvation full and free. Glory be to God for a salvation that we can feel in the soul. I can say that I have been washed and redeemed in the precious blood of the Lamb, and my garments are spotless. Glory be to God! I have no mark of the beast upon me. I am pure from every stain. O glory be to God! I am so glad I am free in Christ Jesus.

“Hallelujah I have found it,
What my soul so long hath craved:
Jesus satisfies my longings,
Through His blood I now am saved.”

God bless you all for Jesus’ sake. Pray for me. Your sister saved, sanctified kept by the mighty power of God.

Sarah N. Wells.


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