15 November 1881, Volume 4, Number 23.

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Under the remedial scheme of the gospel, the blood has a threefold signification, atonement, cleansing, and life. Atonement, rendering possible and safe under be Divine government, the exercise of pardon to the guilty penitent, without encouragement to am, by hopes of purity on the part of the Divine law-giver.

Cleansing, looking to the purification of the pardoned, to the intent, that the soul may become the temple of the Holy Ghost Life, the God life, communicated to the believer; so that being crucified with Christ it is no more self, but Christ that liveth within; becoming a new nature to the soul, supplanting the old adamic, now crucified and dead. It looks to the soul as the fixed abode of both Father and Son. * * *

True holiness is not a peace in a peace, a joy in a joy, nor yet a joy in holiness, but in the living power of the Spirit by whom the soul is brought into the possession and power of an endless life, so that it rejoices in the life and presence of God the Father. * * *

It has no desire for that which is out of God’s truth, and the God of truth, is to it a universe, an eternity of infinite good, it wants no more. How different the current, holiness of to day. How it boils over with “my church,” “our church, what my church has done or what it will do, what agrees with our church standards discipline, or articles of faith, and a thousand and one other allusions to our or my chruh; plainly showing that the heart leans upon what these expressions represent, as things of self gratification, rather than upon God. Third, craving, and having pleasure in other leadership than that of the Spirit. The soul in God and true holiness is solely led by the Spirit. Will listen to no voice but that of the Spirit; nor will the Spirit consent to any rival leadership, or share the same with another. The Spirit is to testify of Christ. It is to guide the soul into all truth, to show things to come, and to reveal the mysteries of the kingdom. It is to the soul the measure of the fullnes of God. Under its anointing” it is taught of all things and is truth and is no lie.” Away from the leading of the spirit is removal from the truth it is a lie, it is to be devoid of holiness. The Spirit always leads in harmony with Gods word; its unity of thought and teaching. God’s word no where teaches or encourages, but condemns, the conflicting babel of so called truths and usages, ingrafted into the organic sect structure now existing. To do so the word would have to be as conflicting in its teachings as are the body of sects themselves. This being true the spirit can by no means lead to their endorsement; this would be the Spirit in conflict with the word. From this it is evident, that the soul that sets aside the word and Spirit, in behalf of sectism, is under other leadership and takes pleasure in the same. Yet this is what the leading holiness element are doing and seek to perpetuate. They most rigidly seek to enforce upon every subject of holiness the necessity of sect allegiance. They are satisfied with nothing lose than the mark of the Beast in the forehead, and persistently refuse to fellowship any, and all who have not their mark, though in so doing they reject Christ in the person of his little ones. This is a most astounding fact. It is both humiliating and mournful and yet it is undeniable history of holiness doings on record for the judgment day, and final adjudication of all things.

Good Tidings.


Change of Base.




Satan as an angel of light, seems to have changed his base of operation, against the kingdom of God. “A kingdom or house divided against itself cannot stand.” So said the Savior, and satan knows it very well, hence he uses the garb of holiness to cover up and protect the organized sect divisions in the professed house of God. Did he not adroitly enter the Jacksonville convention, and by his subtilty blind the minds of the people as to the relation of organized division, to the general church? and did he not foist upon us a platform of principles embodying a compromise with the sin of schisms? yea a practical endorsement of the same. Did he not then and there transfer his central base of operation from the without to the within in other words did he not then enter the fold as an angel of light and teacher of holiness, and has he not actually taken the reings of the movement, and is running it on the line of sect allegiance, and consequently against the Bible line of visible organic unity, turning his batteries, under color of holiness upon the only possible plane of Bible unity, that of separation, from all organized division; and is not the real issue now between … or sect defence, on the … hand, and true Bible “comeout” holiness on the other? Reader I have given you a brief view of the situation. It demands your thoughtful and prayerful consideration. My conviction is that this last and most subtile device of the prince of darkness will be speedily overthrown by the invincible power of truth and the Holy Spirit.

The holiness army is very busy organizing, but all this array, that sets a premium upon sect allegiance, admitting to fellowship and co-operation only on condition of sect adherence is a practical denyal of the central truth in holiness, namely that thorough holiness destroys all sect walls and perfects the saints into one mind, one spirit, and one body.

We are God’s building. We are united in Christ: to be in Him is to be in the church; the Holy Spirit organizes the church, and “there should be no schism in the body.” The church is a divine organized … all we have to do is to practically not upon this truth, by standing in the divine organism and that alone, rejecting and coming out of all organized divisions. Praise God light and truth; and five from heaven will speedily destroy this Gogue and magogue confusion and restore the ancient paths to the glory of God.

Maroa., Ill.


Glory in the Conflict.


By T. H. LOW.


Dear Bro. I am so glad.. evening the dear Lord still owns me as his child. I have such blessed fellowship, walking in the light. And glory to God, though sundered far by miles of distance I can feel just now that our hearts are in blessed fellowship, through the Spirit of God.

What a w.. .. thing it is to be saved. I s.. … … ..flict, but the good … … … dear to me, that its … Glory! What a varied experience we pass through Some times … are so nea.. the Church triumphant that the music of the re..ed break in upon the ear of the soul, and our heart leaps with joy … listen to the songs of the crowne.. victors, from our own dear native land. O blessed home! as we look across the waves with the telescope of faith we see the head lands to day, while surrounded here by hissing, snarling demons. Bless the Lord! Daniels God lives to day and forever, Hallelujah! Amen!

Ligonier, Ind.


Hinderance to Love.


Dear Bro. Warner – I will copy for the Trumpet certain extracts from a work by Geo. E. Thrall, entitled “Need of Union; How Divisions Hurt the Church.” This book was published by the Union Educational company, Reade St., New York, and is a learned and treatise on the above named subject, and I am persuaded that some extracts in the Trumpet columns will be for the glory of God. I ask the readers of the Trumpet to carefully consider the views advanced by the author.

D. W. m’laughlin.



“Head of thy church beneath,
The catholic, the true,
On all her members breathe,
Her broken frame renew;
Then shall thy pe
rfect will be done,
When christian love and live as one

Love — The spirit of Christianity. Gravitation converging all atoms toward the supreme centre, draws them to each other. Love binding all true hearts to God’s heart, also inclines them to one another. Every man who loves God is attracted to every other man who loves him.

At the fall, when we fell away from God, we fell away from each other. Jesus came to renew these sundered cords of love. And so an eminentwriter has said: Jesus Christ was an incarnation of love. He was love living, breathing and speaking among men. His birth was the nativity of love; His sermons the word of love; His miracles the wonders of love; His tears the melting of love; His death the sacrifice of love; and His resurrection the triumph of love.’ Moved by this spirit of Christ good Bishop McIlvaine once exclaimed: ‘Wherever the Lord has a disciple there I have a brother.’ The feeling was once shown in the early settlement of Cincinnati; a colony arrived on a flatboat, and were as usual warmly greeted by their friends already on the ground. The crowd began to disperse when one stranger, who had received no welcome, leaned on the rail, and said, ‘Friends, if any of you love the Lord Jesus I am your brother!’ A score of Christians reached out their hands to him and loved him at once because of their common Saviour. Thus the spirit of Christianity is mutual love. Every member of Christ’s body feels joined to every other member of it.

Love — the sign of Christianity. Christ never said his people were to have any peculiar dialect or creed or catechism, or liturgy, or mode of worship; they were to be recognized by their love — their love to him and each other. By this mark we know ourselves to be christians. “We know we have passed from death unto life because we love the brethren.” By this mark the world, knows us to be Christians — ‘by this shill all men know that ye are my disciples, because ye have love one for another.’ Accordingly St. Augustine says: “Love alone constitutes the distinction between the Sons of God and the sons of the Devil: let all ever so devoutly sign themselves with the sign of the cross; let all duly answer Amen; let all sing hallelujah; let all be ever so regularly baptized; let all unsparingly disburse their substance in building the walls of cathedrals; still the sons of God are not distinguished from the sons of the Devil except by charity or love. They who have this have been born of God, and they who have it not hare not been born of God.

This was the mark of the early church. The first Christian societies were bands of brothers and sisters. See,’ exclaimed a heathen, how they love one another.’ Another heathen said in astonishment, ‘These Christians lore each other before they know each other.’ And still another heathen writer remarked with a sneer, ‘Their Lawgiver has persuaded them that they are all brethren!‘ Love has been hurt. It ought to grow brighter continually in the church which is its earthly home. Our principal duty is to take care of it. But a sad change has come. Says the Rev. Dr. Schmucker: Paul informs us ‘that there be no schisms in the body; but that the members should have the same unto one for another; and if one member suffer all the members suffer with it; or it one member be honored, all the members rejoice with it.’ But is not directly the reverse of this loo frequently witnessed? Does not the great mass of the several religious denominations of our land exhibit anything else than the same care for the other members of Christ’s body? If one denomination suffers, fails of success, or meets with disgrace in some an worthy members, do not some surrounding denominations rather placidly and cheerfully acquiese, if not rejoice, hoping that thus more room will be made and facility offered for their even enlargement? We do not find that members of the same family thus cordially acquiesce or triumph in each other’s misfortune or disgrace. If one brother is visited by any calamity, if he falls a victim to intemperance and bears about in his bloated face the ensign of his disgrace do we find his brothers and sisters rejoice in it? Do they not rather sympathize, feel hurt themselves, and mourn over his downfall? Thus ought it to be among all who deserve the name of Christ, thus would it be if the community of interest in the Saviour’s family had not been impaired by sectarian divisions, which place several religious families on the same ground, with separate pecuniary interests with conflicting prejudices, with rival sectarian aims. In the apostolic age, and for centuries after it, only one christian church occupied the same field, and thus three fourths of the causes that originate contentions among modern christians were avoided; these separate interests will always create contention, rivalry, jealousies.


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In the assembly of the Saints at Carson City, Mich., we, by some means, left out the name of bro. John Barnard, as one of the unmber who were recognized as ordained of God to preach the Gospel, and who was solemnly dedicated to that work. The brother will please excuse the omission,



We have for some time heard of the prospected faith healing institution by, C L Sexton at North Topeca Kan. and now we see in Good Tidings that the enterprise has been completed. Sutable buildings, including a chapel for Divine service, have been erected, and some have been reported already healed instantly by faith, and others gradually.

May the Lord greatly bless this undertaking. Brother and Sister Sexton seem to be strong in the faith of the Son fo God:


To our City Subscribers.


At the begining of the present year, we requested all our readers to inform us, if they wished their paper stopped, but few of our city list did so, hence we have sent the paper on in good faith at a cost of not less than $16, just for mailing in this city, and but very few have paid us a cent. Now if there are any among all, who have not paid for the present closing year, who wish to do right in the fear of God, just send us 55 cts, for the past, and let us know whether you wish the paper continued.

D. S. W.

From our dear Printer.


Mr Warner: I never felt as bad when I left home at different times, or when I left placet, where I had been working, as I did when I left your house that thursday evening, I could not talk I felt too bad.

O. L. Kinsey.

This attachment is not because we were able to do so well by Charley, but because he had for over one whole year shared our trials in Christ, and suffered with us for the truth’s sake. God bless Charley, he loves the truth, and we earnestly hope he will soon embrace Christ, the great embodiment of truth, and salvation. Again we ask all our readers to pray for the speedy conversion of this dear youth, whose soul lies heavy on our heart, also please help us to pay what we owe him, for he needs it.


A Trial of Faith.


Bro. W. W. Roberts, of Salem, Iowa.. Writes of the death of his brother in Mo. He had enjoyed holiness about eight years, was a firm witness to entire sanctification, and apparently very true to God. He was attending a holiness meeting, held by bro. W. B. M. Colt, and seems to have been blessedly anointed by the Spirit, but in the midst of the meeting he took sick, lost his mind, and soon his suffering, and mortal career, ended in death. Doubtless those wishing an occasion against holiness, and something to palliate their unholiness, will use this circumstance against the experience of entire sanctification. But God doth all things well, and it will be a benefit rather than a detriment to the holiness cause, to have it invested with more reproach, to keep out all who take the profession of holiness upon them because it is becoming somewhat popular, and who of course Dot being crucified, prove a curse to me cause.




We are much confirmed in the belief, that the Trumpet must be enlarged, wo have so much precious matter on band that we long to send out to our readers; and there is a welling fountain of truth in the Christ of our heart that we cannot give vent to in our present columns, hence we are sure God will enable us to enlarge. Hence we will set the first number of Vol 5, solid, i.e., unleaded: which will admit one fifth more matter, and if the Lord will through the kindness of our readers, help us to purchase the necessary material, we will thereafter issue an enlarged sheet, for which we shall fix the price at $1.00. The dear brethren and sisters, who have been moved to write for the Trumpet, will have to bear with us if your communications have not appeared. The Lord has moved hearts to send us donations, from $20 down, and we believe the God whom we serve, will continue to favor us until all our debts are paid, and we be abundantly supplied to publish an enlarged Trumpet, to the Glory of God.



has returned home. The Lord was with him in power on his southern tour. He will continue in the work of the Lord wiferever a door opens.

Another Call to help the Refugess.


We received along printed appeal, for help for the poor sufferers, in Kansas, forwarded to us by Dr. D. M. By. formerly of Terre Haute, now residing at Coffeevill, Kan. We hope that God through a kind people will respond to this call. We can only give a small extract.

Independence, Kansas Dec. 24th, 1881.

Kind readers, brothers and sisters who profess the name of Jesus, and all who try to fill the Golden Rule, we again call on you for aid, because we know that tearful suffering exists among those two hundred families who settled on Government land, last spring and summer, too late to make crops. Brother Noah Harris and I have just returned from a visit amongst those in Chautauqua County; we had but 30 dollars to give, only those who were actually starving. We found ten families who had fasted all day; others had but one meal ahead, and some had eaten their last one. We gave what we had to them as equal and as economical as we could; one dollar for provisions was much as we gave to one family — some but 50 cts. We felt ashamed to give so little when they weeded ten times that amount. We did not see one-forth of them, but hurried home, as we were on expense and had nothing more to give. They asked piteously for more bread, and offered to work for it; but they can’t get work — the fall work is done. Most of their white neighbors are too poor to hire them. Some of them have actually impoverished themselves in dividing their limited ..s with them.

Their w.. ..bors say they are indu.. ..est, religious, and will ..d, even when they hav.. ..ance. * * * * After co.. ..ing these things, do we ask t.. ..ch in calling for help to feed t.. hungry, clothe the naked, and ..olicit loans of money secured by mortgage?

Potter Boyd.
A. J. Les, Ex. P. J.
R. F. Turner

Approved and sighed by Daniel Votaw. See. K. F. R. A.


Baptism of Brotherly Kindness,


Yes real overwhelming blessing after blessing. Our faith had been well tried for a few weeks, and a hundred discouragments were before us, then name over a week ago the Lord began to show us His smiles that had been hid. There came some five dollar offerings, then a ten, then a twenty dollar offering of a sweet sacrifice to God, brought us prostrate on the carpet, with tears and struggling groans of inexpressible gratitude to God, and tike blessed instrument; then there was a large box, filled with the necessaries and comforts of life, from the hands, and hearts, of the precious saints of God, at Alvan, Vermillion Co, Ill. Some of the names on the articles could not be read, but we expect to see them in the book of life, and this act of kindness set down to their credit, and not loose its reward. Bless God, there was a large sack of the staff of life, yes the real staff, for when the wise man called broad the staff of life foolish man had not yet invented the bolts that solve out the life of the human family. Howbeit we are also thankful for a quantity of nice white flour, and every thing the box contained, God bless the dear givers, language fails us to express our gratitude. Then there came a two gallon jar, of nice jell, from Dimondale, Mich. and a precious little offering, for a sweet smelling savor unto God, from Midland City, Mich. O the dear Lord behold and bless all those gracious loving hearts who have shown us favor, for Jesus sake. O enrich them with the river of God, and showers of blessings.

And now beloved, remember, the number who accept, and love the whole truth, is comparatively small, and we yet need ever a hundred dollars, to pay Trumpet debts, and to enlarge, and sustain the paper; and we have a hold on God for all we need, and wall not let go. Now therefore heed what the Spirit saith to you, and do not run from the Lord when He cometh for the tithes, and offerings, in thy hands. I beseech you give as the Lord hath prospered thee. To us at is of small concern since we are not doing business for ourself but the Lord hath need, and to thy soul it will be a serious matter if thou withholdest what He demands.


Babylon in Trouble.


“But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him: therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy and utterly make away many.” Daniel 11:44. Amen: Bro. D. D. Babcock Principal of the Rogersville Union Seminary, situated at south Dansville Steuben Co, New York, is sending out announcements as follows.




At which I will shew from the Holy Scriptures and by the Spirit of the Lord that the sects and their theology are of the Devil, and I will declare the everlasting Gospel.

“Great peace have they that love thy Law; and nothing shall offend them.”

All are cordially invited, and all will be allowed to reply.


It is astonishing to see how rapidly the forces are increasing, atacking on every side the tottering and crumbling walls of old Babylon. What intense trouble and fear is every where manifest in all the creedism camp. “One post shall run to meet another, one messenger to meet another, to show the King of Babylon that his city is taken at one end.” “For thus saith the Lord of Hosts, the God of Israel: the daughter of Babylon is like a theshing floor, it is time to thresh her.” Jer 51:31, 33. An occasional stroke with the flail would amount to nothing, therefore let no one be surprised if we keep right on thumping with the flail of God’s word, untill the last grain of wheat is beaten out of her. For thus smith the Lord. “I will punish Bel in Babylon and I will bring forth out of his mouth that which he hath swallowed up: and the nations shall not flow together any more unto him; yea the wall of babylon shall fall.” Jer 51:44.

Yes this great sect seal has taken in, and swallowed up many of God’s children: but they shall come forth again, and the increasing light of divine truth and freedom in Christ, shall spoil the sect proselyting, they shall “no more flow together unto him.” Glory to God, the people are finding out the Church is not a thing organized by men. They bear the voice of God saying, “my people go ye out of the midst of her and deliver you every man his soul.” Jer 51:45. The command of the Almighty becomes still more imperative “Flee out of the midst of Babylon, and deliver every man his soul; be not cut off in her iniquity; for this is the time of the Lord’s vengeance. He will render unto her a recompense.” Jer 51:6. “A sound of battle is in the land, and of great distraction. — Now is Babylon be come a desolation among the nations. I have laid a snair for thee and thou art also taken. O Babylon, thou art found and also caught because thou hast striven against the Lord. The Lord hath opened his armoury and hath brought forth the weapons of His indignation: for this is the work of the Lord God of Host. Come against her from the utmost border, open her storehouses: cast her up as heaps, dertrey her utterly; let nothing of her be left.” Jer. 50:22; 26. “Put yourself in array against Babylon round about: all ye that bend the bow shoot at her, spare no arrows, for she hath sinned against the Lord. Shout against her round about: she hath given her hand, her fondations are fallen, her walls are thrown down: for it is the vengeance of the Lord: take vengeance upon her, as she hath done, do unto her.” — “Call together the archers against Babylon: all ye that bend the bow, camp against it round about: let none thereof escape: recompense her according to her work; according to all that she hath done, do unto her, for she hath been proud against the Lord, against the Holy One of Israel.” Jer. 14:15, 29. These are the orders of God, solemly enjoined upon all His true and enlightened children. And it is wonderful to see how men and women of God, are raising up all over the country, to shoot at this Great Sect Babylon.




The End Drawing Nigh.


Having shown in our last, the conversion of the Jews, which markes the close of the Gentile time and the approaching end of the present dispensation, has already began to take place, we wish in this article to point to an other event that marks the approaching end of time, i.e: that of the return of the Jews to Jerusalem. The Prophets abound in predictions of this event. The language of Christ in Luke 31:24. is clear. “And Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles until the time of the Gentiles be fulfilled.” The fact that it was to be occupied by the Gentiles until the time of the Gentiles be fulfilled, implies that it was to be again occupied by the Jews. This is a wonderful decleration of prophesy. With all the sacred ness to the Jews, that surrounded that holy spot, the uner-

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ing prediction went forth nearly 1900 years ago that Jerusalem should be all those years in the hands of the Gentiles: and so it has been, notwithstanding the Jews tried repeatedly to take and hold the place. “The Scripture cannot be broken.” and the time of Israel’s return has come at last. It is known by many that Rothchilds are Jews: these men whom God has providentially enriched, holds a mortgage against the Turkish government, on the country of Palestine, which it is believed the government will never lift; they’ve already closed ..s part, and taken Jerusalem, and now invite their long scattered Jewish brethren back to the ancient city of their national glory. And the way thus being open, what is more natural than their return, here again the wonderful predictions of God’s holy book are being fulfilled. For some time this old Israelite remnant have been flocking home. We take the following from, Zion’s Day Star. “The Scotch Record says: “There always was an indiscribable yearning in the Jew towards the land owned by his ancestors. At this time this yearning has turned to Jerusalem such a stream of emigration, that some of the Jews were proposing to errest it by assisting the pauper emigrants to turn to their own countries.” From a French newspaper we have the following: “Judging by reports, which appear tolerably well confirmed, the Jews are little by little taking possession of their ancient patrimony. Eighty years ago the Sub.. Porte permitted residence in … Holy City to only 300 Israelites. Forty years ago this number was raised, but the Jews were obliged to reside in a special quarter of the city which bore ..ein name. This last restriction, however, dissapears in its turn ten years ago, and since then the Jews have bought up all the land in Jerusalem that could be bought, and have even built entire streets of houses outside the wails. Synagogues and Jewish hospitals have multiplied. The German Jews have no less than sixteen charity associations; and in the interior of the city one may count already twenty-eight congregations. Two journals have been established. In the Rothschild and other Jewish hospitals 6,000 patients are ministered to annually. A Venitian Jew has given 60,000 francs to found a school of agriculture in Palestine. Baron Rothschild, at the time of the last loan of 200, 000, 000 francs to Turkey, accepted a mortgage on the whole of Palestine.”

This last is very significant. It shows that the land of their fathers is now virtually in their hands, and this may explain why the Rothschilds have been permitted of God to become so wealthy. How true that

“God moves in a mysterious way
His wonders to perform.”

In conection with the above transaction, now the following prophecy shines with new lustre: “I will rejoice over them [Israel] to do them good, and I will plant them in this land assuredly with my whole heart and . . . soul . . . and fields shall be bought in this land; . . . men shall buy fields (God works through agencies) for money and subcribe evidences, and seal them, and take evidences in . . . the places about Jerusalem, … for I will cause their captivity to return saith the Lord.” Jer. 32:41, 44.

We take the following from the Indianapolis News. The ruins of the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem are to be restored, by special order of the sultan, without further delay. They have long been in an extremely neglected condition, and almost buried from sight beneath all manner of debris and refuse. Directions to put them in as presentable shape as practicable were given by the late Abdul Aziz at the time of the Austraian emperor’s visit, and the work was actually begun; but it was soon abandoned again. The immediate cause of its renewal at the present time is the recent visit of Austrian crown prince.”

Reader, pause and think of this thing. The conversion, and return of the Jews are two stakes which inspired prophesy have set side by side, to mark the closing up of the Gospel, to the Gentiles and the consumation of all things. O sinner be warned by this awful fact. “Jerusalem should be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.” Luke 21:24. But Jerusalem is now fast being filled and posessed by the Jews, therefore the time of the Gentiles is drawing to an end.

O sinner we solemly admonish you to come to Christ at once, for as sure as God’s word is true, you are in the last inch of time that a Gentile can enter the Kingdom of God.



Take It to the Lord.




Dear brother Warner, inclosed find 81. cts please accept for the Gospel Trumpet, and may God bless you, and grant that you may long be spared to blow the Trumpet of the Lord, and may it give no uncertain sound. I do praise God that through His kind providence I have had the Trumpet to read. At first I did not like the Trumpet so well, I thought it had to much to say about sect, but I asked God to show me the true light, I thought there was no sectarianism in my heart, for I do truly love all of God’s dear children. When God forgave my sins, I felt it my duty to unite with some of His children felt it my duty to belong to the church, thinking I could do more for the cause of Jesus than to stand alone, but I see in a different light, oh I do want to be led in the true light, I do love the cause of the blessed Savour. My heart is fixed trusting in God. Hallelujah! oh that I could sound His praise all over the land, Praise God the dear Lord is very near me to night; how glad I am that he has promised, where the shepherd is corupt, to take care of the flock. I am doing all I can to lead others in the light: some times I am so burdened when I see the hardness of those that profess to be Christians. Oh that the wave of salvation may reach this place and may sweep over the whole land. I have met many professed Christians who look astonished at me when I say we can be Holy and live without sin, praise God for this salvation that saves to the uttermost. Glory Hallelujah! a sister washed in the cleansing blood of Jesus.

Mrs I. E. Brown.

Here we see how conscience can be perverted by false teaching. The popular doctrine ignores the “body of Christ” as the Church, and impresses the mind that the church is something that lies beyond Christ, and is to be entered by a different process than regeneration and adoption. Yes we have all been educated to the duty of joining Church, rather than standing alone. But the only way to join Church is to be “joined to the Lord.” and christian fellowship is not the result of a formal initiatory process, but the result of the love of God shed abroad in the heart. No soul that is born of God can stand aloud; such are just as naturally attracted, and bound to every other born-again soul ss the particals in this earth gravitate to a common center and remain in one glory.

While the modern “join … church” produces no such effe.. whatever. If a graceless sin … is drawn by the hand of t.. preacher through the sect thres.. old, he has no more fellowship … union with the spiritual that are within than before, for “what fellowship hath Christ with Belial and what concord hath he that believeth with an infidel.” The only way we can stand alone is to stay out of Christ, for we are “one body in Christ Jesus” all in Him are one body “fitly framed together” by the Spirit. Therefore, we see, dear sister that thing of “joining some church.” was all a sham a deception of the Devil, practiced upon us for the convenience of the preachers that they might control us for their selfish and sectarian purpose, and that we should be enslaved under their ungodly yokes. How thankful to God that this dear sister did not condemn The Trumpet before go ind to God upon her knees and seeking light out of the Holy Bible. O sister your soul passed a perilous breaker an awful crisis at that time. Many do not like the Trumpet because it smites at sect walls with the sword of the Almighty, but instead of going to God, in prayer and honestly seeking light, they rush blindly into a war against the Trumpet, God, and the Bible. Just as Satan sets sinners to fighting the God sent instruments of their salvation, so poor sect enslaved, starving souls are hissed … Devil to oppose the … Gospel of Christ that brea.. … yoke, “and sets the so.. … broad place.” the “glorious ..rty of the Sons of God.” One ..ar, we believe honest sou.. ..o had heard the general ou.. against “comeouters,” ..posed of course that the doctrine was very injurious. And seeing a goodeal in the Trumpet on that … cuorse felt it his pious duty to stop the paper: and having occasion to visit our city last summer he called on us to settle and request us to stop sending him the papers. He paid us thirty cents and we canceled his name. Thon we engaged in conversation; he giving his reason for discontinuing the paper, led us to file subject of coming out of the Sects, etc. The Holy Ghost enabled us to give the dear bro, the word of God, in the exposition of the great destroying Babylon, and in the presentation of God’s real Church, that he went home a condemned man, confessed to different parties, who afterward informed us that be never was ashamed of any thing in his life, and if he had not ordered his name off of our book he would not have done it for ten dollars. Oh reader before you embark in a warfare against God’s truth, you had better think, and pray, and search your bible.


The Sword.


We feel it our duty to recommend to all our readers The Sword, a solid, pure and straight, 16 column monthly, published by T. P. Dolan. 50 cts per year. 142 Eighth st. Washington., D. C. Each Sword has a cut designed for the paper, and strikingly illustrating the popular sins and living issues of the day.

The Sword is jenuine steel, something that really cuts — hews Agags to pieces before the Lord: from its present unsparing sweep, we think it will yet deal definite blows upon Sectism the root of all church sin. The editor says: there is not a denominational journal in the world that dare publish all the truth that its denomination need to know. The Sword, needs and deserves help, and we hope many of our readers will send in their names.


Army of the Lord.




… ..jah Land.”


… … Lord,

… … … ..d,

no part rows

To fight beneath the blood-stained Cross,
And for His sake count all things loss,
Until the holy warfare’s o’er.
Then reign with Jesus evermore.

My Captain is the King or Kings,
And ‘mid the conflict of ten rings
His voice, to bid me farther go,
Though fierce and mighty be the foe.

The battle often waxes hot,
But the Commander leaves me not;
Be gives me vict’ry day by day,
And in the army I shall stay.

My unsaved friends, with me unite.
And in this blessed army fight —
This royal army of the Lord —
And heaven shall be your sweet rewards.

Enlist at once, the armor seise.
And fling your banner to the breeze;
Co bravely forth the foe to meet
And trophies bring to Jesus’ feet.

And when the final battle’s fought,
And Satan’s kinfdom brought to naught;
Oh, what a mighty shout we’ll raise,
And give our Saviour endless praise.



Chariottsville, Ind.

“Thy Bro: — under the blood, standing alone for Jesus: no sect to lean on.” They that and alone “for Jesus.” stand on Jesus, and need no props to lean on.

Bro. R. H. Ramsey.

Maroa, Ill, Dec. 4, ’81.

Bro. Warner: — Let me know when you go to Vermillion Co, Ill., and Bro. Sala, and I, will probibly meet you there. O three are perilous and awful times, I long for the bright emerald shore, the world is dark I am distranger here and seek a city, that la a an heavenly. Glory to God He saves are and keeps me.

Yours in Christ,

D. W. M’Laughlin.

Alvin, Ill., Oct. 17, ’81.

Bro. Warner: — I have been getting some new subscribers for the trumpet. Inclosed find 5,60. Those that take the paper think they would not do without it. Each number seems better than the preceeding. Long live the Trumpet. Blow it long and loud in the blessed cause of Holiness. May God ever bless you in your good work.

Your sister in Christ.

M. E. Fuller.

Maple Rapids, Mich., Oct. 17, ’81. Brother Warner: — I feel its the Lords will to inform you how gloriously He has dealt with us. You remember, when we left you at Carson City, none but ray husband had recieved sanctification; but Glory to God! about an hour later Bro. Eddie: believed, and Christ took full possession of him. On our way home, Sister Jessie, his wife, was in great distress, self was dying out, Saten tried hard to win her, but Glory to God! she was sanctified that night, she come out a bright, and shining light. Glory to God! I have been doubly blest God gave us the Holy Ghost and great power the night we came home. We knelt together and had a season of prayer with our children, when we arose they were all in tears, I never saw such power before, they have all accepted Jesus Glory be to his name forever! I praise God that he ever led us to attend the holiness meeting at Carson City.

Your sister in Christ

E. A. Lyon.

Albia. Iowa., Dec. 6, ’81.

Bro. Warner: — Hallelujah! we are out on the march again. We spent last week at Desmoins, gloriously. Left there yesterday at 1. p m. and arrived here at 6,30. took some refreshments, then went to meeting, held by bro. M. L. Haney We bad the privilege of putting in a definite testimony to entire sanctification. Bro. Hancy treated us cordially, found us a place to stay. This morning the M. E. Pastor, came over to our stopping place, and asked me what branch of the church, I belonged to? I told him I did not belong to any branch, of the church; but to the churche as a whole; that God’s church did not have any branche, except individual disciples. As we walked to the post office, he told me to leave, and became very much agitated. I asked him. If them orders were from Bro. Haney? he replied, that he had charge ever his people and Bro. Haney also. I could not stay and attend the meeting. Well we are not at all scared at them orders. We are the Lords, and will go when He says go, but no sooner.

W. J. Harmon.

Midland, Mich, Nov. 23, ’81

Bro. Warner: — We hereby send a subscriber for the Trumpet, and the money. Would to God that there were more kitchens consecrated to the work of promoting thorough holiness. May Cod grant, that the Trumpet may continue to blow, the notes of God’s truth, will do all I can to help. The gold, and the silver, are the Lord’s. Have been having, some very good prayer meetings, the dear Lord is with us, blessing our souls, praise God! The brethren are well pleased with books, “BIBLE PROOFS,” I have read mine through twice, and think it

pels better every time. Sister Morris, says, the withes she could get hereby heart. The Lord bless you and sister Warner. Though strangers we feel we are brought nigh by the blood of Christ. We felt to rejoice as we read the last No, of the Trumpet, it seemed to strengthen our faith. We want to do all we can for Jesus.

Yours in Christ.

I. E. Brown.

Selma, Ill., Nov. 23, ’81.

Bro. Warner: — I herein send you two dollars for which, please ..o..nd the Trumpet, to the following names — I think I can say the truth in gaining ground among us. We are shut out of the sect churches, but the “word of the Lord is not bound.” We preach from house, to house, in school-houses, and when the weather allows, in the streets, and groves, and thank God through the Trumpet, and Good Tidings. It the Lord spares our life and blesses u.., we must have a tabernacle next summer, where the whole Gospel can be preached, without stint or hindrance. For the time has come, predicted fly Paul, when “they will not endure sound teaching, (new version,) but turn away their cars from the truth, and be turned to fables.”

Your Bro. In Christ.

S. B. Smith.

Charlotte, Mich., Nov. 23, ’81.

Bro. Warner: — God bless you, I am happy to tell you that I am saved just now, Glory to God! how sweetly I rest in my blessed Jesus. I am the only one here, standing straight for holiness, and in the “oneness.” out of all sects. But God gives me grace, bless His name. I had a battle with the preacher, last sabbath, I testified that I was grounded upon the word, of God, and that I know the moment, when the grave-clothes were cut loose, and I was let go free. The moment I sat down, he said: experience had nothing to do with holiness, finally I told him that all the preachers in the world could not waver me, in my experience, or make me doubt the second work of grace, in my soul. I love to read the Trumpet, it is the doctrine of the Bible, in the lame of God give it a certain sound, you will not stand alone, for our God will stood by you, and He has yet more than seven thousand that have never bowed the knee, to any other God. I am too full for utterance, and have been, ever since I was at Carson, City. I am fighting the battle, with the sword of the Spirit.

Your sister in Christ.

Angie Coggins.


Syracuse, Ind., Dec. 1st ’81.

Dear Bro, Warner: — I can say this morning that Jesus saves me, Glory to His name! I have been up to Sabans School house, La. grange Co, and Wolcotville, stoped with Bro. T. H. Low, and family all night; I found the dear brother earnestly engaged in the work of the Master. We had good meetings wherever we went. Glory to God! The testimony of the brothers is that the Trumpet must be sustained, and they are making an effort to see it provided for. May God help us. I hope you will be furnished with means to carry on its publication. I am satisfied it is the best paper I have ever taken. I have read my paper through two or three times, and still it is new.

We find there is great shaking among the people. Even the secular press, is beginning to speak out against Sectarianism. See last week’s New York Tribune, first page. Sectism is making a mighty struggle to survive. We know not how long the conflict may last; the sect idol dies hard, but she has come into remembrance before God to be distroyed, and though many become victims to its hellish snares, what God undertakes, will be accomplished, and every arm that is raised against Him will be broken.

A few days since I had the privilege of looking through the Western Christian Advocate, a paper I used to read forty-five years ago, as my eyes traced its many columns on those broad pages, I was surprised to see but one short article on the subject of religion. The ballance was filled up with the things of the world. O how have the mighty failed. I would say, blow on thou trumpet of the Lord, for all must hear the glorious sound of salvation, fall and free. Praise God I am free.

Your brother,

E. B. Bell.

Onarga, Ill., Dec. 6, ’81.

Brother Warner: — God bless you as his survant in the ministry. We believe it to be of the Lord, to send you some means, to supply your wants, as much as we are able. We take much interest in the Trumpet, and its truth. We hope it will go on. God will never forsake His own, and the truth, though it might have that appearance. He leads His cause mostly through such circumstances, that He may recieve all the Glory, and prise, as it is due Him. Learn only to believe and trust only in Him. Amen,

Enclose you will find $20.00. Yours in the Lord.

G. Lander, and Wife.

4 page





Dear readers of the Gospel Trumpet, I am now forty-five years old, and have never written a line for a paper before, but I have a strong desire to write a little of my experience. I was born in the state of Ohio, and reared by religious parents, and in the year 1850 I gave my heart to God, was sprinkled and joined the M. E. church, served God the best I could for many years, but finally my light went out and I was lost in the wilderness; then I went about seeking pleasure and found none until the year 1875, when the Lord showed me my lost condition and made it plain that my only plan of redemption was to erect a family altar, which I did, and oh! how the glorious light of the gospel shone in on my mind. I read the 15th ch. of St. John, and what joy filled my soul just at that time; but still there was an aching void, and I sought daily for a deeper work of grace.

I became dissatisfied with my baptism and was immersed; felt much blessed in every act of duty, but not satisfied until June 1879, I attended a holiness convention where the deep things of the Bible were made plain. I there consecrated my all to God, and glory to His holy name, He filled my longing heart so full of joy that I shouted salvation and glory to God in the highest. I thank God to-day for that satisfying portion that filled my soul, it was like a well of water springing up in my soul. Then Satan was much enraged, and came with all his force to overthrow me, but thank God victory was mine. Satan had to seek a hiding place, but finally he came again with seven devils worse than himself, but yet the Great Shepherd was near and the wolf dare not harm. Then the command of the Spirit was “Come out from among them and be ye separate as saith the Lord.” So I did, and now I feel at liberty, thank God, to praise Him in any way that the Spirit may direct, and if the gospel cup is full and running over I just let it run, it need not hurt any of the sect brethren. Glory be to God for full and free salvation. I feel that I am all on the altar tor the Lord to do His holy will. Hallelujah to the Lamb that taketh away the sin of the world!


My People Shall be Satisfied.’ Joel 2:26.




If this is true, and it is the word of God, how is it that we so often hear men and women, who claim to be the children of God, complaining, lean, and unbelieving, when the Lord has said “ye shall be satisfied?”

Praise the Lord, this is the day of plenty, power, and glory. Joel looked oh this day and saw the spirit of prophecy poured upon the men; and thank God he saw woman come up out of her bondage, throw off the yoke that had so long bound her soul and body; and take her place as a teacher, filled with the same mighty power that is to take the world for God; even the Holy Ghost, and through the labors of these saved men and women the Lord will sanctify His church, even Zion, and she shall be holy — the unclean shall be cast out.

Listen ye who are fighting holiness, and trusting, in forms for salvation, while you, daily sin against God. Nothing unclean shall be left in Zion. The Lord hath gotten ready his pruning hook and his sword; he will come and will not tarry, but will cleanse his church, and purge out all filth from among his people … the mountains shall … our new wine, and the hil.. ..red with milk,” and th.. God bless Lord shall feas..re truth, and Now let us hope he will soon those Christ, the great embodi.. in of truth, and salvation, wilderness; thirsty, doubting, … ..gry, drinking of the bitter waters of Marah, eating from the flesh pots; hearts filled with unbelief; ever desiring, never accepting deliverance.

Oh, come up to Mount Zion! Wash you and make you clean; sanctify the Lord God in your hearts; consecrate the temple, even your body to be a Holy Ghost dwelling forever. The Lord says ‘out of Zion the perfection of beauty hath shined.” The zion here referred to is the real church of God, not a sect, but the church of the first-born, spoken of as the church without spot or wrinkle, or any such thing. Is there any sect that stands thus before the world? Are God’s little ones set aside, stripped of power, while those, who by their own confession are sinning against God daily, are preferred and used before them by ministers who are over them. God says of these: “What hast thou to do to declare my statutes; or that thou shouldst take my covenant in thy mouth; seeing that thou castest my words behind thee; and that thou speakest against thy brother and oppressed my people.” Beloved, God says to his saved ones “gather my saints together unto me.” Who, Lord, the Methodist, Presbyterians etc.? Nay, but those who have made a covenant with me by sacrifice — a living sacrifice of soul, body and spirit, with all that appertains thereunto, giving up all forms, fashions and sins; willing to stand alone for God, having no resting place on earth; pinning ourselves to no creed (but “holiness unto the Lord our desire). Then shall Israel be saved in the Lord with an everlasting salvation, and shall not be ashamed nor confounded. World without end, Amen.

Bellefontaine, O.


Done Piping and Dancing to Tutors.




Dear Brother in Christ, I made up my mind to subscribe for the Gospel Trumpet this morning, and while remitting you the amout I thought to pen a few words for the Trumpet I thak God that salvation is just as free out here on the western prairie as any where in the world. O how I do bless God this morning that my eyes were ever opened to this glorious truth that Jesus saves His people through and through I am glad and thankful to God that the people of God are coming to gather in this country. I tell you when we get this salvation there is no chance for us to differ. The blessed Lord has broken the backbone of sect in roe; I dont know no south, north, east or west, as far as name or party is concerned. I bless God I am a free man in Christ. For your encouragement I would say the Lord is briging a few out of the traps, nets of men to enjoy this great liberty, we have become tired piping and dancing to tutors, and goveners in this western country. I am a mis-.. ..y Baptist saved by grace and … victory on my side,

Yours in love.


… Truth Makes us Free.


Dear Bro. Warner — Inclosed … 5 cents for the Gospel Trumpet … The Lord impressed me to write you these words of encouragement, and tell my experience. You may put me down for a lite subscriber. The Lord has revealed in you eternal truth, to overthrow the idols in the manmade denominations; fear not for your brother Elijah before you, was engaged in a similar work, and the Lord was with him, and he overcame. Amen. Babylon must fall, is falling and shall fall utterly. It is the will of God that we shall know the truth, and nothing shall prevail against the truth. Glory to God the truth makes us free. The first of October number of the Trumpet was a blessing to many — a great blessing to me. I now glory in God as never before. Oh, let us press on, my brother, for it is the will of our Father to give us the kingdom. Let the words of the Trumpet sound clearer and louder and louder, that all the people especially they of babylon may hear and tremble, and all the idol temples be destroyed and God only be worshiped, and holiness unto the Lord be written on every heart of man. Even so, Lord Jesus. Amen.

The Lord convicted me years ago to seek holiness of heart, but I did not understand how to receive this glorious deliverance. I prayed to Jesus to show me the way. I longed to know the more excellent way. Bless God! “If any man shall do his will he shall know of the doctrine.” I was willing and obedient, and on the 17th of September, 1881, the Lord led me to the fountain. Praise the Lord I walked by faith six days, and then I gave up everything for Jesus — gave up my life that he might live in me to do his; own good pleasure, and oh! how gloriously I settled or sank down on the rock of ages. God’s holy Spirit brought to my soul the words of Rev. 12:11. I had the blessed realization that it was done, I was saved fully in the blood of Jesus. Rejoice ye heavens and ye that dwell in them, for this is will of God even your sanctification. I am ready now to do any thing for Jesus. Sing O ye heavens for the Lord bath done it. Isai. 44:23. My soul exults in God my salvation even if they do turn me out of their prayr meeting.

Your brother wholly saved by the blood

Weslay S Balduff.


Truth is Sweet.



Brother Warner. I am made glad when the Gospel Trumpet makes its welcome appearance at our home with its sweet messages. I am rejoiced to have the plain truth spoken in such plain language, oh I hope the truth of God may be so uncovered that all the dear children of God may become of one mind, and one heart, in Christ, that our hearts may run together with love as wax before the flame. The blessed Saviour is still leading me, and showing me new beauties in his precious word, and he is giving roe wisdom and grace to comprehend more and more the lengths breths hights and deabths of this glorious salvation. Oh my heart goes up in gratitude to our heavenly Father for this fulness and freedom in Christ. I am glad Jesus is able and will brake every yoke and bring all under his own sweet will. Jesus says “my yoke is easy and my burden light.” Oh glorious truth! I praise the precious name of Jesus he has taken every yoke that held me to the world or any thing unchrist-like, and brought me out into a large place and Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost. He shows me I must see no man but Jesus only. Hallelujah to God and to the lamb forever. My prayer is that you may be filled with the fullness of God, and have wisdom grace and ability, to accomplish all the will of God and the work he has given you to do.

Shall Jesus wear the cruel thorns?
And yet no pain be ours,
Must He a path of suffering tread?
And we a path of flowers.

Oh welcome sorrow toil reproach
What ee’r our crown may be,
With joy thou precious
lamb of God
Will be
ar the cross for thee.

Onarga, Ill.


For the Gospel Trumpet.

The Cross of Christ.




I love to follow, Jesus, gladly counting all things loss;

Worldly honors all despising, for the glories of the cross!”

He is blessed truly who humbly bows before God at the consecrated cross. For he that humbleth himself shall be exalted in due time. God knoweth the proud afar off, but He has ever respect unto the meek and the lowly. Then with the utmost faith in God I come to the hallowed cross poor and weak and dependant as I am, and here through faith in Jesus’ blood I expect to find salvation — salvation from all sin — salvation unto the uttermost!

One gleam of golden faith in Jesus will fill the soul with heavenly sunshine and make our spiritual nature all radiant with the glory of God. Humbly at the consecrated cross, therefore, we how and expect through riches of grace in Christ Jesus to be raised up into wonderful fellowship with the Infinite! Here love and mercy, pardon and purity we found and praised out of a joyous heart a triune Deity. Glory to God that the blood of the cross purgeth from all iniquity and maketh the heart white and clean! Yea, it cleanseth the conscience from dead works to serve the living God, and fits us for the pure and the holy at last in heaven. Bless the name of the Lord, Most High! Then evermore

“Jesus keep me peer the cross,
There’a precious fountain;
Free to all — a healing stream —
Flows from Calv’ry’s moutain!

Newark, N. J., 1881.


Some thank God they are not of this holy number; those who thank God for their unholiness had better go ring the bells for joy that they will never see the Lord. “Without holiness none shall see the Lord.”


For the Gospel Trumpet.

His Mighty Grace.




His grace is a mighty river, as when Elijah felt its power;

When glory bearnd from Moses brow, or Job endured the trying hour!”

Who may tell the wonders of redeeming grace? Grace is the Divine favor to the bliever, in His blessed name. Great are the triumphs of God’s marvelous grace to the children of men. They have ever been of old. They come down to us through the lapsing centuries full of the glorious exhibitions of the incarnate Deity. Thanks then be unto God forever for His abounding grace in His church militant here and in His church triumphant in glory.

And grace of old is the same grace still. It never changes, it never grows old with the rush of innumerable decades. The same grace vouch-safe to God’s people in other and ancient years remains the same forevermore. Oh, how grace redeems and purifies the soul! How it fits our hearts for God’s heavenly habitation, and gives us at last a blessed inheritance with all the saints in glory! By grace are we led on and upward, made victorious through the blood of the Lamb and saved in a high and holy heaven. Oh, bless God for victorious grace which causeth us always to break forth into joyous song and triumph over our foes. Hallelujah!

Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,
And grace my fears relieved;
How precious did that grace appear,
The hour I first believed!”

Newark. N. J., 1881.


St. Johns, Michigan,

Oct. 23, 1881.

Dear Brother Warner: — As you are taking so much interest in the sanctification of believers, I am sure you would like to hear from us by this time. My wife and myself are getting along finely. It has been a week yesterday since we were sanctified, and such a week of deace, we never experienced in all our lives, Jesus sweetly saves us all the time. You ought to see how cool some of our friends use us since we have claimed sanctification. They used to think the world of us; but now they hardly notice us, I have attended Methodest meeting to day and confessed to full salvation, and I noticed by the long faces that some of them put on and by expressions it drew out of others that the doctrin did not meet with their approveal. Why brother, an elder of the same society who has lived right here joining farms for about 25 years, claimed sanctification and said he had been sanctified 40 years and I had not heard of it before. My experience was just the same as yours. I simply laid hold of the promise by faith and hung right on to the word, and coufessed I was sanctified every opportunity since. O it is glorious. And last night I “mounted on wings as eagles” when this text came to me, “by one offering he hath perfected forever them that are sanctified.” Only think of it! aud that perfection is mine. Hallelujah! Now Brother Warner we want to learn more I am praying that God will send you out here again we all want you to come. I am reading the precious book which you gave me all the time I have thank God I have thought some of canvassing for it.

Your affectionate brother in Christ.

Edwin B. Lyon.

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