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17 September 1896, Volume 16, Number 37.



Forever the sun is pouring his gold
On a hundred worlds that beg and borrow;
His warmth he squanders on summits cold,
His wealth on the homes of want and sorrow.
To withhold his largess of precious light,
Is to bury himself in eternal night.
To give is to live.

The flower shines not for itself at all,
Its joy is the joy it freely diffuses;
Of beauty and balm, it is prodigal,
And it lives in the life it sweetly loses.
No choice for the rose, but glory or doom
To exhale or smother, to wither or bloom.
To deny is to die.

The sea lends silvery rain to the land,
The land, its sapphire streams to the ocean;
The heart sends blood to the brain of command,
The brain, to the heart its lightning motion.
And ever and ever we yield our breath —
Till the mirror is dry and images death.
To live is to give.

He is dead whose hand is not open wide
To help the need of fallen brother;
He doubles the life of his lifelong ride,
Who gives his fortunate place to another.
And a thousand million lives are his
Who carries the world in his sympathies.
To deny is to die.

Throw gold to the far-dispersing wave,
And your ships sail home with tons of treasures.
Care not for comfort, all hardships brave, sure;
And evening and age shall sup with pleasure.
Fling health to the sunshine, wind, and rain,
And roses shall come to the cheek again.
To give is to live.

What is our life? Is it wrath or strength?
If we for the Master’s sake will lose it,
We will find it a hundredfold, at length,
While they shall forever lose who refuse’ it.
And nations that save their union and peace
At the cost of right their woe shall increase.
They save a grave.



An Exhortation.


SEEK ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” — Matt. 6:33. There is a great deal of instruction in the above passage of scripture. It teaches a lesson so grand and glorious, that the children of this world, and I might say the great majority of pro-fessed Christians, fail to comprehend one-half of its meaning. I pray God that his humble and believing children may learn just what is contained in these words spoken by the blessed Savior himself. Now let us examine it closely. In the first place it shows us that the kingdom of God and his righteousness must be sought for. How true this is! It takes earnest inquiry and seeking to find the kingdom of God. For it “cometh not with observation: neither shall they say, Lo here! or, Lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” — Luke 17:20,21. And it does not consist in meat and drink, “but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.” — Rom. 14:17. And besides the secret of its location, it has but one door (Jno. 10:19;14:6.), which is found far down in the valley of humility. Psa. 34:18; 138:6. Jas.4:7- 10. Luke 14:11. Yea! the king himself has said that “many will seek [try] to enter in, and shall not be able.” — Luke 13:24. May the Lord help all who read these lines, to seek the kingdom of God, and not stop seeking until they know they have found it.

It does not only take earnest seek to find the kingdom of God, but it takes seeking for things pertaining to it, after that we have found it, in order to keep it, and to keep in it. It takes watching and praying, lest we enter into temptation” (Matt. 26: 41), even praying without ceasing. 1 Thess. 5:17. “For we ought always to pray and not to faint (Luke 18:1), and we must take heed to ourselves, lest at any time our hearts be overcharged with surfeiting (excess in eating and drinking), and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon us unawares. “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be counted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.” — Luke 21:36.

“Wherefore, beloved, seeing that ye look for such things, be diligent, that ye may be found of him in peace, without spot and blameless.” — 2 Pet. 3:14. “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.”

Matt. 24:12,13. O dear ones, in the name of Jesus, let us watch and pray; let us set our affections on things above, and not on things on the earth (Col. 3:1,2); lest we should lose our love to God, and he should remove our candle sticks out of their place (Rev. 2:4, 5); lest we be lukewarm and he spew us out of his mouth. Rev. 3:15, 16. “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” — Mark 8:36, 37.

Seek FIRST the kingdom. This does not simply mean that we are to seek the Lord in our youth; but that the things pertaining to the welfare of our soul, and the souls of others, should be first, or precede all other things as long as we live. The greater number of professed Christians tell us by their way of living (“By their fruits ye shall know them.”) that it ought to read as follows, “Seek first all these things (pertaining to this life), and the kingdom of God and his righteousness shall be added unto you.” But to all such, the Lord says, “Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts, and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him. *** For my thoughts are not your thoughts, and my ways are not your ways.” — Isa. 55:7,8. There are some who say they are not able to give to the upbuilding of God’s kingdom, and at the same time are able to get everything necessary to this life, and a great many things which are not necessary. I have heard people say that they were going to work until they got a certain amount, and then they would give to the Lord. May the Lord help all such to resist such a delusion of the devil, and let the kingdom of God be first. Amen. The Lord does not simply want us to give out of our abundance when we have need of nothing; but he may require of us to give out of our penury things that we sometimes need ourselves. And then the offering will be accepted of him. Read Luke 20:1-4. Then let us begin at once to lay aside all superfluities (Jas. 1:21), not only in dress and household furniture, but also in eating and drinking. – And by so doing be able to give more to the upbuilding of the kingdom of God. If you are using coffee and tea, let me tell you that you are spending the Lord’s money for something that does you harm instead of good. Could you not then give it up, and give the money you are spending for it to the Lord? Remember there are multitudes of poor people in the world to-day who are destitute of daily bread. These need help. Will you help them? They need the gospel preached to them. Will you help send it to them? If you cannot go out and preach the gospel to a lost and ruined world, will you do all that lies in your power to see that those who are called to do it, be not hindered in the work of the Lord?

And now a word to those whom the Lord has saved from the appetites of drinking, tobacco-using, etc. What are you doing with the money that you used to spend for these things? Are you using it to the glory of God? or spending it for unnecessary things; things that you once got along without in order to buy the above articles? If you are doing the latter, then, let me ask you, does it not plainly show that you do not love the kingdom of God as much as you once loved your evil habits? May the Lord help all who read these lines “to render unto God the things that be God’s.” — Luke 20:25.

Now I do not write this exhortation in order to lay a burden upon any, but that you may enjoy all your privileges in the kingdom of God. For, I am sure that it will prove a rich blessing to all who are willing to move out and reach the Bible standard in regard to giving, as well as any other line of truth. “I have showed you all things, how that so laboring ye ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said: It is more blessed to give than to receive.” — Acts 20:35. “Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.” — Mal. 3:10.

“These things shall be added unto you.” What a precious promise! that if we “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness,” then all these things “shall be added unto us.” This does not mean to sit down on a stool of do-nothing, and then trust the Lord for the necessities of life. No; just read, “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.” — 2 Thess. 3:10. But when we do our duty, and abide in our calling (1 Cor. 7:17) we need not worry nor fret about what we shall eat or wear. For our heavenly Father knoweth that we have need of these things. Matt. 6:31, 32.

We need no secret societies or life insurance companies to care for our families. For the Psalmist says: “I have been young and am now old, yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.’ — 37:25. “Oh, that men would praise the Lord for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men! For he satisfieth the longing soul, and filleth the hungry soul with goodness.” — Psa. 107:8, 9. Amen. Yours in the love of Jesus,



The Apostolic Church.


BY the term, apostolic church, we are not to understand a body separate and distinct from the body of believers who lived immediately after the time of the apostles, or in any other period of time since their day; but rather the church in its infancy, the church in its glory, the church exercising all the gifts of the Spirit.

Now, while these gifts gradually were lost sight of and ceased to be used, because God’s holy ones were getting farther and farther from the teachings of the Word, yet they have ever remained in the church and will remain unto the end of time. Men’s ignorance of the Word and unbelief of the same have put these things aside; but Jesus says emphatically, “Lo, I am with you all way, even unto the end of the world.” — Matt. 28:20. And again God’s holy word says, “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to-day, and forever.” — Heb. 13:8. “Yes,” says one, “but those gifts, that power and unity of believers, were for that time only; it is not needed in our time.” How often do we hear this same old stereotyped expression! But how many of the thousands of professors and others who thus attempt to overthrow the plain teaching of God’s word give a “thus saith the Lord” to support and prove their assertion? Not one. Then away with it. It is only one of the many opinions of man that are being taught instead of the word of God. God is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34), and whatever he did for the church and the world in the days of Paul and Peter, he has been willing to do ever since, and will do to-day if we only believe. Bless his holy name!

Let us look for a moment for the cause of the great power and glory of the apostolic church. On the day of Pentecost, according to the directions of the Savior, we find them all with one accord (mind) in one place, waiting for the descent of the promised Spirit which was to fully equip them and lead them into all truth. There was no division there, dear ones, no spiritual “bossism,” no disagreement, but perfect unity, perfect blending of heart and mind, and unshaken faith in the promise of the crucified one who had only recently been taken from their midst in such splendor and glory. O loved ones, when the evening truly becomes as the morning, then we shall have reached the point of perfect agreement and abandonment to the will of God that we see manifested in the lives of the early saints. The majority of professed Christians and many who claim to be walking in this evening light, do not seem to realize that God requires the very same sacrifice, the very same self-denial, the very same death to this world, that he did in the apostles’ time. Some are expecting to see the manifestations of the Spirit, the wonderful signs and miracles of apostolic times without apostolic unity, faith, abandonment, annihilation of self and exaltation of Christ. May the dear Lord help us all to understand that man does his part and then God does his. Before we can have apostolic power, we must have apostolic faith, which, after meeting the conditions, will take no denial. God’s people at all times and places have had to meet the conditions as laid down in his Word before they could exercise real faith. God cannot lie and will not hear us if we regard iniquity in our hearts. (Psa. 66:18) The early saints truly abandoned everything to God. Their consecration was thorough and complete. They showed their willingness to count alt things as loss; yea, they loved not their own lives unto the end. What cared they for the honor of men? God was honoring them. What cared they for worldly mammon? They had an inheritance that was incorruptible, undefiled and that fadeth not away. 1 Pet. 1:4. What cared they for their lives? They knew that if their earthly house of this tabernacle were destroyed, they had a building of God, an house not made with hands. 2 Cor. 5:1. To live, for them, was Christ, to die was gain. Phil. 1:21. They desired death that they might be with Christ, yet desired life that they might be of service to precious souls. Phil. 1:21-25. In short, the early saints lived for God, and for God alone.

Many so-called saints of this age who are expecting apostolic experiences and power, are unwilling to make the apostolic consecration. They are unwilling to forsake fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, and houses and lands for Jesus’ sake. When the straight Word is preached without compromise, they cry out: “It’s a hard saying; who can receive it?” or, “Fanaticism! fanaticism!” They are filled with covetousness and consequently, lean in soul and destitute of the real spirit of God. They desire to please their father, mother, brother, or sister, who is a sinner, and on this account compromise with the devil and lose salvation. Yet they go on professing to be saved, to the delusion of themselves and the confusion of many who are trying to walk in the light. God help his true ministers to show these deluded souls that they must take the cross with all that it means, or be eternally lost! Of what benefit will it be to us in the day of judgment if we have spent our time on earth in theorizing and speculating about the word of God, and have failed to conform our lives to its teachings? God does not want a head full of theories; a heart full of love for himself and souls is what he desires. The time of apostolic agreement and power is coming. God’s plan shall not be frustrated. If you and I are not willing to meet the conditions, God will find some one who is.

How is it with us, brethren? Are we on the forward move? Do we realize the worth of souls? Do we know that we are soon to be cut off if we do not measure to the Word? God does not ask us anything in regard to our theories of the way of salvation: he wants to know if we are willing that his will be done in and through us. Let us meet the Bible conditions and expect that God will work in us as he did in the primitive age of the church. May we ask him to stretch forth his hand to heal and that signs and wonders be done in the name of his holy child Jesus. Amen.



The Dunkard Baptism.


“KNOW ye not that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death?” — Rom. 6:3. In the above scripture the persuasion known as the Dunkards thinks they have a strong proof text as to the mode of water baptism; and, beginning at this point and wresting the word of God in a manner to excite the envy of all the devil’s false teachers, they proceed to bring forth one of the most subtle delusions in existence in all sectism at the present day. With the help of God and guidance of the Holy Spirit let us now examine their authority.

“Now,” say these deluded teachers, “we read in Rom. 6:3, ‘So many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death;’ and again in Jno. 19:30, speaking of the manner of his death. He bowed his head and gave up the ghost.’ Then if we are baptized in the likeness of his death we must bow forward, as Jesus did, and also observe the three distinct persons in the Trinity, as commanded in Matt. 28:9.”

To a mind deluded by the corrupt doctrine of Babylon, this doctrine might at first seem plausible. But not to a soul led by the spirit of God. In all the above texts, water baptism is not so much as hinted at. Paul asks the Roman brethren the question in the third verse of the sixth chapter, “Know ye not, so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ,” etc. To suit the dunkard it should read, “so many of us as were baptized into water, were baptized in. the

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THURSDAY, Sept. 17, 1896.




Fannie Kershaw, S. Allen, Elizabeth Mingus, T. S. O’Brien.


Requests For Prayer.


Pray that my wife may be healed of consumption.

Lewis Waggoner.

Pray that my baby may be healed of worms.

Mamie Downs.

Please pray Sept. 20 for my father, Robert Harris, who once claimed sanctification, but is back to the world and denies the power of God. Also pray for my healing of throat and lung trouble, also kidney complaint, and that I be sanctified wholly. Pray that my mother, who has been afflicted a good many years with throat, lung, and kidney troubles, may be healed and that she may see the error of sectism and come cut in the one body. Your sister in the one body,

Willie Eppler,

Grinnel, Kan.

Please pray Sept. 25 that my mother’s life be spared to us, also that she be healed of rheumatism and terrible sufferings for the past year and a half.

Chas. A. Dowdrick,

Kansas City.


Calls For Meeting.


Are there any of God’s true ministers near here, or who will be passing through here? If so, we trust they will come to this place. B. P. Witt, Pecan Gap, Tex.

We want one of God’s true ministers to come to Burk County. North Carolina, to preach the Gospel to perishing and hungry souls. Who can come? R. G. Buff, Shoupsford, Burk Co, N. C.

Sister Clara Barker, of Phillipsburg, Kan. writes that they desire a camp meeting at that place this fail, about Oct. 1 Workers will be cared for. All correspondence concerning the meeting should be addressed to her.




The general assembly of the saints of God at New Pittsburgh, Randolph Co., Ind. will commence Oct. 1. This will be a general assembly of the saints in Indiana and Oh,io. The brethren extend a general invitation to all the people of God far and near to attend. There will be places provided for all who may attend. We are looking for a blessed feast and the salvation of precious souls. Bros. Leininger, Gast, and others are expected. All coming to Union City, write Bro. F. Byrum, Rickert, Ind. Those coming to Ridgeville, address Bro. Samuel Fowler, New Pittsburgh, All coming to Portland, ad-dress Bro H. Kauffman, New Pittsburgh, Ind. For information concerning the meeting address Bro. H. C. Wickersham, New Pittsburgh, Ind. S. L. Speck and Co.

There will be, the Lord willing, a tabernacle meeting six miles northwest of Belfontaine, Oh,io, near the home of Bro. Levi Yoder, commencing Sept, 19, to continue as long as the Lord wills? All that feel led of the Lord come and help in the meeting. For information address Bro. Levi Yoder, Belfontaine, Oh,io. Yours in Jesus, H. C. Wickersham.

There will be a camp or grove meeting near Chauncey, Athens Co., O. commencing Sept. 20 and lasting as long as the Lord wills. Let there be a general gathering together of the saints and all lovers of the truth in southern Ohio. Those coming on the Hocking Valley R. R. stop at Beaumont. Those coming on the T. & D. C. stop at Chauncey. Those coming on the B. & O. S. W. change cars at Athens and take the H. V. for Chauncey. Arrangements will be made to accommodate all that come. W. A. Haynes and E. G. Masters will be there, and as many other workers as can, are requested to come. For further information correspond with Bro. Geo. Williams, Chauncey, O.

There will be a tabernacle meeting at Six Points, Wood Co., O., beginning at the close of the Rising Sun, O. meeting, which will be about Sept. 27, and last as long as the Lord wills. Bro. J. N.

Howard expects to be there. Let all the saints in those parts turn out, and pray much for the success of the meeting.

North Enid, Okla. Camp meeting. Beginning Oct. 6. Address W. G. Rippey.

Camp meeting in Louisiana, thirteen miles east of Hammond, near Morris Retreat. Beginning Oct. 10.

Clayton, Okla. Camp meeting. Oct. 23 -Nov. 2, on the home and school -ground. M. A. Fly, Clayton, Okla.


A Hypocrite.


We have just received a letter with the following inquiry: “I write in regard to a man by the name of Holmes who says he has been among the saints and is now in the city of Kenton, Ohio, preaching in a mission. He appears honest but is very sectish and is there under peculiar surroundings and circumstances for a man sent of God to preach.” C. F.

We are acquainted with the man, J. W. Holmes, who is a tall slim man about thirty-five years of age. He has been going about from one religious’ institution to another for years, not only gathering falsehoods from the “baser sort’ who work against the children of God, but adds to such untruths as he may hear, and goes about from place to place, an instigator of strife and division. He came to this part of the country some time ago claiming to just have gotten out of sectism and saved a short time before his coming. We at once saw that he was in a bad spiritual condition and tried to help the man along, but he, having some other object in view than the glory of God, gave up his profession, and when he left he was not claiming salvation, neither was he willing to meet the conditions of the word of God to get saved, and he went directly from here to Kenton, Oh,io to preach. He can easily be known by his continual boasting of himself and his abilities and his prating against the children of God wherever he goes, especially against God’s ministers. He pretty well fulfills the six things which the Lord hates, spoken of in Prov. 6:19, especially the last two verses which say, “A heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, a false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.”

Now, we know whereof we speak when we make mention of this man, and were it not that he is traveling from place to place doing such work we would be silent concerning him. There are also others whose mouths must be stopped if they continue in such evil ways. We pray that God may save this man’s soul, and turn him to the ways of truth and life. Let us pray for him, but receive him not into your house as a messenger of God.


Error Renounced.


DEAR SAINTS: I do believe it to be to the glory of God for me to publicly renounce my error that I have been in regarding women’s freedom in the church of God. I have been for over two years holding that women had a perfect right to preach but not to be elders and deacons. And as I know I was truly honest in my views and know there are a great many that believe as I did, I feel it my duty after getting the light to give it to others, if possible; for we must strive for the unity of the Spirit. I heard this subject explained at the Ash Grove meeting. I got to see that it was more than probable that I was wrong; so, I renounced my position I had taken, yet I did not have clear light on it, but was satisfied I was wrong. But God has shown me so plain I am compelled to make it known to all.

Well, dear saints, I was bothered; I had the woman’s place in the church the same as in domestic affairs. We find the man is the head of the wife in domestic life, but not so in the church, for Christ is the head of the church; and we men and women are all members of the same body and all subject to Christ as our head; for there is neither Jew nor Greek, bond nor free, male nor female; we are all one in Christ Jesus; all subject to him, and no difference of race or color or sex. And as the church is to be subject to Christ, woman is on equality with man, therefore all are subject to Christ alike.

So, Jesus is the head. If he sets a woman as elder in the church, man has nothing to complain of; for he is commanded to be subject to Christ, and so I say, “Amen, Lord, do as you please with that, that is thine;” and from this time forward I am as ready to lay hands on the sisters for ordination as on the brothers. To God be all the praise.

I am praising God for what he has done for me. I am praising him for the real humility he is giving me and I am praying him to settle me deeper in real Bible humility, I do bless God for his long-suffering with me. Well the Lord did wonderfully bless the Ash Grove C. M. And it was truly a sad time when it came to the time of separation with God’s children, but we thank God for permitting us to attend that meeting.

We are here in these parts in the name of Jesus to commence meeting to-night about five miles west of Dadeville. We expect Ostis Wilson and wife here to-morrow to help in this battle. There are other calls for meeting in this country, and the Lord may keep us in these parts for some time. Let all the dear saints pray much for us that God will still let us down in the real humility of Jesus where he can use us to his own glory. Our address will be Dadeville, Mo., for a while. May God bless all his dear children everywhere. Your brother saved, sanctified, and satisfied with all of God’s dealings with me, for they are all for my good,





MY DEAR BROTHER: I feel inclined to write a few lines to testify to the goodness of the Lord to me. One Saturday morning last month I had headache and felt feverish, but I had to go out on some business, and when I returned I had a slight fever and a very bad pain in my head, which increased during the day, but the Lord gave me faith to be healed by him alone without any medical assistance. I claimed the healing power from the Lord and believed that I was healed through faith, in which some of my comrades ridiculed me for being so foolish; others held their peace. I did not let our super-intendent know it, lest he should enforce me to take medicine. Once they took the temperature and afterwards, I did not let anybody take it, and, all the time I was praising the Lord and singing hallelujahs. Whosoever of my friends came to ask how I was, got the same reply, “All right, praise the Lord, hallelujah!” There was no change yet. Sometimes the thought would come to my mind that if I would not be well, the mockers would get the opportunity to limit the power of God, to uphold their false doctrine, that the day of miracles has passed away, and all these would come to pass simply because of my unbelief; for there was nothing else to hinder God healing me. However, the Lord helped my unbelief; although I did not take any regular food that day, I was supplied with wonderful strength to walk to the church the next morning, leaning upon the promises of God. After coming from the services I came home rejoicing and shouting hallelujahs, walking up and down the staircase (which I never could do in any other time while I had fever), to the astonishment of my comrades. Then I joined the evening services and came home rejoicing again, never yielding, never giving way to unbelief. The next day a friend of mine came to invite me to breakfast. Of course, he believed my statement, that I was all right Here came a great test of faith, whether to take proper food (rice and curry), but after a moment’s pause all was clear. The Lord showed me to be bold enough to believe that I was a well man indeed, which I believed myself to be. I accepted the invitation, and the next wonderful part of it was, that immediately after the meal I felt a great change. Glory to God! This I took to be stepping into the Jordan before seeing the path thereon. The change came, the Lord honored the faith and glorified his dear name. Praise him! Ever since then I have given up every medicine and belief in any doctor. I have taken the Lord to be my Great Physician.

I have read a great deal of your books and am glad to say that I agree with you on every point as far as I have seen. I would like to know more about these wonderful teachings. I am reading the Bible with that purpose. The Lord is opening my mind to see things in his true light. I quite see that sectism is unscriptural. I do not call myself a Baptist anymore. I am of the body of the Lord Jesus. Oh,, what a wonderful privilege and a glorious calling! As I am alone here to uphold these wonderful truths, I have to meet opposition from all quarters.

There is a sister here who is suffering from various complaints for nearly twelve years. She tried almost any medicine and consulted the best doctors. She has undergone a surgical operation and is an invalid now and fit for no work and has lost all hope of being healed by doctors. Would you, dear brother, kindly pray for her, especially that she may be healed and glorify his precious name, and if you are inclined to do so, send an anointed handkerchief? Also pray for another brother here who is a young convert and is in very tender health. Lastly, pray for me very much that I may grow in grace and in the knowledge of him whose I am and whom I serve, that I may be continually saved to the uttermost and a vessel sanctified, fit for the Master’s use. Also pray for my relatives and friends who are still in darkness. With warm love for you all, I am yours in the one body of Christ,



News from the Field


DEAR TRUMPET READERS: After the close of the camp meeting at Vichey, Mo., mentioned in our last report, we spent the three days intended for our rest before the commencement of the Ash Grove C. M., holding meetings in the court-house at Lebanon. It was a precious seed-sowing time, which made a deep impression upon the people of Lebanon, and resulted in the salvation of one precious soul. We then proceeded to Ash Grove, where the Lord met with us in his mighty power.

This meeting was not so largely attended as the Vichey meeting, but good order and attention prevailed from beginning to end. A few souls were brought to Christ, nine of whom were immersed by our dear brother Ostis Wilson. Near the close of the meeting, the ordinances of feet-washing and communion were observed, but I did not learn the exact number of the participants.

A goodly number of the Lord’s ministers were present, and a great sinking down into the sweet will of God was realized by many of the dear saints. To God be all the glory. Yours under the blood,



BONFIELD, ILL., Sept. 11.

We have just closed a most precious meeting of twelve days duration at Gaston, Ind. and are now at this place to commence meeting to-night, which will be our last tabernacle meeting for this season. The Gaston meeting was a success from beginning to the close. Large crowds, good attention and order. A few souls saved and two baptized.

This was a new place, and the meeting was a seed-sowing time. At the close of the meeting I returned to my home, where I spent two days with my family, while the company remained in Gaston until yesterday, the 10th. We all met in Kankakee, Ill. and came to this place. This will make the seventh place our tabernacle has been pitched this season. I am fully convinced that each true minister of the present truth ought to have a tabernacle to go into such places as those where the devil has closed up halls, meeting and schoolhouses against the truth. Dear saints, look to God and see if it would not be his will for you to get a tent to hold, meetings next year, not in your locality only, but wherever the Lord leads.



WEST POINT, PA., Sept. 11.

DEAR ONES IN JESUS: We can report complete victory in our souls this morning over all the works of the devil. Praises to our God! After leaving Grand Junction C. M. we went to Syracuse, N. Y., where we pitched our tent in the name of the Lord. We had much opposition, but, praise God, he gave us sweeping victory over the same. A few dear souls accepted the truth, others assented to it. They are holding prayer-meetings weekly. May God bless them. Aug. 5, we left for West Point, Pa. (our home); met with the little* ones in Jesus’ name here and found them rejoicing in the Lord. Praise his name! On Aug. 27 we commenced meeting at Green Hill, about six miles from our home, where a great mountain of prejudice had been existing against the cause, which was caused principally by a lack of wisdom on the part of some of God’s little ones. (May God help us to apply for and use much wisdom from heaven.) God is wonderfully working upon the people by removing the prejudice. Those who were our bitterest opposers at first, are the most favorable to the truth. To God be all the glory! Large crowds and the best of order. We expect to close here on Sunday eve next, and move our tent about twenty-five miles from here to the Ringing Rocks, Bucks Co., Pa. Pray for us and the work. Yours, separated unto the gospel,




DEAR SAINTS: AS the children of God are anxious to hear from the work of the Lord in the various fields, we feel it the will of God to give a brief account of some of the meetings through which we have lately passed. The camp meeting at Eugene, Ind. was much hindered as far as attendance was concerned by rain and high water which kept away the greater part of those who would have attended. But there was a good work done there. The church was much edified and settled on the Word. Some slight divisions had arisen concerning matters of conscience, etc. and these were all made clear by the Word, and we believe perfect harmony ruled at the close of the meeting. Some who had fallen away were restored and others saved. A few made their escape from sectism and a number were healed by the power of God. Bros. Husted, Cheatham, and Davidson were with us in the work at that. place.

Meeting dosed Aug. 16, and we having received urgent calls from the saints in Canada, took train on the 17th for the camp meeting at Fenwick, where we arrived in safety after a journey of more than 500 miles by railroad and steamboat. Found the dear ones here very zealous for the work of the Lord. There were some present we believe from every point where the true light has been taught in Canada. It was truly a time of advancement and rejoicing to the church in Canada. A number of souls were saved and some made their escape from the cages of deception. Praise the Lord! Brethren, this great Canadian field.

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is fully ripe to harvest. Nowhere have we been where the saints are more zealous to have the gospel spread than here. And nowhere have they shown more willingness to use their talents and means to spread it. But in all this great Dominion there are no evangelists except ourselves, that we know of, and we cannot stay long at present. People are anxiously calling in all directions for the truth. Our hearts have been stirred to see the crowds who are yet in sectism sit and listen to the scalding truth against division, and yet raise but little opposition against it. Many who are yet in sectism have acknowledged’ that the doctrine is true and cannot be refuted. Let the church everywhere send up an earnest prayer that the Lord will send some workers to this sadly neglected field. We believe truly that the dear ones here will do all they can with the means God has given them, to supply every need of those whom the Lord may send to labor here.

Our visit among the dear ones of Canada has truly been a precious time to our souls. May the Lord bless them and keep them “shining more and more” unto his coming. Our permanent address is Manning, Mo. Your brother and sister in the love and fellowship of the gospel of Christ,






DEAR SAINTS OF GOD: I am praising God for a full and free salvation that keeps me free from all sin. I praise him for his wonderful healing power. He has healed me several times and I am determined by the grace of God to give my time and talent to his service. If it is working on a farm, praise God forever, that is where I will work. I ask the saints to pray for me that I may be humble before God and do his will.




DEAR TRUMPET READERS: I feel to glorify God by telling what he has done for my soul. He has taken my feet from the mire and clay and set them upon the solid rock Christ Jesus, and saved me from tea and coffee and all sectism. For twenty years I was a Methodist, I lived up to all the light I had, but when I heard the evening light preached, I saw it was something better than what I had. I praise God for giving me a willing heart to walk in the true light, and to-day I belong to the church of the living God. I ask the saints to pray that God will heal my body of deafness and ‘bladder trouble. Your brother in Christ,




DEAR SAINTS OF GOD EVERYWHERE: I do praise the Lord for both the salvation of my soul and healing of my eyes, though the sight is not perfect yet. Until recently I have been a faithful servant of the devil and for a time almost entirely blind. During my life I have had a profession, but not a Bible experience. I was raised in the M. E. sect, but withdrew and joined one as bad the Christian Catholic. But while there I received the light, and came out of her. Praise the Lord! Since I have taken a firm stand for God, I have lost many friends (?) and gone through many fiery trials, one of which was the death of my dear mother; but I am coming out of each one with victory in my soul. Pray for me that I may know my place in the body, keep humble, and receive entire sanctification. Your brother, saved in Jesus,




DEAR ONES IN CHRIST: For the glory of God I feel led to write my testimony. I have the victory over the enemy. God has given me the victory over the use of tobacco, which as used for twenty-five years. About two years ago I claimed the promise, and he cleansed me from that filthy habit. Since that time, I have seen that drinking coffee and wearing gold and the square and compass on my breast, were all wrong in the sight of God, and I was willing to humble myself and measure to his word for his glory. For three years I was under the care of the doctor for stomach and heart trouble, but, praise the dear Lord, I have given up all for and has healed me and given me perfect health. Dear readers, if you want full salvation and good health, obey God’s eternal truth. You need not think that coming out of sectism is all that is to be done; for there are hundreds of other things for us to do, and when we do these things we can come to God with greater faith.




DEAR SAINTS OF GOD: I feel it my duty this morning to write my testimony. Bless the Lord! I thought for twenty years that I was living a Christian, but, thank the Lord, nine years ago he converted me. I knew there was a change in my soul, but God showed me there was something else for me; but I just went on and on without seeking for anything else, and my heart was burdened so I got to trying to find rest for my soul, but never found any until last March. He sent some of his true children cut here and they helped me to see the true light; and, bless the Lord, he sanctified my soul and now he keeps me. from all sin. Thank God, he has cleansed me from all unrighteousness. He has cleansed me from tobacco and all uncleanness of the flesh, I am a true believer in divine healing. He has healed my body many times. He said for us to ask and we should have whatsoever we ask for, if we ask in faith. “Seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you.” I am so glad that he has taught me the way more perfectly. Bless his holy name! I ask you all to pray for me that I may stay close down at Jesus’ feet. Your sister, saved and kept,




DEAR READERS OF THE TRUMPET: I praise the dear Lord for the sweet peace in my soul, which flows like a river and for the love, joy, and peace which the world can neither give nor take away. Dear saints of the living God, let us be up and about our Master’s business. Let us not sleep as do others but let us watch and be sober. Oh, I praise the Lord that my joys are daily increasing and my hopes are brightening! I am truly glad for the trust that the Lord has given me, that I can trust him for both soul and body. Oh, how glorious it is when we are afflicted, that we can call upon our kind and loving Savior, who is so ready and willing to heal all of our afflictions, it we only trust him! I am truly glad that he is an everywhere-present God. For he says, Lo, I am with you, even unto the end of the world. I realize as I never have before that we are living in the last times and that the devil is going about seeking whom he may devour. My heart feels sad when I see so many that are going heedless down to eternal night. My prayer is that the Lord will keep me humble and willing to do my Master’s will at all times. Pray for me that I may be kept humble and true. Your sister in Jesus,




DEAR SAINTS OF GOD AND TRUMPET READERS: I feel it the will of God to write you a few lines. It is the first time I have written to your paper. I am praising God for leading me out into the evening light. I am sweetly saved in Jesus and kept by the mighty power of God. Oh, what a precious Savior we have! When we are sick, he heals us. I feel it is to the glory of God to testify to a wonderful case of healing that was witnessed in my family. The last day of August my little daughter, seven years of age, took very bad about nine o’clock in the morning with a pain in her head, and about eleven o’clock she was past walking; and while she was sleeping, she looked as though she were dying, all the time. Between six and seven o’clock she was speechless and her jaws were locked. The only way you could tell she was living was by her heart beating. As there were no elders near, we sent for some of the saints nearby us, and by prayer and laying on of hands she was almost instantly healed. She is now as hearty and playful as the other children. Oh, I do praise God for such a loving Savior that can heal all our sicknesses and afflictions! Pray for me that I may be sunk deeper into the well of humility. Your saved sister in the one body,




DEAR SAINTS: God bless you all with all spiritual blessings. I am still saved and praising God for victory in my soul over all the world, the flesh, and the devil. Glory be to our God! Truly God has brought me through dangers seen and unseen. Though storms may beat and waves may roll, this temple is founded upon the rock. I shall fear no evil since Jesus has become my salvation, my refuge in time of trouble and afflictions. Yea, I do thank God for all things and for what I have to pass through; it only tends to sink me deeper down.

Again, I feel to tell the dear saints how wonderfully God healed my body. In this part of the country at this time of the year there is a great deal of malaria and chills. I fell a victim to these dreadful chills. I had been preaching divine healing. The people only hooted at it, and said that I would see that I would be just like all the people here; I would have to take chill tonic or quinine. But I told them I had the promise in God’s word that he healeth all manner of diseases I had five chills. The last ones got still harder, but I put my case fully in his hands, and what a wonderful work God did do! He healed me; and when I was healed, I told the people that now I was healed and when my chill time came, I would not have it: for I was that sure God did the work. He manifested it to me, and the people were astonished to see how I began to get another color. It truly pays to serve God.

Sectarians have closed their doors against us, but good seed has been sown, and we are trusting it all with God. Their priest said I was preaching Bible, but, if they allowed it, I surely would take some of their flock. Thank God, the word preached in its purity does bring his people out of sectism. Let all the saints pray for my afflicted husband, who has entirely lost his health. Yours in the one body,




DEAR BRETHREN: May God’s richest blessings abound toward you all. My soul is rejoicing in my Savior and I am very thankful to him for his great goodness to me. Since I wrote last to you, he has been keeping me in the straight and narrow way that leads to everlasting joy. Praise the Lord for the wonderful light from heaven that is now shining in this evening time and illuminating our sinful world with bright waves of glory. Truly, mankind is being blest with great privileges to-day, and God is leading his people in a way which they knew not.

I am still laboring in the vineyard of the Master and letting him use me any way. I have learned many precious lessons during the past year, and God has been teaching me sound wisdom and knowledge, for which I give him praise and glory. He is working with us in the spread of the pure Gospel and bringing souls out of darkness and healing the sick. Jesus is our family physician and we will not fear to trust him in all things. The work is moving slowly in this part of Canada, as there are only a few saints in this part of Ontario. The pure Gospel is, so different from popular preaching of merchants of sectism (See Rev. 18:15; 2 Pet. 2:3.) that very few bind their hearts to receive it, but I believe the truth has been planted here to stay, and people are beginning to see the Lord over us, Zech. 9:14, and to acknowledge that we are the seed whom the Lord has blest. Isa. 61:9. Whenever the Lord provides the means I will send it to the Trumpet Office for tracts and papers to help preach the Gospel and thus hasten the coming of the Lord. My heart often longs to meet the dear brethren in the ministry who have had more experience in the work than I and to see the dear faces of some of the mighty ones of God. Isa. 13:3. When I hear through the Trumpet so many calls for the pure Gospel, how gladly I would respond, if the Lord was pleased to put it in my power to do so. Down here in eastern Ontario the people have not begun to call for the preaching of the pure word of God, and consequently it is hard to get at them with it. Amidst all the seeming discouragements and overwhelming forces of the enemy, Jesus gives me victory with perfect peace in my soul. Pray that God may use me to his honor and glory. Your saved brother,




DEAR TRUMPET READERS: I have thought for some time I would write to you and tell you what God did for me last spring. I had learned to believe in sanctification, by reading the Trumpet and the word of God, but still I didn’t feel that it was exactly intended for me; and then I didn’t feel that a person could be sanctified and continue the use of medicine, nor did I feel that I was quite ready to give it up. But God had his way of leading. I went out one afternoon and got my clothing a little damp. I took a cold, which resulted in a very severe cough that continued with me, and grew worse. In a short time, my heart began to trouble me. Sometimes it would palpitate very fast, and again I could hardly discern its beats, they were so faint. When I would lie down to sleep at night and would be so sleepy, instead of falling into a refreshing slumber, I would have a little fitful sleep and sometimes awake almost immediately with a groan, and feel so depressed. I can hardly express my feelings during those days; they were so dark and gloomy. Nothing seemed of interest to me. Even a beautiful little babe that God had given me several months before failed to interest me. The thought that I was taking consumption continually haunted me. I was sore in my left side, about the heart, and under the shoulder in the back. I put on several porous plasters, took some cough medicine, and sent for the doctor, who gave me some medicine for my heart, which seemed to do me some good at first but soon failed to benefit me any. I saw that my help must come from God, and O, how I did cry to him! I would get up in the night when I couldn’t sleep and pray to God to heal me. Ore morning after I had spent a miserable night I got the little book ’’Divine Healing” and began reading the testimonies of people who had been healed. I knew that if I had consumption, medicine wouldn’t cure me and I knew I was God’s child, and this thought passed through my mind, If God would heal his. other children why wouldn’t he heal me too? So, I got down on my knees and prayed to God and promised him by his help I would never take another dose of medicine; and, praise the Lord, the work was done. The power of God shook my body once or twice. I got up and, in a few minutes, realized what was done. – I had been told several times that I was taking consumption, and those who know what that disease is, may realize what a joy came to me when I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God had taken it away.

I then began to feel my need of sanctification as I had never felt before, and I prayed earnestly to God to sanctify me. But my experience hasn’t been as clear as I would have it. Please pray God that I may have a deeper experience of grace and may be patient and happy through all trials, and that I may keep free from all sin. I have been sick some this summer, but God has healed me without the use of any medicine at all. Praise the Lord for salvation that teaches us to trust God at all times and for all things! I pray God to send a company of holiness workers here. Hope Bro. G. B. Collins and co-workers won’t fail to come to this place when they come south. Your sister, saved in Christ,





Curtisville, Ind.

TYNER. — William Tyner was born Sept. 23,1820 and departed this life Aug. 30, 1896; aged seventy-five years eleven months and seven days. He leaves many friends and relatives to mourn his loss, among “whom are many unsaved. May the Lord bless the sad bereavement to the salvation of their souls, Lewis Land.


HERALD. — Ivan A. Herald only son of Bro. J. R. and Sister Emma Harald, was born Nov.4, 1884; fell asleep in Jesus Aug. 28, 1896; aged eleven years nine mouths and twenty- four days. He leaves a father, mother, sister, and many friends to mourn their loss. This little boy possessed a very loving disposition, and was much inclined to a higher life. He will be much missed by all who knew him. His death was caused by diphtheria. His last words were, “I am glad I am going home; I am so thirsty, I am going straight to the fountain.” Then he soon changed the life that now is for the life that never dies. May God bless Bro. and Sister Herald, to trust in the Lord and abide in his will and so live that they may meet their dear child in heaven.

Samuel L. Speck.


Maries, Mo.

CRAWFORD. — Died, at her home near Dixon, Mo., Sister Harriet Crawford. Sister Crawford was born in the state of Ohio in 1842; moved to Illinois in 1854, married to Wilson Crawford in ’59. She departed this life Sept 6, 1896, after seven weeks of severe suffering, which she bore with great patience. She leaves a husband, one son, and three daughters and a mother to mourn the loss. Sister Crawford embraced the evening light a few years ago and died in the triumphs of faith.

S. V. Baugh.




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Grand Junction, Mich.


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Divine Healing.


A Wonderful Healing.



DEAR TRUMPET READERS: I feel it would be to the glory of God to write my testimony for the first time. God has done so much for me that it seems a very small thing that I can do to give my life to his dear cause. I must tell you dear readers of the Trumpet, how God has raised me from death’s door. On the 26th of May, 1895, the Lord gave me a bright little boy. I got along nicely until the fourth day. I took a burning fever which lasted nearly two months. During this time my mind was nearly gone. After I took the fever, I had to feed my baby and could not get anything that seemed to agree with him; it lived to be two months old and the dear Lord took it to himself. It was of course 2 great loss to us, as we became so attached to the dear little one, and we loved children so much. But we said, The Lord’s will be done. We had the blessed consolation that he doeth all things well. Before baby died. I was able with my dear husband’s help to get around the house, but my mind was so near gone that I did not know anybody at times; when my meals were ready my husband would call me to my meals, but Fused to sit like as if I did not hear him at all, and of course he would take me to the table and put something on my plate to eat, and used to have to tell me to eat, every bite I ate.

I tell this for the glory of God. Soon after my baby died, I was taken worse. One day my brother and sister-in-law and Brother and Sister Arnet came to our house and anointed and prayed for me. I claimed healing and seemed to be a great deal better, and on Sunday I sang several songs with my dear husband, and we went to bed real happy to think I was feeling so much better. But still my mind was not right, the next morning about four o’clock my husband woke up and saw I was not asleep, and put the covers over us and went to sleep, as he was so worn out. I soon got up, dressed myself and walked down to the garden. There was a ditch running through the garden with a headgate for a crossing, with a very narrow board to walk across on. As I walked across this board to go to the garden, I got dizzy and fell into the water. My husband woke up about six o’clock and found me gone, and dressed in a hurry and found my steps leading down to the garden, and went down and found me lying on the other side of the bank with a part of my head in the water, without any signs of life. How I got out of the water God only knows. He took me to the house and commenced to rub me and pray for me. The neighbors at once came and insisted on sending for a doctor. I lay in that terrible condition for six hours. All they could see or hear was every now and then a rattling in my throat like gas escaping. My husband earnestly prayed for me, and before the doctor got there, I was breathing real nicely, although I was still cold and my eyes were set in my head. The neighbors, of course, began at once to work with me and put boiling water into bottles and put them right on my flesh and burned me in a terrible way. They also wrapped me in hot blankets. I was so bad I never felt the water burning me. When the doctor came, he injected whisky into my body in several places, which of course was very painful. God only knows how I suffered after I was brought to life. And it is useless to tell the precious lessons we have learned.

Soon after this, Bro. Byrum and Bro. Daugherty came to our house. The first night after they arrived they simply prayed for me, and the next morning when husband was out milking the cow, I asked God to give me strength to arise in his dear name; so I got up and stood on my feet; and remember, dear saints, there were deep raw holes on my feet, caused from the burns. But they did not hurt me at all. I dressed myself, buttoned my shoes something I could not have done before, if I wanted to ever so bad. because my feet were so swollen. I ate a very hearty breakfast and rode six miles and a half to town with Bro. Byrum, Bro. Daugherty and husband, and sang very nearly all the way there and back, which I could not do before; because my voice was all gone, as well as my mind. When I got back from town I lay down on my left side, which had a terrible burn, but it did not hurt me.

I am enjoying perfect health and strength now. Praise God! My heart goes out in gratitude to him for his wonderful love and kindness to me and mine. My only desire in life is to obey God and walk in every ray of light that he may let shine on my pathway. I have given up several things since my healing that God showed me were not to his glory. My earnest prayer is that my simple testimony help some poor suffering one. Yours set in defense of the gospel,



Healed in Answer to Prayer.



DEAR BROTHER BYRUM AND TRUMPET FAMILY: Soon as you receive this, pray for Daisy Vandeman. She has whooping cough very bad. She was healed two years ago of stiff knee, through the prayer of the Trumpet family. The knee was stiff through the joint-oil being let out and the healing was done instantly. Praise God! Your brother, saved and kept by the power of God,



The Dunkard Baptism.

(Continued from first page.)

likeness of Christ’s death.” Now read 1 Cor. 12:13 — “For by one Spirit are all baptized into one body.” We then compare Rom. 6:3 and 1 Cor. 12:13. Gal. 3:27. 1 Thess. 2:14. We are all baptized into Jesus Christ the one body; and we read in Eph. 1:22, 23, “the church, which is his body.” See also, Col. 1:18. Again, in Rom. 6:3. “were baptized into his death.” Now in verses 10 and 11 of the same chapter we read, “For in that he died, he died unto sin once; but in that he liveth, he liveth unto God. Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So, as Jesus died unto sin once even so do we; we are baptized into his death, and become dead indeed unto sin, and are by the one Spirit baptized into Jesus Christ, the one body.

“Therefore, we are buried with him by baptism into death, that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.” — Rom. 6:4. Webster’s definition of “Therefore” is given as, “by reason of.” We have shown in the third verse that we died unto sin, and in verse four we read, “Therefore [or by reason of] we are buried with him by baptism.” Now, was Christ buried three times on his face? We read no such thing in all the four Gospels; but of one burial and the following resurrection, and so with all God’s children. They are buried with him by baptism, and show to the world that they have died indeed unto sin, and are buried with Jesus and rise to walk in newness of life. A person is not supposed to be buried until after death; but according to much of the teaching of Babylon such is the case. Now Jesus says in Jno. 10:30, “I and my Father are one.” [spiritually].” And again, in Jno. 14:23, “We will come unto him and make our abode with him,” and in Jno. 17, 11, also verses 21 and 22, we see the blessed unity of the Father and Son, “that they may be one, even as we are one. “Yea, and their Spirit makes us all one. Praise the Lord! Read also 1 Jno. 5:7,8. And we read in Col. 2:6, “For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.” Now dear ones, they not only teach and practice division here on earth, but try to divide the Father and Son of the Bible. God help all his children to flee from Dunkardism, and walk in newness of life. Amen. Yours in the love of Jesus,





The just approbation of the Omnipotent rests upon the soul of the peacemaker as proved by Matt, 5:9. For the promotion and restoration of harmony and peace there is not a more important text of scripture in the Bible than Matt. 18:15, and yet it is so little heeded. Were it regarded, probably the fire of strife would be speedily extinguished in ninety-nine cases of dissension out of every hundred. The prosperity of the church of Christ, the honor of religion, the peace of individuals, and the comfort of families, would all be advanced. But instead of obeying this plain and positive law, the generality of those who profess religion act as if there were no such law in the Bible. Some, instead of expostulating in the spirit of Christ with an offending brother, complain of the real or fancied injury, till the report, with exaggerations, spreads through half a town. At the same time, they greedily drink in every evil report respecting the person, who has injured them; to these again they give circulation, and thus become a hundred times more guilty than he whom they make an offender for a word, or even for a much more serious injury. Thus, they injure the cause of religion, and load their souls with sin.

For, first, they are guilty of rebellion against Christ. He says regarding an offending brother. “Go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone.” Instead of that, they tell any body or every body except the offender, and thus trample under foot the law of God. Were they to plunge into idolatry or drunkenness, they could but rebel against the Son of God, and they who make light of this solemn law of his are as truly rebels against him. The evil reports they greedily receive are most probably in a great degree false, and when they circulate these falsehoods, they become guilty of scandal and lying. In connection with this they are guilty of indulging the worst and most hellish passions of the human heart, rancor, malice, and resentment. If they did not. indulge these hell- born passions, they would not lend a pleased and attentive ear to every idle tale against an offending brother; nor be pleased, if that person had been ever so wrong, to publish his shame. Alas, they see the mote in their brother’s eye, but they have a beam in their own. Matt. 7:3.

O that the gospel pinchers were used on self-more! Instead of going to him and telling him his fault in private, and in the spirit of Christian affection, they at once treat him as “a heathen man and a publican.” This wicked conduct is often rendered still more wicked, from the flagrant fact that it is often indulged where there is no clear evidence that a brother has been an offender, and where perhaps there is nothing but a vague report; yet, instead of inquiring into the truth of this report, it is at once assumed to be correct. Oh, shame on such conduct, from a professed follower of Christ! Christian love is to be displayed by not rashly believing unfavorable reports against brethren and sisters in the Lord; by hating talebearing, and by endeavoring to promote harmony and peace. “Let all evil-speaking be put away from you.” Seek peace and pursue it.” Let me say to you, if you have acted the part I have described, deplore your sin; flee to the blood of Christ, and resolve that in this respect and every other, the laws of Christ shall govern you. Amen.



The Faith of Hannah


Dear Sisters:

For some time my heart and mind have been considering a subject that especially interests us as wives and mothers, and the workers in the Lord’s vineyard: and I should be so glad to have a private confidential conversation with you all, but as that is impossible we will do the best we can to make the subject clear in language that may not receive censure.

The word of God says marriage is honorable in all, and gives much instructions concerning, it in numerous ways. It is to be a union of love, where each is to seek the good of the other in unselfishness and wisdom. The natural object thereof is offspring, and some have their labor in this direction: and it is a very important work, as its influence extends father than most of us imagine. The common sentiment, however, is far from what it should be concerning it. Young people get married, hoping they shall not be “troubled with any little kids for many years;” but if they allow nature uncontrolled sway, they are generally very soon disappointed, and before long yield to a tragic despair as the family increase exceeds the financial income. Others willfully take nature in their own hands and deal with her severely, declaring they “will not care for so many youngsters,” and soon they are reaping what they sow, in ill health disease, dissatisfaction, and often family troubles.

So, dear sisters we want to have the right conception of our office as mothers, that we may fill it to the glory of God, in bringing forth children that shall be strong and healthy, physically and morally. For this reason, we should know ourselves and this line of labor just as thoroughly as possible from good books and careful observation.

My heart is made sad to see a dear mother bearing children as often as possible, and obliged to take all the care of them herself, while often doing much to help provide for their temporal needs. The strain of motherhood upon the human system in most favorable circumstances is naturally great: but when it is thus circumstanced, who can imagine its burden to the mother, or the evil effects upon the children? But someone says: “We are just as God made us: so, if this is our portion, let us take it from his hands and say: “Thy will be done”.

How do you know we are just as God made us in this direction? The physical system has degenerated and there are inherited tendencies in many that are not in others. Nature in one is very different from nature in others, and yet we hear constantly: “Let nature have her way.” Should anyone object thereto, then we hear: “Yes, you want to take affairs in your own hands, and not let God have a chance.”

Come, let us reason together: here is a person who through unfavorable parental circumstances inherits a disposition to a certain disease, say cancer. Now the natural result is that it will appear in its extremely distressing form and make life a burden for month and years. Yet good religious people have in years that are past said in such cases: “The will of the Lord be done,” not knowing that sickness is of the devil and not of God, that it is by nature and not of grace. Now how many of God’s true children, living up to the gospel standard will in the case of the natural disease refuse to look to God for help, but, because it comes in the natural course of events, throw all the blame upon nature and consider themselves helpless?

The sexual life and organs are just as susceptible of disease and derangement as any other portion of our being, and are often much more abused and degenerated, so that nature therein is quite various, hardly two alike in all respects. Then when we lock upon the mismated and those joined to the unbelieving, we must say: “Surely this a serious affair concerning us all.” Many dear sisters are just enduring the married state, because of the abnormal condition of sexual life caused by diseases prevalent among women, thus causing dissatisfaction and often erroneous ideas concerning the use thereof. I would entreat each dear sister to a careful study of herself on this line and not rest until by faith in God for healing she is made entire, wanting nothing that shall make her to fill her place in life to the glory of God.

Some dear ones through evil effects of disease are deprived of sexual life and often consider this a mark of high spiritual attainment and encourage others to seek for it as a special blessing, when the enemy, to deceive, will accomplish this desire and they take it as from the hand of God. Others hold these things in derision and disrespect, forgetting that when God formed man and woman with all that was accessary for their happiness and usefulness, he pronounced them “good.” As the marriage relation is a type of the relation existing between Christ and the church, we should surely exalt its privileges, its duties and obligations, and hold them in sacred esteem to his glory and praise.

The perfect man of woman is the one who has all the faculties of the human being in proper development and under control by the grace of God through faith. So, we see, dear sisters, the way out from sexual inconsistencies and troubles is a way of faith the same as with Hannah, when nature had deprived her of one of the blessing of life.







It is very evident to my mind that we are passing through an important speech in this reformation. Yet, notwithstanding its importance, the Lord seems to show me that this great information has reached a very critical point. God is trying to advance his people, and the devil is trying hard to bring about an apostasy.

It is proper that our hearts should yearn for more of God, for a closer walk with him, and for advancement in all the elements of holiness; but we must also carefully guard against everything that tends to cause us to retrograde from spirituality. And we need sufficient discernment to distinguish between advancement and retrogression, between advanced light on the word of God and erroneous interpretations.

It is impossible for a people to think they are advancing, when they are in reality retrograding. This has proved true of every spiritual reformation before us, and is the sure fate of every people who do not make enough efforts to live where the Most High himself can lead them. And we will also speedily stray from the true Bible way, if we allow self and human ideas to become our leaders. Only he who hath redeemed us can lead us safely along the way so dangerous because of the many byways of apostasy.

One state of great danger to be avoided, is carelessness. Men are so apt to grew c careless when victory comes, after several years of desperate fighting. They are so apt to feel themselves more firmly established than they really are. “For when they shall say: Peace and safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them.” This is the very spirit that paved the way, in the third century, for the great apostasy.

Another dangerous spirit, which means death to the spirituality of every reformation in which it obtains a foothold, is that of presumption. This is the very spirit of apostasy itself. When men have too much confidence in themselves, they will begin to feel themselves so great perhaps, that they think the Lord could not carry on his work without them. The experiences of such are already tottering.

The spirit of presumption in the propagators of past reformations, was manifested by their bringing into use customs and practices, which the Bible did not set forth as a part of the worship of Christians.

This spirit we have seen already lifting its head, and we rebuke it in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I heard a sect preacher say once, we could not prove the apostolic church did not keep a classbook. But it is not our business to prove what the apostles did not do. Our work is to show what they did do, and what they did say; and to imitate them in all they said and did, and discard everything else. Our business is not only to set aside everything the Bible condemns; but also, to cut off everything the Bible does not sustain. All Christianity is on record in the New Testament, therefore, everything of an ecclesiastical nature not upon record in the New Testament, is to be considered no part of Christianity.


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