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2 April 1896, Volume 16, Number 14.



How very strange sometimes it seemed to me.
That Jesus died that I might ever live;
And that I must a faithful Christian be.
If he will all my cherished sins forgive.

I knew that I had very wicked been,
And often grieved my Savior’s heart afresh;
But since he saved my soul from every sin,
His name I’ll honor and his love confess.

Sometimes I’ve thought while walking on this road.
My burden seemed too great for me to bear:
Put yet he always helped me bear my load,
When I would go to him in earnest prayer.

Oh guide my feet, my blessed Lord, aright:
And keep me ever near thy bleeding side:
Oh lead me through the dark and lonely night!
And in thy promises I will confide.

Through all the lonely, dark and cloudy day.
His blessed form I’ve tried to keep in sight:
But did not know the true, and happy way,
Until I saw the blessed evening light.

When through dark waters thou wilt lead the way,
The rivers shall not make my soul to faint,
The fire shall not burn by night or day.
Upon thy true and ever trusting saints.

M. Wheeler.


Be Pure in Heart.


“WHATSOEVER things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue and if there be any praise, think on these things.” — Phil. 4:8.

The Savior said, “The kingdom of God is within you.” — Luke 17:21. Speaking of the Spirit of truth, he said, “For he dwelleth with you and shall be in you.” — Jno. 14:17. If the kingdom of God is within us we are pure in word, mind and deed. We have no trouble in guar..ing our tongue from saying any thing that is not for the glory of God. The great Interpreter, which is the Holy Spirit, teaches us what to speak, what is right, and what is wrong. We will not find ourselves jesting and joking, or speaking unnecessary words while the Interperter remains within us. We dare not say that which is not pleasing to God.

Some will indulge in foolish talk, and delight in having others laugh over it. Oh what a check to the soul’s welfare! What leanness it brings over the soul! Every word is weighed in the balance of Almighty God. Now if only a seemingly little harmless word grieves God’s spirit within us, how much more a deed carried out! Many a one feels lean in their soul, wondering what is wrong, that they have not the power in prayer as usual. Oh dear ones, you may have done something that was not in accordance with the word of God. Get down upon your knees and ask God; the Spirit of God will soon tell you. “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. — Matt. 5 8. They do not only see God, but walk with him. “If we walk in the light as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. — 1 Jno. 1:7.

Nearly every person expects to get to heaven when they die. If God would admit them, they would not be happy; as some people when they are in the saints’ meeting, can hardly wait until meeting is out. It want to enjoy heaven we must have it here. Death will not make us any better or worse. As death leaves us, so judgment will find us. The pure in heart shall see God. We enjoy heaven as we made it. Heaven is pure, therefore none but the pure enjoy it. Purity cannot enjoy impurity; one drives the other out as light drives out darkness.

Dear readers, our thoughts, our can be impure. We cannot have impure thoughts long until they affect the body. I pity a drunkard, tobacco user, or any other licentious person. If they die in that condition, how filthy their body will of laid in the grave! And in the day of judgment, the soul will have to come back and enter into that filthy body again, and stand in judgment before God. Oh may God have mercy on every one who indulges in any unclean thing! Plunge into the all-cleansing fountain, the blood of Jesus which can make the foulest clean; call on the Lord with all your heart, and he will have mercy, and make you every whit whole. Your body will be clean also. From one of the Lord’s anointed,

A. Byers,

Albany, Ill.


Inherited Sin.


As I have of late received several letters from “GOSPEL TRUMPET readers, who do not believe we inherit sin (or a carnal nature) from our foreparents, I feel it is my duty to write a few lines on this subject, for the benefit of those “who are in error concerning the matter. First you say, “the Bible does not say that we inherit sin from our foreparents.” Please read Jer. 16:19. Again you say, “David did not say’ (in Psalms 51:5) that he was born with sin. in his heart;” nor did Paul say (in Eph. 2:3) that we have inherited the evil nature spoken of there. And then you conclude that it cannot be proven by the Bible that we inherit sin (or an evil nature) from our foreparents.

Now I ask you to come and let us reason together, in the light of the Bible, as it is our only book of discipline. We know that there never was an effect without a cause. In Eph. 2:3 we read that we (when we were sinners) were fulfilling the desires of the flesh. Hence the flesh is the cause of sins committed. Read also Gal. 5:19-21. Now the question is, “What is meant by the flesh?” It cannot mean our mortal bodies (as some teach), for it is the soul and not the body that commits sin. Read Ezek. 18:20. In Mark 7:21, 22, we read that from within out of the heart of man proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, foolishness, etc. Here we have the works of the flesh proceeding out of the heart of man. Hence the flesh must be something that dwells in the heart of men, and causes them to commit sins.

Now if that is not the carnal nature, I ask you what it is? I think that all reasonable men and women must admit that that which the Bible calls the flesh, is the carnal (or evil) nature that dwells in the heart of man, before he is saved by the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Ghost. Titus 3:5. Well you say, “Suppose we admit that to be true; that does not prove that we inherit that nature from our foreparents.” We will see. You say that we receive that evil nature, by committing sins after we came to the years of accountability. Now that you cannot prove, neither by the Bible nor by observation. But I can prove that the flesh (or carnal nature) dwells in the heart of children before they come to the years of accountability. We read (in Gal. 5:19, 20) that wrath is caused by the flesh, (or evil nature), and I have known children to get angry before they are one year of age. Hence the flesh (or evil nature) must be in their hearts. For it is impossible for anything to work before it is brought into existence. Now if that evil nature dwells in the hearts of children before they commit sins (or come to the years of accountability) it must be inherited. Hence the words of Jesus to Nicodemus. That which is born of the flesh is flesh. John 3:6. And I know no other reason why Paul should call that evil nature the flesh, than this: that we have received (or inherited) it from our parents after the flesh, and not from God, who is the Spirit. Read John 3:6 in connection with John 1:13.

But now you say, what about children of sanctified parents. How can they inherit the carnal nature when their parents are holy? In Rom. 5:12 we read, that it was by one man (Adam) that sin entered into the world (sinners). Hence it is plainly understood, that since Adam’s fall, every man and woman that enter into the world are born with the carnal nature in their hearts; and that all must be saved by grace. So that no flesh shall have whereof to boast in the sight of God. But that he might receive all the glory in worlds without end. Amen.

But does not the Bible say that children of sanctified parents are holy? I answer no; but it says that “the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband: else were your children unclean; but now are they holy.” 1 Cor. 7:14. This has no reference to an experience of sanctification or purity of heart. For we know that a man cannot go to heaven, nor is his heart pure, because his wife is saved. Nor can the wife go through on the experience of her husband. (Read 1 Cor. 7:16). I will try to explain what it means. We know it is wrong for saints to marry sinners (Read 2 Cor. 6:14, 15 and 1 Cor. 7:29), but if they are married when they are sinners and one of them gets saved, they are recognized in the eyes of God as man and wife; for else were their children unclean (born in fornication), but now are they holy (not bastards).


Again you say, if children are born with an evil nature in their hearts, how can Christ say that of such is the kingdom of God? (Mark 10:14) when John says there shall in no wise enter into it, anything that defileth. Rev. 21:27. Little children are not counted unclean in the eyes of God, until they are old enough to understand the will (or law) of God, for by the law is the knowledge of sin. Rom. 3:20. Read James 4:17 and John 15:22. For where there is no law sin is not imputed. Rom. 5:13. And without the law sin is dead. Rom. 7:8. Just so with persons who have received the forgiveness of sins but are not sanctified wholly. They are holy in the sight of God, until they see and understand the command, “Go on unto perfection.” Heb 6:1. But if after they know the will of God (1 Thes. 4:3) they fail to obey it, then they are counted unclean, and are no more justified in the sight of God. (Mat. 7:21).

I hope this will be sufficient to prove to all that are honest at heart that we inherit sin (or the carnal nature) from our foreparents. I remain your brother in defence of the pure,gospel,

Thomas Nelson.


Spoilers of Babylon.


“THOUGH Babylon should mount up to heaven, and though she should fortify the height of her strength, yet from me shall spoilers come unto her, saith the Lord.” — Jer. 51:53.

It is an unsettled question in the minds of many, why Babylon ought to be spoiled. Babylon, the capital of Chaldea, the ancient renowned city, was taken by Cyrus b. c. 536 Its destruction was determined b. c. 538. (See Kitto’s History of the Bible.) The term Babylon means confusion. It originated in the building of the tower of Babel. Gen. 11th chapter. Mystical Babylon is quite a different city than the ancient Babylon refered to above. The revelator and prophets use the term metaphorically to designate the apostate religions extant to day. The wickedness, revelry, splendor, and avarice of ancient Babylon, with its destruction, also, have their spiritual counterpart in modern sect confusion.

For a thorough knowledge of the word Babylon, see Young’s Analytical concordance to the Bible. When the Bible speaks of Babylon in Revelation, and generally in prophecy, it has reference to the spiritual Babylon and not the literal. The revelator says (a. d. 96.), “I will show thee things which must be hereafter.” Rev. 4:1. Therefore, when he uses the word Babylon he means “Mystery Babylon, the mother of harlots.” Protestant preachers do not like to have us run the genealogy of her harlot daughters; yet, they have been calling barbarous Romanism the “Mother church.” But she is not the Bible church, neither is one of her daughters. None of them are old enough. Most of them are only a little over a hundred years old. The true church of God existed over three hundred years before even the Catholic sect was organized. Can it be possible that people are so blinded they cannot see the unity of God’s people, the one church and one name; also, that God’s children, scattered into so many different places and under so many different names, divided and sub-divided, fighting each other and vying for numbers, is all contrary to the Bible, — not a text in it to warrant all this soul traffic for mere speculation, — and running men through the machinery of Babylon, mixing the wheat and the chaff together? With such things as is above mentioned, the Lord is long since disgusted. Hence, he has sent “spoilers unto her.”

Babylon is a burden to the Lord. Isa. 13:1. Read this whole chapter. God has chosen his sanctified ones for his anger or wrath against these institutions under the livery of Christ, working iniquity and deceiving the people by their cunning arts and crafty traditions. He says, They shall howl when this truth reaches them. Ver. 6. Yet, it shall come, and every one of them (sectarians) shall be thrust through with the sword (Word). See verse 15. Not every one in a sect is a sectarian. Some of God’s people are there and they cannot be sectarians. They are, however, among sectarians and are bound by the creed to foster the sect, build it up, pay the preacher for sowing discord, tradition, and proselyting souls, stirring them into lively opposition to other sects. God’s people, there, must fellowship sinners, call them brother, etc., go to the communion table with them, sup the wine and eat the bread (which represents unity, and will not speak, or even look at some who are mad at each other, and yet they commune.(?)

This is worse than infidelity, against Christ and the Bible. With all this wickedness under the profession of Christianity in the sight of the world, they want us to keep still. No! We must “Cry aloud, spare not; * * * show my people their transgressions, and the house of Jacob (nominal church) their sins.” — Isa. 58:1. Why must we be so plain in showing professors their sins? Because they are too blind to see them. But we must use much love and precaution in winning souls from these man-made enclosures. God’s people are there, and we must deal with them as God’s people. Show them the Bible offers something better than husks for food. No wonder so many cry, “My leanness!” and “make crooked paths.” They are spiritually too poor to walk straight; they have scarcely anything to eat, but husks of tradition, sometimes little or no Bible in the dry sermons they hear. I have heard many men and women say, after hearing a gospel sermon, “It is the first Holy Ghost sermon I have heard for years.” Some have torn down the fence or jumped over into good pasture. Sheep will have good pasture when they can.

“Remove out of the midst of Babylon.” — Jer. 50:8. “Flee out of the midst of Babylon, and deliver every man his soul: be not cut off in her iniquity; for this is the time of the Lord’s vengeance; he will render unto her a recompence.” — Jer. 51:6.

The Lord demands all his people to leave Babylon, 1st, because she is , fallen (Rev. 18:2); 2d, because he is going to destroy her. He says she is fallen. Why should any one want to remain in such a sinful, fallen institution? Hear this, ye children of God in sect Babylon: “Come out of her, my people.” Rev. 18:4. Remember, this voice comes from heaven, and it does not say, “Come out,” until it first says, “she is fallen.” “Will ye hear, or forbear?” Jesus says, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” Jno. 10:27. Says one, “The Lord don’t call me out.” Very well, you must not be one of God’s sheep, then, for Jesus calls his sheep and says they follow him. If, therefore, he doesn’t call you out, you are not the Lord’s sheep, and by staying in sectism when you get the light, you simply prove yourself Satan’s goat.

“Deliver thyself, O Zion, that dwellest with the daughter of Babylon.” — Zech. 2:7. This is a plain text to you who are in the Protestant sects (daughters of the old Catholic mother) to get out. It does not mean come out of the world. He says, “My people.” You cannot be God’s until you first repent, and when you do, you are as the disciples were before pentecost, already out of the world. Jno. 17:16. You are unequally yoked up with unbelievers (2 Cor. 6:14-18.) who don’t believe in divine healing (Mark 16:15-20), or being saved and kept from all sin, (Luke 1:74,75), or the oneness of Christians (1 Cor. 1:10), etc., when nothing else can be proved by the Bible.

Babylon is a desolation. — Jer. 50:23.

Read — Jer. 50:16. 51:9. 50:14, 15. Rev. 18:20.

Can it be orthordox that so many hundred sects with thousands of preachers whose mouths are all running in opposition to each other; striving to get to heaven and elbowing each other by the way? Only one Savior, one way, one Bible, one Spirit and one heaven, and all these diverisfied professors on it? No: this cannot be. If so, the Bible is wrong; but we know God’s word is right if everyman must be a liar. Let all who are under the high commission to carry this message be sure we have plenty of “fire” and “blood” mixed with the hail of eternal truth.

B. E. Warren.

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A. J. Byers, Jas Riley Mrs E Cease. C. H. Edridge, A. J. Edison. R. Kachel, H. F. Dunayan, A. B. Gildersleeve, J. L. Green. Wm. G. Schell, W. A. Davison, J. L. Whitlock, N. Guilford. G. B. Collins.


Bro. Melvin Stuart, Hadley, Ind., desires to know where he can procure a good second hand tabernacle.


If any one can furnish the address of Bro. H. I. Sell (somewhere in Kan. or the western states) please send it to F. N. Jacobson, Hunters, Stephen Co. Wash.


Over three tons of printed sheets of the book “The Secret of Salvation,” were shipped from this office last week to the bindery, at Fort Wayne, Ind. The remainder will be shipped as soon as finished which will be in a few days.


We have a letter from Bro. Geo. L. Cole stating that Bro. Charles Bright of Kintz, Okla., lacks about twenty-five or thirty dollars of having enough to purchase a tabernacle. Bro. Bright lives at Kintz, Okla, and wrote us concerning the same some time ago. The brethren can take this matter to the Lord.


A tabernacle is needed in West Virginia, as there are two camp meetings and a grove meeting already arranged, for the saints are mostly poor and the work new. $1000 have been given toward it. Send your donations or offerings to Trumpet Office stating it is for West Virginia tabernacle.

G. T. Clayton.


Requests For Prayer.


J. E Pruitt, Roseville. — Healing of piles.

Ella Hill, Sancho — Healing of night sweats.

Mrs. Nettie Jacobs, Pickrellton. — Healing or rheumatism.

Mary Kerr La Rue. — Entire sanctification and healing of body.

George B. Potts, Dean. — Sanctification and healing of lung trouble.

Pray for the healing of my little boy Laura Pickett, Poplar Bluff.

Mary Drew, Delisle. — Sanctification and healing of bodily afflictions.

R. S. Wallace, Ruleton — Entire sanctification, and healing of rheumatism.

Jennie Braden, Waitsburg. — Entire sanctification, and healing of her husband.

Jennie Mosher Garret. — Healing of erysipelas, and catarrh of the head and stomach.

Pray April 5th for my mother, who has been afflicted for over a year. Tillie Craft, Eugene.

Pray for Sister E. V. Hoffman, Alicia, who is a cripple and is afflicted with scrofula. Pray April 10.

Pray for the healing of my eyes. My eldest son also has weak eyes; pray for his healing and the salvation of his soul.

A lady in Monticello, Ill., desires deliverance from evil spirits, also a true minister of God is wanted in that place.

Pray that my husband may get saved and delivered from the appetite of tobacco. And for my baby, that it be completely healed of its afflictions. Mrs. Roderick, So. Chicago.

Pray for the healing of afflictions in our family, and that we may be wholly sanctified. Pray April 5 for Miss Jessie Forest, who has been insane for a long time. Mrs. E. B. Place, Atchison.

Calls For Meeting.


We desire some of God’s ministers to come here and preach. Address Laura B. Ross, Frenchburg, Manifee Co., Ky.

There is an earnest appeal for a true minister of God to come to Steelton. Dauphin Co., Pa. and hold some meetings. Address Mrs. S. L. Sloop.

We expect, Lord willing, to go to the Grand Junction camp meeting by private conveyance. Those along the line desiring meeting please address us very soon at Fayetteville, Tenn. Yours in him,

O. B. Wilson and Co-workers.



  1. Is the blood applied in the first work, or justification?

  2. Please give the scriptures and rightly divide the two works of grace, making each distinct and complete in their entirety


Ans. to first. Yes. “In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins.” — Col 1:14. “Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood.” — Rev. 1:5. “Much more then being now justified by his blood,” etc. — Rom. 5:9.

The above scriptures need no explanation. They are clear and positive, and very definitely prove that the blood is applied in the first work. Also we are sanctified through or by the blood.

“Wherefore Jesus also, that he might sanctify the people with his own blood, suffered without the gate.” — Heb. 13:12. Also read Heb. 9:13, 14. 10:19. 13:20, 21. In both works the blood is applied; committed and inherited sin is removed. The blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth from all sin. — 1 John 1:7.

Ans. to second. The first work, or justification, as generally termed, not only includes being freely justified by his grace (Rom. 3:24, 25), but also,

1st, Remission of sins. “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins.” — 1 Jno. 1:7. Acts 3:19.

2d, Adoption. “But when the fullness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law, to redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons.” — Gal. 5:4, 5. We are adopted in the sense that we are delivered from the power of darkness and translated into the ’kingdom of God. Col. 1:13, 14. Taken from the family of Satan and adopted into the family of God.

3d, Regeneration, or new birth. “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” — Jno. 3r3. This regeneration includes a washing. Tit. 3:5. Washed in the blood. Rev. 1:5.

Sanctification, or the second work, includes, 1st, A cleansing or purging. “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it, that he might cleanse it by the washing of water by the word, that he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle, or any such thing, but that it should be holy and without blemish.” — Eph. 5:25-27. Heb. 9:13, 14.

2d, Perfection. “He hath perfected forever them that are sanctified.” — Heb. 10:14. This perfection includes being made perfectly holy, and also being perfectly saved, or that the work of salvation is completed in us.

3d, Preserves. “And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly. And I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” — 1 Thess. 5:23. In this preserved state we are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation, ready to be revealed in the last time. 1 Pet. 1:5.

There are a number of texts in the word of God that very clearly teach that sin, or the carnal nature, the evil bent of sin, is inherited from Adam by the fall; and that this evil nature is in the heart of the child from his youth. “For the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth.” — Gen. 8:21. “Behold I was shapen in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me.” — Psa. 51:5.

This evil nature is styled in the scripture the sin of the world. Jno. 1:29. Besetting sin. Heb. 1:1, 2. Carnal mind. Rom. 8:7. Old man. Rom. 6:6. Eph. 4:22, etc. It is not removed when we are justified, but remains in the heart of the babe in Christ. Read 1 Jno. 1:8. 1 Cor. 3:1-3, etc. But sanctification does destroy the carnal nature and purges out of us all the works of the devil Heb. 9:13, 14. 1 Thess. 5:23. Eph. 5:25-27.

The first work, or justification, is a work done for sinners; 1st. The ungodly justified. Rom. 4:5. 2d, Dead sinners regenerated. Eph. 2:1. The second work, or sanctification, is a work done for believers, always subsequent to regeneration or justification. 1st, Must be in Christ. 1 Cor. 1:2. 2d, Disciples; Jesus prays for, — Jno. 17:17-20. 3d, The church, the body of Christ to be sanctified. Eph. 5:25-27. Again, notice what was required of the Thessalonian brethren before sanctification. 1 Thess. 5:14 23.

When the sinner comes to Christ, he is dead in trespasses and sins Eph. 2:5. All he can bring is a dead sacrifice. But he that cometh to the golden altar to be sanctified must present his body a “living” and “holy” sacrifice. Rom. 12:1. Living, because he has been regenerated and is now a living creature. Eph. 2:1. Holy, because his sins are all washed away by the blood. Old things are passed away, behold all things are become new. 2 Cor. 5:17. Such, and only such persons may apply for sanctification. Not one place in the New Testament, either by precept or examine, do we read of a sinner being sanctified. For clearer light and a better understanding read the tract on Sanctification.

W. J. Henry.

Please explain the fourteenth chapter of Revelation through the colums of the Trumpet.

C. E. F.

The fourteenth chapter of Revelation is a sublime description of the church of the evening light. Observe that it follows immediately the reign of the second beast Protestantism) predicted in Rev. 13. The chapter throughout seems to mark out one epoch after another in this last reformation, which must be interpreted in the Lord’s own time. We are truly happy to know that we stand on mount Zion as predicted in the first verse.

Has an infant the Spirit of Christ? Also explain Rom. 7:9. 1 Jno. 1:9.

C. J. S.

No; an infant has not the Spirit of Christ. It is innocent only by virtue of its ignorance, Rom. 7:9 describes the infantile state, and 1 Jno. 1:9 the justified state. The scriptural difference between justification and the infantile state, is this: justification includes innocence through the forgiveness of sins, and power to live without committing sins; while the infant only possesses innocence, having never received power to live without committing sin through the cleansing blood. This is why a child always runs into sin as soon as it crosses the line of accountability.

Wm. G. Schell.


News from the Field.



Wheeling, W. Va.

Dear Saints: The Bethel is again on its mission down the Ohio river. We commenced meeting March 24. We are all saved anti on the advance. We are situated in a very central location and the prospect is very encouraging. I just returned from Rush Run, where the Lord is wonderfully manifesting his power. Sixteen at the altar the last three days of the meeting. We also had a very precious ordinance meeting. Two more calls came in last week for meetings. Who will come and help to save the lost? Address all mail in care of Floating Bethel, Wheeling, W. Va.

G. T. Clayton and Co.

Stokes Bridge, S. C., Mar. 24.

Dear Saints of God: Praise the Lord for his presence and power with us in the meeting here to the close, which was the 22d inst., when we baptized two. This is considered one of the strongest country appointments of the S. C.. conference (Babylon); but glory to God her walls are failing to the ground never to be rebuilt. This creates a howling among the shepherds, while God’s people make their escape out of her. Instead of beginning the assembly meeting at Smithville, S. C., the 27th inst., we will begin at Stokes Bridge, S. C., Apr. 4. The opposition is great, but we believe scriptural holiness is planted here to stay. All glory to God! Yours in the love and fellowship of Jesus,

E. B. Haynes and Co-workers.


Evergreen Park. Ill.

Dear Saints of God: We closed meeting at Chicago Heights a lew days ago. The meeting was not very well attended. A few consecrations however. We went from there to Chicago. Held a cottage meeting at Bro. Leise s, No. 921 Howard Ave. On Saturday evening had a glorious season with the Lord. Five consecrations for sanctification. Three justified and four healed.

We came out here and began meeting last Monday night. Will remain as long as the Lord leads. We feel the Lord would have us labor near here or Grand Junction until camp meeting. Any one desiring meeting can address us here. Bro. Collins is not with us at present, he having remained at the Open Door Mission. Sister Macie Lamb has been with us a few days, and will possibly work with us until camp meeting. We desire the prayers of all saints that we may advance for God.

R. L. Farquar and Wife.


Louisville, Ky., Mar. 25.

Dear Brethren and Sisters: I can report complete victory in my soul and for God in the work. While I have been silent for some time in the Trumpet we have by no means been silent in crying out to souls, and God has wonderfully rewarded us in our labor. This last winter has been as closely spent in preaching as any time of our ministry and and it seemed about the hardest fight. Our labors for the last three months have been in Pike Co. Ind. through the county from one end to the other. Since the work was started there last winter God has saved many precious souls out on the clean line of the Word. Bless his dear name! And the last few meetings there were victory all the way through. One sect shut their door against us and we could get no way to preach to them, but God got in among them by one of their elders that heard the truth, and it tore the whole thing open, and their brightest and best members have most all got clean out of the thing, and were at the last meeting we held there all rejoicing in God for their freedom. This was the Cumberland Presbyterian sect. And there was a U. B. sect did the same thing in the west end of the county, and God tore it in two and saved their best members out. Oh bless the Lord oh my soul, and let us give him all the glory! Pray much for us that God will enable us to keep humble where he can make us just what he wants us to be. Your blood-washed brethren in the one body,

G. P. Keeling, and D. B. Moore.


Hunters, Washington. Mar. 16.

Beloved Brethren: At the close of the Almira revival we began a meeting Feb. 7, in the Presbyterian meeting house in Union Valley, about eight miles from the above named place; which closed Feb. 21 with victory for the Lord. Six were saved out for the Lord, others raised then hands for our prayers, who we trust will yet be saved. In this place the sect spirit was much stirred in defence of sectism, and Babylon raged in good earnest. We saw the union element, practical manifestations and operations of the Gog and Magog spirit and forces, in a manner as never before. God gave us the complete victory over the beast power and spirit. The flaming gospel went forth in power which moved and stored the country for miles around and we are passing through more like apostolic persecutions this winter than we have ever before experienced. Hallelujah! Oh the glory and power of God is coming down and filling our souls!

Six happy saints were immersed by dear Bro. Benton, which was witnessed to, with glory and power. One was healed of La Grippe and fever by faith in God. The saints there will hold their weekly prayer meetings. We then held a week’s meeting at Hartline, where we labored under some disadvantages, which went drawbacks to the interest and success of the meeting. However a few were won to the truth, and one raised his hand for our prayers. We believe several will yet be saved as the result of that meeting.

We then returned to Almira and held a prayer meeting with the church. Two mere were baptized, making seventeen in all. The Lord healed several of their afflictions at this time. To God only be all the glory! The Lord richly bless and reward all who so kindly cared for us.

Bro. and Sister Benton. Bro. and Sister Brim accompanied us to Hunters, where we began meeting in His name Mar. 8, in the Harvey Creek school house. God is moving here in power and glory. Souls are being redeemed, and coming to Christ. Hallelujah! Lord willing will remain in these parts until April 6, them go to Creston. Pray for us all ye saints and a rich harvest of souls at this time in this country. Yours in the humility of Jesus,

F. N. Jacobson and Co.


Flag Springs, Mo., Mar. 25.

For several months past I have been praying for more precious truth in a..ference to divine healing. I had often wandered why there was not a more definite stand taken in regard to the means to be employed in the restoration of the sick. While I have not had the special gift of faith nor even that healing, I knew my place in the body, and by having salvation I had faith to believe the whole truth and often saw the power of God manifest in healing many kinds of diseases. But seeing a great advancement to be made I therefore began to pray to that effect. I prayed for an increase of faith, believing of course I would receive it. At that very time the test came. I was engaged in meeting and laboring alone. I felt the effects of much work and a need of rest. The word came: “A brother is sick with lung fever.” We visited him, prayed, and God heard and answered according to his word. A few hours later a message came: “A brother’s child is very low with fever.” God was with us and the child was saved. Then after meeting one night the word came: “Your baby is very sick.” My family were nine miles away. A short time after getting to where they were, our little girl, being the one that was sick, became worse, going into a spasm, after the which my wife handed me the child, saying, “My baby is dead.” And thus it appeared to be indeed. I just said, “Lord thy will be done,” and resisting the powers of hell desiring only to see God glorified. And to the honor of his precious name the little one was spared. At this time our little boy was attacked by the croup, and two of the children in the family where we were staying were very sick and the mother not well. During this time I was going nine miles to meeting every night and back again. My wife it seemed for a time could not agree with me in an agreement according to the Word, but wanted to try some other means. Just previous to this time I had covenanted with God to stand on

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the everlasting Word, and the devil thought to make me take it back. Being exposed in she cold so much, a severe cold settled on my lungs. Satan thought surely he would now stop the work of God. But glory to God in the highest, his word never fails, and his power is never limited; and this worked for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. During this severe trial I sent a telegram ro the Trumpet family and could feel in a short time that they were helping to bear the great burden. O praise the Lord for his power and the unity of his people! Your saved brother,

W. A. Haynes.




Marlboro, O.

Dear Trumpet Readers: I can report to you that I am saved and on the Lord’s side and that I am taking the Lord for my physician for soul and body. The Lord has healed me of rheumatism in its worst form. Pray for my family that they may be brought into light in the one body of Christ.

Mary B. Shriver.


Ottokee, Ohio.

Dear Saints of God: I write my testimony to the glory of God for the first time to the Trumpet. I praise God for salvation, and for worshipping God in the beauty of holiness. He has healed me of kidney trouble and catarrh in the head, and we have taken him as our family physician. Your brother in Christ,

Henry Grube.


Cora, Idaho.

Dear Saints of God: I wish to add my testimony to those in the Trumpet. The Lord healed our little babe of stomach and bowel trouble, with tendency to congestion of the brain. We shall praise him forever. We ask an interest in the prayers of all God’s children. We pray God to send some one or company to hold meeting here.

Florence E. White.


Dayton, O.

Dear Trumpet Readers: I feel led by the Lord to write my first testimony. I was converted this winter; I am in the M. E. sect, but the Lord has showed me it is wrong, and I intend to do whatever the Lord directs me to do. Pray for my healing of heart disease and female trouble and my sanctification. I want to live wholly for the Lord. Also pray for my unsaved husband.

Your sister in Christ,

Mrs. Rosa Speelman.


Cheboygan, Mich.

Dear Saints of God: I am praising God for salvation and also for divine healing. About four months ago I requested prayers at the Trumpet office for the healing of me headache, which I had given up getting any relief until the Lord should relieve me by death. But praise God he led me to trust in the promises given, and I should be healed, and I am healed. Praise his holy name forever! Now he impresses me I should give him the glory through the Trumpet. I ask an interest in your prayers for of faith, and entire sanctification. Yours all for the truth,

Nellie Davis.


Agra, Kan.

Dear Trumpet Readers: I am praising God for salvation that saves from sin. I have perfect victory in my soul. I know that I am reigning with Jesus. Glory to God! On how I praise him for what he has done for me and mine! I was saved one year ago last September, but by doubting God’s power to keep me, have lived an up and down life. But I am determined from now on to trust him no matter what comes. I wish to give God the glory for the healing of our little three-year-old boy. I am glad we took Christ for our physician. Pray for us, that we may so live that we may have that confidence in God that when we ask any thing we know that he hears us. Your brother in Jesus,

James Gibson.


Orchard Grove, Ind.

Brothers and Sisters: I believe it is to the glory of God that I my testimony and tell what the Lord has done for me, in saving my soul from all the wickedness and sin of the world. I was a slave to tobacco out the Lord has cleansed me from it all, so that I have no appetite for it at all, and tea and coffee also. I give God all the glory. He also healed me of the effects of the Lagrippe of nearly two years standing, for which I had taken a great deal of medicine but did no good. But the Lord made a perfect cure. He also healed me of neuralgia, and many other afflictions. To him be all the praise! I am still blind, but am trusting God and believe that he will yet restore my sight. I ask the prayers of all God’s saints that my faith may be increased. Your brother saved and kept by the power of God,

Jas. McQuality.


National Military Home, Ohio.

Dear Brethren: I am sweetly resting in the arms of Jesus. Oh what a friend we have in Jesus! He has saved me from an awful doom. When I think what a miserable wretched outcast I was a year ago it almost makes me shiver. I was suffering indescribable agony of both body and mind, full of sin and disease. Doctors and drugs did me no good, and when I had no more money and no. friends, Jesus says I am your friend; he that cometh unto me I will in no wise cast out. Oh what a blessing to have such a friend! He has taken away that awful burden of sin and he has healed my body. I cannot praise him enough. To him be all the glory. I am improving wonderfully in spirit and body. I am happy all the time; and all I want is Jesus. Pray for me. Your brother in Christ Jesus,

Chas. Doubler.


Glasgow, Tenn.

Dear Saints of God: I do praise God that by the prayers of the saints I have been healed of ulceration of the bowels. I called in the doctors; they gave me one medicine after another, but it was to no use. I took the medicine until I was convinced that nothing but Jesus must take my case. I asked God’s people to pray for the healing of soul and body, ulceration of the bowels, on the 14th of January. On that day I was healed at about ten o’clock. The pain left me and I have been mending ever since. I do truly give God all the praise. Bless his holy name! He is the greatest physician the world ever saw; the greatest friend the world ever had; the greatest help in time of need. Oh bless his holy name forever for the wonderful healing of my body! Pray for me.

W. E. Williams.


Nishnabotna, Mo.

Dear Trumpet Readers: This morning leaves me saved in Jesus. I know my sins which were many are all forgiven, and I know that I have obeyed his word and made a proper consecration, and the Lord sanctifies me wholly just now. Bless the name of Jesus forever! I have learned more of God this winter than I have in any two years of my past experience. Oh the need of Bible humility, and dying out of self! I realize how utter dependent I am in God. Dear brethren the time has come when God will not permit dead weights to hang on any longer. Some people try to stand with the saints of God, but will not pay a Bible price and get a Bible salvation. We have some people among us that have been professing holiness for four or five years, and when they are admonished to go on unto perfection they will say they do not understand sanctification. People do not know God, that profess to be saints, hearing the gospel preached in its purity time after time, and then will not obey God. “This is the will of God even your sanctification.” “If any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him.” Remember me in your prayers. Your brother in Christ,

J. F. Howell.


Hessel, Mich.

Dear Brethren: I am glad to report that there are a few of us left here to hold up the blood-stained banner of Christ here in the far north, though sorry to say that our once happy little band has been broken by Satan, in consequence of being led off by one George Nicol, who has proved himself to be a deceiver of the worst kind, whom we placed much confidence in ourselves, and recommended him to others as a true child of God, for which I now ask your forgiveness. I know that God has saved me from all of the fanaticism that he led us into and I renounce it in the name of Jesus. I can say that God is with what few there are left of us here, and we feel ourselves so little in his sight, yet he seems pleased to hear our feeble prayers. He wonderfully strengthened our faith by stretching forth his hand and healing our little six- months-old boy that was attacked by what we supposed to be inflammation of the bowels. He was in such pain that he was crying so we could do hardly anything with him. We obeyed God in Jas. 5 and God so wonderfully touched his little body. I am hungering and thirsting to know more about God and his will concerning me. Your sister in Christ,

Hattie Robinson.


Iuka, Kan.

Dear Saints of God: The dear Lord leads me to write my testimony for the first time. I am praising God for victory on the Lord’s side over all sin in Jesus’ name. He saves my inmost soul and sweetly keeps me all his own. Oh praise his dear precious name continually! It is a strong tower; the righteous run into it and are safe. The dear Lord called me out of the U. B. sect fifteen years ago of which I had been a member for thirteen years. And have had no desire to go back since. He showed me their condition. They are void and empty, and are but chaff to burn with unquenchable fire. Oh I do praise the dear Lord for victory over all the power of the beast! Dear ones, let us consecrate down to the dead line, sink entirely out of self into Christ; and by faith claim the victory. It is for us in Jesus’ name. Let us go forth without the camp bearing the reproach. Let us earnestly contend for the faith once delivered to the saints. We will get all we live for. May the dear Lord help us all to walk in the light he shines on our souls. Oh praise the good Lord for the glorious evening light which will shine brighter and brighter!

We have fully trusted dear Jesus’ name for healing power and he has never forsaken us yet. My wife was given up to die by two doctors. They stayed by her bed-side for one day and night and finally said that they could do her no good, and left her to die. We did not know what to do, there was no time to lose; she was still alive, and as long as there is life there is hope, one more chance yet for her life. Oh praise God for his goodness! We sent for a servant of God who came and when he saw her condition felt sad for her; he asked us if we believed the Word and if we would obey it. We said we would. Then he said you have no use for medicine; we answered no. He asked us if we believed that God could heal her; we said yes. I threw bottles, medicine and all out, and gave all in the hands of God. Then he read the 5th chapter of James and anointed with oil. Praise the good Lord for healing power! She is well to day and can answer for herself should any doubt it. Praise the dear Lord forever! He has been our family physician ever since and ever will be as long as we keep saved. He beareth all of our iniquities and healeth all our sicknesses. Praise the Lord! Pray for me and my family that we may get low down where God can keep us saved continually. Your brother on the forward move for heaven,

E. W. Davis.


Ottokee, Ohio.

Dear Trumpet Readers: I believe it will be to the glory of God to write and tell how the Lord has saved me and my family. From the time I was a mere child I was taught to believe the Bible and attend Sunday school and meetings. My brothers and sisters all had a profession, but I could not be persuaded to join them. My father was greatly troubled about me, he said I ought to “join church,” but I told him when I found a church according to the Bible I would. He said I may never live to see it; I told him I knew I should. Eight years ago I heard a minister of the “Christian? church” preach the Word as I had never before heard it. I said this is my church, and my husband and myself became members of what we supposed the church of Christ; but we had not been among them long until we found that it was not “without spot or wrinkle or any such thing.” They carried too much of the world with them. The first thing we noticed was the socials, then the different entertainments made up of things not becoming the church of Christ; they even hired the dining hall at the fair.

My husband was a firm believer in sanctification and believed that people must live holy and without sin in this present world. But when he ventured to exhort them on that line they rebuked him until he dropped the subject entirely. We could see we were drifting away from God and getting lean in our souls. The minister finally settled it for us himself. In his sermon he said we were to be a peculiar people, but to day the masses could not tell us from the other “churches” or the world. He also said if he preached the truth to them as he felt he ought, the house would soon be empty, and much more he said on the same line. That settled it with us. The Lord just let us stay there long enough to see their abominations; and I believe the Lord led us to hear the evening light gospel preached, for we knew at once they were sent of God. Praise the Lord! We just began at the altar and in due time consecrated for sanctification, received the witness of the Spirit, and now we are rejoicing in our salvation, restored again unto him who has called us out of darkness into his marvelous light.

Our two oldest daughters were also members of the so-called Christian church, but they too came out and with the one younger accepted the truth; and we were all baptized on the 23d of January. We were persecuted by those who once professed to be our best friends. They told us we were lost. Thank the Lord we were lost to them but found with God’s children. I never believed in divine healing; but I saw that I was not believing the whole Word. I now believe he heals us; for I took him at his word. I was anointed for the healing of my lung which was injured by whooping cough twenty-four years ago. I had given up ever being cured, but praise the Lord he healed me. I had trouble all my life and worst of all inherited a passionate temper. He healed and cleansed me of it all. Praise his name! I give him all the glory. He is my all in all. Your sister saved and sanctified,

Mrs. Emma M. Grube.

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We insert the following letter concerning divine healing, with remarks following, for the benefit of others who may be somewhat skeptical on the points mentioned.

Muscatine, Iowa, Mar. 21. 1896.

Dear Editor of Gospel Trumpet: You were kind enough to send me the GOSPEL TRUMPET, which I have carefully read each week Am very much interested in “Divine healing” as you call it. I am not well posted on the subject myself, but I will write my opinion and if I am wrong I will be thankful to God and you, if you will show me the error of my ways through the Trumpet. I will be obedient to the teaching of the Bible. So therefore please notice my opinion.

I will look at the question from a commonsense standpoint. Where there is life there must be death, it is unavoidable. The provision for death is as elaborate and perfect as for life. Generation, birth, growth, development, fruition, decline, disease, death, decay of both animal and vegetable life were designed from the beginning. * * * Disease is not some mysterious something — an evil spirit that takes possession of the body — it is something real; as real as iron, as real as air, as real as life, as real as death itself. Disease is as natural as health. The microscopical appearances of disease are as constant as are the normal structures. Disease, the germs of which abound everywhere, no place, no climate is exempt. The great Creator established disease on earth to destroy life at stated intervals. It was absolutely necessary, unavoidable. He doeth all things well. He is eternal, changeless. He ordained from the beginning that men should die. He provided for the destruction of generation after generation by fire and flood, by storm and pestilence, and by deadly ailments, only revealed by the microscope and chemistry. Now will the Creator of all these elements of destruction reverse, alter, millify his laws in answer to prayer? Would anyone expect prayer to turn back the tides, stay the cyclone, or stop the earth in its orbit? The laws of God are immutable. We offer prayer for food, raiment and health, but when we pray for “our daily bread” should we ask and expect “the Lord to be our baker?” that we be clothed and expect him to be tailor as well? Or, if we are ill with some slight, severe, transient, or protracted ailment, where the ravages of disease destroy life, should we expect him in answer to prayer, to be our physician, druggist and nurse? Prayer without work — the use of the best means — is mockery. Would not this be begging God to do what he expects us to do for ourselves? Are not such petitions putting God to a test he cannot bear? Making prayer ridiculous and bringing Christianity into disceptation? Can a rational being make such a prayer? To expect an answer to such a prayer it does seem to the writer that one must be ignorant of the Bible. ignorant of the laws of nature: ignorant of the laws of physiology: ignorant of the laws of pathology. They must ignore their own experience; they must have more credulity than Christian faith: they must be deficient in the power to reason.

Henry G. Schoenig.

The writer of the above letter has given his “opinion” regarding divine healing, and as he seems to be anxious for light and truth we will give what the Bible says, as we are to be judged in that great day by the word of God and not by our opinions. The more we study the word of God the more light of his truth flashes upon our pathway, and greater are his blessings bestowed upon us.

We will now notice a few points mentioned by the writer. In the first place we would say that through the fall of man by disobedience to God in the garden of Eden the sentence of death was passed upon all men, but the Lord made provisions to overcome death through the resurrection. Through the fall also came disease, and the Lord also made provision for deliverance from disease through believing on Jesus Christ through his word. While the Lord did not establish the disease yet it is so permitted by him through the fall of man, and thus changes the natural laws or state of mankind to that which is unnatural, as disease is not a natural state of humanity, nor the state in which they were created, but it is an unnatural, abnormal state.

As to the question concerning changing nature’s laws, we would say that can be easily done without the Lord himself changing. He has power to do all things, and he sent his Son Jesus Christ into the world in whom he bestowed all power in heaven and earth; and through him we have access to the riches of the great storehouse of the Lord, and through faith in him these things are to be obtained. In Matt. 17:20, Mark 11:23 where Christ says, If ye ask and doubt not in your heart, that even mountains can be removed and cast into the sea. Did he simply mean some imaginary thing, some great mountain of trial and trouble? Not by any means. He pointed to one of the natural mountains near by, and said, “yonder mountain.” He was showing the possibilities and privileges to be had and reached through faith in God.

Another question. Should we ask God to be our baker when we are in want of daily food? This is according to our circumstances. God wants us to do our duty in making provision for our daily needs. He does not expect us to sit down and call on him for bread when we can go and earn it and have plenty of chances to do so. But suppose we are placed in circumstances similar to that of Elijah when by the brook Kedron who did not dare to make his appearance in order to get bread. There this humble child of God trusted him for daily food, and God in his miraculous way sent a raven to carry it to him. Also we remember the prophet who came to the widow for something to eat, but there was only a little oil in the cruse, and but a handful of meal left, yet he ordered it to be used in providing him something to eat, and as it was used God caused it to grow no less in amount, and not only the prophet but the widow and her son were kept from starvation. Also we remember the miraculous feeding of the thousands from the loaves and fishes. Then we read in 1 Jno. 5:14, “If we ask anything according to his will he heareth us, and if we know that he hear us whatsoever we ask, we know we have the petitions we desired of him.” We read in the last chapter of James that this prophet who had such a wonderful answer to his prayer was a man of like passions as we are. We learn from that assertion that it is our privilege to get as great answers from God, and as fully trust him. The writer asks, “Should we expect him in answer to prayer to be our physician, druggist?” We ask, why not, when he is the great physician of both soul and body and of whom we read in Psalms 103:3, “Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases?” His commission to earth Matt. 1:21, was to save people from their sins, and take upon himself their infirmities, and bear their sicknesses. Matt. 8:17. It is no more difficult for him to remove sickness and disease than it is to remove sin. Because all people do not accept Christ as their Savior and have their sins removed does not change the word of God nor remove the penalty; neither does it show that he has not the power and willingness to deliver them. So it is with sickness and disease. He is so willing to fulfill his word and his promises when the conditions are met and faith takes him at his word either for salvation or healing. When he sent his twelve disciples out to preach the gospel, Mat. 10:1-10, he told them to go forth and preach and heal the sick. When he sent the seventy, Luke 10 1-20, he gave them the same commission and told them that he gave them power “over all the power of the enemy.” And he promised to those who believe on his word that, “Whatsoever ye shall ask in my name that will I do that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask anything in my name I will do it.” — John 14:13, 14. This takes in sickness as well as other things. In the last chapter of St. Mark we read that “they that believe shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.” But the writer says, there must be “works,” “common sense” used. Now if we follow the instructions of one who is competent of giving instruction, we should follow them exactly as given. It is common sense to do so. We believe in using means and doing the works necessary, and this is set forth in plain language in James 5:14, 15. It tells exactly what to do in case of sickness. Beginning at the 13th verse we read, “Is any among you [that is God’s children] afflicted? let him pray.” Why not let him go to doctoring, or using some natural means? But we read further, “Is any merry? let him sing psalms.” “Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.” Why not send for the doctor and let him give medicine, using the natural means? No; the Word does not say so.

But now when the Bible way is followed what takes place? It says, verse 15, “And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins they shall be forgiven him.” What are the works then and means? The works are to obey God in the first place, and pray, and if our prayer will not avail alone, send for the elders of the church. And they are not to dope him with medicine, but use the means set forth in the word of God, which is anointing with oil, and offering the prayer of faith. Sometimes there are still further works on the part of the one to be healed. Sometimes there has been some disobedience to the laws of nature, or something not pleasing to God, and in the 16th verse to such ones it says, “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed.” And what is the result? It says, “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

God wants us to live as near as possible according to the laws of nature and observe the laws of health. To those who are living in filth one of the first works required would be an application of soap and water; but this is not for the elders to do, but if such persons were to make applications for healing it may be the duty of the elder to give them the proper instruction concerning such things. But there is quite a difference between living in cleanliness and according to the laws of health and that of doping by the poisonous drugs and doctor’s medicines. Now it will not inconvenience the Lord any to listen to any one who offers up the prayer of faith whether it be for a little thing, or for a great thing. Neither will it put him to a test to grant an answer to such a prayer by fulfilling his word. He has commanded us to pray the prayer of faith, and he has placed no limit, but says that “all things are possible to him that believeth.” But if some do not believe the word of God and his precious promises, that does not change matters any, for his word says, Rom. 3:3, “For what if some did not believe? shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect?” And he further says that the natural man cannot understand these things because they are spiritually discerned. But when we get a real experience of full salvation and begin to search the Word to find what is in store for us the Lord will open up our understanding to these things and faith will be abundantly increased.




“FINALLY, be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another; love as brethren; be pitiful; be courteous.”

Oh dear ones, how do you feel? Do you have sympathy for those who have great bereavements to undergo, perhaps the loss of a husband or wife, or child, or some other near friend? Is it a child of God who has been left to mourn the loss of a loved one? Do you ridicule their grief, and think they are not where they ought to be, or they would not grieve over their loved ones? Be careful; God may put you in the same furnace, and perhaps you will not play the man or woman any more valiantly.

Why did Jesus weep at the grave of Lazarus? And yet he was not a bosom companion, or a child who had been daily and almost hourly under his watch care. Do you suppose he had never been tried on a simular case, and did not know the extent of the grief of those sisters? Ah no! He knew. He was tempted and tried on all points as we are, yet without sin. So if it was no sin for Jesus to weep over a loved one that had gone from his embrace, and the company of those whom he loved, surely no more could be expected of us weak mortals. And while we should cheer ourselves with these words as much as is possible — Rom. 8:28, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose,” so dear ones, you who have been bereft of loved ones, take courage and look upward to this sympathizing Jesus, who knows all your sorrows, who shares all your griefs. And remember this is one of the all things and it will work out to the glory of God in some way. You may not see it now; but it will be revealed by and by.

Oh dear ones, my very soul goes out in sympathy for you as never before. I once stood where I see many standing to day. I had no trials on this line I might say. And I could not feel for others as I should. I used to feel that in many points I did not have the sympathy that I ought to have. I prayed earnestly for God to help me have the real sympathy of Jesus. I was looking for it to come straight from heaven without any trials. But God who is an all-wise God, and says his ways are not our ways, sees fit to answer in his own way. And I must acknowledge bather knows best. Paul knew something about sorrow. We hear him speaking about Epaphroditus, “who was sick nigh unto death: but God had mercy on him; and not on him only, but on me also, lest I should have sorrow upon sorrow.” Phil. 2:27.

Oh do we help to bear the griefs and burdens of others as we should? Do we pray as earnestly for others as we would wish them to pray for us were we to be placed in their circumstances? “But bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Gal. 6:2. Do you ever think and pray for those who have left all to follow Christ, to carry this gospel to the nations that are in darkness?

I had a dream I wish to relate for the glory of God. It was this: I thought I had gone to the eastern shores of our continent, and had taken a boat with six or seven others for Africa’s shores. After being several days on the water tossed to and fro (sometimes it seemed we almost went to the bottom), we at last came in sight of the land to which we were going. After we had landed, I looked back over those dark blue waters, and thought of those loved ones I had left behind, hundreds of miles across the dark blue sea. I thought perhaps I would never see them again. It seemed my heart sank within me. It seemed my husband and children and other near friends never seemed nearer than when so far away in this dark land. There was only one in the company with whom I was even acquainted, and this even seemed to be a great consolation there. But we hastened on to carry the gospel to these poor benighted souls. I awoke from my dream with my heart still aching, and the question came to me, if God were to call you to go to this land in one week, would you be willing to forsake all and go? This was a hard question: but I remembered Jesus said before his death, “O my Father, if it be possible let this cup pass from me; nevertheless not as I will but as thou wilt.”

Many times I have dreamed of going to Africa as a missionary and I have often -wondered why it was so. But I have always hoped that it might not please Father to send me to that place; yet I have often thought I would rather go to the jungles of Africa with Jesus than to go to hell without him. O let us pray earnestly for those who are really called and sent to preach this gospel.

Do you hear the voice of one whose companion is unsaved, asking your sincere prayers for their salvation? Did you ever stand alone and yet not alone, to train those children in the way that they should go? If so, then you can pray. Is one afflicted, or persecuted, do not begin to think they have not been living right or God would not permit it to be so. Remember Job’s case. Be humble; the time may not be far distant when God may see fit to put you in the same crucible. If so then you can cease to criticize, and go to praying. Do we all have the same care one for another as for ourselves? If one of the members suffer, do we all suffer with it? The other day a bee stung me on the finger; it seemed it would almost kill me for a while. It seemed that almost every member in my body was in sympathy with my finger; and this made me think of the body of Christ, and we being members in particular ought to sympathize with one another.

Viannah Crites.



Stand upon the Word.


THESE are awful trying times. Devils of every description seem to be clouding the ecclesiastical sky; and there is safety only in God’s eternal word. God is moving his church in a true advancment; and the devil is also advanceing his workers. They are constantly becoming more and more diabolical.

“Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! For the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.” — Rev. 12:12.

We must step very cautiously or the devil will push us a little too far and get us into fanaticism. All true advancement is within the bounds of the Bible. When, therefore, any new doctrine is presented, that is not contained in the word of God, flee from it as you would from a serpent; for it is darkness transformed into light. Paul teaches us that the holy scriptures are sufficient to “thoroughly furnish us unto all good works.” — 2 Tim. 3:17. We must therefore reject every thing exterior to the word of God.

We sometimes meet some who advance some theories which they admit are not taught in the Word, but say they, “ The Word does not condemn it.” But it requires more than the fact that the Bible does not condemn a thing to substantiate its orthodoxy; since the Bible contains “all things that pertain unto life and godliness.” — 2 Pet. 1:3. Not only must we discard every thing that is condemned in the Word, but also thing not sustained in the Word. “The entrance of God’s word giveth light,” — Psa. 110:130, but the entrance of every thing else of a religious nature giveth darkness.

We are certain that the current year is destined to make a great epoch in this holiness reformation; therefore we expect the Lord to lead his saints into vast regions of his word, that have been hitherto unexplored by us. And since experience has taught us that the devil walks apace with the work of the Lord, and keeps constantly putting out new counterfeits to ensnare souls, we expect the devil this year to lay more diabolic snares for the Lord’s people than ever before since we have reached the evening light. Therefore, brethren, beware! “Believe not every spirit.” Try every spirit by the Word. Stay upon God in truth.

Impatience is one of the great causes of fanaticism. True spiritual reformations are often swamped in fanaticism through over anxiety on the part of its propagators. When the Lord is leading his people gloriously, and advancing their souls in divine light and true spirituality, if the devil can succeed in making them over anxious to receive light, and pushes them a little in the advance of the Spirit, until they get to prying into things before the Lord is pleased to reveal them, or before they have attained a sufficient degree of humility to be entrusted by the Lord with the light they are seeking after, their hearts and minds are open to error, and before they are aware of it they become victims of fanaticism.

Oh beloved brethren, let us be watchful. Let us read our Bibles carefully and prayfully, and advance in the humility all we can, and receive with thankfulness all the light the Lord sends, and wait patiently on the Lord until he in his own time reveals such light as we are able to receive. Let us reach out after advanced spirituality, and intellectuality will naturally keep apace with our spirituality. And forget not that all true advancement is of the Lord, and in his word, and that which is of men is not advancement but retrogression.

Wm. G. Schell.

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