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23 April 1896, Volume 16, Number 17.


(Mat. 16:18.)


The church of the Morning bright,
Like crystal so clear her light,
Triumphant she knew no fears;
In finest white linen dressed,
Pure holiness she possessed
Two hundred and seventy years.

The sun went down ere his time,
The moon also ceased to shine,
Left Zion in bitter tears;
No star then appeared in sight. —
Oh, long dreary papal night!
Twelve hundred and sixty years.

The sun coming up next day,
Dispersing the night away,
Caused popedom to grope in fears;
The mist not all cleared away,
There followed a cloudy day,
Three hundred and fifty years.

We welcome the evening light;
The gospel so clear and bright,
Breaks forth as in days of yore;
The mists are all cleared away,
All hail the supernal day!
The sun shall go down no more.

Hell cannot destroy the church.
She’s built by the Savior’s hands;
And firm on the solid rock
Of Christ Jesus still she stands:
Despite persecution’s flood,
And strong gates of hell forsooth.
She’s still the kingdom of God,
The pillar and ground of the truth.

Wm. G Schell.


Truth and Error. — No. 3.


THE word of God is truth, and the Holy Spirit always works in perfect harmony with the Word, and leads into all truth, and to the extent that people obey, they will know the truth. Whatever goes beyond the Word is error, and leads into fanaticism and forbidden paths.

In continuation of what was written last week it may be well to speak further concerning discernment. When people go saved God gives them enough of cernment to obey him and keep out of the hands of the enemy if they will make good use of what is given. The nine gifts of the Spirit mentioned in 1 Cor. 12th chapter, are in the Holy Ghost and every saved person while he may not have them as special gifts, has sufficient of each to do what is required in his own case in living salvation. As spiritual advancement is made there will be felt a need of one or more of the spiritual gifts, according to the responsibilities, and the Word says, “Covet earnestly the best gifts.”

But right here is where wisdom is needed or one is likely to be coveting and putting in for something more than he is ready to use. In such cases it would be well to put in for wisdom, as that can be well made use of and developed constantly. It is too often the case that people do not keep humble enough before God to know just what he would have them do, and get to coveting such gifts as would make them prominent, and forget to lift up Jesus instead of themselves. Then is when error will creep in and get them into trouble. It is a good thing for the children of God to have such special gifts of the Spirit as they need and will use to the glory of God. But to put in for a number of special gifts of the Spirit when not in proper condition or situation to make use of them would be like a man whose calling is to farm, having a full equipment of farming utensils, concludes because his neighbor has a blacksmith shop that he must also have one. He buys one, then decides to purchase a carpenter shop, and a printing office without considering the responsibilities that accompany each one. In a short time finds himself involved in debt, care and responsibility, etc. Finds he is not competent to meet the demand of his responsiblities, becomes discouraged and concludes that business is a failure, and wonders why farming does not pay as well as it used to, when the trouble lay in his getting out of his calling.

Now, God wants his children to be fortified against the enemy, and to have the gifts of the Spirit, but they should inquire of him, and learn what he desires them to have, and or such as can be used to his greatest glory.


Is one of the gifts which God still has in his church, and one which is about as much mis-used as any. It is a gift given for protection of his children, against evil spirits and the snares of the enemy. It is not given to a person to merely sit down and enjoy it and discern for some one else to act and take the responsibilities.

A woman told me once, that she had the best discernment of almost anyone she ever met, and could almost look through a person, and went on to say that she discerned something wrong with a certain person, and hoped that I would do my duty by that party. Such persons generally want to throw the responsibilities upon some one else, and scarcely ever discern further than the sight of their eyes and the hearing of their ears, or their vain imaginations and surmisings of the heart.

Sometimes good honest souls who have the gift of discernment fail to keep in proper communion with God, and are carried away with this thing or that and say “God showed me” this or that; or have a dream and allow the devil to interpret it and make the application to some brother or sister where it does not belong, then say; “God showed me,” and try to hold some one to confession of something of which they are not guilty, because they thought God showed, when if the matter were properly looked into and the Lord properly consulted all would be plain.

This course followed will soon lead into gross error and fanaticism, and with it generally goes a spirit of harshness, and a great lack of love and the meekness of Christ. To have the gift of discernment does not require one to rebuke every one who is found lacking or in the wrong, but with the wisdom of heaven such cases are taken to God in prayer for his direction and guidance, then in all love and meekness if an admonition or reproof is required it can be given in the Spirit of the Lord, to the benefit of the erring one.

A person may be too slow to act, or too fast and thereby hinder the work of God. He does not intend for a person to discern difficult cases merely to gossip about, neither does he want us to always run to a person and point out their fault until we have directions from the Lord and can go in the proper spirit.

Again, it sometimes happens that when a difficult case is being searched out, by the Spirit of the Lord, one who is somewhat lacking in discernment interferes, and hedges up the way when it were better to hold his peace and let God use whom he may in such cases. At such times the erring ones receive sympathy that prevents a perfect clearing up of their souls. What we see hear, dream, etc., may sometimes aid us in knowing what to do, but true discernment is by the Spirit of the Lord, and he can show things to his children that are hidden in the heart, as he did to Peter in the case of Ananias and Sapphira. Acts 6:1-10.

Oneness of Holiness.


WE verily believe that the great holiness movement or revival is now just beginning to touch on real Bible holiness and unity as revealed in the many scriptures setting forth the oneness of all of God’s saints. Because of so much spiritual darkness and sectarian bigotry in high places, and in view of the deplorable condition of the religious (or rather irreligious) world, it really was a great stride upward to see people begin to preach any sort of holiness, and even a theoretical union and oneness. Much was gained even when the work had progressed far enough to allow sectarian adherents to come together at all and talk of being one, catching at least a theoretical glimpse of what sanctification is, and how it brings people together. But as yet scarcely the surface of Bible unity is touched, and many people are only beginning to see the utter inconsistency of coming together at certain times of spiritual refreshing and mingling as one, claiming sectarian divisions to be obliterated, and then going away and joining themselves again to their sectarian idols. It would indeed be a poor, shallow, narrow sort of unity which could subsist only ten days at camp meeting and then find no expression in regular religious work and worship all the rest of the year.

But we are glad that the movement has even grasped the theory or sentiment contained in sanctification of perfect on ness, and this will lead on until many will finally go forward and obtain the practical life and experience of perfect unity with all of God’s saved people at all times. Of course some will draw back from the light, refuse to advance, shut themselves up in their sectarian shells, and perish.

Now the very fact that any confess at these holiness camp meetings that denominational differences are done away with and destroyed, and God’s people made one, by sanctification, is absolute proof that whatever they deem really or theoretically destroyed by sanctification is contrary to God, wrong, and out of harmony with the Spirit. If this were not so, how could sanctification affect them any way? Sanctification removes only that out of us which is contrary to God’s will, and sectarians themselves say that sectarianism is removed, which is true of real sanctification, but still THEY HOLD TO THE VERY THING THEY CLAIM TO BE DELIVERED FROM! This proves conclusively the absence of Bible sanctification, whatever other kind they may have.

Brethren, this life and work of holiness is not such a small and insignificant affair that it may be practiced seemingly during one or two meetings a year, and ignored the balance of the time. If sanctification ever makes us one, if it ever destroys sectarian differences, if it ever draws us TOGETHER in a perfect unity of the spirit, it accomplishes these things ALL THE TIME and forever, practically and really, outwardly and inwardly. The man who comes up to a holiness camp meeting and there professes oneness, union, and perfect fellowship with ALL God’s people, and then goes home and continues to affiliate with a little sect, cutting himself off, and living in fellowship and communion with the very thing from which he claimed to be delivered, is making a mock at Bible holiness; has a screw loose, and has set up a new, modern sort of sanctification to suit the carnal nature of the times. This narrow business is becoming a farce, and is a stench in God’s sight. It is simply nothing. One indeed with all of God’s people! All the Lord’s! Perfectly joined together in one mind and one judgment! And still calling yourself by another name than what the Bible gives! Still shut up in a worldly, antichrist sectarian shell united to your idol, separating yourself, and walking in the man-made and man-pleasing way marked out by men!

At holiness camp meetings you are all one, but at home you are all something else, Methodist, Baptist, Campbellite. At camp meeting the people can’t tell you apart, nor what sect you belong to, but at home there is no trouble to see the crowd you run with, and what cause your money is given to support.

Professors of holiness, there is utterly a fault among you. Remember faith minus works, is DEAD! Remember a camp meeting profession and a home contradition are contrary one to the other. Denominational fences broken down, and yet you are still tightly held within such a pen higher than your head! You can’t even peep over it. You are afraid to stick your head above it. You tremble to think of putting off one rail. You fear that you will lose standing, money, position, influence, reputation, or something. You are like the false witnesses testifying against Christ, their witnesses did not agree. Your witness and your conduct don’t agree. You fear God can’t take care of you if you act out practically your profession.

Ye preachers professing sanctification, you go up to conference to get work and an appointment from a bishop opposing, ridiculing and despising the very thing you profess. You hold to an antichrist, holiness-destroying institution in order to get work and influence and standing. Identifying yourself therewith, you give your own influence to advance their worldliness and strengthen their hands. While claiming to have your commission from God and to get your marching orders from him, yet you cling to and associate with a mighty machine that opposes and destroys his work. Ye holiness evangelists, while pretending to be engaged in a work which would break down and destory sectarianism and worldliness, yet you hold on to the same, to gain open doors, to retain human influence, to have standing with men, to get crowds, and you are AFRAID to walk out on God’s promises and run the risk of losing money and reputation. You want to be known, and want to herald to the world what you are doing. You are not satisfied with the honor which cometh from God only, but must have the influence given by the very sectarian connection which you say sanctification destroys. It certainly has NOT destroyed it in you to hurt. You are counting hundreds of professors, and handing them over to antichrist on a platter to be destroyed. Follow the trail you made two or five years ago, count your converts; lo, they are not! You are pouring water into a sink hole. I beg you in Jesus’ name, if you are really holiness evangelists and preachers, to be co-workers with God and his people, and not with the very man of sin whom the Lord “SHALL DESTROY WITH THE BRIGHTNESS OF HIS COMING.” Your work is straw — it cannot abide his judgment. Behold the time has come for a mighty awakening and upheaval in Zion to take place. “Stick to Methodism,” indeed! What is there about her worth sticking to? Was Methodism crucified for you? Are you saved in her name? Nay; verily, stick to God and abide in Jesus Christ, and let your preaching sanctification do really what you claim for it — destroy all these isms and divisions, and let the people free.

Austin D. Hicks.




Windsor, Missouri.

Dear Saints Everywhere: I am abiding in the love of God, and trusting him for all things. I have given up all sin and the ways of this world, and he keeps me saved in him. About three years ago I joined the Congregational sect. Having heard the sect preacher say that Christ was a Congregationalist, I thought I was all right. But I know now, that Christ was no sectarian. He is holy and pure. A though I was a professor of religion, I was lost in sin, and was a stranger to God and his holiness. I attended socials, picnics, theatres, circuses, magic lantern shows, parties, entertainments, Christmas trees, reading novels or anything I could get my hands on. I waltzed, played all kind of games, and thought I was doing no harm; I took the sect preacher for my example. The preacher’s wife was my Sunday school teacher, and she would have us come to her house and have what we called “a good time.” While there we played games, (sometimes we would play for a prize) and talked about everything but salvation. We would keep this up until ten or eleven o’clock at night. Most of us were professors of religion. I had heard that the saints were having prayer-meeting and Sunday school, but people told me that the holiness people were only crazy over religion.

So I grew to be afraid of the saints, and kept out of their way as much as possible. Some one gave me some tracts which they said had been given to them, and they did not want them. I read them and threw them in the fire. After that I said all the evil I could about the holiness people. A woman that was a sectarian, gave me a SHINNING LIGHT, that one of the saints had given to her. I read the testimonies and said I did not believe them. Afterwards, I had a curiosity to go to their meetings, but I was afraid some one would talk about me if I went. But I was persuaded to go and see what the saints would have to say. I went, and soon found out they had a religion that I didn’t have. I knew they were the children of God; but I thought it would never do for me to accept holiness, for I was afraid of persecution; and then, the devil told me holiness people dressed too plain, and that I could not have a good time. But God made known soon that I must give up my sinful life, and accept his word in all its purity, or I would be lost forever.

About five months ago I left sectism, and started in this highway of holiness. It is wonderful how God could forgive such a sinner as I was, and make me his true child. Jesus is very precious to my soul. He is with me day by day, and keeps me from all manner of sin by his mighty power. I have no fear of death or of judgment, but am prepared to meet my Savior at any time. I ask all the dear saints to remember me at the throne of grace. Your sister, sanctified and satisfied,

Alice Imes.

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Mrs. Alice Crouse, Mrs. G. W. Schutz, R. B. Wren, Thos. Church, H. Robinson, Anna Perrine, J. M. Byers, J. L. Green, Julia Myers, C. Ryker.


This week we send out over 25,000 Trumpets free to new places asking the blessings of the Lord upon them, and will send out more as the Lord provides the means. $40.36 have been sent in for that purpose and at once set to work preaching the gospel.


We have just received a few copies of the “TIDINGS OF HEALING,” a journal of recent issue from Bro. J. W Byers, Oakland, Cal. It consists of testimonies and instruction on the subject of divine healing and will doubtless be a benefit to many souls, and suffering ones. Issued monthly, fifty cts. a year.


A camp meeting will be held at or near Kelat, Harrison Co., Ky. beginning May 23. The exact place of meeting was not stated. Poindexter is the nearest railway station. A company of workers is desired. Sister Shoffner and others are expected. Address, John P. Lemons, Kelat, Ky.




The Grand Junction, Mich., camp meeting will be held June 10-19. Application has been made for reduced rates for those attending the meeting. We believe the Lord will manifest his power in this meeting in the salvation of many souls, healing the sick, and sending deliverance to those who are oppressed of the devil, and a spiritual advancement to believers. Everybody invited. We trust the children of God will come together in this general assembly contending for the faith once delivered to the saints, and giving much praise and glory to God. Especially should the ministers and gospel workers be present if possible, and the dear ones everywhere should encourage and aid the workers to come, as they will thereby be better qualified for rescuing souls. Let each one spend sometime in fasting and prayer in behalf of the meeting


A NEW BOOK. — Over 400 Pages.





The first edition of this work has been issued at a cost of over one thousand dollars, and is now in the hands of the binders, and will soon be sent forth on its mission of doing good. It is a book of 109 interesting chapters, instructing the sinner how to get salvation, and the believer how to keep it. Show the sick and suffering how to be made well, and those in health, how to trust God to be kept from sickness. Many snares and tricks of the devil are exposed and the way pointed out for the oppressed to go free. The chapters on how to keep salvation will lead one into a closer walk with God, and give an increase of faith by aiding the reader to know better how to know and make use of the precious promises of the Word. Price, paper cover, 35 cts.; cloth, marble edges, 75 cents.


Requests For Prayer.


Amanda Blackwell, Rose. — Healing of throat and back trouble.

Pray for the healing of Sister Walker, Springfield, who has been sick all winter.

I have a brother that has epileptic fits; pray April 26 for his healing. Robert Taylor, Handley.

Pray for the healing of my sister, Eliza Saylor, for both soul and body, James McQuality, Orchard Grove.

Pray that my husband will accept Christ and be healed of rheumatism. Lizzie Hamm, Kingfisher.

Pray for Henry Sterner, Decker’s Point, April 26 at two o’clock, who has been bedfast for six months with fever and other ailments.

Pray April 26 that I may be healed of lung trouble, and for my entire sanctification. Also I have a while spot in one of my eyes, that makes me blind in that eye. Pray for it to be removed. George Crabtree Allen.

I have a son twelve years old who has lain helpless for four years. He is paralyzed, and has not talked in that time. I want you to pray for him. I am so anxious for him to be healed. Mrs. Matilda Lowry, Oakford.

My dear old uncle, ninety-two years of age, is very low with LaGrippe and now confesses his sins and desires the prayers of the saints that he may be saved and prepared for heaven. Your sister in Christ, Hester Naff, Erie.

I am left alone to care for six small children. Husband is in the insane asylum, I do need your prayers, for me and that my dear companion be restored to his right mind. Your sister in Jesus. Lodema A. Maffit, New Haven Centre.

Pray for Alice Hetherton, who has consumption; and that her father and mother may be saved. Also pray for my daughter. She has joined the U. B sect, but fell from grace, and ran away from home last week. Mrs. E. B. Place, Atchison.


Calls For Meeting.


W. T. Hutchison, Knobel, Ark.

Mrs. E. B. Place. 1015 M. St., Atchison, Kan.

Bro. John E Roberts is wanted to hold a meeting in this vicinity. J T. Cantwell, Powell, Tex.

A meeting is wanted in East Tennessee in McMinn Co., seven miles west of Athens. Address G. W. Guffie, Fiketon, Tenn.

There are eight or ten here who have come out of sectism through reading the Trumpet and we desire some one to come and preach the pure Word. This would be a good place for a divine healing home. Mrs. M. J. Fogg, 1101 Buckeye St., Terra Haute, Ind.




An assembly meeting is to be held at Port Byron, N. Y. May 21-29, 1896. It is desired that as many of the saints and missionary workers as possible be present.

Chauncey C. Smith.




Beloved Brethren in the Ministry: I believe the Lord is stirring my soul to write to you concerning the ordination of ministers and elders, in the church of God. It seems to me that we have looked upon this sacred work too much as sectarians look upon it; and practiced it a little like human organizationists. In some churches some have received ordination, who have proved a detriment to the cause. Such mistakes can be avoided if we follow closely the word of God.

In the first place we must learn that it is God who appoints all the elders in the church. Acts 20:28. Eph. 4:11. If we appoint elders, they are not God’s elders. New Testament ordination does not make an officer, it is only a recognition of one God has previously made.

The Bible tells us that an elder must not be a novice, (that is, not a young convert,) “lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil.” 1 Tim. 3:6. I have known some instances where some have been converted, and sanctified, and perhaps three months later be ordained to the ministry by some of the ministerial brethren. While in some cases God has overruled all to his glory, such haste is extremely dangerous both to the cause, and to the soul of the ordained. There is nothing in ordination that tends to humility; hence no one should receive the laying on of hands until the last element that tends to self-exaltation is destroyed out of the heart by God’s grace. Time is required before ordination to prove the humility and qualifications of an elder.

Again Paul tells us that elders and deacons are to be proved before they are ordained. 1 Tim. 3:10. Some have understood the apostle to teach in this place, that the elders must be first proved by a holy life. But the apostle meant more than that. He meant that the elders and deacons should prove themselves as elders and deacons, by laboring for a time in that capacity, before they receive ordination. Paul’s command to Timothy, to “lay hands suddenly on no man,” implies the very same thing. If any man came to him professing himself called into the ministry, he was not to ordain him at once, but to let him labor in the ministry until he had thoroughly proved his calling.

Again, Paul left Crete without ordaining elders, after he had spent many months establishing the gospel in many cities in that island; leaving Titus behind to ordain elders in every city after the Lord should have time to manifest whom he had chosen in each city, by using him for a time in that capacity.

The apostle never ordained any body suddenly. The ordination of elders mentioned in Acts 14:23, was in cities that bad previously received the Word, as the context clearly shows. The apostle Paul himself preached ten years before he was ordained. See dates in margin opposite Acts 9:1 and 13:1.

Another point worthy of consideration under this heading, is that fasting invariably accompanied apostolic ordination of elders. The ordination of Paul and Barnabas is recorded as follows:

“Now there was in the church that was at Antioch certain prophets and teachers; as Barnabas, and Simeon that was called Niger, and Lucious of Gyrene, and Manaen, which had been brought up with Herod the tetrarch, and Saul. As they ministered to the Lord, and fasted, the Holy Ghost said, Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them. And when they had fasted and prayed, and laid their hands on them, they sent them away.”

From the above it will be seen that after they had through a fast obtained the direct command of the Holy Spirit to ordain those holy men, they proceeded yet in careful prayer and fasting unto the Lord, for a time, before they laid their hands upon them. Oh how sacred a thing the ordination of a holy minister of God must have been to those apostolic saints! Surely, brethren, there has been a lameness in us on this line. We have treated ordination too much as an insignificant thing, carrying with it little or no importance. It has often been neglected until the very last of the meeting, which would allow us no time to consider it before the Lord in fasting and prayer before administering this sacred recognition. We must make an advancement on this line. The preservation of the purity of the ministry demands that we should.

For the benefit of the churches in new places where elders have not yet been ordained, I would say that all such congregations should make special prayer unto God, that he may raise up an influential and faithful elder for you. Look not unto the evangelists, for it is not their business to select an elder. God must select the elder and prove him for a time as an elder. And it must be a fact well established in the hearts and minds of the local congregation, and of the elder to be ordained, and of the evangelists before ordination is administered: otherwise we are liable to be dabbling into human organization. “God worketh all in all,” “after the counsel of his own will.” 2 Cor. 12:6. Eph. 1:11.

Wm. G. Schell.


Preach the Word.


2 Tim. 4:2.

“MAN shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” — Mat. 4:4.

This is the language of Jesus as he quoted from Deut. 8:3, and he truly meant what he said. As God’s dear children, how can we advance and grow spiritually? Is it by living on apart of God’s word? No; but by every word. Cannot we explain some of it away? I answer, No.

“All scripture is given by inspiration of God; and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness; that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.” — 2 Tim. 3:16, 17.

Notice, God’s word is for doctrine. Then why should we adopt anything else — man’s laws or rules? God’s word is sufficient; and notice too, it is doctrine in the singular, not doctrines; and when you hear men teaching their own ideas and calling them doctrines of the Bible, believe them not, and go not after them, for they are blind leaders of the blind. God’s doctrine is in perfect harmony with itself, from Genesis to Revelation. His word is also for reproof. If we get out of the way it is to reprove us and show us the way back. It is also to correct us. If we get in error, a “thus saith the Lord” is enough to decide anything if we are determined to be true to God.

“To the law and to the testimony; if they speak not according to this word it is because there is no light in them.” — Isa. 8:20.

Also the Word is to instruct us in righteousness; to show us what our duty is, and how we can please God and be of the most benefit to our fellowmen, and best advance God’s cause. No wonder the old prophet said, “The prophet that hath a dream, let him tell a dream; and he that hath my word, let him speak it faithfully. What is the chaff to the wheat? saith the Lord.” — Jer. 23:28.

The Psalmist looked forward with prophetic vision and said, “Forever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven.” — Psa. 119:89. The 105th verse says, “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, a light unto my path.” Why then do people go astray and get bewildered? Just because they do not believe God’s word and obey it; for if we obey it we will have light to walk in. “The entrance of thy word giveth light; it giveth understanding to the simple.” — V. 130. Then let the Word in and you will have plenty of light in your dwellings.

“But if we walk in the light as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.” — 1 John 1:8.

So many people say they want light when that is not what they need at all. But the willingness and decision to walk in what light they have. “If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine.” — John 7:17. “If ye be willing and obedient ye shall eat the good of the land. Isa. 1:19. If you are in trouble, take the Word, let your faith rest on some precious promise and relieve it. There is all joy in believing, but no joy in doubting his word. “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom.” Don’t hinder it by unbelief, but let it dwell in you, remain, stay in you. Give God’s word a chance and it will crowd everything else out; then you will not be bothered with evil thoughts.

How do heresies and divisions come in? By rejecting and going away from God’s word, or by misconstruing it and making it mean different from what God designed it should mean. God’s word accepted, believed and lived will bring a perfect unity; in short it will bring the fulness of God into the soul. “That ye might be filled with all the fulness of God.” — Eph. 3:19.

Not long since I met with a lady I had formerly known; she was a saint at that time, but now deceived, carried away by the delusion of Christian Science, falsely so called. I had loved her so dearly, a bright, amiable woman. And when I saw her in that condition I cried unto God to know why he allowed her to be deceived. He gave me this answer, that she had departed from the word of God. He laid down rules in his word that if she obeyed she would be healed. Jas. 5:13, 14. Mark 16:18. But she had sought healing from another source, and therefore he was under no obligations to keep her from being deceived. The angel of his presence has promised to keep us in the way, not out of the way. — Ex. 23:20.

One reason why so many do not get healed is because they do not let God’s word on healing abide in them. “If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will and it shall be done unto you.” — John 15:7. “It ye love me keep my commandments.” — John 14:15; 15:10; 13:12, 17.

This last scripture shows there is real happiness in obeying God’s word. The Psalmist declares, “I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy loving- kindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name.” Now turn to Phil. 2:9-11, and at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow: and vet his word is magnified above all his name. Can we comprehend this? Can we understand it? Do we honor his word as we should? Do we let it have its full force, or do we explain it away and think God does not mean what he says? Let God be true, but every man a liar.” — Rom. 3:4. God also commands us to search the scriptures. John 5:39.

The Lord showed me when I was yet an invalid a good way to search the scriptures was to first ask God to help me understand the Word. Then I would commence reading, and when I would come to a promise I would stop and claim it by faith, and ask God to give me the fulfillment of it, and hold on to God until I received it. Then read on till I would come to another promise, or to some of his word which I felt he wanted me to more perfectly understand. Then I would stop and ask him to grant the same to me, and hold on by faith until my prayer was answered. And in so doing I would just read and eat, and eat and worship, and when I would get through my soul would be filled to overflowing. Praise the Lord. O my soul! I can say I enjoy reading his word that way yet, and in so doing I get the marrow of the Word.

Dear reader, if you have never tried reading the Word that way, try it; it will do you good. Truly the Lord spreadeth a table for us in the presence of our enemies. If you have not already, commence at once to live by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. In so doing you have heaven’s best food. Then you will not have cause to lament your leanness, but still realize your soul is fat and flourishing. Do each of you as God’s children have as much love for God’s word and enjoy it as well as you did when you were first saved? if not, arise and shake yourself from the dust, and get back into harmony with God. Amen. Your sister at the feet of Jesus, set for the defence of the gospel,

Mary Cole.

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News from the Field




Muse’s Bottom, W. Va., Mar. 15.

Dearly Beloved: We are now ready for the service of God and are in need of assistance; feel God would be glorified in having some brother and wife to assist in singing and preaching the pure gospel. Who is consecrated to endure the difficulties and privations of this river life for the love of perishing souls? Pray for us. Your brother in Christ,

L. C. Mast.


Bannister, Mich., April 13.

Dear Trumpet Readers: We can report victory in our souls, and God is settling us down deeper into his will. Wife and I went four miles West of Bannister and held a few meetings in the name of the Lord with good success; four souls saved. They seemed to get a good experience. Others came to the altar for a deeper work of grace and claimed the promise. With the help of the Lord and the dear brethren we are holding two prayer meetings a week, Sunday school and Sunday evening meetings with a full house. God is wonderfully displaying his power in saving souls. Restitution is being made and God is doing a thorough work, and conviction is settling down upon the people. To God be all the praise. Your brother and sister in the one body,

G. A. and L. L. Borden.


Wheeling, W. Va., April 13.

Dear Brethren: The “Mighty to save” is with us and prospering his work. There have been seven consecrations and several healed of their afflictions. The Lord is wonderfully moving on the people here. There has been four places opened for meetings besides the Bethel, and we have been holding services in all as best we could with what workers there are on the boat. We have meeting two nights this week in the Herren tabernacle.

There is a good opening for a mission in this city. We will leave in a month or two. There should be some workers to go on with it when we leave. A suitable building can be secured free of rent. The Lord is wonderfully blessing us and supplying our temporal wants in harmony with his word. Isa. 58:10, 11.

G. T. Clayton and Co.,

1108 Water St., Wheeling, W. Va.


Grand Junction, Mich., Apr. 21.

Dear Brethren: Our souls are made to continually rejoice on account of the blessings of God. On Sunday, April 5, we enjoyed a precious meeting at the camp ground. Shortly after, we received word that our mother who live, near New Pittsburg, Ind., was lying at the point of death, and we arrived there on Thursday, but the Lord stretched forth his healing hand and graciously raised her up, for which we give him all the praise and glory. On Saturday after our arrival Sister Shoffner came to hold a series of meetings at Praise Chapel and we enjoyed the privilege of being in a series of meetings and having a few days rest, being much worn from months of incessant office work. We are glad to note that the work of the Lord is increasing in every direct on, and also that people are being instructed in the ways of truth and brought to the Bible line. We arrived home yesterday and found the Trumpet family rejoicing in the love of God.

E. E. and Rhodi Byrum.


Levant, Kan., April 12.

Dear Family of God: We are still praising God for complete victory over all the works of the devil. Since our last report we have been busy in the vineyard of the Lord. Held a few meetings at Locust Grove school house after which we met with the saints at Slate in an ordinance meeting at which meeting two souls were reclaimed. We then came on to Orange, Sheridan Co , where we held meeting about a month before. Six dear souls made their escape out of the M. E. sect, and we believe others will follow soon. On Sunday, Apr. 5th, we met at the river side where three of God’s children were buried in baptism. On Wed. 8, we had a precious ordinance meeting in which thirteen happy saints took part. God has a precious little church at that place, but they need more teaching on the Word. Any of God’s ministers passing through will find a hearty welcome there. We came to Levant found some true children of God here and others that are under delusions. Will stay as long as God wants us, then will go wherever he leads. Yours in defence of the gospel,

S. S. Van Buskirk.


Clam Lake, Mich., Apr 13.

Dear Trumpet Readers: When we last reported we were at the Brush Ridge school house. The meeting closed at that place with good results. One soul got saved and others were convicted. Then we commenced meeting at the Blake school house, five miles from there.

March 16 dear Bro. and Sister Merritt went home and I came on to Grand Rapids and was with the little church a week. Our souls were made to rejoice to see the most of them standing firm. The Lord is using our dear Bro. Thompson in teaching them the Word. The dear Lord helped us in giving them the Word. On March 26 I came to this place and held meeting over three Sundays with good results. Five dear souls came to the altar for pardon. The meeting closed last night. From here we expect to go to Charlevoix and East Jordan. If the Lord wills we expect to be at camp meeting. We can say to the glory of God that the Lord is advancing us on the line of faith, meekness and humility. Praise his dear name! Pray for me that God’s perfect will may be done in me in all things. Your brother in defence of the gospel,

Leroy Sheldon.


Payne, Ohio, Apr. 14.

Dearly Beloved in the Lord: After about four weeks meeting at Waynesfield, Ohio, we went to Logan Co., and were engaged for a short season in presenting the truth in a place where but little of God’s holy word had ever been preached. The meeting was one where God showed his divine favor, by stretching out his strong arm to heal the body, as well as the soul. And the Word preached stopped the mouths of the antichrist teachers and holiness opposers in the surrounding community. May God bless the little few at that place, and keep them ever steadfast, unto the end.

From the last stated place we went to West Liberty, Ohio. Here we found that the enemy of all truth had been doing his utmost to capture the entire assembly. But after God thundered forth his mighty judgments for a season, the deceptive workings of the antichrist spirit were completely uncovered. The greater number of the dear ones who had become ensnared by this illusive spirit, through the mercy and mighty power of God were delivered. Others remained the victims of Satan, as they have been for some years in past. We hope they too, will make their escape out of the clutches of their cruel master, the devil. We are now engaged in a meeting at this place, where we will continue but for a few days. Report will be given in some future issue. Persons desiring to write to us, will address us as follows: St. Clair, Tenn.; as we expect to take train for those parts April 20. We remain yours in defence of the gospel,

A. J. Ellison and A. J. Kilpatrick.


Charleston, S. C., Apr. 6.

To all the Saints of God: We report victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. After our last report from Charleston we continued the work at the same place until April 5th. How many were saved the Lord only knows. During this time, which was four weeks, at almost every meeting some were at the altar for pardon or purity. We closed the meeting by baptizing ten, after which we returned to the mission room and engaged in washing the saints’ feet and partaking of the bread and wine in remembrance of our Lord’s death. God was with us in power during the entire meeting, which lasted nine weeks. Sinners were converted, believers sanctified, and some were delivered from antichrist spirits; and others were healed of bodily afflictions. Among them dear Bro. Johnson who had suffered for fifteen years, a part of the time being unable to feed himself. Now he can walk without support as spry as a young man until he is a wonder both to himself and family. God has all the glory. Many were delivered out of sect contusion, which greatly stirred the beast.

Dear Bro. R. J. Smith was ordained elder in the “church of God” by laying on of hands. God has done a wonderful work in this city, whereof we are glad. Our humble prayer to God is that every one, who has consecrated his service to God, may continue to possess the meek humble Spirit of Jesus, that he may continue to deliver them from every delusion and snare of the devil. Peter says in 1 Pet. 5:5 to be subject one to another and be clothed with humility, for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble. Then he continues to exhort to watchfulness and sobriety to escape the adversary.

From Charleston we go to Darlington and surrounding country as the Lord may direct. We realize more than ever the greatness of the work and the scarcity of laborers. God has work for many humble consecrated laborers in the South. We humbly beg the prayers of all the saints for us and the work in this country. Yours saved in Jesus,

J. F. Lundy and Co-workers.


Lapaz, Ind., Apr. 14.

Dear Saints of God: We are praising God for victory in our souls. About Jan. 20 began meeting about five miles East of Vandalia, Mich.; held about four weeks. There were four consecrations, and the little church in that place was greatly benefited. From there went to Fabius and held a few meetings. Then went back to Decatur, Mich., to Bro. Simmon’s home and I went to Grand Junction; was there a few days over a week, from which I received a real benefit to my soul. Then returned to Decatur, and we began meeting there about Feb. 26. Held a little over three weeks. One soul got a real clear experience, and the church was much strengthened and edified. Several that were sick were healed by obeying Jas. 5:14, 15, for which we give God all the glory. The dear Lord sent forth his word uncompromisingly, which leaves them without any excuse. Closed the meeting with ordinance service in which about sixteen happy saints took part.

April 5th, in company with Bro. and Sister Simmons and my daughter Pearl we came to Wakelee, Mich., where we found division. The Lord sent forth judgment unto victory and the cause of division was removed, and the dear Lord melted them together again in love. We staid with them at Wakelee a few days, then came on to Vandalia; met with the dear saints there on Friday night, at the home of dear Bro. and Sister Felps. Had a very precious meeting. Then on Saturday morning took train for this place; stopped off at South Bend, Ind. Found a few there still holding on to the Lord. Bro. Simmons and the rest of the company came through in a buggy. We expect to begin meeting to night at the Buffalo school house. Will hold a few meetings in these parts, Lord willing, and then to other fields, as the Lord directs. Any one desiring to write to us, address us, Lapaz, Ind. There are many calls for meetings in these parts. Pray much for us that we keep low down in Bible humility. Yours in the one body, saved and kept by power divine,

S. P. Strang,
F. W. Simmons and Co.




Austerlitz, Ky.

Dear Saints of God: I am praising God for full salvation in my soul. The Lord is wonderfully blessing me each day. I do praise God that he ever brought me out of darkness into this marvelous light. Pray for me that I may be kept humble. Yours in the one body,

Nancy L. Crews.


Albany, Ore.

Dear Saints: I feel led to write my testimony for the first time. I can truly praise the Lord to day for his kindness to me. I can say he saves and sanctifies me just now. Praise his name! I want all to pray for me that I may be kept humble. Pray for my unsaved husband. Your sister all on the altar,

Lydia Cooper.


Iona, S. C.

Dear Brothers and Sisters: I am still rejoicing in this blessed evening light. I am shouting victory all along the way. Dear ones, I know to day I am far above Babylon confusion, walking close by Jesus’ side. Oh I do praise God for being willing to follow Jesus! If we want to be saved we must pay the price, and be saved by God’s plan, and God’s plan is that we come out of Babylon and everything that is not of God, and take a stand in the one body of Christ which is the church. Those who won’t be gathered into the body are being bound in bundles to be burned in everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels. Dear reader, Christ is the only way; all other ways will lead to hell. Dear ones, pray for me. Your brother saved in this evening light,

J. C. Joyner.




Greentown, Ind.

BURNS. — Sister Vessie May Burns died April 4, 1896; aged twelve years, five months, one day. She leaves a bright testimony of her acceptance with God. She leaves a father and brother, her mother Having proceeded her to the glory world some seven months previous to her death; besides many relatives and friends, among whom are many unsaved. May this sad bereavement be to the salvation of their souls.

Lewis Land.


Joplin, Mo.

COVERT. — By the request of my precious mother who left this earth for glory April 6, 1896, I write this publication. Aged seventy- one years, five months and twenty-five days. She was born in the state of New Jersey, 1824; married to I. N. Covert in 1845. Unto them three children were born, who still survive her. Shortly after marriage she professed salvation; later in life after hearing the teaching of the holy people her experience in some respects deepened; she enjoyed the meetings, and loved the company of the saints, and ministered often unto them in her own home. More than a year ago she was stricken down with disease, from the effects of which she never fully recovered, although was able to be around much of the time. But suddenly the end came, I was summoned to her bedside, and felt that the messenger of death was fast approaching; but in the midst of sorrow I could rejoice and praise God as I beheld her in possession of such a glowing experience. Never during my remembrance had it shone with such brilliancy. How many blessed sentences fell from her lips I cannot state here.

I was her only daughter, and we had been such a comfort the one to the other, but she is gone now; gently, and peacefully she left us without a struggle. Thus a kind loving mother, and faithful wife has gone from our midst; and besides this, a large circle of friends will miss her cheering words and smiling face. I thank God for a mother who taught me to pray in my early childhood days, and gave a strict moral training. Impressions were made upon my mind that time has never been able to efface. Brothers and sisters, pray for my dear old father, two brothers and me that we may make an unbroken family around the throne of God.

Funeral services were held at the Cumberland Presbyterian house with short burial services at Webb City, Mo. cemetery. Your sister sustained by the grace of God,

C. A. Sunderland.

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Healed of Blindness.


Newman, Ga.

Dear Saints of God: I write my testimony to the glory of God for the first time. I am sweetly resting in the arms of Jesus. I am sanctified and satisfied. For the last ten days I have heard the Word preached in its puriy. I have been blind fourteen years; but as soon as I heard Divine Healing I was obedient to the Word, and was anointed in the name of the Lord and prayer was answered, (Jas. 5:14, 15), and in ten minutes I could read fine print in the Bible. To Him be all the glory! I can go everywhere now by myself and do not have to be led. Praise his name! I am all on the altar. Pray that wife and I may keep humble at the feet of Jesus. Yours in the one body of Christ,

S. A. Mollon.


Healed of Goitre.

Arthur, N. D.

Dear Brethren and Sisters in Christ: I will add my testimony to the glory of God. I had a goitre on my neck for almost seven years, and I went to the best physician in the state of North Dakota. He told me I would have to use a battery but I did not. All this time I could not sing, but what it would hurt me very bad. So when Bro. Peterman and Baldwin came here to hold meetings I believed I could be healed, so I was anointed according to the Word, and I was healed. Bless his holy name! And I have taken my children to him many times, and he has healed them every time. I give him all the praise. I write this testimony to the glory of God, hoping it will help some one. He keeps me free from sin each day. He is my all and in all. Pray for me that I may stand firm, also for my husband that he may do the will of God. Your sister all on the altar,

Mrs. Allie Hall.


Healed of General Weakness.


McGees Mills, Pa.

Dear Trumpet Readers,: I feel it would be to the glory of God for me to testify of God’s wonderful healing power. I can report victory in my soul this morning over the enemy and all worldly conformity. Praise the Lord! I can say the dear Lord has been kind and merciful in behalf of my soul and body. He saved my soul and healed my body.

I have for several years been stricken down with general weakness in the Spring. So this spring I took sick the same way and was down six weeks. I felt saved and clear in every way, yet my faith was weak. I was determined to trust my case in the dear Lord’s hands. When I would pray to the dear Lord to heal me the devil would say, You will have to take something to strengthen you. So one morning something said to me, “Why halt ye between two opinions?” Then I saw plainly that God wanted to heal me. We obeyed Jas. 5:14, and called for the brethren and was anointed. And praise the Lord I felt his healing power in every part of my body. And every pain instantly left my body and I was so wonderfully blest I felt like praising my God all night. But oh, how the devil did try to tempt me many times for a while! The pains would come back then the enemy would say you are not healed, till I would rebuke him then I would feel all right. But the Lord has given us grace to conquer and will keep us to the end.

Most of the family have had the La Grippe, but the Lord our great physician has healed them all. Husband, daughter and myself are saved, and the small ones are in the Lord’s hands. God has a little church here that will stand true to his word. We humbly ask all God’s people to pray for us here that we may be strengthened in faith, and that I may be wholly sanctified. Your saved sister,

Clara Sunderland.


Pure Religion.


AMONG the many religions of to day this genuine article is very scarce. Many people have a religion that havn’t got salvation. The Mormons have a religion; the Mohammedans, and even the heathen and all sectarians have a religion; but very few have salvation. The Jews have a religion, and in that religion Paul persecuted the church of God and wasted it. Gal. 1:13, 14. And many of them to day that have a religion, persecute the straight way.

Webster says a religion is a system of faith and worship. There are many faiths in the world, but just one faith of God; and there are many things to worship, but just one true God to worship; and there are many ways which people worship, but there is just one way to worship the God of heaven, and that is in Spirit and truth.

What is pure religion? Ans. — “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this: to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.” — Jas. 1:27.

Here James tells us what the pure kind is. We see that it consists in doing, as well as in believing. My soul is being burdened and touched with love and sympathy for suffering humanity which are oppressed of the devil in many ways, some financially, some physically, some mentally, some spiritually. These souls need help, and must have help or will perish beneath the powers of hell.

There is a great work to be done among these classes of people. Much good can be done among the poor, by the sick bed in the hospitals, in the jails, among suffering humanity of all kinds. On this line of work much prejudice and unbelief is broken down and the confidence of the people and an influence over them is gained. The Lord says, As ye have freely received, freely give. As we have received comfort of God let us comfort others; as we have received kindness, let us show kindness; as we have received mercy, let us show mercy; as we have received love let us love. If we have received the gift of faith or any other gift of the Spirit, let us use them to the benefit of suffering humanity and to the glory of God; for which purpose God has given them to the church.

Paul says, Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and which suffer adversity, as being yourselves in the body. Heb. 13:3. Go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the city, and bring in hither the poor, and the maimed, and the halt and the blind. Luke 14:21. Oh the hundreds, yes, thousands of people that are not able to go to meeting! Many of them are afflicted or crippled for life if not delivered by the power of God; and how are such people going to hear about the merciful loving and kind Savior who came to deliver them from the power of the devil, unless we go to their homes and teach them about him who came in the world to preach good tidings to the meek * * * bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound? etc. Isa. 61:1-3. Such is the work of our blessed Savior, going about doing good and healing all manner of diseases, casting out devils and delivering them that were oppressed of the devil; and in his name we are commanded to do likewise. And the pure undefiled religion will cause us to visit the sick, the fatherless, the widows, and relieve the oppressed.

“Is not this the fast that I have chosen, to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke? Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry; that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house; when thou seest the naked, that thou cover him, and that thou hide not thyself from thine own flesh?” — Isa. 58:6, 7. If we do these things we shall live, we shall not die; if we don’t do these things how dwelleth the love of God in us?

“Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. For I was a hungered, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me. Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungered, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink? When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee? Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee? And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Mat. 25:34-40.

Read the remainder of the chapter and see the destiny of those that do not these things.

Real salvation and pure religion will cause us to do more for the suffering than all the secret societies and benevolent institutions by men to help the suffering. Let us advance more on the line of visiting the sick, the poor, the needy, and comfort, instruct, give, and pray for them. Your brother on the advance,

Ostis B. Wilson.


To the Sinner.


Acts 3:19.

DEAR sinner, there is a still small voice speaking to thy soul. A loving invitation is extended unto thee from One who has, by the sacrifice of himself, prepared a state of power and immortalized beauty for all who will heed the loving call. Did you ever consider that time is fleeting by as a dream, and before you are prepared to face the inevitable, you are hurled into eternity, the duration of which is incomprehensible? Your moments are more precious than thousands of gold. The wealth of worlds cannot buy one moment’s rest in the world to come, while your time if spent in prayerful consideration will open to you an entrance into the storehouse of endless joys.

Come! leave the way that leads to ruin, and turn from the snares of hell, loafers’ rendezvous, and idlers’ promenade, to the path of purest virtues lightened by the presence of him who conquered for us the infernal powers. The prizes have not all been won. Jesus holds one for you. So run the race, and begin now. There are crowns enough for all who will take up the cross, and press through the conflict to victory.

There are characteristics of lofty sentiment embodied in your being, which if cultivated by prudence and watered by heavenly grace will contribute to an elevation of those noble faculties, which surmount every difficulty; with truth as watchword, backed by a noble purpose you win for your soul imperishable honors. You may lose worldly honors, never gain national laurels, be no distinguished character among the world’s busy throng; but as conquerors of sin and self you stand a champion. Your name may be cast out as evil, and yet it is written among the stars of heaven. Your lot may be cast among foes to love and truth, demons beset thy pathway, and thorns goad thy tenderest feelings, yet the sweet inspiration of power divine makes thy life to bloom with fragrance as the purity of the fairest “lily upon the slimy, stagnant waters.”

Away then, young man, with all dreams of self-exaltation. You must lose the reputation of greatness in this world, and angels will sing a sweeter anthem around the throne of glory. If you seek for wealth, remember that the riches of earth take wings and fly, to be reaped by other hands. But begin where true honor begins. Dig deep, and under the great stone of humility lies concealed gold that will stand the fire of eternal judgment; a lasting treasure not to be reaped by strange hands, but will crown thy soul with everlasting felicity. You say you are poor. That is no disadvantage, for the poor of this world are rich in faith if obedient, and heirs to a kingdom of peace.

Up then! gird your loins about with grace and fortitude. Waste no moments, for “they are sands of precious gold.” Properly expended they will gain for you a heavenly stock of which the principal as well as interest will ever increase. Thy soul will expand with aspirations that aspire to the grand and noble. You cannot afford to be perpetually calculating and adjusting chances. Lou may consult would-be friends; you may wait, doubt and hesitate, until alas! you step into the river of death, and the cold dark waters bear you to your hopeless destiny. No time then to follow advice; too late to repent; the harvest is past and you are to reap the reward of endless shame.

Then I warn you. Let your body be the abode of the Holy Spirit. Let your family circle, or the place wherever you may be, be consecrated with piety. May you be so surrounded by a halo of love, that the blaze of holy recreation will kindle in the hearts of those you come in contact with. Like a self balanced tower, you are able to stand erect amid the flood of worldly temptations. Happy you are, for you have sought and gained the “prop and shelter of morality.” You have come to the standard of truth. Be careful now to gauge your life by it. As you have in times past helped to swell the tide of sin, now pour your influence into the channel of purest virtue, and help extend to fallen man the knowledge of saving grace. If you are weak, then throw not one drop into the corrupt current. Your path will be as a shining light seen by many, and some will be led to a higher life. Spread peace and joy around you, wield the sceptre of love, and the crown of glory is yours. Compare the joys of heaven to the blackness of hell, and make your choice for the right. One who loves your soul,

W. A. Haynes.



“Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.” – Psa. 119:129.


Decatur, Ind.

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters: I wish to tell what the Lord has done for me. He has saved my soul and placed me on a rock which is Christ Jesus. I am detemined never to leave the dear Lord again. I forsook the Lord, and I was brought down upon a sick bed and did not think that I would get well. Dear ones, I began to think about my soul and where I should spend eternity if I should die in such a condition. But as I was burning up so bad with fever and so racked with pain, I did not feel like repenting; but I promised God if he would only permit me to raise from my bed, the first opportunity that I got I would seek my soul’s salvation. And I thank and praise his name that he did, and to day I am saved and standing upon his true and holy word. I thank God for a little church at this place. This is a very wicked place. I will close my testimony by asking all the dear saints of God to pray for my unsaved husband. Your sister in Christ,

Mrs. Minnie McConneley.



SINCE coming to the coast we found that we could make some special advancement by setting apart one hour each day, generally from 9 to 10 A. M. for real heart searching, and diligently asking God to reveal every thing that was needful for us to know, and be all the help we could to each other, admonishing, entreating and praying for one another, etc. Each one is free to state their needs and convictions for advancement, in the graces, gifts, etc. Then as that one leads in a short prayer all take hold with them by faith. God answers according to his promise. Mat. 18:19. And when all our needs are thus supplied we bring other cases to God as he leads. So our faith is kept in lively exercise, and through this mutual faith, we become laborers together with the Lord.


Some may, at first thought, be at a loss to know what to be agreed for. But as you take heed first to yourself, then to the flock, you will find needs all around you. David said: “Send thee help from the sanctuary, and strengthen thee out of Zion.” In this way God can get help to many needy ones.

Just think of the publishing work, faith homes, children’s schools, missions (home and foreign), rescue work, work in new fields, and no one to answer to these calls. Requests for prayers for soul and body, camp and grove meetings; in fact the spreading of this glorious light into all the world. We find no end to these needs, and if we want to advance there is plenty of room.


You will doubtless wish to read the Word in these blessed meetings and get a real benefit; if so, read slowly; when you come to a promise, stop! ask God to grant each one of you a real benefit just now; all he has for you in that promise. Be agreed and God will grant it. Amen. When you come to a demand, stop! be agreed that God help each one to fully measure up just now, and that he will give grace enough for you to fill that demand, and you will get good food and plenty of it where you have heretofore thought there was nothing for you.


When you pray, lay aside all introductions, commendations, and compliments, etc., and ask to the point for just what is desired, then all be agreed as one man and believe ye receive and ye shall have. You may have some difficulty at first in getting out of these old ruts and concentrating your energies and faith, bringing your thoughts into subjection, etc. But by the grace of God you can be overcomers and then you will see you have made advancement.

Why not have this kind of meetings every day at some convenient hour? You see this will give you a chance to help each other and to be more understandingly agreed. You will have a better understanding of the work, and your labors will be more consolidated. Brethren, you cannot get much knowledge of this simply by reading it over. Please put this in practice for one month and it you do I am sure you will see it is of God, and you will ever follow a similar course as the Spirit may direct in advancement.

G. L. Cole.


And besides this, giving all diligence, and to your faith virtue; and to virtue, knowledge; and to knowledge, temperance; and to temperance, patience: and to patience, godliness; and to godliness, brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness, charity. For it these things be in you, and abound, they make you that ye shall neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. — 2 Pet. 1:5-8.

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