24 January 1894, Volume 15, Number 4.



How happy and joyful the hours,
As Jesus I constantly see,
As fragrance from heaven’s sweet bowers
Has now such great sweetness to me!
Earth’s pleasures to me are all dim,
The world strives in vain to look gay;
And since I am dead unto sin,
December’s as pleasant as May.

His name yields the richest perfume,
And sweeter than music his voice;
His presence disperses my gloom,
And makes all within me rejoice.
How while I’m abiding in him,
I’ve nothing to wish or to fear;
I’m now dead indeed unto sin,
And summer now lasts all the year.

Content with the fulness of grace,
My all to his will is resigned;
No changes of season or place
Can make any change in my mind.
I’m blessed with the fulness of love,
My heart is with gladness so free;
And prisons do palaces prove,
While Jesus so sweetly saves me.

My Lord, now indeed, I am thine,
And thou art my sun and my lay;
I never can languish or pine.
Shines so bright all the day:
The clouds are all gone from my sky,
I’ve opened the Master each door,
I’m waiting to soar up on high,
With Jesus to dwell evermore.

Selected by Mrs. N. J. Montgomery.




COME unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart; and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. — Matt, 11:28-3o. There the wicked cease from troubling, and there the weary are at rest. Job 3:17.

Before obtaining the first rest the blessed Savior invites people to him who are heavy laden. This conveys to our minds spiritual distance: they are away from the Lord, laboring in sin, and this is why they are heavy laden. Oh, dear soul in sin, heed the blessed Savior’s invitation, and come to him now. He says, “Now is the accepted time.” You are hastening to eternity; sin is a hard master; the way of the transgressor is hard; get your eyes off of the crooked professors of Christianity of this world and look to Jesus. He is the way, the truth and life; in him you will find a perfect Savior; he will never deceive you or mislead you; he will carry you through every trial and temptation of life and bring you safely home to glory beyond. He also tells you how to come. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous his thoughts. Isa. 55:7. God wants you to forsake your ways (that which is manifest by practice), and also your unrighteous thoughts (that which is harbored in the heart and is not yet developed by practice), and then you can come to him, and thank God, you are sure to get rest from all your personal sins.

This is what the first rest implies, rest from all your actual sins, which brings peace to the soul. Rom. 8:1. The invitation is to come. You have tried other things and they proved a failure, so come to the Savior now and get rest. Isa. 1:18. The first person in the Trinity invites you. Matt. 11:28. The second invites you. Rev. 22:17. The third person invites you, and the church also, which is the pillar and ground of the truth. And God says, “Let him that heareth, say, Come, and whosoever will, let him come.” Thank God, you have the power of choice, and there is not enough power in earth and hell keep you from coming if you, will to come. Dear ones out of Christ, all heaven wills your salvation, and all earth that is saved. All things needful are ready; then why will ye die in sin? Eze. 33:11. Do not try and excuse yourself by saying you do not know the way, for Christ says, “I am the way,” and, “Seek, and you shall find.” So you are left without excuse. Rom. 1:20.

Away with this ungodly hardshell idea that there is no use to seek salvation, if you do you cannot find it, and if you find it you cannot get it, and if you get it you cannot lose it, and if you lose it you did not have it. Who could get any sense or truth out of such?

We will now notice the next rest. Those who have come to the Savior and obtained rest from all their sins, are fit subjects to wear the yoke of Jesus, whereas they were not before. The Lord does not yoke up with the devil’s cattle, i. e. sinners. Oh that all who profess Christ would wear his yoke and his only, as he wants all others broken. Isa. 58:6. Of course, all who profess Christ wear his. Also he wants all to learn of him. We notice the man who is master of his ox team has them wearing the yoke, doing his service, and how they learn of him. But it is so much better than the comparison to wear the yoke with Christ and learn of him, “For I am meek and lowly in heart.” God says, “The meek will he guide in judgment.” How blessed to realize this! The meek will he teach his way and beautify with salvation, and we are to show all meekness unto all men. Psa. 25:9. 149:4. Titus 3:2. Oh, dear ones in Christ, let us be sure we are kept meek and low down with the Savior, and we are safe by being thus kept, and next we are sure to be taught the need of the rest of entire sanctification after we are regenerated. We find this in the life of the apostles. They were clean from all their personal sins, in the true vine, and fruit-bearing branches, and yet needed the purging out of the old man. Jno. 15:1-3. Christ prayed for this purging or their sanctification, which implies the same. Jno. 17:17. The acts of sin are destroyed in order to be regenerated and have rest from them; and the body which produced the acts is crucified and destroyed in the rest of sanctification. Thank God! Rom. 6:6. This blessed thought is brought out in Mal. 3. First the preparation by John the Baptist, and then Christ coming as a purger and purifier, symbolized by the purifying of gold and silver and fuller’s soap. He does not pardon the sons of Levi in this; he has already done that, and now he purges away the old man, represented by the dross in the metal, while the real metal is there, but needs the dross extracted.

Some people vainly think both of these rests are the same. It is contrary to reason and sense to suppose that the Son of God would state it as he did, and mean the same rest. One is given when we come to Christ, the other is found by removing the old man in entire sanctification. The rest of every regenerated person is disturbed by this enemy within. Some think they can grow him out, some refine, some educate, some die, some work, and some think from their acts of putting on the new man over the old man; but all is a failure. We get him out by crucifying him, by consecration and faith on our part, and Christ cleanses him out. Thank God for the blessed experience!

This second rest fits us for heaven, and enables us to bear more fruit for God. Jno. 15:2-8. Some who are convinced of this rest, think they can get to heaven without it or without being sanctified, which is a Satanic delusion. Heb. 12:14. Thank God, by having rest from all our sins and from the old man, we can labor with ease here and realize his yoke is easy and burden light.

The third rest is where the wicked cease from troubling and the weary are at rest. This rest is not realized here. The wicked trouble here; holiness is not popular here; it has many enemies. Bat thank God, it will be popular in heaven; no sinners to warn, no hypocrites to scoff, no devil to tempt there. While here we have rest as described above, yet our outward man is wearied with toil, but the inward and outward man will be reunited never to be wearied again.

Dear brethren, let us be true and faithful; there we will meet never to part again. May God bless these lines to the good of some soul, is my prayer. As my condition financially is such that I cannot get in the work of the Lord very much, as I have to stop and labor with my hands awhile, I hope to do something for Christ in this way, who has done so much for my poor soul when once so heavy laden in sin. May God bless all the saints and help us to be faithful. Pray for me and mine. Your sanctified brother in Christ.

S. H. Bozeman.

Bozeman, Miss.




BUT the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer. — 1 Pet. 4:7. Dear ones, it is time to awaken on this line. This world is ripe for judgment. All about us multitudes of men and women are rushing madly down to eternal hell. Yes, the end of all things is at hand. Soon the thoughtless millions of earth will be awakened by the pealing thunders of judgment, and be summoned t0 the bar of God, there to meet their awful doom. Oh what a scene!

My brethren and sisters, with these truths staring us in the face, how are we spending our time? Are we careless and indifferent, while our friends and neighbors are sinking into hell? or are we in earnest, yea, sober, and watching unto prayer? I realize that among God’s people more praying should be done. O how many hours are spent in idle gossiping about worldly things, etc., that should be spent in prayer! Remember we will give an account to God for every careless moment we spend, and every idle word we speak. Some wonder why they feel so empty in their souls, and make so little spiritual advancement. Others why they have such a hard time with the devil continually, and so often lose the victory. Very often the reason is, they pray too little. Just neglect praying as much as you should and you will soon grow cold and lean in your soul.

The Word says that “men ought always to pray, and not to faint;” yea, “pray without ceasing, and in everything give thanks.” This leaves no time for idle hours spent in foolish talking, jesting, etc. No, while in the kitchen, or on the farm behind the plow our hearts can be going out to God in prayer. “Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice.’’ Psa. 55:17. Some are so busy with the things of this world that they scarcely have time to gather their families together morning and evening to spend an hour or so in prayer and reading God’s word. They have no time to train up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. And yet wonder why they are so wicked and not saved. Such parents will find themselves weighed in the balance and found wanting in the day of judgment. O dear ones, awaken up to these things before too late. There are others who, after having family prayer in the morning, think it sufficient for the day, and so let their minds drift out on things of this world, scarcely if ever thinking of God until evening comes, and they have their family prayer again before retiring. Such generally are lean in their souls. O dear ones, if you want to advance for God, and receive a constant infilling of God’s holy love and Spirit, you must do much praying.

And now those whom God has called to work in the gospel field: remember if we would see souls saved and conviction take hold of the people, we must do, much praying. It takes prayer and faith to move the arm of God. It is not enough just to pray when we come together for meetings, but every day we should spend much time upon our knees in secret prayer (Mat. 6:6). There is strength in secret prayer. To go where no one hears us but God, and just in a simple way converse with Him whose “ears are open to the prayers of the righteous,” and there pour out our hearts in prayer, is where we gain strength, and prevail with God for lost souls.

Now a word in regard to public prayer. “I will therefore that men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting.” 1 Tim. 2:8. Some people pray much in secret, but in public meetings they never lead in prayer. Some try to excuse themselves by saying that they are not as able in prayer as others. What is an able prayer? It is one that comes from the heart; a petition for which we expect to receive an answer. No matter how broken the words, how disconnected the sentences, if it comes from the heart, in the ears of God it is an able prayer. God does not look how the words are framed, but at the desires of the heart. Those who are weak on this line, move right out, pray in the Spirit, if it only be a few words, let it come from the heart, and God will strengthen you, and enable you to grow stronger on this line. For encouragement read Rom. 8:26.

Another point on this line is unity in prayer. I have been in meetings where one would pray for the salvation of souls, probably another for an increase of faith, another for the advancement of God’s work, and another for something else, all praying at the same time. This is not the way to pray in public meeting; it is confusion. In such meetings very few receive answers from God. There is power in public prayer, where God’s people assemble and unite their faith together as one man. The Word says, “that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.” Mat. 18:19. But there must be unity in prayer as well as unity of faith. When one prays for the salvation of souls, and an increase of faith, etc., let all pray the same prayer. In this way we unite our prayers and faith on one thing or point; namely, agree, and; are sure to receive answers from God. For example read Acts 4:23-30. Here they all prayed the same prayer, yea, with one accord they lifted up their voice to God. For the result of this unity of prayer and faith read Acts 4:31-33. In public meetings if you would receive answers from. God, pray in unity.

But now in conclusion: we might pray in secret, and in public, yes, pray without ceasing, and unless we pray in faith believing, it will profit nothing. O how many pray day after day and never, even while they are praying, expect to receive answers to their petitions! Such praying amounts to nothing.

The following are a few conditions upon which God answers prayer. Please read the scriptures. We must

  1. Live without sin. Jno. 9:37.

  2. Obey God’s word. Prov. 28:9.

  3. Abide in his word. Jno. 15:7.

  4. Keep his commandments. 1 Jno. 3:22.

  5. Ask according to his will. 1 Jno. 5:14, 15.

  6. Ask for the glory of God. Jas. 4:3.

  7. Ask in faith, doubting nothing. Jas. 1:6, 7.

The following are some of God’s promises to answer prayer on the above conditions:

And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive. Mat. 21:22.

Therefore, I say unto you, what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. Mark 11:24.

But I know, that even now, whatsoever thou wilt ask of God, God will give it thee. Jno. 11:22.

And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye will ask anything in name, I will do it. Jno. 14:13, 14.

Ask, and it shall be given you; * * * for every one that asketh receiveth.

If ye, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him? Mat. 7:7, 8, 11.

Dear ones, such promises as these should strengthen our faith. These promises are given that we might believe. 2 Pet. 1:4. Jno. 20:31. Knowing that God cannot lie, that his word is forever settled in heaven (Psa. 119:89), we should begin to step out on the promises of God, and pray in faith believing. If people would only throw away their large idea of faith, and simply believe God and his word, they would receive more answers to prayer. May all the redeemed lift the shield of faith and advance for God. “Take ye heed, watch and pray, for ye know not when the time is. Your saved brother,

H. M. Riggle.



Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.” Psa. 119:129.


Stronghurst, Ill.

Dear Trumpet Readers: I am praising God for a full and free salvation, that saves and keeps me saved each day free from sin. I am all on the altar and saved just now. The Lord is so good to me; I love to talk of his goodness. I am glad that I am at the fountain of God’s love where I can ever abide. I would not exchange the life I now live for ten thousand worlds like this. The joys of full salvation fill my inmost soul. Pray that I may be kept by power divine. Your brother in Christ,

Clyde H. Mills.



Dear Saints of God: Peace and love be multiplied to you. Glory to our God! Well, I have the victory in my soul this morning over the image of the beast and the number of his name, and I am one of the many that has been delivered from sectism. I was a Winebrennarian preacher, and when the Lord God sanctified my soul, he delivered me from the bondage of sectism and secrecy, and placed me in the one body as it pleased him. Since my escape the Lord has blessed me in many ways, and I just report victory in my soul over all the powers of darkness. Am saved and sanctified, all on the altar. I desire the prayers of God’s people. Your brother in the body,

Lewis Land.

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Requests for Prayer.


Pray for the entire healing of my body. Your brother in Christ,

J. E. Stephens.


Will all the saints pray earnestly that my wife may be saved.

S. L. Catlin.


Pray Jan. 24 that I may be healed of rheumatism, neuralgia and stomach trouble.

Mrs. Annie Baker,

Vincennes, Ind.


Pray for Laura Bentley of Tennessee, that she may be healed of consumption. She has been given up by the doctors.

Mrs. W. E. Skinner.


I have been suffering with severe afflictions for two years. Please pray that I may be sanctified and healed.

Melissa I. Smith, Galatia, Ill.


Dear Trumpet Readers: Please pray very earnestly for Miss Charity Priestley, who is afflicted with spasms. Her parents have done all that medicine can do, and now they are turning to the Lord for help. Pray that she may be saved and healed. She says she believes that the Lord will heal her.

Chas. Bright.


Dear Brethren: I saw in the last issue of the Trumpet notice of a week’s prayer for the benefit of the Trumpet family and the advancement of the cause of Christ. I have a request to make. I have a small sore on my right cheek that has been coming for over three years, and I fear it will develop into a cancer. Besides I am afflicted other ways, and I am not satisfied with my, Christian experience, and believing that the earnest and fervent prayers of the righteous availeth much I beseech you during this week of prayer to make my case a speciality, that I may be made every whit whole, soul and body. From your brother,

R. H. Stewart,

Nevada, Mo.



Decatur, Mich., Jan. 15. 1895.

Dear Brother Byrum: I cannot praise God enough for what he has done for us. 1 wrote to you one week ago yesterday to pray for our little boy. In the evening, or about four or a little after he was immediately healed. To God be all the glory. Could see the change in a moment. He wanted something to eat; hadn’t eaten anything for several days. Got up in the morning and dressed and has been up every since. How I do praise God for such a wonderful healer, and while the devil raged, and our neighbors talked of prosecuting us for not sending for a doctor, we had perfect peace and victory in our souls. Hallelujah! I will not trespass further on your time. Should have written sooner but have been about sick myself from long watching and care. Yours, hid away with Jesus. Amen. From your sister in Christ,

Mrs. John Harris.


Calls for Meeting.


I do wish some of God’s true ones filled with the Holy Ghost would come here and preach. I am trusting the Lord. God’s saints will be welcome at my home. I am a widow and live close to depot, south the railroad.

S. M. Clark,

Mountain Grove, Mo.


I have hoped and prayed to hear the evening light preached, and have prayed the Lord to send some of his true servants here that the true gospel might be preached to us, but no one came but the “Latter Day Saint” elders.

Mrs. Jennie Sprague,

Sheridan, Nev.




The week of prayer. — Jan. 27 to Feb. 3.

Special services will be held either at “Trumpet Home” or camp ground each evening during the week of prayer.

On account of a break in the machinery, we are late with this number of the Trumpet. We hope to have the next number out on time.

We have on hands a great many testimonies, some of which were written over a month ago. The greater part of them will be published as fast as possible; but there are some that we will be forced to leave out, for want of space. When writing for publication, use pen and ink. It often happens that manuscript written with a lead pencil can hardly be read by the time it reaches us.


There are many places in Nebraska where last year’s crops were an entire failure, and the people are now in a famishing condition, and starvation stares them in the face, in mid-winter. We have a letter before us from Sister Minna Oliver, who states that they are in need of flour, potatoes, beans or anything for their family to live on, and corn and other grain for their stock, which are dying from starvation. She also mentions a near neighbor, Peter Peterson, whose family are in destitute circumstances and need help. Her address is Minna Oliver, Bloomington, Franklin Co., Neb. They also state that clothing will be acceptable. Brethren, take this matter to the Lord and find out what he would have you do in this matter.



A little sheet published in Buffalo in which the editor says a great many good things in favor of reform from present popular sins, in his Sept. ’94 issue serves an article upon what kind of churches we should have and what churches Christians should leave. In this article he shows his utter blindness and ignorance of the church Jesus founded. He talks about dead churches, and shows that he has no conception of anything but societies formed by men. He says, “We earnestly advise and counsel all men to join themselves to such churches or assemblies (i. e. whose members are alive, etc.) and to withdraw from every church that will not continue in the work and fellowship of the living.” Dead sects and the living church are to him all churches; and churches he thinks are many, so that men may withdraw from one and join another. If blind Babcock would get near enough to God and the Bible he would find, 1st, there is but one church, one body of Christ in heaven and earth, Eph. 1:22, 23, and 3:14; 2d, no man can join himself to the church of God, but the Lord only adds such as are being saved, Acts 2:47, and into this family we are born of God. 3d. There being only one church, of which Christ is the head and life, there are no dead churches, though dead sects are many.



As has been formerly announced, the week from Jan. 27 to Feb. 3 has been proclaimed as a time of special prayer and supplication to God for the advancement of his cause in spreading the pure gospel among all nations of the earth, and for a special forward move of his children, in spiritual strength and power. While God is sending his ministers forth in every direction as flying messengers, to gather together his elect into the unity of the faith. And these signs do follow “them that believe.” Mark 16:16-18. Yet there is need of a greater development of the graces and gifts of the Spirit in the church. Dear brethren, let us — as has before been stated — make this appointed time an individual matter before the Lord, with a humble heart before him, let his Spirit search each heart and reveal the needs of each one and put in for the needed spiritual advancement, that the church may be clothed with power and authority.

At the beginning of this season of special prayer, find out whether or not you are just where God would have you, if not, meet the conditions of the Word and get there at once. Let a united petition be sent up in behalf of the ministers and gospel workers that they may be better qualified and equipped for the work of rescueing souls, and that God may raise up and send forth more true laborers into his vineyard; and stop the going forth of those who are not called and sent of God.

Offer special prayer for the conviction and salvation of the unsaved, and for the healing of the sick. Whoever is in need of a special work being wrought in you, put in your case before the Lord, and as it will be a time of special prayer for one another the Lord will not pass you by unnoticed. Let all lay aside their regular work as much as possible and spend at least one or two days in fasting and prayer before the Lord, that your souls may be made fat and flourishing.

On Thursday, Jan 31, the Trumpet family expect to spend the day in fasting and prayer for the advancement of the publishing work, and would be glad to have you all to observe the same with us, that it may be a time well pleasing unto the Lord. Let the week close with a real victory for God.



There will be an assembly meeting commencing Jan. 30, and continuing, if the Lord wills, until Feb. 27, at Praise Chapel, one-half mile east of New Pittsburg, Randolph Co., Ind., R. R. station is Ridgeville, Ind. Bro’s Speck, Warren and Schell are expected, and all others are invited. Yours in Jesus,

H. C. Wickersham.



  1. What is the besetting sin?

  2. What was Paul’s thorn?

  3. Explain Zech. 8:3.

Ans. to 1st. “The sin that doth so easily beset us,” is spoken of in Heb. 12:1. The word beset is to be understood in the sense of cleaving to us. In about all other versions it is rendered, “the sin that so closely girds us,” or “the close girding sin.” It has reference to inbred sin, that which remains as a foe in the justified child of God, until laid aside and destroyed in the grace of entire sanctification. It is in the singular number, while the weights spoken of in connection with it are in the plural. The former is the root of depravity, the latter are the various hindrances through which the evil nature operates. The tendencies to pride, covetousness, etc., caused by inborn evil.

Ans. to 2d. Paul’s thorn was an infirmity of the flesh, 2 Cor. 12:7; Gal. 4:13, 14, a physical affliction. Very likely it was his eyes, hence he was unable to write his own epistles. See the close of r Cor., 2 Cor., Eph., Phil., Col., etc. Hence he remarked, see Gal. 4:15. Paul’s thorn was not inbred sin, because it was given him “lest he should be exalted.” Sin will not keep men humble. It was not born in him as the fallen nature is inherited by all of Adam’s race, but it was given him.

Ans. to 3d. The text reads as follows: “Thus saith the Lord; I am returned unto Zion, and will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem: and Jerusalem shall be called a city of truth; and the mountain of the Lord of hosts the holy mountain.” Zech. 8:3. Though the context refers to the literal city of Jerusalem, this verse has more special reference to the restored perfections of God’s holy church. As she received the light of holiness, and seeks the Lord with all her heart, the Lord returns unto Zion and Jerusalem his true church, and dwells in her. And she is becoming the city of truth, the holy mountain.

What became of the saints which rose from the dead at Jerusalem when Christ rose!

Ans. We know not. Whether they afterward died again, or were permitted to ascend to heaven and join the company of Enoch and Elijah we know not. But they are certainly not yet on earth or we would be apt to know something of them.

  1. Can one who is under a delusive spirit be saved without being delivered?

  2. Can such a person be delivered without realizing his condition, and without knowing when and where he became possessed?

  3. Can he be delivered without a willingness to confess!

Malinda Clark.

Ans. to 1st. No: to be saved is to be delivered, and the salvation that a deluded soul needs is deliverance from his delusions. There might possibly be errors of various kind in the possession of which a person may repent and be forgiven their sins. But a delusion is more than an intellectual error. It is a morbid, subverted state of the mind and heart, in which the person is given to the agitation of some false doctrine. The malignant spirit of the doctrine is worse than that which he would propagate. Such must be delivered from both the delusive spirit and delusive doctrines before they can get any salvation. To be pardoned is to be adopted, and God has no one in his family who is the victim of a false spirit.

Ans. to 2d. No: a person cannot get deliverance from this deluded condition without a conviction of the same, though he may not, in all cases see just how and when he entered into it until brought out of the darkness of the same.

Ans. to 3d. No: the deluded must confess and renounce their delusions, and the devilish spirit in which they were before they can get free.




I made a short visit at the Children’s Home just before Christmas, and was delighted to see the very evident advance in all that pertains to the work there. Bro. and Sister Michels had exerted themselves to the utmost to give some token of love and respect in the form of a holiday gift to each of the children, from the youngest to the oldest, and it was indeed a happy time for the little ones. The boarding house is being enlarged double its former size, and two and a half stories high. The house will be heated throughout with steam, which is conveyed through pipes from their saw and planing mill not far distant, which serves a double purpose, the stream also being utilized in the laundry room in the rear of the building. Side walks are to be laid, which will make way for a green lawn in the summer time. We trust that there will be donations made which will enable them to complete the house and give such accomodations as will make it homelike and pleasant for both old and young. A frieght package came in from Indiana while I was there containing a beautiful rag carpet, four blankets, some factory and yarn. I wish the donors could have seen the happy faces as the bundle was opened for inspection. I think it would be well to make some rugs and send in to lay in front of the children’s beds. Sister Georgia Cook gives frequent proof of her calling by her gentle and loving manner toward the children as she responds to their many questions and expresses sympathy in their little troubles. I was much gratified by what I observed in the way of politeness and courtesy at the table and elsewhere. I can assure the parents that their children are doing well, and when all are settled in the several apartments, they will doubtless receive more special care and attention. Your sister,

J. E. Courtney.




Arkansas City, Kan., Jan. 17, 1895.

To all the dear saints that love the truth and love to work for Jesus, let us all wake up to a sense of our duty and inquire of God what he has for us to do. Every person that loves Jesus surely must have a desire and longing to do something for God, so his blessings might abound more and more richly in our souls. Now, dear brethren, it seems that the time is near at hand that God desires that the burden of this long debt of the Trumpet office should be taken off of the shoulders of the dear brethren who have charge of the office, so their minds will be free from that burden. Remember, dear brethren, this is the Lord’s work, and it is almost marvelous to go there and see how zealously the dear brethren and sisters are working for the Lord, and only getting food and their clothes for their temporal pay. Oh, may the God of heaven richly reward them for their sacrifices to him! They have sacrificed good homes and dear friends for the sake of Jesus and perishing souls. It takes much grace to do that. Now, brethren, what will you do for Jesus and his cause? Remember there are millions of souls at stake. Don’t you want a star in your crown? I want many.

Now, brethren, this is not a talk

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about an unseen matter, for I have been there twice, and my eyes have witnessed these facts and I have eaten at the table with the workers, and there are hundreds of the brethren that have witnessed the same. Now, dear saints, for the love that I have for Jesus and his cause, I would implore every brother and sister, in the name of Jesus let us send in what we have to spare, or whatever the Lord leads us to give. There are not many of the saints but what could spare fifty cents and up to five dollars, and some more. Dear saints, those, who have not much, do not be ashamed to send a little. God will reward you as much as those who give abundantly. God will reward us in many ways that we are not expecting. If each one will do their duty in the fear of the Lord, the debt will be paid and the wants at the office will be supplied. If you all love to read the Trumpet as I do, it would be a day of rejoicing to hear the news that the debt was paid, because it would give the brethren an opportunity to enlarge the Trumpet. For my little mite I am willing to give for the love of the cause the small sum of forty dollars, which I feel is but a small sum to give. Do not think that I have mentioned this to sound a trumpet, but I merely thought that it might induce others to give.

Now, a little more advice to them that are taking the Trumpet. After you read them do not lay them up for months as a keepsake, and let your neighbors and friends starve for the truth, or the travelers that may stop at your house. You do not know how many souls you might be the means of saving. Let us work while it is day. This matter has been impressed upon my mind for some time to write to the brethren, and advise them to assist in this great work of the Lord. My soul is exceedingly joyful in the Lord this evening, I am determined by his grace to stand on his Word. I feel much encouraged to fight the battle through and win the crown. Now, brethren, I admonish you once more for the cause of Jesus and the many perishing souls at stake, do not be slow in responding to the call. May the rich blessings of God rest and abide upon all that love the truth. From your humble brother abiding in Christ. Amen.

W. Gates.


News from the Field.


Garrett, Ind., Jan. 17, 1895.

We are having an interesting meeting here, and souls are coming to God, and we do not expect to get to the assembly in Pennsylvania. Bro. Henry will be there to help in that meeting. Your brother in Christ,

J. A. Dillon.


Mason Valley, Ark., Jan. 12, 1895.

Dear Trumpet Readers: I am still saved and kept by power divine; am rejoicing in a full and free salvation. Praise the dear Lord for ever and ever! I am now in a new field. We held meeting nine evenings here with good interest. We think there was good seed sown in some good ground. Pray that it may bring forth fruit soon. I expect to go to the east part of Kansas soon, the Lord willing. Pray for me that I may be kept close to the feet of Jesus. Your brother in the one body,

Chas. Bright.


Floyd’s Knobs, Ind.

Dear Trumpet Readers and Workers for God: May our dear heavenly Father ever bless you and give you sustaining grace, is my earnest prayer. I am very favorably impressed with the article bearing the title of “A Week of Special Prayer.” Truly God is in it. Now, dear brothers and sisters in Christ, when the Lord brings this request before our minds, let us not try to throw our duty off on some one else, but let each one say it is for the Lord! I do know that God will enable us to deny ourselves thing or other, the equivalent of which in cash would aid in the office work. I pray God to impress this fact upon the minds of the dear ones who read this. Remember that the earth, and the fulness thereof is the Lord’s. Be lively stones in the great building of God. The more we do for God, the more real glory he lets into our souls. Praise his holy name forever! Your brother saved and sanctified,

Sylvester Moore.


Big Rapids, Mich., Jan. 6, 1895.

Dear Saints: This morning finds me saved in God, ready to be used in any way the Lord leads. A brother has been holding meetings with us here in the name of Jesus, and two souls have been saved in God. I hold meetings every week; and because we do not agree with Mr. Geo. P. Wilson, he came here to interrupt the meetings. We rebuked him in the name of the Lord, and he has not been here since. He has been going about this county prating against God and his work, telling, me and others that all of the Trumpet family were wrong. But bless God, I take His word and His Spirit and your paper, and all agree. He is growing worse and worse in his fits, in his perverse ways. I find he is not in fellowship with any one, striving with every body that does not agree with him. May God pity his poor soul, and save him is my prayer. May God bless you and your labors in Christ. Your saved brother,

Riley Priest.


Guy’s Mills, Pa., Jan. 12, 1895.

Dearly Beloved of God: We are saved from all our sins and sanctified, and kept by power divine. After leaving Brown Hill we went to Blystone and found Bro. Gibson had seen holding meeting for a few nights. He remained one week longer and then went home. During that time Bro. Martz came and assisted in the work. He remained about a week, then went and visited the church at McLallen Corners, and we were left to fight the battle in the name and strength of Jesus. The meeting was a success, there being about eighteen consecrations, and we do hope and trust that the dear ones will all stand true in the Spirit of Christ, for the devil is as a roaring lion trying to destroy the church in that place, but we know that the power of our God is greater than all the power of the devil. Glory to his name forever! The meeting closed after we were there four weeks, which was the 30th of Dec. To morrow, the Lord willing, we expect to begin meeting on Kizer Hill in a hall. Pray much for us and the work at that place. That is a new place. Your sister and brother in the one body,

E. J. and W. G. Billig.


McLellan Corners, Pa., Jan. 19, 1895.

Dear Beloved Saints: We are glad to tell you once more that we are still saved and kept by the power of God who is all in all to us. Bless his dear name! We have not reported much through the Trumpet of late, but we have not been idle, but continually about the Master’s business. Since the Grand Junction assembly meeting we have held seven meetings, and in each place souls were saved, and a victory on the Lord’s side. We have just closed a very precious meeting at Blystone. Pa. in company with Bro’s Martz and Stowe. This meeting was one long to be remembered. The power of God was wonderfully manifested, and the gospel plow, by the Spirit of God turned up and rooted many plants that were not planted of God. Judgment was laid to the line and righteousness to the plummet. There were a number of consecrations, and a real settling down among all the people of God. Some got delivered from sectism. One dear brother, a U. B. minister, came to the meeting and indorsed the truth, and the anointing destroyed the yoke, and he denounced all the works of Babylon, was baptized by the one Spirit into the oneness of the saints of God. The Lord has wonderfully blessed Sister Billig and others in opening the work in these parts, and there are many calls for meeting around here. Bro. Stowe expects to remain in these parts for some time.

We are now in the assembly meeting at this place, which commenced last night with power and victory. After this meeting we go to Fern City, Clarion Co., Pa. After that we will hold a few meetings in Western Pennsylvania, and then go on our way to the East. Pray for us, dear ones. We remain yours in Christ,

W. J. Henry and Co.


Jordan, Ont.

Dear Saints of God: I have been led for some time to write my testimony and tell what the dear Lord is doing for us. We can truly say the Lord is good to us. He keeps us saved and sanctified, ready to run at his bidding, knowing this, that opposition and persecution awaits us at every place. But thanks be unto God who giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ, in whose name we have been preaching the everlasting gospel with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven. Bless the Lord! We began meeting in Pelham on the 25th of Oct. The Lord helped us greatly in preaching the pure gospel. Some received it with joy and were blessed, and were more fully established in the present truth. Others somewhat hurt by the straight Word. Our prayer is, that the dear Lord may bless them all with the fulness of the blessing of the gospel of Christ. One morning at the family altar at Bro. William Thomas’s, deacon of the church at that place, the power of God came down and three of their daughters were saved. To God be all the glory. Also Bro. and Sister Piper of Effingham consecrated and claimed to be saved. We also held forth in Crowland, in the town hall. Conviction was on the people; no one yielded. The church was more fully established in the faith of the Son of God. We believe that much prejudice has been removed from those that came out to hear the Word. We expect, the Lord willing, to commence meeting in Bliss, N. Y. We would ask the saints to pray for us that the Lord may give us great victory through Jesus Christ. We have learned that the opposition runs high in that place. But thanks be to God, we know that while we abide in him, who is the captain of our salvation, and his words abide in us, we know no retreat. Blessed be his name! Our courage is good to go forth in this way, lifting up Jesus to the people, a Savior that is able to save to the uttermost all that come to him, and who healeth all our diseases. Hallelujah! Your brother and sister, separated unto the gospel,

David H. and Mary H. Mover.


Ridgeville Corners, O., Jan. 18, 1895.

Dear Saints of the Living God: We are glad to be able to again report victory in the name of the Lord. The grace of God has been sufficient to keep us saved, and on the forward move continually. Although we have been kept from the field for some time on account of sickness, the Lord has done wonderful things for us, soul and body, for which we give him all the glory. Feeling It to be the will of God, we again visited the church at Ottokee, Jan. 11. Was glad to find them trusting the Lord, and on the forward move. One year ago the evening light had never been preached there. The Lord sent us there a year ago the last of this month in company with Bro. Ellis and Sister Metter. Strangers opened their houses for us. In a few weeks the Lord saved about twenty out of four or five different sects. Two of the number soon fell away. Since that time quite a number have been saved in their meetings. Truly the people in that community have been convinced that they are the children of God by the sayings of Jesus. “By this shall all men know ye are my disciples, if ye have love one for another.” We remained there seven days. Held meetings day and night.

In the last few weeks the enemy had been trying to bring in a picking spirit among them, but all saw the trick of the enemy and renounced it. May the Lord give his children much wisdom everywhere on this line. We returned to Ridgeville yesterday the 17th. This is a very dark place, but we expect by the grace of God to let our light shine wherever the Lord sees fit to place us. We ask the prayers of all God’s children that we may be kept right; in the order of God continually, and know his will in all things. Your brother and sister in the one body, sanctified wholly,

J. N. and Ida Worden.


Dear Brethren, Greeting: I send a report of my labors since Nov. 1. I left my brother, Ed Ellis in La Grange Co., Ind., and went to Marshall Co. to labor; held a meeting at the Ewald school house. There were a few consecrations. Sister Smith was healed of inflammatory rheumatism; she had hands laid on her, was benefited but did not get complete victory. She afterwards grew worse and sent for a doctor, but still grew worse. Her limbs became stiff and she became very low. She gave up medicine and took the Lord, the great Physician. Bro Strang and I anointed her according to Jas. 5:14, and prayed for her and she was healed. Praise God for the wonderful love and power he manifests to his children! We praise God for the plan of salvation, which is sufficient for both soul and body. From the Ewald school house we went to a meeting house several miles north; held about ten days. The meeting house was in the care of people who claim to receive pardon and sanctification both at one time. When the Word concerning sanctification came to them they became wrathy, and would not let us have the use of their house any longer. We went a few miles north into Father Hawkins’ neighborhood, where the evening light had never been preached; held meeting five weeks. At the end of three weeks, dear Bro’s S. P. Strang, from Teegarden, Chas. Schleehauf, from South Bend, J. Swanger, from Mishawaka came to our assistance. Other saints from a distance helped in the meeting. Large congregations came to hear the truth, and many acknowledged it; only five consecrated. Several seemed to be deeply convicted, but would not come to the Lord. We believe a large harvest of souls will be reaped in the next meeting that shall be held there. During the meeting we observed the ordinances of the Lord’s house, and he made us happy because we did those things. Oh it is wonderful how God gives peace and joy to those that are humble and obedient! Praise his name forever! We go south to Donaldson, Ind. to hold up Jesus to the people. Pray for us that we be faithful. Amen. Yours sanctified to do his will,

T. E. Ellis.


Manning, Mo., Jan. 16, 1895.

To the Church of the Living God, Greeting: Grace and peace be multiplied unto you. We have not reported our labors in the Lord for some time, but have been busy. After the Lowndes, Mo. camp meeting, we started to Kansas to return the horse and wagon we were using to the brother who owns it, as we had arranged to do. But it was not the will of God for us to leave this southern field, so he hedged up the way by allowing our youngest child to be afflicted, so that we were obliged to seek the saints at Norwood and stop with them. Not until after we earnestly inquired of God and determined to remain in this field, would the Lord heal her. The saints at Norwood had been moved to appoint a meeting to begin the very night we arrived. So we had a week of very precious meetings and the little church was much edified. Then we held a two week’s meeting in the edge of Douglas county, about ten miles south of Norwood. A dozen or more souls claimed salvation, and nine were baptized. May the Lord keep this little church firm.

We came then to the saints near Cape Girardeau. I assisted in building the new meeting house here and also a little house for a home for ourselves, which the saints built for us. We then held a three-days’ meeting sixteen miles south. Great interest was aroused among the people, and we fully believe a good congregation will soon be gathered to the Lord there. We had a glorious holiday week of meeting at the new meeting house. One soul saved, and the church much settled. We have had a hard fight here because of division and the crookedness springing from the roots of bitterness, but praise God, when the Word was fully executed, all was made right. We praise God for the week of prayer appointed. We have for some months been looking into our souls earnestly, and oh beloved; how great are the depths yet to fathom and the heights yet to attain! Our souls are burdened as never before with a burning desire to receive all the equipments which the kingdom of grace affords. Beloved saints, move out for God. Oh that God would shake the church up to realize fully its duties on every line. How much the cause of Christ, which we profess to love above our own interests, is crippled and hindered because many are withholding that which belongs to God, and that which they profess to have consecrated fully to him. In the name of Jesus, beloved, we are pressed to say, that many who profess to be sanctified show that they have not sold out completely to God, and short of this, no soul can possibly reach the sanctifying grace of God. Mat. 13:44-46. Oh let us see to it that we do not deceive our own souls and allow the enemy to lull our souls into a sleepy contentment, satisfied to sail along without knowing deep in our souls that every fiber of our being is on fire for God.

Beloved, we are pressed with an ever-present sense of the reality of the service of God above all else. Surely God is hastening the end, and the work must move much swifter in the future than in the past. The pure gospel must quickly reach the remotest land, yea, even the distant isles. The church must arise to more intense zeal and tireless earnestness. We verily believe that all who will not arise and go forth in the power of God in this great onward move, will find themselves soon as the foolish virgins, with empty lamps and their lights gone out. If all who claim to have reached the evening light experience of salvation really possessed it, the abundant means which would be supplied would fully meet all needs, and the ceaseless prayers of the righteous would move the mighty hand of God swiftly across the globe. Oh that each one who professes Christ would sink down till they were sweetly conscious that the service of God and the interests of the gospel pressed on their souls with weight much heavier than all their earthly affairs! Then would the gospel quickly reach the darkened lands of heathendom, and the glorious day of Christ would soon appear with final rest. 2 Thes. 1:7.

Beloved brethren, elders and teachers in the work, let us see that we do our duty fully in this week of prayer. Stir up the minds of the saints fully, both to the duty of consecration and earnest prayer, for the speedy onward move of the work. Then will we see the mighty hand of the Lord revealed. Your humble brother and sister, fully consecrated to the work of the gospel,

R. M. and L. Haynes.




Covey. — Rexey Albert Covey, infant son, and Bernice Covey, youngest daughter, of James and Mary Covey. Rexey was born April 28, 1894 and died Dee. 28; aged eight months. Bernice was born Dec. 19, 1892, died May 5, 1894. Aged one year, four months and sixteen days. Funeral for both at the same time.

H. W. Hechler, Delta, Ia.

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To the Boys.


NOW, boys, I have come to have a talk with you, in reference to your way of living, and how to gain a noble position in this life, and in the world to come a reward of everlasting bliss. First, I would say, Jesus through his mercy has saved me from the jaws of eternal death, plucked me from the fiery bosom of despair; saved my soul, cleared my conscience, healed my body, and set me in the shining way that leads to the realm of eternal joys.

Praising God for delivering me when lost in dissipation, and blinded to all that pertained to purity, peace of mind, and satisfaction of soul, I started forth in the name of Jesus to warn others to flee from Satan’s snare to the Lamb of God. Are you ready to listen? If so, I will unfold some truths that will enable you to escape the power of hell.


There is a giant who stalks this earth as if he possessed the whole of it. His name is Sensuality, and he has come unto you in the form of masturbation, or the practice of self abuse, so prevalent to day. And you have allowed him to bind you and take away your freedom until you cannot do as you would, but must bow to and gratify him by continually destroying your own body. Boys, you all have some thought of aspiring to things more noble and more elevating in the future; why not commence now? As I picture your life out before your own face, may God help you to break the bands of death and flee to Jesus for refuge.

In schools and out of schools, both sexes, married as well as single, are to be found those bearing the imprint of the great wrong done their souls by this low, debasing, unmanly, cowardly practice of self abuse. That this vice is undermining the health, strength and ability of thousands of the young, is palpable to every right thinking person. Of all the hidden dangers besetting the youth of our land, assuredly none is of a more hideous or more destructive character than this vice of our nation. This great demon of despair is preying upon the vitals of our race. The ravages of this terrible monster are beyond comprehension. Thousands and thousands of noble and manly characters have succumbed to that dreadful disease of soul and body, sensuality; and tens of thousands are speeding over the short path of life, into the abyss of degradation, with the greatest velocity that the wheels of time can travel.

As we see the souls of our fellow beings plunging into the depths of dissipation, and swiftly passing into the great beyond, knowing what their doom is as they hasten into eternity, the terrible reality of their situation is clearly portrayed before our mind. What then shall we do? The first thing is, save yourself, then speed to the rescue of those around you; blow a blast of warning; some will hear. Throw out the life line, and some poor wrecked soul tossed on the billows of sin, engulfed in the great sea of death, will even in the last struggle for life, with one last and mighty effort grasp the line of life and be drawn to the haven of everlasting bliss.


I shall give you some signs whereby you may know those who practice self abuse. O. S. Fowler gives as follows:

“The private sensualist may be known by his pallid, bloodless countenance, and hollow, sunken and half ghastly eyes, the lids of which will be. frequently tinged with red; while, if his indulgence has been carried very far, he will have black and blue semicircles under his eyes, and also look as if worn out, and almost dead for want of sleep, yet unable to get it, etc. He will also have a half-wild or half-lascivious, half-foolish smile, especially when he sees a female. Little things will agitate and fluster him, nor will he be prompt, or resolute, or bold, or forcible; but timid, afraid of his own shadow, uncertain, waiting to see what is best, and always in a hurry, yet hardly knows what he is doing, or wants to do. Nor will he walk erect, or dignified, as if conscious of his manhood, and lofty in his aspirations; but will walk and move with a diminutive, cringing, sycophantic, inferior, mean, self-debased manner, as if depreciated and degraded in his own eyes; thus telling you perpetually by his shamed looks and sheepish manner that he has been doing something low, contemptible and vulgar. He will, moreover, be dull of comprehension, incorrect, forgetful, heedless, full of blunders of all sorts, crude and inappropriate in his jokes, slow to take the hint, listless, inattentive, absent minded, sad, melancholy, easily frightened, easily discouraged, wanting in clearness and point of idea, less bright than formerly, and altogether depreciated in looks and talents compared with what he would have been if he had never contracted this soul and body-ruining practice.”

Dr. J. C. Jackson says: “I never saw a boy who was accustomed to eat lumps of salt without anything with it, and, in fact, I might say who was a very inordinate eater of salt upon his food, who was not, or had not been at some period of his life, a masturbater. I do not believe that there is a boy fourteen years old to be found in the United States, who uses tobacco habitually in any form, who is not a masturbater.”

Again, using the language of a competent writer, “Such lay down their nobleness, dignity, honor and manhood, and are no longer bold, resolute, determined, aspiring, but become depreciated, irresolute, undetermined, tamed, and conscious of his degradation. No longer comprehensive

in planning, efficient in executing, correct in judgment, full of thought, strong in intellect, Courteous in manner, and gallant to woman; but he becomes disheartened, uncertain in his plans, and a drone to himself and society.”

Thousands of sick ones are treated for diseases that neither physicians or friends know the real cause and nature of. Consumption — or a wasting fever resembling it — carries off its thousands yearly.


Boys, if you could see some one or more of the many victims to be found at all times within the hospitals, with the foul, loathsome disease, the poison eating away gradually, slowly, but surely, the flesh; the eyes gone, the nose destroyed, giving the face a most hideous aspect, the bones of the skull eaten, the mark of manhood obliterated altogether, a loathsome living death; and know that these all started as you have, you certainly would shrink with horror from such a snare of hell, that engulfs both soul and body.

Time after time as you resort to some secluded spot to destroy your own life, after you have exercised the low and beastly of your nature, you vow time and time again to never, never repeat this cowardly practice. But ah! your courage fails, your manhood shrinks out of view, and the powers of death come forward and domineer over the faculties of your soul. You are a captive, bound by the strong band of despair; you are taking your own life; you are a murderer. And what may you expect at the judgment of almighty God, except eternal banishment from his holy presence?

If you should day after day open some vein of your body and draw therefrom every time, forty ounces of blood, you know that soon your life would be gone; and Dr. Cowan tells us that one ounce of the substance you waste, is equal to forty ounces of blood in any other part of the body. And why will you continue to murder yourself? Stop now in the name of Jesus! Call on God for mercy, for the thread of life will soon be severed, and you will land in the abyss of eternal ruin, having for companions howling demons and filthy souls.

Do you ever intend to join your life unto that of some pure, lovable and noble woman? If so, reform and commence now. It would be no more than a just judgment of God’s wrath, that you should be smitten with palsy from head to foot, if you should, as a complete wreck, morally, physically and spiritually, offer yourself to be the companion of a pure and holy woman. God indeed is merciful to spare you as he has. This is plain, but true, and may you awake from your slumbers before too late.

Going as you now are you will be a curse to yourself and those around you. For all know what you have been doing. The physician, if a true one, detects it in a moment. All your friends are aware of it; and even the young ladies you meet in society, if properly instructed, know your habit by your appearance. And the one who created your body for a good purpose sees all you do. The life he gave, you are destroying. Stop! stop!! I say, and stop now! cease your wretched way of living; turn to God and he will clean you up fit for a pure and holy purpose here, and a joyful eternity.

Boys, I love you, and these few words have been given in the love of Jesus. You know they are true; so give heed to the warning. I would love to hear from any who read this, who feel disposed to write me on this subject. Trusting you will turn from the way of death, I leave you; so good bye. Your friend, saved by the precious blood of Jesus,

W. A. Haynes.

Flag Springs, Mo.




Dear Saints in Christ Jesus: God’s glory and power rest upon you all. Glory be to God for what he has done for us! so let us do something for the Lord.

Dear brothers and sisters, I have seen in the Trumpet a few days ago account of an unpaid debt of five hundred dollars of borrowed money which will be due in a few weeks, and besides this there are many other expenses and debts to be paid. It makes me feel sorry that God’s gospel wagon has to pull through such tough roads to bring the glad tidings to the lost world. So let us take a firm hold in faith and not flinch and get balky when the devil tries to put his brakes on us. It must come out of this draw-back. God help each of us to push the gospel wheel ahead according to our ability, as the Lord has given to us; for all we have in this world is the Lord’s, and if we are the Lord’s children his treasury will not be wanting. So let us go ahead and show to the world and the devil that God is with us and we are his servants, and let us have for God’s wagon a clear track and have it well oiled with God’s grace and means, so it may run swift and break down the devil’s kingdom, and have many blood-bought souls saved from hell. So let us arise in the name of the Lord and remove all brakes from God’s work. I know all want to do something for the Lord; now here is a chance for to do something for Christ. God will reward all gifts, even a cup of cold water will not be forgotten.

Well, one-fifth of the borrowed money I will take on my shoulder. Now who will take another one hundred or fifty, or twenty-five, or ten dollars, or whatever you can do, for God has no excuse for us. If we give one to the Lord, we receive two in return, and a blessing of a thousand fold. Hallelujah to God! Yours in love. Amen.


Dear readers, though the above good proposition is without a name; for the Lord says, “Let not the left hand know what the right does,” we assure you it is all right. Now we are sure several other brethren who are well-to-do in this world’s goods, can both enrich your souls and your stores if you will just follow the good example, and let this matter be all paid. True, the Lord does not have to have your means, though it already belongs to him, but he will find some way. But you greatly need the blessing which giving with a single eye would bring upon your soul, and you should avoid that impoverishing which God says withholding will produce. Oh look to the Lord what ye shall do, and let each one resolve to deny yourself and glorify God as you have opportunity. The Lord bless the cheerful giver.



“Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.” Psa.1l9:l29.


Grooms, Ky.

Dear Saints: My testimony is, I am saved in Jesus, trusting him for all. Praise God for such a salvation, that makes indeed new creatures out of us! I can praise him for the voice that said, “Come out of her, my people.” I obeyed the voice; I have peace with God, through our Lord Jesus Christ. Bless the Lord forever! Your sister saved in Jesus,

Annie Ford.


Woodburn, Ore.

Dear Trumpet Readers: I praise the Lord for full and free salvation, that saves and keeps me each day. Glory to his holy name! I find it glorious to serve the Lord. He is my help and strength in every trial and temptation. He is all in all to me. Glory to his name forever! I take the Lord for my physician for both soul and body. Yours in the one body. I ask the prayers of all the saints.

Mrs. B. F. Clark.


Henderson, Pa.

Dear Saints: The Lord saves my soul just now from all sin. I promised if the Lord would save me I would never leave or forsake him again. The Lord kept me six months in a justified state, and then according to Romans 12th chapter, 1st verse, I presented my body a living sacrifice, and the Lord sanctified me wholly and keeps me each day from all sin, with glory in my soul. What a wonderful salvation! It just suits me. Your saved brother,

J. W. Owens.


Sewal, Ia.

Dear Children of God: I praise God for bringing me out of darkness into his marvelous light. I am taking the Trumpet, and It gives me lots of light. I praise God that he ever sent some of his true ministers here to preach God’s word in all of its purity. Oh I praise God for the gift of his dear Son, that we through him might live. Pray for me, that I too may be wholly sanctified. Your brother, freely justified and kept from all sects,

G. L. Gazell.


Frugate, Mo.

Dear Children of God: I praise God for a salvation that does save to the uttermost. The Lord has delived me from all sects, creeds and divisions, and truly I can say that the Son has made me free indeed. I was for twelve long years a slave to tobacco. If there was any earthly thing that I worshiped, it was my pipe.

But praise his name, he has cleansed me from all filthiness of the flesh. Behold old things are passed away, and all things have become new. Praise the Lord! Your brother saved, sanctified and satisfied,

J. H. Ball.


S. Chatham, Mass.

Dear Brethren and Sisters in Christ: We feel led to write our testimonies to the Trumpet. To night finds us saved and walking in the strait and narrow way. The place where we now live is almost destitute of spiritual life. Some of them have a form of godliness without any power thereof, and think they cannot live without sin. May the Lord enable us to open their blind eyes to a knowledge of the truth as it is in him. We are holding forth the pure gospel of Christ as we have opportunity, and some of them seem to receive the Word with gladness, and conviction is resting upon them. We ask the prayers of all the saints, that we may not shun to declare the whole counsel of God. Your brother and sister in Christ,

E. C. and N. A. Small.


Cochran’s Mills, Pa.

Dear Saints: May grace, mercy and peace ever abide with you. I thank God for this privilege that he gives me to write to the many dear saints. I am praising him for his precious saving power. He saves and keeps me each day I live. Bless the Lord! I am so glad that God has given me victory over Satan. I have no one to look to but Jesus, and he is a precious help in every time of need. I do love the Gospel Trumpet, it contains so many precious testimonies. I intend to serve God as long as I live, let life be long or short. There is nothing in this world for me to turn back to. We are few in number at this place. Pray much for us, that God may work on the hearts of others. My heart does magnify God for the rich blessings he bestows on his true children. Yours in the body of Christ,

Mattie Shellhammer.


McDowell, Mo.

Dear Saints: I believe God would be pleased for me to write my testimony. By neglecting my duty and giving way to the temptations of the evil one in time of great trials, I lost the love and joy out of my soul. Oh how dark everything was to me, and how miserable I was! I tried to pray and read God’s word, but it seemed that my prayers would ascend no higher than my head, and God’s word seemed a sealed book for a while. But when I became willing to make a public confession that I had backslidden, then God granted to me repentance. Oh how sorry I was that I had grieved my blessed Savior! On Christmas evening I went to the altar for pardon. I found a pardoning Savior. To day I am so happy in Jesus. I want all God’s true children to pray for me, that I may live for God the remainder of my life, and that I may be sanctified to all the will of God. Pray for my children for some of them are unsaved. Your sister in Jesus,

Mrs. N. J. Montgomery.


Thompsonville, Mich.

Dear Trumpet Readers: I feel led to write my testimony for the first time to the Trumpet. I am justified, but not sanctified, but want to be. I was once both justified and sanctified but gave way to Satan, and fell back in sin, but I could not stay in a backslidden state long, for I did not enjoy myself at meeting or with unsaved people. I want to serve the Lord with all my might in the future, for he has done so much for me. A year ago last Spring he healed me of the diphtheria when I was almost at death’s door. I could not talk, or even whisper any more. I was healed in answer to prayer. I was also healed two years ago this winter of headache. I have never been bothered with it since. I give God all the glory. This summer I had the toothache; I asked the Lord to remove it all, and he did so. I have had no toothache since. To God be all the glory. I am fifteen years of age. I ask an interest in all your prayers, that I may be established to do the Lord’s will in all things. Your sister in Christ,

Alma Dyer.


Bremen, Ind.

Dear Saints of God: This evening finds me saved, ready to do the will of God. I feel led to write of the wonderful healing power. Some few weeks ago I took a severe attack of rheumatism. I took my bed on Tuesday, but would not take any medicine until Thursday evening. It seemed as soon as I took a dose of medicine, that I was no more a child of God. But praise his name I got back to him again. On Wednesday night the saints came in, as they were sent for; they anointed, laid on hands, and prayed to God for the disease to leave. The pain left instantly. The Lord showed me that the medicine was of no use, so it was thrown away. On Friday I sat up, and on Sunday I walked around in the house, The neighbors tell me now that they thought it was of no use to do any thing for me as I could not get well. My father was very angry when the saints came. He said they would make me worse, but after I was healed he said that he could no longer doubt the healing power. It opened the eyes of the people at this place. My parents could go home trusting me in the hands of the Lord, after his doing such a work. Praise God! Pray earnestly for me, and for my husband that he may be more obedient to God. Your sister in the true church, which is Christ Jesus,

Mrs. Nettie Smith.


Almena, Kan.

Dear Saints of the Living God: I think it will be to the glory of God that I write for the first time my testimony to the Trumpet. I once belonged to the F. M. sect, and when I heard the evening light, and heard the talk against the sects, oh how I stood up for the old sect, and would not let my wife have the Trumpet paper in the house. But when I saw the leanness there was in the F. M. sect, I began to read the Bible and search the Scriptures and found there was the one church of God, and saw that the sect had done away with the divine plan of healing the sick, according to Jas. 5. I am now praising God for a complete salvation that saves me to the uttermost. I gave up my tobacco nineteen years ago when the Lord first saved me, but I have been using tea and coffee until the 18th of Dec., 1894. I thought it helped my head, for I had the headache, but the Lord has taken all the headache and tea and coffee and catarrh from my head, and I had no doctor but the Lord. My children had chicken-pox, and a terrible sore throat, and the Lord healed them. We have been keeping medicine in the house for our children till at last the Lord has led me out of it all. I used to think we must keep Magnetic Balm in the house, but about two months ago I was taken sick in the night with cholera morbus, and took one dose of it, and it set me in so much pain and made me so sick that I said I would take no more. Now the Lord is my physician. I am very deaf, so much so that I cannot hear preaching, praying or singing. I had hands laid on me five years ago, but I failed to walk out by faith, and did not follow God, and then got deafer and deafer. But since I take God for my all and in all I am getting better, and I know God is helping me. Now I ask all the saints to take my case to the Lord in earnest prayer, for I know he wants to heal me. The Lord is working in this place. Dear ones, we are poor in this world’s good, but we do want some of the Lord’s ministers to come here and have meetings. There is a good work to be done here. If there is any one near us, come, we will do all we can in the name of the Lord to help in the work in this place. We ask the prayers of all the saints. Your saved and sanctified brother,

Edgar Curtis.

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