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26 November 1896, Volume 16, Number 47.



The cup which my Father hath given me, shall I not drink it?  —  Jno. 18:14.

O! It was long I stood beside the brink,
Watching the turbid waters at my feet;
I heard my Father telling me to drink,
But answered, “Nay, those waters are not sweet.”

He held the cup within His own dear hand,
Waiting for me its bitterness to quaff;
I did not know how long He there would stand,
Holding so patiently that healing draught.

I did not want to turn away from Him,  —
My heart was touched by his kind, loving face;
But I had wept so much my eyes were dim,
And so I could not all its kindness trace.

Yet, as he nearer drew, I lost my strength,
And falling prostrate by the waters’ brink,
Out of my famished soul I cried at length,
“The cup which thou hast given I will drink.”

My eyes were hidden so I did not see
The wondrous smile which lighted up his face;
But bending down he raised me tenderly,
And breathed into my fainting heart his grace.

His strength now came to substitute my loss:
And lo! within the waters at my feet
I saw was cast a tree, in form a cross,
And as I drank, the bitterness grew sweet.

Selected by Emma Miller.


Christian Work.


This is a chapter from the forthcoming book for girls, by Jennie C. Rutty.

DEAR GIRLS: NOW that we have considered the way of life, its blessings and possibilities, we come to this subject, which means work for Christ. From the time the soul is awakened to things eternal there is a degree of zeal manifest, to do what will be for the good of others, in encouraging them toward God and in relieving the needy. As the love of God increases in the soul it is moved to greater effort for the perishing, as the way opens for service. This means more than to choose some pleasant religious exercise in hopes of benefiting others; for it includes self-denial, hours of sorrow, days of fasting and prayer, and persecution from the world; but through it all the sweet comfort of the Spirit is more than can be expressed by human language.

There is certainly something for each of God’s children to do, that will honor God and help in the rescue of others from the broad way of destruction. The Spirit must lead and teach each one what is her labor of love and duty. True humility recognizes the fact that all the power belongs to God and he is able to prepare each one for the service required of her. After she has earnestly inquired of the Lord and left the matter entirely to his disposal, she may trust him to make clear the path of duty, remembering to be faithful to every present opportunity of doing good. God does not wish us to dream of some great life-work that may come to us in the future, but to do with our might what our hands find to do, as unto God. The enemy of our soul’s good will try to defeat every effort for what is right, but the promise is that some seed shall fall on good ground and bring forth a hundredfold.

I am so glad that there are such precious opportunities for our girls to be laborers in the vineyard of the Lord. They can sing for Jesus, tell of his wondrous love to all they meet, or, entering into the closet, plead the promises of God for the workers in the gospel field, and for perishing souls. By the distribution of pure religious reading, comforting the sick and needy, lending a helping hand to the destitute, by acts of kindness, making home a blessing —  by all of these they can nobly fill their place in the body. And when God calls and prepares, they may preach the gospel of salvation, to open blind eyes and turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God. Then, may you be diligent in spiritual things, that you may be where God can use you to his glory — faithful in Bible study, earnest in prayer, deep in humility, and strong in faith.

Make the best of every opportunity for doing good, and trust results in God’s hands. As I look back upon my past life it is wonderful to see how many ways and how many persons have been used of God for my instruction and benefit. What is sown to-day in careless hearts may spring up many years hence to bear much precious fruit. Let us never grow weary doing well; we shall reap if we faint not. Let the deen love of God prompt you in your labors for others, that they may feel its warmth and seek for the same in their own hearts and lives. Look for wisdom from God for each individual, as some are harder to approach than others, and each one may have some tender spot that may be touched by the Spirit through your words or acts of love.

While God requires us to walk in every ray of light that shines from his precious word, and this may bring us where we shall need to walk alone with Jesus in the truth of the gospel, be sure to keep loving hearts for all the erring ones, that they may be won to the truth. As God has been so merciful to us, may we extend it to others, in deep careful-ness for their spiritual good, advancing the truth as they are able to bear it. How well I remember the loving-kindness and care that was used toward me in winning my soul from the deceivings of Satan! Just a few thoughts expressed in deep care for my soul — then time for consideration — then a few more thoughts, until I could begin to see my condition and turn to God. Then strength for my weakness —  decision, and trust. Does it not mean more than we think, to bear one another’s burdens? A soul that is coming to God is as a little babe, and must be carefully nourished and cared for. Then let prayerfulness, love, mercy, and carefulness, direct us in our labor for souls.

There is in this world of sin, nothing more beautiful to me than to see a bright, loving young girl fully given up to the service of God, entirely self-forgetful, living joyfully in service to others, practicing self-denial, and enduring hardness, not as a martyr, but gladly, not for the good will of others, but because the heart is so filled with the love of God that every act is a spontaneous outflow.

True heroism is needed in the Christian life; for it requires just as much bravery to stem the tide of public opinion and worldly wisdom as to be truly heroic in times of danger and accident, when the hero wins the applause and admiration of the world.

In time of war the men of the land press forward to honor their country by the sacrifice of their lives, and the world applauds, and gives them honor and glory as they deliver their country from the enemy. But in this great battle between right and wrong, how many of the brave ones are enlisting themselves in the ranks of the Lord to “fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life?” How many can stand the ridicule, censure, scoffs, and sneers of the mighty ones of earth as bravely as the soldier boy faces the foe of shot and shell? Awake! AWAKE! ye brave ones. To arms! TO ARMS! Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, stand for the right, let the Captain of your salvation direct your steps, encourage your heart; for we battle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, and against spiritual wickedness in high places. Leave your flowery beds of ease and fight to win the crown, if you sail through bloody seas.

Those who would have an eternity of glory must count it of greater value than all the treasures of Egypt, and, as Moses, ‘choose to be numbered with the people of God, rather than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season.’

Oh my dear young friends, do you know how you are influencing the young men of the land, when for ease and pleasure you turn lightly from the great responsibilities of life? Do you think how ignoble it is to have mind and heart enraptured with worldly gaiety and neglect the care of precious immortal souls? Have I not entreated you to turn from unthinkingness to calm consideration? How many of my own acquaintances have spent days, months, and years in perfect carelessness of spiritual things and then in the last hours of life thought to turn gladly to the loving Savior whom they had slighted and rebelled against all their days!

If the religion of Jesus will be good to have in the closing hours of life, it is certainly good to have from youth to old age, A few have really turned to God in the dying hour and found his wonderful mercy, while many have tried to do so but found it impossible to draw nigh to him in true repentance for a wasted life. Others have been suddenly called for and without warning were ushered into God’s holy presence unprepared. No home in heaven, no welcome of love; for its offer was slighted and rejected, the choice was made for eternity: but what does that include? Let us see.

The word of God rejected,

The wooing of the Spirit slighted,

The preaching of the Word laughed at,

The loving admonitions of saints ridiculed,

The prayers and tears of loved ones unheeded,

The salvation of the Lord counted as a burden,

The blood of Jesus considered of no value,

The bubbles of earthly pleasure chosen instead of the riches of grace;

A wasted life instead of a life of loving and joyous service;

Sins of unbelief as a mountain piled up and unforgiven;

A decided choice of the broad way all through the years of probation, therefore a choice for eternity.

Oh how the loving Lord is grieved! “But ye would not” come to him, “that ye might have life.” What more could have been done to win to the best way, “the way of truth,” the way of glory, the way to heaven? Nothing. “Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man,” and must bear the consequences of your lifelong choice.

Oh, dear girls, why won’t you see,
Jesus stands and pleads with thee,
Saying: “Come to me and find,
Treasures great of ev’ry kind,
Riches, honor, saving grace,
Joy of God, heavenly place,
Music rare in courts above?”
Teach them freely, Holy Dove,
That we may united be,
In the land by faith we see.



No Excuse.


CHRISTIANITY is no failure, but that many who have professed the same, have failed, is very evident. This is a fact to be lamented, yet it furnishes no grounds for an objection against the truth. The heavenly Legislator in promulgating the grand and sublime laws of his kingdom, furnished the human soul with motives calculated to raise it to an exalted position in the presence of his throne, and give it happiness in this world, and a hope beyond the grave.

As an intelligent being man was not constructed a mere machine. He has power to conform his life to the principles of Christianity and obey its precepts, or to infringe them. Thus man is placed upon a basis where his future welfare depends upon his present obedience. If he chooses to accept the evil and reject the good, the fault lies not in the principles upon which the atonement is established, but is manifestly an individual failure.

God earnestly solicits man’s attention to these facts, by the most alluring invitations. Every objector to the “pure and undefiled religion” on the ground that there are hypocrites, must acknowledge that a man is no farther a genuine Christian than he is pure and upright, and if good judgment is allowed to hold her position upon reason’s throne, a just conclusion will be drawn from simple facts, and this question be forever settled between all objectors and the man of God in deed and truth.

It must be borne in mind that it is not all those who profess to know the gospel of Christ, that are really and effectually convinced of its truth, and the principles that underlie it. There is such grandeur and excellency in Christianity, that the probabilities are, there will be hypocrisy on the part of indolence that fails to dig deep for the enriching treasure of immortal glory. “Counterfeit Christians may abound as well as counterfeit money, and that for a like reason.”

There is no more a vacuum in Christianity than in nature. Astronomy and philosophy reveal to us facts. But it is not supposed that every man who spends some of his time gazing at the stars, is an astronomer, or every one who palavers about reducing some principles of philosophy to a practice in life, is a philosopher. Do such false pretentions cause any reasonable mind to depreciate the benefits derived from these sciences? We readily answer, No. No one with reason thinks of laughing at or ridiculing these sciences because some egotist professes something of which he has never acquired a knowledge. Just so with Christianity. Reason will not lightly esteem her principles because some who profess to stand upon them, have failed to receive the knowledge and benefits that the Savior of fallen man intended us to obtain therefrom.

I well remember one young man who thought he had some grounds for putting off the salvation of his soul, because he thought there were some professing salvation that went no farther than a pretense. He was attending our meeting, • and one evening I asked him to start for the right while he had time in which to repent. His only answer was a reference to a professor in the audience, who he said was a hypocrite, stating that he would not seek the Christ I had been preaching about on the account of this hypocrisy. He was asked, “Where do you suppose that hypocrite will go?” “To hell, if there is one,” was the quick reply. “Are you a sinner?” I asked. “Yes sir,” was his answer. “Then where are you going when you leave this earth?” He paused a moment as if in thoughtful consideration, then said calmly, “To hell, I suppose.” “Then,” I said, “you are going to be an eternal companion for that hypocrite. It seems strange, if you do not love to associate with him here, that you would want to go to hell with him and be in his society forever.” A blush crept over his countenance, and as something seemed to choke him, he said, “That man is going to hell, I know, but I failed to take knowledge of the fact that I was going the same way. I do not like such company, so I am determined just now to try the other end of the road.”

As he asserted his convictions, he started and made them manifest by his actions. By so doing he soon found peace in the love of God. I would that every individual who is troubled by hypocrites, would decide intelligently, as this young man did, and there would not be so many lamentations going up from the abyss of remorse. Be wise and do not lose your own soul because some one else is not what he ought to be. Christ is the one for you to look at.






DEAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST: I am praising God for ail his goodness to me. Glory to his name! I thank him for the true light he has given me. I had prayed for it, and so true are his promises that we never fail in receiving if “we but ask him. Glorious is the way of holiness, and thank God I am in the fight, rooted and grounded in the faith of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am praising his holy name, for he has sanctified me wholly. Oh that many more would receive this blessed way of holiness! Oh dear sinners who may read this, search the scriptures; there you will find holy rest, peace, and happiness, to your souls. May the Lord help you, is my prayer. Pray for me that I may ever be found faithful and standing on the solid rock. Your sister in Christ,



DEAR SAINTS OF GOD: I feel it my duty and a blessed privilege also, to tell of God’s goodness to me. He has saved my soul from death and sanctified me to do his blessed will. Oh how I do praise him for this great salvation! It brings such peace and joy to the soul, and his keeping power keeps us from all that is evil.

While my husband and I were traveling through the Indian Reservation, I was taken with diphtheria. We were in a covered wagon and it was raining; but the dear Lord says he is a present help in every time of need, and we found him true. Oh praise his dear name! The Word says, “Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: and the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up.” There were no elders near, so we drove until we came to a telegraph office, which was about one mile, and sent a telegram to the saints at the Trumpet Office to pray for me. Then, having done all we knew, we took my case to the Lord and claimed the promise; and he did the work, for which I give him all the glory. I am so glad that I ever learned to trust him. He is so precious to my soul. Pray for me that I may ever stand true to God. Your saved sister,


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THURSDAY, NOV. 26, 1896.




Joseph Ropp, D. L. Terrels. J. A. Moltz, J. J. Shoup, L. A. Wallace, D. Armstrong, Jennie Mosher, A. W. Bowers, Allie M. Mast, Mrs. A. E. Sharp, Jno. H. Moore, Rachel Young, Mrs. R. Pickett, Mrs. J. W. Sperrow, Elihu Bragg. Jno. E. Roberts, Sigel Hunter, Mary E. Williams, Dollie Frances, Herman Isbrandt, Jno, Marhauka, Mrs. Mary Vogel, M. R. Noost. Mrs. Chas. Beasley, Annie Cooper. Wm. Gaskill, Mary J. Singleton, Frank E. Austin.


The two following letters received this week are samples of the many we are receiving, and you can see from them the various ways in which the truth is getting to the people.


Nov. 21, 1896.

GENTLEMEN: The other day I received a parcel wrapped up in a paper called the “GOSPEL TRUMPET.” Would you be so kind as to send me a sample copy, and price per year? Yours truly,


BUFFALO, N. Y., Nov. 19, 1896. GOSPEL TRUMPET CO.: Recently I found in a pile of rubbish in a freight-car, a GOSPEL TRUMPET, torn to pieces. It contained abundant food for my soul. Enclosed find stamps for which send me some sample copies for further examination.


No. 11 Person St.


Requests for Prayer.


Pray for me the third of December for the healing of my body. I have fits Leota Jackson, Carrollton.

Pray that my boy eight years old may be healed of flus; also that my wife may be saved. Etsil Chase, Norton.


Calls for Meetings.


The enemy is capturing precious soul- here. Some one is wanted at once to preach the everlasting gospel. Address: Airs C. C. Knapp. Phoenix, Ariz.

There are people here that need the truth. If any minister of God can come, we will try and raise the money to brim him. Jane Brown, Pawnee City, Neb.

Anyone desiring us to hold meetings in southwest Missouri, northwest Arkansas, or southeast Kansas this winter, address us at Sarcoxie. Mo. Chas. Bowers.




An assembly meeting will be held at Crowland, Ont. commencing Jan. 2, 1897. J. A. Dillon and Co.

Cannot some of the workers in northern Ohio come in this place and preach the whole gospel? There are five different denominations here, and truly the darkness is great. Whoever feels led to come had better write to me and I will make arrangements for meeting. Yours in him, J C. Harris, Box 113, Columbus Grove, O.

We expect to start on our way to Osceola Co. the 30th of November. When through there we go north to Clam Lake, and then as the Lord wills. We would be glad to correspond with any who desire meeting at your place in the North. Our address is St. Louis, Mich. Yours in defense of the truth, Wm. E. Warren and Co.

The church of the living God will hold an all-day meeting in Encampment Hall at Tidioute, Pa., on Dec. 13th, commencing at ten o’clock A. M. The ordinances of God’s house will be observed in the evening, Lord willing. Let there be a general turnout of the saints and truth-seekers. Come and have a glorious feast with the Lord. L. A. Wallace.

Assembly meetings will be held as follows:

Howell Co., Mo., six miles west of West Plains. Dec. 2-7.

Hutton Valley, Mo. Dec. 9 — 14.

Myrtle, Mo. Dec. 16-21.

All the saints, and especially the Lord’s holy ministry in reach of any or all these meetings are requested and invited to attend. Yours, wholly the Lord’s, A. B. Stanberry, Violet Hill, Ark.

There will be an assembly meeting at the meeting-house ten miles north of Brownstown, Ill., to commence Dec. 25, and last as long as God wills. We expect some more of God’s ministers to meet us there. Those coming on the train, can write to me at Funkhouser, Effingham Co., Ill., or Samuel Wrice, Brownstown, Ill., and one of us will meet you at the train. Pray for this meeting. Your brother in Christ, R. L. Parsons.

There will be a general assembly of the saints of God of Texas, to be held at Ft. Worth. Will commence Dec. 24. The brethren extend a general invitation to all the people of God, far and near, to attend. Come prepared to take care of yourself as far as possible. The workers will be cared for. Brothers Byrum and Schell are invited to come, and others that are led to come. For further information write J. W. Pine, Ft. Worth, Tex.


To THE SAINTS of Erie, Crawford, and adjoining counties: All are invited to the feast. The church at McLallen Corners. Erie Co., Pa., will hold one week of meetings, praying and fasting for the benefit of poor lost souls, and the humility of the church. Said meeting commences Tuesday evening, Dec. 1, lasting all through the week; all day on Lord’s day, Dec. 6. Ordinances in the evening. J. A. and A. J. Dillon.


The Lord willing, there will be an assembly meeting at Zion about four miles east or Hartsells, Ala., beginning Dec. 12. and continue a week or more. Bros. E. E. Byrum and W. G. Schell, expect to be there, also Bro. Otto Bolds. Let as many of the saints as possible attend. Every lover of the truth invited. For further information address, Bro. D. L. Fidler, or J. Shaneyfelt.




Can a man that is sanctified sin and lodge at justification?

No. No one can sin and remain justified. A justified life is one of peace with God (Rom. 5:1), and no one can have such an experience who commits sin.

Please explain 1 Jno. 2:27. “But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you; but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.”

The anointing is the baptism of the Holy Ghost. He abides in us. He is the divine teacher who only can teach us. We need not that any man teach us; for the Holy Ghost shall teach us all things. Jno. 14:16. He will teach us directly by revelation, which if so will never be contrary to the written word of God; or through his anointed ones, ministers or others, who have received him as their abiding guest. Either way will be his teaching and not the teaching of man. He is the Spirit of truth and his anointing has taught us to abide in him.

Please explain Matt. 5:32. “But I say unto you that whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery; and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committeth adultery.”

The design of our Creator from the beginning was, that nothing but death should separate husband and wife. Under the dispensation of the law God permitted divorcement because of the hardness of their hearts, but from the beginning it was not so. Jesus again establishes the marriage ordinance upon its original foundation. The bond is not to be broken by man. In the text there seems to be the one cause for which a man. may put away his wife; but while she lives, he has no right to marry another. Mark 10:2- 12. Luke 16:18. Rom. 7:1-3.

J. W. B.


To “Our Girls.”


ON the first page of this TRUMPET you find a letter on “Christian Work.” It is one of the letters from the forthcoming book of letters to girls, by Sister Rutty.

The manuscript for this book is all here at the Trumpet Office, awaiting publication. It comprises letters on over thirty different subjects. The first part of the book will treat on the various subjects pertaining to Salvation, Sanctification, and the Church. Following these will come letters on such subjects as Dishonesty, Pride, Fashion, Society Life, Flirting, Dancing, Secret Sins, Love and Marriage, Motherhood, Home, Divine Healing, and finally at the end of the book, noble words on “Death and Heaven,” closing with a long poem.

Several of the letters in the book will close with a poem. It will probably be illustrated and make a book of about three hundred pages. The prices will bring it within the reach of every girl. It is also contemplated to put out an elegantly bound gift edition for those who may want such. Surely no book, aside from the Bible, could be more appropriate for a Christmas or birthday present to a girl or young woman.

Permit me to say that while books almost without number have been written on various subjects for girls, probably very few have attacked the frivolous and questionable things of girlhood as this book will, fewer still have ventured to speak of the secret sins, and surely none have held up the Bible plan of salvation and spotless purity as will these plain, simple letters to “Our Girls.”

The author’s thorough knowledge of the things concerning which she writes, coupled with the aptness of her phrases, will make her words, so fitly spoken, truly “like apples of gold in pictures of silver” to hundreds of girls for whom Christ died. This work, while it probes to the bottom of truth, is not radical. It contains nothing to stir up resentment in the mind of an honest and thoughtful girl.

Dear reader, do you realize how the girls of to-day are being deceived and led blindly to destruction? how they are wildly chasing the vain phantoms of pleasure, society, and fashion? how the devil is making matches that mean misery? My friends, this book will show plainly the subtlety and folly of these things, and the power there is in the blood of Christ to make “whiter than snow,” to enable our girls to live without sinning and to have the Spirit ever within their own hearts to decide all the perplexing questions of this life; in short, the book will show just how “our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a temple.” See Psa. 144:12.

Now thousands will want this book as soon as they know about it; a million girls should read it before a year rolls around; so far as price will be concerned, all can have it.

BUT at present it looks as though the book could not be published this winter. There are not typesetters enough here at the office to do any book work. They have all they can do to set the TRUMPET and THE SHINING LIGHT and a very little work on small tracts. We are earnestly praying God to send other thoroughly saved workers whose hands are consecrated to pick type for the salvation of souls. Dear reader, of either sex, will you unite your faith with ours, that our prayers may be answered speedily and the publication of this book begun at once? Will you see if GOD WANTS YOU in any way to HELP ANSWER THESE PRAYERS?

One of three things must be — God must furnish consecrated workers; or he must supply the means to hire this and other good books published and bound; or, God forbid! the books cannot be published. God may move some saved girl or woman or some other person to furnish the means to hire the type set for this book. If so, amen.

Just a word more. God does not want YOU to come here — unless you know you are all given up to “go through” for God; unless you can keep your eyes off from every thing and every body else and walk with Jesus alone; and unless he CALLS YOU to work for him, and perishing souls, and you can do all you do as unto God and not unto man. Then indeed is this work glorious. “Who then is willing to consecrate his service [margin — to fill his hand] this day unto the Lord?”






DEAR SAINTS: Greeting to you in the name of Jesus. O my soul doth magnify the Lord this morning for his goodness to me! As I look about me and see the awful deceptions of the devil and sin abounding on every hand, as it does in this awful city, dragging thousands and thousands of our young men and women down to misery and crime, hell and destruction, I am made to praise God with all my heart that he saved my soul when I was the age of twenty years. O how can I praise him enough! After he saved me, I then dedicated my life, time, and talents all to him, and as clay in the hands of the potter, so I placed myself in his hands to be made a vessel fit for the Master’s use. Some three or four weeks passed by, when one night I felt led up into some very large rocky hills to spend the night in prayer, and about three o’clock in the morning a voice straight from heaven told me to arise and go to Chicago. I at first wanted to hesitate, but the burden was too great and I must obey God. The way soon opened up and that in a very wonderful way, and I landed in this large wicked city Jan. 8, 1895, with no one but Christ with me; but I felt more than conqueror through him that loved me. Hallelujah! My earnest prayer was then for God to lead just where he wanted me. And I consulted no man whatever, but I so entirely out myself in the hands of the Spirit I knew he would lead me. Praise his name!

Two nights afterward, Jan. 10, in a very miraculous way I was led into the slums of Chicago, and into the Open-Door Mission, which had then only been run a few weeks. Although a perfect stranger to every body, I found a large audience patiently waiting for a preacher that night who had failed to come, and I was asked to fill his place. O praise the Lord! I was made to feel perfectly at home at this place, and oh how sweetly I was made to feel the smiling approval of God upon me. Shortly after that the Lord put it entirely into my charge.

Since my first night in the Mission, in the slums of Chicago, I have ceaselessly night and day preached the gospel that saves, transforms, and delivers from sin and Satan, and makes a man a new creature in Christ Jesus. Thousands of poor homeless and friendless men and women have come into our little lighthouse and heard the simple story of the cross, and how Jesus will save the vilest wretch; and with tears in their eyes, their hard, stony hearts melted, come to the altar and there plunged into the fountain in the house of David and their vile sins were washed away.

I have seen at times in this little Mission, every seat in the house a mourner’s bench, and every man in the house crying out, “My God, my God, what shall I do to be saved?” You talk about miracles; I believe these are the greatest of the nineteenth century. Among these men and women are some of the most noted criminals, thugs, thieves, and safe-breakers in the country, and they get thoroughly saved. Let me give you two cases of the many.

One was that of a man thirty years old. His father was hung on the gallows for murder. His mother died from drink and filled a drunkard’s grave. This boy was raised on the streets in the slums of a large city and consequently was educated on vice and sin of every description. From the age of eighteen to thirty he had spent most of his time in prison for cutting and shooting when under the influence of drink. The second night after having been released from penitentiary, after serving a long sentence, he wandered through the slums of this city, contemplating taking his life, for he knew his weakness and it would only be a few days until he would be sent back. On he wandered until he came to the Open-Door Mission, and he entered; and there he heard the simple story of the cross and gave his heart to Christ. He was dirty and in rags, but Christ took him in Hallelujah!

Four months passed by, and one night there came into our meeting a nicely dressed, clean looking man. He said nothing until time for testimony. When he arose, he told how four months before he came into the Mission a poor sinner with an inherited appetite for drink, and that God had that night saved him and taken away the appetite for liquor and tobacco, and had made a man out of him. He found employment in another city and was testifying for Jesus everywhere he went. Praise God for it all!

The other is a young man who tells his own story.

“Having been raised by poor yet Christian parents, I had from my childhood and earliest recollections instilled into me the lesson of truth and honesty. Becoming of the age I was, I felt like no more depending on the old folks to care for me. I I left one morning the old homestead to go to the large city in the West to make a living for myself. I remember well with what elastic spring I stepped, and what a bright hope glowed in my heart as I left the train that pulled me into Chicago.

My whole ambition was to find work. Never before had I felt more eager for a position of almost any kind than I did then to win my way by honest toil. I had good clothes and nice clean linen and a little money to pay my way for a few days. My first day in the city I spent in locating myself, and then the next morning early, with a newspaper in my hands, went to answer advertisements. But to my surprise I found for each advertisement almost two hundred individuals for the places. So I had no show. I then would go from store to store and from shop to shop with a firm determination to get work. One day passed without success, and another, and another, but the thought cheered me ‘better luck tomorrow. It has been said, ‘Hope springs eternal in the human * breast.’ In my case it was to be tested. Days soon ran into weeks and still I kept on patiently and hopefully, and with great cheerfulness. Courtesy and politeness often met me in my inquiries for employment; but always the answer would be, ‘We have plenty of help; we want no one just now,’ etc.

After weeks and weeks of this hard search for work I found myself without any money. My linen was dirty, and then I began to realize my helplessness for the first time. Rather than send to my folks for money I pawned what little valuables I had until all was gone. Hunger began to gnaw at my stomach. I sold my overcoat and then pawned my clothes and bought a cheaper suit. This went on until I stood in the streets of Chicago, ragged, penniless, and hungry. And now it was starve or steal. I fought hard against the tempter, but he overcame me and I became a thief.

But O how glad I am that I found at the Open Door Mission a place to lay my weary head and something to eat; found friends, and best of all, Christ, who saved my soul, and keeps me each day. Praise his name! Yours in Christ,”

R. G.

Now dear saints, I wish I had space to tell you of many who have been saved. It would surely touch your hearts. I have many trials but have learn ed precious lessons through them all. My heart goes out for these poor fellows who are without a home. Oh do pray for them, dear ones! Then there are fifty poor men who are released from our bridewell each day, and I am told out of the fifty men twenty-eight have not a penny or friend, or any place to go, and are left to roam the streets until hunger so gnaws at the stomach, that they are compelled to snatch the pocketbook from the careless women who walk the street, only to be captured again and sent to prison.

Page 3

Oh dear ones, these dear ones do call for your sympathy and prayers! Oh how I do praise God that he has called me into this work, and I would rather have this place in the dark slums, and wade through the barrel houses, kneeling in the dirty sawdust, praying with these poor men and girls, than to be an archangel. Praise his name! I am more determined to live a life of faith than ever before, for all our needs, which are great. My one prayer now is to get out of debt. My dear ones, do pray for me.

Now I must break to you all the sad news that our Open-Door Mission is closed for lack of means. Oh how sad it is! We still have the upstairs, but our meeting-house is closed. I have about $10000.00 offered us if only we will organize a board of directors of worldly men; but this I cannot consent to. This place must be free for God. And I am more determined to live by faith than ever before. And I shall not waver. I do know according to God’s word that he will deliver us. So, dear ones, pray to this end, and while I do not ask for money, nor shall I, you let God talk to you, and if he puts it into your heart to send in any, we will praise him for it. I thank you all and do praise God for $100.00 that has come in since Oct. 1, 1896. May God bless you all for what you have done already. Now while we give our life, time, talents to this work, ask God what part he wants you to have in it. Yours in Christ, seeking for the lost,



News from the Field.


OXFORD, ALA., Nov. 16.

DEAR SAINTS OF GOD: I am glad to report victory on the Lord’s side. Truly the dear Lord did give us a glorious feast at this place. Thirteen dear souls were buried with Christ in baptism; sixteen happy saints partook of the ordinances of feet-washing. Truly the Lord has raised up a sweet little church at this place. Any one of God’s little ones coming this way will find a welcome home with Sister Sallie Morgan. I will leave here for Calera, Ala. Pray for us. Your sister in the one body,




DEAR TRUMPET READERS: We are happy to report victory through the name of Jesus. Hallelujah! The meetings are still in progress and we feel that God is working. Have received five dollars since our last report and it will take not less than one hundred dollars to complete the carpenter work. However, we have purchased one load of lumber and another heating stove, and by the grace of God we shall importune until this work can go forward. We did not realize the necessity as we do now, until God had put us in this work. Our food is very plain. Sometimes we get to the last meal, then we can ask in earnest, “Give us this day our daily bread.” Of course, we could no doubt get to a better place by moving on, but the poor must have the gospel preached to them. When we go out among the people, we find many who live so poor with no work and no money. Surely we ought to be willing to endure hardness for the sake of poor souls, and will do so gladly; but we feel that the work must go on. Amen. our brother separated unto the gospel,




DEAR SAINTS: I am happy to be able to once more report through the TRUMPET, the goodness of God to me. I praise God this morning for his saving and keeping power! Since leaving Grand Junction last July, I have been engaged in meeting at the following places: De Soto, Victoria, Poynor, Mountain View, Clifton, Hutton Valley, and near West Plains — all in Missouri. We have seen our labor rewarded by the salvation of a few souls in these places. We closed meeting near West Plains last Wednesday night, bade farewell to dear Bro. Hester and wife, with whom I have been laboring, and returned to this place, where my wife has been making her home for the past few weeks.

Wife and I expect to remain here the most of the winter. We are trusting the Lord to supply us with the necessaries of life while here; and he says, “My God shall supply all your needs, according to his rich-es in Glory by Christ Jesus.” — Phil. 4:19. Praise our God! Any one desiring to write to us address us at this place. Your saved brother and sister,




DEAR BELOVED TRUMPET READERS: We are praising God for peace and glory in our souls and can report victory in Jesus’ name. The dear Lord has brought us back to the city of Titusville again to be used by him in sending forth the glorious truths of the gospel. The meeting began almost two weeks ago. The congregations are increasing and God is moving, by his Spirit, on the hearts of the people. The little church here is on the advance for God and backsliders are returning to Father’s house, where there is bread enough and to spare. Praise God forevermore! From here, the Lord willing, we will go to East Branch, twelve miles from this place. Pray for us and the work.

We wish to report through the TRUMPET that the trouble that existed in the church at Rootville is all settled, and things are in a flourishing condition. Bro. Riggle is expected to be there with our help to begin meeting the first of February. We close with much holy love to all. Your brother and sister,



STOKES BRIDGE, S. C., Nov. 17.

DEAR SAINTS: Praise the Lord for salvation of soul and body! I am free. Though I have been silent for some time., so far as saying anything through the TRUMPET is concerned, yet I have not been idle. Since my last report I have labored at the following places: Stokes Bridge, where I trust the saints are more fully established in the Word. At Ashton, in Sumter Co., where one backslider was reclaimed and the saints strengthened. At Lamar, where a number consecrated for Bible salvation, and ten followed the Savior in baptism. At Smithville, where the enemy had crept in with heresy and captured one William Marthis. I found him possessed with a faultfinding, picking spirit. We labored with him and tried to restore him in meekness, but failed. He at once fell in line with those spirits that were cut off in Darlington last spring. God sends forth judgment and draws the line. Pray God to be merciful to him that he may yet repent and get salvation. His is a clear case of delusion, if not hypocrisy. I have held also in the vicinity of Green Plains a few meetings, where the Protestant Methodist people kindly opened their meeting-house for us to preach in.

There will be an assembly meeting at Lamar, S. C. beginning Dec. 5, to continue as long as the Lord wills. All lovers and seekers of truth are invited. Your saved brother,




DEAR TRUMPET READERS: I have been in east Tennessee for about one month. I have had two meetings; during the first one several souls got saved and delivered from sectism. Praise the Lord! After closing that meeting I went down to another place and began to hand the truth to the hungry souls. That meeting lasted nearly two weeks, then had baptizing. Seven were baptized in the watery grave. To God be all the glory! I will have to go back to Alabama before long. Cannot some of the workers come in here and preach to these people? There have been eight calls in different places for meeting since I came here, so I cannot fill them. Surely God is wanting some one to come here. It makes my heart ache to hear them beg so for the gospel and to think that I cannot go and preach to them. Oh brethren, surely God wants some of you to come to preach to them! You need not to be uneasy, nor afraid that you will not be taken care of, for you will be. Sometimes when they would come to me and ask me to go and hold a meeting for them and I could not, it would make them feel so bad. Oh brethren, you do not know how hard it is for me to leave them begging for the truth. May the Lord awake every soul to do his duty. I will give you the name of one of them, so you will know to whom to write. Bro. Carroll Hutsell, Vigor, McMinn Co., Tenn. My address will be Hay, Alabama. My love to all of the readers of the TRUMPET.






The saints at this place have a mission established at 660 King St, and a school is very much needed, and greatly desired by the saints at this place, as well as elsewhere in South Carolina and Georgia, in connection with the mission. The public schools are not suitable places for saints’ children because of the association of the unsaved.

In addition to the common school branches, the children will be taught the way of salvation. In fact the main object is the salvation of the children. Now quite a number of children are ready for the school just as soon as God shall provide a teacher. One is needed who is qualified to teach not only the school books, but also by precept and example to teach salvation. There is no salary here for a teacher, nor money to keep up the school, but it will be supported entirely by faith in God. We believe that God has some one who is consecrated for this place, and that he will bring it forth in his own time.

The little mission room now occupied by the saints could accommodate a limited number of pupils at the present, and as the school would increase, no doubt God would provide greater accommodations. This mission and school is among the colored people. Whoever is moved of God to take charge of this school must expect to hold God to supply all needs. The saints here are all poor.

I humbly pray God to move some humble, consecrated soul to take charge of this work. All communications concerning the school must be addressed to Bro. R. J. Smith, 660 King St., Charleston, S. C, who is elder in the church of God and in charge of the mission. We ask the saints to pray with us in behalf of this work. Your humble saved brother,




DEAR SAINTS OF GOD: We do ask God’s choicest blessings upon you all — those that have met the conditions of Bible salvation, to advance on every line and to be established in the present truth; and those that have not complied with the requirements of God’s word. See to it that the sin of omission does not become the cause of the loss of your precious immortal soul.

Since our last report through the Gospel Trumpet Brother W. H. Miller had returned to Ohio. I still remained in Perry Co., Pennsylvania holding meetings. Two dear souls followed the blessed Lord in the ordinance of baptism, four were healed. To God be all the glory. The church of the living God in Perry county was in a good condition spiritualty when I left.

From there I went to York Co; Pennsylvania, to Longstown, and held forth the truth in Jesus’ name to the dear people for one week at brother Milton Arnold’s house. Good order and strict attention to the word prevailed. Two sisters claimed healing, to the glory of God. Praise his Holy name! Two meetings were held at Green Hill, one at Stony Brook, and one at York. Eternity alone will tell what has been accomplished in those meetings. Will say I found a very sociable, clever, and benevolent people in York County. May the Lord bless them abundantly with Bible salvation, and also bless them for their kindness shown to me while among them.

At York I took train for Chambersburg, Pa., where I met dear Bro. W. H. Miller and we had one meeting at that place. One soul consecrated for pardon. To God be all the glory. November the seventh we took train and came on through to Virginia. Are now holding a meeting near this place. The battle is being pushed to the gate in Jesus’ name. People are hearing the Word. The Lord is sending forth conviction on the people. Three raised their hands for prayer.

We shall remain here for a short time, then will go wherever the Lord leads. Pray for us that the Lord use us to his glory in rescuing of perishing souls for whom the dear Savior died. I am happy to report that I am still saved and kept by the mighty power of God, with the victory over the world, the flesh, and the devil, reigning in this life by one Jesus. Amen. Your brethren,




DEAR READERS OF THE TRUMPET: In the name of Jesus we greet you once more. Having an urgent call to Chicago, I bid farewell to the Trumpet family November 17, and spent a few hours in that city. While there met Bro. Tufts of the Open Door Mission, and found him rejoicing in the love of Jesus, and while the mission room is closed for the present for lack of means to pay the rent, yet the two upper stories, or flats, of the building are being used the same as before; also the work in general there appears to be in a prosperous condition as far as we could learn.

Dear* Ones, the closing of that room bars out hundreds of poor homeless men from having a place to sleep, except in a drunken state on the floor of saloons and barrel houses; and deprives them of hearing the gospel preached. This should not continue thus, for fear there be a crying out in the day of judgment because some have failed in doing duty.

Much help has been rendered by those who sent in letters containing ten cents or more. We feel that the Lord is moving the work in Chicago, and that the way will soon be open for it to spread as never before.

Arrangements are being made now and prayers sent up, to have a general assembly of the saints of God, in Chicago beginning about the middle of February and continuing about fifteen days or as long as the Lord may direct. Brethren, there is much depending on this meeting, should it be held. It will probably take several hundred dollars to rent a suitable hall and accommodations, advertise, and provide the necessary literature for distribution. It should be advertised so as to reach people from cities and all parts of the United States. Several tons of books, tracts, and papers should be provided and distributed at the meeting. Let us all pray that the Lord may open the way for such a meeting, and that the children of God may gather in from every direction, and especially God’s holy ministry; and that the word of God be preached in all its purity and his power be manifest as in the days of the apostles.

Leaving Chicago Tuesday evening, arrived at Louisville, and there met Bros. Schell, Warren, Pike, and a number of other saints of God who were assembled together in the Lord, and we expect a glorious and profitable time in the name of the Lord.

About Nov. 24, we start with Bro. Schell for St. Clair, in eastern Tennessee and stop a few days in a meeting near Tullahoma. After that meeting we hope to make a short stop at Fayetteville, Tenn. and Huntsville, Ala., if the way opens for meetings. Arriving at Hartsells, Ala. about Dec. 12, we expect to meet in an assembly of the saints about four or five miles east of Hartsells, and remain until time to reach the assembly meeting in Mississippi beginning December 22. We also have a call to attend a general assembly in Augusta, Ga. in January which we would be glad to attend if it can begin by Jan. 1.

Unless the Lord directs otherwise we expect to visit those places, then return home. We ask the earnest prayers of all the Trumpet readers.


The Sabbath,

Or Which Day to Keep.


186 pages. Cloth, 30 cts, Paper cover, 10 cts.

This book exposes and uncovers one of the greatest delusions of the age. Thousands of persons through the influence of false teaching, are led to believe that the seventh day (Saturday) is the true Sabbath, and all who fail to observe it will be forever lost. This doctrine is positively and clearly proved by scripture and authentic history, to be utterly false and is entirely overthrown. Solid and convincing evidence is given proving that Sunday is the proper day to observe.


Millennium Doctrine Refuted.


98 pages.Paper cover, 10 cts.



This, like the seventh day-Sabbath doctrine, is another huge deception by which millions have been deceived. The eternal word of God, however, is here brought to their rescue and this Age to Come doctrine is proved to be false and without foundation. The book consists of fifteen chapters, the last or which gives a history of the millennium doctrine and its true origin. The binding and loosing of Satan is clearly explained and many other mysterious points cleared up. This little book should be in every home.



Grand Junction, Mich.

Page 4

Divine Healing.


His Willingness to Heal.

DEAR afflicted ones, you who are weighed down with pain and sorrow, or languishing upon your beds in sickness and distress, do you suppose it is the will of God for you to continue thus? We answer, No. We read in his word that Jesus “bare our sicknesses,” upon the cross. He did the suffering for us, that we might be made free from sin and disease. He invites us to receive at his hand health and happiness. Will you claim your own? Will you insist upon having it? Have you fully obeyed the words of the Lord in order to obtain? Are the words of health and healing really abiding in you insomuch that in case of accident, or an attack of sickness or disease you can turn it all over into the hands of the Lord and believe for the manifestation of the power of God in making you whole, and that the devil has no part nor lot in preventing it?

Some may think they can never reach such a point. It can be reached. You can reach it. It may take some effort on your part more than you have been putting forth, or in a different way perhaps, but you can reach it if you will; it is for you as well as for your friend or neighbor. Jesus died for you. He bore your sickness and sorrows, as well as your sins. If you carry them about any longer it is your own fault. You are responsible. You are to blame.

It is true, the flesh is weak and humanity is subject to manifold temptations, sorrows, and afflictions; but the Lord is the great deliverer. “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth him out of them all.”


GURDON, ARK., NOV. 8, 1896.

DEAR BROTHER BYRUM: I received your kind letter stating that you had prayed for my little boy. Praise the Lord! he is well; and we give God all the glory. He came home from school one day feeling very bad, and was soon taken with a high fever, which continued several days. Some tried to get us to give medicine, and his fever was so high that I did not know what to do. We kept praying earnestly, and had sent a request for prayer to the Trumpet Office, and I laid my hands on him and asked the Lord to heal him; for he says in his word, “These signs shall follow them that believe: they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover;” and I said, Lord, I know I believe. In a little while the fever left him, and by morning he seemed almost well. We give God the praise. Yours in the one body,



Divine Love.


“LET love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good. Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honor preferring one another.” — Rom. 12:9, 10. Dear saints, let us not only love in word, but let us prove our faith by our works; and if we see some of the saints lack on this line, m ay the Lord help us to show them that we have love for them.

I have seen a lack of real love in my own experience in some cases in the past. When a brother would get a little distant, I would think it best to let him alone and be a little distant myself. Oh dear brethren, let us not when a brother gets a little cold, get further from him, but let us get closer to him and show more love for him, and by so doing we may gain our brother.

“Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother.” — Matt. 18: 15. How shall we go to our brother? We should go in a spirit of love, and show him that we tell him his faults because we love him, not because we want to have the name of being the means of getting him straight.

“My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.” — 1 Jno. 3:18. “By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God and keep his commandments.” —  1 Jno. 5:2.

We can do something that the Lord commands us to do and yet it will not amount to anything, if we do not have the Spirit of meekness.

“We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. He that loveth not his brother abideth in death.” —  1 Jno. 3:14.

“If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar; for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?” — 1 Jno. 4:20.

My dear brethren, do we love one another as God loves us? God help us to love one another.


“Love worketh no ill to his neighbor: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.” — Rom. 13:10.

Dear saints, do we love our neighbor as God commands? He commands us to “love our neighbor as ourself.” Do we realize that our consecration reaches the will of God? We are sorry to say that we hear many testify to a complete consecration that have never reached it. What does it mean to love our neighbor as ourself? Let us turn to the word of God and see what it says.

“Say not unto thy neighbor, Go, and come again, and to-morrow I will give; when thou hast it by thee.” — Prov. 3: 28. We often see men professing to be saints, who, if their neighbor comes to them for something to eat, will say. “Go and try to get it somewhere else, and if you cannot get it I will let you have something.”

Brethren, what we have belongs to the Lord; it is not ours, and if we love our neighbor as ourself, it is his if he is needy; because God says to let him have. Then if what you have is consecrated to the Lord and the Lord says to give to your neighbor, will you do it? “Well,” says one, “when I know that the Lord wants me to give, I will do so.” My brother, if you have a complete consecration, you are close enough to him to know what he wants you to do.

We do not mean to leave the impression that it is your duty to open your doors to everybody. God only requires us to give to him that needeth. When a man can help himself and will not, and depends on being kept up by others, God does not require us to give to him.

Now let us let our light shine, that the world may see that God has a church that shines as a city set on a hill. We do not want to make our light shine, but just let it shine. Often we see people try to make their light shine by giving to the poor. But the Word says, “Though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing.” — 1 Cor. 13:3.


“Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbor, and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.” — Matt. 5:43, 44.

We see by Christ’s language here that we should not only love our neighbor but love our enemy. Is there any end to love? Certainly there is not. Love God. Love one another. Love your neighbor. Love ‘your enemy. Do good to them that hate you. Are we standing on the whole word of God? “If ye love them which love you, what reward have ye?” — Ver. 46.

Brethren, I do praise the Lord for salvation, that does enable us to keep his commandments. He says, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” God help us all to live so close to the Lord that our enemies will know that we have something that the world has not; and may we never be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good.






DEAR READERS OF THE TRUMPET: I feel led to write my testimony for the first time. I am saved and praising the dear Lord for saving my soul. I would like to see everybody come to God and get saved. Pray for me that I may ever stand true to God. Your brother in Christ,




DEAR SAINTS OF GOD: I will write my testimony for the first time. I can say that I know that the Lord saves me now. I am so glad for this plan of salvation. Praise his name! For by God’s word we can know that it is the only true way. And by the grace of God I am going to press onward and get all that God has in store for me. Praise his name! Your brother in Christ,




DEAR BRETHREN AND SISTERS: I am still praising God for full salvation in my heart. I have forsaken the pleasures of this world and I am willing to suffer for Christ’s sake. Praise his holy name forever! I am saved in Jesus’ blood, saved to sin no more. Will you pray for me that I may prove faithful? I remain your brother in Christ,




DEAR SAINTS OF GOD: I professed last spring and was baptized and enjoyed myself for some time, better than I do now. I live up to all the light I have but have craved to be sanctified. Now dear saints, I desire all your prayers. My side got so it didn’t hurt much until I worked too hard. I have neuralgia in my teeth and head, and liver troubles. Pray for me to be healed and sanctified.




DEAR SAINTS AND TRUMPET READERS: I want to write my testimony once more to the glory of God. The Lord wonderfully saved and sanctified me, and gives me the victory over all the powers of the enemy. Praise his holy name! The Lord is my physician for soul body. He healed my little girl of lung trouble, for which I give him all the glory. From your sister in the one body,




DEAR SAINTS OF GOD: I praise God for a full and a free salvation that keeps us saved from all sin. I am saved and sanctified wholly. Praise God for it! I praise the Lord for sending the pure light here in this place, and for his power to heal both soul and body. My oldest child was sick a few days ago. I prayed for her and she was healed by the power of the Lord. Dear saints, I do ask the prayers of all of you for my unsaved wife and myself. Your brother in Jesus Christ,




I feel like praising the dear Lord for what he has done for me. It is over ten years now since the Lord saved my soul. About two years after that he sanctified my nature by a second work of grace, and, glory be to God, I can look back over my past experience and see his goodness and mercy to me. He has brought me through the fire of many hard trials, and this morning my soul is crying victory through the Lord Jesus. He has made me well and happy. A river of peace flows over my soul. I have proved his promises true time and again. Praise the Lord!




DEAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST: I do praise God for this salvation in my blessed Savior, who saves me by his mighty power. The devil afflicted me with diphtheria. I took medicine for one day and grew so much worse that my throat bled. I felt in my soul that if I didn’t take God for my healing I could not live very long, and when I asked God if it was his will to heal me, the devil would try to make me believe that I could not have faith to be healed; but, praise God, I sent for the elders, and was anointed according to James 5:14, and was wonderfully healed of God. This is the third day since I was healed, and my throat feels as well as ever it did. Glory be to Jesus! Praise his holy name for a living faith in God, that we can take him for our physician at all times. I ask the prayers of all God’s children that I may be sanctified wholly unto God, that I do his whole will in all things. Your brother,




DEAR TRUMPET READERS: I feel it will be to the glory of God to tell what he has done for me. I am sweetly saved and my soul is basking in the sun-light of God’s love. Praise the Lord for a Savior who is able to save the soul and body! Last June I came to the Lord by faith and he saved me from sectism, in which I had walked with the world for twenty-two years. But bless his holy name, I stand free in the Lord Jesus Christ: for whom the Son maketh free is free indeed. I am praying for the sanctification of my nature. I am fully trusting him for all things. A little over a week ago I was taken with typhoid fever, of which the Lord healed me. The next day or two I was taken with diphtheria. My brother and I took my case to the Lord and I was wonderfully healed again. And at different times the power of the Lord has been manifest in our home. How sweet to trust Jesus for all things’ I want to be hid with Christ in God. I am so glad the way is narrow. Glory be to God! Your saved sister in the one body,




DEAR TRUMPET READERS: I feel led to testify to the goodness of God, through the TRUMPET for the first time. I am praising God every day for full salvation. Praise the Lord! Nineteen years ago, last March God for Christ’s sake, forgave my sins. I lived along, sinning and asking the Lord to forgive me, until last January, ignoring the idea of living a perfect life in this world. But God in his mercy sent some of his servants here preaching the gospel in its purity and I found I was not living to the privilege I had according to the scripture. I saw when I measured myself by the Bible standard, that I was wanting. I accepted the truth and sought the Lord in prayer. The Lord gave me the witness that I could live without sin in this present world. So I set about it without a real experience, as I thought an instantaneous work was just a notion; but the Lord would never allow me to say I was sanctified, and he began to show me my faults. I tried to consecrate myself to his will. So it pleased God to send some of his faithful few near here, for which I praise his name. They told the truth so plain that I could see they were standing where I was not. Then I just gave up all and threw myself at the feet of Jesus and got the witness, and have been able to say I am sanctified, ever since. Glory to his name! I had catarrh in my head nineteen years standing, and an affliction of throat caused by the grippe. The Lord has healed both my throat and my head, and I have not had a severe attack of headache this fall; for when I take the headache, I just ask the Lord to heal my head, and he does so. To him be all the glory. Your sister, saved and kept through the blood of Jesus,





In Every Thing Give Thanks.

“IN every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” — 1 Thess. 5:18.

“Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,’’ – Eph. 5:20.

We believe that every thing is the will of God, permitted or ordered, unto us; hence it is our duty at all times, under all circumstances, and for all things, to offer praises to that worthy name by which we have conquered the world, the flesh, and the devil.

But have you grace to render thanks to God under all circumstances? You can praise him, no doubt, in prosperity; but can you praise him in adversity? You can praise him when you have a fine prospect for bountiful crops; but can you praise him when your com and wheat are withering, in the drouth, beneath the parching rays of the sun? You can praise him at the feast, but can you praise him in the famine? Can you say like David, “I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth?” — Psa. 34:1.

But it is not enough that we have the praises of God continually in our mouth, for there is such a thing as a drawing near to God with our mouth, and honoring him with our lips when our heart is far from him. But we should become so spiritual, and so filled with gratitude to God, that praises will constantly and spontaneously burst forth from our heart. Then when a “praise the Lord” falls from our lips, there will be no feeling of shame or mortification as is ofttimes the case with souls who are deficient to some extent in spirituality

Why should a sensation of shame steal over our being when our mouth speaks praises to God’s worthy name in public places? When we meet at depots, upon the streets, etc.? Such should not be the case, and where it is, more of the true humility of Christ is to be sought. We should seek to become so filled with the sweetness and lowliness of the Savior that we would not feel out of our place when speaking forth the praises of the Most High in the midst of the streets, thronged with haughty scoffers, and those who tread upon the cause of Him in whom we live, move, and have our being.

“I will give thee thanks in the great congregation: I will praise thee among much people.” — Ps. 35:18. “I will greatly praise the Lord with my mouth; yea, I will praise him among the multitude.” — Ps. 109:30.

But true humility will not only make us happy when we ourselves speak forth the praises of God, but will cause a fountain of joy and gladness to spring up in our hearts, when we hear the praises of the Lord in others. David says, “I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul shall make her boast in the Lord: the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad.” — Psa. 34:1, 2.

Truly a humble heart will be made glad at the hearing of the praises of the Lord at all times and in all places. And when praises from the lips of true saints stir up anything opposite to gladness in our hearts, we may know that we are deficient to some extent in spirituality. “O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together.” — Psa. 34:3.


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