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28 May 1896, Volume 16, Number 22.



We conquer ill and all distress,
By sinking into nothingness;
For in our nothing we are such
That nothing can our nothing touch.

Our enemies their arms prepare;
They smite but find us empty air;
For when we see the lifted rod,
We leave ourselves, and hide in God.

We always know which way to run,
And thus all threatening dangers shun;
In vain they seek: they cannot find
Our hiding place in God’s great mind.

And when they undertake to smite,
They find that God is in the fight;
And God and nothing make them know
A great and sudden overthrow.

— Selected.


He Lived it as our Example.


JESUS Christ as a man on earth, giving to the world the perfect system of religion, acting as one sent from God to accomplish this very work, and to enunciate its principles and set forth its duties, doctrines, and ethics, himself became the living embodiment of all he taught. His Father’s doctrines all centered in his own life. He advanced a religion and proved its truth and practicability by acting it out himself, and thereby proving his own faith in it, and giving a perfect example unto all coming generations. He illustrated, every principle, of his religion and doctrine by doing those things himself which he required of others. This takes the Christian religion entirely out of the realms of the merely ideal and imaginative, and reduces it every phrase to the intensely practical. Before our blessed Savior completed his doctrines and set up his church he staid in this wicked world during a specially trying time, when every test which could ever come upon man was applied, encountered, resisted, triumphed over, and therefore he left the world a living example forever proving that his religion could be lived, because he lived it; that it did contain grace and strength to triumph over every foe, because he triumphed; that his followers could live without sin, because he lived that way himself. Before asking others to prove it, he proved it; before requiring others to suffer for it, he suffered; before condemning hardness of heart and unbelief, he triumphed over sin; before placing his principles to guide his followers through life, he tested them himself with his own life.

Everything Jesus Christ requires of us in following him, he fully tested and exemplified in his own life and walk among men. He had so much confidence in his mission that he reduced every doctrine to a reality. Born without sin, this represents the new birth when we become Christians; going about doing good, this represents the normal condition of his followers; suffered shame and endured sorrow, hunger, persecution, and death. This foreshadows what a complete consecration is to embrace and prepare to face.

The life of Christ as a man is an eternal affirmation to every man who will follow him that he can live his religion, above sin, in a practical way; and at the same time it forever gives the lie to the formal professor that says we cannot live without sin. Jesus gave us doctrines requiring purity; his apostles completed the same by inspiration, enlarging thereon, and Jesus Christ lived a pure life. Therefore we can by his grace do the same — yea, if we are disciples we must do the same. Our discipleship is predicated upon following him, being like him, living holy lives. Jesus gives us this one dogma which settles all quibbling on this line. “Every one that is perfect shall be as his master.” Again, “whosoever does not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple.” Mark the words! “Whosoever,” “bear his cross,” “come after me,” cannot be my disciple.” Ominous, significant, unchangeable. Ye silkhat, gold-head cane, band-box, palace car, five dollar-per day hotel, soft clothed professors and preachers, no wonder you oppose holiness. Ye worldly-minded, puffed up professors of holiness, full of isms and sectarian pride, no wonder you are in good standing with all classes. Ye people who are having your good things, your portion in this life, weep and howl, for the miseries that are coming upon you! Like Christ! You are no more like him than sunshine is like darkness. Truly is wisdom justified of her children.

No man on earth, living like Christ, having his spirit, loving his word, showing forth his praise, will oppose perfected holiness for believers. He cannot. As well might a man who eats oppose cooking, or a man who drinks whisky oppose distilleries.

— Holiness Herald.


Errors of Dunkardism.




“Now the first day of the feast of unleavened bread the disciples came to Jesus, saying unto him, Where wilt thou that we prepare for thee to eat the passover?

And he said, Go into the city to such a man, and say unto him, The Master saith, My time is at hand; I will keep the passover at thy house with my disciples.

And the disciples did as Jesus had appointed them; and they made ready the passover.

Now when the even was come, he sat down with the twelve. And as they did eat, he said, Verily I say unto you, that one of you shall betray me.” — Mat. 26:17-21.

In the above scripture we notice the following facts:

1st, That this supper was eaten on the first day of the feast of unleavened bread.

2d, That it was the Jewish passover supper that they ate.

3d, That after the disciples had made ready the passover, Jesus sat down with the twelve, and ate the passover.

Mark, in relating the same circumstance, says, “And the first day of unleavened bread, when they KILLED THE PASSOVER, his disciples said unto him, Where wilt thou that we go and prepare that thou mayest eat the passover? * * *

And his disciples went forth, and came into the city, and found as he had said unto them: and they made ready the passover.

And in the evening he cometh with the twelve. And as they sat and did eat, Jesus said, Verily I say unto you, one of you which eateth with me shall betray me.” — Mark 14:12, 16-18.

Luke says, “Then came the day of unleavened bread, when the PASSOVER MUST BE KILLED. And he sent Peter and John, saying, Go and prepare us the PASSOVER, that we may eat. * * * And they went, and found as he had said unto them: and they made ready the PASSOVER. And when the hour was come, he sat down and the twelve apostles with him. And he said unto them, With desire I have desired to eat this PASSOVER with you before I suffer.” — Luke 22:7, 8, 13. 14. 15.

Here we have the teaching of these three apostles upon this subject, and nothing could be more clearly evidenced, to the unbiased mind than that they perfectly agree in the following facts; viz.,

1st, That on the. FIRST DAY of the Jewish feast of unleavened bread, the disciples desired to know of Jesus where they should go to prepare the PASSOVER, that he and they might eat it.

2d, That Jesus gave them instruction where to go, that they might meet a certain person, who would show them a room furnished, and there to make ready THE PASSOVER.

3d, That they obeyed his instruction, made ready, and killed THE PASSOVER.

4th, That at the hour appointed, Jesus came and sat down with the twelve, and they ate THE PASSOVER

Hence, there is no reason, for all this quibbling about the supper that was eaten by Jesus and the twelve, the night he instituted the communion, bread and wine, or Lord’s supper. For the Word declares repeatedly, that it was the PASSOVER SUPPER.

We will consider the disciples’ question: “Where wilt thou that we prepare for thee to eat the passover?”

They knew of no other supper to be eaten at this time, it being the time that the JEWISH PASSOVER SUPPER MUST BE KILLED AND EATEN. Luke 22:7. Jesus told them, when they entered the city, they should ask the man with the pitcher, “Where is the guest-chamber, where I shall eat the PASSOVER with my disciples?” Verse 11. Thus showing, that he intended to eat the PASSOVER; and when they had made ready the PASSOVER, and Jesus sat down with them, in his remarks about what they were eating, he says, “With desire have I desired to eat this PASSOVER with you before I suffer.” Verse 15.

This is positive proof that they were eating the JEWS’ PASSOVER SUPPER, on and at the very time that the Jews ate it.

Having so clearly proved this to be so taught in the word of God, I will now notice some objections, that our Dunkard friends offer to the same.

One of their strong objections is this; “That it could not have been the Jewish passover supper, that they ate, because they ate it two days before the time to kill the paschal lamb.”

Now I shall explain their only hold for such an assertion; and with the word of God it stands or falls. Hence; “To the law, and to the testimony; if they speak not according to this Word, it is because there is no light in them.” — Isa. 8:20

Here is the text they use as a basis, for such argument.

“And it came to pass, when Jesus had finished all these sayings, he said unto his disciples, Ye know that after two days is the PASSOVER, and the Son of man is betrayed to be crucified.” — Mat. 26:1, 2.

Here is the fact taught in the above text; namely, That two days before the passover, Jesus reminds the twelve of the same, and of the near approach of his crucifixion. And by following right on down, in verses 3, 4, 5, we find an assembly of the chief priests, and the scribes, and elders, with Caiaphas, in consultation how they might kill Jesus. And in verses 6-13, we find Jesus sitting at meat, “Flesh or food; food in general,” in the house of Simon the leper, the woman with the precious ointment anointing him. The disciples complain of the waste; Jesus tells them she had done a good thing for his burial, which should be spoken of, wherever the gospel is preached. And in verses 14-16, we find Judas Iscariot going to the chief priests, desiring to know how much they would give him, and he would deliver Jesus into their hands. They agree to give him thirty pieces of silver. He now begins to seek an opportunity to betray Jesus into their hands. And now we come to the 17th verse, and find the disciples coming to Jesus on the first day of the feast of the passover, desiring to know where they should go and prepare the PASSOVER, that he might eat it with them; and in Mark 14:1—12, we find exactly the same truth.

Thus it is evident, that in these scriptures we have the following facts:

1st, That two days before the feast of unleavened bread, Jesus uttered the language of Mat. 26:1, 2 and Mark 14:1. “After two days is the feast of the passover,” etc.

2d, That during those two days, the chief priests, and the scribes, and elders assembled with Caiaphas in consultation how they might kill Jesus.

3d, Jesus sat at meat, at Simon the leper’s, and the woman came and anointed his head. The disciples complain of the waste, etc.

4th, Judas Iscariot, goes to the chief priests, desiring to know what they would give him, and he would deliver Jesus into their hands. They agree to give him thirty pieces of silver, and he begins at once to seek opportunity to betray Jesus into their hands.

5th, That the two days had now expired. And the first day of the feast of unleavened bread had come, verse 17. and the disciples began to make ready THE PASSOVER. Thus positively proving, that after the language of Jesus, in Mat. 26:1, 2 and Mark 14:1, the two days had now expired, and the first day of the feast of unleavened bread had come, and the disciples made ready THE PASSOVER, and Jesus sat down with the twelve, and they ate the JEWISH PASSOVER.

Hence, the claim that Jesus and the twelve ate the PASSOVER two days before the Jews ate it, is utterly obliterated by the word of God, and clearly proved to be false. Thus we see, those blind guides are completely confounded, and left without a foundation for their much idolized soup supper. They are now driven to a more extreme stand, in order to defend their god (sect), saying, “It could not have been the Jewish passover, for the Word does not say they killed the lamb, neither can it be proved that the lamb was killed that year.”

Oh what blindness! In this they show their ignorance of what the passover consisted; or if not ignorance of the same, it must be base dishonesty. Let me point all such to Ex. 12:1-28, and there you will find that the passover consisted of a lamb of the first year, without blemish, which they took up on the tenth day of the first month, and killed it on the fourteenth day, which they roasted and ate with unleavened bread and bitter herbs. Please read Lev. 23:4-8, and Num. 9:1-5.

Thus we see, it is clearly evident that the passover consisted of the lamb they killed, the bitter herbs they gathered, and the unleavened bread.

Hence, when the disciples made ready, or prepared the passover, it is but rational to conclude, that they killed the lamb, and got the bitter herbs and the unleavened bread ready. And now Jesus came and sat down with the twelve, and they ate the lamb, bitter herbs, and unleavened bread; in fact they ate the Jewish passover. Neither Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John said they killed the lamb; but both Mark and Luke say the passover “must be” and was “killed,” which was the lamb and nothing else, for the lamb or kid was the only thing to be killed in connection with the passover.

I ask, Who, therefore, in honest candor can fail to see that the Paschal lamb was killed by the disciples, and eaten by them and the Savior? I answer, only those under the anti christ spirit, and deluded by false teachers, who have left the old landmarks and have given their attention to building up something of their own inventions, in order that they might rise to conspicuousness in the world.

Oh, the awful blindness, and learned ignorance, of those who have a little sect which they idolize and are trying to uphold by the word of God, which never was intended for that purpose! This Dunkard structure, being thus leveled to the ground, their dignitaries are again driven to the sea of sect confusion and falsehood for something to sustain their little craft. Soon they return with the most ignorant argument they could find, saying, “It could not have been the Paschal lamb, because John says they had “sop,” hence they must have cooked something in order to have gravy or soup.”

I will now quote their text upon which they base this assertion. See John 13:26. “Jesus answered, He it is, to whom I shall give a sop, when I have dipped it. And when he had dipped the sop, he gave it to Judas Iscariot, the son of Simon.”

In the above, the Word says they had “sop;” not gravy or soup, as our Dunkard friends say. I will now convince the reader that neither of these are in harmony with the scripture.

1st, Gravy. — “Juice of COOKED meat.” You see I cannot accept that, because the lamb was not sodden, seethed, or cooked, but roasted.

2d, Soup. — “A decoction of flesh, vegetables, etc.”

Decoction. — “An extract of anything, made by boiling.” I cannot accept this, because it would have had to be boiled to make soup, and the lamb was roasted.

Hence, these are impositions which are intended to delude the people, and which any fair mind can see, are not implied in the scriptures; but they had “sop.” It is clear enough to the unbiased mind, that in roasting a nice fat lamb, the tallow or sop would broil out of it sufficient to dip in it a bit of the unleavened bread, which Jesus gave to Judas. I consider this too lame a point in the Dunkard platform to spend space upon.

Oh that men would drop their false ideas that conflict with the word of God! It would rid them of many cares, and perplexities which they have gotten into by their erring from the truth. See 1 Tim. 6:10, 20, 31. I suggest that all such poor blind souls get a real experience of Bible salvation. It is clearly seen that the wisdom of those men is brought to nought, when God’s word is turned loose on them. Nothing is clearer than the fact that the sop which Jesus gave to Judas, was that which broiled out of the Paschal lamb. Hence there is no foundation for the Dunkard soup supper in all the word of God.

Yet they continue to cry, Soup! soup! soup! soup! and say, “It is impossible that they ate the Jewish passover, for the chief priests objected, lest it should cause an uproar among the people.” True, they wished to avoid killing Jesus on the feast day, because that rendered them unworthy to participate in the seven days feasting, for it took them seven days to purify themselves. We find in Lev. 23:5, 6, it is said, “In the fourteenth day of the first month at even is the Lord’s passover. And on the fifteenth day of the same month is the feast of unleavened bread unto the Lord: seven days ye must eat unleavened bread.” Again we read, “And in the fourteenth day of the first month is the passover of the Lord. And in the fifteenth day of this month is the feast: seven days shall unleavened bread be eaten.” — Num. 28:16, 17.

Thus we see that the feast, on which they wished to avoid killing Jesus, was the feast of unleavened bread that they ate on the fifteenth day of the month. The Paschal lamb having been eaten the evening before, or the fourteenth, hence the seven days following were termed the feast of the passover. See John 19:14, etc. “And it was the preparation of the passover, and about the sixth hour.” The Paschal lamb having been eaten the evening before by Jesus and the twelve, as well as by all the Jews, there can be no other reasonable interpretation of the above text, than this: they were preparing the feast of unleavened bread, oft the fifteenth day of the month. See Luke 23:16, 17. Mat. 27:15-18.

For the benefit of the reader I will just say that Dunkards themselves teach the very same doctrine I have here set forth. When they talk about the Sabbath, they acknowledge the Christian Sabbath to be right; and that makes Jesus to be crucified on the fifteenth in order to lie in the grave three days and rise on Sunday. But when they talk of the feast, they claim Jesus ate the passover two days before the Jews killed the lamb; which makes him eat the passover four days before the feast of the fifteenth, and to be crucified one day before the Jewish passover, and two days before the feast of unleavened bread, which makes him to rise from the dead on the sixteenth, or Friday, and two days before the Christian Sabbath. Hence you see their doctrine will not harmonize with itself, say nothing of harmonizing with the Bible.

We will now notice the language of Pilate: “When Pilate saw that he could prevail nothing, but that rather a tumult [wild commotion; uproar] was made, he took water, and washed his hands before the multitude, saying, I am innocent of the blood of this just person: see ye to it.” — Mat. 27:24. It is evident that Jesus was crucified on the very feast day on which they wished to avoid killing him; and it did cause an awful uproar among the people; not only so, but the very earth was shaken, insomuch that the rocks bursted open, the vail of the temple was rent, and many that were in their graves came forth. See Mat. 27:50-53.

Thus we see, they were utterly confounded, both in avoiding killing Jesus on the feast day, and in raising an uproar among the people. So intent were those wicked professors on getting rid of this troublesome fellow (Jesus), that they did not regard the feast of unleavened bread, nor the law. They seemed to think that by crucifying him they would be rid of him, and their wickedness would no longer be exposed by him.

But, oh how I thank his dear name, that he did rear the temple again in three days, and now lives and reigns above; yea, in the heart of every man and woman, who is cleansed by his blood from all sin and defilement, and they reign with him. See Rom. 5:17. “For if by one man’s offence death reigned by one: much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness SHALL REIGN IN LIFE by one Jesus Christ.”

It is evidently true in these days as well as at the time of the crucifixion, that, just as Jesus was a pest and rebuke to those wicked Jews, just so, his word when handled by his holy ministry, is a pest and a rebuke to all their modern brethren or Dunkards.

Hence I would say to my Dunkard friends, You have no foundation in all the word of God for your invention, the soup supper. But you are left entirely outside the Bible, with all other sects and false religions, which are full of confusion and sin. And by upholding such institutions, you do err, as Jesus has said, not knowing [understanding; perceiving; or recognizing] the scriptures nor the power of God. See Mat. 22:20.

G. W. Howard.

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THURSDAY, MAY 28, 1896.


Jas. T Blake, Augusta Clark, E. D. Wilson, Jennie C. Rutty, J. A. Dillon. H. Slaughter, M. A. Green.


We are in need of a baker, and if the e.. is a consecrated young man whom God can use to bake the bread for the Trumpet family, we pray the Lord to send one of his own choosing. We could also find employment for a good artist and engraver, one who can make suitable illustrations for books, papers, etc. As the work increases more workers will be needed in other departments. We make mention of this as some may feel directed to come, not knowing there is a place for them. Such persons should write us.


Grand Junction camp meeting, June 10-19


If convenient bring a tent and come to the camp meeting. Do not stay away because you are poor, come to do good, or get good.


It may be well to call on, or write to your railway ticket agent, a few days before time to start to the meeting and see if rates have been granted over the road you desire to travel, and whether or not they have certificates, as some small offices do not keep a supply until requested.



The general camp meeting will be held June 10-19 at Grand Junction, Van Buren Co., Mich. We are expecting a glorious meeting on account of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the children of God at that time. People are writing us from various parts of the United States, Canada, and even from Europe that they are expecting to be at this meeting. Every lover of the truth is invited. Those seeking salvation or deliverance from the powers of the enemy, the sick and afflicted, all are invited to come and hear the word of God preached in its purity and find deliverance through the power of the Lord Jesus Christ, as “faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Brethren everywhere are expecting this meeting to be a noted time on account of the wonderful work of the Lord, and we would say that if you expect to see the power of God manifest in an unusual manner you must come with unusual faith; that is, if your faith has not been up to the Bible standard. Come in the faith of the Lord Jesus, doubting nothing.

We ask all the saints everywhere to join in special prayer on Sunday, May 31, for the success of this and other camp meetings, and also for special prayer on Sunday, June 14, for the power of God to be manifest at this meeting in the healing of the sick, and for the deliverance of souls from the powers of the enemy, and a general advancement in the cause of Christ. Ministers and workers are expecting a better qualification for the work of the Lord on the apostolic line. Let us pray that all may be better qualified than ever before.

As this will be a general camp meeting and great crowds of people are expected it will be necessary for as many as can, to bring as near a sufficient amount of bedding to keep themselves comfortable as possible. There will be places provided for sleeping. People coming to camp meeting should come for the purpose of working for the salvation and benefit of souls, and not expect first-class hotel fare, but be willing to sacrifice special home comforts and accommodations for the benefit of others. This should be remembered at all camp meetings, and where people can, they should as near as possible come prepared to take care of themselves and also help in caring for some one else. If the Lord should move brethren elsewhere throughout the country to ship in provisions to aid in feeding the people it would greatly aid those who are in charge of that department. There will be a boarding-house where board can be obtained at reasonable rates, and provisions can be obtained on the grounds to supply the tables except on Sunday.


Rates have been procured from the Central Traffic Association over nearly all the roads in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and a portion of Ontario, from Detroit to Niagara Falls and Toronto; Buffalo and Salamanca, New York; and the north-western part of Pennsylvania, on the line from Salamanca to Pittsburg. The north line in Canada includes the Grand Trunk Railway from Toronto to Port Huron and points between, and all points in Michigan, south of the straits, and to the north line of Cook County, Illinois. On the west it is bounded by the west line of Cook County and the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers to Cairo, including Burlington, Keokuk, Quincy, Hanibal, and St. Louis. On the south the boundary is the Ohio River, but includes points on either side of that river. Those coming from beyond those points and desiring special rates will have to buy tickets to some point within these limits. Those within these limits will buy a ticket to Grand Junction and pay full fare and take a certificate of the ticket agent. This certificate they will bring to the meeting, and there it will be signed and stamped, and the one holding the same can return at one-third fare over the same route, but not over any other route. Any one failing to take a certificate will fail to get rates. If the ticket cannot be purchased through to Grand Junction, buy one as far as possible, taking certificate, and every place thereafter where a ticket is bought take another certificate. Always be sure and state that the certificate is wanted for the Church of God camp meeting at Grand Junction, Mich., June 10-19. If one hundred persons come bringing certificates they will receive rates. Sometimes many who come to the camp meeting think it unnecessary to get a certificate where they come but a short distance on the train. To such we would say, buy your ticket and get a certificate and you may thereby aid others in getting their rates. The sale of these tickets will begin three days before the meeting and they will be good to return three days after the meeting closes.

The H. W. Williams Transportation Line will have boats running every night, leaving O’Connor’s Dock at foot of Michigan Street, Chicago, arriving at South Haven, Mich., early next morning. Fare, $1.00. Berths, 25 to 50 cts. Close connection is made with the Michigan Central R. R. for Grand Junction, which is eleven miles away.


Requests For Prayer.


Pray for Jesse Kellar who could never talk plain.

C. J. Weiss, Ramona. — Sanctification and healing.

Anna Kershaw. — For sanctification, and that her unconverted husband may be saved.

Janes O. Blaney, Pendleton. — Desires prayer that he may be restored to God from a life of sin.

Lotta Wisner, Grand Forks. — Daughter partially deaf, result of diphtheria. — Another daughter, healing of eyes.

Pray that my mother may be healed of saltrheum, and effects of La Grippe. Charles E. Crossman, Madrid, Me.

I am bereft of my dear husband and am left a widow with children to care for. Pray that I may be a true mother, and bring them up for God. Ada J. Pratt, Jamestown.

Calls For Meeting.


We desire a tabernacle meeting to be held at Woodston, Kansas to commence in August. Any of the dear saints feelign led of the Lord to hold this meeting can address me at Stockton, Kan, John P. Jones.

Cannot a company of workers come here after the June C. M. and stay a few weeks or as long as the Lord wills? We are much in need of a meeting. Write to Mrs. Fred Hardy, Detour, Chippewa Co., Mich.

Mendon, Mo.

A company of holiness workers sent of God is wanted at Mendon, Chariton Co., Mo. This is a new field; the people are in great darkness. Sectism, secret organizations, whisky and tobacco are the curse of this community. Some company with a tabernacle come in the name of Jesus and show this people their sin. Mendon is on the main line of the Santa Fe R. R. from Kansas City to Chicago. Address me at Mendon, Mo. J. G. Neff.




The McLallen Corners, Erie Co., Pa. camp meeting will be held June 19-30. A general invitation given to all. Those coming by way of Cambridge or Mill Village. Erie line R. R. can notify E. St- John, or John Sanders. Those coming by way of Waterford, Pa. R. R. notify Henry Babbitt, McLallen Corners, Erie Co., Pa. J. A. Dillon and Co.


The coming camp meeting near Elberton, Wash. June 12 till July 5, we feel will be the best meeting yet held in the Northwest. We humbly invite all seekers of salvation, bible holiness, spiritual advancement, or healing of their bodies to come. And ask the prayers of all the saints on May 31, the day of fasting and prayer for the Grand Junction C. M., that you also remember at the same time the Washington meetings, especially the Elberton C. M. F. N. Jacobson, Colfax, Wash.


A camp meeting is wanted at Bliss, Emmet Co., Mich., to begin not later than about July 15. Address J. E. Keiser.


The Clifton camp meeting will be held on the camp ground about two miles north-east of Thayer, Mo., the Lord willing, from July 17-26, or as long as the Lord wills. B. F. Chase, Thayer, Mo.


There will be a camp meeting, the Lord willing, at New Zion post-office, Leake Co., Miss., from July 24-Aug. 2. R. H. Owens.


The camp meeting in Alabama will begin Aug. 6, to be held five miles east of Hartsells, Morgan Co. Bro. Kilpatrick and company and others are expected to be here as workers. We would also be glad to have Bro. A. B. Stanberry, or whoever the Lord directs to come. Come praying the prayer of faith. Noah Duncan, Huntsville, Ala.


Camp meeting at Moundsville, W. Va., July 31, to Aug. 9 This is a good site for a camp meeting, good water in abundance, and one-fourth of a mile from the station. Moundsville is on the B. and O., Penn, and Ohio River roads. Also the Ohio River is navigable most of the summer as far as Wheeling. Excursion rates are expected. Let all that can attend. This beautiful grove has been dedicated to the Lord as a permanant camp ground; we are trusting the Lord to take full charge of this camp meeting and send in the workers, and means to put up the needed buildings. For particulars address Bro. Alfred Tomleson, Moundsville, W. Va.


The Canada camp meeting will be held on the old camp ground in Bro. Swasey’s bush. We would like for it to begin about Aug 13 and last until the 23d. John E. Smith, Fenwick, Ont.


The camp meeting at Stanley, W. Va., is to be Aug. 14-23. G. T. Clayton.


There will be a camp meeting held at or near Ash Grove, Mo., Lord willing, beginning Aug. 27, continue till Sept. 7. Ash Grove is situated on the Kansas City, Ft. Scott, and Memphis R. R., about fifteen miles north of Nickels Junction. This is a new camp ground. Every body come expecting a good meeting. Wm. G. Schell, Geo. E. Bolds.


The Vichy, Mo. camp meeting will be held, Lord willing, on the old camp ground on James Thornton’s place two miles from Vichy, ten miles north-east from Rolla, ten miles from St. James. Parties coming from the East, stop off at St James; those from the West, stop off at Rolla. There will be conveyances out to the camp ground from both places the first two days. Those coming at other times address James Thornton, Light, Mo. Rolla and St. James are both on. the St. Louis and San Franscisco R. R. We are expecting a glorious time. Wm. G. Schell and Geo. E. Bolds.

[No date was given for above named meeting, the brethren will please notify us of the time.]


Camp meeting is wanted about the 1st of October at Phillipsburg, Kan. S. M. Handy.

A New Book. — Just Out.

By E. E. Byrum.

Over 400 pages — 109 chapters. — Illustrated.

It not only instructs the sinner how to get saved; the believer how to become established; and the sick how to get healed, but has some precious chapters on the subject of healing, salvation, faith, trust, trials, temptations and how to overcome them, etc. Also chapters on “How to make the Lord hear,” and “How to make the Lord answer.” Any one can get a benefit through reading it. The cloth books are beautiful, well bound, good plain print. Those desiring to work for the Lord and help souls, will preach many lasting sermons wherever one of these books is placed in a family. Agents find ready sale for them. Send for special terms. Price, paper cover, 35 cts., cloth, 75 cts., morocco, $1.50.




There has been much said about this word love. There has been line upon line and sermon after sermon; but few, if any, of these have reached the real depth to which the word love reaches. The Word says that God is love. Now if God is love, when we get God in our hearts we have love. Can we look into the depth of what the love of God is? Can we fathom the reality of the love of God shed abroad in our hearts?


God so loved the world that he sent his only Son into the world to suffer and die to save the world. Oh can we think what it would be to give our only son to save some one’s life? Can we love with so great love as this? Could any greater love than this exist? When we have said all we can say about this great theme we fear that we have failed to get down to the ground root of its meaning. O praise God for his great love!


In reading the 17th chapter of John we find that there was perfect oneness between the Father and his Son. He says, “I in them and thou in me; that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them as thou hast loved me.” Now, whilst we realize the love that exists between us and our son, we can know what love God had for his Son. And he said he loved us as he did his Son. We see the Son speaking to the apostles in the 15th chapter. He says, “As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love.”

Now in 1st John we begin to find what the Savior meant when he said, “Continue ye in my love.” “Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God.” He says, “Behold what manner of love.” Look down in the greatness of it. Behold it; keep it deep in our minds, the love that he has bestowed upon us. “In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through him.” “Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins;” and to fill us with all the fullness of his love. “Now as his love is so full and complete, and extends so deep in our souls, it causes us to love one another and ties us as closely together as he and his Son. O praise his name forever!


“Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another; and if we love one another, God dwelleth in us and his love is perfected in us.” — 1 Jno. 4:10-11. Now as the love of the Father binds us as closely together as he and his Son; so he says, “If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love.” Then, to keep his love in our hearts we must do what he tells us to do, “even as I have kept my Father’s commandments and abide in his love.” The Father’s love was a perfect love, and the Son’s was the same; and he loved us so dearly that he laid down his life for us, and says, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

O dear ones, have we got this love that we would give our life for our brother? If we should see that he had to be killed, could we say, “Take me and let him live?” This means real abiding love in God, to say, “Take me and let my brother live.” When we say that we love our brother, we want to act toward him as though we mean what we say. For he says we should “not love in word, neither in tongue, but in deed and in truth.” — 1 Jno. 3:18. O may the Lord help us to love one another with fervent love. This means to let our love be boiling all the time toward our brother. “Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.” Now Tomes the striking point. “He that loveth nut knoweth not God; for God is love.” — 1 Jno. 4:8. “We know that we have passed from death unto life because we love the brethren. He that loveth not his brother abideth in death. But whoso hath this world’s goods, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?” — 1 Jno. 3:14, 17. We see that we cannot have God’s love in our hearts and have any ill- will toward our brother. When we say we love, it means to show our love by our works of love to one another.

O may the Lord help us to serve one another in love; for God says that we must love our neighbor as ourselves. This means that we love our brother as we love ourselves and if we see that our brother is in need, we will see after his needs as we would our own selves. Now this was the kind of love that they had in the morning time, and he said the “evening shall be as the morning.” O dear ones, have we come to this point, that we love to see our brother prosper as we do ourselves? Or take the morsel that we have and divide with our brother? This is the kind of love Father wants us to have; and we must come to this point before we are on the apostolic line. May God help us to hasten to this. Now, dear ones, we are convinced that we cannot prosper as we should until we come to the point, that we can show to the world and dead formal professors that we love our brother as we do ourselves. We believe that this will convince more than anything else. O praise the Lord! Oh may the dear Lord help us all to search our hearts and see that we do love with all our hearts. It means much to get down into the real depth of love. Yours in the one body,

G. W. Stover.


News from the Field


Hamill, Pa., May 15.

To all the Saints of God: We are still able to report victory in our souls. While we have not been engaged in holding meeting for a short time, God has been keeping us saved and we can feel that he is settling us deeper down in his will, and no doubt has a deeper line of work for us in the future than we have been able to do in the past. We have been going through some deep trials and very humiliating circumstances of late, but we are conscious that it is for our good. God has been saving a few souls in private meetings for which we glorify him. We are now ready to start forth in the gospel field again and feel confident that we have on the whole armor of God. We expect to hold meeting at Blanco, Cochran’s Mills, and Appolo, and from there go to Grand Junction camp meeting, and after that date feel that God is leading us south. Will probably work down the Ohio Riven visiting the saints, starting from Pitts-

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burg; and will likely visit the Bethel and Ark and then work as God continues to open the way. We have a good tabernacle 28×45. Let all the churches along the way that desire meeting write to me. Address me at Appolo, Pa., care of J. E. Shelhammer, and write soon, so we will have time to make arrangements for meeting. Yours in much holy love, saved and sanctified and kept,

Jerry T. Stowe.


Tulare, Cal., May 15.

To the Saints and Faithful Brethren in Christ Jesus: We wish to notify you that your prayers have reached us and are being answered to the glory of God. We were much blessed in our work at Los Angeles since our last report. The Word opened to our souls more grand and deeper than ever before, in many ways, and if God permits we will tell you more about it later. The dear ones were loth to part with us as we took train May 11th for this place. Meetings had been going on for about two weeks here in tent by Bro’s Bentley, Senseney, Trame, and Jeans. The prospect is good here for a good work. Pray on, dear ones, for us and the work here in California. You may never know on earth how much good you have done by praying the prayer of faith for all saints, and for us, that a door of utterance may be given us. But God will put it to your account. Amen. Much love to all. Address us at Tulare, Cal.

Geo. L. and Mary Cole and Co.


Tubbsville, O., May 18.

Since our last report in the Trumpet we have been at several new places. We were at Montpelier, Siney, Grub Oak meeting-house, and at Meta Mora. These places are all in N. W. Ohio. Bro. Gorden and Sister Worthington have been with us part of the time. There have been some consecrations and a few have been baptized.

While the Lord does not require each one, whom He has called to preach his word, to get an education in the school of men, yet he places them in the best of schools, the school of Christ, and it is only by receiving and living out his own meekness, patience, and humility that we can please the teacher and remain in the school. “The meek will he guide in Judgment: and the meek will he teach his way.” — Psa. 25:9. “Let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.” — Jas. 1:4.

“Be clothed with humility.” — 1 Pet. 5:5.

We are conscious that the favor of God is resting upon us. Praise his name! Pray for us, brethren. Yours in Christ Jesus,

C. H. and Mary Tubbs.


Bazette, Texas, May 16.

Editor Gospel Trumpet,

Dear Brother: Through my friend Austin Hicks, of Louisville, Ky. I received and read the GOSPEL TRUMPET for the first time, about two months ago. I answered a call for meeting from your columns, which was written by Bro. J. T. Holland of Bazette, Texas. I never held a more gracious meeting. God is with us- Blessed be his holy name, forever! Many in this vicinity have been made conscious of complete heart cleansing, several reclaimed, some most remarkable conversions, much tobacco has been laid aside by both popular church members and sinners, and one healed by power divine, during this meeting. I never was so blessed and free since I left the Southern M. E. sect as since I began to hold this meeting for a little band of GOSPEL TRUMPET readers. We are walking in the light as God lets it on our hearts, while seeking for more all the time. We commenced in this vicinity about three weeks ago but soon broke down, having had to do all of the preaching and most of the singing myself. My wife came from Missouri to help in the work. She is doing the preaching now, while I am suffering from a bullet wound received this week from a man who was outside in the dark one night when I was sitting near a window listening to my wife preach the truth. Praise God forever! I enjoy soul rest while my body suffers pain. Still the battle rages. Persecution is as rife to-day as ever before, when we walk in the light of God. May the blessings of our dear heavenly Father rest and abide with you.

W. H. Packard.


Teegarden, Ind., May 18.

To All the Saints of the Living Greeting: We are praising God to-day for full and free salvation. We closed meeting at Linkville Sunday evening, May 10. While in that part of the country, we held a few meetings at the Buffalo school-house, a few in private houses, but most of the time at the union meeting-house in Linkville. The result of these meetings was about ten consecrations, eight were baptized, several sick were healed, many were convinced of the truth, and some under deep conviction requested prayer. We closed with ordinance services in the evening, in which fourteen happy saints took part. The people at Linkville seemed quite interested and wanted us to return this winter and hold meetings again, the Lord willing. We are now at Shiloh Chapel, west of Teegarden, Ind. Probably we shall remain here a few days, then go to the Dice school-house, north-west of La Paz, Ind., and from there start home for the C., M., about June 1. There are many calls for meetings in this part of the country. Some grove meetings will be held through here after the C. M. Brethren, pray for us.

F. W. Simmons, and Co.


943 W. Cabanne Court, St. Louis, Mo., May 19

Dearly Beloved Saints, Greeting: Since we last wrote, we have been engaged in the work near St. James, Mo. First at Bro. Beckham’s; then at “Pisgah meeting-house,” near the Merrimec Spring; also near Cuba; and in Leasburg and a few services at other places. A few souls were saved at all the above named places. The meeting at Bro. Beckham’s, was one of perfect victory, from first to last. It lasted just a week, day and night, during which time the Lord manifested his power both in saving and healing. The church was much strengthened in the faith of the Gospel; to God be all the glory.

The meeting at “Pisgah” was interesting and successful all the way through. It is the neighborhood where I spent my boyhood days; and truly I was exceeding glad to enjoy the blessed privilege of meeting again with the dear ones with whom I had so often met before, and to find that some of them are yet in the service of God and seem determined to continue faithful. We had a very precious season of rejoicing together for about ten days, during which the Lord saved a few souls, and the church was greatly encouraged to move forward and trust God more fully than in the past Seven were buried with Christ in baptism. We also had a very precious ordinance service, in which the Lord abundantly blessed our souls while we were obeying his commandments. (Jno. 13:14. 1 Cor. 11:23-25) Praise his holy name! After the above meeting, we went to the Clinton school-house and held two services with very good interest. Then we held one night in the College Hall in Steelville, where about three hundred people assembled to hear the first sermon that had ever been preached at that place in the evening light. We then went to Cuba and stayed nearly a week. The house was well filled at every service, and the interest was good. One soul came to the mercy seat, and afterward said that she was saved. Two others were baptized. There is a very good opening for meeting any time soon. It any one should feel moved in that direction, you can address Bro. Thos. Hogue, Cuba, Mo., and he will meet you at the station.

In Leasburg, where we stayed only a few days, the meeting was very good. A few souls were saved, and some were healed by the power of God through faith in his word. Praise his name! May the Lord bless all the dear saints where we have been, and keep them ever faithful and true to the end, is our prayer. We are now in St. Louis, having some meetings in a private house; also holding a few street meetings, where we hand out several tracts and papers to the hungry souls that come together on the streets to hear us tell of the wonderful works of God with rejoicing. (Psalms 107:22.) Brethren, pray for us. Yours in Jesus, saved and kept by his power,

Thos. and Lillawah Carter,

Grand Junction, Mich.


Spokane, Wash., Mya 1.

Dear Brethren: May God keep you all on the advance. From Almira, in company with Bro. and Sister Benton and Bro. and Sister Brim, we started for Hunters, a distance of about seventy-five miles. On our way we stopped at Creston, where we held one meeting, which was truly blessed and owned of God. The babe of Bro. and Sister Johnson was taken violently ill, but the Lord gloriously healed it before a crowded house, which brought much glory to his name and resulted in much good for the cause of Christ. Here we were joined in the work by Bro. J. H. Stewart. The next day we (eight in all) continued our journey to Hunters. We began meeting in Harvey Creek school-house Mar. 8, which closed the 22nd with victory for the cause and some good accomplished, in His name. About sixteen professed salvation in this meeting, some of whom were gloriously sanctified. When the testing time came, to walk out in all the light, five or six drew back from the truth, because the narrow way was too straight for them. Several were healed of their bodily afflictions and diseases.

Then we went about twenty miles and began meeting in the Daisy school-house, close to the village of Daisy, Mar. 25, and continued till Apr. 12, closing with glorious results and grand victory for the Lord. About twenty or more were saved out for God, and brought to Zion, from the M. E., F. M., U. B., Catholic, and Baptist sects; and a few sinners, also, were saved and added to the Lord. A dear man, a French Catholic, who had not been to any meeting for about twenty years, came to the meeting, and hearing the gospel of healing and seeing the power of Christ manifested in healing the afflicted, he and his family came to the Lord and were gloriously saved and healed of the Lord. About fifteen came to Jesus for the healing of their bodies, and all, with one or two exceptions, went away healed and rejoicing in the Lord. Spinal diseases, serious liver complaints, heart disease, catarrh, female trouble, muscular rheumatism, deafness, asthma, and other afflictions were removed through faith in Jesus. To God be all the glory and praise forever. A F. M. local preacher declared his freedom and stepped out for the Lord, with glory in his soul. Six happy saints were immersed in the beautiful and historic Columbia River, which was attended with the presence and glory of God. A tabernacle meeting will be held at Daisy about July 10-22.

From the Hunters meeting on Harvey Creek, Bro. and Sister Brim returned to their home near Almira; Bro. and Sister Benton returned to Elberton; Bro. Stewart went on with us. From Daisy we went and held a week’s meeting in the village of Hunters, which was blessed of God. A brother was truly-healed of Bright’s disease of four years standing, and a sister healed of catarrh, which she had for several years. Four happy saints were baptized in the Columbia River, and more to follow in the near future.

We then returned to Creston, and held three meetings which were blessed of God and very profitable for his cause. One sister, who had been quite afflicted, was healed of the Lord. Brethren, the signs and wonders are following, in the Word with power, as never before. Heb. 2:4. Mark 16:16-20. Hallelujah! We are now in the gospel mission in Spokane. God is with us. Several have been healed. To God be all the glory. Amen. Yours in the faith and love of Jesus,


Almira, Wash.



“Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.” – Psa. 119:129.


Augusta, Ga.

Dear Saints: We feel led of the Lord to write our testimony. Praise his name! He heals us in sickness and keeps us free from sin each day of our lives. Pray for us that we may be kept meek and humble at the feet of Jesus. Your saved sister and brother,

Matilda and James Edwards.


Joplin, Mo.

Dear Saints: I am praising God for saving my soul and placing my feet on the solid rock, Christ Jesus. I am learning precious lessons from my Savior every day, and thanking him for this evening light. Praise his dear name! Your brother, saved and sanctified,

Aaron A. Robinson.


Fern, Pa.

Dear Saints of God: I believe it will be to the glory of God for me to testify in the TRUMPET to the wonderful healing power of God. This past winter in December a sore began to come on my right limb below the knee. When it began it was like a small pimple, but it increased and finally became almost as large as the top of a common teacup, and through the day my limb would swell down to my foot. I was in much pain and distress during the assembly meeting at Monterey and we wrote to the church there to pray for me, and the dear brothers and sisters here kept importuning the good Lord for my healing. One Sunday while dear husband was at meeting, and the children and myself were at home praying, the Lord had compassion on me and gave me the blessed evidence in both soul and body that I was healed. My limb began to be well from that hour, and in a very short time I was entirely healed. Glory to our great Physician! I am praising the Lord for real salvation according to the Bible. Our baby has also been healed of something like a tumor on the side of his face, for which we give God all the glory. I send this testimony hoping it may be an encouragement to others who may be almost in despair on account of sickness. Remember there is nothing too hard for God to do. Jer. 32:17. We ask your prayers. Your sister,

Mary Hornbaugh.




BARNER. — Nellie Adell, was born in Geneva, Mich., Oct. 4. 1880; died in Haritort, Apr. 30, 1896; aged sixteen years, six months, twenty-six days. Nellie has gone to rest with Jesus. She leaves father, mother, and one brother and one sister to mourn the loss. May the unsaved yield their hearts to God and meet their loved one gone before. Funeral preached by S. Michels.


LUNDY. — Ethel May, daughter of J. F. and Kittie Lundy, was born at Anderson, S. C., Dec. 10, 1895. and died at Rural, S. C., May 10, 1896; aged five months. God took her from the evil to come. We can say, “Thy will be done.” For he doeth all things well. J. F. and K C. Lundy.


STUTZMAN. — Sister Stutzman of Bellaire, Mich., departed this life to be with Jesus, May 5, 1896; aged twenty-eight years, eleven months, and fifteen days. She gave her heart to God seven years ago and since that time has walked in all the light she bad. She leaves a husband, three children, father, mother, brothers, and sisters to mourn their loss. May the God of all grace comfort and sustain and keep dear Bro. Stutzman in this hour of affliction, and may be so live as to meet his dear companion in glory where there will be no parting. Funeral services by Leroy Sheldon.

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A few Points on Healing.


IS it the will of God to heal all our diseases? It is. Read Psalms 103:3. Jas. 5 14. Psa. 34:19. It is the will of God to heal all our diseases the same as it is his will to save us from all our sins, but every one does not take advantage of the privilege to be delivered from sin by meeting the conditions of the Word, and many who have been delivered from sin do not enjoy their rights and privilege regarding the removal of sickness and disease by meeting the conditions for deliverance from the same.

What must a person do in order to be healed? They must pray, and not only pray, but when they pray believe that they do receive, and they have the promise that they shall have: if they ask for health it is their privilege to have it. Read Mark 11:24. 1 Jno. 5, 14:15. One may receive an answer to prayer alone, John 15:7.) or by two or more praying together, (Mat. 18:19) or by the laying on of hands, (Mark 16:18, Jas. 5:14.) or by receiving a handkerchief from one through whom God works special miracles. Acts 19:12.

Who has the right to lay on hands? We read in Mark 6 5 that at one place Jesus could not do much only lay hands on a few sick folk and heal them. At another time when there were great numbers of the sick brought to him, (Luke 4:40.) he laid his hands on every one of them and they were healed. The apostles laid hands on the sick. Paul laid his hands on the sick and they were healed. Acts 28 8. The Word says, “These signs shall follow them that believe they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” — Mark 16:16-18. The Lord has bestowed such gifts of healing upon those in the church whom he can use to his glory, and with whom he can trust these gifts. In case of emergency it is the privilege of any one who has healing faith to lay hands on the sick and ask God to heal them, if they feel so directed of the Lord. If there are elders present, it is the place of the elders to lay on hands.

Did the apostles anoint with oil for healing? Yes, we read in Mark 6:13 that they “anointed with oil many that were sick and healed them ”

Is it right to anoint with oil now? Yes, the elders in the church of God are instructed in James 5:14 to anoint the sick with oil.

Is there any virtue in the oil of itself? No: but when used by the command of the Lord his virtue accompanies it.

Why would it not be as well to dispense with the oil altogether? We may just as well dispense with any other part of the Word which the Lord has commanded. The benefit

is derived through the obedience, and not through the oil alone, and when one is instructed to use oil there is not a perfect obedience until the Word is fulfilled by the use of it. Naaman the leper was not healed because of the curative power of the waters of the river Jordan, but because he dipped himself therein in obedience to the command.

What kind of oil should be used for anointing? Where we read of the sick being anointed for healing, oil of olive was always used, and that is what should be used now. For other purposes ointment was used, which consisted of various ingredients.

Should the elders be sent for before the physician, or after? Where a case is put in the hands of the Lord there is no physician needed but the Lord, who is the Great Physician.

But was not Luke a physician? Yes, he was before the Lord sent him to preach, but you never read of him practicing medicine after that time. The Word of God does not give a physician a very good recommend when compared with the Lord Jesus. You know Asa sought not the Lord, but doctored with the physicians, and died. 2 Chron. 16:12. In Mark 5:26 we read of a woman who had an issue of blood for twelve years, and she “had suffered many things of many physicians, and spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse.” Many people of to-day can testify to the same experience, and are still in a wretched condition. Luke tells us about the same woman in Luke 8:43. “And a woman having an issue of blood twelve years, which had spent all her living upon physicians, neither could be healed of any,” came and touched the hem of his garment and was immediately healed by the Great Physician Jesus Christ. And we read in Hebrews that he is the same “yesterday, today, and forever.” — Heb. 8:13.


A few Words on Advancement.


DEAR Saints of God: I feel like saying a few words in regard to spiritual advancement. For some time I was earnestly looking to God to show me how and on what lines he would have me advance.

The first thing God showed me was, that there were several cities I had to take; in other words, he had given me light through his word, on certain “little things,” which I had been rather slow about walking in. Before I could make any progress I had to become a perfect overcomer on every point God had shown me. Before God will give us advanced light we must have every thought brought into obedience and subjection to Christ our living head. Just at this point is where the devil deceives and overthrows so many souls. They hear others talking about making advancement and they think it means to get some wonderful revelation or manifestation from God; accordingly they set about praying God to advance them and perhaps God has shown them numbers of “little things” to lay aside and given them much precious light in his word and they have neglected walking in it. When they ask God to advance them they are not where God can talk to them and their souls are thrown open to the many deceptions and delusions of the devil.

Oh, my dear brethren and sisters, we are fixing in the most perilous time ever known. The devil is going about continually, seeking whom he may devour, and if you are not conscientiously walking in and measuring up to all the fight God has given you in the past, you ought never to expect God to do any thing for you in advancement. You may get wonderful revelations and manifestations, but it will all be in your head. What you need is to ask God’s pardon for disobedience and then measure to every ray of light God gives you and diligently inquire of God his will at all times and obey him by meeting every requirement of his word; and by walking in the light, which is the Word, your soul will expand, develope, and increase with the increase of God.

Before we can possibly make any spiritual advancement we must have all our life, time, talent, will, property, yea, everything we possess, consecrated to and trusted away with God, by making an everlasting covenant with him to be eternally true and loyal to God and his cause, regardless of consequences, though it may cost us all we possess; even our lives we are not to count dear, unto death.

Dear ones, you who desire to make spiritual progress, you had better search and dig about your consecration, see if it is complete and if all your life in every particular is pleasing and acceptable to God. Probably you have not committed any outward sin in open disobedience to God’s word, but have just permitted the devil to take the advantage of you. When God gave you light on any particular point and you did not move out promptly, the devil came along and whispered that it was not altogether necessary to retain salvation that you walk in the light, you could at least wait awhile; and instead of resisting him, you listened to him a while and soon got muddled up and confused in your experience. Such souls need to get established and settled on the Word before they begin to ask God for wonderful advancement.

May God help us all to keep our hearts open to his voice. He does not only speak to us while in prayer, but gives us light and understanding through his word. If we hold to one little thing which. God’s word condemns, and have light concerning it either by reading the Word ourselves or hearing it preached by God’s ministers, we can never advance as long as we hold to it. Every shore line must be cut, every tie sundered that would bind us to earth and earthly things, and then God will move us out.

As I said before in regard to my own experience, as soon as I had become a perfect overcomer on every point God had shown me, he began to give me an understanding of what it meant and how to advance. A great many pray for advancement and expect God to give them some wonderful feeling in some mysterious way; but God’s word teaches us that the trial of our faith worketh patience; and patience, experience. If you desire an increase in your experience, endure patiently the trials and tests God permits you to go through and it will yield the peaceable fruits of righteousness to your soul. I prayed in the beginning of this year for greater advancements than I had ever made before: he at once showed me that greater advancement meant greater battles, stronger trials and tests, and by patient endurance and rejoicing in the same, greater victories. I am praising God for the privilege of being one of those who are purified, made white, and tried. Yours in Jesus,

Nora Siens.


Christian Unity.


(Continued from last issue.)



WE find the Church set forth also as the family of God, and this figure is a correct and beautiful representation of his church. “I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named.” — Eph. 3:14, 15.

“The house of God which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.” — 1 Tim. 3:15.

The word “house” is here used in the sense of household, as when Joshua said, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” — Josh. 24:15. In Gal. 6:10 it is called “the household of faith.” Of this family God is the Father, and all Christians, his children. “Come out from among them [from all classes of sin and sinners] and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing, and I will receive you, and will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.” — 2 Cor. 6:17, 18.

Now since we see that the church is the family of God, let us notice in what respects it is like a family. First, all members of the family have the same Father. When a Christian bows in prayer he calls upon God as “Our Father,” thus acknowledging his sonship; and farther, we all have the same mother, as Paul says, “Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all.” — Gal. 4:26.

We are also “born of God,” which makes us members of God’s family and gives us all the rights and privileges of sons. As children become members of their father’s family by birth, so sinners become members of God’s family through spiritual birth, and not by joining it. The idea of to-day that men can join the body of Christ is just as sensible as it would be for you to go over to your neighbor’s house and say to one of his sons, “I have come over to join your father’s family.” Has that son the right to receive you and make you a member of his father’s family? Suppose he should say, “Come right along; you may be one of the family, and be just the same as the rest of us.” Would this make you a member of the family? The father would have to give his consent before you could even stay in the family. But suppose the father, though he did not give consent to your staying with the family, would not make you leave, and you should then go around calling yourself the son of the head of the family, would this make you his son? You would be no more his son than any one who never saw him. The only way a son can get into his family is to be born into it.

So with the family of God, you must be born into it to be a son. You may go to as many preachers as you please and they “receive you into the church,” but you are no more in the church when you get through than you were before. You may join a sect and get a profession, but that does not make you a member of God’s family. Only by spiritual birth can you become a member, and only by spiritual death can you cease to be a member. If you want to become a member of the church, repent of your sins and be “born of God, and no other process is needed. And after becoming a son of God, to remain such is to keep spiritual life. Spiritual death being the only thing that can cause us to cease being members, then the way to continue to be a member is to avoid everything that can cause death. There is but one cause of spiritual death, and that is sin. “The soul that sinneth, it shall die.” — Eze. 18:20. “Sin …. bringeth forth death.” — Jas. 1:15.

Therefore to avoid (spiritual) death we must live without sin, as every child of God does. “We know that whosoever is born of God sinneth not, but he that is begotten of God keepeth himself, and that wicked one toucheth him not.” — 1 John 5:18. “Oh, I don’t believe any one can live without sin,” says one. To state this in other words it would be. “I don’t believe a child of God can keep spiritual life.” But God says, “This is the bread …. that a man may eat thereof and not die ….. If any man eat of this bread he shall live forever.”


Another plea for sectism is, “We must have organization.” True, organization is necessary, but what is the purpose of organization? It is to give unity of effort in that which is desired. What is God’s desire in his church? Is it not that his name be glorified and his Word fulfilled? The organization, then, that God wants is one that will bring this about, and sectarian organizations do not, in any sense, aid in this. Sectarian so-called organization is division instead of organization. Instead of bringing Christians into unity it erects barriers to separate them.

We must have organization, but let it be the kind that the Bible teaches (See tract Visible Church Organization.), one that will bring all Christians into perfect unity. This organization must be of God and not a manmade system of machinery. “But what will hold us together?” says one. What holds your family together? Is it your names being on the family record, or the love you have for each other? Love is the bond of union and if we have that love in our souls for God and his children, there will be no room for division of any kind.

Many desire the unity of all Christians, yet overlook the secret of unity. As before stated, this unity is a personal matter. Christian unity can be obtained in one way, and only one Get in perfect harmony with God. with everything that is displeasing to him removed, and you will then not be troubled about being in unity with other Christians so far as your own case is concerned. Harmony with God means harmony with his people. Thank God! many are now seeing the Bible standard of unity and are rejecting all the works of man and turning their cases over to the great Physician for the healing that destroys the cause of division, and the pure united church of God shines forth in all her brilliancy as in apostolic times, when “the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and one soul.” — Acts 4:32. As a result of this unity, “Great grace was upon them all.” Ver. 33. And so to-day, when God’s people are one, great grace is upon them all, and God works “all in all after the counsel of his own will.”

Dear reader, is there anything that separates you from any other child of God? If so, you had better begin to inquire as did the apostles, “Lord, is it I?” If you are so diseased in your soul that Satan can put the spirit of division into your heart, surely you have need of the services of the Great Physician, and the sooner you turn your case over into his hands the better it will be for your soul, through all eternity.

And now in this evening time as the “saints return to Zion” shouting praise to the Lamb for victory over “the beast, his image, and the number of his name, and God’s church is again shown forth in all her glory, our souls are made to rejoice that through the mercy of God we, too, have been healed of our spiritual maladies. Your brother in the one body of Jesus Christ,

C. W. Naylor.



Why not Work in Earnest?


IT seems to me, beloved brethren, that it is possible for us to spread the evening light faster than we have heretofore, and I believe the Lord is moving me to make a few suggestions.

When I consider that this old sinful world is peopled with about 1400,000,000 inhabitants, which is about 280,000,000 families; and the Trumpet is making its regular weekly visit to only about 6,000 families, or one in every 46,666, it grieves me. What have we been doing, during these sixteen years of the evening light age. Instead of 6,000 the Trumpet ought by this time to have 600,000 subscribers. Instead of one press having a capacity of 1,700 an hour, we ought to be operating twenty-five presses with a capacity of 25,000 ach, an hour.

But can we excuse ourselves with the thought that we have done what we could? No, beloved, because many of us have means laid up for ourselves, in direct disobedience to the commands of God, that the Lord would long since have set to preaching the blessed gospel if it had been fully consecrated to his service. $100,000 could be devoted to the spread of the truth immediately, and God’s people would still have an abundance of capital to carry on their secular business. Brethren, selfish and covetous people cannot hang to this reformation much longer. The fire and the word of God will cut them off, if they do not “render unto God the things that are God’s”.

The Gospel Trumpet Publishing Co. has began a great work, that will prove successful in the spreading of the pure gospel, which should be completed immediately. It is that of mailing a bundle of Trumpets, for free distribution, to every post office in the United States, where the Trumpet has not hitherto been sent. They have been taking them in alphabetical order, and have gone about halt way through the letter A at an expense of a little more than $100. To complete this great work, another press would have to be purchased, because the one in use is incapable of doing the work now on hands. Many manuscripts of valuable books that ought to be published and cannot be soon with the present equipments, are lying here. Also several thousand dollars would have to be raised to pay for paper, postage, etc., to furnish the distribution of Trumpets over the nation. Why can we not perform this work? Why spend a half century at what can be done during the current year?

And I do not see why the Lord’s publishing house cannot be fully equipped with a book-binding outfit? Think how many of the devil’s publishing houses are equipped with everything needful to send out broadcast their trashy literature, while the Lord’s publishing house must have its hands tied, and be half provided with the necessary means of spreading the unadulterated truth. God will bring us to account for this very thing, brethren. $10,000 could be set to preaching the truth at this office within sixty days. If anybody has means which he feels like using to spread the gospel, and does not feel the Lord wants him to donate it to the Publishing Co., let him buy a printing press, or other machine, much needed here, and place it in the office to be used for the Lord, and hold it as his own private property. It matters not to the brethren whom the Lord has placed in charge of the office, who owns these machines, just so they can be free to use them for the Lord. Brethren, let us get to work in earnest.

I have no doubt that some of the dear ones sometimes wonder if the means sent in to the Trumpet Office are properly applied to the work of the Lord To all such I would say, it would be well if you could visit the Trumpet Office sometime and see how marvelously the work is moving on. I have spent some time here, and must say that according to my judgment every cent is very judiciously, and economically utilized in the Lord’s good work. The workers also are industriously engaged early and late. Ofttimes the press is kept running part, and sometimes all night. I appreciate the labors of these faithful ones as they toil night and day with no remuneration but board and clothes. And they are willing to work still harder, and operate another press, and such other machines as are needed to carry on this great work, if somebody who has means would only purchase them. Who feels like making an investment for eternity?

W. G. Schell.

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