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1 November 1889, Volume 9, Number 21.

One With Jesus.


One with Jesus, O how sweet,
O to reign with Him complete
Now we can with Him abide,
Since we’re wholly sanctified.

Jesus saves me, this I know
He has washed me white as snow.
And I feel a flow of love
From His crystal throne above.

I shall trust Him by His grace,
I shall see Him face to face;
When I pass from earth away
To the realms of endless day.

Sinner come to Jesus now,
Come and at the altar bow;
Jesus Christ, the life, and way,
Will save your soul this very day.

Lucy Cobb.



Benwood, West Va. Feb. 8th 1889.

Mr.D. S. WARNER, Editor of the Gospel Trumpet:

Dear Bro: For several months, at somebody’s expense and good will, I have been receiving your paper, the Gospel Trumpet; whoever the sender may be, I take this opportunity to thank him or her for the favor.

With respect to the motive and teaching of your paper, I cannot say that I am ready yet to endorse it all. Now one of your objects, clearly stated by you, is to destroy all religious sects, or “sect babylon,” Well, I ask: suppose you succeed in doing this, either in part or wholly, what then? Leave them lie in ruins, or use the material to build another sect? How is it possible for you, and others, to engage in destroying other sects, or even to be unitedly opposed to them, without becoming a sect yourselves? a sect, in all that that word implies literally? Am I right in presuming that it is not the different religious bodies, or sects, as bodies or sects, literally speaking, that you object to and oppose; but to the ungodliness, worldliness, and hypocrisy that reigns therein? Or do you and the Trumpet family oppose all forms of church government, discipline or organization? I would be pleased, Bro Warner, if you or some of the readers of the Trumpet, would write through your paper, on the subject of church organization and government: or the Church of God and its workings. I would like to be informed particularly and minutely, the teaching of the Trumpet on this subject I want to say further: in regard to the general makeup of your paper, I have no objections. The experiences especially, I think are certainly rich, spiritual, and biblical. May the Holy Ghost lead you into all truth. Amen!

Henry M Hawkins.


Pleasant Valley, Pa. Mar. 10, ’89.

Dear Bro. Warner: — Your Gospel Trumpet contains many things that interested me. But I must confess that I do not fully understand the stand-point you take. You call all other religious bodies, sects, and babylon; and yourself, saints, and the Church of God. I have nothing to say against your doctrine on baptism of believers, Lord’s supper, feet washing, healing by faith and prayer, and holiness: but I cannot see where you have the right to call you the Church of God, and all other religious bodies, sects. So far as I can judge, you are only building a sect among other sects. In the time of reformations, the Protestants called themselves tha Church of God, and the Catholics, babylon. So almost all other denominations, while they get out of other denominations and forming a new one, they looked at the old one as dead, as babylon etc. and at themselves as the true Christians, or Church of God There are among the many denominations that teach almost, if not fully, the same scriptural doctrines as you do. I know over in my neighborhood they call themselves “Mennonite Brethren in Christ.” They teach baptism, Lord’s supper, feet washing, regeneration, sanctification, healing the same as you do; but to your definition, they would be a sect, and babylon; and you the Church of God. Now where is the plumb-line between you and them? Are you not an organized body? Do you not form committees when there are a number of believers in a neighbor-hood? Have you no ordination of ministers, and have you no church officers, and church discipline, and church rules by which you regulate things among you? I am no sectarian, but I belong to a so-called sect; but I do not believe that our “sect” is the Church of God, but I believe that there are among us, some true and living members of Christ; and I believe the same of all other religious bodies. I would be much obliged if you would give me a clear explanation of the stand point you take. May be I would then get a clearer insight of it.

Yours Truly in Christ.

Jacob S. Moyer



WE seem to see and feel in both the above writers a good and candid spirit of inquiry, therefore we take pleasure in answering so far as we are capable. About the same points appear in both letters, so we will answer them together.

1st. We say to Bro. Hawkins, that we mean what we say, i. e. the “destruction of sect babylon,” and not. simply the “ungodliness, worldliness, and hyprocrisy that reigns therein.” The way to destroy the evils of an evil thing, is to destroy the the thing itself; and the greatest sins in the sects is the sin of sectism itself. It is the mother of all the sins in sectism. We do not believe in always sprouting an evil root, but in taking out the root itself,

and then all the sprouts must die. Why should we preach against the pride and worldliness in the sects, and not against the sects that breed them? The same Bible that forbids the former, also says, “there should be no schisms (sects) in the body.” This Book is the true standard by which to know what is sin, and what is not; and since it forbids sects, we must classify such institutions with all other sins, and evils condemned by the Word.

“Suppose you succeed in doing thus, (destroying sect babylon) what then? leave them lie in ruin, or use the material to build another sect?”

Ans. We do just as the Word of God tells us to do: for thus saith the Lord: “And I will render unto Babylon and to all the inhabitants of Chaldea all their evil that they have done in Zion in your sight, saith the Lord. Behold I am against thee; O destroying mountain, saith the Lord which destroyest all the earth: and I will stretch out my hand upon thee, and roll thee down from the rocks, and will make thee a burnt mountain. And they shall not take of thee a stone for a corner, nor a stone for foundations: but thou shalt be desolate forever; saith the Lord. Set ye up a standard in the land; blow the trumpet among the nations, prepare the nations against her.” — Jer. 51:21-27.

We leave “her cities a desolation, a dry land, and a wilderness, a land wherein no man (spiritually living man) dwelleth, neither doth any son of man pass thereby.” — Jer. 51:13. We leave babylon a burning, smoking mass of rubbish, and take not one stone from her for a foundation. We build no sect, hence need none of her material to build with.

“How is it possible for you and others to be engaged in destroying other sects, without becoming a sect yourself?” “So far as I can judge, you are only building a sect among other sects.”

Here is a vital question: can men come out of sects without forming another? Let us appeal to the Word of God and to facts, first then let us learn the meaning of the word sect; it is defined in Webster’s Unabridged as follows: “Sect” from Latin and Spanish secta, to cut off, to separate.” A sect therefore, is a cut off faction from a general body. The word sectism is from the same root, and we all know that section means a struck off, or cut off part from the whole. A sect is a party of men who are divided from the general body of christians by some peculiar creed or doctrine which they hold, and to which they give special prominence. Therefore any name, creed, or organization which constitutes professed christians a body or party, distinct from the body entire of christians, which is the body of Christ, constitutes them a sect. Any religious organization professing the christian religion, which does not include all christians in Heaven and earth is a cut off faction.

Next let us see what the Bible says, of sects: “That there should be no schisms in the body; but that the members should have the same care one for another.” — 1 Cor. 12:25. Sects, and schisms, mean the same thing.

“Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause division and offences contrary to the doctrine which you have earned; and avoid them. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.” — Rom. 16:17-18.

“A man that is a heretic, after the first and second admonition, reject; knowing that be that is such is subverted, and sinneth, being condemned of himself.” — Titus 3:10, 11.

“But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there also shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.” — 2 Peter 2:1-3.

The words “damnable heresies,” are rendered “destructive sects,” in the German version.

“For first of all, when ye come together in the Church, I hear that there be divisions among you; and I partly believe it. For there must be also heresies among you, that they which are approved may be made manifest among you.” — 1 Cor. 11:18, 19. Here we see that heresies mean he same as divisions. And in the margin the translators put it in plain English, “sects.” Paul declared the Corinthians carnal, because, they were inclined to schisms, saying, “I am of Paul, and another, I am of Apollos.” — 1 Cor. 3:1-4. In Gal. 5:20, the Apostle classifies “heresies,” translated “sects” in the Emphatic Diaglott, with murderers, and the whole catalogue of the “works of the flesh,” and declares “that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.”

These texts actually make sects sinful, and to say that we can-not come out of all sects, and remain out, is to say that we cannot cease from sinning. “But ye know that He (Christ) was manifested to take away our sins; and in Him is no sin. Whosoever abideth in Him sinneth not. And whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin.” — 1 John 3:5, 6, 9. Then it is evident that by the grace of God, we can stop all sinning, and as sectism is a sin, we can come out of it and keep clear.

How were the existing sects formed?

By taking a name, creed, and organization that does not include all saved men. By joining another body which is not the body of Christ. Now to the question, how can we oppose other sects without becoming a sect ourself? We answer: We do it by coming out of every cut off body that does not include all christians in Heaven and earth, as the Scriptures command us. — Tim. 3:5. Titus 3:10, 11. and Rev. 18:4. And by abiding in the Body of Christ, which is the Church, the Divine Body which includes all saved men in Heaven and earth. Eph. 1:22, 23. 3:14, 15. Col. 1:18, 24. By the salvation of our souls we are taken into this true. Church. — John 10:9. And by a life of perfect obedience to God, we remain in it — John 15:10. This divine Church, is identical with Christ himself. “For we are members of His body, of His flesh, and of His bones.” — Eph. 5:30. By becoming a member of the Church of God, we are incorporated right into Christ.

“For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ.” — 1 Cor. 12:12.

This Body is composed of Christ and all His saints — 1 Cor. 12:27. It is the Church — verse 28. And yet it is all simply Christ Himself, verse 12, This Body, or Church of Christ, includes the christians in Heaven and earth, and is not a cut off faction or part of any religious system or general body, the Church entire, and we avoid making a sect by abiding in this body of Christ which is the whole, and joining nothing else, even though we were to call the Church to which we adhere, the Church of God, as the Winebrennarian sect does theirs ,yet if we were to deline it in such a manner, or have any conditions of membership, which would enable a saved man of God to be on the out side of it, it would still be a sect; or if we were to organize it ourselves it would only be a sect; because no man can organize the body of Christ, the Church. Now we open all the Trumpets, and appeal to all our verbal teaching, both public and private, ever since we have come fully out of sect and associationism, and invite any person to point out one account of organizing a church of our own, or a single description of the Church we live in, that does not correspond with the body of Christ, which is no sect, or cut off part; but the entire Church. Yea, if you can find one condition of Church membership laid down by us that you can set aside and still be in Christ, we will renounce it. No person has been invited by us to join any thing but Christ Himself. Our constant teaching is that we recognize and claim no Church but the body of Christ, and lay down no boundary to that Church, but the line that lays between the saved and the unsaved. We have no other idea of the Church of God, nor have advanced any, save that community which is composed of all saved men. It is true, we do not acknowledge the mass of formal professors of Christ as members of the Church; because we must run the line between the Church and the world just where God draws it, namely: between the “children of the flesh,” on the outside, and the “children of God” on the inside — Rom. 9:8. Between the children of the devil, and the sons of God. For “he that sinneth is of the devil, and he that is born of God doth not commit sin.” — see 1 John 3.

It is also true that we faithfully discharge our duty, toward God and man, as laid down in the Saviour’s final commission, namely: “Teach all nations, baptize them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, TEACHING THEM TO OBSERVE ALL THINGS WHATSOEVER I HAVE COMMANDED YOU.” — Matt. 28.

But we never stop to ask a person whether they have done all these things, as a test-whether they are members of the Church or not. The only test of fellowship is the existence of fellowship; and fellowship and membership in the Church of God are co-existent with salvation. So we acknowledge all the saved in the Church; and at the same time we are authorized by Jesus Christ to say that “He that loveth me (Christ) keepeth my sayings.” So church membership is not conditioned upon keeping the commands of Christ; but keeping the commands of Christ is the sure and spontaneous result of being in the body of Christ.

To make a sect, men must form and join something else besides Christ. Christ is the way, the truth, and the life; the whole Christ, as set forth in the New Testament, is the basis of union.

“For as we have many members in one body, and all members have not the same office: so we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.” — Rom. 12:4, 5.

We are all one body in Christ, in His Spirit, in His mind, in His Word, in His will, in His holiness, and in His perfect salvation, in Him as the Church. — 1 Cor. 12:12. and all in all. Taking the whole Christ, we are in the whole body, which is not a sect, a cut off part. But joining an imaginary christ, who rejects, either the holiness, the power, or any part of the New Testament, is simply to join a sect. Or to join any man organized body, is joining a sect, a cut off faction. When a soul is joyfully converted to God, all Bible readers must confess he is in the Church, and in no sect. And should he, with a thousand others, simply abide in Christ the Church, and walk in His light, they would all be only in the Church, and in no sect. But if falsely taught to join a sect, they would then be in both a sect, and in the Church. But should such backslide, which is commonly the case, they would then be in the sect, and not in the Church. But again should they hold on to Christ, get wholly sanctified, and walk in His Spirit and truth, they would soon be led thereby to renounce the sect, in which case they would simply be in the Church, as before joining the sect. And so it is with the free saints of God to-day, who follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth. Thousands of them have been both in Christ and in the sects, but have been saved out of the latter, and adhere only in the former, while numbers have been saved out of the world into Christ, His body the Church, and remain there without ever having joined a sect at all. These all stand together on the sea of glass that is mingled with fire, having the harps of God, having gotten the victory over the beast (all man founded religions) and over his image, and over the number of his name. We know by the Word of God, and by the witness of His Spirit, that we are abiding in His Church, and are entirely free from sectism, and we challenge any person to prove the contrary by the Word of God.

“Do you and the Trumpet oppose all kinds of church government, discipline, or organization?”

No, we only oppose all forms of sect government, discipline, and organization. God’s Church has government. “For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given: and the government shall be upon His shoulders.” — Isn. 9:6.

“The Church is subject unto Christ.” — Eph. 5:24.

“There are differences of administrations, but the same Lord: And there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all.” — 1 Cor. 12:5, 6.

Jesus governs His own Church through the Holy Spirit, walking in all the members to will and to do of His own good pleasure.

God’s Church also has a discipline, or book, clearly giving the faith, life and deportment of all its members, And it is this: “I have given them Thy Word,” Yea, saith the Lord, “I have given unto them fire words which Thou gavest me and they have received them.” — John 17:8, 14.

“All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.” — 2 Tim. 3:16, 17.

Here we see the Word of God was given expressly to save, govern, and discipline the Church, and is declared all sufficient, “that the man of God may be perfect thoroughly furnished unto every good work. But this divine discipline is not suited to the government of any sect on earth; hence such invariably make other disciplines, rules, and systems.

God’s Church is also organized, not however by man, but by the Lord, who, through the Spirit “sets the members every one in the body as it pleaseth Him,” and “tempers the body together, giving the more honor to that part that lacketh, that there should be no schisms in the body.” These expressions, setting into the body, and tempering together, contain the same idea as our word organize, and that work is ascribed to God through the Spirit.

Bro. Moyer asks us: “where is the plumb-line between” us and the Mennonite Brethren in Christ. He says they teach baptism. Lord’s supper, feet washing, regeneration, sanctification, and healing the same as us, and “why then are they a sect, and babylon, and we the Church of God?” Simply because they are a sect, a cut off faction. Men can be christians and not join the Mennonite sect, or any other sect; but no one can he a christian outside the body of Christ. They invite men to join their own very young daughter of the sect family; we warn all men to join nothing, but Christ Himself. Their sect is a mixture of saints and sinners; but the body of Christ is composed of all saints — see 1 Cor. 14:33.

What if their reformations did brand the old corrupt, sects out of which they were thrust, as babylon confusion and corruption, etc. and afterwards became as bad as they? The chief cause of their apostasy was the setting up of a sect idol, their new-born little harlot daughter, which they know no better than to organize a name, and which waxed filthy, proud and arrogant, as it increased in numbers; and so they gloried in the works of their own hands, and became as intolerant as their mother, grand-mother, and great grand-mother before them. But as we have set up nothing but Christ for men to rally around and glory in; if men glory at all they must glory in the Lord, which is not idolatry. So the great breeder of bigotry, the abomination that maketh desolate, has no place among us, who walk in the evening light.

“Do you not form communities when there are a number of beleivers in a neighborhood?”

No, we form no communities, neither did the apostles ever organize a Church, much less a sect. But whereever there are a number of true believers, there God Himself has formed His community, or church. Christ is the door into His Church, and salvation the mode of induction, Jno. 10:9, and so God’s Church “increases

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I know the Lord is able, and will do it. Your saved Bro.

B. N. Longerbone.


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I FEEL impressed to write some, or all of my experience, if the Lord leads me. When about 13 years of age I had a good experience of salvation, and knowledge of sins forgiven. But I soon turned back into the world again. No one knows more about the strivings of the Holy Spir- than I do, and no one could have possibly resisted His strivings more than I have: and since having been accepted again, I do actually believe in my soul that there is hope for every body that wants to be saved. Dear reader, if you are discouraged, and perhaps have given up in despair, I beg you to bear with me a little while I relate my experience, and then turn you also to the Lord who hath said: “Him that cometh to me, I will in no wise cast out.” Praise the Lord for this promise!

After my backsliding, the Spirit of the Lord worked wonderfully upon my heart, convicting me of my wrong, and attempting to lead me back to my “Father’s house;” but I was not anxious to get back then. The Spirit however returned to me again and again, trying to restore me to God; but at last I stoutly refused to yield, and then the Spirit of God left; I felt that I was left indeed, and forever lost.

I had by this time so hardened my heart that I would attempt to break up revival services, and oppose the Lord’s work in every possible way. Well, the time came that I paid no more attention to these things, but entered upon another course. I now had a “speculative” turn of mind. The poor man’s dollar was worth as much to me as that of the rich; for it was money that I was after, and I was not particular where it came from, as long as I got it. At one time might have been seen an advertisement in a local paper where a few hundred workmen were wanted to work on some Pa. R. R., with some assumed name signed thereto. And upon the poor working men answering the advertisement, they would be requested to send on a certain amount of money to apply on their R. R. ticket as a guarantee of good faith on their part etc., in order to secure their money. At other times might have been seen other schemes advertised in western papers with the signature of large manufacturing Company. I would like to warn the people here from sending their money to such parties whom they know nothing about, of whom there are many, especially in the U. S., who are living a luxurious life at the expense of the poor. After working these schemes, I organized the “Beslin Lottery.” After having the circulars and tickets with date of drawing arranged and prepared, I would enter a city, find my victims, and retire to some distant place of seclusion, and send out the circulars etc. announcing the drawing to take place on a certain day, giving the names also of parties who had drawn large sums of money in the last drawing (which of course never took place) like all other lotteries. In the east also I was connected with others who were sending out circulars offering “Queer” at a very low rate. “Money Splicing,” and many other games might truly be added, but they are too numerous to mention. In one of the American cities, I joined the Y. M. C. A., and appeared very religious, while on the other hand I was about to unite with a Detective Association for my better protection. Dear reader, this is what I had become, notwithstanding I was brought up by good Christian parents.

Well here I was, living in sin for about twelve years, and what was I to do now? Continue on to hell? Oh no! But how did I ever get started back again? Well, by the help of the Lord I will tell you. I knew that I was lost, and that Jesus came to save that which was lost. When I started back to my “Father’s house,” I indeed was in a critical condition. I had become past “feeling,’ and I saw no encouragement to start again. I had actually forgotten all about those precious promises, Bible promises, and as I got down before the Lord for mercy and pardon, it appeared as though there was no hope for me. While engaged in prayer I felt more like mocking than praying. I indeed must have been a human fiend; however in the midst of all my confusion, I just held on, and getting more in earnest I began to fast and pray, and then I began to get some experience from a direction that I had not thought about. It was satan. He had come to tell me that I was lost, and that I had committed the unpardonable sin; and I was on the point of believing that I had. Still I kept on seeking the Lord; in the meantime satan was accusing me, and tempting me to pursue my ol course, which was a great obstacle to me as I was wholly wrapped up in it. However I continued on seeking, and at last I felt that the Lord was helping me again to make my peace with Him. Glory to Jesus! It would require too much space to give in detail, but if the readers will read the experience of John Bunyan, they will know more about mine. But I would say to the glory of God, that as dark an experience as I had in sin, God has given me so much brighter an experience in salvation. O praise His Holy name! I had seen my lost condition, and felt it; I also saw myself bound and in possession of evil ones, and the Lord heard my cry, had compassion on me, rebuked the enemy of souls, and set me at liberty. Glory to Jesus! The experience was almost death to the body, but praise God, it was life to the soul. He has now kept me over three years. He is able to make me stand. I find His grace is sufficient for me, and also that it takes all I have remaining beside myself to serve Him. Dear readers, pray for me that I may prove faithful unto death. Jesus saves me now.

C. L. Kaumeyer.

Chippawa, Ont.






“AND all that believed were together, and had all things common.” — Acts, 2:44.

Never in all our lives have we seen the above text practically fulfilled as we did in the blessed meeting the Lord permittee us to attend at Hope. The holy fire of Divine love seemed to melt even the inanimate object into oneness; and in every meeting the presence and power of God was so manifest, that all His saints were filled with His glory, and the opposing elements of darkness were completely driven back. Blessed be the name of Israel’s God for His goodness to the children of men. He surely clothed His priests with salvation, and made His saints to shout aloud for joy. There were a number of saints gathered together from a distance, and at the beginning of the meeting, there were only two dear families to care for them. But they so wonderfully opened up their all — houses, barns etc., and ministered to them of their substance, that all felt they were in Father’s house, in deed and in truth. O, may the richest of heaven’s blessings rest on the beloved saints at Hope, who made everything seem to be as tree as the air we breathe. Our soul exclaims: “O the wondrous love of God!” And when it gets into the hearts of men and women, it manifests itself in good works.

Among the ministerial help present, was Bro. Michels and family, Bro. Sharpnack and Co., Bro’s. Eldridge, Morril, and others. Saints were present from Allegan, Kalamazoo, and Battle Creek, and we believe much good was done in the name of the holy child Jesus. Our heart melts with gratitude and praise at the remembrance of all the dear ones, and we feel like buckling the armor closer, and facing the foe with more boldness, and pressing the battle. Hallelujah to God, who hath put victory and determination in our souls.

Yours in Christ, for the war.

Anna K Thomas.

79 N. Kendall Street.

Battle Creek, Mich.


St. James, Mo. Sept. 26, ’89.

Praise God I we can report a victory from Nebraska.

The saints had purchased a new tabernacle for the camp-meeting and future use, and it was a great blessing. As the weather was too cold for out door meetings, only a few services were held in the large seated place in the grove. We found the dear ones who had received Christ, when we were there one year ago last winter, were about all abiding in Him, and advancing in the Spirit, and some others had been added to the Church by salvation. Praise the Lord! O how we enjoyed the privilege of meeting them again in the kingdom of heaven, and rejoicing together in the beauty of holiness, and in the joy of our Lord. We found Gog and Magog compassing the camp of the saints and the beloved city, in much wrath of the fornication of babylon. O what fierce and wicked spirit’s we felt compassing the place; surely God protected His people, and the tabernacle they had pitched. Notwithstanding the awful powers of devils that compassed about, the good Lord gave us right good order, and gracious protection.

Praise God! our labors were not in vain. Some poor sinners were converted to God, backsliders were restored to the joys of salvation, and quite a number were wholly sanctified to God. One old professor came to the altar and cried for mercy, and received pardon. Both he and companion also consecrated for the “fulness of the blessing of the Gospel of Christ.” Some of the children of the dear saints were also joyfully saved in Jesus. O how important that the saints labor and pray without ceasing until God shall hear and save their children. O that they may be saved when young, lest this wicked world swallow them up in perdition. The Lord is blessing the labors of dear Bro. and sister Wm. and Jennie Smith in this western prairie. Dear Bro. John Doherty a fully consecrated and well anointed Bro. is going forth with them in the work. Praise the Lord for all the faithful workers in the vineyard of the Lord. O that “many may run to and fro.” Dear sister stout, a messenger of the King Eternal, and another blessed sister, both from Hastings, Neb., attended the meeting, and we were glad to meet them. May God lead them into all truth and bless their souls and their labors in Christ Jesus abundantly. Amen!

The meeting closed with a solemn and glorious ordinance service. O how sweetly He who first girded Himself with the towel, and gave us the example and command to wash one another’s feet was with us, and manifest unto us as we followed His sacred footsteps. O it was blessed to see the young converts, even little boys, take the towel and follow their dear Savior. At one time 8 dear saints received the laying on of hands for healing, and the work was wrought most wonderfully and powerfully witnessed to by the Spirit. One Bro. whose arm was somewhat stiff, caused by an accident, was instantaneously made whole. O praise the name of the Lord!

Sister Eliza Hoffer, and sister Berry were ordained deaconesses. This is Scriptural. Paul commanded unto the Romans: “Pheobe our sister which is a servant of the Church which is at Cenchrea.” — Rom. 16:1. The term “servant” is found Diakonon, which is the regular greek word from which deacon is rendered elsewhere in the New Testament. So when holy women of God are more fully qualified than any one else for the office of deacon, it is all right to ordain them, if the Lord calls them to the duty.


The above news should have been published in a former issue, but was overlooked.


Kittanning, Pa., Oct. 25, ’89.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — We are happy to report to you that the work of the Lord is still prospering in the east. After closing the meeting at Turkey City, we came to St Petersburg and began meeting in the name of King Jesus. The meeting was held part of the time in the Opera house; but on Sabbath in the Oddfellows hall, which hall the dear saints of that place have rented for a year. The meet- was a grand success throughout. Four souls were sweetly saved from all sin, and went on their way rejoicing. Several others came to the altar, but when they began to count the cost the sacrifice was too great; and they drew back. God pity such and save their souls, for Jesus’ sake. On Monday afternoon we all went down to the Clarion River and three dear souls were buried with Christ in baptism and arose to walk in newness of life with him. The meeting closed on Monday eve with observing the ordinances of God’s house. There were 26 took part in the services. O the glory that filled all our souls. It is unspeakable. Truly God’s people are always happy when they obey His commandments, and His commandments are not grievous. The saints at St Petersburg are filled with real holy fire and zeal for God. Praise the Lord forever! Oh Wednesday morning we took train for Kittanning, which is about 40 miles south and are now at the home of Bro. Stow. Here we found the Church in a sad state of affairs, but the Lord is working. Three have already consecrated and we look for a glorious work to be accomplished in this place ere long.

S. L. Speck, & A. J. Kilpatrick.

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Aigusta, Ga. Oct. 10, ’89.

Dear Saints Greeting: — I am led of the Lord to speak for, Him just now. Glory to His holy name forever and ever! am so happy to tell all the dear ones that the Lord has done great things for me this summer. He sent me about 25 or 30 miles in the country, and there used me to glorify and honor His name. About 8 or 10 dear souls claimed to have received the true light, and are leaping and praising God. O dear ones stand fast in the Lord, for though we are but a worm of the dust, we can thrash a mountain if the Lord sends. O praise God for victory on His side! He says: These signs shall follow them that believe, they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. Glory to God! He did give me that power in answer to prayer by faith.

Dear saints of God pray for me that be steadfast in the faith of the Lord Jesus.

From your humble sister in Him.

Jane Williams.


Willshire, O., Oct. 25‘ ’89.

Dear Brethren: — Since our last report we have held meetings in the surrounding country in Ohio and Ind. The saints near Dixon O. were strengthened and victory was on the Lord’s side. One dear soul was completely restored to the joys of salvation. The saints here are few, but the Lord has blessed them with a comfortable little house in which to worship. Saturday, the 12th we met with the Church near Antwerp O. and continued until Monday night. On Sabbath several were at the altar, and renewed their consecration, and some of them received the desire of their hearts. There were some healed of the Lord, by the anointing of oil and laying on of hands. The Lord was with us in power in the preaching of the Word, and good order prevailed throughout the meeting. Two were buried with Christ by baptism. Next we held meeting several miles west of Antwerp on the Wabash R. R., at Woodburn station, Ind. Oct. 19th, 20th. Here we preached the Word to attentive hearers, and some hearts were won to the truth, and a good prospect for a harvest of souls in the future; about 2 1/2 miles north and east of this place the brethren from near Antwerp had held a few meetings in a school-house. But some one through the inspiration of the devil set fire to the school-house after meeting, and next morning nothing but ashes and burning coals marked the spot. But praise God! He maketh the wrath of man to praise Him, and the rest or remainder He restraineth; so the burning of this school-house, resulted in the opening of the one in the little village with the privilege of holding meeting as often and as long as we desire. Instead of causing the houses closed, and thus keeping the people in darkness and sin, as no doubt the enemy had designed. We are here in the name of Jesus, and expect to continue about a week. Pray for us all ye saints of God, that we may be very humble at all times, successful in winning souls. Amen!

Your free Bro. and sister saved just now, and ready to be revealed in the last time.

J. N. & M. J. Howard.


Hesperia, Mich., Oct. 15, ’89.

Dearly Beloved Saints: — Meetings begun in the Lattin School-house, Aug., 22. which continued with good results. Hallelujah! The U. B. class leader was convinced, and received the truth. May the Lord bless, and save those who are convicted, who did not yield. Having received an earnest call to come and preach in the McClarin School-house, meetings commenced there, Oct. 3rd, and continued until the 13th with a glorious victory for the cause. Many were convinced and great good was done by sowing the seed. Here F. M. holiness had been preached, and a sham work done; which had shaken the confidence of some, and brought reproach on the cause of true holiness. But thank God we were enabled by the wisdom of God, to present true holiness in the New Testament light and teaching. Oct 1st, we met at the house of Bro. Snow where we had a precious ordinance meeting, Bro. L. B. Hammond was chosen deacon, and Bro. A. L. Snow, elder. The Lord ever keep them saved, and qualify them for the work of God. Amen! The Lord bless and reward the dear ones for their kindness. From here we go to Cloverdale, thence to Decatur, Mich. Pray for me, your sanctified Bro.

F. N. Jacobson.

Table Rock, Neb., Oct. 14, ’89.

Dearly Beloved Brethren: — May the Lord wonderfully bless you one and all. May grace, love, and peace, be multiplied unto you all. Bless the name of the Lord, forever and ever for what He has done for my soul. My soul is overflowing with the precious, sweet, melting love of Jesus; I have the fountain of eternal life in my soul, and am basking in the sunlight of glory divine.

Well dear ones we had quite a long journey. God was with ns, and brought us safely through; praise His dear name for His wonderful goodness to us. O bless the Lord, our souls are happy in Jesus our Saviour. We left Deerfield, Ind., Aug. 26th, and came on to Palmyra Mo. where we stopped 3 or 4 days, held a few meetings in the name of Jesus. God was with us, and wonderfully helped us preach His blessed Word, with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven. There was quite an interest among the people when we left; was sorry we could not tarry longer, think there could he a good work done at that place. We had a good and joyful time with dear Bro. and sister Myers, at Palmyra Mo. God bless their dear souls and keep them free. We shall always remember them for their kind hospitality shown to us, while there; God bless them and their dear family. We came on from there to Easton, Mo., where we stopped 2 or 3 days including Sunday where we preached the Word to the people with much liberty, and the power of the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven. The people here (Easton) are very much interested in the truth. They wanted us to stay with them and hold a meeting. We were sorry we could not remain with them longer. We preached three times, and one dear soul gave up her sins, and was converted, then consecrated and was sanctified. May the Lord bless and keep her saved, her dear husband made us a promise be would get saved soon. Lord bless him. There is a good opening there for the truth. They have a union meeting-house there in Easton open for the truth. May the Lord send some one there filled with the Holy Ghost, to hold a meeting; they want the truth. We came from there to this place, where we met dear Bro. and sister Wm. N. Smith, and some of the other saints, from York and Polk Co’s. We had glorious, and joyfull Greeting. O hallelujah! We were happy to meet dear Bro. Stover, and others of the dear saints at Table Rock. We had a glorious victory at this place, quite a number were made free in Jesus. We found quite a number backslidden, but God restored the most of them. During the entire meeting there were about 20 consecrations for pardon and purity, and twelve were buried with Christ in baptism, and there are three or four more to be baptized tomorrow, the Lord willing. This was truly a glorious victory. We continued the meeting one week after the C. M. closed. There were 5 consecrations during the week. The saints here are in a good condition. Hallelujah! Pray for us. I remain your free Bro., saved and kept free in my soul. Hallelujah!

J. P. Haner.


South Haven, Mich.

Dearly Beloved Saints: — We are saved through the blood of the everlasting covenant, and are used in the salvation of perishing souls. We have just returned from the meeting near Cloverdale, Barry Co. where we met with many of the dear saints whom the Lord blessed in coming together. The weather was too cold for grove-meeting; but we were accommodated with a good school-house. Dear Bro’s Eldridge, and Sharpnack tarried over the first Lord’s day; and then went to their homes. The Lord moved Bro. Morrill and myself to tarry, which resulted in much good, in the salvation of precious souls, and the up-building of the saints of God. Dear Bro. Jacobson came at the meeting, Oct. 18, and then the Lord moved us to tarry over Sunday, and 2 or 3 more souls were saved. Praise God! Bro’s. Jacobson and Morrill, the Lord willing, will hold the fort for God at the Bunnell School-house, Barry Co. for a week or ten days, and then go to Decatur, Mich. The Lord bless them for Jesus sake. Truly the harvest is great and the real Holy Ghost labourers are few. I pray God to stir up the people to a real interest in their souls salvation, and may there be a great gathering of souls for God this winter. From your saved Bro.

S. Michels.

Butler, Ioa., Oct. 8, ’89.

Dear Saints: — We left home the morning of Sept. 6th for Hedrick, Ioa. C. M. where we arrived, the same day. Met Bro. Warner and Co. Bro. C. Z. Lindley, and also many dear ones of God’s elect whom we had never seen before. The meeting was largely attended by many earnest listeners. Conviction fastened upon many hearts, some of whom yielded and were gloriously saved. The meeting having been announced for only one week, we thought the time too short to do justice to the work. Consequently arrangements were made to continue till Sept. 15th. Bro. W. and company according to previous arrangements were obliged to leave us on the morning of Sept. 11th, which left heavier duties on those of us who remained. The weather most of the time very unfavorable, and had it not been for the new and commodious tabernacle on the ground, we would likely of had to close the meetings; but as was we were enabled to keep right along, rain or shine, and declare the everlasting Gospel to the “astonished” crowds who seemed to think that they heard “strange things.” The meeting closed on Sunday evening with victory in Jesus’ name. Altogether there were probably 30 consecrations. From Hedrick we came into this vicinity of Butler where we spent a few days with the dear saints, and then went to Delta, a town of about 600 inhabitants where the evening light had not been taught before. This place is about 12 miles from Butler. We opened fire on the enemies ranks, the evening of Sept. 21st, in a Free Methodist meeting-house, upon the condition that we would treat it as God’s house and preach the truth. Oh we do rejoice and praise the dear Lord for His goodness to us. When we arrived at Delta, we had no acquaintance in the town, and no-where to lay our heads; but. God abundantly supplied all our needs, and marvelously provided for the dear family who contributed to our wants, so that when we left them, they had more than when we came. We continued at that place for more than two weeks. The people were very timid in the reception of the truth at first, but it soon found the honest hearts and did its glorious work. Some of the F. M’s. in their death agonies manifested some prejudice and opposition, but were compelled to acknowledge the truth notwithstanding; and we are glad to say that the kings of sectism were bound with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron. Hallelujah! Let all the dear saints pray for the dear ones in Delta, who have rec’d the blessed light, that they may stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made them free. From that place we went into the vicinity of Hayesville where we held three meetings and 2 dear souls consecraed for, and obtained entire sanctification. We arrived at Bro. Abrams today. Will hold meetings in this neighborhood until Sat. if God will, and then go to Hedrick where the brethren have made arrangements to hold a few meetings. Will have baptism and ordinance services on Sunday. Dear Bro. Lindley has not been able to be in the field very much of late, but has brighter prospects for the future. He will probably locate at Hedrick soon. We are well, saved and sanctified, and resting in that blessed hope of Titus 2:13.

J. W. & Jennie Byers.


Clarence, Iowa, Oct., 22, ’89.

Dear Saints: — We left Butler Ioa. on the morning of Oct. 14th with a company of saints, and went to the river at Sandy Ford where four precious souls followed our Saviour in baptism. From there we went to Hayesville and in the evening started for Dysart. We rejoice in our God for the glorious work of salvation in Keokuk Go. The saints have been purified made white and tried, and are in general in a prosperons condition. The enemy has been spreading deception throughout the country to overthrow the blessed cause of holiness; but very little has been accomplished, and the little ones are settled deeper than ever into the will of God. Oh how necessary is the wisdom which cometh down from above, so that God’s little ones need not be ignorant of the devices of the devil.

At Dysart we found the Church in a glorious condition. All were standing firm against the raging of the foe. We commenced meetings near there in a school- house on the evening of the 15th, and continued until the following Sunday afternoon. Satan made desperate efforts to hinder the work by spreading false reports to prejudice the minds of the people against the truth, and tried to close the house against us; but the Master overruled all things to His own glory, and set before us an open door, and sent earnest congregations to hear the eternal Word. There is much opposition at that place but the truth like a sturdy young oak is sinking its roots deeper and deeper into the soil. On Sunday evening we held an ordinance meeting at Bro. W. M. Gnagy’s house, which was indeed precious to all, and were able to prove the Words of Jesus. If ye know these things happy are ye if ye do them. The next evening we took train for this place where we will stay-two days and then, if God will, return home for a short time to prepare for the winter campaign. The evening light has never been taught here before, and we believe God has a remnant here who will receive it. We are all sold out for God and are ready to move westward or wherever He may open the way elsewhere. We are saved and sanctified in that blessed hope.

J. W. & Jennie Byers.


Rolla, Mo., Oct. 23, ’89.

Dear Brethren: — May the love of God be with you all. Amen! We are here in the name of the Lord. We came here last week, and have been telling the people of the precious truths of God’s Word every day and night. We have a large hall in which to hold meeting. Quite a number of dear souls seem interested about salvation, and a few have been saved, for which we do praise God. May the Lord bless the few saints here. Pray for us while we remain at this place. We praise God for His goodness to us; He keeps us well in body and soul. Bless His Holy name! We are saved and kept by the mighty power of God. Amen, and amen.

Your free sister sanctified wholly.

Mattie Bolds.


Hamilton, Mich.

Dear Saints: — We are rejoicing in the precious love of Jesus, and determined to know nothing save Jesus and Him crucified. Glory be to Jesus for the victory we have all along our line of march, since our last report. At the same time we have had severe trials; but Jesus says: “My grace is sufficient for thee;” and we found it so. Praise the Lord! While at Cold Water, we held three meetings in the Wesleyan Methodist Meeting-house By that time the poor deluded sectarians were alarmed for fear of their idols being exposed, and closed their doors on us. The Lord then provided a place of worship in a building formerly used by the Salvationists. We had a few meetings there, in which God’s little ones felt His melting power. From there we went 9 miles north, where we found a body of saints who had suffered the devil to make inroads to cause divisions; but God was with us in power in bringing hidden things to light. Glory be to Jesus for the humble confessions the little ones were enabled to make by the Grace of God, and that they were again brought to the unity of the Spirit May they keep low at the feet of Jesus that they may walk blameless before the world, and profit by the bitter lessons they have taken. After about a week’s labor there, we went about 5 miles north, to the Hope Campmeeting, where we found Bro. Michels and family, and a number of saints from the surrounding country. We had a precious season with the Lord there, and a few souls were saved, and others settled deeper into the will God. On Tuesday we took our departure from that place, and came here in the name of Jesus, and are holding meetings in town at present. The attendance and order is good; five more souls at the altar last night. Pray for us that we may not shun to declare the whole counsel of God; That we may keep humble, so that God can work in and through us as it pleases Him.

Your sister in the sweet fellowship of Jesus, saved and sanctified.

Susie Drury.


We held meetings in Hamilton one week; there were several who went through the form of a consecration, and some received the real experience of salvation. Then on Sunday we met with the saints at the Freyer School-house. God was with us in power, and precious souls were delivered from the hand of the enemy. In the evening we met at the Butler School- house; four souls realized their sins forgiven. The next day Bro. Butler took a load of us to Zeeland to hold up the light in its purity to the blind sectarians, mostly Dutch Reformed. We held meetings there three nights in the strength of Israel’s God, during which time the attendance and order was good. Bro. Sharpnack and sister McCormack delivered the Word in English, and Bro’s Rammers and Pruim in Holland. We trust that some poor blinded souls were opened to the truth as it is in Christ Jesus. I am all on the altar, and under the blood.

Susie Drury.


Almena, Kan.

Dearly Beloved: — The Lord bless you all. We are saved and filled with God. Hallelujah! The Lord is with us in power. Eight or ten have been saved here; great, conviction resting upon others. Last night several expressed themselves almost persuaded to yield. The congregationalists had a fandango in their steeple house the other night to raise money. One man would rise and nominate about a half dozen girls as the most intelligent of the town. Of course these young ladies each have a gentleman that is waiting on her, which is present. The most intelligent, or accomplished, gets a prize. Now comes the strife between the young men whose girl shall come off victorious. Of course money tells the glory. At last the contest is reduced to two rivals. And the prize usually taken by the young lady whose lover is able, or soft enough to give the most money to the priests of Baal. The devil is continually getting up some new schemes. “And they have cast lots for my people, and they have given a boy for harlot, and sold a girl for wine that they might drink.” — Joel 3:3. Two sinners got disgusted, and left the scene and came over to the tabernacle to hear the truth, so they testified. The work of God is running deep here. The whole country is being moved, and sects are shaken.

Your Bro. in the most holy faith.

Wm N. Smith.


SAY in the GOSPEL TRUMPET, that the white people are responsible for the “Georgian Jesus.” The poor negroes were brought up under such poor instruction during the dark days of slavery. You see the need of sending men and women devoted to Jesus, into Georgia the Africa of the U. S. Yours.

A Georgian.

Persons posted in the current news doubtless have heard of this “false Christ.” It is probably the one we were told about, who claimed to be Jesus, and promised all who believed on him a pair of wings. And look orders of the ignorant colored people, for $3.00 a pair, paid in advance.


Table Rock, Ned.

Dear Brethren: — I feel like writing my testimony for Jesus. I praise the Lord this morning for salvation. Hallelajah! He saves my soul from all sin, and all unrighteousness. I praise God for the victory I have in my soul over self, flesh, and the devil. I am walking in the light, even as He is in the light, Bless his holy name I am saved and sanctified and kept by the mighty power of God. I am standing on the solid rock Christ Jesus. Hallelujah to God. The Lord has built a little Church here in this place, and has established it on the solid Rock, and the gates of hell can not prevail against it. I am determined to press onward and upward towards that heavenly home in Glory. Hallelujah to Jesus. I praise God that he has taken all the carnal nature out of my heart. For when ever the devil’s people come up and smites me on one cheek I can turn the other also. Praise God I know I can. For I have had two trials, and it makes me feel glorious in my soul. Pray for me that I may stand the wiles of the devil. Your brother saved and sanctified.

Michael M. Stover jr.


Derby, Kan.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — May the Lord wonderfully bless you all, and keep you low down at the feet of Jesus. I can say to the glory and honor of God that I am still saved and on my way to Heaven. The fire of God’s love burns brightly in my soul to-night

’Tis the Holy Ghost fire sent down from above;
O glory to Jesus! I know it is love.
Yes; it is perfect love so pure and free,
Which Jesus has purchased for you and me.

Your sister saved and sanctified.

Amy Carey.

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with the increase of God.”

“Have you ordained ministers and church officers?”

We have none, having no Church of our own to use them in. But God has holy ministers, ordained of Him to preach His Word; also Elders and Deacons. All these are chosen, qualified, and ordained of God, and this calling made known by the Spirit of the Church, and then dedicated to their calling, by the laying on of hands by the ministry.

“Have you no Church rules by which you regulate things among you?”

No, we do not regulate things, but God worketh all things in all, and we have no rules of our creation; we make no laws, form no discipline; pass no preambles, nor resolutions, devise no systems of co-operation, license no preachers, hold no conferences, have no official business to transact or to publish, have no licensing, stationing, or standing committees, nor any thing of the kind. We have no machinery to construct, to modify, revise, jangle over, rescind, talk up, and talk down. We have no voting whatever in all the Church of the First-Born. Every thing is done by a kind of holy acclamation. The Holy Spirit moving and all the members say AMEN! There is no jealousy, and wire pulling for the best fields; for all the workers go forth just whither the Spirit of God leads them, through the desires and moving of the Lord in their pure hearts, and while all are free to go just as the Lord leads them, all work together in perfect harmony. All our meetings are salvation and praise meetings, and all babylon confusion is cast back in the fire of her burning. Hallelujah! Amend and Amen!!




St. Catharine, Mo.

BROTHER Byrum: As I see so much Scripture explained in my last paper; please explain the 25th and 26th verses of the 5th chapter of Matt., which reads as follows: “Agree with thine adversary quickly while thou art in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou be cast into prison. Verily I say unto thee, thou shalt by no means come out thence till thou hast paid the uttermost farthing.”

Some preachers say: God is the sinner’s adversary; but 2 Peter 5:8 says: “Your adversary, the devil, walketh about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” Can we agree with the devil? What prison does this mean? Will they ever come out? How can they pay the uttermost farthing, if this means hell?

Your sister in Christ.

Deborah Bruner.


THE above Scripture is one upon which much comment and various interpretations have been made, yet but little understood by many. The quotation is from Christ’s sermon on the mount. The application given here is a literal one; although a spiritual lesson is to be drawn from it also. An adversary is one who opposes; or an enemy, in this instance Christ plainly tells us in the 23rd verse who the adversary is. He says it is a brother who “hath might against thee.” He says: “If thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath ought against thee; leave there thy gift, and go thy way: first be reconciled to (agree with) thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift.” The devil is an adversary; an enemy to our souls; but we are not to agree with him, for he is not the adversary spoken of here. But if a brother trespass against us; or hath ought against us, then we are to become reconciled; or agree with him quickly, while we are “in the way with him;” that is, before enmity and strife becomes so great that a reconciliation cannot be brought about. In the 18th chapter of Matt. Christ tells us just what to do in such cases. “If thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: and if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother. But if he will not hear thee, then take one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established. And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the Church: but it he neglect to hear the Church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican.” But so many fail to follow these requirements, the neglect of which causes many precious souls to go down to ruin Many in their worldly affairs are brought to justice and severely punished according to the laws of the land on account of trouble over some little trifling thing, which could all have been avoided by a few words of reconciliation in the first place.

We will now notice the spiritual lesson drawn from this Scripture. The question asked is: “what prison does this mean? It means the prison of sin. God judges His children by the Word of God. And if any member of the household of God is found in error, or in the wrong in any way and fail to perform their duly, the will of the Lord will be made known to them in some way through His Word, and if they refuse or fail to fulfill the requirements therein, and are not willing to measure up to a Bible standard, then they will be cut off by the Spirit of God, (officer) and cast into the prison of sin, and will not come out from thence till they have paid the uttermost farthing, which is repentance, and making all things right as for as lieth in their power.

Some believe that the adversary spoken of here is the devil, and the prison means hell, and that people will go there and suffer awhile, according as they have lived here on earth, and finally be redeemed from that horrible pit. But such belief is erroneous, and contrary to the Word of God. The Bible does not teach that a person can be redeemed from hell after they once get there; but it does teach that they shall suffer with an everlasting punishment throughout eternity. Then the only way to avoid such an eternal doom is to get salvation and live a sinless life while here on earth.

E. E. Byrum.




PAUL’S epistle to his beloved brother Timothy was: “I charge thee therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick (or the living) and the dead, at His appearing and his kingdom.” — 2 Tim. 4:1. “Because he hath appointed a day, in the which He will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead.” — Acts 17:31. For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in the body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad. — 2 Cor. 5:10.

1st Who shall be judged?

In Matt. 25:31, 32 the Word says: “When the Son of man shall come in His glory, and all the holy angels with Him, then shall He sit upon the throne of His glory; and before Him shall be gathered all nations.” “And as it is appointed unto men once to die; but after this the judgment.”

2nd For what shall we be judged?

Ans. Our works.

“And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: And they were judged every man according to their works.” — Rev. 20:13. “But I say unto you that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.” — Matt. 12:36. What will those do in that day who are crying out: “We can not live without sin, and we fear not the Judgment Day, for it is a long way off.” God help the people to see the Word of God and believe it We find in the Gospel by St. Mark 13:32. “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven; neither the Son, but the Father.” “For God will bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing: whether it be good, or whether it be bad.” — Eccl. 12:14. God help us to live close to Jesus for many will say to me in that day Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name have done many wonderful works? and then will I profess unto them I never knew you: depart from me; ye that work iniquity.” — Matt. 7:22, 23. “But he that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the hook of life, but I will confess His name before my Father, and before His angels.” — Rev. 3:5. In this fifth verse we find the word Book spoken of as the Book of life, not a class book; then we shall be judged by the Book of life. Rev. 20:12. “And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another hook was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.” “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in the body, according to that he hath done; whether it be good or bad.” — 2 Cor. 5:10.

So if our deeds be good, we can say in that day: “Henceforth there is laid up a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the Righteous Judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only; but unto all them that love His appearing.” — 2 Tim. 4:8.

But if our deeds be bad: “The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of His indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb (the Lord Jesus Christ.) — Rev. 14:10.

Dear ones be ready. Amen!

Jno. A. Dillon.



Dear Brethren: — I feel like writing my escape from hell, after living in sin all my life, until four years ago, when God saved my soul. For six months before I was saved, two sisters agreed to pray for me night and morning, at 8 o’clock, until I was saved. I could hear them pray for me morning and evening, though forty miles away. I had been an infidel for five years. A brother held up the Bible and said: “this is the real looking-glass:” and from that time on all night, I saw the glass, even in my sleep. Then I said: There are so many ways, show me the right way, and I will walk in it. So in a vision the Lord showed me the true way. Then he showed me the broad road leading to hell. So He said to me: “Choose this day whom you will serve.” I said: Lord I will serve Thee.

Then I awoke, and the Lord said; this is the last time, who will you serve? and I said: I will serve you Lord. This was on Wednesday night before the Williamston Mich. Assembly meeting began, four years ago; and on Friday I went there, and when I saw the sinners getting down, God said: if you will get down where they are, you can come up here where I am. So I went down under the blood, and the Lord saved my soul; afterward He also sanctified me wholly, and He keeps me washed in the blood. I have never had any education, and being ignorant, the Lord was very gracious in showing me the way so plain. Praise His name!

Your saved Bro.

D. J. Cross.




Dear Trumpet Readers: — May God bless you all with abundance of grace The Lord has given me some light upon the Sabbath, and I am desirous of imparting to others. Christ commands us to let our light shine; and again: His commandment in the commission was to go teach all nations. There is a sect here, teaching the people that Saturday is the day we should keep, and instituting so- called Sabbath Schools, and teaching the children to observe this day; and undertake to prove their rights by the law, but, praise the Lord! Christ is the end of the law to every one that believeth, and this is why the Jews could not enter into His rest, because of unbelief. Heb. 4:6; “For Moses describeth the righteousness which is of the law that the man which doeth those things shall live by them.” — Rom. 10:5. “Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law: ye are fallen from grace.” — Gal. 5:4. For as many as are of the works of the law are under the curse; for it is written cursed is every one that continueth not in all things which are written in the book of the law to do them. “The law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.” — John 1:17. In Ex. 24:12 we see not only the law, but the law and commandments were given by Moses, and the Word says tables, meaning more than one. In 2 Cor 3:7, Paul, speaking of the same stones, says: “But if the ministration of death written and engraven in stones, was glorious * * * which glory was to be done away, etc. These stones spoken of here were the two spoken of in Exod. 34:1, which reads thus: “And the Lord said unto Moses, hew thee two tables of stone like unto the first: and I will upon these tables the words that were in the first tables, which thou breakest.” Now this was the covenant made on Mount Sinai (ver. 2.), and I find no other; and these stones contained the ten commandments (Exod. 20) which also contained the seventh day Sabbath (ver. 10); and He abolished them, even the law of commandments (Eph. 2:15). “Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against ns, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to His cross.” — Col. 2:14. Are not these scriptures sufficient to prove the removal of the whole law to any rational man, and especially to those who claim to be in Christ; for “it any man be in Christ he is a new creature, old things are passed away (meaning all our sins and the old covenant containing the law and commandments with its Sabbaths). And in the same verse Paul says: “all things are become new.” He certainly included the Sabbath, or all things would not be new. “I have sworn in my wrath if they shall enter into my rest, although the works were finished from the foundation of the world.” — Heb. 4:3. “and blessed the seventh day and sanctified it because that in it He had rested from all His work which God created and made. In this we see that He did not rest until He had finished His work. Now let us compare Gen. 2:3 and John 17:4. Here Christ says: “I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do.” This was the night in which He was betrayed and crucified and rested in the grave. After He rose from the tomb, fulfilling the scripture; even so we should walk in newness of life and put on the new man.

Eph. 4:24. “He that sitteth on the throne said behold I make all things new.” Now I will, by the help of God, prove the Christian Sabbath to be a different day from the seventh day Sabbath. “And they returned, and prepared spices and ointments; and rested the Sabbath day, according to the commandment” (as in Exod. 20:10) — Luke 23:56. “Now upon the first day of the week, very early in the morning, they came unto the sepulchre, bringing the spices which they had prepared, and certain others with them.” — Luke 24:1. Now this transaction was on the first day of the week, but the preparation of the ointments was the day before which was the sabbath (Mark 16:1) which is called the seventh day sabbath. “Ye shall keep a feast to the Lord seven days; on the first day shall be a sabbath, and on the eighth day shall be a sabbath.” — Lev. 23:39. Let us compare this with Mark 16:1, and John 20:19. 26. Mark says “early the first day of the week;” John 20:19 — “the same day at evening, being the first day of the week when the doors were shut, where the disciples were assembled, for fear of the Jews, came Jesus and stood in the midst and said unto them peace be unto you.” Now this was the holy assembly spoken of in Lev. 23:36, for in ver. 22 he says: “receive ye the Holy Ghost.” This bein the same first day after He rose from the tomb. Then in ver. 26 — “and after eight days again His disciples were within, and Thomas with them. Then came Jesus the doors being shut, and stood in the midst and said peace be unto you.” Now is this sabbath or first day kept up after Christ’s ascension? In Acts 20:7 they are still keeping this day for worship, for Paul says “on the first day of the week when the disciples came together to break bread. Paul preached unto them.” And again in 1 Cor. 16:2, and in Rev. 1:10. My testimony is I am saved and sanctified wholly and kept by the power of God.

Your Bro. in Christ.

Alonzo Martin,

Safe, Mo.




INTEMPERANCE in many ways has polluted many who seem to be very honest, even professing to know God. It is a sin which arises from various causes and has its evil effects upon a person both physically and morally. Paul says: be not deceived God is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh, shall of the flesh reap corruption: but he that soweth to the spirit shall of the spirit reap life everlasting. Gal. 6:7, 8. Peter instructs followers of Jesus to be temperate, but it must be observed that to be temperate does not allow the moderate use of any evil. Moderation in the use of intoxicants, tobacco et..r the indulgence of any filthy habit.. is a together out of the question, for it leads to vice, and is only yielding to the cravings of an unsatisfied appetite. Paul would not only have the followers of Jesus be free from the use of all these, but says, “abstain from all appearance of evil.” — 1 Thess. 5:22. In other words: “touch not, taste not, handle not.” — Col. 2:21. The Gospel means of obtaining Bible temperance and relieving men from sin, is the possession of a new heart and a nature sanctified to God. Another great evil of this age which ruins so many young men and women, is the reading of fictitious stories and novels; it is poison to their souls, and takes away all inclination for Bible reading and Bible study. There is a great responsibility resting upon parents and teachers. The wise man said: train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. — prov 22:6. foolishness is born in the heart of a child but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him. — Prov. 22:15. The influence in our daily walk can never be estimated; the example, the patience, gentleness, meekness, and to be diligent in all things; not slothful. Paul says: be ye followers of me even as I am also of Christ. Christ is our “all and in all;” he is the true pattern which we must follow. The word of God condemns jesting and joking and Paul also says: let no corrupt communication proceed out of your month, but that which is good to the use of edifying that it may minister grace to the hearers.

Intemperance consists in obeying the voice of satan, and by many hurtful lusts of the flesh; it produces a life of misery; through its practice a person will end in everlasting woe. Jesus says; watch and pray that ye enter not into temptation. In order to be a true child of God, a person must be strictly temperate; for we cannot serve two masters. Jesus gave himself for us that he might redeem us from all iniquity and purify unto himself a peculiar people zealous of good works. If we turn from our sins and iniquty, he will purge us from all filthiness of the flesh and remove all evil desires, and will fill us with the joy of the Holy Ghost.

Wm. Grant Ferree.




Sidney, Ohio.

Dear Saints: — I feel like writing my testimony and tell what the dear Lord is doing for me. I just Praise God for full and free salvation that keeps me free from all sin. Glory to Jesus for this sweet peace I have in my soul. I am saved and sanctified and kept by the power of God ready to be revealed in the last days. Your Brother in Christ,

J D Ferree.


Poplar Bluff, Mo.

Dear Brethren: — of the most, high God: — I do praise Him that I know that He has raised me from the bed of affliction. I was taken sick about four weeks ago, and oh, I was resting in such a sweet peaceful calmness; It seemed that my sparkling crown was just in view. During the first of my sickness I had no pain and it seemed as though I was almost ready to go home and dwell with Jesus and His holy angels. During the fever I was taken with a very severe pain, I kept trusting in the Lord and He has raised me up, and I give Him all the praise. I am nothing of myself, and only want to do the will of God. I know when we all keep right down at the feet of Jesus, He fills us with His praises and Glory, and we are made to rejoice in a savior’s love. Let us all pray for the Lord to send more laborers into the vineyard, for the harvest is great and the laborers are few, and the devil is going about seeking whom he may devour. Let us all be true soldiers for Jesus. Pray for me. Your sister saved and sanctified and kept by the mignty power of God.

Mary S. Foss.


Grovertown Ind.

Dear Saints: — I am glad to say by way of testimony that I am saved to the uttermost.

We have glorious meetings, the Lord being with us. Last Sabbath one dear sister was buried with Christ in baptism. The Lord keep her faithful. The saints of this place and Walkerton are holding up Christ Jesus at two new points with marked interest, in spite of all, opposition.

Pray for us that we may be used to the glory of God. Your consecrated Bro.,

F. E. Akin.

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