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15 October 1890, Volume 10, Number 20.



The sun below the heavens has set,
Another day is forever past:
While we may the wasted time regret,
And wonder why time will fly so fast.
O could we but recall the wasted time,
And those precious moments improve:
In preparing for that far away clime,
From which no saint will ever move!

Soon our work on earth will be forever done
And a strict account of all must be given;
O is our work for Jesus only begun,
Who now intercedes for us in Heaven?
O has our time for Him been wholly let,
In telling lost ones of Jesus’ love,
That when to our life’s sun is set,
We may be culled to Heaven above?

Mrs. Mattie E. Briggs.

Lebanon, Kan.




There is formed in Brooklyn a publishing society, called the Church Militant, whose literature has come to our office, and which we have read with some interest. The writers are no little awakened about the corruptions and stupidity of the existing sects of protestantism, nor are they very conservative in their cry against these things. But they run in the same ruts of spiritual ignorance that the whole mass of sect confusion has been moving. They see, feel, and give some good arguments to sustain the idea, that a new era must soon dawn upon us, and speculate much respecting “the Church of the future.” It is boldly and truthfully asserted, that “the heathen nations are cursed by the vices of our civilization more than they are benefited by an emasculated Christianity.”

Among the errors upon which these writers are groping, we will notice the following.

  1. Calling the corrupt mass of Christendom, the Church.
  2. Acknowledging wicked men in the Church. “The great reason why we can do little in the Church at present, is because it is so much under the power of evil, that bad men in the Church neutralize all the good attempted by the godly.”
  3. The old vagary of a “Millennium”, called “a new dispensation,” is vainly looked forward to as the hope of our race.

The first and second errors here enumerated, which are closely allied are the fatal errors of current religion, the fruitful source of all the vices and abominations that has plunged the modern sects into a habitation of devils, and hold of every foul spirit. The Word teaches us that the Church is the body of Christ, and only the saved constitute its membership. For “if the Root — Christ — be holy, so are the branches, all the members” — i. e., all the members of the Church. “He that sinneth is of the devil, and “He that is born of God doth not commit sin,” and “In this the children of Cod are manifest and the children of the devil.” — 1 John 3:8-10. So God draws the boundary line between the Church, or family of Cod, and the Kingdom of Satan, right on the divide between those who do not sin and those who do. By running the line, just where God has surveyed and established it, the great bulk of the trouble and perplexity respecting the bad slate of things, supposed lo exist in the Church, is disposed of by one stroke. Says the writer of the “Church of the future”, essay, — “We must separate ourselves from sinners in the Church. We must break up this fatal truce with Satan.”

No, we must separate ourselves from sinners out side the Church; for there are none within. And the calling of man-made organisms, which includes faints and sinners, the Church, is the very truce of Satan, that must be broken up. And, thank God! which God is breaking up by the preaching of the body of Christ, in the present truth. The first thing our Church Militant friends need to do, is to get salvation, and the illumination of the Holy Spirit, and then they will be able to discern the body of Christ. And behold she is already clothed in fine linen, clean and white, prepared for her husband, and the fine linen is the righteousness of the saints. In expatiating upon a coming Millennium, the writer leaves the Word of God wholly out of the question, and gives some pleasing flights of fancy: and we would infer that he intends us to look for this millennium glory on earth to be ushered in by the second coming of Christ. We read, “The Millennial era will not be a repetition of the Apostolic age. It will and must embody new characteristics, as widely separate from the condition of the infant Church, *** as the coming of the Son of man in the clouds with power and great glory differs from His appearance to the shepherds as the Babe of Bethleham.” Again, “Is such an era imminent? Are there indications that foreshadow it? What means the wide spread expectation of the second coming of Christ.” But is He coming to reform the Church on earth, and open a thousand years of Gospel work? What utter nonsense in the light of the Bible. Nay, “When the Son of man shall come in His glory, and all the holy angels with Him, then shall He sit upon the throne of His glory.” “Assemble all nations,” “Separate them.” “Say to those on the right hand, come ye blessed.” “To them on the left hand, depart from me ye cursed, into everlasting fire.” And these shall go away into everlasting punishment; but the righteous into life eternal.” Matt. 25. Is there any millennial in this picture Christ has given us of His coming?

What are the happy things looked for in this “Church of the future.”

“The new Church must be a unit.”

Such is the Church of God-to-day. Every element of sin discord, and schism is without the body of Christ.

2 “What hinders the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in answer to the prayers of God’s people? Manifestly the sins for which we are made responsible by our association with bad men and compromise with evil.”

Well, then just open your ears, and you will hear another voice from heaven, saying, “Come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye recieve not of her plagues; for hersins have reached unto Heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.” Rev. 18:4,

  1. Come out of babylon, brethren, and you will get where God can bless you, and you need no millennial age: come out of sin and sects.

We need no fancied “New Dispensation” to enable us to obey the will of God to us in this dispensation. All you need is salvation and the grace of God in the soul.

“In the Church of the future, GOD will be all in all.”

So is God in the Church of the present, to all those who have properly discerned the same, and are saved out of all sin, and the modem sects of confusion, and who, having given up all other gods, abide only in Christ, whose body is the Church, the fullness of Him that filleth all in all.” Eph. 1:22, 23. 1 Cor. 12:12, Col. 1:18, 24.

‘The Christianity of Christ as he conceived it, is the true and universal religion, never to be superseded or outgrown. It embodies the Word which is, was and ever shall be, the “Word forever settled in Heaven that which is true because it inheres in the character of the Infinite One who changes not. We shall see that religion is true as science is true.”

To these sentiments we say, amen. They are precious truths: but they are directly at war with the notion that we must have a new dispensation, a new revelation. Christ did not promise us a millennial age, to enable us to know His eternal unchangeable Word, but He sent us the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, for that purpose.

To our militant brethren we wish to say, that God’s Church, militant, is His present Church triumphant. Because great is the Holy One of Israel in the midst of her and He “always causes us to triumph.” “He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world.” And our King has “bruised Satan under our feet.” And having “gotten the victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name, we stand on the sea of glass, that is mingled with fire, having the harps of God.” Another erronious idea advanced by many, is the conception, that this great heap of moral wood, hay, and stubble, called the Churches, will ever be raised up from the filth and mire into which they have fallen, No, babylon will never be healed: ‘‘Forsake her and flee far off from her burning.”

Not only are these brethren trying to pry up, and put foundations under, or, at least crying for a reform in the nomina Church — babylon, — but are making no small effort about the nations, the government, and the social elevation of humanity. We never read of the Apostles trying to mend the social, civil, and political affairs of the nations. Their names cannot be found in connection with any national reform of their day. Their one cry was, salvation. They gratefully used what civil rights and protection, governments tendered them, but never tinkered with the governments. They were heaven’s messengers for the salvation of men individually, from all sin. Though they claimed the rights of citizenship on earth, and counseled the support of government, as an institution of God, their citizenship was really in Heaven. A religion that would successfully court influence in politics must come down to a level with political thought and motive, and this were sadly derogatory to the glory of Bible holiness.




JESUS tells us that God is more willing to give the holy spirit to those who ask Him, than parents are to give good gifts unto their children. The love of our heavenly Father is shown to us in various ways, but here we have His expressed willingness of a blessed gift unto every child of His, more willing than parents are to give good gifts. And the gift that the Father desires to give is of more value than any earthly gift. God is not only willing to give, but has promised the holy Spirit unto us. Speaking by Ezekiel the prophet, He said: “I will put my Spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes.” Eze. 36:27—37:14.

Jesus gave this blessed promise when He was talking to His diciples about leaving. “And I will pray the Father and He shall give you another comforter. But when the comforter is come whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth which proceedeth from the Father.

This comforter is the holy Spirit and is promised and given to every one of God’s children. We need the holy Spirit for we know not what to pray for as we ought. But the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us; with groanings which cannot be uttered. Rom. 8:26.

Thus by the Holy Spirit we pray and without it our prayers availeth nothing The apostle paul exhorts us to pray always with all prayer and supplications in the spirit. Eph. 6:18. We need the Holy Spirit te lead us. We are short sighted beings and we cannot see where to go unless we have a guide. Without an unerring guide we are liable at any moment to fall into the traps, nets, and pitfalls of the enemy; with a true guide we need not fear; need not be anxious about the guidance, for He (the Holy Ghost) will guide you into all truth. Jno. 16:13.

where we find people going into and teaching all kind of errors, we may know that they are not led by the Holy Spirit, for it is truth that He will lead us into. If the dear saints that were in error was just as willing to be led by the Holy Spirit as they are by the devil, there would be less sorrow, less misery, and fewer souls blighted and made to drink eternal woe. By being led by the Spirit of God it becomes a blessing unto others in leading them to the Lord and in the way of life. Let us take God more fully at His Word and be led by the Spirit of Truth. The Lord has promised guidance if we will let Him: “I will instruct and teach thee in the way thou shalt go.” Psa. 32:8. O blessed promise that the Lord has given to guide us with His eye; to have His eye upon us; to have His watchful care about us; what should we fear? Dear soul are you guided constantly by the lord? Do you let Him have His own way in the guiding of your footsteps, or do you let your own will, assertive self rise up to dictate the guidance that the Lord should give you? By so doing you dishonor the Lord by not trusting Him, and say in so many words that you cannot trust the Lord; that your own understanding is so much better than the promised guidance of the Holy Spirit. How unnecessary; how foolish to take upon yourself the worry, the anxiety and care which is sure to follow one who undertakes his own guidance, and then you are not satisfied because you have distrusted God, and then the Lord cannot work in and through you because you will not let Him. When we permit the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth, it will be manifested by the fruits, which is in all “righteousness and goodness and truth.” Eph. 5:9.

Dear soul, trust in the Lord; delight thyself also in the Lord; and He shall give thee the desire of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in Him; and He shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light, and thy judgment as the noon day. Psa. 37:3-7. Amen.

G. W. Carey.




Orchard, Grove. Oct. 28, 1890.

Brother W: — Your letter received several al days ago, and oh, Bro. could you but know how much good it did me. When your letter came to me I had not sat up more than five minutes at one time for three weeks, but the Lord gave me so much strength after reading your letter that I got right up and have been going ever since. Oh, I seemed to be in so much darkness and I was so weak; but oh! I find the Lord is so strong, and that we can do nothing in our own strength. Praise the Lord He was with me all through my sickness, and has spared my life so that I am able to be up, and can walk out doors a little each day. Oh, praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy to us. I was sick six weeks, and during all that time I did not see nor could I hear of a true child of God in all Englewood that I could send for to come in to see me. There was plenty of babylon children, but oh, I could not have them pray for me for they have no faith, and I am out of babylon, and do not have any fellowship with them. I am not sanctified but I shall never be satisfied until I have all on the altar sanctified, and living a holy life. Pray for my dear husband that he too may receive this evening light.

Yours in Christ.

Laura Wily.



Bro. Warner: — Can you tell me what makes certain men, who once were out of sectism, and have become again entangled with the sect yoke yet pretend to love God, while at the same time they transgress the doctrine of our Lord Jesus Christ? Does God continue with them?

Again, what makes them partake of a part of the ordinanes of God’s house in the sect, and then meet by themselves and wash one anothers feet, and still shun the saints of God, who are built upon the eternal Truth, and still claim to be God’s people?

A. M. B.

Stafford, Kan.

Ans. — Different motives may be at the bottom of the above course. To answer definitely, we should have to meet the parties and learn of what spirit they are. This we can say, they are either very ignorant, not discerning the body of Christ, of are in sympathy with some form of sin, sect idolatry, most likely, which would have to be cut off, if they would come into fellowship with the body of Christ. Hence they try to console their decieved souls, by coming as near as possible to the Word of God, and yet hold the sect wine in their hearts. God is not with any persons on earth, in the sense of approving and saving them, who do not walk in all the light, and obey, all the truth that has come to their knowledge. The wide and fatal deception of the devil in these last days is this, a man can be a Christian, and reject as much God’s Word, as the creed of his favorite sect requires. Which is virtually saying, loyalty to the creed and rules of the sect, will make up for disloyalty to the Word of God. This is the awful a ge of deception, and the devil makes thousands believe they are blessed of God, while setting at naught the Troth, as it is in Christ. God may be with sinners and deceived hypocrites, in the sense of drawing and moving upon their hearts; but He can only approvingly bless such as do His will, such shall be blessed in the deed But, 2 John 9, only on God’s Word are we safe, one step off the Bible is on the devils territory. And such are guilty sinners before God; if they keep the whole law but offend in one point, they are guilty of the whole.


Ques. 1 Can a saved person enter into marriage with a sinner and keep salvation?

  1. Can a child of God reject the admonitions of God’s people, and elders, and disobey God’s Word and retain the spirit of God?
  2. Are such persons in error, or in sin?

Ang. To the first we would say, by authority of God’s Word, and by observation, that where people are taught the Word of God, which forbids a child of God to be “unequally, yoked together with unbelievers”, to do such a thing is simply to backslide and go to the devil. If the person be ignorant of the scriptures, or if the person taken in marriage be strongly inclined to Bible truths, and in heart seeking after God, the results would probably be not such inevitable death.

Ang. to 2nd. A person that refuses the council of God’s elders, given in the spirit of Christ and according to His Word rebels against Christ, for His Word says, “be subject to the elders.”

“He that receiveth you receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth Him that sent me. Matt. 10:40. To submit to the elders council, is to “humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God.” 1 Pet. 5:5. 6.

“We are of God; he that knoweth God heareth ns; he that is not of God, heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth and the spirit of error.” 1 Jno. 4:6.

Ang. to 3rd. Such are of the “spirit of error,” and more or less in sin.


Lebanon, Kan., Sept. 30, 1890.

D. S. Warner — Editor of the Gospel Trumpet: — I cannot refrain from letting you know how happy I am, since I have heard of the Anti-sectarians springing up, over God’s footstool, of late. A long time have I been Anti sectarian, and had to fight the battle with those self righteous sectarians. I would cry aloud unto God and say, how long, oh Lord, will Babylon thus stand? But I was not alone for God was with me; and if there were other dear brethren and sisters, in the love of Jesus, standing out clear, it was my lot to remain in ignorance of them. Perhaps it was for the best, all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord. And, as my will is lost in the Lord’s, I felt as though He was searching the heart and trying the reins; proving as it were my faith in Christ, and my dependence on a heavenly Father. There were two of chose dear brethren, in Christ, holding meeting a few miles from our town some time ago, but I did not know they were Anti-sectarian, until after the meetings were closed. I was sorry I did not know, but it is alright. My mother, an old lady and who has been a methodist for years, was baptized and left the sect, also two of my sisters from the baptist sect. Praise God! The Ark is not full, but there is room for many more. Hasten the time, oh God, when thy people shall be one, even as thy dear Son and Thou art one, is my prayer. Now let us work as we have never worked before, and be co-workers with one another and with God. The work will then be acceptable unto God; for if God be for us, who can be against us? I am not ashamed of my colors, and delight in telling others of the love of God. May God bless the dear saints and uphold them with His omnipotent power, is my prayer.

Yours in the love of Jesus.

Mrs. Mattie E. Briggs.

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Sent Forth in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ
For the Purity and Unity of His Church,
the Defence of ALL His Truth,
And the Destruction of Sect Babylon.




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A small tract of 32 pages, setting this subject before the people, in the clear light of the New Testament.

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A New Tract, By Wm. G. Schell,

Setting forth the Ordinances of the Scripture in a clear light, showing which are abolished, and proving that the three ordinances instituted by Christ are not of the Old Testament, but of the New, and are still in vogue.

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There will be an assembly of the saints of God at the Feaster meeting house a few miles north of Rising Sun Wood Co. Ohio, beginning Oct. 23, to continue over Sabbath 28, and as much longer as the Lord wills. The above place is on the Columbus Hocking Valley and Toledo R. R. Per sons coming will be met at the train, and conveyed to the meeting if they will notify Bro. Jacob Roush what day you will come. Address Rising Sun, Ohio. Every body that loves God, or desires to seek God are invited. We and our Co. expect to be here, the Lord willing, and we hope that a number of the dear brethren in the ministry will be present. Amen!

D. S. Warner.




We would say that the Trumpet family numbers about one dozen. And the Lord keeps us all well and hearty; accordingly it takes no small amount of fruit, wheat, potatoes, butter, beef, etc. to supply our daily needs. Now it would be a great blessing if a good supply of all these necessary provisions would find their way into our large cellar this fall, while these gracious products are being gathered in, and are cheaper than in midwinter. Last fall some dear kind saints from Allegan Co. brought us a good supply of potatoes and other things, which helped to supply the family during the winter. The Lord bless, and/reward them. Some dear saints may be able to send in some of these provisions, on subscription, which, at the rates you would get for them, would be worth more to us than they cost; as we would have to pay more in the markets for the same things. The Lord has blessed us with a small mill by means of which we grind our own flour. So if any brother is blessed with some good clean wheat to spare, it would be the real staff of physical life to us. Last winter a clear brother from Ind. sent us several bushels as a donation which was a great help to us, and enabled us by using the money thus saved to send out much more holy literature to feed the hungry souls, who are seeking to know the truth. If a few of the saints in any one place will throw together, what they may have to spare of any and all kind of grain, vegitables, fruit, butter, or anything used to supply actual human wants, of not too far away, and sent by freight; the charges will be but little, and all will be very thankfully received, either on subscription, or as donation. To accomodate our enlarged family of workers and many heavenly visitors, additional bedding would be a much appreciated blessing. The Lord bless the cheerful givers.




When there was a famine at Jerusalem, the saints in other localities son relief, and even the great apostle Paul could take time to carry their benefactions to them O that the pure virtues of the Christ life might again shine, in this respect, as it did in the Morning. There is really suffering and want in the drouth visited west. While in Gratiot Co. we heard a very touching appeal from a destitute family to friends for help. And now before is a call from sister Hoffer for help for her daughter and little children in Oklahoma. We are well acquainted with both the mother and daughter and know they are true children of God, and worthy of help from the household of faith. They all went from Neb. to this new country, and having raised but little, will not be able to winter. Let the dear saints send a little of the Lord’s means, for Christs sake, to Mary Hawley, Rock Island Oklahoma. Brothers living near enough, could send potatoes, or any other food, old clothing that can be used for the children, etc., send by freight or express to King-fisher Oklahoma, and notify her by letter at Rock Island. All will be thankfully received, and God will reward the merciful, who remember the poor for Christ’s sake. Amen!



The readers remember the impostor we published last winter, who had in three different localities passed for Personal, Percival, and Paul, and who slimed the country with his ungodly lies against the saints: He said he had been a catholic priest. Whether this be so or not, he is, no doubt, the man who came some eight or ten years ago among the holiness people of Ohio, from Cleveland or vicinity, and claimed to have been a priest, by name Percival. Bro. Wm. N. Smith recollects him very well, and likewise his character at that time. This man and his wife have been in Detroit recently, and a blind holiness professor took them in, pronounced them grandly saved, lavished upon them all the change he could well command, and endeavored to introduce them elsewhere. Look out for the devil’s notorious lying angels of light.



As the print on a number of pages of the first edition of this book is not first class on account of having imperfect plates, we wil sell the remainder of this edition for 60 cents per. copy, and send by mail, postage paid. Those having paid full price, $1.50 for the book will have the privilege to exchange for one of perfect print when the second edition appears, which will probably be some time next year. Brethren having books on hands, for sale, will please write us and we will make satisfactory arrangements.




One, J. C. Woods of Norwood Mo., a reckless unprincipled sinner, wrote a short testimony in Trumpet, of Aug. 1, in which he falsely claimed to be saved; and another sinner, by the name of John Cramer from the same place, had a testimony in Sept- 15, issue, which is supposed to have been through, the instigation of Woods. These men had better repent of their presumptous sin in the sight of God. In the pressing labors that come upon us all here, such short communications cannot always be detected. By the grace of God we will give no place in our columns to the devil if we know it We have no heed of any of his children’s lies, having on hand always more true testimonies than we can find place to publish. We are thankful that we have been informed, and ask all God’s saints to aid us in exposing and re jecting all such devilish works. Any man that will practice such wicked hypocrisy, deserves the contempt of all well civilized citizens, and the righteous indignation of God and all His holy people.


Since Bro. Schoolcraft’s article appeared in the last Trumpet concerning the purchase of a tabernacle for camp and grove meeting work, we have received $5.00 for that purpose. A new one can be purchased at a very great discount now, if the necessary means can be raised.



Dear Saints: — We desire you to pray for the healing of my companion who is very much afflicted with Asthma, and also a cancer.

We also desire some holy minister to come here and preach the Gospel in its purity.

Yours in the love of Jesus.

John Shick.



Jerome, Iowa Aug., 16, 1890.

Dear Saints —: May the God of love won derfully bless and fill you all with joy unspeakable and full of glory. We are happy to report that we are saved and rejoicing in the hope and glory of God. Hallelujah to Jesus for the blessed “Holy Rest that the Spirit brings and for complete victory over all the evils of this world. We are here in the name of Jesus Christ, wholly and completely given up to His will, ready to be used in any way that will honor and glorify the name of our blessed Redeemer. The true light of the gospel had never been taught here and but few people are willing to receive it; we find it as the blessed Master says: “Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” The people are in a terrible condition here; may God pity the poor deceived souls that are being led down to hell, by these “Dumb dogs that cannot bark, yea greedy dogs that cannot have enough and cannot understand” Isa. 56:9-11. They are paying these false shepherds salaries for leading them to eternal destruction. O my God have mercy! It is awful to see the corruptness of Babylon, how she is making the people drunk on the wine of the wrath of her fornication. But glory to Jesus! the time has come when she will stand no longer; she will no longer make nations drunk on her wine. May all who are working in Christ’s vinyard get desperately in earnest about the salvation of precious souls, for “The harvest is great but the laborers are few.” We have left all to follow Jesus and we are going to follow wheresoever He leads, we are equiped and ready for the battle, “With the whole armor of God, and our loins girt about with truth, having on the breastplate of righteousness; and our feet shod with the preperation of the Gospel of peace,” also with the sheild of faith, the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God.

We remain yours in Christ.

W. A. and R. M. Haynes.


Marquand, Mo. Oct. 4, 1890.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — May the rich blessing of God be with you. We began meeting 4 miles South of Norwood the 8th of last month as was announced. We begun with victory for God, the first night of the meeting was blessed. Quite a number camped on the grounds, but were not very well prepared to be sheltered from the rain that fell about every day during the whole week. But the dear saints were very hungry for the pure word of God, and would not let the unfavorable weather hinder them. We never have found a more willing people than we found there, eager for every ray of light they could get. God bless them. Nearly all of them were drinking coffee, and so far as we know they all put it away, and the Lord wonderfuly blessed them in it. Not many unsaved people attended the meeting because of the rain. The principle work was among the saints. Not very many new experiences. The meeting lasted with victory, and the saints moving fast, 5 or 6 davs (Our home was with Bro. Byrum. God bless the dear family.) We then moved he tabernacle to Norwood where the same company of saints attended and a new congregation of unsave ,twoo whom were converted during the meeting. The saints still kept advancing, three were healed of old afflictions and made able to do their own work O praise the Lord! We stayed there one week having meeting every day and night. Our home was with the families of Bro’s Wilson and Gesbone, whore houses are for the children of God. We left the meeting with the Lord, for the saints to still work as long as the Lord willed. One saved the last night we were with them and three very honest souls left at the altar of prayer, and others deeply interested and the saints in a far better condition than we found them. God bless them in the rest of the meeting and save precious souls. We are now at this place in the name of Jesus. Had meeting last night with a good quiet congregation. There is lot a sanctified person in all this community, the having never been but one holiness professor here, and he has lost his experience. Pray for us.

We are saved and have victory in our souls. Amen.

Geo. E. & Mattie Bolds.


Dear Saints: — After the Red Lyon camp meeting we went with Bro. A. J. Kilpatrick and Bro. and sister Dillon to Fertigs Pa., where we assisted them one week in a protracted meeting, and then took leave of them and came to the Shellhammer neighborhood, near Cochran’s Mills Pa, where we begun a meeting on the evening of Sept. 16 in the name of our King, Jesus. The powers of darkness were thick at first, but praise God, they were soon dispersed by the Word and Spirit of God, and three souls came to God and were saved. Others, who have been holiness fighters were compelled by the Word and Spirit, to acknowledge the true way. Our prayer is that they may soon believe on Jesus with all their hearts and be saved. The meeting closed Sept. 28, and the next day we went to the water where one soul followed Christ in the ordinance of baptism. From there we came to this place where we intend to hold about a ten days meeting if the Lord wills. Pray for us all ye saints of the Most High.

Your brethren in Christ.

Wm. G. Schell & G. W. Howard.

Blanco, Pa.


Rising Sun, O. Oct. 6, 1890.

Dear Saints: — Again we greet you in the name of Jesus. Since our last report we have been in meetings as follows. From Rideville Corners we went to Florida to the home of sister Hurd, and held a few meetings in a rented hall. From there we went to Weston O. where we remained six or eight days and held a meeting, in which the Lord helped us to get the Truth to the people. No one was saved in either of the above places, but thank God we found a few who were willing to listen to the Truth. The latter place is cursed with sect holiness, and indeed a very dark place. God bless our dear Bro. and sister Long who gave us such a comfortable home, and so abundantly administered to our wants. From there we were conveyed Sept. 19, by Bro’s Miller of Jerry City O., and Cupp of Six point Wood Co. O., to the home of the latter, where we began meeting in the old schoolhouse, in the name of Jesus and continued till the 30th. A few were saved, and a few backsliders reclaimed. Among that number was ray dear sister from Toledo O. for which I praise God. But O the awful condition of some poor souls whom we had met with in gone by days, who then had a good experience but now are deceived by the Devil and a pray for evil spirits, and God has had to sacrifice them and they have compromised with babylon. From Sixpoint we, myself and family, sister Anna Mc Farland, and my sister, came to this place where we are now holding meeting in the name of Jesus and the work of salvation is moving on. Praise the Lord! Bro. and sister Jacobson went to Duskier O. Pray for us all ye saints.

Your brother and sister saved just now.

J. N. & M. J. Howard.


Owosso, Mich.

Dear Saints: — I found at Gaines, and Garland, at devoted earnest people that teach the true Church of Christ. Yet there is a gaeat need of the Evening Light being preached here as some are divided an the ordinance question. All who see the light must walk in it and make advancement and know nothing but Christ, that the glorious light of the Gospel may not be hindered by divisions. More of the love of Christ is needed that such things will not cause divisions. O true saints of God, reach out into the ocean of God’s love and His Spirit will melt us together in one body ruled by love. Pray for these brethren scattered over this great waste in central Mich., that God may multiply them. Amen.

John Storrer.


Wymore, Neb. Sept. 24, 1890.

Dear Brethren: — Praise the Lord! God bless you one and all. Jesus Christ does so sweetly save me from all sin just now; and sanctifies me wholly. Glory to God! My soul is now free, and is so sweetly basking in the sunlight of God’s redemption plan of salvation. O glory to God! I am so glad to know that the way has opened up, for God’s holy ones to come here to work in the vinyard of the Lord. Bro’s Willis, Haner and family are holding a meeting at Blue Springs, Neb. Truly they are a zealous and peculiar people. Glory to God! Last night nine or ten rose for prayers, and about as many testified to sanctification. A good attendance, good order and a seriousness now prevails.

Yours in Christ.

John J. Bently.

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Hamilton, Mich. Oct. 5 1890.

Dear Saints: — I am saved and praising God for His wonderful goodness to the children of men. How my soul doth magnify the Lord, for delivering me from the powers of darkness, and translating me into the Kingdom of His dear son, and then hath so wonderfully kept me by His mighty power, through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time. Yes, ready for the revelation of Jesus Christ at any time; which I believe is near at hand, and which I am looking for, and hastening unto the coming of the day of God. How wonderful after living to be sixty years old in sin and rebellion, the Lord did convict me of sin to such a degree that I was brought to repentance, and through repentance arid belief in the Lord Jesus Christ I am saved. O, praise the Lord for His goodness to me. In my last I wrote of the work in Blendon Otawa Co. Mich. We returned there Sept. the 14th, found the people more ready to receive the truth, which some did to the salvation of their stalls. This is a dark place so many isms the people are mixed up and do not know where to look. But they begin to accept the truth. There were 8 or 9 consecrations, and the wonderful power of God was manifested in casting out devils, which those in opposition said they could not deny. They said they never saw any thing like it, and they did not suppose it was done in these days. There were four dear souls buried in baptism in Grand River, and came forth with heaven beaming from their faces. We left the 29th. leaving some in tears of conviction. We think the work is not done yet, and expect to go there again soon Pray for us that the Lord will use us to His glory.

C. B. Butler & B. Wooded.


Sweetser, Ind.

Bear Ones in Jesus: — My testimony is, that I am preserved and kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation, ready to be revealed in the last time when the Lord Jesus shall come from Heaven with His mighty angels taking vengence on them that know not God, and that obey not His Gospel. I do praise the Lord for the way that we may know Him. And hereby we do know that we know Him it we keep His commandments — 1 Jno. 2:3. Now the fourth verse says he that saith I know Him and keepeth not His commandments is a liar and the truth is not in him. So we have found nothing grievous in His commandments. The blessed Lord is sending us in new fields to sow the seed. Opening up the way that people might not perish but hear the Word of the Lord. Since the Beaver Dam C. M. the Lord sent a few of the holy baptized ones to Green Town with pure testimonies, and the Word of God in its purity. The Lord gave us glorious victory in giving the Word and declaring the wonderful works of God. The saints also held one meeting in Kokomo. Bro. Elihu Key preached the Word to the people with the Holy Ghost. The Lord has let us loose in Marion Ind. to set fire to the hay, wood, and stubble. It is making some rich and some very poor, that they are gnawing their tongues for pain. Pray for us that we may keep humble, and do His will in all things. He that doeth His will shall know of the doctrine. I can praise the Lord for His Word, for it has made me free. “Whom the Son maketh free is free indeed.” Our hearts are purified by obeying the truth. “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” O, glory to our God for salvation, that saves from all sin. I know there is a crown laid up for me, and not for me only but, for all that love the appearing of the Lord. “Herein is our love made perfect that we may have boldness in the day of Judgemnt, because as He is, so are we in this world.” — 1 Jno. 4:17. The Judgment now is coming close on the people so there is a wonderful falling away, for they cannot stand without a pure heart. O who shall be able to stand when He appeareth for “He is like a refiners fire and like fullers soap.” The Lord saith “In that day when I shall make up my Jewels, and I will spare them as a man spareth his son that serveth him, then shall ye return and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serveth the Lord and him that serveth Him not.” This discernment is given to the holy.

Your Bro. saved and sanctified.

E. Bragg.


“Does God give women, as well as men, the gift of healing?

Ans. certainly. “There is neither male nor female,” in respect to the gifts and calling of God. These gifts are communicated, by the Holy Spirit. — see 2 Cor. 12:7-11 And the Holy Spirit in His pentecost fullness whs given, and is still being given to women as well as men. see Acts 1:14, 2:4, 17, 18. Holy sisters who are convicted they should claim and use the gift of healing, or any other gift in God’s Word, have just as good right to do so as any man. There is not one text to the contary.



Moscow, Miss.

Dear Saints: — I feel it will be to the glory of God to write my testimony, the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses me from all in. I am saved and sanctified wholly this morning ready to do His will. I praise His holy name that He did save me. I am kept by the power of God from sin each day and hour of my life. Oh hallelujah to the lamb He makes and keeps me what I am. Pray for me.

Your sister in Christ.

Jennie Talbert.


Tullahoma, Tenn.

Dear Saints: — I praise the Lord for what He has done for my soul. He led me on to entire sanctification. I did not have the privilege to go to hear the saints preach; but I obtained this blessed experience by reading the Gospel Trumpet, and the Bible, and by keeping from all sin as near as I knew how, and through the faithful prayers of the saints. And as soon as I became willing to take up the cross and to come boldly to a throne of grace, then it was that Jesus began to teach me the will of the Father. I do not know how to express His great love, it is unspeakable and full of glory, I am deteamined to walk in all the light God gives me. I realize that I am all on the altar ready to go or stay wherever the Lord leads. Speak Lord, thy servant heareth. I realize that I am in that straight and narrow path that leads to eternal glory. And we must be very plain to walk in it. The Lord would not have us wear any thing that is for the pride of life. It has been one week since I commenced serving the Lord, and I realize that we never get to the end of God’s great love. I am growing stronger in the Lord every day and He keeps me free from all sin. I now realize the dark confusion of the devil that there is in sect babylon. Truly strait is the gate and narrow is the way and few there be that find it. How I long to see all my friends and neighbors saved. I cannot thank God enough that He has prepared me to meet Him where I can praise Him through all Eternity, in a world that will never end.

Your sister in Christ.

Barbara Mc Connell.


Anthony, Kan. Oct. 2, 1890.

Dear Saints: — This morning I am standing upon the sea of glass, and I do know by the gift of righteousness and the abundance of grace that I have received, that I am reigning in this life by one Christ Jesus, and that I have an inheritance with those that are sanctified by faith. Praise God! The little ones here have to battle against much opposition and darkness. Some that started out clear and bright for God, two years ago, have compromised and today are neither cold nor hot. Would to God they might avoid the vengeance of God. Now dear ones do not let the devil get you to wondering if you could stand such and such trials if they were to come; but be sure you have grace for the present and God will take care of the future. Remember He is the same God yesterday, today and forever. Praise His holy name! Remember the impossibility of the children of Israel at the Red sea, and God’s ability.

Pray much for us here that we may stand firm, hid away in the secret place of the Most High abiding under the shadow of the Almighty.

Your sister saved in Jesus aed kept by power divine-

N. L. Shroyer.


Mariasville, Pa.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — This is the first time that I have testified through the Trumpet. Praise God for salvation! I was justified three years ago last February and lived in a justified state six or seven weeks, then was sanctified by a second work of grace. And since that time have been living a holy life, and have had many happy meetings to enjoy. Praise our God who has given me the light in my soul, and is letting me into all truth, and has given me power to preach His holy Word, and is leading me out to work for Him. It is glory in my soul since Jesus pardoned my sins and sanctified my nature. We have a glorious little church here at Mariasville, with victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Your brother in Christ saved and sanctified.

S. P. Gilger.


Canton, O. ,Oct. 2, 1890.

Dear Brethren: — I am saved and kept by the power of God, and walking in the light that shines in my pathway. I have found that it pays to trust the Lord in all things and I love to do all can to help along the work of the Lord. I feel led to testify, through the Trumpet, that I am a child of God. I praise God for bringing me out into the marvelous Evening Light. I feel that I am growing stronger and more determined to live for Jesus. Oh how sweet and what peace and joy we have in our souls! I praise God for all the trials and persecutions of this life, for it brings us closer to the bleeding side of Jesus. “In the world we shall have tribulation, but in me, He says, you shall have peace.” I ask all the dear saints to pray for my healing; I am afflicted with stomach and heart disease. Do not wait for any certain day to pray for my healing, but as soon as you read this, or, when you feel led to do so. We would like for some of God’s holy ministers to come this way, and preach the Gospel. If any one feels led to come, come and you will be taken care of, in the name of the Lord. I ask you all to pray for me that I may hold out faithful to the end, and receive a crown of life that fadeth not away, eternal in the heavens.

Your saved Bro. in Jesus.

Charles I. Mendenhall.


Rolla, Phelps Co. Mich.

Dear Saints: — I am praising the Lord, this morning, for salvation. I thank the Lord that I ever found the true way to live. I am walking in all the light God gives me. We have no preaching here now, but there are a few of us standing firm. All glory and praise to the Lord! Pray that we all endure to the end; it is those that endure to the end that shall be saved.

Your sister in Christ

Mary E. Denton.


Rockford, Ill.

Dear Saints: — I take my pen in band once more to testify for Jesus in the way He leads me. I just praise the dear Lord just now for the glory that is in my soul. Yes I know He sanctifies me by the truth. Glory to His precious name. I was taken very sick and prayed the Lord to heal me believing it would be done if it was His will, and it was done. I do thank Him with all my heart for His mercy and love. Pray for me that I may be a humble servant at Jesus feet, ready to meet Him at His coming

Your saved Bro.

Warren Cushman.


Wooster, Ohio.

Dear Saints: — I am glad to tell you all that Jesus saves me. Sometimes when satan I tells me I am not sanctified, the Lord enables me to shout aloud the high praises of God, in the assurance that the blood does fully cleanse me, and that I am filled to overflowing. The dear Lord supplies all our needs, glory to His holy name forever and forever. I have not met a saint since I came home. I often think of the dear holy people I met at the Beaver Dam C. M. I thank the dear Lord for the instruction they gave me. I have no desire to attend sect meetings. As I look out upon the people going to their meetings, I can thank God for the evening light, and for the privilege of praising Him at home. Glory, honor, and salvation to our God! The Lord does not forget us when we are alone, and cannot meet with the dear saints. No difference how much we are scattered over the world, we are all one in Christ Jesus.

Pray for me.

Your sister.

Laura J. Ryland.


Continental, O.

Dear Saints: — We wish to say to the glory of God, that we are saved and kept by the power of God, and thank Him for His wonderful goodness. We are ready to go out and work for the Lord whenever He sends us.

Yours in Jesus.

A. M. Dick.


Died, in Hamilton, Gratriot Co. Mich. Sept. 23, 1890, Gladdys May, daughter of, Arthur and Olive Hazelton, aged 1 yr. and 7 days. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away; blessed be the name of the Lord. May God bless the bereaved parents with salvation and comfort their hearts. It has pleased the dear Lord to transplant, within a few years back, three little gems of theirs, from this world of sin, to that Paradise of love.

How we loved our little Gladdys,
One we cherished with much care,
And our home is sad and lonely,
For our baby is not here.

But to wish her back were selfish,
Back to this cold world of sin.
Nay, ’twas God himself has taken
Her to dwell at home with Him.

Round her little grave we gathered,
And the sun was setting low,
There we laid our little Gladdys,
Baby dear, we cherished so.

Funeral services by the writer, C. E. Reeves.


Died — near Beaver Dam Ind., Sept. 15, 1890, Barbara Wideman, wife of Bro. Joseph Wideman. Aged 62 yrs. 11 mo’s and 11 days. Sister Wideman was a faithful saint, and one whom the world was compelled to believe was a christian. Her life corresponded with her covenant and profession; she was always faithful in her religious duties, and always pleasant to both the saved and unsaved. She attended meeting in Yellow Creek Bethel on Lord’s day, Sept. 7, and eight days later she departed this life to be with Jesus in the eternal realms above, where sorrow and pain are not found. She leaves a husband, ten children and many friends to mourn their loss.

May God comfort and sustain those of the family who have given themselves to the dear Lord, and fully save the dear unsaved friends, ere it will be too late.

“Our Mother has gone to the land of rest,
That beautiful home where the angels dwell,
Now safe in the bosom of Jesus blest,
Though lonely, dear Lord! we how to thy will.

Our hearts are clinging, dear mother, to thee,
Thou livest here yet, in each bosom of love
Our mem’ry shall cherish thy gentle form,
Till we meet thee, dear Mother, homed above.

Thy virtue still shines in our saddened home,
Endearing each object thy hands have wrought,
And leaving to us the legacy, pure,
Thy holy and innocent life has bought.

O Mother! dear Mother! we miss thee so,
Unthinking, we listen for thee to come,
But Jesus will comfort, and grace bestow,
And lead us to join thee in Heaven’s bright home.”

Sel. from Poems of Grace and Truth.

S. L Speck.


Vinland, Kan. Sept. 20, 1890.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — I am praising God for salvation. I do praise the Lord that He can save a guilty sinner and make him white as snow. The blessed Lord saves and keeps me. There are but few of the saints here and we desire your prayers, that we may stand firm on the solid Rock Christ Jesus.

Your sister down under the blood.

S. S. Daily.


John Roland, son of Richard and Lucy Roderick, was born at Walkerton Ind., Jan. 13, 1890, and died at same place, July 6, 1890, aged 5 mo’s and 19 days.

Funeral services conducted by the writer. Text 2 Sam. 12:23. The mother was wholly sanctified and could say, “The will of the Lord be done. The father is not saved; pray that he may prepare to meet his little one in the glory world. The Lord bless them.

Mary Cole.


Carthage, Mo.

DIED Sept. 7, 1890, Tabitha L. Hughes wife of Daniel Hughes. Aged 39 yrs. 13 da. She leaves a husband and seven children to mourn their loss. Her illness lasted fourteen days and her suffering was great but she bore it patiently, and testified to the last that she was trusting in Jesus, and that all was well. May God bless the bereaved ones, and help those yet unsaved to prepare to meet God and the loved one that has gone before.

Funeral services by the writer.

Otto Bolds.


DROWNED near Muir, Mich ,on the 15th of June, Erwin Drew, son of William and sister Hattie Drew of sethton, Mich., aged 18 years. While from home at work he, in company with another young man, went in the river for a bath, and being unacquainted with the river and unable to swim, stepped off into a deep place and was drowned Erwin was a noble youth, dearly beloved by all who knew him. God bless the bereft parents and console them in this sad bereavment Funeral services at the Miles schoolhouse, by A. J. Shelly.

Here hopes so fondly cherished,
May sparkle but a day,
And dear ones gently nourished
Make but a transient stay.

On earth we meet to sever
Fond hearts, however dear;
In heaven we part, no never,
This does lifes journey cheer.

Dear father trust in Jesus,
He doeth all things well;
Twill make your sorrows lighter,
To drink of mercy’s well.

Dear mother keep on trusting,
And on your way pursue;
And then a crown immortal,
In heaven is waiting you.

M. E. Shelly.


Keetor; Mich. Sept. 19 1890.

Departed from this life, Ollie C. Warner, aged 12 yrs. 9 mo’s and 23 days. Ollie was a great favorite of her friends and acquaintances. In the bloom and beauty of health, fair and amiable, and ever filled with cheerful songs and joyful hymns. She had endeavored to live a christian. Her illness was brief, and supposed slight, but suddenly she was taken very severely, when she told her mother that she could not live, but said, “Mother, do not cry for you know it is all right.” She had no dread of death, and passed away in peace. A tiny boquet of one white daisy and some geranium leaves, which she had worn during her sickness, she took from her bosom, and laid upon these words: “Then, Esther the queen answered and said. If I have found favor in thy sight, O King, and if it please the King, let my life be given me at my petition, and my people at thy request,” — Esther 7:3.

She asked for life, of Heaven’s King,
While in this vale of death,
And passed to everlasting Spring,
To breathe immortal breath.

The Queen of old life’s favor sought,
And touched the golden rod.
Our daughter found what Jesus bought,
A life at home with God,

Fair Esther by her beauty won
A place in royal sheen;
But Ollie soars to Heaven’s throne,
To reign an angel queen.

The Lord had raised queen Esther where
She saved her people all.
And now He takes our child, so dear,
To us a saving call.

So in our tears, we humbly bow
Beneath His rod of love.
O wash us Saviour, while as snow,
That we may meet above.

For like these flower’s, our loved one laid,
Upon the living page,
We, too, must shortly fade,
And fill our mortal age.

Behold, all flesh as grass must yield;
Man’s glory as the flow’r
That stands amid the harvest field,
Awaits the reaping hour.

Then grant, O King, our child’s request,
Beneath her boquet pure,
Thy gift, eternal life, and rest
With her forevermore.

Written by request by D. S. Warner.


Eva, companion of Henry Neale, of Bangor, Mich., departed this life, Sept. 30, 1890. Aged 21 yrs. 6 mo’s and 29 days. She was saved and died in peace. She leaves a husband, with whom she had been joined in marriage about two years, to mourn Ms sad loss. May the Lord bless and comfort his heart, by the grace of God. Amen! The funeral was held at New Richmond, Mich., the place of her parents’ residence.

Now gone from us, but she’s not dead,
Despoiled, ’tis true her house of clay;
But when that sacred spot you tread,
Me thinks you’ll hear an angel say,
“She’s not here, to her was giv’n
A life that soars above the tomb.”
The angels bore her safe to Heaven,
Free from mortal pain and gloom.

The Author, of these feeling hearts
Chides not affection’s flowing tears;
But with them soothing balm imparts,
And in His arms of love He bears
Poor nature’s heavy burden up:
So when bereavments press our mind,
Grace drops such sweetness in the cup,
That even then, we comfort find.

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Namely the so called “Straight Holiness” of Mo. Associationism. God pity the poor souls that call themselves “Straight Holiness,” and run over the Word of God rough shod, and oppose the example of Christ, and speak hard things about them that follow Him. I have written to some about their actions, but they wish to be excused from answering, but keep on speaking evil of us in the pulpit, and through the paper, so that persons believing their story, would think us very had people. Of course, this does not hurt us, for all that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. But this coming from men professing to be holy, I write this as a warning to them. They say that immersion and washing feet is the cause of trouble. So let us resort to the Word of God to see who are to blame. G. H. Stillwell of Meridian Miss., pretended to give a statement of the holiness work in the south; he goes on to tell that, “there are a few in a place that are straight for God.” And those whom he calls straight, are simply such as do not believe and practice all the Word of God. He says: “Some of our brethren have been bewitched it seems, and have turned from the truth as they were first taught, in that they teach one mode of baptism, and foot washing as an ordinance in the Church. It might be said of them, oh, foolish brethren, who hath bewitched you?” So the fact is, the brethren he speaks of as be witched have turned from false creeds, and isms of any or every mode for baptism, to the truth as it is in Christ Jesus. It is the Methodist and other babel creeds that teach more than one mode of baptism, and not God’s Word. It is impossible that Christ could have set us an example for baptism in three ways, He having only been once literally baptized. And the example He set us is on record. He was baptized in Jordan. And twice the New Testament tells us that baptism is a burial. And every one has to but cast off the Romish traditions, and honestly examine scriptural and historical facts, to arrive at a positive knowledge that the word baptize simply and literally means to dip or immerse More especially do we know of the doctrine when we do the Word, as the Lord promised we should. And to hold to the dark age superstition, of three ways of baptism, is simply to love and abide in ignorance and error.

He calls us “foolish brethren.” The Word says, “Let no man decieve himself, if any man among you seemeth to be wise in this world, let him become a fool (i. e., for Christ’s sake) that he may be wise.” — 1 Cor. 3:18. Praise God! I am fool enough, in the estimation of this world and hypocrites, to do what Christ left me His example and command to do. Paul explains why feet-washing is foolishness to some people. He says, “The preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness: but unto us who are saved it is the power of God.” — 1 Cor. 1:18. Amen! Praise God! Christ says, “If any man will be my disciple, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” But many when it comes to the humble command of Christ, deny Christ, and the cross, and take up self, or some man’s opinion, and then washing the saints feet becomes foolishness to them. He asks, Who hath be witched us? Read John 13, Matt. 3:16, 17, Mark 1:9, 10, Eph. 4:5, and you will see who is leading and controling us in these things- If we are fools for washing one another’s feet, then it is unto the Lord, for we have learned it of Him. If we are tools for being buried in baptism, then we are fools for the sake of Christ. the Holy Spirit, and God the Father; for the Son set us the example in Jordan, the Spirit came down in approval, and the Father said, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.” And we know that neither the Father, Son nor Holy Spirit have changed from that day to this.

He asks us if we “recieved the Spirit by washing feel?” No: not in His sanctifying power. Neither did you by eating the Lord’s supper. If you say you do that because it is a command, we ask why obey one and reject the other? Christ says, “If you keep my commandments, not part of them, ye shall abide in my love.” And “He that loveth me keepeth my sayings.” This explains our practice. But if we loved some old creed of men, more than Christ, we would only follow as much of Christ’s teaching as the creed contained. This accounts for the spirit manifested by our opposers. And yet they try to make the people believe that it is Christ,s mind in them, that opposes the example of Christ. But as sure as the New Testament is a copy of the mind of Christ, any person can see by reading it, that they are actuated by the “carnal mind which is not subject to the will of God, neither indeed can be.”

Bro. Stillwell goes on to say, “I told some, of the brethren that when this question (i. e. feet washing) was first agitated, I was afraid that if we taught it to the people to be practiced in the Church, some would soon make it a test of christian fellowship. So the time has come that one has preached it publicly and boldly, as a direct command from God.”

Well the Head of the Church, who is the law giver, instituted it in the Church as much as He did the Lord’s Supper; for both were instituted in the same night, and in the same place. And the Apostles were in the Church. So the man seems to have been afraid to do what Christ says we “ought” and “should” do, for fear some one would teach it wrong. There is only one remedy for this fear, and that is, to repent of his stubbornness, and then get perfect love, and he will not be afraid to do and teach what Christ says we ought to do.

He says, “these things will divide God’s people” which is a false assertion, and blasphemy against the Son of God. To think that Christ, who spake the words of God, and “done always those things that pleased the Father,” would command His disciples to do something that would divide His Father’s family, and even assure us that, “if we know these things happy are we if we do them,” is nothing short of blasphemy against the holy Son of God. Would He pray that all His disciples should be one, as He and the Father are one,” and then set up something to divide them? The Bible teaches, that carnality is the cause of divisions. Was Christ carnal? Such would be the conclusion if the above charge were true. It is true that carnal sectarians, who were not fit to observe the ordinances of Christ, have wrangled over them, as they have over everything in the Word. But their schisms must be ascribed to carnality, and not to the Bible truths over which they disputed What divided the Quakers? They have none of these things, and yet are divided into several factions. Surely not the ordinances. It is true that carnal professors have perverted and given undue stress, to these sacred institutions; and it is equally true that satan run the Quakers into an opposite heresy, but neither of these change the Word of God. And now God’s Holy Spirit has led His saints into all truth, and given them the knowledge how to do all in love to God, and do it unto the Lord who is our “commmander and leader.” But after awhile, A. M. Kiergan and others protested against Jesus being head and lawgiver, and being our “way”, and taught that “these things” which Christ said we would be happy in doing, would bring shame and confusion on the cause, if we done them. So there stood up a rival of Jesus, the head of the Church, namely, A M. Kiergan, who was president of another organization, and called by some the father of holiness. So it came to pass that as many as preferred to follow him, “Separated themselves, being sensual”, — Jude 9, — from those who love the whole truth and “follow the Lamb whither soever Hegoeth.”

Furthermore, S. says, he “believes it to be sacrilegious to practice it in the Church.” Thus he rails out against Christ, its author. Now if he were contending for the truth, he would have some scripture to offer, hut he is opposing the truth, hence his wrangling is destitute of the Word of God. “These things” that Christ commanded do not divide the people of God, as I have shown, but they “take the precious from the vile;” those who obey the Word from those who do not.

He writes another article after this, falsely headed, “Sound Doctrine”, in which he continues to oppose the wholesome words of Jesus. He speaks of having a little surprise meeting at a Bro’s house, in which he opposed the baptism of Christ, and His example in John 13. But the surprise meeting must have been the next night when, at the S. H. near Lochart, he run his vain jangling against the example of Christ washing the disciples feet the same subject as the night before, only what he gave as facts the night before, he now gave as his opinion, and said he might be wrong. Such spirits of strife and confusion are all weighed in the balance and found wanting. God pity such men, they are rashly rushing on to judgment.

Now we will notice the father of holiness, as he is called by many in the south. Poor children, they will be in a pitiful condition, when their father departs out of the world. He opposes Anti-ordinance people, after he helps to make them, by explaining away part of the positive ordinances. He published a falsehood on the saints of the south, while at Oak Grove. I wrote a piece to the Good Way correcting the same, but the editor refused to publish it, but tried to whitewash the falsehood. He said, in his criticisms on Bro. W. W. Bradley’s article in the Trumpet, that Bro. B. “could not prove immersion by the Word.” Suppose A. M. K. give us chapter and verse in the Bible teaching three ways to administer baptism, and scriptures that prove that sprinkling and pouring of water upon a person’s head is baptism. He knows it is not in the Book. But should he look he would find that, “we are buried with Christ by baptism”, which proves just what he says Bro. B. could not prove. He also has something to say about Bro. B. saying that “all true christians are willing to do all the Master tells them to do.” Bro. K. makes the application as follows. “By this one stroke of sect dogmatism, the best people in the south and elsewhere, which it has been our privilege to know, are judged unchristianized and set aside.” So we are forced to conclude that the best people K. knows are not willing to do all that Christ tells them to do: and it must be that Kiergan regards Christ as very dogmatic because He told Peter that if he refused the ordinance of washing feet, he should have no part with Him What an awful unchristanizing stroke of dogmatism that was. What will K. and all his very good people do with that? Has Christ become more liberal, or will He prefer them to Peter, and let them pass over such parts of His will as they do not like? One thing is certain if the above remark of Bro. B. is dogmatism, then Christ and the Apostles may be charged with the same. Kiergan’s cry above, is the very same thing that men, joined to their idols, have raised all the way along the reformation. If Luther’s teaching be true then, said the drunken Romanist, we are all unchristianized. If this doctrine of holiness be true, then all our fathers have gone to hell, and all the good Christians are judged unchristianized and set aside”, howled the opposers of holiness in Wesley’s day, and in the present holiness reformation. Did Luther desist from the truth he taught to gratify lovers of darkness? Did holiness teachers take back the truth, to ease the conscience of formalists? And shall we keep back part of the truth just to please such as would rather let the Word of God unchristainize them than do it? God forbid.

Bro. Kiergan tries to throw the blame of division, in the professed holiness people of the south, upon Bro. Bradley and others. But he himself, has done more to get up strife and division among the brethren in Miss., and caused some to backslide, and done more harm at Watkinsville and other places than any professor of holiness that I know of. I am talking from observation, and not from hearsay. Many know the facts as well as I do. He was not at all the same man as when he first came to this state. In fact he was in a backslidden condition, and twisted Scripture at Cuba to make out that a corrupt tree could bring forth good fruit. And the corrupt fruit of his teaching is manifest there, the abomniable results of contradicting Jesus.

He says, “It may be well to say, we do believe in immersion as a mode of baptism, but not as the only mode, the exclusiveness of the mode is what we object to.” He wants to believe in other modes of baptism besides immersion, but gives us no scripture for them. If a person were to hear him oppose immersion as a mode of baptism, he would not think he believed in it much. Although he accepts it as a conceded fact, he tries to explain away such scriptures, as “down into the water,” saying, they only mean “to, or, near by;” by which he fulfills 1 Tim. 6:3-5. Not consenting to wholesome words, even the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, he has become proud, and doting about questions and strifes of words of no profit. The word “into,” is one word he questions and strives about If he were to approach the gates of Heaven, and be told that into only meant near by, and therefore he could not enter, he would, doubtless, solemnly aver that it meant into, and that he understood it so from Rev. 22:14. But if he were turned away and had to go to heil, when he got to the mouth of the pit, he would want to spring an argument with the Almighty that into, in Psalm 9:17 and Matt. 25:41, 46, only meant near by on the outside.

(Kiergan objects to immersion as the exclusive action of baptism. It seems that he has yet to learn that truth is exclusive of all error. That the religion of Christ excludes all other systems. As sure as Christ has no concord with belial, and that stone, which is his kingdom, knocks all other kingdoms to pieces, so surely if immersion is a mode of baptism, as he admits, then it is the mode, or rather the act itself, and all sprinkling tradition is excluded; because no lie is of the truth. — Ed.) He objects to feet washing; so did Peter. But it would be well for his soul if he would repent also, as Peter did. He says, “You ought to be willing to heed the warning voice of those who brought the light of holiness to you.” But when Christ used that word “ought,” in John 13, K. and his kind of teachers tell us, that it does not mean that we ought really to do the thing. How about your ought? does it also mean that we are not morally bound to do it? Or does ought have no force when Christ uses it, but upon obligation when Kiergan uses it?

K. writes orders for such as prefer his authority to that of Christ, to withdraw fellowship from us, and his sons, subscribe to the Ft Scott creed and by laws, they say they adopted. God pity them, they had better subscribe to Jesus Christ, and give heed to His Word.

S. H. Bozeman.



A great many more points were in the above article, showing the carnal opposition to the truth and the real cause of God, and uncovering the hateful jealousy and unjust and even false assertions of such men as Kiergan, Stillwell, Cubley, McIntosh, and their abomniable itching strife. Many incidents, places, etc., are given, by eye and ear witnesses, of their unhallowed conduct, proving them to be in a state of utter confusion. But the brethren south will excuse us for not continuing the description of the babylon mess any farther, with the exception of the following letters. Kiergan, and others of his craft, in the absence of scriptures to support their cause, have resorted to the slander of Bro. W. W. Bradley. In reply to which, a list of 23 names of members of the church of God at Ft Stephens and Rock Springs are attached to a paper avowing in the, love of Christ, that they have been acquainted with Bro. B. for someyears, and they know him to be a true man of God, by his fruits, and that they do not believe the evil things published against him.

Also a very kind, mild and noble toned article from Big Oak Miss., bearing 27 names. Stating that the “unholy charges brought against Bro. Bradley in the article headed “Facts as they are;” with all respect to the editor, are as unjust as they are untrue. Done by the Church of God at Big Oak” And lastly the article was accompanied by the following.

“Cuba Ala. Jan. 23, 1890.

To the Church of God at Cuba, and Churches elsewhere.

“We, the committee to investigate charges against Bro. W. W. Bradley, namely that he should have collected money ,or caused to be collected, under pretense of paying for a horse, after the same was paid, wish to humbly state, that we have given the matter all the investigation needed, and from no person, or persons could we recieve any evidence of such improper collections. We have statements in writing from all persons, and all points that we had any reason to believe could furnish us any evidence whatever. And now the committee is of the opinion, that the reports have unjustly arisen from a misunderstanding of Bro. Bradleys business.

John K. Mosby.
A. C. Webb.
J. A. Waddell.
B. F, Watson.

We wish to ask the dear brethren to pardon our long delay in the publication of this matter, which was occasioned by our absence and campmeeting labors. And furthermore, wish to say that we do not deem committee investigations, and vindications of God’s people under slanderous accusations really needed. The Lord is the defense and vindication of His people.


Auburn, Ind.

Dear Saints: — I praise the Lord for full and complete salvation, and for His wonderful keeping power, for I know He keeps me free from all sin each day, and I know He will ever beep His children if they trust Him and walk in all the light of the Gospel. My prayer to God is daily that I may be kept humble at the feet of my blessed Redeemer, doing His holy will continually. Satan, the adversary of my soul, has been trying to deceive me in different ways. It seems that the weak points in my nature are continually being tested and tried in turn. But I do bless the dear Lord for He gives me a glorious victory each time when I bid satan depart and look to God. I can say that I am more than conqueror through Him who loved me and gave Himself for me. I feel encouraged to go on in the service of the Lord. I look around me and see those professing to obey God, and doing things that would condemn me, were I to do such things. But I read in God’s Word where He commanded one of His disciples. He says: “What is that to thee follow thou me.” I find I have enough to do to see after my own soul salvation. I do not mean that I must be selfish, but I must let my light shine before the world that they may see my good works and glorify my Father in Heaven. I would like to see you poor sinners saved, and would like also to see those that are professing to obey God, live up to their profession. May God’s Spirit wonderfully strive with such that they may see the evil of their ways and obey God. One of satan’s tricks was to try to persuade me to go to our County fair. It being the first fair held at Auburn, therefore every worldly person expected to go, and as I had been accustomed to serving two masters at once before I was saved I felt as if I could go to the fair, without doing any evil, at first, but as the time drew nigh I felt condemned so I took God at His Word. He says: “I you lack wisdom ask of God, who giveth liberally and upbraideth not.” Then He says: “If you love me, keep my commandments.” I obeyed Him, went in secret prayer to God and He showed me the evil of such things. So I was perfectly satisfied to stay at home from the fair, and I must say I enjoyed myself belter that week than common; I am giving God all the glory. At the meeting of the children of God on Lord’s day before the fair, I felt it my duty to tell the saints what wonderful victory I had over the adversary of my soul, and the Lord did bless me for it. … am resolved to obey God Jet come what will, let relatives and friends forsake me … am determined to live true to God. Pray for unworthy me that I may lead a life hid away with Christ in God, obeying a.. His commandments, for He says, “For what soever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.” James 2:10.

Your brother saved and sanctified.

G. C. Lahnum.


Vinland, Kan.

Dear saints: — I feel obliged to confess my error and weakness. Though I fel.. sure I had been justified and even sanctified, after coming here I began to grove lean in my soul. We met in prayer meeting with anti-ordinance and professors of holiness; two of them claiming to be called to preach, and have been preaching for some years. They claimed to have come out of Free Methodism, but have come out of nothing, in reality; for they fellowship every thing that would say, amen. The devil look the advantage of my assembling with such spirits, and I soon found I could not walk straight, and finally I was not walking at all, but sitting bound down by the devil. I must confess with shame that I drifted back into some of the old ruts. O wretched man that I was: I had ..nd peace in my soul; no fellowship with the children of God; no heart to sing His praises. Even in the sleepless hours of night, I was startled with the question ‘What will it profit a man if he gain to ‘whole world, and lose his soul?”

But thank God! I am again delivered out of the hands of the devil. I have came back to my Father’s house, and He has recieved me. And now I am willing to remain as one of His servants. Praise His name forever! I want to say, to the glory of God, that it was wonderful how the Lord did chasten me for my disobedience. He permitted the devil to afflict my body so that I could not do a hard days work, and my eyes so that I could not read the largest print Testament, but now, bless God! I am strong and well, and can see to read fine print. Praise the Lord for His mercy shown to my soul and body. I ask the Lord to forgive me, and all the dear saints and hope you will all pray for me:

Your saved Bro. under the blood.

D. A Daily.

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