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15 September 1891, Volume 11, Number 18.

Bearing The Cross.

“Take up thy cross, and follow me,”
Is Christ’s command to all;
And those who this command obey,
No evil shall befall.

How many seek to shun the cross,
And hope a crown to wear;
And think to enter Heaven at last,
That cost them not a tear!

What is it, pray, to hear the cross,
Is it a wooden beam?
Is it some little ornament,
To make one pious seem?

No! no! ’tis nothing of the sort:
The cross we have to bear
Is neither wood, nor stone, nor gold —
Nor ornament to wear:

But tribulations, trials, sore,
And persecutions, too,
With chast’nings and temptations fell —
Are crosses to endure.

Whatever ills beset our way
For our dear Saviour’s sake —
These are so many crosses, each,
We must in order take.

When God the Spirit fills our souls
With love, and joy, and peace,
And “puts the old man” from us, too,
Our crosses much decrease.

When thus the flesh is crucified,
And we are hid in God,
Our crosses then a joy become —
A blessed thing, the rod!

Then let us bear our every cross,
Nor seek to lay it down,
Till God shall say, “Well done, my child;
Now come and wear a crown.”

Times of Refreshing.



THE word of God draws a line of distinction between the children of God, and those of the world, in little things as well as in great things. And it is about what are sometimes called “little things,” that we wish to call attention now; and in noticing some of them, we will doubtless find them to be of an enormous size in the eyes of some, and their weight of such great pressure as to crush the souls of many and cause a spiritual death. It is “the little foxes that spoil the vines.” There are persons who have at one time, been very spiritual, and a power in the hands of God, but in some way have grown cold and lifeless in religions affairs. Their prayers seem to have little or no effect; the heavens seem as brass to them, and God a great ways off; their relish for Bible reading has almost taken its departure; their love for assembling with the children of God, has changed to a careless disposition regarding the matter; secret prayer is almost altogether abandoned; family worship is kept up no longer, or else becomes a mere form, and very monotonous; the real praises of God are no longer heard in joyful tones proceeding from the heart, and if heard at all they proceed from the mouth only, and are as “sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal.”

What is the cause of all this? There surely must be something wrong somewhere. The shield of faith has been dropped when an enemy was near. A compromise has been made to gratify some worldly pleasure, or conform to the world in some way to satisfy the desire of a carnal nature. Something has been done to cause all this. Let us examine the situation in the light of the word, and see if the brilliant rays of gospel light shining forth will not reveal the real cause and trouble in the whole matter. For instance, we see a person who is made happy in Jesus, and who has a wonderful influence in winning souls to Christ; let that person fall into the habit of joking and jesting, that is, saying funny things, just to raise a laugh, and such a one may have quite a talent for wit and humor. Note such a person and you will find a rapid decline in spiritual things. The Holy Spirit will reprove them for such, but if the reproof is not heeded, soon they are spiritually dead, and afterward wonder how they became so. Christ said, “That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give an account thereof in the day of judgment; for by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.” — Matt. 12:37, 38. This will include by-words, foolish talking, tattling, “busy bodies in other men’s matters,” etc. “A little leaven, leaveneth the whole lump,” likewise one little evil leads to another until nothing is left but a mass of corruption. Then it is no hard thing to speak evil things about some one else, be a tale-bearer, etc., and thus help along the cause of Satan.

There is a class of people who are always grumbling, finding fault with every body, and every tiring, yet making a profession of salvation. Such ones are strangers to the love of God. They may have once known the way, but like the children of Israel, do not enter the promise land, on account of their murmuring or grumbling.

Emulation, Gal. 5:20, is another thing that many have to contend with, especially if they have had a natural inclination in that direction, that is, to desire to become somebody great Such ones are sometimes, when used in some wonderful way as instruments in doing a great work for God, inclined to take the glory unto themselves, instead of giving it to the Lord; become puffed up in their own minds and lose the spirit of Christ, and go forth laboring under an anti-christ spirit. “Whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased.” — Luke 14:11. God’s mighty saints, those who are a power in his hands, are these who are clothed in humility, seeking only to glorify their Lord and Master. They are found often in communion with the Lord, and axe not afraid to trust him and walk out on his promises. They live, as it were, on the mountain of the Lord, and know where the sweet fountains flow. But there is a very deceptive spirit abroad in the land, and that is one of false humility. Feigning to be very humble, meek, and lowly, but always wanting some one to notice their actions of humility. Such a spirit of humility is puffed up within itself, and is very offensive in the sight of God. It takes something more than a form of humility to make a person humble; likewise it takes something more than leaping, shouting, and making a great noise, in order to show forth the fruits of salvation. A person may go through all kinds of maneuvers, and almost tear their throats in trying to shout, and yet not have a particle of salvation. By this we do not say that all persons are quiet by any means when they are filled with the Spirit of God. While some are always very quiet while their souls are overflowing with the love of God, others leap and bound. “There are diversities of operations, but the same God which worketh all in all.” — 1 Cor. 12:6. A person needs to have the real Spirit of God and always live in the Spirit in order to detect such things, and try the spirits by the word, whether they are of God or not, for the spirit and the word must agree.

Now there is something else which many consider a very small thing, yet in a great many cases it has been great enough to stumble good honest souls, and cause them to lose their salvation. And that is, conforming to the world; following after the fashions and ways of worldly people. Some will doubtless, as they read this, cry out, Fanaticism! But call it what you may, we shall do our duty, and give the word of God on the subject, which says: “Be not conformed to this world; but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable, and perfect will of God.” — Rom. 12:2. As obedient children, not fashioning yourselves according to the former lusts in your ignorance.” — 1 Pet. 1; 14. “Let the adorning be, not the outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; but let be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit which is in the sight of God of great price. For after this manner the holy women also, who trusted in God, adorned themselves.” — 1 Pet. 3:3-5. It is said that in olden times it was a custom among the stylish women of the world, to plait their hair with silver threads intertwined, on which were fastened diamonds, etc., making quite a display; and it is such worldly displays that the apostle Paul speaks against. If a person intends to be a saint, let them be one in the fullest sense of the word, and separate themselves from the world, according to the teaching of the word of God. A person cannot be a true Christian, and go hand-in-hand with the world. God says he will have a peculiar people; their dress, conversation, and daily life must be such as becometh persons professing godliness.

Not long since, some one was talking to a young lady in regard to her waywardness and sinful condition, and as is often the case, she began to try to find something to stumble over, and immediately pointed out a sister, whom she said was conformed to the world and was not living up to her profession, nor to what the Bible teaches. Now the sister referred to, had what — for want of a better name — we will call bustles on her shoulders, a very common custom or style among worldly people, put on for no other purpose than for a show. Since the real bustles have gone out of style, they put the raise on the shoulders. We have no objections to worldly people putting on such things, but do say that saints have no business with them on, and furthermore cannot wear their dresses made in that way without being condemned by the word of God. Rom. 12:2. The sister was afterward kindly admonished, but she seemed to think she had little or no influence over any one by way of leading them astray, and that she did not feel condemned, and her dress was but very little conformed to the world, etc. But a few weeks later we were made to realize the fruits of her influence. A young sister came to the altar at a meeting having lost her experience of salvation, and was very penitent, and made her confession to the Lord, and covenanted to measure up to his word, and do his will. The facts in the case are these: She had been looking upon this sister who claimed to have no influence over others, and came to the conclusion that if such and such a sister could dress in that way, she could do the same, and did so, but was brought under condemnation, and did not feel very free among God’s people, but yet went along with her worldly conformity until she was awakened to her condition, to find that she was destitute of salvation. What was the cause of it? Only one of the “little things.” I relate this for the glory of God, to show how easily these “little things” will lead persons astray and cause them to draw souls down with them, even when the parties think they have no influence over others in that way. But it is not always the shoulder dress; there are other outward adornings just as had. One will put on a little extra ribbon on their hat or tie; another will double the amount, and the first party cannot condemn the second. Dear ones, for Jesus’ sake, and the sake of souls, measure up to the word; take the narrow way, and do not be afraid to be called one among God’s peculiar people. Another thing, saved people must bring their children up in the way that they should go, that they may not depart from it when they grow older. But as is too often the case we see them brought up in all the styles and fashions of the world, cultivating pride in their hearts, and when they grow old they do not often depart from their worldly ways. Parents, will you not be held responsible for such things? There is another very great evil, which we will speak of as one of the “little things,” but more properly belongs to the class of great evils; yet, thousands of people who are killing themselves in this way, cannot be convinced of the real cause of this self injury; and that is, Corset wearing. I am convinced that it is the cause of more female diseases, more intense suffering, than any other one thing extant. The wife or mother, by wearing one, not only brings disease upon herself, but deprives her offspring of a robust constitution, and implants disease and brings them forth to grow up puny and dwarfed in mind and body, to what they would otherwise be. Young girls never forget the first time they ever wore a corset: what pangs of pain they had to endure until they became used to it; or in other words until they were enslaved to it, and could then scarcely get along without it. And after long usage, they say it is impossible for them to go without one, which they say goes to show that it is no harm to wear them. That is the tobacco chewer’s plea; he cannot do without it, and would almost die without his tobacco; but that only proves that it is an injury to him, and he has become enslaved to the filthy habit, although it made him sick at first, and he endured much suffering to get into the habit.

Prof. Dowd, a teacher of Health and Physical Culture, says: “I really believe that if ladies were aware of the terrible penalty which nature imposes on those who lace the abdomen tightly under the despotism of fashion, corset manufacturers would have to go in pursuit of another business.”

Mrs. Alice B. Stockham, author of Tokology, after recommending the Bates Waist, as a suitable garment for women to wear, says: “One clothed in such a garment with the dress loose enough for the performance of every bodily function, one feels as if she had really broken chains or escaped prison bars.” She further says: “Hark! I hear a distant murmur of questions. From many, these reach my ear: Are the garments you describe, all a lady is to wear? Does she not need a corset? What if one cannot hold herself up without a corset? Does a loose corset do any harm? Won’t she be benefited by a health (?) corset? etc. And faster and faster the questions come until my ears are deafened with corset! corset! corset! If women had common sense instead of fashion sense, the corset would not exist. * * * The corset, more than any other one thing, is responsible for woman’s being the victim of disease and doctors. What possible harm can a corset do if worn loose? My friend, put a hand quilted full of cords and bones, upon the arm of your active boy, whose athletic feats are your pride: let him wear it ever so loosely, and witness the deteriorating effect upon his biceps and triceps muscles. Put a similar bandage upon your pet oat or dog, just as loosely as can be retained, and watch the result upon respiration, digestion and circulation. Mark my word, in less than a month it will take more than pepsin to make the food of that animal digest, or magnetic insoles to keep its feet warm.

Hundreds of ladies have testified that after trying in vain the most skillful physicians, they have been forced to look into the cause of their troubles for themselves. Once a woman begins to think outside of fashion’s dictum, she surely thinks herself out of the bars of dress. Once free, her road to recovery is made clear.”

We could add a great number of similar testimonies from writers on the subject of health, but it is unnecessary to do so here. We are not making this a point of consecration, but are setting forth the evils thereof that people may not be blinded by these things. Many persons apply for divine healing, and are not healed, because they will not forsake and remove the cause. Then let us be “as obedient children, not fashioning yourselves according to your former lusts in your ignorance” — 1 Pot. 1:14.

Another “little thing” with some is, attending Babylon meetings, after the Lord has called them out from among them, and commanded them saying: “Come out from among them, and be ye separate.” — 2 Cor. 6:17. “Let them return unto thee; but return not thou unto them.” — Jer. 15:19. Many persons have disobeyed the word of God on what they considered little things, either ignorantly or willfully, and thereby been led into the depths of sin and lost their souls. If you have been ignorantly doing wrong, then now is a good time to begin to measure up to the word of God. It is those who walk in the light, as they receive it, that enjoy the blessings of salvation. But remember it takes something more than plain dressing, to make a Christian; it takes a work wrought in the soul. You may make a hobby of plain dress, and all outward adorning, and then not have a particle of salvation, such ones are likely always to run into fanaticism, and not to try the spirits and teachings by the word. May God help all his dear children to keep free in their souls; keep their tongues from talking about, and speaking evil of their neighbors, and ever enable them to live upon the mountain top of his love, where they can continually feast upon the heavenly manna.

E. E. Byrum.



“BUT the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil lull of deadly poison. Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessings and cursings. My, brethren, these things ought not so to be.” Death and life are in the power of the tongue, “By thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.” If the heart is right, out of the mouth will proceed blessings, for “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.” No good can come of evil thoughts. “Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established.” One says, “I cannot help my thoughts; they will come.” But, my dear friends, we must place our wills against evil thoughts, fight against them, and in time we can control them. Ask God every day to direct our thoughts aright, yea, have the evil nature extracted and let our minds dwell upon heavenly things. “Lord, who shall abide in thy tabernacle? He that walketh uprightly and worketh righteousness, and speaketh the truth in his heart: he that that backbiteth not with his tongue, nor doeth evil to his neighbor, nor taketh up a reproach against his neighbor.” To have pure thoughts we must cultivate them; never say a word of harm against any one, nor indulge in idle, foolish talk, and jesting, which are not convenient, but rather giving of thanks, and let the peace of God rule in your hearts. “Let the words of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord. And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.” The Saviour has said, “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness.” So let us devote more of our time to the study of his word, treasuring up those precious truths and promises in our hearts, and living them out in our daily lives. “Do all things without murmurings and disputing; that ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world.” How careful we should be that our influence tells on the right side; that our conversation is pleasing before God. I am glad to welcome the dear Trumpet every month. From it we gain elevated thoughts and encouraging words. It will help us every day to live nearer to God. How easily the careless word falls spoken upon the impulse of the moment; but it can never be recalled. So let us watch, and when tempted stop and whisper a silent prayer for strength from above. God will help us to keep wrong thoughts from entering the heart. “I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me.” Through Christ we can overcome. Prayer calls the Spirit of God to our homes, and angels guard us and keep our feet from straying. I am so thankful that we can come to him with all our little discouragements. How fight the cares, and how bright the day seems after holding sweet communion with him who knows all we have to hear. “Cast thy burden upon the Lord and he shall sustain thee.” It is so easy to make mistakes and go astray. Therefore, instead of finding fault with our brethren, or criticising them let us have sympathy for them. Let all the bitterness and evil speaking be laid aside, “and be ye kind one to anoth-

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List of Camp and Grove-Meetings.


There will be an assembly meeting at the tabernacle at Bro. Smith’s, about three miles north west of Grand Junction, Mich., commencing Oct. 1st and holding as long as the Lord wills. Those wishing to attend, coming by railroad, will address Bro. Joseph Smith, Lacota, Mich. Those coming by the Michigan Central (Kal. & S. H. division) from east or west, or on the Chicago & West Michigan from north or south, all stop at Grand Junction.

A. B. Palmer, S. Michels & J. A. Dillon.



Bro. Wm. H. Miller and myself will hold a grove meeting near Hartsells, Ala., beginning Sept. 18th, to continue as long as the Lord wills, and will be glad to meet as many of the saints in the south as can come to the above meeting. Also we will be glad to hear from those in Tenn. and Ky. that might desire us to visit their part of the country and preach the truth to them. All such parties can address us at Hartsells, Ala. Our stay south this time will be short, but we think the Lord would have us hold at least one or two meetings in Tenn. and Ky. as we return northward, if there is a door opened. I also earnestly desire all the saints of God to pray earnestly to God for us, that God may give us much wisdom in dealing with the dear people in the south and in preaching the Everlasting Gospel.

Your saved brother,

J. N. Howard.


Kenesaw, Neb. Camp-meeting.

Will begin Oct. 8. This place is on the Burlington and Missouri R. R. Let there be a general coming together of the saints at this meeting.

G. R. Achor.


The grove meeting near Six Points, O. will be on Bro. G. W. Cupp’s place, Sept 16—20.


We have concluded to have a tabernacle meeting at Table Rock, Neb. this fall beginning Sept. 18, and continuing as long as the Lord wills. We expect Bros. Willis, Achor and Go. and are looking for a grand meeting. Let all come praying. Table Rock is on the Burlington and M. R. R. R.


Brothers Palmer, Dillon and Co. are wanted at Cedar Springs, Mich. I pray that God may open up the way, that they or some others of God’s firebrands will soon come to this place.

Yours in the one faith,

L. A. Williams.



The Lord willing there will be an assembly meeting of the saints at Henderson, Mercer Co., Pa., beginning Sept. 29, and continuing to about Oct 11. Let as many saints from west Pa. and Ohio as possibly can, assemble there. And let all pray God to do a glorious work there. Parties coming by R. R., come to Sandy Lake or Stone- borough. Address Bro. Wm. Frost, Henderson, Pa. Bros. Schell, Warner and Howard, and Co. will be there, the Lord willing


After the above meeting, myself with perhaps some helpers, will hold a meeting in Wooster, Ohio, beginning about Oct. 13 Brother Gibson and whosoever the Lord will send are invited to come and assist. We hope after closing there to stop at Burbank, O., and reach home near the beginning of Nov. Persons coming to Wooster address Laura J. Ryland.

D. S. W.


Grove Meeting in Alabama.

The Lord willing, Brother J. N. Howard and W. H. Miller and perhaps others will hold a grove meeting, beginning Sept 18, about four miles east of Hartsells, Morgan Co., Ala. For any information address Brother S. S. Stinson, Hartsells, Ala.


Williamston, Mich.

Dear Brethren: — I write to inform you that the saints here have decided, under present circumstances, not to have an assembly meeting this fall. We did talk of it at the camp-meeting, but we thought that it would be better to have a protracted meeting after a while. May the Lord send some good strong man here. There is no use in any one coming unless he has the gift of discernment and much discretion in judgment.

Your saved brother,

T. J. Cox.

There will be a tabernacle meeting six miles south-west of Cedar Vale, Chautauqua Co., Kan., commencing on Sept. 17 Cedar Yale is fifty-five miles south-west of Independence, and twenty-five miles east of Winfield, on the Santa Fe & the Mo. Pacific R. Rs. All the saints within reach of this meeting, and all others desiring salvation are requested to attend. All who can, bring tents and stay through the meeting. Any one desiring any information can address Brother H. C. Sartin, Cedar Vale. Persons coming on the cars will be met at the station if they will notify Brother Sartin when they will arrive.

Your saved brothers,

J. F. Lundy & E. F. Houghton.


St. James, Mo., Sept. 7, 1891.

Dear Brethren: — On account of being late in making arrangements for meeting this year at St. James, we were not able to send in the time and place of the meeting until now. We write this, stating that the meeting will be held, the Lord willing, in a grove on Brother Thornton’s farm, ten miles north of St. James, and about the same distance from Rolla, beginning on the 20th of this month, and continuing as long as the Lord wills. Brothers Kilpatrick and Bolds are expected, and all who love the truth are invited. Any persons coming on the R. R. from the east or west, and will notify M. M. Copeland, St. James, or James Thornton at Rolla, will be met at either place and conveyed to the ground.

Yours in him,

M. M. Copeland.


The Pa. Camp Meeting.

We found the cause of Christ advanced very much in Pa. from where it was three years ago. Full three times as many saints met to praise God on the old camp ground as were present at our last visit there. And there was great joy on that consecrated hill. Leaping and shouting was more characteristic of the Pa. camp meeting than of any we have passed through this season. Sometimes nearly a dozen happy saints were leaping for joy, and praising God at one time. The Lord has very precious saints in this good old hill country, and the work is moving on clean and triumphant. Praise God! The work of salvation went on daily. Many souls entered the grace of entire sanctification, a number of backsliders restored and some sinners saved. But the number saved was not as great as in the larger assemblies of Mich. and Ind. Several were baptized, and on next to the last day of the meeting in the evening the washing of the saints’ feet and the Lord’s supper were observed. Some one I believe counted 80 participants. More had been in attendance.

The rest of our Co. — Brother and Sister Schell, Brother and Sister Howard and Sister Miller, went to hold a grove meeting at Perry Station, Pa., while Bro. Samuel Martz was chosen of the Lord to accompany us to Canada, where we are now in the midst of a successful camp meeting. The weather has been rather cold and wet, and we are reminded that our out-door work is about closed for this season. We have lived alone with Jesus in our little tent since last June, and it seemes hard to move out. But our soul thirsts to get back home and sanctify the Lord God in our hearts and in our precious office. We love the field work, and we enjoy the hand-to-hand conflict for immortal souls, but oh, so sweet is the sacred dwelling place with God! Praise his dear name!


Continental, Ohio.

Dearly Beloved Saints: — This morning finds us still saved and trusting in the living God, and all on the altar to do his will, and praising him for salvation from all sin. Glory to his name forever! On Aug. 22, we met with the saints at Deshler, Ohio, and held meeting over the Lord’s day. Truly it was a holy sabbath to all the saints present, and a wonderful refreshing was enjoyed from the presence of the Lord; but owing to the steady rain-fall there was not so many present as was expected. In the evening we obeyed the Lord by washing the saints’ feet and breaking bread. Oh how the Lord did bless his saints in this act of obedience to his will which caused streams of praise to flow from every heart! The saints were very much refreshed and encouraged. We pray that the Lord may add more to their number. On Sept 15 and 16 there will be a meeting at Continental if the Lord will; every one invited.

Your humble brother, saved and kept by the power of God,

A. M. Dick & E. J. Hill.

Prism, Miss.

Dear Saints and Trumpet Readers: — I feel that it would be to the glory of God for me to give my testimony through the Gospel Trumpet, that the followers of the Saviour may know what great things the Lord is doing for us. We are praising the Lord this morning for full salvation in Jesus. We have just returned from a trip to Advance, Marion Co., Miss., and found the loved ones at home well, for which we are praising the Lord. Glory to his name! We were called to Advance some time ago, and although we were greatly needed here, the Lord led us to go to Advance. Bro. Wiley Smith at Springhill and myself started. We found most of the dear ones there true to the Lord, free in Jeans and walking in the light. We also found that Satan was striving against the truth there as well as other places, by circulating his lies against God’s true ministers. When the devil cannot induce God’s true children to sin, then he will forge lies to make the people believe that God’s little ones are the worst of sinners. This he does to hide his own false doctrine, and blacken the truth of God with accusation; and strange to say, he can always find a man that seems to be out of a better job who will peddle his lies free and board himself. And the people by them are led to believe that we are Mormons and free-lovers, and many other false ideas are thus inculcated in the minds of the people by them. But when they find out that we have no affinity whatever with Mormons; but are truly opposed to this doctrine of devils; and that we as God’s people are opposed to every thing unholy or untrue this side of the pit, and are contending for every thing just, holy and good in the named Jesus; and when they read Bro. Warner’s little tract on marriage and divorce, they see that Satans’ free love hobby is a lie; then they are ready to receive the truth or at least some of them. Oh! may the Lord help the people see that holiness means parity of heart, purity of conscience, purity of life, loyalty to God and love of truth wrought in us by the spirit of holiness, — see Rom. 1:4; l Peter 1:2; and 2 These. 2:13; and that holiness is the way to heaven, Isa. 35:8, and the people that walk in this way are called or should be called holy, Is. 4:3; 62:2, 12; Dan. 12:7; 1 Peter 2:5; and that they are every one righteous who have the experience of holiness, see Isa. 60:21, and that every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself even as he is pure. 1 John 3:3. But excuse me for digressing a little from the subject of our visit. But after a few days’ labor for the Master at Advance, we went to the Bellview School- house in Covington Co. where we found the few who are earnestly contending for the faith once delivered unto the saints true to the Master. Here we worked several days for Jesus, and he gave his word in power, and many of the good people made us welcome to their homes, for which we are thankful, and we are praying the Lord to reward them. Bro. Wiley Smith is a young man whose pure, godly life has done a great deal during the past 4 years to convince all who know him of the reality of the religion of Jesus Christ, and we trust that his labors of love may leave a lasting impression upon the minds of the young as well as the older people of Advance and Bellview. There were four of the followers of Jesus buried with him in baptism at Advance and also four at Bellview. We were sorry that our stay with the good people there was so short; but we were needed in Lauderdale, and other parts of the field, and had to hasten home. So we took the train at Hattiesburg, and after a few hours run arrived at Corine, and from there we went to dear Bro. Whitlock’s at Oak Grove, where Bro. W. Smith met his father who conveyed him home. And next morning dear Bro. Whitlock furnished conveyance and brought me on my journey home; thus after nearly three days of travel by railroad and other conveyance we arrived home, where after an absence for some time we can praise the Lord together for salvation in Jesus, and health. And on to-morrow we will leave again to meet and contend with the power of sin.

Your brother saved now,

W. W. Bradley.


Frisco, Ark., Sept. 1, 1891.

Dear Brethren: — God bless you all for Jesus’ sake. Amen. From the Beaver Dam camp-meeting we started for the Norwood, Mo. camp-meeting, where we arrived in due time, and found the dear saints moving into the camp; greatly desiring the meeting to commence, so we had services the evening before the time. The good Lord

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sent a heavy shower of rain and stopped the services that evening, but thanks be to God for cooling off the atmosphere which had been so sultry for a few days. Well, the meeting went on over the head of all opposition, and a few were converted, others were sanctified, and the saints were benefited to some extent by the meeting. There were a few cases of very definite healing. The last day of the meeting in the afternoon, we went about four miles, over ridges and down through hollows, until we arrived where there was some pure water, and there three saints followed Jesus in baptism. The meeting closed with ordinance services, in which the Lord verified his promises to the faithful and obedient, in which he says, “If ye know these things happy are ye if you do them.” This was a very precious service, in which about thirty-six of the saints were engaged. Some of the brethren and sisters from Carthage, Mo. were present to assist in the meeting, and we think this meeting was a successful attack on the kingdom of darkness in those parts. Pray for us.

Your saved and sanctified brother,

A. J. Kilpatrick.


Pittsville, Pa., Aug. 27.

The evening of the 25th, Bro. and Sister Schell, ourself and others left the Deerfield camp, and arrived here on the saints’ beautiful camp ground last night. O praise God in the highest for his great goodness and mercy to us! We left the Deerfield meeting still in progress. Up to our departure the meeting had truly been precious, and many souls had been delivered. Daily the altars were filled, and cleared by the power of God’s mighty salvation, and many shouts of joy and praise filled the air. O glory to the God of salvation!

The camp-meeting is starting in very gloriously here. Truly the King is in the camp, and his saints shout, Glory, Hallelujah! A long altar was filled with seekers of pardon and entire sanctification, and all cleared up with great joy and many shouts. O what riches of glory! Amen!


Lewistown, Logan Co., Ohio, Sept. 7, ’91

Dear Brethren and Readers of the Trumpet: — After the Deerfield camp meeting closed, Brother Daugherty, Brother and Sister Worden, Sister Mary McCormick and Barbara Kenagy, and also Brother Mendenhall came with us to Dark Co., Ohio, where we held the Brock grove meeting in the Lord’s name with glorious success and complete victory. The weather was quite unfavorable for large congregations, but the Lord sent out the honest souls which received the truth, and some were saved. Because of rain and damp weather we met in Brother Martin’s large bam on Sabbath; good congregations were present to hear the awful truth. At the close of the forenoon meeting I was taken violently sick and went immediately to bed; but when the time came for afternoon meeting, the Lord had me perfectly healed, well, and ready to serve the people with another gospel message by the Holy Ghost. Praise his name! I was healed before the eyes of all the people and suffered no more at all. In this meeting four sinners were saved, and five (three of the former mentioned) were gloriously sanctified; among this number were Brother and Sister Whitesel who brought our company over to the Dark Co. meeting, and they were gloriously set free before returning home. May the lord keep all these saved ones from the wiles of the devil, holy and true in God’s service is our prayer. Among the number of sinners that were saved was Brother S. Holsapple’s dear old mother, 70 years old, who never was really saved before. How precious the sight! Also, our dear Bro. Schell’s sister was saved and sanctified among the rest. Oh, that these dear ones may serve God forever! God bless them for their kindness to us. Amen. Many others were convinced of the truth, and some raised their hands for our prayers the last night of the meeting. Among this number was Mr. Mc Dorman. Brother Shaner and wife, Bro. and Sister Christy and daughter from Payne, O., were in attendance. We had calls elsewhere in that vicinity, but because of previous appointments we had to go on to Logan Co., O., where we hold this grove meeting and then go home to Payne, O., the Lord willing. Bro. Mendenhall is with us, cut loose for God, and ready to help pull the perishing souls but of the fire. Sister Mary McCormick truly died the death to Free-Methodism at the close of the Deerfield camp-meeting, and she is also filled with fire off the altar, ready to go about as one of God’s torches and set on fire the “wood, hay and stubble” of false religion, and gather the few grains of wheat in her reach into the gamer of the Lord. May God put fidelity and stability in her heart, and keep her on the uncompromising line of his immutable word is our prayer.

B. E. Warren,

Payne, O.


Lee, Mich., Sept. 1, 1891.

We arrived home Aug. 27th, and attended the grove meeting at Blendon, Mich. Begun meeting Friday eve. A cloud seemed to be over the church at first, but the Lord began to reveal the hidden things by his Spirit. Bro. Byrum assisted us in presenting the word. Also Bro. Detweiler from Grand Junction, and a few saints from Jamestown were present. As the Lord by his word and Spirit began to reveal the true condition of things the contentious spirits were exposed and cut off by his word. We trust that such ones will heed the teachings of the word and come to the Lord in true repentance, and be willing to make the proper confession, and be subject to those whom the Lord has chosen to lead the flock. There were two consecrations. And one sister who was sick, obeyed Jas. 5:14, 15, and was instantly healed by the power of God. On Sunday there was quite a good attendance. May God bless and keep the precious little church at that place.

Byron Wooden.


Mount Vernon, O., Sept. 7, 1891.

Dear Brethren: — God bless you all. Aug. 29th and 30th we met with Bro. Wm. Welk and wife at Ashland, O., and held one public meeting. There was quite a good attendance. A few testified that they were willing to walk alone with Jesus. There is an opening for a good work to be done at that place. We hope to visit that place again about Oct. 1st, and trust that some of the workers from Burbank Co. will be there also.

Your brother and sister, saved, sanctified and healed.

H. T. & S. A. Gibson.


Hedrick, Ia., Sept. 3, 1891.

Dearly Beloved Saints of God: — The dear Lord bless you in all goodness for his name’s sake. Praise the Lord for his goodness to us! Camp-meeting closed this morning with glorious results. The crooked were made straight, with the exceptions of a few who refused to go through the fire. We found the people in a very bad condition. The old adversary, the accuser and divider of the brethren found his way here, and was doing his utmost in his awful soul-damnning work by setting brother against brother. But praise God for the judgments written! for judgment was laid to the line, and righteousness to the plummet, and the hail swept away the refuge of lies, and the waters overflowed the hiding places. Praise the Lord! The dear ones saw their condition and escaped to the mountain of God, and found a hiding place in Jesus. We do praise God for the gift of faith that brings us the victory through Jesus Christ Hallelujah! Dear brothers Achor and Stover met us here, and did faithful work for God also. Our co-laborer, Wm. Randolph, was used much of God in the work. After much preaching and labor the powers of hell gave way, and the shouts went up as the walls came tumbling down. A goodly number consecrated and were saved. To God be all the glory. Two followed Jesus in the ordinance of baptism, testifying to the world their redemption by the first resurrection unto eternal life. After the baptismal services we followed Jesus in the other ordinances of his house; namely, washing the saints’ feet and partaking of the Lord’s supper. O how the Lord did verify his word unto us, by opening the windows of heaven and pouring us out a blessing beyond our capacity to receive! I think it was one of the grandest I ever enjoyed. Sinners looked on with amazement. Dear brothers Hechler and June came near the close of the camp-meeting, and expect to remain here in this section for awhile. May God bless their labors with much good and many souls for Jesus. We go with Brother Stover to Morley, and Brother Randolph with Brother Achor to Manchester. This morning before taking down the tabernacle, after morning prayer, five were ordained by the laying on of hands, three elders and two deacons: Brother R. M. Haynes of Mystic, Apanoose Co., Ia., Brother A. Haynes of Huron, Kan., also Brother Lane Worley, local elder of the church at Carter’s school-house. Brother George Jones was ordained deacon of the church of God near Hayesville; also Brother John H. Akerman, deacon of the church of God at Hedrick, Ia. May the Lord bless them and prepare them for every good word and work. Amen.

Yours in the love of Jesus,

Wm. N. & S. J. Smith & Wm. N. Randolph


National City, Cal., Sept. 7, 1891.

Dear Saints: – We closed meeting here last evening. Ordinance meeting last Saturday evening. Twenty-four took part in the humble commandments. Twelve of this number consisting of saints from San Diego. O what glorious showers of blessings flooded these hearts in their first obedience to the ordinances of God’s house. Baptismal services next Sunday if the Lord will. Tent donations up to this date are one hundred dollars. Praise the Lord, who supplieth our needs! A few days rest by the sea-side, and then we expect to go to El Cajon with the tent and remain as long as the Lord wills. All well and happy. Glory to God! Victory in Jesus’ name! Correspondents continue to address us here and mail will be forwarded. Pray on, dear ones.

Your humble co-workers, upon the gospel altar.

J. W. & J. Byers & R. A. Cannon.


Deerfield, Ind., Aug. 31, 1891.

Camp-meeting closed the 30th. We are told by some who have attended camp-meeting at this place year after year, that this was the best meeting ever held on these grounds. And we testify that God was with us in power and victory from beginning to close. Quite a number came from different points in Ind. and Ohio, and were greatly benefited. Willing souls came to the altar from time to time, and had the old man crucified and were made free indeed, and others were justified. Sectism and hypocrisy were exposed and left without a cloak. Brother Warner and Co. were here in the first part of the meeting, and then went to Pa. Bro. Barney Warren and Co. remained to the close, and they go to Ohio. Bro. Miller and myself go to meet Bro. J. N. Howard and hold meeting a short time in southern Ind., and then go on our mission in the Southern states. We ask the prayers of all the Trumpet readers for God to wonderfully bless, and qualify, and use us for his glory in the South.

J. Cole.


Tekonsha, Mich., Sept. 2, 1891.

To all the Saints, Greeting: — Grace, mercy and peace be multiplied. Amen. Our souls are joyful in glory and wonderfully filled with the melting love of Jesus and sweetly preserved. Our last report was from Highland, Kan. God wrought a glorious victory here. A few souls were saved and sanctified, and the saints built up and strengthened. There we took train for Beaver Dam camp-meeting, and arrived safe the 11th. Here we met our beloved sister Dema Kaser, who after four months separation joined us again. The camp meeting was a glorious feast to our souls. From there we came to Tekonsha, Mich, to hold a grove meeting. Meeting had already commenced. Quite a number of saints were present; some from a distance. Meeting seemed rather dull at first, and a cloud hovered over the grounds. But as judgment went forth and the word of God, like a fire and hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces, was dealt out by the Spirit and power of God, the fire consumed the chaff, and “the hail swept away the refuge of lies, and the waters overflowed the hiding places;’’ and a number of souls that were professing, but had lost their experience, saw their condition, and came back to the Lord and were reclaimed and sanctified wholly. A few others were saved, and the church edified and strengthened. Meeting continued over two sabbaths. It rained the first sabbath which hindered the crowds from coming. God works all things to his own glory. Meeting closed on the 30th with a glorious ordinance meeting in the evening. Thirty-eight saints took part. Oh, the sweet melting love of Jesus that flowed from soul to soul! It was glorious and heavenly. We are now on our road to Pioneer, O., to hold meeting. Pray much for us that the dear Lord may use us to his glory in the salvation of many souls, and that we may be kept at the Master’s feet. We are saved, sanctified and kept by the power of God. Amen.

G. L. & Mary Cole, & Co.


Derry, Kan.

Dear Saints: — May the God of all grace bless you all. Amen. I again visited the Indian Territory to look after the work of the Lord. I stopped at Chulsea, and held meeting near that place. The interest was good. Souls were hungering for the truth, and if I could have stayed longer there, no doubt, there would have been a good work done in the salvation of souls. One or two things I could not help noticing among the Indians. They take plenty of time to consider a question before they act; and when they do act, it is very deliberately. The children and young men and ladies are very quiet in meeting. I thought, what a fine example for the young white people in the states, where they have so much better advantages than the poor Indians have here in this wild country. There is plenty of work to do here in the Ter. for the Lord. Sect preachers are not feeding the people on any thing but chaff, and they are starving for the want of spiritual food. Is there not a Holy Ghost worker who can go to the Territory and stay? Many were the requests to come back again.

I came to Neosha, Mo., where I found quite a band of saints, who seemed to be walking in all the light they had, and willing to receive all that God had for them. Leaving Neosha I then came to Carthage, Mo., where I met with the church. I called for the elders of the church and was anointed for healing of my infirmity. The Lord gave the victory. Praise his name forever! I then went to Wilson Co., Kan., about nine miles north of New Albany, where I found souls hungry for the truth. The meeting closed with good results. The people expressed an earnest desire for some more of the straight word of God. The next place for the lifting up of the standard among the people was near Lebanon, Mo. The meeting was continued for about two weeks. Bro. J. W. Sickles assisted in preaching the truth. The people at this place seemed to have a very low idea of the work of holiness because of the ill conduct of some sect preachers who lived in those parts and who were very unchaste in conversation and manner of living. By the preaching of the word and exposing all manner of sin, the prejudice of the people was broken down; and many who were living a dead empty profession were led to seek a better experience. A few souls were saved. Deep conviction rested upon the people. In company with Bro. Sickles I went to Marshfield, where we held a few meetings. There was quite an interest manifested, and one soul, a man of about 60 years, gave his heart to the Lord. I then left the meeting with Bro. Sickles and came to Anderson Co., Kan. Bro. Sickles afterward wrote me that the meeting closed with good results. The Lord helped me to preach the word in its purity in Anderson Co. There was not much accomplished, however, on account of the great disturbance among the people caused by the split in the U. B. sect. God has a people here, however, who have not bowed the knee to Baal. In all my travels the Lord has kept me and blessed me in preaching the word of God. To him be all the glory. I feel like repeating the request I have already made: Cannot some Holy Ghost man and woman come to the Territory? It is true it will take some sacrifice and a deep consecration; but, can it not be made for Jesus’ sake?

Your Brother,

G. W. Carey.



“Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.” — Psa. 119:129.

New Hampshire, Ohio.

Dear Saints: — It has been almost one year since I wrote my testimony to the Trumpet. I praise God this morning that I can testify that by his grace and my constant trust in him, I am living salvation every day. Praise the Lord! What a glorious life to live straight for God! When I surrendered myself to God I surrendered all and by faith laid hold on God’s word. Glory to God! My way is growing brighter and the word of God sweeter every day. O dear reader! can you say that you are doing God’s will in all things whatsoever he commands you? If not, remember that ye must be a doer of the word and not a hearer only. Praise God, when we get full salvation it brings us up on a straight line with the word, and it is easy to obey the word. So many people and professors say that no one can live in this life free from sin. Dear reader if you are claiming this look down deep into your heart and see if you are free from sin. If not, get down before God and cry mightily unto him, and God will free you from sin, then you will know for yourselves that the word is true. I used to think when in Babylon and under the anti-christ spirit that no one could live without sin, just because I knew I was not living that way, and that is the reason so many do not believe it to-day; they are under the anti-christ spirit and not willing to accept the whole word of God. O my God! help the people to see their condition and get out of self and get into Christ is my prayer. We are but few in number here, but we have meetings and God does gloriously bless our souls while we praise his name. Dear saints, while writing my mind is led back to our Saviour’s sermon on the mount. He says, Ye are the salt of of the earth, but if the salt has lost its savor wherewith shall it be salted. Let us who are of Christ see to it that we have the seasoning of divine grace each day. That our Master may not call us good for nothing, but that our light may shine. “Ye are the light of the world.” If we are of Christ, that light will shine through us wherever we go, and cannot be hid, no more than a city that is set on a hill. Let us be careful that all our words and all our works, and dealings arid actions may prove that we are of that number that he spake of on the mount. “For I say unto you that except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.” So we must not follow man’s theory and man’s opinions, but the commands of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Your brother saved and sanctified through and through.

Isaac C. Taylor.



Died at Omer, Mich., Aug. 19, Blanche Moore, daughter of James H. Moore, aged ten years; after an illness of two days of great suffering she has now gone to rest. She leaves a father, mother, and three little sisters to mourn her loss.

S. M. Clemons Solomon.


Decatur, Mich.

Bro. A. A. Jaques departed this life to be with Jesus Aug. 20th. He passed away with a calm, peaceful smile on his countenance. His affliction was one of great suffering, but he praised God through it all, and longed to be with Jesus. May God bless his faithful companion.

Mrs. F. W. Simmons.


Battle Creek., Mich, Aug. 29, ’91.

Dearly Beloved Saints of God: — I much desire to glorify God, and give him all the glory in answer to prayer for the salvation of my sister’s (Daisie V. Smith) precious soul. She passed into the awful and sublime eternity the 4th day of Aug. fully prepared to meet her Saviour. Praise God! For about five years she has been a very great sufferer; for the last twenty- two weeks of her life she was in perfect torture most of the time, and many times as I stood by her bed the thoughts would come to me again and again: She shall be perfected through suffering. I talked with her about heaven and heavenly things and told her that she would have to make a complete surrender to God to dwell with him forever and ever in eternity, and that he would not accept the least degree of sin. She become perfectly willing to consecrate her all to God at the eleventh hour. “And when they came that were hired about the eleventh hour, they received every man a penny.” Matt. 20:9. Yes, she was one among many who received the reward of the gift of eternal life at the eleventh hour. Praise God! She passed away quietly and a calmness rested upon her. The spirit of the Lord witnessed in in our soul, she “is passed from death unto life.” John 5:24. She is in glory. Praise the Lord! The prayer of the righteous availeth much.

Yours in perfect peace, and victory over all things. Amen.

May Smith.


Died: — August the 8th, 1891, in Corsica, Jefferson Co., Pa., Florence M. Glenn. While kindling a fire with oil, her clothes caught fire, and before assistance could be rendered, she was so badly burned, as to be beyond recovery. She requested all her friends to meet her in heaven. A husband, two small children and many friends are left to mourn the loss of a loved one. God bless and lead them to live so as to meet on that heavenly shore.

P. P. Taylor.


Died: — September 5, 1891, Floyd E. Nocks, the first-born babe of Bro. and Sister Nocks of Wichita, Kan. The little one was but 44 days old, and seemed but a little bud beginning to bloom into life, but God in his wisdom saw fit to call the little ne unto himself. Diphtheria was the cause of its death.

Funeral services by

A. Markwell.

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er, tenderhearted, forgiving one another even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.” And let this ever be our prayer, Set a watch, O Lord, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips.” “Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in thy Sight, O Lord, my strength, and my Redeemer.” What is there we could desire should be in a Saviour that is not in Christ? What is there wanting, what is there that is great or good, what is there that is venerable or winning, what is there that is adorable or endearing, or what could you think of that would be encouraging that is not to be found in Christ? After I was saved I had a new interest in reading the Bible; the Lord came very near to me by his Spirit. I found he was no respecter of persons. I found Jesus a precious and loving Saviour, a friend in need, a friend indeed. What I should have done without this dear friend I do not know.

I need thee, precious Jesus,
I need a friend like thee,
A friend to soothe and sympathize —
A friend to care for me.

I need the heart of Jesus
To feel each anxious care,
To tell my every trouble
And all my sorrows share.

All this world’s wealth could not buy the blessings I have received, and yet they have been freely bestowed upon me. I feel I can truly say I have tasted and seen that the Lord is good.

F. M. Frey.



“Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.” — Psa. 119:129.

Calvert, Miss.

Dear Saints of God: — I feel this morning that it would be to the glory of God for me to write my testimony. I received the light on God’s word three years ago last March through the teaching and also by the upright walk of our beloved brother Bradley. I saw a beauty in holiness I had never seen before, and praise God I was open for conviction. I always had a heart void of prejudice, and when the holy preachers came to our community I was willing to hear them. I was convicted when I heard the first sermon. I belonged to the Cumberland Presbyterian sect, but there was a longing in my soul that was not satisfied, and when I heard the word preached in its purity, then it was, that I saw my condition and asked the holy people to pray for me and I prayed for myself. It was six months before the struggle was over, but on the 21st of August of the same year the good Lord for Christ’s sake saved me. He loosed my tongue to speak his praises, and glory to Jesus! he is still giving me light and liberty, and I am resolved to regard all his precepts and am in the way of obedience to move. Praise God! there are a few who are willing to raise the blood-stained banner against the host of sin. I attended an ordinance service on last sabbath at Evergreen Bethel which was largely attended. There were six baptized; among the number was brother McKee about fourscore and ten. I never witnessed such a sight before. Glory to Jesus! After the baptizing we had a good sermon from the first chapter of 1 Corinthians, on faith healing; I was suffering with a severe pain in my head, and requested the brother to anoint me and pray that I might be healed, and I was healed in the same hour for which I give God all the glory. Now brethren and sisters it behooves us who are standing true to God to put on the whole armor for these are perilous times; let us obey God in all things It is written, that there are many called but few chosen. I have enlisted for the whole war and by the grace of God I will conquer though I die. The Master is calling for laborers, for truly the harvest is great and the laborers are few. The Master has said, Go into my vineyard and work, and whatsoever is right that will I give you; and he is not slack concerning his promises. Therefore, let us be up and doing, while it is called to-day. Your sister saved by the blood,

Lelitia Calvert.


Fort Stevenson, Miss.

Dear Saints and Trumpet Readers: — May the God of heaven, bless you with all his fullness of love, joy and peace for Jesus’ sake. Amen. I want to tell you what the good Lord has done for me. About ten months ago I received the richest of heaven’s blessings, for my sins were forgiven. But I made no profession in public, and I met with so many temptations, until I let the world lead me to some of its amusements; but I found no enjoyment there, and my admiration was turned more for the blessed Lord than before. Glory to Jesus for salvation full and free, and victory over all sin! I just praise his name for showing me the downward road in which I was traveling, and for directing me to read his blessed word instead of novels, etc. My name was never written on a class book on earth, but is now in the Lamb’s book of life. I will say to the young Christians, Do not heed to the calls of the wicked one, for if we give up to only one temptation the devil will surely call upon us again. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. I have the present experience of a young Christian. We should not yield to temptation, for each victory helps us some other to win. I ask the Christians to pray for my papa and brothers, for I want to see them saved very much. Pray for me that God may ever keep my feet upon the solid rock Christ Jesus. This evening finds me saved and sanctified, walking in the beautiful light of God, ready to do any thing that, would be glorifying to the blessed Saviour’s name.

Your sister in Christ,

Hattie Joyner.


Fair Haven, Ill.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — May the choicest of God’s blessings be with you all for his name’s sake. Amen. This morning finds me saved and trusting in the precious promises of our Father. Oh, I am so glad I ever heard the call, to Come out of her my people!” For forty years I had been in some the different sects, and for the last sixteen years I was in the River Brethren sect. Three years ago I heard Bros. Kilpatrick and Speck. O how hungry and starved I was for the true bread of life! I thank God for affliction; for through being afflicted I was led to see where I was and what I was required to do. I was blind and dead in cold formality. It is true I was living up to all the light I had, but never was satisfied, and often talked to others about feeling a lack in my soul. The preacher told me that we received all the blessing there is for us at conversion; that we will not be sanctified until we come to die. May God have mercy on the poor blind guides, for truly they are all in the ditch together. I praise God this morning that I am free from all organizations of man, and ready to do any thing the Lord requires of me. I praise his holy name that there are a few even at Fair Haven who are standing true to God. The enemy is raging, for his pen is broken and God’s children are escaping. Pray for the little ones here, that we may live to the honor and glory of God.

Your sister, saved and washed in the blood,

Elizabeth Wressell.


Beech Springs, Miss.

May the blessings of God ever be multiplied on all his saints. I feel it my duty to write my testimony to the Trumpet. I acknowledge that I was not all right last winter. I confessed to the dear saints that I had both said and done wrong, and asked to be forgiven; they at once forgave me, and now I am living a life void of offense toward God or man. Glory to God for his goodness to me! It is a fact that we must be pure and holy to stand acquitted in his sight. I have complied with the word of God and the Lord has sanctified me wholly. “We know that we have passed from death unto life because we love the brethren.” May God ever bless brother W. W. Bradley and family.

Your brother, saved and kept by the power of God,

P. J. R. Harwell.


Blue Springs, Neb.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — I believe it will be to the glory of God for me to write my testimony. I am saved and sanctified and kept, and the Holy Spirit is leading me day by day. The saints of this place (Wymore) have not been doing much for the Master on account of false teachers getting in among us; and many have followed their pernicious ways. But I praise God that he sent brother Achor here with a discerning spirit, and showed us our condition, and that some were willing to pay the price and step out on the promises of God. Some were not willing to humble themselves, as they loved the ways of darkness rather than light. But I praise God that he has made me willing to be the least in the kingdom of heaven. And that I am serving God with my heart, soul, mind and strength. Wife and I have to walk two miles to meeting, but we just praise the Lord that he gives us the privilege of doing something for him.

Tour brother in Christ,

S. S. Van Buskirk.


Watkinsville, Miss.

Dear Saints: — I am glad to know that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth me from all sin. Five years ago God led me out of sectism and made me free in Christ. I am praising God for sending Bro. Warner to the South. My health was so had that I could not be with them much. But I want to say that the Lord has healed my body and I am well. My lungs had been troubling me, and I had been taking medicine for five years. but got worse all the time. I want all the saints to pray for us.

Your brother in Christ,

A. L. Creel.


Nishnabotna, Mo.

Dear Readers of the Trumpet: — I will tell of a few of the many blessings I have received of the Lord. I was taken with convulsions on the 14th of May, 1890, and I was troubled with them until October. God sent his children here to preach the gospel in its parity. I had heard so much about them that I made up my mind to go and hear them. I thought I had been living a Christian life, but the Lord showed me that I could be saved from sin and live without sin. I now praise the Lord for full and free salvation. On the 12th, the Lord also restored me to perfect health. Praise his holy name!

Your sister in Christ,

Etta Staner.


Rochester, Mo.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — I feel like giving a little of my experience through the Trumpet. I do praise the Lord for his goodness and mercy to me and my family. In this wicked land there are very few meetings of any kind. The sects are dying out and wickedness stalks through the land unmolested. I feel that the Lord has a work for me to do. Praise the Lord! If it is his will for me to go and work, I will do it. For they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. Bless the Lord! Pray for my family that they may all be saved.

Your brother, saved in the Lord,

B. F. Harris.


Sheridan, Ok. Ter.

Dear Saints: — May God keep you by his mighty power. Amen. I feel led to write my testimony. I am saved through the blood of Christ and sanctified as a second work of grace. I am so glad that Father ever called after my poor soul and brought me out into this blessed evening light. Praise his holy name! He has shown me the evils of sects and secret societies. O praise the Lord! He is able to take care of all we commit into his hands. If we are sold out to God, then why should we flee to other sources for help? God is able to take care of his own. Oh, may God bless his children and give them a hearty amen in their souls to the whole will of God, for he knows what is best for us. Oh, how I long to meet with the saints once more! If any one comes out to Oklahoma, call and see us; we live 12 miles east of Thennesee, in Kingfisher Co. There is a good opening for the work of the Lord out here. May God send whom he will; they will find a welcome home at our place. Pray for me.

Your saved sister,

Sarah A. Rutherford.


Whitesville, Ind.

Dear Saints: — I feel it my duty to write a few lines for my blessed Saviour, and tell how I was healed. I went to Ohio to see my children, and while there I caught a severe cold, but went to the saints’ meeting, and I never was so enlightened in the word of God in my life, and I am going on 61. I came home and was taken to my bed, and my husband wanted to have a doctor, but I said I would write to the saints and so I did, and praise the Lord! I was healed. When ever I get sick I go to Jesus and he heals all sickness; praise his holy name! I read the Trumpet and I love to read it. I do believe I am saved to the uttermost. Praise the Lord! I ask an interest in all your prayers that my faith fail not; I am alone here where there are no saints. I still live by faith; praise the Lord;

Your sister,

E. A. Munson.

Elbing, Kan.

Dear Saints: — I feel that it would be to the glory of God to write my testimony to the Trumpet. I do praise God for his wonderful goodness to me in keeping me saved from all sin, and with the evidence that am his child. I realize that I am sinking deeper down in his blessed will continually, and am willing for God to have his way with me. I praise him for the joys of salvation and for the love of the pure truth.

Your brother in Christ, sanctified wholly,

Sigel Hunter.


Tabor, Ia.

Dear Gospel Trumpet: — I am rejoicing in God’s love to-day, saved, sanctified and healed by the mighty power of God. I came to this place in darkness. I had not laid down my profession, but I found I had no salvation. On Sunday, July the 12th, I went to the Lord and he saved me. On Thursday night following I sought for a pure heart, and between twelve and one o’clock the cleansing blood flowed over my soul. The Sunday following we saw the sick raised up to health. Before twelve o’clock I was taken violently sick, even came nigh to death, and was enabled to fully put my trust in the Lord for healing, and I immediately rose up and told those around me that I was all right and that I knew what it was for. There were eight unsaved persons present that were excited and sent for a doctor; but my Physician came before the messenger came back and I was healed. I am out on the faith line on the promises of God. Glory to his holy name! I am going in the strength of Israel’s God, declaring the whole truth. I desire the saints every where to pray for me in the work. I am under the cleansing blood to-day, sweetly trusting Jesus for all things.

Your brother in Christ,

Chas. M. Kelley.


Washington Heights, Chicago, Ill.

Dear Saints: — My testimony to day is that Jesus saves me from all sin. I praise the Lord that he ever saved my soul and placed my feet on the solid rock, and I pray that he will keep me there for I am a babe in Christ. I ask your prayers,

Your sister in Christ,

Kittie Todd.


Oktibbeha, Miss.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — I feel led to write my testimony. I do know that the very God of peace saves and sanctifies me wholly and that I am kept by his mighty power every day that I live. Glory to God for salvation full and free! I have been walking in the beautiful light of God for nearly 3 years, and I am not tired yet. The way grows brighter every day.

How happy is ever child of grace
Who knows his sins forgiven.
This world he cries is not my place;
I seek a place in heaven.

Mrs. J. B. Slaton.


Columbia City, Ind., July 11, 1891.

Dear Saints of the Most High: — I feel led to write my testimony to the honor and glory of God. I am saved and sanctified by a second work of grace, and out on the sea of glass, filled with the power of God with perfect victory in my soul Glory be to God! for what he has done for me. This spring I was compelled to leave the field on account of my lungs, and when I came home I got so bad I had to go to bed, but I still trusted in the Lord. Every one said I had the consumption and could not live very long. Then I had the dropsy in my feet and limbs; I got so bad I couldn’t bear my weight on my feet. So I just obeyed the scripture and called for the elders of the church and had them to lay hands on me, and anoint me with oil in the name of the Lord, and I got the witness right away that I was healed. A little over two weeks ago I lost my speech so that I couldn’t speak above a whisper. Yesterday morning, the 10th of July, while in prayer, I asked the dear Lord to give me my voice, and praise the dear Lord! he gave it to me while I was praying. O praise the Lord! He so fills me I can hardly write. Praise the Lord! for bringing me and my companion out into this blessed evening light. He is still saved to the uttermost, sanctified by the Holy Ghost. The church is prospering in this place. Pray for us that the dear Lord may always keep us by his mighty power.

Your sister and brother in Christ saved and sanctified,

Flora J. & C. E. Rothermel.

Freeman, Mo.

Dear Trumpet Readers: — While thinking what I could do to-day that would glorify my dear Redeemer I thought it would perhaps do some one some good to give in my experience. My aim from childhood was to be good, but many times I found; myself engulfed in sin. Vow after vow I would make, only to break it again. Finally I concluded to join the so-called Christian Church and did so from a pure intent of heart; but being young and not fully instructed in the ways of righteousness, I soon began to fall away, and soon became a miserable backslider, I tried and tried but only failure seemed to result. At the age of twenty-one I concluded to many and settle down. I came to Cass Co., Mo, and had a letter of recommendation from the Christian sect; but I knew I was no Christian, and did not want to make a mock of religion, therefore did not give my letter in any more. About three years ago God convicted me of my sins, and I yielded myself over into his hands, and was pardoned of sin. Then in about one year I received the full light on sanctification, and accepted it as the second work of grace in my soul, and have been living in the light and experience of holiness ever since. Praise the Lord for his wonderful works to children of men! Now I exhort all the readers of this article, it you have not made your calling and election sure with God, let me entreat you as one that loves your souls, get right. May the Lord bless all the labors of his dear children to the salvation of many precious souls that are out in this dreary world of sin. Will all the dear saints remember me and my companion in your prayers, that the Holy Ghost may be our teacher and guide, even unto the end. If any of the dear saints are led to come and hold a meeting here, they will find a home at our house as long as they wish to stay. Bring tabernacle, as sect houses are firmly closed against the truth.

Your saved brother,

J. D. Bowen.


Leroy, Mich.

Dear Brethren: — I feel led to write and tell what the Lord has done for me. I know that he saved me from all my past sins, and from all sects although the temptations are ever around me, but for all that there were roots of bitterness felt in my heart, and I had many wrongs to make right. Through faith the dear Lord has given me victory in my soul. O praise his dear name forever! Jesus says, “He that is not with me is against me, and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.” We have sabbath-school, but no other meetings. Brothers Randolph and Grover: were expected here to teach the truth as it is in Christ Jesus, but they have not come. I hope some dear brother or sister may be led of the Lord to come and preach. You can have a home with me as long as God wills. Yours in the love and fellowships of Jesus,

Frances Gregory.


Union Grove, Ill.

To all the Saints, Greeting: — May the Lord bless you and keep you steadfast in the faith. I do praise the Lord for his wonderful kindness to me. I am saved and kept by the power of God. He is leading me into all truth more and more. Glory to Jesus! The fourth of July when others were getting ready to go to the celebration I just realized that I was dead to all such worldly things, and thank God, I stayed at home. Bless the Lord! I do love that truth, for it does make me free.

I still remain your brother, saved and kept,

Millard Rose.


Valparaiso, Ind.

Dear Saints: — Once more in the name of the Lord of heaven, I shall do that which he hath commanded, and that is to testify. I praise our dear Lord that in compassion to my sinful and miserable soul he showed me my awful condition, and the glorious light beamed into my soul that he has power to save and keep us free from all sin. I felt that of all sinners I was the chiefest and I cried, O Lord have mercy on me, a sinner; and praise God, in love and compassion Jesus came walking the wave, and the wild billows obey him, calmed by the mighty to save, and now I am anchored in the pure light of his word, ready to do his will in all things. I ask you all to pray for me that God would keep me in Christ, in this city; as I do not want to experience the backslider condition. This place is a beautiful college city; there are about two thousand or more young men and ladies here from all parts of the world, all learning some profession, yet they seem to be in darkness, and there are great masses of people here that have never heard the evening light preached.

Your humble sister in the church of God

Mary Kerr.

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