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6 October 1892, Volume 12, Number 40.



Hoping, praying, weeping,
Pilgrims of the Lord,
Constant vigils keeping,
Feeding on his word;
Shunning paths of evil,
Misery and woe,
Fighting ’gainst the devil,
On through life we go.

Tho’ our little crosses,
Oft are hard to bear;
And our gains and losses,
Written over there,
Sometimes scarcely seeming
In our favor shown,
God’s pure light comes streaming
From his love-lit throne.

Onward then, my brother,
Courage for the day;
Let us help each other
On this heavenly way;
Christ will round us hover
And his grace impart
Till this life is over,
Soothe our bleeding heart.

Anna K. Thomas.




I can say of my journey to the better land, that

“I am dwelling on the mountain,
Where the golden sunlight gleams,
O’er a land whose won ‘rous beauty,
Far exceeds my fondest dreams.”

I am continually learning lessons of trust. Through grace I feel that I have some apprehension of the Apostle’s meaning, “For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, The just shall live by faith.” That is, they shall go on experimenting, having greater and yet greater tests to faith. Trials sometimes come as a troop. They drive us on rapidly, coming thick and fast. We seem required not only to walk by faith, but to take leaps in faith, beyond what we ever before conceived. But to one who has an abiding hold on Christ, these are not leaps in the dark. The author and finisher of our faith will never permit his disciples to be led into a path beyond which he hath not himself trod.

“The fiercer the blast,
The sooner ’tis past;
The troubles that rise,
Shall gloriously hurry our souls to the shies.”

In regard to obedience, it is long since I have desired to have a will of my own. My soul springs up with joyous desire to do the will of God. I want to know the will of God, because I wish to do it, knowing that his will is for my highest possible good.

“How precious are Thy thoughts unto me,” says the Psalmist. “My presence shall go with thee.” Truly the divine presence is very real to my soul, and the Lord hath brought me forth into a place of broad rivers and streams. Oh! it is indeed a wealthy place, where Jesus bestows his fullness; and precious beyond the power of expression, is the thought, or rather the thought verified, by being made an experimental realization that Jesus is an indwelling presence,is made unto me wisdom, righteousness sanctification, and redemption.

In all the events of my Christian journey where God has displayed his special power, I have been required to walk out on his promises by naked faith, without any other evidence than his written word. When I presented myself a living sacrifice on the altar for cleansing, it was in the absence of emotion, or consciousness farther than the application by the Spirit of these words: “Thou shalt love the Lord with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, might, mind, and strength.” I said, Lord I do, I know I do. Then followed “This is the fulfilling of the law.” I said, Is that all? I know I love thee and thy will above all else, and being alone I raised my hands toward Him in whom I trusted and said, Lord Jesus, thou savest me wholly. A quiet calm possessed my soul before and after, and like Abraham I waited nearly two days before God witnessed to my inner consciousness that he had accepted the sacrifice, and that the blood made me pure. In the meantime, to ward off the temptations of the enemy, I said, I’m saved, yes whiter than snow.

This highway of holiness is not a place, but a way. Not a state, but a walk. Sanctification is not a thing to be picked up at a certain stage of our experience, and forever possessed unconditionally; but it is a life to be lived day by day, hour by hour. The Apostle says, “If ye do these things ye shall never fall.” Should one for a moment turn aside from the path, it will not be obliterated by the wandering, and can be instantly regained. The great point is an instant return to God. The fact that one has sinned is the very reason that they should learn to be more watchful and trust more fully than ever. The only way is to get right up and try again. After the children of Israel had crossed over Jordan and met with that disastrous defeat, before the little City of Ai, they were all so utterly discouraged that we read, Wherefore the hearts of the people melted, and became as water.

And Joshua rent his clothes, and fell to the earth upon his face before the ark of the Lord until the eventide. “And Joshua said, Alas, oh Lord God, wherefore hast thou at all brought this people over Jordan to deliver us into the hand of the Amorites to destroy us. Oh Lord, what shall I say, when Israel turneth their sacks before their enemies; for the Canaanites and all the inhabitants of the land shall hear of it, and shall environ us around and cut off our name from the earth, and what wilt thou do unto thy great name?” What a wail of despair this was! “But the Lord said unto Joshua, Get thee up; wherefore best thou upon thy face?” Up, sanctify the people, is always God’s command. But he must do as the children of Israel did, rise up early in the morning, and run to the place where the evil thing is hidden, and take it out of its hiding place, and lay it out before the Lord. He must confess his sin, and then he must stone it with stones, and burn it with fire, and put it forever out of sight. Then he must believe according to God’s word, that “He is faithful and just to forgive him his sins, and to cleanse him from all unrighteouness.”

As soon as Israel’s sin had been brought to light and put away, at once God’s word came again in a message of glorious encouragement; “Fear not, neither be thou dismayed; see, I have given into thy hand the king of Ai and his people, and his city, and his land.” God grant us a steady, unwavering walk of faith, and may we hear, and gladly obey every whisper of the Holy Spirit, that he may lead us up the heights of Christian perfection, even to the full stature of perfect men and women in Christ Jesus.

I will write a little on the line of healing hoping it may help some trusting one, A few weeks ago I was afflicted with what threatened to become a serious infirmity. I prayed the Lord to recover me, but my mind and body were both so weak, it seemed that I could not take hold of God’s word with assurance, so as to expect deliverance as in former times. I waited patiently enduring through grace until I saw that I was getting worse and worse, and something must be done. There were no elders near us, and but one saint, and she was hindered from coming to me. I inquired of the Lord if I should wait for the coming of some of his childdren that I might be anointed, and have the united prayer of faith for my healing, and while thus before him, I was reminded that my sickness with my sins were all borne away on, the cross eighteen hundred years ago, as it is written, “Himself took our infirmities, and bare our sickness.” The price was paid for my freedom; why should I be thus bound any longer? In a moment I comprehended the boundless provisions which our dear Lord has made for his children. My faith was stirred with a new impulse, and with a simple childlike trust I looked to Father, and said, Dear Lord, I see it clearly. I have but to ask, and receive what is purchased for me. Touch me now with thy healing power, rebuke the enemy, and break every chain that has bound me, and set me free. Prove thy faithfulness again, and deliver me. On the authority of thy word, I take all that I have asked of thee, I am healed. And I was made whole from that hour. To God be all the glory.

Your sister,

J. E. Courtney.

Bay View, Mich., Sept. 22, 1892.




The following questions have been sent in to be answered through the Trumpet:

Ques. 1. To whom, was the apostle talking, Rom. 12:1, when he said, I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service?

Ans. This passage of scripture very plainly answers the question and says “brethren,” hence they were not sinners, but were members of the body of Christ. See verse 5. They were converted, abiding in the vine, Jno. 15:2, and had the experience of Rom. 5:1, which gave them ACCESS into the fullness of the grace of God. Rom. 5:2. They were free from all their actual transgressions, or, in other words, their sins were all pardoned, and were now ready for the “purging” process Christ told them about. And that is just what Paul is trying to urge them to do, to offer themselves “a living sacrifice,” thus receiving the sanctifier as an “abiding comforter.” He could not have been talking to sinners, for they are all dead in tresspasses and in sins, and it would be impossible for dead men to offer themselves a “living sacrifice.” But after being made alive in Christ through the forgiveness of sins, they thus became brethren to the apostle, and members of the “body of Christ,” and were now ready to make the holy offering, “a living sacrifice.”


Ques. 2. What was Paul’s idea in exhorting the Corinthian brethren concerning the covering of the head of a woman? 1 Cor. 11th chapter.

Ans. He wanted to show them that the church of God was not governed by the whims of men, nor the fancies of the customs of the day. In ancient times it was the custom for women to veil their faces before going out into the street, and especially when in the attitude of prayer to have the head covered, and it was even a shame (according to custom) for her not to have her head covered while at prayer. Paul does not tell them that they shall or shall not wear something on their head, but he does say, “If any man seem to be contentious, we have no such custom, neither the CHURCHES OF GOD” — Verse 16. So you see God does not require any woman to wear any thing on her head while at prayer, but do just as she pleases about it, regardless of customs. And he also says, “Her hair is given her for a covering.”


Ques, 3. Please explain this scripture: “In my Father’s house are many mansions.” — Jno. 14:2.

Ans. In order to understand this we must turn to the word of God and learn something about what kind of a house is spoken of, and also something about the mansions.

A certain popular evangelist, and other writers on the subject, have it all pictured in grand style. They represent the “Father’s house” as being HEAVEN, and the mansions as being the different departments of heaven, fitted for the different kinds of people who enter the gates of the holy city, such as have different beliefs. For instance, as one enters the port of heaven, he would here recognize a Methodist mansion; there a Baptist, and yonder a Quaker mansion, etc. Yea, there are many mansions in the Father’s house.

But now let us see what Paul says about it, or what the inspired word teaches regarding the same. When writing to Timothy, Paul said, “But if I tarry long that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth. — 1 Tim. 3:15.

Here we find that THE CHURCH is the house spoken of, and now let us find out what the mansions are. A mansion is “a dwelling,” a place of residence.” In the verse spoken of here it has reference to the residence or dwelling place of the Holy Ghost. “What! know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? for ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s. — 1 Cor. 6:19.

“A temple is a place in which the divine presence specially resides.” —  WEBSTER. Then when a person meets the conditions of God’s word, and becomes fully saved in Jesus, he becomes a temple of the living God; one of the “many mansions,” or dwelling places in the house of God.

Ye are the temple of the living God. — 2 Cor. 6:16. Your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. — 1 Cor. 6:19. Your bodies are the members of Christ. — 1 Cor. 6:15. His body is the church. — Eph. 1:22, 23. The church is the house of God. — 1 Tim. 3:15. There are many members (mansions) in this house. — Rom. 12:4; 1 Cor. 12:14. Each member is a child of God, a holy temple (mansion) in the house of God, which is his church. — 1 Cor. 3:17.


Ques. 4. Does a man have to have license before he can preach God’s holy word, when he feels that God has called him to the work?

Ans. No. The license system is an invention of sectism, and the church of the Bible has nothing to do with it. Paul commanded to ordain elders in every church, but he did not go around making out license papers, neither did he go about ordaining preachers in different sects. Each place visited to ordain an elder was only a different congregation of the “church of God.”

If a person down in sectism was to get into a strange community, where he was not known, and should happen to lose his license, he would lose his authority to preach. But in the church of God, the Lord himself gives his mini te s authority, by endueing them with power from on high. And whom he sends forth to preach the gospel, he commissions them to “pleach the word, heal the sick, cast out devils,” etc., and gives them the power to do the same.

It is necessary for a person to heed the words of the apostle, and tarry until they are endued with power from on high before going forth. Too many run before they are sent, and become a hindrance to the work instead of a help; a reproach instead of a blessing to the cause. There are many to day going about trying to preach, whom God never sent, and who would glorify God more if they would stay at home and labor with their hands, and help to send some one who is really anointed of God to preach.

The best thing to do with any conference or sect license is to consign them to the flames, for they are a “superfluity,” and that is the best mode of “putting them away.”

E. E. Byrum.


Battle Field, Miss.

Dear Trumpet Readers: I am glad to testify again through the Trumpet, that the Lord still keeps me by his mighty power, ready, willing and waiting to cross over the river to dwell in the home that Jesus has gone to prepare for me. I praise God that I am not living for the pleasures of this world, but am living for heaven my home. A few more days will finish the race, when the Lord will call me to bid farewell to this world and go home to reign with him, when this world shall be no more. Dear reader, are you prepared to meet God? If not, now is the time; now is the day of salvation. If you will forsake your ways and live for God, and be faithful until death, he will give you an inheritance incorruptible, undefiled, and that fadeth not away. My dear Christian friends, pray that God may bless me physically; I am bodily afflicted.

Your brother, sanctified wholly,

Albert M. Johnson.


Winchester, Ky.

Dear Trumpet Readers: I thank my Lord this morning that I am saved, that his blood cleanseth from all sin. This life by faith is so sweet when we learn to trust Jesus for every thing, all in all. Praise his holy name! I love him, and I know he loves me, because he died for me.

About eight years ago, while, attending a meeting at College Hill, Ky. I was deeply convicted. It was some time before I knew what to do. If some good brother had said, Fall on your knees, confess your sins, renounce the devil forever, give yourself to God, and he will receive you, I would have been saved then; but I had to struggle along myself in the dark until the Lord brought me to the point, Believe and you shall be saved, and so “simply trusting I was blessed” (saved). Four years after my conversion I was convicted of inbred sin, while I had no doubt of my acceptance with God. I began earnestly seeking for the fullness of love. The Lord blessed with a greater blessing than I ever had before. I called it sanctification But I did not live it long before I began to doubt, and soon got out of the way. About one year ago I got deeply in earnest to be saved from all sin. I began seeking with all my heart, and after lifting my soul to God, the Lord mightily filled me with love, so that I could rejoice evermore. Is not this the land of beulah? Glory!

Yours under the blood,

E. R. Raber.

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the Defence of ALL His Truth;
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The Ordinance of Feet Washing.

The excellent work on this subject, written by Brother Bradley, has been reduced in price to 20 cents. It is a review of a tract written against this ordinance. A lively exposure of the false teaching of the opposer, and a very thorough vindication of the sacred ordinance of Christ. It contains 84 large pages, and gives much light. Price 20 cts. $1.90 a dozen. Order of the author, Bro. W. W. Bradley, Watkinsville, Miss or from this office.


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Questions and Answers on the Church. 32 pages. 1 cent each. Per hundred $1 00

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A new Tract, by Wm. G. Schell.

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100 subjects with scripture, a concordance and definitions to subjects. Setting forth the true church, it doctrine, its ordinances and its fruits. The fall of Babylon and the coining in of the evening light. Illustrated. 316 pages, neatly bound in cloth. Single copy $1 00 six or more 80 cents each. For this book.

Address H. C. Wickersham, New Pittsburg, Ind. or Gospel Trumpet, Grand Junction, Mich.




This book contains 148 songs. 90 with music. About all new When sung in the Spirit of God these songs will be found glorious. They hymn the precious present truth, and the gospel standard of salvation.

Send in your orders for Anthems from the Throne a and start the songs of praise anew.

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A New Book,


This book is just fresh from the author’s pen, and a glance at the contents is enough to convince any one of its interest and value to those seeking a more thorough khowledge of the Divine Being, and his dealings with people at the present time, as well as in days past.

The first part of the book very plainly marks out the way from sin unto full salvation, according to the teaching of the sacred word.

It presents the gospel truth in such a way as to throw a gleam of light into the pathway of the sinner, and enable him to see that there is hope beyond, through the mercies of a blessed Redeemer.

The BELIEVER is led to see the beauties of full salvation, and the joys in a life of Christian perfection.


constitutes the second part of the book. This consists of twenty-six chapters on doctrinal subjects, exposing and overthrowing false ideas and theories concerning the healing power in these last days, showing when, how, and under what circumstances and conditions God heals the sick and afflicted at the present time.

It gives a history and testimonies of healing from the time of Abraham, through the different ages, up to the present time.

The third part of the book consists of the


These are wonderful testimonies of persons who have been healed within the last few years by divine power; such as being instantly restored to sight after having been blind for years; the lame throw away their crutches; broken bones are instantly healed; invalids who have suffered for years immediately arise and walk, after the prayer of faith is offered, etc. The author is personally acquainted, with nearly all the parties who have herein given their testimonies, and gives their names and addresses in the book, so that persons doubting the truthfulness of the same can write to the parties themselves.

It will be a precious volume to those who are afflicted in either soul or body. The chapters on faith, and also other subjects, will strengthen the faith of the reader, and aid in a closer walk with Him who is the “giver of every good and perfect gift.”

It contains 248 good-sized pages; good, plain print, on heavy paper. Neatly bound in cloth, $ .75. Library (half morocco), marble edge, $1.10. Send two cent stamp for special terms to agents. Address,


Grand Junction, Mich.




J. C. Green. W. S. Butler, M. Heyd, S M. Clemons, T. A. Phillips; Joseph Hewitt, R. W. Swinburn.




Pray for Miss Etta C. Kachel, of Winters, Cal., that she may again be restored to salvation.


I do desire all God’s children to pray for the healing of my body, and also my little boy.

Rachel A. Neigh.

Plato, Ind.


Orchard Grove, Ind.

Dear Saints: I earnestly desire the prayers of God’s little ones for my husband, who is not saved.

Your sister,

Nellie Tatman.


Let the saints unite their prayers in behalf of Sister Roudebush who has been anointed in the name of Jesus for the healing of consumption, that she may be speedily relieved of her suffering, and that her faith may be increased.

Your sister in Christ,

Emma Dansberger.


St. James, Mo.

Dear Saints: Please pray for the healing of Sister Eliza Bell, who has been afflicted for about twenty-five years; was bedfast nine years. She is afflicted with many chronic diseases, female weakness, and has a large tumor in the lower part of her stomach. She is true to God, walking in all the light she has. She asks the earnest prayers of all God’s children on the 10th day of Oct., at nine o’clock in the morning. Amen.

Julia Myers.


Dellvale, Kan.

We would like to have some one of God’s Holy Ghost ministers to come here and hold a meeting. Our home is humble, but open for any of God’s people.

Your saved brother,

Ira Kepford.


Bro. Daugherty is now holding meeting at Gosford, Pa. and desires the saints from other places to come and help in the meeting.



At the Wichita camp meeting two brethren each pledged $25 to purchase German type. Three or four such offerings unto the Lord will procure the material, and God will surely raise up a suitable person to set the type, etc. Who will help to publish heaven’s truth to that benighted, and yet, when saved, noble people. O for the love of Jesus help us to send out the saving light of God to all nations, kindred and tongues. Amen.


Our supply of Holiness Bible Subjects is now exhausted, but we expect a few more from Brother Wickersham in a few days. Persons desiring this valuable book will do well to order one before the whole supply is gone. Those desiring to study holiness from a Bible standpoint will do well to get this book. You can order now from Brother H. C. Wickersham, New Pittsburg, Ind., or from us. Price, one dollar.


Larue, O.

Will all who subscribed for Glad Hallelujahs at the Beaver Dam C. M. please send me your names and addresses? I have misplaced the paper I had them on and cannot find it.

Your brother,

B. E. Warren.


Camp Meetings



This general assembly of the saints of God will this year be on the Grand Junction, Mich. camp ground. The Lord willing the meeting will begin Wednesday, Oct. 26th, and continue perhaps a week or ten days, just as the Lord may lead. Many who were not at the C. M., also those who were blessed with the privilege of being there have been looking forward to the time of this meeting with a great desire to attend and enjoy a rich feast from Father’s table. The camp_ meeting season is about past for this year, but we are praying for, and believing God will cause a harvest of souls to be gathered at that place. Now let every child of God pray the success of this meeting, and a wonderful deliverance of souls from the bondage of sin and the powers of Satan. COME PRAYING. Everybody invited. You who are bound down by the powers of Satan, afflicted, or steeped in sin, come, and God will meet you in power, upon the conditions of his word.

The meeting will be carried on the same as a camp meeting, and about the only reason it is not called a camp meeting is that it is so late in the season that it is rather cold to camp out in cloth tents. There area number of board tents on the ground, also a sleeping tent, and those coming should bring blankets and covers, as such can be brought as baggage by those coming from a distance. There will be provisions made for all who come.


There will be a two days’ meeting at North Eagle, commencing Oct. 22 at 2 o’clock P. M. Ordinance meeting Sunday evening, the Lord willing.

T. J. Cox.


Meeting Decatur, Ind. beginning about October 12.

Bolds, Gast & Co.

The Lord willing, there will be an assembly meeting, beginning Oct. 14, at Payne. O., and will continue as long as the Lord wills. All are invited.



The Lord willing there will be a tabernacle meeting at this place commencing Oct. 25, to continue as long as the Lord leads. Brother J. N. Howard and wife, A. J. Kilpatrick, and B. E. Warren and wife are expected. We invite the saints from everywhere to attend this meeting. All come who love Jesus. Let every one who reads this pray for God to make it a glorious time for the saving of souls, and leading his people out of sectism.

Yours in humble praise to the God of our salvation,

Jesse Wade,
W. W. Stevenson.
Jas. F. Flynn.



The Los Angeles camp meeting will begin Oct. 13, and will continue ten days. Efforts will be made for excursion rates from Chicago and Kan. City, for all who come from the east via. the Santa Fe route. Let all the saints upon the Pacific coast come to this meeting. Bring tents and bedding if possible. Provisions will be supplied at cost for all who are able to pay, and he that hath no money, come ye without money and without price. All who come from the east will be supplied with board and bed at lowest possible cost. We are expecting great victory in the name of the King of saints. The tent meetings now in progress will probably continue until C. M. Let all who are interested in this mighty conflict, come and help us. The saints are all poor in this world, but willing to share what they have with those who have not. All who come by R. R. should notify us previously so they will be met at trains. Let all who expect to come write us, stating what arrangements they wish to be made for them while here.

Address J. D. Hatch, or J. W. Byers

138 N. Los Angeles St.,

Los Angeles, Cal.



I am requested to say that our camp meeting is postponed until Oct. 29th. We desire the Lord to send us a good minister, a regular firebrand. All the saints are requested to come that can. We will do our best by the Lord’s help to take care of all who come. We expect Brother W. W. Bradley to help us. All that come stop at Hattiesburg, Miss. The meeting will be held at the Union school house, ten miles from Hattiesburg and three miles from Rawels Springs. All who come by R. R. should notify us previously so they will be met at trains. Let all who are interested in this mighty conflict come and help us. There can be a glorious work done here.

Your sister in Christ,

Alice Dutton.

Styx, Perry Co., Miss.


There will be a general assembly held at Bluff Springs, Leake Co., Miss., beginning Friday night before the first Sunday in November. Bro. A. J. Kilpatrick is desired if the Lord wills, or any one whom He may send. We want all Father’s children to come that can. If those brethren from Michigan can come, please let us know at Freeny, Miss.

Your unworthy servant,

R. H. Owens.




Wichita, Kan., Sept. 26.

Glory to God in the highest! Our soul is filled with praises to his excellent name for the wonderful sweeping victory in the camp meeting here. Surely this meeting was from heaven, and of God’s appointing. It is marvelous in our eyes. A strong and blessed host of saints assembled in the almighty name of Jesus, and great was the holy one of Israel in the midst.

The Spirit of God most wonderfully anointed his instruments to preach his word, and earnestly contend for the faith once delivered to the saints, and perhaps not far from a hundred souls were saved by the grace of God. Penitent and hungry souls bowed down before God and sought his favor in nearly every meeting, and frequently the long altar scat was crowded from end to end, and seldom did a soul rise up from thence without the grace he or she came to seek. The work was clear and powerful and witnessed by the Spirit of the living God. Many children and neighbors of the saints from abroad were saved, but thank God! there were also a goodly number saved in the place, some nearly whole families. And so the Lord has established his own church in the midst of his “evil neighbors” in Wichita. All glory to his name! The M. E’s came out of their synagogue and set up a large tabernacle in the city, and began meeting a week before the Lord’s meeting began, to hold up their craft. The so-called holiness elements in sectism were warned by their leaders to stay away, and all hell did what they could to obstruct the gospel; but God gave us a sweeping victory all the way through. And the interest increased every day, and conviction is upon many people. And bless God, Bros Stover, Smith, Randolph. Winters and others move the tabernacle up into the city and continue the battle. And we expect many more souls will be brought into the kingdom.

There were present in this holy engagement Bro’s Stover and son, Bros Smith. Randolph and Co., Bro. Geo. and Mary Cole and Co., and Bros Stanberry, Houghton, McDaniels, Bro. and Sister Annis, Bro. Caldwell, and Bro. J. W. Bass from I. T., who was recently with Bro. Byers in Cal. The dear brother was ordained to the sacred ministry of the gospel of God. May the Lord bless him and greatly use him for Christ’s sake. Bro. Siegel Hunter rendered excellent service to the Lord with his team.

There seems to have been a very marked providence in this meeting. God put it upon Brother and Sister Markwell to move out when they had nothing but their trust in the living God to go on, and bless God, all the expenses of the meeting have been wonderfully met. Bless the name of the Lord forever! A Brother Whitfield from North Carolina, an evangelist, and two more dear young brethren by the name of Winters and Wendel, workers for the Lord from Kansas City were all led of the Spirit of God to come to Wichita, none of them knowing anything of the meeting; but, praise God, in his providence they were led to the camp, and received joyfully the truth, and have boldly declared themselves marshalled by the great Commander and Leader into the white horse cavalry. We think they will all three be useful instruments in the hands of God. The latter two brethren are out of all sectism, and vehemently set against her. Bro. Whitfield has been taught of God the true church, and has in past years stood free in Christ, but for some months past he had taken steps to join the holiness sect, and as a result he finds himself badly affected with the wine. He has declared his determination to stand free in God, and we hope he will do so God bless all these dear brethren. We are thankful to have met them. Also dear Brother Manning of this place is a glorious witness for God in the earth, full of faith and the Holy Spirit. May God mightily use him for Jesus’ sake. Quite a number made their escape out of Babylon, twenty- nine souls were buried with Christ in baptism, and arose with the glory of God upon them. On Saturday evening Sept. 24, we had a very sacred and glorious ordinance meeting. About ninety souls were present to take part.


Wichita, Kan., Oct. 1, 1892.

Dear Saints: The camp meeting closed in the park on last Sunday night, and Bro. Randolph and my son,

Page 3

and myself set up the tabernacle, up in the city near Main St., and commenced meeting in the name of the Lord Jesus. And we expect to stay here as long as the Lord wills.

Yours in Jesus,

M. M. Stover.


Henderson, Pa.

To all the Saints: We are glad to report that the Lord is still in us, fulfilling his will and work of faith with power. From Red Lion C. M. we came with Bro. A. J. Kilpatrick to Clintonville grove meeting, which lasted one week. The Lord’s seal was on the meeting, though we did not see much results. Bro. Kilpatrick went home and we went to Mechanicksville where the meeting continued over two Sundays. Several consecrated. We are now at Henderson. If the Lord wills we expect to go from here to Fern City, Pa., and as soon as the Lord is through with us in Pa. we expect to go to the Floating Bethel. We have received $31.10 in the last two weeks.

Yours, very dependant on the Lord,

G. T. Clayton.


Anlo, Ohio.

To all the Brethren Scattered Abroad, Greeting: The West Liberty camp meeeting was the best we ever attended in the state of Ohio. It was largely attended, and the word was honored with orderly conduct upon the grounds. There were from one to fifteen seekers to nearly every altar service. Many were made free from the power and condemnation of sin. A goodly number were also delivered from inbred depravity, that is, sanctified wholly. Some dear souls were delivered out of sectism, among whom was Father Welsh about eighty years of age, he having been connected with Methodism about sixty-two years. He with five other dear saints were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The first day after the close of camp meeting two hungry souls followed us about four miles and a half to the house where we were stopping, especially to give their hearts to God. We had an altar service for their benefit, and they both claimed the pardon of all transgressions through faith in Jesus Christ. Since we have returned home souls have been getting saved in these parts. To God be all the glory.

Your sanctified brother,

Wm. G. Schell.


Girard, Branch Co., Mich., Sept. 28, 1892.

Dear Saints of God: We are glad to report our stay at Cold Water, Mich., was very profitable. The dear Lord wonderfully filled our souls with his mighty power. We visited from house to house, during the daytime; sung and prayed for eternity bound souls, also distributed Trumpets and tracts, and at night preached the gospel to a number of attentive listeners who congregated at the residence of Sister Nina Smith, No. 82 Charles St. After which the Lord called us to hold a series of meetings at North Bethel, a distance of about seven miles from Cold Water. We encountered much darkness, but maintained perfect victory ..n our souls over all Satan’s power, and in preaching the word. The deacon of the Baptist sect received the precious truth. One dear soul was sanctified, while others were under сonviction, but would not yield. We are now at Bro. Eldridge’s home, but will start for Johnston to morrow where a series of meetings will be held, the Lord willing.

Yours in Christ,

Lena L. Shoffner & Birdie E. Fink.


Springfield, Ohio.

To all the Brethren and Readers of the Trumpet, Greeting: The Beech Dale meeting was indeed a glorious success for the Lord. Perfect victory reigned in every meeting. The Lord made almost a clean sweep of soul saving in one dear family, whom we love dearly in Him. Two of this family, Bro. Thomas Mattox and his mother were converted in the New Hampshire meeting. Bro.K. Mattox and his wife  were converted and all of them sanctified in this meeting. One more of the family remains yet to be saved, who loves the truth but doesn’t acknowledge Christ by service. May the Lord save that husband and father is our prayer. About fourteen cut loose from sin and sectism, and consecrated their service unto the Lord; and about the same number were baptized, among whom was a dear young brother, a Quaker (or Friend) preacher and his wife. This whole community was indeed impressed with the awful weight and plain teaching of God’s word. Were permitted to visit Richland, a little town about seven miles from there, and preached one sermon in the Christian meeting house, with good attention and interest. The whole congregation was hungry for the truth; and offered us the use of the meeting house to hold meetings in. Bro’s Tubbs and Carter and others labored wtth us in the meetings.

Your saved brother,

B. E. Warren.


Washington, D. C., Sept. 29, 1892.

Dear Trumpet Readers: We are very glad that we can again report through the TRUMPET of victory in the name of Jesus. While in Canada we had many precious meetings, and soul refreshing seasons with the dear saints there. God bless and keep them all till we meet again. The Lord wonderfully helped us and blessed our soul in handling the word of truth. A few consecrated themselves to God, among whom was dear Brother Birdsall whom the Lord wonderfully saved, and whom we believe will be used much in the future in the work of the Lord. Much good has been done in Canada by dear Bro. Clayton and Co. God bless and ever use them to his glory. Amen. From there we came to Red Lion C. M. stopping and preaching in Buffalo one night. After camp meeting, in company with Bro. and Sister Rupert, Bro. Daugherty and Bro. June, we went to Mariasville, Pa. where we held a grove meeting, and then went to West Monterey, Pa. where we held a meeting for nearly three weeks, during which there were about forty consecrations. Several came out of sectism and several others asked our prayers. Six were buried with Christ in baptism, and others will be in the near future. One lady whom the doctors had sent from the state of Washington to Pa. to be cured of consumption, heard of the meeting, came and at the first opportunity got saved. She went on unto perfection, was baptized, called for the elders to pray for her and was healed by the mighty power of God. God bless the work done there and the kind friends and saints who so freely gave us of their means. We did expect to go direct from the camp meeting to Eastern Pa., but having so many calls we could not go as soon as we expected. We came to Washington in company with Bro. and Sister Rupert, and had a meeting on the street and find many anxious for the truth. Dear brethren, pray for us that much good may be done in this wicked city. As we preach here we preach to men from all countries, and all classes of people stand before us very attentive hearers. Since coming here we have had a call to go to New Jersey and also one to Maryland. There is plenty to do. There is enough work for several companies here in the East. We are praying God to send us an alto singer to help in singing. Any one that feels led of God to come please let us know. The brethren in the East desiring meeting, please address us at 225 F. St., N. W. Washington, D. C.

Yours, in the body of Christ,

W. J. Henry and J. H. & H. A. Rupert.




Mishawaka, Ind.

Dear Saints of God: This morning finds me saved and sanctified wholly, rejoicing in the hope of the glory of God. Praise the dear Lord! O the sweet peace I have in my soul! Words cannot express it, no tongue can tell, yea, my soul gets so full sometimes it cannot contain it. My hope is based upon these words: “If ye ask anything in my name I will do it.” — Jno. 14:14. This is the confidence we have in him, that if we ask anything according to his will he heareth us. — 1 Jno. 5:14. “And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.” — 15. Hallelujah! These are glorious promises, and this we know, that the Lord our Savior cannot lie, because he says, My word is forever settled in heaven. We have tried him at different times and we know it; hallelujah to Jesus! He is my all and in all.

Tuesday, Sept. 6, as I was engaged in my work, accidentally I sprained my left knee, so I could hardly walk. I kept on working until eve at 6 P. M., then I could scarcely walk at all, could hardly get home; but I finally got home and sat down, and began to read my Bible, and the words were whispered to me, “Ask and you shall receive.” So I went to my room and talked with my Lord, and told him just how it was, and these words came to me again: “Ask and ye shall receive.” “If you ask anything in my name I will do it.” Then is when my faith took hold on my Lord and I believed with all my heart without a doubt, and the work was done. Glory be to his holy name! As I got up from prayer my knee felt very weak, but I hung by faith and went to bed as usual, knowing without a doubt my knee would be well in the morning; and glory to the King! I jumped out of bed in the morning, knowing that God according to his word had heard me and answered my prayer, and the work was done. And I have not felt it since and it has been as strong as the other. I do not forget to praise God for what he has done for me.

So it is with every one that hath this hope in him, that purifieth himself even as he (Christ) is pure. — 1 Jno. 3:3. O it is so glorious to walk in all the ways and statutes of the Lord. It is the sweet peace and joy and happiness that passeth all understanding, and knowledge and wisdom which we receive from the Holy Ghost. When the Lord Jesus Christ sanctified my soul, I had then to consecrate what I had not on the altar before, and praise God, I have everything on the altar now that I know and everything I do not know; and everything that is past, and to come; everything on earth, father, mother, brothers, sisters, wife, children household goods, and myself indeed a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is my reasonable service. — Rom. 12:1. But praise God, I am not conformed to this world, but transformed by the renewing of my mind, that I might prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. Rom. 12:2. Praise God, I have that perfect and acceptable will of God, and that will is to live a life free from sin, and holy unto God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, For his word teaches, “Be ye holy, for I am holy.” He that sanctifieth and they who are sanctified are all of one, for which cause he [Christ] in not ashamed to call them brethren. What glorious words from the lips of our Savior. It fills my heart with joy when I read his blessed word. O dear saints, my determination is to go on unto the end, for the word says he that endureth to the end hath a crown of everlasting life. Pray for me that! may be strong, that I may overcome all the unfruitful works of darkness.

From your humble brother, saved and sanctified wholly, ready for the work of the Master,

D. W. Kryder.


Sheridan, Okla., Sept. 30, 1892.

Dear Trumpet Readers: May God’s richest blessings rest upon you. I have a boy that is 15 years old to day. He left home a few days ago with another boy. It is the first time that my boy has been away from home. He has black hair and black eyes; wore a light hat and dark clothes when he left. His name is William S. Rutherford. If any of the readers of this see or hear anything of him, please write to Wm. R. Rutherford, and pray God to show him the great need of salvation. Pray for us. All who have children know a parents’ love for their children. May the Lord hasten the time when I cart hear from my child.

Your saved brother and sister,

Wm. R. & S. A. Rutherford.



Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.
Psa. 119:129.


Granby, Mo.

Dear Saints: I am so glad that I can testify that the all cleansing blood flows over my soul, and keeps me saved and sanctified, and enables me to stand the fiery trials of this world. Glory to God! I believe in all the ordinances because Christ taught them, as our example. God is blessing our labor. God bless the Trumpet and the Trumpet readers.

Your brother in Christ, saved and sanctified,

F. E. P. Britton.


Hartsells, Ala.

Dear Saints: I feel led to write my testimony. I am saved from all sin just now, sanctified through and through as a second work of grace. I do thank God that I ever lived to see this blessed evening light, and that he ever showed me my condition. I belonged to the M. E. sect about two years. I was saved while Bro’s Lundy and Achor were here the last of August. I thank God that he has delivered me from all Babylon confusion. Pray for the work in the South.

Your humble sister, saved and sanctified,

Lizzie Oldacre.

Knox, Ind.

Dear Trumpet Readers: I wish to add my testimony that I am saved, and praising God for his wonderful works toward me. I am living in a place where holiness has never been taught, a land of darkness, but I find God’s grace is sufficient to keep me from all sin. If the Lord will there will be meeting here, commencing the 9th of October. If any of the saints of God feel like coming, we would be glad if they would come and help us. We ask the prayers of God’s little ones, that the word may be spoken in its purity, and souls added to God. Your sister in Christ,

Della Hunter.


Meriden, Kan.

Dear Brethren: I will give in my testimony for the glory of God. I am praising God for a free and a full salvation. My heart is filled with the praises of God. O bless the Lord for victory in my soul over the world, the flesh and the devil! He has translated me from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of his dear Son. I belong to the church of the firstborn whose names are written in heaven. I am all sold out to God to do his blessed will. Although my friends oppose, though all forsake me, I find a friend in Jesus, a satisfying portion. O praise the dear Lord!

Your sister, saved and under the blood,

Nancy Taylor.


St. Petersburg, Pa,

Dear Saints: I feel led of the Lord to write my testimony and tell what he has done for me. He has sweetly saved my soul, and to day I am praising God for salvation that saves and keeps me from all sin. O praise his dear name! The Lord has many times healed my body, for which I give him the glory. I thank God that he is sinking me down deeper in all his sweet will. O how sweet to know that we are ready any time to meet our blessed Savior! I feel this day that I am all on the altar, and am living up to all the blessed word of God. I have consecrated my parents, brothers, friends and home, and myself, and am willing to work for God any where that God should call me to work. I am willing to go and take the scoffs of the people, and I am willing to suffer anything for my blessed Savior who has done so much for me when I was lost in sin. O praise the Lord! I thank God that he has saved my father and mother, and I have brothers that are not saved. But I pray that God may save them. God saves me just now and sanctifies me by a second work of grace.

Your sister under the blood,

Ida Shoup.


Marshall, Mich. Dearly Beloved Saints: I am a stranger in this place and have been unable to learn of any one here that walks in the true light of the gospel. I am glad of the chance of telling through the Trumpet what God has done for me. Praise his name forever! He has forgiven my sins. For fourteen years I have been walking in all the light I had; became convicted four years ago that I could not be a child of God and use tobacco, for I had used it since 1861, and to please my wife had tried to quit, and asked the Lord to help me a good many times, but failed. But finally I asked him to take me, and to take the appetite away from me, and all glory to his name, he took it away. I had been in the M. E. sect at that time about ten years. It would take a good deal of space to tell how I became convicted that I should come out of the sect, but in answer to prayer I finally got 2 Cor. 6:17 as my answer, and followed it, and am still seeking light. I am encouraged by reading the Trumpet. Have been looking to the Lord for healing of hernia for three and a half years, but lave not received it yet, although the blessed Lord has relieved the pain, and I know he is able to heal me. Dear saints, please join me in earnest prayer Oct, 14, at 3 P. M. that if it be God’s will he may heal me, and lead me into the fullness of the light of the truth.

Your brother saved, but not sanctified, but striving for it,

A. W. Hubbard.




Died, in Kalamazoo, Mich., May 17, 1892, of heart failure, Bro. David Chapin; aged 87 yrs., 11 mo. Bro. Chapin was born in Saratoga Co., N. Y. He had been a professor of religion for a number of years, embraced the evening light five or six years ago, was fully saved from all sin and sectism, lived a consistent life and died in the triumphs of faith. The funeral was held at Lindsley’s S. H. in Cheshire township, Allegan Co., Mich., where his daughter, Sister Myers, now resides.

A. B. Palmer.


Died, Sept. 2, at her home in Franklin Co., Tenn., Sister Barbra McConnell; aged twenty-six years, she leaves a husband and two small children. In her death they have lost a kind companion and mother. May the Lord bless the bereaved ones and help them to so live that they will be prepared to meet their loved one on the other shore.


Died, Sept. 23, Oscar Clarence McConnell; aged one month and two days.

Anna E. Fidler.

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The Wet-Sheet Packing.


THIS process is admirably calculated to answer two general indications, which are manifestly leading ones in a long catalogue of maladies, both acute and chronic, viz., to reduce the heat of the body and the force of the circulation, and, as an alterative, to correct morbid and restore healthy secretions. It produces also, incidentally, a powerfully detergent or cleansing effect, and generally exerts a wonderfully sedative or soothing influence on the whole nervous system. The first disagreeable sensation of cold is usually soon followed by a pleasurable warmth over the whole surface.

In nearly the whole range of chronic complaints, there is the prevalent morbid condition, ever varying in intensity, yet consisting essentially in a deficiency of blood in the superficial and capillary vessels, and an accumulation or engorgement in the large internal vessels, with consequent congestion in some one or more of the viscera. To reverse this condition, relieve the unburdened internal organs, and supply the deficient external circulation, the wet-sheet process, aided by the proper auxiliaries, is the best known remedial agent.

The time for remaining “packed” varies greatly in different cases. The average time is from thirty to sixty minutes, though in some few cases fifteen minutes is long enough, while others may remain enveloped two hours to advantage. Persons of highly nervous temperament, and rapid though feeble pulse, and those laboring under great debility with considerable irritability, should remain in the wet sheet only until the body becomes comfortably warm. Those having a more torpid circulation and phlegmatic temperament, unattended with much debility, may remain a much longer time.

Much of the comfort or disagreeableness of the process depends on the skill and dexterity of the attendant. There is at least as much science in applying wet cloths to the naked body as in rubbing in an ointment or patting on a blister. A person may be wrapped up so slowly, loosely, and unevenly by an awkward hand, as to find the whole affair from beginning to end exceedingly uncomfortable; or the clothing may be so rapidly and nicely adjusted, as to give the patient an hour or so of actual enjoyment.

Light cotton, hair, or sea-grass mattresses, or even straw, for those accustomed to very hard beds, may be used for “packing.” On one of these spread from three to five large thick comfortables, then a pair of soft flannel blankets, and, lastly, the wet sheet lightly wrung out, so as not to drip. Two pillows placed on the mattress are necessary for the head. The patient, lying down flat on the back, is quickly enveloped in the sheet, followed by the blankets and comfortables. A light feather bed may be thrown over the top, in which case two comfortables less will be required. If the feet remain cold, bottles of hot water should be placed to them. Headache is prevented or removed by the application of cold wet cloths. In wrapping up the patient, great care should be taken to turn the clothing snugly and smoothly around the feet and neck. For very delicate persons, the sheet should at first be wrung out of tepid, or even warm water. On coming out of the “pack,” the plunge, douche, rubbing wet-sheet, or towel washing may be employed, as either is speedily indicated.

Some hydropathists recommend the sheet to be wrung as dry as possible, and others advise it to be used quite wet. I prefer a very wet sheet in all cases wherein the patient is not deficient in external heat. When the skin is very cold and torpid I would advise it to be as dry as the attendant can conveniently wring it.

Some persons, whose pores are pretty effectually closed up with bilious accumulation, find it rather difficult to get entirely warm at first. In a few days, however, the glow comes up readily, and it ceases to be dreaded. Such cases are benefited by a good deal of friction to the skin over the wet, and then the dry sheet.

There are some few patients, of weak vital energies and extreme susceptibility, who very soon get warm in the wet sheet, and immediately after grow chilly again; and in some cases, if they remain yet half an hour longer, a comfortable reaction will come on again. Such persons should be taken out, if possible, during the glow upon the surface. If it so happens that they get an unpleasant chill after coming out, a thorough rubbing, followed by fifteen or twenty minutes dry packing, will usually obviate all injurious consequences.

Headache, languor, muscular debility, and giddiness, if serious and long continued, generally indicate that the envelop has been continued too long. When they occur repeatedly the time should be shortened. A linen is alway to be preferred for “packing,” more especially in warm weather.

The wet sheet is not a sweating process, as generally supposed, although frequently a moderate, and occasionally a copious perspiration takes place. It is permanently either a cooling or a heating process, according to the degree of envelopment. When the object is to reduce fever or inflammation, the patient should be lightly covered, and the wet sheet frequently renewed. In chronic diseases, when the intention is to produce reaction and develop the external circulation, an additional quantity of bedding secures this object. As a cooling process, it may always with safety be frequently repeated, until the force of the pulse and the preternatural heat are reduced to the normal standard. Under its judicious employment in chronic diseases, the skin gradually becomes softer, velvety, and more pofous and delicate; its structure more firm, and its functions more vigorous.

Dr. Trall, in Hydropathic Encyclopedia.




Peru, Ind., Sept. 12, 1892.

Dear Trumpet: I have been reading the Trumpet for a few months, have also attended the camp meeting at Beaver Dam in 1890, and am glad to know that there is still a remnant left of God’s children who delight to know the truth and walk in it as far as revealed to them. To such as these who hunger and thirst after the straight word will greater truths be revealed from time to time as they are able to hear them and as the time for such revelation fulfills. For we know that in the church of God the members thereof have divers gifts. We know that whoever has the gift of prophecy will prophesy nothing but what shall come to pass. We know that whoever shall preach will preach nothing but the straight word of God. That whoever shall teach and explain the scriptures shall be made fully able to do so without hesitation or trying to explain, or without guessing at the truth. We know that all things that God is ready for his children to know he will set teachers in his church who when they do open their mouths to teach shall proclaim the everlasting truth, unadulterated by man’s opinions or guess-work. We know that if any brother or sister shall ask to know the truth as regards any passage of of scripture which God is ready and willing that they should understand, that he will always enable those who are gifted to explain and teach to give such answers as are true, [if they give any answer at all] or else state that they cannot explain because it has not been revealed them, or because those who asked the information asked amiss. There cannot, there must not be any guess work given for answers. Better that the tongue cleave to the roof of the mouth than venture an answer at random. We know that if there are not among us any who can so expound the scriptures, that we are not standing just where God can most use us to his honor and glory. Oh the abomination of desolation as seen in sectarian pulpits to day guessing at the truth with great swelling words of seeming wisdom. I can better understand how it would be possible for harlots, drunkards and highway robbers, aye, even murderers (who only kill the body) to repent at the eleventh hour on the gallows and go to heaven than for many of them. There have been dark and cloudy days in which the people loved darkness better than light, and were not able to discern the things of the Spirit, the body of Christ. We know that even now in these last days when it is becoming a popular thing to belong to the so called church that the zeal of the ministers, the church officials, the Epworth league, the Junior league, Christian Endeavor, and even the Sunday schools “are eating up the Lord God,” or rather God’s children which may be found among them, which signifies the same thing. Truly the devil must be delighted with the present progress (so called) of the different sects. How long will it yet be until the Catholics and their prodigal children shall close up the chasm between them and shall kill the fatted calf? How long shall it yet be until the pope shall rise as a lion from his den, and placing himself at the head of Protestants and Catholics, forbid the children to buy or sell? These things are rapidly drawing nigh when the line between the camp of the Lord and that of Satan shall be more discernable than now. Then shall be troublous times. The 5th inst. was labor day here, and the city was thronged with people. As I passed by the Presbyterian and M. E. churches, I heard and saw a man standing near the entrance ringing a bell and shouting at the top of his voice, Hot dinner, good square mea for 25 cts., and at evening, Warm supper 20 cts., and many other abominable things do they. In fact there is some great commotion going on almost nightly, especially through the winter. Last winter the M. E. sect here kept up through one entire week what they called a market social, selling chickens, eggs, sausage, in fact many such things besides. Claiming to be followers of Christ they altogether ignore what he said and did when he drove all out who did the same things in the temple at Jerusalem. Not altogether the same things however, for the buyers and sellers in the temple at Jerusalem bought and sold chiefly, if not altogether the things used as offerings on the altar. What will be the condition of the sectarian churches at the end of twenty-five years if they progress in the same direction with the same speed they have in the twenty-five years just past? Those who are able to discern the true church only can know. We know also that the time is not far distant when God’s children will not be found scattered among these sects, but will all either have died or come out. Then these sect churches will soon become a popular resort for the world. The opera and theater, and like places will then begin to decline rapidly while these sects shall become rich in material things, and swallow up all competitors of amusements, at least to a great extent. Who shall say that the time has not come or near at land spoken of by Paul: 2 Thess. 2d chapter?

Thos. B. Deniston.




There are many ways in which persons can help to make drunkards. Boys begin sometimes when very young to run in bad company, and are led on and on until they become wicked themselves, and begin playing cards and gambling, drinking, etc., until they are not only drunkards, but are the means of making other boys the same.

Parents too often make a sad mistake by storing away barrels of cider in the cellar for winter use. It may taste good, but it begets a craving appetite for drink, anti when the cider is gone the craving is still there and a tendency to drink something stronger. Beware of making your cellars a saloon!

There are two classes of saloons. One has pop, ginger ale and what is called “soft drinks.” This class of saloons is where the foundation is laid for drunkards. It is where boys and young men are often found, beginning their downward career, when they would not be caught going into what they call a regular saloon. God pity the keepers of such places!

The other class of saloons is where the poisonous rum and liquors are dealt out in abundance, with death and destruction poured out in every cup.” It is where souls are set on fire of hell; where demons are made, of men, and virtue gives way to shame. It is where homes are made desolate, where misery is bred, and the woes of the pit are on every hand. It is where murder and infamy reign, and the dark deeds of Satan are plotted. It is a curse to every home, a curse to the nation.

“O Lord, how long, how long?” Such a cry comes from blighted homes! all over the land, where wife and mother, sons and daughters give vent to the deep anguish because of the awful curse of rum. True Christian hearts are weighed down with the burden of their fellow men. But where is the remedy? “Is there no balm in Gilead?”

People talk of voting it down. If this is the way it is to be done it will not be done until Christian people vote as they pray. It is evidently not saying too much when we say that nine-tenths of the professing Christians when they vote are guilty in the sight of God as being persons who help to make drunkards. To vote for whiskey license, whether high or low, is voting to send souls to a drunkard’s hell; and such will be remembered in the day of judgment unless swept away beforehand by repentance and through the mercies of God.

To vote for men who make the laws that will permit a man to make, or sell the vile stuff to his neighbor, will bring the same guilt upon one who does such a thing. It is just such voting and such work among professing Christians that keeps the liquor traffic going. This may seem like strong language, but, nevertheless it is true.

What! Is not our nation called a Christian nation, a Christian government? And yet it makes laws which uphold and protect this soul-destroying, fiendish rum traffic. Does any heathen government do more than this? You Christian professor, does God brand you a drunkard-maker by the way you vote? You may not have looked at it in this light, but God does. Pray right, and then vote as you pray if you vote at all; or if you cannot vote right, do not vote your own soul and that of others to destruction. It were better that you never cast a vote in your life than to be thus guilty before God. No wonder your prayers have never been answered while you are continually partakers of other men’s sins. Does not your political party uphold and protect these vices? Is it not “rotten the core?” Although there may be many good and noble principles in it, yet if God does not justify the evils carried on in it, — and he truly does not — then beware you do not sell your soul for a morsel of sin.

E. E. Byrum.



Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.
Psa. 119:129.


Nishnabotna, Mo.

Dear Saints: May the Lord bless you. I feel like writing my testimony to the glory of God. I rejoice in God the rock of my salvation. Glory be to our King! I am glad too, that has has told me to go forth in his name. He says he will never leave nor forsake us. He has picked my feet out of the mire of sin and placed them on the solid rock Christ Jesus. Glory be to God!

Your brother under the blood,

John M. Harrington.


Windfall, Ind.

Dear Brethren: I want to testily through the Trumpet that we are still saved and sanctified, and kept by the power of God through the Holy Ghost. Praise his dear name! Your brother in Christ,

A. W. Whisman.


Otego, Kan.

Dear Saints: I wish to write my testimony. I am over fifty years old, and never was so happy in all my life. I am so glad that Jesus saves even me. Praise his name! I am determined by the help of God to do all the good I can. Pray for me that I may be useful in his hands.

Susanah Stroud.


Dahlgren, Ill.

Dear Saints Of God: I feel led by the Spirit of God to write my testimony. I do praise the Lord for his perfect love that fills my soul all the time. I am saved and sanctified and led by the power of God. I praise the Lord for the Trumpet to read; it does me so much good to read the blessed testimonies of the dear saints. It tills my soul with joy. Pray forme. Your brother saved and sanctified,

Jasper E. Jines.


Freeny, Miss.

Beloved of the Lord: Grace, mercy and peace be multiplied. The dear Lord still saves me from all sin. I am out to do the whole will of the Lord: his praise shall continually be in my mouth. The dear Lord heals both my soul and body. I have learned to trust the Lord for all things. Praise his dear name! Dear ones, pray for me and wife; she is unsaved.

Your unworthy servant,

R. H. Owens.


Briceton, O.

Dear Saints: This morning finds me still saved from all sin, free in my soul; glory to God forever! I want to give God the glory for what he has done. Last Feb. I had the La Grippe, and it went to my lungs. O how I did suffer! it seemed almost impossible for me to live. The saints came flocking in, and they went to God in prayer, and laid on hands, and glory to God. he heard and answered. I was willing to leave this and be with Jesus. And about all I could say to the dear Lord was, “Thy will be done, not mine.” O how blessed it is to live free from all sin, sanctified wholly to God!

From your saved and sanctified sister,

A. C. Sprague.


Union, Miss.

Dear Saints: God bless you all in Jesus. I feel it would be to the glory of God for me to write my testimony to the Trumpet and all the dear saints of the Most High God. I know the Lord saves me just now from sin and the evil of this world. He first justified me, and I then obeyed the command of Rom. 12:1, and the Lord sanctified me wholly. Every band of Satan is loosed from me, such as tobacco, snuff and coffee. I am free from all sects. I am praising God for a complete salvation in Christ that keeps me from all sin and evil. I have just closed a glorious meeting at Shobuta, Miss. Two were buried with Christ in baptism. The dear Lord blessed in this ordinance. We were led to read the 6th chapter of Romans. Some confessed that this was the true gospel. Others we hope will be ready to follow the Lord in all his ordinances when we go again. God bless all the dear saints at Shubuta and everywhere and keep them in the ways of the Lord.

Your saved brother in Christ, on the Bible line,

F. M. Williamson.

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