1 March 1885, Volume 6, Number 24.

The Love of God.


I’m delighted to know, of His wonderfull love
That my Jesus hath given to me.
My heart as now full, at the thought of His will
And His love, Oh His love makes, me free.

Cho. — Oh the freedom so sweet and, the glory so bright,
The night has all past from my soul
And my heart is s-glow, for I’m whiter than snow
And I’m saved by the blood and made whole.

Yes, the victory’s complete through our
Lord Jesus Christ,
Who hath sufferd and died for our sins,
And in Him we have rest, who hath loved us the best; And His life is now felt in our veins.

Oh! how sweet is the rest, that the Savior doth give
To those that will come unto Him
Yes my joy is complete, for I’m now at His feet
And His blood, cleanseth me from all sin.

Oh! how dear to my soul, is my dear blessed Lord,
There is nothing so dear or so sweet,
For the life giving; stream through my soul it doth gleam,
And it makes all within me compete.

Oh the peace how it flows, through a soul that is ..aved.
Tongue can not express, nor can tell
But the joy ..tas felt, in a heart that doth melt
And in holiness, now I do dwell.




In TRUMPET of feb.,1st; we make Sister Carrie June, cay that there were 28, of the little ones, from Covert, to her house to meeting last night, should read, 11, from Covert, 28 in all.


Our Tour South West


IN the kind providence of God, we were permitted to start forth on this long expected, tour, Jan. 38. God bless the beloved ones we left behind in the Trumpet Office. O how our hearts are knit together in the pure love of Jesus. Bless God for those He has given to be with us in the glorious work of the Lord. But the hardest of all was to leave my precious little Sidney not expecting to see the dear child again for some three months. But praise God for the very kind provision He has made for the poor boy, in the devout family of Bro. and Sister Wm. Grandell, residing at the edge of our town, Here he is taught to pray daily, and his little heart is only developed in the pure Spirit of love and obedience. He is my only living child, three years old the 24 of last June. Though he has a happy home and two loving little playmates, still as may be imagined, under the circumstances, his dear little heart clings to his father with the most fervant love that a child is capable of possessing, as ours also does to him. But since God so lovingly cares for him we must leave the blessed little angel in His charge, and go forth to win souls to Christ, that are lost in sin.

As the train was much behind at our place, we were too late to make connections at Lansing. Bro. Guy Foote from our place, filled with the Holy fire came with me on his way to reinforce Bros. J. Cole, and F. Jacobson at Dimondale, some six miles from Lansing. So looking to the Lord the Spirit bade me go there also. But having a few hours in Lansing the Spirit of God gave us something to do there. We found a couple of families in whom God is working. Some possess a good degree of the Spirit, others were seeking the adoption of Sons, all were out side of sect enclosures. We were blessed in calling upon God with them. We also heard of others there who are wanting the pure Gospel. They talked of getting a hall, as soon as any of the saints can come there to labor. We trust that God will raise up a people in that place that will worship Him in Spirit and truth.

Reaching Dimondale, and making some inquiries to find the place of meeting, we soon found that satan was stirred in that place. These words will, serve to show the spirits of devils, of which babylon is a habitation, “I havent been to meetings, don’t intend to go, don’t believe in it, and shan’t have any thing to do with it.” Yet these, were professers of Christ, and sect worshipers. Any sinner could see that their spirit was of the devil. John says, ”He that is of God, heareth us, hereby know we the Spirit of truth and the spirit of error.” Babylon trembles for fear of her loss; they know in their hearts that the time of her visitation has come. So when any come preaching a Gospel that is in power they are disturbed.

We entered the house of Bro. Morrison and found the Son of peace there. The Bro. had been, much advanced in the grace of God, and wife and two sons converted. Though the weather was very cold, Bro. M’s. house was well filled that night. The power of the Lord was there. After the reading of some scriptures, and some talk on the same in the Spirit, several presented themselves a living sacrifice to God, and were sanctified. Praise the Lord! Quite a good work had already been done, a number converted and sanctified. One young Bro. David Howard, a son of a Weslayan preacher, came to that community this winter. Being at Bro. Morrison’s one day he inquiried concerning his soul. The young man boldly asserted his infidelity. He said that the New Testament says “These signs should follow them that believe,” they should lay hands on the sick, and they should recover, and they should cast out devils etc. Now says he, I find believers everywhere, but do not see hese signs, Bro. M. told him that these signs do follow the true believers, and are done right among us now. He was astohisned to hear of it, but reading testimonies of the wonderful works of God in the GOSPEL TRUMPET he was compelled to believe that the God of the Bible still lived, though he had looked in vain for His manifestations in babylon sects. But, says Bro. Howard, Christ said, “Ye ought to wash one anothers feet.” Where are any that are willing to do that. Why the true children of God everywhere that have come out of sectism do this. Do they also greet one another with the Holy kiss? Yes the saints of God do the will Christ, in all things. The cause of the young mans infidelity was cut off, and soon after hearing the pure Gospel preached and witnessed to by Bros. Cole and Jacobson, he gave his heart to Jesus, and we found him praising God in the Spirit, for deliverence, and glorying in the faith once delivered to the saints. We magnify God for the salvation of this soul, whom the ungodly influence of sectism was leading to hell. We trust that God will make him a “flame of fire,” and a thunderbolt of God’s wrath against the cages of deception. The work here is thorough, a few are very clear, and strong in the Lord, and they are not very tame in praising God for His wonderful works in their hearts.

A number about here have been tainted, and filled with the Stumbling Stone doctrines and spirits of devils, in opposing the ordinances of Christ. We have seen it as a general fact that when men imbibe and advocate this anti—christ herisy, satan enters them. One poor victim of that kind being in much mental unrest was constrained to come to the alter the first night. We hope and pray God that in His mercy He will deliver him. The next night this man’s wife, with several others came to God and the power of Christ was there to save them. Some were sanctified and others pardoned. Among the latter was an old Brother who had taken in the Quaker heresy last fall. Some time later, Brother Morrison undertook to reason with him out of the scriptures, when he became carnally stirred up, and called Bro. M. many hard things. From that day he took sick, and has not been able to do any work. After being able again to walk, he was bent over in his body, and unable to straighten up. He came a poor backslider to the alter, confessed his sins, found mercy, put his arms about Bro. M. and asked his pardon, and in his testimony confessed that he had been against certain things that we taught, but that he saw he was in error. He testified that God had forgiven all his sins, and that he was now ready to seek entire sanctification. Praise God for His goodness and mercy, and wonderful works to the children of men! We expect to hear of many yet coming to Christ at Dimondale.

The next day we came on our journey. The Lord protected us from all harm and danger. Reaching Beaver Dam Kosciusko Co. Ind. Saturday evening Jan. 31st, we found that Bro. and Sister Fisher had arrived before us. That night the battle was set in order. A large congregation being present, in the Beaver Dam free house of worship. Praise God for the privilege of meeting some of the dear saints of God, from whom we have been absent in body for over three years. We should like very much to have visited a few places between here and Mich. and had expected to do so. But the winter being far spent, we had to press forward upon our tour. We hope to call and see other saints on our return, if the Lord will.

The weather seems to have been fully as cold here, if not colder than in southern Mich.. We also found more snow here than there.



Delivered from Adventism Bondage.


Grand Junction Mich., Dec 24, 1885

DEAR BRETHREN IN CHRIST: – I am still saved, and praising God for what He has done for us, since last June. O I do praise God for sending me to that Camp Meeting. I want to glorify God by telling what He has done for us since then. More than all the rest, I do praise God that He has delivered me from the legal bondage, of Adventism. It seems to me that satan had me bound with chains. I was a long time geting entirely loose, but praise God, I am free, I am free! Glory! Glory!! be to God for salvation that makes us free indeed, in Christ Jesus.

“On Christ the solid Rock I stand,
All other ground is sinking sand.”

Bless God I have victory over all sin, the world, the flesh, the devil, and Adventism.

How wonderful God has blessed and prospered us since we have escaped from all snares of the enemy and have given ourselves fully to God. We were greatly in debt. But since last July our kind Heavenly Father has provided the means to meet every debt that has come due. His kind providence provides work for our four boys and our teams. O that men would praise the Lord for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men. Glory! Glory!! to His Holy name forever. O I feel so happy in the Lord to-night. There have none of God’s servants been here to feed us the strong meat of the Gospel for some time. There are only a few saints in this community, but they are on the solid Rock of salvation. My testimony is, I am saved and wholly sanctified just now. I ask the prayers of all the dear saints that I may be humble, faithful, and holy before God all the rest of my days.

Dear Brethren, blow the Trumpet with a loud blast that all the ends of the earth may hear and be free, for

“In the cages of deception,
Souls are pining to be free,
Quickly sound the proclamation
O for the glorious jubilee.”

Your Sister saved and kept by the power of God.

M. Griffin.


The Law of Christ Concerning Marriage.


THE law of Christ concerning marriage both literal, and spiritual, is a subject of vital importance to the Church. And also to the cause of christianity, as there are many unruly and vain talkers, who brand the true saints of God, with the infamous title of FREE LOVERS. Meaning of course in the sense of unrestrained sexual lust, and as ignoring all the marriage relation. The enemies of the cross of Christ; every where persist in spreading these falsehoods, to hinder the work of God. The enemy always choses the keenest instruments to accomplish his purpose, Therefore he takes this extreme opposite doctrine of his own to counteract, and destroy the force of Christ’s doctrine; which is purity of heart and life, which we preach. How extremely wicked then that person, who allow themselves to become the instruments of satan to perform his evil work. If they were ignorant, we might pray “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” But the doctrines are so negative to each other, “though fools they need not err therein.” So they are without excuse, and the ways of their sin is death. We might justly say as did the Saviour, “which of you convinceth (OR CONVICTS) us of sin; let such “cast the first stone at us,” or remain silent. We sincerely hope, and desire all men, especially those who are so anxious to condemn, and misrepresent us; should themselves, obey the Word and law of God, as we believe, practice, and teach. But these modern pharisees, like their ancient brethren, clamour for a writing of divorcement and a law to legalize, and license them to practice the lust of free-loverism in their own hearts. Thus they seek to hide themselves behind the refuge of their own lies. Marriage is a law instituted of God, which man cannot abbrogate, or modify. ”God made them male and female, and said for this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife; and they twain shall be one flesh, what therefore God hath joined together let no man put assunder.” “They say unto Him, why did Moses then command to give a writing of divorcement, and to put her away?” “He saith unto them Moses because of the hardness of your hearts, suffered you to put away your wives;” “but from the beginning it was not so. And I say unto you whosoever shall put away his wife, EXCEPT FOR FORNICATION, and shall marry another, committeth adultery; and who so marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery.” Matt. 10:4-9. Thus we see God makes them husband and wife, by His law, so they are no more two but one, a unit, the same as one fleshly body. ”What therefore God hath joined together let no man put assunder.” What does this mean? It means man must not, enact laws to separate them; nor can he really do so as God still holds them by His law, as long as they live, with but one acception and that for the cause of FORNICATION or ADULTERY. Matt. 5:32, and 19:9. Let us notice the language of the 9th verse, which is the only instance in the whole scriptures where the words’ “AND SHALL MARRY ANOTHER,” occur. These words must not be understood to mean, a man may marry again, but on the contrary, if he marries again he committeth adultery. Again whoever marries a person who hath been put away for any reason, commits adultery. Because they are some other person’s, husband, or wife. His disciples said unto Him, in the 19th verse, “if the case of the man be so with the wife, it is not good to marry.

Hence we see the word EXCEPT, applies only to separation in a literal sense, or dwelling apart, and not a disolution of the marriage bond. And the words MARRY ANOTHER, does not give the man, any more freedom in the case, than the woman, but they refer to the common, practice under the law of Moses. It is still far more evident’ from the Saviour’s language in verses 11 and 12. As He uses the figure of the eunuch which represents the amputation of the desire; that He meant to put all who were living apart, on the eunuch plain.

This is evident from the two species of eunuchism mentioned, so says Justin Martyr, Chrysostom and Tertullian. The early Church Fathers, thus we see all men or persons, cannot receive it, only those to whom it applies, who are able to receive the word. Refer Matt. 5:32. Mark, 10:11. Luke 16:18. 1st Cor. 7:10, 11. The scriptures are in complete harmony on this line.

Let us appeal to other scriptures. The Apostle Paul in his first epistle to the Corinthians. 7:10, 11. Says; “And unto the married I command, yet not I, but the Lord let not the wife depart from the husband.

But, and if she depart, let her REMAIN UNMARRIED, or be reconciled to her husband; and let not the husband put her away.”

Thus we see in case of separation we are to remain unmarried, and in case she, or he, repents, and wishes to be reconciled, and return, they must receive each other. This admits of no bills of divorcement. Hence we may obtain a thousand divorces, from civil courts, and the law of God hold’s, and binds us still. So says the Apostle Paul in his first epistle to the Corinthians. 7:39.

“The wife is ROUND by the law as long as her husband liveth; but if her husband be dead, she is at liberty to be married to whom she will, only in the Lord.” Again Rom. 7:2, 3. For the woman which hath a husband, is BOUND by the law to her husband so long as he liveth; but if the husband be dead, she is loosed from the law of her husband. So then if while her husband liveth, she be married to another man, she shall be called, an adulteress: but if her husband be dead, she is free from that law; so that she is no adulteress, though she be married to another man.” These scriptures are too plain to be missunderstood, hence need no interpretation. The Pastor of Hermas, one of the Apostolic Fathers, tells us in his revelation; that it was revealed to him by the angel, that in case the husband and wife were separated, they should remain single, and if he or she having sined, repented, they should receive each other again. This also accords with the Scriptures. But some may plead, that many are joined together, but not by the Lord. There may be such cases, but the Bible make’s no exemption. If man and woman givers into a covenant to cleave to each other, and are joined by the civil law by thereby place themselves under the law of God respecting marriage; and are bound by that law till death, separates them according to God’s law. It might be asked, what shall the thousands do who have been separated from their wives, and husbands, and married others; and there is no possibility of a recconciliation, or restoration of their former husbands and wives? If indeed they have been truly converted, and sanctified to God, and accepted of Him, He having blotted out all their past; I do not think it expedient, providing they were sinners and ignorant of the teaching of God’s word and law; for such to separate, especially where children must be thrown out upon the world, and regarded as illegimate, or unholy, as the apostle says. Those who are in such a case can abide together in the abstinence, or celibicy plan, an yet abide in the favor of God. This is my judgement, yet if any are conscientious and feel led of the Spirit of God, that they cannot so live, let him obey God and the Word. And all others who are followers of Christ, let them remember, that what God hath joined together, no man can put assunder, and they are one flesh, even as Christ and the Church are one.



Free From Babylon.


Fulton Ont. Feb. 5th, 1885.

Dear Brethren, and Sisters: — We are glad to tell you, that God’s people in Canada, are coming to the light of God’s truth; and are being separated from the world, worldly conformity, babylon and all babylonish rabi’s; to serve Christ, the head of His Church. Praise be to God; “the sheep hear the Shepherds voice, and a stranger will they not follow”. more and more from time to time, can we behold the spirit of the Mother, in her Daughter’s. That narrow souled, biggoted romish spirit is practiced in every sect, of today. No denominations is free from it; yet some in the midst of the sects are free from its spirit, and if true to the word will e’re long “come out of her. In one place forty are standing free for God, in another twenty, and among the people with whom we meet for worship are twelve. We are looking for more, and firmly believe that our prayers are being answered. Souls are coming in; every meeting, sinners, backsliders, and lukewerm professors are now realizing the power of the blood that saves from all sin, and the baptism of the Holy Ghost; that quickens to duty and action. All glory be to God! it need not be asked whether we receive persecution, that is understood by all of God’s chosen ones. We glory in tribulation; thanking God that we are accounted worthy to suffer persecution for His name sake. After praying earnestly that God might let the true light shine in to the sect Preacher’s heart’s that they night take the lead in this great work for God. Next morning awaking from sleep I heard a voice saying; to dig I cannot and to beg I am ashamed. I asked God what it meant; when this was revealed to me; they have educated themselves for the ministry, (not called) hence ”how can they preach except they are called” of God. The light reveals to them that they must dig, but are ashamed; “therefore are resolved what they will do.” “make friends with the unrighteous mamon;” preach smosh things, and tickle the ears of the hearers, and raise their salery. So we must go on or loose our souls; I prefer to go forward. Your Sister

E. J. White.

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The Meeting at Beaver Dam.


WE found this one of the hardest communities to move men and women to seek God, that we ever labored in. The reason is obvious. Three years ago last fall Bro. Fisher and our self met with a goodly number of saints here, in what was called an anual Eldership meeting. We had received clear light, by the Word and Spirit of God, that the Eldership organization was of babylon origin and uncriptural. We held up the light of the pure Church, with none of these sectish entanglements. About all were convicted of the truth, but some who prefered to trust a sect system rather than the God of the harvest, for their living, ralleyed to the support of the craft; and we, with a few more shook off the dust and fled out of the rotten boat. Glory be to Jesus! we have found a glorious clear sea to sail in, and the pure white Ship of Zion all sufficient without any human rigging.

When those persons refused the light of truth, the Spirit of God was grieved away. They met a year later and tried to keep the little ship above water. They sent us the Journal of proceedings, to publish, which we did, and then showed that it was babylon confusion, and could not stand the storm of God’s “hail, and fire mingled with, blood.” “Their tacklings were loosed; they could not well strengthen their mast, they could not spread the sail.” — Isa. 33:23. So the elder canoe had to sink, and, all have backsliden that clung to it. Since they refused to leave the thing, and take their stand for the truth before the craft went under; they are ashamed to do so now since it has sunk.

The time was from three to five years ago that in this place and the viscinity of Yellow Lake bethel, there was a large membership of well saved souls, and the work should have kept right on; but leading ones refused light; the good work was killed, and satan has taken general possession of the people. We found scarcely any in the clear experience of sanctification and many had backsliden. And as a result, the Spirit of God was driven away and the hearts of sinners became as hard as adamant. O what spiritual darkness and utter desolation. The cursed unbelief was so thick that we could feel it all over the country. It were enough to turn the Son of God Himself away, with the sad report, that “He, could do no mighty works there.”

The few that fully received the truth, were crippled by holding on to a subverted preacher. The contrast between this place and others where they have walked in the light of present truth, shows the importance of keeping pace with the onward march of God.

In the name of the Lord we lifted up a standard for the people. We applied the straight edge, and holy reed of God’s eternal truth, to the temple, its altar, and all that worship there, and the court we left out. Notwithstanding the mighty power of satan over the people, the almighty power of God came down; especialy, upon the day meetings. Hearts were melted, some professing sanctification were searched out by the Word of God, came to the altar, received the witness of adoption and subsequently, entire sanctification. A part of the time the weather was so severe, and the snow so deep, and drifted, that the work was about suspended. But when ever we met in the private houses, God was present in power and “the Lord added to the Church daily such as were being saved.” Quite a number of backsliders were restored, about 18 souls were sanctified and we left the Church of the Livin God there with about 23 members.

The last night we had a communion meeting, observed the ordinances of feet washing and the Lord’s supper. It was a precious season. O how we felt the holy bands of love and fellowship that joined our hearts to Christ, and to each other. The longer we walk on this high and holy way the nearer and dearer are the beloved saints, who stand together in this great conflict for Christ; and His sacred truth, and whose hearts are one with us in the earnest struggle to pull souls out of the fire, who are near to perish. O how we hung upon each others necks and mingled together our tears of love, when about one o-clock at night, we gave the parting holy kiss.

Heaven bless this precious band of soldiers of the Cross of Christ.

Some of them are, gloriously annointed with the Holy Spirit, and power; others are looking for a greater induement, and tongues of fire. They are all in good courage and intend to press the battle right on for the rescue of lost souls, in Jesus name. Praise God! we expect to receive good reports from there in the future.

Bro. David Leininger having been chosen, and ordained of God as Elder of the Church there, and Bro. Fredrick Crause Deacon, the Holy Spirit said, “separate them unto the work whereunto I have called them.” So they were set apart, and ordained to this work by the laying on of hands. May the dear Lord bless and use them to His glory.

Dear brother J. L. Kiplinger, and his companion S. A. Kiplinger from Silver Lake Ind. returned from a tour in Mich. in time to attend the close of the meeting. These having been chosen of the Lord to preach and testify the Gospel of Christ, and having been faithfully devoted to the work of the Lord for some years, with good evidence of their ordination of God, were also ordained by the laying on of hands, according to the apostolic practice. The Lord bless the dearly beloved Bro. and sister in Christ Jesus. How graciously the dear Lord has kept them hid away in the cleft of the Rock. When we first became acquainted with them, there was a large force of witnesses to sanctification associated with them, mostly U. B. members. But they, remaining in sectism have about all vanished away, while this brother and sister, having come out of her, and taken their stand on the Word of God, “remain untill this day witnessing both to small and great,” of the mighty power of Christ to save to the uttermost. May the Lord put His Spirit upon them more powerfully, and use them more than ever. They are self sacrificing, maintaining themselves with their own labors, and often traveling at their own expense, though the brother is not able to do hard physical labor. We trust that God will put it in the hearts of the saints to keep them in the field and supply their temporal needs. Surely the harvest is great and the Lord hath need of them. Thou shalt not mussel the ox that treadeth the corn.

Dear Bro. H. R. Jeffrey from Wabash, also attended the meeting a few days. God is calling him to the field. O may the Lord pour His Spirit upon him and send him forth “a flame of fire.”


Baptised for the Dead.


ON the evening of Feb 12th ’85. at Beaver Dam Ind. After we returned from the meeting, to the house of dear Bro and sister Krause, where we where stopping. I felt a strange death like sensation taking possesion of me, which grew stronger each moment, and in a few minuts, I was prostrated, upon the floor. There was an awful solemnity fell upon all in the house, because of the presence of God. All fell upon their knees in prayers to learn what the will of the Lord was concerning us, or any others present, in the house. The Spirit of the Lord soon made it known to us, that the awful power of God, upon me, which seemed would break this earthen vessel to shivers; and the travail and burthen of soul which pierced me through, like the arrows of death: was the baptism of suffering for those present who were dead in trespasses and sins. Which were the children of Bro. and sister Krause. 2 sons and a daughter. The daughter and one son, having once given their hearts to God, but fallen away, the Lord desired to restore them. But O their hearts were like a flinty rock. The daughter knelt down with tears streaming from her eyes: she tried to repent, but satan kept her bound with his fetters. No mortal tongue can tell what I suffered for about 24 hours only those who have passed through a similar experience. At times it seemed as though I should faint from the deathlike tremor, unless her soul should be delivered, and saved, as I felt she would be forever lost. Myself and companion labored nearly all the next day with her, but she repeatedly said, “I cannot feel! I cannot feel!” We also tried to rescue the sons from the grasp of satan, but without avail. All their hearts were hard as steel. We have traveled from one state to another, and preached the Gospel and never before have we met such hardness of heart. And all this is due to the unfaithfulness of those who witnessed a good profession even of holiness, which afterward fell there from, because they refused to walk in the light which God gave them. And God will hold them accountable for those poor crushed, bleeding souls. Not one of them who refused to walk in the light that God gave them three and a half years ago, has been able to stand, but have fallen. O what an awful wreck! May God deliver those poor victims. Take away the stony heart O God! and give a heart of flesh, that they may feel the gentle knocking of the Spirit, should it ever knock again.

After all our suffering and tears, yea even “bearing in our own body, the dying of the Lord Jesus,” for them, we were forced to leave them to the fate that awaits them. The “Lake of fire, the second death.” We thank God, that He hath even counted us worthy to bear, or feel the same afflictions that Jesus bore for the transgressor, even for me. Praise His holy name! O how glorious to bear the cross for others; to weep with those that weep, and rejoice with those that rejoice. Yea my heart throbs when I behold the tears course down the penitent cheek, and each chord doth leap at the sound of their fervent prayer. Yes for we know there is joy in heaven, and a song is sung by the Angels bright, re-echoed by millions in that laud of light, over one poor wanderer that returns to the Father, or one sinner that repenteth. O could poor sinners only feel, the gushing, flowing fountain of a Father’s love to them, they could not resist. O I feel the warm glowing embers burning in my soul. It was this that caused the Saviour to lay down His life for them, and the same He hath given to us, a love that compels us to lay down our life also for poor sinners. “And greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” So said He who is the sinners friend.

It was this love that caused Him to sweat great drops of blood and wear the crown of thorns, and to be pierced with the cruel spear, and spiked upon the cross.

And He hath said we should be baptized with the same baptism, and drink the same cup. Thus as He was baptized with sufferings for the dead; go must even we be baptized vith sufferings for those that are dead in sin. He was a, “man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief.” He bore much anguish and grief for us. What anguish and sorrow, He felt when the tears gushed from His eye, as He gazed with pity upon the doomed city of Jerusalem. How His heart was bursting out with grief, as He uttered with broken accents, these words. O Jerusalem! “If thou had’st known even thou, at least in this thy day, the things that belong unto thy peace! but now they are hid from thine eyes.” Thine enemies shall cast a trench about thee, and compass the round, and keep the in on every side.” Thus sinner if thou hadst known the time of thy visitation, thou wouldst have repented, but now it is hid from thine eyes. The enemy shall compass thee on every side. and there shall be no escape.

O poor sinner! we wept with you, and for you, we suffered grief and sorrow, even the pangs of death for you, but yon would not repent. We bade you farewell with trembling, and a cloud of sorrow flits across the horizon of our heart as we think of you, though far away. And we breath a prayer to God, to extend His mercy that you may yet be saved. To those dear ones who are saved. O be faithful unto death, yea be faithful lest you too may cause some poor sinner to be hurled into that fearful abyss, from which they shall rise no more. Yea believer be true to God, and your fellow man, and poor sinner turn to God and live. Then when before the great white throne we all appear, ye too shall shine with us in the kingdom of our dear Savior and King.

There we shall meet to part no more.

The baptism of sufferings will all be over, there will be no more pain, nor death; “for the former things will have passed away.

“And God himself will wipe all tears from our eyes.” And we shall dwell together with Him forever, in the holy city.





Dimondale Mich., ’85.

Dear Brethren: — About six years ago gave my heart to God, and the methodists wanted my name on their class book, I thought as my folks belonged to them, this was all right. I gave them my name, but was left in the dark, and the more I went where they were, the worse I felt, until I almost lost my mind. The enemy would come up in such a way, that I had a hard time to keep from taking my life; he would tell me that I had committed the unpardonable sin.

When any one would come that I thought knew I would ask, what is sinning against the Holy Ghost? The answer given would be clear to me, that I had not done what they thought it to be but it did not satisfy me. About four weeks ago Bro, J. Cole and Bro, F. Jacobson, came to my house. I had a verry bad head ache so that I could not sit up.

Bro, Cole told me if I really wanted to be saved and would seek the Lord with all my heart, that God would heal me to His glory. I told him I would: he asked me if I really believed the Lord would cure me by laying on of hands. I told him, he might try; so he did and I got up and got supper, and went to meeting, about two miles, that evening. After Bro, Cole had talked of the wonderful things the Lord is doing all over the land, for poor sinners, I went to the altar and decided to live the rest of my life for the Lord.

After I found pardon, I began to seek for purity. On the 19th of January the Lord sanctified me wholly. Praise the Lord for what He has done for me and my family! for my husband and I are walking hand in hand, to the better land.

After the Lord sanctified me, I felt even while doing my temporal work, that Jesu wanted me to do all for Him. I said yes Lord I will. Then His presence seemed to fill the house with sweet solemn awe, and such joy and peace filled my soul, I felt that I could, not praise the Lord enough for what He has done, and is still doing for me. Let the dear saints pray for me that I may ever be keep humble and true at the feet of Jesus, learning of Him.

Let no sinner despair, for Jesus is just as willing to save you as me. Thy word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

Your sister saved, sanctified, and kept by the power of God.

Rhoda Canedy.


Sandy Lake Pa. Jan 28th ’85.

Dear Brethren: — We are having glorious meetings in spite of the rage of the devil. We went to Stonesborough last sabbath night, and had a precious meeting, we were all made strong in the Lord, and got the new wine fresh from the kingdom

It was glorious to be there. Sister Shaw, who lives here, and was sanctified at the Sandy Lake campmeeting, and came out of babylon, is still praising God, out on the promise, and under the blood. And going on to know the Lord more fully in the Spirit. I will say to the glory ot God that she has advanced more in the power of God’s Spirit, since that campmeeting, than in all the past years that I have known her. Our daughter Lula, who was healed by the Lord, when you were here, still trusts the Lord as her Physician.

My testimony is, to the glory of God, I am more fully on the Rock Christ Jesus, than ever before. I feel like pressing my way toward the mark of my high calling in Christ Jesus. My peace flows like a river; for I have got the glory of the Lord in my soul. May God bless you all, and keep you on the straight line, uncompromising, for Jesus. O how much true and faithful, men of God are needed to preach the whole counsel of God. Your Sister, saved.

Mary M. Owen.


Archabald Ohio, Jan. 7, 1885.

Dear Brethren, and sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ, help me praise the holy name of Jesus, through whose blood we are purified. Yes I am thankful to God that I can say, He fully sanctifies me. My heart is full, O glory to the Lamb!

For the last 20 years my heart has been pressed with much sorrow, and pain, because of the great blindness of the people. When God opened my eyes, so that I could see how the whole world lay in darkness, it pained my heart to see how few realized their miserable and deceived condition. But glory to God! He has opened a way for all who wish to know the right way. There is a heavy load off of my heart now. I saw that God’s dear children were scattered like sheep without a shepherd. I saw they were suffering for want of healthful food. That which they received from the false prophets that fed themselves of them, was mostly Poison: so that they could not grow in Christ Jesus. But, glory to God! Our kind and merciful Father, looked down from heaven in pitty, and is now sending forth good shepherds, that can feed the flock of God, and lead them in the high way of holiness. Glory! Glory!! to the name of our God forever!

I send you one dollar for the TRUMPET, Dear Brethren I should like to help you much more it I could. I have been afflicted with sore legs for about 30 years, so that I can do no work. O Dear Brethren I ask you in the name of our Lord Jesus, to raise your voices to God in prayer, that if it be His will I may be healed, that I may give myself to His service. I think I could do a great deal more for the Lord and Saviour if I were blessed with good health. God bless you all in His work, so that His name may every where be praised.

From your Bro. in Christ.

John Brodbeck.


Deland Ill. Feb. 8, 1885.

Dear Brethren: — Darkness covers the earth, and gross darkness the minds of the people. Only here and there a true light along the shore. I was talking with one of the inhabitants of babylon the other day. They said there was only a small remnant that would be saved, only now and then one that was true to God, or really spiritual. But when their priests say that the world is getting better all the time, they swallow every word of it. What confusion and darkness they are living in. When I mention the TRUMPET to them they cry out “fanaticism.” and “this is the fellow that pretends to heal the sick,” but they say that miracles all passed with the apostles. I believe that the days of miracles no more passed away than that God Himself has passed away. Well I praise God that He has kept you by His almighty power. One that has passed through such trials, and still retain your integrity to God, is surely planted by the side of living waters, and his leaf shall not wither.

I have been a reader of the TRUMPET ever since it started. It is nearer up to the apostolic standard than any paper I know. I hope you can make it suit to stop in our contry the next time you go west.

Your brother out of all sects, and saved in Christ the only true vine.

E. Boicourt.


“God gives you the best nourishment, although not always the sweetest to the tast.”


Compare Rev. 17:5, with 1 Cor. 6: 15, 16, and decide whether you are joined to one of the daughters: Then judge of the Lord’s will concernig the matter.

Zion’s Watch Tower.

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Wonderful Salvation.



Jesus died on Calvery’s mountain,
To redeem us from ail sin.
From His side there flowed a fountain,
That destroys the foe within.

Cho — Blesse Jesus, precious Saviour,
Thy blood now sanctifies me
I will praise Thee, yes I’ll praise Thee,
For salvation full and free.

How I love Thee, blessed Saviour,
This my tongue can never tell
Thou didst rescue me from danger.
Yes thou hast done all things well.

Now put on thy strength O zion,
Break thy bands, in Jesus trust,
God has heard thy wonderful sighing,
Shake from thee thy captive dust.

Sects and schisms, have abounded,
But the Lord has brought them low.
God’s pure Church, on Christ is founded

And His sheep their Shepherd know.

God despises sect divisions
They are sinful in His eye.
Cease ye pilgrims to uphold them
From their lurements quickly fly.

God’s no author of confusion,
It originates in hell:
Jesus prayed for perfect union,
All that love, in union dwell.

Soon we all shall come to judgement,
There to pass the solemn test.
Ye that mar this sacred union,
How can you then be blessed.

But ye faithful of the Father,
Sweetly joined in bonds of love.
Only to the King of glory,
Enter now His joys above


The True Church.


AS a sample of the ignorance and darkness even of editors professing holiness in babylon. Some time ago we cut from the Banner of Holiness, a short item under the above head, written by BISHOP CHENEY. We saw the same in other exchanges. This wise Bishop quotes these words in Habakkuk, “they sacrifice to their net, and burn incense to their drag,” and then admits that these drags which men worship, are the sects of these days, in which he says, “wickedness shelters itself under the robes of piety. Political scheming creep into ecclesiastical council. The very law of the church, (the sect or drag) is made an instrument of oppression. They stand confounded and amazed. What means it all? Why, it means just this, that Christ is telling “you that no earthly kingdom is the Church of Christ. This is not your rest.” Thus far the Bishop tells the truth. The sect organisms, shelter wickedness and practice idolatry and oppression. They also stand amazed and confounded before God and His Word, and none of them are the Church of Christ. Where then, think you, does this Bishop look for the Church of Christ? Why the poor blind man, “not discerning the body of Christ,” is driven to the conclusion that “the true Church” has not yet appeared on earth. What a discovery! So after all that has been preached and written, about the true Church for nearly 1900 years it is finally discovered that it has never yet existed among men. Thousands of creeds, confessions, and great theological desertations have defined the Church, and expounded its elements and principles. Many gave councils of learned bishops, arch-bishops, and Doctors of Divinity, have conversed from year to year to deliberate upon the polity, and enact measures to execute the goverment of the Church. Car loads of volumns have been written and published, entitled the “history of the Church.” And after all this, it is found out through the wisdom of Bishop Cheney, that all this talk and history related to an imagionary institution called the Church, which has yet to appear on earth. Surely all men have been great fools from the days of Christ down to this bishop, or else he has made an awful mistake. But he quotes scripture for his position. “The New Jerusalem,” he says, “is not yet let down from God out of heaven.” The New Jerusalem that shall descend with Christ, is doubtless the saints that have been gathered home, “to be absent from the body and present with the Lord.” But can any one be so stupid as to think that Christ did not purchase and form His “true Church” on earth when here in the flesh, and through the Apostles and the Holy Spirit? “The Lord added to the Church daily such as were being saved.” Did He add men to the “true Church” or to some “drag,” or “earthly kingdom,” as the Bishop calls the sects? “Feed the Church of God which He has perchased with His own blood.” “The House of God, which is the Church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.” Did Paul, by these words, mean the “true Church,” or some “earthly kingdom?” If the Church of the living God is not “the true Church,” then there is something of God that is not true, but spurious. But if the Church of God, of which Paul writes, was. “the true Church,” then it has been in the world for 1885 years, and is not a thing yet of the future.

This Pediculous sophistry of the true Church yet to come, is a sample of the blindness and confusion of babylon priests and Bishops. O what a maze of confusion, worse confounded. And such blind men as L B. Kent and other babylon editors seize upon all such dregs of nonsense and think it wise, and send it out to feed their readers. In fact the regions of darkness cannot generate anything so absurd and rediculous but what these sectarian holiness editors and prophets gulp down, if only it has some shadow of consolation, and apology for the apostate sects After most every shift has been resorted to, to protect the sect “city of confusion,” behold at last it is attempted to teach the people that they will have to be contented in their sect drags, because the true Church of Christ has not yet come. Surely the old dragon, the devil, and father of all sects, has sought out many inventions.



What the Lord has Done.

Dimondale Mich. Feb. 9, ’85.

TO the readers of the TRUMPET, I would say, the Lord has taken my feet from the mire and clay, and placed them on the Rock Christ Jesus. I can say now that I am saved, washed and made white in the blood of the Lamb. Glory to God for a free and full salvation! It seemes to me there never was a worse sinner than I have been, just doing the devil’s work with all my might; fighting the works of God, and did not believe the Bible; becaus there are so many cold formal professors, and these signs did not follow them, for they did not possess the real faith of Jesus Christ. I was in my glory opposing the professed world. I met with some real Bible saints, who believed and lived Gods word, and these signs were following them. So I sought and found pardon. Soon after this, I was convicted for sanctification,

On the 22nd of last Jan, the hard battle was fought; it seemed all darkness to me, it was so hard for me to give up self and let God have His way in all things. While praying to God for deliverance I fell, and for about 2 1/2 hours, I lay under the power of God. But when I came back to a new life, I was washed and made white in the blood of the Lamb. Bless His holy name!

I praise God that I ever came to Dimondale, for He wanted to save me from that hell, which was waiting for me.

I can say that I am sweetly saved from all hell holes, that I once loved, and that I love the things I once hated. I Can say with the poet,

“A soldier Lord thou hast me made
Thou art my Captain, King and head,
And under Thee, I still will fight,
The fight of faith, with all my might.
And own the victory won by Thee, &c:”

My testimony is that I am sanctified wholly to the Lord, and ready at the Master’s bidding. Amen.

David A. Howard.


On the Straight Track.


Logan Mo., Jan 21st ’85.

DEAR BRETHREN: – I here with send you a little mite for the Trumpet: and my testimony for the glory of God. He still saves me, for which I am praising Him. O glory be to God for His saving power! I once thought the Methodist Church was the best of all. Now the Lord is giving me better light, light to see that if we are Christ’s, and have our name written in heaven, we are all right; and we need not to have our name put down on some sect paper, to please the devil. I have had a little light on that for several years. I do not think there are many out here that have been taught this doctrine. Though we have to walk entirely alone, we will, by the grace of God, march right on. I would like to have some of you that are in the true light, come out here, and give us a meeting. O I see God in all things. I am resting in His sweet will. If others do not have this light that I have, and are honestly seeking for the truth of God, I bid them God speed, and they will not belong seeking this way, until they too will find it. I pray God to keep us all sweet and low down at His feet. Pray for me.

Eliza Jarrett.

Hail, Fire, and Blood.


THE first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire, mingled with blood; and it fell upon the earth, and the third part of the trees were burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up. — Rev. 8:7.

In the fifth verse we see, an angel take a “censer and fill it with fire of the altar, and cast it into the earth: and there were voices, and thunderings, and lightnings, and an earthquake.”

These Scriptures describe certain features of the great holiness fire. Christ said He came to “send five upon the earth” Luke 12:49. “To throw fire on the land.” – Diaglott. “To cast fire upon the earth.” — Revised Version. Any one can see that all these Scriptures refer to Christ’s Gospel of Holy Spirit fire. The words in Rev. 12:5, refer to the reformation of the true Gospel of Holiness. Note the effects. “There were voices” The fire of the Holy Ghost thaws out frozen formality, and fills hearts with joy, and the air with “voices” of praise to God. “And thnuderings and lightnings.” As the thunder in the heavens seem like the voice of God, and the lightnings are warnings of quickly following thunderbolts, so the Gospel, preached with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven, thunders with the voice and authority of God, and, like the portentous lightning, strikes terror to all that are not sheltered by the blood of Christ. As the vivid lightnings stun men, and smite with momentary blindness, so the sudden awful truth of God flashes from tongues of fire, so briliantly, and unexpectedly that men are confounded and appalled.

“And an earthquake.” This awful shock and eruption in the phisical earth, is caused by the expansive heat in the bowels of the earth. Which is here used as a figure of the mighty fire of the Spirit of God, which is a moral earthquake, exploding into attoms, and demolishing the incrustations and fabrications of the devil’s false religion. That this is a moral earthquake is clearly seen in Rev. 16, 17 chapters. “And there was voices, and thunders, and lightnings, and a great earthquake. * * * And the great city was divided.” “And the woman which thou sawest is the great city which reigneth over the kings of the earth.” “And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.” The Woman is the city, the city is babylon, and babylon is confusion — embracing all factions of the false apostate church. Now this city, we are told, was divided by an earthquake, and it being a moral power, — the mother of harlots and her daughters, — the earthquake must be a moral force. A literal earthquake could not divide an ecclesiastical compact. But it is a fact that every sect has been split off of Rome, or her daughters, by the introduction of some new truth that was in advance of the old creeds.

The “Hail and fire, mingled with blood.” strikingly rapresent the thorough and pungent power of the Holy Spirit, and Word of God. The hail is the sin-smiting and destroying hail storm of God’s truth, which beats down into the earth all babylon sects, creeds, and doctrines of devils. The fire is the Holy Spirit, the great element in the Holiness storm. The Blood is that of Christ, that cleanseth us from sin, and sanctifies wholly to God, Now these three elements must go together. He that does not admit and represent all of them does not represent God, in His present work. Some think we should hold up the blood, and preach Holy Ghost fire, but they are deceived by the devil, to think we must not deal out strong rebukes, cut off hypocrites, and send down the searching hail stone of God’s wrath, upon the heads of evil workers, false prophets, and drunken babylonians. When we pour out the vials of God’s hands, these blind croakers cry out, “that’s not the Spirit of Christ.” Some even accuse us, as they did Christ, saying, “He is mad and hath a devil, why hear ye Him?” Some who pretend to be spiritual, leave out the hail, and attempt to preach the fire and blood, but they are deceived of the devil, compromised with sin, and are puny, powerless empty clouds, and without the fruits of salvation, and the manifestations of the Spirit of God. Attempting to be all fire, blood and love, without hail, they are simply men pleasers, and have nothing and amount to nothing.

Others again are subverted in the opposite direction. They are filled with spirits of devils, they rage and foam against sects; abound in harsh names, and rasping speeches, but deal out but little Gospel. They vehemently denounce sects, but by their pernicious spirit drive men from the very truth they preach. They also have no confidence in any one that will not drink in their spirit, and follow them in the same Godless, and graceless abuse. No matter how God may use them in leading souls out of sin, and out of sectism, to God, they are, denounced of the devil, if they will not embrace and fellowship their fighting chawing spirit.

As an apology for not being used of God in the salvation of souls themselves, they denounce as spurious all the work of God through others, such are a cold chilling, freezing hail, without fire and blood.

Their fruits are all destruction and no salvation, and they destroy the work of God more than they do the work of error.

Christ says “a good man, out of the good treasure of his heart, bringeth forth that which is good.” But these deceived hail throwers, out of the heart bringeth forth” nothing but railing, and yet think themselves the only good men on earth.

In Acts 11:24. we have an inspired definition of a good man. It is recorded of Barnabas, that, “he was a good man, and full of the Holy Ghost and faith: and much people was added unto the Lord.” A good man then is one that is full of faith, and the Holy Ghost. And the fruits of such, especially if preachers and teachers, will be much people added, not to them, but to the Lord.

Then let it be known, once for all, that God’s hail, fire and blood must go together. When God, through the Spirit, thunders against sin, blind and deceived souls are told by the devil, that such sharp rebukes must grieve the Spirit of God from our hearts. And when the frozen hearts that have nothing but hail in them see us dealing tenderly with some, who need feeding rather than clubbing, they cry out, and accuse us of compromising, etc. But “hail and fire mingled with blood,” go together with and in the holy and pure representatives of the Living God. The fire does not melt the hail to slush — all softness — nor the hail put out the fire. Hallelujah!



A few Theses.


TO be joined to a sect is sectism; to imbibe the life of the sect, is sectarianism.

As men become Christians by joining Christ, so they become sectists by joining a sect.

When men are grafted into Christ, the life and Spirit of Christ flow from Him into them: this is vital christianity.

When men are taken into a sect, the life and spirit of the sect naturaly flow into them: this is sectarianism.

If men are well joined and filled with Christ, before they become joined to the sect, the sect spirit cannot so rapidly flow into the heart: hense such will be more christian than sectarian, until the sect spirit supplants the Christ Spirit. So likewise a person that assays to join Christ when the wine of spirit of the sect is in his heart, cannot receive Christ until the sect, bane is purged out of the heart; which can only be done by renouncing the sect bond, and applying the blood of Christ.

Christianity is the Spirit of Christ. Sectarianism is the spirit of sect.

Men can no more join a sect without becoming sectarian, than they can join Christ without becoming a christian, or the Masonic lodge without becoming a Mason.

When men say they belong to a sect and still are not sectarian, they speak not the truth. True they may not be so extremely filled with the spirit of the sect as others, they are nevertheless practical sectarians, being actual members of the sect. If innocent in the matter of sect membership, their sectarianism is a matter of error, and such renounce the sect as soon as shown by the Word of God “that there should be no schism (sects) in the body.”

He that has wilfully become a sectarian having pleasure in the unrighteous spirit and works of the sect, is a heretic (sectarian) at heart. Such, we are told, “after the first and second admonition, reject knowing that he is subverted, and sinneth being condemned of himself.” — Titus 3:11.



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Father Has Gone Home.


MY dear father, Robert Porter, died at his home in Wayne, Wayne Co. O Dec. the 2nd 1884. Being at the time of his departure 75 years, 4 months and 23 days, of age. He leaves a wife, three sons and four daughters to feel their loss of the dearest earthly friend. Our dear father had been a christian about 15 years. Being very ill for some months, and knowing that his stay on earth could not be long, he was much engaged in communing with God, and seeking the complete preparation to meet his God in peace. So he left a clear evidence behind that he had gone to be with Jesus. May God bless us that remain behind, that we may all go home in peace, to dwell with our father and his dear Redeemer forever.

Yes father has closed his eyes to sleep.
As we read the news, in tears we weep;
Not that thou art gone from earthly pain,
Nor that we doubt that death is thy gain.

But this is nay grief, O father to-day
That we were rot there when you passed away
O could I have held your loving hand
When your spirit fled to the better land?

Dear father now rest eternaly saved
Here in our hearts thy love is engraved
We’d follow thy steps in Jesus’ love
And meet thee at last in heaven above.

Wm. N. and S. J. Smith.


Free From Isms.


Mancelona Mich., Feb. 18.

DEAR BRETHREN: – feel led of the Lord this morning to write a few lines for the TRUMPET; to tell the saints what the Lord is doing for us. He is wonderfully blessing the saints here.

Praise God forever! for a full and free salvation that cleans all dross out of our hearts, and sweeps away all isms.

When first converted, fear prevented me from praying in public, or shouting the praises of God aloud; but “perfect love casteth out fear,” and now I’m enabled to shout, glory to God in the highest! O how my soul is filled with His glory! By the help of God, we have a meeting here: there has been 4 converted and 8 sanctified; there are 13, of the saints here now. We are all sold out to Jesus, willing to do and go at His bidding.

Praise His holy name! Brethren, pray for us, that the Lord may do a mighty work here in Furnaceville. The people are in dense darkness here, with reference to the straight Church, but I think they are willing to walk In all the light they receive. My testimony just now is, I am saved, sanctified and kept by the power of God. To Him be all the glory forever and ever. Amen!

Dear Brethren, I would that God would send some of you here to declare the whole counsel of God. But Thy will, O God, be done. May the God of peace be with you all. Amen! Still blow the Trumpet till all modern Jerico and Babylonian walls crumble to the ground, “and all the saints are one.”

Your Sister.         

Minnie Corwin.


A Jew’s Testimony.


South Whitley Ind., Fed, 10th ’85.

DEAR BRETHREN: — The Gospel Trumpet is duly received, and I can assure you has met my approval. I was greatly delighted with the testimonys it contained. May the Spirit of God continue, and awaken up all the unbelievers. Bro. Joseph Fisher will be very glad to hear from me, and more especily that the TRUMPET has made such an impression on me. May the Lord our Redeemer, bless our Bro Fisher, for what he is doing, and may he long continue his labors.

O, Lord bless one and all; who have Thy Spirit in them. My best wishes goes with you all. Next time I will be able to write more. I am your friend.

Solomon Weiner.

may the Lord God, and our Savior Jesus Christ continue to impress by His Spirit, the heart of our beloved friend, until he shall believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and be fully saved and sanctified by the Holy Ghost, and his entire family also, and may others, around him. This is God’s set time to favor Israel, and many of the Jews are returning to their native land, and accepting our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as their Messiah. May the Lord open the eyes of poor blinded Israel.


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Sandy Lake Pa. Jan. 13th85.

Dear Brethren: — I do bless God this afternoon that I have great joy and peace an believing. Praise His holy name forever? He enables me to endure hardness as a good soldier of Christ Jesus. O how much I see the need of living near to Christ, and being a christian indeed, in whom there is no guile. I do want to please God in my every day life and conversation. But when I do the best to please my Heavenly Father I am sure to displease some who are about me. O any God search me, and try me, and teach me to do thy will in all things, faithfully in the name of the Lord, and by the grace of God. O how much I would love to see you dear Bro. Warner, and Bro. and sister Fisher, and have a good talk with you.

I ask you all to pray for me, that I may be valiant for the truth at all times, and wherever I may be. O, praise the Lord for His continued mercy toward me. Glory to His holy name for what He has done for me.

The second time I went up to Fairfield Crawford Co., was the second day of this year. Sister Owen, Sister Davis, and I, all walked. It was about 15 miles from my house, and about 10 from Sister Davis’s.

When we got through that night, my body was not the least tired. O praise the Lord, but my limbs were quite tired.

We found ourselves awake very often through the night, saying, Glory! Glory!! to God and the Lamb I praise the Lord O my soul. O I do praise God for the true light that is now shining.

God was with us in mighty power.
O blessed Jesus I am thine and thou art mine.

Your Sister saved.

Mary E. Farah.


Waverly Mo., Feb, 1st ’85.

Holy Brethren: — May the Lord bless and strengthen you for all good works.

In compliance with Bro. A. H. Coon’s; proposition to relieve the TRUMPET of all debt, I send you $1.50. I have scattered the TRUMPETS you sent me. some are well pleased, and would subscribe, but times are hard and money scarce here.

My brother and I are trying to sow the seed of salvation here. I told one of my former Campbelite Bros that I was sanctified. He wanted to know why I had changed my views. I told them that they rejected the Holy Spirit. He thought not. I showed him that they did, and that their main text for cambeliteism; taught the reception of the Holy Spirit, as a second work of grace, and he admitted the truth. Sin lovers here, can’t deny, but acknowledge Christian purity; wherever we teach the indwelling Christ. Know ye not that ye are the temple of God for the temple of God is Holy, which temple ye are.

We realize that God who has promised to make all grace abound. So that we always have all sufficiency, for every good work, and is able to do all things well, by ns and in us. Your Brother, and Sister.

J. M. and M. L. Robinson.


Hunnewell Mo. Feb. 8th. 1885.

Dear Brethren: — I feel led to send, for two of those Sabbath tracts. I think, they will be very usefull, as well as need- full. Inclosed find 50cts. The reason I send for two is, I want one for myself, and one to lend out: Hoping others may follow my example. My prayer is that God may continue to use you to His glory; and give you grace, andmeans, to carry on His work; until all Sect Idols, lordships, and wickedness in high places be brought to naught.

I am saved; The Lord is my Shepherd, Captain, Priest and King; blessed be His name forever! A member of Christ’s Body the Church.

J. C Myers


Sheakleyville Pa. Jan. 12th, 1885.

DEAR BRETHREN: – Greeting. “Grace Mecry and peace from God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ be with you all, Amen!” I praise the Lord for His wonderfull manifestations of power here.

There was about 100 souls converted here about one year ago; have not been organized into any, human society; but go by the name of Salvationists, and have become very sectarian; and reject the ordinances.

Some are anxious for the truth, others fear the danger of their craft; and try to persuade us not to hold any more meetings.

The former house we used, was taken from us. We were invited into the U. B. house by one of the trustees, but on seeing their preacher (not God’s) he expressed his great fear of their craft being destroyed, and that we might get the house from the trustees; and then he commenced a meeting on short notice. We knew that if the Lord wanted us to hold meeting He would provide a house.

The Lord put it in the heart of a friend, to take the partition out of his house; there we engaged in the ordinances of “God’s house” washing the saints feet and partaking of the emblems of the broken body and shed blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have burned 15 happy believers with Christ in baptism. The saints from Sandy Lake were here part of the time. Praise God for what he is doing in Pa. I find some saints in Pa. that have been standing with Jesus outside of all sectarian walls 40 years. The devil has concocted a great many plans to lay his yoke upon them all to noavail.

Your Brother.

G. T. Clayton


Jerry, City, Ohio. Feb 2nd ’85.

Dear BRETHREN: – We praise God, for His wonberful goodness to us. Well glory to God. His work is going on here. Last Tuesday night, one soul was sanctified. On Thursday night, the methodist class lea der claimed the blessing of full salvation. Friday night, one converted, Sunday night five converted, and one sanctified. Oh! glory to God for ever! meeting still in full, blast for God. We had meeting to night there was a large croud, the devil is stired wonderfully. Some are convicted, but will not yield; the saints are all alive here. Yours saved and sanctified, by the blood.

Wm. H. Miller.


Hendersonville Pa Nov. 26th’ 84.

Dear Brethren in Christ: — I am still healed by the power of God. and feel the cleansing blood applied to my heart. We have been holding meetings for some time, the Lord is working, sinners has felt His power, and some have been saved. O praise the Lord! for the way He leads His own, and keeps them.

Elizabeth Carmichael.


Vichy Springs Mo. Feb. 7th 1885.

DEAR BRETHREN. I thought a word from here would not be out of place. We have a little band here, of holiness workers; some that are realy dead to the world, and alive to God. And then we have some chronic grumblers, or fault finders; that are a great hinderance to the work. But amidst it all the Lord is working. Praise God for a glorions meeting at our School house, which lasted over three weeks, notwithstanding, the weather being very unfavorable, there was a large turn out, and the people generaly interested. Sister Mary Cole, did the preaching; no one to help her, she gave the word straight, on the Bible line, she is filled with the Holy Ghost, and faith, may the Lord bless her, and keep her on the Bible line. The devil’s power was great in the beginning of the meeting, but when the power of God came down, the interest began, and the altar was filled every night. Souls pardoned, or sanctified. 17 Souls were converted, and 6 sanctified, since the meeting began; some 8 or 10 seekers not yet saved.

We have Tuesday, and Thursday, night, prayer meetings, also Sunday at 10 o’clock.

Pray for us. We can say the precious blood of Jesus cleanseth us from all sin just now. “All on the altar we abide and Jesus says we’er sanctified.”

Glory to God for salvation complete of both soul and body.

Your Brother and Sister.

John P. and A. J. Baily.


Raymond Ill., Feb. 3d 1885.

Dear Brethren: – You will find enclosed $1.00, which will pay for the GOSPEL TRUMPET for one year. I cannot do without this paper. I can say I am still in line and harmony with God’s will; out of all sects, according to His Holy Word, fully consecrated all up to date, in ossession of His saving and sanctifying power. It is the glory of God that I want in all its purity; this cant be found in the modern sects. May God bless you and your labors in this glorious way. And help you to destroy sin wherever you go. Your Bro. in Christ.

W. C. Woodward.


Lodi, Ohio. Feb 8th 1885.

Dear Brethren: – The Lord bless you “with all spiritual blessings, in heavenly places, in Christ Jesus,” Amen. I praise the Lord that my desires are still unto Him. And that I still want to be more and more conformed to His image, when I measure myself with Him, Oh how far short I come of, measuring up to Him. but glory to His name He does not cast me off, but holds out His loving hand to lead me on, and draw me nearer to Him. Praise His name! He shows me more and more of His great salvation, and the exceeding greatness of His love towards us. I continually feast upon His word, which is sweeter than honey and the honey comb we had a good meeting at Bro. Ezra’s last tuesday night Bro. and Sister, Lewis were there. Yours, saved, and washed, in the blood of the Lamd.

Cyrus Mohler.


Okemos Mich., Jan. 30th ’85.

Dear Brethren: – I feel as though I would like to give in my testimony, with the saints, of the Lord, to the power of Jesus, to save to the uttermost. Bless His Holy name! He is my prophet, priest, and King. And He keeps and saves me by the hour. For me to live is Christ; and to die is gain. Many a soul has found a refuge in Jesus Christ the blest; I have stepped upon His promise, and found the sweetest rest.

B. M. Isham.


A Merciful Deliverance.


Jerry City Ohio. Jan. 17th. 85.

DEAR BRETHREN: – In the name of the Lord Jesus; I send this greeting, and humble acknowledgement of the goodness of God in my salvation from the old deceiver. Praise the holy name of Jesus; He has given me victory in my soul.

I am saved to day and sanctified wholly to God. O how satan has tried to get this poor soul of mine. Since Christ has delivered me from satans power, I have been impressed with the duty of writing my testimony for the Trumpet.

I praise God for what He has done for me the last few days.

In the last year I have been almost lost by following false prophets. I want to ask brother Warner to forgive me, for the way I used him. And I want to warn all the readers of the Trumpet that they should never be lead astray as I was. I was a free woman until that deceived man Stockwell came here with his sleek tongue, and drew me from Christ and the true Spirit, O what power satan had over my soul. I was innocent in following that false prophet. I thought he was a man of God. Notwithstanding I saw things here in my own house that should have opened my eyes, but I was so wraped up in him, and had such confidence in Sister Warner, that I was blinded.

I left the true saints of God and followed his doctrine. I soon found I was loosing power with God and fellowship with the saints. O what darkness I went into. Stockwell told us not to go with the brethren who were out of the sects, lest we should partake of their bad spirit. He also poisened my mind against Bro. Warner. I was fool enough to believe every thing he told me. I went to the sects, but I did not find any food, or rest to my soul, till I went back to the saints. I finaly found that they were right and I was wrong.

The Lord sent Bro. Warner here, and he took God’s word, and kindly tried to show me that I was led away from the truth by a false spirit. But I would not give up, and I got up and went away, shortly before meeting time, and did not return to the meeting while he was here. O the awful delusions of the devil!

I tell you dear friends that this snare of satan came very near being the means of loosing my soul. Not only so, but if God had not deliverd me, it would no doubt have been the means of separating me from my dear husband, as it did sister Warner. But I do thank God that He Showed me where I was going. I came back to God some months ago, confessed my error and the Lord forgave me; but I did not obtain perfect salvation, from all the effects of my sad fall, and the taints of the false doctrine, until Bro. and Sister Fisher were here this winter. O glory to God I am now free, Glory! Glory!! to the Lamb!

The devil did not want me to write this, but praise God, I have the victory over him. Hallelujah! I am set at liberty. I am saved from all sin, and sects, and from all the delusions and doctrines of devils.

I bless God that I now have fellowship with the Father and His Son Jesus Christ, and with all the pure saints of God.

O if there is any person on earth that has reason to be thankful to God, it is I.

O He has been so good to me, that He did not cast me off. O glory to His name!

Now I am sailing in the sea of eternal love. Hallelujah! I have overcome by the blood of the Lamb, and the word of my testimony.

What perilous times we are living in How true it is that satan comes as an angle of light, and if it were possible would deceive the very elect. Glory to Jesus I have escaped his wiles, and trust that God will never suffer me again to be overcome by his awful delusions.

Your Sister Saved in Christ.

Catharin Miller.


Established In Christ.


DEAR BRETHREN: – I feel led by God’s Spirit to tell you just how I stand to day. I am standing on the Rock Christ Jesus, free from all sects and denominations; bless His Holy name forever. They tell me that I am not established, bless God! I am not established in any sect. I can say truthfully that the devil has no dominion over me; nor ever shall have again. Oh I am so thankful to God! that He has so wonderfully led me but to see the true light, as it is in Him. Oh how I long to hear a sermon preached from one of God’s little ones. How it makes my heart ache when I go and hear the sectarians preach, with no God in it, and no power, with their sermons written down; it has become as sounding brass or a tinkling symbol. I have been praying so long that God might send some one here to this place, that souls might be saved. I shall trust God, and pray earnestly, that He will send some one. The time is short and I feel there must be something done quickly. I am so burdened for dear souls, in this place. Oh I would to God that they could see the true light, and be saved. I ask the prayers of the dear saints; in behalf of my dear family. I have a companion and four children unsaved. I have many trials and temptations, but find that God is sufficient in every time of need.

From your Sister in Christ, saved and tried.      

Louisa. Henry.



Denominational Lines.


Grand Badids Mich. Jan. 26, 1885.

DEAR BRETHREN: – For some months your paper, the GOSPEL TRUMPET has made its appearance among my exchanges. And I have not thrown it aside unnoticed, but have carefully read some of its columns, I find some good reading, many excellent experiences; and I doubt not that God has dear children among what are called “come—outers, or no sectites.” I have no more sympathy with sectarian bigotry than you have: and I believe that when our hearts are pure and full of God’s love, we will not be sectarian, but will be united together regardless of denominational lines. My heart is often grieved to see the lack of union among God’s, professed people. I have often thought I would love to meet with you, in some of your camp meetings.

But I have so much on my hands that I have not, as yet, had the opportunity.

I pray God to give us all grace to overlook each others ignorance, and help us to love each other, and pray for each other’ as God wills.

Your Brother fully saved, S. B. Shaw

God bless Bro. — SHAW. We are pleased to receive the above letter from him. I fully join with Bro. S. in prayer to God for “grace to overlook each others ignorance.” Sure enough we have been so badly schooled, and deformed in the wilderness of sectism, that we have a great deal to unlearn, before we can make much speed in the school of Christ. Indeed we look back with astonishment upon the traditional error, the Holy Spirit has burned up for us, since we ventured to let God lead us beyond the old beaten track of sectism notions, and dogmas.

Since it is true, as the Bro. says “we will not be sectarian” if our hearts are cleansed and filled with the love of Cod: we have learned to know that sectarianism is not of God at all. God never cleanses out of our hearts that which is of His own planting. To be pure in heart and filled with God’s love is to be unsectarian: therefore to be sectarian is not to be perfect in love. But what is it to be sectarian? We answer, to be joined to Christ is to be a Christian, and to be joined to a sect is to be sectarian. Every man that is in Christ, and in a sect also, has necessarily two rallying points in his religion, two centers of attraction. Namely the sect interest, and the Christ interest.

No one can fail to see that these interests are not identical: for a person in a sect may be quite indifferent to the interest of the corporation, and intensly absorbed in building up Christ in the hearts of men. Or a person may be wholly odlivious to the work of Christ, and His salvation, and yet full of zeal for his sect.

As no one can be in Christ without being a Christian, so no one can be in a sect without being sectarian. He that is more absorbed in Christ than in his sect, is more Christian than sectarian: and he that is more concerned for his sect than for Christ is more sectarian than Christian.

But he that is not in Christ at all, is not a Christian at all whether in or out of sects. And he that is not in a sect, neither has the sect spirit in him, is not sectarian at all, whether a saint or a sinner.

So to be a saved christian, free from sectarianism, it is necessary to be in Christ and in no sect, and to be filled with the spirit of Christ, and free from the inbeing of any and every sect.

Most people know and admit that sectarianism — the sect spirit — is wrong, but still think sectism — sect adhering — is all right. But sect is the root, and tree from which sectarianism proceeds. Men acquire the sect, or party spirit, by being incorporated into the sect, just as they receive the Christ Spirit by being ingrafted into Christ. “If the root be holy so are the branches,” and necessarily the fruit.

So if sectarianism is an evil, the sect, its root, must also be evil. “A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither an evil tree good fruit; and every tree is known by its fruit.” Therefore as sectarianism is an evil thing it follows that sects, its root and source is an evil, an anti-Christ element. Of course when men who are well joined to and filled with Christ, join to the sect the wine of her fornication cannot so readily flow into their hearts; but it is nevertheless true, that all sectarianism and sect, bigotry, is derived from the sect. And it is apt to supplant the Christ Spirit, until the deceived soul is only animated dy the sect spirit.

If the love of God “unites us regardless of denominational lines:” Then the love of God ignores those lines. But if God’s love joins our hearts, together in defiance of denominational lines, which tend to make lines of separation, between christians, then denominations are obstructions to the fruits of love; are opposite to the love of God, which is the law of Christ’s kingdom, hence denominations are anti-Christ.

May the Lord help Bro. Shaw to “come out of her.”


The Wine of Her Wrath.


Severuce Kan. Jan.

DEAR BRETHREN: — The Lord has led, me about agood deal in His vineyard. Last fall I was in Mo. And the Lord owned His truth. I was sent for to help in the M. E. meeting here, but the preacher was mad because Bro. Byers, a believer in holiness, sent for me, yesterday they called a church meeting to settle the matter. If ever I saw the devil raging and foaming in any one, it was that preacher. He mounted the benches and turned livid with rage, and the church was a perfect set of false breathren, toward Bro. Byers. I told them I could no more work with them than oil and water would mix. By the grace of God. I dont shun to cry aloud and spare not.

I hope the Lord is blessing your labors this winter. I want to be more, and more like my blessed Redemer. Pray for me and my boy.

Your Sister all the Lord’s.

H. A. Lewis.



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