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14 May 1896, Volume 16, Number 20.



Thou sweet and precious will of God,
That willed salvation unto me.
An allen lost in dark despair.
A sinner from all sin set free.

For years upon the billows tossed,
My yearning heart had sought for rest:
But yielding to the blessed will.
My soul with perfect peace was blessed.

To thy sweet will I yield my own,
Held captive in its fond embrace;
My spirit sinks to perfect rest,
Secluded in Thy wond’rous grace.

Thy kind and providential hand,
In all Thy dealings, Lord, I see;
Above, beneath, and all around,
Thy holy will envelopes me.

Thy will wills nought but good to me,
Whate’er thou dest, thou doest right.
Then all in Thee I trust away.
And solely lean upon thy might.

Let trials come, temptations too.
And hell beset me all my days;
I’ll comit it all the will of God.
And ever offer thanks, and praise.

O will of God! in thee I hide.
And find a refuge from the storm;
Safe sheltered there I cannot fear.
My soul no evil can alarm.

W. J. Henry.


Christian Unity.


THE question which above all others is agitating the mass of those who are professing to follow the Lord in sincerity and in truth at the present time is that of Christian unity. And many and varied are the plans which are being set forth to bring about this much to be desired state of affairs. But in the majority of cases man is looked upon as the factor to accomplish this work by his own efforts, independent of God, or at least with very little reliance on God’s help in the work.

By God’s help we expect to lift the Bible standard of unity, and to that end we will appeal to his word as the standard of unity among Christians as well as of all other things connected with the Christian life. First we will notice the


by looking at some of these results of division. We see around us to day the professing world in a state of hopeless confusion, with the spirit of division rife on every hand; multitudes of sects, each churning to be right, and holding all others to be wrong in that which they differ from themselves. The multitude of worldly professors who never knew by experience what salvation really is, and many who are truly God’s children are so divided up and, as it were, so hopelessly lost in the togs of confusion, that many who see the real necessity of unity cannot see any possible way of attaining it.

Reason should be used in spiritual things as well as in temporal things. And what man of business would invest his capital in a number of establishments and then run them in competition with each other? Or what general would divide his army into small companies and send them against an enemy all divided up and disagreeing one with another and fighting each other? Certain loss and defeat would be the result of such foolish actions, and so it is among Christians to day. The army of professors is divided into hundreds of fragments, and its strength is spent in internal conflicts. The loss caused by division may be seen by comparing the amount of work in the divided state with what would be done with every Christian in perfect harmony with every other Christian and marching shoulder to shoulder against the common foe, with all the strength now wasted in fighting each other united to push the battle forward to victory. Surely Satan is exulting in the easy victory he has to day because of the division among God’s professing people.

But is this division necessary? Some think it is even desirable, and advance this reason as proof: “We are of different temperaments and cannot see alike, so the different denominations should exist in order that each may be with others of the same belief.” This might seem to have some weight at the first glance, but when weighed by the Word and by sound reason its shallowness appears to all.

What is the cause of different beliefs? We have but one Bible; there is but one Spirit of truth, and surely that Spirit will not lead one person one way and another directly opposite. If it did it would certainly be the spirit of lying we read of in the Word (2 Kings 22:21—23), and “God cannot lie.” But it is objected, “We cannot all see alike.” We ask, What is the reason? If we have the Spirit that guides into all truth, will there be any error left if we follow its guidance? It will also teach us all things (John 14:26), and God commands us to be “all of one mind,” (1 Pet. 3:8) and says, “If in anything ye be otherwise minded, God shall reveal even this unto you.” — Phil. 3:15. So if persons have trouble to see alike in spiritual things, either one or both have not been led into all truth. So instead of continuing in that condition as some desire, the proper thing to do is to get where you can be led by the Spirit and have the cause of seeing differently removed, and with the cause removed the effects will disappear, and the flimsy argument of “Can’t see alike” will be heard no more.

“But since so much division is in the world,” says one, “Is it not a necessary evil and one that cannot be avoided?” We answer, Cannot the God who made heaven and earth, and who has ALL POWER, and whose mission on earth was to destroy, the works of the devil, destroy all evil? and is there such a thing as a necessary evil with God? To say that anything evil must of necessity exist is to say that God is not able to conquer the devil and destroy his works.

Unity is not only possible, but is an absolute necessity to the progress of Christianity; and the plane of power and glory will never be reached by the church until the spirit of division has no more place therein.


We can here touch on but a few of the many scriptures teaching and commanding unity among the people of God; and before doing so let us look at the harmony and unity of the works of God. We see all the planets controlled, held in their respective positions, or moved in their proper order according to unchanging laws, and the millions of celestial bodies forming one grand work of perfect harmony and unity, and in the earth we see the same unity of design. Everything is regulated just right to promote the harmony of the whole. The air is just of the right density, it contains just the proper elements, and is in every way adapted to sustain life. And so it is with everything; God has made all things to work together in harmony, and there is not a discordant element in the whole creation that is of God; and whatever is discordant in either man or anything else is the result of sin in man.

We now turn to the Word and see its teaching on unity. In Ephesians, 4th chapter, we see the Bible standard of unity. “There is one body [church Col. 1:18], one Spirit, one hope of our calling, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God,” etc. Verses 4-6. In Jer. 32:39 God says, “I will give them one heart and one way.” So we see God designs his people be one, not in profession or form, but of “one heart and one mind;” a unity that is real and substantial, having a firm foundation.


The cause of division is something foreign to the Spirit of God; this all must admit. And as God cannot be responsible for it we must look to some other source. Division is caused by men desiring their own ways and giving their own ideas pre-eminence over the word of God; and this is caused by carnality in the heart. Read 1 Cor. 3:1-3, and see that carnality is put there as the direct cause of division. Since carnality is the cause of division, the removal of carnality is the cure, and the second work of grace — entire sanctification — performing this work in the soul, is a perfect cure for all division, and there can be no outward division where the inward division is destroyed. That sanctification makes one, is abundantly set forth in the scriptures. “For both he that sanctifieth and they who are sanctified are all of one: for which cause he is not ashamed to call them brethren.” — Heb. 2:11. And in Eph. 4:13, “Coming to the unity of the faith” is represented as occurring at the same time as coming to perfect manhood, “Unto the stature of the fullness of Christ,” which terms mean the entrance to the state of entire sanctification.

C. W. Naylor.





HAVING lately met a brother who was teaching that we saints of God were under obligation to give a tenth of our living to the service of the Lord, and having met a few saints here in Kansas who have been taught the same error by another man who professed to be out in the true light, we desire to call attention to the gospel plan of giving, trusting that all who have not already seen and renounced the one-tenth error may be able to do so.

The levitical priesthood has passed away (Heb. 7:11-12), and the covenant upon which it was based (verse 16-18), and the tabernacle in which it served (Heb. 8:1-11). We have an high priest of the order of Melchisedec, Heb. 7:11, 15, 17, and not after the order of Aaron. This priest (Christ) sprang out of Juda, of which tribe Moses spake nothing concerning priesthood. Verse 14. If then Moses spake nothing concerning the priesthood of this dispensation, not even naming the tribe from which our Savior sprang, surely then he has given us no directions to give a tenth to that priesthood. Under the law one tribe did the service of the old tabernacle; but under the dispensation of grace we are all priests, 1 Pet. 2:5-9, and all enter not only into the holy place but into the most holy place. Heb. 10:19, 20. All the saints are priests. 1 Pet. 2:5-9. All are free from the law; not under the law. Rom. 6:14, 15. We are not to be entangled again with the yoke of bondage (law). Gal. 5:1. Whom the Son makes free is free indeed, and the same is set forth again under the head of truth. See Jno. 8:32-36.

Does this freedom change the law of giving? Let us see. Freely ye have received; freely give. Mat. 10:6. Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again. Luke 6:38. How shall we give to our brother (whether he be a minister or not the Word does not say) for those who are naked and hungry, those things that are needful? Jas. 2:15-17. 1 Jno. 3:17. Who shall supply these things? Those who have this world’s goods. See last text. Now suppose a rich man should give until he reached the law limit of one-tenth; could he then turn all other destitute brethren away unfed and unclothed? No. “Whosoever hath this world’s good and seeth his brother have need and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?” Nothing said about one-tenth here. But in another place is said, “Let brotherly love continue.” So if brotherly love is to continue, neither you nor I, nor the law can set the limit, because love gives all. See the case of the widow and her two mites, Luke 21:2, for a perfect consecration of all to the Lord. To whom does the wealth of the world belong? Hear Him: “The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the Lord of hosts.” — Hag. 2:8. “The cattle upon a thousand hills.” — Psa. 50:10. “For the world is mine and the fulness thereof.” Verse 12. Does God now desire but a tenth for his present work? which is of such vast importance, a work of grace for the world, not a typical form of salvation for a single people, and they the fewest of all people.

By precept and example does God set forth these matters in the New Testament. Those who preached the gospel were to live by the gospel. How much then shall be given them? A living; sufficient to enable them to preach the gospel without charge. 1 Cor. 9:18. Were they to be given sufficient to be able to lay up for old age? They, Paul and his co-laborers, did not make a gain of the gospel. 2 Cor. 12:14-18. David says, “They shall still bring forth fruit in old age.” How then shall we give? According as our brother has need; and according as God has prospered us we are to lay by in store (not for ourselves, but to give to him that needs) a collection for the saints. 1 Cor. 16:1-2. When a person is prospering he has over and above what he needs for himself and family, and is to lay by in store, and this amount laid by is for the collection for the saints.

God has promised to supply our needs and when we have over that amount, God is simply entrusting us as stewards to supply the needs of others. The tenth is not taken into consideration here; the only thing specified is that we are to lay by as God has prospered us for the collection for the saints. It is a well known fact that some prosper more than others, hence are able to give more than others. He must be blind indeed who cannot see that the scheme of a tenth would be a heavy burden upon some, and a matter of very small amount with others. Paul says, “For I mean not that other men should be eased and ye burdened, but by an equality that now at this time your abundance may be a supply for their want, that their abundance also may be a supply for your want, that there may be equality; as it is written, He that had gathered much had nothing over, and he that had gathered little had no lack.” — 2 Cor. 8:13-15.

If the tenth system is the law for saints why did they sell their possessions and have all things common? Acts 4:31-37. That the tenth was not then in force is clearly refuted by Acts 4:31-37. We see there the perfect consecration lived up to, and the result was “great grace,” great power, “no lack,” “one heart,” “one soul,” “neither said any of them that ought of the things which he possessed was his own, but they had all things common.”

Dear saints, are your possessions as truly the Lord’s and your brethren’s as they were then? I have been among those who advocated the tenth business, and have seen a minister of God come away empty handed. Perhaps they had given the tenth to some other bro her and supposed that some one else would see to this one’s needs. In Jesus name, brethren, get out from under the law, or Jesus will profit you nothing. No wonder you are weak and sickly, and are prospering neither in body nor soul.

This evening light shall be as the morning. So say we all. Do you not believe that if we are to regain the power the church once had, that we are to follow the example as well as the precepts of the church in the morning light? Who knows then how soon God may call upon us to sell our possessions and do as they did? Acts 4:31-37. They certainly obeyed the gospel in doing so. Mat. 19:21. And their blessings were the result. How much must we increase in confidence in God and in confidence in each other to be perfectly ready to do likewise should God call for it! Some have already actually given all time, talents, education, and all they had. Brethren, consecrate all, ten tenths instead of one. Your brother on the forward move,

Fred Husted.




Mt. Tabor, Ore.

Dear Saints of God: This leaves me still saved and trusting in the Lord. Twelve years ago I was converted and had a blessed time trusting and walking in all the light I had, until I heard the truth preached on the power of the atonement of Christ for the healing of the body. I had been a sufferer for ten years and had spent all my money for med cine, all to no profit. My doctor said he could do me no good. Four years ago I promised God if he would heal me I would give him my life; and I presented my body a living sacrifice, and he healed me, and from that hour I have trusted him for spirit, soul, and body. I find it a blessed thing to take God at his word and trust him for all things. He has promised to never leave nor forsake us if we put our trust in him. I have trusted my life in his hands and he wonderfully provides for me. I have perfect peace and rest in both body and mind. The Word says God will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him. When I am tempted in my body with an ache or a pain I just look to Jesus on the cross, and he heals me. I praise God for his goodness to me and family. My wife is saved and sanctified, and we are all for God. Glory to his name! I am saved, sanctified, and healed, and kept by the power of God.

Your brother in Christ,

J. L. Reed.

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THURSDAY, MAY 14, 1896.




A. B. Templin, Mrs. J. B. Barden, Mrs. D. H. Radle, Jennie Jarvis, Ned Lovelady.


Any one desiring special terms for our books and tracts can now have the same upon application.


Next week we expect to begin a series of articles exposing Dunkardism, comparing it with the word of God, and the true church. The Lord’s Supper, and Passover, Baptism, women preaching, coverings, etc. are among the subjects that will be treated. When completed the same will be furnished in pamphlet form.


We have just received a copy of the second issue of the “Tidings of Healing,” a twelve-page paper edited by Bro. J. W. Byers of 721 Sixteenth St., Oakland, Cal. Price 50 cts. a year. We can heartily recommend this paper to our readers, and believe its monthly visits will be profitable wherever it finds a home to enter. You will do well to subscribe for it.


The Lord is moving his children to aid in getting tabernacles for the spread of the work where the way is not otherwise opened. And what has been sent in for that purpose has been used in different states to help get tabernacles. Bro. J. A. Dillon, McLallen’s Corners Pa., Bro. Clayton from Ohio, and others are earnestly praying for one.


Brother Austin D. Hicks, 2704 Kentucky St., Louisville, Ky., writes: “I was once a Southern Methodist, but receiving the light on the true Bible Church I promptly withdrew from them, throwing myself completely in God’s hands to care for myself and family. I was also connected with a Methodist Second Blessing Journal, and while thus connected had plenty of friends, but now I am publishing a monthly eight page holiness paper, run for God and truth only, and many are turning away and writing that I cannot succeed, but my hope is God and his true people, that they will stand by me. All the capital I have is faith in God and a conscience void of offense. Price of my paper is 50 cents. I meet with the saints at this place. I am going through on the uncompromising line and need the co-opperation of the saints everywhere.”

We have had some correspondence with this brother as the Lord has been leading him out of sectism, but have had opportunity to read but very little of his writings. Let us all unite our prayers, that God may keep his hand upon him, and enable him to be true to God at the cost of all things.


The following is one among many letters we are receiving from those who have received sample copies of the Trumpet sent out recently to post-offices for free distribution where heretofore it has not been sent.

Almon, Ga., May 4.

Dear Brethren in Christ: A sample copy of your paper, the GOSPEL TRUMPET, was sent my father a few days since and I read it earnestly and prayerfully, and as far as I understand what sanctification means I believe it earnestly, profoundly. Yet I have never received what the people here call the second blessing, and after reading your paper prayerfully I feel an uneasy conscience, a longing for something more, and although I am a Methodist and I feel that I am a Christian, but an “unprofitable servant,” I come to you for your prayers for my entire sanctification and the healing of my bodily afflictions. I am a great sufferer from a liver disease and stomach trouble. Do please ask God to heal me of my diseases. And I, too, earnestly beg you to pray that my mother may be healed. She has for about fifteen years been a great sufferer from a sore on her leg. None but the dear Lord knows what she has suffered. I earnestly pray and beg you to take my mother and myself to the throne of God in prayer for our healing and for our entire sanctification. I feel that your paper reached us by direction of the dear Lord and that he leads me to write for your prayers that he may in answer to your prayers bless and sanctify me wholly and heal us of our bodily afflictions that we may do more for him. I myself shall continue to pray most earnestly for my sanctification and the healing of my own and my mother’s bodily afflictions. Do please remember us two Southern women who have come to you for your prayers — two afflicted women who desire to be healed and wholly the Lord’s that they may do something for the upbuilding of Christ’s kingdom here on earth. My address is Almon, Ga. Yours in Christ,

Mrs. Jennie Thomas.


A New Book. — Just Out.



How to Get it, and How to Keep it.


Over 400 pages. — Illustrated — 109 chapters which will instruct a sinner how to get saved; the Christian to keep saved, and enjoy the blessings of God; the sick and afflicted how to get healed and enjoy health, and those who are bound or possessed of the devil to find deliverance.

Paper cover 35 cts, cloth 75.


Requests For Prayer.


Bessie Wilson, for sanctification.

Evaline Taylor, soul and body. — Her mother for sanctification.

Mary J. Turner, Irwin. — For healing and spiritual help.

J. Reed, Mt. Tabor, for spiritual strength, and for a brother who is in the asylum.

Pray that my husband may be healed of rupture and other troubles. Mary E. Lewis, Oakesdale.

A lady in San Francisco, desires to be sanctified, and that the appetite for tobacco be removed from her husband.

Pray for Lizzie Lewis, of Chewelia, Wash., who was known in Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa before her marriage as Lizzie McCormick. Ask God to restore her soul to the joys of full salvation. F. N. Jacobson.


Calls For Meeting.


Melissa Nation, New City, Sangamone Ill.

Sarah M. Singleton, Eubanks, Ky. Grove meeting wanted.

If any one feels led to come here to preach, we would be very glad to have them come. Let us know and we will meet you at the train. Mrs. Wm. Lauck, Findlay, O.

We would like some of God’s messengers to come here and preach the pure Word to the people. We are poor in this world’s goods, but will gladly share our home with them. S. C. Berrie, Burns, Okla.

North Enid, Okla.

A camp meeting is desired here, if it is the will of the Lord, about the first or middle of October, in Bro. J. J. Brees’s grove, five miles west and one mile north of North Enid, Okla. Yours in the one body, Clara Honaker.

We are starving for spiritual food, and myself and a number of my brethren want to be healed of disease and infirmities. We have called for some one to come, but no one has come to preach to us the pure gospel. It needs some one with the gifts of healing. Will not some one come to our rescue? Address, Lester W. Spicer, Grayling, Crawford Co., Mich.




Grand Junction, Van Buren Co., Mich., June 10-19. Reduced rates have been secured throughout Mich, and over the lines of the central passenger association in Ohio, Indiana and parts of Illinois, same as was secured last year, one and one- third fare for round trip, taking certificate from ticket agent where ticket is bought. It has been suggested that the brethren everywhere spend a day or part of a day in fasting and prayer for the benefit and success of this camp meeting. The time suggested is Sunday, May 31. Let every child of God offer a fervent effectual prayer in behalf of the same, that the cause of Christ may be advanced, souls delivered from bondage, the sick healed, and the servants of the Lord be better equipped for working in the Master’s vineyard.


The camp meeting at Stanley, W. Va., is to be Aug. 14-25. G. T. Clayton.


There will be a tabernacle meeting at O. A. Weidner’s, near Monitor, Ind., commencing May 20, to continue as long as the Lord wills. S. L. Speck and J. N. Howard are expected.


The Lord willing, there will be a tabernacle meeting near Jordan, Ont., beginning May 24, lasting about ten days. Everybody invited.

The Canada camp meeting will be held on the old camp ground in Bro. Swasey’s bush. We would like for it to begin about Aug. 13, and last to the 23d. Bro. Haynes is desired or whoever the Lord may send. Jno. E. Smith, Fenwick, Ont.


There will be a two day’s meeting held at the Bosworth school house, commencing May 22, in the evening, lasting over Sunday. Two miles north-east of Ollivet, Mich., on Ollivet and Charlotte road. Let all who can come. They will find a welcome. Inquire for Sister Hattico or Jane Davison. Ordinance meeting Sunday evening. The Lord send along whom he will. Amen. Guy E. Foote.


Camp meeting at Moundsville, W. Va., July 31, to Aug. 9. This is a good site for a camp meeting, good water in abundance, and in one-fourth of a mile of the station. Moundsville is on the B. and O. Penn. and Ohio River roads. Also the Ohio River is navigable most of the summer as far as Wheeling. Excursion rates are expected. Let all that can attend. This beautiful grove has been dedicated to the Lord as a permanant camp ground; we are trusting the Lord to take full charge of this camp meeting and send in the workers, and means to put up the needed buildings. For particulars address Bro. Alfred Tomleson, Moundsville, W. Va.




Dear brethren, get ready and come to the camp meeting. We expect a rich feast from the Lord. Let all the readers of the Trumpet, both German and English, in reach of these meetings, put forth every effort and make every reasonable sacrifice and preparation to attend these meetings. We especially, in the name of Jesus, invite all the sick, suffering and afflicted ones to come expecting to be healed of Jesus of Nazareth. As far as possible bring your own bedding, and, if you can, bring some provisions along with you; if you cannot bring either, then come and the Lord will care for you. Let the poor feel that you are freely invited to this feast. We expect this camp meeting to be one of the most spiritual, fruitful and rich feasts from the Lord ever held in the North-west. We expect such showers of grace and glory to come from the presence of the Lord with power as never before.

The Palouse camp meeting will be held in the name of Jesus in McCroskey’s grove, near Steptoe Butte, five miles west of Elberton, eight miles north of Colfax from Friday June 12 to July 5th, and 4th of July will be a special day in the camp. Baptismal service in the forenoon and the observance of the holy ordinances of feet washing and the Lord’s supper to begin at 2 P. M. Every body come. All coming from the South and North over the U. P system and O. R. and N. R. R. stop off at Elberton, Wash., and notify Bro. J. C. Benton, Elberton when to meet you at train, and those coming to Colfax over the O. R. and N. notify Bro. J. M, Cochrane, Colfax; and those coming over the N. P. R. R. from the West get off at Pullman and notify Bro. A. B. Peterman. Box 56. And from the Eastern states over the Great Northern and N. P. R. R. get off at Spokane and take the O. R. and N. for Elberton. All coming by R. R. please try and be at stations on the first two days of the camp meeting. If you come later send notice as above about a week before you start. We trust the Lord will send Bro. J. W. Byer unto us. In the name of Jesus we earnestly appeal to the ministers and workers in the East to “come over to Macedonia and help us.” Cannot dear Bro. A. J. Kilpatrick, A. B. Palmer, or Bro. Schell, or whomsoever the Lord is stirring your heart gospel truth and fire mingled with blood come to the West? Dear brethren, God hath need of several more preachers, and singers to labor in Washington.


will be held in the name of the Lord, Lord willing, from May 22 to June 10, about seven miles west of Wilber or between Wilber and Almira. Wilber is on the Central Washington R. R. All coming by rail get off at Wilber and notify Bro. C. C. Davis or Bro. Al Salter, Almira, Wash. Every body cordially invited to attend this feast of the Lord, either for the healing of the body from all afflictions and diseases, or for real and rich gospel experiences of grace in the soul. As far as convenient bring with you tent, bedding, or some provisions. If you cannot bring either come any way and the Lord will care for you. Let all saints everywhere pray earnestly for the rich and spiritual success of these meetings.

F. N. Jacobson, Colfax, Wash.



Judges 3:20.


FOUR GREAT QUESTIONS: — “I will demand of thee and answer thou me.” — Job 38:3.


“READ THIS I PRAY THEE.” — Isaiah 20:11.


1. “WHERE ART THOU?” — Gen. 3:9.


My dear friend, the Bible is a message from God. In it he speaks to you of your soul’s eternal destiny, and asks you solemn questions. He asks you now as He asked Adam, “Where art thou?” Are you yet dead in trespasses and sins, unprepared for death and judgment, without God and without hope in the world? Remember


of sin is death. “The soul that sinneth it shall die.” It death were to seize you as you now are, how would you stand before a holy God? If you are not born again, the wrath of God abideth on you, and your condition is sad beyond description. The ways


end in eternal separation from God’s favor and love, unless you repent. Your life here is but as a shadow compared to eternity. Whatever your position, possessions or enjoyments here, if you continue impenitent, unpardoned, a rebel against God, the end of these things


Again I ask, “Where art thou?” Where wilt thou spend eternity? May you so number your days that you may apply your heart unto wisdom.

2. “IS THY HEART RIGHT?” — 2 Kings 10:15.


Are you resting your hope for eternity on a sandy foundation? Are you depending for salvation on your own good works, or a profession of religion, or the piety of your parents? Remember


is a God of knowledge, and by him actions are weighed. If you are not born again by the Spirit of God — if your heart is not right before God — all your professions are but a whited sepulchre; all your hopes, but a refuge of lies. There


but one Name given under heaven whereby we can be saved. He that hath not the Son hath not life, but the “wrath of God abideth on him.” Church membership or good works can


be substituted for regeneration. Without “repentance towards God and faith towards our Lord Jesus Christ,” you are yet “in the gall of bitterness, and in the bond of iniquity.” You may hide from human eyes the rottenness of your heart, but the all-seeing One is not


with such vain pretences. Again I ask, “is thy heart right,” in the sight of Him who “searcheth the hearts and trieth the reins” of the children of men?


Are you weary of sin and longing for deliverance? Have you been convinced of the exceeding sinfulness of sin and your own vileness in the sight of a pure and holy God? Has the word of God been to you quick and powerful making manifest the corruptions of your heart, and the transgressions of your life? Are you deeply anxious about your soul’s salvation, and hungering and thirsting after righteousness? Do you desire above all things


Jesus for your friend and portion? Were you to be asked as was Esther, “What is thy petition?” would you answer, “Give me Christ or else I die?” Lift up your head, poor mourning one, for the day of your redemption d aweth nigh. Jesus came to save just such lost sinners as you; for such he shed his precious


for such he intercedes at the right hand of the Majesty on high. Be not afraid to come to Him, for he that cometh He will in no wise cast out He saves unto the uttermost. He is so sweet so precious, so compassionate tha the half has never yet been told of His loving kindness and t nder mercy. O come to Him, poor soul, and you will not be disappointed, but will know the love


which passeth knowledge, giving peace, pardon and eternal salvation.

4. “LOVEST THOU ME?” — John 21:16.


Are you, not in name only, but in reality and truth, a child of God? If so, you have been born again with a spiritual birth by the Word and Spirit of God. You have been quickened into spiritual life by Divine power, and have not only repented of your sins with a Godly repentance, but have also heard the voice of pardon speaking peace to your soul. You are commanded to


worthy of the great vocation wherewith you have been called. “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is


Heaven.” Keep close to your Savior; trust Him at all times; cry mightily to God for faith in His dear Son. Seek to be filled with His love, so that


dross of sin may be burned up, your own soul refreshed, and your life consecrated to His service, Prize highly your heritage; how wonderful your position, to be an heir and joint heir with Christ. Remember that He is the


of the city to which you journey and as your hope entereth into that within the veil, your faith will grow stronger and your joy more ecstatic, while, knowing your own weakness and His love, you will give to Him and Him only all the glory now and through eternity. – Selected.

In Tract form 10 cents per hundred.



Dear Saints Everywhere: God moves me to write a little concerning his work. About six weeks ago the Lord moved Bro. and Sister Michels to build a home for the aged, infirm, and New Testament widows. The Lord directed them to South Haven, Mich., a town of about 3000 inhabitants; situated on the shore of Lake Michigan, twelve miles from Grand Junction where the GOSPEL TRUMPET is printed. The new home is situated in the south-western part of town near the beach so they can have the benefit of bathing in the lake.

Bro. Michels first built a barn and moved his family and household goods into it before commencing the Home building. There are two acres of land in the Home grounds which the Lord enabled Bro. Michels to purchase at a great reduction; the price it was held for being $1000 the Lord touched the land owner’s heart and he reduced the price to $500. Another kind friend to the truth donated. $100. The main building is 40×50 ft. with an addition thirty-two feet square. There is a nice basement to be used for kitchen, dining room, wash-room and a strong room for inmates who are insane. The second and third floors are to be used for chapel, bed rooms and sitting rooms. There is to be an observatory on the top which will command a beautiful view of the lake; also an elevator from basement to observatory.

Now dear ones, this work is truly of God and it is very much needed among the saints, and it must be supported by God through his people. Bro. Michels has put all his time and means into this work and is spending his life in this cause, and at present has to hire carpenters to do the work.

Surely God has consecrated carpenters who will gladly give a few week’s labor in this good cause; also to those who feel moved to help with their means, it will be thankfully received and used to the glory of God. Several are anxiously awaiting the time when they can come in and enjoy the Home. Those who are able will be expected to furnish their own rooms: those who are not will be taken care of free of charge.

Now a few practical hints as to the method of helping this work. Those who have a few dollars which they feel like investing for God, pray over it and perhaps God will lead you to help this work along. Those who have not the money but have land to till can help by planting part of your ground especially for God’s cause. When the Lord’s produce is ready for market, either barrel it up and send it to the Home or sell it and send the money. The sisters would love to do something too. Why not each sister in a local congregation sew a few pounds of carpet rags and take a few dozen eggs to market and get the carpet warp and throw your mites together and pay for the weaving and you will have a nice carpet for the Lord without a burden on any one; the same plan could be carried out in making bed clothes, clothing, etc.

In a great many localities, there is lots of fruit. Each family could sacrifice a little and dry or can a few pounds of fruit and God would bless them in it. I do not write this to command or rule any one, but that we may truly be helpers of each other.

Any of God’s dear children passing through South Haven at any time, will receive a welcome.

Nora Siens.




DEAR Ones in Christ: I feel that it might help some dear soul if I should tell a dream I had not long ago, which made quite an impression on my mind, and taught me a good lesson. I thought a dear

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unsaved sister of mine was quite sick; and I sat and talked with her a little, and thought how I would love to stay by her, and take her hand, and soothe and comfort, and tell her of the love of Jesus and how he died for everyone. But it seemed I was so busy helping others about the house-work, scouring knives, and washing clothes, when there were others that MIGHT have done it, and left my dear suffering sister alone most of the time. I awoke and felt bad; and while I was thinking it over, fell asleep, and saw them carrying her out to put her in her coffin. There the dear one had died alone at last, with no one to cheer or comfort, or point her to Jesus. And I thought, How is it with her soul? I awoke feeling very sad; and thought of the text in 1 Kings 20:40, “While thy servant was busy here and there he was gone.”

How many opportunities for doing good are allowed to slip by till it is too late, unless we are on the watch for them! And how much the Lord urges us to watch and pray! May the Lord help everyone to double our diligence in the rescuing of souls, and not let a moment run to waste when time and souls are so precious. I had thought I had been doing pretty well visiting, but I saw where there was a chance for advancement on this line. We might be very busy all the time and wear out our strength, and do a great many wonderful things, yet will amount to NOTHING in GOD’S sight, and only condemn us, if we fail to do what God has told us to do, whether great or small; as in the case of Saul. God was not pleased with his sacrifice (1 Sam. 15:22), because he disobeyed him. God said, “Behold to OBEY is BETTER that sacrifice, and to HEARKEN than the fat of rams.” And Saul was rejected from being king.

So if we fail to obey the Lord and use the talent he has given us, he will take it from us, and leave us desolate, and give it to some one that will improve upon it, and gain other talents. Paul says in 2 Tim. 2:4, “No man that warreth, entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.” And while God sends out his ministers, and requires faithfulness of them, let those who “stay by the stuff,” be likewise faithful in what God gives them to do, and not hinder the work by “muzzling the ox that treadeth out the corn.” And the laborer is worthy of his reward. 1 Tim. 5:18. God holds us responsible for the way we spend the time he gives us each one. Let us do nothing we cannot ask the blessings of God upon. “And whether ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do ALL to the glory of God.” It means much. God help us to realize it. Many dear souls all around are famishing for the bread of life, and that which they eat of the good word of God is trodden down by false shepherds. Eze. 34:18, 19. And they are told the day of miracles is past, and it is not necessary for the Lord to heal in these days. How terrible to take the food right out of their mouths and do away with half the gospel at once, when God says, “I WILL THAT THOU PROSPER AND BE IN HEALTH, EVEN AS THY SOUL PROSPERETH.” 3 John 2. Praise his name! Yours in Jesus,

Della Gardner.


News from the Field.


Bessemer, Ala., May 3.

Dear Saints: After my last report from Carrollton, Ga., I came to Anniston, and stopped a few days and came on to Bessemer where the Lord has raised up a little church. Any one passing through here will find a welcome at the home of Bro. and Sister L. S. Jackson. Closed meeting Sunday with a glorious ordinance service. I leave here for Anniston. Your brother in Christ,

Charles Oglesby.

West Wheeling, O., May 7.

Dear Brethren in the Providence of our Lord: We have just returned from Union town, Wetzel Co., West Va., where the Lord has been working among his people, where we met dear Bro. A. W. Showalters whom the Lord healed of cancer and gave him a new lip instead of the one the cancer had eaten off. Also Bro. Eulon had been through this country distributing tracts and Trumpets which had greatly prepared the way for the precious seed. We have never been in a place where the people so generally received the Word; the truth has now swept this country and we believe a rich harvest will be gathered. About twenty souls were added to the Lord, a few sanctified and several healed. Seven buried with Christ in baptism.

We are trusting the Lord for the means to procure the West Virginia tabernacle in time for a meeting at Littleton about July 15th. $39.25 has been received for tabernacle already.

G. T. Clayton and Co.,

West Wheeling, O.


Sullivan, Ill.

Dear Ones in the Lord: It has been some time since I have penned a line for publication. The last twelve months have been the most glowing of all my life. My travels through Indiana, Illinois and Missouri have been continually accepted of the dear Lord. The mighty power of God has been sent forth to dispel demons, heal the sick, to justify and sanctify, to stop the mouths of gainsayers, and to keep my soul on the forward move. May the dear Lord reward all for their kindness to us.

We are now at Sullivan, Ill. where there are a few faithful ones. They have an unfinished meeting house which they are using for meetings. Any of the traveling ministry will receive a welcome at Bro. and Sister McCune’s or Sister Mast’s. From here we expect to go to Eugene, Ind. where through the united labors of dear Bro’s Pike, Husted, myself and co-workers, thirty souls have stepped out into the narrow way. This place is to be our future home. Any of our friends wishing to write us will direct to this place. Yours saved and kept,

W. A. Davison.




Spokane, Wash.

Dear Saints of the Most High: I believe it is the Lord’s will for me to write of his dealings with us in this wicked city. We have put in six months in the mission work. It has been quite a testing time for us, and while there have not been the results we had hoped to see, we have been assured that the Lord has been with us. We have been permitted to see the work of God in saving, sanctifying, and healing many during our stay here. It means much to have that faith that “will not shrink though pressed by every foe.” I can praise the Lord for the lessons he has taught me, and know they will be helpful for our advancement in our souls, and in the work of God for his glory. The precious seed of gospel truth has been sown, has gone forth, and will have its influence and, we trust, bring forth fruit for the glory of God. Our faith has been tested many times and in many ways but we could but trust God and he has proved a present help in time of need. Work in the mission has closed until after camp meeting season, and then we believe it will open up again, and perhaps in a different way so that we shall be able to reach more people. Yours in the one body,

George Martin and Wife.


Fern, Pa., May 1.

Dear Holy Ones in Jesus: We are still saved and have the victory. Since our last report we have been in one meeting with Bro. and Sister Rowe and company; some souls have been made happy in the Lord and some healed of their sicknesses and diseases. One sister had catarrh in her head of long standing, whom the Lord instantly healed. Praise his dear name! Truly he hath borne our sicknesses and our infirmities and is able to do exceedingly abundantly above what we can think or ask. In the last meeting some made their way out of F. M. ism, getting back into the old paths. Jer. 6:16.

We are now at this place, and some have been delivered out of the snare of the devil who had been taken captive. We do hope they will now make their calling and election sure. With a few exceptions the remnant at this place have been standing true to the Lord, and advancing in the humility and love of Jesus. We have truly enjoyed a great feast in meeting with the church here. May the good Lord reward them all for their care of us while in their midst. We had expected to be at the C. M. but will not be able to go this time. From here we may go to our former home and after a short stay with the church there go to other places as the Lord directs. We are in need of a consecrated sister to sing with us and work in the meetings. Any one who is consecrated to suffer and go through for Jesus, write us.

J. S. and Nannie McCoy, and Anna Reits.


Grand Junction, Mich., May 12.

On thursday May 7, we went to Chicago to purchase some machinery for the office, and while there met Bro’s Tufts and Collins, who have been faithfully laboring for souls at the “Open Door Mission.” The mission rooms at 396 Dearborn St. were at that time being remodeled, they having contracted to rent the building another year for twelve hundred dollars. They have also rented a comfortable home on Vernon Ave., in which the family will live, and which will no doubt be at once used as a divine healing home, as a number of sick persons are awaiting the doors to be opened for them. Men only are admitted at the mission home as regular inmates, and an extensive woodyard is run in connection with the mission in order to furnish employment for the homeless and destitute until more promising places open up for them. We believe the blessings of God are upon the efforts put forth by the consecrated workers at the mission.

Arriving home next day I received a message to come to Battle Creek, Mich., as Sister Emma Miller was lying at the point of death. When I reached there I found her so low that her friends were not admitted into the room. For some time she had been unable to speak above a whisper. After a short season of prayer, we anointed her according to James 5:14, and offered the “prayer of faith,” and she immediately joined in the singing of No. 170, Echoes from Glory, — “I am Healed.” Her voice was instantly restored, and she could turn herself in bed. As soon as supper could be prepared she arose and walked alone out into the dining room and ate supper with the family. The next afternoon she was able to play and sing some spiritual songs and entertain her friends, also went over to her neighbors telling what great things the Lord had done for her. To God be all the glory. She is the sister who was blind for three years, and was instantly healed some years ago in answer to prayer; whose testimony is in the book, “Divine Healing of Soul and Body.”

— (Ed.)


Darlington, S. C., Apr. 29.

To all the Saints of God, Greeting: May great grace be upon you all. We can report that we are saved to day through the precious blood of Jesus Christ, and in fellowship with God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and all the saints. Our last report was from Charleston. From there we came to Darlington and remained one night. Then by private conveyance we went to Stokes Bridge, twenty miles away, where an assembly meeting had been announced. Here we met a number of saints with a fair congregation of sinners. The work had been opened up in this country by Bro. J. E. Shaw, some time before his death; but heresy had crept in, and fanatical spirits had taken hold of the work, until it was on the point of utter ruin. Almost the entire work was under the influence of these spirits, who had been lording it over God’s heritage. These jealous, faultfinding, picking, selfish spirits are found in the persons of H. B. Blackwell and Rivie Lee Shaw, of Darlington. They tried to influence the saints against the GOSPEL TRUMPET and those who were in fellowship with it, saying that the TRUMPET had recently become filled with error. We labored with them to get them to renounce their error and humble themselves before God until he should save their souls. All efforts proving fruitless, it has become our duty to warn all the saints, both here and elsewhere, against them, until they shall repent and get salvation. We warn the saints against their teaching or fellowshipping them. Regard them as deceived, deluded souls. About all the saints in this locality have made their escape, for which we give God all the glory. May the dear Lord help them to be humble enough to escape all the delusions of the devil.

Bro. E. B. Haynes has taken a bold stand against these delusions and goes forth to bear the message of salvation for soul and body. May the presence of God ever keep him humble and his heart and life pure, and give him many souls for his hire. We shall continue here until the Lord is through with us and needs us elsewhere. We ask all the saints to pray for us and the work in this country. There is work for consecrated souls in the South, but none need come unless God sends.

Our present address is Darlington, S. C. and our permanent address is Grand Junction, Mich. Your saved brother and sister,

J. F. and Kittie Lundy.



“Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.” – Psa. 119:129


St. Charles, Mich.

Dear Saints: I feel led to write my testimony for the first time. I can truly praise the Lord to day for his kindness to me. I can say that he healed me both soul and body on the first day of March. Praise his dear name! He has helped me through many other trials and temptations. I want all to pray for me that I may be kept humble. Your sister all on the altar,

Mrs. L. V. Southworth.


Tippecanoe, Ind.

I do feel like praising God this morning by giving a short testimony. I can say I am still saved and kept by the hand of God. O it is so good to trust in God for all things. I can truly say the Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He doth supply all my needs. I can take him for my physician; and I expect to trust him while he lets me live: Praise God forever! Your sister in the one body,

C. Fribly.


Moscow, Miss.

Dear saints of God: My testimony to day is, God still saves and sanctifies me wholly. I have victory in my soul over all the power of Satan; and I do praise the Lord for salvation that keeps us from sin. I have many things to thank God for. Praise his holy name! I am so glad I ever heard the gospel preached in its purity, and I do thank God that I had a willing heart to accept salvation. O thank God for delivering me out of bondage and making me free in Jesus! I am glad that I ever learned to trust the Lord in all things for he is my refuge in every time of need, for which I give him all the glory. Pray for me. Your sister in the one body,

Catie Gibson.

Campbellsburg, Ky.

Dear Saints of God: I praise God to day for salvation from all sin through Jesus, and for love, joy, and peace shed abroad in my heart through the Holy Ghost, and for healing my body and again giving me strength. Oh bless the Lord for his goodness and his wonderful works to the children of men! This is a new place where the people have never heard anything but sectism, but I pray that many souls may be brought to the light and be able to discern the body of Christ which is the church. I would love to see any of the saints who may be passing this way. Pray for me and my family that we may understand the Lord’s will and walk in the light. Yours in the one body,

Minnie D. Wade.


South Whitley, Ind.

Dear Ones in Christ: We send our testimony for the first time. We are trusting God for full and free salvation. We praise the Lord that he ever brought us out of darkness and placed us in the light and liberty of the gospel of peace. Wife and I are the only ones we know of in this place that are in the evening light. Would like some true gospel worker to come here and preach the pure gospel.

We firmly believe in divine healing. My wife and myself are somewhat afflicted in our bodies. Will the dear saints pray for us that we may be healed, and that our faith may be stengthened in the advancement for the glory of God? Yours in the one body in Christ,

Joseph Keenon and Wife.


Thompsonville, Mich.

Dear Brothers and Sisters: I praise God for full and free salvation, and for what he has done for me. I had the LaGrippe twice this winter, and was healed in answer to prayer, and I give God all the glory. I am a girl only sixteen years of age. My father and mother are both saved, and that is a great help to me. I have temptations, but, thank God, when I go to him in prayer he always makes a way for my escape. There are only a few of us here that stand for the Lord alone, but we do have some glorious meetings. The Lord does wonderfully bless our souls. We give God all the praise and glory for it. I ask the dear readers of the Trumpet to pray for me. I remain your true sister in Christ,

Alma Dyer.


Huntington, Ind.

Beloved Saints: I feel led to write my testimony for the Trumpet once more for the glory of God and the good of souls. I pray God that it may prove a blessing to all that may read it.

I am praising the deair Lord for a full and a complete salvation, and I have it deep down in my soul. I have the real “go through” in my soul to stand for Jesus. I have been wonderfully tried with afflictions of my body this spring, which I believe has caused me to sink deeper down into God. I am trusting it all with the Lord. The dear Lord has been very near and dear to me through it all. He is my physician for soul and body. He has always proved true to me as far as my faith went. He has wonderfully touched my body with his healing power, but I am not stout yet. I feel my dependence is all on God. “Though he slay me yet will I trust him.” My heart often pains me when I see so many souls starving for the bread of life, and going down the road to ruin; and yet some are willing to come and be saved if they only could hear the true gospel preached. Oh dear ones, who is willing to go into the by-ways and hedges and bring them in? I feel the real burning love of God in my soul for the rescue of dying souls. I feel the weight of souls on me so heavy sometimes I can hardly stand it. Whenever the way opens for me I go and do all I can for their rescue. I feel that I am all sold out to live and die for Jesus and the sake of souls. I am on the advance for God. “ I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth.” — Psalms 34:1. Oh praise the Lord! I am learning precious lessons every day. Pray for me. Your humble sister saved and sanctified, and set apart for the Master’s use,

Sarah N. Wells.

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Christ as a Physician.


HE is an eminent physician for soul and body. Mat. 1:21; 8:16, 17. He says, “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.” — Mat. 28:18. He has lost none of his power, as we read in Heb. 13:8, “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, to day, and forever.” He is not only able to handle the most difficult cases, but we find that he is “able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,” Eph. 3:20, and, “My God shall supply all your needs.” — Phil. 4:19. The children of God are instructed to obey the Word and be healed by him. See Jas. 5:13-16. “ These signs shall follow them that believe, * * * they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.” — Mark 16:17, 18.

We are to have faith in Him and believe that what he says is true, and that it means us; then act on that belief. Jesus said, “If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.” Mark 9:23. Read Mark 11:23, 24. Jno. 15:7. 1 Jno. 5:14, 15.


Broke I Bone Healed.


Otwell, Pike Co., Ind.

Dear Saints: I cannot praise God enough for bringing me into the fold of Christ. My soul goes out in love for my blessed Redeemer who saved me from sectism and from all pride and fashion of this world and from everything that is not of God. On Apr. 28, 1896, while my husband and I were returning from town our horse got scared and turned our buggy over, breaking my right fore-arm about midway from elbow to the wrist. The ulna bone protruded through the flesh and skin at least one-half inch. On regaining my consciousness from the fall we again got into the buggy and went home, but I was in intense pain. My husband and myself set and straightened my arm the best we knew how and left the results with God. Praise his holy name forever! We sent requests for prayer to several of our neighbor brethren and sisters, and the pain ceased at once and I went to sleep. About midnight I awoke and my arm was as well as the other one; only a scar could be seen which is still on my arm. No doubt left there for a living testimony for myself, and others who doubt divine healing. Oh praise God for his healing power! Praise God for a family physician that is always with us! I do praise God for victory in my soul over the devil and all his works, and for salvation that keeps me from all sin. I give God all the glory. Your saved sister, sanctified and kept,

Lina Teague.


M. E. ism vs. The Church of God.


HEARING the voice of our heavenly Father saying to the ministers of truth, “Show the house [church of God. 1 Tim. 3:15] to the house of Israel [professed church], that they maybe ashamed of their iniquities; and let them measure the pattern, Ezek. 43:10, and feeling the worth of souls, I desire to present to the mind of every thinking individual the difference between the church of Jesus and the human ecclesiastical dragnets of deception, that denominate themselves the “Churches of God.”

The quotations given herein furnish ample material for the purpose under consideration. A number of extracts I take from a letter written to the bishops of the M. E. sects, by F. F. Passmore, 957 Clifton Avenue, Denver, Col., a preacher of the same persuasion who speaks the truth in reference to fallen Babylon or sectism. He writes.

dear bishops: I write you on some of the great questions that are facing us as the professed ministers of the Lord Jesus Christ. I crave your attention while I point out what an unfaithful ministry has done in the past and is doing to day to uphold wrong, oppression, ignorance, immorality, and crime, and to lead the world away from Christ rather than to him.

This “unfaithful ministry” is just what has cursed the world with multiplicity of “damnable heresies,” or sectish inventions of man that “deny the Lord” instead of leading sinners to him — 2 Pet. 2:1-3. These hirelings have scattered God’s people, Jer. 23:1, 2, Crying, Lo here, and lo there, is Christ, until the world has become confused, skeptics rise on every side, infidels scoff at salvation because of the ungodly flame of degeneracy that has devoured the sectish priests has spread throughout the earth and is preying upon the unregenerated professed church. Unbelievers are multiplied because of the sectish creeds (Jno. 17:21-23) manufactured by this “unfaithful ministry.” Again,

You see, or should see, that the criminal classes are ruling this nation and the church, and that in the midst of plenty their is poverty, hunger, want and starvation, and that a wave — a black wave of immorality and general ruin — is rolling across the nation.

Here the writer confounds the Satanic operated ecclesiastical machinery of modern invention with the spotless bride of Jesus. “The church is governed by Christ — Isa. 9:6. He is the head — Eph. 1:22, 23. And works all in all. — 1 Cor. 12:4-6. We know that the M. E. sect and every other ism of sin is operated by ungodly men. No wonder they have been run to ruin in one century by such operators. Knowing this, let every honest soul obey the call, “Come out of her, my people.”

We have no Sabbath; the worst men are promoted to office, the poor are oppressed, womanhood is outraged, drunkness, gambling, horse racing, political corruption, suicides, lynchings and burning men alive after mutilation, are some of the things we see in this country, that claims to be a Christian nation: a nation that has eighteen Methodist bishops. 30,000 Methodist preachers, and some millions of Methodist members. I think it time to call a halt and see where the trouble lies and who responsible for the condition of things as we find them to day.

The “poor are oppressed.” Can it be denied that many modern preachers who hire out for a stipulated salary receive their pay many times from the poor washer woman, house cleaner, etc., who give their only means of sustenance to the hired priest? I think not.

“Drunkenness.” There is a cause for this. M. E. preachers by the hundreds (and others too) and thousands of their members are polluted by the filthiness of tobacco in almost every form. This dread ful vice is taught to the youth by preacher and layman and has a great tendency to lead the young to the habit of intoxicating drinks. They cry temperance and yet hold to, practice, yea, even fight for one of the greatest foes to temperance that hell can devise.

“Gambling.” Where can you find more gambling than is practiced by the M. E. sect and others. Their grabbag festivals are intended for a swindle; their raffling schemes where an organ or other objects are gambled for, are after the same pattern as the Louisiana lottery, only on a smaller scale. They are no more of God than Diamond Dick’s g me of swindling. Those outside of your sect who gamble, you say are going to despair. Yet you have brought these diabolical inventions into your so called church with the finger prints of Satanic operation on every side, and seem to think they are sanctified by being brought under the hypocrital garment of an empty profession. Shame! O God wake poor deceived souls from their slumber of death!

“Horse racing.” Is it not an evident fact that if you desire to find a modern Methodist you are required to visit the fairs and races? For there you will find ten where but one attends prayer meeting. If you fail to find him at the races, you will succeed by giving the “social” a visit. Perchance for a little recreation he has strolled off to the “foot and toe festival.” Peradventure you find his children there, but not him; just pass on to the box supper across the way, and you will find him enjoying a meal with another man’s wife. May Omnipotence enable every conscientious soul to leap over these walls of confusion and everlasting shame, and abide in Jesus. Amen.

To day, the power behind saloons, houses of prostitution, corruptness in politics and oppression, is the Methodist Episcopal Church, headed by her bishops.

Here is the mystery solved. I have often wondered why the more preachers there were the worse the world grew. I have tried to conceive how that immorality and vice of every description could spread with such rapidity in the last quarter of a century. But the solution is readily attained when we consider these forces of iniquity pushed along by thirty thousand Methodist preachers with their millions of members, headed by eighteen bishops, saying nothing about the hundreds of corrupt sects with thousands of preachers and millions of members that are aiding the M. E’s in this soul-destroying campaign. Methinks there are myriads of voices rising from the unseen, crying for vengeance upon the soul-destroying machine operated by bishop and priest, inspired by the devil.

Mr. Passmore is a member of this institution and one of her thirty thousand preachers; has his place in her ranks, and himself helps this immoral sect along. More yet, he labors to make people believe this sect to be the church of God; takes them into the same corrupt ism that he denounces; shoves them under the influence of these fallen bishops and preachers who use them as tools to disseminate more of their “deviltry” throughout the world. He is spending his life to reinforce this great army that is destroying humanity. To him I say, My dear friend, you should at once obey the call of God, get out of this devil- operated machine, and come to mount Zion where all who dwell are led by Jesus Christ, the great and only bishop of our souls. 1 Pet. 2:25. And are arrayed against all manner of sin, free from Satan’s influence. Praise the Lord! Will you come out and take a stand for the truth? If not, you must face the inevitable, which will be eternal destruction with all this host of sin and sin lovers.

It is a spectacle, and a source of sadness in heaven and demoniacal joy in hell, that the greatest powers on earth to day behind the saloon is the Methodist Episcopal Church.

What a picture! That the saloon and drunkenness are of the devil, all must admit. And if the M. E. sect is the “greatest power” behind all this, then the only conclusion to be drawn, is that M. E. ism is the most infernal agent that the devil is privileged to use in the destruction of the immortal element of man. What think ye?

It is a historical but lamentable fact that our bishops have arraigned the church on the wrong side of every great issue between light and darkness, right and wrong.

The church of God is founded upon the apostles and prophets. Eph. 2:20. And Ezekial in describing the church to be established in the gospel economy, uses simple illustrations to convey to the mind the perfection of the bride of Christ. In chapter 10 God’s people are represented as “wheels,” or the agents used to transport the ark of truth to a dying world; in other words, the means God uses to accomplish his purposes. These wheels follow the head. Verse 11. The head is Christ, Col. 1:18, 24, who is represented as cherubims denoting the fulness of knowledge, purity of character, and beauty of truth. God’s people are the body? of Christ. 1 Cor. 12:27. The body is the church. Eph. 1:23. Therefore the church stands by the cherubim, verse 9; that is, in the fulness of power and purity. And the cherubim stood on the right side of the house. Verse 3. The house, or church, 1 Tim. 3:15, contains salvation through divine power and is the great issue that separates between right and wrong.

By this we see that the divine organization purchased by the blood of Jesus, always stands at the right side of every God-wrought reformation. The Word of truth severely condemns sectism, and as God takes the right side, the M. E. sect which is opposed to his word could but take the opposite side. Mr. Passmore should not be too rough with his sect, for it was born on the wrong, side, nourished on the wrong side, receives its power from the wrong side, therefore we always expect to see it fight for the wrong side. At the judgment she will come up on the wrong side. So escape her now and abide in the truth which is always on the right side.

W. A. Haynes.

(To be continued.)



“Thy Testimonies are Wonderful.” – Psa. 119:129.


Knobel, Ark.

Beloved Brethren in Christ. I must write for the first time what the good Lord has done for me and my family. I have been living in the Southern M. E. sect for the last few years, but the blessed Lord led me to renounce sectism shortly after attaching myself to the sect; but I had never heard the pure word of God preached until Sister Belle Stetler came in here last fall teaching the evening light. I have been greatly strengthened in the Lord. The Lord has healed my little boy, Chester, aged twelve years, of pneumonia, after lying eight days without eating anything, or sitting up for five minutes at any time. Also my entire family have been cured from the use of tobacco. Praise the Lord! Now, dear saints, I want you to pray for me and my wife that we may be wholly sanctified in the Lord; also for the healing of my body of consumption, catarrh, and kindred diseases. I have not been able to labor any for two years. I can take God for my physician. Yours in Christ,

H. C. Bryan.


Dayton, Ohio.

Dear Trumpet Readers: It is now nearly two years since affliction came upon me with such pain all through my body that no one knows what I suffered, excepting my God alone; for I cannot tell it; it was too great. I took a heavy cold and cough, and my chest and shoulders were very sore. I learned then that I was not able to do anything in my own strength, for I had none of my own; but still did all my own work for a family of five. But I would pray the dear Lord to keep me up, and he did. Praise his dear name! This lasted about two months, and I prayed and trusted till the Lord took it away.

But that was not all. I had to go through another trial, this time in my head, first the earache, then toothache. My head would pain me so I would just walk the floor with my hands pressed to my head, crying unto the Lord to have mercy. This lasted about four months. But I was willing to suffer and would say, “If I am to be perfected through my sufferings, amen.” God was trying me, proving me, and I stood still and saw the salvation of the Lord. I obeyed the command in Jas. 5:14 and was anointed, and was healed of what I was anointed for in one week. Praise the Lord! Then in the meantime my little girl was severely afflicted with tonsilitis. Her throat was white from the end of her tongue as far down as we could see. I gave her no remedy, but trusted our great Physician who healeth all our diseases (Matt. 8:17); and in less than a week her throat was healed. Praise our God! Then in the fall of 1895 I had another trial by a gathering on my right thumb. But God healed it after waiting for a time. And in that I learned to let patience have her perfect work. — James 1:4.

If we have more faith in God our sufferings will be easy to bear and we shall be healed. I send these lines out in the name of the Lord and trust they will do some dear ones some good, and make them stronger in the Lord. Do not be afraid to trust your case in the hands of God, let it be what it may. He will never leave you nor forsake you.

I remain a sister, sanctified, healed and kept by the power of God. Pray for us.

Anna Kendig.





TO talk of making advancement in patience after sanctification, would at one time have seemed rediculous to me. But I see now that I did not fully comprehend the definition of impatience. I made it synonymous with the word anger, and thought that to be impatient simply meant to be angry; but I now see that impatience is a much broader term than that. Anger is not all that is included in this word. It also includes some things that are manifest in the sanctified, which shows the necessity for an advancement, or a more full development of the grace of patience in that state.

It is scriptural to say that sanctification destroys all anger out of the heart, but it is not scriptural to say that sanctification destroys all impatience, because the Bible showS that there is an advancement to be made in this, as well as other graces, after we are sanctified. The second epistle of Peter is addressed “to them that have obtained like precious faith with us.” — 2 Pet. 1:1. Doubtless he meant by these words, that he was writing to those who had obtained the same experience of full salvation that the apostles had obtained; namely, sanctification. In verse four he shows how that we are by the great and precious promises of the gospel, made “partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.” Surely these words imply an experience of perfected holiness.

But what further does he say to his sanctified brethren? “And beside this” — What! something beside getting justified and sanctified wholly? Yes; something besides all this. What is it, Bro. Peter? “Besides all this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge; and to knowledge temperance; and to temperance patience; and to patience godliness; and to godliness brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness charity.” Observe that the apostle places patience in the catalogue of grace to be added after we are sanctified. Now if impatience included nothing more than anger which is destroyed with carnality, in sanctification, how could we add patience after we have obtained that experience? The word patience must mean more than many of us have hitherto supposed.

Let us now point to some things that are not anger, but are properly demoninated impatience. Suppose you are going to take the train. You are yet one-half mile from the depot. A ou look at your watch and find that you have just five minutes till train time. You grow uneasy, and become so over anxious that the flow of peace in your soul is somewhat interrupted. You are not angry. You have nothing to be angry at. The unrest is owing to an insufficient trust in God to maintain the real sweetness in our experience, in the face of adverse circumstances.

In your patience possess ye your souls.” — Luke 21:19.

Some times when petitioning the Lord the same spirit of over anxiety is manifest, if we do not receive the answer immediately. This also reveals a deficiency of patience, and is sufficient to convince us that we need an advancement on that line. I waited patiently on the Lord; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry.” — Psa. 40:1. In many places if we look around us diligently, we may see some room for advancement in patience, even after we enter the blissful state of perfected holiness. But let no one feeling a stir of carnality in his heart endeavor to hide behind what has here been said, for such are truly unsanctified.

Wm. G. Schell.

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