15 December 1884, Volume 6, Number 20.


By D. S. Warner.

Let all the families of the redeemed com­mit to memory these lines, teach them to your children, and sing them to some long meter tune, as you sit down to your table, and God will accept it as sweet incense, from your hearts.

To God we hymn our greatful praise,
For blessings new, that crown our days.
T’is from Thy hand of love Divine,
We feed once more these bodies, thine.

We thank Thee, Lord, for this our food,
And praise Thee more for Jesus blood.
We eat and live to God alone,
Who makes our heart His blissful throne.




Barry Ill., Nov. 6th 1884.

Dear Brethren: — I have been reading the Trumpet but cannot agree with you. I lament over the iniquities of the church­es as much as you do; and would love to see a return to primitive holiness. But while you make war on all other church­es, or sects, you are striving to build up another. Whenever the Lord’s children associate themselves together to worship God, they become a sect, and will soon receive a name, whether they assume it or not.

It is painful to see such a denouncing spirit toward the church that has made them all they are, that brought them from darkness to light, and from the power of satan to God.

God has blessed and used these sects in bringing many from the power of sin to a saving faith in Jesus. They have been the only medium that christianity has given to the world of lost sinners, and through which we receive all bles­sings, civil and religious. It would be the greatest calamity, and disaster I could imagine for all the churches to disband.

Your Brother.

A. Earley.


The assertion that we are building up another sect is without a shadow of truth. The idea that christians associating togeth­er in the name of Christ constitutes us a sect betrays ignorance of what a sect is. Sects are cut off parts from Christ. They are not made by gathering together in Christ, but a centralization, or joining to­gether, upon some other point than that of Jesus only. They become a sect whether their rallying ground is truth or error. for instance, baptism, — immer­sion — is scriptural, but when men gave greater prominence to the truth of bap­tism than to the embracing of Christ our salvation, they naturally constituted the baptist sect. Again when the devil found men possessing sufficient blindness to make them believe that they had no im­mortal soul, and that christians were un­der the Sinai covenant; and sufficient pre­sumption to think they knew the day the Lord would come back to earth, on these three lies he founded the “damna­ble sect” of law-ventists. The former sect is founded on a truth, the lat­ter on lies, nevertheless both are sects, because they, with all other isms, are bodies of men, held together by the adoption of a common creed, and party name, and rallying to their special sect views. God’s Church is organized by Himself; these schisms, by men. The Church is composed of all that are made alive in Christ Jesus; the sects have some christians and many sinners in their folds. Christ is the door into the Church, preachers admit to the sects. “By me if any man enter — into the Church — he shall be saved,” but entering into the door or a sect society does not produce salvation in the soul.

When men and women ad hear only to Jesus, recognize and belong to no organ­ization but the body of Christ, meet only in His name for worship. Have their “names written in heaven,” and upon no class book. Leave Christ be the head and ruler of His own body, managing all the members as He wills choosing whom He may to teach them, recognizing all persons that give scriptural evidence of a living union with Christ, as members of His one body in which they adhere, namely the Church of the Firstborn; when they thus cleave to Christ alone, in whom is every child of God, in heaven and earth, it is not in the power of men and devils to prove them a sect. They are only “members in particular,” of the whole body of living saints. Hence every such assertion is cither a willful or an ig­norant falsehood charged upon God’s children, of which Christ will say in the day of judgment, “In as much as ye have lied against one of the least of my little ones, ye have done it unto me.” God says: “there should be no schism — sects — in the body.” In Galatians 5, “heresies,” which are sects, are classed with a long catalogue of works of the flesh, and it is declared that they that do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of heaven. In Romans 16:17, 18, Paul writes, “Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them that cause divisions — sects — and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. For they that are such, serve not our Lord Jesus Christ.” Again, “A man that is an heretic, — sectarian — after the first and second admonition, reject; knowing that he that is such is subverted, and sin­neth, being condemned of himself.” — Ti­tus 3:10, 11. Peter calls sects, “damnable heresies.” 2 Pet. 2:1. And with all these denunciations from God against sects blind men say: “Whenever the Lord’s children associate themselves together to worship God, they become a sect.” Ac­cording to this abominable reasoning, be­cause the children of God assembled to­gether to serve the Lord, therefore they “serve not our Lord Jesus Christ.” And by “forsaking not the assembling of them­selves together,” as they are divinely ad­monished they become “damnable,” “sub­verted and sinneth.”

Again, behold the idolatrous assertion that “the church — meaning the sect — has made us all we are,” “brought them from darkness to light,” etc. yea, these sect “works of the flesh,” are the “only medi­um Christianity has given to the world of sinners, and through which we receive all blessings.” Surely this is just what Paul said the sectarians did, i.e., “denying the Lord Jesus that bought them.” It is a sad fact that for the mass of sectarians Christ our Savior has done very little, therefore they have little or no salvation: and the sect has done all for them that has been done, therefore they are very sectish. While we receive the above tes­timony as a true statement of sectarians, dead in trespasses and in sins; the Re­deemed of the Lord testify that Christ has done all for them, that ever has been done, and through Him they receive every blessing, civil and religious. The assertion that “God has used these sects in bringing many from the power of sin to Christ,” is wholly false. In the name of Jesus Christ, we assert that God has nev­er used any, or all the sects on earth in the salvation of a single soul. God never worked by, or through a sectarian organ­ization on earth. God has blessed the truth to the salvation of souls, when preached by men who ignorantly belong­ed to sects. But that He so used them because of their relation to the sect, or that the salvation of souls was in any sense the fruit of the sect license which they held, we unhesitatingly deny, and we think no man is so blind and bigoted as to make such an assertion, No, sects have never been used of God in the salva­tion of a soul, and no man or woman has ever been used of God because of their relation with the sect; but so far as any has been used at all, it has been in spite of their connection with the sect. Just to the extent that they have been dead to the sect relations, and alive to the Christ relation, has God blessed their labors: and just to the extent that they have been interested and influenced by the interests of their sect, have their efforts come short of the genuine fruits of salvation. Therefore no sect has been the means of salvation, but all sects, from the mother to the youngest daughter, have al­ways been hindrances to the work of sal­vation. The desire to please and build up “Our Church,” which is the direct and inevitable fruit of sect membership, is a secondary motive, which always forfeits the blessing of God that rests upon the “single eye,” which, “sees Jesus only.”

And just as individual members of the Christ body must fling their sect from their heart and mind, if they want God to really bless their labors; so whole sects must literally ignore their party, name, and creed, if they want God to revive His work. This fact is well known, and often confessed among sectarians. And quite frequently they attempt to pro­mote revivals by acting upon it. How common it is for the sect preacher on be­ginning a protracted meeting, to say to his congregation. “Now if you want a reviv­al here you, must all work together; you must lay aside all your sectarian preju­dice, and sectarian interests, and work in unity for the salvation of perishing souls.” If a Methodist preacher, he says, “This is not a Methodist, but an un-sectarian effort to bring sinners to Jesus, and one which all christians are interested in.” Moody says, the measure of unity among all de­nominations in his meetings is the measure of success. Others have said the same. And often we see several sects in one vill­age set aside their respective sect organ­izations and join in union meetings, to rescue souls from sin. And these meet­ings, when they do sincerely cast from them their sect pens, have been blessed of God, in the salvation of souls. These are facts that no intelligent mind can de­ny; and they prove that the sect is never used of God, but is of the devil, and that God’s children that have been ensnared in them can only receive God’s blessing upon their labors while they put away from them the abomination. It, is also a fact that these union efforts are paralyzed just to the extent the various sect mem­bers refuse to drop their sect idol, and drink in the anti-sectarian spirit of Jesus only, and the salvation of souls. And very often where God has been able to draw the people out of their sect holes, and to some extent enlist their united efforts to save sinners, the devil has overthrown the whole work by a relapse of the devil­ish, selfish, crafty, sect spirit and policy, soon alter the revival effort is passed. As the revival fever, which was somewhat excited by the special awakening of the mind to the condition of lost souls, goes down, the sect fever again raises until it reaches a blood heat of jealousy, rivalry, proselyting, and every cunning desire to gather in, and string up the best of the fish. Hence instead of being a means of saving souls, the sects of babylon are on­ly the devil’s tools to obstruct, and over­throw what little good God has been able to do through His children that have been made a prey by joining them.

Does God ever use a sect organization to save souls? Never. Because God only works by the united effort of all His saints in a given place. But sect organ­izations prevent that flowing together by their partition wall. God cannot use His instruments while mixed, and inter-united with unbelievers, sinners, and world-lings, and sects are bundles in which the “chil­dren of the kingdom” are bound up with dead and rotten branches, briers and thorns. Again, to carry on a revival meet­ing, the Holy Spirit cannot use the sect or­ganizations, because they do not constitute the elements of God’s organization; and before God can work, He must gather out of all of them, His acceptable vessels, bring them over the dividing walls, and organize them together in the unity of the Spirit, und very generally the sect idol is so enthroned, and the walls so high that the revival effort is entirely de­feated thereby.

Therefore we repeats it, that all sects on earth have never been blessed and owned of God, as instrumental in the salvation of a single soul, but on the contrary, they are only, and constantly obstructions in the way of the Holy Spirit. How could God bless and use the sects when His Word pronounces them “damnable?”

The brother thinks it were a great ca­lamity for the sects to disband. So sure as the Bible is true, such an event would fill heaven and earth with praises, and hell with groans. It would at once de­throne the dragon, that old serpent, the devil, from his advantage ground of pro­fessed church membership. It would turn an immense army of proud, dead, Godless, big saleried priests out, of the pulpit, where they preach themselves and not Christ Jesus our Lord. It would dissolve the bands and yokes that join saints and sinners, and while the latter would find their level with the world, the saved would naturally be attached together in bonds of love, and gathered to the name of Christ, and this were just what God is accomplishing by calling His people out.



God’s Wonderful Dealings



I was converted one day and wholly sanctified the next, two years ago the sec­ond and third of last August. I was at the time very feeble and blind. The Lord assured me of my entire purification in the following wonderful manner. The day following my assurance of pardon I was wholly consecrating myself to God, and believing for the fullness of His love. Nearly all night I was praying to Him. In the morning the Lord appeared to me. Though blind I could see Him sitting gen­tly down, and I was lying in His arms, seemingly about the size of a child two years old. The Savior was robed in pure white, and myself the same. While sweet­ly lying in His loving arms, I could move my body and hands with perfect ease, turn my head and eyes, to gaze upon His heav­enly robes, and thus familiarly as an inno­cent child in its mothers arms, gaze up into the lovely face of the Lord. I was perfectly conscious, and wide awake. This childhood state seemed indescribably sweet and heavenly. I felt and acted as a little child. O how pure, innocent and lovely.

Though I was thus consciously lying in the Saviors arms, I seemed also to occupy the place of a spectator, viewing with holy rapture, the celestial scene.

The next day the blessed Redeemer appeared to me again. I was again folded in His arms, and clasped to His loving breast. But this time the loving Jesus, by His Divine power, began to ascend with me into the heavens, up, UP, we kept rising into the cloudless sky. When far up in the heavens, the Lord unfolded His arms, and I, instantly finding myself in possession of a pair of sweet snow white wings, flew out of His bosom, and flew about His head, five or six times. Then He lovingly opened His arms, and I dropp­ed back into His holy embrace.

The third day the blessed Savior again appeared to me. O His wonderful, won­derful love and condescension, toward such an unworthy child, O such a sweet, holy and awful sense of the Divine presents.

To give you some idea of this heavenly visit, I ask you to imagine the holy Son of God, fresh from the courts above, arrayed with all of heavens beauty and glory, and myself a little snow white cherub, nestled in His breast with my little snowy arms, a­bout His neck, and my face reclining against His client. “Up, UP we ascended again, O so high. Like a little child, I did not feel the slightest shade of fear: occasionally I looked downward, and then my peaceful, tranquil eyes gazed into the heavenly face of the Lord, and up into the azure sky. Far above us I saw a large white cloud, we seemed to be mounting up up, UP to­ward the cloud. My eyes frequently turned from a downward look, then up to the cloud. I knew the Savior meant to pass over the cloud. O what heavenly rest and peace filled, my heart, as we so gently, but swiftly sped away through the open heavens. We passed over, and behind the cloud, and then the scene vanished, and the Savior disappeared.

These last two scenes and ascensions were each repeated twice; making in all five times the Lord appeared unto me.

To give any thing like a description of these wonderful manifestations, of the Lord to me, and His dealings with me, would be utterly impossible. The night before the Savior first appeared to me, I was so enveloped in the Divine Glory, and overawed by His presence, that I never slept a moment. The day and night fol­lowing the first visit from Heaven, I was still more carried away in thoughts of the Divine presence. I only slept part of an hour just before morning. The whole five days and nights, I was continually trans­ported from this world into the bosom of the Infinite. Though I was a feeble invalid, I ate scarcely any thing during the time, and only slept about four hours in the five days and nights. Yet each morning I felt refreshed as though I had slept all night.

I had seen so much defective religion that I had a horror of coming short of the gen­uine. So from the very beginning of my decision to give myself to Jesus; I fully resolved to do whatever was in my power, that seemed to be my duty, to seek and obey God. I had been very proud, but God helping me, I was enabled to take up every cross that presented itself to me, however crucifying, and mortifying. O how keenly I felt the death to this world. I suffered and writhed upon the cross, un­til sin fully expired.

During the second day of the Lord’s ap­pearing to me, and mostly while lying in the embrace of His dear arms, He gave me the following lines by the Holy Spirit, except the chorus which was added since I have been healed.

Blessed Jesus I do love Thee,
Spring of life Thou art to me;
Spring of never fading beauty.
Thou art mine, and Thou shalt be.

Cho. — Glory glory Hallelujah!
Jesus saves me from all sin;
At His feet I’ll humbly trust Him,
And eternal praises sing.

Yes I love Thee blessed Savior,
Thou O God a fountain art;
I will praise Thee and adore Thee,
Ne’er would I from Thee depart.

Love Thee, yes I’m Thine forever,
I would clasp my band in Thine;
With Thy tender mercy lead me,
Till I reach, the end of time.

Then with Thee we’ll join the number.
Of the loved ones now redeemed;
And we’ll sing with loud hosannas;
Unto Christ our God and King.

The same day I was strangely assured that I should be healed, and have my eyes opened. I did not know when it should be, or how; but I was sure it would come to pass.

The Wonderful light.

It was about nine months from this time until I was healed. During this period, at times when down in prayer, I could see a wonderful light about me. Though blind to objects in the room, and the light of day, it seemed the room was lit up by the presence of God. About two and one half weeks before the camp meeting of the saints at Bangor Mich., which began June 15, 1883, my mother received a letter from sister Coggon, who had been here at the Heath Home, which is near us, receiving treatment. She had been a great sufferer, but while here she took Christ for her Physician, and by faith started home, and was healed by the Lord. She wrote that she was still healed and fully saved. She also spake of the coming camp meeting at Bangor. Now all these months I had been looking to the Lord in reference to my healing, wondering when, where, and by what means He would do it. So when I heard that letter read I was much im­pressed by it, and went off to my room of secret prayer, to enquire of the Lord, if that were not the place where He would be pleased to heal me, and give me my sight. While there the light shone about me much brighter than ever before, and the Lord impressed me with a strong assur­ance that I should be healed at that camp meeting. I came right out of the parlor and told my parents these joyful tidings from the Lord.

When the time arrived I went with the utmost confidence that I should return seeing. So strong were my convictions of this fact that I took paper and envelopes with me, telling my friends that I should write them as soon as healed. The third day I was on the ground the heavenly light appeared to me. The next day it was more intensely bright, and the fifth, day it blazed around me like a great fire, far more exceedingly bright than I had ever witnessed. I was filled to the utter­most with the glory of God. A blessed assurance came to my soul that my eyes should be opened that day, I so informed the saints. Thank God it also came to pass, but as the readers of the Trumpet have had that most gracious event describ­ed, and as a tract is soon to appear giving the same, with the wonderful works of God to some other of His children, I will say no more in this connection.

For about four weeks I seemed to live wholly in the Divine Being. Every thing was sacred. I was wholly oblivious to the things of this world. At least I was far more conscious of dwelling in God, than in this terrestrial sphere. Nearly ever since my healing, this glorious light has been with me. About three months ago, while in the parlor praying, all at once the light changed from a glowing red to very white. In all these seasons of unusual illumination, there is an indescribable pres­ence of God to my soul, my whole being seems flooded with his hallowed presence. Recently, while communing with God in morning devotion, wave after wave of brilliant glory came over me, each wave was more deep red, deeper and deeper, O what a brilliant, rich and indescribably deep red. The next morning it turned to amber white. Sabbath November 30, while in our glorious little meeting, where all were filled with the awful power of God, the red light of heaven streamed down a­round me, this time it was like gold. O how wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! where shall these things end? Surely “Tis heaven come down to the sanctified whol­ly;” or earth has merged into heaven. Every day the light, either above the whiteness of the noonday Sun, or in crim­son glory, is becoming deeper and more and more wonderful. Although so far above any natural light, it is sweet and soft to my eyes, producing no unpleasant sensation. This morning the deep light of heaven that surrounds me, seems to posses a slight sparkle, something new again. With the daily increased depth and heav­enly glow of the light, there is also an in­crease of the power of God upon me. O how real and present He is to my enrap­tured soul! Sweetly these words come to me o’er and o’er:

Thy heavenly view to me so fair,
Is more than all the world besides.

And O How sweetly Jesus whispers to me. Some times when wiping dishes, He Bays to me, “Wipe them for me, my child.” Yes Lord I will. Then the very dish in my hand seems sacred, and my soul is aw­ed, as I carefully and sweetly wipe the dish for my dear Jesus. When sweeping the floor the voice of the Lord comes, “Will you sweep for me?” Yes Lord, I will do all things unto Thee. And then the very act of sweeping is invested with the most solemn and sacred service to the Lord. O how gently and carefully I move the broom over the floor for my blessed Jesus. Often when, in reply to the sweet voice of the Savior I do these little household acts, carefully and solemnly unto the, Lord, He sends the wonderful power of His Spirit upon me. O so sweet, so glorious. O my dearly beloved brethren and sisters in the Lord, I have no language to tell you my experience in this holy walk with God. About all I can say is this “O how sweet, how sweet, every thing is sweet, O so sweet.” Blessed be the name of the Lord from henceforth and forever. Amen!

And I am free.

Some of the dear saints thought strange that my mind was not led out sooner to see, and walk in the glorious light of the pres­ent offensive truth, respecting God’s Church and the various sects. But God seemed to have my soul and mind carried away into other fields of thought. Al­though my mind was not much awakened upon the subject, the Lord kept me free from the fellowship of these worldly formal denominations.

It was my happy privilege to attend the precious assembly meeting at Williamston Mich. last September, where the Lord showed me much light on this subject. While under the power of God, I could see in the red light before me a door, one nar­row door. I was led to God with this prayer, “O Lord if this is thy true Church, and you wish me to spend the rest of my life with these holy people, lead me by Thy Spirit to be baptized, and then in that sacred ordinance, show me by Thy power and blessing, that I am indeed walking in Thy will, in withdrawing from all the sect churches. Truly the Spirit of God did lead me with an intense desire to follow the Lord Jesus in this ordinance. I could not bear the thought of putting it off. On the way to the river, there was an inde­scribable, holy solemnity resting upon my soul: the very ground on which we walked, the people and every thing about us seem­ed sacred, and the air seemed pervaded by the very presence of God. I expected to be baptized the second one, but during the worship, the power of God came down upon me so greatly, that I could scarcely move, and that brilliant red light shone around me as bright as the day I was healed. O wonderful, wonderful fire of God’s love: so red, so deep, so soft and heavenly. While thus enveloped, and im­movably fixed in the glory of God three or four were baptized before me. Then I mov­ed forward and down into the water with the Divine power so upon me that I could barely walk. I was so lost in God that I scarcely knew when I was under the water. When I arose the crimson glory still shone around me and the mighty power of God was greatly increased. O what unutterable glory of God filled my soul. Bro. Warner had to wait for me a little, before I could begin to move toward the shore.

This was enough, my prayer was an­swered. Since that day the light of God’s truth is increasing more and more. Thank­ful I am to my dear Savior that He is lead­ing me in His own precious narrow way.

O  how blessed to be Joined to Jesus only. And O how He shows me the desolation, pride, and darkness of the sects. Truly they are the prophetic babylon. I have no more attraction to them than to the society of the world.

After returning from the Assembly meet­ing the Spirit of the Lord led me to write a note to the M. E. Pastor here requesting my name dropped from their Book. And now thank God! I am happy to say to the saints, I am free, I am free. How I love and appreciate

“The Church our blessed Redeemer saved,
With His own precious blood.”

The pure body of Christ, and all His members in particular, the holy saints. I tell these things to the glory of God, and for the love of Jesus, whose I am forever more.

I wish the prayers of the dear saints that I may be kept humble, pure, true and learning at the feet of my dear Savior.

I am so constantly filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, and become so overwhelm­ed when contemplating the wonderful dealing, and manifestations of God to such an unworthy worm, that I could not have written this narrative myself. So I prayed to God, if He would let me ask Bro. War­ner to write it for me, may God bless it to all that read, and may all our hearts breathing to the Lord be,

“O for a closer walk with God,
A calm and heavenly frame.”

Battle Creek Mich. Dec. 2.


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Payne Ohio, November 2.

Dear Brethren: — I am still saved and trusting in the Lord, I have been getting along very well in the Lord so far. The Lord was with us in great power, in the meeting at our house Friday evening. O I do praise God in my heart to night, that Bro. and Sister Fisher ever came here and held a meeting. I hope the Lord will spare you to come back again sometime. I am saved just now, and I am determin­ed, by God’s grace, to stand fast in Christ Jesus, until I reach heaven.

Your Brother.

John F. Kilpatrick.


Payne Ohio, Nov. 16th ’84.

Dear Brethren: — This second epistle, beloved, I now write unto you, in which I stir up your pure minds, by way of re­membrance. I do love you in my soul, and have sweet communion with you in Spirit, though you are far away. O glory to God and the Lamb forever and ever! O I am so glad I can tell yon the Lord is still working, praise His holy name! The Lord was with us in wonderful power to save last Lord’s day. The devil was stirred also, but we had perfect victory in our souls through our Lord Jesus Christ. We went up to sister Eargood’s last night to meeting. Satan tried to hinder us from going, but we have power over devils, and had a glorious meeting, and the Lord sanctified four souls. Praise His name! Sister Eargood’s husband repented, and was baptized on Lord’s day.

Sister Eargood is strong in the Lord. A few ot us were to Hedges, on the Nickle Plate R. R. An U. B. and a Wine­brenarian were there, the former would not kneel when we pray­ed, bat sat up just like any other sinner, all filthy with tobacco, both chews and smokes. O how the Lord did put the Holy Spirit on me, to give them an awful pelting with the Word of God and the power of God. The U. B. preacher could not sit still, but twisted around and got red in the face. He said he intended to put on the word and wear it. O how the Lord blessed my soul. I dont know hard­ly where to begin to tell you of the won­derful dealings of God to His children here. O glory, glory, glory to God! we have had family prayer, and O how the Lord does fill our souls with His love and power. I know you will help us to praise the Lord, when you get this. I’m ready to cry out, “The sword of the Lord and Gideon,” and wherever the devil shows even the toes of his cloven foot, I am ready to jump right on them and stamp him out of sight. Glory to God! Sister Nan is with us this morning, having on the whole armor of God to help in this great work. The Lord bless you all.

Emily Kilpatrick.


Shelby Ohio, Nov. 17th ’84.

Dear Brethren: — God bless you for­ever more, and all the saints in Michigan. Amen! My soul praises God for perfect love, that cometh from none other but the blessed Savior. The Lord blessed my soul in reading your kind letter. I be­lieve it was of the Lord. The Lord will­ing, I expect to start for Mich., soon af­ter the holidays. I do praise God for the precious Gospel Trumpet, sent to me and Sister Mattie. O it is sweet to my soul. I was so rejoiced to read of the precious good meetings in Paulding Co. O. It is wonderful how God uses His blood-washed children, in saving souls. I trust that God is answering my prayers in moving my sister Mattie to come with me to Mich. O I long to be in the precious meetings, working for the Lord. I some times dream that I am in meeting, and how blessed to my soul. I long to see you all, and be with you in prais­ing God, and singing songs of salvation. I praise God, I know I am redeemed, sanc­tified, and kept by the power of God, and I am walking in the light as He is in the light, and have fellowship with all that are pure. God bless and keep dear Bro. and Sister Smith, whom I love much in the Lord. God keep you all hid away with Christ in God, and filled with His precious, perfect love, and use you in saving many. Amen!

Your Sister in the love of Jesus,

Emma C. Whitney.


Payne Ohio, Nov. 15th ’84.

Dear Brethren: — I am so glad to hear from you again. Praise the name of Je­sus, I am saved. O I do praise Him that I am wholly sanctified this morning. I never enjoyed myself as I do now. I do feel strong in the Lord. There is a glorious work being done here: last Sabbath night three came out to seek the Lord. One was a backslider, and was reclaimed, the others were converted, and on Tuesday they were sanctified. I tell you they are bright, and gave in a straight testimo­ny for the Lord. O I am so glad to see souls getting saved. Praise God forever, for His love to me, and all the rest of the dear ones. I cannot express the glory that is in my soul this morning. O this wonderful, wonderful salvation, that keeps us from sin all the time. We had a glo­rious meeting yesterday and last night. One soul sanctified, and one seeking par­don. She said she believed, but did not receive the evidence. Four were baptized. Praise the Lord O my soul! I do bless the Lord, that He ever sent you among us; for I have been wonderfully strength­ened by the precious word you taught us. I have learned to count all things joy, by trusting in the Lord. Praise His holy name! I would love to see your dear faces. I am looking forward to another such a privilege as we have enjoyed of your visits in the Gospel. O it would do your very soul good to see brother and sis­ter Chaner, his face shines with the glory of God; he is wonderfully saved, a bold soldier for Jesus. I had a greater victory yesterday, than ever before. I praise the Lord for it. We all remember you in our prayers, that He may keep you in His dear arms, and bless you in your great work. By the Lord strengthening me, I will do my whole duty in the name of Jesus Christ. Pray for me, that He may lead me in all the ways of holiness, and give me power to do His will in all things. Glory to His name!

Your Sister in the love of Jesus,

Mary Fredrick.


Payne Ohio, Dec. 3d ’84.

Dear Brethren: — The Lord bless you. We are well, soul and body, and praising God for salvation. We had a glorious meeting at Sister Laura Kigar’s last night. Bro. Alaxander Kilpatrick preached the Word to us by the Holy Ghost. Sinners were duely warned of their danger, and sectarians were melted to tears. Some of them testified, which is uncommon here at holiness meetings. They admitted sanc­tification as a second work of grace.

Praise God for His wonderful goodness. My brother-in-law and his wife have been saved, and wholly sanctified to God since you were here, and have opened their house for the worship of God. My moth­er and sister Emily Kilpatrick have gone to Hancock Co. Ohio, to give babylon a shaking. Do pray for them, for they are surrounded with the darkest of sect prejudice.

Pray for us that we may be faithful and stand firm for God. We are led to pray for you every day. O we thank God that He ever sent you among us. We have felt such power in our soul since you were here. We do bless God for the Gospel Trumpet, which you were so kind as to send us in advance, may the Lord bless you and keep you. It gives us such light on the scriptures. I have disposed of nearly all of the tracts; I do not charge any thing for them; I give them cheerful­ly. I thank God for the zeal He gives us, to get the light to others. I send you the the $2.00 for the tracts and for my sub­scription for the Trumpet.

I am anxious to see your tract on the Sabbath day. I think I can use some to the glory of God.

Praise God I am sanctified by the Holy Ghost, through the blood of Jesus, just now.

Your Brother and Sister, saved, and for all of God’s truth.

Wm. L. and Tillie Kilpatrick.


A Wonderful Meeting.


WE having all arrived home Thurs­day evening, Dec. 11, on Friday night we gathered together in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, at a Brother’s house. It was a time of the awful pres­ence and power of God. The meetings have been good all along. In short the revival began last winter has never stop­ped and frequently souls have been brought to God in the weekly meetings. But this was an unusual refreshing from the presence of God. Three unsaved men were melted by the Spirit of God, to con­viction and yielded to the Lord, and soon found Jesus. Hallelujah!



AFTER leaving there the first time, the meeting continued, a person who is far from being a represent­ative of God’s pore Spirit, supposed herself in charge of the meeting. Some confusion was thus brought in. Monday morn Nov. 17, the Lord strongly inpressed us we should go to Battle Creek. That day and the next we received three letters urging us to come. Thus as it was in the house of Cornelius, and at Joppa God always operated His campaigns at both ends of the route. We went the next day. The wrong spirits soon left the place, the converts that had been tainted, were perfectly cleared up again. O how the power and glory of God came upon us. It was wonderful, wonderful! The first night after all were delivered, God’s power so filled the house that all were awed, and some overwhelmed by the Di­vine glory. O how sweet and heavenly How sublimely awful! Glory! Glory! Glory!!! O to live and walk in God, and enveloped in His wondrous love. We had hallowed meetings. A few souls were saved. A blessed case of salvation and healing, that of sister Carr, whose testimony is in this paper. The last we heard from her before we left the City, was that she was cleaning house. Her husband, who had never met with a re­ligion in the sects that had commended itself to his conscience, attended meeting twice after sister Carr’s return home, and was encouraged by the light of the true Gospel.

Twice we were called to Kalama­zoo to anoint and pray with sister Bell, who was greatly afflicted. Each time we trust the Lord removed her suffering, and we hope the last visit, she was blessed with the complete healing touch of the Lord. The last visit we had meeting two evenings. One soul sanctified. Bro. and sister Fisher arrived at Battle Creek, on their return from Iowa, two days before we all returned together, to our blessed home once more, Dec. 11. Praise the Lord O my soul, for His infinite goodness to us all! Severed of the Kind saints met us at the Depot, others came in, and we all praised God together, for the blessed priv­ilege of meeting again on earth, with the glory in our soul.



Delivered from the Plague of Sin, Disease, and Adventism.


Battle Creek Mich., Dec. 5.

FOR the glory of God I testify to the wonderful salvation of soul and body I have found in Jesus, my Savior and Physician.

I have had the scrofula from childhood. For about 20 years I have been awfully afflicted with canker. At times my mouth, throat, and. seemingly my whole insides were perfectly raw. At first it was white. later years, as red as fire. I have been so bad that the diseased skin from my throat and mouth, and clear down from my stomache would slough off and pass off by expectoration. My ner­vous system was so broken down, that I felt almost as though my whole system was eaten up by diseases. Fifteen years ago physicians said there was nothing of me left to build upon. My canker has not been so bad for a few years past, but my greatest, suffering has been a strange burning and eating on my head, shoulders and arms. I would burn as though hot coals of fire were laid upon me. About 10 years ago, I sought the Lord in the pardon of my sins. Since then I have endeavored, the best I knew, to live a christian. One year ago last spring, I was induced to embrace the Advent Sab­bath. From their reasoning I supposed that to be the correct day to observe. I was sincere, but this new faith did not, by any means, assist my spiritual condi­tion. Upon the contrary, I have ever since felt myself under servile bondage. I could not understand it, I prayed much for deliverance, but could not get free. I was sick nearly all the time. The time was once set for me to be baptized in that sect, but the day found me very sick. So the providence of God prevent­ed it, for which I am now thankful. In bondage to the law myself, I was rendered still more miserable by worrying about my family not keeping the Saturday Sabbath.

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In the kind mercy of God, Sister Worden visited me, and told me of the meet­ing in her house, and the grace and pow­er of God that had been manifest in her healing, and that of others. I had been praying to God to help me, and deliver me in some way, and I thankfully accept­ed an invitation to go to her house, and enjoy the blessing of the true Gospel of God. Nov. 27th I was hauled there in a cab, a poor invalid. I had been unable to go out of my room for some time, and I was so nervous that I could not sleep in the hearing of the tick of a clock. I was so dead in my spirits that my face, I pre­sume had lost ail ability to smile. In, my anxiety about the Sabbath, of the law I had lost all the Sabbath of rest out of my soul. Bro. Warner remarked that I was a personification of anti-smile.

Bless God! Bro. Warner began at once to teach me the salvation of the Lord. I felt the power of God in the first meeting. When I searched my heart I found that I was without the evidence of justification. I came to the Lord and He received me, and assured me that I was a child of God. The next service I offered myself to God for entire sanctification. My faith took hold upon God, and I was soon enabled to testily with strong assur­ance that I was sanctified wholly through the blood of Jesus Christ. Praise God! I got into a new world, my legal bondage gave way to the glorious liberty of the sons of God: and my dead stupid melancholy was supplanted by the joy and peace of the glorious “dayspring,” and Comforter in my heart.

Then I was anointed with oil, and with the laying on of hands, prayer was offer­ed for my entire healing. I felt the pow­er of God in my body. I believed the promise of the Savior. And though I had been able to sleep but little, when alone and all quiet, I slept that night with a sister that breathed very heavy, and snored a good deal. I slept quite well much of the time, and felt quite well the next morning. From that time instead of being tenderly waited on as a very weak invalid, I went about with a cheerful heart, helped at work, and rapid­ly grew in strength, and went home Dec. 5, a happy, saved, and healed woman. O praise the Lord for His marvelous, loving kindness and for His wonderful works to the children of men. I should have gone home sooner, but living at a distance from the place, I staid for the sake of hearing the precious Gospel preached by Bro. Warner, which was much light, and bread to my soul. Surely he preaches the Gos­pel with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven. O how the power of God thrill­ed his words to my heart, and all through me. O I do praise God for salvation to the uttermost. Now I ask the prayers of all God’s saints that I may be humble, faithful and holy before God the rest of my days. Of all that God has done for me, there is nothing for which I am more thankful, than for His deliverance from the Adventist legal bondage. It just seems that satan had me bound, and act­ually tortured my body ever since I came under that influence. I had a similar suffering in my head, to that of Sister Worden, which I am sure was the work of the evil one. Praise God for deliver­ance!

Your Sister, sanctified, soul and body to God.

Sarah Carr.


The Lord Does Provide.


Orrville Ohio, Dec. 8.

Dearly beloved Gospel Trumpet readers, and all who have faith in God: I will tell you what the Lord is doing for me. I am paralyzed in both arms so I can not earn any thing. I wrote to my friends for help, they wrote back, if I would keep my re­ligion to my self, and. mind my own business, they would do so and so. I wrote back that as long as Elijah’s God was liv­ing I would trust Him, for I am a witness for Jesus, and intend to be as long as I live. I was borne in the Church of Christ, I have no name on any sect book. I rented a room and board myself: in Aug. Sept. and Oct. I received all I needed of the Lord. In Nov. I received enough to get all the clothes I needed and paid one month’s rent in advance, and had $2.00 left. Truly “they that trust in the Lord shall not want any good thing.”

We have five churches in Orrville, the Methodist preacher told me he did not like to hear these holiness testimonies es­pecially at the camp meeting; the Pres­byterian said, “there is not one person in church that has not committed sin this morning, and will sin more to-day.” The German Reformed says, water baptism is the door to the church. Christ says “I am the door.” Christ Himself is the head of the Church. The Church is called holy, because Christ, the Head, is holy. It is so called, because all its ordinances are designed to promote holiness. The Lord intended that all the members of the Church should be holy. The Church is the body of believers, no man that is not a christian believer, can be a member of it. Can any thing then be more absurd than for men to cry out, “The Church, The Church,” and pretend to be very zealous for it, when they themselves have neither part nor lot therein. Let all those that are real members of the Church see that they walk holy, and un-blamable in all things. “Ye are a city set on a hill, and cannot be hid.” “Ye are the light of the world.” O let your light shine be­fore men, and let them see by the whole tenor of your conversation, that your hope is all laid up above. Above all things, let your love abound. Let it extend to every child of man. Let it overflow to every child of God. “By this all men shall know that ye are my disciples.” Now dear brethren blow the Trumpet loud, it has many enemies, but I thank God it has more true friends than any other paper. If true christians are come­-outers, then Luther’s followers were comeouters. Wesley’s followers were comeouters.

I want you to send me one of those tracts; “Christ is the Body the Church.”

“Let the testimony roll,
Roll through every nation;
Witnessing from soul to soul,
This immense salvation.
Now I know it, full and free.
O the wondrous story!
For I feel it saving me
Glory! Glory!! Glory!!!

Glory be to God on high!
Glory be to Jesus!
He has brought salvation nigh,
From all sin He frees us.
Let the golden harps of God,
Ring the wondrous story;
Let the Pilgrims shout aloud,
Glory! Glory!! Glory!!!”

your Bro. saved

H. D. Martin.


What is the Faith that Sanctifies?

IT is that act of simple trust which, on the authority of Christ’s word, says, “The blood of Jesus Christ does now cleanse me from all inward sin, and make pure in heart before Him; believ­ing that He receives me, and that He will evermore keep me holy while I thus trust Him.”

When, a soul thus trusts God, will he be in every case, made clean?

Yes, always — that is, if a soul, having the assurance that he does fully renounce alt known and doubtful wrong-doing, and gives himself up to the doing the will of God in all things, thus trust God for full cleansing, he has the authority of God’s word for believing that the work is done, no matter how he feels; and he must hold on to this faith until the feeling comes. 1 John 1:7.

What is meant by holding on till the feeling comes?

Sometimes God tries our faith for a little time, and, although the soul has the wit­ness that he has put his sacrifice on the altar — that he is fully consecrated, and has the witness in himself — that he believes that God accepts it: still, he may have, like Abraham of old, to wait for the fire, which not only makes him inwardly feel and know that God cleanses his soul, but, if he watches his sacrifice, and waits a season, the fire will assuredly come. —

Why do these doubts and fears arise.
As this poor little all of mine,
I lay a living sacrifice;
All on the altar, Christ divine.

Cho. — I’m fully Thine; yea fully Thine.
All on the altar Christ Divine;
The word of Jesus I believe.
The Sanctifier I receive.
All on the altar I abide
And Jesus says I’m sanctified.

Ah not a moment more I doubt.
And not a moment longer wait;
With His own blood to sanctify,
He suffered death without the gate.

By faith I venture on His Word,
My doubts are o’er, the victory won,
He said “the altar sanctifies;”
I just believe Him and ’tis done.

Through all my soul I feel His power,
And in the precious cleansing wave,
I wash my garments white this hour,
And prove His utmost power to save.






IN Greenland, when a stranger knocks at the door, he asks, ‘”Is God in this house?” And if they answer, “Yes,” he enters. Reader, this little messenger knocks at your door with the Greenland salutation. Is God in this house? were you, like Abraham, entertaining an angel unawares, what would be the report he would take back to heaven? Would he find you commanding your children and household, and teaching them the way of the Lord? Would he find an altar in your dwelling? Is there a Church in your house?


I cannot mention all the reasons in favor of family worship; but if you ponder them, the four following should suffice: —

1. The godly householders mentioned in Scripture practiced it. Would you de­sire to be like Abraham, the friend of God? Whenever he pitched his tent, he builded an altar and called on the nane of the Lord, (Gen. 12:7, 8; 13:4, 18;) and Jehovah declared concerning him, “I know Abraham, that he will command his chil­dren and his household after him, and they will keep the way of the Lord.” Gen. 18:19. Would you like to resem­ble Job, “the perfect and upright man, one that feared God and eschewed evil?” He used to bring his children together, and rose early in the morning, and offer­ed a sacrifice of as many victims as he had sons and daughters, teaching us how ex­press and special our intercession for our family should be, and this he did “con­tinually.” — Job 1:5, 8. Would you re­semble David, the man after God’s own heart? At the close of a busy day, we find him going “home to bless his house­hold.” — 1 Chron. 16:43. Do you envy Cornelius, whose prayers were heard, and to whom the Lord sent a special mes­senger to teach him the way of salvation? He was “a devout man, one who feared God with all his house, and prayed to God always;” and who was so anxious for the salvation of family, that he got togeth­er his kinsmen and near friends, that they might be ready to hear the apostle when he arrived, and share with him the bene­fit. Acts 10:2, 24, 31, 33. Do you ad­mire Aquila and Priscilla, Paul’s “help­ers in Christ Jesus,” and who were so skillful in the scriptures that they were able to teach a young minister the way of God more perfectly? You will find that one reason for their familiarity with Scrip­ture was, that they had “a Church in their house.” Acts 18:26; Rom. 16:5. In the Bible you find instances of family de­votion in all ranks of life, from the king to the artisan, from David’s palace to the tent of Aquila; to teach you that what­ever be your situation in life, you should still have a Church in your house. I have sometimes seen family worship in great houses; but I have felt that God was quite as near when I knelt with a praying family on the earthen floor of their cottage. I have known of family worship among the reapers in a barn. It used to be common in the fishing-boats upon the firths and lakes of Scotland. I have heard of its being observed in the depths of a coal-pit. I scarcely know of the situation in life in which a willing family might not contrive to pray together. If you live in a scoffing and ungodly neighbor­hood, so much the better. Abraham built his altar while heathens looked on. He lifted up a testimony for God, and God honored him; so that Abimelech, His neighbor, was constrained to say, “God is with thee in all that thou doest,” Gen. 21:22.

Fathers and brethren, some of you are the heads of happy families to day. All I ask is that you make them happier still — happy, not only in your love, but in the love of God the Savior — happy for time and through eternity. The happiest family will not be always so. The most smiling circle will be in tears some day. Secure for yourselves and your children a friend in that blessed Redeemer, who will wipe all tears from all eyes. Your families may soon be scattered, and familiar voic­es may cease to echo within your walls. They may go each to his own, and some of them may go far away. O see to it, that the God of Bethel goes with them; that they may set up an altar even in a distant state, and sing the Lord’s song there. They may be taken from this earth altogether, and leave you alone. O see to it, that as one after another goes, it may be to their Father’s house above, and to sing with heavenly voices, and to a heav­enly harp, the song which they first learn­ed from you, and with you often sang to­gether here — the song of Moses and the Lamb. And if you be taken and some of them be left, see to it that you leave them the grateful assurance that you are gone to their Father and your Father, their God and your God. And, in the mean­while, let your united worship be so fre­quent and so fervent, that when you are taken from their head, the one whose sad office it is to supply your place, as priest of that household, shall not be able to select a chapter or a psalm with which your living image and voice are not associated, and in which you, though dead, are yet speaking to them. And thus

When soon or late you that coast,
O’er life’s rough ocean driven;
May you rejoice, no wanderer lost,
A family in heaven.



A new Sect Enterprise.

A few years ago J. P. Thatcher, an M. E. preacher seemed to possess the real holiness power. He was opposed by the sect, and the truth of entire sanctification soon resulted in his separation from that branch of babylon. About 1880 He labor­ed in Moundsville W. Ya., where about 80 souls professed salvation. About that time he began a holiness paper, and also conceived the “necessity,” as he supposed, of founding a new sect. In the announce­ment of this enterprise he asserted, that none of the existing so called churches were a fit home for the increasing holiness element; hence the demand for him to be­come the founder of a new church that should constitute a congenial assilum, for all the poor homeless holiness people. A brief statement of the principles of the new sect, together with the apology for its existence, appeared, in print. At that time, the Gospel Trumpet, a feeble lamb, among a thousand wolves, was, in much weakness, venturing out upon the truth of God, respecting babylon, and the real Church of the Firstborn. So we noticed this attempt to bring forth another daugh­ter of the harlot family. Since the brother affirmed that there was no existing church a fit receptacle for the holiness people we asked him to tell through our columns, whether the Church Jesus bought and founded, was unfit for holy people to live in, or whether it had become extinct, as one or the other would necessarily be impli­ed in this founder’s apology. Bat we nev­er received an answer to our question, and we still rejoice in the fact that,

“The Church our blessed Redeemer saved.
With His own precious blood.”

has not been destroyed by the gates of hell, and it still remains a very suitable Church for holy people, so preeminently so, that there is none other fit, and no man can be holy in any degree at all out side of it.

Well the founder of the new “Evangelis­tic Holiness Church,” has by no means, proved more successful than Christ, in establishing a congenial, and permanent holiness Church. His church at Moundsville W. V. was in a few months reduced from 80 members to 15. The new sect founder then came to Allegheny City Pa. Here he seemed to flourish greatly for a season. He gathered quite a congregation, money was lavished upon him very freely, a $40, and a $50, suit in close connection. But it appears that his fold in that place began to doubt, that brother Thatcher had provid­ed the most congenial holiness home ever provided. He seemed to assume the sole headship of his organization. He announc­ed his church a monarchy, and himself the absolute monarch. All that were not wil­ling to be governed directly by him he cut off, “or set aside,” as he termed it. He having failed with his paper, merged it into the Harvester, with his name in the paper, as a corresponding or assistant editor, which arrangement did not last long, and Thatcher renounced the editor of that paper, also Achers, Munsinger, and Kirk­patrick, all professed holiness workers of the Wesleyan “drag”. — Hab. 1:15, 16. In the mean time the few left of the Mounds­ville class, threw off the Thatcher govern­ment, and ministration. The mushroom growth in Allegheny, had only a mush­room life. Thatcher forbid his members going to certain other meetings, under the penalty of expulsion. But some did not fear the Kings edict, and went to the forbidden meetings, and when he was inclined to pardon, they demanded that he must be as good as his word, and expel them. In a short time the man was rejected entirely, and the new Allegheny sect disbanded, and for some time Thatcher had about quit preaching. What he is doing now we cannot tell. But we hope God will show mercy to his soul and restore him to spiritual life, and use him to build up the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Here was a mighty man of God overthrown by satan, through the delusion of sect founding. From the sin of making a division “contrary to the doctrine” of Christ, he rapidly advanced to pride and bigotry, until he conceived himself equal with the pope of Rome. It is time men begin to look into God’s Word, and see what He says about “heresies” — sects — before they think of making any more, or remaining in those already conceived in sin and shapen in iniquity. We insist that men should dispose of the questions we ask brother Thatcher, i.e., whether Christ’s own Church has come to naught, and if still extant, if it is not fit for holy men and women to live in, before they presume to get up another of their own make. The way God has “confounded the founders,” and overthrown their idols, it looks as though the 666 names of blasphemy are filled, and God has “given a commandment that no more of thy name be sown.”



The Little Foxes.

One “little fox” is, “some other time.” If yon track him up, you come to his hole — never.

Another “little fox” is, “i-cant,” just set on him a plucky little i can, and he will kill him for you.

Another bad “little fox” is ”just-a-lit­tle” — pride, self will, worldly conformity, etc. That little mischief will strip the whole vine if left go.

Another malignant little fox is, “i-hav­ent-faith.” He slips into the vineyard through a knot hole called self. You can shut him out by removing the self-plank and fill up with Jesus only.

Another bad “little fox” is, “i-havent-power.” Be sure and catch him. If you will take the pains to dig him up, yon will find his nest somewhere beyond the end of your present consecration. It will pay you to take him, if yon have to “dig deep” and work hard.”

Another devouring little fox is “my-church.” “Salt” and “fire” is the sure and only antidote for such, nasty vermin.

We will point out one more little fox, and he is able to devour all the fruit of the vineyard and kill the very vines. His species is “fear.” One good dose of “perfect lovewill kill him stone dead. And a constant application of the blood of Christ will pre­vent this with all other little or big foxes, yea and all other animals, ever coming to life again.



Mt Pleasant Iowa.


AFTER closing our meetings at Clay Grove, we came to Mt Pleasant. There being no other place available, Bro. and sister Hill opened up their house, which truly is a house of God. From the very beginning the Holy Spirit was poured out, and we were all filled, and the work of salvation began. One soul sanctified the first evening, and others sav­ed each evening, for several days. We con­tinued the meetings about ten days, du­ring which time twelve sought, and claim­ed the witness to entire sanctification, and eleven the witness to pardon. O what a wonderful demonstration of the mighty power of God, souls were prostrated and others melted and saved. We thank God for His wonderful work. We never shall forget those dear blessed faces, and warm, loving, glowing hearts. O we pray God to keep them from falling, that fellowship may continue, and our hearts forever knit together in love, like fire that never shall be quenched. The Lord wills we hope to meet those dear saints next summer, and have a glorious reunion of the soldiers of the cross. We omitted to mention in our previous article, of the ordination of El­ders and Deacons at Clay Grove. And will now mention it. Bro. C. Z. Lindley, having been chosen of God, and separated unto the Gospel, by the Holy Spirit, was solemnly ordained by prayer and laying on of hands. Also Bro. Nelson Cornick as Elder to take the oversight of the flock of God, and Bro. O. A. Stout, as Deacon or Servant of the Church. May God bless them. May they prove the faithful messengers of Christ, who shall give them a crown of glory, unfading, when their work is done. Many hearts thrilling with emotion are praying for them, and all the dear ones.

Your Brother in the kingdom of the Lord Jesus, washed in His own blood, made whiter than snow. Amen!


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Sweet Canaan Rest.


By D. S. Warner.

A Revision.

I’ve readied the land of pure delight,
Where love eternal reigns.
Infinite day excludes the night,
O’er all these holy plains.

Chorus. — Far, far beyond where Moses spied,
In Beaulah land we rest.
Through Jordan’s death we’r sanctified,
yes fully saved, and bless’d.

Sweet peace of God, a tranquil flood,
Through all the land doth flow:
Here the redeemed, in Jesus blood,
Shine pure, and white as snow.

Here everlasting spring abides,
And ever blooming flowers.
Sweet sleep, a shadow’d vail, divides,
The heaven above from ours.


Another Glorious Victory in Iowa.


AFTER we bade the dear holy breth­ren farewell at Ohio and Ind., we went on our journey, our destination be­ing Mt Pleasant, Iowa. After traveling all night and all the next day till 10 P. M. we were met by the brethren at the train. Although we had never seen each other in the flesh, we were made known by the Spirit, and our hearts were knit together in love, and we rejoiced for the consolation. We proceeded to the house of Bro. and Sister Hill, where quite a number of the saints were gathered to­gether, “where prayer is wont to be made.” Oh hallelujah! the meeting was a blessed one to our souls. Although we were much fatigued by our journey, we were greatly refreshed by the Spirit. The next day being Sabbath, we were conveyed 7 miles south west, to Clay Grove, where we were to hold a series of meetings. The weather being disagreeable, there was no gathering that day nor evening. The next evening, (monday) we were enabled to come together, and the Lord was with us in the Spirit, and we delivered His message to the people, which was gener­ally received, and the people seemed much affected. We remained during the week at this place. The result being 3 received pardon, and 3 sought and receiv­ed the witness of the Spirit to entire sanc­tification. On Sunday we gathered at the river and 2 followed the footsteps of Jesus and were immersed, “coming straightway up out of the water” they glo­rified God with shouts of praise. We then went to Pleasant Point, where our dear Bro. and Sister Carpenter resides, who are gloriously saved and filled with the fullness of God. We held meetings there from Tuesday eve, till Sundany mor. Only one soul saved. We felt impressed by the Spirit to return to Clay Grove, which we did Sunday eve, and found a large congregation gathered to hear the Word. The work began in earnest, it be­ing in the order of the Lord then that we should remain and labor there. Souls were converted and sanctified each day after. The fire burned with an intense heat, and increased each day, until it was a constant glowing blaze of fire. On Thursday of the same week, there was one of the most marvelous outpourings of the Holy Ghost we ever witnessed. The altar was just crowded with dear ones seeking pardon and sanctification, and some of them realized their desires. The nest day the scene was repeated, and a real deluge of power, which inun­dated and filled a number of the many souls that thronged the altar. On the following Sunday it was indescribable. Oh! the melt­ing, purifying, and welding fire, and power of God! It melted sinners, and purged their sins away, and the purifying fire of the Holy Spirit, refined “the little ones” as silver is refined, and ”tempered them together.” There were 11 sancti­fied and 4 converted at this one meet­ing. The meeting continued the next week, and souls were saved each day. On Thursday, as many desired to follow Je­sus and obey the Word, we gathered at the river to baptize those dear blood-washed souls. The day was beautiful and clear, the Sun poured down his soft, mel­low rays of light into the beautiful valley through which the glistening waters of the river softly glided. The gentle Breeze wafted the songs and shouts of the saints heaven ward, that echoed in the vale. 22 souls that had been “bought with a price” and washed in the blood of Him who lov­ed us and gave Himself, for us, were im­mersed and came forth in the likeness of His resurrection, shouting and praising God, having proved the truth of His word, that

“If any man will do His will, he shall know of the doctrine.” The next day 5 more were also baptized. One dear Bro. who not more than an hour before, by the Ho­ly Spirit had been saved and delivered from all sin and the quaker heresy, was immersed, and came forth loudly shout­ing and praising the Lord for his deliver­ance, and the glory that filled his soul. Hallelujah to the Lamb! for His wonder­ful salvation, and glory which he hath be­stowed upon us. In all there were 29 baptized at this place, and 25 sought and received pardon, and 33 sought and claim­ed the witness to entire sanctification.

The meeting closed on Sunday eve with communion and ordinance services. Oh what a blessed time; our hearts were fill­ed with the sweet love of the gentle Ho­ly Spirit, who breathed into our souls the life of Jesus. About 45 took part in the services. Some of the saints were also absent. Thus closed the meeting at Clay Grove, which will never be forgotten, we have parted, and time is fleeting on, winging us to our eternal home, and we do not grieve over joys departed; or be­cause the time thus passes away; for should we never see those tear dimmed eyes of the loved ones again in the flesh, we shall meet in that land where there shall be no more crying, nor pain, or death, and parting shall never be.



Free Indeed


By, Thomas Nelson.

Many professed christians in this country, call themselves free men. They say God has pardoned their sins, and whom the Lord makes free are free indeed: and these words are scarcely out of their mouth until a piece of tobacco, fills up the place where the profession came out. A free man! Nay, a bond slave to a carnal money steal­ing, health robbing, tyranny. A filthy ob­noxious weed, to which he not only sacri­fices his much neaded means, but much of the comfort of those that surround him, and depend upon his maintenance.

He repeats the Lord’s prayer, “Lead us not into temptation” and at the same time he carries the temptation with him in his pocket, and that too for an “occasion to the flesh,” — for the very purpose of “ful­filling the lusts thereof.”

God says ”laying aside every weight, and the sin that doth so easily beset us.” But this man. says by his actions, “Not so Lord, I will hold on to my tobacco.” well if that be your choice, you will run, back­ward about as much as forward. And how much do you expect to make in twenty years of such a life.”

That christian that has laid aside this evil, and through the blood of Christ and the Holy Spirit, has “cleansed himself from all filthiness of the flesh and Spirit, perfect­ing holiness in the fear of God,” after having been a slave to the awful disease of the tobacco lust for years, can now run the christian race so joyfully, that it will seem as though the hill tops, and mountains serve him for stepping stones, in his up­ward race to glory.

“O that thou hadst harkened to my com­mandments, then should thy peace have flown as a river, and thy righteousness be as the waves of the ocean.” There is a heavenly peace to be enjoyed here below, which we cannot enter until we get out of self, into God. Then all things will work together for good. The writer has tried the above experience and a great deal more than can be expressed. O for a thorough, and complete consecration of all we have and are forever, on the alter of God, which is Christ Jesus, who sanctifies the gift. Leave all on that alter, and God is responsible to accept the gift. Leave it with him, and go on your way rejoicing. I feel little and unknown, loved and prised by God alone


A Testimony for Jesus.


Bangor Mich., Nov. 26.

Dear Brethren in the Lord. Through the everlasting kindness and mercy of God, our Savior; I am permitted to write, this morning. Great has been His love with which He has loved me, and washed away my sins, in his own precious blood, and gave me an “inheritance among them that are sanctified”, and delivered me from the powers of darkness, and bable confusion.

I bless and adore the Holy name of Jesus, for his Spirit which guides us in all things, that pertain to righteousness, and true holiness. Amen.

Your sister in the patience of Jesus.

Martha Clinard.

How the Lord led He.




THE Lord wishes me to give an ac­count of my trip to Williamston, to the Assembly meeting; as a sequel to my experience published in the Gospel Trum­pet of Nov. 1st, Glory be to Jesus for­ever, for leading me out of darkness and confusion “into His marvelous light.” A­bout a year after I came to Battle Creek, the Lord gave me the following blessed promise: “Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled,” which served not only as a pleasant way-mark in my wilderness wanderings; but also from time to time, furnished a most delicious morsel to my weary spirit. When faint and discour­aged by trials and disappointments, and overcome by temptations, I was enabled to lean upon the Word, and derive nour­ishment from the “shall be filled!” Well, praise God! He did not leave me to feed on husks: but increased my “hun­ger,” to such an alarming degree that I was forced to give up every other con­sideration, and search diligently for this satisfying portion, and praise the Lord, I have found it. Hallelujah! I am saved! and my soul is filled with glory! Glory to Jesus!! for deliverance from every foe; and salvation through His blood! Starv­ing for the bread of heaven, for my soul had out-grown the relish of diluted milk with an occasional stale crumb, adminis­tered in the sect houses; and desiring the “strong meat” of the Gospel, I was com­pelled to go in search of that which would supply the demand of my soul. So turn­ing to God with my whole heart, I beg­ged to know where He would have me go, and what He would have me do; when in His goodness and mercy, He placed in my hands, Brother Warner’s “Bible Proofs of the Second Work of Grace,” which flashed back with greatly increased vividness and clearness, the light which had gone out, in my soul, by compromise with opposition and sectism. Yet I did not intend to compromise in my heart, a truth that my soul had grasped, however imperfectly: but only in giving expression. Hence in external life, I became compro­mising, and thereby lost my feeble expe­rience, and even doubted having posses­sed it at all. In the face of my past ex­perience, I must affirm that testimony is the only means by which experience can be retained and nourished. When testimony ceases, experience of necessity perishes. “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.” Glory to Jesus! The blood remains effi­cacious, only as it is recognized and acknowledged. Praise God! the Holy Spirit has given me this text, and has burned its truth on my heart. After I was convinced that there was such a thing as an experience of sanctification by a second work of grace, I longed to obtain it, and secure to myself such peace and joy as entire freedom from sin would bring the soul. I had long since learned, by the mercies of God, that deliverance from sin, and its effects, was the permanent work the Savior came to perform; and was the chief attraction for me, of heaven. But I could not conceive of such a state here in this word to be attaind by faith. True, I had, as stated above, enjoyed to some extent, this second grace; but not comprehending it, I could not stand. Praise God! “It is heaven come down to the sanctified wholly.” Glory to Jesus! He saves even me, Now! But satan tried hard to prevent me from coming into the light of God, and presented every selfish consideration he thought he could get me to accept. And for a while he succeeded in keeping me in a hesitating attitude; but God had undertaken for me, and I could not remain there long. In a few weeks the Gospel Trumpet came into my hands, and sounded a message in my ears, Glory to Jesus! I found where in the providence of God, Brother Warner was located; and that he was still editing the Trumpet, which was sufficient guaran­tee that the announcement, through its columns, of the “Assembly” meeting, at Williamston, on the 25th of Sept. was of vast interest, and importance to me, and was just the opportunity I needed. As I look back, I see the blast the Trumpet blew was no “uncertain sound.” Thank God! I was inclined to heed it, when sa­tan suggested the fact that I had not a cent of money to go with. Hence, I left off thinking about going; but in a day or two God flashed the awful revelation up­on me, that I must either press forward and seek sanctification, or press back into eternal darkness. What a solemn warning. What a startling message. Well, that meant I must go to Willsamston, if I would find the pearl of great price, But satan had so far bound my will power, that I could not say I would do it, until on bended knee, I most earnestly asked God for strength to do this, His will, as He had revealed it to me. Coolly and calmly, I considered the whole matter, and resolved, by the grace of God, I would take the step! believing it to be the Spirit’s last call, and praise the Lord, in less than two days from that time, He opened up the way, in an unexpected manner, for me to get to Williamston. Thus, on Friday, morning of the same week, I found myself in the Gospel Trum­pet office, in the midst of persons I knew were my friends, glory to Jesus! My surroundings seemed so strangely pleas­ant and familiar, that I felt myself liter­ally in a small Paradise. For the first time in my life, I realized what the soul enjoyed in an atmosphere where every element but love, is cut off. I expected to meet none but strangers, and of coure, no favors, except common courtesy. I supposed Bro. W. would be present part of the time, — having learned of his ab­sence from the office much of the time — and hoped he would not censure me too se­verely for having made no better progress on the way in which I had timidly and shrinkingly started about four years pre­vious. But thank God, I met with friends old and new, on every hand, and Bro. Warner was present, but seemed to have something to talk about besides reproach. And Bro. Fisher, with whom I met for the first time — God bless them both — did not look with disdain on me, because I had not reached the same plane of ex­perience he had attained to, but seemed to feel an interest in my case. I was wholly unprepared for any such reception. I wanted sal­vation, and, was willing to endure any censure, reproach, upbraiding or indiffer­ence that I might have been called to meet. I had given up all hopes of ever finding any human beings who knew my needs, and understood my wants, but praise God I soon found my mistake. Nearly every one I met seemed conscious of my need, and I found it impossible to re­sist the impelling power of love which pervaded the very atmosphere I breath­ed. Glory be to Jesus! He did it all. Most eagerly did I listen to the new, sweet truths which flowed gently into my soul, increasing my desires for a higher life, making me more determined than ever to press on until victory perch­ed on my banner. Glory to Jesus! I have gained the day. The enthusiasm, and as I supposed, effervescence, which character­ized the meeting, struck me as rather un­desirable and superfluous. But as day by day, the feast of fat things continued to be spread, and I permitted to partake of the marrow, and the fatness, I forgot the noise and every thing else that was not essential to my understanding the real vital, lifegiving forces, which completely enveloped and overwhelmed me. Glory! Glory!! Glory!!! I was in a great deep ocean of love, but did not understand how to swim, and felt afraid God would forget how to teach me and leave me to drown. But on the evening, of Sept. 27th while Brother Fisher was preaching, Jesus revealed to me, in a vision, His yearn­ing, lacerated heart, and gave me this passage. “The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses” me “from all sin,” and I knew the work was done. Glory be to His name! I was willing to make a noise or any thing else He told me to do. On Sabbath afternoon the Holy Ghost fell on me, and I presume the noise I made, on several occasions, was no less than that of the saints. Well, I bless God for so clear an experience; I needed all the light that God poured in on me. As us­ual the fiend was on hand to assault and taunt me with the assersion that it was a magnetic influence I had fallen under but the Spirit proved it false, by showing me that this was the true, “Glorious Church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing,” which revelation put the enemy to flight for a season. But he was determined to gain the advantage, if pos­sible, and told me, though it was the real Church, yet I was laboring under a borrowed influence — I was magnetized — but the Spirit again rescued me from the subtile powers of the foe. Glory to Je­sus. The Spirit is true to His charge. On wednesday after my sanctification, I felt the healing power come into my body, and I knew that the healer had come to me for the first time in many years. I could open and shut my hands without intense pain. O! it was a joy unspeaka­ble, to be conscious of the presence of such a physician. About two hours later, Bro. Fisher and Bro. Warner were, in ac­cordance to the scripture injunction, lay­ing their hands on the sick, that they might be healed, and supposing it was in order in my case, I requested them to lay hands on me for healing; but this seemed to interfere with the work previously be­gun; because, — I think — God had already begun the work, and was able to finish it in His own way: and also to prevent me, as has always been my inclination, from leaning on human help. Glory to Jesus! I had the assurance that the work was be­ing done. All day long I was happy in the Lord, who had showed Himself so ­gracious. The same day, after attending the solemn and impressive ordination ser­vices, I, in company with a number of dear saints, was baptized into the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, and had the witness of the Spirit at every step. Toward night, an apparent fever set in; but it did no violence to my faith, for I knew in whom I had believed. Next morning when I awoke with praise and thanksgiving, I was in a severe fever, and felt unable, at first, to arise, but nothing daunted, because nothing doubting. I was just as ready, if it was the Lord’s will to lie a-bed, as to get up. On making an offort, however, I found I could readily a­rise, and bathe, when immediately my fever began to pass off so rapidly, that I could almost see it. I had with one or two exceptions, taken no food into my stomache for three or four days; but on this morning ate my breakfast with relish. All day, fever and disease continued to pass out of my system, until I had gained such deliverance and freedom from pain as I had not known for twenty years. Glory! Glory to God! On Friday even­ing, the climax of the lovefeast, I was so much lost in, for a week previous, was reached, and I wondered over and over again, what must heaven be, if earth could furnish such a scene. But I remem­ber “It is heaven come down” Oh! I shall never forget it, the sweetest, hap­piest, most delightful scene of my life. Jesus did it all. Glory, Glory be to His name! On Saturday I returned home, guided thither by the Spirit, Hence I could not be los to leave so godly a company. God bless all the saints at Williamston. Glory be to Jesus forever and ever and ever. Glory! Glory!! I am saved! Since my return home, I have had a severe conflict with the ene­my, but Jesus gave me the victory — com­plete victory over him. The Lord sent me the message, by Bro. Warner, that He subdued the old serpent over eighteen hundred years ago, and I need not fear him, and glory be to His name, I believe it and am safe and He fills me with His Glory.


The Holy People.


“And they shall call them the holy peo­ple.” — Isa. 62:12.

God has a holy people. Are you one of them? They are the redeemed of the Lord; have been washed in the blood of the Lamb; are as a city not forsaken. “For Zion’s sake will I not hold my peace, nor rest until the righteousness thereof go forth as brightness, and the salvation thereof as a lamp that burns.”

The redeemed of the Lord shall not be forsaken, nor their land desolated: but they shall be called Hephzi-bah, and their land Beulah. For the Lord delight­ed in them, and their land shall be mar­ried. For as a young man marries a vir­gin, so shall thy God rejoice over thee.

Even the Gentiles — the children of this world — shall see their righteousness, and all kings their glory; and they shall call them a new name, which the mouth of the Lord shall name — “The holy people — while they eat and praise the Lord in the courts of His holiness.

These holy ones shall be a “crown of glory” in the hand of the Lord and a roy­al diadem in the hand of their God, there­fore go through the gates; prepare ye the way of the people; east up the highway gather out the stones; lift up a standard for the people; say ye to the daughter of Zion, behold thy salvation cometh.

Son of man, go speak to the children of Lord hath called you to be holy as He is holy; therefore he hath set watchmen upon thy walls O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night till then come into me courts of His holiness and art a praise in the whole cars.”


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