15 March 1881, Volume 4, Number 6.

For the Gospel Trumpet.

“His Commands Are Not Grievous.”




Hear God’s voice, obey it,
So shall good be thine;
Bring thy all and lay it
Where he can refine.

He will send his spirit
To consume the dross,
So thou mayest inherit
Heaven and the cross.

Honest thou by climbing
Up some other way,
Thou caust mid the shining
Bear a crown away?

Thus he hath not spoken,
Thus it can not be;
This the only token.
Thou his face shall see.

When his blood hath washed thee,
Made thee pure and white,
When in hath pronounced thee
Holy in his sight.

Mansions are preparing
For such ransomed ones,
Who on earth are wearing
Signature of sons.

With their elder brother
They are marching on;
Cheering one another,
‘Till the victory’s won.

In the cross delighting
Ever day by day;
In his praise uniting.
These bear crowns away.


For the Gospel Trumpet.

How a Revival Started.


At a certain camp-meeting a poor illiterate fellow called “Tim Hutchinson, the fool,” was most wonderfully saved of the Lord. On returning home to a remarkably wicked town where he lived, he was reminded of the perishing ones and resolved to seek their salvation.

So he set out from house to house on the run, opening the doors without knocking, and thundering out that awful question, “What will you do when eternity comes?

Up one street and down another he went, with all his might shouting “What will you do when eternity comes?

Conviction seized the people — a minister was sent for, and a great harvest of souls was gathered. All from the result of that heaven-sent messenger, who thundered in their ears the startling question, “What will you do, when eternity comes?


For the Trumpet.

The Second Grace Found.



I would like to say to the readers of the GOSPEL TRUMPET, that many years since, I was converted and united with the Congregational church in New England. Have been in either that or the Presbyterian since. When the doctrine of holiness began to be taught in this place I had no idea of believing any thing of the kind; though to oppose I did not. Would say to every one don’t oppose this doctrine for it is the work of the Holy Spirit. I was instructed that there was a cleansing after conversion necessary in order to live a useful and also happy life. I did not accept that idea, so different from my life-long teaching, for a time, but at last concluded after hearing multitudes testify to such a work that I would seek for it.

Sanctified ones let your testimonies ring out loud and long and constantly.

And I found the hall had never been told. I am rejoicing to-day in the cleansing from all sin by the blood of Christ, and in and present Saviour, keeps am every hour, every moment, I am dwelling in Beulah Land. I know how to sympathize with all who stand as I have done. I know the sinner’s fears and forebodings and lack of peace. I know the unsanctified believers battles and victories, warnings without and fears within; and I know the peace which passeth all understanding of the fully saved. I would beckon you on. Seek to-day and He will save you here and hereafter. Holiness is a blessed work wrought in the soul by the blood of Christ and the Spirit, the blessed Comforter that Christ said He would send. Windham, O.


For the Gospel Trumpet.

A Miraculous Care.




I am glad that I have the privilege of telling the readers of the Gospel Trumpet what great things the Lord has done for me.

Almost seventeen years ago the Lord pardoned all my sins. Five years ago the 14th of this month He sanctified me wholly, and I can say to the glory of Cod the last five years have been the best part of my life. The last two years I have been a great sufferer with cancer in the breast. But on the 19th of December I took God for the healing of my body. He says “What, things soever ye desire, when ye pray believe ye receive them and ye shall have them.”

As soon as I believed the Lord touched my body and rebuked the disease, and to-day I am giving Him all the glory for the strength He is giving me in my body. The cancer has almost disappeared. Hallelujah to Jesus!

May the Lord help us to pray in faith believing, and not say prayers.

I can say with the Psalmist “It is God that girdeth me with strength and maketh my way perfect.” Praise His holy name!

Dear readers if you are suffering in body look to Jesus — He is able to heal the body as well as the soul. This morning I realise the cleansing blood is applied to my soul. Jesus saves me fully.

Eivaston, Ill., Feb. 17.

For the Gospel Trumpet.

Two Great Evils.




With my renewal I want to blow one blast through your new Trumpet. You may consider me a lifelong subscriber while it gives no uncertain sound. I fully believe in Christian union as set forth in an article in the Trumpet from the pen of Mrs. S. Heniger. I believe the church in the Apostles’ time was a perfect model church in every respect. In form, in name, spirit, faith, and practice.

I believe when that certain householder plants his vineyard, he intended the husbandmen to … …, and bring forth much fruit, and not sp.. heir time and money building house fences all through the vineyard.

And there is another evil in the church. Crept in by the cunning device of men a and devils, which has caused much disunion in the church. Christian men and ministers meet where is carried on the unfruitful works of a darkness; speaking forever things to draw away disciples after them. Jesus says “call no man your master, for one is your master even Christ. But now men love to be called ‘worshipful master.’’ and seek honor one of another, and not the honor that cometh from God only. “Whatsoever a man seweth, that shall he also reap.”

May the Trumpet continue to give a certain sound, that all may know what is piped or harped. I am saved just now by the precious blood. Hallelujah!


For the Gospel Trumpet.

The Joyful Sound.




Praise the Lord for salvation from all sin! I do titanic the Lord that He saves me from the filthy use use tobacco. Glory to God!

I was for years a slave to the filthy weed. I had often tried to quit the loathesome habit in my own strength, but failed every time. But when I gave all to God and asked Him to deliver me He saved me instantly and fully from all desire for tobacco and all unrighteousness. It is about one year and six months since, The Lord saves me all the time. Glory to God! Pray for me.


George Whitefield.

Wm. Myall writes of Whitefield: “With no companion but his Bible, and no object but the salvation of sinners from the dreadful fate which he believed to be impending over them, he plunged fearlessly into trackless forests, over untrodden mountains, across unfrequented seas, through treacherous morasses, and swamps reeking, with deadly miasma. Thirteen times he crossed the Atlantic Ocean, when steam navigation was unknown and the perils of the deep struck terror even info Wesley. Almost as many times he penetrated the tremendous solitude of those. Majestic forests which then covered so much even of the eastern portion of the United States, Twice he preached through Ireland, fourteen times he traversed Scotland, one visit he made to Holand, one to the Barmudas, and pilgrimages innumerable into almost every county in England. . . . He was in the habit of speaking within the compass of a single week, and that not once orr twice, but continuously for years, generally forty, and very many week: sixty hours per week, and to audiences of many thousand of people.

Indeed it has been said, and the statement is warranted by facts drawn from sources so various and trust worthy that they cannot be questioned, that “if the time pent in traveling and some brief intervals of repose be subtracted his whole life may be said to have been consumed in the delivery of one continuous and almost uninterupted sermon.’

There was a general complaint that all labor was practically suspended at Whitefield’s approach. Stores were closed, shops deserted, factories abandoned, while rude mechanics and unlettered laborers, neglecting the daily toil upon which the support of their families depended, could think of nothing but hearing sermons or discussing those great psychological problems which led only into a labyrinth of reasoning ten intricate for even an Aristotle or a Bacon. So great was the enthusiasm aroused that people sometimes followed him on fool for sixty miles, merley to hear him preach. They set and listened unwearied until two o’clock in the moroing, regardless of weather, and unprotected save by the open heavens.

Whitefield was fully conscious of his histrionic power, and cultivated them with assiduity the great, preacher stood before his vast audiences the impersonation of a divine power, armed with the wrath of Jehovah, or clothed with the gentle meekness of the Son of man, while preaching to a congregation of sailors in New York he compared the state of the sinner to a ship adout to be lost at sea. How the waves arise and dash against the ship!’ exclaimed he. The air dark, the tempest rages! Our masts are gone, the ship is on her beam ends! What next?’ — The long boat! Take to the long boat! shouted the sailors naively, springing to their feet.

On another occasion, while addressing a congregation among whom were many learned and aristocratic hearers, so powerful did he expose the peril of the sinner by describing a blind old man, deserted by his dog, and groping along with his cane, unconsciously drawing nearer and nearer to a frightful abyss, that, just as he had brought him to its brink, the elegant and polished Lord Chesterfield, forgetting the presence he was in, exclaimed aloud, My God. he is gone!’ ” —

International Review.



I simply state a fact when I say that in many places the church is surrendering, and the world is conquering. Where there is one man brought into the kingdom of God through Christian instrumentality, there are ten men dragged down by dissipations. Fifty grog shops are built, to one church established. Literary journals in different parts of the country are filled with scum, dandruff, and slang, controlled by the very scullions of society, depraving everything they put their hands on. Three hundred and ten news papers and journals and magazines in New York, and more than two hundred of them depraving to the public taste, if not positively inimical to our holy chritisanity.

Look abroad and see the surrender, even on the part of what pretend to be christain churches to spiritualism and all the forms of devilism. If a man stand in his pulpit and says that unless you be born again you will be lost, don’t the fight gloves of the christian, diamonds bursting through, go up to their forheads in humiliation and shame? It is not elegant.

And when, a few Sabbaths ago I stood in this pulpit and said. I fear that some of this audience will be lost for the rejection of Christ, why there were four or five of the daily papers threw up their hands in surprise at it. Oh! we have magnificent church machinery in this country. We have sixty thousand ministers; we have costly music; we have great Sunday schools; and yet I give you the appalling statistics that in the last twenty five years, laying abide last year, the statistics of which I have not yet seen — within the last twenty-five years the churches of God in this country have averaged less than two conversions a year each. There has been an average of four or five deaths in the churches. How soon, at that rate, will this world be brought to God? We gain two; we lose four. Eternal God! what will this come to? I tell you plainly that while here and there a regiment of the Christian soldiery is advancing, the church is falling back for the most part, and if you do not come to complete rout — aye, to ghastly Bull Run defeat — it will be because some individual church hurl them to the front, and ministers of Christ, trampling on the favor of this world and sacrificing every thing, shall snatch up the torn and shattered banner of Emanuel, and rush ahead, crying On! on!. This is no time to run; this is the time to advance.’ —



Daniel Webster penned the following beautiful sentiment: “If we work upon marble, it will perish if we work upon brass, time effaces it; if we rear temples, they will crumble to dust; if we work upon immortal minus — if we imbue them with principles, with the just fear of God and love for their fellow men — we engrave upon these tablets something which will brighten for eternity.”

Every Freemason swears to break the law, commit the greatest crimes, and repudiate Christianity. History shows them perverting justice, stopping at ..o crime, to protect their mumeries; controling politics for selfish and personal ends, and interfering with great danger in national emergencies. Every good citizen should make war on all secret societies, and give himself no rest until they are forbidden by law, and rooted out of existence. —

Wendall Phillips.

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God can save you.

Let us preach more about Jesus. Hold fast, let no one take thy crown.

All true believers are “living epistles.”

The Holy Ghost is the Christian’s Comforter.

Spasmodic Christianity is at great discount in heaven.

Are you looking to Jesus for salvation from all sin?

Enoch walked with God and was not, for God took him.

Will the heathen he saved if we do not send the missionaries?

Keep thy heart, and you will find it easy to keep your tongue.

Sin is a voluntary performance of that which we know to be wrong.

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An infallible remedy for all of life’s ills: The precious blood of Jesus.

Tell it wherever you go that Jesus has power still as a physician. Hallelujah!

The War Cry will be issued monthly, instead of weekly, as heretofore contemplated.

REMEMBER none can pass through this world hut once, hence NOW is your time to serve God.

If we are temples of the Holy Ghost, “God dwelleth in us, and His love is perfected in us.”

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Bro. Railton, of the Salvation Army, soon returns to England, to help at headquarters. Still the work will boom in America. Praise the Lord forever!

Is you want to get light on holiness go not to those who know nothing about it experimentally, but to those who have it according to gospel measure.

A holiness meeting of over ten years’ standing is held every Sabbath at 2:30 o’clock p. M., at Sister Windsor’s home No. 418 Seventh St, South, Washington, D. C.

If God is true, His “word is truth,” and when the conditions of sanctification are complied with, the blood of Jesus cleanseth the subject, then, and there from all sin. Glory!

A twelve days’ meeting was held last month by Bro. Lindsey in the M. E. church at Seymour, Ind., resulting in the conversion of 64, and sanctification of 7. Go and do likewise.

“Sir, we would see Jesus,” was the request of a congregation some years ago to their minister, who, like the false prophets of to-day, was fond of preaching on everything else in preference to Christ.

That church member who can not conduct a prayer-meeting, teach a class in Sabbath-school, or visit some of the sick, is a drone in the hive, unqualified to represent Christ’s kingdom on earth, and should seek salvation of the Lord or no longer be recognized as a member of God’s church.

Bro. H. C. Pierce writes of his work at Richmond, Ind., as follows: “Glorious revival. Nine converted, four backsliders reclaimed, and eleven sanctified. May the Lord bless the Trumpet.”

All sin comes under one of the following three definitions:

1. The transgression of the law.

2. Whatsoever is not of faith.

3. To him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not.

The Union City holiness meeting resulted favorable. Some saved every day. The Lord bless the dear saints, and keep them steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord.

That new hook of 493 pages, entitled “Bible Proofs of the Second Work of Grace,” is for sale at this office. Orders by mail promptly filled at $1.35 per copy. Send for agent’s terms, if you desire to sell the book.

The church is like a construction train — it never carries passengers. Its members are all work hands, each having a responsible part to fill in its working, upon which may depend the safety of all its members.

Bro. I. W. Lowman writes from Beaver Dam: “God has done a wonderful work here. My peace continues. Hallelujah! I talk of taking charge of a paper to be published at Goshen, Ind., in the interest of the young folks.

Churches can “draw” congregations as well as the ministers. The ‘good morning;’ the ‘how do you do?’ the ‘glad to see you;’ the ‘come again;’ the ‘always welcome,’ and the ‘God bless you,’ if uttered in the Spirit of tue Master is sure to win.

Bro. Gardner, of the Ill., conference was sharply reprimanded not long since by a city preacher for long since by a city preacher for the gross impropriety of actually saying “Praise the Lord,” while harnessing his horse in the street. Bro. G., when last seen was still alive.

We are commanded to “pray without ceasing, and in everything give thanks.” This was one of the striking characteristics of the sainted John Fletcher, who prayed so much while in his study at Madley, England — where he lived, preached, prayed, wrote, labored, in season and out of season, died, and was buried — that there still remains the discolored spot in the wall, made by his breath, as he knelt there to pray.

A significant prayer was once offered by a poor sinner while down at the altar seeking salvation, with no one to point him to Christ but the minister of the parish. His prayer was: “O, Lord, cure this people of the lock-jaw. Here I have been anxious for salvation for years, and no one except the pastor has ever said a word to me on the subject of religion. O Lord, cure them of the lock-jaw.” There are multitudes of men and women in the churches with this disease.

Bro. A. Sims, editor of the Radical Christian, at Kelvin, Ont., sends ns the “Wonders of Grace; or, Instances of the Mighty Cleansing Power of Jesus’ Blood,” a 124-page book compiled by himself and bound in paper cover at 25 cents. It is good food for all who desire to be the Lord’s children, and will greatly assist you in abandoning all for Christ.

There will be a five days holiness convention at Hardensburg, Six Mile P. O., Jennings co., Ind., commencing Thursday, April 21.

Bros. D. S, Warner and S. Lindsey, leaders. All are invited.

The Indiana Holiness Association will hold its annual camp-meeting of ten days commencing June 10, at Indianapolis. The Association’s annual meeting will take place during said meeting for the election of officers and the transaction of other business. Let the friends of holiness make arrangements to attend, and in the meantime look to God in faith and much prayer for victory.

With this number of the Trumpet fully one half of the subscribers’ time to The Pilgrim expires. If you received No. 1 of the Pilgrim, your time of subscription expires with this number of the Trumpet.

Please notify us at once of your decision as to taking the paper another year. If you don’t notify us we shall conclude you desire it another year and act accordingly, looking to you for the; pay at your earliest convenience.

Recently we visited Charlottesville Ind., where by the assistance of Bro. Solomon Gause, we secured sixteen subscribers for the Trumpet in a few hours. Found a number of Friends wholly sanctified, including our guide and his excellent companion, whose sister was then conducting a wonderful revival at Knightstown.

Here we met Bro. James Leonard, the M. E., pastor, who we had the pleasure of seeing dedicate himself to God and receive perfect salvation at the Union City camp meeting in 1879.

He is still true to his holy covenant and as a result of preaching, and testifying to entire sanctification, his labors are being blessed in the conversion of sinners and the purification of believers.

There were 22 converted and 10 sanctified during a meeting just closed by him.

In company with Bro. Leonard we visited Cleveland, Ind., and conducted a holiness meeting. Two sanctified and many quickened. Praise the Lord! H.


“It Is Finished.”


Hark! Jesus speaks, hence no mistake or deception.

Where is He? On the cross suffering for sin.

Whose sins? Not His own, but ours.

What has sin done? Robbed heaven, desolated earth, and peopled hell.

I. MAN IS LOST! He lost confidence in God and believed a lie — “In the day thou eatest thereof, thou shalt surely die;” God told him, but the Devil said, “Ye shall not surely die.”

He disobeyed God and lost his image, or holiness.

In loosing God’s image he lost ease, happiness, peace, health, life, and heaven — and in return received Satan’s image which gave him toil, sorrow, strife, disease, death and hell.

II. Christ came to save him. Man could not save himself, neither could angels or devils. None else but Christ could save man.
hence if he would he saved he must accept Christ.

Jesus came to restore holiness. See its value by what it cost. It cost Jesus’ life.

All must have it for “without holiness none shall see the Lord. ” God only does for us what we cannot do for ourselves.

We can accept this “great salvation,” and He will grant, and bestow it in all its grandeur and glory. Hallelujah!


Regeneration and Sanctification.


Regeneration has only to do with the accumulated polution acruing from actual transgressions, and when applied, cleanses away all the stain left on the soul by them.

All transgressions create both guilt and polution, and as pardon can not reach polution, the Lord washes away the polution. Thus, pardon and cleansing are required to free the soul from the guilt and stain of every actual transgression. But as pardon and cleansing only remove the guilt and stain of actual transgression, a moral change must be wrought in the heart by the creation of new desires and a new love or else the heart would naturally go on sinning just as it did before.

So we learn from our own experience and the testimony of many witnesses, as well as from the direct word of God that regeneration includes both the cleansing of guilt’s stain and the implanting in its stead of a new element or seed principle, from which springs forth as tender plants, all that catalogue of Christian graces so beautifully described by the Apostle Paul in Gal. v. 22, 23.

Hence the work of regeneration

… … … … … … includes two things:

1. The removal of all acquired stain originating from guilt.

2. The implanting in its stead of new desires, emotions, and will; so that the new born soul now wills to do the will of God, wherein he before willed to do his master’s will — the devil.

While regeneration removes the stain of guilt, and implants the germ from which springs the Christian graces, that if properly cultivated hears fruit unto everlasting life; there still remains the carnal mind, or birth sin, for which we are not responsible until its presence and cure is made known.

This state is termed by some the wilderness state, but might more properly be designated “the duel state,” for the truly converted man who walks in all the light God gives him knows no wilderness life, while at the same time he finds a continual warfare between his fleshly and spiritual natures, which might very properly be called a duel state.

God proposes, if we are willing and obedient, to not leave us long in this duel state, but to show us an escape from all our internal foes originating from our inherited depravity and deliver us from all its thraldom in the soul, so that the old man shall be entirely cast out of the temple of the Living God and the Triune Deity enthroned in its stead. Hallelujah! So let it he Lord Jesus in my heart in your hearts, my beloved, and in all the hearts of all for whom our loving Saviour died to redeem from sin.


3 page

“Go Forward.”


“God moves in a mysterious way,
His wonders to perform;
He plants his footstep in the sea,
And rides upon the storm.”


Indiana State Holiness Association.


Whereas, We, the friends of holiness throughout the State assembled in Indianapolis, Ind., May 20, 1880, do believe that it is God’s will, as expressed in His holy word, that all persons, irrespective of race, color, sects or church membership, should seek for, attain to, and live in the enjoyment of Scriptural Holiness; that it is an instantaneous work wrought by the Holy Ghost through faith subsequent to conversion, and feeling in harmony with the expressed opinion of many co-workers throughout the State. That the time has come to organize a State association, such as the Lord may direct, that we may the better spread the holy fire, and retain its fruitage; therefore, he it,

Resolved, That, we in convention assembled, do hereby organize ourselves into a Holiness Association, which shall be known as the Indiana State Holiness Association, whose object shall be, the conversion of sinners and the entire Sanctification of believers.

We, the members of the Indiana State Holiness Association, desire to make the following statement of our plans and purposes, for the benefit of the public at large.

We do not, as an association, aim to labor only on denominational lines, but to secure in the different tribes of our common Israel, “the unity of the Spirit in the bonds of peace.”

We make it a point in our teachings to insist on repentance towards God, and faith in Jesus Christ as the only condition of conversion and that in this justified and regeneration state, if it be maintained, we do not commit sin.

We teach, further, that after conversion, there still remains in the heart, Sin as a principle, designated in God’s word as the “carnal mind,”. (Rom. 8:7,) but that it is subdued. That the destruction of this carnal nature is subsequent to, and distinct from regeneration, and is wrought in the heart of the believer by the Holy Ghost through the All Cleansing Blood of the Lamb of God. That the reception of the Holy Ghost the Sanctifier, being by a distinct act of faith, need not be delayed till death, nor is it received gradually, but in an instant — at the very moment when we fully believe that the blood of Jesus Christ doth now cleanse us from all sin. That the reception of the Sanctifier, while He purifies us, does not mature us, but brings ns into that state where the most rapid and perfect growth is possible.

In order to promote these Bible truths and experiences, we have found it necessary to very definitely teach, preach and testify to the truths herein set forth; and to give all possible force to them. We have held, and propose still to hold special meetings for testimony, prayer and scripture exposition; and further, by holding protracted meetings, conventions and holiness conferences, to do what we can “to spread scriptural holiness over these lands;” that the earth may be “full of the knowledge of God, as the water covers the sea.”


This association shall be called “The Indiana State Holiness Association.” Its object shall be the conversion of sinners and the entire sanctification of believers.

All persons in the experience of Holiness, and willing to co-operate in the work of the Association, as stated in our “declaration” of “plans and purposes,” may become members by presenting to the president a written recomendation from any member of the Executive Board, and subscribing to the following article of faith, viz: We, the members of the Indiana State Holiness Association, believe and teach that “This is the will of God, even our sanctification,” that it is an instantaneous work wrought by the Holy Ghost through faith subsequent to conversion, by which the heart is made free from inbred sin, and filled with love.

The officers shall consist of a President, and as many Vice-Presidents as shall he deemed necessary, providing the number at no time shall exceed eight persons, a Secretary, Treahsurer, Corresponding Secretary, and a Financial Agent, all of whom shall he elected by ballot annually, at a meeting called by the president.

The president of the association shall appoint meetings, make arrangements, appoint members to take charge of the same, and transact such other business as is consistent with the rules of the association.

The Executive Board shall have power to send out special evangelists, make provisions for their support, and general supervision of the association.

If a charge of immorality is brought against any member of the association in the interval of the annual meeting, the president shall call a committee of not less than three nor more than six of the Executive Board, who shall have power to suspend until the next session of the annual meeting, with whom shall rest the decision of the case.

The association will gladly welcome invitations to hold meetings from any Christian organization for the promotion of Christian experience and the conversion of sinners.

Pres., Rev. G. Haines, Indianapolis; Sec., Rev. C. C. Bogert, Indianapolis; Cor. Sec., Miss Lizzie Kemp, Union City, Ind.; Treas., Rev. H. Huston, Terre Haute, Ind.; Financial Agent, Wm. S. Worley, Terre Haute, Ind.

1st Vice-Pres., Rev. D. S. Warner, Rome City, Ind.; 2nd Vice-Pres., Rev. S. Lindsey, Indianapolis; 3rd Vice-Pres., Rev. G. W. Reber, Thomtown, Ind.; 4th Vice-Pres., Miss F. Wilson, Westfield, Ind.; 5th Vice-Pres., H. G. Ahlemeyer, Poland, Ind.; 6th Vice-Pres., J. E. Kemp, Union City, Ind.; 7th Vice-Pres., Rev. R. L. Fisher, New Castle, Ind.; 8th Vice-Pres., S. A. Houge, Carthage, Ind.


This association shall be called the – Holiness Association, subject to the rules and regulations of the Indiana State Holiness. Association. Its object shall he the conversion of sinners, and the entire sanctification of believers.

All persons in the experience of holiness or earnestly seeking after it, and willing to co-operate in the work of this association, may become members by subscribing to the following article of faith, viz.:

We, the members of the – Holiness Association, believe and teach that “This is the will of God, even our sanctification,” that it is an instantaneous work wrought by the Holy Ghost through faith, subsequent to conversion, by which the heart is made free from inbred sin, and filled with love.

The officers shall consist of a Leader, Secretary and Treasurer, who, together with four members, shall constitute the Executive Board, all of whom shall be elected annually by ballot.

The Leader of the Association shall appoint meetings, make arrangements, appoint members to take charge of the same, and when the work demands, appoint assistant Leaders.

The Executive Board shall have general supervision of the association.

Any member guilty of violating the word of God may be excluded from the association by a majority vote of the members.

The association will gladly welcome invitations to hold meetings from any Christian organization for the promotion of Christian experience and the conversion of sinners.

— , Leader.

— , Secretary.

— , Treasurer.

Resolved, That, the Local Associations be permitted to add to the constitution of their organizations such provisions and prohibitions as in their godly judgment are advisable, and tend to the glory of God.

On motion, The Pilgrim, published by Bro. G. Haines, of Indianapolis, was adopted by the association as its organ.

At the close of the third days’ session the association adjourned sine die.


For the Gospel Trumpet.



Do you put on worldly adornments?

O I desire to look like other people.

“Be not conformed to this world.” Rom. xii. 2.

Other church members do the same.

“What is that to thee, follow thou me.” John xxi. 22.

But our preachers say there is no harm in adorning the body.

“If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received (through the pure word of God) let him be accursed.” Gal. i. 9.

But I love Jesus, and my heart is hot-set on these things.

“He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them he it is that loveth the.” John xiv. 21.

You might as well be out of the world as out of fashion.

“Ye are not of the world, even as I am not of the world, but I have chosen, you out of the world.” John xvii. 16.

I have the means and can afford to wear fine and costly apparel and adornments.

“Ye are not your own for ye are bought with a price; therefore glorify God in your soul and your body which are God’s.” 1 Cor. vi. 19-20.

But I haven’t the light that shows me that this is wrong.

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” Psa. 119:105.

Well I don’t think it is sinful to dress as one pleases.

“If ye believe not, yet He abideth faithful He can not deny himself” 2 Tim. ii. 13.

God Says Stop.


His command is to “seek first the Kingdom of God” that must mean before you eat, drink, sleep, buy clothes, or labor to get any of these.

If you are a sinner, first get this kingdom in your heart.

If you are saved, seek the setting of it up in the world. —



Gleams Of Heaven.


A minister of Christ a little before his death, said, like Stephen, that he saw the heavens opened, and cried out, “I see the angels coming on the clouds of heaven; they stoop down, they encircle my bed; they are come to guide me to their glorious abode.”

Soon after this the angels came indeed, and carried his spirit into his Savior’s bosom.

Dr. James Hope with his last breath murmured, looking fixedly before him, “Christ — angels — beautiful — delightful! Indeed, it is so: I thank God.” Then he slept in Jesus.

A Christian woman, when dying, exclaimed with rapture in her eyes, There is my mansion all beautiful and glorious. More beautiful than earth can afford. Blessed Jesus.

I am ready to go.”

Du Moulin, a celebrated French Protestant minister, as his end approached, exclaimed, “I believe I shall see the Redeemer with mine own eyes,” and departed with a countenance beaming with joy.

Dr Thomas Bateman, when near his end, lay quite composed, but suddenly opening his eyes, he said, “I surely must be going now. What glory! The angels are waiting for me!” Then, after another interval of quiet, added, “Lord Jesus, receive my soul.”

Another holy man, as his end drew near, lay ejaculating, “Glory … … … — praise — glory!” as it, wrapt up in holy meditation, he obtained by faith some bright glimpses of the heavenly Canaan to which he was approaching — caught some beams of that light which shall pour an eternal day of joy and gladness on the people of God. — 

The Manna.


It is a pitiful thing to see a young disciple going about and asking everybody bow much he must “give up” in order to be a Christian. Unfortunately, many of those who take it upon themselves to instruct him, give him the same impression of Christian disciple-ship — that it consists chiefly of giving up things that one likes and finds pleasure in. But a man in solitary confinement might as well talk about what he must “give up” if he is pardoned out of a prison, or a patient in consumption what he mast “give up” in order to get well. The prisoner must give up his fetters, and the invalid his pains and weakness.


They who put themselves into God’s hands for keeping, submit soul, body, will, and everything they have and are to the divine keeping.







House Furnishing goods, Barber Chairs, &c., &c. Household Goods wanted.
E. Washington St., – Indianapolis, Ind.

Feeding the Lambs.




“Jesus said unto them, Feed my Lambs.”

Loving words the Shepherd said —
“Let the little lambs be fed;”
“Let the children come to me;”
“They shall my salvation, see;”

Hear the tender Shepherd say
Precious words to lambs to-day: —
“Close to me, dear children, keep,
Thus I love and guard my sheep.”

Set your hearts on things divine; —
Place your little hands in mine, —
Then, so safely you will go
Through this world of sin and woe.

In the dark, and in the light,
Through the day, and through the night,
Ever shall my sleepless eye
Watch you as the years go by.

Safe and happy — O, how blest
Those who find in Jesus rest!
“Wisdouvs ways are pleasantness,”
“Wisdom’s paths are paths of peace.”


The Good Boy’s Rules.

I will act at all times in the sight of God and good people.

I will try to do always what I know to be right, and to avoid what I know to be wrong.

I will pray; I will read God’s word; I will go to church and Sunday-school.

I will work all the week; I will never spend a cent for beer or tobacco; but I will save all I earn for good use. I will learn to read and write well, that I may be able to learn a good business. I will be kind to every one, friends or foes, and never go with wicked companions.

I will never swear nor use bad words. —

Morning Light.


Do Not Wait to be Older.


One day the teacher of an infant class asked the scholars this question, “How big must you be to give your heart to Jesus? Must you be as big as I am? All that think so will raise the hand.”

Quite a number thought, they must be as big as their teacher. “Well, all who do not think so will raise the hand.”

A good many hands were raised this time.

“Well, lizzie, how big do you think we must be to give our hearts to Jesus?”

“Just as big as we are,” answered the little girl.


The Wonderful Lamp.


“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet.”

A ragged tittle errand-boy was carefully printing this text on a gate with a piece of chalk. So absorbed was he with his work that he never noticed a kind-looking old gentleman, who, after walking slowly past twice, returned and stood before him.

“M-y,” said the boy, repeating the letters aloud as he formed them with care, “F-double et.”

“Well done, little, lad, well done,” said the old man. “Where did you learn that?”

“At the ragged school, sir,” replied the boy, half frightened, and thinking the old gentleman was going to deliver him up to the police for writing on the gate.

Don’t turn away, I’m not going to hurt you. What is your name?”


“Well, Nicholas,” said the old gentleman, “always keep this text foremost in your mind, and it will be a safe and sure lamp unto your feet through life.”


“In the world ye shall have tribulation;” but each time it becomes a blessing.

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Bro. Jas. W. Curry, of Mt. Ster­ling, Ill., writes: “I like the Trumpet. Am in the church of the first-born. Hallelujah!


Five hundred and fifty convert­ed and many sanctified during Bro. C. C. Bogert’s three years ministry at the comer of Cal., and Douglass streets.


Words and Deeds.


Actions speak louder than words. “I am a child of God. I desire to so walk that all may know I am a soldier for Jesus;” was the testimony of a man in good bodily health at a late holiness meeting in our city and yet when the invitation was given for saint and sinner to gather round the altar for prayer he would neither come and seek for a clean heart, or pray for and point the poor lost sinner to Jesus for pardon.

Have you any such hold soldiers in your neighborhood? Are you one of them?


Son Of Thunder.


John Knox was a man of God. At his burial it was said, “Here lies he who never feared the face of man.”

At one time he prayed “Give me Scotland or I die.” After his death his knees were found to be callous­ed as a man’s hands are who is accustomed to hard work. He, like Fletcher, was persistent and migh­ty in prayer.

O for more such holy men. The Church needs them. Will you he one? Did you say Yes? Well, pay the price by abandoning all, and commencing this heavenly life now. Will you do it? Hallelujah! I will. Amen.


Camp-Meetings in 1881.


The Indiana State Holiness As­sociation expect to hold the fol­lowing:

Indianapolis, June 10, to 20, and others as the Lord may direct.

The Western Holiness Associ­ation will hold meetings as fol­lows:

Comargo, Ill., – Aug., 1, to 10. Terre Haute, Ind., Aug. 12 to 22.

The National Campmeeting As­sociation will hold two:

Round Lake, N. Y., July 8th to 18th.

Warsaw, Ind., Aug. 5th to 15th, Leaders of other campmeetings will please report time and place of meetings.


True Love Declining


He who begins to glance with approval at the iniquity of the world, shows that his love to the Redeemer is “waxing cold.” When­ever a Christian begins asking what harm there can be in follow­ing the fashions of the world, or what harm there can be in seeking its riches and honors, or what harm there is in seeking for and participating in its pleasures; you may he assured that the love of. Christ is declining in his heart, if it ever existed there.

It is a sure sign that the soul food that Christ gives does not satisfy, and that therefore he seeks to satisfy conscience, while finding an excuse for going back to the flesh pots of Egypt for soul’s satisfaction in the Devils service.

Who Will Help?


We are now settled in quite comfortable quarters over No. 70 North Illinois st., and hope to issue the paper regularly on time here­after.

To hasten the Lord’s messengers on their errands of mercy and love, we greatly need a more speedy printing press. Our pres­ent one is the Washington Hand Press, which requires two hands to run it and only prints about 125 papers per hour, at winch rate it would take us 4 days to do the press work alone of each edition we soon hope to be able to send forth as preachers of righteousness.

Who will furnish us the press?

Glory to God! did you say you would? If you can’t give all, send us what you can spare and the Lord will lead some one else to send the balance. Perhaps the Lord wants each subscriber to take stock and send us a dollar or more or less as He gives you the means. Hallelujah! we know he does and hope you will heed and obey His orders.

A dollar from each subscriber would furnish us a suitable press with steam power and get a suffi­cient amount of type to run a first- class Weekly Holiness Paper, which we soon hope to issue.

But all our subscribers will not give even a dollar. Yea, many will pass this call by without a serious thought of giving anything — so that we shall have to ask for larger amounts from those who have both the means and the sal­vation of souls at heart.

Who, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ will start a Trumpet fund by giving $100, and who $75, $50, $40, and $20, and who can only appropriate $10.

Oh, beloved, take this matter to the Lord, and be sure and obey the Spirit Oh, for the sake of Jesus, who died for you, whose you are, do not withhold what you can spare when it would so directly help to save souls. O yes, souls, think of their worth.


The Judges Verdict.


He that is unjust, let him be unjust still; and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still; and he that is righteous let him be righteous still; and he that is holy, let him be ho­ly still.” Rev. 22:11.

Here we have news from heaven. A martyr from the glory world visited John on Patmos and reveal­ed to him things that should come to pass.

Showing him that he that is un­just or filthy during life shall re­main so through eternity. Many are thus living in the world and will receive this sentence at the judgment. As death leaves us the judgment will find us.

On the other hand we are told he that is righteous and holy du­ring their earthly life shall remain so through eternity. Hallelujah!

This Gospel blaze — the light of holiness, is flashing out all over the world that all may know how to shun the sinner’s doom and gain the holy land.

Let us then put our hands to the gospel plow and not look hack, but press on in the light, doing the will of “Our Father” that we may find access to the tree of life and enter in through the golden gate in the city of pearls. Glory!

Holiness is what we need to live with, die by, and go home to glory in. Praise God! Let us trust Jesus and Victory is ours.

God will open the way if we are desirous to do his commands and enable us to do them. And this is his will even our sanctifi­cation. Glory to God! what a great thing it is to be saved — sanctified — and, glorified. Sanctified here in this life that we may be glorified in the life to come.

O, to be shut up with God —  saved — made holy — live holy –  die holy and go to the holy world beyond the river.




A Bro.: “Three, years ago I died to sin, and to-day I am one of the holy ones.”

Annie Rice writes: “I thank God for the help afforded me by your valuable paper, the Trumpet. It is to my soul as water to the weary Pilgrims in a dry and thirsty land.”

Bro A. F. Norton, of Fairmount, Ind., writes: “We have been praying for you. I think I will start in a few days for Kentucky to work for the Master.” Amen. May the Lord go with you and He will if you go on the line of holiness. — Ed.

Bro. Ruben Vorys, of Findlay, Ohio, writes of a meeting held by Bro Mann and himself in which two souls were wholly sanctified.

The Bro is giving himself en­tirely to the work of the Lord. Amen, there is plenty room in the great harvest field. — Ed.

Sister Lydia A. Vorys writes from Findlay, Ohio: “I am saved to-day to the uttermost, and I praise God for it. I was wholly sanctified two years ago this month. I am trusting in Jesus. Am cleansed from all sin. Glory be to Jesus.”             Feb. 10.

Pray for a dear minister in the far west who says “I believe in the doctrine of sanctification. I have not as yet found this perfect peace and love, but thank God I believe it is for me and I hope to obtain it and be enabled to praise God for, and testify to full salvation.”

Bro. S. W. Turner writes from Hartford City, Ind., that a camp- meeting is greatly desired this year at that point. He thinks there can be great good accomplished if the meeting is held! What do the brethren say as to the petition? Bro. Warner says A men — and so does Bro. Haines.

“My heart broke, and I prayed,” said a converted artillery-man, in describing his surrender to God.

Oh, that every heart would break and all pray before they dare announce to the world by church-name or profession their membership to Christ’s family on earth!

Good News. — Bro. I. W. Lowman writes from Beaver Dam, Ind.: “Our meeting here was a suc­cess. About 30 converted, some reclaimed, 8 or 10 sanctified, and 18 united with the church. God’s power never was demonstrated here as at this meeting. God wonderfully blessed me in preach­ing full salvation.”

Bro J. M. Roach reports a glorious meeting held by him in Eaton Co., Mich. About 40 souls converted. One man who had used tobacco for 30 years, was perfectly saved by the grace of God from the very appetite.

40 men and women gave each other the right hand of fellowship to stand free in Christ, and upon the Bible as their only discipline.

A Bro.: “I am trying to snatch souls as brands from the burning by getting them to accept Christ. I am on the gospel ship of full sal­vation sailing heavenward.”

Bro. A. C. Bigler, of Gardner, Ill., sends $1.50 for his renewal and for a friend. He says, “I get my interest as I go along. My cup runs over and in the end I expect a crown of Glory. Amen.” Reader see if your cup of joy will not fill up by sending us some new names for the Trumpet with the cash.

Bro. I. W. Lowman reports a good work of grace at Beaver Dam, Kosciusko county, Ind. He is as­sisted by Bro. H. Page Zimmer­man, a consecrated and quite use­ful worker, whose chief talent is singing. Bro. L., says “there is a general awakening. Thus far 30 have been converted, four re­claimed, and eight sanctified.

Bro. J. K. Kiplinger writes from Silver Lake Ind.:

“God bless the Trumpet on its mission to brake down the man­made walls in His Holy Church. O that men and women would look into that perfect law of liberty and continue therein.

To live a Holy life means much more than a profession.

For thirty years I tried to man­age myself and to get to an easy place in the service of my Master. That is, where it was even and not so many up’s and down’s. But praise God some over two years ago the blessed Jesus showed me that I could not get out of the wilderness only by a full surren­der to Him. And oh how glorious the way seems when our will is in harmony with God’s will. Since then oh, how He leads me by the side of still waters and in green pastures.


A Call.


“May God send some good man fall of the Holy Ghost and the mighty to save, to awaken the lost and sleeping souls here.

If ever there was a cry from mascedonia this is one, come and herald the Gospel with holy pow­er to the starving and perishing.”

Sarah Scott.

East Carondelet, Ill.

Who will say “here am I, send me.”


All For Jesus.



After living for Jesus in a jus­tified state, I heard sanctification preached; and at the first troub­ling of the waters I embraced its doctrine.

I then could discern that the devil was armed and equipped to destroy my soul.

At the holiness convention held in the Meridian St., M. E. Church in May 1880, I went to the altar fully determined to abandon all for Christ, and to be wholly the Lord’s. The chief idol I had to give up was the filthy use of to­bacco. To abandon it was like death. Yea, it was death. Glory to God I died, and from that time I have been walking in the light, and the blood of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, cleanseth me from all sin. Hallelujah!

O listen to the trumpeters, –
The certain sound obey;
Come join the holy volunteers,
Who take the narrow way.

We want no cowards in our hand
Who will our colors fly;
We call for valiant-hearted man
Who’re not afraid to die.



O, the music of the soul! How it chimes as it rhymes the one mind of God’s saints.

A Sister: “I love Jesus with all my heart.”

A Sister: “Jesus saves me by His precious blood. I am wholly dedicated to the Lord and expect to obey His command to ‘go and preach the word.’ ”

Singing: “O hinder me not for I will serve the Lord.”

A Bro.: “I am a witness for Je­sus — forty years on the way, and not tired yet. Soon shall be on the other shore.”

Shaking hands and singing “Away over in heaven we’ll shout in that beautiful land.”

A Bro.: “A little of self yet re­mains, and I am determined by the grace of God to have it re­moved. The devil don’t want it removed, but God does. Pray for me.”

Singing: “Let me in the life­boat.”

A Sister: “At times since my conversion I have almost lost my way, but now bless God I am back in the path that leads to heaven.”

A Sister: “I know Jesus saves me, and that His blood cleanseth me from all sin. O to be firm, im­movable, always abounding in the work of the Lord.”

Singing: “I’ve, reached the land of corn and wine.”

A Bro.: “The God that sanctified me is keeping me unto eternal life at His right hand. Glory!”

Singing: “I believe in being ready.”

A Bro.: “Jesus saves me now. I am resting in Him. Praise God! I feel the blood cleanseth me just now. Glory — Hallelujah!

Singing: “I am hound for the promised land.”

A Sister: “To-day I consecrated all to the Lord. My soul, body, and spirit, with all I have or ever expect to have in this world and heaven. I feel safe in the arms of Jesus. My all is on the altar. Sin — all sin is cast out and I am sanc­tified.”

A Sister: “I greatly desire to be perfect in Him.”

Singing: “The cleansing stream I see, I see.”

A Bro.: “I owe everything to the religion of Jesus. He saved me as a sinner, and as a Christian He sanctified me.”

A Sister: “I have a salvation from all sin, and shall continue to trust Him though He slay me.”

Singing: “There is a fountain filled with blood.”

A Bro.: “God is going to have witnesses, and glory to His name I am one of that number. Like the disciples on the day of trans­figuration, I can see Jesus only.”

A Bro.: “Jesus wonderfully saves me from sin. To get holiness I had to give up all, and to retain it I have to forsake all. For fifteen years I lived an up and down life, having inbred corruption to con­tend with. Finally I cast all else over-hoard and took Jesus only. Then the blood cleansed and still I am free. Hallelujah!”

A Bro.: “I can say with pleasure that the blood cleanseth me. I love my neighbor as myself. I would, if needed, be willing to give my life for my brethren. Old time religion is returning.”

[The above report is of one of our city holiness meetings. —


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